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Trump Is Raising MILLIONS Over Impeachment Scandal, But Support For Impeachment Is GROWING

2019-09-28 | 🔗

Trump Is Raising MILLIONS Over Impeachment Scandal, But Support For Impeachment Is GROWING. In the several days since Democrat Nancy pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump, his reelection campaign has raised over FIFTEEN Million dollars.Not only that, but Republicans have seen a 608% increase in donations for congressional campaigns and Trump saw $50,000 from NEW Donors.From the look of this how could we assume impeachment is bad for Trump? Even as polls being to show a major swing in favor of impeachment Trump's base seems mostly unwavering. His aggregate approval is relatively static and so is his favorability rating.Trump will not be impeached. Mitch McConnell would not allow it and there are not enough anti trump politicians in the Senate to reach a two thirds majority for conviction.In the end Trump will rally his base, accused the Democrats of being single minded, and raise millions of Dollars.Here is the catch, Democrats Are ALSO raising millions. While not as much as Trump they have still brought in around 4.6M dollars.But perhaps this too was part of Trump's plan. If his base gets too arrogant they may not show up on election day feeling that they can't lose.It's hard to know for sure but in the short term the cash is looking good for the President. And as for the far left, anything that could known out Joe Biden is beneficial as well. It seems like all sides might be very happy with this turn of events.

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We are starting to see the effect of the calls for impeachment against Donald Trump by the Democrats. Dory two days ago was that Trump raised thirteen million dollars after policy made the announcement actuality Ethiopia raised one million dollars and six hours, but we actually have an update from this story. Is nice people Sharon's its old, told tension, fifty million dollars. So here's the thing. Nancy Pelosi said in our announcement or at some point that she leaves trumpets trying to go to the Democrats into calling for his impeachment because it will read. Lee has base and a will, and it has a case in point- fifteen million dollars. I think there's a lot of reasons why this is very, very good for Donald Trump and Wide was a huge mistake however, poles are turning against Trump. A Harris Export and an embassy
sorry, NPR, pull are both showing that support for impeachment is way way up, and this is mostly from people who are unsure now. This is bad, because these are poles outside of it. Or an look. You can choose to trust him. I'm gonna lean. Its trust in these ports, I've cited them on many occasions and look the Poles merriment of Iraq. But here's the point. The people who are turning on Trump a war war now joining and calls for impeachment, where those were unsure before it's not trumps, base trumps bases being fired up. I believe the big strategy here might be to get people who trump knows will support him- and I have said this before that Trump is willing to damage himself like when he called out the squad and made offensive comments. It does hurt him among certain voters, but it does rally his base and it causes more damage for the other side. I believe the impeachment it hurt Trump in some respects, but as a whole is? Can we really really good for trumpet is based and limit limit? Let me break it down, let's start by real,
fifteen million dollars in donations as of today, since they said This and I look at the polls, but here the thing while Poles may show danger for ahead for trumpet supporters. I really do think it's exactly what Trump wanted and I think I think these these new poles our good NEWS for Trump, I mean it's yours, it sounds weird, but trust me, let's get started three this before we do had offered its him cast out, comes much done it. If you'd like to support my work, is a pay pal option equipped option Physical address, but, of course the best thing we can do is share this video I know for, for the most part, is just my opinion, but I want to highlight some of the bad news for Trump a highlight why I think some of this is gonna turn out well for him, and while what that means, I'm going up against Fox who has been in chaos, apparently over the impeachment hearing and other mainstream platforms that you too props up at the expense of independent local political commentaries? If you like this content, please consider sharing it military. The news from Fox Business,
in the few days since how Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened and impeachment inquiry into President Trump Republicans have capitalized on conservative outrage, pulling in millions of dollars and donations as a Friday trumps. Twenty twenty re election campaign seed, fifteen million dollars in small donations, including fifty- thousand from new donors according to a treat tweet from Eric Trop. Well, I know the left is going to say there are crux. During its federal election law. I'm gonna have to go ahead and say is peace, probably on the level. Fifty thousand from new donors is that because in dollars that for two thousand dollars from new donors. At the very least, this has rallied people to Trump, which is interesting especially going to the port. Unbelievable number c, tweeted, keep it going you're the dam. Are handing real Donald Trump. The wind twenty twenty does announced on Tuesday. The house would launch a formal impeachment, including against the president, accusing the,
train the oath of office by pressuring Ukraine into open it to open investigation into former. Vice president Joe Biden a front runner for the democratic presidential nomination. Technically, it's it's hard depart a lot of what truck does because Tropic savvy businessman, the most important thing, Ray supporters and for his opponents is to realize Trump keeps things things vague on purpose when their vague you can't necessarily accused him of doing something. He didn't say it overtly. That's a clever stress, you used by a lot of talk business people, let the other people make the assumptions and only correct them if you have to in this instance, the assumption from the left is that truck is trying to knock out a political opponent. The assumption from the right is that trumpets simply looking into the corruption has been going on the draining the swamp. It's exactly, they want to see everyone's gonna have their bias, but in the end the question is: will this be good for trump? In the end, my opinion yes absent
Aside from the mild freedom, they say: twenty four hours later trumps re election campaign and the orange see raked in a combined five million dollars accorded trumps campaign manager, Brad PAR scale, the National Republican Congressional committee. Meanwhile, so it's online fundraising was up six hundred and eight percent on Friday. Listen Nancy, Pelosi, here's a story from the collar daily collar. They say policy has said she believes Tropic goading Democrats to impeach him because he thinks it will help him fire up his base. It did six hundred and eight percent for National Republican Congressional committee. This is to get house Republicans in Congress to displace the Democrats. Majority. This is insanely good for Republicans. State level. Republican groups are also fundraising off of Democrats efforts to impeach Trump,
with an event, a republican party selling shirt that says impeach this over an image of a twenty sixth. Sixteen election meant, of course, Democrats are also turning impeachment into a chance to raise money act blew the company that processes processes A majority of democratic online donations said it brought in four points, six million innovations on Tuesday, one of its laws. Just fundraising days, not tied to a democratic debate or monthly deadline, less less than the Republicans, but still a lot so but just because I'm talking about troublesome, you there's not good news for Democrats in rolling up their base. This has been good for them in a lot of in a lot of ways. For one support for impeachment is up. That's the wrong. One will get to the story and a second I like these up improperly here. You go support for Trump impeachment right
twelve points in a new pull a new Hill Harris Ex Serve on Friday found support for and Peter proceedings against, Trump has risen. Twelve points compared to a similar pull conducted three months ago. Now. Listen, I don't love! You will challenge poles, but I have used the original Harris exports in the past to show There isn't support for Trump operating. I'm sorry there isn't support for impeaching Trump operating of that assumption from this other. Oh I've shown its not popular to impeach the present we can now see This is becoming more so it's flipped! You now have forty seven percent supporting impeachment forty two percent opposing impeachment with eleven percent unsure now here's what significant this wasn't: trumps base? These were unsure people, people who may not have liked Trump in the first place will not take us out, they say: should them threats in the House of representatives begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump Onshore, don't know was twenty percent
so about nine per cent. Of that twelve point gain came from those who are unsure about three percent came from those who said no, tromp may have soured the moderates. With moves he's making, So the question I would have as its trump trying to get the moderates. Now I gotta admit I have repeatedly said I won't vote for Trump. So perhaps people like me have sent a pretty strong message that we are not going to we're not going to play the game. Even if look look, no matter how bad the Democrats get, and I am losing faith even with Elsie, I'm I'm a bit. I will get into that, no matter how bad the Democrats get. I dont vote simply because one is bat like one is better than the other. If I dont like tromp, I'm not going to vote for him and if I don't like it, I'm a result, vote for them either. That's bad news for the Democrats are, you know, for the most part, moderates refusing former Democrats leaving if Trump can't convince moderates devote form, but these are people. He didn't you didn't capture in the first place. I don't think he cares and I think that's why this isn't the worst thing for him, but I
a stress, something else. Actually let me just forget and all that I want to show you this next week, another pole, public opinion poll shows shift towards impeaching trump. Now, let me first say won't let held I'm sorry, the latest NP, PBS News, our marriageable found forty nine percent approval for impeachment against forty six percent of said. They disapprove of the ten point. Jump in favour of impeachment over the same survey from April. Around the same time that former special council, our most report on russian election interference, was released. This is bad for tromp. As the first point, if a lot of people support peach meant that may actually make him look really really bad. Ok, it's bad, but here's the thing in the end, I dont think I think it's it's gonna be better form for several reasons. Lessen the first thing is that will
these people vote just because some people are saying they want to impeach. Him doesn't mean that actually get up in vote come election time. So you have to consider this if forty nine percent, according to PBS, say that truck should be impeached. How many of those our voters I'd have to imagine a decent amount are not and then simply saying all yeah definitely but come election day there s a whatever but what about those who oppose impeachment? You are more likely to find that most of these people are trumps base and are going to react in a way where there, I think it's fair point out. Those who oppose impeachment are more likely to go and vote for the president, then those who support it. There are a lot of people. Who hate the president who don't vote. There are a lot of orange men, bad type, opinions from people who, in the end, aren't gonna show up. So it's complicated, I think, on the surface to recognise this is risky for he's he's gonna lose moderates, that's what we're seeing those who are unsure about impeachment are now moving towards that. Well stress money.
We're on shore may have been Democrats out. You know a lot of Democrats also oppose impeachment, but now it's shifting against Trump Here's the thing there's other reasons. This could be good. What one thing that many people A tribute to Hillary Clinton loss was arrogance. One was so sure she would when it show up now. I actually have a fire under trumps base, exactly the point Nancy Policy made. While it was a mistake, Nancy congratulations. This may end up helping Trump I not just firing up his base to increase their donations to increase by six hundred and eight percent of patients to Republican National too. I'm sorry, too, congressional Republicans of National can written. The national Republican Congressional Committee it may actually guarantee they go out and vote out of fear. I've warned about this before that. If Trump really does claim he's got this in the bag and can't lose trump supporters might not show up. That's it happen. Let me Clinton Lisbon. People think this doubt.
This is beneficial in some capacity. Now again, I want to stress, I don't wanna play the stupid games like no matter what happens everything's good for Trump, I think, there's impeachment stuff was risky and he needs moderates and I've ward Republicans be careful about losing those moderates as those people in the middle. You need if you get to money, you know you know Union, Democrats or moderates who are now saying you know what I just can't deal with trump anymore. The route and the meat is to blame a little bit for this, but in the end I way everything we ve seen so far. Fifteen million dollars we ve got fifty thousand new donors. We ve got the national public incorrect congressional committee, seeing massive fundraising increases at all, really really good that even if tromp doesn't get reelected or even if you could actually gets, can Victor after the impeachment removed from office you get my pants and the Republicans as a whole will do better. In the end, if Trump loses, you still
patients and the Republicans are gonna, find a win from this, but I really think it's important stress, arrogance and cockiness are a huge threat to trump his basis. Bigger worsening a ton of people say how can his basis, bigger we're, seeing a ton of people say how can trump lose even Michael, more you might get complacent truck voters slots move on. I always want to make sure I compare what we're seeing with poles to the job got approval average now their claiming forty seven to forty nine percent want to see approve of tromp impeachment. What is actually confusing to me trumps. Aggregate approval. Writing is actually taken. A spike upward, that's a little bit the past few days, but higher than where it was of what what? What's the dead on this one back in August his approval ratings gone up since then curious, I wonder, These people are who are in favour of impeachment? Perhaps it's because they're doing a voter polling instead of a merry
you know all the all Americans that sets out some. Maybe it's because they're doing all voters and that of all Americans, or vice versa. We can see that some of these poles more than half, took place during the Ukraine scandals. I think it's fair to say the new cycle about impeaching tromp was in full swing, at least halfway through its possible now, with this, with his downturn There could be bad news for tromp in terms of approval in terms of favor ability it static, favorability, Java, privileged deal, you feel favourably or unfavourably towards the president and it's been fairly static. So all this talk about impeachment- I just don't see it in the aggregate. Poles more people support impeachment. But what does that really mean? I dont know because trouble we impeached, that's the point, so, let's think about all of these factors and why it might actually turn out to be a net positive for one, as I said before, trumpets absolutely willing. Two to take some recoil damage to cite programme on right. If you get the reference here
willing to launch an attack that hurts him a little bit if it hurts them more. So the impeachment can be bad for trumpet a lot of ways, a good fire up, moderates or or he accosted votes, but if it guarantees those that kind of elected in the first place show up. That may be what is aiming for and look. They raise a ton of money, the Poles and the out the favourable fund it favourable and unfavourable. It's it's not that bad. So I really don't know what the outright negative is, because Trump won't be impeached check, tailor the story. How much Mcconnell could give impeachment America garlands treatment is entirely possible Mitch. Mcconnell just take all's impeachment seriously as a political sang in the story so think about this. They go through all the motions you get. Forty seven forty percent supporting impeachment makes Trump look. But then it goes the Senate. Not only will the Senate not convict, ok, you need, I think, a two thirds majority
to actually convict on impeachment impeachment by selecting indictment right, so Trump can be impeached, then they'll, actually look over the evidence and say in favour or against the sun is knocking impeach tromp thou be ridiculous but, more importantly, mechanical just stone Wall it. So what's the point of impeachment. I honestly have no idea. I really don't virtue signalling. Perhaps it's this simple but Democrats are using impeachment to rally their base just as much as trot budgeting to rally his base. In the end it will have no bearing on what comes next. Now I want to stress I mob disappointed tolls. He gathered the other day. I praised her for rejecting the narrative. I do not like the games being played. I nodded and of anybody playing any games. When Tulsa Gabert came out and said, there's no compelling evidence for impeachment. I was impressed She has continually pushed back on the establishment and the narrative and stood on her own two feet and I've supporter extensively with large donation
and made many videos prisoner, not saying she is shoot. You should be without criticism. I've I've criticized for a lot as well. We all agree on most policy, but is a lot of reasons why I do like told you. This is possibly the biggest disappointment for me. I think important was a bad idea. I think I think it's playing rented trumps hands. I think we're seeing other benefits he's getting. I think they are smart. The Democrats are playing checkers and trumpet playing chess, you don't have to think trap is playing for de check to see the Democrats keeps stumbling over themselves and falling backwards tolls. He gathered flips to support impeachment and create a trump now. This gave me guess, gave me pause, because I I I liked Elsie You know I supported her. Why would she do this? I still
don't believe in our integrity, but I believe she's absolutely wrong in this regard. We can't do this here that you said, however, after looking carefully at the transcript of the conversation with Ukraine's president, the whistle blower complaint, the inspector general, and present trumps comments about the issue. Unfortunately, I believe that if we do not pursue the inquiry, it will set a very dangerous precedent that twenty twenty Denmark, presidential candidate, said in a statement future presidents. Well as anyone in positions of power in government will concluded, they can abuse their position for personal gain without fear of accountability or consequence. I completely disagree with the assessment of what tromp did. I do not like his behavior. I disagree with his stance on political issues. I praise him the economy doing better fine, I praise and four for you know, is why
on foreign policy not going to war with IRAN. Hopefully he deployed troops, Saudi Arabia so we'll see. If I thought, if I can disrespect in that regard, but I dont think what Trump did it was what I say: Trump pushes it. Of course he pushes it did he crossed the line. No, really and tolls he held deposition originally. So now I'm just unloosen is why hate I hate supporting candidates she added. If we allow the present to abuse his or her power that our society will rock from top to bottom, we will turn into a banana republic where people in positions of power from the present all the way down to the traffic cup will feel it's ok to abuse their power of no consequence is not the kind of country that any of us want to see as is challenging for me, because I understand and agree with a sentiment
I actually have praised the massive push backdrop has received a lot of regards. It seems like for the first time in my life, the executive branch is getting a good hard pie in the face, but this is going a step too far. Russia gate for three years and now Ukraine Gate, please. Done with it criticised the president. Hold him to. You know too, to the flames right. Keep him on his toes good. The executive branch is expanded. Wait too much for wait too long, and I like to an extent that trumpets facing such intense scrutiny, but the narrative isn't often about was it right to due north right was wasn't right for trumped under the DMZ. My opinion was that was a good thing. It was a show of force and it put trumpet great risk, but it made a statement. Many people disagree, I believe, that's the kind of conversation we should be having trump calling opposite his attack on IRAN. Good conversationalist talk policy. Let's not talk orange men, bad.
Joe Biden implicated in the scandal. Ok, it's a tough question. You know all we got to launch an impeachment inquiry into this. This is worth aren't across the line and I think it's one thing to talk about scrutinising the powers of the executive branch. Another thing to have years long controversies that are fruitless and do nothing but divide this country. Look, I entertained The gate I said: hey, maybe something is here and many more look into it. I entertained on north ok. Well, that's happening now is extreme division So I look. I still respects policy, but this was a huge let down. I'm I'm I'm disappointed by Tom, we'll see what happens. I've been more disappointed in Yang Oak, actually Guys know that tossing Yang were warm. I might my big picks Yang has said things that I felt were we're off. Just just just bad despair.
You know Yang. He made extremely derogatory comments about tromp, being overweight and other absurd things. So you know what this is disappointing. The impeachment stuff to me is a big fat waste of time and look I'll stress the point again. While it is bad for Trump and a lot of ways is just marginally. Better for a lot of reasons, I will stress the biggest thing I think from gains from this is he wants to make sure his base doesn't become complacent or you know, just sitting around thinking, they're gonna win. He me it's some fear and they're, giving it to him could trump be impatient, removed. Fifteen million dollars in a couple days. It's just you
so CNN. Has the story talking about the phases of the coming impeachment proceedings. They said I'll, be an investigation, key vote in the house and it takes over and trump awaits as fate plus the impact on twenty two and I'm not gonna wreath. While these had it, I thought it was. It was actually disappoint made by sea and about what we can expect, but I think we're gonna stop here. Isn't it takes over yet no they're they're not going to convict tramp tramp, may be impeached because that the Democrats have the majority but will see what happens because there have been alive. Democrats recent, not who have said no now tools, he gathered flipped embalmed, but there's a lot of Democrats saying absolutely not, but let's do this because, for whatever reason, Harris calls for Cavanaugh Impeachment inquiry impatient we're on anniversary for testimony what what's king it can you get Why won't? Even though its called on me more man, you want impeach Cavanaugh again what we were told about Cavanaugh than you know what it's all there needs to be said. The Democrats are puppets on a string too,
media, the media puts out a story and the Democrats, dance trump tweets and the media and says we can see. Other games played. What are you talking about Mama Harris wants Cavanaugh. What what is this? I'm just I'm just so earlier on, even though I think I've lost the plot Cavanaugh impeachment? You know some people have said everything we are seeing now it's a desperate attempt because they have to stop Trump by any means necessary and if that meets going the impeachment they're out they're all going to do it, I'm I am curious as to why tools he flipped, because it's weird verdict about not compelling enough agree. It's not tromp saying he said something like Did you look into Biden? There's a lot of talk about him, shutting down some investigation. You know people upset about these terrible, ok, they were already investigating bite. It wasn't trump triggering the
estimation, it's just so absurd. Does Trump push it. Yes did across the line, no well, here's the thing impeachment is an act of desperation from the New York Times. I'm I'm I'm! You know you get the point. I am not going to this. One does not up ad, but it's an act of desperation, trumpets gonna win. Let me stress as of right now, trumps approval actually up. Ok, his favour ability, static. Your impatient has done nothing but raise him money raised money from Republican and they are now rallying, thereby around impeachment in Wisconsin and then here's the one story. I salute boulevardier trumps, going to hold a campaign rally in all Mars district. Listen impeachment is bad, somewhat, But, if trumps approval, writing is up if the raising more money, if they're using this is a tool, he may sacrifice some moderates, but I think he knows what he's doing I it's just can't be. It can't be that keeps up a appeals in Poland are perfect back slips man,
I know it sound at this point I mean I was thinking was unlike. Is this really gonna be good for him, like it is their using it their rallying their base. Look trump we'll take some some. Some blow back on this, but it's gonna work I form in the end, but I could be wrong. A psychic, I'm a small part of the world are modelled on the internet. Talking about his feelings and reading new story, the best I can give you, I think it's gonna work out for my think. Trump knows how to play this outrage. We're in this way World and Tromp is playing his hand better than Democrats. Democrats are bound. Stand back and forth what to do, and I talked about Cavanaugh again. Come on man can you can you can focus one thing and actually do one thing. No I'll stressed once one last point: when it comes to compile Harris tromp raised fifteen million dollars in California in one day second quarter in three months, heiress raised about twelve million in the entire country in the second quarter in three months she raised twelve million. In one day, tromp raised fifteen,
she's. The democratic relations are spread out, but let me just make that clear. That was her state. That was California Trump is on top of. This game, the media bends over to what every tweets and them and the Democrats then bend over backwards wherever the media says, get your get your act together. There's like no strategy in the democratic side, but hang up. I want to say I could be wrong. You know them more force in the world. What might lose out real bad on this one? So, stick around next augments coming up at Youtube COM slashed him cast news at six p M man sprang up now, see you open the Media industry is a swamp. It is a swamp of cronies and friend. People who share journalists, journalists as all these journalists are in private groups or they talk to each other, share the same stories and that's why they so often get the same stories wrong. I've set at the picnic tables and Williamsburg with a grin,
of a dozen or so journals from all the different companies. They all talk. They don't bring their ideas back. Most of them are based in New York, where most high profile journalist star and that's They all believe the same things think the same things and it's. Why didn't fact check they hear their body say it they regurgitate it. I've worked for these companies, I've seen it. Let me quickly give you the context for those aren't familiar into the Bush light Guy Carson King Long story short. He held up a joke sign that was seen them yes, but he was asking for money for beer and uprising. Several hundred dollars announced to give it to charity end up raising tens of thousands of dollars. It went viral he's raised over a million This guy in this photo. Aaron Calvin was a reporter. The demise register in Iowa work, the cars and King story was was most prominent. Well, you decided to dig up eight year old tweets about Carson King eight year old of color replies is Carson. King was sixteen years old, was watching Tosh point apparently, and he replied to the best friends on twitter. What some racist jokes?
well for some reason: it's hard enough to find a reply. Ok, like a public tree, but a reply. If you use like all my tweets or some kind of service It's easy to find. What this guy decided eight year old tweet that have nothing to add anything are newsworthy, and so he was gonna bring it up, asked Carson thing about it. We'll Carson was smart, he pre empted the story. He came out and apologized and deleted the tweets and made a state. And if one forgave him and then it turns out this guy had bad tweets of his own, and now we can confirm he has been fired. Not yours The other day we were wondering if you was fired or not, because you left the domain registrar now we know he has but here's the big story: ok, Apologies to everybody who already knew the story. Buzz feed is running a defence for him, There are two minutes ago when I said the media industry has a swamp. Let me enlighten you as to the nature of the swamp Aaron Calvin, the reporter, who dug up eight year old tweets. Destroy a man who raised a million dollars for children's hospital and why?
I'm register is being defended by Buzzfeed a company. He used to work at. I could you not in the story, they actually point out Calvin worked as a bus speed employ between twenty thirteen and twenty fourteen. If that is not of the swamp I dont know. What else is here is a guy who was at the domain registrar, what a local paper, but he was a Buzzfeed employee to allow that He tried cancelling somebody. Buzzfeed is running a defence for him, making him the victim this peace that bus he wrote plays all of the troops. You'd expect right. Wingers began attacking him, he was Dachstein harassed. This is how people of color must feel I'm not. Joking Buzzfeed is the swamp? Ok- and you know what I've praised Busby a lot in the past, because I think they ve done a better job of this is swampy as you get there.
Not be a profile in the sky. He should not have been fired, but he was fired. Let's rate a little bit. Buzz feed news rights. The reporter fire in the Bush, like I scandals has. He feels abandoned by the Dublin Register, but not by Buzzfeed Accompany used to work for but I still a lot of ways support the register fired reporter Aaron Calvin told Busby NEWS I just wish they had believed in me: yeah you're, you're, you're you're, pretty squeezing you're you're. I'm gonna. Stop, therefore get nastier but am I right a reporter fire in the wake of a scandal involving offensive, tweets posted by a viral starting interviewed and then his own broke his silence Friday telling Buzzfeed NEWS had been abandoned by the newspaper, following standard editorial practice by performing a social media search on the person he whispered, falling. Let me to stop Europe, this fantastic thanks for confirming that it is standard editorial practice to destroy any one's life over something they said in the past. I
I really do appreciate it never mind that there was like another joy, red homophobia, scandal and there's you know the black, they stand all with no nor thumb yea. We get. We get it, you gotta dig up the old tweets of some who raised a million bucks for charity, It comes to your allies in media. This is what they do. This guy has offensive tweets and they run defence for it swamp The event basically set my entire life on fire Oji Erin. Perhaps you might now know how people feel when you dig up eight year old tweets from them. Delete your twitter history now delete your facebook, history, just purge everything on twenty seven was dismissed by the islanders we're Thursday evening fallen criticism online in the wake of an article about Carson King, so they go on to talk about Carson when he did there's a sign. We go we're rehashing it upon the fundraiser hidden, a million dollar mark Calvin side to profile, King Hamid. Already
covered in several stories would soon Calvin who worked as a Buzzfeed employ between twenty thirteen and twenty fourteen. Don't you think the disclosure shut up to the top of the story, Buzzfeed, it should have been found to raises tweets king had posted when it was sixteen Galvin. Rather, the tweets which have since been deleted were jokes. We're very offensive. I'm going to read the content, Calvin told Buzzfeed NEWS standard practice. The Damone register to background check me they profile through court records and social media? Thank you. We now know media industry. The media industry thinks I should be stand or I'm sorry at least that one register believe it should be standard practice to dig up eight year old, off, color, jokes and some other relevant story. What's funny about twitter- is that I'm sure I would bet a substantial amount of money. I bet the camera, I'm looking at right now, it's nice camera. I bet my computer. I bet my car
but my van every single person who works for Buzzfeed, who watches this video, has said something offensive. I guarantee it because we're humans, sometimes you might say, segments offensive to one person or that it doesn't matter mentioning about twitter Now- is that the offensive thing is on the record. What do you do about it I be delighted this. Why not I'm I'm very wary of those who want blockchain social media, why you can never delete anything? You ve ever regretted about that. I think we need more privacy, focused media self, destructing, media freedom, just its standards access to dig up your your history? He says I was reminded by an editor to background Carson and I found a few tweets that he published in school at we're racist jokes. How did you find them, but little seriously you
can't just scroll through what someone's profile for eight years now, it's possible Carson king doesn't tweet that much. You know, maybe only to its once a year, so we went back. Eight tweets never sent right there, however, eight year old, tweets and Carson is on twitter and posting he's gotta use a service, and then you ve got to actually search for certain words, and I think that's what this person dead, because he wasn't looking to do a background check. It was looking to destroy someone, that's what they do what these media companies and he probably thought, who boy? Oh boy, I got me a scoop. This story, can you be so big? Everyone's favorite postcard turns out to be a big it, but Carson was smart. By prohibiting the story, he defends the viper. He got in front of the story. He addressed it. So I always tell people you know when you're talking you're playing an argument, tight. Your opponents argument. First, ok! So if someone wants to say oh but ten, what about acts? Didn't you watch the video
I already addressed. Acts do have an argument or not. If you wait, then they come back and then everyone asks yet him what about acts? In this instance, he said so Carson. What about your racism, so Carson got in front of the press and said I want to let you guys know. I've is offensive, tweets, I'm shocked and I regret it, but I hope we can continue and Bush and has a bush pulled out screw them wildering beer anyway. But what happened now his scope was gone. They had nothing and everyone turned to them inside this poor guy. What are you doing so buzz free to the rescue gotta make sure they protect their former employees? Do more research, eggs, our executive, editor care hundred declined to comment? We get it She pointed to an Ipad where she says background is an essential part of reporting. Oh yes! Yes, yes, so you know whenever, wherever the nose there was a guy outside my house. Hitherto, who is helping an old lady who had fallen down?
It is a really great story. Let me dig up is twitter history to see, if he's a racist, how is that? I have anything to do with the story. It doesn't Carson. King is a limited public figure. I'm not trying to be a deck. Is a cool do but he's not outside of this one incident help he's not gonna. Have the nation wide exposure? Here's a guy who did something. Great Carson will likely turn us into something smart, but it's not going to be a national level. Scanty no incident moving for once the story dies out its fifteen minutes ago, not gonna, be me it's just reality Carson's moment. Well, oh pass and what he did eight years ago is completely irrelevant to the fact that his raising a million bucks for kids hospital now, I hope he does. I hope that he can t even eat. You can take some of this money or get some support to start a foundation that continues to raise money for children's hospitals and that's a great way to create something powerful from this. But in the end there is one more
that's it. It's it's an amazing moment, its fifteen minutes. We don't need to know about what he said eight years ago, dude clearly doing the right thing think about it. I mean that there are so many people who are nasty people of nasty pests, and yet there propped up by the Democratic Party there praised look at all the things that ill had almost tweeted and they don't care, but they will destroy you. They will rip your scalp off. If you are regular person- and you are not part of their circle of their agenda, if you're want someone of benefits them Eleanor Mars, gotten away with so much to mine blowing? To me the thinks she's tweeted, and people say it's not it's not that that if a sop stop to Sab defending her, you know but now she actually had a lot of people like both houses. He's, had offended alot of people. Now, like one person can answer offended that she said she likes beats I'd be like shot up do, but no.
We actually had a lot of people like both houses. Democrats, our publicans, expressed out Rachel had of Democrats did nothing, but here we go. This is that this other plate. In writing. His profile, Caverns Eddie, decided to include just a brief mention of the tweets, either bottom of his profile. Yadda yadda. The reporters Eddie felt an obligation to share the information it uncover the public but thought he did so in a thoughtful way. He also maintain and he doesn't have a full blessing unawareness. Others, editors throughout the entire process, the discovery, so so you know, I have no problem saying it sounds like his company through under the bus. Ok, that the register was just fire him. He goes on to say that the choice, resign or be fired, but let me see if I can find out here, you and I are pushed cut ties. They point kings that you do not blame Kelvin at at at at at at. Let me do this. The aims make. So I went through all itself already upon publishing the story. Calvin said he was immediately met with criticism from people across Iowa
any media ethics debate about the news worthiness of tweets written by someone when they were teenager was soon set aside by a tidal wave of harassment, docks and unjust threats Calvin receive. Ah, yes, baby says you're getting mean people on the internet, look man, I dont, condone or appreciate, and I actually reject and denounce the harassment docking about threats. You know why, because I get them one hundred times more than you do ok, you're, not special. It is not a defence. You can't, and now be like a war with me. You did something on ethical and wrong and you got called out for I love Are these people are council? Culture is just otherwise known as consequences. Welcome Buzzfeed to the game. You helped create this reporter who worked for bus. Welcome to the game. You are now on the other end and boy, is it ironic I wonder how their own medicine tastes saying, but we're being harassed. That's the death of the funds, they
He goes on to say something like what you say. This is how women and people of color must feel worse. He say what he said. Let me do it. Let me do a search. Ok, I'm let us do that. I recognise that I'm not the first person to be docks like this. This whole campaign was taken up by right wing idea, logs and largely driven by that force. It was just a taste of what I assume that women and journalists of color suffer all the time, but the kind of locality and regional of the story minute so intense. You know what men you report, you so You're euro you're, a white dude, ok, working meetings to work for Buzzfeed you're, not a woman you're, not a person of color, don't don't call, all to them, and- and I will absolutely let look- let me do this. I am I am disgusted that you, dare say something like that. You white male, because I am a journalist of color, a mixed race journalist who deals with doxxing and death threats
harassment and had some do show up to my house and we hours of the morning. I a death. I gotta get death threats. And someone tried, will someone, but a group of people threatened to shut down my anti racism of so. The last thing I need to hear from you is oh, the poor journalists of color so you I don't like these people. This dude is, in my opinion, a depiction of the depraved narcissism and sociopath. That's that infects media and the people at Buzzfeed defending em they're. There are part of that swamp. There's no account stability. I dont want to be in your tribe. I never want to be in anyone's tribe. I have no problem by myself in the middle. The word sitting back, you know, with an eye little campfire mine of my own business almost got me to swear there and that's the thing everybody has a tribe. Since its human nature and the media as a tribe, I'm in what's cos,
old, a journalist. Journalists got their name when, as recline called a you know that it was a. It was a message board private. It was journal. Let and it was all these journalists talking about things and sharing stores and information. I'm on one about technology, it's really dull and all but really as people being like heads job hosting, but the list exist. The journalist talk to each other and I would be willing to bet. This guy got onto one of these chats one of these forms and started lamenting. Woe is me it. So I didn't do anything wrong and all the journalist, like? Don't worry, we won't hold you hold you accountable, we're gonna, protect our disgusting swamp, filled industry and there you go. You know that the issue is, I think, proximity back in the day newspapers competing with each other. Today they they don't they all. I mean the kind of deal with all agree with each other. They linked to each other. There used to be competition. The papers would go to war against each other, China, one up each other, get a buyer scope and that competition was good and healthy. Now
the journalists are friends, Diskiver Winterbourne, works register, worked for Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed, what defence of the dude making a sympathetic figure. This is just this. Was it this just what this must be a small taste of what women and people of color go through or do you wanna talk about to slime in the Swamp District representative Calvin said he's still afraid to go out in public and it still staying at his friends house isn't sure what he will do. Next, what helps you can keep reporting? Just taking a day by day, gay, ok, look man, you should have been fired. That's ridiculous! People need to calm down the docks in the deference. Harassment is unacceptable and anybody engagement behaviour is no friend of mine and is it is. It is a disgusting human being and let me stress, thereon par with what he is. So you know what you're swimming in the muck you created your listen, I get it. The snowflake doesn't blame itself for the avalanche matured. The avalanche, buddy you're, a cog in the machine that created every thing your experiencing. Perhaps it should
you're learning moment for the journalists. Instead, they fall back on their disgusting defence and Buzzfeed protects them. I'm done next segments coming up at one p m on this channel. I'll, see you other anti racism event hosted by Edinburgh University bands, white people from asking questions, it's not the onion, but it could be. I'm willing to bet this story, makes its way to read it in a non ironic way are not beyond. And other stories that are our shocked that you can paradoxically, host an anti racism event that bans people of a spit specific grace from asking questions. That's an anti racism. Play thing about affirmative action is often hear people say it's like reverse racism, and that's that's just not the definition. There's! No such thing as reverse racism hear me out there is not there's just racism. I mean adding technically reverse racism can be a thing if you will like our anti racist. So if you are like hey we're going
it sure everyone, regardless of their race, can speak. That would be like reverse racism when you turn it like, you know. So, if it right now, they came out and said we're gonna. Let you ask questions that would be reversing rice and others just racism guy, a three this, from the Telegraph University of Edinburgh has been criticized for hosting an anti racism event in which white people were due to be banned from asking questions the car France has been organised by resisting whiteness group which opposes up somewhat. Opposes racism, you're called resisting whiteness or oppose racism you're, racists Group and describes itself as Q, T p, o c queer and Franz people of Color organization we'll be to save spaces at the event, one of which white people will be barred from entering. I just it's it's. How is this How is this not an onion article, I'm not even in the union's great viewpoint
the save spaces, are meant for those who feel overwhelmed over stimulated or uncomfortable a blurred for the conference talks and workshops at the city's pleasant theatre, which aims to amplify the voices of people of color, says quote. We will therefore not be giving the microphone to white people during the Cuban is not because we don't think white people have anything to offer to discussion, but because we want to amplify the voices of people of color. If you're a white person with a question, please share it with a member of the committee or our speakers after the panel discussion. I'd like to point out, you hear me reading these, but it's because I'm allowed to on Youtube because their targeting white people in their funding, if the quotes were framed against a different race, and I read to you- these quotes I'd, probably get a channel strike. I could probably get banned. I wouldn't read the quote: I definitely demonetized, but I can read to you this quote that says: white people should not be allowed to speak, that you're not sure not be given a microphone and their funding. Questions explore during the conference will
Klute, what does it mean to be a queer and or trans person of color in a society that frequently does not want to see us our Jane Mccall, an anti racism campaigner said the event itself was blatantly racist. Thank you, Jane, adding it sets back the battle to achieve equality in fairness by decades, all because of the actions of a tiny group of extremists. Bravo, thank you, whose perverse sense of logic has led them to be little white people not by who they are as individuals by merely because by merely because of their skin color? Imagine if this event was called resisting blackness and non white people were told they could not ask questions nor act as a room because they were the wrong. Color spoke symphony diversity. Sad, tackling racism was an important topic for debate, but added that placed great value on issues around equality and voice. He said, and consequently the university has met with the event organizers to ensure the event. Compliance with our values. So, are you saying that your values include excluding people based on race? Quote
we have expressed our concerns to them about the certain aspects of the format of the event, and they are revising there, safe space policy for the conference as a result? But you don't answer the question: what about the policy that they're not going to? Let white people ask questions. How weird is that You'd think. If there was an issue with white people being ignorant, you would want them to ask questions to you so that you could explain it to them there. This is quite literally just exercising people from an event based on their race. It is a strange argument. They say: white people don't understand, privilege they attacked from support. Conservatives moderates people who aren't in their cult? Well, why? Wouldn't you let them asked the queen The reality is, their ideology makes no sense and any rational person might ask some questions. They can't answer, in which case there only going to listen to those who support their argument, but there is other news:
now this was the main focus I want to do for this video there. There too small stories that I'd really what I got to such but let's, let's do this gate. Racism doesn't care what color you are met. If your white, the metaphor, asian or black or or hispanic whatever, has met away from Racism is when someone believes they are better than you or someone worse than someone else based on their race, its idea that you know a race, it's. It's discrimination based on race for the most part ripe, and so this positive those negative right when they say that all Asians are good at math there, that's diskettes racist, ok, it's it's an assumption. There are stereotypes, and there are trends based on culture and stereotypes, emerge from trends, and then racism can emerge from stereotypes he's things. This is this. Is this what anti racism events should actually be discussing? One of the problems I have with universities- and issues like this- is how like Harvard University, for instance, Harvard is currently about it in a lawsuit
because they see their setting harder limits on Asians, that's racist, ok, to assume that all racist are smart. I'm sorry to assume that all agents are smart and therefore should score IRAN tests, that's not fair. What they do. Is they say yes, but we already have too many Asians, because their scoring so high on tests. Congratulations. You found this all sub section of intelligent Asians and they decided to go to Harvard. Perhaps it's because there smart and they know the opportunities of debt from Harvard it's also problem because their wealthy and can afford to The assumption that based on race, makes no sense simply because you have found the smart, wealthy subset. Mean all Asians are smart. This is what the exact same thing they're doing some because some why people have legacy in common and go these big universities doesn't mean every white person is going to be privileged or wealthy. That's the problem I have with the concept of white.
Privilege it is a surface level argument. It ignores the root causes. It ignores how humans function and reduces everything to the cover of a book. I say just don't judge a book by its cover, not, admittedly the cover of a book and no decent about. You might look at and say that book ISM, Moby Dick. I know, though, about that's about gotten a whale. I think I shall never read it so when you up to a certain individual. You notice their race, you might you're you're more. I couldn't make some accurate assumptions you see someone who is asian, it is actually more likely, they speak a language from EAST Asia than if you saw a white person. That's not an unfair for some time now. It would be unfair to assume its ninety nine percent chance. They speak now, it's just more likely in America assign numbers, because, honestly, a lot of american agent people who don't speak a language right, new location. Point me, I know I'm not
lately, but I know a lot of Asia. People who literally just speak English, but it's I think it's fair to say if you placed a white person and a nation present extra each other and looked at the asian person, is that there are more likely to know Joe, chinese, it doesnt mean they're, substantially more likely or that you should bet on it. It could be point zero, one percent more likely but the reality is. There are some things we can know this. I understand, and this is what they use when they create events like this. The problem is, if you actually want the discussion about ending racism. You have to set aside your prejudices and you're stereotypes and your assumptions, and that includes your assumptions about white people. The most fascinating thing to me about these kind of like arguments and this. The reality is that they don't they understand that white trash rednecks hillbillies are a thing there's, there's tv shows and movies there. Like look. It's a the movie snatch with Brad replaced the pinkies there are they call him gypsies and other offensive words and their poor white people who live in trailers there
but we know the truth about the redneck trailer park, people. How do you then come to take took to know this trope exists about? but trash and also know that there are urban, successful, Latinos, Asians. You know african Americans and then assume all white people are privileged. They say thing you know address this seriously. Have this argument and you'll get nowhere, they say it's because white people prefer whiteness. Well, there are cultural norms, but those have been kind of bleeding away over the past several decades right. It is true, how much are you familiar with the actor call'd pen? His name is actually helping, and I dont know last, I mechanics I'd need, doesn't use it, but his full name I believe, as is, I believe, his indian and he wasn't getting callbacks. So he changed its name to just cow pen
what is more anglo sized and he started getting we're callbacks. This, in my opinion, is a legitimate argument about Culturalism, not racism, because they don't know what you're races they are just biased towards things. They know that are familiar, whether its intentional or not. The left, these these ideologues take that and they perverted to exclude and incriminate. Now we should do better to be open to different names and and and and not stereotype, people and not judge and individual based on superficial characteristics. Like the point us making earlier is that there are some things you know about the point I make up one or two Thailand. I was taller than everybody, That raises the point. I guess I got some one will accuse me of being raises racist for pointing that out, but no, I won T and are not average. I was taller in Scandinavia,
trees there on average taller these things are real. The problem is, when you point the finger at the entirety of a group based on an assumption. If you said all tat, people are shorter than us. That would be unfair that so, so let me put this way. Imagine you said we're gonna spoken of credit basketball team, and then you then heard there was a tie, a guy who on the plate- and you mean dismiss them. Saying you're too short, you dont know if the poorest sure neither Madame that's where the line should be drawn. Imagine this imaginative our said no east Asian should be allowed to play basketball because there, too short well, that's absurd. Yes, on average people and some of it in some of these countries are on average shorter than people in other countries, but defined too short over you and your team. Well, what about I'm going there s name, but there is a famous chinese mescal players. Super Tom. I guess he's not playing anymore. Something is it is it upon trying to make. Is you might look at stereotypes and it's wrong and
that's that's! What ending racism is supposed to be about when you then say that all white people are privileged, was they realize it or not? At all, like people are racist and therefore all white people should do I'd. Ask questions that that's racist and that's what we're trying to end this perpetuates it. So I was gonna. I was gonna mention another story about you. I got carried away. Basically, America Maryland delegated reposing, changing a hate crime law after a guy was attacked, so is older, white guy some, some young black. It's came up. German apparently asked for money, he refused, so they punish them in the face. He fell to the ground and he died and they sped on him, and so now they want to change the hate crime law.
I highlight the story just to make the point. I already debts. One kind like I will leave it there that racism, it affects everybody. Ok, people have inherent prejudices. Some some people are, I think people often confuse culture with race, Dave, Chapelle segment on Clayton Bixby. The black white supremacist is really important for one reason: he's blind if you following the sketch Clayton Bixby is a black men whose blind doesn't realises black so we joins. The clan is actually clan leader.
Pulls up to a car full of people fleeing rap music, any insults them and call them the onward. But it's a bunch of white doves. They made a really interesting point that people are more offended about the cultural differences, not about race. Aren't Aven Chapelle was planning on making that point, but I thought it was profound that here you have. A guy was blinded, doesn't know, he's black, whose racist against black people- and he doesn't know they look like, and then he pulls up to the group of kids. He was met the rap music. He was met at the way they were behaving. You didn't like their culture, its culturalism racism is different. They try to lump together, but you know, if you get the point to leave it there, we are already doing is. I'm gonna want men and just lose a little bit hope whenever stories like us come up. Stick around next, I meant is coming up at four p m youtube com slashed him cast, and I will see you all there. What are you when you have a society that enforced rules against one side and not the other? You end up with one side looking cleaner
presentable and the other side? Looking absolutely insane one of the things that have highlighted quite often in the past several months or a year? Is that vague Secondly, enforce the rules more strictly against the anti establishment right than they do against, basically our group there. Certainly conservatives will get away with a lot of things, but there are conspiracy, apes and urges all around weird people with weird opinions. I say weird because I want to encompass people who believe If you now kind of nonsensical, it don't matter all the way to the french crazy ideas, it's a weird bunch that get banned. Not all of them are weird sometimes regular old trump supporters, but when it's happening is in our world and our country, we now look to the right. And what do we see you? Don't you know I absolutely love using as a great example of like a rising personality in the Trump sphere as well Chamberlain. Are you familiar with we the lawyer? I've had a mother, and shall several times just a conservative lawyer, the suit wearing run of the mill guy with conservative opinions supports the president, nothing to outrage extreme, like
regular old american support, the President, that's it you get he's arising start you end up with these kind of people and they look presentable professional and they have great arguments, will pray. Smart guy, I love using it as an example, because some people have called him vanilla, yogurt, it's like that that that's it. You get ok, what happens on the left when you don't enforce the rules, Well now you have crazy people running around saying crazy things and that nobody stops it so the lead It is beginning to look crazier and crazier and it's an influence other aspects of the left and even reach into the highest points of cable television taking over the street from really collar MSNBC Katy turn a so called journalists they put quotes. Calls can vocals political report dealing detailing how ukrainian government officials coordinated with Dnc, including campaign twenty sixteen russian Prime agenda in what may be one of the most amazing owns a match. This man is right here, but Katy Turk,
Ok now mentions that Ukraine, Ukraine, from officials, we're working with urgency and she says that's russian propaganda and he goes no. It's not an holds up the report from political, and has its KEN Vocals report who now works for the New York Times. I must and we see it, has away with the insanity Rachel Metal, four years, pushing the most insane alarmist conspiracy, not listen man when, when Alex Jones, comes out until people listen The cell of ours, we're gonna mutate you into an animal, hybrid and environmental aliens. People just go like that. They laugh come on. I know some people and believing that insane staff were now stones rats and raise, but most people understand entertaining to watch Jones, go on the Joe Rogan podcast in our waving, his arms and yelling, and you're like Jones. Is knots now look out I was right about a lot of things. The big problem with Alex Jones is that
stretches things too to he jumps to conclusions. That's what you would expect from a conspiracy theorist, that's literally what the point Jones sees things that are their real things, kissing point atrazine, turning frogs into messing with our endocrine systems, Some people disputed us, I don't get a point. The point is, you looks at a real report, but then all of a sudden he's like looking at a much bigger conspiracy is not really there. I mean he's always wrongly wrong enough and use any end and he's reaped the you know took to his detriment. Now he's been cancel. The lot of the things they accuse above was was ridiculous and fake, never been a big fan of elections. Ok but I don't think you should be banned and end if you want to play the game that he shouted, then why isn't Katy Ter? Why I isn't Rachel motto. Katy turn on the air of the other day made up a fake quote from Donald Trump, and now they could oh, it was a joke. I was just. I was reading a that's it that's what shift said, but that's all peoples, when you say he said I
I urge you to do me a favor. I want you to dig up dirt on my political life in the universe, at that, it's not even in there and that's they do. Why is it that you can have MSNBC Call Maine, stream political reporting from political than your times- and there is a russian propaganda. Have you lost it What a conspiracy, not ok, listen! I understand their people that, like Jones, but let's not, let's not to Us- let's not throw round labels. I will just say this based on our standards, if Alex this is banned. Why MSNBC shut down to of info wars out why MSNBC out. Why did they allow this check this out, Paul Krugman Ipad Colonist a veneer times opinion? What maybe there's a good reason, Cater thinks near times is not credible, Paul Krugman, tweeted, starting to look like two possible outcome.
Tromp and a number of others end up in jail or thousands of journalists end up in prison camps. What's Paul crook, you know what men how is it that Alex Jones is banned and he's as the silliest sit, the silliest stuff, animal human hybrids me patients from cell towers- international aliens, but Paul Krugman can actually claim Yet the journalist to get out of prison camps I'll give you know, then these people have lost it. I dont understand how we can make this point where MSNBC can actually claim that mainstream reporting this russian propaganda. I feel I feel sorry for those who MSNBC. I really really do and now it brings me to a story from a couple weeks ago, one America. News is suing Rachel, Madeline MSNBC of a russian propaganda claim Alex Jones got sued. For you know sandy hook stuff,
an MSNBC is getting suit of a russian propaganda. Stuff ha too, of the biggest criticisms against these two networks Alex Jones, was slam smeared and be an be rated over a single common comments from years ago that was like the makes suffocation along with other Jones made statements that they claim was like incitement to violence. That he's, you know, he's not he's. He said something about your battle rifles and getting ready and Jones really cross the line with us with his hyperbole he's even caught himself a few times if you watch to stuff after the ban. Yes like stop and then try rephrase metaphorically metaphorically. Besides, Point Alex Jones with smeared over over sandy hook. Rachel not always been smear consistently over her russian propaganda stuff. Why is she stolen near its because asymmetric enforcement exists? Our society will not shut her down and she caused nothing. But
project like she. She has won the most divisive and destructive figures in this country. Msnbc crystal ball. That's her real name crystal ball Chicken! excellent commentary really really due respect her shoes. No more, and she said I met Nbc has caused real damage to the left, and I I'm just I'm so happy to hear that. But you know I'm not surprised that you don't I watched Bill MAR stuff. He gets it right. That's that's! Next! Second, I'm gonna. Do I want to talk about this, though? You can have you. Can you crystal ball? I believed that they called it like a rising starve, what the hell, but the hill has done a great job and she's she's a rather progressive. I it would seem that the way she talks about Bernie and another and other candidates, but calling out MSNBC, is important. The bigger problem, Is that there's there's not going to be a line drawn in the sand and the left continues to go insane. Msnbc can it can claim its russian propaganda that ukrainian governments were coordinate with it. And it's not that's politico. Ok, that's an stream news reporting, but they live in a way.
Where they refused to accept the truth. One item in the face, the funny thing is: they accuse Trump support of doing the same thing and, to an extent some of these trump supporters. You may be right. A lot, but there's a lot of people on both sides of the other refused to accept the news. If it goes against their world view that just confirmation by it exists, The problem I see is that, as we know, for a while. There is a bias against conservatives, but I think she's me. It also has a lot to do with anti establishment, something I mentioned Before- Alex Jones Anti establishment. You know he wants to you what I want to use of want what he almost nobody wants, but what else Jones talks about the deep state and of government in the establishment? on the day and seeing the cronies and crops and other stuff Rachel Matter is the establishment issue is so you see how this works. If you are outside the system, they'll come for you You know it is a good example. Earlier today I made a point about Buzzfeed defending the report on the Carson King story.
I'll give you a really good example of how we define, whose in and outside of the swamp, coral, Benjamin Sovereign of God. He made a joke. You see a while ago, he treated to a female mp that he wouldn't even assault adult assault. I gotta be careful what language he wouldn't even do it. And my understanding is the point he was making is that by even being negative sank he wouldn't do it, they would claim he said he did and they have Well, the media has slammed in spirit and fort. So finally, you know there's one recently where he made a joke where he said people keep. You know trying to criticise me for saying that he wouldn't do this, but you know because of the media pressure may I you know, maybe the media pressure. What was actually, I think said with enough that the ok I'm trying to rephrase I'm gonna kill the joke. I'm sorry. He said that there have been a lot of media pressure. Over his Damon about not raping her, but with enough pressure. Maybe he would Then he was actually gonna. Do it. He wasn't joking about doing it. He was saying He wouldn't then goes on to say, does not interfere beer in the world. The point he was making said he said he wouldn't do a thing.
And the media smeared him for it. So his joke was, I guess, We must want him to write in this worry from Aaron Calvin. The guy who cancelled Carson gave her not familiar, I raise a million bucks for charity and this journalist tried cancelling them, but they found negative tweets from him. Long story short, there's two guys they both at offence. Thanks Carl Benjamin in the Buzzfeed story. They say that he talked about rape. They don't tell you his joke was the context, they don't talk about the media smears, they just say he didn't. Erin Calvin, on the other hand, gets a puff peace where they talk about. I was harassed by the right and being smeared and how you know so that that is the point I do you get it if you're in the swamp you're safe. If your outside Europe game and that's when Rachel Matter gets away with this and that's what people like Proch, Paul, Krugman believers, world, where journalists are in prison camps and why Katy too Amazon BC, faint reporting from the politico, is propaganda. They ve lost
because no one will tell them enough and they run defence for each other. Stick around a lot more time is coming up in a few minutes: the extra ones great weren't, about bill, MAR all right Bill Mara, I'll see to humans, We all know has made a lot of statements recently that sound an awful lot like the intellectual dark when and how I used to watch a lot of real time with Bill Martha. You can probably see where the The alignment is on what used to be liberal. Here's a thing. Bill more and I often say the same things, you know we talk about different. There's a lot is much more orangemen bad than I am, but for the most part we kind of agreeing a lot of things, Ok and he's been talking sense, but is one of the last people doing it? I got a couple stories because I'm being you saw a lot of support as a liberal and is one of the few people. Is aligned with the laughed and has been for a long time or they'll? Claim he's not really left? That's the point right, but he's a Democrat. He doesn't like Trump. Ok,
he's been talking sense, but he's one of the last people doing it? I got a couple stories because he said the other day actually talked about to tolerate things for one tedious but you signalling, anti white liberals, therefore, we are to solve loathing is not helping anyone, but I say you know another really great bit was this: he blew asked hunter bindings. Ukraine ties of Don Junior did it Rachel matter would be all over. It serves rhythm. A little bit about Bill Mars commentary, but because I think the great points but in the end, what I really want to focus on is they'll come Furthermore, he is very, very much Just like an intellectual dark, my personality, fortunately for him, he's been grandfathered in as they say for Dave Reuben, though now they can't allow that everyone's comedian units plug political talk, show in interviews no sorry he's out, but Bill Mark and say the same thing and get away with it. Lets read the first
for the daily to I tell bill, you mocks tedious virtue, more offended white liberals, EU age, Milhouse Bill more marked the tedious virtuous sing out. We get USA twice marble. This Friday night, real time with bill more new rule segment by poking fun? It liberals upset about democratic Nigel candidate Andrew Yanks, argument that comedians in Gillis should have kept his job et Cetera and I locked Saturday Night Life Gillis was fired after backlash running jokes. He made about asian people at some consider racist and here's. Here's the occasional reads quote: he said That's when the internet did what it does best and deemed Yang a racist for not being offended, because if he wasn't defended well, someone had to be We liberals have to start listening to me. When I tell them, you can't be any more offended when the vote you are. I think that you can't you can't be of more offended than the victim exit anymore. It sounds very different point. As you know, what I've seen a lot of is that somebody
they can offensive comment, but its offensive to the white progressing, and not the minorities, was I offended by shame Gillis. Now I get it, I'm not chinese and reacting as Taiwanese when it was the offended now, he said he shouldn't be fired in conversation starter. I dont think I don't think most people cared there. Some people who pretend to care and most People who seem to care are not even the group targeted, which build more accurately points out, he says why liberals were the only group as a biased against themselves and I've shown the studies. So here you know, you know what I think the problem what's going on right now is a bills just behind the curve and there's a disrespectfully. I covered that study what a month ago and now he's referencing. It will good friend the rim, I'm glad it's in the mainstream. What you can get mad at me because I'm out of the curve he's as white liberals were. The only group is a bias against themselves. They want to hang out only with people who are not them. That's like your mother. Preferring the neighbors kids. There's a weird self
loathing going on among white liberals and it's not helping anyone lifting up the society has cheated off or forsaken, that's liberalism. Hating. All white is just tedious virtue, signalling Russia in also so here's the thing. You guys know because I've mentioned it more than enough. I'm that I come from a mixed race, family- and I always The stress tests, people think it's funny in their life hard times that, unlike what this is, why ok, I'm sitting here from a perspective that has been on the other. End of white supremacy and I'm sick and tired of this fake anti racism. When a bunch of white people come out who have college degrees and and the families make more than a hundred thousand dollars a year and is our preaching to our income people about how they're wrong in bed and racist. I don't want to hear it you're, not solving the problem, you're making it worse. For me as bill, more points out you're, making it worse, you're, making an awkward the HBO. I will explain. The answer to mass incarceration is to stop putting undeserving, blacks and prison not to put more white people.
Twitter jail, amazing, calling white privilege real. More explained that there were some disadvantages, such as many whites being born with a terrible personality? That's s, but the joke is delivered much better by Maria trust me. He says something like white people: don't you wipe privileges real but set, but there are real advantages to being white. Some of you were born with terrible personality and ever the collapse. Thank you more marked the I'm embarrassed to be white sub genre on the internet, specifically pointing out actress, Rosanna Rosanna, our cat, who tweeted I'm sorry. I was born white and privileged disgusts me and I feel somewhat shame that is the key energy is trash I've ever heard in my life. You have to be one of the items on him. You know what man I would not open my the war for that person. If someone wants to come to my house, could you imagine like social? Just this door to door evangelizing like you see that the seven the test- and you know me
men's and knocking you're going to try and talk to you? Could you imagine social justice? People knock on your door and being like high. We're white and we're so ashamed. You should be ashamed to be, but I cannot get to open the door, not exactly Marcel. You think it's hard being a black men and women White Man's world try being a white woman who feels bad about you being a black man in a white man's world, so we get it. I thought it was hilarious. I want it those college, but it's a bigger issue here, right. This commentary right here. More blast, saunter Biden, commentaries, pretty simple, more began. Questioning whether former vice president, Joe Biden, would benefit from the impeachment and green to trumpet, since he is elevated above the other twenty to twenty candidates The more I read about this now I dont think he was doing something terrible in Ukraine, but it's just why can't politicians tell their effing kids get a job, get a goddamn job more told. The panel
This kid was paid six hundred thousand dollars because his name is Biden by a gas company in Ukraine. The super corrupt country that Teddy Revolution to get rid of corruption. It just looks bad. Thank you bill. More is not a conservative Dave Chapelle, if not a conservative and neither alive but hey really weird- are all saying the same things. Isn't it maybe it's about time? Well now you you know what it's a civil war in the left? What was one the reasonable left is being destroyed. I am grateful to Dave Chapelle billboard at Joe Rogan rickety erase. This is high profile, comedy their pushing back on it and bill mark pushing back on it. I hope I hope they can win, you know, I'm not I'm not a big high profile coming like these guys are their speaking time. Establishment. Ok, I'm on Youtube. I hope they can. That's what I was your Rogan, but that Netflix Special from Dave, Chapelle, the Hd Hbo Stark and commended gene,
Republicans for muddy. The waters predict that their argument to defend trouble, be you did this and in Ukraine. Well, Joe Biden. Did this he's right? he then, but it's not genius its point, our double standard. Your o prompted this yeah. Well, so tat you can we move on He then mentioned trumps eldest son from Junior, who is famous entangled in the rush investigation. It sounds like then Don Junior would do and if Don Junior did it Rachel Matt, I would, would be all Rachel not I was talking about. You know what man. For what love em. I hate him. You can disagree with them. Are you could be annoyed by M, but listen Dave. Reuben pointed this out door. Come after bill market conservative, I don't don't get mad at him. He makes offensive comments. You fucked mother That should have criticised, but here the last good liberal in mainstream television, and he gets one point. Five million viewers problems, my understanding without him. You know we'll get this
guys about bill? More is a monster. Why is a story from twenty seven tee when bill more had on Milo Monopolise and Bill Martin Bill Marmot, a very important point. Let me let me human, they say nominally liberal comedian Bill MAR finally followed through on, is irresistible urge to discuss the beauty of laughter with far right troll mile, you novelists, honest, show real time it when just just ass poorly as people familiar with the work of Modern Europe was expected to they say, go dimension. Jeremy scale announced he wouldn't decline rotation, I like Germany scale, but that to me is pathetic. Stand up for what you believe and confronted in steady cancelled. His appearance was miles can be on it, Please you're, worried about Milo! I'm sorry, you not showing up! Listen scale pulled out of the show. All that does is help Milo. You want to challenge him. You don't like it ideas show up and be the push back. But when you walk away now, he's got an open platform and nothing else, but bill more point, this out
No more said something if he's really where it was eight. If he really is the monster that people think think him to be, then the boy thing for liberals is too to confront it. So I don't wanna, go digging through excite. I'm gonna keep us one short because you have my misery monopolies, as indeed the monster scale claims and he might be, nothing could serve a liberal cause better than having an exposed on Friday night, but it's too bad because scale backed away now. Here's the best part spill Mars monster. It's got four hundred thousand views, so you get rid of them are visible. Replaces him the woke outrage, the demand censorship, the left that refuses to confront people like Molly novelist, refuse to hear the debate. I disagree with Bill MAR he's a suit. A rich due to doesn't understand the plight of poor people. Calling for a recession is terrifying. Please empathize with those who don't live in New York City people were killing themselves. Ok, it's not funny.
I really really do appreciate. At least we have. This is like a twelfth day. I've made about bill more talk about him until now the hammer stick around. I got one more assignment coming up in a few minutes I will see will shortly. Alexandria, Abkhazia, Cortez may have to appear in court over blocking people on twitter from News. Busters judge demands a Yossi appearing Moreover, this engineers thanks a bunch of left us my children, a lucky resistance types, sued, Donald Trump for blocking them and guess what they won. I believe they want. An appeal to tromp is not allowed to block people, but precedent was set. The court's ruled public officials, even on personal accounts, can not block people, but of cars are protesting at the Mau. Actually, she did and she's really avoiding Asia, because she blocked a ton of people while too bad unblock them play by the rules. You helped create wealth.
You refuse. She refused to unblock people in others. There's a couple people of prominent prominence who are showing our notably its the sky His skins is a Democrat and Joey salads who's running for Congress in Staten Island is also Youtube. Is our democratic Republican. She claims over the harassing me. They have no right so you're, saying trucks. You're, not a black people, the night Foundation first amount that the Night Foundation First Amendment into something that the night first amended foundation two journalism and Far Summit organization called on her to unblock people, she refused Well, now the courts are saying they want her to us. Lane why she's? Defying the law three, when a federal judge declared tromp, as a politician could not block, is twitter followers. The ruling applied to other politicians as well, congresswoman Alexandria cause your Cortez its being sued by former Brooklyn Assemblyman dove Hiking, that's it that's what it is for blocking him on Twitter after Cortez,
I think the case dismissed a judge demanded on September twenty seventh, that she appear in court to accept why she blocked sickened and nineteen other individuals. Now what people she blocked is joy. Salads I reached out for common, and he just said something the fact that he was glad it's being taken seriously is glad the suit as it being dismissed. Well, you dont get special privileges. The law is the law. If Trump get do it, neither can you you're upset. But she's, refusing to obey the law in violation of the first amendment, so yeah, maybe good job in court and explain to a judge why she's Aligning law. Cortez aid explained in court. The congressmen blocked people of their commentary was not constructive, define constructive. This was not enough for the Brooklyn Joy for Brooklyn Judge, Frederick Block he'd at work can convenient name is. That really is. Maybe he demanded that cause report has come to court herself to explain her reason for blocking people a tweet from category
in August offered an explanation, harassment she treated. Harassment is not a viewpoint. No one is entitled to abuse. It was in response to a letter from the colombian night. First, I'm an instant there ego, which asked while. Socrates was blocking people on Twitter. In the first place, Democrat Dove Pickin took it. It would cause operators approach to describing immigration law enforcement. He treated at her in about a comparison of migrants, understood concentration, camps, Higgins, describes himself on Twitter, proud, jewish, american and a staunch supporter of Israel or cause your court has blocked him. He tweeted on September, twenty six looking forward to seeing at her in her in court, not married. My question was left. I appreciate the colombian night first man to coming up calling her out, but where is everyone else all of the people who dance around laughing, that they defeated Trump in court. Why aren't
you're talking about Cortez Ike, cannot cannot stand politics. It is such obvious deceit manipulation for political power. They didn't suit trump because they did that they want to engage in conversation. They did it to push him back and gain power and the proof as they they won't come out and say the same thing about Cortez, I'm not talking about the Columbia night for a moment, people they have that's great, but there are forcing them into their Democrats there not resistant there, an anti from where is the high profile article. Whereas NBC Buzzfeed Vocs diverge, whereas there are, you're, saying oh cause. Your protest is breaking the law and needs to stop. Ok, look, maybe they ve written some stuff. The point is it's not the Big NEWS its it's right, leaning outlets commits media credits, conservative outlook that are highlighting this. They want against Trump, and then they zip their mouths shut. When a cosmic does under the crosshairs rules for
arose worthy, but not for me as the model there playing by they gonna say. According to your post judge block stated. I think she has to testify. Her point is that this is this: wasn't a ok thing to do to me. She has to explain the congresswoman initially try to get the case dismissed, saying that and standing to bring the action. However, in twenty eighteen judge Naomi race. Buchwald stated that President Tromp was violating the constitution by blocking people online. Twitter was described as a designated public forum on which the president could not block people. This definition is being upheld in court as well for all cause your Cortez. If Twitter is ruled again to be designated public forum, this might mean the company would have to reinstate band accounts under First M M principles. Well, I don't know about all that the argument that twitter
as is they are under no obligation because of the first amendment to host your speech so publisher argument. If there were a platform they'd be saying you can say whatever you want, we can't stop. You like something to give a real example. If there is a park privately on space opened the public you're allowed to stand there and preach and they can't remove you based on the subject of her speech. Even if it's private, this is a big fight. Backtracked by Wall Street Twitter is claiming book. Then facebook- and you too, that their private, their publishers and platforms, whatever it's convenient now legally, there's no real distinction. Section. Two! Thirty of the communication decency act protects any online service which is really strange, but I'm trying to clarification. I ask them to the New York Times not be sooty oversee the individual rapporteur. It appears that's the case even in Europe. Chooses swap here on the front page. There's no distinction press there needs to be citizens of entry onto happening as
as a platform. This service would just be giving you a place to stand and not tongue, which again, I can say as a publisher, They are choosing just like a newspaper different clarify. The point I dont know if the Ruins court has Cortez would change that, but I do think it needs to be. Aged outside of what about organ is it's time for a change pick one Let's set the legal distinction between a publisher and a platform, the new Four times is what is liable if they choose to publish something, why not Facebook? Why is faced with protected? In reality, I think the New York Times might actually be protected to this. Can't function now well, Chamberlain, over human events. I could be getting as budget around. These are not just premises where I could be wrong, but argued, overtopped overturning times visa, which basically created, might manage areas that are created a biggest a harder standard for public figures. So here's the thing in the Covington: these kids were standing on doing nothing. They were not public figures, they were just kids, the org
against them with it. They became public figures. This press and is dangerous because it means anyone at any time can become about big, become a public figure. If someone else posts a video of you on the internet, ok we'll, in some guidelines. Your man, let me just stress whatever- is going on or cause your Cortez should probably testify. But more importantly, the law needs to be. Updated. Whatever your argument is. Should she blocks? Look a lot of conservatives are the ruling was bad and that it was bad rowing and a bad rulings? Cortez? Ok, great! Let's update the laws. The computer fraud and Abuse ACT is archaic and makes no sense section. Two thirty's
cake and make no sense and for the time being, a cause, yogurt has is refusing to abide by the law. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has two: let's get some consistency. Please listen. Quartet should be allowed to be allowed to block people and social trump. Ok, fine, whatever! If the court's one rule they can't the situation is so complicated because I would have to agree if tromp candle people we got a serious problem there arguing there is an extremely important function. If these social media platforms in public discourse, but their ignoring the fact that they can just remove whoever they want you now job and, Imagine there's a big airplane hangar we're tromp likes to have his rallies and success shows up and say you can't come in to hear the president, but that's not fair. That's the president! Now listen! There are instances where people are blocked. Rights. This is an issue that only so much space in the building? When I glad you in but imagine the buildings is
is capable of holding everybody and they hold their hand on block you, but only Trump supporters, and we can't fire in that way. People nobody saying that's the world where creating right now, so it doesn't. Socialism Whatever the ruling ends up, I don't think it matters. Ok, I do things a bit, A catharsis is an emotional release in seeing a judge tell her. She needs to testify seeing some some reciprocity, or should they reciprocity, but some like standards being upheld if they're gonna have a truck butter Cortez to but it's not the point. The point is that social media is is is where we discuss politics and that's why they can't block people cause Cortez in Tromp, talk about policy and plans, and people are allowed to interact with that, its import for democracy.
Why, then, does Twitter have the right to supersede the politician think about it? Trot can't block you, so Twitter can intervene on his behalf and block you. That makes no sense. If the court's believe people need access to trumps public forum, then why should a private company kick you out? so you know what all wrap up. I sang double standard or cause your Cortez. What do you expect UK this is on? The left is done. They ve advocated for these things other now, yet the play by the same rules. Everybody else will see what happens.
I think it'll be hilarious to see her in court. But for the time being, I somehow doubt anything will happen and she's going to be in violation of the law. I really doubt they'll even be any penalties against report tomorrow at ten, a dot m podcast. Six hundred and thirty p dot m I'll. See you all next time.
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