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Trump Is WINNING Over Democrats Who Now Praise And Support His Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic


Trump Is WINNING Over Democrats Who Now Praise And Support His Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic. Two new polls show that most Americans support the presidents actions in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.This increase is mainly due to Democrats now supporting the president. Last weak several politicians and pundits praised Trump's decisive actions in dealing with the pandemic though still many in media are trying to maintain the "orange man bad" narrative.Many are concerned that the economic downturn will hurt the President's reelection chances but its seems that this is actually rallying people together. In reality Trump is being proven right, he is winning and in the end may still see a massive landslide in 2020

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According to two new poles, the majority of Americans now approve of the president's job in Handling the krona virus pandemic and work. Even seeing Democrats sum of trumps fiercest critics singing his praises, Cuomo of New Newsome of California, at New York in California, governors thanking the president and most, talking to me was ill hand Omar surely saying she was in unison, with the president on this one. More surprisingly, progressives work, Angry, to find out. It was democratic leadership opposing this stimulus package plan because apparently trump the Republicans and the leftist progressive all in favour of giving a stimulus check to american citizens. It was the Democrats actually opposed, The reason these poles have flipped in trumps favour. Shockingly, is because more dumb credit voters are starting to recognize that Trump is doing a good job on the kind of us. Not perhaps it is because of the praise of Cuomo and people
while people like Cuomo Newsome and Airline Omar, or it could just be that the fake news, narrative about Donald Trump is being shattered. Now it is true. I have criticised the As for this early on that, I felt his react under the Krona virus pandemic, or the risk of one was fairly weak, but I felt instead of ragging on Orange mental day, the appropriate responses. What can we do better? Since then? Donald Trump has done Apparently, the story is Tucker Karlsson. Tomorrow. Logo met with Trump and told them take it seriously, and the present started doing it. Unfortunately, the president didn't trust. The press now there are still some people and media that are trying to push a fake narrative that no matter what tromp does he is wrong, is before the country, because you can see how they they lie all the time and thus the present doesn't trust them and the people dont trust, them in one of the most shocking poles yet element research. The least trusted group of people to inform anyone about the krona virus. Its journalists
They have no support from the american people in the present, as earning it, early on Donald Trump may have been a bit. We but he did take some serious action. He shut down travel from China to the? U S in some capacity and for this the media smeared him saying it was the wrong action. Yet now see all of these other countries around the world shutting down. Our borders, and surprisingly this HE d C, actually made the recommendations for the: U S to close its border and doktor Fouche even said that trust action in doing this was good for the country, then If in the media, no matter what is orange man bad, but have been some cracks in the foundation MSNBC. He's just Scarborough and seen as data bash praised the president. I've even got a fact check for you, people didn't believe it the left. The idea that sea and I would have praised trumped seemed so outlandish that USA today actually fact checked it. True, that's right see, and Praise the present sought jump right into this and figure
What's going on an owner show you some of the policies. Trump has acted that he's receiving praise across the board, for political says: the majority of Americans now approve of Trumps Corona virus management. Where we went into this had over the TIM cast up, slash, don't it if you'd like to support my work, there are several ways and gave the best thing you could do. Share this video, dare I say the go chambers are actually breaking and Democrats are coming around to support this, and I have tremendous respect. Those that would come out recognised now is the time together. The people that you want to run Orange man, bad narrative because it generates clicks, are hurting us. The time when we need to figure this one out now the time to actually stop the bickering. Also, if you haven't make sure you subscribe, could subscribe, but none below the notification bell because Youtube actually is reducing recommendations for channels like mine bashfully now that we're facing the krona virus pandemic, I'm sure you know I have a couple channels and I've
in facing more democratization that I've ever in the entirety of my Youtube career, because they don't let you talk about krona virus Fortunately, on this channel they saw but allow me to, but I'm still getting flagged fairly often so I want to let you know it is a serious risk, and in these times and I'm shocked, you it would be doing this, but what can they We do everyone's kind of freaking out you'd have not been very good on this regular this in for for a long time now So much we what's that? What's the story politico says and ABC News. Ipsos Paul released Friday reports that fifty five percent of respondents approve of trumps management of the public health crisis? While forty three percent disapprove? The latest figures represent a boost and the president's rating. From the previous adoration of the survey published one week ago, which showed only forty three percent approval for Trump and fifty four percent disapproval
The uptake and public sentiment comes in the wake of a variety of measures. The president has taken to combat the rapid spread of covert nineteen within the. U S trump has been widely size for initial response to the pandemic, as well as this minute, as well as his at me. Trains inability to quickly revamp testing across the country since last Friday, has declared a national emergency expanded the year the travel ban urged against group gatherings of more than ten people signalled his support for, spending checks to effect that Americans and invoked the defence production act. All he stopped short of actually triggering the statute. Majority of Americans, including Democrats, are supporting the press its efforts to close down the, not the northern and southern borders, and Creation on the northern and southern borders shut down travel from Europe and China as it remarkable because Trump is. These are corp features of his campaign, bringing manufacturing back to the: U S and securing our boy. Yes, and now, even democratic, supporting it, that's surprising, with advance production act
can essentially snap his fingers and bring the manufacturing back from China to the? U S, something he has long been trying to do and he's been successful to some degree. Now it's not just this pole. There is another one, but first we'll take a look at the Democrats. Here, where this image here we can see. Fifty five percent approve interesting, though Democrats, only thirty percent approve and sixty nine per disapprove. The reality is we're still seeing partisan lines here, of course, Republicans approve of Trump they're, giving him a plus marks a cry the board, because, let's be real, they love the guy. What is surprising is the shift in Democrats, some people have asked whether or not this would be good for president for it for good for the present for reelection, and you know, I often felt like Trump wasn. Sensible, but as soon as this economic crash happen or not, crash or a specific thing, but when they occur we started taking a big head. I thought maybe this is. It may be trouble now struggle to get reelect but the reality is, I think its act
the winning over Democrats, foreign and its pulling people decide its expose in the media narrative as lies, and now people are finally being faced with reality as to why Trump wanted manufacturing back in the U S and why he went to school, this is not me saying every single policy idea. He has his good there. So many people critical of his health care plans and, what's going on in that department, but at least sought the core features of his campaign. Border security and China. These people are now saying that he was right on this one. This part Sam Stein, says trumps approval years, bolstered by an increasing of Democrats who believe his handling the crisis well, but we do have another pull this is Herr Harris, but this is a Harris pull showing trumps Google writing overall. Fifty three percent handling of covert fifty six percent this to me is really incredible, because it shows that there is actually a decent per cent of people who don't like Trump, but do approve of how he's handling this crisis
news weeks as Donald Trump fiercest critics are praising his handling of the corona virus, We have talked about over and over again, but this really is shocking. This is something that's giving us a common cause. I met a video and if you go in there, Well, you might see where I talk about a lack of purpose and responsibility. People are now feeling that purpose and responsibility and they are being unified by this. It's an invisible threat, but it is a common enemy which is actually bringing people together. I you know for all of the bad that were facing. There is still a light at the end of the tunnel. Surprisingly, a mid term, critics calling about USA today, rent a fact check did CNN Dan Abash Praise Trop about krona virus, while certainly It was so shockingly absurd that the Orange man bad network would praise the guy that you're that they ones effect check on it and guess what they determined. It's true. Data bash made several positive comments about President Donald Trump tone and demeanor during a press briefing on the spread of covert nineteen
the United States. We write this claim true because it is supply by our research there no reason to believe that batches comments were disingenuous or that of Double video of statements were doctored in any way. Surprise surprise. People are coming around when the realising too many in the media are lying to you and we this threat here from Linsey five field of end. Heritage. I believe it's the heritage foundation. I could be wrong what she says. I took a break to read: back and see how the media cover trumps January. Thirty first announcement boring entry into the Eu S from China boy many in the scientific community but clowns themselves, because their hatred for trumpet blinded them and does to this day take a look at this to store from New York Times. Trump administration restricts entry into. U S from China. We can see that there is a quote from the article at this point
sharply curtailing ailed air travel to and from China is more of an emotional or political reaction, said Doktor Michael T, Auster home anybody. The colleges and director for the centre for it. Just disease, research and policy at the universe, of Minnesota here's another one. She says Lash back to Washington, post quota, the Chinese FM slamming trot the trumpet ministrations travel ban and noting that who the World Health Organization was against trumps. Move to stop entry into the. U S from China, sang in disregard who recommendation against travel restrictions, the? U S, went the opposite way. The ministry spokesman, said in an in an english language messages on Twitter on Friday. Where is its empathy? That's right! Here's one, the travel ban to China was driven by quote conservative lawmakers and far right supporters of the President's public health experts. However, warn them
move, could do more harm than good. Think about that from a travel ban was driven by the far right and conservatives but even Democrats are coming round to supporting it. Yet losing your stranglehold and this this fake narratives, breaking apart from the verge one, thirty one apoplectic, tromp was going against who recommendations and look at this Jem from vocs dot com where they said the, but it's on travel bans for diseases like road of ours is clear. They dont work their political feeder, not good public health policy, and what do we have now Doktor Anthony fell. On MSNBC U s! Stopping travel quote very early. China has gone a long way in the fight against the krona virus, and people seem to love this guy, Anthony fancied he's giving us advice. People trust him. The first response is a quote from, humor on Twitter Dnc was against trumps travel restrictions. She said the premature trap.
Bandit to and from China by the current administration is just an excuse to Ff the ongoing war against immigrants. There must be a check and bell. Balance on these restrictions in February now we Everyone in the world seems to agree, tramples right. We need to shut down the borders I have mentioned this time and time again, but I've gotta pointed out in this context. We even see that. In the European Union in the Schenken zone, Germany is its borders to its fellow European Union, some member states- that's just undermining the principle of European, as it has been that's how important it is to save lives. I saw this corona virus, shows off President Further Donald Trump single greatest accomplishment as president, and you would think basin the title their praising the president. Now this is an opinion. Peace for someone riding for CNN illegal analysed, refusing to accept responsibility for their fake news, Trump enacted a travel ban. They occur
use him of ignoring the crisis. While I think it's fair to criticise Trump for four downplaying the the initial reaction, he did take action and he is being praised for it by medical experts. It wasn't one, you know all or nothing it wasn't. My trunk literally did nothing or literally that everything now it's nuanced. As most things are, I think you could do better, ah, but hey. He did this and it turns out. He did something early needed right well now course CNN doesn't want to explain. They say what eat. What is a start success? Isn't that he's beat. You know, he's doing the crisis right here, CS, it is usually set his excess. Isn't that leading a desperate nation instead quota has exposed the real success of presidents of the President's under on Yielding assault on the meat during his time in office. Many in the public dont know who trust anymore and their blaming trump for it. Trump Trump is a product of the fake news. He did not create the media, he did not
an entire industry in this country flip and become untrustworthy. They are just untrustworthy and of course, there's tons of data about this at woman says that journalists are the least trusted individuals to inform people the krona virus, a person like yourself, sixty three percent government officials still low but much higher than journalists, people, don't trust journalists, because journalists as we just heard have well, it was the scientific community, but many journalists have, I agree, but clowns themselves, no matter what Trump does it's wrong all the way, every step of the way, Donald from it, a statement, when he announced that we are going to be banning travel from Europe Download and went not sign. It shows screaming at at cassock, saying tromp wasn't giving us accurate information. How can we support this man? You won't tell what's happening or harmful, say Don lemon seeming to forget that every president needs to be clarified and that's
the press corps literally exists. Mr President, you said did you mean that's all you did. Thank you very much. If every present gave out perfectly clear information, you wouldn't have a press corps that makes no sense. So Trump made a statement. Someone wasn't clear and often he's made some statements that have been in direct and of an immediate, immediately clarified. People need to get over themselves their freaking out. Now I want to something about about something out about reelection. With this tweet from Will Chamberlain. He is a true supporter. He runs the website human events, and he said after you are three elections during the great depression voters will for give a lot if the president is providing massive leadership to solve the crisis, but they won't forgive tromp downplaying of nineteen if it gets worse and I think tromp is now showing us that he's providing that leadership in the american people can see it. But about the media and how they ve clown themselves, as I mentioned earlier, that those both previous common,
we're about scientists who hate trumps so much. They couldn't accept that he was right. Take a look at China. China's should want news, that's their state news agency. It's a distraction, tactic its racist, they say, but he's doing it. So people are talking about that instead of his lies and incompetence. Are you kidding me? I don't care what you have to say. China wire. I don't care what your propaganda you're to go after a president that, as the majority of the majority of the american people, support as he's trying to deal with it with the problem you caused by lying withholding information. Well, guess what not to be on up staged Vox dot. Com has also but clowns themselves too new fixation on using a racist name for the krona virus is dangerous. The president is, doping xenophobia, with his rhetoric about the corona virus, Ebola, Zika, West Nile, Middle Eastern respiratory,
drum need. I go on. Diseases are often named for their regions and Trump isn't letting China back away and he's not gave giving in to their propaganda. A balloon. The reasons Americans are supporting him now but of course You still have mindless drones of of in the media saying the same garbled chinese propaganda propaganda. I wonder why but let me say this from the Federalist. Not typically I dont really is the Federalist, but this is a collection of video clips from Stephen Cold. Is your recently Stephen Colbert shot a video in it. Backyard alone. Next, although fire pet anybody's it said the tromp was You know it's basically the same thing trumps racist for calling it the chinese virus. Even though everyone in media in January was calling it the exact same thing well, I can actually show you the jokes made by Stephen Colbert, because in today's damage the jokes made by Colbert are extremely offensive you, let's just say marginalized groups. If I show you the jokes Julie made or said.
Things. He said. You too would probably give this video community guidelines strike. So, who is Colbert think he is too big pulled up there. There was actually appeared where Colbert was making extremely offensive jokes about Asians. Now, item the jokes. I get it free speech and humor, and that's why we used to like Colbert and John Stewart when cold there was called out for defensive jokes were to do. He doubled down a hash tag. Council Colbert went viral. He did not care downy made more jobs that it was funny today he has I have to criticise Donald Trump well, what's about policy as well as we get closer to wrap this up? This is really a really awesome story. Apparently chuck tumor urged president dropped to invoke the defence production act to rush medical equipment, two providers and Senate minority leaders in the middle of negotiations with Russia with Republicans and the White us over a massive relief package. What's call about this is apparently Sears quote
Potest told humour, he will invoke the act and then pole yelled the someone in his office to do it. Now, that's the quote: humor! apparently was on the phone with Trump and Schumer said Trump. Do this and troubles like you got it and then he yelled, while they're still on the phone, get it done and it's happening Trump's staunchest critics, our praising him- and I gotta say it's absolutely incredible. What's really interesting here now hiding corona virus trump will announce. Strict new border controls, the administration citing the krona virus, threat to deter detention facilities, plans to turn all undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers to Mexico, they are Democrats supporting this right now, which is where the most shocking things to me. When Face real threat people in our realising why what tromp was saying was so important and why he was right. It's easy to say: we don't need it when you're safe the the second amendment- people in their homes in a safe low crime neighbourhood, have no problems. Then that is
master strikes and what are they do in California and many other parts of the country. New York people are flocking to stores to pick up self defense weapons for their high the narrative flies out the window, they realize you know what. Maybe there really is a reason that we need to protect ourselves. The times reports. The Trump Administration plans to immediately turned back all asylum seekers and other foreigners trying to cross the south western border illegally, saying they can't risk. Allow. The krona virus, to spread the detention facilities and among border patrol agents for illustration official said on Tuesday is three days ago. Trump announced this, and the support for Trump has gone up since then. That is incredible, but what's even more incredible is that this is coming from the CDC recommendations. So tromp was right this whole time, and what we see on Saturday at midnight, the? U S, will implement CDC foundations to immediately instant blanket refusal of entry for anyone on both another northern and
the? U S border. That does not have the proper time. Taken for lawful entry. This replaces the exist, the existing practice of processing. Holding in customs and border protection facilities at the border. Those attempting to cross Trump later clarified that all the time, border crossing individual will be returned to original country of citizenship. Techcrunch calls at an extreme step and Why now claims that it's been made to address the fact that border facilities are unable to follow CDC, best practices for avoiding covered nineteen transmission, while continuing to deal with migrants in the existing manner I think when, when you have, when you have these policies, that Trump has long called for now being supported by some Democrats. That, to me, says landslide twenty slash. Twenty, I don't know what else to put towards back the markets down when we get through this hour long, it takes the markets, gonna skyrocket, the daily reports corona viral exposes how West Coast progressives failed. The homeless,
Well, there you go again not only its trump being is said to be doing right by the american people. Criticism is flying Democrats, it's not about the homeless crisis, which is a serious issue and it does primarily affect Democrat strongholds. It's also the fact that progressives want this relief package. Republicans want this relief package now no further. If the relief package is a good thing, apparently other proposing one thousand two hundred dollars to help well who, in twenty eighteen, made a certain amount of money that mean those two years ago on and off that makes sense, but you do have progressive in terms of transport on the same page, what you don't have is democratic leadership. So let me just lock this one down now only is the media coming under fire summoned media are actually starting to praise the president. People dont trust journalists at all. More people support the president's corona virus efforts than they do trust. The media
democratic leadership is being slammed for opposing something that populists are calling for and weakens Now the cracks in the system in the West Coast, the progressives have failed the homeless, and this problem has been seriously dangerous. As these vulnerable people now are likely to contract the corona virus, and we can do anything about it. Tromp is now shut down the borders, but he's doing it after other countries already. Did they tried smearing him for it? And now we can see they were wrong wrong wrong. So I tell you what a wrap it up there, but if we want to support this video shared with people, let him know most people are coming around to recognise. While Trump is not perfect, he has not right every single step of the way. Not everything is done is done, has been correct. There are some things he was right about. Even Bernie Sanders is agreeing with tromp more than the establishment Democrats, who don't know what they really need, but I will, I will end with sang Chuck Schumacher. The president presents: hang you got it. Buddy will take care this Cuomo and new sums
Once again, I think things are turning around. I think trumps approval, readiness skyrocket after this is already going up and, I think, come November. Trump will be recognised as a wartime president and he will likely get reelected now. I know a lot of people relative questions about my preference for the election, but I believe it here I'm fairly better than most of the time, not someone who has been adamant about voting, but I think we're gonna sit this one and see how things play out to determine whether or not someone like me or other moderates would consider voting for the president. We're not there yet there is still a lot to be done and there's a lot of steps after me, you know what to do in order to protect the american people, but let me just say credit where credit is due. I like many I am now recognising, and I can't I've recognizes for a while. The trump does do good things, but for now he's doing a really good job, not perfect, but he's doing a good job. The best we could hope for. Or as Ellen Omar, sad she's, in unison with the president and for me, while, if she's
bold enough to say that amidst the resistance woke leftist Orangemen bad crowd, then she must really mean it because she knows it's not gonna be good for her to our constituents. It must be it must be true right. I'll leave, stick around stick around Mexicans coming up at Youtube. Dotcom, Slash TIM cast news at six p m, and I will see you all them. The entire state of California is now under a lock down order. Forty million people ordered to shelter in place in one of the most drastic actions we have seen. Yet the state Department is ordering or advising all Americans Aubert abroad to return home in. ITALY, or prepared to stay where you are indefinitely. The crisis gettin bad men on employment. Sharon's claims are spiking to an absurd degree. In California, Governor Newsome said. Typically, they get around two thousand claims in a day
Now the receiving eighty thousand claims. How could this system handle this? It wasn't designed to my fear is that it cantonal collapse and what happens when people feel like they have? No pertaining to get food there in densely populated areas. The worst is yet to come in and out I said before and many others that we are on track to be like ITALY, and now We are basically like ITALY, it's just one state so far, but like ITALY, they fur locked down their northern region and eventually the entire country. Now, admittedly, ITALY is much smaller. Then, the U S, but California is first and I'm willing to bet the rest will follow in New York already, there has been talk of a lockdown governor Cuomo. I said no, stop get real. We can't do but I'm willing to bet it'll happen
because we are already seeing people call for more the an eye. H chief says people would find the best response to chronic virus to drastic. Well then, because we also have this opinion peace, but Jeanne marks for the hill shut us down already. Mr President, we have got in in Texas a declaration of a public health disaster wet wait till you listen you know I've seen a lot of people, war saying on fearmongering or panicking. I just literally do not care at this point. If you want to go that your daily dose of lies and convert go turn on the mainstream media. I'm gonna show you. The stories are actually coming out and on to talk about the potential implications, but I will always stress the worst thing you can do is panic that will not help. You sit down contemplate Europe. Your options think about what the best thing to do is an admittedly look. I'm still here why I think the best thing to do.
Is too for the most part, shelter in place. I dont know how bad it will get. I dont know what governments was. A reactions will be. I dont know if the average persons reaction will be but Texas is straight up saying that if you're under investigation for having the corona virus, they will in voluntarily involuntarily quarantine you that's. What's the level we're getting it? We're go into a hard lockdown we're going to see a rise in full on government authority, and I don't know what to expect. But there definitely some pushed back between Liberty minded people in government is. These are trying times three story from Fox twenty. Six and I'll show you some other stories and and where I think we're gonna end up Fox twenty six says the state of care, for he is about to go under a shelter in place. Order announced on Thursday by Governor Gavin Newsome. The governor calls this the ships, the situation fluid
and says the order is necessary now because of new projections that show how many people might get infected. Calls this an open ended order and says he will not put a time frame on how long it could last. He says the next eight weeks are critical for controlling the spread of the virus. The governor says, says: more than half of all. Californians could eventually be infected with the core with with chronic virus. He says fifty six percent of people living in a state will get it, which could be more than twenty million people. The shelter and place rules will be similar to those already effect in Fresno, the Bay area and other California counties in cities. When a Gavin Newsome made the announcement around six. Forty five p m on Thursday March nineteenth he's a list, a list of exempt, not exempt businesses will be released zoom in Fresno, This is such as bar salons car dealers and other businesses, where large groups can gather or people must be in close proximity to each other, are under a shut.
In order for us now is also order that there will be no public gatherings larger than ten people outside of private family homes People who work for non essential businesses are asked to at home and get out only for tasks such as grocery shopping and medical visits. So that's that's the important factor here you can leave You're, just what I'm gonna do I'm going to stop you? I have no idea there that we are not facing this. Verity, of how China handled it. Does this shelter place order. Problem. Is young people have been completely ignoring it because well there morons, Not everybody, ok, fine! I get it, but boy are some of these people dumb and in response to this, the government is reacting rather heavy handily and handedly with a heavy hand, he says, he's worried. There won't be enough hospital beds for all of the victims. If nothing is done right now he said
one of the reasons he is calling for their that that's one of the reasons confident rules if Californy Ex strongly right now, he feels the state can keep the number of victims under the number of hospital beds. He said: let's bend the curve together, recover announced It is purchased a hospital in northern California and will soon announced a second such purchase this one in southern California. He also says that state, trying to arrange dorm rooms and colleges and hotel rooms, tab how's victims, if needed. He says the state will overly focus on those over sixty five and those with compromised immune systems. The governor said he spoke with President Trump and Vice President Pence today about his plan. He said: thank them for the surgical, gloves, masks and other materials that was delivered to the state due to federal efforts. He says time to tell Californians some tough things that he is telling his family, one of which is that students won't get back to school during the remainder of
school year the governor says the state as working with private businesses, to try to get additional productive gear for health workers and others. They say this developing story will see Evans internationally, the State Department tells Americans do travel abroad come home. If overseas, I have friends who overseas and some of them can't even come home, because other countries have already shut down their borders. That's the reality of the people who waited too long, and I am damn from trade with the with the media and the gloating morons on twitter hoop glowed about how smart they are, and here we are the media downplayed everything early on the World Health organization pushed out chinese propaganda of the virus is under control and that there is no human to human trend, mission now, look where we are liars, the drifters, whatever one a column, the nasty
people who would tell you not to protect yourself because they want to looks marked till they do. Is people on Youtube love. Rob whatever video from whatever they can. Typically you'll find some you do channels that have nothing going, for them other than slight smack talking other you tubers it's disgusting and that's what they do. They say look at these people who are concerned about the global pandemic. What idiots in morons Drifters China's EL blah blah blah you dont man, that's that's! That was that's evil. These. Narcissistic, arrogant people who told all of you not to take at me and take action to protect yourself. I can only imagine that there's a lot of people in California right now, freaking out You have said today reports the State Department told yet so using today the state of our mental Americans not to travel abroad at all, the strongest. U S alert yet, as the novel court a virus continued its steady march across the globe. The department on Thursday issued a level for advisory do
travel in countries where commercial departure options remain available. U S and who live in the United States should arrange for immediate returned to the? U s. They are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period. U S since we live abroad should avoid all internet. The project avoid all international travel. If you are an american and you're in a foreign country, get back home now While you may find, hospitality will extend quite far at a certain point, these trees are gonna, say I dont know you sorry, you will be last in line for care in the event of a real crisis, get back home now. I know a lot of people who can't The advisory came, as the number of cases have multiplied more than eleven thousand in the: U S out of tune and thirty six thousand worldwide and the numbers up. So the stories from yesterday the numbers up advisers I was not amended Americans can. The U S, but to do so at their own risk, hundreds of a man
and have been stranded overseas amid a global freeze on international travel in Mass quarantine sparked by the Krona virus pandemic, besieged by police for help. The statement on its embassies around the world have offered two no assistance, these stranded traveller site, I can't help but feel we are abandoned. Also that's Chris Pierce in the Philippines, at his wife, a nine year old Son and you're, not coming back men. If you in a country where you can get out. You need to know There is something I find to be one of the most alarming things as a sign of things to come out. Don't panic! Please remain calm, I'm still at my house, I'm still doing normal stuff. I think I don't know what to expect a really don't but we're here when the storm. This is from the state of Texas Declaration of a public health disaster in the state of Texas March Nineteenth, and they say, people who are known to have
or are under investigation or monitoring for covered. Nineteen should adhere to the direction provided to them by duly authorized persons, including public health officials, failure who abide by such direction may result in in voluntary quarantine or isolation for the purposes of preventing further community spread of cove and nineteen. People who are ill, especially those symptoms. Consistent with flu or over nineteen should isolate themselves at home until they recover. Such persons should only present. For medical evaluation treatment. If their symptom symptoms are such that they cannot continue to be careful and cared for in their home and when seeking medical care should call their doctor or or healthcare facility before arriving to allow them to prepare, they say, if you're being monitored for having covered nineteen, if they suspect you might, they will involuntarily corn
He knew now that's what China was doing. This is just Texas. I do not believe we're gonna see this severity. You know in United States of what we saw in China, but at least it will be close to it, Having someone come to your home and say: well, we would you seem like you may be sick, and now you are being involuntarily quarantined the age chief says people would find the best response to krona virus to drastic when asked at the. U S would be on total lockdown in an effort to stem the spread of covert. Nineteen Collins replied it so hard to answer that, but what I would say is what Anthony FAO Cheap Director of the national initiative. Allergy infectious disease has said a few times in recent days, and that is as and that is that the approach we should be taking right now is one that most people would find me too drastic because otherwise it is not drastic enough. Collins also said that Americans should not expect a viable vaccine for the virus anytime soon, despite the fact that Sir
just all over the world have been scrambling to develop one. We are flat out on this Everyone needs to recognise that even flat out for a vaccine means were a year to a year and a half away, and that would be a and that would be breaking the record by a factor of three or so given how long it usually takes to get something fully ready to be distributed to the public towns noted that the testing has begun, but there are still many more hurdles to clear the vaccine process. Additionally, the and H had said it remains to be seen of the U S, can avoid, is a joke similar to the one in ITALY, for more than three thousand four hundred people have died from the virus. Let's be clear: there's going to be a very rough road in the weeks and months ahead of us we did everything right today. You would still see the numbers going up over the next two weeks because What's already without their already, we can't change that, but what we might be able to do
change. What's going to happen three or four weeks from now, that's our challenge. She added some people are calling for hard, lockdown, already billionaire hedge fund guy. I think bill Man. I don't know about about what I read in the hedge one guy. He called on the president just lock everything down boom like that. The problem is people would pennant how you how you get through this- I honestly don't know, but low role of the lockdown, followed by a harder lockdown, get people prepared and then lock down on a couple weeks ago by hopefully that works, over. In ITALY, they ve been under lockdown and their amount of the amount of cases in ITALY has still been going up. Any amount of debt has been going up over five hundred died in a single day. Yet still I went off from assent, for I went out for essentials, the other
Taking me no rights, precautions, you'll notice that in many languages on putting my face but you're not suppose tat your face. When you go out of your home you're washing your hands, don't worry about it and sure enough. The people, the stores there were gloves they're taking precautions, but the conversations I heard there just shrugging it off saying it's no big deal. Maybe five hundred people in a single days is not that big oven to them over the hill. This. What we see in a totalitarian society like China, they say it was possible to locked on everything for weeks. No one was allowed in and out of the city, except for deliveries. People were confined to their homes after making money. Awful mistakes, the chinese government pivoted quarantine, the region and then forced these rules the heavy hand, you can argue with their tactics, but you can't argue with their results. It worked, which is why I say to President Trump shuts down Sir: please just shut us down, I mean the whole country not just New York or San Francisco, but Louisville Denver, Harrisburg, Clearwater, medicine, every small town, whether there
a case or not. I am talking martial law. Do it. You said your we wartime president, so act like one novel. This kind of rhetoric is terrifying, but its common, I wouldn't be. Rise of its common you're. Already seeing now, pundits in the media say, do it martial law? That would be a serious, serious mistake. We are not China, we are alive, Eddie Minded Country and we are armed to the teeth, the last thing we should be doing- curtailing civil liberties, which is already starting to happen when Donald Trump invoked the defence production ACT which, given the power to force manufacturing of certain goods, many companies said we got your back. We don't need to shop with guns drawn and say we're, locking you in your homes, we'll need to show up with a group of our fog saying make the product, or else in this country when Trump invokes the sack
we already saw many companies saying we will do what must be done. Just let us know what you need. We need to come together on this one, but if you go out with a heavy hand and martial law, don't be surprised if you cause the total collapse happened, faster people won't stand for it. You already got people, don't believe it's real. Where things can happen, we wish we wish you sure, when you shop with storm, troopers, saying little care what you think. That is the wrong way to go. With this, he says is as I was the skies Jean Marks, which is what is, as I don't explain who he is. But he was not to say all businesses should be closed except the essential once and that list should be carefully constructed. No travel, no planes, no car no movement, we state our homes and leave only to get food nor the doctor or walk our dogs. Scientists have determined with confidence from the hundreds of thousands of case report so far at the recommended period of self isolation should be fourteen days till the virus once
horse, but we're Americans, and we always do more. So I say we force isolate for an extra week. Maybe a total of twenty one days, just to be your. We also know that when people blatantly violate this role, as the Italians have been doing over there ten days of confinement, then the effects are marginalized, so it must be enforced heavily with fine in jail time. The military should be patrolling the streets. The national guard should be called out. Everyone, and I mean everyone hungers down big mistake. Big big mistake do not listen to dispute the stuff. Someone sent me. A video friend of mine, sang that it's a friend of a friend in Chicago in the in the suburbs, sent them We see this all the time. It's mobilization. I was sent a video what looks like a bunch of military vehicles on trains moving at a high rate of speed in the Chicago suburbs. I trust my friend I mean it's the best I can say I was told
it was taken rapidly from their friend. So here we have here say it's friend of a friend claiming their video of its turn. Up, I'm also not shocked by the National Guard is mobilizing. It's not a big deal. The reason I bring this up is that not that it's true, because I can't I have inherited verified it, but that people already feeling like this is under way, and what do you think a liberty minded American is gonna, say well, you do have a lot of Americans who recognise the importance of working together in protecting our country, but there are a lot of people who distrust the government and will defy the government orders. That's why authoritarianism is always a bad idea. Oh, you can get your short term gain Senate, you jack thugs to lock people in their homes, but the long term results would be disastrous. This to me is terrifying rhetoric, and it worries me because I mean this kind of stuff is going to spread its got for thousands, under an seventy shares. I don't know why, but I think it's a mistake. He ends is peace by saying, please, Mr President shut us down already the whole country. We can take it we're.
Hide you because we know that the long term economic impact, particularly in the country thirty million small businesses will be much much less severe than if we deal with this problem have hazardous as we as we are already doing now. It's not the virus. It's killing us it's the prolonged uncertainty. They say the founder of the marks group, a small consulting firm and he infrequently appears on CNBC Fox Business and MSNBC. What work it will be. A disaster. But I ll leave you with this. The krona virus has pushed unemployment claims to eighty thousand in a single day. I'm worried because I don't think the system's gonna handle that and what happens when a large group people find there not getting any benefits. Hey you paid into this system. You pay taxes for this, but guess what too many people have tried to get it at once, and that means not. Everyone can be only a mad, and people are gonna get hungry. We ve already seen sums low level, looting and riding in Europe. Medical supplies and a liquor store, not the end of the world, yet
but with these calls for martial law that I find worrying over in p m, we have something similar they their seeing a major spike as well. Let me see if I can now. This is basically story about Pennsylvania, and here we go of labour and industries have unemployment. Compensation claims were fifty thousand on Monday and that tuesdays filings were on course to exceed that in the entire first week of March, they received barely twelve thousand claims in one day, one day for five times that number
You know a man, things are getting scary, I guess some people might say you know I'm fearmongering whenever I just don't care. You know and turn on your your your mainstream media, where they praise China and I talk about everything's gonna, be fine, go out and do it whatever man, I'm not gonna. Let me be blunt, I'm not tell you exactly how I feel what I'm thinking and there's you know, there's there's a conundrum when it comes the media, because people have said to me. Even if it's true it's my responsibility to stop people from breaking all that stuff. It's like YO. I understand that freaking out is the worst thing you can do. It will lower your chances of survival. So if you freak out, ok, then you're actually endangering yourself but to lie, because the unjustified me
or to act like I'm somehow not supposed to talk about. What I think is is patently absurd. These reports, this rhetoric, it's all over the news man, so what you wrote that you let these media company sail this nonsensical insane stuff just do whatever they want, not on Renault to expect. But I hope you all taken taken precautions and I hope you all remained calm I'll, see you all one p m on this channel in the next video. With every hour that passes, more parts of the country are instituting lock down the latest New York. Andrew Cuomo Judge just said in a press conference there closing the valve, but is a big difference between shutting down the state telling non essential workers to stay home and an act the arresting people, and that's it we're seeing british isles- I guess in Britain, well, as in Spain, people are really getting arrested for going out, one woman was swimming and the cop I wanted. The cops pair
jumped in the water, pulled her out and arrested her for breaking quarantine we are seeing California under a full unlocked down. Texas has declared a public health emergency. I think There's a there's, an opt out from foreign policy that says sorry, America, but the lockdown is coming. The politicians dont want to admit it yet, but it's probably it probably happening, and I'm gonna say I I agree I'm not trying to be alarmist. Matrona freak anybody out, but I am trying to do. Be real with all of you come on. Em then it's gone by. We ve seen harsher and harsher measures the opportunity for you to figure out what you're gonna do well that that window is closing in its closing fast. Do not panic, never panic! Now the time com, but when we look at a bunch of these other countries were following suit. Perhaps should have acted sooner. I dont know, but earlier today, I read a bit of an opt out from from one pundit who is saying that we should just go full martial law, some mistake, but I don't know,
out of the matters of domestic or not because I think it's gonna happen. I dont know to expect either but I think you will see there there's a good potential that in our country people get arrested for breaking quarantine, a kind of doubt it maybe optimism bias. Maybe it's because we have a constitution but we're then, with a national emergency, Tromp was invoked, the NASH other the defence production act. So these are is a drastic times I'll wait for you a couple of these stories and then show you the opinion, peace from foreign policy explaining why they build We will be facing a complete national lockdown down. I want to point out there's a viral tax, much it's going around. I mean that tromp is going to enact National locked down, and that is not true. The whole thing is a silly hoax, but you know what hopes are not. We may have to move in that, action. I'm not saying I want it to happen. I'm just saying the governments are probably gonna. Do it check out the story? First, the independent corona virus. First british arrest after man breaks quarantine,
The first arrest of a person for breaking crony virus regulations has been made in the British Isles police. In the Isle of Man said they had taken, man into custody, for failing to adhere to the new legislation requiring him to self isolate, please the guidelines issued by the government and think about the safety of the community, a spokesperson cited, than an ever evolving situation, and it is important we acted, interests of keeping people safe. Now I doubt that could happen here right now. We will need more, but I want to remind you, maybe My earlier segment, Texas, said, if you are under suspicion or being monitored for potentially having the krona virus. They could in voluntarily quarrel ten. You basically the same thing as an arrest, maybe not procedurally yeah but they're going to take you by force and not let you leave by force is a real potentials.
And as time goes on in this gets worse, don't be surprised. If it does, let me tell you a coma said. He said you want to close the valve a little bit if the number keeps going up. You closed the valve a little bit more and then have a key after that you shut the valve off. We are shutting the valve off. He is simply saying, as the numbers get go up, we take more drastic action. The numbers are gonna, keep going ITALY's been under locked on for some time now, and their numbers are still going up. More people are being infected, so I personally, but If we're going to see more heavy handed approaches taken by the government and others that the UK might do not United States. This is an ever evolving situation and it is important we act in the best interest of keeping people safe, the self governing break round. Dependency which sits in the Irish Sea has brought in its own laws. The crowd of ours epidemic powers to deter and forcibly isolate people with symptoms came into force earlier this month and allow people to be detained
forty eight hours protesting and to an end to be held in the hospital for two weeks in the UK. They could take you to the hospital against your will: Any new arrivals in the Isle of Man are required. Self isolate for fourteen days, even if they are not showing symptoms. Anyone whose, as who does not- follow. The rules could face a ten thousand pounds. Nine or three months in jail. Italy was also threatening jail time for people who broke quarantine by Friday morning. We had one confirmed gonna virus case after can't conducting fifty two tests the patient had. Recently returned to the Isle of Man. From a trip to Spain, the public health team has been in touch with agent to provide advice and support and will start and we'll start contacts tracing the chief minister, Howard Quail announced the cancellation of the famed Isle of Man Tt Motorcycle Rice, but, as I had closed, schools or rhetoric restricted proper public gatherings now not super concern the inner politics of the Isle of Man, but we do have another story
woman arrested for swimming in hotel pool, despite corona virus Quarantine, she was the only one known us better care, not make an example of you than your post reports caught in clause. Team a british woman was arrested on Monday for breaking a mandatory corona virus. Core record of ours related quarantine at her tenor, tenor, reef, Spain, hotel pool the tourist flouted. The paradox: Paradise Park, hotels, strict requirements by taking a rebellious dip, a move which won her few friends among her fellow guests. If you're an American in a foreign country- and you are trapped in a hotel, it is not going to be fun and you should come back as soon as you can state. Burma has already said: come back asap, I mean if you're in New York, These guys are shutting down hotels like the companies themselves, with or without.
That regulation are saying we can do it, we can handle it, you will. You do not want to be trapped in a different place because you will not be guaranteed shelter, so I hope you take a serious I've got friends overseas and I've warned them when, when push comes to shove. You will be lost in line for any aid. They're not gonna, give you hotel the USA. Sorry you're, not you're, not a citizen. Here, we're gonna make sure we take care of our citizens first, so get back home she'll get around comments and offscreen woman in a video of the incident uploaded to Facebook by hotel, Lodger Dave Lee, adding she don't want to get arrested out here. I'll tell you, they don't treat you very lightly. The bikini, clad rule breaker then begin streaming. Complaints about spending seven days in lockdown and demanding a room upgrade before doing a somersault in the water tourists in the area have been told to stay in their rooms to stop the spread of a deadly virus. We'd. All like it great love response: the offscreen woman. As this
continues to frolic about hotels and law enforcement. Look on and police officer begins to strip guess Cheering him from above well done rooms. One woman, as the cop jumps into the and chases this former, taking her hands behind her back and bring it to the side where she's forcibly dragged out by other officer she deserves that says. The carpenter Although the rug summers fellow inmates made vocally clear, they weren't fans of her stunt. Other lodges admit that conditions aren't the easiest we're confined to rooms during the day, which is frustrating, but we are able goto restaurants at at meal times as usual. Other quarantine, Lodger James, O Neill, tells JAM press. The staff here are being really friendly. There's not much. Can do situation. A video o Neill record of the incident has rack up over a hundred ninety two thousand views. Since you posted to Facebook live other recent attempts to avoid corona virus quarantine. A spanish man hid in inflatable dinosaur costume.
And wandered Spain's empty streets before being stopped by police, the repercussions for break self isolation. Rules are no joke, one british men, now faces three month. Three months behind bars for failing to quarantine. Serbian president threatens to to arrest real Madrid player if he breaks quarantine again. Well, hey of your select Look look at you, some slack right, but this is serious. Europe is a bit ahead of us in terms of the corona virus outbreak. I dont know if we could see the same thing here, because we have a constitution but because there is a national emergency. I dont think very many people going to care Did you see the reaction from the people in hotel? They were cheering on the police, arresting this woman and I don't really blame them. You're in a quarantine. You don't get sick. Everyone's got a bunker down. It's not a matter of what we would like to do a certain times I take respond.
Will you do the right thing, but it still is scary. You have to have complete faith in the government that they're gonna get this right when they didn't from the get go if the european countries trade their borders more seriously, when that happens. Unfortunately, there are many people who resist border security in european countries as well as United States, which makes it very difficult for these governments to actually Apt act quickly and appropriately, but I think, because of what we're seeing its very, very, very possible, we will start seeing his actions happened in the United States now as possible. They are to have I haven't seen the news stories. New York, Governor Cuomo orders, one hundred percent of non essential businesses to work from home and the lace update it as close as they ve gotten to lock. Lockdown, now my understanding is that in California you actually can go outside, but you have to have a good reason for this. They walk your dogs getting groceries but other that go home
I dont know if the police can stop you or even if they're going there. If they're gonna want to stop you in New York, cops are already being quarantine because they are getting sick too, in which cases possible. This will just be enforced socially meaning like negative look opinion, but, as we are, entering a harder and harder locked out across the country? Do not be surprised when your state, when your city orders you to stay in your home right now, Josie, I am under what they referred to as a strongly recommended. Eight p m curfew for the most part, everything looks normal. I went the store from us up for some essentials, the other day and everyone seems to be doing. Everything like normal by didn't, really noticed anything now. People are talking about it. But in New Jersey or not under a hard lockdown like California and New York Manhattan. Do that never sleeps? They say the streets are empty. Very few people are even outside
Videos are going viral of people, their balconies screaming pedestrians to go home because it could spread these and now we have this story. Sorry, America, the full locked down his coming politicians, won't admit it yet, but it's time to prepare physically and psychologically for a sudden stop to all life outside your home from a couple days ago. I'm not saying it's right, an opinion peace, but I will say that I kind of thought this was likely, then that's why a month ago I was saying: do you have your supplies? We don't know, what's gonna happen Oh, it's gonna be this and we still don't, but I hope you have gotten your supplies already got a lot of people mocked and laugh at the idea of buying say, like a two week supply of food to meet it. Just in saying that you would not take care of yourself and you wouldn't plan for the future, but no wonder that they are angry, nay, saying trolls on the internet, more just not successful. They lived the life that they live, boring, broken lives, they dont succeed
They just complain about every one else mind your own business. Focus on yourself and that means taking care of yourself in times of crisis. Lorry garret rights A few days ago, I shared wine cheese and camaraderie with a small group of close friends and, sadly, after five excellent bottle of hotel de wrought Torone, I'm not a wine personally. We said goodbye to one another, knowing we shall not again share company for many weeks, perhaps months, yes, my dearest neighbours knock on the door carts loaded with cases in boxes in tow to wish me well for the duration of the great pandemic. We air hugged and I sadly watched them tromp after their pop ups. Vehicle abandoning New York City for their country home. As wandered off. I said I'll see you in September. I hope
things are normal again. There are some people have no choice but to stay in New York in the city, and I do not envy you. The people who are trapped in these house hotels would that's that's akin to a prison sentence sentence. You know, I've travel the lot for work. I stayed in hotels and it can be nice, but not when you are forced to stay tiny Little box room, and so one lady snapped- and she said I m up great ongoing strumming shouldn't care John arrested for it. What can you say, foreign policy that says for some key countries- ITALY, South Korea, Singapore, for example, the moment of decision and personal preparation has long since passed and millions people are stuck in place watching their epidemic unfold, on the eve of Saint Patrick State you're of San Francisco ordered her entire population to shelter in place. For a few weeks, the window of opportunity to reload relocate has closed for rest,
of the Bay area, whether your reading this in your living room in Vancouver Office in London or subway in New York City. You need to think hard and fast about two crucial questions where and with whom? Do you want to spend the next six to twelve, we of your life. The? U S, plans that were released in that were published by secret documents, show the? U S is preparing for eighteen months. I hope you are ready for who's gonna be around for the next period of time. I'll tell you what men somebody's travelled for work. I have she no tell rooms of people- I am probably not too fond of and boy would it be strange. Yeah, there's gotta be a bunch of kids in nine months. Mind you big big boom, We're with whom we want to spend the next six twelve weeks if your life hunkered down for the epidemic duration, and what can you do to make them place as safe as possible for yourself and those around you, your time to analyse
genes is very short a few days at most mind you. This is written two days ago. Airports will close, trains will shut. Down. Gasoline supplies made dwindle and roadblocks may be set up. Nations are clear. Seeing their borders and as the numbers of sick rise town suburbs, even entire country counties, we'll try to shut the virus up by blocking travel. Wherever you decide to settle down this week is likely to be the place in which you will be stuck for the duration of your epidemic to appreciate what lies ahead for United States, Canada, Mexico and the UK pay heed to ITALY, France and Germany, the? U S ample, is currently tracking exactly where ITALY was ten days ago. Not two days later after this was written. California and New York are going at a lockdown Texas, going lockdown the United States, France and Germany, which tracks two to five days ahead of the? U S are now These measures are kinda, those taken by ITALY, including
downs on movement and social activity. In a matter of days, the? U S will follow suit. She was right. She was absolutely right, California, lockdown and I've. It's obvious Zammit San Francisco. Did it trot just close southern border. The northern borders closed as well. Our borders are closed. I was talking to a friend and, if and country who said that their shut they set their borders down. I think for now that you'll be able to evacuate back to your home country. Fletcher still operating but they're, not let people and, as far as I know, that some countries, this that's up as a serious it's getting if you live alone, have no family members or close friends require your special attack and have no alternative living space. You have no decision to make you are where It will be for the coming weeks, but keep in mind There is a serious risk to people who live alone, who want of anyone checking up on them, so
make sure that through the directive through the duration of this, as were basically locking down in our houses, contact people, you know and care about nature, though there ok start a text message group have everyone, you know just talk, just talk about stuff, stay, social but, more importantly, here's what I think about you could be twenty five years old with your own apartment and Williamsburg, and if you slip and fallen hit your head, who was gonna, be there to help you. If you know in normal circumstances, someone might say, hey, then ensure for work and wish you know go there were worried about in your friends. My go and visit find you injured on the floor today, people going about leverance quarantined so that I can expect it. I'm not saying it's likely, but hey man, people slip, inform their homes all the time which rights, important stain content, The people that we know and care about many households are now saw swelling as college universities, clothes sending students, their parents, homes and negative.
Find themselves facing financial ruin under the shutdown of theatres, restaurants, gig economy, work, construction sites and other forms of employment, lacking job protection and homely assistance. Young adults may also choose to return to their parents homes or to secondary residents is owned by friends and relatives as employers shift to work. From home status, white collar workers with salary jobs need to consider where best to hunger, down and strong internet access and a homework setting for workers who jobs require physical presence at a works. I suggest custodians factory, worker security guards, construction personnel, taxi drivers in the like the relocation option is decide: stay put, but many may lose their jobs either temporarily or permanently due to the epidemic and the prospect of six to eight weeks without an income stream is excruciating anybody facing that prospect? Should mediately negotiate with their landlords, mortgage lenders and utilities. Well, I can also announced that there is there. I believe now there's a moratorium, I'm not sure,
they should think troubles and acted as a moratorium on foreclosures and mortgages new Yorkers as an instrument, a moratorium on evictions. You will not evicted and Quality- actually made a good point? He said to the landlords who would want to evict someone who do you think you're, possibly going to rent to right? Now, it's great point All we can really do is just kind of put things on pause. Once tough location decisions have been made, the household must be ready for long siege, while panic buying has led to stockpiles of the paper enhance entities are getting through. Eight months have confined with others or will require a great deal more, both physically and psychologically. This is especially true for households that spanned generations long term can find that includes. Don't undergoing remote schooling and adults. Trying to work requires designated spaces for each individual, a powerful internet signal and wifi router and a great deal of shared patients. Everybody in the household must under
dad the krona virus is spread and what steps it should follow to limit their personal risk of passing of infection. So I think we understand the gist of where she's gone. Let's go, let's see what she says: Logan boredom and stress can suck the life blood of a person before your home goes on. Lockdown make sure your death, your download, counts for movies and television are paid. There are plenty of good books around the house, and games and decks of cars are handy plan now for your state of siege. Dont delay choose. You want to survive the pandemic with whom and how your window of opportunity to act is shrinking very, very fast. I recommend more games. For the most part, the internet is being strained, I'm not sure if you know everybody such rushing to their homes and they said getting on the internet like crazy, I'm not entirely convinced. I can. Can you doing what I'm doing the internet comes under intense strain, which has happened in Europe? Netflix is down
in service, because the strain is too great. The internet internet could actually right. That's when things get scary, people will be people of no idea what's happening. A lack of information will will spark fears. Some people will have not prepared, will have no food, some people get sick and that's when things get really scary, hard locked down to me, the scariest sign, because Once that hard lockdown happens, you can't leave in New York. She tells the story of her neighbours at actually leaving before the lockdown hit going at our country home, where they have more space. Many people in cities can't leave as soon it and if you, waiting like I said again, I have friends overseas and they're, saying maybe I'll just wait a little bit see what happens and I'm like. If you wait on this, you will not come back not for the foreseeable future. We don't know how long and that country is not going to give you aid before it gives citizens its own citizens aid that will not happen. You'll be left high and dry get home. Now now, the lasting, also for the people who are
ox down. Zombie happened: people in the Bay area, for instance, you can see what happens when people are locked up. No tells this woman says I'm going swimming. I can't take it seven days on lockdown shot arrested, maybe we'll come here. I don't know, access as they will involuntarily quarantine. You it's possible if we're tracking, where Europe is than I think it's a good its. It could become an I'll see you all at four p m on the main channel youtube dot com slashed him cast thanks, wrangler. A bunch of videos showing military equipment being transported by train or being driven through cities are going viral, as people are starting to freak out back. The National Guard, is being deployed and the net an old guard is being deployed. I mean what do you think's going on man? You know the time, we see videos showing military moving equipment and people start spreading conspiracy theories. But what, if it would, I think, is really happening. Tell you our man,
sometimes the military moves equipment. It's not it's not a big deal at the end of the world, now some funny comments is apparently a bunch of well. Videos have been coming out of Illinois. Specifically, I even at a and send me videos of a whole bunch of military vehicles. Look looks like home. These being on a train moving through the suburbs of Chicago and they think there's some kind of mass mobilization. First of all, They made a really great point and will read the comments on the National Guard their like. If we're bring in Hungary's. We would just drive them we're not put him on trains and then what walk to wear them These are going so a lot. People right, but let me let me show you these videos first, because as much as we can this world started out by the way, Gala that's as much as a lot of people our saying you know it's: just the wheelchair and train stuff is moving. We are seeing the National Guard mobilise, so you we'll see these videos check this out. This video appears to be from New York
you can see what appears to be several Humphries play Emily National Guard. Don't I'll drive through New York everyone's, that all freaked out and scared its? I honestly, I think you should probably be happy me that you're seeing this stuff, the National Guard is deploying to help people we are not dealing with like I'm an old authoritarian crack down for like evil government agents were dealing with a virus or not dealing with foreign invaders were dealing with a virus. The people work. From the National Guard in the army are showing up to like ruin your lives or press you they're, literally showing up to be like. We need to help you now I get I'll be fair. I get freaked out a bit if bunch people gonna come come, come to my neighbour and try to enforce a quarantine, but I think if you're gonna break a currency, unlike come on man here's. What we're not talking about an arbitrary government saying we now decided that no one can leave their homes for no reason. We're dealing with an outbreak
that's overwhelming our hospitals and then saying. If you go outside, you could get sick and die or get other people sick and die. There is I will admit, because governments lie and I want to see this and quickly, but it's hard to know what to do in who to trust really easy to scare people and get into giving up their rights and pretty sure there's probably a lot of conspiracy theories are saying this. Is it it's exactly what they're doing? I tend not to think so agenda just choose outcomes, razor and I don't believe that all of the governments of the world that are panicking and shutting on their borders, especially the European Union, which is completely- undermining its entire purpose by closing internal borders in the jungle zone. I don't see it as a grand conspiracy. Man, look if If they really wanted to oppress and take over the world or whatever you you wouldn't see undermining literally everything they ve been trying to do for the past ten twenty years, not notably the European Union
when all of a sudden see all of the orange men, bad people now agreeing with him. Unless you want to think the conspiracy goes real deep, I don't buy it, take a look at this sitting. And then we'll talk about the national guards response, it's a bunch of whom on trains moving through Chicago. Whilst our says looks like Chicago is getting ready for that lockdown. It is true that when I is now implementing a shelter in place or is breaking news, but did just be real men, the military moves stuff, it's the ice. These videos, all the time they get sent me and there was this- really funny moment in internet history, where some people just made up a happening. It's ass. They started taking old videos of of this and claiming some town in Kansas and like something was happening and it started. Viral owes trending, because everyone the joke in that eventually nobody realise that was a joke and thought. Some really good on people were just like Manna carefully. This happening wall. Look at this and everyone did it to the point
the media picked it up and they were so confused and it was a bunch, a random videos. Nothing happened. Welcome to the internet, so, in response to these, we have this from the Chicago Tribune. Those trains. You are seeing transporting military vehicles. Illinois National Guard says they're, not part of enforcing lockdown. They may he brought in to be used as part of a potential deployment at some time The national guard will probably be administering tests if they do come out, they are kept, in New York and New Rochelle. So I'm not surprised, see them actually driving around I don't know a celebrity freaks out onto the military's. I've never seen the military before I was driving to California I saw a bunch military vehicles driving around all the time and unlike its normal man, but this is a funny statement. We have your trade out, eddies Chicago the only national guards has not coming to put you unlock down with Governor J B Pritzker confirmed He is considering a shelter in place order nominal, stop you're. My understanding is that it actually do it. Following this, you know this article came early today
questions arouse about how it will be enforced as trains. Transporting military tanks and humvee travelled through the Chicago area. The past few days rumours took and social media that the Illinois now your guard would play a role in imposing the directive. The guard quickly shouted down, even in California there they're, saying shelter in place, but so far no is being arrested or anything for this. I think it's possible. Maybe I just really don't think so. You know look man the worst case scenario, I think, would happen if you outside and during a shelter in place, first of all people can go outside their saying shelter in place, which is A lot about the grocery store, walk your dog and do essential tasks there. Just saying for the most part, stop the extracurricular right just stay in your house's a cop. Might ask you hey, what are you doing? You can say, I'm gonna get photo back, say, safe, be careful, follow social, distancing and you'll carry on its about it, in the worst case scenario, because the government is trying to avoid a panic. United that would happen. Cop would pull
and say: hey. You know whether we have a curfew implies a shot shelter and you know you must be sheltered at home. They pray we just give you a ride or just say, go home Lecoq, I don't. I don't. I don't see us needing to do Necessarily what China, where ITALY had done in terms of harsh quarantines, Spain, actually arresting people. I will say young people, are being really dumb, Goin out imparting. When you think it's funny, the obvious well, those tanks in Hungary's are not ours, said Lieutenant Colonel Bradford, lighten up the Illinois now regarding the military moves equipment all the time by train. If we were to move, we wouldn't be doing it by train we will drive you. Norman people are eaten stuff up right now A lot of videos or people are like this- is it Marshall I was coming militaries coming here may be, but it's like in our man. Are not seeing the end of days. It's not. I mean could argue. I guess we're in a happening like we're locked down like stuffs goin on United in weren't, where I dont think
weren't anything like a movie. You gonna see due to the street corner, pointing guns in order you to go home and like throwing you in cancer, I thought that's what we're not weren't. It's not gonna happen. We're deploying our people, the military, their us and there me out to help us because we asked for help like ironic. If you see yourself, as in other outside of of you, know the armed forces or law enforcement, you might view that way. Now I do think it's particularly port and we stayed aren't we keep an eye on how these things on fault? If it turns out right arrest governments want overreaching power. So I wonder if that I'm fearful of in all of this is then a couple months when all this is done even people in government sang, but we can just say it's not done and stay control remind you know it. So, in the event, the vile is actually goes away. Does a movie about sending an flux that movie in the event that is actually goes away. These should these are, all these provisions. Everything should be returned to normal. The chair
and now is just economics and because the commission had such such a heavy hit, things might not be able to go back to normal, but I will point out: in ITALY, military fleet carries coffins of kroner virus victims out of overwhelmed hound. Italy recorded five about a foreign. Seventy five deaths in a single day and the military actually did come in its possible military come in and do this kind of job we're not seeing you know, to a certain degree, their arms in a law enforcement in ITALY, locking things down in the? U S, I got bad news for you, as the number of dead increases. Like and we and we may be on track to be kind of like ITALY, I'll not man. Look if we see the Milton come out. It's gotta be something more devastating like this they're carrying coffins of victims there not locking people down and oppressing people and beating them. These are young people serve.
Their country and they're, doing a very, very difficult job, they're moving all of the bodies of those who lost their lives and that sad and that scare So here is the way I got to see it man, as somebody who has friends and family who have been and are currently in the military. I dont view them, like others, coming to oppress us. I don't freak out, say: oh no, look at the military's, guys I'll call, melter and even when I was in Ferguson. The national guy I was actually out just outside of where the protests were happening and a lot of people were freaked out like don't go there, I'm like they're, just psych Americans man, it's like other people, it just a division. That does a thing and I actually chat some people ass, a guy like you guys benefiting on cool cool man, Pritchett you're out to have a nice day. I guess there lie people that never get it never get exposed to the fact that
military is made up of regular Americans who joined the military. They make assumptions about like Jack Boot, storm troopers, coming to lock down and take away your rights as possible, I doubt it. These people have all sort out the defend the constitution, so I'm fairly confident we're gonna. Be ok! Now, look man, as I stated before going to see a lot more. These videos, people are gonna. Argonaut claims a whole bunch of things, go on here, viral videos- and I hate to say, but many people either stuff up and a bumpy out cause, Look at you. I look at analytics inspired my but my business right. I track where people are watching. People love watching the stuff they love watch. Person claim, like you know, it's a government synapse plot to convince us to give it the constant you'll, give up our constitutional rights and and bend we're just hand blah blah blah Tienanmen outcomes, razor dude, the there's, no Illuminati, the! U S. Government is an income, Swift, China. There is not grand scheme to make things happen and there's the lesser
conspiracies that like will take advantage of it and they'll use it to their advantage and like the they will will see it. People are gonna, try push their agenda, that's what they ll do and that's why we need to make sure we hold them accountable and we stand up for the constitution. There are limits. If this truly gets bad, then don't be surprised when people at this just nothing to a pole, I may look if, on a new play, wiped out majority of the world, you know, there's no one who's gonna be around to defend anything, it's gotta be a free for all we're not there. That's not reality. The reality is without a novel virus. It's a similar circumstance, the spanish flu a hundred years ago, we gotta, do we gotta do so this should this all of the all of these things should dissolve. While these powers is emergency provisions, I'm worried they won't because they tend not to so that's what we know what we should be concerned about its the gradual encroachment, any erosion of our rights pay attention
with a constitution, guarantees you and will make sure will do this right, olive at their gas cigarette. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly recent we ve seen many see ye owes step down resign retire and some people are kind of shocked and worried by it, and I will leave a comment on that. Other than this story, and this is more about the the economy. Today the Marriott CEO says, corona virus is worse than the great depression and world war. Two he caught his salary to zero dollars. While Goldman Sachs says unemployment Claims have already risen to two million across the: U S believe the number two point: two five million Americans could enter claims for unemployment benefits this week, so things are getting better It is taking a hit. I read up on our run an hour. I read an article that sad, there's not going to be a swift recovery. It's a lot of people without any financial experience who think that, because this was caused by a pandemic,
want it's over, everything will go back to normal and it will spike back up. These were Like some trading website, they said don't expect that they also that, because we're tracking the potential rate re emergence of the corona virus after the first wave, which makes sense and false oral trends and at what experts are saying, they're, saying that the market can't possibly recover because we know it will get hit again, which means it's going to stagnate for some time three the story and see what's going on if unemployment they there isn't it, he scares me as there is not infinite unemployment? There's a pool of resources available, there's not can be enough for everybody the city of the world's largest hotel group, Mary? It has other chronic virus is worse in the great depression and world war. Two and has cut his son does Europe dollars as the high fatality industry continues to be devastated by the pandemic. This comes Goldman Sachs warned that unemployment claims already risen to two million across the: U S with thousands
Americans finding themselves jobless overnight. I have a lot of friends who told me they just lost their jobs kind of scary. This would mark. The highest level of unemployment ever seen in. U S, history dwarfing! The previous record of new, seven hundred thousand unemployment claims back and nineteen. Eighty two and sparking fears the nation is entering our son. While some have already said it is also a new point out percentage is the bigger After what we are seeing now with a larger number of unemployment is also due to population growth. The hospitality industry has been one of the hall hit with a ceo of major hotel of major hotel chain best western, also warning Friday that its very bad. This is the worst dick the industry has ever seen marry at sea Oh aren't Sorenson announced the extreme step too. Ass, his own salary for the rest of the year and investor call Friday. The toll of the duck on the business is like not
we ve ever seen before he warned saying the crisis is worse than other historical catastrophes. The company has lived through include world war two and the great depression for a company. That's I need two years old, that's borne witness to the great depression world words you and many other economic and global crises that that says something he said. I will be taking any salary for the balance of twenty twenty and my executive team will be taking a fifty percent cut in pay. Bravo good, sir. I have tremendous respect for that. This guy's on an obligation to get to know under no obligation to give up any thing that you no shaded, Org, that's coming as way, but this is when you see people will do the right thing, not always not always, but sometimes This guy's gonna take a zero percent drop in salary, zero he's probably already wretch. It's probably not gonna matter all that much to him. So I respect this decision, and hopefully this is the right thing to help set to preserve the company, at least, to a certain degree, keep some funds available. The principal change we face the restrictions on travel
gatherings of people and required social distancing is having an immediate impact by depressing demand. For our hotels, The hotel group has also suspending dividends. Halting share, I backs cutting senior executives salaries by fifty percent in desperate efforts to stay afloat. This follow the company's announcement on Tuesday that it had begun. Following tens of thousands of its employees, Ahmed Mass closure in several of its manage properties is employs, won't be paid during this time, but the groups at it, but the group hopes to bring them back to the company once the pandemic is over. The drastic moves came As the hotel groups occupancy levels in North America and Europe fell below twenty five percent in the last few days, workers across the- U S had been thrown into turmoil Businesses have shuddered due to the global outbreak. The Labour department reported Thursday that applications for benefits a good proxy for laugh surged by seventy thousand two two hundred eighty thousand.
Last week, but Goldman Sachs has predicted that the impact of the outbreak in the U S, jobs, is actually far worse than those figures suggest. The investment group predicted that a record to point to five million Americans could enter claims for unemployment benefits this week, as statewide closures have forced businesses to hunger down and lay off thousands of staff. This would mark the biggest rate of unemployment claims in. U S, history dwarfing, the previous record. Nearly seven hundred thousand men, that's crazy. The somber figures have been based on the surgeon claims across thirty states in the last week and suggest claims will escalate eightfold from the previous week. He said this comes as Walmart plans too high one hundred. Thirty thousand new workers have been laid off by restaurants and bars as it bucks trend for mass closures and staff. Laughs DOW opens one hundred and sixty points higher in the second day of gains, actually I'm pretty sure The DOW is down about three percent as other. According to this video, so
they're trying to show some Good news, but. I think the reality is one this one for along home in. I think it's gonna get a lot worse. Now the Labour Department asking states to delay releasing increased unemployment numbers. I think it's gonna get bad, it's always darkest for the dawn, but I'm not entirely. Hence things things are gonna skyrocket, I can say: there's gotta be tremendous demand based on the amount of people in this country. I mentioned that the unemployment claims are gonna, break a record and its partly due to the fact that it is more than their just more people in this country, so percentage wise. I think it matters more important than numbers wise, the percentage of gdp or percentage of relative employment. What we're hearing now is that unemployment rate of twenty percent, but with two point two: five million people out of work people are gonna need to eat their need to drive to transportation. So once this is over, the demand will be insanely high. Now may not
rebound the markets, but it may reduce unemployment very very quickly. As we see a dramatic spike in labour participation, the market will follow, but you know what what we'll see things play out. We may see speculation on stocks once we get the ok from the CDC. I think a lot of people are gonna rushed to buy in, but there are a lot of factors I dont under stand and, as I mentioned outward its article, they said don't expect that because the waves could come so we'll see how things play out say in New York, the Department of Labour recorded that it took a hundred and fifty nine thousand calls reform midday on Thursday. Sixteen times its usual daily amount. In Florida, the department of ECHO opportunity receive seventy six thousand calls between just Monday and Wednesday off from about twenty. Eight thousand calls for the entire week before seen unreported leaving staff buck buckling under the pressure up to process claims, while in California applications were forty, and the usual daily violet volume rising from two thousand to eighty thousand on Tuesday Governor Gavin.
I'm told us Ackerman Obi choice said the reality, may be some lower than the forecast, because the state sample sampled may have a higher growth in claims than the remaining states or claims could be lower over the remainder of the week. However, he has said that, at the very least, unemployment claims would top a million Wanna things. I think important factor in which a surprising to me is that people are being laid off from restaurant Jobs Surely the restaurants will rebound and you'll be? those same staff members back, write em. If you lay him off you're, making it more complicated but hey! Look. I don't want to strong sought are really not that kind of stuff works. Even conservative, assumption suggest initial job jobless claims are likely to total over one million Choi warned these worrying figures dwarf things released by the Labour Department on Thursday as workers across the. U S are incurred, finally find themselves out of work and with no, where to turn for income to survive. The Labour department reported unemployment. We what we read that up tops
let move on the same Colorado claims skyrocket. From four hundred a week to six thousand eight hundred and a day on Tuesday, Ohio residents file, more than forty thousand claims over two days, compared with a thousand eight hundred twenty five. In the same two days a week before, workers in the hospital, the industry have been some of them hardest hit with major change. Shuddering their hotels for the first time in history and plunging I've lads of six million American working in the industry into instant turmoil. The ceo of best western one of the biggest ouch up hotel chains in the U S and on Thursday is the worst decline at the industry has ever seen has ever seen. Everybody told CNBC. If you consider the last worse decline, we had an industry was introduced when you buy about sixteen percent. Well, sir, Bingley overnight. Just last week. Our decline was an excess of forty percent, so this is the worst decline. The industry has ever seen and happened so abruptly just three percent of best westerns hotels have shut so far
said, but he caution that it may not be long before many of his other five thousand hotels worldwide and to in the. U S: shudder as the pandemic ramps up for most of the hotels that are still open. I dont know how long neck and neck and laskin situation. Earlier today I heard that New York was that many, the hump, the hotels in New York, could be shutting down. Because no one there people are leaving manhattans on us, not a safe place to be. If this gets worse, there now issuing state staying shelter, shelter in place order. I'm sorry and have to wonder what happens if you were in New York on on work for maybe like a week and half trip, or some like that and you're in the hotel. Where do you go if they shut down and cannot just leave you there? I just. I have no idea Perhaps they will be allowed a just stay in the hotel and look at all dirty and traffickers known inconvenient to clean it up there now working this sounds like it's gonna get worse and a lot of people are
talking about. You know martial law and Lhasa, but think about the economy. Men and take a look at this. As of today we are seeing a dramatic spike, sixteen thousand cases and torn fourteen das. It's funny yesterday I saw people tweeting, there's only fifty nine dead in America. Why are we doing this and now it's what quadrupled since then its escalating? It's an exponential gain, which means we double every couple of days: currency. Thirty, two than sixty four and one twenty eight Cetera. It's gonna, keep getting worse. We take this one seriously, don't don't ask me, don't you don't think I'm the guy was going to eat. You can come to for answers. I can just tell you what's happening. I don't know to protect. I'll. Tell you that my industry is also being hit ungrateful, that I'm not I've done still working, but I posted on twitter. Almost every single video arrived. I'm doing, I was just completely demonetized Youtube, says, confirm demonetized you're, not a lot of talk about it. That is disgusting. In my opinion, you tube
and you should release people's ability to talk about this stuff on one of my channels, they have cleared me, but I'm still getting demonetized anyway. That is an artificial strike to the economy at least far as I'm concerned. But you know what I saw gotta lotta people, so I mean will see what happens, but I think we're all going ahead on this one. I got one more segment coming off for a few minutes. I will see while shortly Earlier today we saw outrage all over the internet because for are senators had sold off tons of stocks shortly after they went to an intelligence briefing and we're tall. The economy is gonna, take on major it. Naturally, there and from every one was that these people were using insider information being members of while the Congress to protect their assets and, to a certain degree it's true, but at two of these. I believe its faults. Others there's four senators involved. I believe
It was a two of them are a publican Democrat. Feinstein was one of em. They use blind trusts, which means they have no control over us and they didn't. You know it's not their decision to sell off a lot of people jump. The gun I think I didn't want to, but I think the point I made earlier stands that if people are going to exploit their position do stock saw them opting enrich themselves in public office. They are snakes and they should be voted out. One of this one of these individuals, or about republican Senator Richard Bur, has should an explanation saying his decision to sell was base of public reports and there's an interesting and undermine our own out to bring up, but one thing I absolutely have to bring up, which makes this so strange eleven Omar tweeting that she went home percent agrees with tough her Karlsson, what a war, world we live in. Mr Karlsson, said I could calls for Senator Border Resign and a white prosecution for insider trading it. We cannot provide
a reasonable explanation for his actions. It goes on to say it appears a bird betrayed, his countrymen, time of crisis. I try to be careful. We got up we're gonna, build, approve, gonna, reasonable. Doubt it does seem like he did this and man they do this. They are privy to better information. We don't know about, and it so easy just come on, say oh, but I was basing it off with you. No public reporting that does present us with the internet can undermine what, if he's only truth? Ok, I think he's innocent until proven guilty soldiers soon he is on the truth. While the perception is really really really bad. Perhaps the requirement should be for a blind now cause you Cortez has straight up said they shouldn't be allowed to own individual stocks or whatever. Perhaps it should be a blind trust managed by third parties for which they have no contact. If you enter public service- and I think you're allowed to own stocks, but you shouldn't be controlling it. That way, you can bet that off of your insight or knowledge. Well, Richard Bert issued a statement. They say it is the daily mail reports sent it
Halogens Committee Chair Richard birth on Friday, they relied on public new reports when he sold off up to one point: six million dollars in stocks before the krona virus crisis caused markets to crash specifically closely, followed CNBC Daily Health in science, reporting out of its Asia, Europe, the time births and a statement understanding the assumption many could make. In hindsight. However, I spoke to me with the chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee and asked him to open a complete review of the matter with full transparency, both the left and the right outraged by pop pro publicly report that burn offloading between five hundred eight thousand dollars and one point I've, six million of his stock holdings in MID February. Why are all these people. Both multimillionaires anyway. Why do we keep electing rich people who don't know it's like to be poor to govern us? I'm not offended at whatever man he's. The statement. Is this I relied solely on public news reports. I think we basically did. Ok, we if she's just see just saying what they rode up so
singly Ellen Omar than agrees it took across. It is calling for Russia resignation. U S. Run and boil a dear ass enforcement. I'm official referring a case Investigation and prosecution. Please see below, and so is Kelly, Lawlor whoop? Apparently she she was falsely accused very early on because its it turns out that or she sang she uses a blind trust, and she was and informed of the sale of stocks in her. You know that she owns until several several days after that happened. Apparently, so, let's just move down in in the damp was a hundred thousand dollars worth of shares of Windham thousand resorts and a hundred thousand dollars worth of worth of shares and extended stay Amerika. So here's my future. I think I'm in what should he have done. Let's you're all these stocks, you then see news reports and get information, and then you, no you're gonna lose money. First, if
I was in office, and someone came to me and said I ve got privileged information. No one knows about stocks. Stocks are gonna tank. You will lose everything stock stocks are gonna. Take you will lose everything you know. How do I would stand at the front of the ship? I'd salute and I'd go down with it, so the captain is supposed to do make sure the captain goes down with the ship in a line because the captain is responsible for those on the ship and they must they must save everyone's life or die. Trying. I think that requires honour integrity, ver information. He then saw the news, regardless of what he's gonna claim but I saw in the news reports yeah. You also got briefed by the intelligence in intelligence committee. So you knew this stuff and you acted upon it. If you are not in wages, committees, national council of interest. I would say you know what man people than assaults other their stock. I think hears instance where somebody new they had to take action to protect themselves, and that would be like the captain of the ship russian
full speed shoving people out of our way and jumping into a lifeboat for anyone, finds out anything is happening. Perhaps he should have been responsive, and it should have issued a statement where he says. Current news reports have me concerned because of the late reporting from CNBC Health money markets. I've decided to sell a large portion of my shares and that would limit the concern, then, would be that he cause a panic which would lead to a mass selloff sorts to rock and a hard place butts Tucker Carl. Has issued a statement calling on board to explain the reported stock sale or resign eleven are agreed with him. You don't funny they hate took across and so much smear and they lie about him, but the deeds Tucker, thousands of pretty good dude he's a regular I in Romania and he's actually enough, but on the front forefront a lot of these things it perhaps if they stop listening, to the smear machine and actually watch to show that they disagree quite a bit, but they would agree with quite a bit as well. Tuckers exe.
Brought anti for onto his show. He brings dissenting votes Susan opinions on a we show, Tucker girls on Thursday hold on bird resign. It again Splain. Why sold millions in stock while he tried to He had inside information about what could happen to our country, which is now happening. Karlsson, said Burma's reportedly briefed. The potentially devastating effects of the virus in the? U S last month, but he didn't warn the public and said burden even disavow, a Fox news about he. Co wrote with Senator Lamar Alexander just ten days before that America was better prepared than ever before for krona virus. He said Bernstein Dumped as shares and hotel stocks, so we wouldn't lose money and He stayed silent, not a good luck, brother, not a good look at all Karlsson added. If, an honest explanation, forebears actions. He should explain it himself, otherwise he must resign from the Senate and face prosecution for insight or try.
There is no greater moral crime than betraying your country. A time of crisis. You go down with that shit. I'm not telling you to just sacrifice your life to just for no reason. I'm saying that as a leader, someone who was put in place to protect us, that's what our Europe are represented are supposed to do, you should have warned people and of selling off your stock to pack your assets usual immediately issued a statement saying the reports have me concerned. I don't believe in here side of information and then Then he saw the news, he had the etc nation, he knew more than the news did. Where is the chairman and sent Intelligence committee and attended com the door meetings for weeks by the growing health crisis, along with Senator Kelly, lawful or a member of a Senate Health Committee who is also accused of cells much of our stock. In January Senator birth filed a fine. Until disclosure form for personal transactions made several weeks before the? U S and financial markets showed
kinds of volatility due to the growing world of ours outbreak. A birth spokesperson, Old Fox NEWS as the situation can use, continues to evolve daily. He has been deeply, can learned by the steep and sudden toll this pandemic has been taking on our economy. He supported congresses, immediate efforts to provide in point eight billion dollars for response efforts and this week's bipartisan bill to prove Relief for american businesses and small families births all those will we know they are the this followed up. Another report by and pr which alleged had warned a small group of well connected constituents at luncheon and like February about the potential impact the virus according to a secret recording the conversation that and paranoid obtained. There's one thing that I can tell you about this: it is much more aggressive and its transmission than anything that we have seen in recent history burst set in the recording. It is probably more akin to the nineteen eighteen pen Burst said Anne PR misrepresented his speech, which he claimed was publicly advertised, and widely attended. You know
I'm not a fan of the media smear machine. I want to make sure that we are fair and people are innocent until proven guilty. This does not sound like that. There is no circumstance in my opinion where you could have privy to access and not warn people and then sell you're stock and think that's ok, too. Many of our politicians are wealthy fat cats who don't care about you. They want the keys to the castle and careful Republican or Democrat. Yet we had Diane fine. And this one apparently some of these people are or are not, are being falsely smeared. These blind trust this guy and by it if you want to go on warn people and say things could get bad in any capacity, but ten days before sold all stocks, or he saw the large portion. He was arguing that it was going to find that were prepared for this. You know we got a problem with electing millionaires. George Carlin set it just people keep doing it millionaires who don't care about you. They don't care about you, they really don't. They don't know what you think they don't care, what you think they use tracking systems polling numbers. They was algorithms, just a figure. What they needed,
How do you get the job so they can instead the things they want to institute or in some cases, then I want to say anything: they just want to pay check. They want to be in a position they want to do their whatever. I have no idea, I gotta say men who you are in politics, you gotta be a special kind of crazy to want to be involved in all the stuff. It's it is mine.
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