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Trump Files ANOTHER Suit Blocking Michigan Results, Media Finally Realizes Trump Can STILL Win This


The media is finally starting to realize Trump is not out and will not give up.The latest lawsuit in Michigan will block the certification of the results. This is similar to his lawsuit in PA alleging impropriety over court order violations and violations of the 14th amendment.Democrats and media however have spent too much time gloating failing to realize that Trump is in it to win it and will not back down.He has a legal path to victory in the electoral college, a state republican electoral college victory, and a house delegation path to victory.Trump and the Republicans are all in and Democrats better start paying attention or soon there will be no President-elect joe Biden.

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The honeymoon is over and people. The media are starting to realise that Donald Trump isn't giving up and in fact he does have multiple paths to victory. You see many of the People were playing checkers well, Donald Trump was playing for DE chess and amounts it as a compliment. I'm just saying Donald Trump seems to have multiple legal challenges: Heaven Plan B and plan C to win this election and leave my personal opinion so far and I'll tell ya. Maybe I'll be wrong about this. Is that Joe Biden will end up the president, but who am I to note the future holds you see for a long time? Well, for several days after they declared that Joe Biden was the victor, and didn't elect. We ve seen many people and media journalists, people on CNN. Saying there is no way. Donald Trump could possibly win this election, it's over Joe Biden, president and he needs to just accepted,
but now we're starting to see the journalists recognise. Actually Trump has a plan, he's got several lawsuits and they could actually work axioms calls it. The electoral college play that's one of the strong Jeez Vocs says trumps attempt to overturn the election result is ramping up. Here's what comes next watch the states ratification, the state legislatures and the courts, you know what our knowledge, who said it, but there are like Donald Trump, not just gonna leave if he loses and I'm like you know, I was wrong I assumed this is look fair criticism to me. I assume the result would come in. They say Joe Buttons, the winner in Trump, would say all right all right, but he's not doing that grants it's been a very weird election and I don't think it's fairness in a surly, that's as of right now, trope lost for one reason we're not
dealing with a landslide and either direction if this was clearly a Joe Biden, victory that it's a Joe Biden victory, but it's not clear now margins in many of these states are kind of over the top, and if we're gonna go by standard setting, twenty sixteen with Trump himself. The media called for tromp traps, Eddie One and he on by razor thin margins, but trumps under no obligation to actually do that and so he's fighting back and with the re still being this close in many states. Tromp has a right to pursue a legal avenue to challenge the votes, and I think he should we should just rolled over and assume that everything is fine. We want to make sure that we have election integrity and security and trumpets going for it. More importantly, we get. Seventy two, point three million. I think it's only two point: three million people who voted for Donald Trump and seventy seven, but for Joe Biden stands right now we want to make sure we do not undermine the presidency if whoever ends up winning, I'm not sure we can actually get a clean victory for anyone at this point. No matter what happens? No one's going to accept them.
Certainly now Donald Trump is challenging them in court but he also has other paths directory you see while people were so near screaming fraud, because Trump probably distract them. In my opinion, they are ignoring trumps, actual legal salvo he's going after the Fourteenth amendment votes not being treated equally and it makes sense and- and from this he also has an electoral college play. The republican states can just give Trump the electoral votes. Perhaps you weren't paying attention to the Supreme Court ruling from I think it was June, where they said the state's legislation will ultimately decide. That means the state, and say we don't care about popular vote. We want to certify the electors for tromp, it could happen. Already starting line up that way. Now the big move trap is making right now is He is suing Michigan to block certification. He already
dude Pennsylvania with those two states frozen as of right now, I believe that would not Joe Biden under two. Seventy creating another path to victory. Trump doesn't need the electoral college votes in the states and doesn't need to actually overturn votes. He could also win by jamming certification and then getting a house delegation election. This is gonna get weird, but the members of the media kept saying Trump can't win can't win its over another going trump done. Think he's leaving he's acting like he's, gonna stay. So let's do this. The big breaking news first, is that Trump is suing in Michigan. Let's, let's go through this, and it was the breaking noses and then I'll show you what that, what the long term strategies as vocs breaks down and granted VOX is not pro trump. Ok, but will go through this and I'll break it down before we get started had over the TIM cast, it not calm, slashed donate. If you'd like to support my work, there, many ways can give it a p o box.
if you like to send me some stuff, but the best thing you can do is share this video and I'll. Tell you why I am not. Here too, Kate anyone's emotions or or anybody from the trunk tied to the anti Trump side. I simply want Let you know what's actually happening now. If you may view me as buys nets totally fine, but please just hear what I have to say, and let other people know tromp is going after actual paths to victory as the media tells you over and over again it can never happen. They are pulling the wool over your eyes. You will not see what's coming. I have talked to many of my friends and I like it's over tromp loss and, unlike probably okay, I absolutely the results were approach of the projected winner is Joe Biden, but it's not over until someone is inaugurated- or I guess till December fourteen and the deadline hits. If
we're not paying attention, you go back to sleep. You will wake up one day and not understand why it is that Donald Trump one. There are many people who are paying attention to want trump to win and might wake up one day, pleasantly surprised by the way you better pay attention to the stuffs. If you want to support work. I think this is important information. Please consider sharing this but operates like Subscribe Notification Bell: here's the story from Bloomberg, Trot campaigns sues to stop Michigan from certifying the election President Donald campaign has filed another lawsuit in Michigan, challenging the election results, the federal law, which the campaigns that it filed late Tuesday seeks stop the state from certifying results that show Democrat Joe Biden, leading by almost one hundred and forty six thousand votes. The campaign asked a judge: to stop Michigan from certifying fraudulent ballots, those received after election day, those processed when observers weren't present and any counted with
effective, tabulating machines or software at least two prior suits contesting the states election results have already been rejected by Michigan Judge. and now I believe this is what it is: a federal, a federal law suit. This is the process they go through Michigan Michigan says: no, they escalate Trump's has said he doesn't accept, result showing that Biden. One campaigner republican supporters have suit, and at least four states legal What say the suit will fail to substantially changed about tally or provide enough votes to give Europe a winning the electoral college, and that may be- and it doesn't our, because Trop will still have a legal path to victory. Now I gotta stop, because the leftist are saying ha ha cope, Muggah, cope, blah blah as if I'm saying all these things, because I'm like oh please trump, please, when I'm not saying that
like I already said several times: if Joe Biden wins all laugh, I've been thrown Obama Biden Presidency a market, a cry about it, but I tell you this: the news is happening. The article from Bloomberg, the article from vocs telling you Trump is going to do this. You better pay attention to many. These leftist just think we did it. We one. We can go back to sleep now as expecting them to be honest and I've seen it before please by all means, go back to sleep and then tromp will have no opposition when he jams at this ratification process and gets a house delegation. Victory he's done That's gonna roll over. This is not normal times. They say trumps campaign has provided no evidence of widespread voter fraud, which is wrong really funny they put that in their because the law suits their citing, don't care about voter fraud. I mean dimension it, but I think Donald Trump is saying: fraud over and over again, because he's a masterpiece
action. And now these left us are like there's: no fraud, where's the fraud and they're all laughing hung on high five and each other. Meanwhile trumps. The whole team sang disqualify. These three hundred thousand bouts disqualified, these hundred fifty thousand ballots, not because of fraud because of impropriety, notably in Pennsylvania. orange and thirty thousand balance their citing, potentially more Rudy Giuliani, says a court ordered you allow or observers within six feet and you denied us that's a violation of a court order you tabulated for under and fifty thousand votes. During that time we have fifty plus witnesses. We want these votes, Well now, maybe the court will say no, that's ridiculous, or maybe they'll say yes. Penn Pennsylvania turns Republican. I hope you all are paying attention, because these things can happen. I'm not here to make probability predictions on what might happen, but I kind of have to because people are going to build with two
claiming what's gonna happen, I'm reading you Box and Bloomberg Dude, please I this is for the latter's got other. Can even if the moderates and was more like I'm listening, tell me what's going on, but these leftist man they're posting on Twitter. When I posted stuff, I'm like trumps going for the legal victory there like a thief cope, I dont care of Trump loses I mean I do, but if you LOS Angeles, then watch any loses an election, but man that the hubris out of these people anyway, the point as fraud isn't the major player right now and if the left is distracted, arguing about fraud, Trump can get a process victory, not to mention electoral. let's victory, the delegation victory come on. A delegation is also a law, fair victory, Trop suit, Monday debate, Pennsylvania from certifying its election results claiming that voting calamities justify, keeping the winner undeclared while the case proceeds Biden, in Pennsylvania, which has twenty electoral,
ouch by nearly forty six thousand votes. According to the Associated Press, the campaign supplied a copy of the thirty one page complaint which couldn't immediately be verified in federal court in the western district of Michigan. We shall see, but here's what VOX is saying: since fairly progressive. There are leftist VC, funded digital media, venture they're, saying Troms, attempt to overturn the election result is ramping up. Here's what comes next! The author, the author, Andrew broke up, said, while he believes the chances trot can succeed at this is very very slim. You better pay attention. Ay Dr, been saying the same thing the whole time- and I agree, I think, we're looking at a present Joe Biden presidency Tromp has ordered federal agencies, repair budgets for February, as if he's not leaving, might palm PEO
there's gonna be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration. When we go to the concert. Take constitution and count all the votes. We will get a smooth transition, blah blah blah, so yeah Trump seems to think he's not going anywhere. Here's. Why Vocs says President Tromp is refusing to caen did the election most republican senators, including Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell won't yet acknowledge that President Elect Joe Biden, one and secretary of state might pump. Who said Tuesday there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration, though perhaps I was joking, I don't know. There's some people say was joking fine, So you may be wondering what's going to happen with geopolitics Radical level to place its useful to focus on concrete matters, two things will happen over the next five, weeks. That ordinarily would be formalities, but in a disputed election will be crucial. First, State we'll certify their election results December. Eighth is the deadline set by federal law, but most states have set earlier deadlines. Second,
Once state results are certified, the electoral college will cast their votes on officially choose the next president on December. Fourteenth. Both of these processes are currently on track to make bite in the next president and despite all the sound and fury nothing nothing happening yet appears likely to get in the way of either process. I would like to note I agree with Andrew nothing happening. It appears likely to get in the way of either process, but possible and Trump is not backing down. They say that could change. However, the dangerous scenario would be if some combination of republican state officials, republican legislators and republican appointed judges attempts to be the certification of results in key states by one or two Replace Biden, electors with Trump alike. There's likely citing assertions that the election results were plagued by some type of fraud. To this point,
trumps losses have had little success: republican state officials evolved in the council have insisted they found no fraud. and there are no solid plans among GEO State legislators to change the outcome to assess whether comes ploy to overturn the election result of successful keep an eye on whether any these change in the coming weeks. Please listen. It's vocs their framing this as those on Republicans, are trying to steal the election, but it doesn't matter as a matter of their framing. As what they're telling us is sound. Ok, there is a possible path for a trump victory. He could get it. You could get it in an electoral victory through nullifying votes, ok, he can get and a victory through republican legislators choosing electors for trumped, so not through votes and You get a law affair, victory by stopping certification and forcing a health house delegation vote. That's my understanding. I could be wrong, but that's worth three Andrew says
Currently, Biden leads by about a hundred forty six thousand votes in Michigan for eight thousand and Pennsylvania, thirty, six thousand in Nevada, twenty thousand in Wisconsin, fourteen thousand in Georgia and twelve thousand in Arizona. All of these states, except Georgia and Arizona have been called for by and by every major election analysed desk for trumped get tuna and seventy lecture boats. You'll have to change the outcome in at least three of those states. A very tall order, counting is still Continuing, but it's nearly done all of these states he doesn't need to He doesn't change the outcome, but they filed multiple lawsuits if they can disqualify these votes than Trump is winning and he will get to seventy. In some of these states there could be recounts for a much closer all election. In only one state. It will be possible that a recount could change the outcome, but recounts typically done change. Little tally that much out of more than two dozen state. What recounts two thousand
the most and initial vote count has changed after the Eureka was one thousand two hundred and forty seven from the Bush. We Gore incident so don't expect recounts to save Trump when he's down by twelve thousand or more votes in all these states. Now I'll stop tromp could be trying to run out the clock. That's the point of recounts, but continue certifications and electors are the true two crucial next steps. One the counting and in some cases recounting is completed. The next step is for the state officials to officially start a fight totals and then officially appoint the winners chosen slate of electors, the people who make up the electoral college to vote for the President Republicans, who have been sympathetic towards trumps refusal to concede so just Mcconnell have pointed to these two processes: certifications and elections as a deadline of sorts for challenges at some point at some point
We will have to find out. Finally, who was certified and each of these states and the electoral college will determine the winter so for trunk to overturn the result of the election. You'd have to prevent at least three of the six key swing. States may Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia from certified their results, showing bite and winning and or appointing bought an electors full stop. We got news. Georgia is doing a full hand recount don't know what that will yield, but it's happening. We also have this news. from Lancaster online out of Pierre House Committee to audit election as A cloud looms, Overpeer Cutler says stories from today the state legislature, in Pennsylvania is Republicans by the way is going to audit their election. I dont know what that will what what that would mean face. it's not to change the outcome of any election, but just a trusted. You know that it's working properly it could very well jam up the process and freeze certification, we'll see
state officials appear unlikely to go along. They say if the law and the acts were all that mattered. Trumps prospects for blocking the notification of results or the appointing of electors would be no, but one question is whether Trump can harness the power of raw partisan politics to make it happen anyway, by asserting that the election is fraudulent and getting various republican legislators, state officials or GNP appointed judges to fall, line as far as fortifications are concerned, the early signs have not been encouraging for Trump one republic the Secretary of State in a k it in a key swing. State is Brad Reference Burger of Georgia and he has pushed back against assertions that vote of fraud change. The outcome doesn't matter, however, he's also ordered a full hand. Recount some say he was pressured into doing it because Purdue unlawful or said he should Resign now is calling for a full hand. Recount may be trouble and defining some discrepancies, maybe not we'll see out, plays out. this ain't Arizona, though Republicans control the state government, democratic, Katy Hobbs, the Elect.
Secretary of state is in charge of certifying the states elections. We have no irregularities, we have no fraud hops at last week. Nevada has a republican secretary of State, but Biden has a lead of nearly three percentage points which look safe, Pennsylvania epidemic damage. secular state as well. There is constant Michigan bipartisan boards are in charge of certifications. All four states have democratic governors. None there are going to go along with trumps baseless claims that the election was stolen? However, I believe they have republican legislatures which could challenge this crate, more lawsuits and free certification that something Trump may be going after Accordingly, the truck campaign has also been filing a flurry of lawsuits in state and federal court attempting to challenge the comes and delay states obligations of results. None have been particularly successful, but its power. a that some will land before conservative judges who will find it
since to side with the truck campaign and, of course, the last of any federal law suit. Is the Supreme Court ask yourself, my friends? Why was it that they confirmed Amy Coney Bear at the eleventh hour just before the election? Perhaps because tromp was on the way out, They were worried, we gotta get it in, but couldn't they have confirmed her in the lame duck session? Yes, they could do it now and Democrats said as much. Whatever the reason maybe Amy Coney Bear is now on the Supreme Court, creating a five to four advantage for Donald Trump. I say five four, because Roberts has already sided with the liberal. Justices on a on a proceeding pertaining to Pennsylvania. Well, now you ve got Amy Coney bear it. They say there are also republican legislators and GNP appointed judges, I'm not not going to go through all this, because I do want to show you more so it is giving the jes they say if three other Supreme Court justice, agree with this line of thinking. They could potentially grant partisan state
slight yours, far more leeway to do what they want with elections without having to worry about governors vetoes secretaries of state selection boards and if those partisan state legislatures want to appoint electors who will give proper second term? Well, maybe Supreme Court will let them do it. You see this goes back to a ruling that happened earlier this year. Fact, Czech, state legit writers, pick electors Supreme Court ruled against Fadus electors, long story, short our rating. True, that's right. Mark Levin said the states should appoint Trump legislators, whether or not you want him to do. This is not the point he said it. They claimed it until. Twitter claimed it for is not true. It's disputed, USA today fact check true they say the consequent grant state legislators the power to choose the electors for electoral college, but the electors do have the final say. However, the Supreme Court rule
that if there is a law saying what the people is, the electricity devote for, they have two: they ruled against faithless electors. My friends Wisconsin Miss again, Pennsylvania Arizona could all just say you know what both for tromp, we said. So maybe the governors will say no. I veto it'll go to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court will say state legislature as legislators decide. We ve already ruled on this. Didn't we and thus foxes pointing out trumps, got a path to victory. watch the certifications, the state legislatures and the courts, to recap a scenario for tromp overturning elections outcome is for republican legislators and multiple states to go around their governors defy their state laws by appointing trumps electors rather than violence, and for the conservative Supreme Court justices to then agree with legislators. It's a far fetched scenario.
and appears to secured, leads in too many states for this to work out. But it's difficult to outright declare it won't happen. Partisanship can be a powerful thing and trumpet. To make the election was stolen. The standard republican position, if republican voters believe him. demand their representative take action, that it will become harder for state legislators to explain whether not doing anything about it. My friends we're gonna. U S, p s whistle blower. We have statistical, Nonetheless, we have several sworn affidavits noting impropriety. Perhaps the reason trumpet saying fraud is because there is evidence, maybe not widespread, but enough to convince the population that this is a fair election, and thus they will demand of their states certify Trump or they will generate the process. What they don't mention here is something brought up by the co founder of MSNBC would have cited several times. Might my
Understanding is that this is the case that this is the case. I will have the source pulled up in front of me. The argument is that if there's no certification and we reach that deadline, the Supreme Court will say enough. No more fighting house delegations vote one vote per state and there are fifty votes and I believe, as of right, now before the election? Twenty six republicans I dont know when they start. If I believe that that that the state legislature legible legislators certify their results, well before federal. So it may be that there will be twenty eight votes for Trump and twenty two votes for jobs. Thus creating a house delegation path to victory that could be wrong. I write a bunch of like legal articles about it, suggesting that could be the case and then was the Newsweek article claiming that was the case, but I'm not a lawyer. So you know I am not entirely sure. If that will that will pan out But while all these leftist keep telling me over and over again to me,
crazy, Muggah Cuddle Peters want chump doing you can't accept, you asked blah blah blah yeah, I can't accept be lost if Joe Biden Enzo wins man, I'm gonna, keep doing my thing. I think the world will move on. I think I'll complain about the warmongering that he's doing he's already, bringing on big a corporate executives and more de national billion dollar interests so surprise, surprise, but whatever man I've lived through this before you want to come to me, you want a common transport in the same manner, cope short. How about the acl you next breaking? We are you winning a loss or to stop the truck campaign from trying to illegally brought about in Pennsylvania. Every vote counts. Voters decide the winter, we'll see him in court? That's right! The you see how you is suggesting it's entirely possible that Trump could get these votes thrown out, could win Pennsylvania and as of right now, with the races call, Joe Biden would be under two hundred seventy votes. You bet
Fifty nine we don't know how Georgia Arizona will end up being called. I believe some outlets have already called Arizona Giorgos, probably going to go to to Joe Biden, but George has called for a hand recount. Could get jammed up. We could end up in a scenario where they see The file, the route that there, the results and Joe Biden doesn't get to seventy, because several states are held up in court or Pennsylvania, flips Donald Trump, in which case Trump wins a house delegation. Victory I believe that is a nightmare scenario I believe were in the nightmare. We are in a place where we are enjoying towards two presidents declaring victory. I hope you are paying attention. Biden says: transition can proceed without Trump administrations cooperation. Let me ask you what happens if Joe Biden who says he one who was announced himself, the President Elect and as has the media, can
ten years on with calling up foreign leaders, which has been doing I was told us a violation of the Logan ACT but sure whatever he continues, the Supreme Court comes out and says no troubling then drops, as I was ruled the president by the courts, but violence already begun. His trip is transition without trumped up while cooperation do we under with two men, both declaring themselves. The president, I mean we kind of our already there. At what point do we get to the counting heads phase where Donald Trump is acting as, though he's not going leave and his filing these challenges. Will he come to a point, where he just as ok, my legal challenges are exhausted, I'm out or will trump say. No. I want the states to certify me and not Joe Biden and what, if the court's agree, Donald Tromp has a case, and thus he wins and Joe Biden says: tromp got four hundred and fifty thousand belts thrown out Pennsylvania, stealing the
and I am the winner and I refuse to back down, come on man job throughout the votes. I won this one. I refuse what happens, who sides with who counting heads whose loyal to you, while my friends Donald Trump, just fire, the top leadership at the Pentagon. So one has to wonder why and what's coming next dont think it can't happen here. People when the lottery ever think about that I dont base my decisions off of astronomical odds, but I want make sure I'm talking about what's going on in and what might happen of course, our People who say TIM, you shouldn't talk about this stuff because never gonna happen did vocs, wrote the article. So don't come to me. I agree with boxes assessment, farfetched astronomical odds, Joe Biden, likely going to take the office on on the twentieth of January, but Trump isn't backing down, and it can happen here and I dont know what to expect other than this is what's currently.
Happening and unless we get some major breakthrough from a court saying Trump, no, you lose so far. It's moving along exactly as we expected to four trump now, as vocs sat in which I everything is in such a way that we can expect your body to become president shore, but Trump is bill in the race, the race never ended. Them He had just said it did it didn't I'm sorry, and thus we may be coming to a point where Trump finds a way to overtake Joe Biden and then, as some people have pointed out on twitter- and I know when I say it: if Trump overturns the current media narrative out. I want to say the results, because the result having been certified but if Trump flips the scripts then they say the vulture disqualified, Joe buttons so these are legitimate votes that trunk got disqualified through a technicality. Trump did not win the popular vote. He did not. When the electoral college, he got a court victorian than one civil war. At least that's
Other people have already brought up in response to acquiesce. I tweeted about it and I think it's funny the left as like here Goethe TIM talking about it again. Then you haven't been paying attention because when I talk his lefties on what you did. You read the lawsuit. Did you the lawsuit from Pennsylvania, no there's no fraud he's got you tromp has dangled the fraud over here while gone after process over here and you're sitting saying. What do I care about is lost? There's no fraud, he'll. Never when he's just flailing about now. Vocs actually also started, hey guys, guys, listen, it's not over! Not over until the certification process happens and Joe Biden is inaugurated or Donald Trump is, but I hope all of you are paying attention, because maybe nothing up and made me nothing
But I we're in unprecedented times, to say the least: Oliver their necks segments coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. It is a different channel from this one thanks for hang out, and I will see you all their project vera toss. received information from a whistle blower, a man who worked for the. U S, postal service. He said that there was backdating of ballots going on what this means is that a ballot came in late, pass the deadline and was not eligible and they started putting wrong dates on it to make it look like they actually came and before the deadline. This is fraud? What this whistle blowers signed a sworn affidavit, the abbot if it was cited by Republicans as evidence of fraud and now something very, very well Eared is going on. They can look at this tweet. I have on the screen for those that are watching Donald Trump says a brave patriot.
more and more people are stepping forward to expose this rigged election. If you look to the bottom right, where has what's happening, this is twitters editorial choice. To put this, who's in front of everyone where it says, Pennsylvania, postal worker recounts, allegations of ballot tampering Washington. I was in Washington, Examiner and New York Times report. Yet what is this tweet from Donald Trump? Why he's quoting James O Keefe? Who has a video of that policy worker? And I quote I did not recant in fact, he doubles down. He does another interview with their tasks which they released, including recordings of federal agents, interrogating this man and telling him they want to plant false memories. I didn't know it sounds insane. That's all I'm saying what is happening. Of course, I've asked some friends, they say
dude project, their task lies all the time. Why should I believe them, and, unlike prove it proved, they made it up matter, much wonder what will they do about it? project that has one all their defamation suits. As far as I can tell, I've looked into the allegations against them and I found like one thing that James O Keefe us maybe they couldn't about our job? But aside from that, we ve got a postal worker who scientist worn affidavit. Now you can argue he's making it up ten, these law These rights is unreliable, he's a liar fine. Now we got investigate, that's it. We have to investigate right. Donald Trump is fighting as hardest possible to challenge many ballots that are improper to challenge out of what he sees as fraud or what may be fraught. I should say I think it's fair to say there is absolute absolute evidence of fraud, but evidence does it doesn't mean proof necessarily what I mean by that as we have we have. I think they release them. like two hundred and thirty four pages of sworn testimony from righty of poor workers alleging weird
Things going on violations of procedure and standard and one woman actually swine scientist whenever David sang her dead Son voted, so this stuff exists, I gotta say I think it warrants an investigation. Now. Tell you what's really worrying about all of this look. There may be voter fraud, but I think that's the best. That's not the important question important question is whether or not trumps legal actions will make a difference. The media is absolutely opposed in every way. To what trumpet saying and that's weird to me, I don't care about your tribe, and that includes traps. Quarters I dont at an end, the left has two Euro trump. I voted for the guy no problem, but I don't care about the people who are theirs mad at me. I guess because they're like what aren't you show the statistical anomalies and and talk about the watermark, and, unlike did I wanna, make sure we're getting to the root of what's going on with the hard Hence the strange media stories and I dont want to play any tribalism games that don't make sense to regular people.
so there may be, I've talked about bends, Branfords LAW, there's like a weird anomaly and invite votes. I've talked about I've tweeted about it that there are certain please with over one hundred percent voter turnout. These things are very weird, and I am talking about the evidence presented by Donald Trump, but I guess some people are satisfied that, but the point is The media is absolutely in the bag for Democrats and everyone knows it the way they were ideologically, invest tat in the riots, for instance, didn't want to report on what is really going on, and now we have the story from the Washington Post Postal were recanted allegations of ballot tampering officials say: ok, maybe he did what he says he didn't well now we ve got a problem ice how's the Washington Post, ran a story from anonymous sources. According ass, a three officials briefed on the investigation and a statement from a House congressional committee? Ok, we're way way way way way way. Now even the investigators themselves? Yeah? Let's try this a Pennsylvania,
also worker was claims have been cited by top Republicans as potential evidence of widespread voting irregularities admitted the? U S, postal services, investigators that he fabricated, the allegations a call two three officials briefed on the investigation and a statement from a House congressional committee? Are I hold on a minute? You mean to tell me that we got three people and I had a House committee were not party, to the actual investigation. We dont know who these individuals are, and we don't know exactly what happened in this meeting and the guy is saying he did not recant. I gotta tell you Washington Post. Standards are really allow item. I'd, say some. Let the boy can't get any lower, but I'm pretty sure you buried it. This is crazy. They even say look at Us Hopkins, did not respond to messages from the washing policy can comment through is social media accounts.
But family members and phone messages earlier this week or but in a Youtube video he posted Tuesday night. He denied recanting, I'm here to say I did not recant my statements. That did not happen. The reversal two investigators comes as Trump has, used to concede the I don't know. Maybe maybe he did. Maybe he signed something, but project Berytus has put out this and I want to make sure I could you get you there's a bill to hear it. This is creepy stuff. You need to hear the recording their task put out. Let me play this, for you. And so let me let me put on This storm is getting crazy right it's out of large people's Control the reason they called me here is to try to harness that's. Why try to real again before it gets really crazy. Henderson, because we're senators involved. We have the justice involved. We have
lawyer king selling, a hold of me. I am not. Why am I am trying to twist you a little bit because in that believe it or not your mind, will kick in we like to control our minds and when we do that, we can convince ourselves over my mind but when you're under a little bit of stress, which is what I'm doing to look for this week, mind you were trying to convince you. What did he say we're trying to convince you of a memory. Is that what he said we can convince our cells of a memory? This is weird rust, Strasser? U S, P S office of the idea, but when you're under the distress, which is why Don T you make your mind, can view will be clear and giving you a different actors eyes too little? They could go so, but this is over water. Why not sneering
Why am I here? It seems like they were trying to make me distrust YO and, at the same time it kind of effective, but at the same time I was like now these guys about my back since to get go so as well. continued daisies federal agents. Have your back, at this point is some weird stuff: look, I'm not going to tell you what you can or can't believe bite it. certainly doesn't make sense that they are claiming this guy recanted to federal, agents an investigation and is now publicly coming out in saying he didn't actually were can't. I can only Imagine if they're saying There was an investigation and- sky recorded this guy this from the office of the idea. I have no reason to distrust this video, but I tell you man, it's gettin, weird, isn't it? Let me tell you how weird it's getting check this out predict. It has done
old trumps, odds, improving, that's right, they say the races over, but right now they say prayers. Central election winner and predicted hasn't called it. If those are familiar protected is it is. It is a budding website. The ideas you buy, a share in some outcome and that- You cash out a dollar per share if you are right or zero if you're wrong- and this in that's what they're saying is for eighteen son, you can buy a share that says, Donald Trump will win the election and if he does, you will get eight dollars back for every zero dollars and eighteen cents it's going up. Now. I suppose, there's probably people making value bats like I don't mind losing eighteen sense. If we get a dollar amino spend, An amount of money could greatly get more. What are the odds really that good that people are willing to spend eighteen cents per share shouldn't be zero. I thought the race was all but over certainly many people are not acting that way and that's where things get weird.
I look? I gotta be honest. I run the risk of getting band off. You do for saying this, but for bringing the stuff up, but it is what it is so be it. The Washington post is a tribalism actor just like that. supporters coming out with videos? You know they do like mathematical and Allison like this proves it. You ve got to side trying to say here, what's really happening. What what I'm concerned with is what what happens in the court's, what are the actual allegations and what is trumps, reasonable and rational path to legal victory right now, we're seeing people in media saying look in there's a lawsuit and trucks teams has had no fraud. You see the game there playing is that you ve got these people tweeting out now twenty thousand retreats it says they highlighted this text in its like. The judge asks them point blank is there brought in, as I know not that I know of, but this specific lawsuit that their highlighting was about mail in ballots that were improper. So what the left
and the tribal list and the media are doing is just its plainest day. This is not real. This is not through information. There manipulating they have powerful positions in media and they are putting out miss information on trying to get through it now. As for these, like videos of mathematical statistics are when other people keep sending me, but I don't know I don't I'm supposed to do with that. It's not it's not hard evidence. We ve got affidavits from individual. Alleging certain actions were taken, and that I believe, is where we need to go case in point. our see chairs has eleven thousand people have come forward with voter fraud claims. I don't even think voter fraud is the appropriate battleground for this. I think it's a distraction, and maybe one on purpose this this. This year's, piecemeal guy, Fraulein, oh he's, making it up, he's gotta, you know they say he's recanting. Maybe he is maybe he isn't that autos really creepy we can. We want to
for all our minds. We can convince ourselves of a memory. Do that that straight up, like false memory like that that they manipulation, technique. I'm familiar with this up. I used to do nonprofit fundraising, not not exactly what he was doing. But we know about you know like pressure tactics for making people take action its sails wanna one. That is something else, but you can see it if you know what you're looking for that's weird, maybe it's all fake. I don't know But I tell you that seventy one million people probably do want to know, and it's getting here right now. It's getting weird when you of people in the media just saying over and over and over again everything's normal go back to bed. America, your government is in control again Donald Trump hasn't conceded the race Donald Trump, just fire top leadership from the Pentagon. Donald Trump has instructed federal agencies to operate as though they took to prepare budgets through February. As though
isn't going anywhere and we had might Pompey or the other day say when asked there will be a smooth transition into a second Trump administration and that chuckles. So they tell me you know: Muggah cope, I'm nuts, I'm not sit near saying that Trump one I have actually been saying over and over again, and I think in the end Joe Biden will be president, but I tell you men. All of this news it keeps coming up is getting weird it's getting weird if they can said Joe Biden President Elect when they did outside well, you know there is trumped, inconceivable, see how that plays out. He's got some long shot legal tactics, that's what I said. Then they put out these weird stories: Then they put out the story seeing the pulse of worker recanted when you put that of using he didn't and unlike what that's really weird shouldn't the title of the of the video say, postal worker denies recounting allegations. They didn't put that's
no in the story, they say straight up, he's denying it, but then you see how they have chosen a frame it they puppet, This story originally without a comment from the guy and apparently he was trying to give them one. I think it's really strange but we have more than one sworn affidavit from individuals alleging voter fraud. In fact, we have eleven thousand now, apparently, and not only that Lord Ingram had on November pull worker on her show last night disguised who s eye sworn affidavit explaining that she saw weird stuff going on with frog. Now, I don't think Fraud is even though the right battlefield for this, like I said it may be a distraction and maybe on purpose because real battleground in my opinion, is impropriety. The actual argument that makes the most sense and is the most powerful is the Bush V Gore argument that all ballots must be treated equally, you ve male in boats and in person ballots and they are not treated equally.
The really weird argument, because absentee ballots have existed for a long time. However, I think the issue is that you could argue while there are fundamental differences, but in the ballots: Big undergo a set of a bit of scrutiny to guarantee you know the security features and thus while they may be different in some respects, fundamentally they are the same. What what? What I'm trying to say when you go into appalling place? If show idea in many states? Thirty, it's it's not not everywhere. They look up your name. You have to have certain information. There are people watching you, you have to get it like do things by the book and legally you don't have any observers. You'll have any name check in person when you do vote by male when you request an absentee ballot. There is a security process you go through and there is a chain of custody. You receive your absentee belt, you mail it back and they know who requested it who received it and who sent it back,
Many of these places that's exactly what happened, however, in many states where they issued universal mail in voting, they set ballots out that no one requested some boats, we're going to dead people. Duplicate bouts has been reported, white maybe not duplicate but like in one area. You'll get about, like California, will get about forgotten, moved, but he'll get a ballot and is in homes. In his new place of residence as well so duplicate and a certain respect, I'm I'm trying to make sure I'm being care I'm not saying that someone receive too of the same ballot in the same place. Now it's like someone will move. The bout will go there anyway. That's the point there are now arguing Trump is that these mail in ballots are fundamentally different. There argument, may not not work, they might say, no listen, not every ballot is identical or made a supreme court rules. all. Voting must be done in person, with few exceptions for the military or people who you know our travelling for work, absentee boats at once I was to be about originally.
If absentee ballot was supposed to be for military personnel who couldn't be there- and we understood why- so we made an exception, but Maybe the end result of this is that all elections must be done in person. I dont know that seems to be the best attack vector for Trump in terms of some kind of victory. but we do have eleven thousand people coming forward, voter fraud claims and thus right now I don't- I don't know I've. Donald Trump has filed the loss in Michigan but tromp is trying to now do another block the same as we saw in Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania, the trumps who to stop the certification process, which I believe happens to tomorrow or the or the twenty or thirty them entirely sure out. I have all the dates are mixed up, because each state, as a different certification deadline but I believe Pennsylvania's unofficial result deadline was a slash ten, which is why many outlets called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden trumpet saying you can't certify these results. The left
The media are saying it's over Joe Biden. One shut up sit down. No, I'm sorry doesn't work that way. Donald, is falling legal challenges. Certification hasn't happened yet and we need to understand. What's happening, that's it, you can't just say so, sit down and shut up now with a thousand people coming forward voter fraud claims things are going to get weird. There's the important part, Pennsylvania has a republican legislature. The state itself, I dont, believe, if they're going to just roll over and say we're gonna ignore all of this. I think we are dangerously claw was to the parties splitting such away. That's it if Republicans in Pennsylvania are, let us adopt loses his loss it. He says I want to block this ratification process in Pennsylvania, so Joe Biden, yet nobody will get these votes. Ok, a court could say no
Pennsylvania, certify your results and the republican legislature can say. No. You know why fraud isn't the right argument. The Pennsylvania legislature set rules. The government of pets that that the executive leadership in Pennsylvania ignore or what the legislature wanted and it went to court and another fully just polar profundity, but basically even an inn. Where there are public and legislature said: we need to do it this way and they said no even instance where a court ordered these all counting areas to allow observers within a certain amount of certain distance, they said no violating a court order. I dont know what your answer to that
you know, I had Michael Tracy good due to the good journalists we runway we're talking about this and I don't. I don't think we have a good answer as to what to do and look look at this way. The trunk campaigners arguing three thousand votes approximately in Philadelphia and a hundred fifty and Alleghany County were improperly counted when a court order said you must stop. They didn't so now, really Giuliani says: throw up the ballots have already been spoiled the that they been removed from their secrecy envelope. The secrecy anvil was thrown away, and now we just have rob out, we can't verify their organs that.
is the very serious challenge. You really throw out four hundred thirty thousand legitimate ballots while, but if they violated a court order do take. What do you do? Do we call for a new election? You can't see about, have to be thrown away, but then Trump wins on a technicality and and and legit ballots get discarded. Now you can argue that these bouts may have been fraud the wind, or they were counting things incorrectly I've I've got about. I got so much stuff to go through, so I'm definitely do another segment on this and go through the all. The voter fraud claims you ve got a big list. All the stuff they put out, but this very tough stuff is really weird These ports that are coming on are also very strange. It's like you, have too disparate realities, forming the Democrat and the media and the Republicans and independent independent media or right wing media two different factions completely at odd
with each other's version of events and I'll. Tell you this. The media Is there lying? It's it's ridiculous. Keep saying no evidence of voter fraud. How many sworn affidavits do we need before we can say? Yes, we have evidence it circumstantial now, We need an investigation, but it keeps saying no evidence and it's not just like one or two hours: a ton of outlets. Ain't, no evidence. Sorry, man, I've seen the sworn affidavit. Okay, this is evidence. It's not proof. It's not it's! Not it's not absolute proof beyond a reasonable doubt. It is evidence the person may be lying, doesn't matter
we go to court for criminal trials. A witness testimony is circumstantial evidence. Does it mean to tell the truth? No, but it adds some credibility to an idea. Something may have occurred, evidence the media, keep saying. There's none is weird men and are not can happen about tell you my fear. Let's say Donald Trump is right, then goes to court and they say look at all this fraud. We ve got to nullify these elections. What happened in Patterson New Jersey, when they found bundles of ballots in one mailbox there are like this is not right? One in five ballots were were disqualified. So a federal judge said do what new election? What do we do for the presidency, a new election? What if trap, is right, and the Supreme Court says we're ordering Pennsylvania do a new election in person or because they spoiled too many
Alice and its unfair to people's bout have been disqualified and we need clean results. What happens if they do that the left will say tromp cheated. The media will say: tromp just got the courts to overturn his loss to desperate realities, one in which people like us, are looking at the news. As sceptic saying I don't know, I don't. I see this. I say: ok, eleven thousand people have come forward. Waterfront claims many sworn affidavits fifty. us witnesses about a violation of a court order and pull watching impropriety. Ok that exists. Yet what do we get from? The media president Elect Joe Biden? He won. except it stop coping, there's no evidence, but that's fundamentally untrue that keep saying it if Trump does come out and prove that there was a labour party or get votes disqualified. The left will just
a Trump as the despot who stole the election, the ac, oh, you has announced there going to be filing a lawsuit to stop Trump disqualifying votes in Pennsylvania law. Fair has begun, who wins, maybe I'll, be trouble We won't, but I tell you this man. People are people who aren't paying attention. You know, DR by politicos, I got to say, These are people who don't pay attention to the news. They don't care about. What's happening our country, they just turn the news that the Orange man is bad, so they went and voted and then they left and now we are here, holding the bag confused as to what's going on. Who is gonna, be our president and they're saying oh just deal with it. It's Joe Biden. You are wrong. This is not just going away. I believe there is a massive likelihood, like the overwhelming majority, to an extreme degree that its Joe Biden- that's it tromp. Is China
allowed some legal stops, but I'm not discounting tromp, because we have probably cause absolutely probable cause. So what happens at the very least tromp was able to do Michigan and Pennsylvania to stop this ratification process? If he does, Joe Biden does not win if they can't get a certification done, by with the electoral votes House delegates, will vote in Trump as president and two seems to be certain certainly seems to be confidence. Gonna happen on time in. I fully expect accounting down the minutes until you to bans me because this is out of line with what is supposed to be talked about. I suppose, but I'll tell you what I do is Newsweek. News guard certified you see, I use these sources on purpose now there it's us is not, but I'm not discounting videos and sworn affidavits, especially if Republicans in Congress. Bringing these things up. I try to make sure that everything I do is in the confines of you knows.
certified and fact checkable claims, which is why I'm gone I'm trying to highlight the stories that I think present the most obvious and rational conflict here now whose week is saying or teacher says eleven thousand people have come forward. Voter fraud claims. This is not some fly by night, some random click bait Ray bake, garbage website and the Orange see chair is not some random person on a street corner. Yelling, it's been stolen, it's been stolen, we're talking about the Republican. National Committee versus the DMZ. We are talking about the that the second largest one of the two big parties of our countries saying no, and we have. but ass, we don't just say other right. The orange has made the claim the investigation, must now occur I'll leave it there, I got a follow up more on a lot of stuff on at at one p m, and this channel so stick around and I will see well then.
The secretary of State in Georgia has announced there will be a hand recount of the ballots in Georgian. How many people have said this was pre planned. It's a risk limit, audit. They were always going to do it. They're just happening to do it now, but it matters. There are a lot of people who believe that computer programmes were used to flip the boats and thus a hand. Recount will reveal this in most elections, where we ve seen a recount. It's only been few hundred, the most notable I think, was Bush, be Gore where it was like a thousand two hundred shift in a recount. So I dont of this will actually end up doing anything to be completely honest, but it doesn't matter what my thoughts and opinions aren't matters, but it's happening if you're, so Who believes there is widespread fraud or impropriety? You to see a hand recount makes sense. The state is going to do it. don't see why anyone should be complaining about it. But of course many Democrats actually are
and they use an absurd analogy that I find quite funny and they tried to use all the time. First of all, the question is very obvious: if we want transparency and certification of our since. Why would anyone reject transparency and certification of our elections when a member As Democrats have long said: Russia, Russia, Russia, foreign interference. So how about we go through everything with a fine tooth common make sure we're good you see. Both parties, in my opinion play games for power. Donald Trump and Republicans are not complaining about the results where they won. The clump complain about the results where Trump is down. I think if we want to be fair, let's do a hand recount everywhere everywhere. It's close at least and that would include some republican victories and guess what I'm willing to bet tromp supporters and to do it because their confident they ve won
Democrats should be saying the same thing because it might help them went, but for some reason there not see the game is being played. Look, let me put it this way. I think you know Trump one in twenty six, he came out and sad. I've won and within a few days, Hillary Clinton conceded, but though, that the democratic laughed when insane trying to get the electoral college not to certify the result trying to get faithless factors of which I believe we had a few Goldstein calling for recount. They were used to accept the results of the election, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna play a partisan gamewell like well. Now the Republicans aren't allowed to do in everyone's allowed. We're gonna do it anyway. We ve also got Jim Jordan, calling for a full audit of the vote. The all events- I guess he just tweeted audit the vote, a right that mean everywhere, but only assume it does and I'll tell you that at this point do it means.
We counted all of these ballots very, very quickly. It took us about. You know a day to count the in person balance, and then it took us several days to count the mail in battle but why not? Why not give it another week just to do it just to get it done? What I should have, but I kind of glossed over this, but the left, what they're saying now Why don't we challenge you? What we investigate, whether the moonlighting happens, we're so smart right now you have seventy. two point: three million people who voted for Donald Trump, probably more. Seventy seven million go voted for Joe Biden. This is not some argument in an academic setting about what is or isn't it's litter We half the country saying we do not trust the results. We went through the Russia Gate Investigation for years. I
entertained that I now want us to entertain this makes sense. Doesn't it yet? Well, maybe that's why, when the two other hit pieces on conservative, talking about fraud. They tend to exclude me because I'm not here, actually arguing that the widespread fraud shifted the election. My argument is very simple: whether there is or isn't It would be reasonable to make sure that seventy two point: three million people do not feel disenfranchised- and if that means we spend some extra time- to make sure and our hyper polarized environment it makes, if we make sure that everything is good, then we do it well. Here's happening in Georgia. Georgia will reach out presidential elections election Bout, and as widens lead over tromp grows now already, and it was a lot of people saying this is good news. They're going to sort them by hand and they're going to feed them into a machine. To tell you the count so yeah, if you really care about a hard recap, you might want to tell them not to do that and just
right down the numbers on paper and then send those now or somewhere. I don't know, that's that's being reported. They say Georgia will conducted statewide, we count of ballots cast in the election, President Donald Trump and Present Elect Joe Biden Secretary of State bread, reference Berger said Wednesday, with a margin being so close, it will require a full by hand recount in each county. Reference burger, send a press conference reference, Burger Republican said the state will work with county officials to complete the recount in time to meet its November twentieth deadline for certifying statewide election results every bit of time, we have left for sure burdens laid over Trump in Georgia has grown to more than fourteen thousand votes along. Nearly five million cast a call two NBC News, which has not projected a winner in the peach state revenue Burger had previously telegraphed that are, we count was likely in the state
has traditionally voted for republican presidential nominees. Trop supporters, including GEO P rat Doug Collins, asked the Georgia official earlier this week for a hand recount this will built help. This will help build confidence. It will be an audit a recount and they re canvas all at once. Reference Berger said it will be a heavy left, but we will work with the counties to get this done in time, for our date, certification, good, because if you got people were complaining, maybe they won't accept the results, no matter what happens just like the Democrats? Fine, but at least we put in a good faith effort to make sure we're taking these claims seriously and going through the trump on that after the November. That election falsely asserted that his campaign had claimed or electoral electoral vote purposes. Georgia and other states with binding not predicted, projected to secure more than two and seven electoral votes required to clench of the presidency. tromp under surrogates have already demanded recounts in states, including Georgia and Washington. My understanding is that
also Father lawsuit Michigan, we know about the loss in Pennsylvania. Trump is moving to stop this ratification process. They also launched a flurry of accusations of electoral fraud without citing evidence. This is a lie. Isn't that in saying that at a sea NBC puts a blunt bald faced, lie right in that story, that's that's freaky. In it, the Orange Sea has said. Eleven thousand people have come forward. They have sworn after day, That's ok, there's a postal worker who has signed a sworn affidavit saying they were backdating balance that is called students. It's not proof positive. It is a bit of information that corroborates.
Plain. Doesn't prove it beyond reasonable doubt, but there is evidence. Does it mean the election results? Will change? No does the evidence mean that is enough to make a difference for Trump no, but it does mean we have people who have straight up said one woman signed an affidavit sworn under oath. Her dead son was right. was listed as having voted. That is evidence but they're they're, just lying over and over and over again. This is just insane trunk campaign. Lawyers have found lawsuits in multiple key states related to those claims. Many those cases of already been thrown out by judges. That's true, many have been thrown out. Tromp has refused to concede to bite and at his feet firstly claiming he won the election that try to should have power to abide. Administration cannot formally begin until the General Services administration makes an entertainment of the winter which so far has refused to do with which it has so far refused to do well.
When we say the media projects a winner, it is tradition, more than anything else, The media doesn't call who the winner really is they look at the numbers. Donald Trump is going to challenge hundreds of thousands of doubt in many states he has a multi, tiered legal plan and I think they ve been preparing for it. I got the honest, listen. I want you to think about something. Just just think about. This also actually share this video with with people. You know tell them get em. I understand what's going on, if you think I do the job under Bush v Gore, all ballots must be treated the same right. Ok, I tweeted. Isn't it weird how we can count millions of balance in a day, and then we have to stop and spend three days counting hundreds of thousands and all of us, inundated with these as Michael malice likes to call them mid, wits they're, just like low information, individuals saying
you clearly don't know how elections workers low dumb, including Oliver Darcy of CNN, say your lack of understanding of the processes. Butler, I didn't say anything about absentee ballots. I literally sat isn't funny It is for me at least to me we can all these millions of out and I'm gonna stop for three days to count the absentee belts. The the official explanation is that absentee ballots When you, when you bought in person you go for that check in that process to up to a certain degree, you thought about the votes, good that can count it with absentee they gotta open at match, signatures certain and then you know verify it takes longer to count and absent. Bout that it in person bout, especially when in person is being you know, tell it in the machines in real time. Ok, I didn't say that wasn't the case. I just think it was. funny that we were able to go through a millions on day one. But you see therein lies the point with these low, information individuals who don't understand how this works in there all laughing and gloated. But anyway I digress. I can read on those people are denied the right.
The issue is that under Bush we Gore all balance must be treated the same, but if we're coming out in saying that it take three days to out hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots forces, millions of in person. They are not being read it the same. They are getting absolutely different treatment now that might not be enough because they facial ruling might say: that's not unequal treatment there, both getting some kind of dirty process and, for all intents and purposes it's legit, ok, fine! the issue is curing, and this is the lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Now you got a revival pulled up, but Chris Evans took up a video from Fox NEWS and he is the perfect example of like Tweedle be laughing. How he thinks he's so smart diploma, and he doesn't, even though it is talking about, and then he and we misinforms a whole bunch of people was also on other talk about Fox NEWS, segment where they said it was ethical, John Robertson ashore
tromp is saying all the legal votes have not been counted and all the illegal votes have not been excluded, but where they went into problem is evidence so far, no evidence, first of all the Orange Sea, has already come out with like a ton of sworn affidavits. and they're making assertion eleven thousand people, two hundred and thirty four pages of accusations. What do you think you get? Someone calls the cops as I'd like to report a crime. I watched a guy running out of a building will that's not evidence. You just watch Togae running out of a building with a bunch of money and it was any running out of a bank with a bunch of my that's, not evidence bring me the action a dollar that was stolen. No, that's ridiculous! You report your allegations of fraud. We investigate and try and dig up evidence. Fox news is wrong, but, more importantly, the trump lawsuits in question that could swing. This are not about fraud.
The kind of feel like Trump is doing this on purpose. He sang fraud over and over again because in these low information, morons are all dancing around laughing like there's no fraud. Meanwhile, trumps legal team is actually going after disqualifying ballots, and this is a tried and true trunk tactic. I'm not kidding you go. Two, when Donald Trump wanted to change the rules on refugee status. What does he do the date supposed to drop this executive order? He tweet something about a yo see in the Swat going back to the countries they came from or something like that and in the media was like. Troops are racist and then trot whether our distracted, he said, the executive order, sang unchanging, what what it means to be a refugee and they fall for every time. Trump comes out. Ninety tweets widespread fraud that the radical left in this country and then the widespread fraud and any any goes he goes for and in the media that over and over again and all of these
information, let us all laughing and giddy and high five and each other he's feeding the media, what they want. No evidence of fraud and then you go awry. Boys send velocity disqualified, those votes not for fraud, he's arguing that they were counted improperly and thus are spoiled and can't remain, and flip Pennsylvania for Trump. These people are not bright man, I'm tellin you anyway, I digress gay. I saw that without its trunk campaign, lawyers losses in multiple key states related to those claims. Many those cases already been thrown out. They say reference burger set at the press conference that at one p m he will declare the presidential race and a state subject to a risk. Limiting audit will count every single piece of paper: every single ballot, every single lawfully cast legal ballot when our porter noted that such an audit usually involves just a sample of the ballots, rather than the entire body of votes. Reference Berger said you actually have to do
a full hand by hand recount of all ballots, because the margin is so close. Reference burgers recently come under fire within his own part. Georgia's two or republican senators. Lovelorn Purdue on Monday demanded his resignation, the senators clay in a joint statement that there have been too many failures in Georgia elections this year without signing any specific examples. Bowl senators are closely allied with Trump likely facing runoff elections in January against their respective democratic challengers. Well, you know, Jim Jordan comes up audit, the vote. I guess he sang everywhere and so be it over in Texas. However, Texas Lieutenant governor, Taxes offering a gun million dollars for evidence of voter fraud. Is this on purpose? Troms legal battles right now are not about fraud, they got one going through theirs five hundred and twenty nine bout in Pennsylvania that didn't have addresses on them
and they were counted anyway, because, apparently, what that, what what the elections tabulated did why is they saw? There was no address, so they scanned it and they just popped up and they filled it in Trump's legal team is saying you can't do that. It's a really really interesting debate. I think they could possibly win. Now it's going to come down to the judges and turn mission five hundred tuna boats, I dont believe, is going to swing anything for Trump, but how many grains of sand make a heap if Trump files a hundred legal challenges to five? You know to each pertaining to five hundred or so about what I'm at fifty sap. That figure has enveloping disqualified and trumps currently down by. Like forty five, you see the point. If they keep doing this all of these legal battles, they could whittle away at these these boats and eventually win. The interesting argument, however, was the judge said: what's wrong
you know why can't the ballot be counted, you know. Is this really part? You know that important. What the legal team basically said was it doesn't matter? What matters is it's a requirement in the election? code and there's a lot of reasons why people would tell you why the election code is why it is, but those are their opinions we must operate on if it is within the confines of the code, we must uphold it period and therefore, with no address you're gone well, we'll see what Instead of five hundred and nine votes, I will say I am, I am torn. You know than the normal see bias and the optimism bias in me says: that's look the elections over we're seeing the media say present electro by now, or never got a title with one of the funniest things. Fox news is spinning in circles desperately trying to figure out what to say, and I love it.
normally have their privileged. Tell you what's going on, but Fox NEWS doesn't know where that worth where the chips are. Gonna fall right, so they actually had a camera. I think it was Peter. Do he's, like President Elect Joe Biden, blah blah blah, but also will now he hasn't been certified the winner. Is you just call them President Elect then said he wasn't certified the winner. They are freaking out. you ve got Sondra Smith she's on America's newsroom. I believe- and there was a leaked- aware? One of the guests was saying we're gonna audit and see what happens. and then she under her breath like a hot, might goes what is happening. We called it for Biden already and it's like yeah, you did doesn't mean anything you called it. And you get Lord Ingram, whose. Putting on the Nevada, pull watcher whistle, blower scientist sworn affidavit, saying that Abiden Harris Van was pulling out balance or
are you know in and signing them or something? Then you have Neil Cavallo, a Fox news when Cayley makin any was giving a press conference on four he cuts away and has now now. I can't allow this she's lying to you and then Tucker Karlsson passively, calls him out by saying you can't just turn away when your hearing, something you dont like fire news is fracturing. I think they ve gotta, make stream bias where their desperate to be like. We don't want to be the odd people out. You get all these new that bite in one it's over and there now stuck, we. What are we say? Do we say there's fraud? What do we do? I love it. So there is. Is this threat
that, from a on from a couple journalism, professors who are overtly pro establishment lefties and they they live in bubble world, saying there's no evidence of fraud, the New York Times said no evidence of fraud, and it's just not true, but they say it over and over again, probably because well, I feel like were in some kind of counting heads phase kind of we're, not necessarily there yet, but Donald Trump recently fired the leadership from the Pentagon. and replace them with what the media's calling Trump loyalists sound like accounting heads phase to you so far? I don't know what happens why they're doing it, but it is freaking me out who knows it's gonna happen trumpet, certainly acting like he's, not gonna, be leaving his refusing. It can see and is fighting these legal battles, maybe he's acting he's, not leaving because he's still in the process of fighting legal battles to try and win ok, but tell you, man, the media, laying
all on so thick, putting out these EC stories. Saying, there's no evidence and I'm seeing all of these people just eat it up. I mean look that the first store up eyebrow. Rob we're CNBC says with no evidence. It was that they also launched Laurie of accusations of electoral fraud without evidence. What are you what you think is going on? We have sworn affidavits, but the media's just lying. We have videos, we have clear anomalies, we have more than enough evidence to launch some kind of inquiry or investigation. We have mathematical improbabilities that raise questions. We so Ben for its laws been used to look at other elections in other countries to claim that there has been propriety well, several of our jurisdictions violet benefits laws. Well, does it mean, launch an investigation. No, but when you out all of these things together we're looking at a heap of sand and someone's got to explain how it got there and it may just be. This tiny
Molehill that people are making a mountain of just still got to investigate it. Well, anyway, GEO pay taxes, lieutenant governor, offering a million dollars for evidence of voter fraud. That is bold from his camp five million dollars, giveaway juice dude. Apparently it's the minimum is twenty. Five thousand is Patrick City is offering to reward to incentive, offering Lord to incentivize, encourage and reward people who come forward and report voter fraud. Anyone who provides in Asian that ultimately ends in a rest and final conviction will be paid. Twenty five thousand dollars minimum. Ok, so up to one million, perhaps a bunch of people might get twenty grand project veritable, has also offered twenty five thousand dollars for hipsters what's goin on men, its freaky, you ve got excess lieutenant Hill, auto reloading, applying our younger, nor that you ve got project very us. They get a. U S. P S whistle blower, this guy came out and said fraud right, scientists, worn affidavit, the media,
then came out and claimed he lied and the money they raised on go, find me for this guy deleted and go find me said we were we ve taken aback the guy's a liar. It is all tribal list. Ideological insanity and I'll tell you what there's no good guys. There's no bad guys, though the people, the laughter, the Democrats. They think that guys. Unfortunately, there surrounded by low information voters on the right you ve got people who who are fighting against what they say is fraud. They think they're, the good guys- and I know by lobbyists We met amazing team. Why won't you say that we are there? I'm I'm I'm not playing this game, I'm not playing game, I'm saying there's at this clearly evidence it needs to be investigated, we'll get to the bottom of it about taking sides, it's about being real, Unfortunately, our news outlets are too scared to talk about what actually going on. I run the risk of getting band. every video. I do fallen the electorate whatever about me, then you know I'm gone, but I'm going call it like. I see it and I'm going to call out I see lies in the media, but man
They lying like crazy and starting a freak me out. I tell you: it's really funny dimensions before, as they did. This pole percent of Americans think Joe Biden, one only thirteen percent think that that the quite the election isn't over, and unlike am I supposed to care about that, is that their goal that they were? to go to people who might bring this stuff up and say you, in the minority and you're gonna lose because I don't care always been the minority of myself and I'll call it like. I see it, no matter what, if I see evidence of impropriety, it doesn't after it literally every single person, says I'm wrong. If I'm looking at something I see two be evidence that I'll say its evidence, I'm reminded Chris Evans of Captain America's famous line. It is your duty to play, yourself like a tree and say: no, if you move so literally ever, a single person can scream in my face. There are
I've lights and I will say no, there are four lights. I think I got that one right whenever from STAR Trek, where Captain Picard is being is he's got four lights and the and that their torturing, I'm saying say five say there are five and he won't do it Amateur like it is ain't. No persons gonna come sit down with me and say I am not scaring you, but I am scaring. You, ok did just bad me from platform already cause. I'm not gonna, stop saying it like calling it like. I see it we'll see how things play out as per usual. We'll see how the recount goes in Georgia I'll leave it there. Next time is coming up at four p dot m over at Youtube: dot com timcast. It is a different channel from this one. Hopefully I'll still be around go check it out and I'll be there at four thanks bring up I'll, see all them. addendum to my main channel segment from four p m. We have a story about it. Yo p lawmaker, suggesting that was constant electors choose the presidential winner because they don't trust the results and truth be told
there are some pretty strange irregularities and indicators in Wisconsin now my saying as widespread fraud, but this guy is basically saying something doesn't make sense and, as I noted from could win because states could be like nice election. Don't make sense of it. I sum you note a bell whether district is or bellwether town is your places that always vote for the President the winner of the election this time around most of the Bell weathers got it wrong, neurons kind of like wow, that's never happened, there there instances where bellwether towns dont get it right and we had the longest running streak. Finally lose because they back from its like a big deal for a lot of these small towns, because they No one ever they say our town voted for this president. The president wins now they're, not choosing the president just that they tend to be an alignment with kind of model. rights in this country. I guess this time around
like eighty plus percent, got it wrong in one's kind. Like that strange, content. For instance, there are several different jurisdictions that reported more than one hundred percent. Voter turnout has explained because you have new registration and same day registration plausible, changing their addresses. That's the official explanation saying any. This is and is indicative of widespread fraud. I'm just saying these irregularities are causing mistrust. I actually think there's a real. The easy way to understand why we are seeing a lot of dramatic differences and its covert people moved around because of covert and riots. Thus, mixing and matching different demographics in different areas. It makes a lot of sense, but doesn't matter what I Think, as I often say, the GNP lawmaker wants was contractors to choose the presidential winner. Now, what read this, but I want to tell you something really really crazy. What if I were to tell you that three of the Supreme Court Justices today we're
on George W Bush is legal team during Bush of Igor, why that would be a fact from CNN Supreme Court is about to have a three have three Bush Vigo alumni from October they say three who assisted Bush chief dot justice. John Roberts pretty sure he got appointed by Bush as well. So that's interesting justice, Brett Cabinet and Judge Amy, Coney Barrett, who now of course is a justice. I dont know what that means, but man does it feel like we are, lining up the pins for I Scotus legal victory for tromp to win its where history settings. But let me radio about the Ethiopia lawmaker who wants was content to choose of their own volition as opposed to the popular vote. They say Wisconsin Republican is suggesting the states electors choose whether President Trump
or Joe Biden receive their ten electoral votes Biden. One the state, with more than twenty thousand state rat Joe, send Felipe out of New Berlin said he hasn't trust the election process or the some of your other results. He is a member of the Assembly committee test by speaker. Robin votes with investigating the election sand. Felipe O is calling for an outside audit into what he said was a wide range of irregularities. That casts doubt on the results there has been, evidence of any election fraud. He was re elected last Tuesday quote you either have a toss, the election up and have a whole new election, or we have our delegates to the electoral college vote for the person they think legitimately should have one simply put said he suggested electors could decide on their own to Ward was contents. Ten electoral votes to tromp instead of Biden, they would effectively be null Fine, the votes of three million plus was concentrates. You of medicine law, Professor Robbie, alongside he added that is
not allowed under current was counts in law and can't see the legislator trying to change it. The electors there were chosen election day are legally bound to vote for the candidate that won. The popular vote was content and if the legislature attempted to appoint its own substitute sleight of electors, it's hard to see how that would be legitimate. Legitimate is not the same as legal. You might call it illegitimate. It might still happen. There was content elections, Commission agreed and was content to state legislature plays no role in certifying or deciding which sleight of electors about in the electoral college. Those electors must vote for the candidates of the party that nominated them. I think it is sickening for someone to take. Take it that far and say we have to declare an election null and void, because again it assaulted your sensible is that your Kennedy didn't win, Democrats have quitted the cloud of suspicion over this election because they were used to follow state election laws conducting such an investigation, our two certifying the election is essential.
and the only way our citizens will believe the results reported. Our legitimate state election commission does not have any authority over the electoral process in its election guidelines. It clearly states club in Wisconsin the state letters your place, no role in certifying or deciding which later electors vote in the electoral college. Nevertheless, the process will continue to play up until the boat in Wisconsin is certified next month, and maybe it will be- and maybe it won't. But I bring you now to the very strange, maybe not strange at all circles Hence around Supreme Court is about to have three Bush. We gore alumni sitting on the bench. Why? What's this from CNN Supreme Court Bush fee Gore and that's a young Brett Cavanaugh, giving an update to CNN? They say you three who assisted Butch, Bush Roberts flew to Florida in November, two thousand to assist bushes legal teen. He help prepare the lawyer who presented bushes case
to the floor, to States Supreme Court and offered advice throughout Roberts also faced a singular personal challenged or in the thirty six. They ordeal that extended from an amber seventh election day to the court's late hour December twelve ruling, then in private practice, Roberts was preparing to argue before the justices in a separate business case on November, twenty nine and within days in December, the baby boy he and his wife had planned to adopt was born after Bush became president he nominated Roberts to the Eu S court of appeals for the Deasey circuit. The Senate confirmed him into doesn't three Bush than elevated Robert said the chief justice position in two thousand feet I have to succeed William Renquist during a set of common. Patient hearing Roberts declined to reveal his view of the justices. Two thousand decision saying a disputed election could come to the court again. Could it now? Could it now good, Sir obvious,
the particular parameters in that case won't returned the court he said, but it is a very recent precedent and that type of decision is one where I thought it approach inappropriate to comment on whether I think they were correct, Brett Cavanaugh, also in private practice in two thousand and help the Bush legal team. He wrote on a twenty eighteen Senate questionnaire Does work related to recounts in Valencia County Florida in an interview with CNN in Washington after the justices had oral arguments, but before they ruled Cavenaugh, said the judge, is were concerned about the arbitrary standard list nature of the recap process. In Florida he dismissed a question about the political about political differences sign. I dont think the justices care if its bush, we Gore or if it were Gourbi Bush. What they care about is how to interpret the concept pollution and what they are and what are the enduring values that are going to see? and a generation from now. Let me tell you
in Pennsylvania. Tromp has filed a suit alleging, not alleging. Should so saying the fact there was a court order, let the observers watch the tabulation process bored, commissioner, the Election Commission or whatever of the people there didn't allow it. They put up barricades and stop them the Trump legal team is saying all of those bouts cast it we're in via a countenance, We're violate were in violation of a court order. You probably know this several times. That's one of the bases for throw one of their bases basis is whatever for throwing out many of these ballots. It may be question of what are the enduring values that are going to stand a generation from now. If the elections can be can be held in such a way that the vote count is done in violation of a court order. How but we have future elections, and therein lies the deepest problem we face now. Pennsylvania, four hundred and fifty thousand votes they claim are hanging back.
The court may say it's fine, they violated a court order. Let it stand are, though, the values we leave a generation from them or we they'll say we can't allow us to stand. We must make sure everyone knows if you violate a court order. You know votes and also presents a problem because then, if you ve got, you know you want someone to lose, you can purposefully nullify their votes. Therein lies the big challenge, how we decide this. I dont know don't ask me, but don't forget, Judge Amy only bear it was also their bare wrote in the questionnaire she submitted to the Senate for her Supreme Court. Confirmation review one significant. Significant case on which I provided research and briefing assistance was Bush. We gore whoop. I love it so that the law firm, where she was working at the time, represented Bush and that she had gone down to Florida for about a week at the outset of the letter of the litigation when the dispute was in the Florida courts, she said she had not
You on the case after she returned to Washington. During our hearings this week she told senators. She could not recall specific, suffer involvement. I did work on Bush. We Gore, I did work on behalf of the Republicans, To be totally honest. I can't remember exactly what piece of the case it was. There were a number of challenges and, to be honest, it was twenty years ago but in this a little weird tromp chose Cavanaugh, and Amy Coney bear it. It's almost like tromp has been planning that has for a long time. that's crazy but I'll, tell you what I'll give you shouted to Michael? or when he said. I think it was Michael, more Donald Trump won't he'll never leave, and I said that's ridiculous now looks like thou transnational Eve. I don't know What the case are gonna be not say this. If it turns out, Tromp has a legitimate legal path to victory and that there was impropriety we gotta weeded out We can't allow voter fraud or manipulation. Our election to stood to get in someone's candidate. We need our courts to uphold the rule of law if they do, that, ruling must stand, but
I'll tell you this. If somehow, for some reason, we get to a point where the Supreme Court upholds that Trump in fact on in violation of the votes of the people, and I'm saying like they don't actually find fraud or something there's gonna be bedlam in this country is gonna, be madness, but I think I think I think, we were headed common. Doesn't it feel like all the pieces are being lined up? I mean, maybe it's not true, but vocs. Now, starting to say it like this white apron vocs. You didn't mention the three people in the Supreme Court right now work on Bush VIII, Gore up George Bush is gonna get spicy in it. I guess we'll see I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see while shortly what's is going on in Florida floor. Does this
and as moves to allow citizens to shoot looters rioters targeting businesses. Ok, ok, stand your ground, I get, and I don't care lately disagree actually pilot lean more towards agreeing and I'll. Tell you why you dont know if someone's prepared to use legal force against you, but if their breaking the law on entering your property in you need to protect yourself, I think it's really. here. We have these states where they're, like you, have a duty to retreat from your own home and they exist and that nuts, but where my support come in my house, somebody broke and about the fund myself? Well, you have a duty to retreat to the middle of the woods or the Middle EAST. We we can do same applies for businesses found in my business and someone's breaking in where am I supposed to go? If you were in someone else's property, I could understand. Go to your property anyway.
I wonder if this has something to do with the upcoming results of an election in Florida, where there may be riots, perhaps perhaps not. What's the story they say Florida. Governor, Rhonda Santa's has drafted Anti mob little legislation that would expand this its stand. Your ground law, a move that's some worry would allow armed citizens citizens to shoot and potential, kill anyone, they suspect of looting dissenters new legislation comes into force two months of protesting that frequently led to rioting. Summer in Florida and across the? U S following the death of George Floyd, The legislation is an attempt to prevent violent and disorderly assemblies by permitting violent, against anyone involved in the interruption or impairment of a business. Reportedly, cried in the draft as being a burglary within five hundred feet of a vital or disorderly assembly according to reporting by the my Mammy, Harold Tuesday. I guess that means if dollar walking down the street,
And you see someone loading a story: you can go pop, that's crazy! It allows for vigilantes to justify their actions a former Miami date, county prosecutor, Denise George, who has worked with a stand around cases told me publication, It also allows for death to be the punishment for property crime, and that is cruel and unusual punishment. We cannot live a lawless society where taking a life is done and so casually and recklessly so interesting way to phrase it. But I don't agree that its cruel and unusual excessive. I oppose it for sure. Well, let me clarify if somebody is running away with a tv torch, Dick, let him take the tv, but if someone is break, in your property or threatening your life in some way that I understand so maybe I was wrong. Maybe I don't agree with it. If the full premise of what this is, you shouldn't loop, you shouldn't riot, but what do we do to stop the looting and the rioting? And maybe that's the real goal here, but I know
I don't like the idea that you could be like well, you know I was lot because he was stealing a small piece of you know. Some kind of you know some item or such people onto shouldn't die for the stuff, men, They say the draft legislation also includes measures that would make protesting, which disrupts the public by blocking traffic a third degree felony I would also reportedly grant immunity to drivers who unintentionally killed or injured protestors, who are blocking traffic additionally, the law would allow the state to withhold funds from local governments that cut police budgets de Santas. An ardent supporter of President Trump, who won in Florida by just over three points, reportedly submitted copies of the legislation to the state Senate Committee on criminal justice, and how's, Judiciary Committee, according to emails obtained by the map, Miami Harold, it's clear, the Trump beauty pad it is still going on with governors and senators who all want to be the next Trump Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gilbert told the publication.
And the governor is very clearly a very good contestant Gilbert, a former federal prosecutor was also a critic of the stand, your ground law when it first pass in two thousand and five. The stand ups could not be immediately reached by Fox NEWS. Four well I'll, tell you what I don't like it when people died, don't like it when people hurt- and I wish you didn't have to happen, but I don't wanna tell you if someone's attacking you and you stand your ground of someone breaks in your house and and and you're trying to defend yourself. You stand your ground. What do you do back? In the day people used to dial the time that weird, like seriously, we would like people would just be dead and I never hear again I remember. I was at Glenn Back Studio, yet this newspaper on it on the wall, really old newspapers and eighteen hundreds and I was reading one where was like a guy was staying outside of bar a dude, ran out, put a gun to his chest and pull the trigger and ran off. It's like that's crazy. Why did this happen, but people would just die due to blast in the heart.
I don't know is the right right. Move, shooting looters targeting businesses theirs gotta to be some restraint, but the challenges, I guess there's no easy middle ground. You why to stop looters and rioters. You don't want to die, I don't know, the answer is If you constrain people and say they have no recourse than the looters writers are embolden, maybe the goal with, This is to say if you lose, you will die and then maybe people won't. I don't know I wouldn't call cruel unusual, but I know that I don't want to kill anybody If I saw someone like running out of my house with a tv I got criticized by conservative or sign, is I'm not gonna shoot the guy? You know that's ridiculous. I lost my tv. That's that's messed up. This do what's he doing but I've had people tell me like nope the effort nose like saying earth or something look hello. Exactly. Why he's bringing this about now, there's been similar. conversations about laws in Florida. That would do something similar like if you're pulling up your car and is a protest around you can run over if their blocking traffic,
This is something different. This makes it a legal and may be excessive I don't know the man the channel it is always about freedom and security, but this law says that you can defend yourself and others, which is, kind of, not necessarily a security thing? It's not telling the government, of more power to stop people's tongue individuals they do on another. I don't like. I don't like the idea, shooting people were still and stuff. You know I mean within reason, of course, like your stealing someone's like insult and cats like they could die. You know I mean, but this out I nervous. Why this this is coming about. John Voit says fight Biden lie. Bite in one is quote greatest fight, since the civil war. Are he said it now? You got me saying another to get mad at me, saying to him talking about civil war again now, but it happens their talk
about it is. There are real concern that we're gonna see widespread rioting and looting. Perhaps perhaps I discovered in my previous segment, three Supreme Court justices. How George W Bush, when his case in two thousand, and now there on the Supreme Court, not that I think chief justice What does any loyalty, the Republican Party or Donald Trump, but Amy Coney bear it and brought cabinet there there There are also on the court, so I wonder if we are being lined up for some kind of Trump electoral victory, which results in May. ass widespread chaos may the case, and I don't think we should want that night, but it doesn't matter. The lines are drawn there's nothing. You can say or do. If this happens, it happens and people are gonna, go nuts and it's gonna get scary. It well it'll, be violence or the greatest fights and
the civil war, but some people certainly think so. John Void thinks it's it's so they say Actor John Void released a video Tuesday attacking the results of the press. Central Election and Joe Biden saying the: U S is now entering the greatest fight since the civil war. I wonder what fight that would be called and about the Google or something You Academy Award winning Winner and Long time Trump supporter took the twitter to condemn what ye alleged was a rigged White House race, calling aftermath a battle of rights, and his verses Satan and the almost two minute, video posted with the captain. We all know the truth voice said he does. Is this Gus it with the lie that binding as President Elect and claim. There will be a price to pay for those who are trying to deceive the american public. We must fight this corruption that has taken over and fight for the good that seems lost to give our trust, God and fight. Now for trumps victory, because we all know that this ballot, countess corruption like they are, so let us not back down. Let us fight this,
as if it is our last, what on earth president drop has refused to concede this. We know voices are further tromp as one of our nations greatest President's Trump Obviously, a awarded void, the national media of arts, forest concept, contribution to american culture, so a war civil war, I dont know if there's gonna be a civil war may be already in it. Trump is certainly challenging our institutional norms Julia. When the media says someone one other person must concede, like Hillary Clinton. Did this time around comes out, not us on how it works. It goes to this. It goes certification, electoral college, of course,. Joe Biden, is adamant that he won as well, and I dont know what's gonna happen, perhaps We will see the results in favour of tromp. They say Trump wants to, overturned the results, but the results aren't in nothing certified yet maybe within but by moreover, the next day we might start to get some real results, but tromp was saying my next week will see it. I think the left,
she'll blinding them the same as it did in twenty sixteen, and while I start think of the long shot for tromp I'll. Tell you this. It certainly possible. Let me just say for now, if it really does come to blows as it were to to conflict, The scariest thing to me is the left. I mean they're talking about tat. then reconciliation commissions, they're talking about people being put under, are held to track. Having tribunals for people and stuff like this, they are making a really good case, for people to say. Please Trump win this, because we don't want them to have their tribunals or gulags better there that they literally called for good. Like the same tribunals. truth and reconciliation na Ya'Ll of cross. The line on this one and now I'm lots of people are probably hoping Donald Trump does win by any means necessary. Its worrisome to me
I want our institutions to be upheld, but the problem is: there's no fence. There's there's no middle ground either. You think Joe Biden, one in trumpets, cheating, rethink Trump One and Joe Biden is cheating If you sign with Joe Biden Rights, going to say, you're supporting a cheat or if you side, without which the left us, because they are supporting a cheat or so what do you do? There is no leave me alone in this case, because every one's going to blame. We know that the upper this way really believe if something happened with a right took over most people would be absolutely fine if the leftover they're gonna put people than their they're going have tribute as for people, that's why this is also scary. I stand, the sight of liberty in freedom and if, as a legal victory in the supreme, what rules. That's the lava land. We are not a democracy and a left claims. Otherwise, it's because their desperate for power so we'll see that play
that stick around about one more segment coming up in a few minutes- and I will see while shortly- and here comes mass, lock down round to surprisingly just after the election that weird they started to ease up on the lockdown says we entered election seas and go out and vote. They said, don't trust the mail in balance. and now just after the election, New York and New Jersey and many other states are announcing they're going to be locking down. I actually just found out. Someone came to me and said: hey they're, gonna, be locking down in the Jersey soon, and I didn't believe it here- we go. It's happening all over again. Lockdown fears for new Yorkers after Governor Cuomo orders, all gems bars and restaurants, to shut by ten p m across the state as covert nineteen positivity right jumps to two point: nine percent from and J dot com
New Jersey bars, restaurants, must close indoors service by ten p m under new covered nineteen restrictions, Governor Murphy, to announce that's what you get Joe Bite, is the candidate of the lockdown. Donald Trump was the candidate of opening backup. Governors have the ultimate say in their states, and now here we go. They say New York, Governor Andrew well in order that all bars and restaurants across the state must close at ten p m starting from Friday. In an effort to stave off the second wave of covered, he is also limiting gatherings in private residences to ten people and say he may reduce the capacity restaurant and bars can have indoors. If numbers continue, the state white covert. Nineteen right increase to two point: nine percent, which is the highest it has been for months and deaths, are increasing in some parts of the state, but not all in New York City deaths have been holding steady as have hospital. Nations, despite the rising infection rates but Cuomo on Wednesday, issued an order for the entire state and that anyone who doesn't comply with it
will receive a summons ordering them to shut down losing money. hurts, but money can be replaced, losing a loved one is forever if a lights are and people are drinking, they get. Some and he said it delivers yet another blow to the restaurant and bar industry, which only allowed to resume indoor dining at a twenty five percent capacity. Last month, after being ignored for months, my friends I understand is a major spike. We got huge news, that Pennsylvania, the guy massive number of people getting covered, but they're saying hospitalization rate is raining study. I do not believe lock, this makes sense- and I'm basing this out of the World Health Organisation who sad lockdown are a last resort and we should not be doing them, but here we go it's happening on other lockdown. Let me ask you something when you read those novels those books about a disturbing in future, when you read me ready for animal farm or brave new world are fair and over fifty one. Did you think that the authority,
carrion regimes, whether it be the corporation, whether it be the government would have no excuse. Did you think that when authoritarian some came to your home. You would clearly identify it as being an obstruction of our freedom and rights. Did you think that when they tried to seize power, You would say: hey wait, a minute, they're seizing power. Will you be wrong? They always have an excuse. I mean in each and every one of these stories they have an excuse, take v for vendetta, for instance, what their excuse in this disturbing in graphic novel and film, the sky This was a virus. The saint marries virus. They called it and it was so dangerous that you needed the government to protect you announce what's happening, but not the right thing. We can certainly take protective measures to stop spikes in Covin and Guard p
Or from you know the vulnerable, without destroying our economies and destroying file essentially our standard of living, but that is what's happening and nothing will be done about it. I guess I don't know what you do do defined. The large towns I mean. Now I guess you leave New York in New Jersey, Joe by Instead, we are in for a dark winter. That's what he called it a dark winter. What does that mean? I leave. Assuming Joe Biden gets inaugurated, a twentieth, he is going to lock this country down with a nation wide mandate and it'll be worse than any one has seen, and it makes me really worried. Now I see what the Democrats are doing. This a combination of changing election rules, melon ballots. I see them
now locking down the states? Once again and my friends, it is despotism. Ok, it's not despotism literally because there is not one person, but it is some kind of freakish authoritarian edict going on. They changed the rules to an election? It worked form they. They ease the locked, before the election. Tell everyone go to vote in person. Then they do and they come back. It's ok tunnel, lockdown. Again it's crazy! I'm sure, maybe I'll correlates. I can already hear the luck to say well done. This spike is due to the election. You see, we shouldn't have done it. We should done mail in voting fine, but the union has already said not to down. Why are they doing it and what does it mean for the rest of us on an omen But this is why- and I still do live in Jersey, but we ve been setting up the new studio with the with this last month, with the election coming up, I decided to stay away from this area, notably because I receive threats, someone at company a protracted Brigham has previously
I'm like I dont want to be around here when there is violence, because people can find out where I live so oh went out to the middle of nowhere for the time being and probably well, you know, move officially soon dependent happens, but with this lockdown probably will be sooner than I realized their locking down in New York. The again same as New York, I mean New Jersey, New York being next each other. It's not uncommon to see they act kind of in concert. Here's what New Jersey says, Murphy will announce the new restrictions Monday during his one p m covered night, breathing in front and which was the other day, an official with knowledge of the announcement told and J advanced media. The latest round of restrictions were first reported on end jade outcomes. Exclusive text messaging service include out there doing Adam S. we'll take some of the rules of the road Murphy's had during a morning interview. This is not where we where, in the spring, when we we're shutting the whole place down. Yes, it's just the beginning. I was told that they're going to be doing phases, and this is just to be
but eventually they will start to increase the amount of lockdown. But I tell you this. I ask you this: if the lockdown didn't work the first time, why are we doing it again? We lock down before the peak period and we still people getting sick that now we're locking down again, it's not gonna. Do anything and that's why the world of organization at using the W h, showing you and doktor. Who said, don't do this here we go baby. I hope everybody for Joe Biden recognizes, they voted for this As you say you want to do. It is a Democrat and you know it. explain to people when they say TIM, the riots, our trumps America, if we vote for Joe Biden, it won't be you know, get then it'll all stop. I guess, would you think the writers, earnest
because Joe Biden, one that's ridiculous, but I've been up for a reason. A lot of people thought all of these problems are due to from and if we just vote for somebody else, it'll get better. It's not going to get better. Why? Where makes no sense, the dark winter is coming, said Joe Biden and they're not going to stop no matter. Who's the president. Now, in fact, as the Republicans resists, the lock downs and Donald Trump sought to end the right, and did deputize many Paul so they can not arrest these rioters and actually charge them. The Democrats were lie. down there states and letting these rights I don't go so you you know what you get with Joe Biden. Joe Biden will call for a national law I'm sure some people are cheering for it, but let us say it again: did you think that that that the authoritarianism but just shop one day, unannounced with no reason. No, of course not there, always going to to have a reason why they needed absolute authority over what's going on in this country. Now they ve got. It depends
I think it serious. I think the pandemic, it is an issue. I know people who have been personally affected and I hear the stories innocence, terrifying, but there's gotta be a balance right. We can't just say it the government, all the power shut everything down. That's not stop working, but of course that's it's happening. So I don't know, but I'm not. I'm not gonna make any ridiculous predictions and just say you know that we're x the ets to each other and lock us down for seven months and then there is no demand papers or anything like that, but they're doing in France what I'll say as Joe Biden studies the candidate of luck, downs, Okanagan, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Trump said Joe Biden is the Canada lockdown thats what I meant to say Joe Biden set to listen to the scientists. Scientists say we need more lockdown to unmask mandate, Joe Biden, Sandhill he'll kill call for a mask mandate. How do you do that? I got several start doing it because the President Elect or the new president will. day so, but this will be the end of the of our economy for quite some time I mean it restrictions that Cuomo.
Murphy already putting down it's gotta, be devastating. I can only imagine it's a matter it's only a matter of time for you and your state. So here's the problem, here's a problem with the Trump presidency for the fur. For you know, I guess these people and their ideology. The Republicans were in a lockdown. They didn't people have the parade for Christie NOME in South Dakota she resisted and everything was for the most part. Fine. Now at Joe Biden as President he's gonna, probably use war powers or something to mandate some kind of national lockdown, thus forcing all of the republican states in line as well now. Look. I really don't think it's going to work out actually because in I think, in several states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, the lock downs were ruled unconstitutional. So I don't know it Joe I dont fail to do because the
Standing on the lower courts and informal soon you'll go higher court, maybe Supreme Court's gotta get out of here. We got you know. Tromp was ever to put on three Supreme Court justices, or maybe everybody lockdown Europe's doing it, and there are riots going off in Prague in France, in Paris, in ITALY and in the UK, people are riding over the stuff in France. You can't leave your own without your papers, no joke, not an exaggeration. I don't know to what extent is going to come to the? U S. But we already had one time fifteen days to slow the spread. They said it feels like they are trying to bottle us up to make us extremely angry, and I wonder think about it this way we things could happen. We take a whole bunch of urban liberals and you put them in Cuba All apartments- and you tell them they can't go outside like they weren't. We were doing the lockdown in a month from now the Supreme Court rules that Trump actually won. We think these people are gonna. Do they are going to explode? Our no that's gonna help
but does feel like the pieces are at least being lined up, whether you know on purpose or otherwise, and a recipe for disaster. I guess we'll just wait and see. help here I'll, take it you're precautions for the coming locked downs, because it seems they are only with their necks segments come tomorrow at ten a m thanks rang up, but I will see you all next time.
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