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Trump Is WINNING Over The "Never Trumpers," Democrats And Media Continue Downward Spiral

2019-10-13 | 🔗

Trump Is WINNING Over The "Never Trumpers," Democrats And Media Continue Downward Spiral. Many Republicans vowed to never support the president but now finding themselves doing just that.In a story from the New York Times they document how most of the prominent conservatives opposing Trump have now become some of his most ardent defenders and they cite many reasons why. But other stories and trends may shine a light on this.Perhaps Donald Trump is "not that bad," well at least relative to what the Democrats are offering.IN an Op-ed a never Trumper goes into detail about how leftists and Democrats are pushing unpopular ideas or ideas that already guarantee the Democrat vote. He argues that they are not focusing on the core issue of defeating Trump. I hear that.I've been saying the same thing the entire time. Democrats have not learned their lesson from 2016 and continue to try and court woke twitter and social justice feminists in order to win. But win what? The college primary vote and woke Twitter?There are even stories from Democrats saying they will actually vote Trump because of the absurd far left push from the Democratic Party and I completely understand that sentiment.You don't have to support the president but it would be prudent to calm down, talk policy, engage with civility, and work towards a solution for all of us. Perhaps due to the lack of civility we see people realizing that while "orange man bad" may be true to some extent he is certainly not as bad as the media portrays him.Impeachment is just another push in Democrats refusing to talk policy and instead focusing on minutia and its resulting in people bowing out of politics because, well, to be honest I think we are all sick of democrats crying wolf.

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Donald Trump has one over many, never trumpers, but apparently he continues to do so. At least according to this New York Times store. That says, the never Trump coalition that decided never mind he's fine, that's the actual title song They signed open letters dedicated. Special magazine issue to criticism of him and swore he would tear at the fabric of this nation. Now they have become the president's strongest defenders. I find the story fascinating, especially in the context of an op ed that was published recently in USA today about the LGBT Q Town Hall that CNN held recently now. This was fodder for many conservatives, but one of the most interesting things brought up by this is Tom. Nichols x g o p says, is that what was the? What were they was? The l g b t got to vote in danger of going to Republicans. Why would they host this town hall and great fodder for culture war years instead of rallying Americans behind a common message and that's kind of a point I've been making for a long time?
The Democrats don't need to push this far left message. They need to bring people together and explain why their position makes more sense. I think this may be why many never trumpers are giving in saying they're going to support the president. I think there's a lot to criticize the president, for you know one thing I've heard a lot is people are right now, there's one viral tweet where they say the easiest way to be aggressive is just never criticize the president. You don't you don't have to be a supporter of him. We can talk about issues and as long as you don't criticize- and that's not true at all- it's it's it's! It's amazing that in I don't know what, like seventy percent of my videos, I'll I'll specifically criticized something Trump has done. The real issue is that I think moderates and conservatives are looking for just a good faith approach to what's happening in our country,
So if you don't like the present, that's fine so long as you're a calm, rational explanation for what you don't like about him. Now we see in the media this this absolute absurdity a push to the far left, support of policies that are unpopular and look man, Russia, gate and then Russia Gate to Ukrainian Boogaloo. I I'm not surprised people are fed up and finally saying enough. Let's read: there's some of these stories and we'll talk about how these never trumpers have now become some of the president's biggest supporters.
But I want to highlight one more issue as well. It's also that you know these never trumpers are looking into the Democrats. Are actually going to put in place, and maybe now they're realizing wait a minute you might not like the president, but is the Democrat going to be better? Perhaps not, let's start with a story from the New York Times before we do head over to timcast dot com, slash donate. If you would like to support my work, there's a Paypal option of Crypto option a physical option, but of course the best thing you can do is just share this video I'm competing with the likes of these big massive corporate channels, and I don't have a massive marketing budget. If you think that I do a good job- and you know my content should be seen by others, all you gotta do is share it on whatever platform than the best thing you can do, but there's other ways to support my work. So, let's read the Times reports Erik Erikson could not have been clearer down. Trump was a racist and a fascist, it was no wonder. Mister Erickson wrote that so many people with
world war? Two german symbols in their twitter profile pic supported him. I will not vote for Donald Trump. Ever he insisted adding his voice to the chorus of never trump Republicans. This past week, Mister Erickson, a well known conservative, blogger titled one of his pieces. I support the president. In three years. He had come completely around a transformation that is a testament to President Trump's remarkable consolidation of support inside the republican Party. The effort to impeach the president, Mister Erickson wrote was a desperate move by people who have never come to terms with him. Woah woah woah woah full stop. You need to tell me that and eh Trumper now supporting the president, a mid that Ukraine gates, you made another scandal comes out and he pushes back and supports the president I'll tell you what man this is the point I've been making okay in the past few weeks, I've said you are that what the Democrats are doing with the impeachment and quote the far left push they are sabotaging them so
else- and here you can see it, they needed to only say to these Republicans: listen, we're hearing you, let's work together. Instead, they have gone off the rails with far left policies that nobody likes. You know getting healthcare, non citizens, etcetera and then pushing for an impeachment inquiry without a formal vote and now you've got never Trump was being pushed into a corner where they have to support the president. You know what man this may be, that there there's two ways to look at it. That Trump really is the worst of the worst and now they're realizing there's a worst of the worst worst or it could be. The Democrats really are losing it, and Trump was never really that bad in the, first place. Perhaps so many never Trump were never trump because of the fake news, because of the exaggerated claims about the president that are persist. And perhaps they saw that and said you know what maybe we've been misled
and we're watching what the media does. Look at Russia Gate, I think rushing. It was probably a big wake up call for so many people, so this was just not true. What's going on, you don't go to support the president to realize he's not that bad look man. I did. You know that they talk about how you can't criticize the president and that, if you do, a supporters will come at you and that's not true. If you have a good faith argument against the president, they took the supporters, will sit down and argue against. You they'll tell you you're wrong, but they're not going to try and destroy you. Tear you apart or cancel you. You can be a never trumper and still have respect across the spectrum. So I I the people who say this are people who think that there is a cult like following the presence. That's only a support. That's just not true! I have had amazing this debate, some dispute,
People support the president and I and get this I'll, tell you what principal is not a part of this this this this feud going on I'll. Tell you this because Donald Trump recently tweeted with that and the senseless wars in the Middle EAST he's with me, that's not enough for the Pentagon that troops are being sent to Saudi Arabia. I directly criticized him with a twist with a tweet saying: how can you know how can you say, we're gonna and these wars, but then send troops to Saudi Arabia to critical? I got comments from Trump supporters. There were actually supportive and surprise surprise. There are many people who for moderate conservative who are acting on principle and match Trump got a lot of flak over the Syria issue a few years ago with a missile strike, but Trump supporters were adamant, saying no way we're not going to back down on this, but the weirdest thing to Maine, which proves the tribalism was. I got, I got insulted by the left for criticizing the president on this on on Arabia and I was just like dude.
How are you mad at me right now? I'm criticizing Trump, and it was the trump orders who are saying: let's talk about it and that's fascinating to me, and I think the issue is the reason Trump wins is because he attracted a large group of people who were critical thinkers, who begrudgingly accepted a guy with bad manners and bad attitude over what the alternative was little bit more. They say, never trump, no more. Conservatives have largely resigned themselves to a more accommodating state of mind, never mind trump and their change in attitude helps to mute the much smaller group of conservative voices who remain highly critical of the president enough question his conduct, but you can question his conduct. You can so long as you sit down for a real conversation, Glenn Beck, for instance, they mentioned him. The radio host who once called Mister Trump and immoral man who is absent, decency or dignity, now says that his defeat in two thousand and twenty would mark the end of the country. As we know it, I sat down with Glenn Beck. I thought
was a great guy. With a great conversation, I think we, we really did disagree a fundamental political issues, but it was. It was the way things used to be it's the way they they they were. I mean we step is heated debates, but I was able to sit down and we disagreed on life versus choice and those kind of shrugged and smiled. We shook hands the end of it and we we had a real conversation. You can absolutely be critical, push back and disagree so long as you do it with the intention of actual conversation about the results are medications, the causes, etcetera may
now he's never choppers are realizing that Senator Lindsey, Graham of South Carolina who so bitterly feuded with the president or a twenty. Sixteen primaries that Mr Trump gave out. Mr brand cell phone number on national television declared last week that impeachment was nothing but a political satire. I will tell you this right now. The Democrats have lost all of that favor. Okay, they took twenty eighteen in mid terms. They attracted a month. The the the voters said. You know what I'm willing to support a moderate. If Lindsey Graham, is now defending the present over impeachment, it says to that impeachment was wrong. You have lost the support of even the Republicans who never wanted truck I think now you're seeing people say Trump's bad, but he's not that bad. When you look what's going out the impeachment inquiry, it can be difficult to remember that indignation and contempt for Trump once simmered in every corner of the conservative world. In August two thousand and sixteen dozen,
the most senior republican national security officials, signed a letter warning. He would put at risk our country's national security and well being female leaders of the antiabortion movement joined together before the Iowa caucuses. In twenty. Sixteen issuing a joint statement declaring themselves disgusted at his behavior saying he had impugned the dignity of women, National Review published and against Trump issue that featured essays from twenty two prominent conservatives, who all made a case for why he should not be there.
Okay nominee at least half of those writers are now on the record, making supportive comments about the president. That's that's crazy to me. You know they made a meme about me, where I guess at me with a cat. It's like a woman screaming and pointing, and then there's like the cat. Looking like angrily at a plate and there's a red tell us, so that's what they did. They make they put a bikini on the cat. They put a red POE on the plate and the woman's set yelling like eat the pale and me looking all angry and they're like. Why won't him take the pill or whatever and support the present? Listen man, Donald Trump sent troops in Saudi Arabia. Okay, you gotta understand some, the most important issues to me are going to be foreign policy and how we deal with this. It's going to be there's a lot of issues I can get into, but let me just put it this way: Tulsi Gabbert is anti regime change. War she has experience is a major. I tremendously respect that she's a lot younger, that is a factor she's also against the war on drugs as well.
Sending private presents. There are a lot of things. I disagree with her on a lot of things. I agree with her on an I just lean slightly towards her on these issues. When Trump puts out a tweet talking about ending the wars in the Middle EAST, but then you know we're we're going, bolstering Saudi Arabia are going to be sending three thousand trips. Now I'm not going to play that I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to I'm not going to get behind someone like Trump. I also think it's very important to have, I think Trump is boorish and I think that plays a factor, although I'll admit I had a really great conversation with Will Chamberlain and he said something the effect of so what so? What? If you have a bad attitude and you don't like a Mars policies? Working, it's a great point. It's a great point. The economy is doing really really well, but listen man. This is the point I want to make these people, in my opinion, don't have to become Trump's most ardent supporters. I think we need to all realize that, while there are bad thing
It's about this guy. There are bad things about a lot of presidents like most of them going back several decades. I get it. Man and Trump's attitude is certainly one of them. What are the policies? Working and, more importantly, are we gonna find a way to move forward as a country and what we're seeing with impeachment this is. This is this is truly terrifying? A a in snow, no vote! No due process, Russia get you crank, it never ends. This is not politics as you usually we should be talking about issues and that's where the moderates, one in twenty eighteen and that's why they're going to lose again and that's why these people, who detested Trump, have now flipped to support him. I don't need to support the guy. I honestly, I don't really like him. It's fine, I'm not a mean person for the most part. If I ever met a might be polite, I'd be civil, we have defined conversation and there are a lot of people. I don't like. I've talked to. I understand how these power dynamics work in this country, and that means, if I want to win, we gotta play like a game of chess and you don't win the game of chess by insulting degrading and attacking the people who, like Donald Trump, you do it
just trying to understand them and figure out how we can compromise on something to make a positive change, and it also means you don't always win. I said this to myself all the time. Whenever you experience a failure of some sort, tell yourself you can't win them all, but you can do better. Each time there's there's there's another quote: you can't control the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails. This means we got to think strategically. So if these people now truly support the pro enter yet, but I I have nothing but respect for them and their opinions, and that means I'll try harder to be a calmer, rational voice for how we can move forward. You don't have to like Tulsi Gabbard either. I just think it's great when I sit down at a dinner table with some truck people and we find that area where we agree on, and I say: okay, this is it. This is how we all learn to live together and avoid any kind of these. You know destabilization of, of what we all you know have together and how we can protect our interests, sometimes our interest on the line. I truly believe most people just want the world to be a better place. We just disagree on how to get there. Let's move on
'cause. I have a lot. I want to talk about they're, going to talk about the never trump taint still lingers three half years later. National review at a ritual I'll route, Rich Lowry said, regrettably, that we that week's magazine was remembered as the never trump issue. I wish I'd never come up with the phrase he said odd. Mister Lowry was spent three weeks recruiting assigning writer for the issue still does not shy away from publishing or writing pieces that are harsh for the president, but he acknowledges that Mr Trump has helped. Conservatives, like him stress, test your assumptions as forced him to rethink issues like the need to take a tougher approach to China, and I agree with that too. You know, I think, maybe the reason- I'm not eight eight tds trump arrangements and our person is because, whenever Trump takes and whenever there's an issue, I I analyze the news. I I look into it and try to understand. I think the Saudi Arabia is a bad play. I get it they're spending money on our on our in
you know in terms of weapons infrastructure, it's good for the economy in a lot of ways. I'm not a fan, not a fan. When I take a look at what's going on in China, I'm really really worried. I don't know if Trump's winning like doing the right thing. I just know that I'm glad someone's bringing it up and that's respectable, but in the bigger grand scheme of things I just lean, not net direction. There's a lot of policy issues that I'm not going to agree with on the republican side, and I get a lot of people trying to email me and debate mean listen man! I read this stuff all day every day right so I'll and just you know closer to Tulsa, and I think she,
been rational and modern a lot of issues, but you can see here what what they're realizing is. You know Trump was right about a lot of things and a lot of things he's done. In my opinion, they've been they've been bad. There been consequences, they've been inappropriate, that's fine, but you know what man for me. It's politics as usual to an extent I know Trump is very different, but to me it's kind of like alright trump is going to do this thing. The Republicans have the house, it's not the first time this is happened, it won't be the last it's all. Politics is played, let's think ahead. What's the next car drawing to be what's going to be revealed in the flop? How do we do this? You don't do it the way they've been playing the game in the media. The media people want money, they're going to fan the flames all day and night, and that's why they did this town hall. So, let's, let's move from here, but I think we've got to the point on the never trumpers and I want to show you another another
of you know, never cover commentary thanks. I will blame you if Trump wins and he's talking to the Democrats doing the Lgbtq Town Hall now I actually. I actually think it's a it's a great milestone that scene and did this. I thought it was a fantastic. I think CNN exploited everyone in this circumstance. I think CNN invited people who, what's would speak specifically be bombastic and generate controversy, and
I seriously think CNN did harm to people, but what you can see is a really great point. They don't need to win over the community, that's already supporting them. Basically, every single Democrat is in support of all of these policies and issues they didn't need to to the you know they weren't at risk of losing the Lgbtq vote to the Republicans what's happening now. Is it's not about a debate on Lgbtq issues at all? I certainly think it can and should be had, because we need to you know, push for civil rights for all of these people and make sure we're doing it right to protect everyone. You know we're we're country of life, Liberty, the pursuit of happiness, individuality and, and the individual's right to be free from discrimination, totally respect that I think it's important in the political context. However, this was a ratings, Dr. This is an attempt at sea and get ratings and I think they brought on by mastic people who ended up. You know pro to
stay in causing caught. You know cockpit, causing issues of the town Hall and they did it because they want ratings, not because they don't like Trump, and this is bad for the country, it's bad. For the Democrats, he goes on to say that, basically he says this Tom Nichols we pledged over to your ago to join hands on this one issue. But now I worry, though, your zeal to win the Woke twitter and college campus primary use. We make the same mistakes you made in twenty. Sixteen, your nominee will crush it in the bicoastal race to be the honorary governor of the New California Republic, blue City ' everywhere will welcome you as liberators and Trump will laugh at you. Every day from Washington he's right now he's not taking this. The stance of God upon the President he's still very much a post, but that's the rhetoric you see where people actually end up flipping. I want to show you some more more thing us up some more news, though, as to why people are finally saying on Nov to all of this. I laugh
this is an amazing. You know commentary from Crystal Ball over at the hill defense praise of Yang. I am not a russian plant. You seek First of all, talk about Bernie Sanders and Yang Tulsi Gabbard engages with the populist right and yes gets called a russian plant, or it's implied that you supporting Putin and that narrative is helping. No one is actually a a a quite funny take on it. For one thing she says you know what dot. Now I have a complicated feeling about this, because, obviously a fan to fan someone said to put in love, Turcotte commentary. She says and if Putin enjoys my work, who am I to say he's wrong? That's a great point: If Putin like, would you do? And yes? So? What? If you believe in what you're saying then fine? But you make a few points. You know: she's she's hosted Glenn Glenn, Greenwald, Tulsi, Gabbert, Matty, Bkt, helper, etc and praised Yang and she gets called you know essentially a russian plant for it. We all that's what people are tired of, while CNN chases the insanity, while
the media is obsessed with just going over Trump pushing this conspiracy theory. And the Democrats are pushing Ukraine getting Russia Gate were over here. People who disagree on certain issues having a real conversation having a real respectful com. Presentation. What's amazing about the hill Crystal Ball, an the show they do is that it's populous left, but from a good faith, respectable approach where you can have a real conversation about Bernie Sanders's policies, how to enact them whether they can be enacted and that's something you don't get in these town halls where protests erupt and, in my opinion, CNN allows it all to happen. So another. Another important issue is that you know crystal brings up here's a multiple choice: question Russia Gate was Watergate Times, one thousand Watergate Times one
in incrementally, more disturbing than typical corrupt b s that happens in our politics or incrementally more disturbing than the typical, be yes yeah, incrementally more disturbing a typical yes, that that that's where we are it's, it's this political game being played, and that's that's one of the reasons I really just want to avoid Ukraine gate at the you know. After rush again, I'm like listen, it's a mirror image of the same thing we hear over and over again I'll make a couple more points right check this out, maybe Trump, never trumpers insist. They won't back worn right because perhaps they're starting to realize that while Trump may be bad he's not that bad, seriously. When you look at these town halls. When you look at these comments, when you look at all the hands going up for the Democrats are proposing, you realize they're, making trump look good in comparison and that to me is kind of unfortunate. But we don't have these strong democratic personalities. We
Admittedly, I do think Tulsi is, and the media just runs these hit pieces against her. She really is a rational, she's, she's, she's progressive enough she's moderate enough on certain issues. And she has you know, looks at the experience. This is why I really do appreciate tulsi being involved and that someone think could actually stand up against Trump and present these comments in good faith and real policy ideas, but that doesn't want to play that game, leave this. I really do. I believe that CNN and his other media outlets want Trump to win again, because the ratings have been better than ever. They're. Probably thinking of themselves like what do we do once Trump is out? How do we get our writings back? Cable tv ratings are down for everybody, another relatively, but overall the trend is downward. I think, in my personal opinion, see and knows that when Trump's out now straining to go down, so I think they need need to you know we can all out uh,
I see to speak. She is popular. I know she's not pulling hi, but imagine if she got a fair shake was presented in the media, it's very similar to what Bernie went through Bernie broke through and they still drifted away from the media with
posted and they still the media is still very much anti Bernie. So look at this when you look at a list of foreign that she's talking about a wealth tax, abolishing private health insurance, maintain trucks, quality, protectionist trade policy. The agenda is too liberal for money, never trump Republicans, and they are poised to sit out the twenty twenty campaign or cast their vote for a hopeless third party challenger. If Warren seventy wins. The democratic nomination- perhaps they didn't think about the ramifications of being a never trumper in the end, Donald Trump is probably gonna win reelection, and that means, if you oppose him, you you did. You really think the Democrats were going to become more moderate to find a good balance. Did you really think that was gonna happen? The trend has been towards the far left over the past several years. Now look man. What concerns me the most about the far left is
I face same for the far right. You know these bad faith tactics because the court has demanding trump. You know praising truck for one in which office you're in the criticizing him for doing it, fine, there's no one's there. I guess the green new deal being absurd and and and just making no sense. These things are disconcerting and I would like to support someone who's more more left because believe or not my pop might, my pulse These are very, very left, especially how I run my business is. The problem is the weird ideologies, the bad faith, the manipulation, the impeachment nonsense, the badge strategy, the failures, the lack of charisma, all piles up, and so I can sit here and be like I get it. I get. What trump is I get why he won and I find myself in agreement with Matt Taibbi Trump one for all of these reasons that have to do with class issues and policy, and you know what we have to address those issues. We can't just demand trump lose because you don't like him,
how it works. I'll tell you what, though, the never trumpers weren't thinking ahead when they said no to Trump. They assumed all of this. What do you think? What did you think was going to happen? You're not going to vote for anybody and that's fine. I feel ya man I feel like. I was never a republican, so I'd never expect to vote for Republican anyway, but I feel you when you say you're not gonna, vote for her either I'm like yep, we don't, we don't have any strong personality.
So I'll do it all in this video. With one more point, I made all of the chaos with the Ukraine gate. Trump's favorability is relatively static. It's not shown any major swings and we can look at Trump's approval rating and it did go down around the start of the Ukraine Gate scandal, but it's still higher than the beginning of September. These fluctuations still seem to be rather normal new cycle fluctuations and, as of today, even after a dip in his approval, it's higher than it was a year or two years ago. Now, when you first got it like that, I know I always show this. It was higher. So there's the thing man don't be surprised if we see more of this, never trumpers supporting the president or just abandoning the Democrats outright because listen, the Democrats are going to go further and further left. They don't care about. You, never try.
They never did and you don't have to support the president. I certainly won't and that's fine, but I think now people need to realize that the Democrats are spiraling out of control, at least in my opinion, and that means Trump will win again for a lot of reasons having to do with class and and an establishment, anti establishment and and and the all these things that you know. Listen you've got these democratic candidates actually campaigning in Mexico. I'm not exaggerating. Yes, several of them actually went down to Mexico for campaign. You know pr events, they're not going to vote for you do the votes you need to get our the Americans want to know that their life is
going to be. It is the right that is gonna be protected, safe, made better! That's gonna talk about. I think when you see the CNN town Hall, when you see that they're that they're not concerned with talking to the needs of the average American yeah, the never choppers are probably realizing that it would be great if you really realize that a long time ago and again, I'm not saying that high- I actually I don't support the president. You know, let's hope, from look for it for him. I'm a moderate, you know alternative, but I get I get. The people support him. I I I got. I got the controversy that get the criticism. I totally get it and you don't win by being an anti trump by all costs. Here's the thing is: never choppers were just always so negative on Trump and I've prided myself on never being this one dimensional character when Trump went to North Korea across the DMZ.
I really do mean it. That was incredible, especially for me and my family, because Trump crossed into what is essentially enemy territory without protection. Please understand that's a symbol of something very important. Now people might disagree with me. Fine, that's fine, whatever! I don't think I'm the smartest person in the world, but I do think you have to pay attention to these small moments. What trump does pulling troops out of Syria, I do think is a good idea and I think it's all propaganda where they're trying to climb. We need to stay, and we do all these things. Dude, dude, calm down, it's complicated. I get it I'd lean towards the right thing, but Saudi Arabia was the wrong thing we can't just be you know. One percent always been supportive and one hundred percent, always against When you talk about what's actually going on in debate the core issues, otherwise we're not going to actually solve the problems, so there you go I'll, leave it there. I wanna make a super long. Video thanks for hanging out stick around next. Video will be coming up at six hundred pm Youtube dot com, Slash TIM cast news, and I will see you all there.
Yesterday, in the early morning, just after midnight, an suv crashed into an anti fascist activist, killing them the friends rush, this end of it in the middle to the hospital, but they were pronounced dead after the vehicle struck, the individual someone fired shots at the S, U V, which then crashed into the Oregon. And democratic parties office their headquarters now right now we don't know what happened. We don't know who did it? We just know that an suv crash into this person outside of cider riot cider riot, is a very famous anti fa. Anarchist left wing hang out the Suv crash into this person, killing them someone shot they crash into the Oregon Democratic Party. So so people are trying to say what was this. Is this just gang violence? When we're looking at antivirus the proud boys, we called gang violence, Do we say this is the escalating? The escalation of our cultural divide? Are we now seeing? Are we now,
seeing direct targeted violence against political actors. Well, let me just say one thing before I read the story. Looking into this, I can't tell you definitively the person driving the suv. Any political affiliation, don't nobody was arrested, but I'm gonna have to say if, at shortly after midnight, an S, U V crashes into an anti if a person an anti fascist and they and they die and so much of the vehicle. The vehicle then crash that the Organ Democratic Party, that is too coincidental ok, there are too many coincidences for that to be an accident. The simple solution is seems like somebody targeted, Antifa and potentially the democratic party that should be terrifying, everybody, we've seen violence at these rallies we've seen Antifa shop in protest Trump supporters and beat people and set fires. This comes I believe this comes just shortly after we saw everything go down in Minnesota. We see
people in Minnesota out stealing hats, forty or so punching slapping people torching their. You know that these are these market caps, and this is just the beginning. It's not the it's, not the it's, it's been worse and it will likely get worse as campaign campaigns and wrap. Our starts ramping up, but I want to stress: will read the story and I'll give you the straight details from this article? We don't know, we don't know my opinion. The simple solution is targeted attack. It doesn't look all the likely had with everything going on the Democratic Party office. This person's anti shot at it seems like an escalation. Let's read: B, B, DOT, Org reports, Portland Anti Fascist activist, killed in hit and run outside sat a row
Portland police say a prominent anti fascist activist was killed early Saturday outside side, a right, a Northeast Portland Club and a popular gathering spot for left and protesters Shandi killer. Twenty three was hit by an s: u V a little after midnight. He had been at the club earlier in the evening friends driving to the hospital where he died. Someone fired shots at the S: U v after it hit killer and the vehicle crashed into the headquarters of the Oregon Democratic Party. The hit and run is being investigated as a possible homicide and police are asking anyone was information on the inside to contact them. No arrests have been made so far. So, let's, let's entertain some possibilities. First, stressing there's your news story. I read it for you anything beyond. This is speculation. My opinion, it's possible some anti for dudes actin, a fool. We know that add to the dudes in and and bad boys can get rowdy that you know the rough and tumble. Let's say: maybe you got a bunch of young dudes coming out of a bar, maybe a little drunk there isn't
suv driving on the street. Somebody had a gun, maybe the suv panicked. Maybe the guy was in the middle of the street doing what Antifa does telling you know flipping somebody else. Who knows we don't know it's entirely possible. These dudes were crossing the street and the suv accidentally hit hit them, so they shot at the vehicle and the vehicle then crashed into a building nearby. That just happened to have been the Oregon Democratic Party. I'm going to entertain the possibility, nothing happened I have to, but let's think about all of those circumstances. Now we don't know we don't we don't we don't know, but the issue is cider riot
was the scene of of it's it's it's. So I write a very famous left wing. Cider. Okay, we have a story from Oregon, live, really talk about the context. What limit? Let me read you the context here they say side a right. The establishment kilo her had been leaving is at the center of two high profile. Legal cases stemming from a May day, brawl between left wing patrons and members of a right wing group with forty say, came to provoke them into a confrontation. Okay, attic scene erupted during the May First brawl with shouting swearing, brawling drinking throwing drinks, throwing rock throwing and people using pepper spray or mace on others, patriot, prayer, leader, Joey, Gibson and other and five other affiliates were eventually arrested. In connection with the brawl. None of the pubs patrons have been arrested or charged in the incident. I want to stress, Antifa wears masks. They wear masks on purpose in the New York City, brawl between the proud boys and and Antifa Anti, but would have been charged. The police said as much, but they refused to come
operate. They put on masks in their random. What are they wearing masks? They didn't cooperate then ran off the proud boys, don't wear masks and they did cooperate and they all got arrested. That's why Antifa wears masks and that's why they are free to fight another day. Cider riot owner Abraham Goldman Armstrong also filed a lawsuit against Gibson's a so It's taking one million dollars in damages the site. Every itself is up for sale according to a listing on pro brewer dot, kraut pro brewer dot com, a for sale, huh, interesting golden are strong maybe told the Oregonian Oregon live the clash outside cider riot and the months of headlines. It generated had nothing to do with the decision to sell investigators
people have information about Saturday's incident and the chain of events preceding it. Police at memorial had cropped up Saturday in front of the Democratic Party of Organ building on Ninth Avenue, where a blood stain could be seen on the sidewalk. The democratic Party of Organ building is a two minute walk from side a riot, so I will stress it is entirely possible at this person accidentally crashed into that building. Not I I gotta say man. That seems that that that that doesn't I I don't I don't know, I don't tell you, don't believe the coincidence, an s? U V killed an anti for guy in the crash in the Democratic Party building. Or do I want to believe that the escalation is getting worse because I'm sorry man after everything, I've seen you know, look
one thing. I've said over and over again is that when it comes to the fringes of the right, they're substantially more lethal- and I mean this in in the utmost disrespect- affective in what they do, what most disrespect? What I mean by that is when it comes to violent action, these fringe elements of the far right. No, they they they. They act with precision, but I mean not perfect, but they execute people they they they they commit. They they they commit extremely violent, sharp edge tactics anti for as a blunt object. They they smack several people leaving everyone a life in pain. They so fear, there's a difference. We see much more anti for violence, but it's low level spread out on the on the friends of the far right. We see much more directed targeted, an extreme violence, but it's a rare it's much more rare. That's why when I look at
yes, I think it's entirely possible that some fringe element of the right, I mean look, you got Portland Portland, NEO Man, they really do it is Portland is a crazy place. I would not be surprised if this was targeted, but you know what man I I I it's it's it's it's tough, because I don't want to sit here and found the lions and be like who the end is nigh everybody freak out, but at the same time I mean look. What's the logical assumption, it could just be an accident I'll, read more mayor, TED Wheeler treated. This is alarming and heartbreaking. Our deepest sympathies go out to family and friends of the victim art, Edwards treated flowers placed outside the Belle Isle Building in Northeast Portland police. A twenty three year old, Sean Keeler known as are many, was killed. Last night he was a known activist police still searching for those responsible for the bill so where they said the vehicle crashed into the building, but but where I
it was. These photos. Ask anyone with information to contact active Scott Broughton and they post the information to the Portland police and attacked every go back up, and I I would absolutely can Kerr anybody knows anything. This person needs to be brought to justice in the event that this was an accident yeah. I'm sorry, you can't fully the scene of an accident now I get it hold on the suv, was shot at they report, in which case Perez the suv driver might say it was an accident and then they started shooting at us. So we took off
Now I'm going to go ahead and get this other case, I'm going to all I'm not going to speculate on that. I'm going to say this believe. Whatever you want. Perhaps it was an accident. Perhaps it was targeted. Whoever hit this person, we need to find out who it was and they need to be brought to justice. One of the biggest problems we're facing in this country is the rapid escalation of violence, and if this turns out to be an accident, it's important we know and if it turns out to be deliberate, it's important. We know it's important. Whoever did it is. Brought to justice way to make sure we tell people. We have no tolerance for violent actions, especially some twenty three year old kid at a cidery grabbing a drink. Now I don't know what they did, this I'll be more to the story that I don't know. Perhaps these activists at something perhaps the driver did I don't know. I don't know, let's find out, let's find out. Let me look at this story. I want to take a look at this photo because they say the v, cool crashed into the building, but at least from this photo I don't see anything so maybe there's a different part of the building that got that got hit, but
I I will, I will say man. This is worrisome this this this happened. You know so here's the thing the story broke. I like three in the morning. Okay and and it broke, I'm. I think I'm organ live. That's why I sought, but I didn't see it in three. The morning I was sleeping. I wake at and at six am here I think whatever so I wake up and when I first met with the first store I saw was was nothing. It was something like shots fired S. U V and it was like. I, I didn't even think the thing about anything like literally didn't, even notice. The story for the most part like it's just like another story right later in the day they start issuing updates. The first update was that it was an activist out or or that it was an individual
inside a riot when I saw that I was like oh dude, this sounds like it's target. The first report was that the vehicle crash into a building that was it and now here we are more details- emerge anti five leaving of unknown anti fight. You know, hang out, I see the crash of the Democratic Party, so these up started coming in and- and I'm telling you this because yesterday was a day, may two videos talking about the fears of civil war. We've got Donald Trump resisting that that the impeachment demanding they hold a formal vote. We've got the Democrats saying they don't need to and they're going to subpoena people, we've got Matt, Taibbi well known, established journal. Journalists right were sent a writer of several books, contributing editor to rolling stone. This is this, is this guy is not some fringe element is a the stat. Was journalists saying that the intelligence director's staging a coup oust are duly elected president, and that was to me was shocking because type?
The last time I left, and I saw that story from a leftist. This is a day that I said: listen if Tybee is right and and and you have these political actors trying to remove Trump. It's not gonna, be a small click in Washington DC doing this they were
you'll street ramifications. On the same day, I made two videos about it. This news was was beginning to emerge. I'll, tell you what man I hope it was an accident. I hope the suv was just some drunk more on and this all turns out to be a political. Some people think it might be unrelated. Some people think it's just we'll call gang violence when these right wing and left the people are fighting is nothing to the rest of us, but I'll tell you what man I'd be willing to bet in left wing circles. They're already saying you know we know. Thank you know. We know. That's it and I'll tell you this, it doesn't matter the truth. Doesn't matter, and I hate to say it. That's a scary thought, but it's it's true. It is true
at the truth, doesn't matter it doesn't matter that I think it. It doesn't matter that you hear it. What matters is how people feel people react based on their feelings. People are going to see this and I assure you they're going to say I know what happened. I don't need to research they're, going to all the facts, they're going to know that it was a far right, NEO Nazi, whatever they're, going to blame trump, but whether or not they come out in the press and say we know. The fact is these: these far left fringe elements are going to be riled up and you're going to hear them say things like either we know it was, then we defend ourselves or they're going to say well, even if it wasn't it's a good reason why you need to be armed. This is an escalation in any any light because the act of a person was killed. This is why I'm I'm I'm bullish to an extent on some kind of you know civil war. I I I think it's probably call it like some like you know, extremist insurgency because civil war makes people just don't seem.
First, anything about warrants the most frustrating thing in the world. To me. Every time I bring this up, the response is like the average person doesn't care. The average person never cared. Okay understand this. The average person never cares, not even in the war for independence in United States. You you, you you. It was like what hi thirty percent that were in favor and like high twenties that were opposed and most people that leave us alone or the bigger faction was the leave us alone. Most people are not Democrats or Republicans. The biggest faction in this country are independents. The average person never cared. It has always been the more politically extreme elements that foment conflict and crisis. They are the belligerents, not the average person. The average person does leave me alone. I just want milk, bread and eggs, and I want to sit with my my friends and family watching the game. I
I respect that to an extent right. I do think people need to be responsible in some sense for the world around them. But when I talk about whatever this conflict, is it's it's it's? It's not this insane idea of two big armed factions marching towards each other in the street, dividing lines notes this yes Ming! This was actually someone on the fringes of the far right attacking someone on the fringes of the far left. It's going to draw everyone else into the conflict because you have the die hards, the the the crazy fringe element of which there are very few, and that includes Antifire NEO Nazis. There are very few relative to the rest of us, but it's like trickle down extremism. You'll then get run of the mill Democrats being like oh no, not see killed. You know an Antifa person and the people on the left view. Anti file is just good old activists fighting the good fight, nobody likes NEO, but you're still going to see that regular. All Democrats are going to start protecting the protecting Antifa defending them, and
That's going to result in moderates and conservatives. We call it re coiling in anger and fear. Like are you insane now? I think it's fair to say everyone can condemn this and everyone should I mean, except for the extremists, but trust me when I say look man a couple years ago. It was like a year and a half ago when I was actually it was two years ago, and I was talking with the potential for civil war. I stress every single time it will not be these big armed factions. Dividing like New York is blue in Texas, is red and now they're going to charge each other. That's insane. Ok warfare is different, but I said we will see things like this skirmish is street violence don't be surprised if, in a couple of years you see armed factions of Antifa running through the streets in the middle of the night and insurgent violence. Look in the 70s. We had the weather, underground,
happened before it can happen again. When I look at this, I'm a hammer looks like a nail right that you know they say to hammer everything looks like a nail to the average person. They have just heard a story about an suv hit and run and to them it's a regular hit and run. Maybe that's the case, but, to me this falls in line with everything I've been saying over the past few years, the escalation is going to result in street skirmishes and insurgent violence, and things like this, this is outside of a political rally. I mean I I mean outside of in the in the context of there was no political rally. Somebody was leaving a bar if this truly was an act of political file, a violent escalation, then to me it's it's it's right. In line with my confirmation bias to its what I expected to happen, I mean I slammed into the ticket seller. Let me say this: they crashed into the Democratic Party building which
a two minute walk. So I imagine that was like a block or two it's fair to say. Maybe the suv was. It was coincidental, the crashing of this building, but a two minute walk. I mean that's still, what like a block or two blocks so after they fled. That seems to not on by it. I somebody, wanted to crash into a building. We already saw somebody show up to a nice facility with with weapons they lost their life, they were trying to escalate. We've seen shots fired ice buildings. I feel like it's easy for me to look at all of the things happening in the world and I'm finding these pieces, and it could just be that out of the million circumstances that exist. There is enough for me to say. Aha, I see a pattern very well be static, but I'm just looking for those pieces. I kind of you know at the
I want to. I want to make sure I make that clear. Perhaps all of this will blow over. I was wrong about everything. It could also be that this is political escalation, but it fizzles out at some point because people can't take it anymore. But I'll tell you this man when you experience a violent act like this, the police can't stop it. They can't we're going to put in every corner. So let's know if this truly was an act of violent escalation. What's the solution, I'm sorry there isn't one. You can't call the cops before the crime takes place and, after you call the cops there minutes away now, they maybe maybe
apostle detectives find out who did this and bring to justice to prevent it from happening again but come on. We have millions of people who are angry and outraged and at any one of them. So what do you do? You can arrest that one person, but we're talking about politics here, we're talking about people who want the president removed we've even got like left wing anti war. Journalists. Now saying this is a coup against a duly elected president. Admittedly they hate the president, which is a really interesting. They say he's a terrible evil man, but this he was elected and you elected for a reason and that's the system that we have to maintain. That was amazing, see I was still struggling to see, but you've got people who want to remove the press,
You've got people who think that should not happen. What do you think comes next? I mean there's a serious question. You can come to blow. What do you think comes next because now we're seeing it politics, it started. It started culturally. It started with people in the streets at rallies, demanding free speech, anti for starting fires attacking people, but now it's happening in politics where the executive branch and the legislative branch, our our adding. Hence here we go constitutional crisis plus street violence. We'll see what happens you get the point, man I I don't know, and I don't know I'll see you guys in the next segment at one hundred pm on this channel. This tweet was published by Forbes. Why Pakistan should be on every so loaf female travellers bucket list, and there is so much wrong with that statement. Now this got ratio
and sparking outrage, mostly among moderates and conservatives, of course saying? If it is on your bucket list, it will be the last thing on your list. You can see, it was ratio frozen out, don't know the twitter world ratio means out of three thousand retweets people sharing it. Seven thousand people chimed and so here's what happens. Forbes changed the name. I'm I'm sorry change the title. It's also the title was different. Before I don't know, the title is different in the tweet. It says this popular solo, female travel vlogger thinks Pakistan. It could be the world's number one at tourism destination a very different statement. However, the point is still clear is another first article that is trying to encourage women to travel the world alone into very dangerous places. Make no mistake, you can travel the world be safe, be fine. Many people do it is not a
guarantee you will be hurt. However, there are many terrifying realities to travel the world and you must be prepared. Take my word for it here on this wall. You can't see it because the weights cropped. I have a certification from it's, it's, it's called the call it. He took a training. I mean the trainees redundant because the tea in means training, but a hostile environment and awareness training or you know, people call it different things, but basically I've been I've witnessed revolutions. I've been in countries been detained in creepy window list police buildings. They're, very serious and real dangers. I was in Morocco for conference and in the wee hours of the morning, heading back to the airport to catch my flight. The driver in this beat up old car from the 70s, with speeding blowing every stoplight and he's an
and I said I was like hey man as we're going to the airport right. He was like yeah yeah, sorry for speeding. You know. Basically, he said if we stopped kill us. The point was where we were when you stop at a red light, that's when they jump out from the sides of the streets, Gunsan. Maybe not kill you, but the guy was like you know. Don't worry, don't worry we're going to be safe and he would blow past all these lights and for me, it's kind of like hey whatever man. That's great right, 'cause. I understand the risks of traveling. Now here's the thing. You can travel the world, I don't care who you are. If you want to travel the world, you go, do it this popular solo, female travel, thanks. Pakistan could be back honey mango to Pakistan. Do you think she was apparently there for like ten months? What wise ic issue with is this uninformed the world is candy in rainbows this view of the world where you can just go like I some. I've got a bunch of stories pulled up, then I'm probably not going to show. I probably won't show them women getting attacked with acid you,
that story in Morocco, the bicycle bicyclist into Jica Stan? How many stories do we get where it's like? Hey man? Maybe you shouldn't do this now, let's be real though I also put a bunch of stories about attacks in the US tourists who come here the reality is, the world is dress. Naturally, you know first world countries and develop nation are less dangerous in many ways, they're still very dangerous areas I mean I'd, Baltimore might be one of them, dangerous areas in the western world, but you can go to the US. You go in the right place. You'll be! Ok! Imagine this imagine a tourist solo, female! decided to go check out the United States, let's say she's from New Zealand, so She chooses Baltimore you'd, be like look man, you can come to the US and it's a big place. So maybe you want to focus on states because states are pretty big. There are a lot of places you can go. Do you go to Baltimore me? Ok, let's say they chose Chicago and then inside Chicago they said they wanted to go to. I'm not going to call out of.
Chicago neighborhood selling anybody mad, but let's say they they chose a specific Southside territory we crime is in is is, is, is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. You probably question why they were doing it. You'd also probably question if it was respectful to enter this conflicted territory, gang territory or other as you probably advise them. It was a bad idea, but for some reason, when it comes to these other countries, it's like you should totally go and do it I'm going to. Let you some harsh criticism right now, not to this one. So this is this popular youtuber. Her name is EVA Zubek, hey, look man, I am. I am extremely impressed an I respect your ability to travel the Oh, you do check out her Youtube Channel. It's actually really really impressive, but I'm going to criticize her. She went to Aleppo. She went to Damascus she's gone crossing the border throughout the Middle EAST
and I think that's that's. You know so long as she knows what she's doing and she's keeping yourself safe tremendous respect. I that's actually really really impressive. I know a lot of people who travel the world and understand those risks. The issue I take is that I would never never encourage someone to do the same things as me. Like I mentioned, I have this young all. I I just the wall of Nick next Monday right, one of them is a special training program. I went through that. You know for going up us also Chicago. I felt I was kind of redundant. I thought it was funny funny, but boy I'll, tell you what man we go to this place was. It was a just a note, a little bit north of New York City like what we I think like Westchester or something and it's kind of what z- and this is big building a it was a rental- I don't think the company actually like owning the property or anything and a lot of the lessons they
us I was like do. I know I'm from the south side of Chicago man you're going to tell me how to you know what a gunshot sounds like, but it's really funny. You know. I've been in conflict zones where gun shots rang out, and- and I kid you not- these journalists will look around go those fireworks, and I tell that story all the time, but seriously happened twice. Two different journalists. I was working with in Ferguson and my response is the same. Do you see people carrying fireworks? No, do you see people carrying guns? Yes, Why would you assume it's fireworks? Now I get it. Some people are just dumb, but the point of that story is even in a circumstance where you think it would reasonably obvious people are shooting guns in random directions. People just optimism bias. They want to believe it. So while I can respect and am absolutely impressed by this woman's ability to travel
I I don't and I'll say this too. I don't wanna make it seem like she's overtly directly been everybody go ever to go. It may be forms. You know trading this kind of more. Do it go? Do it here's the thing man I will not. I will not take people with me into certain countries into certain stories. I don't care who you are what you do. If you don't know we we are not doing it. I have two stores for you. First of all, I was in Egypt. Okay, while I was in Egypt a twenty. I'm going to get the details in the storage light because it's sensitive, but it was, it was a big story and a young woman was gang assaulted, to say the least. I do know why she went down to Tucker Square by herself and I enter square is very, very different from just traveling the world in going the cities. I'll tell you what man, though,
going into Syria and a level right now, while things have improved, she went there several months ago. I think it's like okay, okay, you're gonna go now fine art. There have been, you know, controlled areas, but things have toned down quite a bit. Still if I plan a trip into a place like Syria or level even today, I will not bring you with me period. The only people who are going to come with me are going to be people with very, very extensive experience, so the first freeze the Egypt one and I had a female friend that I said absolutely not if you come here, you on your own- and I will not be there with you period and the reason for this is it was dangerous, very dangerous. We're talking about conflict. Ok, this urban conference revolution is not. The same is just going to understand that my point was. I cannot be responsible for your safety in a situation like this. They are greatly offended and I stand firm. Absolutely there are so many places. I would know
bring up bring a female, no matter what no matter what your experiences. But, however, you can come on your own, I'm not going to come. I'm just saying for me on standing the risks. I cannot. I cannot absorb a risk of that large in many of these countries. It's just a fact when we did this training, you know what they had to go through. That must go through a training where they didn't tell us. I was going to happen and I guess technically, I'm not supposed to set to help. For the training is because they want people to experience it randomly. But you know what I'm going to tell you anyway, we're riding Suv's and They told us we were going to go somewhere like it was basically like hey every
they read. Take a ride down to this. This building, we're gonna check out, looks at you. What we're gonna do this kind of training in it. They told us one thing and another on purpose, because while we were driving all of a sudden we we gets the sequence of cars on the road we stop and the guys all have a case and and other rifles, and they start yelling at us. Just saying get out, get out, get out, pull us all. The all of the vehicles throw all the men to the ground and take all the women, and then we probably heard all of the women screaming for several minutes were like, while the guys laughed about how they were taking the women. That was one of the training think that was that was some a training we went through now. I don't know that what they did to the actual women, I think they told them start screaming, but it's interesting because this was like a training for the guys I it was it was on and the guys were experiencing and the and the and the men around us with guns were laughing saying. How does that make you know? How does it make? You feel you know they're, not your women
and yeah. That's that's that that that is something they train. Now it's really interesting is there was kind of this pc moment that was rather shocking to me when someone asked if there should be considerate, like you know, and our special considerations for women than and they started in stammered like well, because of because of the threat of you can get. You can get in trouble for gender discrimination. If you say yeah women shouldn't be traveling in certain places, so this guy who's run an american company has to say no, you know it's like just you know everybody men Conex Xperience, these kinds of abuse is just like women and I'm like dude cut the pc, crap or, actually, I said nothing but like in mind right. I'm I'm I'm sitting here like they're. Making me do it. It was, is that it did they made me, do it and like insurance purposes, they're making you do it and I'm sitting there like yeah yeah yeah, I roll. I will come on dude, we know. What's in the news, I've been on ground and it was really funny to me because, like one of the guys I was at
training was a weatherman and I'm like dude I've been Egypt. Ok, I've been I've been to countries. I have seen things bro. I have seen people lose their lives. I have seen bullets fly past me and this meteorologist is trying to act all acting. All tough. Like you know, I know available. You know, you're talking about I'm laughing, I'm like dude Whatever you want to believe men. What do they say? Those that say don't know and those that no don't say I don't care man they're making me be here, but You know it's kind of shocking to me that, as part of this big pc, or if they won't tell you the truth and the truth is- and it's very obvious and I'm going to tell you if you're a man and you go traveling by yourself, you run the risk of being kidnapped or killed in many circumstances. They might not want to kill you, they might beat you up or something rob you there are things called express kidnappings where they kidnap you and then
you know you had everything over and they jumped out of the car or they make you go to an atm things like that, and it really depends on where in the world you are, but I can tell you. There is one thing that is pretty much universal, even in first world countries, and that is abuse on women. If you get what I'm trying to say right that, while sometimes can affect men, Absol totally there is there is a strong likelihood that woman traveling by herself will experience very specific kinds of torture and abuse at men won't. So this brings me to the next story: uh I I love. I gotta admit. I really do like talking talking about world travel and things like this. And the story, I pulled up following other two was adventurous alone attacked. The number of female travelers had skyrocketed, but Instagram, worthy escapades and tales of tails, tales of violence and death, raising questions about how the world is greeting women who travel alone.
Even in our own country, things are dangerous, but let me tell you another story, I'm not I'm not saying it is only women who face restrictions when it comes to travel. No, no, my absolutely will discriminate against those with no experience. That's that's all that really matters. Now. There are certain circumstances where being a woman is a factor. I'm not going to I'm not going to play games safety issues outside of this world, regardless of law. You listen man, certain countries, we know about India, for instance, come on, I'm not I! I am not going to play this game like it is equal for men and women. In these circumstances, absolutely not women will be targeted with extreme excessive. Violent slavery, and it is torturous. I tell you what man some people would rather die. Some women get sold. The other story was that I was in a press in Venezuela and they, if I sent me down with someone who I'm not trying to be mean. You know that that was a cool dude, but he had no experience in conflict.
Done like calmer, longer form documentary stuff, and here I am in venezuelan uprising- gunshots fire mall tops, and these guys that I was with literally no experience so I I I I we we were out of the chute and then once I realized what was going on said. No, we're done we're going back, and I said if you don't know how to handle yourself when bullets are flying when people are screaming, I will not be there. I will not go out there with you, because I cannot be responsible for you. The point of this video- and I I really do mean it. I've got a series of I I have all these tabs on top. You can see like the- u R, L, all all the tabs from various stories that I've been researching and many of them are extreme and we're too, and and and and graphic incidents affecting women. Men get to us like I I'm not out I'm trying to say that you know, here, a guy there is. There are certain things that you won't have to experience and it's just a sad real
There are also certain things that are potentially worse. It just depends on your opinion. I guess, would you rather be kidnapped and tortured or just killed right away? You know, men, at least in my understanding, and the training. I've gone through men are more likely be beaten, killed. Women day is a bigger risk. Their of like a life and during slavery depend on where you go so one of the stories I've pulled up, which I I I can't show you. The images is about american tourists getting attacked with acid. That's another serious consideration. So so anyway, here's the point I'm trying to make. This tweet is insanely, irresponsible, Pakistan should and every solo female travelers bucket lists. Okay, you know what I don't care if you're a seller, female traveler again, I think it's inspirational life. I tremendous respect I actually to the back. I did not inspirational itself. I have too much respect I'm impressed by this. Your your you know your ability to be aware to be smart to travel.
Successfully? Most people? Don't, okay, let me stress something to you: whenever we go to some of these countries. We did extensive security checks are at when it came to one particular country, a very dangerous, violent conflict zone. We had to figure out. If we could, pull it off and we determined ultimately that we couldn't. We just couldn't do it, and I see people traveling to these countries and it it's mind blowing. I had to get several vaccinations were, but when Oculus and whatever I don't know several shots, that was fun yeah. I got like four in one day you go to this place. They say here all the disease you're likely to get these places are dirty, filthy, dangerous,
So I went got a bunch of shots. All man that was that was that was fun. That was fun and bandages, and you know so. There's there's diseases with an added can conduct a general. You know what what what is the crime rate? What is that? What is the language? What is the perception? What do you look like So I'll make another point. You could have all this pc stuff in the United States because were relatively safe place relatively. We still have hate crimes, we still have violence based on identity and all that stuff for sure there are certain countries, you can't go to if say, you're, you're white, you look like an american or some like that. So for me I was lucky enough when I went to Egypt in that they all thought I was egyptian for one like. I guess the hat kind of looks like us with that some hats they would like. Some people tell me that it looked like a long neck. You know kind of hat. I want to be
and odd. I had long facial hair because I'm just lazy, I don't shave and it I don't necessarily look over like I'm, I'm I'm kind of a big was in some capacity. So when we were in Egypt, the guy was with who is very much a white dude from vice was like we gotta, be really really careful and all the difference were like no, not in school. Got to actually walk arounds Nasser City during our leisure to revolutionize. The city was where all the Muslim Brotherhood was out. There praying and everything. I had no problems. In fact, it's a funny story. I had one guy come up to me thinking I was an imam and he was asking me where you know the the the the the mosque was and stuff like that, and so I just I just pointed to my fixer. You know the local who speaks a in which- and he explained everything to him and he started laughing. He knows the guy thought you were like an imam. That's amazing! It is a matter if you're, male or female it matters that in certain place is there are certain, and these are at risk
I want I want to say is for me personally and it's not anybody else. I will not assume that the the the liability that you will bring, if you have no experience and if you are of a certain identity in a certain place, because the world is a dangerous place, people want to talk about how anyone can do anything else up, and it should be that way, and you know what like, when it comes to issues of employment and everything we follow the law. So, if we're going to send somebody out, you know what we do take into consideration, certain race, gender or anything in terms of hiring reporters. Absolutely not me personally. If I'm going to travel, if we're going to do a vacation or something like that, I have no problem saying no way now. Here's the big problem when we look to hire people right, I say we like me and other journalists. What legal room do we have to actually say a woman in India? Is that so
to rescue a woman and an arab spring nations during this process will be a substantial risk. Is it the choice of the woman going around fine, but then do we have to assume the the liability insurance, the the and the and the liability on the of their? Well being you know what man it's one of the most a long and complicated issues about the whole? You know, pc narrative we have in this country- is that when I was in this training they daughter and stammered over whether they could tell you that women face serious threats in various parts of the world, because it's a fact it's just a fact and man I'd I'd. I I'd be really interested to see how how this plays out I'll tell you a story about vice it was. I don't have the full details pulled up, but apparently some woman defied the instructions of vice and went to a a, I believe is in Algeria. I went to a soccer match where she got attacked. I think, is the store I could. I could be getting it wrong because been awhile, but you know Google this.
And she sued vice. And it's someone saying to me that you could you could you could go to these countries where they flat out, say women are not allowed at soccer matches? You know this, this another disappointing to make their specific things. These countries are not equal, they do not treat women fairly, and so Apparently this woman decided she was gonna, go there anyway. If I could get it wrong, I could be getting a wrong look it up and I'm not got attacked because of it and filed a suit against vice over it. And to me is just nuts I don't. I don't know how you solve for this problem in an american company is under a legal obligation not to discriminate when it comes to a job, hiring but are you seriously going to be doing a story, and you say I'll tell you this. One of the stories that we were researching outside vice was about female victims, and I was told specifically, we will not have a man. Do this, you cannot take this job. A lot. That's
nation, I totally get it's like. There's no way, I'm gonna be able to go into this room full of all these female your traffic victims and sit there and and no way to know what so we knew that there are certain stories that there were certain realities to life. Now I get it, you know it's different. If we're talking about someone they can, which is at a factory that states you can be whatever gender identity or you know, whatever we're talking to other parts of the world, we're talking about political nuance, there were a lot of things that happened, advice, particularly that was very, very centered on race and gender and identity when it came to who was good. I get to tell what story, and what do you do about it? I very well believe any one of these people could have sued for discrimination because they're telling you straight up. I've experienced the very same thing with fusion working later on when they were, they were put up preparing a big event and they said straight up your two white.
I was told that I was too white and I don't get all bent out of shape. I understood the political reality and said yeah man there's no way. I could I mean it's not true, actually thought I could do a good job and what they wanted to do, but I was like I get it. I get it So here we are in the very, very complicated reality. This complicated world, where Forbes tells every solo, female votes in your bucket list, you better go to Pakistan, ok, who be responsible for those who are injured, burned with acid beaten, kidnapped whatever and again. I think it could happen to men too. I'm just saying women experience a very particular set of violence and are more likely to be targeted for certain things me personally
You got to have the experience. There are some places I would bring a guy. There are some places I would bring a woman and I wouldn't travel anybody who didn't have the experience and didn't have situational awareness in the training. But I'll tell you this man, it's complicated and this video ended up being really really long, but I'll leave it there, because here's what I want to talk about when it comes to these laws in that state about who you can or can't discriminate against. I actually agree with them, and I've talked over and over again about why I do support these laws saying you can't discriminate. Looking we or we are a nation, and we are all members of the public who pay and, and we have, we should have equal access. But what about something like we're trying to send some I need to go. You know into this particular area where you will be killed. If you are one of these identities, is it legal then to say here's why we discriminated yes? It was absolutely based on this, because they were threatened. Honestly, I don't know, I'm not a lawyer, but I'll tell you this man.
The world is not the same as the in the world is not the US. The there there are a lot of women is excessively. Do this eve. I think what you do is really awesome I've. This video is really incredible. She went to Aleppo. I think it was amazing and bad, and I think it was awesome that, with that someone, you know, got a video from there. My bigger concern is: are they going to start telling other people to do the same thing? My bigger concern as either? Do you have security behind the scenes due to security assessments? Who do you consult with who operate your camera? Is it just you and you do this on your own, because if that's the case man, I am really worried. I am really worried. I've been around the world. Dangerous places, I think it's fantastic that she she made and into Syria and the lebanese other places, but boy man, if you, if you, if you have security behind the scenes, that and and and and it hasn't been disclosed- I'm not saying it has or hasn't like the middle. I don't go to the article, so I'm not I'm not trying to give you anything if you do have security and do can consultation an assessment. I I I seriously do hope you,
you present that and tell people I have traveled to places without security assessments and it was extremely risky and dangerous. I ended up in a car a car with a with a bunch of dudes who had money and then started threatening. I'm sorry had had guns and are threatening us. It just did these things happen man and we it it's Comcast or I can't. I can't get too much into it, because the potential security risks but yeah we got, we got, we got. We got shut down by some dude with a bunch of crazy guy, and so we are. We made our way out. We we we we, we did start vehicle, we get a security assessment. I was in Venezuela, I was the right now is forced to flee the country. All of these instances we have security and we have assessments to figure out the safest way to go about traveling and now, with all of these stories, I feel like there is a trend among millennials to think the world is just all safe and everyone is nice and you can go and do whatever you want, and you can't you can't. I'm done next segment coming up at four hundred pm on the main channel youtube dot com. Slash TIM Cast is a different channel. I'll see you there. What do you get when you take one of the most pre?
Glitched and wealthiest generations an raise them on a strict diet of making sure they never experience any hardship. You get young people who are petitioning the government to allow them to die because they can't handle their unbearable mental pain. So there's a story from the daily from the daily daily mail, the clever, attractive and physically healthy woman. Who is fighting for the right today at twenty three, because she has played by mental health problems and crippling shyness. So I read through this story and I'll tell you what you suffering from she's just awkward, that's it and it's too painful for her to bear. You know I read through this and I thought there are people who really do want to take their lives for similar things, and they do, and there are a lot of people who grin and bear it? I'm not I'm not saying everyone, Canada, everyone should I'm just saying we are now at a point where there is a young woman who is fine talking about her mental anguish and one of the one of the things
She talks about it that she invited friends over for a sleepover and they didn't come so she wants to die because it hurts wow our generation has become so privileged. We now risk young people just deciding not to live anymore, because life is too hard. This is what happens when you have bad parents when your parents don't like teach you what it means to be a life form to struggle to survive, to live and understand. To be grateful. Listen when I was younger. Things are pretty rough as I get older things slowly improve, but what happen is when your life is inverted and everything is perfect and you experience no hardship. Well, reality is when you get older. Everything can only get worse and when you have young people who grew up on this wealth, access to the summation of knowledge, not look and I understand that people living in poverty, but seriously, can we compare poverty to poverty. Fifty years ago, like people used to not be able to fly in planes 'cause, it was too expensive was prohibited.
Expensive. Now everyone's got a refrigerator air conditioning and got a smartphone, and even the poor people have smartphones and access to the internet. So I get it already still exists, but that's because what is poverty? It changes right that the same goes that a homeless person today has better access to medical care. Then Rockefeller did at the turn of the century. You can be the richest person in the world, but technology improves lives. So here's what happens when you grow up and everything is perfect and you play video games all day and every single time. No problem, your parents take care of it. Your teachers met your parents, your parent takes care of it. What happens when your adult living on your own and you go outside and try to make a friend with somebody you're awkward and it's painful you can't handle the rejection. This is this is the reality. In my opinion, it's the future of the honorable mention or the participation award generation there told that speech is violence and that you know hate must be
band and then you end up with people just saying it's too painful, please I want to die, listen man. There are people who truly suffer from depression, mental anguish and I respect and understand, all that, but that's not what she's describing When someone has serious medical depression like there is an imbalance in their brain and they struggle- and they know they shouldn't be said, they can't do anything about and they try it. We made medication for that. We've made treatments, some people disagree, I get it, but it works for a lot of people, Then there are people who are just so overly sensitive because they had bad parents that their their shyness result in them experiencing mental anguish well through the Sorry, maybe I'm wrong, ok and jump in there, with the assumption that will read the story about the clever attractive twenty three year old. They say
Kelly is twenty three years old. She is a bright and thoughtful young woman with an attractive smile that flits across her face. Occasionally, as we spend several hours discussing her background, her family and her short life with their long tussle, uhd, chestnut, hair and short red dress, she looks like many of the fifty thousand cheerful students who throng the bustling belgian city of Luvin. Holla much of the country's biggest university. If there's a big difference for this friendly woman sitting on the sofa beside me, someone younger than both of my own children is telling me an anguished tale of deep personal torment. When I look in the mirror, I see a monster, just at one point, although dark rings around her eyes, are the only outward sign of her struggles. I really don't like what I see okay hold on. Are you? Are you saying that you have some kind of like body dysmorphia that you you have a disconnect between who you are and what you'd like to be? Let's figure! That's, let's, let's work to this
she has her boyfriend here and, interestingly, when I saw this and I thought it said that she had a boyfriend, someone who's. Forty four, I thought: how does this work if she wants to die? What is your boyfriend think it turns out. Her boyfriend also wants to die. It's interesting because listen, I understand people can be suicidal, but we actively try to prevent suicide right. We we have programs that someone else was. I know you called us to try to stop it. We'll have a program in Belgium where you can actually just call the government and get approval to end your own life. No, it's complicated it it because I I I I I see a few things for one: it's your life. No one can tell you what you can or can't do right and in a lot of ways, I'm actually in favor of these laws, so you've got somebody who is terminally ill or is very old and and crippled and ends, and you know, talk to a certain extent.
Well, I think it makes sense and if you decide it's your time to go and and if we keep inventing new technologies that can just prolong your suffering at a certain point, it should be your choice to take. You take off the machinery in this instance. It's not the case, she's healthy she's alive, so so so what what are the options just die? Well, what about some kind of medication treatment therapy? What can we do? She talked, about how she doesn't like what you looked in the mirror's read more such words do not seem to match the person speaking them, but Kelly is plagued by mental health problems that she describes as being like a knife plunged in her chest, and we are meeting to discuss her determination to die. It won't hurt. So I don't see the problem. It's like going to sleep, yeah, Adam and almost every place in the planet. This would be a huge problem, but Belgium is one of three countries that permit permit such euthanasia, making no distinction between unbearable physical and mental pain.
The other. Two are HOLLAND and Luxembourg yeah, even in Belgium, which seventeen years ago became the world second country to sanction euthanasia and the first to legalize it for children, psych psychiatric cases remained Controverse, especially when they involve someone as young as Kelly Mental Health. Mental health patients account for about three percent of the seventeen thousand people killed. Since the law was changed in this country of eleven million citizens, there were two thousand three hundred and seven deaths. Last year, ten times as many as the first year, euthanasia was legal in Belgium and most involved elderly elderly people. Many psychiatrists an most Belgians oppose extension of euthanasia to mental health cases. Some experts argue diagnosis is subjective, unlike severe, physical illness and insist the lives of distressed younger patients can improve with time therapy and medication. You know remind me of Futurama where they have suicide booths and you can just walk in and you just fry things to phone booth, and he goes in
but I think about a society in which they just don't care anymore. They say you know what fine go in the booth and hit the button. You're done, we don't care. And that's a strange future. I gotta admit because you don't know when I read about people who say jump off the Golden Gate Break bridge. You know what they invariably say that the most They decided to end their life, they realized it was a mistake and wanted to live as they were falling in those who survive. That's what they tell us. So I think about this. Someone who is so determined Welch be thinking the same thing. When you sit on the table and seeing the chemicals or, however, they do it going into her veins. She it's a? No stop. Please no stop! Maybe that's something these people need to have a wake up call. Maybe there's like a placebo treatment. To see how they truly respond to it and they do it in secret. I have no idea They say it feels like discrimination. She feels like it's just asian because they won't allow her to die. So young people look
me and they see someone so young, but I feel bad inside all the time. It is not the age that is important. The suffering of the person, this woman so open and yet obviously troubled highlights the complexity of the issue. So there is a little bit. Let me find this this. This important points out. Her shot a crippling shyness, they say and then it where they at where they find the sleepover thing. I here we go. I asked if she had ever been to a party. Yes, I went once and it was awful your plight. She tried asking a few friends to house for a sleepover around the same time when she was sixteen, but only one came so I felt rebuffed. Are these seriously the problems she's highlighting? She says it feels like physical pain. Yes, emotional pain can feel, can give you a physical response. I'm sorry, I understand it may be innocent of depression, but this really does seem to me. Ok, so they're going to say that she's attempted suicide, just eating disorders, self harm, etc. I get all that, but what you did,
I think seems to me like complete, just frailty and weakness. You know some. I, like I like when you look at these activists to demand words be censored. They can't handle someone having saying and I'm not a joke or not. He works that seems to me, like they are so fragile and weak, that a word cause them to fate and then feel physical pain yeah when you're younger- and you don't experience these things, you don't develop a strength to combat against it and we developed a very, very weak and for L, society, I'm worried about this trend. You know, perhaps she really does have a diagnosable mental illness, but what solution, then be for twenty three year old to be euthanized. Can't we provide her with the pain killer. It's true that painkillers app actually can help
reduce emotional pain, at least they read what I read, but I'm going to say this whether or not I'm right about this particular case. I will say I believe it's very likely that there are going to be many more cases like this, of young people who have had every obstacle plot in front of them and then once they're adults and have to take care of themselves. They're going to hear mean words they're going to hear mean things they're not going to know where to get their food they're not going to know how to hold a job and they are going to fall apart and think everything is awful because relatively it is, you spend your childhood surrounded by a fortress that protects you with everything you could ever ask for. What do you think you're going to feel like when you're older, going to fight for yourself you're going to be like? Oh my god, this is the worst thing I've ever experienced thing, but the inverse for me. I'm grateful for everything, because I've experienced hardship when I was younger and I grew up and said wow man. Everything I have now is so great. Everything is perfect because I've been homeless. So I don't know her circumstances, but I think if parents don't teach their kids hardship,
if their kids don't have to learn how to survive, they will grow up frail. We can terrified I'll leave it there. Let me know what you think. Maybe I'm wrong. I've got a couple more segments coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly now that we are well beyond opening weekend. We're going to get more into the politics of Joker, and the big takeaway here is that, after all of the fake news about Joker being an Incel movie, the left is fine play starting to realize what the movie is really about, and there I sing it why the guardian, writes Joker, isn't an ode to the far right. It's a warning against austerity. It took you this long to realize it. Perhaps those that were I all the stories about in were lying to you and I don't know why perhaps it Is it a mob mentality right this film joker, which I think is fantastic, amazing and and spoiler warning for those that haven't seen it spoiler warning stay tuned? You have yet one of the
or in Venice, stand at eight minute standing ovation. It was critically acclaimed before it came out, but then all of a sudden on the over on this side of the planet. Toronto, film Festival, they started saying it was an insult movie- was dangerous to inspire mass violence. All of these things absurd. You know what I think happened. I've talked about this phenomenon before what here's? What happens in media when Trump emerges, someone says, is Trump being racist and some million views and they go. We got a million views. What we do when we can't right same story twice right. Trump is a racist and the next story right now: Trump is the worst racist and Trump is almost as bad as Hitler and then Trumper it and then Trump Trump are and then trump is as bad and then Trump is worse than you see where it goes. So here's what I think happened with Joker the movie, is seen by some critics and one
and says don't be in cells or whatever, like Joker 'cause. They use that clown meme, oh man, and so they write it up. They write up this blog and they say the joke or is you know, had some incel undertones, someone else is that an says: woo, they got a bunch of views. I want those views. Joker is an incel movie, woo MA seriously. Think about how it escalated. Jokers Is that in you know it could be seen by incels? Oh, it's before incels he's a hero to the white underclass that created Trump and then finally they're going to inspire violence. That's the x, that's where they ended. They chase themselves off a cliff in reality. The movie is about a dude is mentally ill and there is a scene where a woman of color tells him you don't matter. They don't care about you and they don't care about me either, and he says how am I going to get my med, patient- I don't know- and then later on he's got some dudes at his apartment, guys he doesn't like one guy. He likes and
he's got this twitter look on his face and they were like. Are you taking your meds? and he goes no. That was a huge point of the movie. The wealth inequality was part was the protests that the austerity shutting down his treatment and not giving his medication and then he'd snapped and he murdered people and their now realizing it. You know what man the media is a sick twisted beast. They lie, I they live a lie and finally they go wait a minute, so this person actually can can get some respect to this. This MIKE up, who trekked who's looking, is only going once. How could anybody get that from this? Thank you. I certainly didn't. Let's read Joker is in and out of the far right, it's a warning against austerity, midway through a screen of Joker this week. In a Chicago theater I leaned over to a friend seated next to me and whispered. Is this the same movie that everyone has been talking about? That's exactly what I thought. That is exactly how I felt when I watched this film is like what
one guys holding up a sign, saying Thomas Wayne's of Fascists. That is what's, and he was the guy with the white clown masks. I ask because I was witnessing on screen. I ask because what I was witnessing on screen. Bore little resemblance to the to angry young white in cell nine. They had heard so much about media coverage of Joker living up to its release. Instead of we got a fairly straightforward condemnation of american austerity, how it leaves the vulnerable to suffer without the resources they need and the horrific consequences for the rest of society that can result yeah. Yes, if there is anything to take away it's that Joker is not political, that that the individual was a nihilist and he felt validated when people latched on to something he did and because it made him feel validated and justified his experience. He he well with it. He went within painters face and he went with it. It made him happy. He liked being noticed, that's about it.
The messages so blunt that even I, a marxist and philistine, found its message a bit too clobbering. Thank you. How mainstream commentators have missed it and run the exact opposite conclusion is baffling, maybe because they were lying for clicks. Maybe when CNN wrote that story saying Joker is an ode to the trumpian world, he is Trump himself dancing on that car. I was like what the Joker sing in the car was surrounded by anti austerity wealth inequality, protesters dressed like Antifa, in which a previously a guy holding up a sign accusing Thomas Wayne of being a fascist, and then somebody went and killed. Thomas Wayne are you nuts? They called that guy Trump yeah, this person can see it Arthur Fleck. The party connect, an eventual joker, is a poor young white, mentally ill man who works as a clown and seems to enjoy it
in the films opening scene. He is beaten up by a rowdy group of group of teenagers, some of whom appear to be teens of color. Watching this opening. I thought here it is in this very first scene: teenagers running wild in the streets of New York, a classic right wing trope in American Cinema, depicting a society and its racialized underclass in, Particular that is out of control will soon be told that needs to be reined in by some old fashioned lawn order and cracking of skulls in a locker room of the clown agency. When a coworker called the teens animals and Savages Arthur explicitly rejects de humanizing teens they're, just kids, he responds Bruce, is visible on his body, a body for which Walking Phoenix lost fifteen pounds fifty two pounds added filming with a disturbingly protruding spine and ribs that is physically ravaged by the austerity racked society Arthur lives in
wasting away in front of our eyes. He defends his assailants an rejects his coworkers racist epithets. Yes, that's a little too far to the left. In my opinion, like you're, taking a little on your interpretation condom, animals are savages, can apply to anybody of any race, but the fact that it's not about race, okay, it's not it was just kids. It doesn't happen to be that some of the more kids of color- and he says- they're just kids bone. They are just kids and that they are. They want to play this off. Listen man, one article gets a million clicks. They push the fake news
of all over and over again because they want it to happen. They want the violence, it is traffic. They love Trump, they love the Trump Bob calling Joker Trump. Please absolutely not. That is absurd. Since critics depicted this film as a this is a film for the right who's. Overtly racist views are well known. I expected the depictions of characters of color be bigoted, but, interestingly, almost all the violence eventually meets out, as he sinks deeper and deeper into a full blown break down. Save for the movie's final scene, at which point Joker is nihilistic or tell his full fully blossomed now want on it. I wanted, and it is it's against white men, many of them wealthy. Yes, the people who get killed are wealthy white man. How insane were these stories, Thomas Wayne due to that scene, when the guy walks up and says you, okay, spoilers, I
Aren't you, but that scene on the set of the tv show with Murray, and he he tells the joke. What do you get when you cross? You know mentally ill man, you take his medication, you get what you effing deserve and then Bang Hoodie kill wealthy white guy telling him you. Don't you don't know you know, and then are they saying you don't know how we live and what happens next? Okay, the first, the three guys you get killed on the train: White Wall, street dudes, white, male white, males, tv host, white, male and finally, Thomas Wayne, white male and that dude in the mask repeats with the Joker send the tv, hey, hey Wayne, and you get what you deserve bank all that was, that was powerful men, our phone. Well, the and everything came together. It was really really well done. My mind was blown. I was sitting there the last few minutes and then we just like wow,
and how do you walk away from that thinking? It was a far right in cell movie that he goes and kills white males. You think that's something that a conservative going to right now notes and it's exactly this person realized he defines the kids they're, just kids right and he goes after. The rich Duggar was a nihilist Jokerit in Cal Thomas Wayne right, but in the end he loves that people validated him, and so he just he he's like he's like a person who knows the shock well well: well get attention! That's what it's all about! That's what you know what, if I could compare anyone or anything to the Joker? It's the media companies themselves. It's CNN! The nihilistic drive for attention and validation. That will say anything and do anything for those clicks. A passing interaction with a neighbor, a single black mother who lives on his floor leads to a disturbing and delusional romantic obsession with her, and he goes yeah yeah yeah But in the end all he does is when he goes into our house and then she says, leave because there's no
there is no racism. Bigotry just leaves nothing. In sell their. Likewise, in a scene, Political message was so blunt that could have appeared in a mid SEM, very stalinist propaganda, film, his social worker and counselor, another black woman with whom he has a tense, but clearly significant relationship is forced to tell him that due to recent budget cuts, their office would be shutting down. Arthur asks or where he's going to get his medication. She has no answer for him. They don't give an s about people like you Arthur. She tells him referring to those who cut the budget and they don't give an s about people like me. Either. The black female public public sector worker is telling the White male public service user, that their interests are intertwined against the wealthy billionaire class and their political lackeys who are slashing public services across
show and gender boundaries. The two have a common class enemy. Thank you. That's exactly what I saw listen. I don't think we need to ascribe these grandiose political messages to the film it may have just been that they have a big big cast. This woman. It wasn't meant to be anything in particular, but the point I want to make is how these people walked away with this install narrative, when you actually have a scene that this marxist is and could have been a stalinist propaganda, film of a black woman telling a white man we have a common enemy and it's like the handshake. It's like the DSA handshake. You get it across gender and racial lines. They don't care about us my mind. You know what man the movie was fantastic. I'm going to wrap this up. I do I do. I do always try to keep this short. You guys know that check this out. Joker stays on top with a fifty five million dollar. Second weekend. The movie was amazing, it was,
hazing, you know all of these things are happening and it does kind of feel little slow in the beginning a little bit. But it's like interesting. It's because I'm I never felt bored or angry? I was like you just watching this man live and then things start coming together, but boy I'll tell you what it's started: spending up so fast. In the end, when all of a sudden the pieces fall into place about Batman, Thomas Wayne, Joker how it has so good I'll leave it there. Thanks for hanging out sticker out, stick around. I gotta couple more segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Well. She said it again where she did slaves, as Democrats have discussed, detaining White House officials who don't testify- and this is not from that video in the past is actually another story, apparently interview. She said yup. This is just the first little highlight, because what I really want to talk about is this story about Beto O'Rourke, but I highlight that one as well, because I want to show you that the extreme position we're in and bring
So you see how we're getting to the crux that point where they're actually take action, but this is the big story about Democrats, just sabotaging everything and bring it to the ground. If there is one person in the democratic side that I believe is true The evil- and I and I and I- and I don't see I I I I don't use that word lightly- I will stress Again- Beto O'Rourke, I believe, is an evil human being look at the story. Democrats are going to regret, Beto stance on conservative churches. The candidate seems to realize that eliminate ing tax exemptions for certain religious institutions would be catastrophic. Let me tell you why I think made all work is evil. He is, will to do anything and say anything and burn everything down around him to get what he wants so that it can. Stay in the light a little bit longer. He is the worst type of weaselly individual self centered narcissistic egotist. Who just wants everything to be about him? to the point where you will espouse such extremist and insane positions to make sure the camera
pointed his face. I'll tell you what man reminds me of somebody else in a certain way, someone like Donald Trump, but I truly believe, Beto is worse. I really do. I really really do. I think Trump is Boris. I think, is a braggart. I think he's arrogant in a lot of ways, but I do think that Trump is concerned about making sure maintains a a a certain level of respect and love from from from the population like I, I think Trump is the kind of person that wants his name up on on the top that building, because he wants everyone to really love him, and that means Trump is willing to bow down on the Democrats absolutely there, but in This is where he he actually entertained certain gun restrictions that had the NRA and the conservative and Trump has done bipartisan deals, because at the end of the day I think Trump wants to be validated Beto O'Rourke just wants the camera pointed at his face. So there's a difference. Trump
yes, somebody with a bad attitude Beto, I see a somebody who knows he's burning it down and he's laughing because the cameras on its face, because you can see him at all, he wants I'll put it this way. You could even argue that Trump may be driven by the same motives of someone like Beto, but because they don't doesn't have the spotlight he's willing to burn everything down to get it. Everything and anything beta O'Rourke has said tear down this border wall. The what ok listen you want to argue that it's too expensive to erect border fencing, I'm listening, but why would you spend money to tear down the wall that already exists? He's talking about alpha El Paso? It's because he just just say: whatever is shocking enough to get on tv and yeah Trump did similar
it's always accused of at least but in the end there there's there's a limit. I guess- and I think the limit is Trump didn't destroy. The republican party Trump won it over and reinvigorated it with new voters taking Chris. I'm all you want to bet, on the other hand, is destroying everything he wants to ban outright. All guns, like basically all guns up I'll turn on hyperbole Beto. What he's proposing with his with with his band would not just be a r for
teens. It would be almost all semi automatic weapons, including handguns Beto, now is saying he wants to remove tax exemptions from churches that don't believe in same sex. Marriage does beta not understand that many Democrats are Christians, that many people in the black community and the latino community are Christians who believe in the rights of their church in the separation of church and state and then, if their church wants to, it, doesn't want to believe certain things. That's the churches. Business Beto O'Rourke repeatedly pushes extremist positions that are so detrimental that they repeatedly slammed on by Democrats when he talked about Ar Fifteens Democrats came out saying beta or
comments will haunt us for decades to come, and this will too, I read the story. The can, it seems not to real, are either the issue of gay rights and recognition, and acceptance of the Lgbtq community has moved at warp speed in political terms anyway, this past decade. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, and I am not in favor of gay marriage to the candidate Barack Obama, into
as an eight. At Thursday night's nationally televised forum on LGBT Q rights, candidate, Beto O'Rourke showed how far and how quickly the Democratic Party has moved. The former Texas congressman caused quite a stir when he said he would support revoking the tax exempt status of religious institutions, colleges, churches and charities if they oppose same sex marriage, though his sweet. Yes, in response to the scene and moderator dominance, question received an enthusiastic response from his from the LA audience. Much of America, including those in blue hued states, might see troubling ramifications of this that go well beyond all Rourke's applause line. He just wants attention.
He just wants the camera on his face. I don't even think he wants to be President he's just addicted to all of that attention from the celebrities he got. He was a nobody and then he was somebody and they took it all away and it hurt. I know it hurt Beto after all, that media dried up when you lost the Senate race in Texas. What could you do accept? Go insane and start pushing some of the most absurd, an extremist policies, I'll tell you what man
What made us that, right there pandering to a group of people who already have your vote, they're, not going to go vote for moderate or for a for a Republican. But what do you think just happens to all those moderate, moderate, moderate house districts, those democrat difference? They want. They want twenty eighteen, even though Trump will buy one in twenty. Sixteen, they heard you and they just got scared. You are insane you don't care about what they need. You will be a bad leader and you are catering to a small group of people against others. You are vowing to punish people instead of supporting people. This is where things get truly insane. For me, my thoughts have always then that at a at a law level, the law should be equal. The rights of same sex marriage should be identical in every way to heterosexual couples. There,
People talk about civil unions and why marriage shouldn't, you know should be included. You know shouldn't be mandated or whatever I talk about how marriage Abraham institution, will stop you right there so long as we have the intertwining of the e a branik institution that is, marriage who or else we want to bring it down to its its general. You know a term coupling which exist in other areas. We say that marriage happens in a church. It's a it's a private institution. It is tied to government law, tax, etcetera, so we can so an initially there was. This does divide. You know. People, like Obama, said I believe in civil unions and the idea.
There was to separate church and state. You can't tell a church what they can. You know who they can or cannot marry what they believe. The problem is it's not so much about what they believe, but what hits tax law. So, in my opinion, yes, marriage needs to be equal because the constitution look life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, equality under the law, it you know, and if people want to do something in their own homes, their own lodging who they love, they should. But it was a problem, then, when Houston threatens you threatened to revoke tax exempt status from his religious institutions, because not a threatening to punish those who refused to bend the knee to what you you want them to believe or do even if it violates the core of there being but challenge here and the difference between this and my opinion on say like whether or not a baker should make a cake. Is that a religious institution It is literally the house of that religion and you can get married in a courtroom. Now I understand a lot of people.
I think they should be deserving of the same ceremony, but that's between you and that particular church. If a church doesn't want to do something, it is a church. There is a difference between an institution that is about your existence, your belief in your philosophy and what you can make someone else do versus another store that relies on public infrastructure. You pay into it. Complicated, but I'll tell you this. I churches support there. There is a there is a troubling overlap in under ten young man absolutely, and I think it's a hard argument to to actually present. If a church is using public infrastructure, we can make the same argument. Bakery uses public infrastructure. Therefore, if the tax is going to supporting it, you should be able to get your service down there right. You have to make a cake. Essentially you have the argument that same is true for church, if they're, using sidewalks and infrastructure etc. I think there's a really good argument to be made about removing tax exemption status from religious institutions, and I also want to make sure I push back.
On all of the religious institutions that are politicking? Yes, there are churches that have signed that talk about Trump and conservatives and supporting politics, no dice. You can't do that. You shouldn't be allowed to do that. It should be separate on purpose, and that means if a church decides what they they they are or aren't going to support something we should be stepping in and threatening them to take away their tax exempt status because they choose to believe something. There is the line right, a business isn't about what you believe a business about making cakes. I understand the argument that a baker shouldn't have to do if you want to. I do. I agree for the most part now going to that that the Colorado case I wanna make sure I make it clear that Roy's gets a. You know angry about it. This was an instance where he was actually saying. I will make you a cake. I just will customize it and that's trick your issue. He ended up winning in the end. Let's put it this way. You have a body shop, they make brownies if you walk in as a get out no brownies for you, okay well hold on right.
You can't do that. I understand the issue. However, if you say I want brownies to read this like imagine. If somebody went in to a a you know it okay, neighborhood and what Baker and demanded they write, something from Leviticus yeah they probably back. I'm not writing that it's like well, you have no choice, my religious freedom. Where does the argument stop? In this instance? I think you know what for the most part, it's I don't can skip. Don't consider your speech. I know it's your art, but you're right, your cake shop, not a speech, factory or philosophy factory churches are different. Churches are places places of worship where people hold fundamental truths about about their existence. If you so so, and it's it's similar. My argument of the vaccine thing like the government should mandate vaccines, but you should get vaccinated and if you want to go to a public you know, building and and and like a school whatever they should be allowed to say you got to get back right in terms of a bakery. It's different.
So anyway, I don't want to get like. I hope you get the point. I don't wanna keep repeating myself. The point is, however, what made out rock is proposing is punishing institutions who refused to band to what they believe the churches are literally about going to a place where you can express what you believe with others is very different from going to a bakery and we have tax exempt status for a reason. So I'll leave this with two points The main point I wanna make yours at bay. Don't rock is burning everything down for his own personal gain, so we can get fifteen more minutes. It's disgusting. The other point is, he is proposing punishing places of worship for refusing to believe things that don't believe it makes no sense. He can't do that Churches are not businesses for the most part, and I will also end with one more point. We want to be consistent. Churches should not be politicking and supporting politicians period and their churches that do it. I think, if you want to propose start pushing your political ideology,
What I mean to say is if the church is go around saying, go vote for this person, I'm gonna! Stop you right there. If you want to talk about what you believe want to perform services and ceremonies based on what you believe I'll means going to it. If you want to start pushing politics. Well, that's when you cross the line and even in non profit in the nonprofit world, you can't do the five. Oh one c threes can't do that five, once the force can and five one two three is a tax exempt five once the force are not is the roles we all play by me to keep it consistent, but they don't work doesn't mean anything. I don't believe them. I believe he is a twisted. Individual just wants to be on tv, and that's he's hurting Democrats, bad I'll leave it there I'll see you guys tomorrow at one thousand am podcast at six hundred and thirty pm. Thanks for hanging out I'll, see you next time.
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