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Trump Has Invoked Wartime Powers To Protect America, Shockingly MSNBC And CNN Are PRAISING Trump


Trump Has Invoked Wartime Powers To Protect America, Shockingly MSNBC And CNN Are PRAISING Trump. In the midst of the global crisis 57 house democrats have called on trump to invoke the Defense Production Act to restore our ability to manufacture emergency medical supplies.Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have also called for the DPA to be instituted and now Trump has invoked the powers.This will give the President sweeping powers over US manufacturing and consumer markets. As we face a growing risk due to outsourcing our manufacturing to China and the global pandemic measures like this receiving bipartisan support should give us all hope that though we face a common enemy we can stop our internal squabbles and deal with the issues facing us all.Seeing the far left supporters of Bernie, moderates supporting Biden, and Trump supporters in agreement at least to some degree is amazing and I hope for now we can work together to get through this.

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Donald Trump has been warning us for a long time about the threat posed by China. And now we are learning the hard way that he was right to much of medical supplies and medicine comes from China, and amidst this global pen I think we now need resources supplies that we can't even produce ourselves, which has led Donald Trump to invoke the defence production act as a response to the global pandemic. Now this gives tromp sweeping powers to basically control the consumer market, and production in America and on the surface, it's kind of alarming this level of power. Federal government, but it's not just something- Donald Trump, as called for in ACT, Bernie Sanders has also called the same thing and now Joe Biden as well We have overwhelmed by partisan support for a war time provision that events, production act was was instituted
during the korean war we are now seeing invoke today, as the market plunges forty fourth unprecedented market halt. We are in our streets, and now we need some emergency provisions. Normally, I would be very, very reluctant to stand behind or agree with something like this, but I think we're in a dangerous predicament. We don't have the manufacturing in our own countries and it needs to change and it needs to change asked, apparently Bernie Sanders even agrees, and I think if we can unite Then right on this one, we have a common cause that we must. We must implement now surprising. We are seeing MSNBC say that we need to support this president and help him succeed and The union's Dan Abash saying this: is the leader of the people need right now? Not it's not perfect. There are still people smearing the president going after Fox NEWS playing the partisan politics, because we're still in an election season for me, I'm not a big fan of it. I think
We need to move beyond this. For now we can. We can stop bickering and pointing the finger at least for the next couple of months. Because we're facing a serious threat, the market is tanking dipped below twenty thousand for the fourth time in this past week, or so we are seeing the market stop being halted, dropped her, so silly There is a time and a place for arguing about policy, but right now we can see that I ve got leaders. Be it Joe Biden. These centres or tromp now saying is the right move and then a lot People like me, mad, don't like Bernie that, unlike Barnett's fine, we can set these things aside and talk about what we will do, what we agree on right now. Let's read this or from the hill Trump invokes defence production act as corona virus response and I'll go for. Over what exactly what which powers this grants to the president before we get started had already TIM cast outcome, Slash donut! If you'd like to support my work that everyone can give them Then you can do share this. Video really does help as you
Ben other network seek to suppress or who's the ability to actually moderate appropriately. Many people are getting sick. Down having videos removed at bite you sharing this. You overcome much of that burden and help me grow my channel. Let's read from the hill present Rob announced Wednesday. He will invoke the divine production act, which will allow the administration to force american industry to ramp up production of medical supplies. In short supply in the fight against the Krona virus pandemic. Hospitals and states have pleaded with ministration for more supplies to protect doctors and nurses on the front lines of this pandemic. There's never been and there's never been an inch like this, where no matter what you have it's not enough. Trumps they Whitehouse briefing with reporters. If we need to use it we'll be using it at full speed ahead, many health workers have said they are quickly running out of personal protective equipment. Like mask and gowns that are crucial to ensuring they don't get sick hospital
are also sounding the alarm on a lack of ventilators or breathing machines that are expected to be in high and, as the krona virus spreads in the coming weeks and months and Como. Recently, as I stated fifty billion times now says, the peak could be in forty five days. Now is the time to act, and I think Trop is making the right call them rats in Congress hearing about shortages of supplies from hospitals in their states, districts have urged dropped to invoke the defence production act to direct the domestic. Production of necessary medical equipment. This would ensure we. Materials we need at the ready, rather than wait for the disruption in the global supply chain to subside. Fifty seven as Democrats wrote in a letter to Trump last week, Supply These are extremely strange due to tariffs on China, the main supplier of medical care, the? U S and the supply chain, strange because we are in the midst of a global pandemic and because China is an adversary. Let's not forget that as well while the tromp administration has recently taken some action to ease those terrorist, China and other
countries are blocking exports of those products as they seek to combat the pandemic. More than two hundred thousand cases have been confirmed worldwide, including six thousand five hundred cases in the United States. According to Johns Hopkins University of the one hundred fifty fifty people who have died in the: U S, most were elderly and had underlying health conditions trump. The cause of officials in recent days have urged Americans to practise social distancing to slow the spread of the virus We understand that stuff. I want to show you a few of the very, very important things now: listen, there's a lot of people who don't like Trump and you need to stop and pause for one. Second, you you don't have to like the man were taught about actions to save the lives of Americans, including p, Oh you know and likely care about Bernie Sanders recently called for money to be so two Americans, which we now may see because even Donald Trump agrees and in Buzzfeed they report too ass. The possible shortage of medical facilities Sanders propose,
Calling on the National Guard and the art Core of engineers to expand hospital facilities and build mobile testing centres. He also called for the invoking for invoking the defence production act. Asked in nineteen fifty during the korean WAR in order to guarantee production of necessary supplies like face masks, and, as I mentioned earlier, people in media have been praising the President CNN and I must and seen read you what they said, but I want to show you the defined production act is first this article from Wikipedia they say the act. Is a federal law enacted in nineteen Fifty in response to the start of the korean WAR, it was part of a rod, civil defence and war mobilization effort in the context of the cold war. Now remember this: It is important to show you end up at four protocols and in the second, its employees. Regulations that offence priorities allocation system are located, are, are located at fifteen, see how far it since
in fifty, the act has been re authorized over fifty times it has been pure radically amended and remains in force Now here's what allows the president to do the act contained Three major sections: the first authorizes- the press to require businesses to sign contracts or fulfil orders demon. Sorry for national defence. The second authorizes, the president to establish mechanisms such as right. Nations, orders and agencies to allocate materials sir, mrs and facilities to promote national defence, the third section, author as the president to control the civilian economy. So scarce and or critical materials necessary for the National Defence effort are available for defence needs the act, also authorizes the president to requisition property force, industry, to expand production and the supply of basic resources, impose wage and eyes controls settle labour disputes can chew consumer and real estate credit established contractual priorities,
and allocate raw materials towards national defence. The president's authority to place contracts under the GPA is part of the act most often used by the Department of Defense since the nineteenth seventies. Most of the other functions of the act are administered administered by the Office of strategic industries and economic security, in the Bureau of Industry and security and the Department of Commerce, the defence price. He's an allocation system institutes, a rating system for contracts and purchase orders. The highest priority is DE acts, which must be approved by the Secretary of defence. The next level down his Dio and below that are on our unrighted contracts. These powers are broad and these powers are scary. I may vote A very liberty minded individual On reading this, I was actually a bit but I'll be honest with you, the threat posed by China is much scarier and the threat posed by the current global pandemic and the economic diesel.
Illustration are also scarier. I can see by partisan support for this with many Democrats, saying you I'll put it this way. In fifty seven Democrats, Bernie Sanders and bought an all come out and say: please tromp invoke these powers and they say Trump should have more federal power. That striking- and you know what I'm not gonna, be the one to act like I know better than a bipartisan effort. I appreciate the coming together from people whom formally really don't like each other. If it means we can solve this problem, and stand together as a country with a common enemy right now and for the most part, is the global pandemic. Now we have a common adversary in China, and we do recognising its time to make some serious changes. This story from Fox NEWS is from May thirtieth, keep my May Thirtieth America to depend on China, for its medicine, exports worn I'm sure there have been experts warning about this for a lot law. Were that I've even realised in asylum.
Well, there's a couple days ago, I talked about how, in September they were warning about this well turns out. I did a lot, more digging. I found one from me and I'm willing to bet you can go back further. And see more of the same. For a long time, our experts have been telling us we have to bring back our production. This has to stop Unfortunately, we are learning the hard way, but now to the Cold war comment, Tucker, Carl, Abed four hours ago from Fox NEWS when the corona virus passes, we must treat China like a dangerous, cold war adversary, and, dare I say it he's right: they ve been pressing on the South China Sea They ve been expanding military operations on Pacific the tolls and they have been pressuring United States and making veiled threats towards us first time they have been lying, manipulating and in social media, and we know it. They are a day. You're adversary, and they are just barely Stepping on the line, they are pushing we're boundaries to see how far we can go and the law
thing we want is war, but China, as a country, is horrifying, the things they have done and the things they do and the things they are continuing to do or threaten. No, I'm not saying we should ever escalate tensions, but we should start We bolster our defences, secure our borders and establish strong manufacturing in this country because it, Sir easy to screech about the Orange man when you are safe. What's real progress, And then I will show you what happens once when when, when you see these people who hate trompe Orangemen bad crowd when their safety is threatened, with Their tune, change, fast, Tucker Rights for Fox NEWS. So once the krona virus passes and thank God at some point, it will pass the temptation we'll be in the states to return to where we were before, but we can't do that, there's too much to fix, and we have just learned that this disaster arrived here for a number of reasons, some of them we could not control in the age of air travel disease will always travel quickly and dynamics are inevitable. We should accept that, but
Responses to them are not inevitable. Nobody for thus to outsource the production of essential medical supplies to China, our lead, did that and they did that on purpose they about talk about it now at all, but they did it and it was a crime. I don't know I'll go as far as Tucker disable crime. But it was a moral and ethical and, dare I say to a certain degree, some of it was evil. Sometimes people didn't realize what they were doing their ignorant. They saw this bill. They said free trade. You sought, you see a ball, the economy is good for us and I said good good. Let's do it, but then you had some people who saw short term gains a benefit for them. Cows and they sold us out and they put us in a vote mobile position and for this I'm talk about some of the stores you seen recently with academics taken in other and on with China and they're, lying to the feds, what the money there receiving, because they want money. They want the power and their sacrifice sing. All of us and our security, for it took her rights
when the country is well enough to function normally we're going. You have to change that immediately for our own sake and for the sake of our children, We need to move a central manufacturing back to United States. It's crazy not to more broadly will needed. Treating China like the dangerous cold war level adversary. It has clearly become now a lot of you like to point out that Trump will watch Tucker. And then a day later will agree with Tucker, but its opinion Trumps actions are all come around the same time, the same time his Bernie Sanders, calling for the invocation of the defence production act. I think we can see We all get the problem now, even Joe Biden. Fifty seven Democrats, bout time we got on the same page and I'm glad to see it happening this. This gives me hope. I know in dark times right now. The market what's happening is scary people losing their jobs, a potential unemployment rate of ten.
Percent, but when I see the coming together of conservative pundits left wing pundits, tromp Democrats, it gives me hope, because I've been bullish on on coming conflict within the political factions. But now we have I'm an enemy, and it's not necessarily China, its pandemic. The weakness of our manufacturing base, let's read more Tucker, says: don't let them lie to you. Crisis began in China and that significant, what corona virus escaped from a Bio research lab as India, chinese scientists have claimed or arose in a filthy street market selling wild animals for food either way in its third world health practices played a central role in this disaster. The virus grew to a pandemic. Chinese officials, silenced health authorities in that country who tried to warn the public about it. Even now, the chinese government is determined to crush Annie unsanctioned reporting from the country. He was gonna, say
something I brought up the other day that their kicking out american journalists I'll tell you what I've been fun. Myself agreeing with Tucker Karlsson is a fairly moderate person. It's rather interesting. I saw Tucker item if you saw them between him and junk. You grow young Turks, but Tucker he's a good do. I think it can be a little la insults, people sometimes, but I'm I have tremendous respect for for his is perspective and what he's brought so far to the conversation right now. Many people are playing a video, a fox, personalities early on playing the krona virus and then later calling out the threat that it is notably Tucker? or isn't among the crowd, because Tucker is he's, is in front of things very often and he called this out early so can't really smear as much even try to get em cancelled, but I also want to call out those people that are shifts sharing this video, mocking that the fox personalities for being linked to the party, my motto, my
by the way I protest. When someone does the right thing, you don't mock them for it. You say thank you for now doing the right thing. Why would you complain that these people not new information and change their opinions and then sought to inform their audience. That's a good thing. The best thing you could do is tell them in the future too, and be a little bit earlier. But thank you for doing the right thing. If you want to as someone who is now trying to do the right thing. You'll only push them away, which brings me now do Joe Scarborough and CNN, who I believe deserve tremendous respect for the statements they put out in the past couple of days, and this story from raw story quote two million Americans could die, and I sent me he's morning, Joe explains staggering challenge from corona virus. I am no fattened up my son- and I am typically critical of Fox news to a certain degree- I'm not offend
the Pandit shows on Fox NEWS. I'm not a fan of the party chosen MSNBC. Typically, the reporting is ok, but the poetry can be kind of boring, actually think Fox NEWS, as one of the best anchored in the business and brought bear whose a straightforward news guy much respect, but MSNBC men to see Joe Scar RO come out and and talk about important. It is that we this seriously and help the president succeed. Tremendous respect, you don't hafta like pro tromp. There are a lot of things about its policies and positions that I strongly disagree with, notably foreign policy, Saudi Arabia, marketing it into it. The point is now is not the time. Now is the time I agree with Joe Scarborough, hey, it's not come in for me, you can accuse me of everything in the book of of being biased or whatever. I'm not. I'm not here, say this. I M here to tell you that in agreement with MSNBC Joe Scarborough that we must make sure this president succeeds now more than ever, Let me see your Scarborough and presidential historian. John Medium agreed the United
It was facing a challenge almost as encompassing as world war to the morning Joe host praised President Donald Trump for finally seeming to understand the severity of the threat from the krona virus, which deliver graven, on noble consequences to the nation in the coming months, and that is the right right, wait, a frame it if trot. Was was doing wrong early on if you was downplaying it and he changed his tune than the president has my respect for now doing the right thing It was a sobering report that was delivered this weekend, two million The two main Americans could die from the krona virus. Scarborough said, that's actually think about it more. Americans than died that died in world war. One world war to Vietnam and the cold war combined. Staggering number same thing happened in great Britain, where they reversed cos. They are finding out that their models yesterday could lead to two hundred fifty thousand british citizens dying. So there was without a doubt and awakening there. The White House,
is unusually focused and frightened about what is coming Scarborough said. He spoke to high ranking officials who told us The situation was going to get very bad and it will require a staggering level of commitment from the government and the populace to fight back this. Isn't like nine eleven. This is like world war. Two Scarborough said it is going to church. The way we live as Americans and the utmost you're inside the White Ass was very sober. As I hear the President yesterday talk bout voluntary measures and then said lasting, they may have to lock down so called hotspots. I was thinking, that's actually the best way to go at first, because we Americans might not bond as well, certainly not as well as, let's say, people in China, people in Singapore to federal government, locking things down it is going region by region, state by state locality by locality, medium agreed policies would likely get more draconian as expand Scarborough comparison to World war, to the analogy I keep thinking of is less about America during World WAR. Two, because, though we
mobilized. We did it very late. Obviously, after prolonged or in Germany, declared war on us sixteen million are conserved, eleven percent of them population to me, in Europe. I think this is me like England and Britain during World WAR to meet him added civilians are actually combatants. If you will, if you follow the analogy, everybody at the front right. Churchill said in the great finest hour speech you know, let us conduct ourselves that if the British empire were to last one thousand years men will. Still say this was their finest hour, he needed everybody, because Germany was dropping bombs and everybody we were living right now. The lift off is overhead in the form of a pandemic, it requires. Dare I say it: Churchill, like leadership, Joe Scarborough, said that we need to do everything we can to help support this. President succeed completely agree, and I will reiterate my utmost respect to Joe Scarborough for this and data bash as well
CNN stand of bash praises trumps press conference, the kind of leader that people need, I'm glad to see it finally happening now, is time for a somber and serious attitude. Trump has brought that see it in an MSNBC agreed. Now is the time whereby party support is calling for these expanded powers and even those who hate tromp recognize it seen and chief political correspondent, Dana Bash praised president. Press conference addressing the Krona virus pandemic. Tuesday saying he diamonds The kind of leadership Americans need in the crisis. This is an important thing to note and to applaud from american standpoint from a human standpoint. Miss bash sat on CNN inside pocket He is being the kind of leader the people that people need at least in town today, and yesterday that people need and want an yearn for in times of crisis and uncertainty. Donald Trump is absolutely a wartime president, at least in my opinion, this is this is something different.
As tuckers mentioned, we are facing a serious potential, cold war threat from China or cold war level threat, but we're still in the midst of the The virus crisis that could see up a two million people lose their so we absolutely must put down the partisan bickering and stand by the present to the best of our abilities. Now keep in mind. If he's doing things wrong, he must be criticised, keep in mind no matter how much they expand the federal, worthies powers. We must remember these powers need need to always be kept temporary. That's. It worries me that events Protection ACT was implemented and nineteen fifty in it's been used. Fifty I'm since then we can see that when the federal government gains powers, they do not give it up, and that's my biggest sphere and all of this- I got to say I more worried about what happens if we don't bring back manufacturing. I'm worried about what happens if this pandemic reaches the worst the only way that what that means for America. So I, for one, do little freaked
by everything I gotta be honest, but I will do what what what needs to be done in the face of this threat. If Verona viruses posing a real threat. Let me where you need me to stand and what you need to do to make sure we can protect as many lives as possible, not just for Americans but forever. Body for the time being our focus on protecting Americans some glad to see that people are coming together over this and it can be our responsibility as a community There are lots of people who don't viewers that way there a lot of people who hate this country and a lot of people view themselves more as individuals and anything else, you're allowed to you're allowed to the country and you're allowed to go off on your own and do your own thing. I won't stop you I, on the other hand, and looking to a concerted effort, looking at a concerted effort to do the right thing to save lives and protect this country and everything it stands for, and I completely agree with that. So I'll do what I have to do, and that means not going out to the movies. Hey man, just let me know if it means they're, gonna, our changing things in the economy of the defence production act. If it saves lives
willing to make sir I'm I'm going to make the sacrifices. I have two there's a certain point at which there is the breakdown in every man for himself mentality, I have certainly got my value for me. Talk about I'll had often go take care of myself in a certain circumstance, but for now we need to come together and that's why I really like this story tromp and Cuomo, now Buddy Buddy in corona virus response. After great talk autumn last night, Andrew Cuomo, calling on tromp asking for help Trump sang is doing a great job. This is awesome men. It really really as an end. In such a dark time to see people come together in agreement and to end the bickering to me is its awesome, it actually gives me hope. I'm not gonna lie to you. There are still the same actors, the same people, whose whole mission it is to smear and be rate and accuse. We are seeing certain. On profits, while leave unnamed target the President target right wing media, the Washington Post
the super caught slamming and smearing Fox NEWS. I get it, I'm not perfect, either so, are you know I'll throw shade where I think shamelessly throne, but at least on this story, I'm glad to see it Make you understand the importance of the defence, the Defence Protection ACT. I want to show you two things. The empty air in New York because of the drop in writers, is requesting a fool billion dollar bail out there on the verge of collapsing, already facing dire straits and now because large using it, they can't maintain themselves they need help or how about Boeing Boeing sees play that their shares tank other shares take another seeking sixty billion dollars in aid Boeing set, the sixty billion thousand it would support at seventeen thousand suppliers and help protect two point: five million jobs amid the industries,
mere shut down from the global pandemic. We are facing an unprecedented crisis collapse in the market industry collapse. Fear people are going outside the restaurant industry, retail shops are being forced, close, it's scary, I don't the idea of the government having the power to intervene in the market, the way they will now. But what is the alternative? If, if people do nothing see this rapid expanse of this. View- and I want you to remember something to those people still insist. This is no differ from the flu Google, the videos of people collapsing in the streets We ve seen it here in the: U S we ve seen in IRAN and China. We said it all over because it stopping people's ability to breathe we are seeing a hospitalization rate in New York over twenty percent. We do not have the resources for this and its time act. Bravo to the president. Bravo
pundits. They have my respect and I want to see us make it through this one and now in one piece once we're done once we get past us and we will, we can go back to pointing the finger at accusing each other of being far. Far left whatever and a little bit in between our admittedly will still do that little bit right, we're still facing an election, so I get it but at least on this front, I'm glad to see Bernie Biden Trump in agreement, and I hope they, I hope, is the right thing: the works cigarettes next time it will be coming up at Youtube. Com slashed him cast news at six p m and I will see you them. Many of you may not have noticed amidst all of the the chaos in the pandemic and the National Guard deployed deployment, and the the potentially sending out hospital ships that there was, actually a democratic primary election last night. I couple different state now Ohio Shut, there's down millennia states carried on and vote.
Turn out. At least early reports was psych low. One person meaning that in a low voter turnout may all election in Chicago, they could expect thirty to forty thousand. So the first hour, and they all we got ten thousand for democratic primary rice, regardless of the voter turnout no one seemed to be covering this like for the most part. Typically, when there's a democratic primary election, they track it on the news they talk about it to speculate, but the other day it's got a funny all. I really saw was corona virus all day, turning on the news and unlike where's, the results normally loved a timer, and it says you know Paul's close at this time. And were unworth speculating who's, gonna win, Nope Corona Virus. Well, as many of you could have probably gassed Joe Biden- absolutely rushed burn. Sanders and Bernie Apparently sang is going to assess its campaign. Dare I say by the time you watch this video. He may have already dropped out of the race and Joe by
would be the nominees but we'll see because maybe Barney won't give up my mean tossing cupboard stone. The rice. What's down, Trump also just secured his position as the presumptive public anomaly by crossing that threshold, he needed to Rachel cover those numbers, but first biting shut Bernie Sanders once again in private marred by current of ours. Now what I find particularly in November, the story is look regardless of a pandemic stuff. I would have been talking Bernie inviting race anyway, We are now seeing the Democrats. Potentially there there there, be a bunch of lawsuits all across the progressive, we're saying. No, we refuse to accept this. They should have been postponed. How can tell people to stay home. This this themselves socially, but then expect them to go out and well. Apparently, some people dead and the crazy think about what happened yesterday? Polwarth is worn, even showing up think they're gonna be lawsuits. I think the lawsuits will win if
Bernie Sanders drops out now. I think that would be well open. Libya mistake, but look no one really. Into where this point anyway, which is surprising because I thought you though there was a period where Biden was down and out now ragging, I'm saying how by never win, who thought he could. I'm so sorry look at me, I'm TIM Pool Biden was never the front runner boy. Was I wrong about that one somehow, I'd rebounded when the moderates dropped out. So let's Its first take a look at the general. Sorry about what happened, but then I show you how they see the progressives were surely fundraising off of the virus. They were rallying behind it and a lot of people thought it was going to be a huge benefit to Bernie Sanders. Because older voters wouldn't show up, surprise, surprise, Bernie still lost so the young man, Well, don't show up anyway, don't count on them now now that that another they ve lost there, mining, saying: oh no, no, oh rough. I say I must fill you because Bernie supposed to win, I guess the daily collar reports.
Vice President Joe Biden once again took a majority of delegates in three states that held their presidential primary elections. Tuesday night, Ohio was originally scheduled to hold its primary Tuesday Republican govern MIKE Dewie decided to postpone the vote due to Krona virus Illinois. Flora in Arizona each went through with their elections. Biden took roughly sixty sent to the vote in both Florida and Illinois and also, They went in Arizona Florida, all supported a boost in voter turnout. Despite the krona virus pandemic. You see neither complaining saying it's unfair. The krona virus may the climate, the voter turnout would be higher amount by it, I do want to mention, though I find it kind of suspect, I'm just saying it. How is it that you of all of these reports are those one like a fire alarm went off floor to pull workers work. Going up that was reported by the Associated Press, yet they still had increase. Voter turnout we have already seen the numbers flickering in this in this primary season and now
well tell me that voter turnout was up in Florida, a state with eight, with a lot of you, no old people and retirees who went out to vote when they were told they were high at risk. I don't know man, I find the whole thing weird, but hey ah comes razor suggests. I guess people really don't like socialism. Flora was the biggest prize. The night accounting for two hundred nineteen pledged delegates Elena accounts for one hundred revive in Arizona, has sixty seven the night further sullen, five violence already commending led in the primary Ohio, is one of four states to delay Its primary during the corona virus pandemic. Maryland can t here. The Louisiana all followed suit. Several citizens data The country have taken drastic measures to force so distancing from banning sit down. Restaurants too. Courage and residents, not together in groups greater than ten, the prime. He's came as present, Donald Trump is bending his administration to inflate the the economy against the virus. The stock market lost all of its gains since trumped up office.
Ass three months and they has requested a one trillion dollar stimulus, building the economy back on track secretariat treasuries. Stephen agenda led the move as Peter Navarro led efforts to draft a by american executive order that would allow come, These two files, certain expenses as tax, write offs if they rejoined the american supply chain check this out Biden. Ok, so I just bicycles Joe Biden, one button when everything, but boy did Bernie Sanders get obliterated in Florida. Dude Bernie ended like twenty some odd by twenty two percent of the votes for Abiden got like sixty percent. You'll know why, as we predicted when Bernie came out and praised Fidel Fidel Castro, and an Cubit Cuba's literacy programmes. Everyone Flora with family or with personal experience were like no error Experience from Venezuela, Nope and Florida is a hub and here the people were flood. These countries,
Bernie Sanders is now set to assess his campaign ever tuesdays losses. I want If he's going to be dropping a I Can't say that you know he well, it's not that time his. I get. You know you waited until a day at the next day and then gave a statement where he said he refuses to back down. But at this point I just do not see a path for Bernie Sanders unless it's involving lawsuits in a contested convention but see Bernie ready, Doug himself into into a hard position, and I have to no this this is it such a perfect storm Bernie took the lead right member member. In the pole, The delicate count Bernie was the front runner. He was doing. The best Biden was out and Bernie goes up on stage and says I think he was the only one who said this. I think, whereas delegates should be the nominee, no matter what every other politician up. There said no, we should follow the rules of the democratic convention. It was so so darn convened for knocking out Bernie, because what is happening as everyone,
start saying see: Bernie is the only one being fair. Then, if you win the popular count, you should be. The nominees And then all of a sudden Biden took over and now Bernie is or to abide by what he just said. If you ve got the delegates, then it should be you and he was the only one who sedative Bernie said no, the contested convention that I think will play by the rules, but I do want to say that why he thought he was gonna win. He said I'm in front I want to win. If I did the delegates, it's me and then by one I'll Carolina and then took the lead and now what what's burning to do backpedal they ports, democratic presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders campaign manager on Wednesday, so that Syn would take time and that in the coming weeks, to assess his campaign after a slew of primary ones. For former for former vice present Joe Biden, the next Mary contests doesn't, through its three weeks away Sanders campaign manager. Fires should here said the statement, senators,
there is going to be. Having conversations? Are the supporters to assess his campaign in the the term. However, he is focused on the government responds to the crown of ours outbreak and ensuring that we take care of working people and the most vulnerable is Damon comes our after Biden, ones sweeping victories. Yet we know that the way ensure that Biden well nearly insurmountable. Well, we'll have a nearly insurmountable lead in delegates by the, I'm all of the votes, are counted from the latest election. So Let me go up the results: first, they want to show you for those of you, our fans of Mr Trump, he has secured his position as the presumptive nominate. Now I dont think that convention actually gonna happen. So I there's gonna, say yeah, yeah yeah, we get it Trump near the nominee right normally would happen. There's one somebody wins the primary you're, the democratic. Now convention or public in national convention, there, big parties actually got a fund, fear politico, and then they all got up and say in our nominees zone. So so Donald Trump has one bill.
Well. I got one delegate, congratulations built, but you need to want that. In turn. Seventy six delegates to win the nomination Trump now has one thousand three hundred and thirty, the democratic side you need thousand nine hundred and ninety one Bernie has not even cracked, two thousand, with eight hundred sixty one. We can see Joe Biden at once thousand one hundred and fifty three at this point, I personally just don't a path for burning moving forward, but I let me show you Michel, what's going on now Let's talk a little bit about the election and the corona virus pandemic, it really I feel like the economy. Our way of life is going to change dramatically and there's nothing. We can do about it as a national crisis, I'm hoping we can see people rally together. You know the american flag can coming together figuring out how we saw problem. Realising we ve given too much awaited China in the past and the end its now. I'm cause even Bernie set at that Globalization policies have failed us and I got much respect for it. First. They
down that China has our manufacturing. This is what we need to be talking about now. Of course, election experts expect corrupt, outbreak to drive lawsuits in damn primaries. If there are really close races and that might lawyers and judges busy for some time. I don't. I don't there's gonna be a lawsuit in Florida, I'm even older population. He got absolutely crushed. Well? Let me show you this twin and I will come back to the story. Bill Ackerman said, Mr President, The only answer is to shut down the country for the next thirty days, clothes borders, tell all Americans at your putting us on an extended spring break at home with family keep only central services open the government pays wages until we reopen no one defaults. No one, closes a thirty day. Rent interests and tax holiday for all the shut is inevitable as it already happening, but not in a controlled fashion, which is extending the
and pain and amplifying the spread of the virus with exponential compounding every day we postponed shut down costs, thousands and soon honey of thousands and then millions of lives and destroys the economy. Please. And everyone home. Now with your leadership, we can end this now ass, the world will follow your lead. A global spring break will save us all. I don't know so apparently I'm I'm not suffer from it. With this guy is so. I saw a twig from someone. They said he was a billionaire something. I thought so here's what I can say about this Actually, I would entertain that that idea you got. Some are right now telling the president that he's got a closed, the borders and shut everything down for thirty days I mean tromp has wanted your borders, plus we ve, got this growing pandemic. I wonder if light hearted man yours, you know slow measures are only going to make things substantially worse because we're constantly playing catch up
right now we're at what six thousand plus infections United States over two hundred thousand around the world, and there there's an extremely high complication and hospitalization right. The people were saying it's like the flu. I want you to go and look up the videos collapsing in the streets and now really understand why that's been happening, because people can't breathe they're, not getting oxygen. You're going out with short of breath and then without oxygen, guess what they faint they pass out. So it is Yes, I'm not saying this guy's right or wrong, but what I am, what what what I do think we we need to recognise is that if our elections are being disrupt by this end they are and that's going I've major lawsuits Bill Agnes is right worst. In that this slow role of changes. The refusal to postpone the democratic primaries is resulting in more drawn out problems, The answer is, but if we don't postpone, if we do, stop for now and say you know it's gotta,
hold on the krona virus, so we can figure things out there, we're gonna have more lawsuits. This good extend well into next year warrants a massive economic damage. I dont know: if the government can pay for one's wages are how that works, and I got to say too, if body whose I put out of work by this and getting paid by the government. Still gotta go to work. Hey, that's not fair, I'm kidding by the way I like what to do, but there are people who have lost their jobs their things that will never come back the good economy, for instance, I know people who, as you know, was scheduled, contracts for you know, photo shoots or video production when there I say we're cancer the shoot. You don't just come back to your job that that deal was done, there's no jobs to come back to its a one off right. But for the people who work in the service industry more being laid off that shouldn't that shouldn't happen, I mean finally, once we're through this you're gonna need to bring people back right. So then any idea. What? If what? If Donald Trump did say why?
finish it on the borders until it until we can get a hold on, you know, corona virus and figure out, what's really going on what, if we jumped head of all of this initiative, and inside instead of waiting to see how bad it gets in reacting to it, we got extremely pro active now to an extent were already doing that we ve got New york saying you know, shelter and place the National Guard deployments, and you know it better Julia massive economic stimulus think there's a real risk if people just keeps well, you know, will react to it as it comes. It's going to beat us it's. It's always be one step ahead of us. There's a compromise here Of course, you can see a lot of people like you know the Barneys Bernie Sanders Camp, claiming that this is proof of veto. Why we need socialism, why we need universal base then come. These are all disingenuous, completely bad faith arguments on emergency thirty day, stipend or stimulus is not universal basic income attacks. Credit is not universal. Basic income
and people are not, as some people tweeting it's funny, how capitalism always runs to socialism for a bail out, and so yeah, you know what. May that's a really good point. May when their emergencies, which require executive authority and immediate action, we do need a government too. I've been very quickly, but rarely it's the problem. When you try to institute these things permanently, of course now we're in a crisis situation. Of course, now we can see the guy stepping up because we need eggs, could have action. This is why we have the govern. We do think about it for two seconds. If you had a government that was just a council, And then you face a serious threat, they Becker all day. Never anything done if you have a government that was just You know a council of elders, for instance, they probably wouldn't have attributed understanding of what's happening around the country to make the appropriate decisions.
I am talking about like these countries with lectures the party we have takes the benefits of several different types of governments, the executive branch exists specifically or or for the most part. In my opinion, we should just I strongly for this. The executive branch as a president who can make quick and decide of decisions to help us through a crisis that is not the same as single party rule socialist dictatorship, wherever you want to call it democratic socialism. This is. Presidents and here's what we need Congress get it done and then Congress Ok, we're gonna, get it done in working together? We have that executive authority. So for now. Maybe we do need to implement something a bit more drastic than we're doing. I honestly don't know, I'm absolutely opposed to an principle. Quarantines curfews in other things and its chair, for us, because we are a freedom, loving people, and that is a vulnerability in. David, you a level we love and respect freedom, and we must protect
And a national scale, we also make sure that when there is a crisis we come together and do we have to do to make sure our community can survive. If you have too many people, who say every man for himself, then you are in serious trouble. Because when it comes to a major crisis they say I don't care what you need. Gonna, do what I need and that's a problem because it you're saying right now: look we're we're not gonna force, anyone to stay home. We just need you to chill out for a little bit and then We can all angry and gone party anyway. Will then they're gonna have two options: harsh can harsh. You know lockdown instituted by you know are enforced by law or we just let the virus spread and a wreaked havoc havoc on the economy. If you have too many p well that are just follow the lead of the of the party in government. You end up with an authoritarian and permanent regime, and we don't want that either the healthy mix of people who say: I'm gonna do it. To be done right now. You ve called on me not to go after eight p m. I hear you, ok, you got it but keep in mind
at the moment this emergency has lifted or within a reasonable, reasonable amount of time. I demand the the expiration of any and all emergency powers granted to the government, There is a threshold of us recognising we're in this together and I absolutely respect that when the governor of governor of new there's jerk New Jersey sat, I'm recommending strongly discouraging. You know non essential travel, but we to do this together, I respected that one hundred percent. Now I gotta meds little Ricky when they say that, aren't you going out after eight p m, some people are making its Alex Mandatory, but you know what I have to take it bought a body, and so does everyone else that, We are in this country together. Now it's worrying to me there are too many people who see as an opportunity to gain power, so naturally, election experts expect Krona Bottom Corona outbreak to drive lawsuits Yet we see this story from March twelve justice dammit. Its fund writers off one virus says school closures. Constitute voter suppression. They were already gearing.
To use this crisis for their advantage and now that they lost predictably now there's down there's another scientist potential. There can be some lawsuits and I believe it one hundred percent. I believe it so I dont trust these but try to seize power, and that's the scary thing about bill. Eichmann said, while can entertain the possibility of some more drastic measures, like the government ensuring people's salaries saying you know, you know what You had a way of life and it was disrupted because of the krona virus. We are going to come but you know we're going to now: have a government funds granted its taxpayers? It's it's not the money. Just comes our nowhere. It's gonna resulted. Inflation is a lot of problems with this, but the result, but the alternative could be worse. A complete economic collapse that we never recover from and are not. The right answer is, but I will say I will entertain the possibility of a major government action. Like you know, everyone we're gonna, pay, you a bunch what do you know where to pay you your salaries or and ensure your wages for Ex thirty days and we're shutting down. However, what scares me as when you give them
power they never want to give it up. So what do you choose? Take the risk, because take it take the risk on the quota virus, because the risk is greater with a tyrannical government or take the risk with the government in front of us could be worse. I gotta say men. I think grown a virus will come and go and in the and I think we have to step away from more harsh cover regulations and accept. We need to do it. We can, as a community, to protect those who are most vulnerable and we have to be vigilant and make sure government doesn't trying gain oversee, sweeping overbearing, authoritarian controls, which they will never give up. What scares me is if even if we see the corona virus dissipate right may still see people arguing no, it's still there. Oh, yes, the reason you're not sing it now is because of the government because of the things we ve implemented in which Yes, it will never end those who say out. No trust us if you utter house now, it'll come back now, not ok with that. I'm going to be reasonable. You have a certain
time sixty days many days some of these sound reasonable, but I dont from the media and I don't trust the government, so we have to sure that yes will do what we can to make sure we get through this, but you gotta keep your eyes open. They will. And seize power at a moment's notice. I leave it there. Next I was coming up at one p m on this channel. I will see you all then. In what may be one of the most drastic measures we have seen yet Trot says the? U S will What was the border with Canada to non essential traffic due to the crowd of virus? And this comes just After all, on the same time were hearing trouble. Administration is taking steps to closed border to migrants, not as the southern border he's been talking about this quite a bit. Americans. We're officially in this for the long haul, we're not going up we're not going down and were not fly out of this one we're after bunker down and was scary as the timeline being provided. Buddy saying this is gonna, be quick,
we ve got numerous sources, citing varies timelines, Cuomo of New York, saying that it could be for five days until the peak, which means could be three months trumpet previously said some people are. Talking about July or August, and now we have a story. You at the plans could take us through it team month, a shortage pandemic, etc. They get a lot worse. I dunno I'll tell you what men will be the store the border closing, because I think it's it's kind of fun that Canada is having its border closed. The? U S, I'm not sure. That's! I don't know the point as I I guess, but I'll tell you what This is frustrate annoying, boring and literally nothing else going on the world you the worst thing, but the krona virus stuff. Is it's a slow trickle? It's like watching paint dry. Could you not normally on a newsday you'll, have a big story, come out and say like here something that happened about, while that happened today with quotas,
because literally every new sources glued to it. It's just the moment. A tiny crack appears everyone screams lot as they can. Admittedly, I think we're looking at some serious stuff, so I do think it's important talk about. We gotta stay focused and at the Un The point where I'm starting to think that this is that the economic impact it's gonna, be so much worse, and I have said this before. The panic could be worse than the disease, but the challenges. Do we'll do we do nothing which results in many people who lose their lives, or do we take their it's the paradox: we're going up we're gonna cost millions of dollars. Where it cost millions of people their jobs, but we're in a loose Billy of dollars. Companies are asking for bailouts borders are being closed and I think it's fair to say you take drastic actions to protect lives and do the right That is, why would never want to be involved in politics? I can't imagine, haven't any decisions like this was read the story about what's happening the canadian border being closed and reports present Donald Trump,
said ones they more in the morning. At the United States, temporarily close its border with Canada to non essential traffic due to the court the virus pandemic. We will be mutual consent. Temporarily, closing our northern border with Canada to non essential traffic trade will not be effective. Affected details to follow The announcement is just the latest in a flurry of dramatic action in recent days, slowing the spread of the corona virus. On Monday, canadian, prime Mr Justin Trudeau, said he was closed. His country's borders to foreigners, with the exception of american citizens, Trudeau, as such press conference on Wednesday morning on Tuesday The European Union said it would close its Colonel Borders to non citizens, because the krona virus outbreak the border between I'd states in Canada is the world's longest border between two countries on Tuesday indian deputy Prime Minister, Christine Friedland, discussed at a press conference. Potentially massive effect of closing the border. Nearly two hundred thigh, and people cross that border every day and that border and that traffic that goes,
that goes across the border, is literally a lifeline. The Canadians and the Americans on both sides of the border. We get our groceries thanks to truckers, who drive back and forth across the border. Very urgently needed. Medical supplies and medicines go back and forth across the border An essential workers go back and forth across that border. Everyday. We get it he's a border enough times jeez, so it's a Nick relationship for Canada and simple for us in handling our situation on the board. To be sure that we act to get things right, freelance add according to see BC, I'm going to go ahead, revoke your permit to use the word border seriously. Calm down, we get it. Pronouns exist. So now what were also hearing simultaneously this from the other day, the southern border gonna be impact. It is well immigration and offices are closing due to well. Nobody wants to get the virus and courts are clear because the virus has started to appear in the courtrooms there from the LOS Angeles times they say you immigration authorities would soon be
and immediately removing migrants who enter the Eu S between official points, ports, ports of entry and turning them back to Mexico. It will help stanch the expansion of the pandemic. Administration has yet to formally announced the proposal. First report about the New York Times Tuesday night, but it is hammering out details earlier tool: administration officials began Lane the groundwork for the shift under the policy border patrol Just to apprehend mexican adults attempting to cross the border between ports of entry will return them to Mexico. At here by port of entry instead of detaining them according to Brandon, Judd pay and of the union that represents fifteen thousand agents. The national Border Patrol Council, I find a funny in a crisis. Many of these leftists have found the importance of borders and they found the importance of guns, because this least stocking up on guns, enamel buying out everything conservatives and protein eight people already had their supplies. But now I'm not seen on any any complaints as airily where's Abkhazia.
Cortez where's the far left to complain but how now asylum seekers can be turned away and there it is when their safety is threatened. They immediately back down. It's almost like seeing a dog by an offence yell at you the things that safe thickened, yellin, screech all wants and then a sitting up in the gate it stopped it backs away. I got oh now actually endanger yeah. Once people are threatened, they turned a trump and say: save us, we saw it with MSNBC and we saw, CNN, when they praise Donald Trump now we're seeing take action on the borders and this has been used people talk about for quite some time and, of course, the complaints are. They're, not fair to say, may be. Their focus is diverted elsewhere, but we have the story vice shutting the. U S, Kennedy border is a game changer. Do you ask the border hasn't been shot since nine eleven and since then we ve been doing everything in our power not to close. This is from vice of ice. They say. On Monday, Justin Trudeau announced that kinda was shutting its borders. The list
those allowed in in its short canadian city, as permanent residents and surprisingly, the three million. Plus you s, citizens to ourselves for money. The man seemed toothless if we're going to allow Americans travel north, so I'm assuming this store, which came out today, missed the that the letter that there were closing northern that the North border. Even Americans are no longer going be allowed in, but emergency what to see what their perspective as they say. On Tuesday night CBC, an CNN report, the two countries working on an agreement that will essentially closed border to non essential human traffic, but keep it open to on trade and makes up make sure critical supply chains are left open. The deal is currently being finalized and is expected to come with the next. What within the next twenty four to forty eight hours if occur, It would mark an unprecedented move to stop the spread of covert nineteen. U S present Donald Trump can firm their ports Wednesday morning by tweeting. We will by mutual consent. Temporary
The closing our northern border with Canada to non essential traffic trade will not be affected. Shutting down the border is a massive deal now includes the decision made bilaterally with trades well being allowed in. It could have been Definitely worse. Some former political operative said after the initial border closure, if we're not to allow Americans in there could be the potential for blogger from an erotic president who doesn't handle being rebuked on the global stage. Oh please, calm down. Can you down the sword for ten minutes amid a global pandemic and border closures. Vice quote: I'm closing the. U S border. Please remember, President Trump deemed in national security threat and outright Lee imposed S, two three to tariffs on steel treated, former colony industry Minister James more to us, whom he wouldn't react to a blunt border. Crossing ban with an irrational response could be a real threat to the fresh food supply. Ok, wait a minute! Canadians Are now scared me
They rely on the United States for so much that they are hoping theirs. I lateral agreement, as you know what man it's about time these, We started to realize you can't just outside an entire sector of your economy, to a fault country and then get angry if they close your border, we're late, adding that the hard way but we'd have we ve had people in United States talking, but the problem of China. A very very long time, notably, the president he's been calling up China the loss of our manufacturing for quite some time, and many people have smear or or made fun of them, for it. Now we're reaping the pain from what we have said that we have given it how much our manufacturing base to China that we don't have the supplies. We need well guess what Canada you can't just get mad at us when we try to protect our people, China has now started to realize this Beijing fears covert. Nineteen is a turning point for China and global
Zation even Bernie Sanders has been criticising. Liberalization seems like it's on the way out, while the world fights the corona virus pandemic, China is fighting a propaganda war. Beijing's our aim is simple shift away from China. All blue shift away from China all blame for the outbreak, the botched in it. Response and its early spread. The broader world at stake is China. Global reputation as well as the potential of a fundamental, away from China for trade and manufacturing also at risk is the personal legacy. Of general secretaries vision, ping, who has staked legitimacy on his technocratic competence. After dealing with the first great Globe Group Global crisis of the twenty first century. The world must fund Thirdly, rethink its dependence on China, so many countries thought they could just rely on them for so much and China manipulated its its currency suppressed wages that way they could convince businesses in other countries.
To send their labor to them and they could exploit it. While that era is finally coming to a close, I don't know what this will necessarily mean in the future. By thing, it's important everyone's, a bit more self reliant Juno much energy is wasted on shit, these gigantic shipping containers and an vessels being transported from China. The? U S back and forth. It makes literally no sense to me, but because labor was so cheap. China was able to take. Our products are manufacturing away from us and, if any point they one of the clear war, would be six. We would be facing serious national security threat. So too it's it's a good thing. They site After months of staying holed up in the forbidden city, Mr Gee, fine, ventured to work on the passenger. The virus to declare victory of the virus as all the Makeshift hospitals have been closed No one knows if Beijing's claim that the new in indigenous cases are slowing down are true or not. Given a law, standing doubt about the veracity
of any official chinese statistics and the parties. Failure to act in the data, the krona virus, not to mention Eric, spelling american journalists. There are, thing their own journalists and whistle blowers, now they're kicking out hours. I can only say I bet it's getting worse for them and they need to downplay it because they realize the economic hit they were facing was really really bad and to convince everybody that they can still handle the manufacturing as this virus gets worse. Perhaps people are starting to realize they can rely on China, no matter how cheap labour is, it's not worth it, and that is bad. Bad news for China, They say the communist government in that is largely controlled the epidemic, even as especially now blames foreign arrivals for new cases of virus league. Very. On. China shows huge lines in a hospital in and shocking, for example, raising questions about just what is happening around the country, I gotta say if the? U S is planned for eighteen months. Why
I believe China solve this problem in two or three sorry. I dont now it's possible that time and makes sense, because Andrew Cuomo of New York side expect a peak in forty five days that perhaps he was based on information off of what we know about the virus and enforced Much of what we know comes from China, which is probably lying peak hours there taking out our journalists, stands to reason right as they would asian cares about is clear from its stained war on global public opinion, chinese propaganda of pieces have launched a broad array of attacks against the facts, attempting to come a new narrative about China's historic victory over the one virus, Chinese. The media is praising the government's effective responsible governance, but the truth is that Beijing is culpable the spread of the pathogen around China and the World chinese affair I knew about the new virus back in December and did nothing to warn them citizens or impose measures to curb at early on in that event, with us speed and transparency. The party state looked to its
own reputation and legitimacy it threatened. So blowers, like the late Doktor Lee when Lange and clamp down social media to provide both information about the virus and criticism the Communist Party and government from spreading. So we get it. China has been ever expanding its propaganda campaign to save face, and that's true. Why should we believe any of the information they put out here in the EU? we are seeing harsher and harsher reactions to. What's going on, notably the deployment at eight eight governors have now deployed one thousand five hundred colonel guardsmen. There is a Navy hospital vessel being deployed to the New York area, and new work is saying they will no longer allow our nature to the details and be very, very careful details, but their restricting who can work. How many we can work and only essential jobs will be allowed. New York is effectively a ghost town. Now, there's a anti viral video where in New York, someone's walking around and people on board
our yelling at them to go home and there like cussing about it, but I gotta say stop doing that like if you see someone walking around for all you know their essential worker, don't make a sound because someone's walking around they're, just violet in some kind of curfew, quarantine, the other thing to as dude you, go walk around the issue is dont go round touching too, other people and don't go in a crowded spaces. I think it's absolutely absurd that people are too in the extreme and of everything here saying: either lock yourself in your bedroom or everything's. Fine, I know recommend going restaurants. There still take out the restaurants that are being shuddered are offering take out food services That means you need to go outside, so people are screaming stay there I'm an old stuff. Yaller are or get a little extreme on this one, but I get it so many people, ignoring guidance and just doing what I really want. This photos from South B to Miami of people, partying and ignoring everything, Yaller nuts
there. I mean they literally alike. You know hanging out together and hugging and high five aimed at all and all that stuff. It's like you know, men, I dont think we need to be between, ought we'll don't they need to be one extreme or the other. But let's what we are seeing the deployment of? U S: military, sending hospital ships. Apparently I could be wrong about this. A definite fact like me, I believe, because Cuomo just made the announcement. We are going to now see that the deployment of these hot hospital ships to the New York area is a good things, and if the national God can come out and help us and we can start securing our. There's I'll tell you what man I dont see this as being bad for the president at all. I could be wrong. There could be wrong as I do. I do think it's it's it's differ. Holds. You know when you look at tribal lists. It's like everything else, The trouble is either always a good thing or always a bad thing or when something truly bad happens, I don't believe it, but I'll tell you what we'll
being at a war time. Ask president, I think, there's a possibility that, even if the economy collapses and the worst thing I've ever seen. People are going to vote for Trump for two reasons out of fear, because they don't want things to change and to make sure the system is preserved. But, more importantly, because Trump is a strong when people start seeing what China is doing when they start getting scared that the new security is threatened. Who are they gonna? Pick Mummy an bumbling, Joe or Donald Trump, whom of mess things up, but he's a guy who won't be pushed around when it comes to a crisis. Who you want a timid guy, early talk to argue on your behalf or a big brutish. Man has got up someone down and take their stuff it when it comes to what people need. I assure you are going to choose themselves and that's the point about the border closes screech all day and night. You can't do this decree. As border crossings now troposphere
no asylum claims. The courts are being shuddered. I think I think I have that one right immigration, I, across the U S, are staying home after the Krona virus hits courtrooms the sudden, the progressive open borders people of China shut up because it comes down to whether or not they get what they want is the interesting thing about these far left ass. They socialist types that it's always about them, asking for something that they personally need. Now I can understand if there, if you having difficulty getting some access, some resources, but if you're not willing to work or you're incapable, that's just the way. Things are that's life you can just be given some being from someone else. But now that we're too talking about base level protections. All of a sudden. We can close the borders truck and even closed the canadian border mums. The word trumpets enacting Technically, a bunch of armies get a bunch of what he wants, no more asylum seekers being process, no more refugees and the borders. Can it be shut, hard, shut and melons bothering about it? That's what I think is gonna happen. After this
subsides. Would you think people on the anomaly who in mindlessly bumbling. Along with with these activists, we think they're gonna, say, they're gonna say just just just: do every guy do trump, I'm scared! I don't want the one I dont want to deal with this. We think and now in the ads pop up saying we should we are struggling to control a pandemic weak, allow anyone to communist country. I think you're gonna see people backing away from this. Open borders, stuff like they already are, and bring them back and maybe that's what we need. You know there's that we're facing an unprecedented crisis and it's terrifying. Those people are losing their lives, but at least at least its building community perfect people are already attacking. You know tromp in the chinese, partisan efforts to unseat him now is not the time and it was in my opinion. I think this is this is the moment where we need to come together and truly recognize what it means to be an american and have a community. The borders are closing,
that that that's because all of these countries that are shutting their borders recognize it is up to them to do, and that is up to them to protect their people, the people they have a responsibility to and not random p or coming in I'm hearing now that Germany is closing its refugee programme, all of a sudden social justice stops the moment you war in a safety net Social drew I'm sorry at the moment, we are saying that breaks. No one cares for social justice anymore. It so easy to complain about oppression when you're, safe and your board, but when the threat comes, your doorstep, all of a sudden, your tune change all right. This is bit of a wide, ranging rant. I guess I got I'm I'm going to say it. I am so absolutely sick of all of this news, it is just, but you know it is what it is. The kind of ours is here. I another Simon coming for you at four p m youtube com slashed him cast, and I will see you
their over. On my main channel. I gave praise to MSNBC House Joe Scarborough for saying it's that its time that we see we, Germany, we can to support the present. We need to succeed and I have tremendous respects that data bash as well. I that we want to reduce the partisan bickering, but the still some territory where we gotta call out people for saying crazy things, and we have the story from the daily collar a message Bc Analyse, suggests using corona virus to prosecute tromp for negligent homicide gets and assist from former democratic candidate no come on Man, you guys doing so well talk about the serious crisis we're facing now is not the time to go. Not with your scandal, insane conspiracy, rhetoric, no one's gonna, prosecute the resident for negligent homicide because people are getting sick. You only to calm down little bit and follow in the footsteps of jobs Barbara, who I will absolutely give respects you for saying Now- is not the time. But let's read this story,
and see what's going on and what the sky to say, MSNBC, analysed, Glenn Kirshner suggests Tuesday that he would attempt to prosper. Cute President Donald Trump for negligent homicide over his handling of the Crow krona virus pandemic. Kirshner laid out his explanation in a series of tweets first claiming that the President may have mental exposure force level of negligent, homicide or Voluntary involuntary manslaughter for the way he's mishandled the krona virus. Here onto tat his own career as a prosecutor, saying that he had always been on the look out for novel ways to apply homicide liability in an attempt to appropriately and ethically hold accountable: those who are responsible for taking the life of a fellow human beings. Now what we are seeing here is a guy who is just desperate, difficult awaiting retreats and clicks he's, making absurd nonsense that in no in no version of reality, whatever happened the guy. It would even have it in the movie now would be enough
third movie plot line alone, real life Kirshner, concluded by accused tromp of negligent, grossly negligent and or possibly intentional mishandling of the response to crown virus claiming the issue was thorny and nuanced, but that all possible criminal charges will have to be investigated. No you're not No one's going to do that So here's what he said hey all. Can we talk about one of the few topics. I may actually know too much about homicide, specifically whether Donald Trump may have clinic. Exposure force, level of negligent, homicide or voluntary involuntary manslaughter for the way his mishandle chronic virus about a separate their body if the press and are ordered an assassination via drone and killed US Ten year old American would that constitute negligent homicide, cause. I got a president for you. If you're interested his name is Barack Obama rose, our four thousand unfamiliar yes,
order drawn strike which resulted in the death of an of an american citizen named Abdul Rahman unlucky. It is relatively its. It was a mistake. They sat up with that way. That's it. They sat oops topsy, we're like or somebody else that american when you know about it, did this guy come out and shriek that Obama must be stopped but are now. Of course, you know, I don't care, so here's what he says I spent twenty two of Thirty years of federal prosecutor handling murder cases in D C, I served, as for the homicide section of a disease, your turn his office overseeing murder prosecutions. I was always on the lookout for now I've always to apply homicide liability so is actually getting a ton of likes and retreats. On his mind, you Also we, we read all that part as what he says. I think it's fair to observe that there's nothing more devastating to a family than losing a loved one to either violent crime. Or to an illness that could have been probe, prevented or mitigated I'm trying to assimilate all available evidence rapidly, developing and bigger every day,
fairly assess whether Trump and his administration may have acted and four or failed to act in a way that could rise to homicide. Liability. Odd is just so sir dupe it so dumb and people eat the stuff of me, and I promise you leave me speechless. This is done. Question further, whereas the evidence is clear that Trump has committed multiple criminal offences both before his tenure as president campaign finance crimes. During his time as president obstruction of justice, bribery and extortion. Ah, my brain just bloated in my head. This is the kind of fringe conspiracy psychosis. These people actually believe. I I believe, Tropic started someone, yet no one could prove it. They could be prosecuted for it, but he's absurd did justice yet mauler sad. He could not make it a termination and obstruction of justice. He says he goes on to say an objective. Jesus bribery version. Homicide, liability by his negligent, grossly negligent and or possibly intentional mishandling of the corona virus in the EU.
Is a more nuanced and thorny issue deserves careful consideration, but Beside liability issue must be addressed because all criminal charges. How will have to be investigated and if the evidence dictates it prosecuted come JANET where twenty twenty one stay tuned. He says shortly after Kirshner present sweets he had a response, remarked Judson, democratic candidate from former North Carolina. Seven can rest district until he lost the primary Super Tuesday Judson a sepia crunched, the numbers for Kirshner the account collation looks basically like this. The number in fact, It would also increase as a result of trump. In addition, vitality right, but this is the best case template. In my honest opinion, Americans infected during sixty five million expected fatality rate before tromp one point: five action They rate what what? What are these numbers? There's that doesn't even on the numbers that were given by exports experts at a hundred up to a hundred? Fifty
over the top and the mortality rate could be could be between one and three, not one point: five and four deaths directly attributable to trust but it's a sword is actually got on the screen, an image four million dead. We charge from an cope any the star next to it. What do they mean, and honourable members of administration, for these des these people are out of their minds and why are they being put on tv come on man. Now is not the time for that lunacy. I know you, God be with the president. That's fine! I thank ye. Be criticized. Everybody's fine lie here. That's really! happening. The White House Corona Virus plan aims to send two thousand dollars to many Americans. It includes three hundred billion dollars for small businesses. Talks remain fluid, but discussions Congress are intensifying, as virus followed, worsens their acting like tat.
Is literally responsible for an act of nature, an act of God, and I don't mean, like the Lord literally striking people, not I'm saying its nature, man viruses happen. We got one blame on China for four hiding the information from everybody? Probably still hiding information can get our journalists, but wherever deal with this and its no one's fault, and it's not trumps fought, knows thinking about. Why is it that so many people are so quick to assume trumpets awful, and I think it's because operate under the assumption that there would be so when they are doing a better job, and I dont. When I look at the president, I have nothing to compare it to more. Rather, science oriented individual innocence. Give me the comparison to prove it and I'll consider what you're saying, but we don't have a control president. We just have trump and we have people saying he's doing an awful job. Well, you don't certain some regards. I think it's a criticism, but what am I supposed to compare him to a bunch of us? presidents who have done similar things. You're not really give
and then a work off of here. So now, when you say Orangemen bad, unlike compared to what the due to literally send a drowned block a sixteen year old kid and no one cared sorry not buying it. I can be critical of him for my own reasons, but in reality, tromp as work hard along with his administration, to do whatever they can and if you don't like it come November, your vote screech on the unit about how you and prosecute the present. That's never gonna happen. Men go back to your video game. Fictional reality were network where no one else is hanging out. What trope has actually doing is working on a stimulus package and it's gonna get up a sort of two checks for a hundred that brought for I'm sorry for a thousand dollars. I almost a hundred almost a thousand and devote thirty billion towards helping small businesses. Now I want to point out, I do not like the idea of giving loans small business, as they should be grants if these businesses are in debt now because their their suppliers, as is expired or in gone backwards. It would like and untrue
the bars and restaurants you give Malone. That's that's not. Oh. It's awful man like You know, I don't know the answers are, I know we necessarily give money away because the money that their being sent every the stimulus? It's basically we're. We're borrowing from ourselves in the future is going to result in inflation, how works, but it can help stimulate the economy. That's why it's called a stimulus said no final decisions have been made and talk The publican leaders remain fluid, but the growing scheme, of the one trillion dollar rescue plan is coming into sharper focus. The Treasury department is circulating a two page sheet of power. Ladys that it wants to see in the final deal as Paul. But the wider seeks to create fifty billion dollar. I billion our airline industry secured lending facility that would allow it to make direct to U S: passengers and cargo air carriers. What does officials have grumbled in recent days to assemble a massive rescue plan at that's, that's a sentence. I want to read you, you ve got these people who live
in a fantasy world where tromp is like a supervillain who took all you do is Lex Luther to these people. I don't live in it. We're sorry. It looks Like the White House, their fish, the officials trump they're, doing the best I can as fast as they can and they're all acting like trumps downplaying of the virus was an intentional thing for self gain. I don't know that's, and you can prove that to me and then maybe can't I don't know you can assume, everyone, but I also know that Trot came up right away, and so this is a serious they gotta we had act now. They accuse must sparking panic for no reason. They would then blame him for the market hits for the time being the White House is working on a stimulus package. It looks like we're about to get it. It could see it the people getting money and it's gonna scale people who make a certain amount will now get any money business will be eligible for loans. I think they need to do better on that one, but it looks like most people around two thousand dollars. That's not enough either. Note man, I don't know what you do and I note the answers are from the bottom up, much more pressing
what I do know that a thousand bucks thinking to cover somebody's monthly expenses so might help. Maybe there down unemployment insurance. Maybe to stimulate the economy. I honestly don't know, but I'm not gonna act like trumped, should go to prison for not moving faster when he's already invoked the defence production ACT and now he's planning on giving people above a bunch of money to seem like the economy. You only to calm down it's about time. We listened to Joe Scarborough MSNBC of all people and do what we can to support the present to make sure he succeeds that in a few months, When we're all clear of the corona virus stuff, we go back to screeching at each other. That half of our lungs stick around. I got a couple more migrants coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. One of the points I have been making in the past couple of days is about how people who inside a safety bubble who are wealthy, screech all day and night about about how bad things are, but as soon as they get threatened us as their safety is threatened, they mean
change their tune. All of us are now they're really concerned about two stories. For you. One just kind of high, like, as you all know, guns are being bought up in droves, weapons another's supplies are being bought up in droves, but we have the story from the Hill Mexico under international criticism for corona virus response. Wait a minute what, you mean international criticism. I thought tromp was a big it because you want to close the board down because he wanted to stem migration and illegal immigration. I remember Tromp and transport are talking about the potential. For diseases to come up through the migrant caravans and through the southern border. At the time they were called racist for it, but now facing a global pandemic. The international coming. The agrees. Mexico has unsanitary conditions, they are not doing the right thing and well their criticising Mexico. I find it funny. You know why what I see here is in line with the statistics about progressives and conservatives, the hidden tribes report that I love
to cite shows that progressive activists in this country tend to be college, educated individuals white who make over a hundred thousand dollars a year. It's no surprise at these. People are advocating for these policies that they will not be affected. By saying why dont you middle class, poor American, whose town is dying because your manufacturing plant shut down? Why don't you agree illegal immigrants to common work alongside you displaced your jobs and get access to your health care. They don't seem to understand now the right is staring them in the face. All the sun, the two changing Betsy it at the time they said. Well, I've healthcare. I can I want. I have nothing to worry about, which is why you see so many celebrities on the left, their superman in a bubble and safe, but other the pandemic is here and many of these celebrities are getting it all of a sudden now international response as well well, well, Mexico and in California. I kid you not people are lining up around the blocks. To buy guns in
in, like LOS Angeles County of all places. Now I get it their areas of California, where you got some conservatives and people who, like hunting and into defenders all after I get it, but L County yeah, that's LOS Angeles men these These are the places that vote overwhelmingly for gun control. All of a sudden other like were well now that I'm in oh yeah, yeah yeah. We get it. You didn't care about the weakest up until the threat was pointing your direction, then all reports international observers and opposition leaders are warning that Mexico's government is failing to take the krona virus crisis seriously. Risking a major irruption just of the rest, we'll, take drastic steps to recover the count these hands off approach has already sparks tensions with El Salvador, whose president blocked a flight money from Mexico City to set to send Salvador, citing some parts, sanitary safeguards in mexico- hey, hey El Salvador, nice, don't like Trump come on. Let's bigotry, isn't it in a discussion play over Twitter salvadoran president? Now you, but
alien and mexican Foreign Secretary Marcello abort abroad, debated the mexican government copy. To immediately diagnose several of the plains passengers, but discussion ended with Bouquet Lee Begging, Mexico, to take drastic and overwhelming measures this pandemic, Mexico is a very big country, so should be its responsibility. Otherwise, in twenty two, is the epicenter of this pandemic? Will not be Europe but North America added bouquet. We stop looking at this, thing normal place I'll tell you what's gonna happen. Mexico is not doing anything or not doing enough so sure, They will see a massive spike in chronic virus cases, then Donald Some people say we gotta get a hold on what's happening with this pandemic, and we could Your things out, we're gonna, shoot the border down and guess what the people America are gonna, say you got a body. Is the threats facing them? So long, look, Canada, the United States are taking up preventative measures, rather serious ones, not so much Mexico,
say: the mexican federal government has refused to impose national sanitary measures in relying on on a public service announcement campaign to promote social, listening and handwashing washing MAX president Andrei Manuel Lopez Oberdoffer has drawn the IRA many observers by continuing his campaign style rallies where he often walks into the audience to Huggin kiss supporters. Hey he's a man in the Paypal one image where local or oberdoffer appears to playfully by A young girls cheek, has been specially poorly received. Oberdoffer is under Firefox blossom attitude, but the krona virus. He is leaving border states and towns picking up the slack. Many won't able to do so wrote Adam Isaacson, the director, fence oversight for the Washington Office on Latin America in an email to the hill. While the hands mexican states have imposed stricter measures, like it's cool closures at the federal level, children will still required to attend school until Monday, when an early
Spring by Spring Break will begin, so mexican states are in a better position fend for themselves, but in others, including Tom Wallop Tom, while up TAT Malchus is any pronounce it on the border with tat. The situation, is less clear. Less clear to Malchus I extend a latin american security specialist wrote that it doesn't even have a good sign. Of what local authorities are doing and whether the security situation will hamper response. Tamaulipas, a state that, in The border cities of me tomorrow's across from Brownsville Nuevo Loreto across from the radio and re no across from a gallon been among the states hardest hit by the narco violence and long waits for prospective. U S, asylum seekers in camps, I'll, stop there and say asylum. Counter shut down Immigration is not being process right now, so Youtube you exactly that's, to be exacerbated all these all these problems with much more denser populations in his heirs. These people are not gonna get. So there are to be where they are more people more
virus more unsanitary conditions. I suppose I do if we just show. That's just you know If you are using the story, you may be stuck bon toilet paper. Others are buying guns, you can't shoot. Have I but that's not what people who are lining up for guns and ammo are worried about what they are worried about is people who are being denied entry or becoming desperate, who might rush the border who might threaten them in their family amid a complete and total breakdown, Mexico is not making the same. Precautions is as everyone else, and so we may have to close the southern border. Surprisingly, we can the northern border with Canada, which I find striking. Considering Mexico is not doing enough and everyone's freaking out about it. You think troubling come out and say so, but there's talks, so immigration is being processed anyway, will see what happens, but if this gets bad, don't be surprised when those people who hate tromp come out, it's not agreeing with him they say and then their situation in the migrant shelters and camps where the tens of thousands of victims of meat of meat
and Romania. Mexico are are wrote, Isaacson referring to them. But asylum policies that are fuelled the growth of refugee camps on the mexican side of the international border. It will be an absolute miracle if the virus dozens weep through those shelters in camps. Like a genuine plague- and I don't see preparations for that underway when chicken pox swept through them can government shelter in whereas the holidays they just closed. For a few days, I dont see what good that will do. Even its critics accused the government of underlining situation, the official count of infections rose, drastic from fifty three Sunday to eighty two Monday, hitting rising wave of contagion. Because City Mayor Claudia Shine, bomb, a close ally of, has oberdoffer has refused to shut down logged large gatherings What are you doing? Man now do these are, there are waking up to Donald Trump
as concerns about hygiene and and medicine and infection from countries like Mexico and he's not even for the most part talking about Mexico. Times, but also Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, but even El Salvador is criticising. Mexico come on man. Even his critics accuse the government of underlings. Where are they about over the weekend? A massive music festival, known as the veto, latino took place in the mexican capital, and shine bomb, refuse to say whether she'll shut down a reenactment of the passion of the Christ. That's been held the last one hundred and seventy seven years in the eastern borough of is top Allama accords. Who else around newspaper but the Mexicans, federal government has cut down activities and its fifty consulates across United States to a bare minimum under orders from Ambassador Martha Barcelona, according to a second embassy spokesman, the war largest single country consular network, has its employees working from home and is only providing where services as needed and Mexicans,
Harry authorities have been meeting to discuss the key, with U S and canadian counterparts according to the spokesman, a teleconference between you, Help in human service service Secretary Alex bizarre Mexican Health Secretary Doktor George Carlos out Alcocer Varela and canadian Minister of Health Patty how'd. You do was scheduled for Tuesday, but it wont in it will be held. Instead. On Thursday, we are going to have a lot of people seeking treatment in this country. We can't simultaneously offer up open borders and free healthcare, as most of you know, and it's going to be that this is going to be highlighted. As we now watch, Mexico begin its collapse into a mighty sea of corroded virus, as China actually put it look, and there was something I think I saw the Smurf Free union. Thank you see this art and others a smurf gathering in France. A bunch of people did like a world record for the most people do does Smurfs in a single location and ensure
if there was a massive wagon corona virus and factions following this now I don't know what that means for knowing the smartphone, smart people got sick, but I'm just gonna go hadn't site. If there is a novel virus that no one is immunity to in everyone's gonna catch and get sick. The last thing you can do is come out and giant crowds, but apparently over Mexico they dont care all that much I'll. Tell you what's gonna happen. Trumps gonna You know what we're closeness southern border now to accept for trade and who is going to be able to complain, especially after this. They know they don't care. Why should we take what? Why should we be negatively impact? It will and so what I said about healthcare. Why should I sacrifice, along with my community, to protect everybody, but then you can offer Our medical system, which is under non citizens too, people who may be coming from a country like Mexico, that's refusing when gauge practices or more extreme sanitary practices amid the Krona virus, Simon, not playing a game. I live there.
Around about one more segment coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly, I saved this segment. For the last segment of the day, because I think it's very important people see just how serious the corona virus pandemic is and that, Hey people need to stop downplaying this in New York. We are potentially, facing a shelter in place order, meaning you dont go outside, and there are some areas where you actually can't go outside, and in some countries people are getting arrested for going out now that to me is scary as freaky, not a big fan of authoritarianism, but it is also scaring people just don't care about. What's happening. Take a look at this story: ITALY reports, four hundred and six twenty five deaths in one day, you don't think people understand what it means that our hospital system is being strained and because we're doing a decent job. To us a decent job of saving lives. They assume that it's not that big deal here is a couple thing
you to consider before we get into the news about what's happening here in United States, When you see the death rate number being low, don't forget, people are going, who hospitals and having their lives saved by expensive medical procedures and technology if it weren't for our hospitals, the death rate would be substantially higher when you pair this number- two, not the numbers in the past me to realise this- is way more serious than any of these past epidemics. They look at spanish flu, two point five percent mortality rate and we had that medical technology of nineteen. Eighteen. Compare that to today a hundred years later. We ve got amazing developments in technology. Quality rate is floating between one and three percent. Three point: seven globally: seven percent in ITALY, dont tell me the mental medical technology incapacity and in ITALY right now is worse than it was nineteen around the time of the great war.
Now. What we're really saying is that people do not understand that amidst all of our developments, we are doing our best to put the fire out. It would be like those building burn, and firefighters were sprang it with water in the fire was being held back in someone's. That's not even a big deal, the fires small. Who cares what why we bother sprang with water while they're telling you, if you don't, it will grow out of? Can we are seeing numbers that are scary eve. Though we are trying our best shot things down. So this is ITALY in one day for non semi five deaths let's take a look at what is going on in New York. New York should be prepared for a shelter in place. Order mayor, build applause, YO, says New Yorkers, so yeah, here's, the club and the next this sickness. A decision we made in the next forty hours. We are deeply concerned this quite clear as a fast growing crisis hit it this conference all New Yorkers, even though a decision has not been made by the city or the state. I think that all new Yorkers should be prepared right now.
Possibility of a shelter in place order. There are now eight hundred and fourteen confirmed cases in New York. He said adding that two hundred forty two in queens, we know the numbers and actually the stories. From the other day. The numbers gotta gone up quite a bit since then the laws. Yo said he doesn't take the decision lightly acknowledge that New Yorkers will face tremendously substantial challenges under a shelter and place order folks have to understand that right now with so many new Yorkers losing employment losing paychecks dealing with all lots of stresses and strains. I'm hearing com Billy from people who are tremendously worried about how they're going to make ends meet and that scenario a shelter in place bags a lot of questions, What is going to happen with folks who have no money? They say what is a shelter in place. And Francisco Bay Area officials ordered some seven million residents to shelter in place on Monday. Prohibiting People from leaving their homes accept under limited circumstances, people who venture out are expected to remain six feet apart, wash their hands cut
coughs or sneezes and abide by number of other restrictions non assent, businesses across the state putting wineries and bars will be closed, but essential services such as grocery stores, banks in pharmacies, will remain open right, are allowed to walk their dogs or gopher run, long as they maintain a distance of at least six feet from anyone they dont currently live with San Francisco health officer, Doktor Grant Colfax at a press conference Monday DE blogs didn't provide details on what a shelter in place order. Look like in New York City, the city as well, on a variety of ways to ease the burden on new Yorkers, including suspending, turn it sighed parking rules they require. To move their cars for street cleaning and providing food for students while city schools are closed. He said I don't live in a big city in the suburbs. Have a backyard by the house, I'm a front yard!
and were not in a particularly dense place. I mean relative to New York City if things get really really bad. It's going to start in the centre of cities, I've lived in New York, the apartments are expensive and there I've lived in New York, the up the apartments expensive and their tiny right now p. You can't go outside and when you live in a tiny, tiny apartment, you start getting cabin fever. After a while, you wanna go outside, go for a walk, auto bar you can't do it I don't know where you guys all live where you know, but maybe verbs, I'm not feeling the heat all that much now, I'm worried seeing them the rise of deaths, the government instrument that the national was it that the defence Production ACT, the expansion of or federal authority curfews, quarantines bars being shut on it's scary stuff, but you know what I'm in a house I gotta backyard
we ve got the yard and some fresh air. I can walk around our need to go on the city, but in New York you can't do that in Philly, proper. You can't do than Chicago. You can't do that in certain parts of Chicago actually Chicago isn't as dances New York, but I can only imagine that people their eagerness, our freaking out and they also freaking out first now up now we ve got some pushed back, though apparently built get a grip bill. Cuomo blasts, panic and fear being created by calls for a total and my c lockdown. If grown a virus in veiled attack, and the plaza but says a huge hospital ship will be sent the city tromp. As announced there's gonna be a Navy hospital vessel sent to New York and motor setting. It is not to help with chronic virus, but other medical issues, so The people who have kroner virus will deliver
spells and then everyone else will have these emergency dot. You know ships being docked in, that's really really cool, I might add you know if you ve got up if you're in a port town they bring that shipping, and now we got a mobile hospitals. That's gonna cool stuff, but there is not enough to worry about when it comes to New York. This is from a mature with this guy, as is his Peter Audio, and he says just He bore from an icy you doctor at a small, near hospital. They are officially out of ventilators and now double venting patients with Covin do the same ventilator for two infected patients. Do everything possible to avoid infection? Please isolate best. You can. Now, what's really disconcerting here is this tweet warning this from Christianity MSNBC. Our concerning reports out of France and ITALY of Sir young people getting seriously ill, and I use Doktor Burke's says it. May b, because millennials looked at data from China of Corona
was largely impacting older people. Everyone must heed the guidance. No larger groups spring break salt. Each Miami young people are laughing and ignoring these calls, and just because you're, young and you're not likely to die doesn't mean you. Can't get sick. The doktor in China who was put on a ventilator and then died was thirty. Four years old, the mortality rate is high and we have advanced technology as a people understand We can look at some of these viruses and with modern treatments. We can reduce the mortality rate from the flute. You know a hundred years ago to the same strain of flu today, to wit within reason. Some things we really can't do, but it looks like things, are: gonna get learning it bonkers. As the best we can put it regiment crazier. This guy's saying that young people are getting more infected in ITALY, where we just saw massive spike in death, Over in New York, there running out of their running out of ventilators, Now we have this. Corona virus prompts born of correction to call for relief
of inmates from N Y see jails. That's tough men in Philadelphia. They said they're, not gonna, they're, not gonna, arrest, people for certain crimes, including auto theft and burglary and vandalism. Their short of saying the rocket and for certain crimes anymore. We're gonna do shop at your name, not walk away. You keep going about it now, They want to release people from jails and that's challenging I and what I want to do it. They want to do it, because this could get really bad and we do not want to create more infections, in which case, with people being tested with with guards you now being quarantined. There are naturally sang it's time to release people as a result. I am highlighting all these stories again most. It's about showing you the severity of how things are going well Look at this from the icy you we are calling for the immediate release of individuals in prisons, in jails who according to the CDC face, heightened risk of severe illness or death due to covet nineteen, as public health experts have repeatedly said, fair
we'll state and local officials must take steps now to declare separate and protect those involved in the criminal legal system. Eighty five thousand people, I believe, is the number of prisoners released in IRAN. I don't know what. Total breakdown would look like what, if we're gonna release everyone from our jails, release tons of people from our presence stop enforcing laws. Younger people are getting sick, we run out of ventilators foreign and seventy five people died overnight in ITALY and people are not taking the seriously, then don't be surprised. If New York does institute some hard lockdown at the National Guard comes into enforced those lockdown and you see something we ve, never thought could happen. Optimism bias will blind you a lot of people want to say it could never happen here. It couldn't happen to me, but it's literally happening before our eyes. Take all of this seriously. Marsala can really say
I will. I will end by saying it's. It's rather shocking to me, even though we ve, under which we have come to this point, it was weeks ago. I was talking about it as though it wasn't here in a different country. It's here now. I hope I've shown you enough to explain to you why it seems ass it is both the severity of the virus, the lack of supplies, as well as the response from governments, you're gonna, be locked down and and and police academy enforcing certain crimes, I don't know what else to say or what you are, what you expect, but this is legit it's here and it's real and I hope most of you when I got supplies when you had the chance. My understanding is, you can go to grocery store, They started me food and supplies, but as far as I could tell, when I went, shelves were men, they said
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