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Trump Calls For NO VIOLENCE And A Peaceful Transition Ahead of Feared Armed Protests At Inauguration


Trump Issues Demand For NO VIOLENCE And A Peaceful Transition Ahead of Feared Armed Protests. As more reports of armed protests emerge fears of serious threats disrupting the inauguration emerge alongside.But Donald Trump has issued a statement calling on all Americans to ensure a peaceful transition. Democrats and Republicans are currently in a heated debate about impeachment that will surely end with Trump being impeached for the second time.Everyone is on edge over the upcoming Biden inauguration on the 20th but we all need to come together and ensure calm and peace because the alternative is good for no one.

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Since the events at the capital, there have been many reports about threats to law makers in DC reports of massive protests being planned. All of the country and protests planned on the seventeenth and twentieth, I'm not actually seen any activist organizing or any statements from Trump supporters supporting any of these events, but I have heard I'm a murmuring in local areas from people who say their hearing these things it could just be rumours from the mainstream media. We know that they reported. There were supposed to be some big protest at Twitter headquarters that no one showed up to. and many trump supporters have denied that these are actual events, in fact over the Donald. But when These are not real protests. No one is planning on going to these things, but regardless them,
strip, media saying there are plans for something to happen. According to several ports, the FBI is warning that armed Trop supporters will protest in the capital and thus we are seeing photos many photos of National Guard, currently sleeping and just basically waitin and chill out in the capital building leading many people. Be worried about what might happen during Joe Biden inauguration. I got to say this eternally grateful Those who are serving this disc you'd have United States, armed forces, be national guard or otherwise to defend our capital, and I think we need to. Redouble our efforts and make sure that we have a seamless, peaceful transition, for! Why don't you know what we can salvage note when nobody wants violence, we dont want violence and that's the Big NEWS, though Tromp has been censored and banned across the board. He has said issued a statement Fox news reporting that Tromp has called for a peaceful transition and no violence to all his supporters. This can happen.
DA. I agree, and I am glad that he he's he's done this and I hope that we just have a smooth and calm next week or so and listen. You know. A lot of people have set it that those that went. The capital thinking that somehow being physically in a building was in any way politically advantageous. We're just wrong confused and he believed fringe conspiracy theories. The left is claiming Donald Trump incited the insurrection and, while I can certainly say it seems, Trump has been irresponsible statements as the rights were going on. He did say peacefully March, so it Alex Jones and many others so, to these people who storm the capital going against what trumpet actually called for I'm sorry, I think they they they they they lost it. I mean hearing these people think that what what they were doing would make tromp happy when it actually ended the objection process for many of the pile on many, the politicians. That's what Trump wanted he said. We're gonna check
on politicians. Well, because these peoples, you know, seem to have heard murmurings in trumps, language secret, dog whistles. They actually hurt the president and his legitimacy sets no surprise at all for me to see that Trump is calling out and saying that his supporters must help ensure a peaceful transition and calling for no violence. I'm not surprised There is still some expectations as to what may happen, because going back to what I was saying about the people who decided to storm the capital anyway, you know the president's at peaceful. I think there are people who aren't as concerned with Trump, you don't look there, people war trucks, supporters. First, they came to trumps abandoned deasey, they heard him speak and they left Many of these people are being investigated punished just for that and there are people who defied the president. stormed the capital anyway, while he was still speaking. These are people that I think our trump supporters. Second, meaning there more concerned about physically occupy
a building or some kind of revolution than they are about what Trump actually wanted in this country, because you have anti fa. You have fringe far right elements. You have people who are more concerned, about their political ideology and what they want, then what their movement or the collective or even this country needs the way I see it stormy. The capital was completely indifferent. its of basically everyone. Most people in this country do not want the chaos and we can clearly see they. Dont have very much support at all I mean there are people posting on us social networks defending them, but for the most part everybody has said no to these people. Some of trumps most ardent supporters are shocked by what we saw we'll take a look at what Donald Trump said, and what we can expect. From this next week or so, but we also have some really big news. Gab has
restored. The entirety of Trumps Twitter account will see if tromp actually use it, because, while its available for him Trump still issued his statement through Fox NEWS, but before we get started had over the tin castle, come and become a member becoming a member means. You give a monthly contribution, help support my work and my podcast letter gentlemen. We are trying times and people are getting purge left and right. I'm seeing people booted off you too. I'm seeing people put it off twitter and Facebook because there is real, serious fears now from this big tat company they'll lose advertisers, so they're, just gettin ban happy it's better, Never let it go to him cast up com. You can become a member. I apologize that work out some bogs, many people have said if they signed up, they didn't get their notifications. Just request. Try logging in- and quest your password or try and change it and will work
these we're gonna have members only conduct coming up with our guests from the TIM cast iron podcast. So you can support this channel over at TIM cast. Our competent forget to like subscribe share hit that Notification Bell. Let's read from Fox NEWS: Trump calls on Americans big Tec to help ensure peaceful transition, no violence Trump statement comes as house debates impeachment days before by an inauguration. They say exclusive tromp on Wednesday is calling for all Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers saying he does not stand for violence of any kind and he's asking big task to join the effort quote in light of reports of more demonstrations. I urge that there must be, Oh violence, no lawbreaking and no vandalism of any kind. The president said in a statement to Fox NEWS. That is not what I stand for It is not what America stands for. I call
all Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. Thank you. Bravo, I'm glad to hear it better late than never. As I stated for my own website, I wish trunk amount give a better statement. While this was going on. I understand that many based on the capital, while he was still speaking. But while there I was going on. He was saying you know my pants, as has failed to do not protect this country or do his duty or whatever, and it's just inappropriate, inappropriate. Look, I'm not gonna pretend that Trump told people to do anything. That's crazy, but it's no surprise that while you have dropped supporters who believed that Trump was dog whistling them to storm, capital, you have left us to believe trumpets, dog whistling them to storm the capital and regular people. We're just like that. as an inside peacefully marched. Taking him at his word and showing up and hearing him in supporting him. That was it. We got us. We got we gotta, let we gotta simmer down so again the president for calling for this, and also right now to tensions have been weight to Hotmail
look. I understand everybody's on edge and their tired and they and they point the blame and the way I've seen it. Over and over again, as look, we had the black lives matter riots all throughout this year and the left was defending it and defending these, people and I'm angry, I'm angry. that now they have the nerve to come out and say yeah. Well, you did this in its like. Well, what about? What you did and they'll say about that about ISM. I dont care either. The left was urging on this and of behaviour salts no surprise that people felt there was the only opportunity, and therein lies the problem exactly why I criticised the left. My credit. Some of them stands but dont think just because your responding to it, you get a free pass. You can't do the same things they are doing and think some one of principle will be like. Well, I guess it's ok. I know it's not ok, so many capital was far from ok. I mean in many ways and in most cases was way worse. They are. Our constitutional process is under way the objections were happening, and then people
but all down it was just stupid. It just really really was bad. I've seen proud boys going around and you know burning a blacklist matter better, not a fan of that either. I don't care, I don't want any of it and no, else in this country should either Donald Trump has now issued this statement so to all of the people more true Trop supporters. You need to listen and need to combat. And my personal recommendation is these demonstrations is next week, not the answer. I said this a month and a half ago, MIKE Cern, which set it now, is the time to go home, be with your family and make money I understand not everybody. Can I understand the covered. Lockdown have made people, you know, put people on edge button now is the time to to become self reliant to become independent figure out. What you can do, the best strategy forward is peaceful. It is sway, save and it is resourceful. It's not easy everybody knows the answers, but what we saw with the black That's better rights is no justification for anything we seen after that and what we see
on DC was absolutely detrimental to the right populist movement. We're gonna, say downward whenever conversation and I'm going to criticise the left for refusing to accept calls for unity, especially when The last thing I want is to give a free pass for other rights we saw throughout this. here in the defence of Anti fought by the way antipasto out protest in, but at least you can take, the highroad now look after they announced Joe Biden when we saw people like Alyssum, Olano and other leftists calling for unity and offering an hour an olive branch, and maybe it would have been appropriate to just say fine. The problem is, if you give an inch they a mile, and so nobody wants to back down. Nobody wants to give up on what they believe in, but I tell you there are. There are better paths for, like I said, persuasion and resourcefulness, not what we saw the capital market and have all the answers, but I dont, think satisfying and emotional each is going to solve the problem. It only makes it worse. When advocates met at the pool,
is and they go on because violence they lose support, and I ve shown you the poles before blacklist matter lost tremendous seventeen percentage points in net support because of the riots it lowered their support euro per year. It doesn't work persuasion, they gonna, say a Trump adviser, told Fox news. The statement will go out as an email from the White House pressing The White House will then attempt to post a statement to all of Trump's official social media accounts attempt to maybe they'll let front back on. For this reason, if eyes are also told Fox NEWS, a statement would be posted to distribute through all Trump campaign and political accounts. was asking all Americans to join with him in ensuring that there is an order. Billy and peaceful transition. Next week, a senior trop adviser told Fox NEWS. President Tromp is also asking that big tech companies join with him in this effort, the advisor.
This is a critical time in our nations history and surely we can all come together to deliver this important message and not continue to play a part in politics. I know the people on the left are saying: how dare you missing only after these people stand the capital. Will you call for unity by all means sure criticise it, but please, at this point everybody except the olive branch. I am, I am frustrated with with Cuomo. I am frustrated, some Olano. I am frustrated these personalities who have defended this behavior, but I am more than happy to say: if we do not accept, we all must stop. It will only get worse, and that is bad for everybody, man, it's bad enough with covet it's bad enough, hey look, Cuomo came out said he wants to reopen the economy. Take it. vote about next destabilization in collapse is not going to make things better for anybody if you think covered lockdown are bad if you think that the economy being destroyed.
bad. I can understand your anger, but trust me when I say escalation is worse. Its way. Worse, so, hopefully people will heed trumps statement and, most importantly, fine. The left can mark and but little and ignore him. But this statement from Trump needs to be heard by his supporters by those who were in the capital, claiming that Trump would be happy. He was doing well he's asked you not to please listen to the man. The president's statement came as the house was debating an article of impeachment against him, saying he incited insurrection and days after he was permanently suspended from Twitter Facebook Instagram. The statement also change the day after his first public appearance. Since last week's capital riot telling reporters he wanted no violence, they going to mention contacts about the right. We all understand well take a look at some of these photos. Thousands of national guard troops stationed in capital due to high threat level.
I believe, I believe, there's a high threat level. The murmurings I've heard the local level. Are. People really are scared that there's going to be armed groups? I want to go to the capital at a serious mistake. Why is something you will not win so the president good him for issuing a statement and now the time for regrouping and strategy and its a great opportunity, listen man. I I've been through George W Bush and Barack Obama, and it was my entire life. Looking at presidents who were all committing war crimes, and I have seen the rage on the left, demanding revolution and nothing less, and I get it, but that doesn't work and then they say TIM's a stupid, liberal, reformist shore. now is the opportunity more than ever, the GEO P is weakened and fractured is an opera. Trinity for those on the right can serve as a populist to do something different and forming. New Party, or at least kick out the old leadership and
in new personalities. Could charismatic personalities who can stand tall and deliver for the american people. It is a tremendous opportunity, as Republicans announced they're gonna, learn about twitter each troposphere that I'll plays out the GEO P is in trouble. Donald Trump was the man making all that money bringing those donations well, the torch can be handed off to a better and Donald Trump may have been the avatar from the perfect avatar for many people, but he was far from the actual perfect avatar of right populism and conservative values. Far from it now as a chance for someone to be moderate, reasonable rates national and persuasive and resourceful and actually help you the country around ideals at the american people might actually want Donald Trump to set itself The american people want a twenty one. Hillary Clinton was it the personality. Well, now or saying they don't want him, and I will try is asking everyone to keep it peaceful and go to that. You know have that transition dont forget the Republicans one
in the house levels, which means twenty twenty two. There should be a turnaround I'll tell you that I think Republicans going to become much more moderate and left leaning, because the media now is the time for strategy. Look at what bench appear in the daily wire are doing, making a movie a good one surely he I hear from people who have seen it. It's not the greatest movie in the world, but pretty good its intense. Well made the well acted well produce and surprisingly good for conservative production. That's what you need to be doing so I'll. Tell you what my focus has been. We We want to set out to focus more on the TIM cast Iron L podcast, because weren't have conversations and pop culture and ufos as well as politics, so that People can get a well rounded sense of the world and we want to do law and values in committee we have in this vein. set up, were setting up and we wanted to events set up membership and create and inspire because
now the strategy for victory is about persuasion and resource, not violence and trump knows it. Then I think that's why Trump is coming on saying. This is not good for him. What happened that their concerns BBC ports at Troms supporters are planning armed protests ahead of bought an inauguration FBI warns. I dont think these Are your your actual regular trump supporters. I've seen the regular trump supporters. If you look at the amount of people who storm the capital, you had hundreds of thousands of people according to numerous report, as I've talked to, and they mostly just listen to what Trump had to say. on the capital building it looks like there was maybe over a thousand, but in the building several hundred that does not represent the hundreds of thousands of people who wave little american flags and then went home. So these people were, for their planning. Some of them make
tromp supporters, but if you really are Trump supporter, while tromp has made the call no violence and peaceful transition because its they smart thing to do, and it also means that the moral thing to do now when we hear about these pro, I want to stress this. The verge reports. Only one person showed up to the pro Trump protest outside Twitter, San Francisco, H, Q. Thirty officers were air to monitor the scene and There is a women and children It is, I believe, it says: F Jack Dorsey one person showed up Trump supporters had been posting on forums that there was no protest. And they do not organise anything and they organise any these upcoming protests either. There were also statements from some of trumps, most ardent supporters they're kind of angry with the storm into the capital, because they said the president said, go home and in peace and called for a peaceful march, and they were like
why. Why would we allow anyone to defy the men that we supposedly support? If you were tromp supporter, I saw it famous- and I was I was like spot on like on point and principled. They were saying Trump said peacefully March, so who are these other people who were to find the president in climbing in support of the guy? I think these people are trump supporters. Second, they're also pointing out look one person its protest because there wasn't one. The media is desperate to milk, all of the Trump stuff, all the motto stuff. So here's what you need to understand Trump is on the way out. Biden is set to be inaugurated on the twentieth. There needs to be peace, the present us at it we get it The media is getting scared were already seeing journalist say I dont know what I'll do now. There's one prominent journals of hundreds of thousands of followers who was in their whole beat was criticised, tromp and calling out his tweets- and this is like a from a big newspaper- another like idle
No, what I'll do without from Jim Costa has been removed the White House, and now they ve they put him on some other beat because the yelling at trunk beat is over, Just a sucker of CNN has announced see at an airport. Is coming to an end? That's what are they get most of their viewers? Ship CNN is harden. The reporters are panicked, so they are going to do everything in their power to over hype. All of this, how much you wanna bet they're, not gonna report trump calls for. I wouldn't be surprised, but he didn't know the media needs there to be a bogeyman to write about, and so there's there is concern following you know, trumps departure. They will just focus on Trump ISM and they'll. Go after all, the people who help enable trumpery whatever may be the culture, may come back or maybe things will change, maybe there's no more normal cardono. There can burns that things the economy its way worse than
when realise realized, and I thought I hope- that's not the case. I hope things are actually improving, but I just don't know you ve, never seen the mass printing of money like this and as a printing, it's more like digitally pressing, enter on a keyboard they're just pumping out my and I believe it we're at like sixty six percent of the money supply was created the last nine months. Sixty six percent, the debt to GDP is at a hundred and thirty percent is bad men, and I got to say, I'm already hearing hyperinflation is hitting imported goods are started, become more and more expensive. So we're doing some eighty work trying to get our internet. As you know, the internet saga has been a and arduous journey for us we're in the middle of nowhere in its war. He could only expensive internet. Let me tell you, if you will. I get a good internet line for running a studio and you're in the middle of nowhere. I was just shocked to see first bill and it is substantially substantially more expensive than home than you know. Home cut the consumer internet so yikes anyway.
we're talking talking to the Idee guys that we ve brought in and their de San computer you're getting more and more expensive what you need to understand about for inflation, say Creating the minimum wage is at all make it though imported goods, are more expensive to buy. That's so internally enough, I trade with you as they get an apple and cares about giving dollar for the apple. The dollar is pretty much equal value to both of us. Because we know the value of the dollar, but for international exchange there is you have to trade, the dollar for the local currencies and that's where the imbalance arts to come in so already looking to compute computer components of their going up. Property values are going up and I'm worried about what this, what this really means moving forward. I think there is it that the word appoint, where we need people to be more resilient. More self reliant and now is the time to meditate to study, to learn survival skills, not because the world's under because you need to be a better and well rounded person, it's real scary to me because of this
got down of all these gems, the covered lockdown that were hearing stories of people deteriorating exercise to the best of your ability. You know, look man, I don't wanna equate what's going recovered lockdown with prison or anything like that, but kind of what what happens to people go to prison. They work out the gettin shape if I were you gonna, do I guess that's something we should all be considering right now, battering ourselves to the best of our abilities, also get off line and read some books, no for real just turn off social media forever. Every so often and read a book, and just it takes some time, we need the economy to be reopened I'm glad to see some Democrats finally coming around better late than never as I've been saying I will take, it lets argue our politics, let's be persuasive and law win over the hearts and minds of the people to actually make the changes we want to see DC hasn't standard: special security, designation and their concern.
it's about what's coming, but I hope they do more. I do I'm not a I'm I'm idealistically, libertarian, but I am realistic, really realistically liberal. Of course, the left tribe does one way. Then I'm illiberal, even though yeah literally em, and I thank them- has to be some security in some authority, I'm not absolutist, sang it'll, get rid of the policing or to the government. Now I think we need security for our nations capital more than ever and This is something I'm glad to see the last thing we want jack boot. Gestapo, militarized police who don't care about the people marching around shutting things down, authoritarianism and so Oh you prevent that sometimes encounter intuitive ways. If there is an armed protests, the capital, it will read, salt in a war on terror style crackdown on civil liberties, many of which we ve never recovered. In the first place, we still have these people.
will lie to Congress about mass surveillance and we want accountability. Their people upset they feel like they're, not gonna accountability. I understand that. But again it's about persuasion. The daily beast published an article and the daily beast is left leaning where they said. We do not want another war on terror and there have been finally people in life coming out criticized in the US or them roderick realizing. You do not want to impeach, or the state. Oh, they were all about it to get rid of trump fine and now they're worried about what it means. Well, it's a good thing. My concerns are there Democrats now have the house the Senate, the executive branch. I don't, I don't think they'll packed the courts at this point because I think mansion would block but- and I dont think Republicans would allow either so probably would follow falter, but they still control to have three branches, which means there is our passing a lot it you know that they can actually make some moves in terms of taxes and budgets and where I go to see some more gun control. I won't ever calm down, and I hope we can- and I
understand the severity of what we are seeing in the anger from both sides and that the threats and in all that stuff, but when, to figure out, we did to navigate this path in a way that, as a result and destruction, so that's where you know I am glad to see trumps statement. Finally coming out. European Bee is good cancelling a blocking all deasey reservations during binds. Migration ah terminal. Our inaugurated weak amid fears Magua unrest. People still might come out. They'll still blame trump they'll, still blame Trop supporters, which is why trumps message is more important than ever. There's gotta be more censorship. This will hurt conservatives in the long run there needs to be alternative platforms place where people can go more resilient platforms. There needs to be reasonable dialogue between factions. Now I get it.
I do an interview show and it is difficult to get left us on the show. No joke we spent likes Forty minutes yesterday on the arrow podcast ragging under, I'll tromp and its foreign policy, and we even had what we have not one trump supporter comment: that tromp was the greatest president of our lives and he should be cheap. the war crimes, and we left because it's gonna like while we ve had bad president's right, and so there are things that has done that people are critical of and we had that conversation and people respected the conversation It was interesting why I think most people are more concerned about freedom and liberty and don't like war The last thing we need now is a dramatic escalation of censorship and tensions, and that's where I'm worried, but there's something interesting happening, take a look at gap. Dotcom gab has archived and reproduced Donald Trump. Better account almost inform me. My almost I mean like ya, like ninety
Nine point: nine percent of Trumps Twitter account is still in existence, This is extremely important for two big reasons. One Donald Trump statements are historical record. He was president, he still is, but he as a present of United States, we need to see these statements. People need to know what he said when he said and why he said it. No, more importantly, this this is, but it because it shows that gab has become richer. We want and is protected against the mask ballistic powers of Silicon Valley? It Sir lighted a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, of course, gaps been maligned. As what nationalist and all right now that, even so I dont care you can call. Whatever they want idle no, the politics of the founder of gather. What he's really concerned about? I can just tell you, I believe, in free expression, freedom, Liberty, the constitution, individual rights, And the only way we prosper is through decentralized politics, too much power
or is being centralized in Silicon Valley and in Washington DC. We need to decentralize. This gap is doing it taking away from that MILAN monopolistic power. It's a good thing in D c. We will see. I think now is the opportunity for tromp supporters to have their their moment and say. Good bye to the crony establishment. Republicans and stop voting for them. There's one thing I can say, though, Mitch Mcconnell appears to block the impeachment. So I also think this is good he's not going. The reconvene the Senate. So there will not be a trial that if there is a trial, it will likely will happen after Trump is already out of office. It's at that point that I will say Trump has just taken the steps to call on everyone. Sure you can say European support is that all Americans for peace and non violence and a peaceful transition. The next step is for Democrats to say: we're gonna, let sleeping dogs lie too slight trump go he's already. in his banking. You know New York City,
covering ties them is bankers. Having ties of them it's gonna hurt is business across the board. You do not need to inflame tensions anymore. Let's just let this slow down calm down, and I hope everybody here, though here heeds the words all of Trump supporters and just have a peaceful transition. That's what we need now and then we'll get back to the buck to the politicking, but I do have concerns in earlier today did a segment on web with Lorn Beaufort, and so I'm I'm really concerned that the key the eye ideologies are two entrenched. I want peace I will inspiration, and I want movements towards positive direction. So if you really want to protect the future, they use it. You gotta do teach your kids to do better. I mean have kids to a lot of people and then still them with the values of respecting one another constitution.
right and values, individual liberties and create not hate, not destruction. Creation write a book right, a story draw picture, make a comic, do upon asked film, skateboarding or or or biking or skits or comedy, make jokes inspire people to have fun, have a good time and don't do it at the expense of others, We'll see how everything goes by tonight should know if there's gonna be on impeachment, which is probably going to happen. and then we'll just star fingers crossed fur for peaceful transition leave. Their next second will be to night at eight p m.
lie that Youtube COM slashed him cast. I r L, where we do the live, show every day. Thank sprang up and I will see you well then. The ceo of parlor is firing back calling politicians like a Yossi sick and evil for calling for the banning of his companies app for those that don't know this apple, Google and ammo on all suspended services orchards, a band parlour in the case of Amazon they suspended web hosting services, mean parlor, meaning parlors just gone, and Following this. Basically, every single vendor refused to work with parlor. This is a concerted effort. It is psychotic group. Think cult like behavior, and anybody who sees this should be freaking out. How do we function?
as a society when dominoes fall down, because people are terrified of associate with a company that got bad press press. That was not true. You see, they say that parlour was hosting in sight to violence, it's the lie they use over and over again, and these pathetic and spineless vendors. The smaller ones are too stupid to actually look into what's going on, and so you know what I think we're in trouble as a society because Mass of multinational corporations, love power and they will steal it and they will collude to get it parlor sued Amazon, asserting that the he's an they got banned was because Twitter and Amazon have a multi year. Contract and parlour was the number one
up in the app store. So all of these Silicon Valley companies conspire essentially or or take concerted efforts, a better way to put it to shut down. Anyone who challenges there system and I've done it many times and their sycophantic allies in media are glad to do it because I get them clicks. You end up with like a ten million p sixty posts where people were inciting violence, parlor removes them. Amazon says you know what we dont care. We don't think you're in a place, so your band, what they dont tell you, is at the same time twitter was hosting serious threats of violence and that would remove it and Amazon didn't go to twitter and complain and demand. They do remove it. So it's really curious about oh cause, Yo Cortez, its position on this getting a private company banned for fake reasons. I remember back when patriotic member member member one page-
council that exodus. Let me tell you a story, many of your pipe in May, with patron. If you're, not it's a its service where you can sign up and then people can choose, Just to give you a certain amount of money and then you can make posts that go to those certain members. I prefer just to make my own because of this problem, so you go to TIM cast doubt can become a member that we're getting the site built up, so forgive the airs and bugs for now it's a common. When many people started. Being page around after a series of bans. It started with Lauren Southern Lauren. Southern gets banned from patriotic and a bunch of people do you dont give her a warning or notice and took away or income? That's not cool, so pop up patrons out. Ok, we'll make sure to give everyone warnings. Then Sargon of COD, ok, Carl Benjamin got his patron removed without warning. This caused a mess
exodus, some very serious podcast like SAM Harris, jumped ship saying it's not worth the risk. Many of these graters went to a platform called Subscribe STAR, which was identical in almost every way. patriotic people could choose to give you an amount of money at a certain amount of money. You get certain rewards you, don't you get out a subscription platforms, work well interesting. We then the payment processors all pulled their service from Subscribe, star, preventing people from fleeing and going to a rival company. It sickening, so you want to know what really bothers me and what gets me really angry this morning. There's no left in this country there there adjusted that there's not I guess it's weird to see conservatives calling for regulation, but what people often say when they point out. You know o o How can serve? Therefore regulation? Will conservatives have been for regulation? This isn't what it's just insane to see the lies, almost always from you
leftwing personalities playing tribalism just because conservatives to deregulate many things doesn't mean they all completely oppose regulation there not libertarians their conservatives, meaning they do like some regulation, mostly not, whereas liberals tend to be in favour of regulating massive corporations where my liberals that they exist any
one of these people coming up defending massive multi national billion dollar corporations to suppress the competition is not on the left. Sorry, you see left and right in the economic sense refers to cooperative or competitive markets. Their advocating for a competitive market where unaccountable billionaires can crush the little guy I dont and I never have. Furthermore, I have always said. I believe that if you have a bakery in a gay couple comes in and they want to custom cake with a custom message, I believe that you should make them that cake, and I think you don't need to consider to be your speech. It is an interesting can undermine if those optical argument it comes to the bakery scenario because, as conservatives pointed out here, no problems serves serving the gay couple. He didn't want to write that message in my view, as it is tough and I and I respect that the complaint, maybe the that the solution is just don't it's not your speech, you're being asked to provide a service like doing art, you know,
oh, but it as it is respectfully. I hear the argument. My concern I was that if we are all members of the society, we are all funding the infrastructure to keep this place up and running and you are occupied. An area of a city that could be occupied by anybody else. We can't function if we're discriminative. its people on the basis of race. You know gender identity and all that stuff and that businesses, sure just serve the public in a general sense. Also, look, there's a very serious falls off philosophical and ethical conundrum. There I get it, but I still think. If we're Buffon paying taxes, I dont think you should build a discriminate. I dont hats leftwing position. I still hold that now. I believe that if you are twitter operating on our infrastructure across the country and benefiting from our tax dollars, you should not be able to shut down legal up. means legal speech. There's challenges there, because there's gotta be some kind of moderation. There's things you can put it that way.
All agree shouldn't be like dioxin, but isn't illegal. So there are conundrums and questions involved in how we moderate these platforms. My bigger concern as the commons, the commons, a left wing position. Surprise. Surprise is an idea that there are certain areas we all must share we're not all immediately using, but we protect them to make sure that we all kind of get a fair shake. This is cooperative markets versus competitive. Is he left wing? They wouldn't want that. Then I want to tell you that what I am right wing but say this: if Temple advocating for protect the comments regulating massive corporations and defending the rights of gay coupled to get their custom message is right wing than what are they when they defend massive multi now nor billion dollar corporations who use monopolistic power and concerted efforts in Silicon Valley to shut down their opponents. They're, not the left there just authoritarian tribal lists, they want power for themselves and that's it and that's all Cassio Cortez she's
but in as far as I can tell it. As far as I am Ip Ngos, she is a fake leftist, absolutely fake. It is tribalism not true operative markets. You know who's a real leftist Jimmy doorway. He calls out the corporations he calls out. The censorship I was out the government any advocates for Universal Healthcare Medicare for all a left wing position, cooperative healthcare systems, not competitive, there's no profit to be made. We just agree that some things we're gonna work on together. That's the left wing argument The funny thing is, when you argue with conservatives about Universal Healthcare from an actual like good faith standpoint, you will disagree and you will get along and they might call you dumb, and then you laugh and as long as you're respectful impolite we move. We move on and in between without their lives. In what way in any way is anti competitive, monopolistic action left wing, that's not
And now a threat to the right in what way is Republicans and conservatives calling for the regulation of big tech, a right wing position? It is because, like I said just because conservatives have historically opposed much regulation, does it mean they oppose all regulation and that I learned because actually talked with conservatives about it. Saying well, you know a lot of things we don't like in terms of regulation, but we accept some of it, we're not libertarians alike, but a good point. Libertarians are the ones who are very much like free market, the free market, the video, the people right. I don't actually agree. I think a mixed economy works better, but here we go inside of me ranting. Let me read you the actual NEWS, Fox NEWS, says: Parlor CEO John MATS, blasted elected officials which, as Alexandria, Causer Cortez, who recently cos for the censorship of a social media. Up and proclaimed at sick and evil. The ceo said: critics like Abkhazia, Cortez, don't understand what America. Henceforth, a Yossi recently urged Apple and Google to take action against parlour in a tweet, the leader of the soul.
Called squad sent to eleven point four million followers. Oh casualties, isn't along many people on the left have made similar complaints it's either when we're on the IRA podcast in likes to say often it's not left and right, stop saying then right- and I said it's just a colloquial terms for the tribes, but I get it, I really really do we had gentleman on she's a progressive and she opposes you know. A lot of the same stuff is very, very similar in a way to Jimmy Door, and so maybe they're really needs to be some kind of reclamation of what left means, because Does it mean what this is since. When was the left about propping up corporations. Last eirik all we are at an hour. on Wall Street ten years ago I mean we isn't like people, this country and the left screaming. We are the ninety nine percent. Now what now yea billionaires, yea, right, Bernie Sanders
doesn't say millionaires anymore. I think it's sick mats told Fox NEWS. That's not what the constitution says. That's not what the constitution stands for. Banning ten plus million. U S! Voters on the internet, barring people from free speech, when people do things like that, What was it? They don't understand, the meaning of the constitution or this country and what it stands for. Well, that's doesn't appreciate elected officials, enforced company to be silenced. He found himself this of the new cycle when Google and Apple removed parlor from the app store. I'm an interesting question about the first amendment and federal politician, hence calling for these mass censorship of the american people. It's not a law being created. but I'm not sure that's the government officials are supposed to be doing. That now. John says: the constitution. Look all recognise this difference between a private corporation and public institutions,
and you know what we can have a conversation about how right now, literally Twitter is a private platform. It can better, they want. I'm saying it should not be that way what s the difference. I love it. I've heard, but my private company so much you don't let me tourism an epiphany recently and you know I used to go out and fund raise for environmental organizations and irony we're being on the ground and allay fund raising because of the deepwater HORIZON oil spill. This right, see there was an oil rig in the Gulf and oil starts sprain all over the place. I was upset and I was demanding action and I was asking for the help contribute so that we could raise awareness about what was going on because a lot of people dont know, and then we can. You know effectively to do two things: lobby, politicians to have better protections and actually help get the whole mess cleaned up. But I realized something tat. I
wrong be peace, a private corporation. They can do whatever they want. They have permits to operate there in the gulf. So if an oil spill happens well, why don't you start your own company to clean up the oil? What what's that you say? It's not the same thing, you're saying that we must react you're late these corporations, because they would cause damage to common areas where we all must operate and that the damage coming from the deepwater horizon could be could grow worse if left unchecked. Oh my, oh wow, I was wrong. So what you're saying is Twitter and Facebook who have monopolized political discourse and the new cycle. Drawing the news industry, this country surprise, surprise something we got about for some time news organisations are collapsing because the ad revenues being sucked up by these are the platforms so mean to tell me that these companies have destroyed journalism. They ve centralized it into the into the hands of venture capital, funded
you know rage, bait blogs and now they are destroying the common areas of political discourse after the monopolized it watchdog sounds like we need regulation, I've always been in favour of Lenin corporations, when that is where the comments my opinion on it. Changed. Apparently there is has well now the ceo of parlor is facing death threats from Newsweek. John John match the sea of parlor has claimed. He has received death threats and can't go home. The social network was tied to last week's. U S Kapital riots and sent off line my Amazon on Sunday, Amazon. web services suspended parlors web hosting account at to just about midnight, shutting down Amazon so parlors refusal to remove extremists, continent events of car content posted by its users, not true that is not true Newsweek. I just I am so sick of all being fake. Every day I read the stuff, they can't just read
This stuff Amazon said they were concerned. That parlor would not take action, not that they didn't not that there were existing threats. Amazon said that we are. We do not believe is that your moderation will be effective period because and the reason I said this parlor- why is removing these things. So Amazon can't come and say they weren't, that would be defamation and they would lose that case now, what they're saying as we don't think your efforts will work. So we're suspending you, that's not one newsmagazine. They sang refusal, to remove. You see how they lie. They just lie you all the time. Every day I read the stuff, you can look at the statement from from Amis. But this this this writer for Newsweek, whatever our care who does is to lay- see and stupid to actually do their jobs that these people to their jobs,
This is why we end up in the petition wherein it's all it's all its fake news, all the way down, but it's it's like a game of telephone. You know, that's that's! The problem is instead of going to the source. These people just read each other's news and they write it and then the best part is when it went met when when it makes its way to Wikipedia and a net that that's it one, one outlet will write something and then a hundred outlets we'll just copy this outlet and cited as their source. What happened, source having to be the actual source? I voted for this when Amis on web services should be the act fuel source ripe. Instead, what It was weakest. Citing is itself itself. You see how that works. Irma minded of the Simpsons episode joke where Bart whispers. In the year, the teachers union Skinner says that the union will fall and by the time it makes it to the teacher cobble. She says,
Skinner says the union will fall from a monkey dishwasher that Purple Monkey Dishwasher Comic goes too far, sunlight that making a joke about, the communication breaks down, there's a there's, another game and people play, where that everyone hold each other shoulders and then they Raw on their paper on their back in their drawn. The person in front is trying to figure out what it is in their other guy where they play telephone, where they, they tell one person a phrase and then they haven't go all the way down the line to see what the phrase turns into that's. What we deal with with me in media. It used to be that if you want to do a story, You will actually go to Amazon and post a link to their official statement now news which links to their own article, and so it's a derivative game. being wrong nonstop all day every day, and it's making people go insane quite literally Joel Reuben. The perfect example of the game telephone. This guy achieve loses guys, verified and twitter. He is E. A J Congo
former Obama Biden a deputy assistant secretary of state, he says: Glenn Back has the right to be upset about twitters, Ban of Donald Trump, but using a hall- Cost analogy, especially only days after real nazis stampeded, our capital is not the way to do it. He should retract his statement and apologize to Auschwitz Museum Paul. I didn't realize real Nazis stormed the capital. I thought it was this guy, the crazy guy would possibly video of you dance the weird horns: let's talk about the spiritual ass, this guy of what You do ok, senators infiltrators, something like that: be a which may be a sorcerer, something like that on the dark side, so I practice life magic. I pray is light side or the positive side of shamanism, and when they see me they go. Oh, oh yeah. We got it. We got a big fish out here and we better not try and stir things up. He practice his life magic when the witches and the sorcerer's come and and want to achieve,
The timeline, no job that we talked about they'll realize he's a big fish literal nazis. I mean look. I know that there was some like some nazis were obsessed with occult stuff shore, and these people from the capital were really not, but this is what happens when they just keep. Doing this now, someone's gotta see this verified. Tweet learn included the story and they're gonna keep shifting the narrative and gas riding over and over again, as they drive themselves into a permanent state of psychosis leading to the banning and mass censorship of individuals because of their paranoid delusions did you know that you probably didn't others, and I'm only learning this recently the left has a psychotic conspiracy on par with Q about- quote subversive of IDA wanting I want to say too much because I dont want to entertain these or or you know, direct.
nobody in anyway there's the cure on south everybody knows about it's been all over the media, but the left has something nearly identical, they believe basically the same thing but in opposition right, so I q supporter, like acute q and on people they like you, the left has basically the same thing where they don't like Q. It's not right. You had something else, but it's basically same thing where they believe I don't ever want to see. Russia, its very best, similar to where they think there's underground networks. full trading, that the U S and and shut ends subverting things and their secret messages. Put out, you probably seen a lot of talk, dog whistles from Trump? They really do believe exact same things, its people just going insane. The paranoid delusion is escalating and the problem is jack. Dorsey lives in it We try to conversation with Dave, Psmith comedian, neither an IRA, Pakistan Iraq, but you got to the point where he said when I was on
What with Joe Rogan image I got and out and endorsing I brought up that they are so biased. They can't even tell their biased because they think Revised opinions are just normal american opinion. They ve not ever talked to a conservative to realise what they think is actually fringe and so that this is exactly happens, Jack Dorsey sees the fringe psychotic conspiracies from people who believe there's like a deep network. The international plot to overthrow the? U S using Donald Trump, and they believe it because they think they're circle is mainstream America. When reality there trapped in a cycle bubble, it is just not reality. Just like the few people, they think it's true it's just not it's! It's not true. It's never been true. It's been wrong so many times, and people just keep believing it. The left has something similar. It's basically the same thing, but when Jack Dorsey people at Twitter, who are all hard left, biased
and I'm not saying I M not saying like Socialist, I'm saying, like their tribal, is left biased. They see all these tweets from journalists and I just assume it must be true. They don't backtrack. Now, listen, I don't a surly blame all of them, because, if a journalist says something I mean far be it from a random computer program or plumber to just decide, they know what actually going on. They trust the journalists right. The problem is the journalists have done in saying they, I'm not kidding. Many of them have outright just totally lost their minds. They are falling into the same exact traps and conspiracy. Thinking that we see from few people Now there are moderate traditional liberals, we call them default liberal. I think those bright bar to coin a phrase and they're not really, politically active, the exhausted majority, and then you have moderate. conservatives who are and there looking at the stuff saying this is gone crazy. You have people on the fringe right who believe crazy stuff and
of people in the main stream laughed, who believe extremely similar psychotic conspiracy trash sought. You deal with it. You don't I'll. Tell you this: if you're, the regular personal, moderate person, and you are concerned about the fringe conspiracy types like The shock of life magic storming, the capital The problem I see is the institute. Actions have been averted by the same thing that guy talking about life magic. You realize Is the left believes like a lot of the same stuff, not all of them, but they have their shamrock crystal wearing crazy hippy people who are also at these institutions of power and controlling them. The issue conservatism. People on the right have always targeted poet all institutions failing realise that politics is downstream from culture, and so the left entered academia and they entered the news organisations and then hired all their friends. Creating this a whole world of paranoid delusions, and here we are- and this is how you get to the point-
People like Yossi claim to be on the left, but basically, due to their candid dropped the ground, a lick, the boats of the massive billion or a billion dollar corporations. Congratulations left in less than a decade you went from where the ninety nine percent to but it's a private company they can do what they want sounds a whole lot like the Koch Brothers did great leave their next time. It's coming up at one p, dot M on this channel thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all then. But he o J is considering bringing sedition and conspiracy charges against those who stormed the? U S capital. Another report that a man left a voice mail with a very explicit threat about They are going to do on the twentieth and these stories on here and are getting really terrifying. his voice mail was knots. I can't even get close to repeating what this person said. Suffice it to say I believe they were arrested were now hearing
just earlier today, now this report's several GEO, P raps physically pushed past capital police and walked around the metal doktor refusing to be inspected, including RAP Lauren Bobo, who has brag about carrying a gun to Capitol Hill. Now we have the story from yesterday: Bobo clashes with capital, police of setting off metal detectors. They set up metal detectors outside the chamber and their screening people. Weapons. Why are they concerned that sitting members of Congress will take action against their political counterparts and who is in charge of us? What is going on, though, that the worst possible measures that message that could be sent right now, the mouth metal doctors would have done nothing, during the storming of the capital, but it would seem at the real fear, is each other. We have already heard from several progressive members of Congress. It they didn't want.
go to the secure chamber because they were worried about being in the same place as the queue can spear receive far right politicians I don't know what you want to you, what you want. You want to call what's happening because you're the lab seems a real mad when I say civil war, but have you seen the fur but also the National Guard occupying the capital building sleeping at another occupy whether you're sleeping in it standing guard. And people are showing drawings from this first civil war of something comparable, they said throw a long time. There's no civil war, it's never going to happen. I was wrong when I was saying years ago that the detentions in the escalation would not stop and it was for obvious reason. And a lot of my opinion just coming from reading mainstream news not like I just you know that for the most part you guys know, I do. then we saw Trump supporters storm the capital building. Ok, now you can say oh yeah, but it was just one riot. Autonoe man, they set of metal metal, detectors, concern,
are refusing to use them and Democrats are terrified that I guess armed right wing, politicians will do something. I'm not gonna pretend to know if it happens outside you know I said on the day on one another on the six that nothing was gonna happen. Transport is going away. Low market lilium, active lives then leave, and I was wrong about it. I dont know what can happen and maybe security is the right call, Lorn Bobo got into a stand off and now many on the left are demanding. She be arrested, only tell you what happened here and over, what's going on now with with trumps approval running, but the main point of this is not just about Lauren Barber, actually think she's kind of all right, she seems cool, but the left really really despiser. We have a second amendment, the right to bear arms she's in the capital. It was just stormed by people. Why can't you carry a weapon? You can see the split and ideas
he's here, but laughed says no guns. The rights as Constitution says yes, guns and a refusal. either side to back down the laughter saying please. Televised. The arrest of Lorn Bogart, who bypassed and refuse to listen to capital police. Are they did nothing, they they blocked her and then she ignored them. What could they do?. This is crazy. Could you imagine what would happen if they arrested her? It would be insane. But can you imagine the alternative? The left screaming and an outrage over her prob bringing a gun with her and of Chambers constitution is key. you're about the right to bear arms. Let's read the story: first, from CPR dot Org, they say: Bobo clashes with capital police for setting off metal directors. Republican rat Lorn Bobo continue to make news. The cap. On Tuesday this time for refusing to let capital police look through her purse. After she set off battle detectors place the entrances to the house floor
the medical. Doctors were set up after multiple democrats reportedly expressed concern, but the freshmen members insistent on carrying weapons Buber a strong gun rights at, and Co. Chair of the second amendment, caucus who has pledged to carry a gun in Congress, tweeted metal detectors outside of the house would not have stopped the violence we saw last week. It's just another medical stunt by policy. She added that she is allowed to carry her weapons in Washington DC and the capital complex. A memo from act How sergeant arms, Timothy Blog it explained in the new secure be measured, also reminded reminded members that they are only allowed to have guns in their personal offices several, Publican members express their frustration with a new security arrangements, Rep Steve's divers from Ohio, capital police that he believed the metal doctors are unconstitutional, others tried to go around them, Bobo has been facing calls of resignation or expulsion over
Your tweets are genuinely six discussing her whereabouts of the movements of how Speaker Nancy Policy, while trump supporters violently storm the capital building. I'm here to work for the american people, so resignation is not on my mind. Bob said when asked: if she regretted her tweets, Bogart was silent. And headed to the House chamber and her run in with a capital police over the metal sectors? Is the story from the other day a Colorado Republican We did about policies. Location during the capital, see she is now facing calls to resign. There's nothing here, there's nothing here! This story is just an example of both sides demand for power. Now I know I'm already gonna get the left and the right saying both sides, I'm not saying it's equal, the left demand for power and compliance is insane and the right it's more about their individual liberties. To put it simply, no matter what happens
or in Bogart and people on the right well say the constitution says to a. I will carry my weapon and the left I'll, say, submit or else take a look at this bizarre Lauren, Bogart tweeted. We were locked in the house chambers the speaker has been removed from the chambers and they said she treated her location. When I heard that kind of like woe. No way did she tweak. The speaker is now being holed up in the east wing built. You know, or number two or three office. Now she said the speaker was removed, so did other people, other people were twitting about MIKE Pence being removed journalists, while this storming of capital is happening, Nobody cared you see. Other balance of power is set up. It is obvious to everyone. The double standard is just
Law. I am sick of talking about it. There's no more need to say, look, look, look, there's a double standard. We know we know my pants ushered out of the chamber. Chuck rashly ushered out of the chamber several tweets from journalists. There is being removed. They were chanting hang MIKE, pants, where the calls for the resignations or the terminations of anybody who is treaty modification of my pants, none, but Lord Wolbert, that's right. They say Colorado. Rep, Lauren, Barbara was on the offensive Monday night, with the republican issuing a bellicose statement on growing calls for her resignation, Bogart accused about Democrats of having their hypocrisy unfold display with talks of impeachment centre. And other ways to punish Republicans for false accusations of inciting that have a violence they have so frequently and transparently supported in the past. During the violet siege, Wolbert first tweeted that representatives were locked in a house chambers
and then only a minute later that the speaker had been removed from the chambers She dismissed the seriousness of the charges that she and endangered life of policy in our statement, or that are tweeting, was even noteworthy in the first place. She said, Democrats accuse me of live twenty two speakers presence after she had been safely remove from the capital if I was revealing some big secret when, in fact the wrote this removal is also being broadcast on tv. The remainder overstatement was replete with baseless claims about Joe Biden commonly Harris and the far left. Oh but they're, not gonna tell us what she said we get it. The media is on the side of the Democrats. It's always been that way for quite some time. It perhaps always its Republicans fault. I don't care for their public and party, there's a difference between the right populists and establishment and left populist, but the left populist are more than happy to jump on the backs of the establishment and and laugh because they think it a lead them in
to some kind of position of power, but in the end all that will really happen. Is that the right, knowing the media, is full of it as a double standard? Seventy four: seventy five million people they're not going to back down. They are not going to just one day start believing the media, now cause, your Cortez says that there is a commission being set up or some that effect. She's, as commission being discussed, to help reign in media environment after capital right you can't just spew This information and misinformation or cause your Cortez says this is the most nightmarish and frustrating thing about all of it. Anybody who active they read. The news knows that a yo see is wrong. Or intentionally lying one of the two that it, mainstream media intentionally putting out fake news, and while there are fringe lunatic conspiracy, rightwing websites for the most part,
the mainstream media is putting out, lies and garbage all the time. Look at the framing of things: it's it's not just about lized, also about framing. This is something that the left had been talking about since back in the goodbye days that what you choose to cover also has an impact, and that's true: they realized this, so they took over the media. They got their activists involved.
Now they can choose to only cover things that make the right look bad, like Lauren Bogart revealed the location of Nancy Pelosi, completely false framing completely in bad faith. Just not true, not a true statement, chinchilla location. She revealed one of these not locations. I guess so what? What? What is this all bring us too, when I heard that Lauren Beaufort was refusing to go through the metals actors and it went off and she would not allow the police to search her. I thought about what would happen if, as the left calls for her arrest, what would happen if the police actually arrested republican sitting congresswoman, you realize we in civil war territory like it's here. It's happening, it's not so overt, like the height of civil war, but I've been so. You need to understand that when you read history, its condensed condensed
history is, you know, you'll read paragraph, And an essay on you know, eighteen, fifty this happened and in eighteen, fifty one this happen and realized there's a whole year and in some of these moments like the revolution I can revolution lasted something like twenty years. That's that that's a good generation and that's crazy. It wasn't just the signing of the declaration of independence. A lot of things that led to the american Revolution will happen for a long period of time. Now I warn all of you the last thing you want for this is escalation, but I dont think it can be stopped case in point. What's going on with Lauren Barber you think she's ever going to back down and let you take her gun away, no She is literally the woman who challenged beta Orourke, saying no, you can't take my guns, she runs a gun, themed, restaurant and, I think its rightful colorado. You want to talk about strong morals or or integrity or principles
it's definitely coming from her and her demand, but she have the right to bear arms due to the democratic deficit, back in just let her do this? Probably not. I really don't think so. so it comes down to eventually the police, the listen that Tybee wrote about this. The counting heads face What's happening is not exactly as everyone predicted or different people predicted. Summits, of course, can be a little bit different, but what happens when Bobo standing there and Pelosi standing there and the cops get called both Bobo Plus point at each other and say arrest. This woman it has to go. Where am I gonna? Do maybe I'll never happen, but the reason I say, civil war territory is that we just had tromp supporters storm into the capital building. I don't know what else you want to call this man to factions fighting over control of one government and its, because we are seeing hyper polarization,
and we are seeing increasing centralisation of the government, but a country that is much too large. It's interesting I was talking with a libertarian comedian, Dave Smith in and out of the airport gas check, it out Youtube COM, slashed him guest IRA, and he was Mentioning that this country has always had many different cultures like New York is not the same as Alabama and its true, and what worked with this, you know took two to have a country of all these different cultures. Multiculturalism. What worked was a week centralized government strong enough, but not too strong. That way, the people in West Virginia, for instance, are like. I can have my guns and what I want and Ya'Ll in New York and do what you want, and then everyone and it was ok with the overarching federal authority. So long as it was limited in scope coming increasingly more prominent and powerful in the past several decades. To the point now where Joe Biden wants to buy guns were people who live in. Why roaming, which makes no sense it doesn't even one,
make up bears and wild animals. You need guns to protect yourself. You live in New York, but he ain't got no bears. I get it, it makes sense, but the left us anything about guns, I mean only barely learning and I've a recent gun owner and I know now how much I really did not know couple years ago when I was more in favour of a lot of his gun control us. But one thing is certain: it makes no sense, for Joe Biden to become president and then using the house, the Senate, and you know, but effectively that that the legislature and executive branch to pass a law that will work stripped the rights of people who live in. Why arming and West Virginia how it's not the same as its the same, if you want we need to get a gun because you got animals got bears you got you you need to hunt than you. need to have access and the right to bear arms. More importantly of the second amendment is clear: the right to keep him bare arm shall not be infringed, but I think by any good faith
assessment. It is being infringed, as is the right to assemble, as is the right to free speech and there it is so the leftist don't like when I talk about what's happening. They don't make it really mad, they say, timid, your fault for telling people what was going on as if these we'll weren't already reading this stuff and as if the actions they were taking wasn't resulting in my reading at the point, is I'm not just saying this because it's not happened yet, and it might I'm saying that things literally happened and I said, look at this visit. This thing happening sounds like civil war and then look people already. Did it people already stormed the capital and to talk about the stuff? People were already fighting the streets when I mentioned this in the first place- and I was really-
the level of police, the mass riding. Let me show you some. Let me show you President Trump job approval. Could it be? Act has trumps approval running at thirty, three percent from between the seventh and the tenth rest musin from six to the tenth has trumpet forty eight percent and an Pr Pbs Merest on the seventh has trumpet thirty nine percent. Now we can see an aggregate troms approval. Writing has dropped quite a bit. The greatest is currently at forty one point six. Now I'm not a big fan, because it does include the the fourth in the first and the third. These other polls that have trumpet forty, forty three even fifty are from well before the storm the capital. So let's make one thing very clear. Rest Musin was the most accurate pull one of, if not the most accurate Poland. Twenty sixteen in terms of trumps support. There are now saying that the days following the stormy, the cap,
tromp is enjoying very high approval, but think about can it be? I can even NPR Thigh Thirty, nine percent, the day after the stormy, the capital, thirty nine, percent thirty, nine percent interesting thing about when it back even following days. Thirty, three percent, a large portion of this country, is ok with what tromp was saying and what he was doing now I gotta be honest. Maybe it's just because tromp is tromp and we should recognise that for it for what it is. You know in that leaked phone call. Try was it like. We had a great crowd sizes, the biggest ever this, knowing the loss in a really was just being trump while Tromp was speaking in DC groups had already started storming the barricades, so Trump had no way of knowing, because he was in the process of speaking he told ever wonder, peacefully marched to the capital to cheer on politicians.
I don't think anybody was feeding him information while he was on stage. However, afterwards he treated about MIKE Pence, failing and they're saying that incitement, I think, that's a dangerous thing to assert, but it The irresponsible nonetheless tromp should have said back away from the cap, Let us stop this immediately, because all the really happened was was bad for the Trump supporters matter, though,. We will then understand, is it's not about what you think is right in what you think is wrong. My prospects it is and always will be for the most part as try bless. I dont care for anyone stride, I'm not going to blindly defend Trump. I will, but I will defend Trump when I think Trump has done well. Notably the Abraham Accords, no new wars and things like that and criticise This amount is other foreign policy of failures, and our criticism on his care as I always have, but I think When you, when you see the left, will not tolerate any defence of the men,
He's out anybody awe of who defends him and even justifiably, of being right wing or lying and you can see that this is where the lines have been drawn. There's no backing down for anybody. So again it doesn't matter what whether you support the president doesn't matter who use we're not what matters is for those of you that are paying attention. We need calm, we need peace, but we got some angry people who just don't care a yo, see what back down some of the public and politicians have tried to back down right now. There were no vote, both the process of voting for impeachment and Republicans are basically begging them. Even even some former Democrats are like don't do this you're, not gonna, impeach Trump in time all you
doing is pouring lighter fluid on a fire. Just stop Trop cant do anything. You can't impeach him and you can't get impeach and convict him in time to stop and anyway, they're not gonna have a trial in time to prevent trot from doing anything. All they are trying to do is escalate to poor, more fluid on the fire. Just stop every one. I think most people and I think most people watch me regular people moderate. Individuals, like you, know, centre rights after a little bit the real all I want to see a majority, but I can I really can't tell a lot of the people who watch my content. Not so much people comment, people content are really men can get mad at me other times all the time, but I think most regular people are ready for the case to be over I could do for some rest and relaxation and letting them similar down little because it, but to boil over, but there are people who want more
This is not a direct criticism of Lorn Bogart. It is just a point being made that you can. with her and I actually think Lorn Roberts, while I like Warm Albert I think she's principle than stands a fortune believes, and I respect that. I dont believe the same. for I see at all, I think she is just a rage bait gripped, are trying to generate press for herself. I think she's try to be a celebrity career politician, anxiously destroy everything around to get which once that's why she voted for Nancy policy. The last thing any progressive insurgent should have done. Republicans have no no problem standing up to party leadership and defending the candidates. They do like Democrats walk in lockstep behind the establishment, even the caresses. Bizarre that the point I'm trying to make here is the Democrats are making demands of Republicans. Republicans are refusing to comply. This is in the congressional chamber right now. Why would stop Gimme a real reason, because I just don't see it?
This is another escalation and what happens when you knock over a domino can see him all start falling over his. Why exploit the wax pointed it feels like? We can see, all of the domino stacked up and someone flicked one a long time ago and Since then, it's been going Tiktok, Tiktok Tiktok. If you looked down the law and you can see the dominoes- that an extra fall, it's just simple, math, it's just common sense. That domino falls. The next one is this: there's an unless someone put something in a stop the domino from falling over a knocking over the next. It's just gonna fall over. They put up metal detectors, Republicans refused to use them. Lorn Bobo walked through setting it often and refused to stop and the police could not stop her event.
let the police might and they may pass a relate resolution and bar her from Congress. What do you think the people of her district will do? What's gonna happen if they do expel republicans what happens these states? That with that, aren't you representation anymore weapons to Texas when the Agee said our adaptation is being put at risk by the states that are refusing to abide by the electors clause of the constitution. The path IRAN is a dangerous and dark one we'll see I live there and excitement coming up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast different channel from this one. Thanks rang, it and I will see you all then.
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