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Trump Dropped His 2nd Term Agenda And Any Sane Person Would Agree With It, I Now Plan To Vote Trump


I certainly dragged that out as long as I possibly could.Trump's 2nd term agenda is more than just his plans for reelection it is a sign that the establishment politicians are being routed and now he may finally finish them off, figuratively of course.Republicans have put out no new party platform  and the Democrats are in complete disarray. I do not believe any sane person could support Biden and its true, most people voting for him are doing it just because they hate Trump.But for me the riots are too much, the chaos is too much, and Trump is pushing for congressional term limits as well as ending our forever wars.I'm not confident that he will do as promised or even be able to but I have seen enough now to vote against Democrats and Joe Biden and support Trump's efforts to end our middle eastern excursionsI can imagine that the left's only response will be that I somehow betrayed my principles as a liberal by now announcing I intend to vote Trump but honestly I don't care what they think. It's a fake argument and I acknowledge I will concede some areas of policy but my top issues right now are ending the riots and ending the wars.  

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As of right now, I believe President Donald Trump is on track for a re election victory and potentially a landslide, partly due to the riots But there are some reasons to believe he might not went. Notably. The mail voting fiasco. Not tromp is warning of fraud but inaccuracy extremely likely lawsuits are extremely likely and, I think the whole process. May be delayed, backed up and it's gonna get a bit nuts, but if we go just on the current poles, although Donald is not leading nationally. The national though does it matter that much what matters are battleground statistics and, according to a scene and Paul recently, Donald Trump, as within one point of Joe Biden in fifth, team, battleground states and their Paul. Origin of air of four percent, meaning Donald Trump may be winning, but another porous Then they came out showing Donald Trump leading among independent voters with ten percent and its huge. Amid all of this, something interesting is happening. The damage, crash seem to be incomplete disarray and the GEO Piazza,
no new twenty twenty platform. Why they're going to be enthusiastically supporting trumps agenda. That's right, the GEO p is being crushed the same as the Democrats. I've never been a big fan of the republic. But here I am looking at Donald Trump second term agenda list and sang it actually exit on a sense. I really like it. In fact, I think most rational Americans would look at Donald Trump agenda list for his second term and say it was pretty good, notably draining the swamp Congress, an old term limits among many other things I actually kind of like it. So let's take a look If these stories, why why aren't the GEO p? Putting out any new party platform. Well, many of these old crony Republicans were shoved out by Donald Trump went running to the damn
crafts, many of them are endorsing Joe Biden. You see Donald Trump reelection isn't just about him and its agenda. It's about, finally, crushing the establishment politics of the past several decades and bringing about something entirely different. Of course, many of these leftist and Democrats would claim it. Fascism. It's not. But I do take issue with some of trumps agenda, some of his eye that some of the items on its agenda less, but let's take a look at it. When I tell you this basin please put out, I'm actually fair We excited to see what Donald Trump can pull off if he does get reelected. So let's take a look at what's going off the GNP and trumpet first, let's break down trumps second term agenda. Now that I said if a million times before we get started, however, had over two TIM cast outcome, Slash done it. If you'd like to support my work as many ways you can give the best thing you can do
drive to the channel about half the people who watch my videos aren't subscribed. That means you're less likely to see my videos when they go live every day at four p. Dot M, so just below the video player is a little red button that says subscribe, give it a tap click and I are more likely to get my videos but also hit the like button. The notification Beilin, if you really want to help me out, share this video to help spread the word. If you think I'm doing a good job it's a story from Town Hall ahead of Orange, see kick off. President tromp releases, his second our agenda. I apologise that I have already said second term agenda about five hundred times, but let's will go through a less known, I want to show you what tromp is gonna be putting forward for his re election campaign. They say How do the twenty twenty Orange convention, which will take place, digitally and Charlotte North Carolina prison Tromp has released to the agenda for a second term in the White House. Take a look below courtesy of the trunk campaign. First, president trumps as he's fighting for you and he and he wants to and fight for jobs
He wants to create ten million new jobs and ten months. That's, of course, a good thing. I think anybody would agree, Kenny, pull it off. I think so. His first term he did a pretty good job on the economy. I'm confident you bill call the shop as well. You want to create one million new small business as well. That's going to require a cultural shift, but I believe it's also possible Chile, considering covert devastated many small businesses, shutting them shutting them down permanently. I believe tromp can make this happen. He wants to cut taxes to boost, take home, pay and keep jobs in America, while typically I'm not a big fan of just generic tax cuts. I think we need a plan. Yes, and I'm not a fan of generic tax increases either like we're seeing from Biden. I would say right now, because of the devastation to our economy is a smart play to cut taxes. It just is just as he wants to enact fair trade deals that protect american jobs, protecting Murchen jobs, a good thing made in Amerika tax credits. I believe it's also a good thing. We want more jobs, more manufacturing in the. U S. Expanding opportunities
balance. This is good as well as opportunities zones that, for those aren't familiar, are economically embattled areas and by creating tax incentives they encourage best, has the common and develop in areas that will help restore the economy and generally increase the quality of life for people who live there. Now of I think the left would say: that's going to gentrified the neighborhoods for shorter but I am I right and he wants to continue deregulatory agenda for energy independence and others, I believe, has a lot to do with fossil fuels and things of that nature. While I have not been the biggest when I got to say: look, I'm I'm somebody who's been traditionally liberal. I'm looking at a lot of these things. It look at people it won't. The last and I gotta say at at a time like now with this crisis and with co. With our economy being so devastated I dont see, way around what tromp is proposing. We can't just ignore it and
area on like we did. We still live in luxury, it was easy to say yeah, yeah yeah, we'll cut. Some of these things invokes on these things. It was easy when the economy was was excellent, but now we got focus on getting people back to work in helping people live, of course, with This agenda, you wants to eradicate, covered nineteen, develop a vaccine by the end of twenty twenty return. Normal by twenty twenty one make all critical met. Since in supplies for healthcare workers in the U S and refill stockpiles and prepare for future pandemics, all really good things. He wants to end our reliance on China, bring One million manufacturing jobs from China, tax credits for companies that bring back jobs from China allow one- Three percent expensive deductions for essential industries like pharmaceuticals and robotics, who bring back their manufacturing to the? U s: no federal contracts for companies who outsource to China,
hold China fully accountable for allowing the virus to spread around the world health care. He wants to cut prescription drug prices, put patients and doctors back in charge of our health care system, lower healthcare, insurance premiums and surprise billing cover all pre existing conditions, protect social Security and Medicare, protect our veterans and provide world. Class health care and services. Of course, I think all of these things would be supported by the average. The average person whether or not he can make them happen is it is. It is a bigger issue. Now when it comes to education, he wants to provide school choice for every child in America and teach american exceptionalism, I'm not so, were concerned about american american exceptionalism, but school choices huge for I don't know what this is. It means that where, if you live in certain area, you have to pay taxes that go to those schools sums
I'm still see someone living in a district, but across the street is a much nicer districts or their kids can't go to that school. You know. Maybe closer school choice means individuals, perhaps get a vouchers voucher around, where you decide where to apply where to send that voucher and your kid can go to that school. I actually really like school choice, but here's the best part draining the What I'm sorry it took this long to get here, but when we talk about this, when we talk about the end of the g o P, the end of the Democrats and here s, how Trump will pull it off or at least how he aims to he wants to pass congressional term limits. You know I am complete, We in favour of this I've heard many arguments from people who say things like if somebody wants to run and we want to elect them that then they should be allowed to do this. It's an argument against term limits. I thought about it. I disagree. Some have said: you'll lose people like Rand Paul he's awesome
yeah, but it's ok, because you'll also lose people like Nancy Pelosi. I believe we we have a more do. Nothing politicians in congress- and you know even even in the executive office, just like Joe Biden stuff, we have way more do nothing's. Then we do pay, individuals who actually Monica then and while it is possible at the park It will just cycle their preferred crony politicians. Every too you know two terms or wherever I think it will do more to get people into Congress and into Office, who are actually interest in being there who are focused on serious issues. I am tired of the crony chuck, shimmers and Mitch Mcdonalds and Joe Biden Nancy policies that are like any of them. There's a handful of people, really do like manner more Republicans and Democrats because it it's it's more to do with integrity than policy, but I've had enough. I think it's time to drain the swamp and if Trump can get congressional term limits
I think it is fantastic. I'm not entirely convinced. He can, however, because Congress has to vote on their own terms, and it never do because our arc, our Congress, it's a swamp, it is a swamp. He also wants to end, their accredit government, bullying of? U S, citizens and small businesses expose Washington's MA. A trail and delicate papa and delegate powers back to people and states. I love it. Brain the globalist swamp by taking on international organisations that hurt american citizens. Now look many of these. These proposals are relatively vague, but let me tell you some twitter right now: can this a foreign said. I noticed this on it it just as I just twitter, its red it it's Facebook, I went to our slash politics and those a at Donald Trump is the worst Donald Trump is awful. Orangemen bad and I went in and noticed a bunch of people who are european and australian, and I got a real,
he really angry. I am tired of being talked at by people who do not live in this country, about what my Opinions should be about who the president should be an I am really angry at these big tech platforms will ban. American citizens from Speed King bear mind about their own country, so what happens? Vote yours are influenced army here is influenced by big tech platforms that allow foreign individuals to express their opinions, but not american citizens. Now I dont know if, if tromp can do it about this. It's not necessarily in his agenda, but I want to see section two hundred and thirty reform. I want to see an end to the foreign influence in our elections. I do not care about the opinions of well in France, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else, and that includes serve. It is, I always thought, of Billy hilarious, though we have some they Canadians interested in
american politics. Now that I get ok, Canada you're right next to America, so you guys get a free pass people in the UK. I can say: ok a lot, but, but why do we have british people and Australians and New Zealanders and french people and spanish and italian going on social media and and complaining about our president. Now I get it work a powerful country, but I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the foreign. Interference in what should be american matters. I've never been a big fan of I can foreign war and that's another big issue at Donald Trump is It is hitting the nail on the head with a hammer I'll tell you what I like this agenda list, but I want to be critical of some stuff here. He goes on to say. Defend our police, fully fond and higher more police and law enforcement officers. I do like this, but I want to make sure that reform is on that list. I interest and that every cop is in favour of it. Not every conservative order. Cried but most people in this country are and what that means is one.
Fully funded higher more officers, we do it in a way to make sure they are safer. They have that that that there more than their less likely to get hurt that we can have more department. Social workers can be added to the list who can specialise in certain you know, certain nine one, one call certain three one one calls no need to send out a cop for every single minor infraction, and that means more funding, more training and it means more accountability to, but if it can make cops feel safer, if I can make them feel more secure than good. Increased criminal panel penalties for assault on law enforcement officers? This I don't care about, don't hit cops. Don't attack cops, ok, its I've, I've been wrongly arrested before twice. It is not fun, but you use your main com, you go through the motions annoying and then, ultimately you get you go to the paperwork and deal with it. It's not perfect. In fact, I hate it, but don't attack, cops, prosecute, drive by shootings as acts of domestic terror,
As this I don't like, and I like it at all. If crimes crimes crimes, a crime drive by are already illegal. You don't need a special provision on top of it bring violent extremist groups like anti for justice here here. Yes, one hundred percent endless cash bail and keep dangerous criminals locked up until trial for the most part. Yes, I agree, I don't I don't like the idea of a blanket statement. On cashless bail. I believe they're certain circumstances where we should err on the side of freedom, but dangerous criminals should be locked up, oh innocent, until proven guilty in that's the big challenge, but I don't know danger I typically err on the side of freedom over security right. It is better that ten guilty persons escape than one in it. Person suffer, but we should also have a right to a speedy trial. So I leave along with any provision that removes cashless bail, we need to make sure for that, we have immediate hearings for this and trials as quickly as we can.
An elite, illegal immigration, a american workers, blockade emigrants from becoming eligible for taxpayers the welfare health care and free competition. I agree mandatory deportation Non citizen gang members, one hundred percent, dismantle human trafficking? Absolutely An sanctuary cities too. Store our neighbours and protect our families. Yes, prohibit american companies replacing: U S, citizens with lower cost foreign workers, Edith require new immigrants to be able to support themselves financially. Yes, innovate for the future launch the space force establish permanent man presence on the moon. And send the first man mission to Mars. One hundred per cent build the world's greatest in restructure system. I dont hooked. That means whatever, when the race to five g and esteem but a national high speed wireless internet network agreed continue to lead.
World and access to the cleanest drinking water and cleanest air. Yes, please partner with other nations to clean up our planet's oceans. Yes, absolutely men! I've been talking about this stuff Stop for years, environmentalism, cleaning up the oceans, protecting our environment, clean air, clean drinking water, better technology, better infrastructure, Donald Trump Stone is best to get people like me to vote for him, American first for policy, stop endless wars and bring our troops home. You better. Do it that's what I wanted. I wanna hear get allies to pay their fares air maintain an expand America's unrivalled military strength, wipeout global terrorist who threatened to harm Americans, build a great cyber security defence system and missile defence system. Now tell you what we need: a good military, fine I'm kind of map on this I'm concerned about american Imperialism, comes along with zealous exceptionalism, but I love this country. I want to see it defended. I want to see an end to the endless war,
I do want our allies to pay for what for the defense we provide, but, more importantly, we shouldn't be the world's police in the first place, so I will tell that style Trump has tried to return our troops from the Middle EAST. Yes, please, he tried or move our troops from Syria. Do it to get it done. That's the only reason I'm willing to support him for this, but I will tell you what I believe that any rational American would look at this and say yes I I you know, look I'm I'm sorry tumult do a lot of people. Maybe it's boring to read through trumps agenda agenda item list, but unlike ninety percent there, on what Trump is proposing right now, I agree. I have my concerns for sure But I will tell you that with the Democrats insanity with the ongoing riots with the endorsement of much of this violence with these far left us getting on or with the violence I gotta say I will take tromp any day over these other groups. Now here, that's really fascinating. Politico hasn't had a story called the GEO, the grand old melt down, what happens when a party gives up on ideas
I've never cared for the Republican Party, Donald Trump us, not the Republican Party. I don't know what he is. What he's doing this thing and- and I got to say the agenda list he put out by like it- I like it a lot for the most part. I love it. So when I saw the story, a kind of laughed yeah, yeah yeah here it comes a conventions twenty in the Republicans, have nothing to offer that's what they say. The republican Party has no ideas; all they want to do is own the lives. I thought about it, and then I saw the store by the GNP with no party platform and laughed it's true. Trumpet drawing the crony establishment. Let me give you a round of applause, for that one is. Is it the GEO he has no ideas because trumps stormed and like a ball to the crony establishment. Kicking and stamping smashing everything and we saw establish what Republicans run with their tails between their legs to the democratic party.
And that's why we we are seeing now all of these endorsements from Republicans for Joe Biden, laughable. I don't like any of them. I don't like any other. A Republicans. I don't I don't I don't like the Republicans or the Democrats for the most part. So when I hear the Jew he has no plan, I don't care, I dont care is means nothing to me. And maybe I'm just that independent voter- that's leaning towards tromp today, but this means nothing to me. Let me say this for you. The writer says I decided to call Frank once perhaps no person alive has spent more time pulling republican voters and counselling republican politicians, then, once Fifty eight year old focus group girl. His research on policy and messaging has informed a generation of GNP lawmakers his ability to translate. Dnc in the provinces connecting the concerns of everyday p. To the representatives in power has been unsurpassed. If anyone had an answer it would be. Once quote, you know, I don't have a history of dodging questions,
but I dont know how to answer that. There is no consistent philosophy. You can't say it's about making a great again at a time of covert and economic distress and social unrest is not credible. You know what francs right it's, because Donald Trump hasn't yet taken over the GEO p he's pushed out. Many of his endeavour, it was, but you know what makes Mcconnell Linsey Gram get rid of them for all I care. I am tired of the establishment general, and so on many Americans. It's time for something else and that's the problem. The GEO p doesn't have a philosophy, because there's the Trump faction and then there is the cronies who are still inside sitting around pretending to be on board with Trump. I never liked any the Republicans. I never like the Democrats in a no care about any of em. That's why I didn't vote and twenty six in and now with all the right. That's why I'm very likely going to be voting for Donald Trump. If electron happened to date, I probably hit that that truck on now tell you this as of right now, after seeing trumps agenda, I think I can safely say
fourth for the time being that if election happened right now. Yes, I would support this agenda list. I want to see more of what people have to say against Trump. I want to see the Democrats have to offer but so far we have seen has been unimpressive has been nightmarish, to say the least. I am not going to and for these fringe far left us big tat companies, silencing american voices. I am not going to stand for that. Democratic lying about the riots and supporting them absolutely not, and that's why Donald Trump must win. He absolutely absolutely must stop the Democrats, one hundred percent they ve got insane so I think I think I've been pushed and pushed to this point and one of the reasons I have said many times in the past that you know in all likelihood I'd vote for Trump is simply because I didn't know what could change that still true, where a few months away from an ode tromp could command
really dumb. So I reserve my right to saying now at any point, but with this list as it is this agenda list with the Democrats are at as of right now definitely can be voting for Trump, probably about your Republicans too, will see, and it's because I defer at this point with the cats in the straits, there's nothing more can say I thought, as it is, what it is, but Franklin's go on to say that I dont know what thereafter me. You know that there's no real philosophy reset it's about owning the lips, but I'll tell you what I think there's it safe to say there are signs of a coming Trump victory is an article from Town often opinion by Wayne Alan Route, who says so are everywhere, poles. So an overwhelming majority of Americans dont want to defend police, they want law and order they support police. Even eighty percent of black voters show eighty three percent of american support trumps happen and housing and Urban Development Ben Carson's ending of Obama's programme designed to fill the suburbs of high density, low income, housing, bringing crime and drugs to the neighbourhoods of Serbia
when moms and debts does anyone with a brain or common sense think it's a good idea, a good sign for Biden or Democrats. Do you think that millions of suburban american homeowners who don't want to see their home value destroyed or the neighbourhood turned a war zones like Chicago disorder. Baltimore are going to vote enthusiastically for Biden. He says there are more signs. The race to gate. The big city, crime, wave, riding and looting is accelerating the warp speed ask any suburban realtor. Even liberal new Yorkers, our money for their lives. It's not just New York Chicago Assent. Less than Francisco Seattle, as anyone with a brain or common sense. Think this is a good sign for bite or Democrats, and then there are good Hence America is selling out of guns and bullets to does anyone with a brain think it's a good sign for Democrats. Finally, there is the Dnc. After hearing from all the big
and Michel in Brok, Obama and Hilary Joe Biden Harris and Thursdays Recipe and Harris Thursdays. Rest musing poll shows Trop moving from forty seven to fifty one percent approval and don't forget, Joe Biden didn't get that big ol bump is remember when president when, then President Jimmy Carter, let republican nominee Ronald Reagan by ten points during the summer of nineteen eighty Reagan, one in a historic landslide, remember when democratic nominee Dukakis was up by seventeen points over George H, W Bush, but Bush one four hundred and twenty six to one eleven. Don't look now But it's about to happen again. The signs are everywhere. Tromp is about to win and electoral landslide, maybe I'm starting to think so. Go pulse national general election among independence. Trump is up ten points. Ten point led, listen, I said a couple years ago. I would never
four Donald Trump, I said in January, I will never have a gun in my home and now I have several times changed in nature. Fast and that's why I'm saying I reserve my. The change my mind on tromp or anybody else, because we ve got a couple months. Things could absolutely changed. I absolutely won't be voting for the Democrats. No way learned my lesson there, but they ve managed to get me to say straight up ya, Begone Wardrop, not that I'm happy about it, but I will tell you this there is. There is there's things to be critical of. I don't like being back into a corner, but I said before trumps, not that bad right. It's you you, you may be familiar like US talks. He would say trumps bad ways, not that bad right now I agree with that. One percent. Now I see this agenda lesson I say: there's some add things on it, but it's pretty good. It is pretty good I'll. Tell you what man,
at this point concerning all the riots considering has insane as democrats have been. I look at that less than I say. Ok, fine, if Trump can get in and if we can get in a north pro trump candidates to end the that to get our troops back fundamentalist. I will be very happy very, very happy if these other countries and yet we'll pay their GDP share for our military over there I'll be really happy, but arms also like we should be the world police never been a big fan of it and if Trump can get through congressional time limits, I will be very happy and for that I think Donald Trump deserves my vote. You know what I'm gonna give you one final big. You know smack in the face of all this. I watch Donald Trump speech at the. Currency today and he was talking about Hillary Clinton and he said I'm not I'm not gonna, say a bad word, because they're gonna get mad at me and I laughed and I was like the dunes attitude has improved. I love it. It was great. It was positive.
He's doing a good job. I'm sorry, you know look over the past year, I have absolutely warmed to Donald Trump, and I think it's because he's been improving. The joke Garber o thing. He did man that sour me on his behavior, but I will tell you this right now. The agenda list has I've, seen what is all about and without me even asking Donald Trump tried to get our troops back and Middle EAST. Normally, I would say I would I would not vote I wouldn't I tried to do only sixteen, because I do not want to be involved in whatever stupid nonsense comes about. When you electronics, life's been there done that, but I think the Democrats are a major threat. Right now and while I have said many times, I am not someone devout against someone. My vote today is for the most part of a vote against the encroachment of the far left extremism, and I have no problem bang it, it's gotten worse and worse and worse. So here I am for really illiberal voted for Barack Obama. The first time
mad about the wars, still support social policy, believe in a welfare programme. So long as our administered properly. I'm pro choice. I believe, in a progressive tax system. I believe we absolutely need attacks the wealthy. I believe that what we need to do is create law you're tax back. It's beyond two. Fifty not raise taxes on people above two fifty or four hundred, but create new brackets from like four hundred to a million from a million a five in five to ten. That's what I believe And even though I've seen all these problems with, you know how the Democrats have run things. My opinions on these things say the same, but I will tell you this considering how awfully Democrats have run everything. I'm gonna sit back for at least four years and see how the republic this can do if they do when, because the people that I normally would have selected failed miserably, and I look he's democrat run cities and they are just it just awful I'll tell you what tromp have at it
it then congressional time limits in drain the swamp of these cronies, who run for thirty years. I never got anything done. I am sick of it and bring our troops back and I want to be very, very happy fix. Our schools go for it. I've had enough of this. I've had enough. It's it looks like Trump is the best, but at least as far as I can tell you, ll have to agree with me. You don't beaumains. Disagree both have a conversation about delivered their necks segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube. Calm slashed him cast news thanks rang out, and I will see you all them a viral video of a man refused. Police orders, he walks to avenge the officers, have their guns, training in the town, the stop he opens. The van and regions died and then the officers shoot him several times in the back. My understanding is, the man is still alive and many people are worried he may die, and this sparked mass rioting in Canosa was content, a more say in Canosa, is probably something worse than riding, which is why I'm starting with this image right here, you can see the tweet I put out says get out of this
Is the image shows a man in red with some kind of long gone? No he's got a rifle of some sort in this video Andy. Tweets this is insane be Elam riders, armed with Semi Otto rifles have shut down the street and commotion or the sheriffs vehicle to stop video by law. Lives matter, show hashtag black lives matter. He says the men in Red Has his gun at his ease right it a fire, but he doesn't aim it. Is it pointed out that the vehicle event? Lay the sheriffs vehicle throw steer gas out from me that that the hole in the top of the vehicle, whatever you call it, then you hear about one minute and forty seconds into the video gunshots the person fell. Then Panza laughed and you see this man with his gun, aimed at the sheriffs vehicle he's, got HTTP lower that you raise it again and someone's running up to an running up to him and filming
for sure I can confirm, but it certainly does at least seem like this man fired three rounds, atta sheriffs vehicle even she didn't? The escalation that we are seeing here is some of the worst. We ve seen yet- and I hate to say I told you so but please, when I say, get out of the city's when I say get ready. When I say take this seriously, I mean it at the very least, This video shows is that several individuals, not just this one man, came out with rifles and told the police stand down. Leave, that's it. You ve got armed vigilante groves now giving the police orders I dont know what the next step of escalation will be. I have some more some ideas I can speculate. But there is also a video of an officer there's several officers outside their vehicle, surrounded by the writers and from someone throws a brick hits the officer in the back of the head, and he goes straight down. Some people are saying is attempted murder. We don't know the condition of his officer, but I may tell you
right. Now before we start reading this news, it wasn't just in Canosa. The riots were where there was Charlotte there was Denver. There was, of course, Portland and I think be because of what we saw now in Canosa. I hope you are ready for George Floyd right. Its round to now. I know the riots never stopped. The riots have been going on nonstop for three months, but I am talking about the peak that first week of June, where across This entire country, in thirty two forty cities or more even small towns, we saw mass rioting, I'm I still remember that video I believe it was from Syracuse or where an older woman and and her husband we're having storage is attacked in early now in the early morning and they said beating the woman may start beating this older woman. So now I can.
Only. I can only speculate that with what happened with the shooting of this man Jacob Blake. I hope you are ready for the potential, I don't. I don't know, what's going to happen, but I would be happy placing my bats are: replaced. My bets on another matter ass nation wide riot, looting, destruction, what I'm gonna to call it lets read the story. I'll tell happened what Who's this guy is an offer. I also want to say I'm not falling for this. I'm sorry, you know with George Floyd. They told us all these things. They didn't released body camera footage it was finally leaked. And then we learned their story was bunk. We learn Their story was for the most part bunk, and now we ve got more information coming about George Flood, I'm academic, this about George Flood, we're not going to talk about Jacob. Like you see this man who was shot by police, the activists them laughed are saying that he got out of his vehicle to stop a fight between two women. The police then came, and you know order them to stop. He refused to kept. He ignored them three cups of their guns, trained on it
he went to his vehicle. His kids were in the vehicle and then, when one officer tried pulling my the car, the cop shoots am, I believe, seven times in the back. The left is saying it was unjustified. I'm not gonna playing a game. They'll That's the guy had an open warrant Jacob like an open war warrant for domestic some kind of violence or wherever the police got a phone call for de Smet for domestic dispute. They show up. They see this guy I'm not sure if they knew who we was. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't, but you, a guy with an open warrant. So some people on the right are saying they date. They they recognized him. They said this guy is, is wanted for domestic violence. We got a call. Domestic violence it's time to bring this guy and he does have a warrant he resisted. He refused any reached into his vehicle. I don't know I don't. I don't know what you expect to happen, but let's wait the story from Newsweek Rioting and canosa over Jacob Blake shooting State of.
Of emergency curfew declared nominal. Show you I've I've, a breakdown of who Jacob leg is from heavy as well. They say protests in riots have broken into a continent for police were recorded, shooting a black man several times as he attempted to enter his vehicle. Large crowds gathered outside the Could OSHA police station and protestors clashed with police officers. At this. Being of the officer involved. Shooting vehicles were also set on fire and their reports of looting and people there lies in the local court house as protesters voice their anger at the latest incident of a black man being shot by police three months after the George floor. Incident. Now, there's also a bunch of videos going around of a car dealership was burned to the ground. These, like these lit up at almost every vehicle, and the creeping thing about it is that the local dealerships sign that they put up a sign, tat black lives matter and they still torture.
This vehicle because they don't care. You can bend the me all day and night. You can bow, they will still burn your building to the ground. Stop begging and I dont know if thou attraction invoke the insurrection act without the National Guard, but I will tell you this: if they do now call in the national guard. Now it will be on par with or worse than the George Floyd rights. Assuming it actually goes interaction I think it will. I think it will especially this next weekend. Canosa police, in farmed there's, an officer involved shooting after they were called two reports of a domestic incident at five eleven p m, they say police said they were I did meet aid to the man who was shot since identified as twenty nine year old Jacob, like Blake, was taken by flight for life to floated Hospital Milwaukee in Syria. Condition. A video widely shared on social media appear to show the moment of the shooting yeah, and you can see it. The click shows Blake walking away
at least three officers. While they point there gun at him ass. He attempts to enter. Ass, you ve won officer, grabs onto his tank top and tries to pull him back. Several shy So then heard while onlookers scream out it's not clear if more than one after five their weapon, it's also not clear if this man had gun, then I'd be willing, I'd be willing to lean towards he probably didn't. But what do you think the cops gonna do when you are wanted? You have a warrant You refuse their orders and you reaching your vehicle. I've seen in the videos of what happens the cops, who don't protect themselves in these circumstances. What's the proper procedural solution for this, I don't know, I think we can do things. Differently. Personally, I feel like the cops could have retreated, but it's a question. I'm sorry, I don't think my opinion has very much weight in After I think everyone can look at this and say I know what should have been done, but if this guy did turn out to be a domestic abuse,
during those escaping. What should the cops do let him escape after he just beat somebody. They don't know that one of the sky was armed, no idea, I'm like a planet, I'm not going to pretend they have the answers. All I can do is tell you that you better start getting ready for for the escalation. Then Crump, a lawyer currently representing the family, a Floyd was one of those who share the the Java shooting online crop also said that Blake's three sons were in the car eye witnesses that Blake was attempting to break up a fight between two women before police intervened. I don't believe it I'm not playing games. I dont believe it. We know how they lie, I'm sick and tired of giving my good will and my good faith to these people say no thing happened. He did nothing wrong, find out later there wasn't true, there's a video I remember of Jack. The so and someone some anti of a guy punches them and the cops literally across the street and when the cops walk up all the end of it are smoking lying saying. No one did anything. No one didn't
then nothing happened. Lion so we don't know what happened always saw: videos we saw was a video of a guy wanted for domestic walking away from a domestic. The cops gotta call for the mess. For all. I know this do was beating these women and the cops warlike. Stop no idea, I don't care what the witnesses say all I know is what is ways with here's. The only facts that matter he had an open warrant for domestic cops, responded to a domestic. He really you were few resisted arrest. I went to his vehicle while the cost of the weapons trained on em. I dont think that what the cops would randomly justice it draw than a random dude. I'm not playing games released the body camera footage. Now they show bunch of videos. One cop got hit, Break. The incident result in widespread disorder across Canosa, including reports of officers being hit with missiles and patrol vehicles being targeted. Police also said to use you tear gas. They did angry to break up the angry cout angry crowd as
lips on social media, shall bricks and molotov cocktails being funded officers as the rights continued Canosa County, cleared a state of emergency curfew which the Canosa County Chefs Department said they will be in dubious, forcing until seven a m on Monday. The public needs to be on the streets for their safety. The sheriff said in a statement was constant. Governor tony avarice condemn the actions of police after Blake was shot in the back multiple times in broad daylight. That doesn't provide any context as to what really happened would, of course, these feckless politicians are scared because they can do nothing to stay, and up to the widespread riding and looting he says, while we do not have all the details. Yet when we know for certain is that he is not the first black men of person to have been our injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of
individuals and law enforcement are, I am done, play in these games. I want to show you who Jacob Blake is he's named, as the man was shot in Wisconsin, they say graphic video shows the shooting happened at very close range. Blake's Facebook cover photo is a picture of cops as a pig and the devil. I want to show you this, because I don't blame it Blake for this, and I hope hoping to eat us. I hope you he's revives. I dont know the circumstance of the shooting. I don't mean to impugn his honour. When I say I dont know what happened is one of our domestic. I think that says, I'm into his character will see innocent until proven guilty. I suppose take a look at this photo though, You can see. There is there's. Two cops are to be a ones that one's a demon in one's a pig- that's that's one of at this is cover photo on Facebook. So here's what I see the narrative from the median from his activists endlessly is that cops are evil. So when this man is on the street and top show up, he thinks in his mind, gotta, listen, you you're, evil. The cops dont know
or care about your political cause or what's evil, see a guy involved in domestic dispute reserve thing arrest going to his vehicle, and they do the only thing that I guess like a goddamn good argue they could use their taste. Or whatever I don't Solomon. You gotta I want of our domestic you responding to a domestic united, assume the guy's, not armed, that's just its canosa man. These people don T know Stan I'm sick and tired of of these disease progressive left, who don't understand it's like to grow up in these areas. Where does rampant gun violence that there's gay Bangers walkin around armed all the time they'll, let that they should show you they're gone, and you know these cops got to deal with. They dont know who, Who's gonna have the gun who's, not what these people are left these these, these middle class upper class white Progressives LIVE neighborhoods, where they don't have a problem, and you from a yo see when she says I imagine defending the police is like, like the suburbs yeah, just like the supper so you're. Gonna worry about people walk out guns, just shooting p
but for no reason in New York just just a few days ago, a man was walking with his wife to go, get some toothpaste and a guy pulled a gun out of his vehicle fire. Trying to kill some other dude and hit him in the spine are the police justice, opposed to make assumptions I'm I'm, I'm gonna go and assume nobody's armed ever when you're called with domestic dispute in an area with with with known for gun violence. What do you think is going to happen, but I don't care about context the left just care that they may have no understanding of the world outside of them outside of us out of their lives So what I see here this guy hold over and over again cops are the devil, cops or pigs. He sees these cops and he says a few and the cops not gonna make it did not take any chances now. I certainly think there's room for reforms. I think we can. We can were smart. We can figure out ways to analyze. And an improved, so you know make sure that officers are safer and make sure
You know we minimize the amount of death in general. I think killing is wrong, all of it even the death penalty. I could you not. I understand when it comes to self defence conflict war. I understand you know. Sometimes you have no choice, but I'm just saying I will. I want personally to make sure that death is minimized across the board What we're going to see now if these rights spark up like we do with George Floyd thirty people died in those rights. They say, let's go, let's keep reading Jacob like us. Father according to photos on and comments on social media witnesses that his kids were in the car. We also have this police say they were despatched with domestic incident and then an officer involved shooting line. Court records show an open warrant in a domestic case. According to its content circuit court, us on line records, Jacob S Blake same Age, with an address in the exact and in the same exact block with a shooting occurred at a warrant issued forum on July seventh on pending,
accusations of misdemeanor criminal trespass to a dwelling with domestic, with with domestic abuse, a modified form. Many third degree: sexual assault and domestic abuse as a model. Fire misdemeanor disorderly conduct with domestic. This is a model fire. A support action was dismissed. The only other case that comes up is for not having a driver's license. Maybe it's not him. We don't know for sure, but perhaps cops didn't know for sure either you know why, because they knew when they came in here is what you gotta consider on this block. There's a man wanted for raping someone Trespassin, felony third degree, sexual assault with domestic abuse he beat and right somebody that's the accusation Mustang, he did it. I dont know for sure. But what do you think's gonna happen when you're caught me? all this domestic dispute- and they say be advised there is a man with an open warrant for rape and domestic abuse on this block,
and then you see a domestic happening and there's a guy who fits the description of the guy with the warrant. Same name Maybe it wasn't him innocent till proven guilty men. Those cops are gonna, be like this is a bad guy, and now it may turn out that. We are going to see nationwide riots because the cops were trying to stop a rapist, a domestic abuser, trespasser criminal felony. All these things are not saying that he did it innocent until proven guilty. I'm saying the cops, perhaps I dont know got information about the potential for who the sky I was, and they were thinking we have to stop this man and now you're gonna see the left potentially potentially, if it, that this war was on him. How messed up would it be if the if these leftist went around with guns, shooting it
hops over over a man who it was who s? Who has committed these crimes, who has committed felony third degree sexual assault with domestic abuse, invite with it with it without with a modifiers trespass. All these things was that what the cops were trying to stop, because if it was, then, though, cops. They were the good guys should they have shot in the back several times. The question I can answer: I wish they didn't absolutely. I don't want anybody I even even nasty criminals. You subdue them, you stop them, but they did what they do, especially concerning the circumstances. I I don't know, but I can tell you I think we are we are in a wild rod, it twenty fifteen story and racing, I described how Racine Police canine dowser had to help officer. Take em the custody when the man refused to go quietly after he pulled a gun at a local bar. The man was described as Jacob Black twenty four of racing, which makes the same age. The man who was shot
police and August twenty third, the racing. I story says that he was charged with one felony count of resisting arrest, causing a soft tissue injury to an officer and one misdemeanor count each of carrying a concealed weapon carrying a firearm on top, located, endangering safety use of a danger endangering safety, you use of a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct. Those charges don't show up on the circuit court website, though, could be at the officer were advised that there's an open warrant for a man with a history of carrying a weapon illegally who had assault an officer in the path it has wanted for rape and the cops had we gotta stop this guy, even if he wasn't involved, even if he was just trying to stop the fight they shop when they see this guy. Imagine the description and they say it's a bad guys. Gonna hurt people doesn't matter, does it it doesn't matter. You see these shares in the street, the first video, the first click I showed you where the guy's got has gone too
and the sheriff they don't care at all. They are the authority. Now they are coming out with guns. I don't care what the truth is and the truth doesn't matter now, of course, the truth matters to US we want to make sure that we're taking appropriate action to protect people and maximize benefit, maximize care and good right protects the lives of the innocent. They don't they care about their personal. Feelings and I don't know the truth. They go around hurting innocent people. That's what's gonna happen. That's. Why said the tree doesn't matter, because whether or not. The sky was a bad guy in the Castro to stop him. These people, out with guns they their operating under the assumption that make up the bad guys and therefore they will take their ought their guns out and they will shoot at these police vehicles. They will throw bricks of the heads of officers and they will ride across this country and they don't care what
true. They just feel- and of course, there's going to be a lot of smarter insurrectionists types who exploit the confusion and the ignorance of these people who are angry for personal gain. So I ask: how is it that you can have an incident where a potential ripest you know some of you know the cops are showing up trying to stop him and the left has managed to turn this into. We need socialism down with capitalism. It seemed like a complete non secular makes. No sense does it of you: no black lives matter. People are being killed. Therefore end capitalism, your lightweight, what? What does that have to do anything? What is ending capitals and other do police or accountability. Nothing. I hope we do not see an expansion of this, but I think we well they go. This is it. This is a video I carefully shop, but footage an officer getting knocked out with a broken canosa. We have and
No Sang Portland, Nope anti for black, lock, militants, attacked police and destroyed homes and businesses in a right in Denver. Expect more of this around the country. Take lessons and inspiration from port, as as they take lessons and inspiration from Portland. Portland, of course, are major writing. We also sought and Charlotte and I think it's arm. I think it's gonna get worse. You know yesterday, for my main segment. I talked about the street clashes, proud boy should have in Portland and they clashed with saw the far left and we saw the the Virginia State State Democrat charged with a felony leading to the police chief may now be accused of a conflict of interests, may vice mayor, saying the place which police chief had results I know, people arrest the vice mayor, its political breakdown in Virginia at the city and state level And now we are seeing the potential, for
Another wave of mass riots- and we are about three weeks or so from what supposed to be the siege on the White House, what happens if and another month when I'm? So these rights spark up what happens if these peoples are shooting hops. Are the cops shoot back? That's why opened with a video of a man? Who's got that it was not the gun. He's got it a rifle there's a lot of other people with rifles and their pointing the sheriffs vehicle. What happens when this? When he fires and at its it it's out of luck? You fired three shots. When I was in these cops, you say I ain't plan and they say you, you point your weapon at me. You go down and then the video merges far left extremists the rifle get shot several times emboldened the far left. Oh no, this is it trumps, fascist, police there here that's when things light up, man, So here is my ears. I want to say one more time if you did not take the George Floyd Rights seriously,
best start preparing. Now I don't I don't know, maybe God of the city's, if I'm not kidding, I'm getting out of the city really really soon, I'm an ominous I'm in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but I'm going. Often the middle of nowhere, I'm not kidding. You know, people think it's fun and when I say have an emergency food supply have back up water, have a first aid kit. People think it's funny when I say God of the cities, they laugh items doom Sayer whenever you're nuts look at what is happening in Denver, Charlotte Chicago Portland, look at the DA's releasing these people, and You think, after what we just saw this man getting shot in the back at all times, nothing's going to happen, then I think you're blind, that's possible, maybe and nothing happens for sure- consider what happened with George Floyd shot seven times in the back. This man. I think I'll be worse and I think we are going see another explosive wave going into this election. It's gonna get bad men hope you guys are prepared.
Donald Trump released his is agenda and in it he wants, he wants justice. He won't you calling for justice against all these anti for people, Maybe the violence will lead to a Donald Trump Landslide victory, forty nine states and then will immediately an agenda which restores balance in this country, and that's that's the one thing you can look. You can look towards the positive all of this may actually be driving everyone to Trump, and built in more things than just left. The chaos is bad, but I believe of trumpets reelected any invokes. The insurrection act, sense of the National Guard, whatever it stops This has also been we working towards bring jobs back and bullshit economy that maybe the lighted at the top light at the end of the tunnel. There may be an improvement from this value. Their necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel, and I will see you all them. Rioting erupted Cross this country yesterday and in connection with content. It was the worst we have ever seen.
A video shows a man, several people with rifles blocking the road and ordering a sheriffs vehicle, armor personnel carrier to retreat to back up the police. Then dirtier gas. This mouth a rifle, takes aim at the vehicle. We hear several shots ring out, but we don't see video of this man actually shootings. We don't know for sure, but it may be the case. Violence, maybe getting worse. I think this is the worst we ve seen, I think, is a dramatic escalation, and I think it's possible that this incident, and can shop where a man was shot in the back. Several times could be George Floyd. Second George Flight Incident, which sparks mass nation wide rights. But let's talk about the far left is doing Sean King said I am not going to call for peace in Canosa What does this mean? He's not gonna call for peace. I would actually say he's calling for violence or, at the very least, to be as fair as possible. Sean king and other high profile leftists are advocating for
islands following this incident in Wisconsin commentary. Do what he said, and I want to show you some more information. We ve got a decline in support for black lives matter. According to cynics, we ve got an increase in opposition and we have a statement now from the district Ernie important as to why he's not charging these people and letting them gotten right everyday, citing their righteous anger, whereas we need to say Sean King, he says I'm not calling for peace because it would happen to the sky Jacob like what take a Blake had an open warrant or our. Let me be careful a man, in jail of Blake had an open warrant lived at this hour on that street, with a shooting shooting took place, an open warrant for third Degree Felonies actual assault, there's another story about a man of the same age and name who drew a gun on on innocent patrons of a bar and you I believe, charged with illegally concealing a firearm policemen in responding to this information, not to want to argue.
Police we're still wrong and back several times, that's fine. This guy Jacob Jake Blake was raised thing officers demands as they followed him with their got weapons train. I'm he opened his vehicle tried to go inside looked like, he may have been grabbing something, and then the police fired several times. It was back he's still alive. But following this Sean King says nah, I'm not going to call for peace. We tried peace for years. Ya'll, don't understand that language we are calling for a complete dismantling of american policing. It's not broke it was built to work this way and mayhem is the consequence you earned it now. Is he dead coming out in saying that he wants ever want to go and get violent, not necessarily, and that's probably on purpose I think what we're seeing here is a semantic game where he wants to make sure he can fanciful fan the flames, make every thing worse without actually saying go, get violent, in which case
People are going to see this and say mayhem. You earned it dismay handling the police not peacefully. I think we understand exactly what that means And we are seeing many other people join in Steve Van Gandhi, Verified but her former NBA head coach of the Detroit Pistons in Orlando MAGIC and Miami heat. Current NBA analysed, says as the back of Benyon Willards Jersey says. How many more below it is the number zero the system does not need be fixed, it needs to be torn down and we need to build a true justice system torn down so he wants to tear it down by force, not peacefully. I think we know where that is headed and I think we, when we get the New York Times saying this progressive d, a is going to release all of these people. Many of them are being arrested. You should be prepared for what happens next. That's no surprise! as that. We're seeing opposition increase and support decrease for black lives matter substantial as these rights continue.
But I'm can I'm I'm worried that work. What we're going to he following Canosa will be like George Floyd Round, to read the story for bright bark and then What do I might get this about the cities and they met the explosion in violence. Serious violence, random primes, martyrs and people like Shit king are saying now: no peace, no peace, ok, no peace! In that case, I think you all better be paired because they are telling you to your face. We don't want peace, worn, a tear it down. Videos posted on social media that appear to capture the shooting in question shows to commercial police officers following a black man with a weapons drawn We know there is no word yet as to whether there was a weapon in the car or if the officers involved fear there was a weapon, would follow That is what we have seen in countless democrat run cities over the past months, riding arson, violence, what king accurately sky I'd as mayhem oh and there
also looting, because nothing proves how down you are struggle than upgrading your home entertainment system so the first time He has endorsed violence. In June, king called for statues have portrayed Jesus as white to be torn down. He said quote: Yes, I think the statues of the White European they claim is. Jesus should also come down there. A form of white supremacy always have been, he treated, adding tear them. Down all murals and stained glass windows of White Jesus and his european mother and their white friends should also come down. They say it should be noted that depicted depictions, Jesus as white are not a form of whites of presidency white supremacy, the whole Mother Mary has appeared as part of many different cultures, african mexican european and so throughout the world The holy families depicted as middle eastern black hispanic white. You name it. This isn't about race
about the universality of the faith after king called for violence against the church. A wave of attacks against the church began, the acts of vandalism, including the beheading of statues and Arson Sean King has called for this before He has a very large platform and while many people on the left drag him all the time for being a drifter icon or whatever There are many who listened to him at it's likely just like when he said. Hair down the statues and target this. You know that the stained glass windows there was a wave of attacks on churches, specifically from black lives matter, activists, extremist riders, what I'm gonna call it. I believe that he's telling people, no peace and they're gonna, listen well. Twitter, take action of worse. They want, of course they won't. We are now seeing high profile individuals on Youtube on unready
the social media, totally being radicalized an m embracing fringe, far left white supremacist insanity. I mean to think about that that the story of Sean King himself, whose parents are white yet is claiming that he's black now fine by all means. He says you know when you got called out, for claimed that Montana Data on like that. But here we have people who are avowed, racists, and I mean it that that Robin De Angelo and says she straight up uncomfortable around black people and she is racist and that's where they get their keys from That's not a world I want to live in and we can see twitter allows it. Youth alert says, stay strong, destroy, fascism. The p end up sitting Northwest Youth liberation front has been organizing on twitter. The extremist right we seen throughout Portland Canosa, let the chorus on fire, and they just they love it. They laugh about it and twitter doesn't do anything about it. It's aloud.
I think we can see what is going to go in Portland prosecutor must decide which protesters should go to jail. Portland new district attorney has refused to pay scoot hundreds of low level offences tied to recent demonstrations against systemic racism and police brutality. Take a look at this. I say just weeks of it I'm said: Ministration agreed to pull back federal officers from demonstrations Portland Oregon, you mean violet riots on take a belies. I am sick, of the lies every day from Armenia. We have videos of this. I watched them, throw explosive start. Fires beat people I watch every single day going too residential neighborhoods screaming
people's faces and the New York Times demonstrations peaceful, the new prosecutor might Schmidt, took office August first, after defeating inexperienced federal prosecutor by three two one margin in Montgomery in Muslim Accounting, which includes most of Portland, even as critic say, the breadth of his victory gave him a mandate to reshape prosecutions in Portland. A city of frequent protests where there is no clear end in sight to demonstrations against police brutality, has not been slow to shake things up? Ten days after taking office, Mister Schmidt effectively dismissed charges against more than half of about six hundred people arrested since the protests began at the end of May, his directed met with strong objections from the Portland police, I'm at Multnomah County Sheriff, but I was in keeping with his progressive campaign platform,
As one of the new generation of prosecutors across the country who are pledging to reduce penalties for low level non violent crimes that what he said, he said even if who assault an officer. He will consider the chaos of a protest environment. That's the they play the New York Times says over and over and over protest protest protest amateur how many fires they start now. Many, how many people for how many people are dead, no matter how, how many buildings burnt down protest and now they ve changed the language. He says the chaos of a protest environment, no protest, as when people block a street waving sign and the cops come in and shoe them away. Some people get arrested when people shot with weapons and clubs and destroy property and smash witnesses are fires and kill people its insurrection, it's a riot.
They do now that they have changed the language across the board in all of these news outlets. That's what you'll see up, but they just protests. So we're gonna be ordered to go easy on the protesters Mr Schmidt's at his office. Would presumptive declined to prosecute demonstrate. As for minor offences, just interfering with police, disorderly conduct and trust passing cases that are not involved, deliberate violence, property damage or theft and our for assault on an officer and reason well now require closer scrutiny with prosecutors, taking into account in filing charges. What are the police fired? tear gas into crowds. Let's ride, he strap said you could literally assault a cop and he will cut you loose you'll, need more scrutiny and where we gonna get me where, where it, what what will we get from this? More of the same, absolutely, the purpose Messerschmidt said is to balance
people's righteous anger and grief and fury over a system that has not really been response enough for decades and centuries, with the need to prevent property damage and violence. What I tell you, what you voted for this Portland, don't expect me to shed any tears for the people of Poland who voted for this nice for the people who did not vote for it voted against it now, for those people, yeah I'll, absolutely stand up to defend them, those who chow This voted against it and said: no. We can't have this and are now being forced to live under the boot of the extremists to get out of these cities. In Wisconsin last night, armed individuals pointed guns at a surest vehicle that I'm real pounds away. Three shots ring out a pans back. Somebody runs, to a guy who was aiming a rifle at the vehicle, we can only assume it was him, but maybe not I'm gonna, operating to the assumption. The extremists are coming out armed, giving orders to the police
And potentially, shooting at them it's only a matter of time. They're going to residential neighborhoods will Donald Trump and Republicans when I dont know, but that is potentially the lighted into the tunnel. Tromp has vowed to hold these extremists accountable. The left won't do it. The Democrats won't do it. The media is lying about it. How do we stop it? These Republicans kept saying things like about that's what I'll do I'll vote your vote and meanwhile, every facet of our culture has been dominated by colthurst extremists, who believe a fringe literal white supremacy ideology, I'm white, promised. I am not exaggerating. Call themselves avowed. Racists republicans keep saying, though, vote if Donald Trump wins, because people are tired of the lies, it won't change the fact that the New York Times is lying every single day.
That the zealots the cull tests have been taking over every aspect possible, not all, but enough. Every major corporations are supporting the fringe cult New York Times lying lying about. What's really going on to protect the extremists there's a quote at a time when legitimacy and our criminal credit criminal justice system is probably at an all time low. We can't be seen to be using that very system to silence the speech that is being critical of it. He said how design a policy with all those competing gulls. That's really the line. We tried to walk speech. He says speech, speech, speech, that's right when they thrown explosive at a cop six. When they do when they burn down a building with somebody insides reach they didn't in Minnesota Minneapolis into the strategy. A lot of greater resources towards more serious cases like the fifteen homicide
that may July the city's deadliest month in decades. The krona virus crisis has also left courts able to handle fewer cases, and Mr Schmidt faces pressure not to crowd the jail. There's been a push back from law enforcement. Mr Schmidt said poor and police leaders told him that they work VIC that there were concerned directive would lead to more police injuries, though he said nothing prevented officers from making love arrests, they deemed necessary the Portland Police Chief Chuck about so the force will continue to do the job the community expects of us yeah. Well I'll. Tell you what men? What what world we're going to see his business has already destroyed completely theirs?
I recently about a vintage toy shop during the riots people broken and stole vintage toys that cannot be replaced. They can't it'll make em anymore. It's a vintage twice, this guy's a collector. He hunts these things down, and then he saw him at a premium. They were stolen, he'll, never going back. There's no company to call to get him back was that about justice? No, it's not a complete breakdown in civil order that the left once that's. What Sean King is saying: complete, dismantle completed, Ino completely dismantle the system than this NBA guy tear it down there talking about Ewing, using force against you. Unfortunately, I think too many people are just going to say I'll vote. I don't know what you do. What you are. I think the first thing you do in the end, the most powerful thing is speaking voting. Definitely by all means, please go vote. What's speaking up Every day challenging this do not not engaging them. Ok, the of the people who go out and are fights
The media will use it against you, but speaking up as the most important thing can do the same, oh this is insane no absolutely not and here's what happens then I'll. Tell you what man people on a blind to this? Ok, I don't want to leave this honour on a major negative. Ok, I'm gonna leave this potentially a major positive. I like, showing this civics Paul. It's a national black lives matter, pole of registered voters, one hundred and fifty thousand two hundred and fifty one responses. Take a look at this When the George Floyd right started, lighting up opposition to black lives matter started, increasing and supports are dramatically decreasing. Today,
We are seeing another drop off. Support is now below majority still. Support for black lives matter is the plurality the largest group of people polled support blacklist manner, with thirty eight percent oppose and twelve percent. Neither support no poet nor oppose with two percent on shore: here's. At this. The more these rights go on the more opposition we see, and that means regular people are paying attention, not I've, not all of em, but enough. There are a lot of people who are paying attention, but I support drops that means. People are saying. Well wait a minute! What's this, I don't want this Ireland has got to stop it's, not stopping it's gonna get worse, and these elected shells who are getting in an embrace it. Miss in allowing this and twitter their allowing this. They made e signing their own warrant I'll. Keep the rhetoric chilled
They may be signing their own, ah well, just caught warrant I warrant. I want all. I won't use the full phrase, because I want to make sure the rudder doesn't go to designate too hot, but what I mean to say is figuratively the more they come out This is Sean King, saying no peace. Please share that tweet plea Let everyone know what they're saying when they come our neighbour, and they scream wake up. Wake up mother after wake up no justice, no sleep when they threatened to burn down residential buildings with people sleeping inside. They did that, like a week ago, Sean King says no peace. You earned this good. Ok, fine! Then you why You need to make sure everybody knows that's what they're saying so speak up and say no way, not then come to my house? They claim I earned this therein saying insane. This country is built upon reform. We have done better and better every
step of the way and things are getting better they're getting better and better. You know what you gotta do outside this: go watch the movie night crawler, I watched the other night, absolutely amazing, starring Jake Juvenile night crawler is about out a bit about an acronym, not crawling is when journalists go out late at night and chase down crime and accidents in the train, film it to sell to news outlets. It's about a man who goes to a new outlet. He finds a way to make some money, and I just you really gotta- see it when the upon these newsroom say, I don't care about what people need to know. If it believes it leads, that's what they do. They love to show it it's. What media is created So then, you get endless stories about police brutality, even though crime is going down now hold on since the right started. Violent crime has been going up, but that may be due to DE fund the police. You see
for the longest time. Violent crime was actually going down and then they started sanctify the police and Van in New York. They took away their anti crime unit police Ben completely. Demoralized and crime is going back. I know these news outlets love it. They love it. If it bleeds, it leads, they love, it So when Sean comes out and says no peace mayhem, you deserve it. Followers a tear it down and he retreats them. You know the media. Companies are laughing. You know that when, when when Donald Trump is is doing well end up in the battleground pulls the media. Sir greatly laughing saying we're gonna make so much money up the next four years of destroying everything around us here. So we need com and reasonable debate, discussions and reform. I too we need, I don't I don't they gonna get it because it's the left
it, doesn't want it. They don't get me wrong. The right is being benefited too, because its proving them right about the left and they can use it, but the left wants the violence and we literally have on twitter their organizing. You actually have shown king saying straight up upset but I'll. Tell you what a fiscal in use. I believe we will see opposition continue to increase, and this could reach
LT in a major landslide for Donald Trump. I wanna do want quick thing. First of all, among females support for black lives matter is fifty six percent with thirty one percent opposing Donald Trump says that he's gonna win the suburban housewife vote. Maybe let's take a look at white females. You see with general female support is very high, but when you do white females, it is comparable. It's actually more opposition than the nation wide average, and if you get rid of females and just look at white voters, forty six percent oppose the history, need to consider white voting block its the biggest biggest voting block and forty six percent oppose so trot very well may win back the suburbs the Republicans may sweet. I think so I don't know, I don't know, I think, be silly to speculate, but I'll tell you this. When you see the ever increase,
opposition to black lives matter, because the violence while it may be bad that we're seeing is riots and things seem to be getting worse. The light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe those who go vote they'll, go vote, they'll vote in people who that will actually solve these problems. Donald Trump snooping new platform. You denounces agenda straight up. This may be the light again at the end of the tunnel, but I'll also say it may wake people lop at an and activate them, no longer what people sit around and ignore the problems of the Roma communities. So we may see things getting bad, but ultimately it may work out better for all of us. In the end, I leave it there. Next segments coming up at four p m over at Youtube, Dotcom slashed him cast. It is a different channel from this one go check it out and I wish you all Richard Spencer, probably the most famous white nationalist in this country, maybe even the world has officially Endorsed Joe Biden saying that the Magua all right moment is over and that Democrats are
clearly the more competent bunch. I think, he's being completely honest, I think we're gonna see a lot of people, the democratic part in the last say it's a fake endorsement. He's just trying to me Joe Biden, look bad, but I I dont believe that's true. I really don't Richard Spencer has dragged jump in the past saying you know. Essentially, tromp was a let down and now he sang many to regroup and come back another form and that Democrats are more competent. It's very similar to what we hear from Democrats and what you You do understand is, first and foremost the Democrats in Caliph, when you are trying to repeal civil rights legislation that prevents? Discrimination based on race, among other characteristics, characteristic
and it's not at all out of character, in my opinion, for Richard Spencer to come out and make this diamonds he's making wont. Let me read you the story and we'll talk about something. Really interesting. Democrats have actually started to lose some democratic party affiliation. So this shouldn't be surprising. Anybody, music reports, Richard Spencer, backs Joe Biden, says Muggah all right moment. Is over white nationals. Richard Spencer, I said he will be backing democratic candidate, Joe Biden in November, as election after previously distance distancing himself from Donald Trump, and that was a while ago before we even new body was gonna, be the nominees Spencer was saying he was unhappy with Donald Trump Spencer, who is one of the key figure heads of the all right move? tweeted, how he is on teen Joe on Monday, adding a self made campaign slogan. Liberals are clearly more competent and a series of tweets spy. There are further explained his reasoning for backing Biden. He said the Magua alter moment is over. I made mistakes. Tromp is an obvious disaster, but mainly the paradigm
contain flaws, that we now know our aid that we wish that we now are able to perceive and it needs to end Spencer. Rope so be pay and we'll have another day in the sun. We need to recover in return and new form another tweet. He added. I will never flipper my fundamental principle My principles were never voting for the supposed the lesser of evils or stopping big government walking into certain defeat. Even death is not Iraq, its foolhardy, I have no say the martyrs I admire winners! I think Richard Spencer, what what what getting at is essentially under trump. The meat God has relentlessly attacked and shine a light on him and its benefits Esther now. I don't know what I'm going to speak for for what he believes. But I'll tell you this. When the Democrats are in charge, spent turn nobody knew his name, be a lot of people that he was able. To operate, build his movement is and do a thing, but with Trump, as in its trump comes out, the media was desperate, defined a bogeyman. This put the spotlight on Spencer and made him the
cookie man remember that famous video, where he got punished in the face? It's not good for someone who's trying to build a movement when the meal yet is relentlessly attacking you because of Trump and, of course, Trump not being the White Nationalist Spencer, another white nationalist work, getting anything they wanted other than negative press attention, so yeah it abso only makes sense that it In that capacity he would back Joe Biden, but I think there are other issues too. If you look at what Richard spices actually talk about, the past he's not laissez faire. Capitalist. I think his issues actually are more likely to line up with added to Terrance. I mean look like I said, or if I said it now, but that the deadline Democrats repealing civil rights LAW in California, I mean you'd have to imagined. White nationalist would be in favour of that. Give them the right to discriminate based on race, at various levels of government or in public accommodation. That's probably look it's all. I did a Tyrian right riddle, but more here's the
page that sponsor treaties, as I'm on team, Joe Richard Spencer, liberals are clearly more competent and I guess you can make these things at the Jos website. They, the southern poverty Lawson to describe Spencer as a suit and diversion of the white supremacist of old and guess what which political, already. Was they suit untie wearing white supremacist of old? It was the Democratic Party since that, surprisingly, invention that spends arose to prominence when he yelled hail from after being greeted with Nazis. The event in Washington shortly after trot was elected. Spencer said earlier this year that he regrets voting for Trump, following that, these ass, a nation of also many Spencer, feared that trumps approved airstrike, which resulted in the at the solemn, any brought the? U S to the brink of war with IRAN. He said I deeply regret voting for promoting trump and twenty six to the people of IRAN. There are millions of Americans who do not want war and do not hate you and respect or nation, and its history after our too
bitterest elite is brought to justice, we hope to achieve peace, reconciliation and forgiveness. He added Spencer also met a protest against a Trump administration launching an airstrike and on a serious air base and twenty seventeen. This is not out of character. The left just tries to make you believe that anybody whose identity, carrion white editorial, clearly what support trump- that's, not true, trumpet anti identity, Erin candidate. Absolutely is that's why I recently set up I'm gonna be voting form. The Democrats are appealing civil rights law. It's been a long time coming, but they're doing this. We know what they want to do it. Again I mean look if Europe white nationalist and you want to build, discriminate against people than the Democrats are your party. Well, I got bad news for Democrats. More Dnc woes new poll shows major drop in democratic party affiliation, but I want to be fair it just after a bump and affiliation? It would seem that the Democrats are losing the gangs they made because of the riots. Town all says
new Paul released Monday from gallop showed that Ford, that the four days of virtual speeches and minimal fanfare produced by the Democratic National Convention did little to sharp support for the job for the Party of Joe Biden, Uncommonly Harris. In fact, despite the glowing reviews from corporate media of the agency and its speakers, the Gallup Poll showed that Americans claiming to be Democrats or fill it with the party dropped by two point, since the same Paul was conducted in June. Enthusiasm for the Republican Party, however, increased by three points shrinking the democratic. Vantage by a stunning five points, as the presidential election draws even closer as resolve is all true, the new pole. Follows a trend and national polling that has shown a dramatic narrowing of the gap between the Democrats. Nominee Joe Biden and Present Donald Trump after months of numbers, collecting Biden, has the clear leader as the clear later. Mason reported on Monday that recent pulling off oh showed the nations approval of the president was on the rise, sharing that fifty one percent of respondents approved the job he was doing.
Favourable shifting and pulling for the president comes amid months of unrest that has included widespread calls for the from the far left to fund and abolish police departments, abolish ice and abolish presence across the country? Any sane person would hear that and say what Y know I don't want you? That's that's crazy, isn't what will come this, but I want to make sure I show you the actual costs. Here's this important context take a look in May Republicans were at forty four percent of affiliation and Democrats wet forty, seven that the gap was only a few points. Then there was a major drop off into June and it's probably having to do with black lives matter, Republicans the thirty nine percent and Democrats to fifty percent boy. If they just stop the riots, they could have taken this one home, but it but and immediately following the mark that month right, they drop three points. They have jumped up about one point since then,
Republicans are also recovering. The gap between the two is now about six points. It still pretty good news for debt Let me look at us in January Republicans have the lead in February report inside the lead at switched and now it's dropped. So yeah I'd say it's. I think. It's fair to say bad news for Democrats coming into the election were only a few months away and the trend is favouring Republicans still the Democrats. Or in a favourable position, and I think it's fair to say when you see people like Richard Spencer, announcing their support Joe Biden yeah, the Democrats are getting a lot of people. Why let let's be real? I think the Democrats might actually make a different place than than you know claiming Spencer's line you could come out. Do the obvious generic o o. Spencer is only trying to claim this to smear Joe Biden and make Trump look good or they'll, say Donald Trump is so awful that, even though, nationalist still want to support for us. What you don't wanna vote form I don't get it matters
Think. Richard Spencer is being honest about his opinions. I don't think he's playing stupid games. I think he's always held these positions. He's probably talked about it. He's protests war he's he supported, trot Then he, then he regretted this and turned away with him. Like a year of trapping in office, there was there no grand play back. Then he immediately was like. While this is a bad idea and it- and I think it shows I think we are seeing now is that the people who, like the crony establishment argon as our backing the krona, establishment people who don't like trumps, you know redirect they like trumps policies, are going and pushed away, but mostly, I think it's the media, that's driving a wedge between the american people in Donald Trump. I think Travis greatly his speech today was very positive. He didn't he didn't swear. He said I'm not gonna use bad words about, I think a I might, and I respect that I've We do we put out his agenda agenda was pretty good. You don't I dont, like I don't know, tired of establishment politics. So that's why I look at trumps agenda. I look at the right.
Can I say I dont want the Democrats. I don't. And an I'm, probably one of these people, whose drifting away from them as their numbers drop, and it was the riots, absolutely was the riots and I think, they're about to get worse because of Canosa. Now they're saying they're gonna be deploying national guard the canosa. There's talks about National Guard going to Chicago. Do it get it done? We do not want more riots. I don't think they're Willow I need a ride to look at bad and I'm going to continue to help Trump, and I think we might be seeing a a landslide for the President. I think Trump's agenda is is Great there's, some things. I don't agree with that. I just ate. If you didn't see my second go to Youtube dot com timcast a different channel. I did this big thing sang I'm going to vote for Trump. His agenda is good. It absolutely is, and I can't stand the Democrats flip flopping. I can't stand their wishy washy behavior. I think they're not even trying to win. I don't know what their goal is. So I tromp needs taken, I think trumpeted to end the idea to terrorism of the left be. It means Richard Spencer's
and had to terrorism or the far left. You know whatever it at a terrorism just left as identity areas, I'm at its needs to stop. We need liberty, lip like true classical liberalism and I hope will get it. I don't know. If Trump is the perfect person to do it, but Biden certainly is not I'll leave it there. Next time is coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. I think the internet is a fairly disco thing thing and what's happening to the Conway family I think, is a particularly disgusting thing and its evidence of how awful the internet can really be. If you have following the story. Kellynch Conway announced that you would be leaving the White House to deal with family matters. George com. Why would be leaving the Lincoln Project to the same and it comes shortly after their daughter who, Claudia I believe, announced he was seeking emancipation
This really is, in my opinion, and look I try to be respectful of teenagers. Their life is their life. I think it's teenage anxious being propped up because of the prominence of her. Parents and I think it's gross how people are lacking onto it, fanning the flames and making it all worse. Team major, say dumb things a fifteen year old, Wanna be emancipated, o calm down dude to be fair to teenagers. Here's what I want to say a lot of people who are older, like a talk down a young people, in ages because their smarter, they know better and end with within certain read what you know within reason. It is true, of course, come a teenager stout. There are really no there talking about boats need to understand what you need to respect is that Claudia Conway, is fifteen years old. This is her life, it does matter to her. It is important and he's looking for a way out, she's mad at her mouth for her job and so she's. Whenever she can. You know whatever she can do to try and just do something.
I would probably out, if I were out, imagine I mean I'm gonna get assumption Kelly, and can we worked with President she's? Very of course, he's on tv. I can only imagine that her daughter gets. You know flack from her friends and she doesn't like it, but I believe The bigger issue is that, if that were the case, just tell people they shot up and laugh and who cares what, if your Tina? This is your life and all these dumb kids. They don't about their laughing they're making fun of her. It reminds me of the kid who played Anakin Skywalker in the first hour worse, he got made fun of for playing Anakin Skywalker, so he quit acting area. That story No man, I say the suit. I say this to clean and to George. I believe they were. Being very bad parents, but I believe there being very good parents now by stepping down and its unfortunate, as much as I don't agree with George and That is a very low but with colleagues, and I believe they should be allowed to be these. These vocal characters in today's politics should not be allowed us to express our opinions, but I'm really family comes first.
They're doing the right thing, and I have tremendous respect for what they have done, both of them a Threed daily Mail says Georgian Ellie and Conway's daughter, Claudia has take the social media to claim credit for her parents, recent announcements that they will be stepping away from politics. The couple step down in their respective political roles. After the fifteen year old went public online with Conway. Emily issues, including claiming that she was pushing for emancipation from her parents, not long after the couple quit their positions, Claudia shared to tick, tock, videos about them she shared one video of herself with her mother statement, resigning as president trumps councillor in the background yeah. I know I said of taking a break, but Claudia says in the clear that videos followed up with one about her father that showed his tweet withdrawing from the Lincoln Project, so I'm withdraw. Lincoln Project to devote more time to family matters and I'll be taking a twitter hiatus. Needless to say, I can use, port, the Lincoln Product and its mission passionately. George wrote in that video Claudia said. Look what I did look at
I did, ladies and gentlemen, look at what I did. It she's just a kid she has no idea what she's talking about she probably couldn't even exe plain to you. What a progressive tax system is- and I don't blame you- for that. I am not trying to be means, or by saying it, I'm saying he's just a kid. She's, fifteen she's going look. I did a thing, congratulations you did, but the it's, the internet, that's doing this, the internet loved. What colleague and George were doing K is characters in the left and right they were their married or whatever, and their dog but I got pulled into the fray and I blame the for machine, not any individual. It's just everybody wanted more the Conway family Reality TV, its gross its humanity. I don't blame you cared for going on social media and an anti about our opinions, and I gotta admit I gotta say this and actually look look. Look everything aside, you gotta admit is kind of cute. When you see a kid trying to be like their dad, you don't I mean, like George Conway'S- is very prominent. Anti trump figure
and then here's his daughter trying to be just like him. It's like when you when you Your dad and you know, is like riding a bicycle in the kids, with I'm trying to be greatly assist. It's nice. You know it's it's it's nice to see that the family getting along, I am sure many people would prefer it if you're trying to be like her mom, but look I get it man, she looks up to or dead. She wants to be like her dad. She she's probably got friends at rag on her about tromp, so she wants to be alive or dead. It's just there. There you go ok she's, revolting against her mom. For whatever reason and looking up to your dad, it's fine, my bigger, Who is that the internet turn that into the salacious debacle and errors? also in this just like its reality tv. It's absolutely reality tv, I'm glad to see the common They get their family in order, and I am glad to see that there can be stepping away- and you know my respect- say your videos come after than in twenty four hours, Kelly and resigned georgian Kelly and are both Republicans, but while Colleen Kelly and work for Trump and a senior counts,
George an attorney is. One, the presence, most vocal in poor, pointed critics Kelly on Sunday that she would depart her administration role at the end of this month. Adapter Claudia Say, she was officially pushing for emancipation. The fifty three year old counselor to the president said She was leaving for the sake of her family to be, stronger more Mama shortly after the announcement. Claudia was once again on Tiktok. Eating their parents we're going to get divorced, but have now called it off to keep her from getting emancipated wow. She has also accused her father would not care. About her and not knowing her middle name and said to her mother has been physically abusive, her whole life there, it is there, it is she says her mom was abusive. I don't know that's true, but that shows me why she doesn't like Colleen and why she doesn't like Trump, because her mom work for the president. She resents her mom and check it out, she's cheek when she's talking but are dead, her dad doesn't care. About her doesn't even know or middle name. Do that sad. I think the reason
she's coming out anti trump is because she's desperate for her dad to care about her. I mean that Sir her dad doesn't even or middle name. I don't know that's true, but think about the way she that the distinction she's shown This kind of thing should not be in the public. I get it when you're high profile, it happens and the meat- and you know that the marriage dispute between Pollyanna George is particularly public because their prominent. So you know a supporter, our opponent of the president, and now you ve got this young girl who whose, whose upset that are dad, doesn't lover and she's desperately trying to get his affection by trying to be just like Can I just as he does, even though my middle name and then you're her mom she accused of being abusive. It makes perfect sense her mom sheet. She resents her dad she's desperate for attention from and it's disgusting, because so many at tromp people are lacking onto what she says and there using it for political points when it is just a cry for love. Attention from her dad this
one thing is sickening to me in her statement: Colleen called her time in the trunk administration, Hetty and humbling, and said she, George were making a decision based on what they think is best for. Therefore children. We disagree about plenty. She wrote a foreigner but we are united on what matters most. The kids. Bravo Colleen. Bravo George. I know It is making me really angry, because families is one of the most important things okay tank advocates, but here we can see two people doing. The right to be good parents putting aside tromp support or tromp. You know opposition to be there for their kids. She said our for children are teens and tween starting a new academic year in the middle of school and high school they'll be conducted remotely from home for at least a few months millions of parents nationwide no kids, doing scope mom requires a level of attention and vigilance that, as you unusual at these times, Kelly and continued
completely my choice in my voice in time. I will announce future plans for now and for my beloved children it will, the less drama more Mona Pollyanna is among trumps longest serving advisers and its end? It said she needs to leave because you know a lot of people have left a trumpet ministration. Quite a angrily. You know not an and many of them turn on Trump but she's been. Therefore I can respect that respect, loyalty for sure. If you're, not a fan of her by least you can respect that she's doing the right thing they same. Meanwhile, Trump called I'm sorry. Meanwhile, George called trouble racist and evil, and video footage revealed Monday of a movie about the psychology of Donald Trump Film before Kelly and stepped down the film unfit is set for release it. Member first yeah, I get it we're going to see all of this crazy fiasco. You know when, when Claudia started posting these clips, a lot of people dragged on several journalists for propping them up and I'm upset
it's that has reached this point and has now become the sum is public spectacle I feel better family, I don't necessarily blame the journalist because, while I don't agree with, you know propping up this this this this this kid who has a note there saying she was on social media. I think the bigger issue is that human beings, these tribalism, were desperate for something the latin it was both primary the left. To be honest, and I I think its growth that people would latch onto cries for attention from a teenage girl, desperate for her fathers. Love
because it would smear Donald Trump, but I can't say I'm surprised we look at the riots, we look at the things they ve sad, the things they have done on the left, desperate for anything to take out Trump and, of course they know no shame. They would, of course, take a child and she thrust them into the limelight to use for political points. In the end. Let me just make sure I stress this to everybody who would attack or prop up for political points, Claudia Conway she sat at a camera. I note the third mistake of its very important here this she said her dad didn't care about her. I didn't even know her name, her middle name and so its clear. That she's just sang the things he says, because she's desperate she's, basically saying please love me dad I'll do I'll, be like you, man sad and these people prop up, because I hate tromp, I'm sick of this stuff man. People need to have some tea
and see in it, and in this world, Marian Williamson came out with a very beautiful statement, saying families more important Marian has been absolutely awesome, mere hand. Williamson is one of the best people to come out of the Democratic Party for Oliver. You know there's a lot of things please I don't agree. I don't agree with an autonomous recruit the stupid smears. They made fun of about the crystals, I'm talking about just policies, general, but she's been so nice he's tried a bit to be so nice. So my respect to Marian Williamson. She said I don't agree with your mother, Claudia He still your mom. I promise you. Your life ahead will be better if you handle your issues with her privately I'm sure she's gotta counselling with you, if you don't already love, has got to trot politics. It just has to thank you Marian Williamson, for helping me how I just believe in and humanity a little bit. I hope that the Conway's do well. I ll leave it there. Next augments coming up in a few minutes, stick around and I will see you all shortly conspiracy theorists were right, Kim Jong, own,
poor deadly in coma four months. Recent appearances faked this is danger, I'm laughing, but this is a crazy story and it could be potentially bad because his sisters- it over and she's reportedly worse than he is but check this out? from the: U S. Son came again claims Kim Jong. Who is using body double after making? First, public appearances, death, rumours- this is from May people talked about his teeth were, office, his wife, his hair line, was different. They said that's nice, Kim Jong Moon and a bunch people like now? Yaller, crazy, that's a conspiracy theory there Kim Jong on his fine everybody you wrong, and now we got from the New York Post, report, north korean leader Kim who has been in a coma for months, and all his recent public appearances were faked, a south could an official says in a new report about the reclusive despot Chang Song, men, a former aid,
late korean President Kim Dae Jung alleged. The king has become seriously ill and speculation about his limited public appearances this year in April, most circulated at the hermit kingdom. Honcho wasn't vegetative state after a botched heart operation. The former aid now aims Kim fell into a coma months ago and that his subjects appearances were recorded previously agreed. The UK on ok, so maybe not a body double I don't know. I think it's just point, I assess him to be in a coma, but his life has not ended. He told south korean meat adding the leaders younger sister, Kim Yo John, was poised to ought to help lead the country. A complete succession structure is not informed, so Kim Yo Jong is being brought to the fore as the vacuum cannot be maintained for approach. Period. He said in a closed or meeting with lawmakers. Last week the National Intelligence Service said the power shift partly seeks to read Relieve Kim stress
from his reign and avert culpability in the event of policy failure. They Yonhap this agency reported photos emerged Thursday, showing cam attending a government meeting. The Reuters reported that it could not independently verify the images the daily and K a south korean Base NEWS outlets, about the north reported that sources in the rogue regime have claimed that kid sister is seeking to secure her position in Pyongyang by taking on the self she can't rule the country from the military like her brother, so she's expanding our authority through the propaganda and agitation Department. Just like her father Kim Jong IL a sore said. The sun reported. I dont know if it's true But are we ve seen this story from a lot of different outlets? That's John OWN is in is in a coma tactical. Over the story I say Kim again: com is Kim Jeong Hoon is using body double after making first public appearances death. So there
back in May, may six. They reported some of the media. Theory speculate that the double could be standing ended due to believe the leaders, poor health or even death, while others question. If his absence was really appeared of recovery following plastic surgery now hold on here, take a look at these images. This right here on the right is the before image. This is the left Twenty thirteen, twenty twenty Kim Jong owns teeth were fine. I guess here in twenty thirteen and this individual standing here. His teeth are crooked and very different. Maybe it's possible all that Kim Jong. Goons teeth got really bad in seven years. Possibly he gained wait. We either hairline, smooth there I wrinkles, pronounced cupids bow crooked tee. Rounder knows I dont know they say: state run video released images and video up currently showing the thirty six year old at a fertilizer factory. Amid escalating or tat he was either dead or fighting for his life. Now Eagle, Eyed web sleuths,
believe it was really a look alike on the photos and they point to change. In the face hair and teeth compared to previous appearances, you see this. The problem. With how our media works? It looks like the conspiracy theory may in fact be true. I don't maybe that made. Maybe these reports are wrong and then your post is is wrong, but it may be true that Kim Jong Goon has been sick for some time. Some of speculated he got cove it I mean it's possible. He was right, North Korea's right. There the border with China and it was spreading. China we believe was lying about. Its numbers may be many people, got covered in North Korea, and I mean I gotta be honest, Kim Jong Moon is in that risk factor. They say. Ah there Our suggestion. Some of the photos have in fact been doctored. Others suggested the dictator's mysterious twenty two disappearance was down a plastic surgery. Sluice pointed to slight differences and Kim Jong goons knows wrinkles teeth, cupids bow Heroin and ears and
most recent snaps. It suggested his nose. The a little rounder and its cupids bow a little more pronounced one reportedly doctored photo doing. The rounds, shows Kim's teeth Much greater and several shades less white than in previous picks, but others pointed out straight or teeth can easily be achieved with dental work and the chain smoker is bound as a calm to stains on his pearly white from time to time. Some seize upon his hairline, which appears to be wider in recent picks. There's also suggestion his ears once with ear lobes. That appeared to be clearly attached to his head forming move curve have changed. All of this is is era too much. Maybe maybe we just plastic surgery, but my bigger concern here is not whether or not this conspiracy was true. Now that were hearing that's, it was about a double my very much, my bigger concern is that, if Kim Jong OWN really is on the verge of death, then perhaps Annie.
Ray any any leeway made by Donald Trump. Any real pull up political gains made by tromp could be lost. Look. You can criticise Donald Trump for a lot of things, but you ve gotta, give him credit where credit is due, notably huh crossed through the DMZ, the Demilitarize zone, into north korean territory. With no security. That's me was profound or people unnoticed. About that. They claim that tromp was pointing out the dictators that it was friends of dictators. That's absurd. Donald Trump was trying to actually show good faith and he did it when he walked into North Korea those soldiers could have snatched him away and held him hostage. How many deranged? the arrangement syndrome leftist or whatever would have cheered for this when he came back unfazed and shook hands with Kim Jong whom they dragged him for it
That may be particular at particularly angry, because if Trump is going to bring about peace, it means you need to have these conversations now think about it. We were better off in a world where Kim Jong, who was fine, where the conspiracies were bunk, because it meant that the gains tromp made could be pursued, but now we're looking at potentially Kim Yo Jong his sister and what? If she doesn't agree what, if she doesn't want peace either the gains made by Donald Trump in these with these negotiations will be gone. Now, I think, is fair to say, and in that respect its possible, she could do a better job. She might be more about peace, that's fair, too the bigger issue, as we don't know whether shall be for or against it in the same way that can jump on is whether you know Trump really did make any substantial gains for they did see my things things are deteriorating after the fact. All we know is any potential gains diplomatically, are being lost and there's real fear for these two decent.
Position in that region. We ve already had the: U S engaging in conflict with China, South China, Sea China. Of course they want to Taiwan. They ve been doing these each beaching drills where they cannot lend are both on the beach they storm in and if that happens, we need we need stability. The last thing we want is uncertainty, especially with set with a country as despotic, militaristic and unhinged as North Korea, and for me personally, I was really looking forward to to real peace. I may look. This is this is why I think you know one of the reasons I have warmed to Trump, notably has been his efforts in trying to stabilize all a lot of this these this these foreign conflict. Now I'll tell you this trap Imperfect, he's he's gotten, it he's he's escalated his share of foreign conflict, notably with IRAN, the solemn anything that that that the ships and in the Gulf buzzing around the, I believe as you as destroyer, Venezuela
and with China, but I gotta tell you: man with China is very different from this middle eastern nonsense: China's engaging in ink with their running concentration camps for harvesting organs and their protecting North Korea, if Trump could make an ally of North Korea would have been a tremendously good thing. This is only bad, so I'm I'm actually hoping I am hoping that these reports are still incorrect, because it would seem that what were really seeing right now is a report from a south korean media. That this is someone saying a former aid
Jha, Chang Song men making these allegations, they say he's alleging this. You know let sod, let's hope the delegations I mean. If we really want to do, we want to hold their Kim Jong. Moon is ok and then he pulls out of this any survives, because we need to build relationships with countries like this. Here's what I am hoping for in a trump twenty twenty second term. He could go to these countries any can end. The conflict he's
already helped push forward eight and an amazing historic. I try to avoid saying an historic highs whenever the point he's help coordinate this middle eastern peace deal with Israel and the United Arab Emirates. It's amazing. He deserved tremendous credit for this. If he pulls, our troops are Afghanistan. If he starts bringing about real diplomacy, it's gonna be an amazing thing, and that means we need to see a conversation with people. We may not, like Kim Jong NAM Kim Jong own responsible for a lot of really really bad things in his entire families, but we have to accept concessions. We can't just assume that, because he's do not his bad things, Trump Gonna go crush them now. The same is true for China. We dont want war, but we want China to stop what they're doing. That means. We need strong leadership. Leadership. I don't think Biden can bring to the table,
but at least in the very and I can say maybe the conspiracies were true. It's funny isn't it. I guess we'll see this place out. Stick around next augments coming up tomorrow at ten, a m on this channel, and I will see you all them.
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