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Trump Has SURPASSED Obama Approval Despite 92% Negative Press, Democrats FLIPPING Republican

2019-09-20 | 🔗

Trump Has SURPASSED Obama Approval Despite 92% Negative Press, Democrats FLIPPING Republican. The latest polling aggregate has Trump above Obama for the same time in Obama's presidency.The most important factor, Obama won reelection.If Trump is doing BETTER than its just more evidence that Trump is on track to defeat the democrats come 2020.But why is Trump's approval going up? It is likely due to the far left push by Democrats and the more extreme positions being taken in an effort to one up each other. CNN reported that a democratic stronghold in Minnesota was flipping to republicans despite the town voting Democrat locally.The only thing I see that can cause such a dramatic circumstance, where locals vote Republican nationally and Democrat locally, is that the 2020 Democrats have embraced far left positions to an extreme degree. Locally moderates fared well in the midterms, its the national level politicians embracing the far left.

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According to Newsweek, Dotcom, Donald Trump approve, writing, surpasses Obama's and get this not just on rest. Musin reports there a couple reasons: this is significant for one. Rest musin tends to be pretty favourable towards the president. They show many poles and have him just just around fifty percent, sometimes There is also Zogg B, which recently had a pole showing trumpet fifty one percent approval. Most other polls show tromp below fifty percent very different to strange contrast, so news because highlighting its not just rest music. It's the aggregate. The aggregate shows tromp Obama above Obama at the same time, period as another really important reason. This is so significant. The negative press I've got some sources to go through, showing you that not only is trump facing an uphill battle, but that Obama was facing.
Down hill battle, the media really liked Obama. I've got the stories to back it up. I don't act like its definitive. It's just some references going to the past that show to a certain extent the media did like Obama. We can see it magazine covers and they really don't like Trump and the data does show it, but before we get into all of this, we're gonna do we'll start with this story. Look at the data compared to the past and then well look at some more facts, and I want to talk about why trumps approval ratings. Going up CNN recently did a story about our trump is flipping a democratic stronghold. To Republicans get this, these Democrats in this northern Minnesota town are still voting Democrat locally, but voting for tromp for president, it's very strange, but there is good reason for and we'll get to that, but first the story from Newsweek about Donald Trump approval rating. Before we read that, however good it's him cast outcomes lashed out, if you would like to support my work as a paper locked in a crypto option, a physical ads,
but of course, the best way to support me subscribed to channel comment or share this video Youtube DE ranks independent little commentary, although I think recently they kind of like me, but the data does suggest there, propping up CNN Fox NEWS, MSNBC and putting obstacles in the way of channels like mine I think the stories important a lot of people don't seem to understand that there are people who are trapped in this echo chamber of the mainstream media. You know high profile, powerful digital outlets They don't seem to realise that Donald Trump does have legitimate support from P who are concerned about the economy. But if you watch read even news weekly, I'm surprised news are trying the story. News he's going to say you know, Orangemen bad luck, I get it. You know going back into in. U S! History. People disagree with other politician, but never been this bad. Has it you gotta, like the guy, but please base your thoughts in reality. At least I thought I tried doing now
big found, but I'm trying to be honest. Look people like him. There's the data more Obama. With an uphill battle. I think that significant, let's real newspeak, says President Donald Trump approval waiting this week average across major poles surpassed that of his predecessor Barack Obama at the same time, eight years ago, giving some actual good news to Trump. Who is known to cite only conservative, leaning Paul's to bolster its approval rating on Wednesday was forty four point: three percent. According to the art, the real clear politics, average of more than half a half dozen major polls that is higher than Obama's average approval writing of forty three point: nine percent on September 18th, twenty eleven by the same measure, the forty fifth press average approval writing, surpass that it was pressed predecessor on Monday and stayed on top for the next two days. Trumps average approval rating on Andy was what will be the chart, but I want to stress.
This is so significant. It war When did an article from news? We could you not their justice, there's so shocked. Like woe, tromp averaging huh. Obama, we gotta a story about this. You you'd think they wouldn't care. You know they love to talk About how tromp has never, you know, he's low more than all the other presidents. They like to smear em and act like everybody hates the guy, but it's just not true. I remember an anecdote. Theirs. Financial guy he's a tv host. He was hit him and is, is wife. I believe we're telling me that in Europe, all the news pointed to tromp being detested and everyone hated him and only finally came
the states and saw all the signs are aware. They realized something was wrong in the press and then Trump one. This is significant because people they expect the conservative media to prop trumped up and for the legitimate mainstream press which come on has a bias. We know it is gonna, be honest, but here we are even with the aggregate all of these poles. I don't like him. He has just surpassed. Obama check this out for the past up into the eighteenth two days ago, Tromp was above Obama in the aggregate. Impressive trump has not treated this week about achieving a higher average we have already been Obama whom he has continued to criticise on Monday that I have became out ahead of Obama, Trump twitted and each of himself, with fifty percent approval, writing attributed to the conservative rest Musin reports, which
Sicily rates him higher than other major pulse. Yes, that's true. However, I think we have to point out some details now move on to some facts. First, rest museum reports, nailed it in twenty. Sixteen they say was written reports. Final Whitehouse Watch survey showed Democrat. Hillary Clinton with a two percent popular vote lead over Trump. That's what happened! They were right recipes and been wrong in the past I think we're seeing something interesting here. I think we're musin has figured out how to find trumps base and everyone else hasn't. It's also true that rest musin was the least accurate in twenty eighteen. The reason for this, in my opinion, there is a new,
story. Talking about how trumps base did not show up in the mid terms, I think, rests mutants figure on a true figured out how to track trumps base, but not core like not core publicans. So what happens is in the mid terms when trumps bases and show up they were wrong. They thought trumps base would then get a right, but when Trump is running so this wise, twenty twenty might trumpets probably favoured vat, is, in my opinion there, probably tracking that correctly, so I want to stress. Rasmussen- has been you no good on some bad on some, and so they often show trump favourably, but even now we can see the average forty four point: seven there. It is so let's talk about why it so significant outside of the aggregate. Because of this here's a story from investors, business daily, media trump hatred shy I was in ninety two percent negative coverage of his presidency. You mean to tell me that Donald Trump has been able to surpass Barack Obama,
the same time this year facing ninety two percent negative news that is impressive, particularly impressive. When you look at the stories of the past about this one from TAT thirteen. Why does the media go easy on Barack Obama? Many conservatives think it's evidence of liberal bias, but even true that conservative, but but is it even true? conservatives are more willing to be adversarial unimportant topics. This is a story from twenty thirteen highlighting a Brok Obama gotta get a free pass muster. Time, the media, you know let em slot a lot of issues. There's a man, that goes around. Showing time magazine covers four Obama, It's all him standing there valiantly for trumpets like fires, its criticism, its negative, its insulting. In one of these stores. I think it might be this one right here. Things out this story called ending the media romance. Although Obama check this out like multi headed beast. The press can fall in love, but it's love is different.
To measure and tends towards the fickle according to appeal, research study of the two thousand eight general election Obama coverage was somewhat more positive than negative, but not markedly so well. Mccain coverage was heavily unfavourable and become a more unfavourable over time, but you can that's received about the same amount of media attention in general and Obama support in the polls, I'm steadily during the general campaign. Even when the news turn negative against him, such as after the second presidential debate in early October. I dont want to act like tat. I'm sorry, like Obama, only ever got a free ride. I'm just pointing out that even Pew Research said after two thousand eight, his positive with some what's was slightly more positive and Mccain. The Republican was heavily negative The media bias exists, in fact, is a really funny story and pulled up its talks about how Fox NEWS acknowledged that Trump was doing things and they praised him, but they said
couldn't we be ragging on Obama for doing the same thing and there it is. We know Fox news. Is conservative they're gonna favour the republican and criticise the Democrat? However, all of the other media does that in the inverse. So that's Things are so scary to a certain extent right. Fox news is more than willing to prop up conservatives and defend them. But what about CNN and B c h Alan whatever MSNBC? They don't? They defend Obama it, but I'm a magazine covers and they slammed the president- and this is what happens right. Conservative dumb, credit, etc. But this shows us the media bias, it's real, ok, I don't know how much data more data. You need to prove it a story from October, tenth that ninety two, the stories about Trump are negative and this from me. The research centre, which I believe is conservatives Hogan, taken with the grand assault but come on. If even news,
big things, its news worthy that Donald Trump surpassed Obama. Well, there you go so let's do this, Ah well, so so here's another source here, I'm economic area too much into its. I think I made that point already just showing that candidate twenty twelve did. We receive more negative and positive coverage. I want to highlight that Obama didn't get a completely free ride. It just tended towards being better on him than otherwise I do want to highlight this whenever I see a story talking about trumps approval ratings or whatever I definitely Make sure I highlight the fact that you know that there does it there's averages here: it's not all gonna be skittles rainbows, just because they have is average now showing its doing really really well. I want a fact check that what's different about this, compared to what I normally do. You know you're, this story for my music trump approval, writing and then I'll basic They give you my thoughts on why it's so great for Trop. Look all this.
Pull show him doing pretty bad. This one for s, music, is probably the best he's ever had at fifty two percent. Normally I highlight the average to say even with that really great single, Oh, let's look at what they all say. Now I'm showing you this the kind of like the opposite point there all saying he's doing well, ok, doing that this autumn negative pressure, minus ten, minus twelve minus none, but better than Obama. I don't a ceremony de facto near Newsweek here there. It is, however, town Hall, which is conservative, wants to give some push back, and I think it very important to kind of you know look if people get this idea in their head that their Canada is guaranteed to when they get lazy, if they think they're carrying their their candidates guaranteed to lose, they get lazy. Some people think Hillary Clinton lost because every was so sure she was gonna, win and even show up. Maybe I want to make sure we simmered on the arrogance it may be. Good news for tromp bought
This story goes on to say that yeah sure tromp MACE Math surpassed Obama. It was a rocky period in his presidency, but Obama. Did resoundingly better across the board and is the first time Trop has ever surpass them, and it's never averaged above fifty percent. You sure you can cite recipes and fine, I think, is important. Too kind of you know pullback expectations. A lot of people are gonna, jump up and down and say how trumps finally doing it, but in the end. I want to make sure I point out, while it is significant that trumpets surpassing Obama with this negative press climbing up hill, it doesn't mean too much. Comparing them to abolish doesn't mean he'll when not entirely sure. I think Trump is on track to in twenty twenty four hour lot of other reasons, notably that the Democrats are all kind of weak in terms of candidates, their policies are extreme. If you watch my second channel you'd have seen me talking about beta or works. A May I read it where he just got slammed hard by people when talking about immigration and the second amendment people were not have.
Yet he stepped out into reality and they sat dude you're nuts. However, everybody thanks once the democratic nominee wins the walk everything back to the center. I don't believe it. Progressives won't vote for a moderate, so we'll see what happens. I think this is interesting. This has more about you know our trump, overcoming negative press. Then it does about actual approval ratings right, you can say: look all these poles have always been negative. Our trump I dont trust them to an extent on an interest. Rest musin recipes and got twenty sixteen rights, or maybe they understand the presidency butter. They got twenty teen wrong. So I'm not a big fan. The poles. I do think because of the economy because uh. You know low unemployment. All of these factors trump is going to win. And even see to ended a story, but I've got a few things I wanna go through. So let's go to this story. Newsweek says Fox NEWS poll shows Trump losing to every democratic front runners
today. I want to highlight this as what works I want to say these poles must be wrong. They must be wrong. I dont know how we judge You know Obama versus Trump or whatever, but how could you say and twenty sixteen Tromp was gonna, lose and now We'll be saying the exact same thing when every things better when trumps bases, larger trump, is doing better than Obama in the act and you're still saying he's: gonna lose Obama is the most popular. You know democratic president of this item. No, what the timeframe as but it, but that's it he's a most popular democratic present- will leave it. There are still wildly popular. Credit, love, Obama, Trump is doing better than Obama based. You know where he was today and you think Trump is gonna. Lose the Democrats this. Why, in the end, the Poles must be crazy. You know, do we trust the aggregate pole?
the aggregate is probably going to be better than any individual Paul. So why would I trust these? I wouldn't. Let's do this. Let's move on Fox news. Poor from today, voters are frustrated, government and nervous about the economy, Fox NEWS reports. They say, while thirty seven percent feel confident the economy. Forty forty eight percent feel nervous. That's up from a low of forty three percent nervous in March. At the highest point. Seventy percent fell, nerve, felt, felt nervous and twenty ten when the question first asked and it was sixty one percent as recently as twenty sixteen, I can't tell you how to extrapolate too much a martyr I'm not a wizard or psychic, but I will say in my personal opinion: if people are nervous about the economy they're not going to vote out and incumbent, there are going to vote for status quo. These. So so it's a minority rights, not the majority of people who are scared, but I believe these forty percent are likely safe, dont rock the boat change,
presidents is going to is going to rock the market and it's going to be bad for a lot of people. I bet this in my opinion. This shows people are probably this. Forty eight percent are likely to vote for the president, so he's got these advantages. The economy is good and people are nervous, so they're probably going to say just just Everyone just go forth. So, let's talk about, I guess I guess we ve gone through the poles. I think we ve kind of I have made that point, and I want to talk about why. I think trumps approval rating is going up for one. This is a good site, went to that people are nervous about the economy. Men it's kind of like imagine, you're at the casino and you keep batting at all on black and you keep winning at a certain point, you're getting nervous. I can't keep coming up winners right. It's all seven's, all the way down. It can't be that way. Something that's gonna happen don't point people getting nervous while they're not gonna, make the and the West is recorded, vote out trump they're gonna say: hey man, it's going really really great. Let's keep it going right That's always see the story which are highlighted early on they say
the union's mark Savage speaks of voters in a democratic stronghold Minnesota, as local attitudes about politics, begin to shift in this. You give a guy say that his you his jungle is brothers. Whenever we were union Democrats not anymore, will you know why Trump is defending? that. The rural areas, the mining towns, the manufacturing, the tariffs. People like this in these places trumpets talking about strengthening the economy and bring about their jobs. A lot of these small towns and trust me. I've been looking for property, expanding right and we're finding a lot of small towns with with tragic addictions operative. Now, I'm sorry I'll try to be let alone to too much into it, because you too will punish me, but yeah things are bad in small towns, jobs are drawing up, people are getting sick and addicted. Trump is speaking in these places. These places that used to be about Democrats in you, What is it? What are the Democrats offering taxpayer Healthcare to non citizens? Sorry, it's not gonna work to a
Christians and confiscation. These people live in rural areas. They probably hunted probably do all this. The Democrats have gone so far off. You know off the rails. That Trump is the closest they haven't. Their flipping check this out. Politico trump hopes to seize a coup, or democratic voting block. The president's twenty twenty campaign wants to capitalize on discomfort among disaffected workers. If they can look past, a manufacturing slow down under the weight of trumps trade war. You don't understand, you know I don't get it trumps. Trade war is on their behalf. It might hurt some groups, it may be bad. There may be collateral damage or or blow back for Trump, but you have the story from CNN. They met and in this story that the people in this town, they mine, a core component for steel, manufacturing, and trumps tariffs on steel, vague, like they don't care about all the other one hears trap is fighting for them to bring back their jobs to bring back their industry and he
is whatever the result may be, is less important than someone saying I'm here for you look, I I tell you exactly how these people think, but I think it's fair at some of them are probably worried that trumps trade war could be bad in the long run. However, Trump is making that move to help them. Tromp may fail his pulse you might not work, but they are sitting here desperate hearing that someone is trying and I'm sure that's enough. A three little bit political reports Chuck missile a fourth generation coma from small town, West Virginia was dismayed when Hillary Clinton told a group of Ohio voters in twenty. Sixteen. She planned to quote to put a lot of coal minors and coal companies out of business if elected president, a comment, Clinton later said she regretted more than any other on the campaign trail. What was she thinking that the Democrats, the pie,
already of ending jobs and taking away your career, that's absurd. Listen we gotta be real. Some jobs will cease to exist. Coal mining might go away, but you ve gotta, out of your mind if you're gonna go to go to West Virginia and say this or I'm sorry. I don't think she actually set it to them started to Ohio voters. Yeah she's trying to pander, and these people don't realize, when the age of social media they were, there was instances where Hillary Clinton put em like a southern drawl? I do not really as these videos are going to go viral in everyone's gonna. U pandering this is the problem Democrats face they used to be able to go wherever and say whatever they decided at the votes and other videos go viral Bernie Sanders saying things like we gotta have secured secure borders. What like for five months, Then you hear him saying we're gonna end: all deportation will, which is it buddy, depending on who is talking to gather pandering to politicians, have always done in the as a politician could say, whatever they wanted and small town Ohio and no one would hear about it.
In the age of social media. We're going to find out we're gonna see those clips, I'm going to call you a hypocrite and a liar. They say. So when democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden declared at primary debate this summer that you would eliminate fossil fuels call infraction, as President missile said, he couldn't believe what I was saying I was like. Could you not see how devastating that was for Clinton. It was an albatross that sealed the deal for anyone. Any questions about her. That's from missile. A union officer, for you mine Workers of America, who said he won't support trump and twenty twenty but worries the current twenty Democrats are repeating past mistakes, their pro union but anti call they say wills. Port you, but will just find you another occupation and that's not got there? That's not going to happen. Here's the best part do not gonna learn a coat of gay men and about here's the real best part trumps approval. Writing can go up not because he changes anything,
but because the Democrats are freaking people out as bill more said, the Democrats want to win that to be less than they have to be less crazy, then tromp and their even screwing that up a kid isa twice more than one occasion. What do you, I think this is a union Democrat sang. I can't believe what I'm seeing. Could they not see how divesting that was for Clinton, so I'll tell you what they might really hate Trump, but then they look. It's all relative right. They look at the Democrats and there, like that's crazy. Look. They look at tropical. I guess I guess, because Trump is not a scary crazy as the Democrats, no matter what you want to believe. You know, trumps got really bad character, defects, Everybody seems to know it. Doctor people, I talk to people where even tromp supporters who recognise he has character flaws.
But often I hear from the more moderate republican types that they don't care because they don't have to like the guy to recognise this policy is, is better and I think that's what's going to happen. That's going to benefit from it, doesn't matter how it doesn't matter if it's every democratic, just matter the Democrats lose voters. Trunk can be the This person in the world he might not gained single vote, but here we can see the Democrats are losing this base its not just this once. From politico its CNN saying it too, I mean come on the wall. Signs are here alarm. Are going off, and the Democrats dont get it trump. As of right now is an aggregate pulling above Obama's get your act together. Do not go into them democratic parties fractured and weak. So I don't know what you ve got people like Dulcy. Yet been bothering me a bit lately. I'm I'm really upset with a lot of what yanks been doing, but you know I'm not, I'm not completely off the Yang Yang Track. I still think he's doing a good job and he speaking about
Things are very important, especially took two too. You know industries in Rural America, Ottoman Automation, it's gonna, be taking out trucker jobs and delivery jobs. So I think it's The important Yanks talking about it, but he's been he's been he's done. Some things have been a bit. Let down some sad to say, but also gather, I think, has actually done a lot better. You know going on the ribbon report talking butter positions, the media hates her. They state that the Dnc hates her you know what you get. What you deserve man, they always do this. There is a saying, rational group of politically active people. They just want a calm and reasonable debate and just write down your plan right that simple right down something talk to people and say what, if we do this, instead we get platitudes, we get extreme positions and we get the same mistakes repeated from twenty. Sixteen to the point where a union guy a Union Democrat Guy says, I can't believe what I'm saying. Well, you report you so I don't know you are my warning bells you need before you change course. The Democrats cannot do it we'll see what happened stick around next.
I will be coming up at Youtube COM slashed him cast news at six p m. Thanks, rang out. I will see you all there. They are our day democratic candidate beta Orourke, didn't ask me anything on read it and I will say much respect for him doing Thus, although it's kind of a wasted effort And it seems like a lot of his responses. Are canned generic pre written responses, and it probably wasn't really him doing this, but by doing it in whatever capacity he did He opened himself up to a lot of scrutiny and that's what we're going to be looking at, because better Aurora got roasted hard on two big issues among more than two issues, but a couple issues that are really wanna highlight four one: the coms- creation of air fifteen's and immigration, because people weren't haven't it, but I gotta make a few points starting before we start off first You know why the title of this video says Democrat gets roasted or something that effect, because if I put
beta Iraq in the title, nobody cares and I'll be honest. I don't either. I don't want to talk about this guy, Last Friday I made a bottom was talking about evil. He was because he's calling on big tech do ah police to suspend Legal sales of a constitutionally protected product made our work, I don't know called on credit card companies to suspend transactions related to products that our legally available and protected under two eight. I have to be very careful about the language I use, because you too will be rank me. You gotta actually we'll do that now. So it's a look. Nato talked about what it. What do you say he wants it com skate everyone's eight hours and he gets downvoted ridiculous. It the kind of hard to see what he's got minus eight thousand two hundred and ninety six votes the significant because right, it is very left
cleaning the other issue. Somebody asked about immigration, not minus two thousand one hundred and forty nine, and there are other worse ones- is also out of focus on. Basically in this instance, Badal gave a canned response and didn't even answer the question. Pissing everybody off so before we get started, where did TIM, cast out council? I've done it. If you'd like to support my work as a Paypal, optional crypto option a physical address, but the best thing you can do share this video by Youtube Economic. There are the right this video, because I'm talking about political issues will I can do about it. They d rank independent little commentary. The best thing you could do is just share it cause. I mean videos, this channel average running a hundred, fifty thousand views of every single person shared it. It would actually quadruple or double or- or I mean a lot more views been significant and that's kind of you know that that definitely overcomes the obstacle. That is Youtube de ranking of my commentary, but I want to stress a few points. As well moving forward
will read this, but there was just a story from scene and recently I may cover later on its a video. That's not article! So out of you know, I'm going to show you the video, but they go to. I think those northern Minnesota, a mining, talent, steel, money or whatever, and if a Democrat stronghold, that's flipped for Trump. These people all vote Democrat locally but nationally are supporting Trump and seeing it's kind of like while wise happening. It's because of things like this battle. Work is chasing woke, twitter. I know it said often you of your programme. We said a lot bill MAR said: stand up to Twitter, these people, lost their minds. Ok beta is lost. His mind polls show you just look at the polls, you gotta trust them but they all showed the same thing. So at certain points they show that most Americans, your while the majority do not want confiscation? The overwhelming majority do not want open borders or lax border policy when we already have some of the laxity immigration policies in the world. Let's start with this
She would have been so someone asked: how will you confiscate the millions of air fifteen's later responded. Americans will comply with the law it be a mandatory actually nominative under your freshness just to see what happens. I'm gonna refresh this real, quick and its at minus eleven thousand. Six hundred, ok, just refreshed it opened a little of you. Years ago, he says it will be a mandatory buyback of aid are in any case, weapons designed for war. They're, not because we understand that there is no reason for any fought for any of us to own a weapon that is designed to kill people on a battlefield. This is beta lying to you. Ok, The area are again, I am not a gun person. I just did some Cruet cursor Google search is it so hard, they are innocent. Billion variant to locate civilian. Where it is a semi author who are a rifle is not select fire. It is not an assault rifle. It is not designed for military use. Although
possible. There are some people out there who use it, because it is a weapon. There are people out there who is forks as weapons. You get it he's trying to say weapons designed for war. Ok do like weapons are designed for self defense, whether that's war or otherwise. We're not talking about someone get me scud missiles or sent a sound site on their house to fire at planes, are something we're talking about somebody getting a gun, but he says that kind of weapon is often used to kill and terrorized people about the country wrong in their schools we're wrong wrong and I'm gonna I'm not gonna readers, fake statement, but anyway it's roasted. Look minus alive thousand points on left, leaning right. It took us out the top response for almost five thousand up votes. Meeting people support this. He says America's four point two times. Many guns, as all of southern eastern, western and and Northern Europe combined and less than zero point three are registered. How'd you find
these newly illegal gods, who pays for the buyback, the taxpayers, the taxpayers are the gun owners in America. Even if you got them to foot the bill, it would still cost hundreds of billions of dollars and that's assuming the gun owners would relinquish their weapons without protest, the reality as they will fight tooth and nail and if forces used. Many lives will likely likely be lost on both sides, the process. So now we now have cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars and lost thousands of lives. Doesn't sound like a good alternative. I assure you if you try to come for sport. Constitutional right, keep in mind when beta talks about assault weapons, you like using these Bosnia levies, the o occasion, eight hours yeah, but what what he is actually said- assault weapons, all of them between it out assault weapons, include guns with magazines. That's like handguns! Ok, that its very extensive. Now you ve got your. It depends on which build its path of these. These things do chain show
Patrick Man, that one but a year ago, so I looked at the latest bill and in the language has changed. I ve added some caveats, probably because nobody would agree with that, both radon. They said banning guns. The UK worked because there were a few hundred thousand registered guns in circulation in Austria there was an estimated there there were arrested. To be less than three million- is not the. Buy back programmes were expected to work which they didn't. There are four hundred million guns in America. It's just not possible. So far gone ban is not the solution and is also logistically impossible. What is the solution? problem is: systemic violence that thrive because of poverty, lack of social welfare, lack of mental health resources and widespread inequality, The solution is acknowledging these problems and addressing them one by one through social policy change. If we take away
law. Abiding citizens guns all you're doing is disarming them against the imminent threat that is posed by those who are currently tangled in the web of violent crime and or mental instability addressed the problem. Don't strip law abiding citizens ability to defend themselves? What a remit Arguably moderate democratic answer. Social policy changes either some typically, where I met right. I think there's a conversation. We are about guns themselves, but look at his personal saying, poverty, inequality, mental health, social policy change. Doesn't sound very much a conservative, surprise. Surprise. There are blue states a lot of them on the EAST coast like May in Vermont, for instance, where people are Democrats and own guns. Nato is pandering to the Woke of LOS Angeles. That's it so. I know it is only animal a little long on this one issue, but there there's there's tons of this. Almost every were everywhere,
plants, tobacco is slamming him with massive up votes, and this is this is read it read it ok, but Donald is quarantined. Ok, You can't find the Donald on the front page, they say erupts, but you can find other far less operates and the slash politics, sub Reddit posts, left wing activist websites as news That's right it so when you have something as woke and left as read it for their mainstream platform, and people are telling me it, ought to ask of you and their down voting M Nato. That's that's! It should be a wake up, call dude. That should be a huge wake up call. It turns out somebody asked I am a liberal, but dont fully understand decriminalizing border crossings. If we want a welfare state, I would think that we would want to limit. Russian because of a strains that too much would put on the welfare system. If we make immigration too easy, do you think that it would lead to an end? Chris and illegal border crossings, question one: would you crackdown on companies higher illegal immigrants, question to what is the number
immigrants. You would allow the country each year. Those are three really great questions. Thank you for those questions, its questions like That would help make America strong. I appreciate you standing up and expressing your opinions next question. Please, that's our politicians respond. Annoying, isn't it while you are not beta, did copy and paste, and that's apparently, what people are looking at this great you're in love this so bade us response has nothing to with any of the questions asked. We should regret our immigration laws, there's a safe, orderly and quick path. This country, yadda yadda yadda, been answering questions check this out. I had I I had this minimized boom, the same our response. Baino. I do have tremendous respect for you as a person as an end and as an individual. I think you are passionate and I was struck by you during the debate with tat crews and how well you did Texas, but this was a really s response and really didn't hit. The crux of my questions, yet he politics
and his way of that one not successfully, though so somebody minimize, doesn't says someone's response tomato is this. Is it in the: U S: lots in the most immigrants of any country in the world at one point: one million a year and we ve been the top. For decades. We have over twenty percent of the entire world immigrant population four times more than the next country. To say that Europe needs reform or to make it easier is so out of touch with yours. Emigration democrats should really reflect on how incredible our country actually is an immigration front. Yes, there are bad stories, but we do tremendous good and you should start realizing it. Three hundred and twenty four points they don't work negative to underline two thousand one hundred and forty nine beta Orourke is getting slammed hard by left wing. Read it what you need to realise- and someone pointed this out in the right. It is that when you see the negative, when you see the negative votes you have to realise the bias.
Towards the left, its actually worse than you realize. If you corrected for bias, the votes would probably way Bb Way way way This is based on our slash. I I am I am. This is one of the default substitutes and run it is left, go to our slush politics and you'll see it. People have joke that our slash politics is basically the that the other very like the inverse of the Donald. It's just a partisan, biased platform and has nothing to do with politics. Other than activists leftism, this is baino getting roasted hard or some other people. This, funny about making look at everybody just railing on this dude and every comment telling Beethoven S. The few does better and better took us. One out, you stated locally, that you expect got owners to comply with your confiscation order. This is two thousand three hundred and ninety five votes and its basically goes into great detail about. Why he's wrong?
saying, as far as I can tell using actual data data rather than just a few people. You talked what a gunshot There's no reason to believe you'll see people comply with your plan, since it seems here that you will need to step up enforcement attempts. What's your next up when nearly nobody complies, you can't find people because you don't know who to fine and law enforcement, refuses to help you going to do about positive, taught us yet area, you get the point, I'm gonna end this video by saying what will hold on. Let me just say this beta Rourke stepped out of this twitter bubble. He walked into the real world which still has a bias and he got slammed. I also think I might have something to show you this image of a woman who responded debate, all Rourke saying how know when he says you know how you will take your guns. She said how Oh, you won't, and I believe you can see she's actually armed she's armed here telling him no way
This woman went on to say that she's five feet tall was like a hundred pounds and the only way you can defend herself against, like a big guy who's trying to attack or something is a firearm, and that is to an extent true great equalizer people, no matter how big or small, and if a firearm there there rather equal on it battlefield now, if she is on her own, she wants to defend herself. She has the right to do it. That's the point. She told bail wrought better work. No, so there are people standing up there, but the point is made us pushing policy. People on agree with certainly been on this crowd with cheering forum in agreeing with him, but in the end one bail. Steps out into the real world and talks to real people they slammed on run it? They slant in real life his policies, our stream and insane and even Democrats are ragging on him. The last thing I think I have
Here is what is its? Oh yeah build applause, Yos out, I dont care, I'm not gonna dedicated segmented talk him up, though the Plaza dropping the presidential race Bob. I wrap up thanks, rang and stick around next session will be at one p m, and I will see while there will be on this channel. For some reason, I've had a talk about chick filet, quite a bit and its because protesters are outraged that a restaurant would dare self chicken in that, like seven years ago, some guy made a statement about gay marriage end day they donate to christian organisations. It's not like. I don't know. Every other business make political nations in some capacity, but they strictly target chick fillet well, this video is going to be a bit of aren't gonna, not a spite. What kind of I got to describe. Let me read you. The headline chick fillet has more than doubled sales, since critics called for Why can't I do have another story because it is moving beyond just Elaine into IKEA. Apparently IKEA dared to sell jerk chicken and its offensive.
Because IKEA should only be allowed to sell food. That Swedish, I could you not their mad, but it selling a caribbean dish. That's insane! You know there is a Chinese. They nearby me and they sell ok, get this pizza and like it if they ve burgers and like chicken, breast and other foods that are not chinese. In fact, I kid you not urban legend. Has it chinese food? As we know it was action, we made in the UK. It's not even Chinese like if you actually go to China or actually is There is a blow to Thailand and youth in Thailand that you like regular food like like steam, chicken and rice shortly that they do have pod tie and, like you know, traditional dishes, but very different from what we eat here. So their complaining about cultural, proportionate, IKEA. Ok, let's read the story and see just how chick fillet is doing great amid all of the protein.
The boycott before get started had opened its gas. That council has done it. If you would like to support my work, there are multiple wage can give the best thing you can do share this video. I dont know why she shares Oh man, I can't tell you what's going on our wives happening art neither that this literally when I do, but I mean like everything's getting so crazy. Their protesting chick fillet- and here I just giving you a report on the annual sales revenue of chick fillet. For some reason, isn't the world weird you'd They'd protest, the actual organizations like the people who actually oppose gay marriage, but the Z Chicken shop, where they have doubled their revenue. Just about double. That's three cheerfully more and more than doubled. I'm sorry more than doubled its annual sales, since gay rights advocates call for a boycott of the chicken chain. Restaurant ever was writ revealed nearly decade ago the company Dante to organisations that oppose same sex, marriage in twenty eighteen, the company had ten point five billion dollars and total sales becoming the third largest.
Chain and the nation behind Starbucks and Mcdonald's. It was a sixteen point. Seven percent increase in sales in years prior analysis credited the growth to a. Factors, including the opening of nearly seven hundred more locations in recent years, low start up costs and digital sales via delivery. Ups Lao interested us right, yeah, there's a thinker the door dash that I can just order in the garlic brings it like it's like goober for food. I say the companies. That there are no more than two thousand four hundred locations nationwide and the tenth- dollar and started dollars and start up costs for an operator are significantly lower than the costly to open Mcdonald, and not only that apparently really difficult to open a chick. You ve gotta be dedicated to just being the sole operator of the check the late, so they dont want passive investors to buy in and that hire. Someone else did the work. They say the company's growth has happened. Despite the calls for boycott and there it is thinking, guess what the fuck,
minority does nothing when you ignore them. Ok, for a first of all generally has no choice but to ignore them. They're, nuts, But how many stories have you heard about people freaking out? Because there are like the twitter mob is managed, you're an happens when you ignore them. Nothing, nothing happens. Ok, This historic over the other day about like some some teens at a high school away, the Trump flag and they got on probation because it because outrage on social media, genoa. What happened, school. If you just said we dont care, nothing, nothing life! go on. No one cares. Do and I'll tell you that's what we're talking about check, filet I assure you, if you don't I want to say you you can try those two never eat chick fillet again to join. The protests or go enjoy yourself. A chicken sandwich, some waffle rising special dip in starting to go to check filet dude people don't put power politics in front of like people's priority is typically themselves their friends and their families for better or for worse there folks and getting a job get in their case.
Through school and grabbing lunch on the go that well. I admittedly generalised lines are huge, so maybe not on the girl, but it must be really good food actually like it. We see the thing is when You start telling people that politics is everything and they have to get political they're gonna be like dude. I don't know man chicken tastes, good. The controversy began, so this is interesting as I found much it fully a lot. So it's good to get a little run down to you is this aid, The controversy began and twenty eleven when Tal rode Tal rode a blog focused on news about gay and transgender issues posed the headline. If you're eating should follow you're eating anti game badly and was in response to the company support of a seminar hosted by the Pennsylvania Family Institute, which opposes same sex, marriage and twelve Dan Tea, coffee, the son of the founder of checks,
said he was guilty as charged when asked about his opposition to gay marriage years later. He said he regretted his comments, but that its views haven't changed and respond to the backlash. The company said it would stop donating to all political groups and those opposed to gay met gay rights. But critic say the company has broken that pledge by donating two groups. Such as the fellowship of christian athletes, who student leadership applications as neither heterosexual sex outside of origin or any homosexual acts, constitute an alternative lifestyle acceptable to God. So that's it they're, claiming so here Here's the just about a second understand at seven years ago. Some dude made some offensive comments and then it donations they stopped, however, still done it to some christian organisations that tacitly are against gay rights don't think, is organizations directly campaign against gay rights like this one, for instance, is about whether christian athletes, still they dont like Christianity, as it is because Christianity disagrees with. You, know how they live, so their protest and chickens
and what you know a man protest, this organization, ok, protest. The fellowship of christian athletes You you don't see you oughta, Mcdonald's and Wendy is ok, but I guess we do. Do you not thought about IKEA? You know what men I m. Certain point I feel like all of this is a big, nothing burger right. These people are not nothing happens, ignored. The problem is when left alone, nothing happens. People succeed. No one cares about the outrage mob, chick filet dumb. Its revenues. Ok, the problem is people, don't leave it alone, people on Twitter IKEA. I think I can actually pulling your. Chicken from the man you are you nuts? I can go down to a local restaurant. I can get at a diner. Could you not? They have buried owes they have pizza, they might even have liked chinese food not swear to God. Local diners have a mix of all this different food. Oh then forbid somebody wants to sell. You know what man they really don't like chicken other state,
the protests in check for later producing, jerk chicken. I think they just don't like chicken again kidding. Of course they like chicken. They just want someone a protest. I guess so. Here's a story from Daily Wire IKEA. The swedish Equally, I know the swedish furniture company famous for their affordable assembly required home goods are came under fire recently after adding jerk chicken to their cafe menu in some UK locations, jerk chicken is occurring. In dish in which the meat has been dry, rubbed or marinated with us, with a specific set of ingredients, including allspice, scotch bonnet Peppers, brown, sugar and garlic than grilled IKEA, jerked chicken with server the sight of White rice and peace. Which caught the attention of some on social media who castigated the furniture giant? because traditional rice and peace doesn't actually feature Greenpeace, but kidney beans. Organ go peace steeped in cocoanut. Are you kidding me while we are reaching peak insanity,
This is a key, is jerk chicken and rice and peace, and now I'm not eating it. Will then don't you. Debts are you joking? This is what this is what we're so concerned about today, men. You know what no matter, what problems you solve. We! could literally have a communist utopia like they claim they want, and they would still complain about something it's just chicken dude It is right, it is in the U K so they're, not putting kidney beans on it, get it right or this aim This was a simple as googling. A pact by pretending to be a diverse company was more important than getting it right. Are you nuts? Yes they're nuts? This is yet another example of a brand with oh diversity around the table. It's a swedish company dude while yet August one literally white right and garden peace. Did you even google it so why man did what I've got to talk of belgian they put at wax each energies. On my talk
do you know they dont use churches in Mexico they used to while what she's? Well, I don't know exactly what she's ale don't take it from me, but typically, when you go to an actual Maxine restaurant, they like like Taco, bell Are you gonna protest, Taco Bell for cultural appropriation. My friend calls taco tacos. I talk about America's because they're not tat the coast. There's no, like my understanding, is no Marshall Tacos at soft shell, hard chosen american thing and putting cheddar cheese is an american thing to look at them really tacos the way people in Mexico make them. I don't see them protesting, Taco Bell. So why do they do this? I have no idea because their board, a website called fresh, even published a short article, the dish titled IKEA Jerk Chicken with rice and peace, Your cultural appropriation nightmare come to life, no, I'm sure it tastes great, and you know what the average person just doesn't care. Why did so? So so? So what is this? I can't issued a statement
They issued a formal apology, IKEA apologized, for forget the wrong piece in the rice: wow could to imagine living under the boot of these lunatics just anger. Why no losers? Who are complaining about green peas? how dare you make a? U case that you know what man cultural appropriation, what a stupid concept and you know it's really stupid and really funds have to me because I come from a multi heritage family. What am I supposed to do? Tell my daddy's not to make my mom bogey. Ok, so my mom won't screen food while my parents of divorce majuba like grubbing up. What do you think, like my dad, would make what every felt like making is that wrong o o? Oh, no. No people are enjoying cultures from other places and they're getting it wrong. You're, not love these. Isn't it. You know what men? It's funny, though, isn't it just just please please, I hope and pray this doesn't become like more profit,
is, but I gotta I gotta. I'm scared its becoming more more prominent. Welcome to the insanity that is to the culture. War, I can actually issued a formal apology for selling the wrong for the wrong kind of peace with their chicken. What are they celebrated? he is a swedish home, furnishing company with a much loved food offer. We take inspiration from many countries around the world and have always worked to combine different flavors. We need to offer delicious healthy and affordable dishes were, where there are New York Chicken served with rice in pieces, create some conversation in some and inside. Cases offence. Our intention was too great a dish for many people to enjoy, We appreciate that we may have got it wrong. We apologise and are now now re. Looking at the dish, Are you insane IKEA? I demand. I am offended that you would remove this. And I demand you re.
State, your mishmash jerk chicken meal, and I keep you know what I am not going to go to Kuba if you're gonna stop, because what five people complained. Ok, our only people complaint, but seriously enough if you're, going to cater to these lunatics, who are even buying your food, then why? What I wanted got services I support this weird culture, you're making. Congratulations, you ve cancelled chicken and rice. I'm done next I will be coming up at four p m youtube com slashed him casting around. I will see you there mark Zuckerberg himself has admitted there is biased, set face against conservatives and it's something they ve been struggling with for a long time. Now, let's be clear, he was specifically referring to approach the pro life group live action. But he told Senator Josh Holly there. Clearly as bias and a of action. Lila grace, rose censorship and said, buys it
issue we struggled with for a long time. Please, digital media leftists, stop it was gives MOTO who broke the story. We know it's true, but you know what tribal lists dont want to concede that they are privilege. What's the saying they like to push from a place of privilege, privilege equality looks like oppression. So all of this stories pop up claiming conservatives are lying to train game this. The mark, Zuckerberg himself is saying it off. We're done. I swear to God If I see another story that pops up claiming there is no censorship. Well, I don't know what I'll do apply. Do nothing I'll. Just making other video then complain about it right. By what I'll do anywhere three the Story- facebooks Zuckerberg says there, merely was biased and controversy. Over censorship of pro life group live action from Fox
It is now before we get started had over its guest outcomes, lash donate. If you would like to support my work, there's a pay pal optional, crypto option of physical address, but of course, the best thing you can do share this video amateur be talking about abortion and a life only as an aside, because the core issue of censorship, by assure you simply saying that word, abortion, pro life or pro choice, Youtube is going to you write. This videos are hardly will never appear in your notifications. In your mentions in on the front page, I can see it in the annex it pops up and Ngos because they stop companies. Companies handling of fact checking controversy involving pro life group. Five action was biased. The imbalance to get a video where Zuckerberg himself says they're biased. Please consider sharing this video Fox news reports. Zuckerberg says the company's companies handling of fact. Checking controversy involving pro life group, five action biased, the embattled tech executive, discussed the issue during a meeting on
Thursday, with Missouri Senator Josh Holly, a frequent critic of big tech good on him on a host of topics, including prime see and allegations of ETA conservative discrimination. I do want to make sure point out. Elizabeth worn as well has called out big tech. You do the right thing, you get respect and praise for me. We can criticise whoever we want for our everything else on this issue over anybody's willing to call out big tech go forth. Admittedly, though, the Democrats tend to be on the side of censorship Zuckerberg. But it there clearly was bias biases and issuing struggle that, for a long time to Holly one of sex well senators who question the tech companies fact checking system in a letter to Zuckerberg last week all we also challenge Zuckerberg to sell off Instagram and what's up now that was bottom upwards, which the company owns and submit to an independent third party audit on censorship, Zuckerberg declined on both accounts, yeah, I'm gonna, say
ballsy of holidays Zuckerberg, to sell off two of its biggest properties, and I want to make it out. You know it's an important point face because bleeding young users and Instagram is picking them up, there's no way they would sell it off. If anything, Facebook is gonna be, the kind of a shell to Instagram Instagram, going fast, facebooks, not tech, Mobile, that the texts This visit to Washington DC came as Facebook faces, an Anti trust, probably being led by state attorneys general and a separate, anti trust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission. So perhaps that is why Mark Zuckerberg, is finally starting to bend a little bit saying there is bias it's coming. You know it's really. I had to bring us up people. Always cite the interview I did or or debate or with Jack Dorsey, which I gotta Joe Rogan.
It was me and Joe haven't conversation with Jack and Virginia and they didn't quite understand the concept of why they were biased, but we see it. We know what they're doing. We know it structured in this way, but the most important issue. What with the recent bring us up is a vagina said: He knows what he wants and they're not going to come Friday. I said it's only a matter of time. If you don't correct, this at politicians are going to come, knocking on your door and kicking it in and she said something like while I know what you know they want to wash and they like us, and, unlike will here, you go man. I was right I'll tell you! What take your bet? Take your protection go to Vegas Parlour. Website and see out plays out because in the end, I'm the one who one they're coming for big tech. Finally and now you're starting to see these companies are saying. Oh well, I mean, I guess all. Please don't hurt us too much. You haven't you. Had a warning. You had time you could fix that we'll see what happens, though, facebooks powerful I mean, as is Youtube and Twitter, less
a month live action was told by Facebook. Its fact checkers had marked to videos containing the statement quote. Abortion is never medically necessary as false, but giant also said that live action, its links and roses page would now have reduced distribution and other restrictions because of repeatedly sharing false news. One video titled quote the pro life Fly to abortion can be medically necessary features. Natalia just doktor, Kendra Cold, second, video titled abortion is never medically necessary features a speech, by rose, live action and roses. Facebook page reach more than three million, followed combined while not anymore. They don't because Facebook is biased against conservatives. Facebook remove the strikes against live action last week, while the fact checking organisation known as science feedback, conducts an internal review of what took place. Yet it's called political bias because you don't care about science, you not man, I'm not gonna. Take the word of any ideology.
A scientific issue, the scientists, I know are boring their uninvolved. They do the region That is what we found it set, don't talk about the politics, some are and they are starting to and its creepy. They say in response to the comment from Zuckerberg, live action. President Lula Rove said he needs to publicly apologize. I would agree with that Facebook also needs to remove the inaccurate fact check. Recent modification to our fault worse, who are notified by Facebook factors that our posts were false and fixed their process, so it never happens again to us or anyone else here here in a recent Washington post up at two of the doctors, who fact check life actions, statement for science back defended their work. Writing that medical misinformation harms patients and that face its decision to remove the fact is dangerous. Fox news has reached out to Facebook for comment. What will look? said everything aside we're done here. Ok there, it is so girl, says clear by
yes in censorship, controversy, pro life yadda yadda Does this mean that every single instant of censorship is buys against conservatives? No? Does it mean that facebooks Facebook has displayed a clear act of bias and owned up to it when it unfairly targeted a conservative position? Yes, is Facebook biased against conservatives? Some evidence was just. They are the first story, but are actually a much much. A lot of evidence would suggest there I'm trying to be careful, because you know what they're going to do is now going to say. There was one thing that happened, your highlighting an anomaly: ok, do Joe, it's not it's! It's one anomaly fifty times it's the its censorship and only ever flows in one direction. We get it. You know. I said before my thing, I've say: is politics flow, in one direction. What I mean by that is the left, tells you get out. The right says come over and have a beer, it so easy. Ok, it so easy to
conversation and a debate with a conservative, their welcoming the conversation they challenge debate. If Facebook, instead of censoring per like live action, said We want a house to debate, they'd be like bring it on not the other way around, though that why the censorship impacts, conservatives, the laughed says, ban it get rid of it. The right says we welcome it.
I don't care what your position is its effect. Ok sure there are, there are many people who left. Ok, that are, there will have a conversation there. There may be a lot left, I think, do a good job, although I disagree with them. Conklin skis Great Jimmy Door, David Pachmann, great channels, Contra Points great channel, but the overall majority. Up with this way, I can put out a request for comment to the police department. Get a response is perfect know. Sometimes it's annoying, but sometimes token I can put it a request. I can walk up to a dynamo, Gatt and say I'd like to talk to you any black, pure turn, the camera. Let's go, you walk up, someone left and say what, for who are you Y know and that in their lives issues? So so there is no highlighting. This. Is that it's not just about
the real world- it's not just about her and talk to people, politics only flows in one direction on Facebook and Twitter on Youtube. If you are a conservative- and you are staunch conservative and you put a very conservative opinions and explain why you'll be bent if you're leftist and you advocate- for a right for for violence like anti far and praise and support, and extremist group you're, fine, it's a fact. You can go on twitter and see it sometimes twitter, one forced the rules against the left. It happens of covered it. Typically, they they will ban a conservative for being mean and they will allow digital journalists from like vocs or whatever, to talk about throwing milkshakes at people, which is a crime. You could have someone from vocs CO up on Twitter and say, go commit a crime and twitter says so
what what you put up your own video talking about your own issues. Facebook will shut, you down, bias exists, and here we have sucker Burg himself. Admitting it take this one. Take this video and just or the article. You know you got my commentary on it and just share it with people and say here you go, the dude admitted it. Can we not. Can we please move on from here? You don't have the like each other opinions, man, but shutting them down is not the solution. You're not going to see many problems or when any votes. By doing this, so we know what good on soccer bird for admitting it, but I gotta say he's, probably just doing it. You scared of the Anti trust I've had. It is way stick around a couple more Simons coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you will shortly kind of a big story that I find rather surprising, colt suspense production of rifles, a our fifteen for civilian market. At this time, this timing, men- and I do not trust why they're doing this in its kind of weird called suspect.
The production of an air fifteen is gonna, be really really really bad for business, but I have some theories as to why they're doing it. I have to imagine any body who wants to buy a gun from courts or the nine or that ninety nine percent of them are gonna, be in favour of the second amendment and the right to open our fifteen. So why would they stop production? Well, according to them? It's about. You know, civilian, pass any. Oh, it's just that. You know all the stores have them and we can sell it's no big deal and we're gonna do government contracts anyway. However, experts disagree and I actually agree with the experts. I think this is a pr stunt, a pro gun, pr stunt, hear me up? Let's read the news first and see what's going on, but I have to do this because I'm talking about guns, you tube, is going to direct this one into oblivion. Go to Guess that comes flashed on it. If you would like to support my work, there are multiple ways that you can. You can give pay pal crypto physical address the best thing:
You share this video specially when talking about guns. There was a point, we're Google shopping bag any combination of the of of gun, so that, with the thing I d site, which is so hilarious as an and they called gun wing, is by giant robots, but the word gun just a japanese name or wherever it means was wooden pop up. You can search for toys because Google blank advantages you and in that order, in any capacity, that's what you do does when you talk about guns that drive a special category where, if you like we talk about guns, they say that remove your ads, so anyway, that's another issue, not a gun person. You guys know this they guns might in future, though, because while not gonna get into it but I believe the constitution was written for a reason. I believe it does make sense to update the constitution, in terms of scottish rulings, and the really good example of of updating would be like digital technology. Protecting the first amendment on the internet
protecting our search history from on from unlawful surgeon seizure right. That's what I mean internet didn't zest back when the founding fathers of the constitution. They couldn't have foreseen it. We still have our right to privacy. The same goes for to day and I want to stay before we were. Thus the whole argument from beta Iraq and seizing air fifteen's is ridiculous. Considering you can three d print a gun? You can three d, you can you can there's at home, machining tools. Now you can make ghost our fifteen's. They can't do anything about it. It's the cats! Out of the back. We need something else. This is an archaic waste of time, but let's read about why COLT is shutting down the examiner reports. Washings ever done, manufacturer Cold announced that it would to spend the production of commercial rifles, including air. Teens courts. Chief executive officer, Dennis Value said in his statement,
say that this suspension doesn't mean the company would permanently halt the production of its rifles that the market for the guns has experienced significant access, manufacturing capacity, There is an adequate supply of for modern sporting rifles for the foreseeable foreseeable foreseeable. Future caught sight of a court said that it would continue producing rifles for the military law enforcement contracts and that high level contracts have absorbed the companies manufacturing capacity for rifles in terms of the civilian market, the company welcome it to sell and expand its network of dealers for its nineteen eleven send revolvers. At the end of the day, we believe it is good sense. To follow consumer demand and to adjust as market dynamics. Change called has been a stout support of second amendment for over one honey An eighty years remain so and will continue to provide its customers with the finest quality firearms in the world questionable timing and bade o o Rourke is capitalizing on this. That to me, is disgusting. Colt check yourself a before your wreck yourself,
you are feeding into his hysteria rifles to not account for the majority of violence at all and they're playing this game. Look. I have no problem talking about background checks or whenever I hear the arguments from the conservatives I think let's have a conversation, and it might result in me being like. Ok, ok will protect away in a walk away from it better. Work, the opposite he's causing as much damage is possible because, I assure you, legal firearm owners, probably know better than none owner as to how you can help solve these problems. They, like it, it's mindless, better- doesn't understand an air fifteen is, and these news outlets really annoying when they call an automatic weapons? It's not limits. Are you my theory as to what colt may be doing this? A lot of heat? There's a lot of heat from beta and he's caught the air fifteen sped? Ok, it's a short term bad, but you know it's better. Why don't you just?
make a new weapon now also, ultimately, it still bad because they're giving an inch- and this is all they need to take a mine, They of course now saying call firearms announced their stopping production of air fifteen's and he's going to use this to prove even gone. Manufacturers are concerned about people holding weapons. I sure you do not want to live in a society where the gun and is allowed weapons that you are not- and I stress this point too. It's really annoying because, again, not a gun person. I've lived in states. You can walk into a store and by a gun, ok with an ivy like Virginia Florida, pretty easy I've, never ball. When I had an air rifle in our new. That was just for fun, right, shooting, pellets, single, oh boy, well, actually less. Let's, let's let us relocate more because I want to see what the experts have to say before Start getting into all of my thoughts, intervening other otherwise Amanda branding for ten minutes and actually talk about the stories themselves. So from Time magazine court will stop producing
for fifteen rifles for consumers that the Connecticut based gunmakers announced Thursday statement. Colt ceo, we run all this ongoing efforts. Despite their statement, experts wonder whether Company made the decision with other factors in mind, so that's what I was gonna get out and we'll just our guide it through here: a book, is getting very alarmed about what's happening with assault rifles. No they're, not because assault rifles, art for sale, but anyway, in the hands of it, Last Year'S- that's not true John. I know I stand for a lot faster with expertise in gun policy tells time called may just be feeling better to get out of their particular particular market and their offering this purely economic manufacturing argument, rather than addressing the political realities right now, as a justification for this, for this decision now really does seem like what's happening not possible on. I wonder there are a lot of guns that are basically the same thing as an air fifteen. You know magazine, FED semi automatic rifles, they're, not fully automatic there.
Salt rifles. There are many different kinds. I did the same exact thing, a functioning functionally the same, but only the year, fifteen baino only the eighteen, forty seven civilian variant, which is not automatic. Ah, I believe on the matter so my question is: why couldn't someone just make it the other kind of gun? That's not true. In ITALY, a rifle or an air fifteen and caught something else. If there is already a ton of guns that do the same thing and function the same way now, admittedly, poet said rifles as well, but if, what? If what if, if left, doesn't know anything about guns one, change the name? called the or a fifty one, don't open Then it's not a wooden stock nowadays, it makes me wonder now I get it though you given end should take a mile when they come out. That's the Democrats jump all over it and it's bad news culture not back down but while saying earlier, as you d want to live in a society where the government has acted things. You don't like why
civilians have a right to protect themselves. The same way politicians do there is a net benefit to me now being able to have weapons but but Not the point I want to make earlier in a kind of I want to jump to this. First, not a gun person is passing before one the best points when they left argues, but you can't own scud missiles. You can't Oana SAM's. I blah blah blah stupid argument. You look at Afghanistan. Look at Vietnam. Ok They went when the citizenry is armed. Tyranny is impossible. That's it end of story. You cannot have a communist dictatorship, a fascist dictatorship with an armed population, its work. It would be stabilize too quickly the fire look. You can't occupy streets with a fighter jet. You can't. You occupy a government building with a with AIDS scud missiles, crews missile the left likes to say
Although the right things they write bear arms predicted to protect themselves and the government, but the government as nukes. Are you saying you're going to new your own country? No, of course not it's stupid, but they. Why are they sang, and I have no idea point: is nuclear bomb cannot control territory the only thing that can our people with guns? In my opinion, a second amendment- was not designed to allow the citizenry to fight against its own tyrannical governed. As many people say, it's actually much simpler than that. It was to allow the citizenry to defend itself from any thing. And any one. So listen, to a says, a well regulated militia being necessary and you know for a freezer, yadda yadda. The right of the people to bear arms are not be infringed. What I think that means is no matter who the threat is. Our own government of foreign government, or otherwise an armed population will not be oppressed by anyone.
That's it ought. If you're going to say it's about, you operate preventing tyranny within our own government, some other say it's about protecting us from our foreign invasion and the law seems to think it means having an army which they're wrong militia. My understanding when the citizenry come up and band together with their own arms, the government will never become tyrannical and foreign governments can't invade because of a second amendment. So listen, I think it's a problem that crazy people get access to high powered rifles and go on rampages now. There's a lot of people who say mental health is a lot of people say, ban guns will banning guns is wrong and mental health, as is indeed a complete solution. I've, I think whatever is causing. This is a combination of the media. I don't go to I apologise. Combination of the media, its mental health. It's it's! It's a breakdown Seidel norms is a loss of purpose. It is complicated and there
may not be one solution to all of us. Certainly one solution is: can we talk about preventing these crazy people from getting help high powered rifles? Why would why, we should punish law abiding citizens have done nothing wrong. It makes no sense, but I think we can bring. We are going to get over conversation, but the left doesn't know anything about guns. Beta was talking about weapons of war, the air fifteen. Is it and I'm not even a gun person opportune requires pointless. Sorry, you guys get it what's the point of even talking about it. I got another segment coming up for a few minutes. Stick around I'll, see you there did. You know that I am an environmentalist I am I used to work for, brain peace. I work for some other organizations, I believe in reforestation, stopping deforestation, renewable energies. All this really great things thing. Nuclear energy can be a good thing. Though, admittedly an expert on the eye of a million emails. Whenever I talk about nuclear energy, I get it. I get it, but I would like make sure we pay attention to the effects humans are having on the world. I ask you: do one thing
satellite image of the eastern seaboard from from far away, you see green What you don't realize that this is news to me is that you're not actually looking at trees, you're looking at deforestation, there are dark, green patches and light green patch, as you can see the swathes of human development that have really altered the landscape to meet its worrisome. I don't know what our capacity is, but I would like to see some kind of risk. More stage and cutting of the wilds. We're gonna figured out that we have a conversation about it. I dont think the climate strike is the way to get things done. This is what makes me so angry about the modern left this this threat, readier Robert Robert Colville, tweets today's climate strike day, millions of people across the World CUP into the organizers, will be marching to save the planet but having dog into what there actually marching for. I am profoundly. So uneasy in fact, but it's time for a thread. So here's the thing the environment needs protect.
You'll find a lot of conservative, saying similar things. People who, like hunting, for instance, that want to see the woods torn down for a shopping mall. They are going hunting there, whether the wilds are important for you know, but biodiversity and things like that. But the left is taking this. In order to push socialism and identity terrorism, and I'm not dad. You rating reparations right there in their demands, and that's what he's talking about. They are manipulating our good will, they saw and exploit. They saw that we were willing to fight for the environment, so they took the cause and now they're trying to say stupid things like the real issue for climate changes, preparations which makes no sense at all. None these people are sick and, in my opinion, evil. Not the marchers March was a good people. They don't realize their being taken for a ride by the women's March, Anti Semites
the thing. That's real Robert Goebbels, as one of the key demands of Gretta Thunderbird is that people respect the science and unite behind it. I completely agree, but the manifesto for the climate strike movement isn't just the scientific but actively anti science and huge dangerous as a result get these lay just knots out of their man. Come on. We're where's, the atheist movement there so. It's annoying to me if you go to the global climate strike website and look under what we are asking for, you find these demands their demanding climate justice justice, whereas what does that mean? Our hotter planet is already hurting millions of people. If we don't act now to transition fairly and swiftly away from fossil fuels to one hundred percent renewable energy for all the injustice of the climate crisis will only get worse. We need to act,
right now stop burning fossil fuels and ensure a rapid energy revolution with equity reparations and climate justice at its heart? it's the most annoying thing in the world. They have taken what I care about and they ve jammed their religion into and they ve won, and they now have all of these people who don't watch the news and dull pension marching behind them like like puppets it sickening He says already, then this isn't just about saying the planet. It's about climate justice, including reparation, This presumably means that since Britain invented the industrial revolution and as bumped x X, pumped six million tonnes of co2 in the atmosphere it should pay. Why? But none of the cost China, seemingly omitted from all of the complaints producing more emissions. Then every other country, and producing more than the? U S and Europe combined. Are you gonna, do China doing anything, is critical China to complain to China. No one is
She's doing she isn't she isn't out swedish upper class young white girl haven't. You asked to lecture us about how we ve already do star emissions dude talk about China, nor India. They don't. He says if you then father the defines climate justice you get taken to the people's demands and these them are really really worth frisking, because if the millions of people marching were told about them, I suspect they have a very different. Take. Let's start from the top bound fossil fuels is an obvious placed. Start in twenty eleven? The climate change Committee concluded that Britain might realistically get to thirty to forty five percent of all energy consumed being renewable by that point. Since then, things have gone pretty well by two thousand and twenty five half of the electricity produced in the UK will be from renewable, incredible, admittedly, this has been relatively low hanging fruit, switching from coal to other sources. The current target is to de carbonized the economy by twenty fifty
Philip Hammond has said this will cost one trillion pounds that equates to equates to about thirty. Three billion are thirty three billion pounds or one point five percent of the GDP per year. I think he said I've tried to look up how much extra would cost to bring that forward by twenty years. Twenty thirty but there are no reliable estimates because it would be insanely expensive, but gets worse, because Gretta and CO want us to do this with our hands tied behind our backs. And here comes. The anti science left. Not only are the anti science in biology their Andy's. It's an environment, they are pushing a dogmatic, relate and that is insane, and you know what it's gonna take over, else. As an aside, you know that song, the dog, running of the age of the of Aquarius there's a saw outermost too much about Anthropology angel religion and even with that. But it is like guys, film, Peter just. But I think I have ever seen its old stuff from like you know. Ten fifteen years ago he talks about how the
Judaism was the age of areas because of the procession of the economics we move into the age of Pisces, which is the ash, which is Christianity, and there would be a new religion emerging from the age of Aquarius amassing it's true. I just like the idea of interesting right if that pattern does follow. I always wondered: what would the new religion be a kind of thought it might have been Scientology up, but here we go indoors shhh, in my opinion, is going to be a dominating religion has taken over its trying to gobble up everybody else. That's radon thou it. Then you can ignore that or look into it. It's a fine idea, nothing! It's you the next instalment of demands urges us to reject false solutions. These include GEO Engineering, carbon capture, techno fixes carbon trading, biofuels and bioenergy, smart agriculture. In other words, we cannot use market mechanisms, economics or technology to cut carbon emissions. We need trees, not factory. In fact, in a cause, Yo Cortez is message from the future. She says that after we like sorry tat
down oil pipelines native elders guided the way because we didn't have the expertise. I'm sorry dude, I understand there's, can no hidden truths and have and present us with secret meeting we weren't aware of, but to act like a patrol, an engineer or bio agriculture, specialists aren't gonna, know how to like regrow force and that in a NATO, A native american wood is racist against native Americans, don't gimme that bs acting like simply because their the mysterious as a racist, trope and that's what a yo see presented in her stupid thing from the future racism. I'm not surprised us radon, they claim to be funding, gets it, but you are they really want. They want command, they want control, they want everyone to bend. The knee He says this position is made crystal clear: the next set of demands these reject the use of nuclear power in
fist on non market approaches, condemn corporations and praise agro, ecology and food sovereignty, Agro ecology, when you look it up, involves an explicit, explicit focus. On social and economic dimensions of food system and a strong focus on the rights. Women, youth and indigenous people. Once again, there we go left wing identity organism. You don't care about the environment, man there. You know what these millions of people their good natured. They have the right frame of mind. They want do the right thing and they are being led by evil, manipulative people and its entered. It's a shame. The message is clear: the best way to save the planet is to facilitate and support non market approaches, support environmentally sound socially acceptable gender, sponsors and equitable climate technologies. Only on that note that, as meaning, it literally means nothing. So here we go this war,
was presented with a sixteen year old little girl from Sweden, who is an expert on anything whose skin school and is now encouraged other kids to skip school file. You I'm not a fan of school anyway, but why is here. Look I can applaud somebody for standing up and speaking out and she sixty good for her a man, lotta kids, don't do anything their plan fortnight minecraft, who knows what their plane so good for standing up or something but why are we acting like? She has any idea what actually going on she? Sixteen dude could you agent. If your house is on fire and your urine charge. A thousand you're like a thing you live in a part of that in your personal flames and then also Sixteen year old saying we have to panic and do this you're like ok, let's panic and do the kid is telling us to do do the sixteen year old got angry and breakdowns, so we gotta do something you need to say I have
Are you man? I hear you, but don't panic you're not supposed to panic, calm down, let's find our way out safely and think about this. Otherwise we can make it work instead we're in a burning building where a sixteen year old walked out and Anne and you ve got people like and other rational moderates being like. Let's let us talk about this and propose plans and their going you're, not panicking. I want you to the fear, I fear, and unlike dude, stop you sound crazy. You don't know what you're talking about and those people standing Next, you are pushing nonsense. That has nothing to do, with the environment and is asking for operations. Could you imagine if your house was burning down and your life? What do we do and the sixteen year old kid was like. First, you have to give the money you owe to John back. It's like. No, we get out of the burning building. No you have to. John, you, Oda money. Man, I'm done now
what you making fun of a child TIM don't make fun of kids stick around next imo becoming up tomorrow at ten, a M podcast everyday six. Thirty p thanks for hanging out whatever Althea next time.
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