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Trump "Demands" Arrest Of GA Governor As Bill Barr RESIGNS, But Even Newsmax Says Biden has WON


Trump "Demands" Arrest Of GA Governor As Bill Barr RESIGNS, But Even Newsmax Says Biden has WON. Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Geraldo Rivera both state definitively that ITS OVER.While it may be based on official announcement of the Electoral College, Trump is still holding out hope that something could change between now and January 6th that results in a different slate of electors being chosen.The likelihood that something changes between now and then is astronomical but many trump supporters point to statements made by incoming Acting AG Jeff Rosen about malign foreign influence and a Trump executive order from 2018 on sanctioning countries that interfereIt all seems like tremendous wishful thinking howeverAnd perhaps reality is starting to set in that Biden is going to be inaugurated on January 20th

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The year is, one thousand seven hundred and seventy six, the date October. Third, King George, the third addresses parliament for the first time since the signing of the declaration of independence. I want to explain how things are not going particularly well, but the Americans have faced a humiliating defeat and perhaps some had suggested they could be negotiated with two rejoining the british empire, but one fellow in parliament shortfalls to himself. Surely the American Continental Congress has no authority why they are not parliament there? They are not part of any lordship or nobility they're just rabble from the colonies. and their word means nothing technically. The founding fathers didn't really have any authority and that's a fact. Many people didn't understand how certain individuals world
There are a point in their ad hoc committees, and I was reading quite a bit about this as we're going over this breaking news about seven states sending dueling electors to Congress. And, of course I have this article from Asia. Central fake Arizona electors vote for Trump real era. legislators legislators ask Congress to accept them, oh real Arizona legislators asked Congress to accept them now. I dont know if that actually will produce any confidence The reason I tell you this little bit of history pertaining to the American Revolution is that Some have said, based on how you view the American Revolution, the founding fathers, the continental Congress. They had no authority what was their right to come and declare independence.
Actually I was just written. Is I don't know how true this is, but apparently a bunch of loyalists, mostly from New York, signed a declaration of dependence. What happened there declaration was that not legal authority, apparently not because government is all about on four dense. If the people believe in the system and adhere to it, the system can exist. Government is abstract, there's not a physical thing when their buildings, but based on how people feel things can change as no surprise that Asia, central part of the USA today network, I believe, could be wrong is saying. They are fake electors. Will they have too much? Like the loyalist said, you have no authority to declare independence and many people point out. That was a perspective. There were people in this now great nation who said? Actually we do for all these reasons, and they were.
That the original sign the declaration of independence. My understanding is authorized by their states to what extent that really Israel authorization, it's hard to know for sure. Many people like pointing out right now as we're looking at seven states sending dueling electors that well. Some of these states are split between Democrats and Republicans. Oh certainly, this can't fly right and there's talk obviously of civil war or something that affect this right. Here is a map posted by Kyle Becker and we can see. Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgian Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico have sent do or, I should say, cast dueling votes, there's one really important factor here. as many people cite the nineteen sixteen election between Nixon Jeff, that's a bit another bit of history. Where two slights of electors were sent from Hawaii. Initially they all thought Nixon. One Hawaii use three electoral votes,
so they certified the results. The governor stamped and sent him out, but there were still legal challenges pending later wrong, turns out JFK, actually work. so they're descend, another sleight of electoral votes when it came to count Richard Nixon was vice. President at the time, saw no objections and did not the initial sleight of electors. Many people on the right are saying see precedent. That's why they cast their votes. If, after some resolution or say, forensic odd, of machines, they discover that Trump actually won some of these states, just like in nineteen sixty, they can say we
do have an alternate sleight of electors who have cast their votes here. They are in that case, just like a nineteen sixty this time with my pants, he can hold up the two votes and say no objections to getting rid of the Democrat votes gone even with the governors seal now that may be the case, but it's also truth that no one signed off on his electors. You call em fake fine, but that's why I bring up. Point about whether not someone actually has authority. If there are people who stand behind these individuals as electors and say they actually are recent me. Well, then, your problem is confidence If one day we woke up and every single person in this country, so the constitution was, was trash wolden. There wouldn't be one because everyone agree. Of course that doesn't happen. Why? Because people do have confidence in the system. Even these liberals and Democrats, who don't like some of
these amendments, the ones that the authoritarian left us to our anti free speech. Who are anti second amendment, and, And- and I should say the left- ask us let left is actually a kind of pro second amount They know they want guns, but these traditional liberals who are anti second amendment if they had their way the constitution has no authority. Their interpretation is that of a second amendment. Is that a well run? elated militia, meaning the government has to allow EU. You know, even though their opponents and the provision of that which has the right to keep him harm shall not be infringed and with the point is if that was just it. If they just believe that will then nobody would have guns I mean take a look at any of these big cities. It clearly states in the constitution, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be in French. It says it yet. People just agree with the police when the police, say no, why confidence confidence? Isn't just that? I'm saying they positively view the government will do things for them not saying confidence in the sense that they believe
when the system more so that they believe the system exists, it exerts authority and control and therefore they will abide by its rules, but just like in seventeen sex and actually the sub that that the previous years, which were actually part the revolutionary war was going on for some time. At that point, many people had already thought that this control was gone, that there were already independent this really as an institution, there was a declaration made about american ports by parliament, and I came over to us right now, already a bunch of stuff. One of the founding fathers said: if they're going to claim that Americans Epps our enemy ships. They asserted that we are separate from the british empire boom done so right. Now. Here's what's happening: seven states have had sets of electors cast votes for both Biden entrance now- the Biden electors that at all the normal way in the capital buildings or the state ass buildings, and they got their stamp of approval from the governor
and so the mainstream media saying that's the system, that's the one in play, but I'll tell you if seventy four million people don't agree- and I dont know that every single one of voters doesn't- and a his supporters actually say. No, we think trumps, the president, sorry! Well, then you ve got a confidence problem right and what would happen if there is? There is funny seen an hour how about from forming a shadow government that he would go to MAR a Lago, the winter White House as it were and start acting as though he is still the president. What happens if he does that and what happens if supporters say Biden? Isn't it's entirely possible and I don't know what Trump is going to do? What truck does not seem like he's going anywhere. He is doing everything in its power to stay in power and were actually really close. Some crazy phenomena. Lemme tell you. Let me show you some first we have this story from the western journal. Arizona sent judiciary. Chair is seizing, voting machines for forensic audit
We already saw the forensic audit report released in Michigan, an interim county which purported that the voting machines have massive error rates intentionally so that someone could then come in and a Judas, the votes, essentially assigning them do. However, they want the evidence and, according to the report that paper trail of who is doing is indications and when they happened had been deleted. and the report stated very strange because in previous years the dead actually still exist. So you ve got twenty sixteen data, but twenty twenty has gone. It's only been a month what's goin on, of course, the leaped aside this guy's a hack, the guy who did it is is, is it has no credibility and he's just a truck support done matter? None of that matter, If you re watching my cards it long enough. You'll know the point. I'm about to make confidence is what matters you
say this guy is wrong and its fake news, and then you can high five all your democratic bodies and claimed Joe Biden one, and it doesn't matter you see the problem the left has right now is, instead of trying to argue for legitimacy and actually bring trump supporters into the fold, their telling them to shut up and they're wrong trouble. Importers pay, that's not an argument to that. They're saying I dont care. This is what I believe an end of story. If you have to people who disagree on what the government is or will be, and we ve already seen forty four states dispute. Although the Supreme Court kick that out, will then you don't how they functioning system? Ok, that's that's the real challenge here now I bring up this this the season. Voting machines in Arizona, because we may actually now see something similar to what happened in Michigan. The voting machines may come back. There could be a friend's report. the virus and say the same thing. I think too in voting. Machines are using, like thirty, eight states. Now that say
I know what that what the results will be, I'm not saying, Annie, thing as too. You know the like the legitimate and the legal process, by which we choose our electors, not lift up I'll. Tell you this if everybody was just locked into the mainstream watching CNN or Fox NEWS or Amazon BC, even news MAX called Joe Biden President elect if they were just locked into that. Will then Joe Biden President end of story. It's all about conference. Go I'll, give you better example. They say that Joe Biden as President elect they just keep saying but the constitution clearly says on January six: the votes will be counted and the vice president pick them up. Not people saying that's just a formality. No, that's literally the constitutional and legal process by which we determine the President Elect
because confidence was built up in the media over the past several decades or couple generations doesn't mean that its correct and it doesn't mean it's wrong. I me listen. If people don't believe in it, it doesn't work. What is the value of one? U S, dollar! It's a piece, a green paper, partly cloth, I believe in some countries plastic, but that's all it is. We have on finance. That, if I take this, I can use it for something I need much like any other store of value. But what happens when people lose confidence in that take a look at Venice whaler, garbage bags full of paper that nobody wants. They want american dollars, I mean even in Cuba, you're like the tourist dollar confidence is everything, If I tell people you here, like you know, Alex Jones developed by your gold people, you don't things like that. You think gold is
Lee going to be valuable. If, like the apocalypse happens, I tell you this: it's not going to be what people have confidence in gold, so they keep buying it. I'll. Tell you why it's not gonna me, because when it comes too hard value and survival real things. A value are physically capable of being valuable support. This way, gold as value it's a great conductor by the way, not the best, I think, silvery butter. I could be wrong, but look under this way, that's it. The apocalypse happens you're in the middle of nowhere and use your hungry and thirsty and theirs. one holding a bunch of american dollar saying you know I'll I'll buy something off you wouldn't gonna do with those dollars do to get it. That is that food is not waters. I could maybe start a fire with the paper, something don't born money by the way, no there's no com.
In that system. It reminds me actually, the veto game fall out where it's like post apocalyptic and you can find old american currency that nobody wants. They traded bottle caps if you go to somebody after the apocalypse and they ve got a bottle of outside us. Let me start or let's say you walk up. Somebody me apocalypse. You need something from them and you know you ve got gold and then someone else walks up and they also wants us. Unless it is guy selling bread, you'll say I will give you one gold for that bread he's gonna back. What am I to do with gold? I guess, theoretically, have I agreed acceptance on my ass, my wanted either I walked up I got a bottle of water he's going to be like Gimme the water row. I'm thirsty have some bread share with me. Why water, because that's real value, the water, you need to survive. Everything else is just one,
we ve gotten passed a certain threshold of survivability. We can put confidence and other things that allow us to facilitate trade. So the? U S, dollar has value because we have confidence in it. That's really it and that's true for all all other fear Currencies argue that Bitcoin has value because of you know the electricity that its use them ain't it or whatever, but it's really just confidence so mortal point. Let's get back to the news! Here's what I'm saying we ve got these stories we constantly ten electoral college. Ten electoral college votes cast for Biden as GEO pushes alternate slate, not see this as the Milwaukee Journal, Sentinel and they're. Just saying an alternate slight. That's all that matters in Arizona. This is interesting. Fifty four actually do I have. I would think I have the tweet pulled up. They say then came the three page joint resolution of the fifty fourth legislature, asking Congress to accept the eleven alternate utter: a votes for trump or
to have all electoral votes nullified completely until a full forensic audit can be conducted. This was twenty two Republicans and eight republic at twenty two house, members and eight members elect their sixty. Sixty people in the Arizona State House, Sana Majority, there was not a session call so? This has not signed off on legitimately, but maybe doesn't matter because at that, that's why I'm explaining confidence in the system when I saw that the joint resolution of the fifty fourth legislature was presented, my immediate action was like whoa whoa, whoa whoa. That means that when it comes time to these votes going to Congress, the Republicans in the Senate organ to choose the state legislature signed electors, the governor sent electors, which one do we pick
Most people believe they'll go with the governor, but they could say no. The state legislature has the final say who the electors are and if they did not want to hold a session and vote on it doesn't matter, because these are the one sent to us by the legislature or legislators. I don't it's gonna happen I really don't. I think it's gonna come down to January six and my pants gonna be like Joe Biden, Joe by Joe Biden. Congratulations Joe Biden, whence I really do think so and I could be wrong, but listen only driving normalcy bias. Like I can't imagine these. These rapid changes just happening that make the kind of aren't interesting ways, but I don't know: what's gonna happen, you know the big changes will happen now that the falter in the confidence of the of India jewels happening now might not be enough to change anything dramatically so Ivan Normalcy bias. Ok, and if you look at the past month or so trumps legal battles have not been play not very well, but there is something else I want point out. First, mentioning that's. But this is the Arizona House of representatives they have sixty members, twenty two plus eight lacked that's not enough that you know
a majority or corn, or anything like that. I'm not anyone will accept it. but seeing that we have seven states who have sent the these alternate electors, I wonder if there is going to be people who just accept it and they say I demand so here's here's how plays on January six you'll have the Senate counting votes and the house counting votes and that if there's any objections, they'll debate the objections and then might pence counts the boats. What, if the Republicans in the Senate say, I don't care, we want trump. What, if the Democrats and how say that's ridiculous Joe Biden one then it goes to MIKE pants to decide which votes to count. If the Senate and the House disagree He then says neither what would happen then, as you can see, Biden has two hundred and twenty two solidified electors and Trump has two hundred and thirty two. Ah you know based on that, and it s been states as eighty four votes that are theoretically dueling votes.
What would happen then is it would go to a house contingent election? Maybe this, what am I gonna the Supreme Court? I think that Supreme Court may kick it back to a contingent election. If that were to happen and that's where state delegations vote, so each state gets one vote and then trot wins, because twenty nine to the states have republican legislator, legislators and republican delegate's delegations crumpled? When I don't think that's the case, sorry, I I just don't, but the boy you're, the bigger thing that needs to be brought up in all of this, especially with the forensic audit now coming through in Arizona what happens after this, the left hates Joe Biden. Let me like leftists, they don't like Joe Biden Trump supporters, don't like Joe Biden, Joe Biden, might unify populists. Take a look of heaven and earth he's out of Michigan, but
again that republican electors wanted to cast electoral votes in the capital building and the police blocked them from entering sang the electors are here. You can't comment yup, that's it's gonna be really funny in the future. You know, I tell you Republicans and trumpet borders- I should say mostly from supporters- are already posting things mocking and belittling police over it. The Donald that, when our Trump putting friends are now one of the most more the biggest websites in the car, They were just crazy right, like ranked four hundred, something which has been a huge made: a meme mocking police in Michigan. For being you know, Jack boot thugs of the state. Essentially twenty things can happen when, when you add Donald Trump and yet parliament's own form in Seattle, the Trump supporters, many of whom didn't live in Seattle, were demanding the president's send in the that the troops thence invoke insurrection, acts and engage us and shut the autonomous own down. If they did, several people would not have died. Well, Trump did so
Then you know that our place, but only to protect the federal building. It is especially important in Seattle. Nothing really happened, but you still had trump supporters advocating for trumped to make these moves. What he thinks gonna happen in Portland right, so Portland Godmother, autonomous own set up and the police have been forced to retreat It is now armed leftist militias controlling this territory, Psych three or four blocks. What do you think's going to happen when Joe Buttons in office, Joe Biden, can maybe call for the police? He can maybe comfort CHS. Do you think Trop supporters are gonna, agree with Joe Biden. No, I wouldn't be surprised if the Trump supporters actually start backing. for all I know, I know you immediately scoffed and you are like pleased him. It's never gonna get a hold on. You me up supporting Anti fund, not in the sense that they're saying I agree with your ideology, and I support your movement or cause necessarily but supporting them
when the governor say things like we're, shutting down all these businesses and the police, are going to come out and enforce unconstitutional edict and then anti fuss as not here not in this territory. The autonomous own. Then here is our thing about Europeans being like. That's all you. What, if your violin the constitution and they come out- and they say you can't enforce those you know unconstitutional edicts here. Why would I defend you? Write knows an addiction going on that that that's what spy New Autonomous Zone, there's an eviction of people who live in this house and there's a lot to the story. It's you know, kind of confusing, but I'll put it this way. I don't care why the family isn't paying their bills. I don't I don't.
I do lean, let them policy issues and not a fan of anti for at all, and I think the expansion of their economies zone is an extra their exploiting the circumstances, but hear me up in this place. We have a covert locked down. People can't work, the economy is collapsing and it's the fault of the door Coney an edict of these governors in these mayors. Now you want to evict someone cause. I can't pay their bills, brow almost sit back and say no Anti VA wants to protect that people from being evicted. Blame the governor now I know, there's still a negative consequences for the bank. Sorry, I'm not going to sympathise with the bank, I understand the importance of a functioning economy and system and why we have a system that works this way. But if the government is going to lock everything down and efforts to agree to that, don't be surprised when people say you are not kicking these people out of their homes right now, we're seeing videos law, abiding, regular citizens being harassed by by cops and by health aid,
and see. You know individuals as a video of a guy where's filming himself, because his door was open. There's another video tables, Rawlins, in they're. Like you open your store and he's like dude, I complied with your orders. There's no tables nothing too bad you're getting a misdemeanor charge. Certainly at some point. Anti far is gonna be like, but guarding a house or building and the transport gonna be like Europe without. But this way me personally and these big cities, I'm totally on board with beef on the police. Now I'm gonna, listen, listen, listen! I'll! Tell you what! If you live in these cities and you ve got for these people and you and an you, you vote for the plea that the mayor- and you know he be appoints the commissioner the chief or whatever, at this point out just like I did do your thing in your city. I feel bad for the people. The city's wouldn't want that, but I've actually said this quite a bit. It's a win win. You know, I mean if, if, if you live there
you vote, for I don't see why Republicans got to be mad. Republican to live in their cities can just vote not to defund police right. That's the funny thing about all this Republicans fought hard for the police. Conservative than trump supporters then defended them, and I think it's a big difference between ending police when they say defund, the police were talking about general police work, sure giving out tickets and stuff and cutting it kind of tedious. But when I have a problem I call the cops and they come help me. I like that when does a crime in the police investigate and find the culprit. Was I like that? but when the police are enforcing unconstitutional edict that was never passed by such state, players or law just on emergency powers within the cops are breaking the law when the police in New York defend the black lives matter, mural painted illegally than their breaking the law and their criminals? So I can absolutely praise police who do the hard work of stopping criminals, but It comes down to these edicts in these big cities. I don't care what you do New York. That's why I laughed okay. If you live in this place and you ve got
this stuff what you voted for! Congratulations! You got what you wanted now. The crime is fishing in Minneapolis. Fine. I don't care, but I tell you where we go from here. If trumped says I didn't lose any keep saying it, how long until he moves to parlour- and he should should do now before it's too late, because twitters ban on the twentieth. If Joe Biden has sworn in its president, Trump refused to back down Trump supporters are gonna stay behind trump they're, not gonna, go behind Joe Biden. I don't know what the left will do, but I'll tell you this. The far left in Say, Portland, declaring an Honnami zone, are not going to be the central focus of groups like the proud boys. After something like this happens if there is, if Trump says, Albion floored, our trump supporters are now you know guarding their own homes or cities or whatever setting up their own essential autonomous zones, because they don't view Joe Biden has legitimate they're, not gonna, be marching in the Portland to try and take territory from Anti FA. They're gonna be like hey. Do your thing just like we are that's when the confidence breaks down the far
After all, ready has no confidence in the system and that's why they're seizing economies zones. Now I tell you a lot of people. Look at the economists owns, they laugh, it think it. So they think it's a joke. You don't get it you got to go. Look at the history of these be civil war. These revolutions, particularly in in in in North Africa and the Middle EAST. I tell you man, I was in Egypt in the second revolution. It was just a few thousand people and tough are square and they yelled louder. Long enough that the military came in and removed. While there was two revolutions, where was one with Barak and then, a year later, with more see it was just one square. It was knows a couple city couple blocks of people jumping and dancing in demanding a revolution. And they got it, so I tell you when you see anti fussing Guantanamo Zone and the police are forced or treat and their armed with rifles, and they are putting a barricades and booby traps. Are people laugh?
But will you be laughing when expands to ten square blocks and then they what they can do? Call national guard? You think you think. Anyway, going to support the National Guard at that point, I really doubt it. Maybe, though, maybe when Joe Biden President, the left, the Democrats in this city will be like Joe binds doing the right thing here. It is extreme ass. I wonder what will happen then, when most conservatives have no with support for law enforcement of the national guard. Enforcing these. These edict. These edicts, in which case there's gonna, be, in my opinion, the potential four rightwing individual setting up their own autonomous zones, not as none big cities, though I think what we may and seeing is like you know. Joe Biden was here's a new live ones. Gotta do this and then about not hear this problem can be like vaccine sanctuary is no joke. That's kind of Conakry the right, but there are already saying in many circumstances, work here. You gotta get the vaccine and things like that. I read it. The article, even even the CEO Pfizer, didn't even get the vaccine yet, ah ha that's confidence. Building anyway. Listen.
come January. Sixth, there are going to be doing slates of electors. The Republicans in the Senate probably won't uphold them because you got people like me. Ass. You can imagine this. Is it's not gonna happen? I will not mention. Matters are no, but you ve got to join sense of electors its probably gonna go there to get shuffled away and the relevant for Joe Biden. But what comes after that? Trump supporters will not regain confidence and there are prominent hyper. File, individuals in their public and party and on the truck team, like I mean, like a truck trains about to put it they're not going to stop they're, not gonna. Just at here Joe Biden whose his son was enriched off his office. We can see through the veil. Now we know what these people have been doing and in politics to enrich themselves. So what do you think he's gonna happen? I think the system will keep on system and and pints is going to be like the winner is Joe Biden, but that's going to mean Trump supporters are going to say nope, but what are they do? Then?
Confidence in the system is shattered and it already is what happens next, I don't know, maybe even goes back to normal, maybe doesn't but I'll leave their necks next Coming up at one p m on this channel stick around and I will see you well then the electoral College, she's, officially cast their votes and the votes were cast for Joe Biden in many of these contested state, and although there are many republican electors who cast on official vote to their main on record everybody's to be lining up against Donald Trump and for Joe Biden makes Mcconnell came out today and said Joe Biden. Is the President Elect yesterday NEWS Max very pro Trump Tv Channel said Joe Biden will be a future president and even Hurrah the Rovera one on Fox NEWS and set its over. Ok, it's not over, and I know it's kind of a dumb thing to say, but not over because we're humans were fallible and who
no it's gonna happen sure there are unofficial vote from Republicans. I don't think my pants will take them seriously. I just don't, but the votes were cast specifically so that in the event one of these election contests or challenges overturns the results, there will be a record public and electors. Personally, I dont see this going anywhere and most people don't trump supporters are still holding up. that something will happen and maybe, but it just my opinion that I dont think that will be the case. However, we are getting. This spicy take on the daily mail, Brian and Brad will soon be going to jail trot. demands prison for Georgia's Republican, governor and secretary of State, as he retreats mock up of them wearing China masks after they refuse to help him now. This certainly isn't the only time Donald Trump has insinuated those who were covering up election.
Alter you know, fraud or propriety would face jail time or even saying those who would certify the votes. When there's fraud to be facing jail time. I don't think it's fair to say he's demanding it trump. Just retweeted Linwood, who said President Trump is a genuinely good men. He does not really like to fight people I buddy dislikes putting people in jail, especially Republicans, he gave Brian Camp and George Secretary of State every chance to get it right now,
refused. They will soon be going to jail. I really don't think so. Ok, this is theirs. There's few things. Why take a hard, definitive stance but come on man? They're not gonna go to jail now they are ramping up the investigations of Trump in New York and in several other places, and I wouldn't be surprised once if, once Trump is out of office, the state level prosecutors try. Orders are turning try going after Donald Trump sure, but there are still a few long avenue louder. Women, com, long shots just more out. Their theories from chump supporters as what may come recently, we learned that bill bar would be resigning. I believe, just before Christmas and Jeff rose and were becoming an as the acting attorney general that gives tromp just shy of a month.
to have a new attorney general. Who may do the things that Bill bar would not do or maybe billboard just couldn't do I mean built our really did help trump and if he was in the ditch the Trump administration from the beginning trumpet affair much better. I don't think anything is going to play out hey Trump wanted to, but I gotta tell you were already seeing some towns saying no to covet restrictions and regulate We are already seeing some people outright say definitively. Trump is their president and they will stand by him, no matter what these people don't just cease to exist, so many people believe that in the next three days we will get a report likely from Jeff Rosen showing foreign interference in the election and then Trump will invoke this old executive order? I should say open executive order. He sign in September of twenty eighteen, giving him some and of powers to sanction again. None of this sea likely in any capacity are right, but considering,
this is at least where we are. Let me go over. Let them let me point something out actually Tokay. The important thing is to understand shout out to my good friend, David Pachmann: I'm I'm, I'm not actually enemies are within pachmann. I was just making a joke, but David school. He has this segment from just two days ago. Collar warns Trump coup could work at one point the collar said it has as happened in western civilised countries, and I think this will be important, even though I am telling you basically right now. I see absolutely no likelihood in anything trumps doing actually to exceeding. At this point. I don't see any of these. Publican electors casting votes as having any wait. It's all about confidence, okay and I think one of the biggest problems we see from the left, is their unwillingness to accept that Trump has massive a massive loyalist based and confidence. If these electors gain
conference at some point for some reason my pants could be like I'm an account these. He could it's his choice, maybe to go Supreme Court, but humans are fallible. Stop pretending like You know what Trump is going to do, because there are many people on the left who have been saying over and over again you that you should be worried. Trump isn't just backing down, not trump supporters. I guess our happy trumps not just backing down, but I do not see this as being over until Donald Trump says good bye, because if, in the event that Joe Biden is ignored, We got through the inauguration its Joe Biden scandal. Hairs. Who knows what Trump might do Trump could go like CNN claimed. He would a shadow governor thinks all absurd, but far be it from me to make any kind of predictions stop ignoring the fact that Trump exists and is fighting. Not what let our red what's going on, but give the breakdown as to what the daily mail is saying, and I ll show some of trumps tweets about putting people in jail
I want to show you he does have a new, a g. I doubt this person will do anything, but you know many trump supporters have just said tromp on the way out issue. Some pardons right before we get started. Hello to TIM, cast dot com donate. If you'd like to port my work. There are many ways you can give it a PO box when I send me some stuff at the best thing you can do share this video you like it? If you think I'm rational, unreasonable, then he's consider Shyness continent sport. The gentleman Africa too, like subscribe, hit that notification Bell and let us read this- were the news, this a tweet from linwood- and I think the bigger ramifications of this is not that the Republic Can governor and secretary of State of Georgia be going to jail, but that the Republicans will absolutely lose control of the Senate? Maybe that's too bold of a statement. Ok, fine, but I don't see the Republicans winning without Trump voters
and if Trop loses- and these people do not put everything on the line to try and help trump when they're not gonna, vote Republican, I just don't see it. Unless we go back to work, we also get another realignment. There is a will shift in political ideologies when Trump came and because many trump supporters were not Republicans their independence and a large portion were actually Democrats, but many Republicans flood. Perhaps now, if Trump Lee many tromp supporters might just say wide. Rather have Republicans and Democrats the old score publicans come back that, unlike Trump, I don't see it like. We saw twenty eighteen. I think that trumps base will not turn out if his name is not on the ballot and with people like Linwood in Sydney Powell saying out right that you should vote for the Republicans and why would they win Why would Republicans care not only that there are many prominent Republicans, they were having a rally in D C, where they said sacrifice the Senate almost in a kind of
celebration is call where their basically saying if the site it goes Democrat, maybe then people will actually snap to attention and do something about these things, but the Republican Party doesn't advocate for conservatives. They just advocate against it. Democrats for the most part. That means the longest time we ve seen a shift towards Democrats who are fighting for their causes, and you see a Republicans just being like no and then eventually Democrats when Gimme shouted the Jimmy Door, who is currently demanding that progressive threatened to withhold their vote for Nancy, Plaza Speaker the house unless they get a floor vote on Medicare for all, not because it will win but because he says I want to know who oppose Is this, especially during a pandemic? Jimmy is getting tough, he's pushing on the left and making demands, and it may or may not work, but least he standing up, and I can say the same thing for aunt
when the far leftists, who go out and right in protest, at least there making demands or the Republicans doing now. a whole lot, their laying down and their Simon. Leslie, arguing that all these are also the of the election and voter fraud in dominion voting systems, but then demanding people go invoke. Sorry, it's not gonna work pickets, but you know take a stance. Take some action stand on principle, otherwise, just get out of the way ultimately than I think these republicans they're not gonna win, because it the messages to dejected, we'll see where things goblets read more Donald Trump twitted tremendous problems being found with voting machines. They are so far off, it's ridiculous,
able to take a landslide victory and reduce it to a tight loss. This is not what the USA is all about. Law enforcement shielding machines do not temper a crime much more to come, much more to come. What could becoming Donald Trump with this sixty eight percent error rate in Michigan Voting machines should be by law. A tiny percentage of one percent did Michigan Secretary of State Break. LOL stay tuned, I'm not showing you trumps, tweets to claim their true or false, or make any assessment. I'm showing you them to point out. Trump is saying: people may have broken the law and may go to jail and then he's retweeting, a tweet where he's like, you know, Linwood says the governor is gonna. Go to jail. Did I'm sorry maybe I should have a normal see by us, but I really really don't see any of that happening. My friends Mitch Mcconnell acknowledges Joe Biden when, for the first time the electoral college has spoken, sank quote many of us hope. The presidential election would yield a different result, but our system of government has proposition
has processes determine who will be sworn in on January twentieth. The electoral colleges spoken Mcconnell set in a floor speech today. I want to congratulate President Elect Joe Biden, the recognition of buttons win and subsequently Donald Trump loss comes thirty. Eight days after major networks called the race for Joe Biden, but I think, listen, I'm gonna fuck but to fall to the constitutional process. Ok, the left, of course, gonna get mad at me. I dont care January six when the votes are counted and the present electors determine it. Dont care for media tradition or the of Mitch Mcconnell. I dont much like the guy anyway, but the Republicans didn't like Trump. They. Never did ok, He wasn't insurgent candidate, they wanted him gone, but they knew they would lose Orton lose about unless they defended him well, it worked out really well for them publicans and the house- and it worked out really well for the state level legislatures, because they did tremendous, even Trump lost. They did tremendously well, even though Trump lost coming into this run off election without Trump. Why are they?
going to a vote I'll, tell you what the Republicans should have done. The republican should be saying right now, much Mcconnell Why, on January six, when the votes are counted and tallied by my pants, we will know who the President Elect. As you know, I, even if they don't like trump the end result, would be the run off coming. I believe its January fifth, they can say you must fight fight for trump their counting tomorrow. You need to win this one. Instead, there like chums gone so then Republicans or two times our trump voters have no reason at all for the most art to align with Mitch Mcconnell, not that I think they like em all that much, but it's not just match its. Also over on Fox news. Hurrah De Rivera tells Trump understand Election is over and pleased with them to leave with dignity, to preserve a legacy and prevent further damage, damaging the fabric of our democracy. Look I'm not, unlike I tell Trump what what he showed her shouldn't.
In terms of you know conceding or limiting hearing I don't I don't care about trunks, trumps, integrity or dignity. I don't know much care for Nancy policy. Mitch, Mcconnell or Lindsey Grandma, Chuck humor, I don't. U truck, should do he should pardon all nonviolent drug offenders after review, to make a big, somehow sometimes below or violent. They played down so pot charges, especially, but by he should have pardoned Julian Assange right now. He should pardon Edward Snowden, I'm not the biggest Edwards Odin fan you'll Julian Assange, I think should absolutely be pardoned because his he was acting. The capacity of a journalist, Edward Snowden, is a leaker. Ok, somewhat a whistle blower, but the most. What you just leaked information there's a difference. It did help and it proved that there were some high ranking individuals lying the Congress
yes, Edward Snowden should be pardon. I say: ok, fine, I lean more towards why not those of the actions trumped can take if you want to live with dignity and fight on behalf of the people, I can't I don't see a path for trumped to actually, when fifty billion times by now, but he still has its allies over it. Bright Bart dimension Mo Brooks quote Trump One: the Electoral College. I can be a part of the surrender caucus or can fight for our country. There are mainstream federal politicians, saying that Trump has one. However, there are also mainstream federal politician, saying I'm quitting the Republican Party over this Rep Paul Mitchell. I believe of of Michigan he An Michigan tenth district has disappeared from Republican Party and requested that he now be recorded as an independent. What we are seeing happened, the Republicans is very similar to what we saw habit Democrats when the insurgent Progressives and Bernie Sanders Cayman lost the fight and then created this internal squad
We are now seeing something happened. Similarly, with Republicans, because I've covered over and over again all the Democrats were quit it I'm sorry, yet the Democrats who are saying I'm a Democrat more of our public and or be independent. Well, here you go now this guy's not joining the Democrats, proud, because the Democrats are too far left, fair to say, but he certainly leaving Republican Party, because, while a hundred and twenty six, Republicans defended Trump in his challenge on his election on his election results. Malleson I'd say some funny. The video I put up yesterday on Facebook about the dueling elect, Scott flagged is false. Information, even on nothing, I said, was false. When you, have a hundred and twenty six Republicans saying that they are backing trumps challenge to the election, and the republican slate of electors who were not elected, still cast their votes, and I point out they don't have the governor seal of approval for approval,
you still might see a hundred and twenty six members of the house vote for the republican votes? Like I said the left may say it doesn't matter, because we are not official, but all that matters is who gets counted and who the Republicans vote for in the Senate and who the Democrats vote for in house imagined time and time again, you ve got senators who are not going to be supporting these. These alternate electors and we want to call them. There are public and are now in trouble. This from upon Mitchell, suggests to me that perhaps the Republican Party, without breaking apart in some capacity and they're, not going to win in Georgia already in Georgia, the questions being asked of Purdue unlawful. Why should we vote if the election was red, then You have a good answer. Do that. You know what I dont think Trump supporters care out the Republican Party anyway. I know I certainly do I voted for Trump granted, I'm not a magua hat wearing. You know ardent trumped supporter. I just voted for the guy, for you know a variety of reasons, but let's talk about
but the hour. I don't want to call it. It's not a conspiracy theory. There is this hope. This wish from Trump supporters that in the next three days his executive order, will you know what will produce a report showing foreign interference? I just don't think that's going to happen, but let me show you: we're at so far? So we got news just the other day that attorney general, William BAR resigns, even update from this morning. Cnn reports attorney, William bar on Monday said he would resign next week ending a ten year in which the bright President Donald Trump Loyalist carry the administer since law and order message but ultimately dealt the most credible, bloated, trumps, unfounded claims when thousand twenty election was littered with fraud. His departure departure was announced by the President on Twitter moments, after counting in the electoral college. Put president Elect Joe Biden over two hundred. Seventy votes needed to formally section
the presidency, despite escalating tensions between Trump and bar that had burst recently, the public view the President framed bars. Departure is amicable quote Instead, a very nice mean, with attorney General Bill bar at the White House, our relationship If a good one, he has done an outstanding job as per letter B. Who will be leaving just before Christmas to spend the holidays of this family trumpeted announcing the news, deputy attorney general a frozen and outstanding person will become acting attorney, general highly respected Richard Don and you will be taking over the duties of the deputy attorney general. Thank you to all tat. Just give you guys the simple solution here: Trump is expected to be out January twentieth. So why would build Barbie resigning? Maybe it's not because of some an affair. Greece conspiracy, but because he's not going to stick stay through to the next administration, and he wants to spend Christmas with his family, theirs
Times are just really simple reasons for these things and that's. Why pompous, saying, wait! A really nice meeting, Jeff Rosen's, probably stepping up just to maintain. it is the next month or so unlikely. Nothing is going to happen. The one thing I would point out is that the at state level there threatening to prosecute tromp, so maybe tromp just goes all out, but I don't see it. However, many people have decided to point out some remarks made by Jeff Rosen, who will become the attorney General Code, easy very popular right now, with many trump supporters tweets soon to be a g Rosen recently wrote an essay on foreign influence. In U S, elections quote foreign actors are covertly trying to undermine confidence in our elections. Malign foreign influence efforts in our election has been a perennial problem in this posted to justice, DOT Gov remarks as prepared for delivery August. Twenty six twenty twenty remark
took deputy attorney General Jeffrey arose and unwilling foreign influence in. U S, elections presented at centre for strategic and international studies. Thank you for housing me today, etc, etc. When I want to talk about, is malign foreign influence in U S, elections, and this might surprise some people, but twenty twenty happens to be a federal election year. Unless I have some good news, which is that our election infrastructure, things like pulling places in printed boats have been well protected and that protection has improved the last three years. With regard to the most recent twenty twenty eighteen mid term elections, digestion, Dio, J, jointly found no evidence at foreign actors had any more real impact on the integrity or security of election infrastructure. Likewise, as a Senate Committee Unintelligent has reported, there is no evidence. any vote totals were altered or changed by any foreign actors in twenty. Sixteen, but interference with infrastructure is our only concern. We are also concerned about another threat, known as MILAN
in foreign influence? The key word is influenced by the time that is, disregard disguised propaganda other times. It is using pressure tactics on influential people. It can also take the form of hacking and disclosing private emails or phone messages. It comes at many different forms, all designed to influence how Americans think about issues and cast their votes. There are good lists on these and the FBI the and with an eye websites. He says we, Canada, keep the reality of the opportunities for form of former. Foreign influence and our elections are far flung sore me the challenge for American for Americans as voters. Now this has just his statement on pressure campaigns and proper. stand up so naturally there's accusations against Brian Camp because he met with, I believe, Branca met with some chinese officials and then sign a couple weeks later brought in the Duma Dominion Voting machines that he must be compromised. I do not see Trump invoking any of this stuff
and going after any of these people. I know he sang it, but it's probably just bluster confidence is key and how many people's would support the president's efforts and taking these actions, probably not very many right now know maybe, okay. This report gets released. Take a look at this, this executive order. This is the light and I want to call it a hail Mary. I want to call it the bordering on desperate wishes of trying to win the lottery three times while getting struck by lightning three times: ok, executive order. on imposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference. In a U s election, they say specifically that section one eight not later than forty five days after the conclusion of a: U S, election, the direct, of national intelligence in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate executive departments in agencies shall conduct an assessment of
any information indicating that a foreign government or any person acting as an agent or on behalf of a foreign government, has acted with the intent up or purpose of interfering in the election. The assessment shall identify, to the maximum extent, assert ascertaining the nature of any foreign interference and any methods employed to execute the person involved and the foreign government or organ and set off the rise, directed sponsored or supported. The rector of national intelligence shall deliver his assessment and appropriate. Supporting information to the president and sectarian state Treasury, defence attorney general and the Secretary of Homeland Security within forty five days of receiving the assessment, and information described in it are in section one: eight disorder, the attorney John, and the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate agencies and is appropriate, state local officials shot a letter to the president, the Secretary of State Treasury,
and secondary to funds a report evaluating with respect to the? U S, elections that is subject to the assessment describe in section one I listen within forty five days. They will produce an assessment within forty five day, of receiving assessment they will then do another in a you know, assessment or whatever I let look. People are claiming that in the next three d, is because we are now going to be. You know what we're what what like forty forty two days out from the election. They think that no later than forty five days a trumps waiting he's for the last moment to drop this report. Foreign interference boom discovered trunk Convoke is powers, martial law, whatever come on, it's just not gonna happen. Ok and I could be wrong. You know it's it's it's really hard to balance covering these stories and trying to be reasonable. I guess because the disparate realities when the two sides are growing ever increasingly distant. The left is telling us the electoral
even much Mcconnell determines everything that the counting of drove out, determines everything, because I don't what's gonna happen the next two weeks and I want to go by the constitutional process, but seriously You think that something's gonna happen. I'm sorry it's wishful thinking and by all means you're free to have wishful thinking, you're free to say TIM you're wrong. That's fine! I'm not a psychic, but I just you know listen, I've been successful in my career because I'm relics really good at being ahead of the market of making certain predictions, and that's one thing told me when I started doing all this work covering things on the ground. I was using tack and I was I was you know, producing things tat. I was using to technology methodology. Well, past wealth. You know ahead of the market to my own detriment in many circumstances, because people who want invest in the stuff everything I'm doing now actually proposed to a bunch of big networks. Let's get commentators to do you tube and here's how you don't let it listen. So I did it on my own and sure enough proven six
as well. Somebody's other companies are now spiralling out of control, losing money or faltering. So I will tell you must forgive me: predictions aren't always right because in things angels many variables. I just sometimes get things right, that's about it and I often times get things wrong. Just be as Trump has the ability to sanction. You know due to foreign influence, doesn't mean there's gonna, be a report. Anything's gonna come out, everything's, gonna change, ok, tromp right now has the most extreme Hale Mary efforts to try and returned the election on official electoral votes probably will just be ignored, but I warn you and I sat and that's why I point out the segment from David Pachmann that says Trump Coup could work. If you think Trump is just going to turn out and say you ve got me, I've lost, I think you're wrong and confidence is everything I can say fifty million times
Why is it that one set of electors will be considered good and one would be considered bad? It's who you have confidence in and as the actual rubbers representative of that state. If the state legislators in the next couple of months or so or am the next couple of weeks or so say that you know what we do certify these results than something could change. If my pants just says, I'm gonna pick this one as I believe its correct. Then he could do it, he probably get sued, but people have done crazy or things. I don't think it's gonna happen. I think it literally won't. But certainly there a lot of people who think it will and so long as they do and their fighting. You have to recognise that, while not every single tromp supporters on board of what Europe is doing. Many people who supported tromp our backing away now there are fervent supporters who believe in trumpet will never leave his side, but I do think when you see much more.
conall, even though I know much Mcconnell, isn't really that you know stocks of trumps supporters. You just use trouble what he could get federal judges But when you see certain people, like you, know Brian Camp of Georgia, who did support and vote for Trump or this rapid Michigan who did vote for Trump and many other transport sang a holder of our it's done enough. He is losing the confidence. Of many of its supporters. He may be left with a large faction of ardent zealous trump supporters and regular people who just say they don't care the vote form again and he knew no. They they still support him. There are a lot of more private gonna same no budget there there over it's time to move on, and I think that's what's going to happen. You know we were predict, get as close minors and they closed up the presidential election in the abiding market. That fair has paid out already people are upset yeah. I think the official President Elect announcement is January. Sixth, but at this point
We formality. Four trump has not been able to succeed in any of his challenges and you gotta go back and look at some of these tweets men, because some of these tweets going back are like on November seven are not. On November, like fifth to a Trump supporter, saying you don't a few days. We will solidified trumps victory and they keep saying it over and over again some people just wanna be told they're gonna win no matter what right, I don't think. That's the case. I do think that we live in a world of humans of availability and human choice, so Trump could absolutely do something crazy and try to stay in power. Maybe the left certainly think thought for years. He would do it Michael Moore said he's not gonna leave, even if the allows is what, where are you now? Michael? More, are you still? I still coming out waving your arms. There thing it's going to happen,
at least you know, we have a similar from David Pachmann, where he literally titles it collar warns. Trump coup could work. I think that's the right approach for David Peck and scepticism, but recognising the possibility that trumped just as no and there's not a statement for or against Trump. I certainly think you know it. David Pachmann approach is a negative assessment of what Europe is doing, but at least he's being honest with people. To that extent tromp. What Europe is doing could work and if you're sitting there thinking, I'm gonna sit back and put my feet up, don't be surprised when some, how something happens do I think so I don't think it's gonna happen. I'm definitely watching to make sure they'll just called fake news. There were no republican electors who cast votes, they say labeling. My video facebook is false. There were their unofficial votes and, like I said in the video probably meaningless, but they exist, even though that I may say their meaningless to the federal government. The constitution.
maybe they are too Trump supporters they're not, and you have no brook saying no trouble one. You have many Trump supporter saying he's the true winner, these republican elector electors, we're saying that we are the appropriate voted for there. Were they reject the mainstream narrative? You don't just say those people disappear till you get revolutions, oh, I know it can't happen here. They say: go back and look at the history of the of the of the revolution. By what authority to the founding fathers have to say to the crown you have no rights to this territory, because these individuals represent even a majority of the people. Sorry, not even the plurality of correct plurality of people and revolution was no. No answer leave me alone, a smaller contingent. tat revolution and an even smaller said, no revolution. Interestingly, what happened? The peat, the loyalist in New York, who apparently signed some kind of declaration of depend,
Since I am not a historian, but I was reading something about that, I'm telling you ok, we all make assumptions about what is and what will be. But if enough Trump support just keep bucking the system and rejecting it. You can't pretend like they don't exist and they're not going to listen to you. It's already started to happen in a small town in Washington where they said your laws apply here, certainly happening among the left. In Portland and in Seattle, where they set of autonomous own saying your laws don't apply here, maybe I just ends there. Maybe it's fun and silly or maybe it really could happen here- pay attention I think it is a ninety nine point: nine nine nine percent likelihood, Joe Biden becomes common heritage vice president and we get Obama years all over again and we move on in our publicans bon rolling over and doing nothing and make Mcconnell. Does nothing and the Democrats keep fighting for
causes and we slowly inch towards more left him, a lesson leftism over time, as we have seen so far in the past. But it's crazy days. It's crazy time, so we'll see how things plant over their next segments coming up tonight. Eight p m at Youtube com flushed him cast iron I'll check it out will be live hanging out with some friends talkin about something It was and will see. Workers next rang out was you, then again you tube outcomes left him cast. I r L today Mitch Mcconnell acknowledged that Joe Biden in common areas have one news max. The Trump supporting right wing network also acknowledged that, due to the votes cast in the Electoral College, Joe Biden in common areas would now be president, and Vice President Elect and the question I've brought up overnight began his. How does the right response to something like this? If they dont view Joe Biden as legitimate, well Mitch, Mcconnell coming
I make this statement is probably a good thing. A lot republicans apologize. I sure fine, whatever news MAX saying the same thing, you're, probably a lot, a chump supporter saying: ok, well, I guess find whatever over on red it at our slash, conservative men these conservative assigned you don't want to do from the go to sleep and wake up, go to work and carry on with my life and so be it. The same thing keeps chow and it's probably why conservative tend to lose. The left goes on on smashing things up and seizing territory while the right goes, algae, gosh, darn. It I guess I'll go to bed and wake up and go to work and just live under a joke. But in Combat Harris Administration, but something it's things happening now. Trump supporters are different, I guess I'm not your news max coming out saying Joe Biden. One is gonna change anyone's mines, although many people are now mocking news max or mocking Trump supporters, claiming that news MAX's compromise is a joke
we're saying something rather interesting- actually the town that doesn't believe in cove it off the rails. Mayor of tiny Washington community keeps open its thirty businesses as locals pack bar refuse, masks and plain lockdown is utter nonsense. A town with a population of seven hundred and fifty nine in the twenty ten census says it's unfair to restrict its thirty businesses, claiming the state will not give him data on local infections. We saw something similar over in Belma New Jersey analyse Jim. Since the beginning. The lockdown has been resisting now. This is what I am effectively calling an autonomous zone, and I'm doing that kind of like a point when you have Joe Biden as President and Stuart roads. The eye believes the founder of the oath keepers, the largest militia in this country, right wing militia, sang the people who voted for tromp they're. Not
to recognise Joe Biden resolutely as a legitimate president and they're gonna regard anything coming out his mouth as illegitimate. Then how long until right, wing individual start saying our town is not subject to your laws. The left has been doing this for ever from the DE eight front from drug enforcement laws to immigration laws. We ve only started seeing this, sort of you know, I don't panic. I know everything about history, but for the most part, my lifetime, the idea of sanctuary jurisdictions is relative, he knew it started with Virginia, maybe there, some other issues- Mozart banning guns or tried to a bunch of Eriksson much of colonies were lying. No. This is a two aims actuary and we're not gonna, be enforcing that law. Here's my prediction they're doing in the media and what they're saying Congress is not going to change the minds of the die hard trump base.
Regular Americans, normal left or right are probably just gonna, be like add, on a vile. Just give me a pizza and beer, and you know care of my life, but on the far left they ve already been declining. on sounds in Portland right now, they ve surrounded, you know three or four block radio. And they ve taken over this area pushed cops out. This booby traps and their armed still very varied, front from what we're seeing with this small town, where they're saying we are not doing the lockdown. Sorry, but there's a reason why. I think this individuals aren't getting armed sort of they probably already are arm, but aren't like patrolling militias and declaring an autonomous zone. It's a rural town, small there's ways or people here and businesses than the autonomous own important with the far left is, but the far left is trying to sell the autonomous own for different reasons and are trying to do it in the heart of man, Extreme liberal establishment in the city in Portland
Naturally, there are substantial resources to shut them down and an interest in doing so. When it comes to small town, why would the governor of the state actually care all that much now? Maybe they need to make sure they sped crush this before this idea spreads and more and more towns are saying no to covet restrictions, or maybe they care about what seven hundred and fifty nine people think, I'm sure it's maybe bigger or smaller, now is a ten year old census. So it could be very, very different, but that's exactly what I think we're going to see more of- and I think it's going to expand and with Joe Biden becoming President presumably lies. I've sad. I think it's at the odds of tramplings off its astronomical. It's not gonna happen, but it could. Could you know, like me, in strike. Three times will see Trump supported, certainly hopeful, but even Mitch, Mcconnell NEWS Max now saying it I'll. Tell you what I think, people gonna look at the Joe Biden saying no, Ouch ie is gonna, be working with by binding doktor asked her home is bill gates, they're gonna, be
paying more lockdown d, already talking about lockdown, going at twenty two me too, maybe we'll get some normalcy in seven or eight months, and they think that conservatives, who don't view Biden has legitimate, are gonna, be like ok, I'm not to expect. I can't tell you, conservatives do tender just roll over very easily, but something's right now, because the proud boys are very different there, not rolling over. They went around stamping anti fine DC. I criticized it. There were stealing because matter. Banners and burning em, don't steal that people's property destroy it, but they're giving Anti VA back. What anti fraud has been dishing out and out? If I can't take it there crying about it. The proud boys Shoah show that among conservatives ordering to call it the populist right there, not just gonna roll over and take it, but I think it'll be a lot like the far left. You know Anti far get some kind of tacit pretty
action, support an agreement from the mainstream left, but the mainstream left isn't typically engaging in Anti fought like activities with all black and you know, and clubs and stuff, but they do what they don't criticise it they soup. or I passively ethic, will see the same thing with the proud boys conservatives, conservatives love the proud boys, little girl, relic the proud and so work start seeing more, I guess right wing style, autonomous sounds it'll, look different, just because I pointed out its rural verses urban, but this story right here about this town. There was an event. Organised by patriot prayer, which has some overlap or affiliation with a proud boys, are not the same group and it goes to show the right wing groups. are going to start doing similar things. A left wing groups I'll be in different ways, but there you go. You poor thing. You know about this small town. It was going to be destroyed completely crushed. Is he the cove at Lockdown Prob,
already is on track to destroy the small town, because a town relies on tourism to survive. If everything's lockdown people are told they can't go out, and these busy businesses get closed. Tourism season never happens. The money eyes up and if they can't run their a bury festival or something then what's left nothing, a ghost town. So it's interesting, I dont know where people can mix. to move too, but when you see the locked out these big cities, people flee, but what about towns like this is our though read the story and see. What's going out this organised by patriot prayer, but we got more breaking news to the BBC. Is boarding a new covered strain and because of this the UK is planning a like tier three. I guess that's like the most severe lockdown New York has said. They expect a possible total shut down, info CHI and engage, and all these experts are saying twenty twenty two baby, you think people are gonna lie.
another year and a half hour longer, or do you think they're gonna start setting up checkpoints in front of their town saying no get out. We are not owing to just sit here and starved to death, that's what patently they want to happen. here's. The news from the daily mail they save hundreds of people, have attended a freedom rallying small town in Washington on Saturday, after its mayor refused to enforce the states covered restrictions on businesses citing the constitutional rights of small town, America, large crowds joined the patriot prayer or I'd rally in Mossy Rock a rural community Louis County between Seattle in Portland, with Mask Lous protesters, waving flags and chanting against government oppression, attendees most amount of time
were encouraged to spend money in local restaurants, which were packed with people not wearing masks in defiance of state restrictions. It came after the town unexpectedly voted last month to ignore Washington, Governor J, ITALY's statewide business restrictions to stop the spread of kroner virus. There you go a legitimate and legal autonomous own ends. These restrictions prohibit restaurants, bars and gems. From offering indoor services and setting capacity restrictions on retail stores, the rules apply to all Washington counties until January forth. Businesses that dont comply could be it with fines totalling thousands of dollars lily. Let me let me tell you it's gonna take ceremony, you know when I was younger. I remember talking to some of my friends and I'm a teenager, maybe like fourteen fifteen and I'd, be like hey. You guys want to go, skate, we're gonna, go skateboarding, you know it venom that victim was the name of the park and I'd have have at your friends like now. I can't I'm grounded and I was like what does that mean. You're grounded like what
I know I know the definition is and there are like. While I can't go out of my wife, my parents grounded me, and so I can't go out what would happen if you did go out. I'd get grounded even longer, ok and then what would happen if you still then went out what are to be granted forever. Ok do do not follow the logic they can keep saying. You're grounded, but if you can keep just going out, then saying you're grounded doesn't do anything. I guess they can take your stuff or lock your door or something weird, but I can't really do that. The point is if all they can do is issue fines, but you're gonna be baroque anyway and destitute. You might as well just say no right, I'm gonna, sell advocating for what they're doing. That's the point: why would many of these besotted care about finds when they're like well, I'm going to lose my business and go into debt because of a minimum, I'm going to fail to pay off my debts alone, shooting out for this business so,
RO it what's the point one way or another, I'm gonna lose everything in and be fined met an indian massive debt. Why not just continue operating and it seems like that's what they're saying now. If you look at the Jim in New Jersey, Analyse Jim, I think they have over a million dollars in fines. What is what are they gonna do what you gonna do that they are due to the business licence way they don't care they're, just gonna keep doing it at a certain point. You ve lost all leverage, at a certain point. When you threatened someone's livelihood and say you won't figure family, you will lose your home Let us say then do what you must, because you ve taken everything else. That's what I was talking about I mentioned the court from Ulysses S grant in the past couple of days, and I want to reiterate its very very is it's incredible statement from Ulysses S Grannie says when someone feels that they are being oppressed by their government, it is there right to essentially invoke revolution. Just keep in mind that those that do are putting at stake their property, their life,
and their guarantees as a citizen where's, where it's interesting, if you ve already threatened their property threaten their life, and they have no guarantees. As a citizen you ve made. the choice for them and that's why these sounds are saying we all care it's either we eat eat you take everything from us or we lose everything. What's the difference, you forced them into this position. They want to say mayor, Randal, SAS or sign an ordinance sang businesses. Could stay open, defiance of the state mandates claiming state officials, refuse to give him data, but the number of cases in the town which has a population of eight hundred quote, they have issued the numbers by commissioners district, but not by the code and currently in mossy rock in our nine eight. Six hundred and code there is
no information of state. There is any cases whatsoever with a zip code of Colvin for any deaths related to it. He told the daily mail that district three of Lewis County, which encompasses mossyrock. What is a population around twenty three thousand has around eighty cases since March, local critics of Sasser have raised concern about the ordnance and the mask was rally with one business owner saying the mayor has gone slightly off the rails. Really in that a crazy thing to say now, you can argue that what he's doing is wrong off the rails. Do you think He's gonna sit there and cross your fingers. The state will provide. I mean that's ridiculous: they'll provided their constituents, but Rural Oregon town that probably votes republican. They got a confederate flag here and there in Oregon that I find amazing they say: Mossy rocks thirty billion. since our largely dependent on several annual events, drawing tourists in annual blueberry festival, which was cancelled. A candle in August, usually attracts five thousand to the town. Saturday's per
That's where most attendees were seen without masks with organized by out of state. Far right group, patriot, prayer out of state come on it's it's! It's the region, right mayor of the town, welcome the protest, but not organized it. He told the daily mail. The governor has overstepped its powers and has no right to shut our shut down our livelihoods. Everybody has the right to wear or not. Wear a mask back to our constitutional rights to be able to do what we want to do. I picked the rights of small town Amerika. Can I just pause and say this is what I've predicted ok here. We need to understand that when I make a prediction, it's not because I just pull that idea out of thin air. It's because something happened and I'm like we'll get more of that. So when I say something like it feels like we're on track for civil war, I'm not saying out of the fit out of you know out of nowhere. I just I just think something happened. I don't know the probability I do look like, maybe it's a cold sore or whatever, but I'm basing it all the other app.
Ends and other people statements and seeing states line up against each other and reject the result or dispute them we'll see what on January, sex of Republicans object the votes or, if the altar electors get any play whatsoever in the government. If the federal government, if my pants, if the, if Congress, don't care about these alternate electoral votes coming from seven states, what happens if regular people, seventy four million, just view those as legitimate, it doesn't matter what you think is formal or official it matters where the confidence lies. My response was that if people feel at their not being represented- and they feel that the government is illegitimate, they will start forming upon Amis like zones I said this just this morning: those not form an autonomous like zones where it'll be not to dissimilar from Anti thought and probably say we dont care anti by that somewhere else. This is our town is what we need now set a check points or belgian
tell these federal officers, agents and National Guard whenever get out you aren't you you're, not welcome here. That's how you get hot civil conduct of some sort But it's not it's not the same. As you know, a lot of people are too convinced at the past, repeats itself identically, and we might get something new. You know, as at a certain point, we had the first civil war in the world right was it maybe like some tribe so I got to beg and then to people fought knows you call it a civil war, whatever there was a first time for these concepts, and maybe we will get something else. Maybe you can call organization, which she also had a first time where the term coined the balkan wars, and things like that. Maybe we don't have an overt civil war. We just have facts or frat of fractional lies and of this country into multiple different states. That's not cooperating with each other, I don't know, but I can tell you if the government is viewed as illegitimate because it
drawing everything and regular people say we're not going up. We're not gonna play this game, then there's no confidence in government. Why would they even bother paying taxes at this point if they dont think the government is legitimate and is only existing to hurt them? This is what I think may occur when you see things like this, this town, a sad. Your orders are irrelevant k. Why? Just these on any other law. Maybe a second amendment, seven amendments as the right keeping bear arms will not be infringed. How long until someone says, though, the laws passed by is governor. Our government are illegitimate because they violate constitution and they shall not be enforced. What happens when we see that, because wearily sought in Virginia would have been suggesting it parts of New York where part of New York actually have tons of republican,
wasn't going to work out there and then I don't to say wilderness areas. What happens if people just say your laws are meaningless, you can't enforce them, and this is how you get it. I'll tell you if you came out and pass the law that said something fairly reasonable, like people weren't going to fight like ok, we're only banning bump stocks. Most people can roll their eyes some people going to keep their bombs doc. Some people will give them up. Some people will be angry, but most people are doing what about when you attack the livelihood of peoples. Are you can't work? You can't make your own money. Well now you have opened the door is for them to say that's illegitimate, you ve knocked over the first domino. Probably one of the most attacking someone's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, putting them in a position where they have to choose between suffering under you or you don't fighting with you about it. When people are probably going to choose to fight to survive, people don't walk too many people might just roll over, but people
to survive if they start challenging you on the on me, the big issue, their light, their right to life. It is our challenging. When everything else you ve opened the door for them to start questioning. Why should I adhere to any of these rules? That's what we're basically saying here now they say Patriot Prayer Approach Organization, which is a fairly with the proud boys sat at the event, find the towns defiance vote last month. We can see all these photos, people just eating in restaurants like normal, nachos, mexican restaurant. I love it up in noses or is an organ, I'm pretty sure Washington, sorry, Washington and paper, I believe, is where Morgan organizer Joey Gibson said. The group is anti government that the group is anti government oppression and that the enemy is the government, the people at the top who are literally trying to but their boots on our necks, some patriot prayer demonstrators have become violent included. One haven't seen rally area blah blah. Do you think that if the proud boys are patriot, prayer start declaring,
Now these areas to be in defiance or exempt from his locked downs, star, fighting with cops, do think anti fuss gonna come to the defence of the police. I doubt I think if they tried signing in state police shutters down and proud boys are, saying no and resisting like an actual autonomous on the way they ve done. They're gonna be like good, do it more and that's when the weird the weird things arise, but this could eventually dot conflict between the far left and the right Many normal people like us and will do nothing, but when the government loses legitimacy and then territory, that's being claimed by individuals are particular ideology. What happens when those to meet? I dont know what there's three factions right now. There's the government. there's the left and there's the right, and it seems like both the right and the left are rather upset with government right now, anti false economy, singing the praises of Joe Biden they're using him they
Add in many many posts on lie it's easier to overthrow a feeble old man than a fascist. They want Joe, but in an office. So that when they stage their autonomous own, they have no resistance. Tromp was the avatar of his base, and so his base was saying, shut these people down now that tromp is expected to leave. Why would any tromp supporter defend the police in Portland they're, not gonna, and when Joe Biden says we gotta shut this down trumps bar is gonna, be like dont care, don't live there. That's on you Biden, I didn't vote for you and you dont represent me. This is the breakdown, the factionalism of this of the state of his country. Now what Think happens when we get stories like us from October masks and social distancing likely until twenty twenty two bill gates. Recently sang covert could still be a risk and a twenty twenty two and they could solve an impact l b, closer and closer to normal until the end of next summer. So like a year,
Basically a year of all, this they'll be nothing left in New York. Now. Restaurant workers and owners are holding massive rallies and protesting in a matter so long as you have oath breakers people war willing to violate their own constitution. It's done something Michael malice brought up in the IRA podcast, he said every cop as a criminal, because every cop, Ray Day willingly enforces unconstitutional law, I wouldn't, I is far you know as Michael, no one because to say every cop doesn't it's actually not true? First, while lots of cops have quit and refuse to enforce certain laws, and there are many areas where you have police officers. Smaller towns who won't info course on constitutional law. In these big cities. However, oh yeah, the Nypd, should be called the Oath breaker department. These cops it just it's just it's the money, it's the job at the political establishment.
The praetorian guard for build a blog Yos unconstitutional edict when he steals taxpayers money to paint slogans on the ground, but so what why you know what I saw conservative? Why? What this point: why would you defend any of these cops in these blue cities at something? I've asked earlier in the year to the left complains about all this stuff black lives matter and they complain about racism wrote those. Are your cities where you vote for Democrats who empower these cops gotta problem? Maybe you need a different kind of government or something I think they probably I don't think defending the police is the answer in big cities, but you know how to live there anymore. I moved out specifically because because of these problems and I'd rather be responsible for myself at this point, I ll tell you what, if the left wants a definite
police you're not going to see any resistance for me at this point, I lived there and you know what maybe it's about time Republicans maybe proposed universal gun laws. If Rock Obama wants to have the the individual mandate, we have to buy health insurance. Perhaps Republicans again, Michael Mouse brought this up. Republicans you proposed that everyone should legally after by again see that doesn't happen, though the right never advocates for this, like I said they tend to just roll over you look image of economies like Donald Trump is not the problem dogma. They're not going to fight for Trump going to pay for what they believed in they're, going to fight for the establishment they're going to roll over on their backs, exposing their soft underbelly to the Democrats and say: please just do whatever you want and they will I'll tell you one thing: you can complain about the laugh for the authoritarian behavior. You can complain about their bad ideas and the armed militias taking over parts of their cities and I'll tell you this. At least they ve got balls they,
may be whiny. They may be complaining, but I tell you this: a whining twenty five year old, scrawny gaunt upper middle class white guy when the black mask, whose whole having a temper tantrum has more gall and balls than many of these conservatives. Warlike are shocks. Guess I'm just gonna go home and do nothing like people like Mitch. Mcconnell, I can certainly disagree with Anti, for I can certainly claim that they're kind of weakened, pathetic but at least they are willing to go out and put unmasked in defiance of of law and fight for what they believe and even if they are lunatics nom in favour of non violence and peace and making things work and function and carrying on allowing people to live peacefully I am in favour of making sure I've won as access to civil rights and equality of opportunity, but we're at a certain point. Now people start no lose. It started a fight and the proud boy types and and and the Trump supporters
they're, not these conservatives, so you can say the same thing about why it went on the left and their temper tantrums and whenever, but at least they have balls well, most traditional liberals will do anything either and that's why the far left doesn't like liberals. So you ve got two factions now foresight in a fight for what they believe in and the establishments are put that where there is the three factions you got the hard left, the hard right and you ve got the establishment, it's not just gonna, be one or the other. But I'll tell you some people. I think the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and so, if you ve got people on the left in the I'd say why not divorce and then you ve got the establishing people saying now now keep the country going at what point do proud boys hold a like negotiating meeting with negotiations with rose city anti far whatever and they say I'll. Tell you what you guys by all means, Dear Thomas own here we'll do our Thomas own here and will provide support for each other because work against the establishment. How long it doesn't like that happens. I M not saying it will I'm just saying it, for
that way when you see a city of eight hundred people be like now to the government declaring themselves exempt or defiantly these lockdown, it's an autonomous. So what's the difference, of course, they're adhering to standard rule on the constitution, but at autonomous from these authoritarian eat, I leave it there a course. I always say will see our place out, but I got more Simons coming up later interesting, stuff, Donald Trump by three tweet a statement about arresting the governor of Georgia. Out, we know, will see what happens in the news. That'll be at four p m and you can find it by going to your address. Barney our and typing in Youtube. Dot com slashed him cast at hitting enter boom new channel, or you can search you to Fort TIM Pool. That's the other channel. Thanks, rang it out, and I will see you all them.
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