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Trump Calls On Supporters For "Wild" Protest Of Electoral Count In DC, Democrats Fear War Is Coming


Trump Calls On Supporters For "Wild" Protest Of Electoral Count In DC, Democrats Fear War Is Coming. The joint session of congress will be the final move in the electoral process and the last chance to make a constitutional challenge to the vote count.Democrats are worried that without trump right wing groups will go nuts and rampage like Antifa, but that clearly makes no sense.Trump supporters and right wing groups are much better organized and more hierarchical.But its not just the right and conservatives ready for action. Antifa and the far left is furious over a pathetic stimulus bill and are already calling for a general strike, which is meaningless when people are already out of work nationwide.But the anger from the populist left and right is here and both groups are fed up with the establishment democrats and republican elites

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Since the November third election took place, Donald Trump has asserted. He is the victor and when the mainstream media called it for Joe Biden, Donald Trump refused, he challenge the results with several lawsuits. Now these official suited not campaign are only a small portion of the law suits that have actually been filed. That would have helped Donald Trump overturned, the resultant eventually win, but most of these suits, particularly the ones launched by the trunk campaign, we're not heard
they were typically kicked out of the court's due to standing issues, injury or procedural issues when it comes to accusations of voter fraud. Many judges of outright refuse to see the evidence, but in the court of public opinion those on the right. Those who support Trump have absolutely seen the evidence, and, while I wouldn't say it's been adjudicated to the point where we can make a determination, Peter Navarro put out a report that trumpet citing claiming that the results are definitive and is more than enough. To say that the results have been overturned. This is the kind of thing that needs to make its way to a court, but when most courts are saying due to standing like I mentioned, we're not gonna, hear this trot supporters eventually meet their wits end and now Donald Trump is calling on his supporters to descend on Washington Dc January six. The day the electoral cut via the electoral college votes will be counted in a joint session by Congress. On that day, trumps says
show up for a protest. It's gonna be wild and based on what we have already seen from the previous events, I think trap is absolutely correct. Now, will all of truck supporters actually show up? I am not too sure, but this could be trumps last stand and at a time when, he has specifically called on his supporters to arrive in DC that something that may actually be the big push. Tromp supporters need to say this is it is now or never. I know that this will actually end up solving anything, but a call like this from Donald Trump, although it may be relatively passive. He did say be there. This could be a sign of the political willpower to stand up, take charge and actually physically can test. What's going on in this country. I dont know exactly what form that Walter but I can say anti for obviously has been well, not too subtle in their anger, with the: U S, government over the past year or longer
going around setting fires destroying buildings, they ve attacked and targeted innocent people for a very long time. At the last event, in DC, the proud boys came out and they torched a black lives. At better. They went around beating up anti fought and it looked very much like what at sea and videos from anti about the only difference, will the proud boys weren't going around targeting innocent businesses and random people. Now there are some accusations that they tore down a banner from a church and burned at though people on the right are arguing. The banner actual had already been torn down before by black lives matter by anti, apparently because they felt it was corporate taxation or the church should naturally doing. There is obviously going to be accurate, on both sides and moral justification. Shall not gonna. Tell you whether it's right or wrong. When both sides are engaging in what I could describe as mutual combat. I can only say this: it's not just the right. That's reaching their wits end watching the core
say no, we won't, even here the evidence in Nevada in Georgia, seeing what they believe to be definitive evidence just get ignored. While these people are going to snap. The mainstream media obvious is obviously a saying it's all wrong. It's fake news! It's not true and trumpet pushing it, but on the left, people are fed up with the lock downs. Unfortunately, there not fed up in the way that they probably should be calling for an end to the lock down their angry. The government isn't going to print them more money or just I don't know how they expect to give the people more money, but their mad. The stimulus checks are big enough, fuller, now in massive debt on average, I believe one report says six thousand dollars and unpaid rent or mortgages on average and twelve million people are facing eviction. It's obviously not
the same kind of anger. We see on the right, but the powder keg. Is there the chemical mixture of an angry and outraged right wing and the angry and outraged left wing is sitting right before us and Tromp has said my friends. It is time for a wild protest. There were already fears and left that we are going to see widespread trump ism violence, but let's read these store, and see exactly. What's going on I'll, tell you the one thing that's going to keep the establishment propped up, I can say, is that the left and the right they won't get along with each other. So. Think we might actually see some kind of three way: conflict, establishment, the right and the left that it's not just two factions. The right is clearly upset the democratic establishment, but so is the left, but the left in the right dont like each other either. So I think, for the most part, the left and the right might be
targeting the establishment and the political machine, and that will leave a weird space between the two where they probably won't be fighting though they definitely won't be unifying. This is the big threat to the political establishment right now coming from both France left and right, we can only guess as to how it will play up, but let's get started with trumps call for people to take physical act, before we do had over two TIM cast dot com slashed, don't it if you like sport, my work, there are many ways and give them a p o box on a semi some stuff, but the best thing you can do obviously share this video. This is the kind of stuff that I hope people are paying attention to the kind of thing that actually impact your life. But when you turn on the big, mainstream media news broadcasts are talking about. You know the vaccine or whatever and that's fine, but are they telling you it's actually happening on the ground near your home. Probably not if you think I do a good job.
Rational and reasonable, and please share this video smash. The like button subscribe and let's get to the news. Fox news reports. Trump promises wild protest, in Washington DC on January. Six claims it's impossible. He lost trumps campaign has while the number of unsuccessful lawsuits challenging results? They say what, for first, they highlight a tweet from Trump Trop says: Peter Navarro releases? Thirty six page report alleging election fraud more than sufficient to swing victory the Trump a great report by Peter statistically impossible to have lost the twenty twenty election by protest in D C. On January six b there will be wild now, I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that trump tweeting be there will be wild is like this grand call to arms. Tromp putting on golden armor and taking a horn and sang the time has come people for a march to victory
he's just tweeting, be their it'll be wild and it probably will be. Will it more than we ve seen it may be, January. Six, it's not just about Trop, saying be January six is about the joint session of Congress, where the electoral college is going to count the votes. This is it trot supporters for everything you ve said for everything you ve claim January. Six is effectively the last day of this election. You don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna the battle or the war is anywhere near over already were hearing. The next step in this saga will be Trump declaring himself a shadow president. Well we ve already heard accusations that Barack Obama was essentially doing that as it is
If on January, six about count comes in, and this is the extreme likelihood like ninety nine point: nine nine nine percent, they're gonna read it all for Joe Biden Biden, Joe Biden will be officially confirmed by a joint session of Congress. The constitutional process will have completed for you, and the inauguration will be on January twentieth if there was any claim to a legitimate constitutional challenge. For Republicans it is for the most part coming to an end. On January six, now I say for the most part, because between the sexes in the twentieth. There still can be legal challenges and obviously Supreme Court MC can make their decisions because we're human beings we're not computer programs that follow this narrow path. The constitution is that guidelines, but you know technically something could happen and things could change, but as far as the electoral process is concerned, this is the last
day for the actual legal determination on January sex. If they say Biden takes it, then there's no argument. He took it now, Maybe you could overturn after that, in some capacity like it, both issues arise or Joe Biden can't and not be inaugurated. Something anything would happen. Trump is the next highest amount of votes that wouldn't really matter did you gotta get to seventy, which would result in a house contingent election and obviously trumpet when so the election, maybe ending on the six. As far as the constitutional process is concerned, but clearly the war, not all, rather like the clear for everybody because less let us, let me how I wanna be careful here. So Joe Biden, so very, very old man, colony was coffin up a storm yesterday will see how things play up they gonna say January. Six, as the day Congress will meet to accept the presidential election results, but trumpet his campaign of despair the result and launch numerous legal challenges. Roughly four,
or doesn't lawsuits by the truck campaign and allies to up on the election results of the past. Six weeks have been passed out by state and federal judges. Here's the important part most of them were not by trumpet the ones that were were tossed out for procedural reasons. I warned about this I said the taxes lawsuit should be picked up by the Supreme Court and if they think it should not be ruled in favour of trump, they should just say so by throwing out a massive lawsuit with a hundred and twenty six house, Republicans with, I believe, a total of twenty states on the republican side. Twenty states on the democrat side and for disputed in between you are looking at an dream disconnect in our states against each other, and when you throw that suit out, you are telling them. We won't even hear what you have to say now, at the very least. If they took that suit up there,
you'd have people feeling like at least their arguments were heard. Now they feel like no matter what we do, no matter what we say, you won't even pay attention to what are our humans are procedural dismissal of these suits and if people feel like they don't have the ability to speak up to challenge what's going on and they feel powerless and backed into a corner. Well, then people are going to strike back and that's one thing start getting spicy from bright Bart, MSNBC, Jason Johnson predicts wave of violence after Trump leaves office.
son BC. Political analysed, Jason Johnson predicted Friday on deadline that violence over Donald Trump losing the White House would increase. Johnson said this is just the beginning of how this is going to be Senator Tube Urville. He abandoned Texas tech. He leaves everything but not Trump ism. He abandoned three different colleges, but he's not abandoning Trump ISM. You have proud boys were marching through Washington DC and tearing down signs the moment that Donald Trump is out of power. These groups will become more unhinged. The Republican Party is full of individuals, even if they don't believe the things the court are willing to placate and play and galvanise these kinds of organizations. He continued. I think we're heading into an even darker period, because if you don't have somebody at the head of this sort of collection of ants running in and out of this insane anthill of magua and nonsense of white nationalism, if there's no one to control them, if Donald Trump
doesn't have anybody, IRAN, an essay, hey, look this a good idea or a bad idea. They will only get worse hillside. And Stew, and watch television every day and think about the fact he's not answered in live anymore. Think think about the fact that nobody cares about him and that will enrage him and other people supporting him so yeah I think the Republican Party is in for real soul searching, but right now a lot of them are still committed to Donald Trump and the violence, we're going to see in the coming months will make make this past summer. Look like a picnic, I'm not happy about that. I'm not enthusiastic about that, but that's what I see happening and the violence we are seeing in the streets right now is to preview. He added we're talking, Portland we're talking the MID west and these people are
powered every single minute of every single day that they hear senators deny the legitimacy of Joe Biden getting an office there not being crushed down. They are not, they are being empowered. Look at the two people running for the January fifth run off their encouraging this kind of behaviour. This is not the end, it is the beginning and that my friends is why there is a strike right down the middle of his country, a Fisher splitting us into two distinct universes one where four years with impunity, far left as an anti fa who have rejected the legitimacy of Trump beat people bashed him over at an end, a couple instances we have dead people, it has happened and there has been conflict in clashes between the two different factions, but to see
MSNBC climates, the proud boys they're the ones being emboldened after one night when they went around in DC, but for years I've watched the videos of anti fa. For years I have been on the ground witnessing them beating people knocking elderly people to the ground, setting their hats on fire higher brutally beating these people. There is no uniting these two groups and there is nothing but an your and rage between them. If Donald Trump is out of power, they say whether its January six or the months after they expect violence. I will tell you one thing: the big difference between Anti fought in the problem is that, morons like these individuals, MSNBC don't understand- is that the proud boys don't do things at random. They actually
are more centralized and hierarchical. Unlike anti fa anti was violence is hard to control, random, violent anger. The proud boy and other right wing groups and militias take specific action for specific reasons. The violence. We will see coming after Donald Trump leaves it's not going to be proud boys going rabble, rabble down the street a little bit shore. The increase in violence is going to be controlled and strategic violence from groups who are looking to gain certain things to accomplish certain goals, I'll. Give you an example. In Portland, we see the autonomous zones groups around a few blocks taken over put a barricades and booby traps. What's their goal, some kind of nebulous autonomy and anti eviction in a small town called Mossy Brook where the mayor said. we will not be engaging in this lock down. Their goal was very simple: they are just going to keep their businesses open,
there was no hard occupation, it was just them saying we defy and patriot prayer shut up to support them. I believe the violence you'll end up saying is more likely going to be right. Wing groups setting up checkpoints around their counties or small town saying we do not recognise the mandates from an illegitimate president and a violence ends of actually bring out from this. That will be the route of it. Some federal law enforcement officer or CDC official saying we must quarantine. There already reporting a new strain of covert in the UK. Seventy percent more infectious timed lockdown Christmas is cancelled. how many small towns or an essay Christmas is not cancel. How many small towns are gonna call up any able bodied man to defend their homes and then how many of these towns might get choked out when the roads get shot down by federal authorities? That's the kind of thing you should be worked out from the right, not to say it'll actually happen, but that's what the right would be more.
Likely do I mean we're talking about actual veterans with actual skills were trained by this government and fought in the Middle EAST and know exactly how to do these jobs. The funny thing is I've seen comments from these trump supporters, especially as there marking an insulting. May my new saying that, while I may be a coward, I certainly don't think that's the case, but they say they are not. They have dealt with as veterans actual combat in the desert. the Middle EAST and they will love. They say to be walking down the street of american cities grabbing taco well on the way home after the conflict. I dont think it'll be that pristine or pretty that you could actually do that too. certain degree, but there more than anxious to post online. They are ready willing enable now what about the left? What's going on with the left? Well, there certainly ready to burst
so we may say, may seem mass destabilization in major cities, because the far left is ready to snap kind of it friendly unaware that the democratic governors lockdown have destroyed everything for summary, They still support it. They're just angry their not being given money. Take a look at the story from the independent mass eviction fears, as twelve million will six thousand dollars and unpaid, rent and bills by January, the tidal wave is coming so lawyer, Charlie Herrick from December knife, but ten days ago, and he's right.
mass evictions in these cities and other places, but met mainly centralized any cities with his very dense urban population? Would you think these people are gonna? Do you think they'll cease to exist? Do you think the billing? Oh? No, I could pay my rent and then just vanish into thin air kind of like back to the future. No they're gonna say I can't pay my rent and it's your fault too. The governors to the mayor's to the police, chiefs and they'll go out
they'll riot and when that happens, and these other right wing groups are saying your log now we got nothing to do with it. Do you think the right wing groups are then going to come out in defence of the police in New York City after these police broke their own the constitution and destroyed the lives of innocent working class individuals? I don't think so. It's an appoint like that. You truly see what some kind of civil war or conflict will be. The ignorant say: there's not gonna, be a Mason Dixon line like Bill MAR said the Mason Dixon line would go through Nan as Kitchen ok bill. Perhaps you should read about actual civil conflict. Fourth and fifth, generational warfare and what is actually going on instead of just phoning it in because I'll tell you what you might see. You're not gonna, see anti fuss storming into Mossy, Brook Washington, why they don't live there. They don't know the people there and they're not gonna, be fighting over what is there and why would the residents of Mossy Brooks Storm into Portland
They don't know who that you know they're they're, not concern about the resources there or Amazon or anything like that, don't ever the autonomous zone, if anything, it will just be disparate cells, popping up of people who say enough, you're not legitimate to me. I made this tweet the left that the establishment Democrat left we're like look at this guy in his hot takes. I said: Anti Fund does not view the: U S, government as legitimate. What happens when you add seventy four million people to that number: it's not going to be a massive pro Trump army, marching in the streets where
american flags and taking orders from Trump it's going to be disparate cells of different militias, different right wing groups and they're going to say, leave me alone by start of it. At least I don't know where it goes after that or if it or even get to that point, but if Trump really does refuse to back down by by you know at every turn, then what could possibly happen? Ok, let's play normalcy bias. Let's just talk about normalcy Maybe it's all bluster, it's just tromp is saying. Stop and supporters are saying. Oh yeah and really there's gonna go home and do nothing. Maybe I kind of have that normalcy by us and I thought to myself. there. There's optimism, bias and normalcy, bias, normalcy biases. It can't happen here. Optimism bias is very, very similar, but where You just assume only the good things are likely to happen, in which case I'm, like everything,
I'll be optimism and it can't happen here pharmacy. But let me ask you that was the case. Are we in a normal period? Right now know the economy has been shut down the concept? Shit is being used as toilet paper by the democratic governors and multiple states. So no there's. No. normalcy and nothing to be optimistic about, even though their saying we have multiple vat,
means on the horizon, and a hundred plus thousand abortive been vaccinated. There's still saying we don't know how effective it will be at preventing the transmission of covert, and if it's gonna stop people from getting it, people's property has been taken from them. Their pursuit of happiness has been crushed their rights as citizens thrown in the gutter as the constitution is being used as toilet paper and their actual lives are at risk. This is a recipe for revolution, so call it civil war call it what you want. Call it Donald Trump saying: hey everybody come on down to a January. Six protest gotta be wild when they count the votes again, it could all be bluster boastful nest. braggart, saying I'm tough, all fight I'll, do what I gotta do. I really don't think so. Listen you have a second amendment right to bear arms right, but clearly we know we had a story. My buddy Luke was talking about the other day where a woman,
in New York City was air. Soft guns was charged with having legal fire like what we're having illegal firearms because they resemble firearms nets. It she didn't even have real guns and are giving or twenty five there trying to give it when you five years in prison, your constitutional rights have been trampled, lover in many of these places for a long time and there's a quote: Thou paraphrase Thomas so well something the effect of. If you don't get, the constitution defends you, but only if you defend the constitution and right now in New York, it's not being defended. You know for a while. I've said system was working, the courts have worked Supreme Court has ruled and defended religious liberties in the right to worship. I believe it was research. You said enough, A reality are you allowed to have nail salons open, but churches shut down. The first amendment guarantees your right to gather and worship yet Cuomo in new you. says I don't care who recently banned hate.
Symbols being sold or displayed on state property, a clear violation of first amendment rights. and he said yeah we'll probably does violet constitution. You know we'll figure it out, and here we are we're at a point where left in the right. Clearly don't like each other but for different reasons, are ready to burn it all to the ground, figurative the end kind of tariff and a scary way. I literally the left is saying: six hundred dollars is not enough and we are seeing today. General strike is trending Nelson General strike. What is it even mean right now? The left is calling for a general strike. Ok, which basically means everybody stop working right, In normal circumstances, a general strike can be effective. The economy grew to a halt, there's no tax revenue and will create a serious problem for the
leat spot political and business elites and just general elites, wealthy families etc. Arena nobody's working a general strike doesn't do anything but at least it shows, the left is getting angry and their already the ones who want to be violent. So now there organizing as well mix it all up into a nice little pot. Stir it all up, and will you get? You get chaos I saw. This was also trending December 18th. Five hundred and thirty six p dot m p, DOT M from an illness, all the republican rats from the Washington Post, all of the state, attorneys general and Us Congress, members who collaborate with President Trump in his attempt to subvert the constitution and stay in office. This is what makes Republicans
say enough not all the republican politicians, just these ones and the Trump supporters there's a story from newsletter covered earlier. That said, the Republican Party, its trump trump, is the one who gets the donations, not the Republicans. So we ve talked about a Muggah Party or a patriot partners on some kind of party for Donald Trump, its it. The Republicans there done Mcconnell Republicans don't like him for the most part, tromp supporters who are making up the dominant republican faction. Ninety plus percent are giving their money to Trump, not the Republicans. Without him. The Republicans have nothing the Washington Post. They show all of these people as rats with their names near than the different states. They are that there from there now. it was the representatives David La Hood, wrapped him Wahlberg all drawn as rats, it actually is just a bunch of different rats with their names. Next to him, you have read Matt Gateshead a cool hair cut and you got Rhett Louis Gomer is going along new, no broken. No
I guess- and that's it- it's just a bunch of picture of rats, but this is the kind of dehumanization that results in actual civil war between who the Washington Post represents Amazon Jeff Basis, the corporate elites, the bank stirs the Democratic Party it doesn't represent. The progressive populist left, the progressive populist left makes up just shy of half of the democratic base I dont think they care all that much about this, but there is an overlap between the progressive left and the establishment Democrat left with things like the young Turks, for instance. They overlap very well between the two and act as a kind of pseudo false progressive ism. You wanna talk about whose actually a populist progressive. You look at some, unlike Jimmy Door, Gypsy Jimmy Door.
I can agree on most of the important issues and then disagree on solving the problem. Jimmy door would say Medicare for all. I would argue. I dont know if it's economically feasible right now and he probably call me and enlightened centrist, but we would agree with the main problem of the wealthy establishment elites, siphoning off the wealth of the working class people. We would sit down and agree. We need to fight for the people to protect their rights and their ability to support themselves and be it a stimulus package or ending the lock down. Something must be done to save these families. I believe Jimmy would probably be more in favour of a stimulus package and I'd be more in favour of ending the locked down. What kind of a little bit of both I, you know, I think, there's room for some kind of stimulus. My fear is hyper inflation in the mass printing of money. That's A kind of actual are populist alignment. We should be saying we're not right now, but maybe we will.
I must NBC is terrified about what happens after Trump leaves why it won't just be angry right, wingers, it's going to be the populists in general, all sang f. The establishment, Joe Biden will like maybe the most despised president in american history he's going to be considered, weak and feckless, much like James Buchanan just before the civil war, but also you have forty to fifty percent of the Democratic Party, the progressives who don't want Biden, but they thought it was better than Trump and you ve got almost every single Republican who doesn't like Joe Biden because he's a crony establishment, capitalist studio or not. I know that's the left. Sorry he's the crony establishment corporatist is what I meant to say. It isn't represent true capital. The men free markets. He represents crony capitalism and to the left he still port represents a capitalism, but in the end you may actually see something like we saw before with Anti fought in the Bootblue boys shaking hands in a famous for Already, I believe, was Ford Fischer who film that journalists you see. Why
if a guy shake the hand of a bogus dubois saying you stood with us today. We thank you for that. The Google, the boy said We agree were anarchists and we want the didn't, like the government either anti us as ok they mostly agree on the on the problems of the establishment. They disagree on the kind of government or system. They are economic system. They want, after the fact, but that secondary first and foremost is the anger towards the machine and that's what I think is coming What culminates in I don't know, and I will tell you this- I can see the future and it may just be nothing, but dont know if it makes sense to have a normal see, buys at a time when everything is unprecedented and it is far from normal. I guess we can only wait till January six to see. Do trump supporters have the political willpower to come out to DC to spend that money to flex. I tell you this when trunk inaugurated, the answer was no natural supporters can deny it
but most people didn't go to DC and maybe just a matter all that much trouble one. Why why come out? We want congratulations, they shut up for the vote as it mattered. Well now this is what matters they going to shop in person on this very important day, we'll see An excitement is coming up tomorrow at ten, a m over at you about com lashed him cast news. Banks rang out, and I will see you all then making mistakes. My friends, what we are dealing with is political warfare, and maybe this is the It always is, but it certainly seems a bit more extreme this year than it has in many years since passed now. Of course, twenties steam was probably one of the worst, but I think it's worse now. Twenty sixteen, because of how
dirty the election was in terms of Hillary Clinton, accusing drop of being a russian and then going into trumps first year in its presidency, the first term, and they ink accused him of being a russian asset investigative so yeah. We may very well be in this state of fifth generational. Political warfare is probably the best way to put it one most shocking things to me. is this story? Maricopa county refuses to comply with Arizona, legislative subpoena for election evidence Board of State's largest county in Compassing Phoenix about four hundred and twenty one to go to court to fight turning over ballot data and machines? Wife just do it. Why are they blocking an auditor? Forensic this in that special see over an interim county. There's been a lot of really interesting videos, emerging about audits and up the process by which they verify certain votes. And, of course we had
report cannot imagine county or the left says the guy who wrote it isn't trunk hack Miguel, you wrote it worked with you know, I'm right tea and NASA is Harvard educated, and he asserts that these these dominion voting machines, we're intentionally creating errors to create. What's call them, I believe call calling adjudication event or something like this. If the machine doesn't know what the ballot is, it shows the President's as tell us what it is well, then you can have election officials. Well. Just put this way. Maybe make a mistake here or there. I don't know if this report is factually correct in every way it's been disputed and that's the most important thing. You can sit here and tell me you know for sure, like my good friends over the Donald that win, who call me a bald cock coward by all means feel free to We would have you want if I'm not goin out right, say you won, but might might might my point is not one side or the other day.
door didn't. When, though, I certainly have my opinions and attend to believe the right is right for the most part, issues. That neither side cares right. The right is adamant. They ve won. They will stand by that and they're not going to give any ground to the left. I happen to agree more with the run on, Many of these issues and the reason that it is because the left and the mainstream media. Saying, there's literally no evidence there are literally is tons of evidence and its being blocked when people went when the Republicans are saying, we want to see worse appearing this data and they block it makes you wonder right, that's the point. The left doesn't care, it is war if we were actually functioning in a legitimate system after a while, maybe not the right way to put it, but up I'll put it this way. If we actually had people confident in the system and
were a cohesive community, working together for the betterment of this country when a subpoena is issued for ballot data and machines. The council that the board for States largest county would have said yes, absolutely wee wee wee. We we must get this audit in We must look at the data and allow a fair and transparent process. They blocked it and their claim- and you have no authority to- Should these subpoenas made less droop and that's it Europe, your ear, violate ballot secrecy row its election officials. I it's it's. The state politicians were not publishing the data to the public. So to me this is striking in its outward and Vert Declaration, essentially of some kind of political warfare we will not comply with yours- As they say, transparency is the window. We are not dealing with a with eight with a fair process. Left can call it a free and fair election, but it is not enough.
but it is the last doing everything in their power to gain power. Of course, the Republicans and the right are going to do everything they can in their power to do the same. The big question is whether or not the the right and Donald Trump has the political willpower to actually make a move, as I have cited numerous times, Ulysses S Grant statement. If you feel you're being oppressed, you have your right to revolution, but your sticking, your life, your property in your guarantees. As a citizen, as I've often pointed out- as of right. Now I don't think anybody has those things secured. So maybe we are headed towards something more dangerous than just political If I tell you this, I can only imagine story may be one of the most radicalizing stories we ve got. You know in this in this battle and we think about this way. It's one thing: when you go to court and the judge says you have no standing. Ok, you can't see because it's too early or it's too late,
that's exactly what we ve been hearing when there were suits filed before the courts in Pennsylvania, since we're like well, nothing's happened yet, so you have no injury. In fact, you can't see just yet and then Supreme Court was like, but will put a hold on. This will put it in the: U S Supreme Court like we're airport, hold on this and then will maybe decide later then, after the election there, like you, can't soon after the election, once you ve lost, that's not fair, so that's front, trading, that's making people angry and the left keep saying there is no evidence. What am I told you there's a thirty six page report put up by Peter Peter Navarro, you'd, probably say boom there. It is hard evidence, fraud, the election was stolen, they say well, it's just one side asserting what they hold to be true and I think the most important perspective for all of you,
especially those who are die, hard, Trop supporters, who are angry, that I won't rally and and and yell you know, protests from the heavens. The point is, you need to understand the bigger picture, I'm not saying you shouldn't, have your opinions or believe what you want to believe by all means. Do that absolutely at the bigger picture is neither side is is going to be playing by some well actually limits low. That down, I would say, for the most part, you have both sides. It's like the Republicans, are gonna army vying for power in the life of divine power, but in this instance, I think it's unfair to the right. They got their subpoenas, that's what they were supposed to do you an investigation. You want evidence, okay, well, here the subpoenas give us the machines. We want to do an analysis and it was blocked. Now that is dirty the moment someone tries destroying or covering up evidence you ve gotta start from their zoning. Scott Adams was saying
you can't have a debate about you, know Vodafone or whatever or or think things like that? That's misinformation, because they were blocking observers. They were, they were putting up boards to cover the windows and they were not allowing people to actually watch the tabulation process. From that point on, what can you even do? They stopped you from even collecting the information they shut, the transparent process, and that is political warfare. Here's the story from just the news. They say: Arizona largest county refused Friday to comply with a subpoena from the state legislature going to court instead of fighting and instead to fight turning over election evidence to a Senate committee investigating alleged ballot irregularities them
Copper County Board of supervisors. What have forty one to authorize the lawsuit and superior court in Phoenix arguing the legislatures demands are overly broad, could pierce voter privacy and constitute a draconian abuse of power. Incredible wanting to see evidence and do analysis to make sure our elections are safe and secure is a draconian abuse of power. They say they say, could fight Pierce, voter privacy. We are talking about elected us.
Shows doing an investigation into election integrity. We are not talking about taking people's private information published on publishing on the web. This is a bs excuse. The lawsuit contests, a subpoena from this sets a state Senate Judiciary Committee, arguing. The request for evidence was unlawful, could violate bout secrecy and did not give the county enough time to comply. The last one. Ok, fine, that's an argument for the courts. Do you have enough time to actually comply, but in that regard the answer should be we need more time, will get you the evidence when you get it to within a reasonable amount of time. At my do this, they said it earlier in the week into the subpoena ordering Maricopa County to surrender its back counting machines, software security logs and more than two The imbalance of senators could perform their own forensic audit. The states electors have already cast their vote for Joe Biden after a canvas affirm the Democrat one state narrowly on November. Third, President Trump and State GNP have contest
the arguing there was fraud and irregularities in balloting, and isn't this fascinating? My friends, I think we are in a constitutional crisis for one simple reason: there is no process nor time by which we can resolve disputes over alleged fraud, one party contests the vote and says I want to see evidence, and I we should absolutely clear the air and allow it the problem now. Is there jamming it up and you're doing they want to run out the clock? That's it. Trump has been fighting non, stop firing every single thing in his arsenal and, of course, you'll hear for love, trumpet lost sixty lawsuits. He hasn't
Those are other people not did not the Trump campaign. I believe Trump has lost a small handful like three or four. Perhaps I think you can maybe say five now, because they ve done some more lawsuits after the initial post, safe harbour before four December eighth at a few lawsuits. Afterwards they did some election contests kind of things, and so this this lot going on as they mentioned. Trump has filed out of his yes contested the election results. Well, there you go, we need to get forensic. Ought on these machines, so we can get. Everyone does shut up. That's the easiest way to put it shouldn't. The Democrats be like all these Republicans won't accept. They lost just let him do their forensic audits, jeez nope in Michigan they actually blocked the release of the interim county report showing,
irregularities. Were they claim that a human error resulted in six thousand votes supposed to that that were supposed to be for Trump actually went to Joe Biden, and that fits in line perfectly with the report. Therefore, the camera interim said that the machine was intentionally causing errors that would force mass adjudication like sixty to seventy percent or or even more will think about it. Human error, ok, so all these I'll go in and the machine goes. Oh, no. We can't see, you know, we can't count the votes, quick. Somebody tell us what the votes for foreign and someone goes book, Joe Biden and all those what's go boom Joe Biden, a Republican noticed at this county is ridiculously republican. There's no way it went to one Democrat turns out. She was right and they said human error, because the person is the one who did this. That doesn't mean its widespread. That doesn't mean the entire report is correct. I'm just telling you what the report says. You know you tube is banned, happy with it,
check this out. We can talk about evidence all day and night right. We have this case in Arizona now, in my opinion there there is no better evidence that you are not in a legal process. This is ridiculous. That people think you're going to play this game and I'll tell you they talk about trot playing for each us. They know. I've said in the past trappist I wouldn't call forty chest, but trot was at least playing chess and they're playing checkers. Now you eat you.
Wall are playing chess and their just randomly moving the pieces wherever they want and you're watching them. Do it and you're like YO. You can't move your piece like that. No, like you, wanna, keep playing. I guess there that their children, their not playing by a fair legal process blocking subpoenas they demanded evidence. They said you don't have any evidence. Ok, the will hear subpoenas give us. The machines will get the Evans. No, you can't have the machines you're allowed to find evidence there. We are. So how can there be any evidence if their blocking the investigation just like they did on election day? I am not saying anything about what this will find. I'm saying people are playing dirty and that's about it.
This is interesting. Now Peter Navarro Release is thirty. Six page report alleging election fraud more than sufficient to swing victory for trot, while certainly his opinion must be incorrect because Youtube says if that was true, that have to remove this video, but this further Washington examiners, a hopefully Youtube, gives me eight, news examples. I think it is particularly substantial that the director of the Office of Trade in manufacturing policy has published a lengthy report. Thursday several examples of voting irregularities that are more than sufficient to swing. The outcome of the election of president in President trumps favor I know this might seem a little cliche for a Temple video, but I do have to push back on. I think at least one point:
he mentioned somewhere in air voter roles and dead voters, took us out quote in Pennsylvania. For example, a statistical analysis conducted by the Trump campaign matching voter roles to public obituaries found what appears to be over eight thousand confirmed that voters successfully casting melon ballots. Let me stop right. There you compared voter roles to oblige, whereas voter roles have dead people on them That's normal, and that's why we do voter role clean up. I think they might need to clarify this. Is he saying that it wasn't voter all they were looking at. They were looking at ballots cast their we're. Looking at public voter data for ballots cast, that's very, very different. Based on this quote, I can only say bra you're, wrong. Voter roles have people who moved and have dead people on them. That doesn't mean they vote
it's the voter registration list, so maybe what you meant to say, as we you know, he says successfully casting melon bouts. Perhaps what they mean to say- and this should be cleared up- is that they were. They were tracking public voter data because that's the kind of stuff that the voter integrity project actually has. The report claims in Georgia underscoring the critical role of any given category of election irregularities might play determining the outcome, the estimated number of alleged decree. Deceased individuals, casting votes almost exactly equals the Biden victory Margin. You see. Look the these are that the problem here is This is the kind of stuff where you need to issue subpoenas and you need to get the hard forensic data on things like that, and then you need to go to court and presented here's, a big problem. Well in Arizona, are they blocked the subpoenas and in Georgia they are not even interested in looking at the evidence in Nevada as well, but judges have not even gone over the evidence. I think it's because many of these
You have no political will there's a story circulating which I dont believe to be true. Whether claiming that you know John a bird said something to the effect of would you be? Do you want to be responsible for the riots if we take up this case and it was in Texas? I think the elect the electors and Texas Work were saying this, that those that there was a US, a clerk for the Supreme Court for one of the justices who came forward at this is what they were saying. I don't I don't this airily believe it not to say it's completely untrue, but you know extraordinary claims required, store, Neri evidence but says to me something it. It does fit my my bias, which, as I believe these judges are terrified there very cowardly individuals there's you know, I guess one way to put it is our
You willing to just say it's right if it's right, regardless of the consequences, or are you scared that someone will be mean or that bad things that you know, so you ultimately say I'm going to just let the corrupt system process I'll put it this way. If they'd, let us use Donald Trump as an example. If Donald Trump really did commit crimes and they will not prosecute him out of fear that trumps base would go nuts, that fine that, though the republic has already fallen, if we're giving special you no exemptions to the elites, I could say the same thing for Hillary Clinton if Hillary Clinton really to commit crimes and there's some Rina revelations come from Patrick Burma we'll talk about it later today, he's a former ceo of overstock? If Hillary Clinton to commit crimes and the F B, I said, listen, you know she it boy. If we arrest her man it'll destabilize everything, then you ve is already destabilized. If there is no rule of law than what is this
system by which elites extract value from regular people in and watch the country fall apart. So I tell him in right now you say: there's no evidence. You two restricts what you're allowed to save her of your own opinion and there in Arizona their blocking the subpoenas. How can we actually have a determination on what happened if this is the case? And if the judge judges are unwilling to review the evidence because they're scared, while yellow people are cowards. They are there. unwilling to say what must be said now, listen what I'm talking about. As I can tell you this definitively what I know we have seen much evidence. We have not made a determination in court beyond reasonable doubt because they aren't allowing it That's where we wheat, we stop dead nor tracks, because the judges are scared of what will happen. I mean we're
storing the long ago about some some Fedex guy, like dressed up like a fax worker, went to a judge's house. Her son opened the door bow right in the chest. That's what happened to a judge who was working on a very high profile case, to say the least, so these people are terrified. They dont want to say that didn't want to say what is right did rather say what a safe and as long as that's the case and brave people will not stand up for what what must be done. Then we will get nowhere and what must be done right now definitively is ache They are in transparent assessment. I am not going to stand on the top of the mountain and screen that Donald Trump one never gonna happen. I will set up a mountain and scream. I demand the subpoenas The honoured- and I want to see this adjudicated in court. I want to see the evidence presented before a judge I wanted on tv and let the people see the transparent process by
what is going on. I will say its highly suspect that one side seems hell bent on blocking that evidence, but you know what you ve got: people like Brian Camp right Trump has been ragging on the Georgia governor. because he won't call for a special session of the state legislature. That's all they need for Trump to win. If Brien Camp says I hereby call a special session. The state legislature of Georgia would give their electors to Donald Trump and truck could win. That's political willpower, I'm not saying it's right here, I'm saying it could be done. So I warn you all now. Here's a story from Newsweek Trump is the Republican Party. Pollster says as president hordes campaign donations. That's right. Donations aren't going to Republicans they're going to Trump tromp supporters, aren't worried about Georgia, their worried about Trump. I don't care about Georgia, I'm I'm worried about what's going on this election and what from will do and what's going to happen in the next couple of weeks, I've
ever been a Republican, and it was only because of trumpet actually vote or in this time. So I'm that fair weather mill toast fund centre and you ve probably already lost the Republicans, because I'll be honest with you, you didn't fight for Trump and now we're getting crooked compromised, corrupt crony, Joe Biden and his criminal family. I did say they were good criminals. And say they were powerful criminals, but his son and his brother have certainly enriched themselves in what I would describe as nefarious means with the various means using therefore their relative Joe Biden, father or brother, to give due to clear the path to open this up Joe Biden. If you look at pull politicos Biden Ink very clearly, in my opinion, using his office to enrich himself in his family and even their former family com,
Tony Bobby Linsky said he's compromised by China. Michael Flynn tells news MAX that the Georgia one offs are fake elections, while know about all that. I think the elections in Georgia are extremely important and I do think it would be very, very important, Republicans hold the this. The Senate, if you care about the Republican Party and you dont, like with the Democrats, are doing than you. You need to go in vote me personally, I'm not gonna That's just may I'm I'm I'm not interested. I don't care, I think they're legit elections and I think the narrative over voter fraud has missed something very, very important. There's a lot of republicans asking people like lawful
why should I vote if you're saying it's rigged? It's very simple: even if you think it is Trump needs votes. I mean right what people talk about? How Trump ended up winning in one of the conspiracy theories is that he just what he was doing too used to good of of a job for tromp, too good, so so tromp was able to get so many votes that the rigging didn't matter. That's the conspiracy theory. I just happen to think Hillary Clinton was really awful and troubled by about Sammy, seven thousand votes across three states. Now people are concerned, the elections are read. Well, I've never been a big fan. The system I've never believed in it until Donald Trump actually won. But I'll tell you this. If you think there is some kind of you no foul play or whenever. Let me tell you imagine if Donald Trump didn't get, seventy four million votes. Imaginative Donald Trump got sixty four million, because people will I what's the point of voting, then Joe Biden would be up by sixteen milk.
And people would be like what are even arguing, though the landslide for Biden would have been like four hundred and thirty electoral votes are some ridiculous number. Even if you think there's there's no dirty games afoot, you still have to go vote now, regardless of that I don't care for Loffler Purdue, so you know I will live in George anyway. So dont worry me, but Michael Flynn, and what's anyhow many of these. These aren't trump supporters. They don't care about Georgia, and I get it. I think Trump supporters get it to. This is about Trump, not about the republican Party. The Republican Party is Trump, Trump is the republican part. tromp basically collects all the donations and he tat. He says what you know. What's going on now, Trump has said they have when and is a really good reason. Why? If you really do care, you probably should go, but I'll tell us if done trot does somehow find a way to work well
actually not allow altgens has only, but I think that actually make sense. People have said if Trump does find a way to win somehow and on January twenty a theses mean having his next term, but the Democrats split the set, fifty slash fifty. It means that you're going to have the likes of you know. I don't know Macao, Ski, I guess, and other fair weather republicans who will break for the democratic Party. Give in them the ability to actually take control and jam up Trump second term. Much worse than that
There is an old I was, I was gonna say you know out. Our walked back a little bit is because my pants can still break a tie. If there are publicans, I have a defector if the Republicans lose both seats. That's when republicans are in trouble and that's why it's probably important going on Georgia. If you care even about Trump, that's probably why Trump has had to go. Do it if trump wins, but the Democrats when in Georgia, then it's fifty fifty and that means one defector from their public and party will mean the Republicans are gonna lose that vote, so Republicans need to hold these two seats to keep it fifty two to forty eight, so that the likelihood of one or two defectors won't change anything, and even if you have three might pads, could still break that time, but I don't think they're sing it that way, and I think Democrats are exploiting it. I think that its dirty politics all the way down, and
I don't, I don't think Trump will be the President come January, 25th to go to be Joe Biden and which case Republicans probably really really want to hold the Senate. But I don't think it's going to happen, because this is the Trump Party now The republican Party is basically Donald Trump and these people patients who have stabbed figuratively Trump in the back there, not. Why would anyone come out to get major Mitch Mcconnell remains the majority leader or Org no party leader in any capacity, I don't think they're gonna do it. I think we're gonna see a dramatic transformation of their public and party. We have been seeing it, but now that there's actual you know, trumps presidency on the line and hanging by about the finished, a Finn threads that I'm not sure you can pull himself up from where I don't think you can report trump supporters already did up to just tell the rope village. The GNP the by screw off were not interested. In the end, I can't I can't tell you what will happen with absolute certainty, but
I can tell you that its political warfare- are you the neither side, in my opinion, is interested in what is right or fair they're interested in winning. I just happen to thank the right is more likely to be playing fair. They said Kay. The court said no fine, then we're gonna work. It was subpoena, that's the way they should do it. I mean they could, theoretically just march in with some share, for something and just take the machines right now be playing dirty, but they're not doing that and because of it will probably loose on fourchan but it's true only to their necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all them- you know it's old and broke Donald Trump, claiming widespread fraud in the election, and that may be actually China that debt at people sitting around saying that may be trouble and acts of executive order overturned. The result and take this presidency been there done that.
come on. Everybody Twitter reliably informs me that this claim of widespread vote of fraud is is disputed by reputable sources. So clearly Twitter says it's not happening, but you know it. Twitter didn't fact check why the new, bright and shiny claim that Mitch Mcconnell one due to wide spread voter fraud and I'm not making obviously you saw the title of this video and you clicked it but check it out. I tweeted basically, no one trusts the election results. It's from the Ross or which is green Jack certified by news Guard, who says why the numbers behind Mitch, Bacchanals reelection, don't add up, but in the sweet there's something missing everybody? Why there's no blue box that says the claim of voter fraud is being disputed o because I guess you can pull
aim that Ms Mcdonald didn't, when legitimately for the exact same reasons that many trump supported, reclaiming Biden been when legitimately and it's ok, ah great. Well, let limit militarism if raw story wants to come out and claim Mitch Mcconnell cheated. At this point, I am not sure any drops of border is going to care. Maybe maybe I'm ok, I want a blanket every single trump supportive. Let me just tell you Mitch, Mcconnell very famously asked trot the turnaround. Mr President, could you put around for me for a minute and troubles? I sure thing much anything you and then he pulls out this long blade and was lying here. Well, maybe the maybe the evil cracklings too much more a turtle. So much Mcconnell parliament
or something like that. I don't know what a cartoon turtles do. Whatever you get the point, I don't care if its Mitch Mcconnell or its Eric small well or its Donald Trump Warts Joe Biden. If you are coming out- and you are showing me evidence of some kind of potential fraud or fraud- and you want an investigation, let's do it, I don't care Mitch, Mcconnell lighted up, let's see the investigation, I want to fall out of the Kentucky machines done. Do it. I, like Mitch, Mcconnell
and there was probably appoint many trump supporters. Work were defending him because he was effectively getting these conservative judges on the courts but beat fraying Donald Trump. You see January six, that stated the day. The electoral college votes are counted by Congress. A joint session and Mitch Mcconnell has been pleading with Republicans not to object to just let Biden when wonderful, that's the kind of strong political will power that Trump supporters we're looking for Mitch rolling over in playing dead. I dont think Trump supporters are going to care. I dont think they're gonna get mad for the most part, taking this claim. I think conservatives in general Republicans transporters are probably gonna point out. There is a very serious and obvious double standard and its being proven by the fact that Rostov is green Jack certified and allowed to make these claims, but all that being said all that to preface the story:
I actually want to see what's going on with these accusations against which Mcconnell and why they think he didn't win and there's actually work. Really easy statistic right away. Mitchell Commas: approval writing is in the gutter in Kentucky yet he somehow like doubled the number nearly doubled his approval to vote. You know count Donald Trump approval. Writing is below fifty per are you still manages to get? Seventy four million votes, that's still around the four seven are so percent basin. The vote totals it actually adds up. When you look at Joe Biden Competent only that approval writing. Is it necessarily all registered voters? So it's interesting to see a massive disparity in Mitya Connell's approval and I think it's interesting things really prove
anything. But let's see what raw story has to say in their bowl claim. Why the numbers behind Mitch, Mcconnell re election- that don't add up raw story, says on one slash three on a Thursday in August, in Lewisville months before the twenty twenty election, A parade of cars filled with Kentucky Teamster representatives and labour groups showed their fury at Mitch, Mcconnell's constant blocking of critical covert aid. They drove by Mcdonald's office raucously honking and bearing sign saying Mitch, better have my money in twenty seventeen, a public policy pulling survey asked Kentucky INS: do you approve or disapprove of Senator Mitch, Mcconnell job performance? Only eighteen percent approved Claude, his rating back up to thirty nine percent on the eve of the election Mcconnell leader of the centre, Republicans rarely
old Town Hall Meetings with Kentucky voters, not since a heated exchange of an angry constituent, went viral. Here's a little bit. They habits as one of the five voters appear to have filled out their balance, with votes for both the female Democratic, Amy, Mcgrath and Republican Donald Trump. I'm looking for that insult in their. So what exactly drove these angry Kentucky and to re Elect Mitch Mcconnell with they nineteen point advantage over opponent, Amy, Mcgrath
If you seven point, eight to thirty eight point, two, even as Republicans across the country still insist, the election was rife with fraudulent democratic votes. No one's asking how Mcconnell managed one of the most lopsided landslides when a member third election, they should an investigation of Kentucky Voting results by DC report raises significant questions about the vote. Tallies in Mcconnell State Mcconnell, wrapped up huge vote, leads in traditionally democratic strongholds, including counties that he had never that had never before carried sound, familiar everyone. There were wide unexplained. Discrepancies between the vote counts for preferential candidates and down ballot. And, in its significant anomalies, exist in the states voter records. Forty percent of the state's counties carry more voters on their roles than voting age citizens again sound family We are any Kentucky the other states using vote, tabulation machines made by election systems and software all reported down by
race results at significant odds with pre election poles. I can keep saying it over and over again sound familiar everyone, but you get. The point now I have to wonder is the goal of this story from raw story as a kind of leftist counter to claims of voter frog from the right. If so, they are not actually doing anything to counter trumps claims. Their emboldened hang his claims their adding to the cacophony of east of noise for people screaming we. a man, the evidence be reviewed and I'll. Tell you this. If that was your intent to look at anomalies and black sea Mcconnell lost too, I don't care, I dont like Mitch, Mcconnell and guess what I think most trump support is probably don't either. So all the raw story is doing right now, and maybe that's maybe maybe when TAT does just to say, yeah. Ok, let's look him. The voter frog, all they're doing is getting all of the Trump to be like see. Now you got it. You agree with us, let's audit, every single state. Why not? Don't you want to know
Oh for sure I know I do and I don't care if it means Linsey grew. Mitch Mcconnell Lord Chuck, Schumann, diplomacy are the ones who get the short under the stick. Do the forensic audit- I want to know my elections are legit, I'm rather into and so you know I don't just vote Democratic Republic, and I think I want good policy the Democrats at this point. I think I've gone knots, but I'm not gonna vote our care Mitch, Mcconnell or or Lindsey Graham read more. They say the twenty twenty Kentucky Kentucky. U S: Senate election Results map DC report focused on results in three counties in Eastern Kentucky, Appalachian mountains, two of which Democrats usually always win usually always pick your words common, but similar patterns emerge in other counties across a state, even income. These that voted overwhelmingly for Democrats, as recently as the twenty nineteen gubernatorial election, there were ACE
The growing number of Democrats voting Republican and twenty twenty. I love this because it's like maybe this actually provides a to hunt of evidence as to how Donald Trump should have actually want everything just think about it. Why are all these democrats voting for Republicans? Could it be that the Democratic Party has gone knots and that they lost a bunch of how seats across the country the Republicans able to hold the Senate for the most part like well and have the numbers on their side. For now. I am not entirely convinced that when these two seats, and then you know with Biden coming in, but Republicans did remarkably well the state level. Something was happening where Democrats were voting for Republicans. How can that be? You wanted to about serious accusations of votes voter anomalies, double voters and stuff. I will listen to the evidence sworn affidavits from people claiming that you know they saw backdating of ballots or that there was impropriety. I'm listening, but when Trump support
come out and say things like. I don't understand why, how many people, how could have so many people in a military voted for Biden? I say because maybe they voted for by it. I don't know, that's not evidence of anything, sometimes p vote in ways. You don't quite understand if you see someone commit a crime, I listened out ya want see the sworn affidavit? If you see weird bundles of of you, no vote blocks or or our voters or or out of state voters, show me the database and I've seen those but they're doing here in the stories there like. How could this possibly be that Democrats voted republican I'll, tell you what may be me Mcdonald's approval ready was in the gutter and maybe over the next couple of years, the Democrats went collectively insane and then make Mitch Mcconnell look better by comparison right. Let's read more, they say in rural breath at county, for instance, there are nine thousand five hundred eight registered Democrats and just fifteen
during an intervention Republicans, the county has a history of close contests, but Amy Mcgrath got only one thousand six hundred and fifty two votes versus three thousand seven hundred and thirty, eight from Mcconnell a sixty seven to twenty nine percent, trouncing Mcgrath votes. If accurate equalled only seventeen percent of registered Democrats in breath at county. That's really really interesting that Ms Mcdonald doubled the number of budget Republicans, but I'm sorry, that's not evidence of fraud, even catch anything woke. It will keep reading it actually evidence? The democratic party is collapsing and its everything we have been warning you about, but hold on hold on. I'm right here with you. If you want an audit, I I yes, please just make it happen.
if you think there were voting systems that we're cropped, bring it to a court. Let's get that's that get it to the floor. I want to see the events and I want you unrestricted access to all of the data bases. All of the voting machines get it done. I want to see the proof is well I'm a care for the Republicans. I dont blindly trust them. Let's make it happen. Oh oh, but I will add when you get your investigation and your audits, I fully expect the same in reciprocity from other states. So how about we all agree to this. If your concern about Mitch Mcconnell winning, then why don't? We just do a hard audit of every state and on how about we like the election codes and the actions taken before the elections as well only fair to make sure the election was done right and I mean that sincerely. I would love to see and on it, but we gotta be fair. If we do, it would make,
and to do an otter investigation of Kentucky and ignore other states. So how about we just role with that? We go for every state come down for that conventional pull it. They go on conventional political wisdom in Mcconnell and hold that these days and Central Kentucky Democrats vote Republican and analysed, should Correlate party registration with voting patterns, but simply dismissing any anomalies basin. Anecdotal hearsay ignores the data and other possible explanations, Mcconnell one breath at county in twenty twenty with one thousand internet more votes than he received in the counties, much closer twenty fourteen rice, which he won by fewer than four hundred votes, the twenty nineteen governors race was also a squeaker and by the county, but Democrat Andy Bashir, eked out a sixty nine vote victory the sheer one, the race statewide. Could it be there dramatic difference between federal level, national level, politicians and local or gubernatorial politicians,
I think the answer is yes. The Democrats in the federal and in Congress, the federal seem to be out of their minds locally. They listen to what the people are saying. Now that doesn't mean still good too. Power them, because state level races can impact gerrymandering which can impact the house, but I'm not surprised by this data at all. It actually confirms my bias that people were fleeing the Democratic Party now Bay, So, what's going on with the election and trot, we are seeing a Republicans with the party, but, let's read more, they gonna say because else? Results were even more out of whack and two other nearby by Appalache and counties in six previous elections, Elliot and Wolf counties had never voted for Mcconnell, even up to last year Ellie County remained reliably democratic in non presidential rate, races voting for the parties, entire democratic slate and both a twenty fifteen and twenty nineteen state. When elections in twenty twenty Mcconnell one sixty four percent of sixty four percent,
votes in Wolf County and sixty six percent of votes. Anne Elliot counting Mcgrath only got twenty one percent of registered Democrats and Wolf and twenty percent in EL it. Is it possible people just don't like you. This is not evidence of fraud, I'm still down. For that hard audit. You asked for wine and offer even asking for that, but telling me that people don't like your candidacy, prove anything Hillary Clinton lost. She was awful Trump one in states like you, Pennsylvania, Ohio and there were like. While we can see that common here, in places where they did not expect our public in the wind. They called it. The blue Wall Medium Mission, and was constant: oh hi, o Pennsylvania and Trump Trump One, while twenty twenty he didn't they gonna say next, take the premise that there would be some basic logic on the voting patterns of those who did vote Democrat one might expect a registered Democrat who is going to vote democratic, would walk into the booth and cast their vote.
for both Joe Biden. They move any Mcgrath, but the data tell another story. In one hundred, nineteen of a hundred twenty counties, Amy Mcgrath got more votes than Joe Biden in some counties. The votes were close, but in counties like Breathin Elliot, one of the five voters appear to have filled out their balance, with votes for both the female Democratic, Amy, Mcgrath and Donald Trump. Now right there. The golden say right, that's interesting that makes me say: somethin doesn't make sense, who is going to vote for Trump and Amy Mcgrath? That seems kind of weird I understood
and the inverse voting from a conall and Biden because by because by conflict with the same thing, but who would vote for the right and left populist candidates with starkly different cultural values? That does not make sense to me I'll. Give you that one raw story, that's it. Then there is the question of why county like breath. It has more registered voters and as people of voting age, twenty nineteen population data show that breath at county had twelve thousand six hundred and three people with approximately twenty three percent below the voting age of eighteen. This means approximately nine thousand. Seven hundred people are a voting age, yet there are eleven thousand four hundred. Ninety seven registered voters having one hundred percent of the voting age population registered would be astounding enough, but breath county appears to have almost a hundred and twenty percent more registered voters than age eligible citizens and looking further. It appears that is not limited to breath it. I love it that I love you got me that some lodge.
The wet. We got some questions there right away. Ok, here's we gotta do! Can we get a forensic analysis of the voting machines and the signature audit of everything and Breathin County and then perhaps in a bunch of other swing, state counties. Tell you what, let's? Let's just do a full audit of the Kentucky vote, make sure that Mitch Mcconnell really did when they will do the other things they too bright, legit Willa will make sure we're being Fair, I mean it, I'm not even killing. In November twenty seventeen judicial watch a right wing, nonpartisan foundation, promoting transparency, promoting transparency would get sued Kentucky over its dirty voter roles and its failure to maintain accurate voter registration lists. The suit argued that forty eight of the one hundred and twenty Kentucky counties had more registered voters and citizens over the age of eighteen and alleged, The Kentucky was one of the only three state they statewide active registration right, greater than two hundred percent of the age eligible citizen population. Kentucky
flayed voter roles and lack of transparency provide a perfect cover for malfeasance behaviour. Regarding the election results, Nelson, I don't buy it. I dont think that Kentucky what or anything like that when we saw in Florida in, I think it was pretty. tank to what was it the five one, seven or something I remember they Orpheus was at five, the aid. They said that they had like a hunter. in seventeen percent voter register, a voter turnout, compare demonstration and if it explanation was at some people change their address as the last minute, so they may appear because there are already registered so another in this area. Sure fine. Whenever, if that's the explanation, it could apply here as well. I don't think that exploration of matters, though I don't care for, plenty of the care for evidence. I want to see a forensic analysis by partisan and independent. Let's make it happen, they wanna say turning an eighteen percent approval into a fifty eight percent when may seem like a turning water into wine style miracle, but a small can mirrors. Politics seems more likely
are? You gonna say that about Joe Biden not campaigning not holding big events and then somehow beating Barack Obama cause I'm right there with you. If you want to be fair and talk about everything to better understand, the data could have been manipulated, look no further than trumps own legal filings and an incompetent post election loss, or the Trump team may have intended to accuse Democrats of election fraud, but in describing it plausible plot they attributed the cheating the Trump himself in December for filing in Georgia. Trumps legal team referred to a machine controlled algorithm to deliberately run by a voting machine vendor dominion. They allege this algorithm generally took to more than two point: five percent of the votes from Mr Biden and flip them to Trump. Yes, and then they quickly amended this saying we mixed up. trumps on legal team. Instead of providing evidence of fraud, but inside may have inadvertently revealed fraud benefiting Trump or just like all the other weird mix up, Messapus typos in spacing errors. They re
screwed up the filing. Did you know that's right now? There is a filing from Linwood, where he says that summit effective, I swear under plenty of perjury, probably because the spell checker didn't catch, he meant to say penalty, probably misspelled typing it out spell checker, auto corrected it from like panty or like plant up a penalty and then turned to plenty instead of penalty and because he didn't see the spell check line, he assumed it was
probably correct, so they make a lot of mistakes. You can't simultaneously claim that trumps lorries are competent, but that and then say, but they really meant it knows a mix up come on, I'm down with with the audits men about the investigation of care from which Mcconnell, let's do the investigation in describing a deliberate vendor installed machine controlled, algorithm, automatically taken a percentage of bite, insulting giving them a trump. They certainly are outlining how fraud could have been executed. I love it. Yes, tromp supporters, please agree with these people to an extent, let's all together hold ends and seen Coombe Ireland or a rainbow. While we have a massive fifty statewide audit of every single vote and machine make it happen, signature audits by part, as an independent third party, you name it, there's a trumps teams
steam claims dominion was the machine vendor, embedding outcomes to flip votes, but its trump, pointing to one machine vendor to distract from another in Kentucky when looking at counties where the numbers leap out of behalf of Mitch, Mcconnell, none use dominion, most use machines from electronic systems and software the main competitor, if you swap yes it s for dominion and the alleged vote flipping scheme you may arrive at Ultimate explanation for why ingress numbers weren't lining up in correlated with binds. Listen. I think it's really obvious what they're doing there trying to create a mirror image. It's a gag, I dont believe they're serious. I dont care if they're serious, though, because ok, you made the claim- and I am totally down for a full on it- done because I'm not scared of information at all. If it turns out Mcconnell didn't when any cheated, I dont care and if it turns out he didn't well, then there you go. You got your confirmation that allow everybody, but what they're doing right now talk
what these voting machine systems is. It's kind of messed up, I'm not a big fan of the dominion voting machine. You know theories are going around and I've pushed back on them in many ways. I'm not saying there perfect. We ve got the interim report, that's made some pretty serious accusations against them and I can respect that. But there is already people pointing that this story is fake and the reason why there saying it is that I think it's like ninety seven per people voted, had hand, counted tat, look hand, tabulated votes printed out on physical paper, and it didn't go through these voting machines. Something like that. What this author is trying to do, they would suggest it would suggest, is I guess they hate Trump and because Trump support making claim there like, oh yeah, would make the same claims. Thinking. It's like a snap back clapped back at Trump supporters. In reality, it's actually just confirming what Trump supporters already believed: Mitch Mcconnell, crooked and crop. The political establishment is cheating and Republicans have even accused Brian Camp
cheating in Georgia, which would mean Stacy, Abrams actually won. I dont think these people know anything about what Trump supporters are talking about, and our own reminds me of that thing on Twitter. They did with the proud boys were that all of you, then we're posting photos together, saying we're the proud boys take that bigots and then people start posting given Mcguinness the founder make announcement Do you not believe, like? I don't think you know anything about these guys. It's a perfect example of the left, not understanding anything from the right. This from the raw story is embolden all of the claims of fraud taken to heart from supporters. They end by saying when trumps has look over here. At dominion, maybe we should look at yes, it s more publicans, but unfounded claims Democrat stole the election. Maybe we be looking at republican vote tunnels instead and when Trump calls the most fragile election and history. Maybe he knows of what he speaks if you think you're gonna come out and say the Word INS bad. All, your really telling people is
it seems like, there was fraud, and that's all that matters. If people in Kentucky our voting for Republicans and other being told they ve been banned Oswald then maybe they should say by all means bring on the audit be fair. I wouldn't be surprised if not of conservatives are like that's ridiculous, we're not gonna do and on it, but I would be really surprised if trunk supporter said that Trump supporters are to be the ones screaming. Woe more evidence has just emerged. Do and audits people don't like the police. The list ablishn figure out, what's going on, maybe if the left paid attention at all, they realize they're, the ones being the baddies while they claim to be populists, their propping up the establishment I live at their next segments coming up over my other, Channel, the TIM Pool, you too, gentle what you can find by typing in Youtube outcomes. Last him cast. Don't ask me why you too, does it that way that just the way they ve got it again type and you d be accomplished him catch percent there, both new channel
and I will see you all their at four p m. Thanks rang it up.
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