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Trump Files LAWSUIT To Stop Vote Counting In Michigan, DEMANDS Recount In Wisconsin, Collins WINS


The media completely and totally failed us in every way.Trump has demanded that his campaign be given access to observe vote tabulations in Michigan and is suing to be granted access and halt the process until they get meaningful access.He has also called for a recount though he will have to wait until the total is certified which could take a month.Democrats had a terrible night and nancy pelosi is surely reeling from the loss of several seats in the house. Meanwhile Susan Collins claims victory proving that every single poll from the RCP average was wrong.Republicans had a tremendous night and will likely keep control of the senate and make strong gains in the house.Whether the president is joe Biden or Donald Trump will probably be going to the supreme court.

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And so begins the lawsuits and litigation of the office of the presidency. Donald Trump has taken two major in so far, one officially one to come. The first, the trunk campaign is suing to halt vote, counting in Michigan. They say as long as their not being given meaningful access to translation process, they do not want these votes counted. They also want to be able to see the votes that were counted when they warrant being given access. Tromp is also expected to call for a re count in Wisconsin, as the rice is extremely close, and until they actually sort of other results you will not be able to which will draw everything out until December as is gonna, get spicy and absolutely ridiculous. But one thing I can say is you got more information coming out? The poles were absolutely and, sanely wrong and what we are seeing is
total repudiation of the democratic establishment in the media establishment, not only of Democrats loss absurd. Actually in the house so far believe as the time of recording this video on food. I've seen a lot to the Republicans. We maybe witnessing a republican Michigan flipping the Senate But we are seeing in Maine soon Collins says that her opponent has conceded in the face every single Paul. This is absolutely in saying. When you look at these numbers, you wanna talk about historic, more historic, pulling failure wow, my friends We are in for a very very long month, but one thing we can say for sure: the media, the pollsters and the forecasters have lost everything they have no idea what the american people are thinking and, in my opinion, I think what we are, what what what what we are seeing if Donald Trump does lose,
are there any fraud there? Maybe impropriety will get through this. If trunk loses, I believe it's a reputation of his character. but if the Senate remains GEO, P and Republicans gain in the house, it shows you. The american people are not having insane far leftism. What they want is a moderate charismatic president and I've got it all along. If you got somebody who was more well behaved than Donald Trump with the same policies, landslide victory, but Trot may still win so don't take, that is missing, is gonna lose and I did vote for the guy. We'll talk all about this. We ve got some weeks ago through. Let me show you the breaking news. First, before we get started had over the TIM Cast Outcomes- life, don't it if you'd like to support my work. There are many ways can give it a p o box. You want to send me stuff, but the best thing you can do share this video to persuade out my channel as compete with the mainstream media, and, if you think I do,
job of bringing you rational and reasonable news, and you think people need to know about what Trump is doing. In terms of lawsuits and recounts sharing this video would greatly help you don't get to light subscribe, hit the notification. Well, let's read the first breaking story. Truck campaign sues to halt vote, counting in Michigan President I'm sorry election campaign on Wednesday, so it was filing a lawsuit to halt the counting of votes in Michigan until it is given access to observe the tabulation process. Campaign manager, bill Steppin alive There has not been given meaningful access to observe the opening of balance at multiple locations, not to stop here, and you say, there's also accused emerging in Georgia that there's irregularities, accusations in Philadelphia since yesterday that pull watchers were being denied quote. We have filed suit today in the make it Michigan Court of Play,
to halt counting until meaningful access has been granted. That being said in the statement, we also demand to review those ballots which were opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access. President Trump is committed to ensuring that all legal votes are counted Michigan and everyone else. I'm going to stop and just say: listen if you think everyone's vote should count and that we should respect the decisions of the individual. Then Democrat or Republican. You should support these actions. Absolutely the only only reason anyone would reject what trumpet saying here is because they just want to win now. Of course, they're gonna Climate Donald Trump wants to block votes that are coming in late, because that's him just trying to steal and election and every vote must count. Ok, we have an election
day. We do not have an election weak votes coming and after the races already over, I believe as unconstitutional, but far be it from me to decide. This will go to this will likely go to Scotus. However, if someone voted, it's not for you to decide who they voted for If Trop says, I want to see who John Smith voted for, because you weren't giving us access and they read it and it says trot, but they market is Biden. Then, as a Democrat, someone saying, people's votes must become. You should certainly must agree. We shouldn't allow people to have their votes disenfranchised and, if Trump is observing, I believe the Biden cap should be observing too. So, let's see how things play up. The suit was filed after democratic presidential nominee job. I pulled ahead of trumpet Michigan. After largely urban and suburban counties reported male ballot totals overnight truck tweeted misleading an accurate claims about ongoing vote counts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Wednesday morning into the early afternoon, the tweets in which trot so
out about the legitimacy of counting legal votes, be on election day. We're flagged by twitter, as containing misleading information quote there were hard to make up. Five hundred thousand vote advantage in Pennsylvania Disappear asset. Likewise Michigan and others Trump tweeted drop, held an early lead in Michigan on election night, but exports had caution. The race made tilt toward Biden as male and absentee belts were counted. State laws prevented Michigan officials from processing those bouts prior to election day. Delaying the tabulation process. I'm sorry that makes no sense This makes us is that historical voter turnout resulted in longer counting times or delays, but even and we should be able to accommodate for this by bringing on more people and hiring more people for the job. It makes no sense that mail and absentee boats would be counted. Lay
If the balance would have come in person, they would have counted them right. So I think we got some dirty games if that's the case to be completely fair, however, right now. What we seeing in Pennsylvania, obviously, is that there are votes from before election day that have not yet been counted. I believe, Even I can check the numbers as as at the time of recording trumps, lead has dropped from five hundred thousand two three hundred and twenty five thousand now trumps My understanding is, they believe they end up winning by a very very slim margin, and that may be may be true for Arizona as well, because news is coming out that there was a are reporting error, in Arizona this. This is crazy stuff where they said. Ninety five percent plus precincts reporting was actually eighty. Six. Now we're learn. Trot, might actually end up swinging Arizona. We don't know for sure. Based on what we are seeing today, the five hundred thousand voted.
and a trump us talking about, I'm sorry, he is wrong. Ok, it is just the day after election day if bouts come in now, will that we ve got a problem, but they are saying that there are votes to become what did from election day now they also mentioned that there are. I believe there are several hundred thousand doubts that we're not return that may be returned and they want an extension that will probably go to the Supreme Court. My opinion. There is that that is cut off. Look man, I'm not trying to dissent and twice or on anybody or argue for that. I'm just saying if the Democrats want to change the rules and negatively impact their voters. blame is on the Democrats and we cannot change the rules simply because Democrats wanted to there has to be a consensus on the rules we play by imagining watching a baseball game. We see the score and then hey. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! It's it's! The at the bottom of the knife, but before we can declare the the Cubs the World Series champions
We need to stop, take a few days and review all the footage from the game and make sure there was no impropriety, because maybe no no, no, no, no bottom. The ninth, the score is in that's it now. I think there's a little bit of middle ground here. They are still counting bouts today. Why I did they stop. I dont know, but many people, even the left are saying, is a disgrace that our election system can accurately count ballots fast enough. Why would melon bouts be delayed after election day, in my opinion, makes little sense, they could have been counting on election day same as any other ballot, but sure my only point is the cut off period was yesterday. I believe, trouble gotTA, Scotus you'll, probably when I dont know for sure, let's read more Biden over Trump overtook drop in Michigan on Wednesday morning as Detroit
and suburban areas began. Report reporting their totals the former vice president, led by roughly fifty thousand votes in the state as of Wednesday afternoon. Trunk carry the state by less than eleven thousand votes in twenty. Sixteen, the truck and painters maintained it still is a path, a victory in Michigan, but it also, it also conceded that its best best path to two seventy electoral votes will come. Via wins elsewhere, and this is true, the law, suit in Michigan is likely a preview of a flurry of legal actions to come as trumps path reelection narrows the president's campaign. it- has already requested a recount in Wisconsin where Trump is trailing. By about twenty thousand votes, an official signal they may be results in Nevada quote. We are obviously leading a full court press. Make sure that we have all of our legal teams that are in place senior Trump campaign, adviser Jason, last Wednesday morning we want. Make sure that all legally cast about our counted. We also I am sure that illegally cast about are not counted, then about a supreme court onto
denied an emergency requests from the trunk campaign to impose more restrictive vote, vote, counting procedures in democratic leading clock county. One day after a lower court rejected a request by the campaign and stay Republicans to allow greater opportunity to observe The vote counting process, so the next major story, Trump campaign will request a recounting comes campaign. There will be a recount in Wisconsin. Forgive the autoclave they'll reports quote thought. Well, let me look at present trumps campaigns at Wednesday. It would request a recount in this state of affairs. where democratic nominee, Joe Biden, has a razor thin lead, but multiple outlets have projected the former. Vice president to win quote: there have been reports of irregularities and ever Wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the of the results, the president as well, then the threshold to request a week out and we immediately do so drunk campaign manager, bill Steppin, said in his statement
by an was up by little more than twenty thousand votes in Wisconsin Wednesday, with nearly all local jurisdictions. Having completed the unofficial count of the votes, no networks had called the state for bite into the time of the trunk campaign. This announcement, the eight and see it undeclared bite in the winter. It was content later Wednesday afternoon. Wisconsin First, ten electoral votes, which could prove crucial to either candidate Trump One- this by less than one point in twenty. Sixteen and Biden has put to return the state to the blue category this year. There are not automatic recounts in Wisconsin, but a candidate who is within within one percent of of the winter can request. One bite and campaign expressed confidence earlier Wednesday. The former vice president would ultimately be. Ultimately, be declared the winner in the badger state, as well as Michigan and Pennsylvania, by a wider margin, then Trump one in those same states in twenty. Sixteen we are going to
in Wisconsin, recount or no recount biting campaign manager. John oh Dylan, said Anne assume call with reporters when asked about a potential. We count in Wisconsin. Now I believe, that's true. Believe Joe Biden is on track to win in Michigan and win in Wisconsin, but this does not guarantee him victory. My friends, we are going to draw this out into December because, like I said they can't have a recount, until the results are certified and the results aren't gonna be certified for quite some time. Things are going to get annoying ends I see, but let me show you the results as the ape he has them right now. Joe Biden is up just around twenty thousand or so votes a little bit more and the ape he has called the race for Joe Biden. However,
over at our two seventy to win electoral map. If we give Wisconsin to Joe Biden and we give Michigan to Joe Biden, Donald Trump, winning p only gets him to six. six meaning Joe Biden will win the presidency with two seventy two and right now. Arizona has been called for Joe Biden, but the trunk campaign says that there, actually tracking to win in Arizona which may not be the case. It may be so that it does not to Joe Biden that saying it this one may become from the trunk camp. but it is true earlier it was reported that the New York Times said who to and Edison research error when they reported. Ninety five percent of its action eighty six percent and is entirely possible that Arizona does in fact flipped Trump and if it does, tromp can lose Wisconsin and Michigan.
And if he wins Pennsylvania, Trop will win the presidency with two hundred and seventy seven votes. This means it is very likely. Trump is going to go, nuclear on North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona and Nevada anywhere. He can for a legal battle that he might be able to win. I don't follow him for it Joe Biden also wants to engage in any legal actions. I believe he should as well my friends. This is an extremely close race as it stands, personally, I do not believe votes received after election day should count. That's not me, that'll be for the courts, but my personal gut feeling right now is that Donald Trump has a path to victory, but it is increasingly becoming more and more narrow. However, it's not all bad news,
I am not going to be happy with it with Joe Biden presidency because we got to live there. Eight years of the Obama Biden Presidency- and I saw what that meant for foreign policy and domestic policy, and I think ultimately, it was fairly bad in terms of foreign policy. Domestic policy. Wasn't all that but, as you know, in some areas, I think there were problems Donald Trump my opinion is the last best defence against the rise of critical race theory and left as anti terrorism and left us NEO segregation is I'm, so I certainly want Donald Trump to win, but I must admit what we should be hoping for. Right now is a GEO peace Senate. At the very least, I think many people have actually set this. Many moderates that, although no Trump supporters and conservatives really want to see the Republicans. Take everything- and I gotta be honest- due to simply as a statement against the media establishment and the democratic establishment. A GEO p Senate will keep a Biden presidency in check and kind of slow things down and maybe something it may be good for us it
kind of simmer the stew a little bit. You know we're boiling over and we want to calm everything down. However, that's just that opinion and in the end, what we're really going to see is gonna to, as is gonna, be the result of months of litigation, and I have no idea the one thing I have we do not want to happen. Is Democrats taking everything it with normal possibility, that Democrats will take the Senate As of right now, let me refresh the wall. Street journal live results. The Democrats have lost five house seats or rejection. The Republicans have lost one, how seat, but still Forty eight and there are still some we cannot call, but it is leading to the Republicans. So we can see hear me it has been called for Collins, North Carolina ask Michigan and I've and Georgia looks like are all leaning toward the and it seems that the Republicans will be
containing their Senate majority there, Senate Majority and the governorship the Republicans have gained. One and the Democrats have lost one all in all. We don't know Can about happen the president, but it does seem like we're looking at good news for Republicans not what they wanted, but better than getting crushed. This was always a possibility them media. Being one hundred percent wrong rise up against him. Can I would highlight something: Scott Walker, tweeted after a recount twenty eleven raise for Wisconsin Supreme Court. There was a swing of three hundred votes after the recount in twenty sixteen, the presidential race, Donald Trump numbers, went up by a hundred and thirty one. As I said, twenty thousand is a high hurdle of course. As you know, Scott Walker is the fortieth Governor Wisconsin. It seems like a we count, will not help Trump in Wisconsin and that's why I highlight tromp doesn't need Wisconsin, but he does
need either Arizona, Michigan or Nevada. In fact, if well, actually, now, I think about it's not gonna matter. If Trump takes its bite and takes Arizona and Trump takes Nevada. Ok, so so you well yes that will give trumpet to seventy two victory. So there is a path through the courts, which is what many of us suspected What happened I gotta say, though. Personally I am a bit surprised that there wasn't a larger, reject, some of the media establishment. Take a look at this from Fox NEWS, Susan COM claims victory main send it right. Sarah Gideon concedes Collins up even a moderate, has taken sustained fire of the past few years, but you know what good for her look main is not. A red or blue, it's actually, it was split. It's like most states to be completely honest, secular, live election results and we can see, for the President main has, I believe were
an electoral vote for Donald Trump, and they have one so far for Biden is that we're right so far are three forbidden. I'm sorry and one for Trump like most states. There's a blue area knows and as red area well main divides up their electoral electoral votes. Susan Collins has tried to be a moderate, not just blindly agreeing with Trump, and I respect your for it I do as much as I might disagree with her, but I think Democrats are wrong. I respect her her trying to be a bridge and trying to still keep besides. You know. Stop the polarization to some to some extent tells you where did the same? I don't agree with everything tells you Gabert is parapet has proposed in our policy positions, but I can respect her efforts to try and communicate with the right and make sure the divide in this country doesn't become extreme. However, take a look at this from Gregg Price on twitter. Gregg price is, I believe why I'm not sure if that were true anywhere, but he said literally
a single Paul in the r c p average had Susan Collins winning in Maine Canopy ACT had Gideon at plus wealth. Take a look at these numbers, and this is the most glorious failure of historic, proper since my friends, if there is one thing I can say in all of this- that I said- and probably the past- every segment I've done so far is that the media has failed, stop listening to them. You don't gotta, call me, Many of the people that are certainly democratic operatives in propagandists in establishment media. They don't know what they are talking about. My stars and garters Emerson had Gideon up six call beak.
Or PAN Atlantic seven banger Daily NEWS up one canopy AK. Twelve, that's just absolutely insane call be college ppp. They all said Gideon would win, it wasn't even a close race and Gideon called to concede the media's Don horrifying things to this country. They of law the connection to the people, they don't know what they're talking about anymore and their poles are based on twitters perception of reality. They need to fire every single pollster and these forecasters and these contributors in these I just for these networks time to go time to go. We knew the poles were wrong. You know what I am proud to say I believe I got a decent one of this correct. You know why it's not hard to be wrong when you don't take harsh
answers right. I don't know what's going on the presidency and no one does yet, but I didn't know the Poles we're. Gonna be wrong and I said it over and over again. I think the poles are wrong. Won't sure, but we'll see and sure enough. The poles warrant just wrong. They were ridiculously wrong. Jeff B not Twitter, he is a attorney. Was a had he friendly rhino he treated in rough. Let me show the first we, Charles Gould boss, as as of this writing it It's like Biden will win the popular vote by millions, the electoral vote by a small, decent margin and dams, one that one for in the Senate and retain control the house if these all happen, including three in the Senate. What am I missing, Jeff says, what you're missing is the narrative hat had this as a complete democratic blow out, and not all are they set to not gain the Senate as predicted there? Actually The losing house seats, which only Idiot
is he people might have predicted that's worth contemplating a dynamism friends about the results, and they're saying Joe Biden needs to win and they're saying the Democrats need to win, and I said: can you ask yourself please: is why you are on the side of the billion airs. The moguls the multinational corporations and the political establishment. Where did the punk Rock Go Anna message? Miss uglier treated this Fascinating data, visualization of political contributions by occupation and employer in election. Twenty twenty Donald Trump Stop donors include Nypd: U S, Marines, ranchers and homeowners, Facebook, employees, university professor, theirs and others and academia. Academia give more to Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the candidate of Wall Street. He is the candidate of Facebook, of twitter, of Google
is the candidate of massive multi, massive multinational billion dollar corporations. I dont understand why this is happening. I can say, is probably better to say. I think I get it I do now Many people on the left to our voting. I believe Joe I didn't gained about five million votes from where Hillary Clinton wasn't Trump also gained about five million votes, so a lot of people would have become politically active, which is a good thing, but I have noticed that many of the people I know who moved about four Biden, our low information voters- they don't know anything about did the abominate scandals, they don't know anything about Voldemort, that's right here not be named. The CIA Cia whistleblower. but if I say his name, this video will be deleted outright, no joke. There are strange things afoot
There are millionaires and billionaires, doing everything in their power to make sure Joe Biden wins, and unfortunately there are many people claim to be progressive. Who claim to be leftists, more actively supporting the millionaires, the millionaires and everyone they claim to oppose funding its because the media, the media, did a good job I'm just so curious how it is. There are people who think Trump is all of these awful things if they don't even know anything about, what's got what's what what's going on, you know, I'll just put it this way. Trump is an imperfect avatar of the rage of the american people, those who have been paying attention for too long and want wants.
Their jobs back, want the economy to do well and are tired of having everything extracted from them. Joe Biden, brother, Jim Biden, made millions in iraqi caught contracts. After Joe Biden got an office then began overseeing Iraq. His son got a job that paid him a million bucks a year on the Board of Ukrainian Energy Company them I feel, has been paying off the media. To tell you all the guy screaming about it is the bad guy and many people bought it. Meanwhile, the mob as extracting from our communities, I don't mean any literal mob. The democratic and republican establishment, the Lincoln project types have been stealing from the coffers: figurative, for too long. They stopped governing when they realized people, while just check our ordeal. Finally, people rose up and said no, and it was Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, while Bernie Sanders sold out and Trump took over through all the political establishment might
They were able to muster a very strong defence and it is surprise thing to me. You know I don't think you're in a play out termite, actually when, but I think, if you're sitting here right now saying that I am wrong that trumpet the crooked one, let me tell you: I've talked repeatedly about trumps private properties, his court, properties, his use of the military. You know the military coming in staying at these places the fact that Trump Hotel, as a gilt post office, willing to talk about this stuff, Joe Biden family, got rich off his offer. his name Obama had a meeting with bite in an Yeats and call me, and the talk about prosecuting Michael Flynn in FBI notes. They said they want to go iron or prosecuted, which one we have text messages from former FBI agents saying we have an insurance policies tromp. An Ex FBI lawyer has now been prosecuted for altering evidence to frame trump in right or to get false warrants. We have seen what they have done and they do
not deserve to be allowed back into the castle, and that's it there's not much. You can say to me when I say this for historic peace agreements, no new wars. The first presidency this in, like forty years, the end the sudanese and israeli conflict, the wreckage of Israel by several arabic nations withdrawing our troops from at least a booming economy. Pre covert, banning Grace theory, which is NEO segregationist and a violation of civil rights law and tromp, has done enough that I think he it warns second term there's no clean when four body, if Biden wins it will be viewed as dirty and of Trump ones, will be viewed as dirty and twitter censoring my post that says that, but for the time being, the litigation have begun, I hope You're ready for a roller coaster of a month or two will see how things play out the excitement. Hang up at six p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast news. It is a different channel from this one. Thanks rang it out, and I will see you all them.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the nightmare sooner. yeah, I'm actually more surprised that we didn't see a ton of mass riding across the country. There was some, but not nearly as bad as many people thought it was at a party last night, some people too, on a com. They are worried about driving on the highways. Well, last night, several states stopped reporting bear their vote counts and now we're kind of frozen does not of weird things going on. Of course, the Republicans people on the right are saying that Democrats are playing dirty game The Democrats are saying that no working to counter the ballots outside this, both Trump and Joe Biden, have said that there on a path to victory, the media reported that Donald Trump as declared victory. He said something like quite frankly, I think we did when I think, just it's all, just crazy, it's crazy, but
my friends. I can officially report a loser in this election. That's it it doesn't matter if we wait until all the melon votes come in the poles and the pundits lost and they lost vice just insane margins. We words, well. There's gonna be a Democrat blow up. We were told Democrats, we're gonna, make gains in the house. There were to take the Senate and Donald Trump was going to be crushed with its double digit national led right now, tromp is actually on track to win and Joe Biden is not, however, I what I'm saying is. I would be very, very careful. You would be very clear, as the states lean right now from if everything stopped right now,
other points, but I sang naval bunch of mail and bouts haven't counted yet in some states and they're, saying that in Pennsylvania they can accept mail in votes up to three days after a lot. today to tell him of amber. Sixth, even if they have no clear postmark. That to me is one of the sea. Is things not tell you what man truck may lose some of these states and the ultimate count may end up with tromp losing, but tromp is taking it to the courts. If tromp can get some of these these late vote. And stopped he's gonna win hands down, so it won't. Let me try something else. I want to say: Democrats are losing in the house, Republicans have flipped a seat but lost one in the Senate. I think I think John James, the product predict no, is really crazy. Stuff. The poles were just so wrong and you know what I'll be happy accepting the Poles were wrong. Fine, but take a look at
two hundred and seventy to win based on the current leaning of states and the current total count right now, Trump. If everything stopped would win. Two hundred and eighty two electoral votes, Joe Biden, two hundred and fifty six, it would be over however, they are saying that in Like North Carolina, it's going to flip dividing Georgia is really close. It probably will go to Trump and they pay I think they're saying Michigan is now invite in favour not entirely sure but trumps. Only up by about twenty thousand votes accorded this map. I just pulled up the Wall Street Journal lecture result, but I've seen some tweets. So let me just first. First aid, President Biden, has two hundred and thirty. Eight electoral votes to trumps to thirteen Biden has fifty percent of the popular vote. Sixty nine million one on forty one thousand twenty three do Donald Trump, sixty six million eight hundred eighty nine thousand six hundred and ten the governors lost. One Democrats Republicans gained a governorship
in the Senate. The Democrats have gained one seat so far, Republicans have lost one seat, but the Republicans did make a flip. That's my understanding in the house. This is really an credit. The Democrats so far have lost four seats and the Republicans have gained four seats. the guy was right. We're gonna, I don't know if I repeat his head out and I was gonna win and it could be Biden because I'll tell you men, historic. Voter turnout is good for Democrats. If Democrats didn't turn out large numbers tat popular vote totals our way higher than last time. Since what else a while ago that trot may make these gains? we not, we may know many people were like I'm not voting for Trump. This up, I'm up about voting for the democratic I'm on voting for Trump Johnny rotten people like me, and that contributes trumps gain of around four million votes. So we know these people, but the debt press were able to activate a bunch of norms, people
Just like crazy everything go back to normal people who hate trump my personal opinion and is not meant to be an insult but low information. Voters You know when I talk to people and ask about Obama Gate. You know there's this spying call me Logan ACT, Michael Flint, most people say I have no idea what that is well, if you're dead, you'd, probably vote for Trump. Even if you think tromp was the worst person in the world will were basically looking at is serious impropriety. If tromp loses, and he might, unless you winds and the courts now. I am actually because now without any coney buried in the court, there was a forty four language at the rolling back to the lower courts. Ok, let me slowdown Pennsylvania where they ruled that they can count bouts. Three days later, it was afford four Supreme Court ruling, meaning essentially nothing, and it goes back to the lower court that allows Pennsylvania Account balance with no clear postmark. Our letter received at the three days later, if truck challenge
is this now, because the court, basically sad you have to segregate the votes, and even that comes in after election. They need to put this pile and as an preserved as evidence that way, if the Supreme Court rules, you can't do this, then down, trouble, probably went Pennsylvania, but my understanding right now is a pencil. Enea has not followed this order and his credit no system to actually segregate these votes so units a premature rules. They're gonna say we don't know, which ones those are so I don't know what's going to happen, but I'll tell you. I laughing at the idea of Democrats losing house seats now another big Lou zero last night was Fox news. Fox news gave Florida probability to Biden at like eighty three percent, then all of a sudden flip the tramp tramp one in Florida,
first, I want to show you something really really am I gonna go through. I gotta go through this there's so much you gotta show you're gonna be like, while to a lot of stuff. First and foremost, as I said with to send me to win the current lean leaning states if everything he's the waiters. Tromp will win. A Joe Biden needs to flip. I think he needs to win Wisconsin, but then he also needs to flip, I think to midwestern states, otherwise, trumps gonna take it it might. Predict. It currently has users. Betting Biden will win at zero dollars and eighty one cents. That means they believe it's not percentage wise, but if eighty one, if you put down a bet of zero dollars and eighty one cents and inviting wins, you want to buck people are pretty confident they're going to win zero dollars and twenty cents on their on their zero dollars and eighty cents, they think Joe Biden is going to win and Donald Trump is going to lose. They believe that Michigan will flip Democrat Pennsylvania. Will flip Democrat Georgia? Will flip Democrat and Jobe
we'll be the ultimate winner. Now over here we have Josh Jordan. I love this one, my friends as you know my biggest, complaint is usually the media, another big policy guy. I think it's, I think, we're gonna, I think of truck loses middle eastern peace deals gone withdrawing our troops in Afghanistan, guy send in way more more drawn strikes more international conflict, not a fan of that, but I think it's coming check this out from just Jordan. We're not final, yet, of course, but a look at how much trump over performed the real, clear politics, average and swing states. The poles were historically wrong. Incredible stuff in Ohio, plus seven was constant plus six, are you a plus six Texas, plus five
flora? Four point: five north drawn up one George up one Arizona, minus two point: five in Minnesota, minus three: this could end up being a much worse night for pulling than twenty sixteen, which is pretty remarkable and now look at how much Trump overall, formed the five thirty eight averages and swing states, and it's all basically the same thing: Wisconsin, eight plus eight ILO, plus seven taxes plus five, my friends, they said, I know if I have the New York Times pulled up, do I I think I do they said that, ok, I don't have a toss up states they set. Taxes was toss up. When you look at the actual toss up ranking from the New York Times, it's all all these states are heavy Publican, the Poles were so insanely wrong, and I wonder if it, rollin, demoralising trump supporters and got them the result they wanted. The poles were off by
more than they were last time. In many places. That to me is probably the most. I asked the incredible take away from the night. Now Donald Trump declares victory right Jack. buttons campaigns, slams Trump outrageous bid to try and shut down, counting and prepares to deploy legal teams across the country. I tweeted, The Democrats are gonna start finding the votes. They need to be Trump. Republicans are gonna cry foul than democrat you're going to complain. No one is going to trust the results of this election. The point I am making is they ve stopped count up. They stop reporting certain tallies in certain states and they are changing the rules at the eleventh hour. I've already done it now. They want to continue counting ballads, like in Pennsylvania, which trunk needs well after election day so trumpeting. You can't do that work and assume their saying count ever
ballot. It doesn't matter where you think you are who matters is as a polarized divide between the factions. Now here's the best part. I said the Democrats will start finding the bit of finding the votes they need. and all of a sudden I get inundated with these people saying like what does that mean to him? Would you mean finding you mean counting all the ballots? I don't mean anything I didn't mean anything by literally just there is our finding the votes they need, meaning there are a bunch of ballots stacked in boxes, in a room and they're going to go through them and find the votes they need, but the paranoia is real. People on the right are already saying finding as in found in the end the boot of a car in a rental agency. We know that story, I'm just saying what we mean by finding him- are you implying they're gonna for their benefit? damn randomly they're. Just your counting all the ballots. You'll need a chill enemy. Anything by I just met literally that the numbers are coming in
I don't know if they're gonna be legit or not or whatever ever am I making any accusations. I'm saying like we saw too the eighteen with the house. Republicans tromp is tracking the win, and then there is our pulling out a bunch of votes, and we all knew this was going to happen and everything that we thought was going to be is to be accepted. Well, no, I'm sorry, look! The poles are wrong. I said the Poles were wrong, I'm very happy to see, I've got that one right. I said I did now who's gonna win, my got leaned sorts trot, but I dont know and maybe trumped up losing no idea inside the poles were wrong. Though, and that's I guess the most important part look the left in the right order to demand that Republicans or to say we have a right to stop these, these council. Think of actual- and let me just show you the story because I think its most important from Philadelphia, inquirer, the Supreme Court Allow Pennsylvania account male bouts three days after the election. the stories are at what I stories from is actually from a few days ago,
Supreme Court will allow Pennsylvania Account male belts received up to three days after the election, rejecting our public and plead the justices divided for for Monday and outcome that whole upholds a states of a state, in court ruling that allowed election officials to receive and count bouts until November six, even if they don't have a clear postmarked. The four for rule, isn't so relevant. In my opinion, if Ruth Bader Ginsburg was still on the court, it would have been a ruling in favour of a left anyway, Republicans, including president trumps campaign of oppose, at an extension organ arguing that violates federal law that sets election day as the first two day after the first Monday, In November and that such a decision constitutionally belongs to lawmakers, not the courts, I agree. I dont think the Democrats should have changed. The rules- and it says even if they dont- have a clear postmark that to me is insane so so what it could be forged in you don't know what it is or when it's from it could be from well after that's ridiculous,
chief Justice, John Roberts, joined the three liberal justices to reject Pennsylvania. Republicans call for the court to block the state court ruling. Look, I understand courts will make their decisions. I understand that, I? U know Democrats have sat here if you want to do in the courts as well. I think you can do it. The problem is we're not dealing we're dealing with an election, and you have two different factions. P factions a bunch of smaller factions, but give Republicans the Democrats. The Democrats should not allowed to arbitrarily change the rules. At the eleventh hour. Sorry. If someone says I challenge you to a race timber. a run. You know a hundred metre dash and then I I hear the rules, here's how we do it and then, like a week before we got, but they say actually we ve changed the rules to allow us to start running three seconds early like way way way way way. I didn't agreed to you change
the rules and in the rough goes almond allow it and I'm like none. I don't know, I'm I'm here we're having a legitimate contest. You can just change the rules of a democratic I've done it and the courts have ruled in their favour. I believe the appropriate ruling would be defer to use existing standard rules, not only that Crop is correct election day, as set forth by the constitution is the first Monday. Was it the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November end of story they're going to argue. I suppose that these mail in ballots are from before the election. Therefore they should count, but if they have no clear post market, they can't be determined to be from election day or before. Here's my fear limit. Let me show you a few things first, and I tell my fear is now with a Democrat victory, Joe Biden, This is u now obviously criticising Donald Trump. I'm a very interesting tweet from Laughlin market Laughlin is a daily based reporter, who said as Florida showed last night either.
Very large states have the ability to count votes quickly, there's no reason beyond politics. Of course this can't be replicated nationally. It makes literally no signs that any state would stop their reporting and say We're gonna wait now a few days. The makes. No sense if all of the mail and ballots came in, Then you have them, you count them, but we have to count them. male in bout- lay. No, you don't. That makes no sense if, if you are expecting a million votes, you're going to count a million ballots weren't, you if the belts come in early, why you should be to get done early shouldn't you, because you got him sooner: how no for some reason this time. So I don't know man. I think I think both I think both sides will make their arguments, because this is going to be a presidency for the courts We all expected, fortunately, for tromp, he's gotta, sixty three conservative nobody right now. So I see others plays out, but I could take a month. We are going to be
in for a wild ride, Wild Laughlin was responding to one Greenwell who said the? U S, inability to count votes is national, disgrace and dangerous, and I agree with both of these men but my friends, something magical happened. Lesson I mean the Poles were wrongly check this out from cigar in general I still absolutely cannot believe that Trump won Zapata county. Fifty two two hundred and forty seven in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, which he lost to Clinton sixty five, two hundred and thirty two. There is no other National Republican America who could have done that just incredible Donald Trump, flit heavy Clinton areas, not just here. There are some other instances where I think in Virginia we're seeing someone like those people are shocked to see that, although it's not looking that great for Trump in the long run with the with with the politics goin on trouble over performed June to such a degree he
flip, a Clinton district. He lost two to one and now he one with a five point. Led things are crazy man, the media, the pundits the forecast. I am happy to say we can ignore every thing they say from now on. I would like to humbly request that a five thirty jewish shudder down. My everything about last night was that when five thirty, it started. They said Donald Trump us a ten percent chance of winning. Ah right now we're in political toss, up territory, ten percent chance of, boy. Were they wrong? I see no evidence to suggest that the poles are wrong. This time we ve adapted our models and now everything's, better Florida,
was supposed to be leaning Biden and it was like it's like five points for Trop what it, what it, what is the number let's go down. Florida trump is up. Ok shop is up just about three point was at three just three point four points about so well well, and they it's fair, ok, fine margin of error marginally, Canada's one, but they were saying taxes was toss up Tromp is up in taxes by six points, so absolutely ludicrous what they were saying here we go here. We go. I have the toss up like this. It says toss up states. Now, I'm not faulting. The wall great journal. For this analysis, this is what the pollsters we're saying floor. Are you a main second Ohio and taxes? Work, toss ups and look at this Florida is about three three points for Trump. Then you have Iowa, which is eight point,
for tromp main too is seven points up for Trump. Ohio is looking at eight point. Two four Trump and Texas is about five point. Nine points up for tromp, you wanna talk about wrong toss up states. Are you crazy, check this out, lean Democrat States, Arizona, they're saying, does go to Biden Michigan right now. but it is legal by point two percent North Carolina and Georgia Trump is and Pennsylvania Trump is up. Now I tell you this man in Pennsylvania, Trop is up. Six hundred and twenty thousand votes are thinking to find that many ballads, that's crazy. Absolutely insane. Tromp is up in Pennsylvania by ten point. Seven points lean Democrat. I love to see it. They were so wrong We know the safe Democrat States, we know the safe republican states, I will say it's kind of
maybe they're not absolutely convinced Unalaska yet, but this was wrong. Lean Democrat and toss up needed to move over the top states should be lean. Republican and the lean Democrat should be split toss up. They were wrong that's crazy man. I can't believe it. While I tell you what we got some words, some funky stories some excuses. Some crazy Nestor Out Fulton County Elect, the results delayed after pipe bursts in room with ballots. No kidding it's Georgia, because, although well we're gonna have to stop because our fight broke. Ok, fine, fine, sometimes pipe bright pipes break, and and it's a big country, so so, ok, fine, I dont, know what is going to happen. My friends I know that in the next few hours we are gonna get an onslaught of statements of lawsuits being file, and I will be here to cover all of it and what a wild and absolutely insane night predicted says Biden will
I am not convinced that a lot of us. They believe that Pennsylvania's gonna go to Joe Biden, but as of right now, Pennsylvania Trump is up. Six hundred almost yeah over about six hundred, just five. Six hundred thousand votes he's got fifty four point. Eight percent to forty four point, one Are they really gonna find that many votes? Maybe I guess I guess look just because people are betting on things doesn't mean there right. and I did a segment. Why said said, wisdom of the crowd predicts Trump landslide lot of people on the left thought that the map showed that Trump would win. Blue states like tromp was gonna win. California, though I don't think so, I'm using a budding website. Now you don't understand the point. It's that people across the country in all of these different betting pools predicted trump, would win the the presidency, that's it and he still might
I actually think it's it's a safe, but tromp will end up winning through the courts. I do look, no matter what happens at this point. We are going into court battle territory. This is going to be a letter dated election, not a people's vote. At this point, the house. Is likely minor standing is likely going to be Democrat. We can see Another sang it still possible, Republicans take those and they ve already gained four seats in the Senate, lost one seat, but I do believe that limit Portland unable to set in michigan- on James is up point point five percent, so we don't know for sure is about twenty, twenty, four thousand or so votes will see and in Maine Collins is up substantially, but they're not calling it yet in a North Carolina tell us is up just around what you know about one point, eight points, so we will,
in the house. One thing I will give a shouted to shun. Parnasse looks like he's: gonna win. This is amazing. If we hop over two p m, we can see in was appear. Seventeen Sean par now is up for teen pawkins shop are now. O Connor Lamb? He was one of these. Do not things who said a locked me Mamma then immediately went first impeachment ignore everybody sown with Republicans have already gained four seats, and I dont think they're, even counting like Sean Parnasse, because they- called it form. Yet this ain't leans in this direction. We will see hot plays out my friends, it's looking really good for Republicans in the house that's crazy and they need a ridiculous amount to take the majority right now. They need both We need to ensure an eighteen Democrats have elite of eight seats, they ve lost. Four. Could you imagine if it just inverts and this that you know that beside it goes democratic?
The presidency goes democratic than the house goes. Republican, it's gonna be a whole lot of wacky business, but I tell you what it in a lot of people are set. that it's gonna be likely a GEO p Senate. These are I believe that the Senate right now, yes, so that we got three states we ve got Georgia. We gotta run not going out with law, floor, Collins and and Warnock in Georgia. It looks like Purdue is on track to win just about four point and then you ve got made in Michigan Unalaska, see little looking very much so like it's going to be a GEO peace at it with a stronger GEO, P house, but probably still Democrat majority. Joe Biden or tromp it could go either way. We will see the litigation going nuts and then no matter what happens. I think no one's gonna except the results but I'll tell you what I'll leave you with us at this point, based on what we're saying, if Joe Biden does end up winning, I think republicans we'll just accept it I think conservatives I why ok, he one now complain that
while suits, and if it isn't the court's, that's it if Donald Trump wins Bedlam Bedlam, a good word. Yes, absolute chaos, anyway. I'm gonna, be you know covering, as it happens, today should be fun. Next segments come not that one p m and this channel- and I will see you well then some thing is happening in Arizona over night tromp has been closing the gap and many people are saying. You should not have called Arizona for Joe Biden because it might actually flip the trump at least a corner. Brok campaign there saying when all is said and done, tromp will have won, but by between ten and thirty thousand votes you see, there was a reporting error check. This out reporting air were apparently they claimed now
indeed five percent of precincts we're reporting, and it was only eighty six meaning a whole bunch of more votes still have to come in from areas that favour Donald Trump trot campaign. Needless to say, is very excited about this, but it's not really gonna matter. If tromp does, when Arizona, he still needs Pennsylvania, things are not. Can good. In Michigan we got a whole bunch of creation has gone my friends, the House Nancy Pelosi their freak out Democrats realizing they may lose twelve house seats, not enough for a publican majority, but the opposite of a blue wave, the culture war,
far from over the Democrats and the left still have tremendous strength and they may actually, when the presidency, we will see how things play out in Pennsylvania, but the Republicans are certainly pushing back and the right is making its gains. The fact that you look you can you can come at me all day. Ninety looked him. The popular vote for Joe Biden, the house. The house the house, these are districts, they will have the same reporting issues as an electoral vote. We are seeing The Democrats lose standing. Many of their frontline members being kicked the curb now in the Senate. So far, I believe we ve seen one flip Democrat. Have they foot count He can loop ended up winning putting one more Democrats see it. Maybe we do not get it. but what is lawsuits either trot. Could stop the count, because that the argument as the cards
too often gives us one election day, we'll get an all this or the Democrats get the right to count bout that came in after election day. The Senate may go Democrat. The house stays dammit. at an Biden might when we still are looking at a who knows. What's gonna happen situation, there is a possibility that there are two possibilities not getting to the numbers brought, but before it and everything Trump could win. The absolutely could could when, if it gets Pennsylvania, if Arizona flips Trump Trump wins He may need the courts on his side, so there's a legitimate path, a victory still. The court's could definitely help him when and we might see a republican presidency republican GEO P, slightly more republican house. The other possibility- and there are many many across possibilities seemed to be the biggest. Is that we see Democrats take everything, but we don't know for sure. Just yet and I gotta go through by just off there's accusations of fraud.
There are some really weird there. There are some safe Democrat seeds, apparently flipped republican, no joke. I got it. We have to go through the most important thing so far Rob Camp Eyes, Arizona and Pennsylvania signals legal challenges that I want to come back to this official article. What's gonna break the legal challenges and first show you it's actually going on from Chris Buskirk on Twitter is the editor and publisher of am greatness. Aisy Really I am Uptake Maricopa County overnight was a pick up. A fifty thousand votes for TAT Biden Lead is now ninety k with five hundred and twenty bout thousand bouts still out there are sixty forty trumps split of those boats would put trump I had by ten thousand votes. Tromp has been winning the count, sixty forty or better since late last night, Jason Miller from the trunk campaign
thorough breakdown, we believe Donald Trump, Donald Trump Win Margin in Arizona will be closer to thirty thousand votes, probably just under that keep in mind where now counting election day voters. This is very very important. What Jason Miller Belarus here there, not counting voters that came men after election day there still counting election day. Voters. Donald Trump is likely to be filing legal claims to stop any bout that comes in after election day, we'll get into that. A second we're gonna go through more data, but check this out. Jeff D or do for. I editor in chief of the National Journal, says the latest plot twist almost from Arizona which have reportedly counted ninety five percent plus of its votes. The New York Times notes that do to an error in an Edison research data feet of the results. The actual estimate is that eighty six percent of the vote has been counted. This give some credence to the trunk camps argument in it
Paul with reporters that it expects to pull had in Arizona, because most of the outstanding vote is in Trump friendly territory. Ladies gentlemen, We are likely going to see mate. Well, I should say likely chocolate, flip Arizona outside this. Let's hop on over to that predict it market earlier in the day predicted the betting on site. If you saw my earlier segment, had Arizona ninety nine cents for for Joe Biden. That means for one cent You could get a share and if Trump wins, you would get a dollar back. That's crazy, while of course, its drop now to eighty seven four for Joe Biden, meaning you'll need about thirteen sense to buy a trunk share so about a full order of magnitude down, because people are sick
to realize knots refresh and see Whereat with Arizona. Eighty two and has since gone down even more and the projections for trumped when have gone up by, I believe eight cents so far. Now predicted, budding market still says: tromp is gonna lose. It me gonna lose. It means people right now based on the data they have are our feeling. This way we will see, we will see. I want to point out as we're talking about this, this voting error or this this tabulation air, which greatly benefits Donald Trump. It was incorrect, trot might actually when lot Republicans are cheering, Thus there saying oh man, Arizona, conflict, trumps, good news right: it was a reporting I was wrong Donald Trump tweets. What is this all about a tweet from met wash? This is, though, is reason enough to go to court. No honest person can look at this and say it's normal and on concerning and met wash here's the best part. This tweet only refreshing to show
What's goin on this tweet format, Walsh is censored by my twitter and the tweet he was quoting is censored by twitter. Twitter is suppressing legitimate info. asian? That voters need to see this This is scary stuff. This is really Gary stuff, if this goes to the courts and tromp loses all of this is going to be highlighted, let me show you what he was highlighting this a tweet from that my colleague and up the gives Biden, one hundred percent of new votes, one hundred and twenty eight plus. Let me say this image that there's there's two maps here: We have Michigan Donald Trump with two point: two million not to point to nine or two million and Joe Biden with one ninety three, forty six. They update they. They then role in their update and that puts Biden. At two two million one hundred thirty six. Ninety five, but Donald Trump gained, not a single vote. Now a meeting
people are saying this is fishy, notably Matt Wash. This is reason enough to go to court now. A person can look at this and say it's normal Anna concerning, I believe they should go to court. I do, I believe Republicans how to make sure they're fighting tooth and nail- and I think Democrats have to as well, because we want legitimate and honest results and I believe it needs to be based on both gas and election day, but we're getting all this. This, however, may just be our reporting error. Just saw that that they may be on calling Arizona Gay, because the trunk campaigns they're, gonna, win by about thirty thousand votes, once all is said and done. These are election day votes, not votes. After election day tromp may win Arizona due to Europe. Morning error, the New York Times is saying we actually missed. You know. A decent amount of the vote is an Edison reporting data mistake. This could be the same thing, I'm not saying ignore it. I'm just saying everybody needs
chill a little bit the end result could be the New York Times may a mistake in their tribulations. That's it. I tell you, man, people our on edge- and I can't blame them- but my friends- this is just a good day for Republicans for now. Today is a good day for Republicans It may turn into a bad weeks or months if tromp loses and Republicans lose the Senate. But as of right now, House Democrats fall way short in disappointing night, while my friends last night. We did a four and a half hour live stream, mostly just for all the different from the party hanging out. So wait a lot of interesting people like me, China was here. I ask our solid Jack Murphy, Seamus Coughlan, from freedom tunes, so we had a lot of crazy people. Talk about crazy stuff! I remember I came down with a dub, decent people, and I go on my facebook
and I'm seeing all of these lefties. Who follow me and we're friends me a facebook saying I'm starting to get nervous. It was just like twenty. Sixteen, the poles were hysterically wrong hysterically wrong worse than they were in twenty. Sixteen. This is shocking, tromp hasn't one. Yet it is very close. They were gonna, see a litigated presidency. That's the Supreme Courts can a rule, I believe, Donald Trump. May appointing for one reason, my understanding and and correct me if I'm wrong, the constitution provides for election day, the first Tuesday after the first Monday. That's when the election day is supposed to be. Let me
is any other book. The Republicans are saying: no more ballots can come in and that's for good reason. We want rules, we want everyone to play by the rules and the constitution made this clear. The Democrats are saying a vote is a vote as a vote, and it must be counted no matter. What no I understand there isn't. There is an issue we do want every vote counted. I personally think we should have red eligible registered voter who voted have their vote count, the problem is, and the reason we caught off after election day is that you ve got peoples. there looking at the district sang here's, how much we need to win here and here, and it is just a terrible security risk, but Democrats have been scream Norma over and over again, there's no fraud.
it dont care. We do not change the rules to accommodate people when they are losing sorry. I don't like the idea of a president getting elected, and the will of the people in our system and our rules of electoral college favour someone else, but I'm sorry, if Rules are this way than we play by the rules. That's all I can say. If you start, changing the rules. The eleventh hour, the Democrats have done then there no system at all any more. My friends I do think were of only a few actions away from one party rule and that's gonna- be a disastrous, as our the California, but in, before you there's almost no reason to actually do their job anymore. California's places like LOS Angeles, Democrat Super Majority. That's it so what happens of homelessness? They don't care, they ignore. It I worry about that for the reasons country but less read about the House House, disappointing night, Speaker Pelosi and her in
Belgrade Caucus charge the Tuesday with Energized base a sharp fundraising advantage and hopes to flip anywhere from five to fifteen Republican sees an election night. Instead, it was the Republicans scored big, at least in the early counting, knocking out at least a half dozen vulnerable Democrats with several more clinging to the ropes. It was a reversal of fortunes of the Democrats who had led big in the poles and the money raised and we're budding Trump at the top of the ticket would be addressed. agone GEO P lawmakers all the way down. The ballot with gushing optimism. Democrats were expecting Tuesday night would give them a chance to pad there to thirty two one, seven majority next year, when we are well positioned, have a good night said rat cherry boost. Those Illinois had of the Democrats campaign arm told reporters hour before pulse closed Tuesday. As a son came up Wednesday morning. However, their appeal appeared few bright spots for boost its part, and I want to stress
Sean Parnell he's here. The guy, the viral adds he's really gets Conor landowners. Moderate Democrats looks like he's up for teen points at least last check so check again. Looking good for Sean part. I was gonna flip the Ciera for their publicans. They say While Democrats will retain their majority, a handful of their frontline members, incumbents, facing the toughest races had been defeated and after boasting about how that expanded, the map and we're playing deep and a trunk country they. EL the pick off. Even a single house Republican running for reelection Democrats did manage to pick up a pair of GNP, held open seats and North Carolina, where redistricting had made the districts much bluer and a third in Georgia. After the retirement of vulnerable GEO, P, Rob Woodhull The state of democratic losses were not limited to anyone. Geographic region in rural Minnesota, RAP Common Peter said a fifteen term veteran
chairman of the Agricultural Committee, was clobbered by the states former lieutenant governor who linked Peters into the liberal policy in the suburbs of Oklahoma City, Rep, Kendra, Horn, a first term moderate, was defeated by Republican Stephanie, buys a set. I state, Senator in one of the countries most contested races on New Mexico, southern border, wrapped Social Torres, small on pricing- and I'm sorry I I apologize a thirty six year old centrist, also inner first term fell to events, Herald a fall, more state legislator in a rematch of terminating in South Carolina First term Rep Joe Cunningham Democrat was ousted by state Rhett, Nancy, MACE Republican, an early surprise. An election night and early bad news for Democrats was the defeat of two first term Democrats in Florida, Miami date County wraps Debbie, Mercosur, Powell and done Sha la la the former help human services Secretary under Clinton, Cuban Americans, a powerful voting block in South Florida
overwhelmingly for President Trump helping to hand Republicans the Sunshine state and the pair of how seats wow. I couldn't believe it one saw those Paul's. Yesterday, Miami Dade Blue Democrat, electing Republicans and swinging for Trump, very largely not completely quote part of it- is incorrect assumptions about how minority voters will perform based on previous elections. Democrats can no longer take blacken latino voters for granted yes former RAP Carlos Coelho Republican Florida, a cuban American who previously represented one of them. I am seats symbolic of the tough night suffered by the Democrats, even boost us on Wednesday morning was trail
your GEO p opponent, although plenty of absentee bouts remain to be counted and Democrats have cautioned the public not to jump to conclusions about race results before every vote has been tell you, boosters hails, may largely rural district one by trumpet twenty sixteen and the race was predicted close had again while votes were still being counted Wednesday morning in races around the country in a number of democratic, comments were trailing or locked in tight races, including abbe, think an hour of Iowa T J Cox of California, Anthony Brindisi of New York and MAX rose. A former army ranger MAX rose might actually lose you. I tell you what men you want to hear it from me. You supported impeachment and you spat in the face of those who chose to elect you, not I've, not every district there. I believe thirty one districts that were for trumpet twenty sixteen flip democratic, twenty eighteen, many of
The people live here felt lied to absolutely house Republicans long criticized for small number of women in their ranks picked up seats by running female candidates against democratic incumbents, at least five gnp. Women will be part of the freshman class. Republicans had added just one. When twenty eighteen, the devastating night for Democrats, is sure to prompt plenty of head scratching about their campaign strategy, including questions about the accurate. of their pulling and decisions to go on the offensive in districts where tromp one handily right, then dedicating resources to more moderate districts. It also presents a new I'm up for policy whose expected to return a speaker next year and was hoping to cushion her comfortable majority in preparation for what is expected to be a tough cycle for Democrats in twenty twenty two one of the the funniest things I think that needs to be said Lindsey.
Ram, they were actually claiming ground was shaken in his boots. I gotta be honest at an all time, not a big fan of Linsey Grand, I think he's kind of he just here. The wind you now, oh, no, the Republica saying as I better parrot them, not a big fan, but he won by or what it. What does yet over eleven points right now, in the count get you They sank over a hundred million dollars on ridiculous amount of money. The trying at this damage, to win and the grand wins by a quarter of a million votes, so I am more than a quarter of a million absolutely ridiculous. We still have some Senate's that are up, and we have four seats that are leaning Republican as You know my earlier segment in the house. One thing I find like probably the most fascinating thing if we can down to is isn't gonna give you know you're. Ok, here we go in New York, MAX rose might actually and ok it's not it's not too easy enough to pull these things.
but limit. Let me show you some of these these these these numbers here, something I find truly fascinating. Take a look at what they call to toss up. I mention this in my early morning segment. They were wrong. The lean Republican, overwhelmingly republican letter. This Michigan six was lean republican and its twenty points up, I think, that's fair to say a safe republican district, but fine twenty points in Arizona Fit there. Only up about twelve point, eight points game, so no you're, Paul's, yellow toss up when overwhelmingly republican. There is Oh blue wave, sorry, the blue wave getting
rushed out, and I will see what happens the senators? This would be a big legal battle, but look at the lean Democrat column. This is the real toss up column. It is it split between Democrats and Republicans and leaning Republican. The poles are broken fire every pollster. In fact, I would like to hire Frank lunch for a job now frank once, as you know, is a famous pollster. He tweeted that if the poles are wrong this time, these, like all of us, are going to find a new line of work. Frank, I do like you, so I think I have a good job for you. I would like you to go and fire all the other pollsters. it's no point listening to them anymore, I'm talking as all my progressive friends who are like freaking out about bite in saying they gave us Biden and they sacrificed everything in their and our approach it in a loose, and I we disagree and I was like- can we all agree like fire, the pulsars? Yes,
she said we may as well have been guessing. Yet that is actually up I'll. Tell you what they underestimate a republic. hence to such an insane degree. Look at this on your screen right now, safe likely dam is safe. Likely. Damn lean Democrat is a toss up. Toss up, leans Publican and lean Republicans, save Republican are safe republican. How absolutely ridiculous it at us, or even some safe, our air, the California. Thirty, nine is up point four for the Republican right now we also have in Florida twenty seventh confirmed victory for Republican in a safe Democrat district. That to me, is the craziest thing out of all of us. Floored us twenty seventh Miami. They said it was safe Democrat and from flipped, while. We are not seeing what the UK saw back into,
where there are some areas that never voted this way like ninety years flipping and voting upon our conservative, but we are seeing some of it so right now the fact that we are seeing eye floored, as twenty seventh raising this was considered to be safe and look at Us Illinois Fourteenth, considered safe point two up for Republican. We have Michigan Eleventh up a few points for them Four Republicans New York's third is up about one point, five points Republicans and we have p a six seven, eight and seventeen all favoured by Republicans. This is crazy. This is the safe. Olive for Democrats now over the republican side, we have one that went democratic Georgia's fifth, I don't understand why they thought Georgia's fifth district would be safe Republican, be John Louis. His old district, it went heavy for Democrat,
as we read it could have been due to gerrymandering redistricting, I should say: listen the Democrats, the Democrats, the Democrats lost bigly, is it big league or is it big ladder painting on the wall to the big lie, big league? They lost, and I want you to see this, but I want to let you know the polls our garbage. As you can see, the Republicans had an overwhelming victory it with the odds against them in the house. They will not take the majority, but it looks like they ve crushed several that the hopes of a blue wave as for Donald Trump. he may take Arizona. I actually dont have any reasonably they'll be wrong about this. There was eight. There was a copy. Waiting error in trumps favour, meaning, there's more votes to be counted well Trump, when the presidency
he needs Pennsylvania, prepare for a Supreme Court ruling that will make Bush V Gore. Look like ok, fine, whenever a regular all election year and have a good analogy for this. I think we may be looking at Scotus rolling in trumps favour. You ve got original rests on the court. It's gonna be five to foreign troops favor, it's gonna, be razor thin margins. They're gonna be votes from actual people that wanted to vote. That did make it in time or disqualified, and I M sorry, I will never advocate for rule changes to benefit someone in a political victory. While I personally will lament the fact that there may he doesn't voters. People who wanted to vote with their vote did make time through no fault of their own. I can only blame Democrats for instituting. new rules in the eleventh hour, not Republicans for upholding them. I am going to be tracking this for the rest of the day. I have no idea what comes next, but at Youtube dot com, slash timcast at four p dot m. I will have another segment up so stick around
and I will see you all then Donald Trump, campaign has declared victory in Pennsylvania and, of course, everyone screaming no, the race isn't over. Yet Donald Trump holds just shy of a four hundred thousand vote lead, but I believe there is still a pistol double digit percentage votes to be counted, so I believe it's around fourteen or so percent could be a little less Donald Trump may very well when Pennsylvania, but they're saying there are, It more votes to come in, of course, Donald Trump is likely, owing to sue to prevent votes from being counted that came in after election day boys, this one of us from Twitter Political, Paul's, tweeting. Just in bill step, and we are declaring victory in Pennsylvania
Here we go baby. I hope you're ready. Already. Chaos is erupting in Michigan as people are chanting, something like stop the count and their blocking windows. Nobody can see inside. This is gonna, be a hoot. I guess probably why you may have noticed. I am not currently at I had my House Insult Jersey, I'm up in the middle of nowhere. For the time being, and eventually we will have a permanent relocation here, but I think it's gonna get absolutely not so, as we can see here in Pennsylvania, eighty five percent of expected total votes, reporting and Donald Trump, as a pretty strong lead as of right now it looks like around three hundred and fifty one thousand votes there saying tromp might lose, and here we go Trump team launch
legal on Swat in Pennsylvania as odds of election victory, fade I'm sure to come. Donald Trump needs to an ok if he loses Wisconsin and it's a twenty thousand vote leading forbidden than he needs to get Nevada or Arizona and Pennsylvania, and many whence I actually think as of right now, what we know it looks like we have media bias. Suggesting Biden is winning. It really does look like Trump might. When not to be fair. We don't know the total results. We know that in Arizona Tromp has been closing the gap and their suggesting he might win, but based on the current counts right now with You should get going for buying Wisconsin going for Biden with Slovenia is gap, closing but still leaning, trop working to give that want to Trump then we have Arizona. Nevada looks like binds gonna
but like to seventy two. That's we're right so far. If trunk can flip Nevada, because the lead therefore Biden has only if, like seven or eight thousand trot might win, but in my personal opinion it's not looking but for Donald Trump, I am not going to be crazy enough to try and call it for either, but both camps have already declared victory. Here we can see republic, We are launching a legal onslaught, challenging Pennsylvania's election procedures to protect President AL trumps, narrowing led in the state a battleground that here told if he is to retain any chance of re election the camp and announced Wednesday that it was filing a lawsuit to halt ballot counting in the state and another on allegations the republican Paul observers were three. On election day. I believe, that's rather than the Pennsylvania. Well, I don't have an emission into. They also said they will for a third time to challenge a decision at the. U S Supreme Court that allowed
else received in the state after election day to be counted. The United States constitution is clear on the issue. The legislature, That's the time, a place and manner of elections in America, not state courts or executive officials just in Clark, trumps, deputy campaign manager set in a statement. As the president has rightly said, the Supreme Court must resolve this crucial, contested legal question. So president trumps campaign is moving to intervene in the existing Supreme court litigation over the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's unlawful extension of the male in ballot receipt deadline. I agree with trump here. If the day is done, count the belt you got for both before the day I think early and mail in voting are kind of pushing it. But if those come on the day, I believe you should not count them until Hey starts and then should receive no more after that day, that to me makes a lot of sense of the problem with male and vote. Universal mail in voting is a lack of chain of custody. This is
in secure and I'm not a fan, but Trop is, of course, being dragged in the media. Trop falsely and prematurely claims victory. How dare you? How dare Donald Trump Declare victory? I, like Joe Biden, said, keep the faith when all the votes are counted. Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. Oh. that's right, you're buttons, declaring victory to be fair, Yahoo and others are calling this out, but they're, not nearly as mean about it. By Lawyer prematurely declares victory. Bob Bower of former White Ass Council and Current Biden campaigned adviser prematurely, declared victory for Joe Biden. Doing a press briefing on Wednesday saying we're winning the election. We ve won the election and we're going to defend that election. Either Biden nor Trump has yet secure the necessary turner and seventy electoral votes needed to claim victory. They say a peep has not projected the results in the key battleground states, a pencil they
Georgia, North Carolina Mitya was content or Nevada. We don't know who is going when any of these things, I think my project might might my prediction is gonna, be Courts Scotus, though the big picture during the press conference, Bower Biden, campaign manager, General Molly, Dylan criticized Trot for fun. Flynn prematurely claiming victory. However, Bower shortly after claim, that Biden had won the election. Isn't politics stupid bowers said that Europe will be in for want of most embarrassing defeats if it goes the Supreme Court to stop vote from being counted? We're going to defend this vote, the vote by which Joe Biden has been elected to the presidency yeah. Well, that's what they're saying about tromp, falsely declaring victory addressing an election party and equally the White House early Wednesday morning, Trump falsely and prematurely claimed victory in key swing states. Ah, oh you mean Donald Trump didn't give a bold and strong.
Duration. He said something like frankly, I think we want or what what? What do you say Frankly, we one they both said. The same thing, but neither actually can't watch, I think violence campaign was pretty strong, we're waiting, we ve won and we will defend it. Lets Reed. They say four weeks tromp as discussed the scenario of advisers and even gained out what he would say to declare Victor and election night. Even if networks had not called the battle grounds for him reports, Jonathan Swan Trump falsely claimed it was clear. I did one in North Carolina and Georgia, where the races remain too close to call as of two hundred and thirty a dot m. He also pointed to two votes: not counted Michigan in Pennsylvania, where millions of mail in boats have yet I have not yet been tallied? I dont believe it's millions. I believe that's actually way wrong to claim that he was winning that into swing. States that are crucial to his path was in his path. The white ass. Well, now Trop has already said his his lawyer has said they won. The speech came after months
troms attempts to undermine the credibility of male imbalance, which he basely claimed, are conducive to widespread voter fraud. What he said this is a fraud on the american public is an embarrassment. Our country. We are getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did when this election trump falsely claimed. Yes, please act ceos. What about Joe Biden? Actually, they say the president's statement tonight about try. to shut down. The counting of duly cast about was outrageous, unprecedented and incorrect, no, neither of those things- this is all happened before we have close races. We'd had Bush VIII, Gore soap. Spare me your emptied statements biting Campaign manager, manager, Gentlemanly Dylan, said Anne Wednesday morning. If the president makes good on his threat to go to court to try and prevent the proper tabulation of
We have legal team standing by ready to deploy to resist that effort and they will prevail. She added my friends. I must simply state we have way too many news organisations that are tracking all of this data, which are showing very similar things in my opinion, as it stands right now, it looks like Donald Trump will be defeated. but it would be insane for anyone to claim they know what is happening. Tromp still has a path victory in many places and just because the media reporting it looks a certain way. Doesn't me it's true. They got everything wrong. We must wait for the certified results and I welcome personally legal challenges from Biden and from Trump. I think Trump is on the losing end. However, however, I dont know my gut feeling
that Trump will win. My head is saying: Trump will lose, I'm being torn into different directions. I'm just sit near San Ball side say they one. Oh man, this is the nightmare scenario. We were warned about. It's tough. If you know look, we know that binds got the popular vote. That's not so meaning but there is a real electoral college split and the media called certain dates for Joe Biden they may be, should not have notably nevah in Arizona, probably shouldn't be called. Ok, Pennsylvania's close you're gonna be in for a wild right to say the very least. You believe it was irresponsible for both campaigns to declare this, but it's entirely predictable. My friends, if you are not paying attention and k, listen Trump, Biden had no choice but to declare victory. They are good. To be entering a legal battle and need to assert themselves right now, because they intend to win it. That means Trop has no choice,
but to say we ve, won they're going to a legal battle. He knew to say we ve won now based on account. Then you can, I wonder what comes in a after. They have do, otherwise they have to concede. Neither side wants to. All of this has been predictable, that they have done everything in their power to not now trump. So, of course, it was only a matter of time before you could have called this moment. What we couldn't have called is how the votes would have swung. Maybe it was a Trump landslide, maybe abiden landslide. No, it's pretty club I believe, based on the current data coming in trot, might be attract. When that's my at my heart sank, look look at Arizona, they're, saying that there still hundreds of thousands to count it swinging for Trump. while the left is saying they're, still hundreds of thousands account p and its swinging for Biden. You see the problem here. I have why do you who's gonna win? It's gonna come down. courts. I believe the courts will favour Donald Trump.
But his argument, and We may end up seeing a litigated second term for the president and if you thought his first term was bad will wait until he wins through the courts, but I don't know, but maybe this, let's slots, let's calm down and let's watch, and hopefully hopefully, there's no violence. I got couple more segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly sharply gate. The latest conspiracy The theory- and I gotta say it doesn't seem to be all that legitimate and not. Let me explain for you what has happened. The best of my understanding, a video emerged where someone said that they were giving out sharp markers instead of pens and because of this matter, Conservatives who are going to vote in person in Arizona had their belts disqualified. I do not believe that is true. I've never heard this and a fish
those in Arizona, sad, no sharp. These are actually better from this one video we started seeing a ton of people per saying that there does enfranchising people and let me just stop and save all you need to do is unique. Go to the official abortive elections website for Arizona check to make sure your vote is counted. Every one should do That's no matter where you're from figure out how you do it make sure or ballot has been counted, forget anything worried about sharpish for going to stories about your people sneak away with bins about major what is counted if it's not, then you can seek some kind of remittance or some kind of correction, what's with the store we got Polyte effect, not mind you. I m not the biggest fan of pullet effect. They are fairly biased, let's see what they say, but I do have another source from
the fact voters in Maricopa County were forced to vote using sharply pans that aren't read by voting machines. They say the sharply upon its manufacture describes. As for you, meek, unruly, courageous outrageous self expression that never ever fates from glory. Ok, thank you, pull it affect, has made its mark on the twenty twenty presidential election in an election night. Facebook post labelled tonight's voting should end a woman in America, County Arizona where Phoenix is the county seat appears to be being interviewed. But it's not clear by home. The woman claims she witnessed insider pulling. place election workers being election workers, forcing some voters to use sharply permanent markers to mark their balance and that those boats were not being read by the voting machines. The suggests from the man questioning the woman was that this was an effort to block the votes of people supporting president Trump, since people voting in person on election day have been considered more likely to support tromp overburden the AP called Arizona.
By an early on November. Fourth reporting that seal this victory in the state due to his performance and Maricopa County other media outlets have yet to call the race. So this is just the AP. We have not confirmed Arizona for Joe Biden, and the trunk campaign says that when all the votes are counted, Trump will win give than mine. the posters flag as part of facebooks efforts to combat false news and misinformation and its news feed it turns out Maricopa County elections. Department was prescient about what some are calling sharply gate and October twenty. Fourth, the elections Department potent Youtube video labelled. Can I use a sharp eye on my ballot, Maricopa County voters? can use sharply to mark their ballot by November forth. It had more than a thousand views, not very many. An animated figure named fill the ballot introduces the video. The narrative As did you know, you can use a black or blue pan or sharply to fill out your ballot in Maricopa, counting the new tabulation equipment,
only reads the oval, so bleed throughs are not a problem at the voter. The votes, You may notice fine Tipp sharp he's our used, that's because its the fastest drying ink and works best on the taboo elation equipment. If you're filling out your ballot at home, you can use blue or black ink with a ballpoint, pan or sharping. Just don't use red ink. The tabulate equipment cannot read read. In other words, the sharp is actually the preferred pen for filling out belgian Maricopa County. The claim is an accurate. We read it false now, I'm no fan of polite effect so I decided to pull up a second source. This is Aisy family dot. Com powered by CBS, five harpies will not invalidate your ballot, Maricopa County official say I'm also know fan of a step. bushmeat mainstream press, but this is a local news. I did all of this on purpose. Could I want,
make sure we we're taking this very, very seriously. Listen bullet effect is biased. Absolutely there was one thing. we're like Bernie Sanders said a claim about it. City, youth unemployment, and they were like it's mostly true Trump said the same thing. It's mostly false because both of those like it, what does it mean mostly to remotely false you see their biased but I want to show you what they're saying that Britain, the story- and I want to show you a local news outlets, because while there General news outlets tend to be fairly bad and why New York based employees tend to be far left progressive types. I can show you easy, powered by three and CBS. Five is a local news outlets, our citing Maricopa Maricopa County officials. Ok, if you want to still say that there's fraud going on, then, The next assumption would be. Are the Maricopa County officials lying look man, outcomes razor suggests? In my opinion, it makes sense tarpeys
do a better job here- is that they say there has been quite a bit of speculation. on whether voters should have used tarpeys to fill in their ballots in Maricopa accounting. Social media posts are circulated in the Phoenix area saying that if any when used a sharply to thought there ballot their votes could be tossed to set the record Straight Arizona. Family spoke to Erika Flores, spokesperson for the America County Elections Department, Laura said: voters can use one of three types of right: utensils, black pen, blueprint and sharping. You read that correctly. Sharpish are allowed. That's because the new tabulation equipment counts votes in such a way that bleed, through, not a problem, not only our sharp is accepted when filling out a ballot in Maricopa counting, they are preferred. That's because sharply said the fastest. Drawing ink the one color you do- need to worry about his rats or about all this already Arizona attorney Don't attorney general Mark Renovate announced on Wednesday that
office had received hundreds of voter complaints about sharp, is at pullings locations. Burn of benefits. Barnevik is asking America County Election Department to investigate the claim that sharp eyes may have caused balance to be rejected spoiled or cancelled. However, we have a post here from three hundred and forty nine November. Third, did you know from Maricopa County elections? Department? Did you Oh, we use sharply in the vote centres, so the ink doesn't smudge as bouts are counted on site. New offset columns on the bouts mean bleed through won't impact. your vote, find a location before the port poles closed. Then they have this video, here can raise a sharp em about listen. The reason I do not believe this if you think Maricopa County, officials are lying to you and their questioning your about you need do only one thing check to make sure your vote has been counted them it would only conspiracies. We don't need to think that the county
shows, are cheating or anything like that. You just need to make sure your butt was counted and every single person should do this period. Let's I'll tell you what, if everyone counts their bows and make sure that their there their correct in legitimate. Then we should be good right. There are other things to be concerned about they're going to see very serious legal battles, that's the best I can do for all of you, but listen if you really believe that giving Sharp ease was an attempt to steal the election for Joe Biden. Why? Why not believe it literally. Any other pulling place in any other city is is secure. I don't have to tell you. Some people are just not going to trust this process and it's going to be bad. I'm already hearing from many conservatives that their firm belief is that Trump can't lose. and I mean I'm I'm here in it- they are saying no matter what happens, they are going to cry. Follow an accuser democrats of cheating was a man. I think the Democrats have played dirty games
I think, changing the rules of the election was, in my opinion, cheating you'd have bragging about me for saying that, but The only thing I'm really concerned about is did a human being actually vote. Did the human beings vote get counted properly? and is it within the confines of the constitutional lottchen process? a male in voting, may be called into question. I dont think as anything we can do about that now because we have already gone through all those mail in boats. Unless someone as to invalidate the entire election, which I don't think we'll happen. What I think will underpinnings, whereas you Supreme Court ruling about when bouts can be accepted. If Scotus rules, you can only count bouts received by election day. I believe Donald Trump will very likely way I think, all of this stuff about sharply markers and whatever nonsense, I think, is gotta make everyone lose their minds.
I tell you what man I was a kid when the hanging Chad's thing happened in Jamaica this floor, I was basically like when people are punching through them I'll it likely they wanted. There are like hanging bits and immediate count it properly in everyone's breakin, our energies. Here we go, could you imagine if we, doing in all paper ballot with no computer database, and it's like a check to make sure my vote was counted. Well, we got a massive, I'm a million votes. Let's start digging through and figuring out, who went where and who voted for what right? Yeah, look, we're be in for a wild ride. My friends- and this is not something we need either. You trust the various election boards or you don't entirely possible, There is impropriety. I think we ve already in Philadelphia. When people kicked out a pole watcher, we ve got things going crazy in Michigan. I mean this is crazy. Stuff check this out. Lucre Caskey posted this video where their boarding up the windows. So that people outside who are trying to watch that the vote count can't see what
happening inside. He says why are they hiding and not being transparent? Very good point? this week, we can see there's like pops being called in pole, challenges of our chanting, something believe they're chanting stop the count. And the reason why is because there's no Republican, Paul watchers? This is gonna get chaotic. Maybe it's naive of me to just ass the system. My concern is not about the individuals, because I know you track all of that. There's gonna be some volunteers, counting ballots. Some of them will probably do dirty things. What do you do? The bigger issue I would say, is the potential for a stand alone? Complex F, one out of every hundred people does something to benefit Biden or tromp. Then that person winds and its unfair. It simple. Ignore the conspiracies, ignore all the sub. I think trumps lawsuit and I think if, if Trump on file
about counting. I welcome it. If Joe Biden does I welcome it as well. We want to make sure we get a clean legal ruling on this. Just please, make sure your vote counted. That's it! I'm leaving I got one more segment coming up for a few minutes stick around, and I will see you all shortly this one has to be my favorite story from the election. All of those Latinos in Florida who voted for Trump and voted Republican are now getting a smack down from the progressive to say how dare you, you're not really on our side, and you are exhibiting whiteness seriously long twitter threads from the critical race theory progressive, left, acting Cubans and Latinos and Venezuelans for daring to say, do ya. We experienced socialism
it's not good. We don't want under that. Remarkably, in what was considered to be a safe democratic seat in Miami Republicans to have one, this is crazy. You know why. for example, people with experienced socialism are saying you know I don't quite like that. Are they it's funny find me of the jury. The Dorian is its this fruit that smells like rotting corpse. Thailand and there was a sign on the train as like. No Dorian allowed. Why? Apparently, it tastes good UK, I was told it tastes like a creamy kind of marzipan. I never tried it because you see you might hear them good things. Oh it's delicious. You really gotta, have it it's so good, and then someone brings cracked and up and go that's horrible. No. I smell that, although I did have one of those what mochi things motor things with Dorian felling is pretty good smell, bad. It was kind of weird but yeah
so a lot of people have experienced. It know how bad it is. But if you hear the sweet nothing's, as is why many people said I am voting for Donald Trump, friends, their family members who have fled socialism. Well, here we go pro trop Latina, now being exiled from the progressive coalition to shame in it. Not only did President AL trot when Florida, contrary to expectations of the perpetually chosen, pollsters. But as of Wednesday morning, it looks like you wanted, by a slightly larger margin that he did and twenty sixteen fifty one percent versus forty nine. This time it s a headset He had significantly more support from electing a community. The president improved is wrong total in the pivotal Miami date County likely, because he CAP a larger share of the cuban american vote. Hillary Clinton, one the county by a thirty point margin and twenty sixteen with eighty six percent. Of precinct reporting Biden, leader shrunk to just nine points in Miami Dade, counting and trot had improved, is more
among precincts in the county, where Cubans make up more than Quarter of the electorate. I nearly fourteen points. There was a story to Louisville cuban restaurant being attacked. By black lives matter. I assure you they heard that story. They showed up and smashed by said yoga. pay us you're, gonna pay our cause, otherwise Jimmy Smash shouted a flower pot, otherwise things gonna get back. You know, I'm saying very mafiosi and the guy called it out. He said my family fled. He fled this kind of stuff. I tell a there are people in these communities. They have friends, they have connections and I'm sure they all shared that story with a whisper network as it were, the sky tells his family family calls. You know a boiler down in maybe in South Carolina. She takes it
two Orlando and she's. Like did you hear about how this crazy migrants on things like that people talk to each other? They heard this and they said no will of course, now were hearing that saw the progressive the project of the activists left has been to bind all. asked people together in a struggle against every ism imaginable. I'm not going to read through all these particular are an example of the inherent contradictions and difficulties of this task to fight gendered language, highly educated, and otherwise privileged college activists have asserted that the gender neutral term Latin Ex, like Kleenex. Let next should replace traditional latino unlucky, they have won over many in the media, but very few Latinos. Just two percent of whom actually like the term, it appears once again the comedy woke signalling on cultural issues and far left economic views that looks attractive to Oberlin College, studies. Majors is, in fact unpopular with a great.
The minority and emigrant voters. This is something that democratic power it will need to bear in mind, even if by Biden, exotic win here here I stand in solidarity with my a cuban american brothers and sisters, citizens, visitors alike. Let me tell you I'm saying visitors like because it's not about the vote is quite literally about the ideology that we would all reject. Now I am not cuban I'm not letting o nor my hispanic, but I am, as most of you know, second generation mixed race, which is why I have said repeatedly. I reject the left proposal under Donald Trump. I get to be an American and that means I can sit down and you hear that song where it's like. I will vote for Donald Trump. That's on great. I love the music like you got trapped, don't like this! It is fists. It's it's amazing that you know trumps dancing to it. I can
adds to it and we can respect each other while understanding different cultures. That's like the true Rainbow Utopia, but its remarkable they try make it seem like Trump is the evil white supremacist when they're the ones who want racial, so radiation is and will smear, an attack these people and I bring you the author of the sixteen nineteen project. Again we see how expert race racism. Racial history is an essential, but under developed, journalistic skill that Latinos asian and white votes are split is not surprising. It is the uniformity of the black. That is exceptional and it stems from a singular racial experience there she goes. Latinos asian and white voters. You see, that's why I say my cuban american brother and says brothers and sisters, because I think we are understand respecting other people, letting people live their lives, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and dot. We're split on these issues sure look not going to assert what life is like for a black person foreign
person for a white person for anybody. I dont know. I think it's right. I think when I'm told all these things about white people, I say I gotta be honest. I don't have that experience. I didn't grow up in a well to do suburb, where I went to high school and played you know, basketball or whenever the team I actually grow up, dealing with bits of racism here and there it happened to my family. Of course it did, and I grew up as an American with other people from different parts of the world who are also just american other parts of the world, like I had some friends who emigrated here in their very young, became citizens for their family with their family, and you know What filipino Mexican White black asian Everybody- and we are I'll just different, but the same though Think we hadn't common, where we're all friends was you're, just american kids in the south side of Chicago. These people want us to what not hang out with each other. Now that's messed up, and you know what trumped support
Let us reject your racism and your neo segregation is on my friends. I give you something incredible out of Florida. Take a look at who went for Democrats, the majority of aged sixty five plus as mean a whole lot to me, but they went for Democrats by an increase of one point. Five points compared to twenty sixteen white fewer college, grads by point five percent: that's ripe white voters in Florida moved to the Democratic Party, but you want to know who slightly to the Republican Party, why its majority black, why its majority hispanic? Why it's cuban neighbourhoods and, of course we see rural high income, suburban and Obama Trump areas, all in all flora moved to the right quite a bit, but let me just stress the real progressing at a finer. The real progressive
listen in my opinion is not the far left. The Republicans made several gains in the house through female candidates. That's right Getting more women in Congress theirs, diversity right. It's looking like it's really close in Michigan. But John James for the Senate might actually when I actually think it, showed for one simple reason: I much prefer veteran politicians than I do career politicians. I don't know a whole lot about John James, really close, but he is a veteran who served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I think that somebody who is willing to put their life on the line for this country and they have definitely given to me. They care more about just becoming a politician and making money. So to guarantee not every veteran has a good person, but that's how you get me a career politician who is like a locked me so that I can lay on my back exposed my belly and poor grape juice on my or wine like hedonism bottle ever eat grape saw not interested. I know not. Every career politician is like that.
But when I see a veteran I see somebody who said I am going to join up and not every job as a risk of your life in a lot of people don't understand. This is a lot of people with Everyone who joins the military is like a risk. Their lives there. There are people who, like you, know, work on computers in other people who cook food. Not ever he's on the front lines of a lot of people are in this guy, John James did so I tell you what he may be: bringing diversity to their public and party. I honestly don't care what I care is he's running against. Some, like all the fogey, and he himself is a young and strapping, I think so, several terms in Iraq and Afghanistan and that to me show that he's: gonna have a strong will, he's gonna be calm and collected, and it's gonna bring greatly the ship, I think it's similar with then Crenshaw. I think Dulcy Gabert, one of them, This is why I very much support it tells you Gabert is
because she is a major in the national cockroach. It's what I listened. Donald Trump doesn't have military experience and I think the commander in chief, should I don't like career politicians? Sometimes you get you know. Sometimes you get what you get right. Trumps a business man is a tradesman. I should say he's not a tradesman buys the right word when I mean, as he deals in trade, so he understood how to help the markets. Fine, except that when I look at their public and party right now, the left. The Democrats want a monopoly on diversity, but they ve taken it to a dark place. You don't want to see. I do like diversity, I like diversity, passively, I like saying like. Oh, yes, it's really cool great work. Kalis flies road. I like the, dear, that we have a diversity as a natural product of our good policy and our own we're standing of one another and unnatural healing of the problems spirits in the past and I think we are working towards that end. So when I see
patients who are winning or female. Are you know non white or whatever I dont go, I'm gonna vote for that person because of the color of their skin, or whenever I say what our policies delayed experience. That's really cool! Actually that's about it. The left wants the left thinks they can control everything they can't and the. As an example of a majority. Hispanic swung eleven point, five points for the Republicans and cuban neighborhoods. By thirteen points I say: bravo to them, no one is owed your vote that their people ask me do think Joe Jorgensen cost Trump that the victory that place no, because people who voted for Joe Jorgensen did so because she was the right candidate for them, and I respect them for doing so. People voted, Biden based on its policies. I respect them for doing so as well. The people who vote against other people- I I am going to be mean I'm not I'm, not a big fan of that idea. Voting against someone. I voted for trot because there are things that he's doing that. I, like not perfect
there are things that Biden has done that. I do not like the people chose to vote for Your Jorgensen have my respect because they looked at our policies and said. I think this is the right choice. Can bones at it and you're, not gonna, you're, not gonna, convinced me to shame anybody if, if people choose to Virgil, Jorgensen, there's no guarantee they would have voted for anybody anyway. I leave it there, but left doesn't care about these people. They care about having a monopoly on diversity. That's it and they don't actually care about. What you think when you finally joined the ranks, because if it turns out you dont like socialism, they say, while you were actually part of the rest of coalition anyway, there is run a roller coaster. Friends is alive. What oh come. We ll see how things play up, but leave it there next segments coming up tomorrow at ten, a m thanks, rang out- and I will see you all next time.
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