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Trump Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Implicating Hillary Clinton, Democrats In Fabricating Russia Gate Hoax


The documents alleged that Hillary Clinton lied about Russian Collusion to distract the public from her email scandal.Democrats and their allies now claim that Trump is selectively releasing documents in order to gain political advantages.The argument is not without merit, it is October after all. But regardless if the reports are true then it suggests that Hillary Clinton may have either fabricated the whole hoax or at the very least the CIA and Obama knew that there were accusations of a fabricated hoax which would suggest Trump was NOT colluding with Russia.So why launch the Russia probe if they knew it would fail?The intelligence supposedly came from Russia which implies Russia wasn't colluding with trump, unless you want to believe that Russia was faking intel leaks to the CIA which is a bit out there.Perhaps the Russia probe was just designed to sabotage Trump's presidency

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To this day, Democrats, insist that Donald Trump is still colluding with the Russians, and the Russians are interfering in our election to once again help Donald Trump. When that was one of the main arguments they made in twenty sixteen. and following we endured years of the Russia Gate Investigation where they claimed Donald Trump colluded with Russia, with foreign help to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, they want an investigation, the Mulder probe they didn't find evidence of any collusion and we now know evidence keeps piling up that this whole thing was a hoax. We also have evidence to suggest Joe Biden himself was helping stage. This helps to sabotage the incoming administration after Donald Trump actually won. The latest de classified documents suggest Hillary Clinton made the whole thing up to
strapped the public from her email scandal. Now these are allegations and, of course, the resistance. Democrat types are saying: Donald Trump is selectively releasing documents to make. It seem, like he's innocent, the only problem, the Mola probe nothing. So if I had to make an assessment, I would say the Democrats are lying about this. We have seen the anti war, progressives agree. The Russia Hoax narrative was ridiculous check. Sought d- and I D classifies Brennan notes C I a memo on Hillary Clinton, quote stirring up scandal between Trump and Russia, a source said Brennan's handwritten notes were taken after briefing Obama on the matter. I gotta try right this down for you. Please listen one of the biggest challenges in covering the Russia, gate, hoax and Obama gate when they spied on. Donald Trump is that they are extremely com
located stories to break down and there's a ton of evidence that paints a picture. Most people don't follow this because it increasingly difficult to stay up to date. On all of the facts that are emerging, but let me just say, today, as more information comes out, it looks more and more like the Democrats lied and sabotaged Donald Trump incoming campaign. For whatever reason, because they lost because they were done,
pulling down on the hoax, they were perpetrating, at least if this. If these allegations about Hillary Clinton, our true, they were trying to disrupt and damage Donald Trump before he got into office, but I believe their meat may be other motives. You see before Donald Trump got elected the Russia Gate story. Narrative was an attempt to actually stop him from winning, but he one after he got elected. It was an attempt to seek to sabotage his his entire first term so that he couldn't do anything, and thus they could hurt him impeach him or prevent him from winning a second term. It doesn't seem to be working. Donald Trump has the power of documents are being declassified? Of course, how do you think the media is handling? These things is work. It's scary. We have evidence,
more corruption, more evidence than we had about Trump. So this should warrant investigation. In fact, documents worse were sent to the feds suggesting they should investigate Hillary Clinton. They didn't investigated Donald Trump and that's where we're at now them here is pumping out story after story making. It seem like, oh actually, Trump is just trying to trick everybody. If I'm- going to entertain three years plus of Russia Gate we're gonna entered Obama Gate, because why not I mean like they set about Trump. If you ve got nothing to hide, then what's the problem with the investigation? Well, let's get into this and seeks actually what's going on before we get started had over the TIM cast outcomes. Lash done it. If you'd like to support my work there, many wage can give there's a p o box we'd like to send me stop with the best thing you can do. Share this video. I am just show you Fox NEWS, I'm gonna show you CNN and am also gonna shit
You just security who gives a pretty fair assessment of what these documents mean. It is not definitive proof of anything and I'm going to criticise a Fox news Abed that tries to make it seem like as proof Hillary Clinton do this. This just shows it is not clear cut and it may mean that Hillary Clinton did try to frame trump. Considering the evidence we have about Barack Obama. Joe Biden call me. Elliot's. All of these individuals whose names are many of them. You you're, probably saying I don't know what these are. I'm going to show you evidence to suggest there is dirty politics, a foot and it really does seem, like The previous administration was sabotaging the current. If you think that's important for people to know police share this video, that's not gonna, be perfect harmony, and my best to break this down, but trust me when I say the details in view out in Obama, Gate and Russia get scandals are extremely difficult to break down and you would I need a three hour. Long documentary truly understand just what happened, but if you think I'm doing a good enough job
Please share this so that people can figure out a little bit of. What's going on not forget to like subscribe to notification Bell, I dont want to Red Fox NEWS or seen and for your first I want to read just: security and to be fair. I believe that some of these just security reporters journalists are biased against Trump, but upon reading the news, it seems that their assessment, their initial publication of what happened, is the most fair and then I'll show you what's happening. They say Ratcliff de classification Ups of c I a documents director of national Intelligence, John Ratcliff, yesterday declassified doc. that revealed former c I a director John Runnin, had brief former President Barack Obama on Hillary Clinton, alleged attempt to link president trump that than the presidential car. To Russia as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private e mail server out of the twenty sixteen presidential election,
and revealed a c? I see a memo that shows. Officials referred the issue to the FBI to potentially investigate wow. Let me just repeat this: for you, John Bruton, briefed Obama on Hillary Clinton, alleged attempt to link trump to Russia as a means of distracting plucked the public from her private. You from our use of a private email server. Did you know that after it was requested by the Senate, that Hillary Clinton turnover something around thirty, thirty thousand or so emails? The emails were deleted from her server and she's as well. There are supposed to bundle been deleted a long time ago and the company that handled it was just on track to delete it. Did you know that Hilary Clinton's people, smashed cell phones with hammers. Did you know that many people war, Imp created in Obama Gate many of these people who are investigating
tromp over the Russia scandal, even though many of them knew Hillary Clinton, was it was accused of making the whole thing up? They wiped their phones. The Mulder probe, as as John Durham and Bill BAR I should say John during the during investigation is seeking understand how Russia get started. Many of the people here involved in the mullah probe erased their cell phones. What is going on, why are they destroying evidence? Is crazy, stuff men check this out. This is a document which include handwritten notes from Runnin were released to the House and Senate intelligence committees yesterday at the door. At the direction of Trump Ratcliff said in a statement of Ox News Brennan's notes war, however, written prior to his briefing with Obama on the matter, a source of Madeira. The document said we are good. additional insight into what quote we're getting a day
general insight into russian activities from rejected, adding site summarizing alleged approved by Hillary Clinton, a proposal from one of our foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump, by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the russian security service. Most other detail was rejected, but in the margins is stated, J C Dennis and Susan, which some have said could be referring to respectively. Former FBI director, James Combing, former national Security adviser Susan Rice and a bomb as chief of staff Dennis Macdonell, Brook sing than reports for Fox NEWS. This is coming as a break down from just security and, as I said, there are several journalists that I just a kid who, I believe, are actually biased, but there it is important to point out these are allegations
and apparently the source of these allegations are from russian intelligent sources. So naturally, Brennan said Breton yesterday accused Ratcliff of selectively de classifying the documents and memo to advance the political interest of Trump and Close Republic and close republican allies. speaking in it in an interview with Siemens, Jake Tapir, these war, my notes from twenty sixteen period when I breathed President Obama, the rest of the National Security Council teen about what the Russians were up to, and I was giving examples of the type of access U S intelligence community had to russian information and what the Russians talking about and alleging must stop right there. If that's true, and the Russians believe that Hilary was trying to frame trump and them. Why would the CIA? disregard this. If they're saying that access to russian information,
then it sounds like the Russians, Wert seeding, the information to America. The Russians actually believed that they were being set up along with Trump Nominal fan of Russia. I think Russia's interfering, I just don't think they're interference, is all that big of a deal like it's not particularly successful. They overtly interfere with Russia today and Sputnik. They just pay to produce news to influence the. U S call it what it is its, I wouldn't call it russian propaganda. I would call it news that benefits their perspective and their goals. Propaganda me in a certain sense. I guess you can say as fair, but in this regard it sounds like we knew the United states new Russia was talking about this, not lying about this, in which case, why did they investigate Donald Trump if they knew the source of this could potentially be Hillary Clinton? I wonder Brennan made clearly say He also pushed back on this on the CIA Cia memo revealed, which claimed that Clinton's
were a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server, stating that if, in fact what the Russians were alleging that Hilary was trying to highlight the reported connections between trumpet the Russians, if that was accurate, big. If there is nothing at all illegal about that, let me stop you're right there, good sir. Why would the Russians who are actively colluding with Donald Trump? According to this guy, be shy, that Hillary Clinton is accusing them of colluding with dropped to distract over their email servers. If the Russians knew that they were colluding with Russia and then heard this, wouldn't the rush it in time. Say Hillary Clinton is onto us and she's figured it out, or are they suggesting the Russians new
the CIA had infiltrated Russian Intel and had access to the information, so they staged a fake claim in their own documents. Now you get too crazy. For me, the mauler probe did not find evidence of collusion. So what is the logical conclusion? There was no collusion and the actual the actual claims were made up by Hillary Clinton, the sea. I knew this, or at least they knew the allegations existed and instead of investigating Hilary and stopping That's why they went Donald Trump talk about insanity. Talk about October. Surprise will see if anything actually comes at this. I really doubt it, but as a media critic, you know I wouldn't sit back and just read these claims now this is look. I gotta get my respected
security because they, like Fox NEWS, answer not giving you the rights, views and here's exactly what it is and the left counterpoint where they interviewed Brennan also say run an added John about cliff in others are trying to portray. This is an ought as unlawful activity that deserves followed investigation by the F B. I know it was a campaign activity. He added perhaps that maybe in which case it's fine. Hillary Clinton was accusing Trump of Russia, whatever. If the Russians believed in their own intelligence that it was a lie and Hillary Clinton was staging it and they knew the russian I believe this did they never stop to ask, may be the rule Sean's aren't really colluding with Trump, because they seem surprised as we are by this intel, and if it was just campaign activity, why did they move forward with an investigation of Donald Trump they make? wonder. Let me show you the media's handling things, though, take a look at the story from business. Insider trumps, spiky, declassified, slew of documents
national Security, veteran say, was part of an effort to boost the president's president's Russia claims epic headline their business insider. This who slew of documents was a part of trumps effort. Ok, here's what I really like yours, politico! tromp rewrites, the Russia, probably from the hospital. The present declassified intelligence documents meant to implicate Clinton in twenty sixteen meddling. But officials say their misleading. Why is Poland go giving us an op ed on this breaking news. I guess that's what they do and that's that to me is bad for all of us. If you go to politico for your news, you you are at, you are approaching a poisoned. Well Let me tell you something my effort here and why I highlighted just security is that they use fox.
It was an CNN. I am trying not to give you just Fox news or just see and ends, but let me look limit. Let me tell you how Fox NEWS framed it. Gregg Jarrett, the Russia Hoax, was a lie created by Hillary Clinton. one of the dirtiest political tricks? Ever the genesis of the smear came from the then President Kennedy herself full stop. That is not the story. The story is that Russians believed Hillary Clinton was lying about this to distract the public, that the CIA apparently found out about it briefed Obama and then stead of saying hey. It sounds like this is in true decided to investigate Donald Trump for several years without the FBI. Sorry, but the federal government in and there's the lot of events suggest that the above administration, following this, whether it was true or not whenever Trump, and it was unjust that that that the Russia Gate Investigation all that stuff.
As a hoax. I'm not saying it was hoped in the sense that we know for a fact Hillary Clinton staged this, like Fox NEWS, is claiming in this are bad and to be fair, it's an up ad from Gregg Jarrett. The actual store from Fox NEWS is, is fairly good. Did you say, DNA Din, DNA, Declassified, Brennan notes but you know I'm not saying that there is definitively help from Hillary Clinton. That's when trying to clarify- I'm just saying that you actually have evidence to suggest Biden Obama, they move forward the Russia Gate Investigation after the fact knowing full well, the Russians didn't believe it. The Russians worked colluding with Trump and they went after him. Anyway, it seems like the even framed Michael Flynn and quarter page their names you may not be familiar with. This is that this is always the challenging covering these big scandals. Ok,
trust me. When I say we have evidence to suggest it's all bunk. First, let me show you this the unmasked of Joe Biden now already. I know a lot of people say I dont know what unmasked means when the? U S, government spies on someone if they accidentally capture an american citizen who has a fourth amendment right to not be spite upon, they mask their name. So let's say you have a russian individual whose being spied on, because the? U S can spy on foreign individuals, but that Russian, eventually talking to an American. They mask the American, to protect their privacy when Anne happening was in this spirit in their of spying efforts of the Russians. They found that America that an American was talking to them. Joe Biden requested the name of Michael Flynn to see who was too, the russian ambassador. This coincided with the same time. Someone leaked Michael friend's name to the press, and we all
We have evidence to suggest that Joe Biden call me: Obama Sally its high profile members of the Obama administration. Meeting where there were discussing how to how to get Michael Flynn. Michael Flint was Donald Trump National Security adviser, Interesting Lee, FBI notes, they said: what's our goal with this to prosecute or get him fired, and that should be the biggest red flag in the big and in the entirety of the scandal. Get Michael Flynn fired what kind of FBI investigation seeks to take someone's job from them, I thought this was to be investigating wrong doing so. This is why the unmasked issue is significant. Somebody leaked Michael friend's name to the press. The same day Joe Biden requested the name. It could be because Joe Biden,
Ah the story in the present and wanted to double check, but it's also possible that he's the one who like to name you dont know for sure, but it is circumstantial evidence of potential wrongdoings potential. This story is difficult to break down, I'll leave it at that. But let's talk about what still going on with the Russia Gate stuff, they haven't stopped even with this new evidence, suggesting that Heller Clinton may have been the one who faked the whole thing. Let me remind you, Russia get was not true. The Mahler probe found no evidence, it was all debunked and there were so there's, probably some some stupid behaviour in the trunk camp. but nothing that reach the level of a criminal for conspiracy to concede auto toward the foreign government, not none of it. Why did they move forward with it? Why did they move what the investigation, having known that Hillary Clinton was accused of just making it up. Why are they still pushing? It shifts
Adam chef, sees rise in Russia. This information as Trump attacks mail in voting for adversaries want to undermine confidence in the american election and the House Intelligence Committee Chairman says: they're amplifying president trumps, false assertions, well, they ve backed off of from for the most part from the claim that Trump is working well, the Russians, but there still pushing the idea that the Russians are doing the same thing, but only now it's just tromp as a useful idiots. At a certain point, we have to say- and I think a not with the Russia stuff Man, I'm just not become not believe in it. Here's an interesting story that goes into the heart of the Russia Gate, Hoax Abominate Michael Flynn, transcripts released calls with russian diplomat detailed. This is what this is the most important aspect of. Why it's it's. It's messed up Joe Biden unmasked when its wide. It's. Why its muscle
that Michael flinch from security visor was ever prosecuted in the first place. It turns out at the time that Donald Trump had won the election and they were transitioning to the White House. Michael Flynn, who is national security via Trump asked the russian ambassador not to escalate tensions, sanctions with the? U S that was it, and, according to many progressive journalists, honestly this anti war journalists. They said that's well within the role of an acting national security adviser, acting in the sense that President Tromp was elected President elect the time, not the actual inaugurated president. Why did they threaten Michael Flynn with the Logan ACT? Why? What which has never been used before why did they go after him for lined the FBI when he wasn't even in a formal investigation with the FBI, it was sabotage. You doing as it was in his normal course of duties and, more importantly, amid all of this, why aren't we getting more attention on this story? Hunter Biden, Joe Buttons,
on receive three point: five million dollar wire transfer from russian billionaire Senate Report, where the Democrats in the media is nothing new big deal this? Why I asked you guys to share the video, because I know most You probably know this, but dear friends, do your family do they know oh that Joe Biden son received three point: five million dollars from a russian- billion air have ever stopped to ask why that would be. They ever stop to ask look. I know that on our stated, but now now hearing it, will you stop and ask yourself who was really colluding with Russia? Was it Donald Trump? No, the Mahler, profound, nothing. What about Joe but its family? Taking money from Ukraine taking money from rough Russians? It makes you wonder, doesn't it then your posts, as Hunter Biden, received three point: three point: five million dollar wire transfer from Elena bad Arena, the richest woman in Russia and the widow of Euro less cause. The former mayor of Moscow Centre Republicans revealed in Europe
bad arena- is reference in the eighty seven page report, which was released Wednesday, addressing her payment to bite investment firm in early twenty fourteen Better really became Russia's only female billinger when our plastics company in Techno receive a series of Moscow municipal contracts. While her husband was mayor, it said in providing back onto the businesswoman. The report described are involved with Biden as a financial relationship, but declined to delve deeper into why the wire transfer was made. The probe also found that battery innocent eleven wire transfer between May in December, twenty fifteen to a bank account belonging to be a K. Usa attack startup filed for bankruptcy bankruptcy. In March, we, nineteen nine of those eleven wire transfers, were first sent to Rosemont Seneca Partners, the investment firm founded by Biden and Chris Heinz Step son of the former Secretary of State John Kerry, before being transferred to be a K. Usa them stop right. There I don't know that means. Maybe Joe Biden Sunday do anything wrong. That's fine! But if we are going to lie
J years, long probe of Russia. Inclusion based off of rumours that bore no fruit. Is it fair to say that we should at least investigate what's going on with Ukraine, Charisma Hunter Biden? This three point: five million Dollar transfer, I mean come on man if, if these, if, if Donald Trump, are not tv in saying all russian hackers if the Dnc email leaks of all that, if that was enough to work during this. This investigation into Donald Trump. Isn't this enough to warrant investigation into the Democrats or right now, John Durham is investigating the orange. Of the Russia probe, and we have already had one indictment of an Ex FBI lawyer who altered evidence essentially framing Carter page who worked for the truck camping. So we know there has been impropriety.
a lot of people in the right. Think, there's going to be a purple, walking you're gonna see Obama a bunch of these individuals. You know walk away and cops. I do not believe that will ever happen. I think Hillary Clinton will not be getting arrested, Barack Obama but I do think: there's gonna be low level, FBI agents, yea, CIA agents under the feds who are going to face serious consequences. What does downing to me is that you can have an FBI agent, actually text, another FBI agent, that their shock trump as winning. We, what has happened? We have What plans are we have insurance and then they led the investigation into trumps people on bank charges that actually happened. That was LISA Page and Peter struck FBI, dense, and now these people are being venerated by left wing media as if the Russia Gate thing was true, it was a disaster. The New York Times received Pulitzer Prize for this the media had pumped out insane conspiracy theories for years
it shall Matt. I was one of the worst perpetrators, and now we have declassified documents before it all started. There was reason to believe- maybe not good reason, but there was reason. Hillary Clinton faked the whole thing and put our entire country through this, because it was her turn talk about not risk acting a peaceful transfer of power, that's what we ve seen so far. Now what this really means. In the end, I can't tell you who gets arrested. I dont think anybody for the most part, but I think it shows us that everybody's planned Dirty Donald Trump could declassify everything and apparently that's what's gonna be happening, and I want to see the documents, though the Democrats seemed of playing fast and loose and playing dirty politics. We know because there was an FBI lawyer who rim moved evidence to implicate Carter, page Carter, page again, so much so much
on text here was actually a source for the federal government. I believe the CIA and the FBI lawyer, removed that context so that they could get a vice away. Against him and spy on him when troops at his campaign was being spied on. The media called him a liar he's making up he's crazy turns out. It was true, and then they argued what does it mean to be spied on, so what's happening now and I dont know for sure, but I do but we have absolute circumstantial evidence of impropriety from the bite in family now, Maybe we don't blame Joe Biden for the sins of the sun. If Hunter bite is using his family name. They get favours and make money so really Jos Fault, but I think still warrants some kind of initial inquiry, maybe a probe, maybe not an investigation, but isn't it strange that Joe Biden interfered in Ukraine getting a prosecutor fired and it turns out the prosecutor at an open
instigation into the company his son was a board. Member of that should be enough shouldn't it apparently not to the media. Apparently not the Democrats. There were to act like nothing happened, even though now we have evidence suggests it may have been Hillary Clinton. Who did the whole thing there I'm just saying I trumps, making it up man, two tier justice I am extremely worried about what happens if Joe Biden winds and the established does given the reins again and they start making important appointments and giving our two, their cronies, to manipulate the system where we will then have no justice right now, John Durham is investigating orders of Russia Gate and we are finding more and more impropriety and potential process crimes and crimes. If Donald Trump loses Saul over there are just going to end the investigation will get rid of Bill BAR and Durham they'll, be the end of it now
for investigation, no revelation to what really happened. So maybe that's why they're trying so hard to win, because it's a lot different. Now the stakes are higher. There are people who did wrong in twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen, and if the Durham probe continues, maybe they'll find themselves in prison, but I'm not sure I'll, leave their necks segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube dot com slashed him cast news. It is a different channel. Thanks, rang out then I'll see you all them. surveillance. Camera captures, while the machete fight inside a Bronx bodega as terrified and why see store owners bag build the blog you you re Fund, the police saying gangs have taken over. I love this sang refund the police because they ve been saying De Fund, the police and a New York. They D did that
please! No! When I first heard refund the police out, I was like I assume that what refund like that bought something and indeed their money, back adequate, get it anyway at New York is man. New York is in bad shape. I mean, though, that there was an article bringing other day saying that twelve thousand or so bars and restaurants are permanent. Going to close people are fleeing. There's a bunch of videos popping up so you can see you all trucks and pesky trucks and Michael trucks everywhere, as people flee, the city have lost their jobs. Many have been taught they can work remotely. So they want to live there anymore and spend that much money on rent. But the city is just horribly, horribly mismanaged. In fact, the entire state is being horribly, mismanaged, no idea do this video to talk to you about a machete fight in the bodega? I want to talk to you about what going on with the chaos in New York City, and these are the priorities of their governor and their mayor. Now, if I were to tell
Oh you at the priorities of Say Chris, I'm sorry Andrew Cuomo, not crises that ISA Cnn Guy was not to help the city but the fact that for some reason, Andrew Cuomo another blow you're, just apparently don't like jewish people, you'd, probably say ten. What that's a good civil unrest, while the other night, around eighty or so orthodox Jews, torched, a box of mask suddenly was a box of masks protesting, saying you will not take our right to practice our religion away from us. Because I was going to say a man when you get a governor who says he. the stamp out jewish clusters. Oh Oh, what is going on in New York, man, this thing to me about the current adoration of Democrats is that I mean the definitely are projecting everything they claimed. Tromp is doing there doing there, like all the violence. Is troops fault. These inciting violence yeah, I'm pretty sure when Joe Biden campaign bill
these people out in. Are you know, so it's no nation from their kind of you know the ones that are supporting it. Then you say Trump incites. I guess, but Trump's not going out Andy Foger burned down cities, so we can see what happens New York on the priorities, art keeping people safe when they D fund police, wild machete fights break out out. Now I want to show you something real quick. This is from a story days ago, Governor Cuomo orders, hundreds of schools and nine neighborhoods to shut down any threat, religious institutions and where the most fucking things to me that I can't believe he said he tat? He was meeting directly with orthodox leader on Tuesday to seek their help with getting people to comply with the rules.
Most said: if the religious leaders don't agree to enforce social distancing rules, including mask wearing, he will shut them down. He specifically reference to recent mass gatherings involving members of orthodox jewish communities that he said numbered in the thousands. I give you Andrew Cuomo statement about the jewish community. These plus there will have to be attacked stamp them out immediately and dramatically. Woe wow, that's New York, for you I'm impressed now. I do think it's a border point out This could just be how the daily mail has position. The quote- and maybe You could argue that Chris Cuomo did mean specifically to stamp out. I can't even say: maybe you didn't really mean it just them specifically, but that's just not the casement,
That's what's been going on in New York, and now we have this story. This is crazy quote. We won't be deprived of our right to observe our religion. furious Orthodox Jews set fire to masks as Cuomo closes. Religious schools and bans gather Nine and Y see neighborhoods with searching covered cases. Look I never want to go over the top and be like all these people are secret, racists or whatever. Can I think it's silly, but when, when the governor says he wants to stamp out these clusters, specifically referencing Jewel people and then he starts shutting down their schools in their synagogues directly threatening them. I think build the Plaza and Chris chrome or anti Semites. I know it's kind of cliche, because those like assign fell joke choosing everybody of being anti semitic nigh, I think so,
especially when you look at someone like Bell the Plaza because he's progressive left, so he is very much in an in alignment with the Ultra Woke and they are fans of fair come. I would not be surprised if these people harbour you no anger and rage. Iraq, general rage, like that's the point towards the jewish community, will now what you're seeing is? I'm not gonna call it a riot this. Why think? It's important distinction? in protest, unrest and right right, so there was a senator the recently where the Associated Press say. According to our new guidelines, we're gonna referred to the protest as unrest, social unrest, our civil unrest and a much closer. making fun of them saying like unrest. Ers instead of writers are protesters. Unrest is so like, I guess, but I actually think it's kind of fair first, if it's a rider if, if it's right call it a riot. Ok, it's not a protest. This right here with with the with the jewish community,
is in essence a protest like you could argue in essence, some of these things- the left, has done our protest, but I would call this unrest. Why? Because are not showing up with signs and saying we demand our rights, thereby setting things on fire in the street. So I guess it was their masks. I'm I'm hoping will read this but if you have it, if you're gonna start going in the street and burning fangs and yelling- and you know you're you're clashing with police- that's unrest right. It's! I wouldn't I one color riot. I don't know. Maybe some people disagree with me, but I think a right is when people smashing property, that's what we see literally what just happened the other day in Portland, I guess casino, look normally. I would like with like riot some outright. You know breaking out in Portland at this point: like yeah, yeah yeah. What else is new, but we have in New York, the Jew. Community men, their stepping up their saying. No to this end, Do you know what I'll tell you what When I saw these videos of them, you know basically burning the masks, so
long as it's their masks, songs. Nobody safe. I don't got a problem with somebody since you are buying something salamis done safely. So I you know when it comes to setting fines in the street and kind like. No, if I like that cause could be dangerous, but if it's your property you're, not, hurting anybody else. Your smashing up windows. Ok, do yourselves obedience so when I see this- and I said good good for them, you know why there's a free speech for cement an issue. These are people who want to practice their religion. These are people who have been specifically targeted by Cuomo. These are people who have said we ve had enough and they're coming out. I mean it's very, very different to say what black lives matter is doing if one black as mayor came out after the George Floyd Incident, and many of these protesters laid down on this in the street in Portland and put their hands behind their back. I said: Bravo Good, show old Chap that's an excellent display of nonviolent civil disobedience blocking a roadway very annoying, but it was a large mass
protest, it's very, very different from a roving band of marauders smashing up storefront and burning things down. That's different so far as it stays. Where is I'll be fine with it? I do not believe it is our wanted to attack innocent people and destroy small businesses because of your grievances with the government has had to tough problem. I know you want attention for your issue. This issue right here is free speech, their right to practice their religion and what you have with black lives manner was them protesting at the rioters like that, their angry over the death of of people. I'm not going to make us an innocent guilty, whereas a matter cop should not kill people now. Sometimes bad things happen and an end it it's like theirs. From senses were a cop Kelso about in your life. You do that was messed up like us. The story in Texas, where,
apparently this guy was walking away from the cap and the cop shot him and there are like that wasn't justify. The dew was doing anything with Jacob Blake. Apparently the Blake had a knife and and breaks alive so near. There are circumstances where it that we absolutely have to call out bad cops, but black lives matter is protests and people who have died and I still a great people shouldn't die. But yet the realise sometimes bad things happen when, when clashes in conflict arise and the car, I'm going to protect themselves, if they just came out and were you know, burning their own flag and the street stuff, I'd say now? Well, look you know maybe they'll get arrested, maybe blocking road, we'll get them a slap on the discharge, but at least there not destroying people's lives. No, they cost upwards of two Billion dollars in damage, and that's just what insurance covers the cost is absolutely higher than that might be. It was going out of the orthodox community and then I'll talk to you about something else, because we got we got a bigger update over and wall. What Tulsa there is proper.
Mission for charging decision on suspended officer there, putting barricades riots, inbound, ladies and gentlemen, riots inbound we'll see what happened, but that's where the checks out. We won't be deprived of our right to observe our religion. Furious orthodox Jews set fire to mask as Cuomo closes religious schools, and and gatherings and nine and Y see neighborhoods was searching covert cases Gunnar Annual Como imposed strict new restrictions on nine neighborhoods in New York? Non essential businesses have to close religious gatherings of more than ten people are now banned and restaurants can own the offer take out in those areas. Mass gatherings in those neighborhoods are now are are also now banned. Coma said following restrictions or group of eighty people protest at his decision in Brooklyn. Cuomo restrictions comes a day after
Ruled that hundreds of schools and those neighborhoods in Brooklyn Queens had to close the new rules, which will be in place for at least two weeks will go into effect as early as Wednesday, but no later than Friday. So we can see here is about eighty people took to the streets in Brooklyn Our protest and govern Andrew couples, restrictions on nine New York City neighborhoods. These are these- are Orthodox Jews and ideas Went on this for a later segments shorter segment. Let me tell him in New York has not done right by the Orthodox, community. I used to live in beds, diet neighborhood in New York at its like it was. It was right next to, I think it's it's basically of civil law. jewish need large orthodox community, and like my landlord was, was orthodox you and my name, where's work and then across the street you move down, attacks become more like project, housing and stuff, and
so I got to you, know routinely, would interact indiscreetly NGO Shopping and it was absolutely lovely. and you started, seeing these videos pop up where these people applying like the knock out game they run up and they would just be orthodox orthodoxy. fishermen and chase about a street and punch them and knock them out and it was. It was horrifying. What do we get from the government from from the the people in New York, nothing nothing! It was like it was being ignored, like nothing was being done. And though the lockdown happens, what they do they chain the parks shut in the jewish communities, specific single out their churches threatened them specifically, another angry about it, I think you have every right to be there's a reason why we have a first amendment in this country and a right to practise a religion. I mean this country was partly founded on people trying to find religious freedom not entirely, but many people Kay. The new world as it were, so they can practise their religion safely and securely, and that's a lot of people without a lot of different views.
now you have New York City specifically targeting them, and what do we see? The best example of this is black lives matter, and therein lies the big problem. You have this story but opened with gangs have taken over. You have hordes of black. I've met her protesters, no social, distancing, no masks marching to the streets, and what does Cuomo say he didn't limit, let it let me drive this home, for you. Did Andrew Cuomo come out and say that these black lives matter clusters must be, stamped out. Did he say that the anti for extremist movements management must be stamped out? No, he came out and said some very specific words about the jewish. Community. I wonder why this my problem with the left- not my only problem but it's the identity and left and their penchant for Anti Semitism and it's not even it's not even sub a covert, it's overt,
like these just saying it man. So what am I supposed to think? What does any one supposed to think when you ve may your bill, the Plaza he marches with the protesters he cheers for them. Meanwhile, he shuts all these businesses down. Then he is, I've gotta two million dollars staff, apparently siphoned away public funds, and then they target the jewish people in New York City, snob, surprise them the women's March leaders defending the likes of Farrakhan com I dont know what what what else you expect me to say. I think it should be very obvious to everybody who these people are and what they represent. This is why I have always said that the editorial left is a kind of weird white supremacy, and I say weird because its literally white supremacy, like we saw what
Prince Harry said? And I quote, but he said that he believes that the world in Prince Harry's view was created according to Prince airy by white people. For- and this is what Prince Harry said, white people not now. I got the reason why I broke up the court. That way is because I will not have that pulled out of context. No Prince Airy said that they believe this stuff, so they believe that they want Rachel Segregation and their targeting jewish people. What does sound like do you want a plane to God wins law but come on man to quote Joe Biden. Well, the rights that are happening, they're not gonna, stop anytime soon the people who believe this. Off our embolden and empowered by by activists by the media. You know that there's a photo of a proud boy he's in prison. I believe
and he has an interracial family and it's really funny that they call that dude, a white supremacist. They call Enrique Torreon a white supremacist and even make a tar was a black did not by all means. I think boys deserve a lot of criticism. I think they are, I think, they'd they do a lot about the way they do things that cause trouble. I do, but I think it ought to be fair about the criticism we gotta call them out for what you dont like about them, specifically otherwise, you're not really get to the root of the problem. Anti found the other hand you have. You have over a racist activists, somatic activists, their white. They target the black community. There's one video going viral recently where there is. It was a walk away rally. I think- and there was a black man wearing a magua hat and a white dude and the White do yelled yells black lives merit the black eyed, the lack guy yelled all lives matter. I don't like men, twenty twenty her. Let me tell you, If you come out and say, we must listen to marginalize voices and then
you scream in the face of that marginalized voice, could not like there who their voting for your a hypocrite, and I do not believe you actually care about anything you're talking about, and then you look at what we are actually doing. What is build a blog during this progressive, well he's guiding and destroying New York City he's sending homeless people too rich areas and he sang he wants to buy up the property after everyone fleas. I mean that sounds like some kind. I racket. You know, DR the people out with high crime and its and destroying the businesses under the pretext of covered by the businesses for government housing, and then they go after Jewish, the jewish community. Then I am worried think about what happens. If these people stay in power and no one's paying attention, I dont know if it. If it is, if it's gonna, resonate with regular people affair if they care, but there's videos in theirs. Me in stuff that show a bunch of people like cheering in the street, their fists juxtaposed with a bunch of people doing the Roman saluted Nazi Germany,
I do not like the God wins lost off words like you, basically mean a collar and ought to it's really because this is viral tweet from this duty b, actually another guy and he was like. I ice you know, put Donald Trumps, video next to Hitler This video, when it's like all other like the same video inside dude, chill out with that, however comes at the people, raising their fists versus the people, raising their hands the roman salute as it were, the Nazis we're doing that. Another not just lose call the Romans loop When you see that, then I do think it's worth calling out it's different from Donald Trump. to form a video or helicopter land, and that you think it looks like a Hitler video, that's that's ridiculous, but when you, but we have large crowds of people and their raising their fast and cheering and the the activists and the law it is, who are on their side are targeting jewish people and they believe that what is even Ex candy say
at a white people. Adopting minority children is like this racist, I'm going to quote the guy, because what he said was just absolutely important, but you look at what Prince reset you look at your next candies at you. Look at what the likes of Robin Angelo, sat and she's the one who wrote right, white fragility, they're all overtly racist. They do not want a great melting pot. They do not want this american dream. They want balkanization and segregation, I'm not exaggerating, I'm not being facetious, I'm not trying to be mean either they literally say they want these things ever max. Candy writes in his book. We need EAST, as he says that he wants to be careful, but he wants racial discrimination. I don't want people to hang out be friends, and I want that I dont. So what is this ideology? Is the only difference between what they I believe, and the Nazis believe is only difference, thought the economic structure. It seems like it. I will their communist, so there
racial identity, carrion views and calls for balkanization in segregation. I guess people think in the media. That's ok, they're unwilling to call on the left and this portal left word lurch. This is what I've talked about it. It happen in every facet, so at in every genre, covert. For instance, you can't come out and talk about covered, saying that you know if you come on, say too much like it's time to calm down and give a better example. Donald Trump had his post on Facebook remove for his comments on covert. If you say anything, that's like things aren't that bad you crossed outline. They will ban you. However, if you blame the sky is falling and as nine everyone's gonna die will that's totally fine. So then, the king, Frustration can only skew left word because over time what becomes normal is further and further left that happens everywhere. You look at activism if you can't.
come out and say America's great may go. Oh look at the it's ok to be white campaign of ever seeing that so the start, I believe on Fourchan. They made the most innocuous statement ever it's ok to be white and they put it up on white piece of pay. What does a black writing and sure enough? The media, when, after it sang it, was white supremacy just telling people it's ok? Well, but there's undertones? No, no! That was the troll dude. That's the left word lurch, you can't even say it's ok for people to be white, let alone I hit closer towards you know defending like let let alone be autumn. Don't rights purged instantly, you can't you know, and I and the fan of white nationalists at all. In fact, I would say very much despise this ideology wide same saying the same thing as with the left believes. I do not want Rachel. Segregation are balkanization offers indefinitely or boxes It would be like segments of the country breaking off to form their their respective was that there are respected
You know our ideological state, you not I mean so like the West Coast becomes this far left progressive. Utopia, alleys, airports on this one and then you end up with the interfaces in all black militia. They want their own black at no state. Then you got the. I don't know, I don't want to do that. You know why do we gotta learn live together where people I got. I got friends from all over the political spectrum. I got lefty friends, I got conservative friends, I usually don't really hang out with anybody to be totally honest, unites. I work all day and I'm in the middle of nowhere, but I've got friends across the sky. I've got friends of all races. I've got algae bt for installed stuff and we learn to live together. We don't I don't understand everyone's perspective, one or two percent, but we try to. We try to empathize, try sympathise. We try to live there, If you start allowing this stuff that we see with like Cuomo, first comes balkanization then comes war because of people saying my tribe, your tribe. I want I take
I understand this because I grew up in very racially segregated areas in Chicago and irrational. aggregated by choice, which is scary people just did it there were white immigrants. They of specifically to an area so that they could be around other white emigrants alike. Polish migrants in my area and then you had the black community that basically started they want move into their own committee, and that created this very like obvious segregation, and then you ended up racism, because people are like those people. You know they don't live here: I don't know if it was overtly racist, like the people, Either side had disdained, which other based on race. It was more like they knew you didn't live, you're, so you were in other and it was necessarily about race, but it became about re superficially, and then it turned into overt racism. So when you let these people have their Balkan, what comes next, Well, then you gonna have clear dividing lines on Rachel's. Not you
this area, is all one race, races areas, all one racist worth areas all one religion in the fighting starts. We learn to live together, we learn to work together. We compromise you're, not get net New York City, in New York City. The leaders are spray, painting black lives matter in the street, but that's prevented but but paint rolling, that's buildup, lazo. We then see what what these people believe and we you had. It was like. I think it was. Pickup likes, dad. Ok, the guy in connection with shot posting a whole bunch. anti semitic, stuff I you know- maybe it's pointless, try and warn people, bottle this! Maybe it's a bit over the top, but I'll tell you what I'm seeing when you have orphan She was coming on burning boxes because Cuomo tat. You want to stamp out these clusters and shutting down there there, their schools there there's synagogues. Man, I do not like where this goes. I do not like where this goes. Next is- what're. You gonna call this out because our I remember we said you'll never again, and I know it's cliche to talk about world war, two and all the stuff, but should
we be shocked and concerned about what Governor Cuomo said should need an apology like we can't, we can't even get close to this kind of ideology that we should allow it. So how is it? anti FA is on the side of these people. I may not not explicitly, but tacitly you know that they like the idea. The progressives are doing them favours, although they also call for them to be removed, because they're not far left enough, these people or on the other side of Anti phosphor, as they can be. How is it that the its whatever group we're in the enlightened centrist, I suppose, are actually in in opposition to fascism and authoritarian leftism when they say their anti fascist they're, not telling you they're, libertarian their straight up authoritarian, they just don't like authoritarian fascism, shore and, unlike what they're doing I believe in liberty, in freedom, and I believe that the joint committee has a right to express themselves and an end to practice their religion and I believe the constant
guarantees that- and that is true of full of all races, colors, creeds, algae beating you all that I'm a social liberal. I've always been not a social damage, that's not a democratic socialist, a social liberal centre left position. I dont think these people like me, exist all that much anymore, I think either they move towards total social Democrat, their hiding and don't pay attention for many of them have joined the classical liberal, which is a more centre right position. Solomon other than this stuff freaks me out but I'm glad to see that their standing up for themselves- and I hope Cuomo and Outlaws Yogurt voted out. Leave their necks segments coming up at one p m. on this channel. Thanks rang it up, and I will see you all then, how dare Donald Trump called journalists, the enemy of the peace Paul I mean the journalists are here to serve the people, to inform us to enlighten us to guide us through the dark.
These tumultuous times. We need someone bearing that torch as we marched through the darkness and they can guide the way, at least that's what they want. You to believe. What happens when it's all rigged and weaken see it. Fortunately, there's independent media, that's actually helping guide the way and truth be told. Independent journalists and personalities aren't perfect and get things wrong all the time, and I try my best but come on. I crank out like four hours of content everyday, I probably put out a bunch of incorrect information. Mostly it's probably good. I do my best, but I'm going to figure, pretend I'm perfect. I just try. You know who doesn't try? Actually? No! No! No! No! No, I was gonna say you know, doesn't trial. So I guess not, you know, tries to deceive yeah. I'm sorry! for the most part, mainstream press take a look at this story NBC. News is undecided. Voters previously featured as Biden, supporters, Annette, MSNBC, recycle
bring personalities to push a fake narrative to convince people that there are Cuba Americans, Latinos and individuals were formerly Republicans and independent, who are now voting for Joe Biden now these people by voters and the Washington Free Beacon shows us check this out. Nbc news featured a pair of undecided voters during a network town hall earlier this week, who had previously declared their support democratic nominee, Joe Biden, other networks, district MSNBC lawyer, PETE Peter Gonzalez and Marketing Executive Ismail Lotto posed questions to Biden during a town hall on Monday when he appeared before the network described as an audience of undecided Florida voters both Gonzalez and Laana. However, we're featured in it son BC segment in August to explain why they support Biden quote if we get for more years of tromp, good luck and good luck with the future. Attracting younger voters
Gonzalez said as the Essen MSNBC Cairo noted, he was voting. Forbidden lotta was also identified as voting for binding and offered praise for the former. Vice president, this video not just be about the media lies. You're, going to show you a really good up ed if you're a transport, at least from the Washington post. and that's why I often say: look the media's, not all bad there, just it's a tendency as the east way, to put it, There are too many people, these organizations that are more internet money and some of these people at the highest levels, but we do of an opt out from the Washington Post, explaining how Donald Trump has done a good job I know I was shocked. Tromp actually treated it out. So let me tell you this, but let me give us please consider sharing this video. If you think this is a story, people need to see. You know that
Does not necessarily just me being like hey I'd like help, you know broke my channeling, you support, helps me grown as part of an american ally. I'd be, I do reliant word of mouth, but I've been feeling you know in these past few weeks with all of these stories out the unhinged vagueness and how at its getting. Unlike what? What? What are we really getting down? I mean you guys who watched as an end in an out for myself working in these videos. Are we really best thing, then? Are we they proving that they're lying and waking people up to the fact that you don't have to like Donald Trump, but please just consider that there's something deeply inherently wrong with our current media institutions That's all I ask I mean they're. There are people on the left who think the media's fake news, I'm all about it. I dont want, care. What you want to believe as long as we can start somewhere point out. Four presses bunk now do you get a lot of people on the left and the right accusing each other of lying to? Well, that's gonna happen, but this is serious if, if they're putting our bad information and its on purpose, like you,
to realise these people knew these voters were not undecided. I this is intentional. Ok, fine now, it is a slim chance that NBC was like these people are. Are undecided for some reason or they were lied to, but I'm not an impugn the honor The individuals who stood up weren t be saying they were voting for Biden. I think the unnamed individuals behind the scenes who are putting on a show because they want to support a candidate. they say on mondays and be suit on Monday and Lester sad that Lotto voted for Hillary Clinton four years ago, but it's better public in the past in dollars whose voting history, when unmentioned, asked bite into His family's concerns, the Democrat, is beholden to the radical left, given him our kids and venezuelan voters here and self flora are being targeted. Messages by the trunk campaign claim that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the radical left and socialism, and even communism kind of all talk about that kind of.
In Dallas at what can you tell people in my family, my friends, who are understandably concerned with that issue that would make them feel comfortable voting for Joe Biden in common areas. While I'm gonna be honest with you nothing, I can't it would be a lie. Joe Biden like I'd break, the socialists are not a socialist come on man. I only have a war. the coalition packed with Bernie Sanders to concede several areas. Now, of course, the that the left doesn't think that you know that this pact is anywhere near what actually want. So I'm not trying to claim that I think it's funny, because when I say something like Joe Biden, gotta packed with Bernie Sanders and somewhat tongue in cheek, the left is like Joe Biden is not far left. It's ok, listen! If you re moderate you dont, like Venezuela or Cuba, You probably going to be a bit concerned that he would even go with Bernie Sanders. Not everybody knew what I'm saying most. I'm We need this amount of people. So what could I possibly say? Two com, a person whose scared, but the far left
it would be a lie for me to say that it would be a good choice for you. That's just to me to be completely honest. Well, I don't think Joe Biden is a card carrying communist Nor do I think that he's gonna get in and start enacting overt communist policies. I think he's negotiated with the extremists. Fighting Joe Biden will be like. Ok, ok, we'll give you these things, but, more importantly, Joe Biden, staff bailed out that the extremists and commonly Harris directly solicited solicited donations to bail them out. That shows you right there that maybe they personally won't be in favour of these policies, but will be in favour of the people who are committing violence in acts of violence and destruction. Specially in your committee, I think there are people from Venezuela in Cuba who see what the left is doing right now and they see someone like Joe Biden and it rings to similar to what they experienced or the stories they heard because we ve seen the viral videos from people were saying the stuff, but the reason I think that their high
in writing. These cuban american voters is specifically for this point. They want them to come off as undecided, because if you approach someone has- enemy, they won't listen. This is sales one or one I say to fund raising for non profit. The number one thing you don't do ok if you see someone walking towards you and they wearing a suit and if a briefcase- and it has guided our pop up and you walk up- don't go yet man, come on. We're gonna see we're going we're a chill. The guy's gonna be like what what is this guy get away from me if you walk up to a hippie guy with long air and dried locks and easy now is. I want a sweetheart, I shirt and you will pardon me good, sir. I'm here does pitch you. A great deal is gonna, be like YO children, you're supposed to approach people similar to how they behave at a trick were poor building. So if you approach cuban Americans and their undefined and you say I am a Democrat or I'm a Republican there immediately. Gonna say like. Are you lying to me to convince me to take time to vote for you? If you present
is undecided, then they go. Look I'm undecided. Just like you I don't even know who I vote for MAC as this far left stuff. Oh hey! What's that Joe? I didn't say things are ok, I think I'm in a vote for Joe Biden now it sounds like someone just like you is making a decision makes to feel safe. Poor is the number one thing people neo you you need when you're engaging someone to pick them an idea to sway them to your side to make assail whatever. If you somebody's undecided saying that you're a a you know of one of these factions? They might feel like you're, trying to deceive them into tricking them, and about that completely, not always but it would be an advantage to claim your undecided and you just now realized is not the first time the television networks have featured Trump opponents masquerading as undecided voters who are difficult to find and often less public, The vocal about their political views ABC News last month described settled several Trump critics as undecided voters, including one who had previously this,
I've trump as an ethic moron, pathetic pig, swine and punk a on social media, and this is a thing I'm trying to tell people like yeah I'll need to know that that we turn on cable tv, they're lying to you trying to trick you putting for their side, I'm not going to tell you to go and vote for Trump MIKE. I try to go in for forbidden, I'm going to tell you the media's full effects. They absolutely are. I think Fox NEWS has there? Has there there? problems, I think bright, bears pretty good, he's, eaten newsman, you don't people like they give that they give Fox news flatfish now, Tucker! Isn't it in guy, but he's pretty on. Eleven is willing to engage with wages, agrees with, and I think right bears. Great news men and is a really good he's really good at what he does. You know it's it's it's! It's no games, it's very straightforward. I think it is a good job, they say another. cited voter featured and embassies Town Hall Matteo Gomes. an MSNBC entered member thirtieth that he was leaning Lord voting bite and on tromp after watching the first debate, not to be fair that they could Selby undecided and
she knows, did not respond to requests for common others of the town Hall have displayed a clear preference for bite and on social media El crews Moreira described as a former Republican did not appear to be undecided. Several of her facebook cover photos or other pro Baikonur aunt. I trump Pro American. I promise, as another vote of the town Hall Cassidy Brown asked Biden how she would protect women's Reproductive Rights Biden. Subsequently, tweeted the exchange and pledged to cut of codified Avi Wade but round social media use also suggest she is not an. Decided voter on September. Fifth, she retreated an account with a bite in here, slow, go forth, avatar that attacked Trump for allegedly making derogatory remarks about veterans enjoy seventeen. She shared a huff post, on Facebook, about Michelle Obama, criticism of women who voted against Hillary Clinton It also showed an instagram post from our sister after the town Hall, where she boasted Brown asked the future present an incredible question about reproductive rights. You get
point in all this. This is the media at their worst and unfortunately it too much right. Now we got all these outlets for years, pumping out Russia, gate, conspiracy, stuff that didn't pan out I mean, ask yourself ass if you're someone who still find that you typically trust the media, maybe someone shared this video with you. Remember that Russia stuff well, there's investigation did really club with much I mean if anything at all, and there was no I meant there was no collusion and to be fair, they didn't to a decision on obstruction. Now the left argues. That's because you can't indicted sitting president and the right argues it's because they they like there's nothing there. The interesting thing is: it is not the job of the F B. I too Donna rate anyone of the legal system we have in this country is straight up. Can we find probable cause a crime was committed to charge someone they didn't isn't prove innocence. This is a game it's being played in the media. The left then says Trump wasn't exonerated, while he wouldn't be,
that the police investigating you are investigated to exonerate you they're trying to convict you. So looking for evidence to say you did a crime, they can't find it. Well, then, you are innocent from the get go is here that works, but let's talk about actually some decent media and I'm sorry this just because it's about time we actually saw some content. That was more positive for Donald Trump. You have to realise. Ok, Trump has a lot of things, but he can't be wrong every single time. That makes no sense. If Trump says the violence is bad, then you can't be like no action. Their peaceful now in Trump says: ok, peaceful protest to be protected. You can't turn around and claim he's wrong for inciting violence, or I should say Joe Biden denounces the the rise in them. I once and when Trot comes out and has the same thing. They say he's inciting violence, although argue there, some new ones, but the way Trop. Does it the way Trump does it trunk comes out,
and says acts. They say why he says why they say acts, that's the narrative voters. We have in the Washington Post how tromp has made the country better off, but it was four years ago this is from Hugh Hugh a contributing columnist for the Washington post. He says the twenty two. election is four weeks out Here- is the short case for backing the trunk pens ticket and voting for republican senators. Representatives in your state have president trumpet Republicans help you, since they doomed office in twenty seven team, or are you the same or worse off than you were nearly four years ago? My guess is that the President and the GNP have helped you yes, of course, count the effect of the kind of ours pandemic, but I think Trump has done as well as any president could have done and better than Joe Biden would have done. Remember that when Trump refitted flights from China on January thirty, first as the pent pandemic, spread from the route from from one had barely started, the next day Biden criticized the president's hysteria.
xenophobia. More recently, Biden has vowed to shut down the entire country in response to the pandemic, if necessary, actual really clear on this one. He said if the scientists say we need to do so. If measures he will shut down again? Trump is taking the more political approach. We need to do it right for the entire country, not just off of one issue and the reason why I think that is correct. Doctors are Economists economy is how you get your food. How you work, how you improve your life? You can't just manifest food, so if the economy destruction, the loss of your job and your businesses result in suicide, starvation homelessness, then perhaps we need to prioritize the economy and that I believe the appropriate answer is, if necessary. So I'll be fair to Biden and say he sang of scientists say so, but
scientists aren't the end Albion. He goes on to say now consider that you are much safer and more secure under this president than you were on January. Twenty three: seventeen because of the military build, Tromp has overseen every member of the middle Mary has received higher pay and the armed Prices are now much better quit. You might not be so or if you live in crime afflicted Chicago or New York or Portland Oregon, but that is another matter. Trump has reduced the use military foot footprint abroad, choosing to punch hard while pulling back The islamic states so called Caliphate. The Middle EAST has been destroyed, Syria and IRAN are on notice the two biggest terrorists alive, when Trot, took office, Islamic States Abubakar Albert Daddy, and iranian military commander customs, all the are now dead, the you ii, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have signed major diplomatic agreements with Israel, a breakthrough engineer by the Trump Administration and the first such pact between the jewish state and its arab neighbours in twenty five years. That's amazing! It really is the president, as has focused
the world's attention on the chinese communist parties, imperial ambitions, human rights abuses and roll. In writing. The krona virus escaped from Mohan Tropez, also shown how the World Health Organization's ties to Beijing worse in the crisis. Trump has made a mess: because NATO's allies pay more for their share in the cost of common defence. The safe As for the: U S are better directed to domestic use, shouldn't they pay their fair share. Let me with an agreement with them, but what percent of their GDP needs to be committed to defence? No word upholding there under the deal, I could pay their fair share on the economy. Pop policies championed by trumpet the GNP succeeded in bringing unemployment to all time low earlier this year now the economy after the pandemic. Four shutdowns is bouncing back with unemployment below eight percent and heading lower. Your taxes are down the value of your home as likely gone up. Should you own one, your freedoms?
fundamental rights to be left alone are much stronger than they were before Trump's inauguration because of president working with Senate Republicans has both of the Supreme Court and federal courts with strong judges who honor the constitution. these judges will long protector religious practices and your right to bear arms and rain in the Administrative administrative states, attempts to control your life this one's very clearly speaking to christian conservatives or religious conservatives in general. For the most part, I because religious practices, but also the right to bear arms. It's not talking to liberals here, liberals, don't care for the most part about religion there. If there are many religious liberals to be fair, there's theres many pro life Democrats as a lot of reasons to suggest that Donald Trump is going to win, notably. The Democrats left word lurked on abortion, but also all these liberals going on buying guns, they re here? He says you're right to bear arms. To be fair. I would say that typically,
catering to liberals were now of all these liberals. When I bought weapons myself included, I gotta agree millions of em chickens have benefited enormously from the Trump administration in their own particular ways. Military veterans recognised at the Department of Veterans affairs, have been dramatically improved under the Trump administration lovers of national parks, no that long overdue maintenance and improvements to the parts have been made possible by the great American Outdoors ACT knows in prison for non violent offences or of incarcerated family members celebrated the reforms are the first Step act, criminal, justice reform, very, very great. You may love trump. You may load him, but its policies have undoubtedly been good for you and the country. Meanwhile, let's look at Democrats Biden, one, the nomination, but Bernie Sanders won. The battle of ideas. Democrats are moving hard left, ready to wreck health insurance again with matter
here for all and the energy industry with a disastrous green new deal? The left when you, the party, if Democrats control Congress in the widest next year will push for expanding the Supreme Court, so a liberal majority can restrict freedom, they don't like especially religious freedom and the right to bear arms. Many Democrat are pushing to repeal the requirements of sixty votes to pass most legislation in the Senate. When that happens, watch out the left wing playbook will become law with dire concept, just for the economy and U S society. This is Let's take a November. Third, you won't see a fair reading of the facts about the Trump administrations record, because ninety five percent of the media is overtly anti trump. It is the more absurd part as an imbalance, I've ever seen and it will own get worse in the coming weeks. The collapse of media fairness, prompted by a seething hatred of Trump, is a harbinger of an enduring one part. state. The answer is to vote against this one party state and vote for a second Trump term, and fortunately I agree- and I say on
Fortunately, because I would love to find a principled, rational, liberal, now trumps fairly moderate, they call what it was like: a New York, Democrat or New York Republican, meaning that trot maybe a republican place New York so is fairly moderate as much as the media like to claim that he's far Not you know all that stuff kind of drifted away. What was the last time they claimed was far right or white nationalist. What are they say? He won't disavow, but now there's plenty than a bad job uncovered. I believe Trump isn't running against Joe Biden. Donald Trump is running against the media. true, really really, as I'm surprised, the Washington Post published this up at, but take a look at. What's going what these undecided voters there they're lying to us. Why are they trying to help Joe Biden win? Yes, That's really weird, isn't it? Why would they do that? That's because they ve
They they endorse him. I mean the Washington Post, I'm pretty sure, endorsed Biden. That's why I'm surprised they published this are but look at this story from the Daily Mail Fox NEWS House, Tucker Karlsson, airs photos of Chris Cuomo, smoking a say, gar and a long island restaurant with friends, with no mask insight. After seeing an anchor called trumps returned to the White House propaganda, while they praise the black lives matter, while people like quabos I'd, who set of protest needed to be peaceful, the first amendment, while they complain that Donald Trump taking off his mask, was propaganda. They didn't same thing, Chris Cuomo, faked, being in quarantine. I'm gonna come up getting you people, He was ousted when he got into a verbal altercation with a man nearly half an hour away from his home when he was opposed to better quarantine, and he ran to the but on the radio we know he did it. The New York Times even brought it up like do we get it you did it witnessed, saw you you confirmed at sea and I never admin
now you gotta do is going on CNN saying. I can't believe it all her rough and then, when he goes out, while the rules smoking a cigar, no masking care, they're lying to all of us down a job is not that bad when it comes to the Middle EAST peace deals and which our troops is actually pretty get. What comes domestic policy and our unemployment is actual he great and when it I'm so his overall performance. I say: ok, because trumps got serious character, defects that it is it is. It is an important role, though I dont think trumps personalities. The most important thing I'm just kind of interested in making to the country functions in matters. but the bigger problem I see is that you look at California's one party rule. That's really really bad. I mean it's really banning California. They got poop patrolling s after human waste every, whereas homelessness we dont want to end up that way. So you know just voting against Joe Biden. In the end, the Obama administration remnants that it I've got us involved in more war, your vote against the media establishment,
voting against the entirety of establishment that manipulated you and just want to make a quick buck off your back. Hopefully enough progressive see through this and at least go for a ride. That's what I guess hopefully moderate see this, and I am hoping that Trump ones, because from most part it's the peace deals in Middle EAST. I wanted to continue that everything else had just shrug. I mean economy, we want to get improved, won't we want to fix or him too, so you know what men I read on the media all day. Every day it was, it was good. See the Washington Post published something to finally was like hey look trumps, not that bad right is actually pretty good. Well, leave their necks segments coming up at four p m over at you, about com slashed him ass. It is my main channel. Thank you. So much ran up and I will see you all then, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are ready for more many apple s riots and maybe it'll spread across the country. Just in time for the November elections, Chauvelin the
officer involved in the killing of George Floyd, has posted one million dollars bond and the Department of Corrections confirmed. was no longer in custody at the States facility in Oak Park Heights where he had been detained. That's it! That's the news: We ve got some opinion around this as to what this might mean or what's coming in the future. But let me just tell you right off the bat when this story broke fits breaking in it s about now, speak violation is that, while normally people wait for the verdict this they result in en masse riding simply the news that this man is being freed on bond. Why What am I going to argue? The man should be remanded without bond. He should remain in prison They assume him guilty. That's all that matters and I will also add that many of these people who are rioting, seemed a riot for any thing. We're at that point in Chicago when we saw this mass running up among to go the looting and look in the writing was over the fact that some guy
was shooting at cops and a shadow on the shoulder, so they lied and they went up in their rioted. I think we actually might see a riot just because the news broke, that's the most important issue. I gases have them, it has driving a lot of this. The question is: why is it that people will riot when averted comes in but then we start seeing riots for seemingly any reason, and why is the AP and many other Alex reporting that this guy has been released from custody? There's no real other developments in the story. Well, the story goes beyond justice and that's what I wanna talk to you about Spike Lee suggests civil war is coming. This mother effort is not going to leave. I know cue, the mean, TIM pool talking about civil war, I think it's. The only real thing that the left can kind of criticise me on is that I've done
I'll make our honour. What like a dozen or so videos talking about civil war, maybe all across the board a couple dozen out of five thousand eight hundred. I did. I think I've done like five thousand eight hundred video segments, different segments and a couple dozen might have included the term civil war and then, of course, result in isn't do pool crazy. I hope I hope of nuts. Maybe all live in a normal life plain billions everyday and you turn on crackpot crazy dim just Their ran about a civil war does not become. I would love that, but, like I always mention, I'm not just making it up Spike Lee said it yeah we're gonna go complain about spike. Let's talk about it. Tom Friedman at the New York Times name's said it was gonna happen on Anderson coopers. Show What do you want me to say the Atlantic, the guardian there also, saying it's gonna happen, so maybe maybe on the crackpot. I would gladly accept that, while spike clean
left wing Hollywood, director and activist launched into an unhinged diatribe in a recent interview in which you suggested president trumped won't leave the white ass if he loses the November elections I get sparks. civil war and now I'm sorry bright, bar you're wrong. I sought Unhinged Donald Trump is probably not going to leave the White House. I'm not suggesting that tromp is gonna, lose the election and then refused to leave I'm suggesting there one. Be an election, I q, crazy, crackpot TIM pool by all means common wherever you want call me whatever you want, because I hope I am wrong, but I think we're gonna see is the Red Mirage. Donald Trump Gonna win. In a landslide election day, Democrat are going to be overwhelmingly disqualified. You know I was thinking to myself and a segment coming up on this. Why is it? that they know the ballots, our are broken and all he's: just qualifications are happening, but they would. The Democrats would push this anyway. Could it be that Dog Donald Trump wins
and then the Democrats are the ones who challenge and they say, look at all these disqualifications. It's not fair? We really want and Donald Trump won't leave and if spiky you're saying this you know they're not going to accept the result of the election, why they didn't except the results in twenty. Sixteen, if spitefully is coming out and sang tromp, will lose but won't leave. What do you think is going to happen when Trump wins, so it doesn't leave, but they say no, he lost. We won the popular vote. We will is unfair civil war. This could be civil war. Spiky replied when asked by variety where the country is heading and we got, come out and vote because this mother effort is not going to leave and Ilsa. The vote was invaluable. Rigged he's doing that ass already he's laying the groundwork to say the election is bogus. You know I love the most about. This is all the people who never cared don't pay attention have,
A stake in the game are now acting like all of a sudden, that's the end of the world. If the dude yours you're playing video games. The past several years, wit what're, you doing by all means I'm glad people are getting educated and not taking interest in politics for sure. But don't don't lie to me and pretend, like you, actually care about this elsewhere, an interview least smeared president trump over as election slogan, make Amerika great again roll back the clock. The Malcolm X director responded if it was up to him. I'd, be sing. Let my people go I'd, be singing spiritual. I can say that the other word weight in the water all types of stuff, along with stealing the land from native Americans and genocide. That's how his country was built. This country was built in August. We expressed concerns that presidential election was too close to call Trump would opt against leaving office. Me yeah, I think you will. I think I think if the election is broken and there's no clear results, trumps gonna say no, I mean, what's he supposed?
should should trompe like well, the election never happen. So I'm going to give up power to those people who rigged it. What would you prefer and that's why speckle he's not unhinged he's just eyes is wrong, but his assessment of what's to com, I think, is actually on point. I view at this way. Look I'm proud. I'm gonna be voting for Donald Trump and I think a lot of people are going to be working for Donald Trump. I think if trump wins, I'm going be satisfied that Trump one if Trump loses I'll, be upset. That's about it. If Trump wins, the left will claim he didn't win. If there is no clear results, no one knows who one I do not think it would be right for trunk to cede power to the far left us and to the Democrats who staged at all from the beginning who pushed for the mail and voting that broke the system.
I think trumped should I should I think I think you'd say until we can have a Supreme court ruling or something happens. I know the Democrats. I really hoping that Donald Trump just as well no clear when our so I'm out and then what Nancy Policy becomes. President we can have that now look. I said I think you know trumpets day, but I also think ultimately we don't have a clean solution. The left is gonna say no. Its policy give up the power to the poor, buddy that staged in the first place. That's equally as bad, so I don't know what you do really don't, but I want to show you something I find pretty fascinating is kind of like an and often under the segment gives member can bone. He was that favour, dude, always wherein the red sweater back and twenty sixteen he became this famous personality considered to be like in every man, usually tweeted. I voted Clinton and twenty sixteen
and this morning I sealed my mail in ballot having voted for Joe Jorgensen. I don't agree with either of them one hundred percent, but felt they were the best options available available to me at the time and once this user Linz lottery says High, can bomb use shared that Anna EU policy student, debt and foreign policy matter a lot. You would you sure, My Jorgensen aligns best with your concerns and he said the nuts or one. She has going forest foreign policy. In my view, and I want America to keep spending our blogs and treasure to be the world police, especially when it comes to forcibly changing regimes of other nations. The next that's response. So another one, You threw away your vote and inadvertently voted for Trump cool story. He said, live in Illinois. If it goes I will sign the deed to my house over to you keep voter shaming, though it's great for democracy. You that's really funny about this and I trust me I had its connected,
That is anybody saying so what? Basically? What you're saying can is that by voting Jorgensen, your basically voting for binding, because now you're throwing you're Trop Motorway, know nobody saying that this guy voted Clinton. So I guess that's their there there insinuation, but how instead Is it that they are attacking him, and one can say all morning. The Trump supporters have been nice to me, even though I dont like trump The Biden camp has been asking all over me because I don't like Biden, do these people really not see how much this behaviour pushes by standards tore the reports. The right my response to can is always vote for who you think is best and your vote will never be wasted. If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you have wasted your vote. My at my vote four Donald Trump, which is presumably this point going Donald Trump on saying that, because you know who knows, maybe maybe something happens before the election is because and critical race theory. It's because he's point
Our troops out of Middle EAST is pretty signed. These peace agreements- and I think you did a great When the economy, then I actually think he's the right Choice- judge organs, innocent and many other candidates, in my opinion, are up. I wouldn't waste my vote. I never would, but I have tremendous respect for can vote for who we choose to vote for, and you know I have friends with their vote for joy, Jorgensen and I would never say so- your basically voting bite and then because of shut up. You gotta vote for who you believe in, and that is never a wasted vote Joe Biden wins because of it or whatever. I am not going to cry about it. A bit disappointed I'll, be worried. And I'll take care of myself. That's all! Ultimately, words about. I love this response. Tony Brzezinski says? Yes, usually make political decisions on who is nice to me on Twitter, I not policies more proper. Barbara can bonus right, and this is the point on making animosity, the anger, the rage, the violence isn't coming from the right. It doesn't matter who can't you,
this is to vote for he's pointing out that he said he'd, like Biden and the Biden supporters, what insane and attacked him so when it really does come to the civil war spike, I am pretty sure it's not gonna, be the right. That's going around attacking people, it's been anti fa and black lives matter. The threat is the it's been the left the whole time now there are threats from the far right in terms of sporadic and and and high tech violence at scary, that's the FBI's for terms of sustained violence disruption. Insurgency, that's the left, but on a table more thing, people don't make decisions based on whose nice to them Tony, please pay attention to this one. They do ideas from people and if you're too busy spitting in someone's face and a Trump supporter sang it can good for you, man. I I'm proud that you're standing of what you believe and let me ask you what the foreign policy thing you mentioned. Don't you know that trumpets enemy
peace agreements has a high and consider that so you ve got a really good, an of getting tromp in an ending these wars. To me, I think that makes the most sense. Everything Jorgensen across the board is better than you know by all means to your thing and I won't have a cheers and we'll drink and maybe he'll consider what I said if you approached and spit in his face and slap M innovations brain you break your moron. He has no idea what you're policy positions are it's not about whose nice to you it's about who's, talking to you and they are not but leave it there. I got a couple more segments coming up in just a few minutes ago out, and I will see you all shortly,
Thank you New York Times for pointing out that political comedy is dead and also thank you for giving us a bit more political calmly by blaming it from for it. I could you not how President Trump ruined political comedy from New York Times the Trump years credit a bumper crop of liberal comedy shows, all of which have been cans. Told why is the president so impervious to satire? No, no! No! No! There are many great things to mock the president on you can Michael bomb. a Bush tromp anybody- the pie- problem, is you can't dump all of it in this regurgitating repetitive tiny hands, orange vase, garbage and think we're going to laugh about it. My friends, I encourage you to follow, Oh George Alex Artless G Prime eighty five on but an instagram. Why does is actually
got some comics that are about Trump. That is ears ears, one it's before the debate and it's a comic and they are Mr President, as does like a little tiny trump standing on a desk, are you ready for the for the debate, then that shows them lifting up this tiny trump and putting an end to it giant exo suit and steam. Sprays out as it enters, and then it tightens is tiny, says Bigley, and it's funny it's funny. You can make fun of trump and be funny lots of people. Do it I do tons of impersonations have to excuse me. Excuse me wrong wrong, and people laugh and have a good time. You can imitate tromp and you can mark and that's not what they're doing. on these shows, these shells are cookie cutter garbage trying to create a plastic replica John Stewart, how sad house, where I grew up, I was watch John Stuart and Daily show I'm laughing at having a good time, but John Stewart was fair for the most part and it was honest people who they say now. My do that
Big NEWS is the shows you're gettin council, good their trash earlier this year, before everything happened, I went to New York, city to survey the state of american political comedy, which has never felt more important or more fraught at a taping, a full frontal, with Samantha B I met a woman from a story. I, who had brought a birthday present for the host a mock campaign, poster promoting Ripley Hicks, twenty twenty the two main characters from aliens and blue slogan. It's the only to be sure, that's cool poster. At last week to night, with John Oliver, I watched the warm up guy ring, big laughs out of a male functioning t, shirt, gun, firing, three or or at best for rose back in
the house packed with cheering fans, people who seem genuinely to feel part of the movement, a wave of laughter crashing against a president who was was, if not washed away bound to erode at any minute and then a blustery Thursday night. I went to the programme started at all the daily show from a sound stage near the western edge of Manhattan. I watched Trevor no upon a clinic put on a clinic an audience management during one segment transition smoothly from his impression of the president to a righteous condemnation of sectarian violence in India, followed by a joke about green the bubbles. It was everything the genre now aims to be recently informative, morally, upright and funny enough at the house knew when to laugh after the tape and accommodate Europe. Let me backstage down a whole that transition from the from production, industrial to modern corporate decor, and through a war and of offices. This is just the worst kind of writing. Just tell me what happened dude, I would support
eyes. What is, as I see it, there is a type of joke. I learned to do sarcasm. People are so emotionally invested. He said you almost half do not couch things in sarcasm. Because people will momentarily wonder if you're not on their side. then that show that your love lost the plot. If you can't be sarcastic, this is the funny about twitter, Jokes- I have a friend- is like very progressive and was telling me like, with the things you post on Twitter, your understand people think they're real and, unlike. there. The obvious sarcasm one you like, I pose things like: oh gee, great, it's wonderful that mail in ballots are broken and and people are being disenfranchised. Yes, people think you mean it's well, then those people are dumb. You if you don't get the joke. What it's my fault? Are you telling me that millennials that stupid I believe it millennials are dumb. Is John exercise were watching the daily show for the most part negro watching that too, with like older faults and my
errants, and maybe that's why it a better understand- and maybe that's that's true for you to John Stewart spent ass. It John Stewart is critical of the president, but John Stewart also praise the power I'm on helping out with the nine eleven relief fund for the first responders. That shows me that John Stewart may have criticisms for the president but is willing to be honest about when the president does good. That's all that, I'm looking for a gimme skimming that's it. You actually care about with the president's doing now. Of course, I think John Stewart is mobility, for sure, but Stuart also pointed out that all these journalists take trumps insult purse only and respond in kind, and that creates serious arms. We're we're not getting news anymore. Here's what you say, friends flags are added. We have to signal to the audience hey, you know your feet. We know how you're feeling
because your audience as dumb as a box of rocks is that what you're saying that's what you cultivated? The smart people left a long time ago. Dude and they weren't on the right back in that in the previous generation. You know we use the laugh and Mock Fox news, because that data dumb things well guess what you guys kept your dumb people and a smart people got turned off by how dumb your content was Samantha, be full frontal, garbage content. John Oliver, the same repetitive took its current you little Timothy thanks for using my name all the time, John Oliver, but I don't get the point. We're gonna make just saying Timothy over and over again trying to imply there's a little kid somewhere shore fun. I gotta guess what a little kids that generation grow up and arms it right here I get it's a joke. I don't didn't you do the job one time, but seriously watched on Oliver and you're like brow, I get it. It's the same joke every single time. You're not telling me anything, you're, just going like
I saw it I once who had a gun? Can you believe it? I guess who else had guns nazis and I'm like a kid you not that's. The basis of a joke he just down in a previous Egmont non like that's, that's died, dont, that's not funny! Ass! I saw to choke John Stewart was kind of like George Carlin. You would tell you a joke. That was true and you would laugh because, It was true now, where we get formulaic dishonest bad faith, insults like when Samantha be made fun of Prager you it's like. Did I get it? Your tribal restaurant earn tribal brownie points but you're, not funny. Even John Stewart praised Project Berytus, because Johnston was telling you the truth, and the truth is funny ever watched, simpsons but I've been episode were crossing. The clown is gone or ratings tumult like his ratings, are dropping what ever going to quit the show, and then I do not think it was the Garbo thing was like.
about shut up. Everyone like gabble, better care members a long time ago anyway, crossing the cloud is not funny anymore, so he's doing it press conference where he's retiring and he's, art, insulting the crowd and their intelligence and the journalists all sort laughing, and it was why are you laughing I'm just telling you that than a guy goes, but it's funny and he goes pay so then cross. He changed up. His act ties his hair Back in its very George Carlin ask where he starts just telling people the truth and they're laughing. There used to be real jokes, and this George Carlin was the master of this. He could tell you a joke and truth and you would laugh John Stewart picked this up and went along with it. He would tell you the jokes, tell you the truth and in his ears aspiration the absurdities of the modern condition you laughed about it, Ah, what we have are a bunch of morally superior tribal lists. Who aren't telling you the truth?
they're just telling you can't. You know I don't know plastic joke formulas that they think will make. You laugh because it's what you want to hear and that my friends is clapped her, not laughter, not clear Clapped her, you see when George Carlin would say something like talking truth about free speech. It was a political point. It was true and you'd laugh, and then he would say something like another government sucks and you to laugh and black. I feel your brother low, but a clap their in there, but This is why I will call oh George Carling captors, because George Carlin actually told jokes what we get now is John Oliver going isn't the Orangemen bad both pre eminent clap. Unlike yes, yuri subsidies at Orangemen, bad, what he tells us is not funny it's uninformative, its deceptive and Spinelli, designed to make you laugh because your hearing, what you wanna hear, not the truth, that's just the problem with modern comedy, so here's they say here. was the big problem facing the daily shown its offspring? Consumers of this brand of
How many are so horrified by trumpet irreverence can feel like betrayal? No, that's not true they're, not so horrified they're, just like. What's the right we're at paranoid and delusional? That's the end of the world, Orangemen bad dude, lighten up my remember back in the days John Stuart, the daily show them, daily show anymore Trevor know, is not particularly fond When he's doing this stuff and entrepreneurs are good comedian. I think he's on great stand up in the past, but now there trying to embrace this. This morally indignant crowd of righteous leftists. You can't even make jokes are attack that was offensive then you look at it. You have a bunch of these is comedians. We're trying Do these same canned, fake news garbage shows with canned luck. Listen when we would see the Old School Colbert and he would
interviews that were designed to be funny. You'd laugh because you knew he wasn't trying to inform you of the truth today they manipulate and insult people in bad face. That's why we're getting his. They say. The boom at o, o o willow front, but which is the best part, is the best part ninety, six into the second term of George Bush, the daily show is effectively the only programme of its kind, and oh five, Colbert Poor gave its first. It's gave the most popular game show correspondent half hour of his own. The boom began a decade later when HBO aired the first episode of sweet tonight since January twenty fifteen. Another seven liberal clip shows how premier full frontal the nightly. Larry Wilmore, the opposition with Jordan Clapper Patriot ACT is with us on menage. Why it's an ex problem areas, the gym Jeffreys, show the break with Michel. Wolf
as of today, all of those seven but full frontal have been cancelled and good riddance to your fake news and unfunded trash the boom and bust overlaps, conspicuously with the political career of one I'll J Trump in theory, trumped should be the best thing that ever happened illiberal comedy five years ago when he announced his candidacy editor escalator blah blah blah blah blah you're. The promised the joke isn't Donald Trump, the establishment is it Donald Trump you are the establishment of imagine all the people wearing their punk rock vests shaved, heads and tat to punk rock man. I'm all about Netflix in Amazon, Prime yeah. What's and yet cultural establishment with blue you're, not punk rock dude the media and the governor and the government there supporting the black lives matter, stuff you're doing my word, the cultural establishment. They made seven tv shows for you, your
challenging the status quo. You are the status quo and it's not funny when you just prompt the status quo up your punching down and when media just rails on Trump all day. Every day we get tired of it, you can criticise the president, but come on man. The joke has been played out, talk about something else. You know you note. I like you know, makes me laugh, You ve got a goose game, it's the best game. Ever I swear it, listen, listen! You plays a goose, ok, it's on the switch. You plays a goose and you want around and you harass the townspeople made me laugh more than I've left in a long time. I could you not at all you do. Europe goes on your hunk and then you, like you, grab the deeds keys and age this is after you and your hearken and flap and your wings in their funny. You know we ve been beaten over the head. Nonstop for four years about Orange Man, bad, can you believe it
aren't you turn the president is bad, it's not funny anymore. No, I don't try to be funny on my segments. I just try to talk about how I feel- and sometimes I guess it's funny. I dont right jokes. I don't have punch line but periodically people tell me that sometimes also something fine is crazy. But in my efforts to just talk about my feelings, people are more likely to get around. then watching any one of these shows at all have been cancelled. Something is wrong with your comedy you're, not telling us any humorous truths or absurdities you not funny pointing out all of the insane segments from the left and the stupid things. They say about Donald Trump hope that's defending Donald Trump! but we can't do a liberal show that defends the president. Your World has been shattered. Sorry there's nothing left for you make front fond of because You are the establishment, it's boring, I leave it there. Whatever many get the point girdle
to all of you liberal late night entertainers. I mean that as a joke you on the next segment, the Democrats that's are starting to panic. I know I said the thing Democrats are panicking because our male in voting is backfiring, really bad and it's too little too late. You know I'm one of the first people to say. Wow mail in voting is a bad idea. Of course, the Republicans were they rejected outright saying this is gonna, be bad, it's gotta be fraud and they kept saying Trump claims without evidence that there is going to be impropriety in the election there is and their story after story, you don't love John Oliver did a segment about it and it was the funniest thing ever. He was like its current year and there's five hundred thousand ballots being rejected according to the Washington Post and I'm like YO, you guys are the one, ragging on Donald Trump, about this? It's the left Democrats in the media claiming trumps, making it up
Maybe if you listen, you wouldn't be in this jam. Oh, but now they are, you see, Republicans are gonna go vote in person most of them. Map and Democrats are mostly about me, male, so they say and melon vote its art stream. Melon votes ballots, our vote, Russia vote. Its ballots are extremely likely to be discounted relative to regular in person votes. So, congratulations. You played yourself. Here's a store C B S New York says election concerns grow in Bergen County, New Jersey effort, dozens of mail in boats found discarded in dumps. Sir another one of these. I remember one Donald Trump, there were about in a river or something, and it was because tromp is just. Italy skims the news and what he meant was a ditch dont about were found. It a ditch, then you get this journalist talking to Cayley Mcafee at the press, briefing and he's like what what what what river was there? and cayley goes. I believe the president was was referring to validate, were found in the ditch I'm. I want to know what this river is
why he was a mistake. He meant a ditch. It was found in a ditch in Pennsylvania. Oh, oh well, actually was composers content as I and I want to know where the river is. Do you doing journalism? He was just saying where's the river over and over again do there's no joke. What are you talking about? Ok, we get it. Yes said it. The first time shut up and move on, but they do want to admit it. Well here we go Democrats, mail, voting pivot from access. You see, maybe after seeing all of these votes collapses from two weeks ago, mind you, but I have to talk about it, cause because consider mothers cost the election I saw this John Oliver thing and I asked in front of my nose like wired Democrats, encouraging mail in voting F, melon voting is broken regional. apparently just realized it too little too late, I'm afraid to miss out Democrats spent the early months of the covered panic urging their based about abbot.
Tea, but as threats, no, no. No, they wanted universal mail in voting acts. Ios get Europe at your. Your phrasing correct, get your framing curve Universal Mail in voting as when the just send out about whether you want it or not, absenteeism you ask for it. They say, but its threats of less postal service delays, team, Trump Litigation and higher ballot rejection rates become clearer. Many are pivoting to promote more in person voting as well. Why it matters, Democrats are exponentially more likely to vote by mail. The Republican this year and if enough mail in boats are lost, rejected on a technicality or under counted, they could change the outcome of the presidential election or other key races. Ah I'm sorry man, if they, if they, if the polling, is correct, like Joe Biden up ten points, but then all of these ballots just disappear, it is going to be the funniest election ever. Could you imagine? The exit polls show that you know Joe Biden wins with a ten point, lands
I'd, but where it where the balance we can't find any of them work. What's that twenty percent of Democrats voted by mail and all of them, what's Argon Yikes Donald Trump could win because they pushed a bunk voting system. That Trump warned them about amazing having the news in Colorado, former Governor John PIC and Loop who's running against Senator Corey Gardener told axioms. That is, encouraging voters to physically take their mail and balanced to drop box, and they do so early really early Paulette Jordan, the democratic candidate for in Idaho, told axioms that she's encouraging vote or to take their filled out male ballots in person to the county court House, Black p c, also
moved from exclusively educating voters on voting by mail to informing about all available options in person absentee early voting and voting on election day. The collective pack, the largest black, led political action committee targeting black voters in Canada, pivoting to wear, shifting away from making plans to vote by mail to voting early in person went and James the group's final access. The pivot is reflected by Moroccan Michelle Obama, both of whom have been encouraging Democrats not just about by mail, but about early anyway. They can, including in person we recently saw this arm round table. I guess the Brok obama- and, I think Trevor knows it was a Trevor Noah, maybe it wasn't Trevor now a camera it was, but he said he was a vote if he was voting by mail and encouraging people to vote male- and he may have said this- to bring your melanin person. What your but Joe Biden voted in person. The other messaging was that idea. It's gonna backfire miserably in the Democrats. This may be why Trump wins think about it.
Biden Campaign bombing campaign. If it will say they ve always encouraged about. However, they are most comfortable and that they never exclusively stressed one method over another. For us, it's always been about how we can get people, about early, no matter what and that's our number one priority said generator national States director for the Biden, camping folks who like to vote in person can still do that early to by filling out your ballot and physically, bringing it to the polling location, but there are signs of potential trouble, given the volumes of absentee voting. That's expected this year. My favorite part of this segment is how I've done segments all about these problems. over and over again when it is bright, sunlight, hey, guess what mail and voting is broken and I've been criticized for I've. Had these lefty journalist argue that you should flag my videos for this information. I bring you now
two karma come and and reaping what you have some afresh Pennsylvania States Supreme Court ruling could impact tens of thousands of bells the swing stake in Florida? Voters are twice ass, likely to have their absentee bout rejected if they ve never voted that way before University of Florida poet. science, Professor Dan Psmith, told in North Carolina black voters, boats are being rejected at more than four times the right of white voters, perfect thirty eight overall data shows new younger black undisputed voters from likely to have their belts, rejected more than five hundred and fifty thousand melon belts were rejected during the our central primaries this year period and Pierre analysis. Member back in the day when shows what do like the recap show? What's like you're you're, watching an apple but the Simpsons, but instead of being a
lapis out they just your clips from a bunch of older episodes. I never understood the point was, I guess it was to fill Timon and ways like years ears and easy episode. Nobody cares about. Let's just say I hated those shows it was not even watching anything. You know for the most part after this feels, like the best of TIM Pool, calling Melvin ballots in reality, its them, realising its all broken, think about what would have happened if these people actually watched my continent set of accusing me of being right wing bow, they would have actually protected themselves. Now, there Opel they say mass gloves and its eyes are bleach. Wives are more widely available than the initial months. The pandemic election officials have had longer to prepare for crowd management than during the primaries and Americans. Without underlying health issues and praising conditions have become more accustomed, social distancing and taking measured risks as they navigate public spaces such as grocery stores. Flash back the messaging pivot has begun by the start of the Democratic national convention. Michelle Obama told voters, we ve got about early
person if we can, even if it means wearing, masks and comfortable shoes, and packing Brown dinner, and maybe breakfast too, if you can vote, if you can vote early in person or by male says Brok. Last week, Joe Biden in his wife Doktor Joe Biden, voted in person one day before delawares, primarily on the first an early vote in person voting in Virginia law lines formed quickly with voters. Waiting two hours or more to cast a ballot. Well, I'd say I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so and I don't hate to say it. Actually, I'm going to say I told you, so I can't tell you what's going to happen, I don't know maybe the mail and voting breaks and it hurts Trump too. Maybe this salt in long lawsuits that even though Trump one they challenge him, I think that's. What's likely. I think what's gonna happen is that Donald Trump is gonna win cleanly on election night and I think they knew.
Trot was going to win, I think they knew there pulling was breaking. I think they knew that truck voters were lying about who they supported because of peer pressure and pressure from you know: mainstream media, they knew they were gonna lose because of that they went full in on male in voting. And I think they knew it was going to break you- couldn't ignored things I was seeing those coming from the New York Times and PR the Washington Post, and I just so why were they ignoring this their hurting themselves They knew they were gonna lose, so they self sabotaged. So that way, they lose, they can claim it wasn't legitimate that they only lost because their votes are being disqualified. It's not fair. Now, there's a potential for cheating, but I think cheating a lot here then people realize, although we ve seen some forms of it. I don't think there's fabricate votes. Maybe I think what may happen as bout harvesting? Where are they
around collecting votes for people they now working to support them and not the votes for people who wouldn't and that flies in the face of their argument of trying to make it easier for everyone. A vote now they're, not they're, trying to get their person to vote. South Park set at best. It is episode where everyone strongly convinced stand to vote between a giant do should turn sandwich, and he says: what's the point, Finally, when he says ok I'll vote, I guess all vote, you know turd sandwich, then I think Kyle's like now. I vote for them, but for my person and then carbons like a good good, it was the perfect example. Is the perfect example of how voting works. Everybody wants you to about. They want you to vote for their person. I tell you what I want you to vote. I want you to vote for your person. If its Biden its Trump, if its Joe Jorgensen vote for you, who you think, is right and vote in the most secure,
her way possible, everybody should have a right to pick it up should have the right to vote without conversations about enfranchising people, but making sure that their votes are tied to actually caring about their community. But in the end right now we have a right to vote. The Democrats should pay attention to leave their next segment will be tomorrow, but ten a m. They sprang up and I will see you all next time.
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