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Trump Makes HISTORY AGAIN, Signs Peace Deal ENDING Sudan Israel War, Trump MUST WIN REELECTION


Now his fourth historic peace agreement Trump is proving to be one of the greatest presidents on foreign policy in recent history.Under Obama and Joe Biden we got 8 years of unbroken war. In fact the Obama/Biden administration got us entangled in more war.Trump is on track to bring peace to the middle east and must be allowed to continue his efforts. Te normalization of relations between these countries is one of the most inspiring and hopeful things we have seen in decades.Under Democrats and Biden we risk more foreign entanglements and conflict.

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Donald Trump, is still coming off of an excellent debate performance, although many Paul say he didn't when there's a lot of people say needed a really really great job, he was controlled undecided. Voters and sample said he was controlled and Biden was vague on, I think, was a really great night for the president, notably when Joe Biden said that he wanted to transition off of fossil fuels. Yes, when asked, if you would shut down the oil industry, that to me, was a death blow to his campaign. I would be surprised if he went to this point when you add digress coming off of all of that from last night and is booming. Press Donald Trump has announced another historic peace agreement in North Africa and the Middle EAST, this time, Sudan and Israel. Now, most of you know, if you follow my content, I might might my videos. I feel that foreign policy is extremely important. I want peace, not war under the Obama years we got more war,
and they handed off these conflicts and this crime, these crises to Donald Trump and under tromp. I can now say in the past couple of years he has done a tremendous job of bringing about peace agreements. Of course, the cynical press views these peace agreements as just cynical and transactional, and I personally take offence to that cause. Listen here. How you get it done, Donald Trump is getting done. Many of these countries said they would never recognise Israel, and now Sudan is on board and tromp has announced five more countries want to get on board with normalizing relations with Israel, I'm just going to say it at this pace if tromp gets another for you, Heaven help us. We might actually see peace in the Middle EAST. That, for me, is. Is it an excellent reason to support Donald Trump? and if we look back at the Obama years is a really great reason not to support Joe Biden. Peace
in the Middle EAST is something we should all be excited about now: world peace. That would be fantastic, but listen. If you don't care about foreign policy. This means that we can start to work too, free up resources that normally we spend overseas back here at home. So now we can start doing things like an old fixing, flints pipes, which desperately need to be fixed people. Getting we'll all my we wee wee waste overseas. We shouldn't be the world police. Perhaps we should be the world mediator the world diplomat and do what Donald Trump has done with now, I think is what fourth historic peace agreement. Just after this debate and only about a week and a half before election day with fifty million or so votes already cast. I hope people recognise why that is so important and I'm gonna tell you what scares me about Joe Biden and article from twenty seventeen.
Biden was the vice president under Obama. They gave us more war. This is one of the most important issues for me. Let's read the story before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome: slash, don't it if you'd like to support my work, there are many ways can give. The best thing you can do is share this video seriously. History is being made right now. It's incredible in a generation or to or generations people will look back on history and say this was the day these were the days. This was the period, although we are facing great power, strife. We had a leader who is working towards peace agreements. I hope they stand. That's why it's important people know about this and also support my channel so forget to like subscribe. Had the notification bow, and maybe this is important information people should know about just before the election. Why should you support Donald Trump for all his faults? I will take peace in the Middle EAST? Please I don't.
an invite and will not deliver that lets, read the story from vocs dot com. The- U S, just brokered another peace deal for Israel, this time with Sudan and its or it looks like the deal, is really a trade where the? U S, give Sudan financial help in exchange for recognising Israel? Well, it sounds like. If that's the case, that's all it is. Then? U S foreign policy, worked at least in terms of sanctions. Hey you, dont, want at peace. Will then we're gonna put sanctions on you, weren't a restrict trade and then finally said: ok, ok, we relent. We want peace and that then it worked. It's a good thing, let's be positive about it. Vocs as president I'll drop announced Roddy. That suit and has become the third country to normalize relations with Israel during the Trump administration. underscoring how the president's diplomatic efforts in the Middle EAST may prove to be the most significant foreign policy achievement of his first term, I mean, in my opinion the most significant achievement. I know the economy was really really great, but I think we need world peace.
I really do look it's really great when the american people do well. You know secure your own oxygen mass before securing the mask of those next you, but I think we want this planet to succeed and we can do that by being strong and well well off. It gives us the opportunity, by protecting America and its interests its it, that the working class, our jobs it gives us The ability to make these negotiations trump along with leaders of Israel and Sudan proclaimed a new agreement during a Friday call quote. The state of Israel and the Republic of Sudan have agreed to make peace. Tromp told reporters in the oval office is rarely prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, praise tromp on the phone for the outcome, saying we are expanding the circle of peace so rapidly with your leadership. Trump responded. There are many, many more coming if, if Saudi Arabia gets on vote given by
I'm sorry! If a bigger and more with this talk about, while the statement by the nations three leaders released by the White House provided more details, the leaders they didn't normalization of relations between Sudan and Israel and to the end of the state of let Europe between their nations, it reads in return: the United States will. EC steps to restore Sudan, sovereign immunity and to engage international partners to reduce Sudan's debt burdens. Furthermore, the United States and Israel also committed to working with their partners to support People of Sudan and strengthening their democracy, improving food security, countering terrorism and extremism and tapping into their economic potential and its core than the deal looks like a trade.
Where the? U S in Israel, gives Sudan financial support in exchange for diplomatic, normalization, hey I'll, take it that's the point right. We do a trade deal with you. We stop fighting. We all make money, we do better. Listen. People in Sudan need food right. Let's get him the food, they need an exchange. We ask that you stop the aggression that we stop fighting, that's fantastic, isn't it I mean least I'd think so. We have a joint statement from United States, the Republic of Sudan and the state of Israel. President Donald J Trump sudanese chairman of Sovereignty Council Abdel Feta Albert
Sudanese, Prime Minister Abdullah Hum Duck and israeli prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu spoke today to discuss Sudan's historic progress towards democracy and opportunities to advance peace in the region. They stork I'm skipping through the article of the letter of the end. These this historic agreement is a testament to the bold and visionary approach of the four leaders by Mr Netanyahu, Chairman Alber Han and Prime Minister Hum Doc, express their appreciation for doubt for President Trump Forest, pragmatic and unique approach to ending old conflict and building a future of peace and opportunity for all p. of the region, I am impressed, I am. I am a static. I lived through the Bush years. The Obama years Trump has really really done a good job on this, my utmost respect to the president for the efforts he has taken with with North Korea, with with many other with with with many countries, especially here in these peace agreements, when they want to call Donald Trump Affair,
just in case, but the president. That is more concerned about his own people and is bringing about peace, and other regions seems to be the opposite of what we got from the fascists of of old back in world war. To these people were all about conquest and taking Donald Trump is bringing peace and offering food security encounter terror. I'm very very happy about this is some of the biggest. You know what man look: Tromp has Bahrain the United Arab Emirates now Sudan and he has the Kosovo sir. The ideal. This is absolutely incredible. Innocent follows Trump Administration broker deals between Israel and the USA in August in Bahrain. Last month before, before that the last peace deal Israel struck with an our country, was with Jordan in ninety ninety four Adam and Then Egypt and nineteen, seventy nine, but the deal with Sudan has argued, arguably more significant than you ate ye and Bahrain weren't at war with Israel when they signed their agreements
Dan and Israel work. That means, while the first packs were normalization deals. This one with Sudan could potentially be described more accurately as a piece. Oh, I am so overwhelmed with with hope and joy. And I want to see more this if, if, if I tell you this call, it cynical call, what have you want if tromp is this mustache twirling villain and in his office, saying? Ah I know how will get the american people to vote for me I'll bring about peace in the Middle EAST arms like oh? No, yet, oh, oh, oh geez drop. You ve convinced me to vote for you, I don't viewed. Cynical, maybe Trop waited to the last minute these past few months to sign off on these deals, dont care, I'm glad it's fresh in everyone's memory. This is important. I grew up in an era of military excursions in foreign countries. Wastes of money, civilian deaths drone bombs, our troops being overseas, something I don't think we should be doing or ever should have done, and it was the meat
the minute, the mainstream media, manipulating people and line that got us into these wars. You ever wonder why it is. I talk about foreign policy and why it is I don't like the mainstream media. Yet perhaps I've got a chip on my shoulder about what they did for the past. Twenty years, people have lost their lives and now it seems like under tromp. It is starting to come into focus. Some kind of peace I feel like that's it I can go and when rest easy, if we finally solve these problems, war is complicated. It's difficult people fight for resources. People are scared, it is difficult to pull off something like this, but this is amazing. Ambassador rom dormer says from three NOS two, three yeses.
nineteen sixty seven, the arab world infamously declared in Sudan's capital, no recognition, no negotiation and no peace with Israel. Today Sudan joins the EU, Asia and Bahrain, as the third arab country to make peace with Israel. In point twenty, but this literally ended a state of war, rob oh good, sir. The Donald Trump seriously. Bravo and we have this tweet from breaking nine one. One president Trump has just announced that at least five additional countries want to join in a peace deal with Israel and says saudi
India is one of them says there will be a big signing event at the White House ring on bring in Saudi Arabia and the White House. Have these countries stand together and shake hands? I will give you a standing ovation, good, sir, and I will walk into that Pauling Place with a smile on my face. I have said that there are many reasons why I will unhappily be voting for Donald Trump and it's not cut and rice out. One thing I am unhappy about trumps character, but less than the debate he was way better. He was controlled. I respect that. He called out Joe Biden. You got some ethics bickering, all that stuff Trump has character: defects in attitude problems, but I'll
tell you this. I don't care about that. I can criticise Trump. You wanna tell me that trumps enriching his family. All these other crop things I go. I well, you know. Listen, we got crooked, Joe, his family, these emails being released and you got and you got Donald Trump You'D- tell me they're both corrupt, ok, I dont know fine, whatever, which one signed historic peace agreements which one is bringing our troops back January. Eighteenth. Twenty seventeen from NPR after eight years of unbroken war Obama, hands conflict over to Trump. That's right, Donald Trump. Just now completing his first term is ending decades of unbroken war. We did not get that from Biden. We got the opposite. He passed the buck to trump and I believe, in my opinion, that the that Joe Biden that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton one.
did this conflict they want. They want the chaos of the Middle EAST as justification for their incursions to gain power. The cutter turkey pipeline, they won T get natural gas into Europe. I can understand that it's not evil. I mean Some people try to make money off it. Maybe some people put their you know their son, position on a board of Energy Company in Ukraine, Gazprom, russian, natural gas, the! U S was interested in getting natural gas into Europe to offset the russian monopoly. It resulted partly it's a contributing factor in the chaos that ensued in the Middle EAST. I believe, if we put Biden back in that office, he will destabilize the region on purpose,
to use it as justification for why the? U S needs to be there. There are serious concerns and I've taught some respectable people believe was shown Parnell Republican Pro Trump. Who said that if we were to leave, get all our troops out of say Afghan a stand? it could create the power vacuum that resulted in ISIS. So we need to have some kind of presence there, but we can do with a lot less respectable It's a middle of the road approach. I mean I don't wanna
I dont want to job Montoni extremes. I like that tromp is pulling our troops out and perhaps we need some kind of minimal presence that just make sure ISIS doesn't come back or something or or something like that. I can respect that. I can respect compromise and negotiation. You tell me we can't okay, what can we do because we have to be leaving these things behind one d years, a nineteen nineteen years we ve been through this eight years under Obama. I am terrified of what happens if Joe Biden gets elected and I'm worried he may you know after all of this. After after now, what for historic peace agreements? I admit Emily. Look, the Kosovo, Sir,
be a thing is not about the Middle EAST and Israel, but it is still very significant. After all, this trumps of approval on foreign policy is still under water. I just I know, he's not perfect. I know there are things I've complained about missile. What time missiles. Fifteen atomic vessels in Syria come on the media. Praised him. Is this truck being presidential and people are upset with at Harvard Harris the most one of them recent actually has dropped, doing really well he's up four points that we could see. Gallop has trump down seven weeks. See. Geopolitics battleground, but from an August has trumpet minus fifteen. Maybe Trop has improved dramatically because of these peace agreements I believe this is qualifying for reelection. Listen. This is the story, and PR is telling you that unbroke
unbroken war under Obama. They just pass it off to Trump and maybe that there really mad about- maybe that's why they're so desperate to stop Trump? Maybe that's why the media is so desperate to stop trot, who got us into these wars. Why it was the mainstream media warning us of weapons of mass destruction. I'm about famous line was George W Bush eaten a sandwich, and Dick Cheney said: if there was a one percent chance that that food was was I would make a sick, would you eat it, answered the debit lot and that movie or whatever, where uniting with Josh Braun playing Bobby's like all, come on any wanted the sandwich anymore? It's horrifying logic. If there was a one percent chance that you would go into a country wrong, those nine ninety nine percent chance, you would wrongly invade a sovereign nation resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands. Would you
do it. No, that was their justification, the media, what their lies with the weapons of mass destruction that work there and we got to live through that and tromp gets to end it. I will not send Joe Biden back into the office to make it all the worse again. Last night, Joe Biden compared Kim Jong owned two Adolf, learn assuring that if he gets an office, our relationship with North Korea is already in the gutter. They attack Donald Trump because he is trying to bring about peace. I will not accept that when Donald Trump
cross the Demilitarize zone into North Korea standing ovation. They try to downplay it he's pony and up the dictator's shut, your mouth truck, crossed into a hoss into hostile territory, with no security. I am. I am shocked, inspired and hopeful that we can do more of this. North Korea has serious problems, but the relate, but but solving these problems start sort of compromise and good faith. So, of course, Donald Trump is going to say nice things about Kim Jong own. He is trying to end a decades long conflict, I'm hoping, I know you know what look I am sitting here and I'm I'm thinkin about. Am I always want to do. My biggest segment
for four p m. How many? How much you people really care about foreign policy? Admittedly most people not so much. I do I care about it a whole lot. I want to see our troops come home and I did it is too. It is a big issue, for short, is a very big issue, but the economy is number one. I want to see our troops. I want to see our money be spent fixing the problems in Flint Michigan. I'm tired of hearing excuses. We can rebuild our infrastructure, we can do right by the american people who need our help. We can reopen our schools. We can build roads in schools in our own country. Not other countries that is in alignment with those who are nationalists, not a staunch nationalist. I just don't like the fact that we are wasting time energy money. People are dying, I don't like the wars and you know what, when I see Trump supporters say we need a fix. Our roads fix. Our schools, bring back our
God is a hate. I got an idea, I want to end these wars and bring about peace right. You want to rebuild schools. What, if I found you money, we bring our troops back. You sooner mean I note that the biggest issue and I've kind of feel like this. It's not gonna get the most views I could have done something on the debate. I could have said o o Joe Biden is so dumb. Well, admittedly, I'm very critical of binding the segment, but I wanted to talk about what I view as one of the most important things look. I watched the debate last night number happened, I'm having a good time- and you know I'm seeing tromp say these things. I think report critical ray theories nightmarish. The economy was doing really really Wallner tromp, but this guy to me an entirely different feeling of of of of hope. It's it's like us
a new day, rising. Here's what I hope. I hope that Donald Trump with approval writing higher than it was then is first year its above average with trumps favour ability higher than what the higher than it was when he first got elected. I hope that people who ve huge trumps job on the on the economy, the overwhelmingly approve of it by while as it it's plus three. I hope these people vote for Donald Trump so that he can continue his foreign policy policy path. Maybe You don't care about this and I'm not saying you have to read the bombings. We all have our issues like. We are the issues that we were very concerned about, maybe or someone who looks at this and says I get a timid thriller, really cool. I just think bringing our jobs back as more important area will Donald Trump Scott you're right there, the economy. I hope people look at the economy and they say I'm gonna vote for Trump, because
and that means those who care about foreign policy, get these peace agreements. It's amazing to see people I Chris Haze and the Democrats desperately try to smear trump over this, though I oh, it's nothing! It's it's just too transactional deal he's just giving a money did if, if I saw two guys fighting- and it was bad and was going on for a long time- and I sat Bro browborough- if I give each of you ten box, will you stop fighting and there are like ok all right great years them ten bucks stop fighting now granted. I don't know what Sudan is gonna, be getting in terms of the MAX it like that. The total financial compensation, but the? U S, is taking them off of a state sponsored terrorism it's going to allow them to get foreign aid to lotta due to more trade and U S is going to help people in this country who need help ass, a good thing now for me, for the most part, I'm not
most in favour of you know the: U S giving tons of. Might a foreign countries and aid not stuff. It's it's! Ok! I like it. I think we should do, is teach people to fish and provide them fishing poles, it's not so let's just each inefficient, walk away, it's not so much give them fish. It's none of my teacher to fish. Give them supplies to do it. If we can help it, I should like Sudan and it brings about more peace and the dominoes keep falling. We are on track to serious world peace. It's funny to me when I hear about these people. Who are that that you know globalists or whatever the international corporations they thrive on war. I don't think they want to bring about some kind of unifying world government. They want people, to be fighting each other so that they can be the ones who you know you run too when you're scared, we'll Donald Trump Hossain. This work to do right by america- I say: ok, I mean yeah makes sense, unlike
very much in favour of international peace agreements and working on strengthening relations and normalizing ties of many countries. I think most people are, but I'm not like a hard core nationalist. I'm not like this. You know America. First, we can a person, but I think war is bad and I think we ve got a real path here. Unfortunately, for us five, thirty eight still says that Donald Trump is on track for a stunning defeat, and it's kind of shocking to me that we can spend decades overseas in these. Wars that are wholly unpopular, a waste of our money and Donald Trump is doing these agreements and they still say Biden is winning but Biden, Oh got us entangled in Libya in Syria, drones breaks in Yemen. I know Trump is perfect in his first years, but this is a dramatic improvement, a reversal. He fired John Bull shouldn't a higher that guy in the first place. I see good things ahead and this worries me, I'm going out, I'm I'm gonna go make sure I do. I vote
I will be voting very very soon and I'm gonna be voting for Donald Trump, Tell you this man, the riots kind of flipped me, and I was like oak. Look he's the only one talking about solving these problems. The Democrats aren't doing it, and that was a big reason. Why said, finally, embedded vote from earlier. I said I want to see tolls. He gathered on like a security adviser position There are many conservative said. The same thing I think was the american conservative magazine that said, fire, bold and higher toll sea, because she's, how can it be advising you on progressive on economic policy on on conflict and crisis, the Middle EAST and conservatives dont want war either? In fact, I think the left doesn't there almost pro or at this point I want to see trump when I'm gonna go vote for trot the riots, we're one thing, but then he's that, isn't it withdraw its troops, and I said I thought, what's this and it was the Democrats and Republicans alike that voted against him. Three Democrats and Republicans stood with the president,
So totally gabert, I believe, was one broken. It was another I remember the other democratic Myra, my utmost respect to them and then there look inside. I think it was like I must Massey met gates and and a few others. I came over the names either, but my utmost respect these individuals. We have. We have two parties, we have Democrats and Republicans they don't care about with the american people actually want. I know that the progressive left We have our disagreements. I am not a fan of the green new deal in all that stuff. I mean initial idea of investing in green technology. I was, but one of their proposed kisses is ridiculous.
I hope that we can at least come together on saying how but we fight amongst ourselves like verbally, not physically, and then we stop fighting physically over there. I think the progressives cannot get on board with that right. Maybe that's the place with which progressives and and conservatives come together and say a few to the establishment. Unfortunately, I think the media's doing everything in its power to make sure that Trump can't win, and that's sad to me, that's very, very sad, but they want war. They want the war, they want the conflict, they want the crisis, they thrive on it. If it believes it. Lee oh no, if we take away the war or will they cover from be fair and have been covered trump, but it's because Trump as enacting these peace agreements is really bad news for them rights or they'll smear him all day and night to make up their money where they can under,
Oh bomber. They got glorious a glorious eight years of covering the bleed. I'm not interested. I've been on the ground from any those conflicts. I witnessed some of those I'd I'd. I don't want to see more of it. I want to see people Chillun, supersonic, cocoanut, herself, hang out given a handshake. I hours see people don't like each other argue verbally and then walk away. and say well water figure. This argument out sometime, I wanna see violence, death, murder,. But I think I know who does the establishment? Does they use these conflict excuse. Oh no, oh with as this war in the Middle EAST are we're. Gonna have to send in more troops. I love when Tromp just cannot say we got our troops The oil in Syria, that's great, because when you try to pull the troops out, they criticise them for it. Ok, I think the very least we're on a good track with Trump. Let's hope we we remain in that track. You want to talk to me. I want limit. Let me tell you what
said, but for all the people want to say but TIM what about all the social issues and the problems this country? You know what I'm not in America, first person and not America whatever it is you get under tromp, is what this country deserves. Absolutely we deserve Donald Trump. We do. We deserve him. Saying it's good or bad. I'm saying that we have done a lot of things in this country that have been good, never been bad. A lot of people are sick and tired. of being sold out to foreign interests. They sat Donald Trump and whatever Donald Trump brings us it's because of what this country has done, and many people are happy. Many say wheat. We do deserve I'll drop, a hero. Who will save us? Many others say we don't deserve Donald Trump he's destroying everything and other say we do deserve Donald Trump, because we're a nasty place, I think, we're a great place, but I think our decades of war have been a very, very bad thing and as far as I'm concerned,
If you see that their bad things happening this country under tromp and not other things been perfect, I say I'm sorry. For decades, civilians have died. Our soldiers are brothers and sisters who go out there, who those only intention was to protect us, are also dying and beat. Injured and they're, not getting the appropriate treatment they need when they come back. I think we solve that problem first, I would gladly I would gladly sacrifice myself like I mean like personal belongings and comfort, if it meant we were doing right by those we had wronged with these awful wars So I look at what happened in the? U S, and I say you can come me with all your arguments and all your complaints, and I'm going to say I hear you but Trump is bringing our troops back and he's bringing about peace in the Middle EAST. So that's a bigger argument. As far as I'm concerned I'll leave it there.
up at Youtube outcome? Slashed him, gas news at six p m thanks rang out, and I will see you all them. Last night, Donald Trump flattened Joe Biden. He obliterated that man on the stage in Oh so many ways, I'm just going to go right to it. Donald Trump asked Joe Biden. If you would end the oil industry and Joe Biden said we would transition from oil. Yes, I can't believe it. I meant Kristen Welker the moderator Why would you do that in almost sounded like she was saying? Why would you do that, not in reference to ending the oil industry, but why would you publicly announced you're gonna end the oil industry you're going lose Pennsylvania and taxes, an oblong in all of these states, Yup Joe Biden, said it and he's
and it seemed like his stuttered response. He knew he stepped in it. He had been trying to deny all all further for the past weeks. I never want to ban for acting all blue whelp trumpet together. The video Joe, but instead it over and over and over again I got so last night, Joe Biden. He got he got knocked down by tramp tramp. He improved performance He hit many of his cues on target. It wasn't a perfect performance. Trump did get carried away. Sometimes talking over Kristen. Well welcome my problem. The moderate, a tissue did a really really good job tat. This man meeting trumps microphone, have a couple times goes on, I believe was on a timer like would automatically go out and then they immediately you know, retract of it is MIKE. It helped tromp. The of shutting off someone's MIKE helped Donald Trump, because Joe Biden can't talk for long periods of time in there,
a few instance where Joe Biden was spiralling out of control and he desperately needed some one to come in and shut it down, but it wasn't therefore it wasn't. You see in the first debate, Trop kept butting in so Joe Biden would get us. We would get us free out. it needs our God. I would you know why, then, that button and trumpet jump in and then by which are up. Last night there were several several periods. I tweeted it where I'm like men Biden is falling apart. He could not go off, two minutes his answer on North Korea was just an incoherent garbled mass anybody was saying I mean that those out of what he was trying to respond to that. Tell you this man, Joe Biden, said yes when asked. If you and the oil industry now, of course the media is swooping in to try and save Joe Biden and the polls that are coming out, say Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the debate. I don't know a debate, you were watching not say this. Maybe maybe there are people who really do believe
that Joe Biden beat trunk- I really like Frank once the pollster, because I trust him. I really do. He was always pole, undecided voters and it seems like he's, giving you the straight shot that the legitimate reaction, because not this overly by As everybody hates drop trumped up will know, it goes back and forth, but he mentioned that the ethics questions on Hunter binding, just weren't landing with people, because they don't care the climate change stuff lobbies. people want to know about the economy, their jobs or healthcare. They want to know if I'm gonna have a job next year. The economy is falling apart. I'll tell you why I believe tromp truly one first, it may be that we'll just don't like Donald Trump and the guy's got a mouth, and I tell you ass men, if your terms a porter, you, you might not understand it, but yeah trumped up, has that what is acknowledging to talk more to a lot of people? Maybe maybe because of that they see Joe Biden come on man, you know by rare, and then they like it.
but in terms of earning voters and winning swing states now I think it goes a Donald Trump. You ask a regular person who won the debate, and then I say I liked Biden and that's good. That's good! For Biden! That's fair! What you ask one who follows the news and I'll tell you. This trump loses on person ability on personality, but I'm telling you right now, man, in my opinion, people in Pennsylvania right now are sweating bullets. Some of these points, may have already voted. Imagine this you're in Texas you voted early you're like you know what I just I'm going to vote for by and I'm going to go. Do it and then all of a sudden Joe Biden on that stage says: yes, we'll transition off of oil. What but mother that's my immediately, what do I do? I already voted. He just said it is. Nonetheless nobody was going to do this and then I voted in and there it is
I'm sure there are a lot of people voted already in their like. Oh no. What have I done and I think that's partly why they wanted early voting and that's why Joe Biden has been hiding in this basin They want as many people to vote as possible on hating Trump and not have, and not have Joe Biden actually come out and admit it in terms of jobs and the lock downs. Trop said no, we have to reopen. We have to the open and there like people are gonna die and people have died and trumps like we have to reopen that's what this man, Don't underestimate the selfishness of a human being. I Mustn t mean I must say that humans are evil, unjust, say It is inherit within all of us to fight for survival and right now you ve got people suffering suicides. Erupt. Depression is way up. People dont know where they're getting their food from their paychecks. They have lost their jobs and trot said we cannot stay closed. We can't do it. We have to reopen what about covert, what about covered
I say this Joe Biden said something was a huge mistake. He said many of you are sitting there and there somebody missing from your table Joe, who were you talking to listen to injure in twenty or so thousand people have died, and that's horrifying minutes, a ridiculously large. Well, that's, that's! That's horrifying. What people do not understand is that we don't know what would have happened if different things were done, so you can say that's too many people. It is too many people, but maybe it would have been more trumps argument as it would have been more Vitamins argument it, what would have been less? I don't know it's a stupid argument, but tell us the amount of people who have lost some one to covet relative to the amount of voters is astronomically small, I must say that disrespect anybody, if you, if you know somebody who, if you lost someone to cover than you, have my Might my condolences and I'm sorry to hear about it. I think it is a serious issue and am I think, Tromp has done his best. I thought you was praising him early on that. Tell you this Joe Biden wasn't actually talking to people in that capacity,
Lastly, let me read you about this oil thing. The media is coming to his defence and then I'm going to going to annoy you. Yes, you see at one point in the debate. Donald Trump said their kids kids, who are separate from the parents, because their brought here by cut coyotes, Junot and chaotic means human smuggler. These are people who are paid, they call themselves the coyotes or Kyoto is blue check. Twitter. Leftist twitter was lit up by these arrogant and ignorant people all saying what how can a coyote bring a baby? What and someone actually puts at a picture of what baby riding on a coyote. Listen if your ignorance, I'm going to be mean to you there?
two things I dont know when I get things wrong all the time, but if your ignorant and arrogant I am going to drag you through the mud, it is better to keep your mouth shut and appeal stupid than to open it and remove all doubt. If you don't know what he means: Google, it that is, people vote, I'm going to show you all these tweets. It's it's horrifying that these people vote, but first fuels trump asks. Will you remember that taxes as Biden vows transition from oil, not think they're being fair here? I think they're being able to fair by a little nicer to bite and trot said, but unlimited bite was as about climate change and Antwerp. Trump pushed him with an off the cuff. I should like the oil industry. I would transition from the oil industry. Yes, that's a big statement: truck chided, the former president host christen, wealthier, asked bite and why he would do that because the oil industry pollute signal.
Currently it has to be replaced by renewable energy overtime, overtime, I'd, stop giving them federal subsidies, Trop blasted by Damon sang. Essentially out to destroy the oil industry. That's maybe the biggest statement in terms of business. What he is saying is he is going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that taxes? Will you remember that pencil mania, Oklahoma, Ohio. I can't believe it. I kid you not! That was near the end, the debate and it was like watching for you know at that mom in an avenger is just strapping the hammer and, like everything, explodes. I know that the left hates my marvel references, but I like that I owe it was like Trump drop in the hammer. Joe Biden walked right into it now check this out. Conservatives, pounce Unburdens design a move away from oil. Oh there's so desperate to protect this man, the former vice president, said he would stop giving industry, federal subsidies to the car,
our nation of President Al Trump and his supporters? This is that I got. I gotta tell you in this article right here exemplifies why I believe Donald Trump will win Donald Trump and his supporters the who knew worker in Pennsylvania, who is undecided and doesn't care all that much about politics is not a trot supporter. Was gone, oh begged gum Joe Biden than the oil industry, it's a regular guy with kids. who was sitting there. You know: haven't a beer in some chips, this family in their watch, the debate and then Joe Biden at the oil industry went all cheese, woe gamble trunk and I'm there was a debate about it? There are regular people in this country who are not politically active. Who just want to know well. I have a job when all is said and done and bite and said no no check this out. The media doesn't understand that people in this country, like their jobs,
and we are energy independent and we are better off now than we were four years ago. If tromp loses wow, I said earlier, but maybe you want entirely be his fault- to be fair and used up personality issues for sure, but the media has been line at the starting up. They don't want it that I didn't want to show you trumps question because trumps question was the most important. They say I quote, I would transfer from the oil industry. Yes Biden said: there's a big statement. Donald Trump said: would you shut down a pair? is that. Would you shut down the oil industry? Joe Biden said I would transition from the oil industry. Yes, when asked, would you envy oil industry? Yes, ok, America. I hope your hearing this. We are about a week and a half from the election. Fifty million people-
already voted. It may be too late, but please, if you, if you will, if you things import information and you and you think I do a good job share this video unsubscribe, but let people know what's happening. They want to mention that Biden has called climate change, an existential threat to the country. We know Joe Biden wants to end. He has set it over. for again. The trunk campaign put a video of Biden sang it over and over and over again after the debate button clarified. He did want to end the fossil fuel in history, but rather get rid of subsidies for fossil fuels. Spare me your defence of this man. They are trying desperately to pick up the pieces. I'm telling you this man when Joe Biden said this and increased,
welcome. She goes. Why would you do that? It didn't sound like she was saying. Why would you and the oil industry because she would have said no, but no, but why would you end the orange? Why would you transition? She was not. Why would you do that? You could almost someone Twitter this me. You could almost hear the face palm. Oh I heard and I was like now: oh, I can't believe it when, when Joe Biden said that my jaw dropped at that, that's gotta be yet Pennsylvania. Landslide Trump, are you kidding me all of these other countries? Sorry counties, districts, states, all. Of these. Other places are going to just I'd. Have to imagine the the union workers in all of these. Are these never jurisdictions just went for trump when he said this, let me show you a bunch of these tweets
This is a very greatly collar. I wasn't a plant, I'm not gonna play because I think you get the point, but Donald Trump put out this video as per year request that this fascinating, because because I think most of us, Joe Biden, said I I know I have never said, I oppose tracking Trump said you set it on tape and then he says, play the tape choked show the tape put on your website so Trump dead. and it is fifty seconds about thirty, five to forty seconds of him, saying we're gonna work on fossil fuels, we're in a band fossil fuels, we're in a ban fracturing we're in a ban fucking across this country. What about say, stopping fracturing yes and type in the pipeline? Yes, exactly! That's right! No new, franking! That's Joe Biden lesson, gentlemen, honestly, the poles, but I want to start with this fact check as I love it, pull it effects as Trump said they spied on my campaign, false
multiple independent investigations, including a series of bipartisan Senate reports, found no political influence over the FBI, investigation of russian influence and the twenty sixteen election. What does that? The due at the statement you see this is a trick. They do. The first statement from tromp they spot on my campaign is, is absolutely true. Yes, they spot in his campaign. They will literally spot on his camp Joe Biden unmasked the name of Michael Flynn because he was spying, unethical Flynn and what rights it's all fact what they do is. The second part has nothing to do at the first Trump didn't say there was a partisan effort from the Democrats to disrupt me knows it they spot on my campaign.
That's true, okay, what is the other section of that fact that have to do with anything? That's the trick to eight hundred and eighty two, the non sequitur. The polls are here: the polls new poll on who won tonight's date from Yougov Biden up, one thousand nine hundred and fifty four two hundred and thirty five CNN Biden, fourteen date of progress by ten eleven, consider it man, people might just vote based on whether they like someone, that seems too the reality and Trump is is far from likeable, so the poles are showing Biden has one. I just don't agree, because I think this can be a lot. People and say Pennsylvania, warlike, while I hate Trot but Joe Biden, gonna and the oil industry, so a job I just lost like every union. Probably U S pot political pole say based on our personnel pole. Of seven hundred. Eighty two foot likely voters watch the debate. Fifty two percent say Joe Biden, one I don't buy it, I just don't. They were periods where Joe was was unable to speak.
and I'm watching and unlike if you're, watching these two guys and you cease, bright from an you- see: Reno Blubbering, incoherent, Joe Biden, Joe looks out of it. Man not to mention is answers were trash political Paul says Joe Biden, one a night was at tat time, but all these polls show a similar result now CNN, who one Joe Biden, fifty three percent, Donald Trump, thirty nine percent and look at this shock face. I love it. Here's the best part foxen what you think Fox NEWS said: your voice, your nation, who won the debate trump. Seventy four percent Biden, twenty four percent- not listen, I'm not these pose a real. I don't know what also believe, but I'll tell you fucker Karlsson on Fox NEWS has the highest rate: cable tv news programme, Cable news programme in history, because other channels have big Europe as well. I think the Fox viewer ship are the people probably pay attention the people
follow the news and they saw Joe Biden Stutter and stammer, but I tell you this: it's two different realities. It really is. I don't think the polls matter all that much all that matters is that people going to go on the boat and they're going out in voting now so we'll see who wins? my friends I would like to bring to you the the biggest challenge in run. A democratic institution. What do you do and you have a massive population of morons that are extremely influential that are going to drive you off a cliff, even example. Let's say you're driving a car and you're you're. Had you see a cliff about a mile up the road like in the difficult? That's a cliff, I'm gonna push the breakdown and you get someone like David Haug or these blue check leftists going now now now you gotta get to drive, you gotta pushed the gas, and then I want. I want the backers laughing. All these left us,
laughing like yours, so dumb push, the breaks down were driving dude, this guy, so stupid, and they all vote to push the gas down and you're like what there's a cliff and there like you're so down. Dude were driving door used the gas to drive, and then they all vote slammed the gas down, and you go vous run of the cliff and you're that David Hog, o David David Use, Google, it would have saved you David Hog, you maybe familiars one of the kids from parkland and he has a million followers. The data Haug is particularly ignorant and I don't mean to be disrespectful- he's a young guy. Doesn't nobody is talking about the problem as a young guy who doesn't always talking about with a massive platform, and everyone knows he looks like an idiot now how embarrassing I I can always somewhat come to regret the stuff he said. Imagine calling the immigrant parents that bring their child.
And to the United States for a better life coyotes. The level of xenophobia is sickening a coyote is a human smuggler, the our people that are hired to traffic now, I know a lot of people. The right like to call them here traffickers, but the colloquial understanding of trafficking is usually when someone's taken against their will. The coyotes are hired to take kids and people and find the best route to smuggle them into the.
In truth, it is an extremely dangerous and and dirty underhanded thing to do up about. I'm not gonna call a job. I guess, but these are people who are smuggling humans and often the people die. So when they smuggle a kid across the border. How do you reunite that? Go with it with their parents. The left won't tell you this because they're just trying to seize power or there too dumb. But how do you prove a child and a parent are related even adult kid. Well, that kid said that person's my parents- I will just put it together, you dont know it, and so they try to figure out how to actually get it done, but no David. You have no idea you're talking about and this treaty is horrifying, really embarrassing, but if you thought that was it, I like it
this tweet from Sophia Norwich tonight Blue check Mark Twitter, they don't know what coyotes are this isn't even half of all. I found syringe a hush me. I hope your list writing hand isn't sort further for art, familiar syringes, a thing called the law. I think it's a list of people to have their phones taken away here. We go check it up Lex. At doing. Please explain children bought here by coyotes to me, I'm certain! That's not literal. I respect that tweet. I really really do Luxor didn't know when she asked legitimate question. There's no reason to drag over us. That's she shaven, I'm sort this out literal and hence on private responded. It means it is. It's a colloquial terms, long term for the smugglers, all interesting, my respect to her for asking smarting coyotes. What does it mean? Children body by coyotes children are brought by coyotes coyotes coyotes, look at all
a confused? What oh my word, what our children being brought here by coyotes you loon children by coyotes, of course, did you just say children are brought, by coyotes. What does it even mean use? Google? Is it so hard for these people now? Imagine these people who don't know what a coyote is. Didn't do a single google search? Imagine them Writing news articles and they have not show you one children are brought her by cooties doubled, W E F Donald Trump. While my friends did you catch the point last night, where Joe Biden called Donald Trump. RAM Lincoln. I was so confused by what Biden was doing with this. I mean I, I wish you to every point of the debate, but it was like Abraham Lincoln was the most racist
I didn't we ve ever had now is like. What's what did sign the Emancipation proclamation? I understand and historical context. Oh yeah, Abraham Lincoln was racist. He definitely was, but pretty woke for his day. I'd say right. I was confused at first and then I'm like is calling Donald Trump Lincoln, that's a couple of things and then trot was like what way way. What was that you were Lincoln and bottles like? Oh, you call yourself, is it no. I didn't but Joe Biden while I had to bring that up just because I was I just realized. I really should be mentioned that in the beginning, but look at us your laughing, but do D. serious, he's dead, serious and prepared these risks Is unreal. Imagine being this stupid, I thought I was tripping when I heard that kids came over on coyotes. Am I missing something? It's called Google because someone actually posted a photo. You can really see it, but there is a baby
riding a my my word. These people vote my friends, these people vote or do what do you do I don't know I don't know. Let me show you something online limit. Let me go to my twitter and I'll show you this right here, imagine having an audience and voter may so ignorant, but arrogant that you have to write this article quote better to remain silent and we thought of a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. I give you an article from vocs from December twenty first, twenty eight teen does try I think there are actual coyotes coming over the border. Smuggler coyotes are a problem at the border, not dogs. It breaks my heart and it scares me. These people who watched that debate, who said Donald Trump lost many of them, probably dont, know Coyote, as their polygon o trap is so dumb. Well, that's trumps fought for not saying the word smuggle.
And saying the word Coyote not to be fair, Trop should have realised a lot of people. Don't know what a coyote is when references smuggling, but I guess Trump get it. Just has a little bit more faith in the american people than Joe Biden does Vocs had to write this almost two years ago, because their audience doesn't know and doesn't know how to use Google, simple, Google search and then imagine all of these blue checks writing articles and they don't do any fact checking and they have no idea what there too.
talking about man. So I'd look, I think Donald Trump crushed it. I really really do that in so many ways, and I think whether these people say that Donald Trump One or didn't when trump one voters that night last night Trump one voters he did- and I think you one Pennsylvania with that. That's that's not what I meant we shut up to Christian, wealthier and and this article shocked by the talk. I've. I've got a couple more things dimension, but I wanted to shout it or because I think it is a really good job. She pressed on Joe Biden, it wasn't perfect, but man was she infinitely better than Chris Wallace. Now she did a good job for
imperfect, but I really do think Chris Kristen Walker did a great job moderating and on keeping control things. Those it was a really was impressive and she pressed abide. Not a few things should be done better, but you know she did. She does have ties. The democratic Party have criticised here for this in the debates themselves, but ultimately I think tromp was able to to shine last night. I think it is really really well far from perfect himself unimagined a couple more things. A little belong. Welcome raises questions about thy talk this one. I take issue with the talk is supposedly this racial thing where black family, is tat their kids here I got act around cops because you know bad things might happen is that it is not a racial thing. tons of people on Twitter, wider, like I've got to talk to. I gotta talk. Maybe it's because I let us also to Chicago. I assume the talk was a normal thing. It was when you're, not my cup,
Sir Ma Am radio off hands on the wheel. Keys in the dash don't go to the glove box. Cops are edgy, you know they might that they could shoot you. I was told all that, maybe the reason I wasn't getting hassled or arrested, or whatever is just because I got the talk and I considered it. I guess I was sort of Canada class issue. enough for driving alarmed by when you're wearing a suit, yet a lot less to worry about, because the way concert in a profile you, but without being says, my final fallen on all the stuff, whatever disappear, if they I will mention this warning flair. New swing. State data shows massive democratic for early vote, lead in a worrisome. Sign for Republicans. Democrats are also turning out more low. frequency and newly registered voters than the GEO P for now, but The warning sign. There's no reason Republicans can't be voting.
Early voting mail in voting early voting trump may lose. Republicans may lose you better. You bury paying attention. You better share content like this. If you want trumpet Republicans to win early voting is in person, it is not mail in voting and the Democrats are winning five thirty eight says, publicans or turn out en masse on election day. So we will see and then melon bout that come in after election. They will likely lean what will either be neutral orally republican. We're not gonna happen, but I think trumped up,
in Pennsylvania, I gotta say after the debate performance I think tromp is gonna win. I do. I guess we'll see now excitements coming up at one p m on this channel thanks for hang out, and I will see you all them. It's gettin spicy for Joe Biden in the Hunter Biden, Laptops scandal, which is now basically the Joe Biden Laptop scandal, because documents and tax have been released, implicate Joe Biden himself now last night at the debate Joe Biden said, I have not taken a penny from foreign money in my entire life, which I find hilarious because The accusation is that you're using your family as intermediaries are technically. That was the truth. Assuming that all this stuff is correct and we have a corroborating witness named totally Bobby Linsky, came out yesterday and gave a press conference now, there's a lot of weird goings on, but the big breaking news. The FBI has asked Tony Bobby Linsky for an interview this morning, which my understanding as
will postpone the Senate here and that they were going to have what this man there is something really interesting and a text message that was released that apparently I was at its on the russian Empty S network. Now not entirely sure that means anything, but all of us on the left is saying that proves its our russian. This information campaign, we ve won what actual isn't prove anything we dont know why that would be the case where the photo was taken, why it says Empty S, Russia, the dude, could have been in Russia bomb. Sorry, man listen right. Now we have a human being. Who is on the e mails saying Yo Joe Biden is the big guy is the chairman.
That's him. He was signing off on these deals and that's that perhaps there is a personal reason. This Tony Bobby Linsky lie with Tony Bobby Linsky Guy would lie or strikes. The truth seems like from these acknowledges that kind of rip the guy off, and I wonder if that's what he's really upset about, but it doesn't matter, is upset or not. You cut somebody out of the deal, don't be surprised, they turn around and say yes, look what I got I further thought the story and I will go through what what's going on right now. This is big. I mean the F b I intervene. This guy could be bad news for the Biden family from the post. Millennial breaking FBI asks Hunter by an expert. associate Tony about Linsky for an interview this morning. They say what I mean: that's it just the sort of a company honest Yesterday we saw by the linsky now here's some some really important context. I kind of glossed over this industry. today, the day- and I want to make sure I like the stick it out this it yesterday, Babylon Ski appeared in front of cameras before the second presidential debate, where he confirmed.
Joe Biden involvement in a secret China deal for a five million dollar forgivable loan must copyright their forgivable loan with no interest their straight. Given this dude cash money come on forgivable loan, no interest as it were, giving you who five million dollars now for tax purposes. How do you give someone money without having the taxes come on. I entirely share of this loophole would work maybe, but typically minors, things and get alone. You know pay taxes on it. I could be wrong. That could be the reason they didn't they. Between seventeen email from top officials with the chinese energy firm, see I've seen it. He doesn't agreement in which the firm gave the. five million dollar non, secured for forgivable alone to the viands, its according to a bright bark interview with Bobby Linsky we back. We have actually seen a lot of these documents. The daily collar reported that on this as well Now I want to. I want to highlight one thing before we go to the next bit, which is
Leave us will delay this decided hearing twenty seventeen. we're already hearing the left to say it was well after he left office, nothing wrong with that. First of all, I dont want a president beholden to a chinese loan gay that could be true for tromp as well. It's a problem for both of them, however, is a big difference. between Donald Trump having mortgages and a bank out, maybe in China troops as he closed the account. Maybe it's, though there are still bad, if that's the case and Joe Biden family, which were doing influence investment. According to Bulgaria, He was saying these: these investments were not about illegitimate this arrangement it was about them buying influence. I do not want. You got Joe Biden whose kid is, problems to say the least, and these are serious concerns about the bigger problem is the lies. Are you
but tell me that Tony about Valencia, Navy veteran, is lying in working for the Russians by it did come on. You show me a text message. People are pointing others as empty us, Russia, whatever yeah, interesting, but guess what sometimes it will go to Russia. I don't know enough. I'm sorry if you want to get me pass the literal guy testifying well not yet, but soon speaking to the FBI serious, now want to warn all of you. We all watched what happened with Russia Gate and how they a rope through all this stuff? The witnesses are coming out. The walls are closing and that's why I made the joke on twitter but I would be surprised. Let us understand the jokes look, I'm saying this could end up being on a thing burn. It could and what I mean by that is right. Now we do have some incriminating evidence. It could turn out to be not Sutton, look information,
hey come out showing that it was all just people fighting in accusing each other things with no real hard evidence, but I think already what we have is pretty damning. I'm just saying not go any further than this. I don't expect a perk walker. Anything from the examiner may. I ask Hunter bought in business partner, Tony Bobby Linsky for interviews. Joking senators says quote: I appreciate that the FBI has a job to do. I'm glad there. Finally, taking an interest in these concerning financial matters that are committees have been investigating four months from RON Johnson. I expect that MR We're Linsky will speak with our committee as soon as possible and fully share his insight into the bite in family business dealings, Johnson's Committee also related statement on Friday sang morning, lawyers for Tony Bobby Linsky, informers, edit homeland Security and govern Affairs committee and set of finance committee, the F B. I asked his client to sit for an interview today, in addition to providing copies of his phones
the the interview scheduled for this morning has been postponed, MR about a has agreed to honour his commitment to sit for an interview in the future. With the committee's newly released text, messages from Bob Dylan's suggest that democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, met with Bobby Linsky Hunter bite. and James Bond between seventeen at the time Hunter and his associates were pursuing a potentially lucrative deal with a chinese tycoon complementing claims from the former vice president that you never discussed business dealings with with his son now appoint out man show me the Evans prove it to me, and I think we do have some interesting evidence, the only issue how much of it may turn out to be bunk like us,
real. We got this laptop, the FBI has it. The email chains have been confirmed by multiple sources, someone on the email chain, but it may be Bobby Linsky himself, and let me just give you a warning: if Bobby Linsky was cut out of the deal because he said they went behind my back and made millions from the Chinese, I don't either. My personal opinion would notice respect to Mr Bonde. Olenska thing attack text, tremendous guts economically dead, but are you know little trust, people and a kind of sounds like? Maybe they went behind your back made some money and you are all too willing to play ball with this up until you realized they were using you and cutting you out. Then you said you know what I'm burning it down, so maybe it
a grudge, I'm not saying it makes any bit fall. So there is a lot here, but I try to be careful. I try to be careful check it out. We had the story quote. I met Joe Biden for an hour to talk about his family business in China and have three phones to prove what he knew claims Hunter bite it as adequate hunters, former business partner just before presidential debate. This is crazy. Now, there's a lot of important something here that I want to get too, because there are people There are essentially trying to debunk all of this right now. First, these text messages when I'm showing on the screen for those lessening arson images, James Guilty or says, ask if they have recommendation- or I would do it short term if needed, but maybe he feels better if H puts their friend puts their a friend with no power but reporting.
Come comes, don't mention Joe being involved, it's only when your face to face. I know you know that, but they are paranoid. Ok, they should be paranoid about things for real talk to Jim briefly blah blah these tax messages coming from some kind of blackberry with a cracked screen people have pointed out. Has I but I believe it's a russian network on. I want to say that this first Jackie Heinrich a Fox news, says something entry? she has a national correspondent and three times Emmy Award winning reporter she tweeted. I completed, Sir in all of Tony bottling skis emails. They establish the chairman. Is China, no role for Joe Biden, emails docks Tony Bobby Linsky states himself, There are no other members. Besides Hunter Jim and Rob Punt punter and Jim Biden Rob Walker, James, Geller and Bobby Linsky, someone responded: can you tell Ben Shapiro and TIM cast and the rest of the clan? Well, she did when she treated it and it got retreated by several people
also when you tagged minute bench appear. My understanding is he retreated that from her I find that to be particularly irresponsible to do on buns part without having actually done a hard fact check, but if he just wants to show people that there's more information in here's a claim from somebody, that's totally fine. My immediate response It was actually just to show this tweet from other shorts. When you said you show your at all the documents, because a screenshot of attacks that says no, when he set his chairman. He was talking about his dad and I your dismissal of it made me. Maybe offended him a bit, but you didn't know what he was talking about. So so, let's, let's let it go until the morning. If we can many people immediately said you got it wrong. Look at this the bite, an army, the fake Hunter Biden, tax, we're photograph and found to empty S, a russian mobile phone operator. Anti S only operates in Russia. Are you are you? Are you kidding I s ears?
So this is a text message that I'm not I'm not really interested in reading through, and it says empty s R. U S empty up top, Does that mean this whole thing? Is russian disinformation? Are you kidding people? Sometimes go to Russia, not tell you this interesting for sure, but if the d and I have behind the OJ. Concur: it's not a russian this information campaign and they have the laptop. Then sorry, just because one was using a russian sim card at some point. Doesn't prove anything to me. I'm sorry, it doesn't more importantly when they mention the chairman. The interesting thing is Bobby Linsky M here we go. He also said what he had told the media outlets, that quote Hunter author. For to his father as the big guy or my chairman language. That appears in emails that appear to discuss percentage breakdowns for a business deal of the chinese energy form as laid out in a way
two thousand and seventeen email in one of these emails. It says ten held by H for the big guy who's. Is it Joe Biden this witnesses saying it is this guy is on the emails? This guy is involved in this. You don't get to do years of Russia Gate with no evidence at nothing but lies and tell me I can't come out with this. I entertained the Russia get. I said every time showed the evidence or I should say the lack thereof. The pseudo evidence they're putting out when it was bunk. Now we have this I'm at what,
So so this guy gives a press conference and I should probably read through this, but maybe I'm ok, let's go. Let's go, let's read them into the store by this guy's press conference. I want to show you this image. President Donald Trump has invited Hunter buttons. Former business part, twenty about the landscape to be his debate. Guest house really interesting. This guy's, a veteran you wanna, tell me he's a liar by all means impugn his honor. I don't know I don't. I'm not gonna call a liar Joe Biden, I'm a cold, but I call a liar. I mean Joe Biden. Law lies all the time he lied about frack income on our. I never thought I opposed racking cue. The video of him over and over and over again. So they are. This guy Tony gave a press conference yesterday. He said he had three phones and he was gonna, be providing copies of them.
He said he was angry with Hunter after he wanted to use funds. Four percent for prospective deal with chinese Energy Company. I'm sorry it was angry hunter after Hunter wanted to use phones for perspective deal with China's energy company, as his personal piggy bank quote I will be providing to the FBI the devices which contain the evidence corroborating what I have said. So I will not be taking any questions at this time. He told reporters who make up present Donald Trump travelling Press blows really interesting when he said that. Because any kind of just stood there, and I was really funny. Someone goes sorry you're not taking questions. He goes. I will not be taking questions and the end of the journalist goes well we're gonna ask him. Anyway, it's got a funny like and then he walks off. He said I have heard Joe Biden he's never discussed the business with Hunter. This is false. I have first hand knowledge about this because it directly dealt with by a family including Joe Biden, said Babo Linsky. I was told this past Sunday best.
But who is also involved in matter that if I went public with this information, I would bury all of US man. The bite is included, I have no wish to bury anyone. He described what he said. It was a may second, one, seventeen meeting with Joe Biden to discuss a business venture involving China that we invest in infrastructure, real estate and technology in the United States now in this tweet Jackie Heinrich says the chairman. China and no role for Biden Tony violence, states. There are no other members. Ok, let's explain this for one, maybe she's right, maybe Tony Bobby Linsky got an axe. Grind and so he's just saying this. Neither is a text message says you know he's talking about his dad when he says its chairman that corroborated twenty babylons, he said, listen Maybe this turns out to be some grand conspiratorial hoax, but I do not err on the side of conspiracies. I err on the side of outcomes. Razor. The simple solution tends to be the correct. One
This guy says it. We have tax messages, they are emails, the deed. and I d o J and the F B. I said not russian disinformation. The only logical conclusion than I can come up based on the information at hand. Is that its legitimate? So please? What else would you have me do? Jackie Heinrich, I believe, is incorrect, We have a witness sang. The chairman is in fact Joe Joe Biden and a text, so I just count that no role for Joe Biden in the emails Doc makes sense, considering he's using his son and brother as intermediaries. He wouldn't have a role in these companies other than I am the boss on the big guy on the chairman. You give me a cut a peach, don't you Bobby Linsky safe there and other members
us that's? Why the email, sad ten held by age for the big guy, because the big guy wasn't a member, get it and there's this one from Paul Beckett, he says an Ex business partner of Hunter Biden said he consulted his father about a planned venture with chinese oil company, Joe Biden denied any involvement in this venture and corporate records reviewed by the Journal show no role for him. Now I called the guy Colombo may a little mean because what he sang is actually fine, we looked at the records, it doesn't show any. You know any role for Joe Biden. Are they it's kind of silly to point out that has just stated I said Joe, but it was using his family as intermediaries to enrich himself off his position as VP and for some reason we just can't find wrecked. With his name on it could work. Colombo, Remember Colombo, that old, show the defective guy anyway. Listen Joe Biden presumably was doing all this, while he
VP according to is this of the craziest thing. They're up the crazed revelation from this guy Bob Linsky is. He said he was approached in twenty fifteen. That's run twenty fifteen. He was approached for this. Joe Biden was vice press. Joe Biden, was the big guy in the chair and all that jazz. I think Joe Biden, crooked man, you know I think Donald Trump is crooked, but I think he's crooked in a very specific kind of way, an opinion kind of let me explain, I think Donald Trump does things that are normal business. goings on that regular people, probably frown upon to me, I would say crooked right stories about. You know tromp, not paying is contractors or you know you know just using loopholes, no one as a crooked. I gotta admit it's he being out and not a fan of Donald Trump. I'm sure there are many trump supporters who would say. That's league
normal business. Everyone does it, therefore their fine with it? That's fine me personally. I think we need certain regulations and need new laws, but anyway my point is I've never been the biggest went about Trump and all of you know this I look at what Donald Trump does. It is real estate company, as things we probably are not fans of, but our legally allowed what Joe Biden was doing was bordering on freezing I'm not kidding I know a lot of you might be saying: woe to imprison lesson. China is an adversary of ours. I say bordering on. We are not at the point of war with China. So it's not literally treason and any capacity, but Joe Biden was trying
who enrich himself of a deal that would have benefited China and that something that we should not allow. He was the vice president at the time and think about what is going on with Ukraine. Joe Biden sold out this country for power. I know- maybe it's not true. Maybe its russian is all that stuff, maybe maybe maybe maybe a lot of conspiracies, but if we have a guy look, it's gonna. If one could not tell me that guidelines make an atomic works for Russia, so I can't do it. Joe Biden politician has been four forty seven years, and he made himself rich, somehow Trot brought it up at their base as our now you did it. Forty seven years in office in your livin really well, your brother made millions in Iraq
Yes, that's right Biden, ink lucrative deals with Abiden family but Joe was was. Was the Jos, the iron fist? Here's outworks Joe Biden gets an office, and now he can't do anything because he's a public he's a public servant. So we can't take these two. His brother can. His son can and then, when he goes and as we have as a meeting- and he looks at the ukrainian President and says, look I'm leaving in six hours the prosecutors not fired you're, not getting the money money that was in his dangling in from the face of of of Ukraine fire the prosecutor and there's his son and the board of a company who should not have been on the board of Hunter by name. Saudi, probably one having got the job of one for his name, the bite and famine
is made themselves extremely wealthy. I want you to think about what eighty three thousand dollars per month is per month. How much how much you make it right now couple grand! If your effort I mean a lot of people lost, their jobs will make enough and you got a good middle class job. You make a couple grin eighty three, thousand dollars, dude could bucket Tesla every month and still have twenty grand per month left over. Ok, ok, fine taxes, right so taxes. He had what forty five or fifty so he could buy a lower and Tesla. I guess that's a lot of money. Dude. Eighty three grand is more than the average person makes in a year in this country. What was punter binding? Listen man, the whole thing is crooked. It we were.
at a point where it is absolutely absurd that Hunter Biden was getting this job. That is brother, was making millions. Now that Jos been implicated by a witness with e mails, are you kidding me and they say it's all week? It's all Russia Amity tweeted that bite. Can call the hunter story. Russian doesn't disinformation speaks to his confidence in the media, acting as a propaganda apparatus. All a journalist would have to ask him, as are the emails real or not counting on them, not even rising to that minimal, journalistic level. Lundgren outside this is key. Its stunning bite it hasn't even had to say if the emails are authentic, but there's a reason. Journalists don't want him to answer
because then they'll lose their key excuse for not covering it not verified and their main defence of Biden. Disinformation. Don't have news in this country anymore, my friends, I'm sorry we don't. We have propaganda. We have political activists that want to win for their tribe. Why that's? What twitter is. Twitter is one of the worst things to ever befall journalism in its funding. As I say the opposite, I was that guy on the ground and I was tweeting things out say. I knew this information on real time, what twitters great now its credit and opinion feedback loop, where journalists have become activists and want to win all politics is right. Now is owning the other side. Does it. For me I'll tell you. Look, I'm pretty biased, I'm sick of the establishment so that kind of aligns me with many more many conservatives which often see in many my segments- I'm not sitting here talking about conservative tax policy or pro lifers Porthos, I'm talking about the Democrats in the establishment and their corruption in the problems they that you know the things there doing lets me
bias for many other people. It just works for them because their conservatively like about tee. This narrow come up here When my I start talking about corruption on the other side and will end up with a right, not liking me. So I'm sure to do my thing and that's it for many of these other people, though they like internet blood, sports debates too bright me. You know, because that is hoped that the whole idea is just wanting to own. At the other side, journalists have become this. They don't know they don't our poor on this because they want to when they want to win. I have no a problem whatsoever showing you this text message that says empty S: Russia, a text message going around purporting to be of of hunt up front from that from the database and it shows empty. Russia, we can see. Look at this crack see the line, hear the line here to line your blackberry. Okay, look at this same cracks appear on this phone, so it look at the phone at the same. Maybe these texts are fake. Okay, that's fine! I got no problem, bringing that up.
Not here to own anybody. I'm trying to understand its the best of my ability in the best of my ability, says outcomes razor suggests it's legit, it's legit Biden ink, read the article from political magazine, we'll see with the FBI, fines and maybe turns out to be a big, nothing, Berlin, their necks segments. I'm an up at four p m over at Youtube com. Slash TIM cast my other channel thanks frame up, and I will see you all them. Last night during the debate I saw an interesting tweet from Rob, George, who is an opinion writer for Bloomberg. He said if Trump strategy was to appeal to black men by roughing up abiden on crime bill and criminal justice reform, he may have been successful. I found a very interesting because I agree. And because Rob George is not an overtly pro trump guy to see many big met to see people responding to him saying I think you're right once, as I thought Trump crushed Biden on the race question is really interesting. Coming many people who are usually anti trump saying right now,
Oh that Trump did better or tromp was actually appealing to young black men. Better than Biden was really fascinating but, more importantly, Trump needs only a tiny fraction. A small percentage of the blue about to win. He could lose all the progressive whiny. You know white liberal journalists in the world. If you can make up for it with latino voters and black voters. He needs, I believe, at something between like three and five percent from each demographic anyone's easily hands down. In fact of Trump can swing. I think,
like double digits? Among the black vote, like Illinois, might actually turned red? I dont think Illinois is ever going to turn red but check this out. First, I want to show you the story from Washington Examiner under Trump Black prison right lowest in thirty one years, Hispanics down twenty four percent Americans, it, America's imprisonment rate, has dropped to its lowest level since identity five, led by a dive in the percentage of blacks into spanish sent to jail during the Trump administration. According to a new justice department. Tally, I think, is a really important. I think Trump should pardon nonviolent drug offenders, we should be legal decriminalize, whatever you call it, and I think you should do it now that he is going to cause. That's usually just mean a pie in the sky, wish everyone's always like come on. Why won't these president's? Do it apparently Colorado's? Do it? Barely Joe Biden got some plan for its like pardoning nonbinding offenders. Let me show some poles, though
ass music reports morning, reader data points, national daily, black likely voter job approval for protests October nineteenth out of the twenty third of twenty. On Monday, twenty five percent, really good Tuesday, was twenty four deal really good ones. They was thirty. One Thursday was thirty. Seven Friday morning, forty six percent, if you rob George, was right. I think when tromp brought up what Joe Biden did, people in the black community heard that they know Joe Biden meant. I wonder how many people you know when I see you no kind of zones, for instance of the harsh twins when I see politically active black personalities talking about how they have been taken for granted for too long, I have to wonder: are we going to see a surge of Trop Voting Black Americans this time around and I feel
like the answer. Is yes, it's really strange to me because we're seeing these stories it's a trump is losing white voters, but gaining latino and black voters. Unlike that's a really good thing like tromp is here for America I as an who are these white people who don't like Trump, the ones calling him racist? How insane is that? So I think that used to explain it to break down. What's going on comes from Charlemagne, the God. I understand why black voters are drawn to trump. The reason I'm telling you all this there is. The second is important is that trunk may have won the election with last night's debate. Very simply by saying he will work too. Help Black America more than anyone else and Joe Biden called Trump Abraham Lincoln. What's I didn't, I didn't quite get the joke. He was like Abraham Think it over here, Abraham Lincoln Ears, their most races
present ever had now is like ok, were you calling Trump Abraham, Lincoln or saying Abraham Lincoln was raises because both of those are really bad. Ok, ok, I get it for his time. Abraham Lincoln was actually fairly woke by today's standards. He's very raises these bridges guy here that parliament has taken up the breakfast club, come out strongly in the God said. Some young black voters support President trot because the Republic anomaly courts them the radio host. Who said he is for common Harrison set of CO pilot. That's amazing, by the way was asked by. Einstein Lemon on Tuesday what he and other black voters want from the two candidates. He said they want to be heard when it comes to black people,
you see who maybe are showing support for Trump. I think it's because Trump is actually talking to young black male voters he's directing ads toward them. They are a group that never get Corgi said black people don't get corded either as a whole, but that old democratic regime speaks to old black men and they think everybody else in the black community and black families are going to fall in line. Trump is targeting young black males in promos and marketing. It works Charlemagne said I'm really inspired by them for all trumps faults and a man. I wish you could just learn a chill out. You know I mean he's doing some I never thought possible. I never thought likely he's action, we are trying to speak to all Americans. The craziest thing to me is that it seems like Republicans, dont bother talking to black voters because they feel like they won't win them over, which is, in my opinion, pathetic and gross. I
I had Billy from pay check him out. If you haven't he's running in North Jersey and he is a black man republican and it was an- and I think we both what sort of canvas conclusion him pride before me, because that's why he's running, but you ve got to try and talk to people. You can't just give up and say: what's the point of actually trying to represent the american people trumps not doing that tromp was like we're gonna we're gonna make ads for for black Americans and we're gonna. U note new. Do our best the column, racist na. I think Charlemagne mixture on them is a really really good points and he's voting for four Camilla. Now Biden Lemon asked Charlemagne of having if having here This is a running mate will attract black voters to democratic ticket. He said absolutely I mean when we are pushing for Joe Biden to pick a black woman as Vp Senator set and his Vp Senator Harris was who I have mine, and I am voting for common
Paris I'll tell you that my heart beat I'm not necessarily voting for Joe Biden. He said now with respect to Charlemagne. I think is a really good. Do, I think, is a smart guy. I disagree far be it from me to tell you who you know what who represent the blackmail butter when it comes to Common Harris. I feel she is too much of an authoritarian, I feel, like she's, eager to just drop people in prison, and I know I talk about long, What are you about how these rights are about the difference between saying that guy throw Malta lock him up and that person smoking potluck em up, I think nonviolent org offenders should be pardoned, cut, loose records, expunged, no longer felons welcome back That's what I think. I think Kamel Harris is just a plastic candidate and I don't care of them, a race. I don't, I don't think she's going to be a good candidates simply because of her race now far, be it from me to tell some into by community how to feel how to vote. I leave it at that I just think you know in the end the end, ideas matter, but I'd be willing
but I'd be willing to hear a legitimate argument about accusing Charlemagne of voting for simply because she's black, but he does mention that's a reason. He says they wanted. A black woman candidate Charlemagne called Harris a politically a political change agent who can lead the country into the future Because I'm gonna be honest, if you done I'm just so tired of like old white male leadership in politics, Now listen! I understand this sentiment. I do and logic. serve as you to understand that as well. I dont, like the stereotype, like look. You can't compare Joe Biden to say, run Paul Ryan Paul, a man of principle and integrity. Even if you disagree with some of his positions seriously, the guy's got ethics, integrity and principle in Spades Joe Biden, on the other hand, as a career, crony politician who probably just says whatever you need to say to get elected, so just because their old white man does it mean they're the same thing. I understand the frustration but you're what you're really saying my friend: it's not about an old white man. It's about crooked!
establishment politics and commonly Harris is the same thing: she's she's she may well be an old white gothic. I dont think identity matters all that much to be fair identity matters. I am not a fan of authoritarian identity, politics and, in a certain sense, I'm not a fan of like negative, it's hard to explain, but a lot of people are like gene pool complains about identity politics, but then turn you know, talks about it because he's mixed race or whatever it's like, not what I'm telling you as I dont like segregation, I dont like racism and I dont like judging people as well as in their jobs and their race. I'm not I'm not gonna. Look at common, be like she's gonna, do a great job, because no no, not at all. I look at her and say she locked people up. That's it. I think she's nasty,
his bed, Joe Biden, is crooked and I think wrong. Paul's right. I disagree with whereupon a lot, but I like Randal he's not as all that's. Why did euphemism as an example, but I don't care who you are if you got good policies, if you're honest, if I believe in you vote for you, I mean trumps, a lot of problems and manages character is not there. But these peace agreements- man, I've, seen it overnight. We ve got another one man, I'm I'm, I'm all in Israel by more appalling site. Five. Thirty. I found that young black voters look at trump differently than the older population of african Americans. It said that while thirty five percent of eighteen twenty nine year old black men don't agree with its policies. They like his strong manner in defiance of the political establishment. I mean I like that too. So you know here here It was in an interview with Charlemagne, whose real, nay, is Larry MC in May. That Biden said started a file
restoring when he said that african american voters who doubt support him ain't black, as the interview was concluding Biden, ask those of any more questions and then added well I'll, tell you what if you ve problem figure out whether you're from mere for trial then you ain't black and Charlemagne said no like we want real answers, met, respect Charlemagne on Parliament's Marquez, a good. Do I disagree, identity issue. I do understand, though I totally get a lot of people feel like you know. No wrong Paul might be a good guy. He can't really understand what your life was like growing up in a specific community. I think diversity in its in its Natural, let's legit definition is a good thing and that's supposed to be diversity of opinion in prospect Initially, when we said the reason why we want some black leaderships and female leadership for diversity wasn't because we wanted the line, people up and compare how Paul they were the color of their skin. It was because a woman The different experience from a man- and we want to
sure that we're doing right by everybody it's been perverted? And now it's like these people doing quota is just a count. How many people you know for certain color and it's all ideologically homogenous, there's no diversity there. So again I that sentiment, but regardless, while Charlemagne not gonna, be voting for Trump a lotta young black men are, and that may change. The gang tromp needs only a few percentage points in the black folk, too. Then he can lose a bunch of white voters, but the black community is that they have this power right now. That's why I think both sides are so desperate to court, the black vote, for once it seems there not being taken for granted. I mean probably still by the Democrats but Donald Trump. I think it is legit trying. I really do not think Democrats are alive there. Furthermore, segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly and they Argos TIM Pool talking about civil war again this time. It's because aid,
Silicon Valley, tax c e o sent out a mass, a male to their customers, telling them that if they dont support Joe Biden, there will be civil war and a vote that has anything other than Joe Biden. What selfish and wrong and people are really mad about this. You know I saw this story and I think it was a big deal generally. Caroline much until I got several emails from people who are customers from expensive five, who said they were kind of upset and offended that they were sent this political message because they're not supposed to be receiving this kind of stuff. If you sign up for a service, that's why We know your long and then one day they email, you saying if you dont vote for four binary to be a civil war side. Imagine people would be angry about then was of course you support Joe Biden. I got several emails, people, I thought was interesting. He's your people work for companies use this millennium, not expensive fires. So why is a text Yo Silicon Valley, telling people they have to vote for Joe Biden, gelding them, and why
as his company doing this. Well, according to the ceo, he said we held a meeting where we all talk to the greatest slack and everyone agreed. Now they didn't they're scared of you. It's cancel culture. If I stand up and say no lose my job. Omby Amby retaliated against protocol reports. Expensive Fi Ceo explains how he made the decision to tell all his customers to vote for Biden. It's easy to justify. Standing aside. He said this is a genuine effort just to make the world a better place. Using the tools at our disposal, in my opinion, is a betrayal of your your customers, privacy, but low. I give you the email experts, Suffice protect democracy, Vote Biden from David bear it. He says. I know you don't hear this from me and I guarantee I dont want to say it, but we are facing an unprecedented attack on the foundations of democracy itself.
If you? U S, it isn't anything less of about four bottoms about against democracy and K. I'm not gonna get to every single argument. He makes buddy legally says the Republicans have suppressed the vote and Joe Biden is maximizing the vote. Therefore, Trump is evil, blah blah blah. He makes several claims about some kind of looming civil war. I guess I don't I You know I gotta be honest. I am not entirely sure I disagree here is what he says: bear its email equated to vote for tromp to an endorsement for voters, oppression and the dismantling of democracy, quote exe, and certified depends on a functioning society and economy, not many expense reports get filed during a civil war. He wrote as see all this business, it's my job to plot, of course, through any storm, and all evidence suggests that another four or its trump has hinted eight or more years. I can't believe you said that
of leadership will damage our democracy to such an extent. I am obligated, on behalf of shareholders, to take any action. I can to avoid it gives you kidding me well, This company has shareholders that can only as you are probably extremely angry, he is going to cost them money with these unhinged comments. He does mention civil war more than once, but they only quote him in this article a couple times and I'm going to read through his letter he says, was a calculated choice. While it may be risky. He knew that sending it to more people met. The message would be more effective. This wasn't just me firing often he fell out of the blue. This was the result. an inclusive process that really engaged the whole company across a wide range of opinions, and this is a genuine effort just
the world a better place using the tools at our disposal. This man is a cultist. That's the easiest way to put it he's a cultist who can't see outside of his bubble. We are going to make the world a better place. Bro is your customers they're emailing me they're, telling me they're upset about this, and they wanted me to talk about it. They don't like that. You're doing this, it's weird however, one of them is abundance of this guy riff Klaus has wow just received an extraordinary email from expensive icy yogi bear it. I can remember ever. I can remember, ever seen anything even remotely close to it Catarina deem demur top protests. Just a user on on Twitter says deliberate. How do you deal with board members, employees or colleagues that would disappear? It was sending a political message asking for myself and others that would love to approaches, as you have. He said before, sending it with a long discussion designed to be as inclusive and respectful as possible. In particular, we made a fact: checks, slack room where
anyone can contest a factual claim and argue for or against it. Then a group of top employees votes on our official opinion. Tim Rennie responded. If I worked too expensive, I assume that any disagreement I voice would be remembered and I would be punished in future. Comp lay off or promotion discussion and that's true, absolutely mats as you'd think for a tech company you to be able to filter out your users based on country. What would you think would happen? If the ceo of your company said, I am going to issue a public international statement to all of our customers, telling them that, if you vote for Donald Trump, your vote four suppression and civil war and you must vote for buying what would happen. If you dared to challenge, see ya in capacity. I can only imagine you would face retaliation and at any point, if lay offs were to emerge,
if something were to happen, where somebody had to get the shore under the stick or whatever, then it would be you you would be. The odd person out people would not be very very happy about this. The gsm sufi says one of trumpets, elected by voters all, but he just isn't body just using more widespread voting to get elected. Of course, I love how that's a loaded question. Isn't Joe Biden just doing the right thing? You're right, he is isn't trump just wrong and evil you're right here's says why send me this when the pole say bite, it is going to win, and here is the point that I think you ought to take home. They're scared The pole said: Tromp was gonna, lose last time any didn't, but even that, even if the Poles can be trusted that might not, that might still not be enough trumpet They repeatedly will only honour election that he personally feels is fair, so much depending on his personal judgment, is worrying because he has rejected the overwhelming expert consensus that voter fraud has
a negligible historically and has also said he believes it would be impossible to lose a fair election. What president would be like that election wasn't very, but I concede Oh, we had Bush v Gore and went to suit two thousand. He doesn't say accordingly, the only way to ensure a peaceful transition of powers to ensure this election is an overwhelming. Under I'm a landslide in favour of Biden any excuse to question the election is an opportunity for trumped refusal of the White House. Plunging this country into a constitutional crisis bordering on civil war. no matter how slight that risk may be. The consequences of it happening would be so catastrophic society and economy. We need to do all we can to prevent it. Someone said to me TIM: every every presidential, they claim it's the end of the world and that America is gonna, die or collapse or whatever- and it never happens- and I was like I you yeah tool,
Sixteen wasn't this bad twenty twelve wasn't too doesn't eight kind of was more like, oh god, oh, but I think we really are faced. serious strife. You know why, if it's true that every four four years or every presidential cycle? They claim worlds gonna end when there's like it incumbent or whatever, then there there really ratcheting ratcheting up the rhetoric it the point now where their shrieking civil war in our faces. I can't tell you: what's gonna happen I don't know, I know a lot of, we're gonna wanna, take my videos and say how TIM said this incentives that I make a lot of it using a lot of things by predictions are fairly weak for the most part. I thought like the day before the mid term and twenty eighteen Republicans would sweep, and I was wrong another alive that is the only representation of anything you ve ever predicted. It's like most by predictions actually came true going to people's health,
Tis riots, race, rationalized riots across the country yeah and calls for law and order. I predicted all of that, but no one cares. We get it right on the ground. the wrong. Will there be a civil war? I don't know ask this guy, but we're really seeing here and why it was an important is that Silicon Valley's extremely biased to the left of the point where they would actually use their customers data to send a political message. I for one- I'd be happy with that, but I guess I don't know, I don't see it being illegal, just unethical, but also kind of strange. I dont want my plumber to come to my house and preach Joe Biden or Trump aluminum fixed toilet. I don't care for this guy or what is company? Does he says one final plea, as a fellow citizen, I fully so I respect your constitutional right to disagree and as an avid support of democracy. I value that disagreement. Constructive well informed debate, hopefully, is hopefully using the most accurate least biased new sources available. Or what are you willing to is what makes
nations so exceptional, but the constitution is only as strong as the respect we give it. I'm asking you to cherish it close to your heart and demand that those who would like to do same and then he goes on to say, agree or disagree, replied the email any any says tweet Adam at at DE bear it. When we talk about Silicon Valley, censorship, big tech, censorship and big tech bias, they tell us that we're crazy we're wrong vision open it is not there. Ok, not only are we seeing censorship, but we now have the ceo, the company who has come out. Actually emailed all his customers outright. Saying Trump is suppressing the vote and there will be civil war unless you vote for Joe Biden. Ok, we get it. Silicon Valley, you'll love the left, your love Joe Biden. Why are you pushing that down our throats Ellison? I don't care too much more expensive
I is whatever fine he goes on it. They re going to mention this protocol article. They are there to navigate the fall out and all that stuff shore. The market will punish him if they see fit. If people like him and Joe I didn't wins. Well, then he'll be fine. Won't you I don't know, what's gonna happen, I think the poles are bunk, but I think the pause to start flipping as well. Closer to the election, and I wonder how much the media's lying. I think this poor man he is. He is consumed too much fake news, because tromp is certainly not that bad. But I'll tell you this. I disagree with him and it scares me that this is what our in Silicon Valley, they control the Tec, the fact that the financial technology that occasions. Technology trump is finally bringing out some peace in the Middle EAST and withdrawing our troops, something Obama bite and never did. I think you need to win for that reason alone. This the fact that silicon- flexes their muscle to get what they want is scary. I've never been a big fan of people, all spending unlimited, some states are elected.
I think one he's gotta go to politics, and I think this big tech companies in Silicon Valley to shut up and back off and leave it to the people who live there, I got one more segment for you in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. You ve heard my story I was a independent left, leaning, individual, the last person. I've for four president was Barack Obama, Democrat, didn't vote twenty twelve or sixteen and I'll be voted for Donald Trump I'm a lifelong democratic, not a hard core democrat liberal. Whatever I mean some people might say, I'm uh, maybe voting for Donald Trump and the peace agreements really seal that deal for me, but now we're hearing from a lot of people have this article talking about lifelong Democrat, former New York assemblymen explains. Why is part of a growing of newly minted Trump voters to really incredible stuff. It's dove hick and I'm probably not singer, your name wrong dove, but he says I'm a lifelong Democrat President Donald Trump didn't get my vote in twenty. Sixteen he most certainly
is in twenty twenty- and I know many others like me- there are two simple reasons why this busy pacts as some of these Democrats, barely even care for the president because of a distant demeanor or conservative policy positions, but their voting for money way. Why quote the odd? Let me ok and twenty sixteen at an export vote for tromp. I was concerned once he was elected. I said. Let me give him an opportunity here can reveal them up above this alone separates him from money in the pack following the president's inauguration and early twenty seventeen, a large number of Democrats promptly began call. Enforced impeachment. Donald Trump has been present for about a month and already a sizeable majority of Democrats say he should be impeached. The Washington Post reported on February Twenty fourth to you,
later and twenty nineteen they wanna had an impeached him after which they began. Speaking about impeachment impeachment again, they really did swelling a broken record quote. We have to face certain reality about the democratic Party. The Democrat Party of twenty twenty is not the democratic party that I joined. The years ago, Dove said the values of this country are being destroyed by a small group of people on the radical left who decide What you can say what you believe in and what's right for everyone. I ask you to vote for our magnificent wonderful country and by doing that you will be voting for Donald Trump. Other lifelong Democrats were also making the switch feel. Similarly take author mathematician and commentator Doktor James Linsey in tweets posted Tuesday. He attributed his political about face to the Democrats embrace of radical ideas. I talked about James. You can follow on Twitter at conceptual James. He has been going off uncritical rice theory. The far left-
oak intersection reality all that stuff, and I agree with James. I gotta tell you this, though these peace agreements, man, Donald Trump, sign of this deal with Sudan Bro. You got me on board. I'm stoked, I think trot, must be re elected because I More of this? I want to see trot just sign away. All these deals all these countries coming together. Could you imagine what four years of trope might look like in former years? There might be rainbows and people of all different creeds and nationalities and colors holding hands and singing songs under a rainbow. I'm kidding Mount think I'll. Be that good, but it's great. So that's it for me, but I do agree with James. The critical race they restock Fort Ivan up they. So it's red chains linked to this story sang the american left should work towards abolishing the constitution. That's the new republic, not some french cite the notion of a All wishing the constitution has, admittedly, only been embraced by the most radical of left wingers. How are the same?
cannot be said of a set of less shocking, but still radical ideas like packing the court or how about this? How bout. Seattle libraries implement racial segregation in the name of social justice. Ok, that's your question A lot of people like to say, oh, there goes temple mentioned, and that is mixed raise again, which room what I go in. I would like a legitimate answer, guess what you can't come up with one, and it makes me kind of salty towards these people, because it was the progressives that fought so hard for the right of a such uniform for the banning of education laws lovingly Virginia the civil rights and all that. Well, your created that this this world of mixed,
people and now you are trying to segregate those people to be fair. I think a lot of civil rights advocates did not envision lessened in want this, but look at Bernie Sanders. He's fees totally on board with critical race theory. He was fighting for civil rights back then I've experienced this out. I want to live in that country because I could talk here, oh and I the room on I don't fit in with the with the only the people wore white, not to be honest, look I'm mostly white shore from Parker and Japanese, and I dont know where that supposed to put me am I not a lot of talk about my experiences with racism, because I'm two white therein lies the big problem. This reality there crafting is a horrifying. Does Tokyo of of racism,
I'm not all about that. I'm not interested in living that way. So by all means you want to do that. You could do it somewhere else, I'm not gonna, do it where you wear it where Europe, so I tweeted I didn't voting twenty sixteen on voting trump now I agree with James the LEO Tyrrell Lifelong Democrat voting Trump Abigail Moreau treated, this retired police officer was a lifelong democrat. Until You went to a Trump rally now he's voting for President Trump. The silent majority was out there telling us how most Americans really feel about us, but not every disillusion Democrat has has vowed to vote for it. Yet over an online, a brass go well known, democratic quit the party because of intimate than a basket democratic party, calling that there's a county attorney and they voted on a resolution saying he was perpetuating white suppressed. because he prosecuted a case in a way that, unlike and this made this lifelong Democrat decide to quit. She said this about
Person was worked incredibly hard in the community and has been a friend to so many, and that means whites and rounds and blacks. This a fair minded good man, said former Democrat Mary Barrett Gallop showed us as of right. Now, party affiliation has flipped from twenty sixteen plus five Democrat, two plus one Republican, and it's not because republicans are gaining people. Axioms tells us Republicans, are closing the registration gap with Democrats and it's not because they're getting more voters. It's because people are quitting the Democratic Party now another Republicans, the rights Technical, the Democrat Party, and actually I understand that, because democratic is something totally different from what Democrat is like the did their Democrats right to call the Democratic Party, but that makes it sound more fair than it really. its unclear how many more straws it might take to convince her to go all the way and joining Trump join the army of walk away. Some former never trouble
I have also effectively joined the walk away Army, including Glenn, beckoned Ben Shapiro, in a video announcement earlier this week, Shapiro astonished traditional concern. But who is repelled by trumps rough demeanor? Twenty sixteen boiled down is about face to the fact the Democrat Party has gone cuckoo for cocoa puffs, I'm sorry. I have to disagree with that. If they went cook for cocoa paths, that would imply that had a plan and they were going crazy because they wanted something specific. They dont their insane. It's it's off the rails, any video, so they ve lost their minds so of members of the mainstream media so of members of our bureaucracy, so members of academia, these people must not be allowed the mechanisms of power. I agree with you Ben our most, crucial institutions from corporate Amerika to universities. They ve been corrupted top to bottom and giving them more power over your lives. Huge mistake, yes, you thought this was
bad the racial segregation thing? Ok, I'll, tell you what, if I'm in Seattle, I can avoid their segregation sessions. Shore checked this one out feminist offer. We have to erase men, lesbian author urges women to eradicate men from their lives, racks up five star reviews and Amazon, but some argue it's a form of apartheid apart. Hide is the afrikaans word for segregation? Yes, congratulations. You found out what they're doing our device you you, you know vice, and I remember this one point where this this friend of mine, so to talk about the Scum manifesto and the Skull manifesto talks about like castrating babies and eradicating men from existence. It is really like in saying things, and I was I give the EU being serious this, like you, really like taken seriously and then she was like. I don't know, and unlike do
this- is insane stuff you're talking about just hating people. I told her to her face. I was like you, I think, you're a big it and it didn't matter because The left has immunized themselves from understanding that they have become the very thing they claim to be fighting their projecting Alice coffin, who was a lesbian activist and parasitic counselor has Penda book feminist author argues. Wine should eliminate men from their minds. She a longer listens to music, reads, books or watches films made by men. That is a whole new level of insane There was an article I recently saw from, I think Helen Pluck rose, wrote it, I believe so, and she argue that we should all be voting for Biden, because Trump will only Jasper bait the culture war. I humbly respectfully disagree Helen. I believe that voting for the far left will tell them hey. You know all those things that you are doing that works
My response was, I dont see how voting for the other. Violent extremists will end but all make it worse, it'll emboldened and then she said. I agree, I'm not saying about for Anti fa. Please tell me the difference, because I've actually talk to some antivirus who are providing not because they, like Biden. Because they ve said is easier to overthrow doddering old man that a fascist because they are going to press binding. but in all ready, giving in its working. That's why he won't denounced them. So now I disagree. I will vote for Joe Biden, but I'll tell you what man aren't. There are other things here: peace, Sudan, Bahrain, you ain't you. It's amazing how many people only focus focus on these very, very core issues- and I tell you this critical rice theory stuff is- is one of my top issues, but foreign policies pie my my top top issue, because I care about the future of this planet, and I don't like war and conflict
if I have seen civil unrest. I have not been an active war, but I've been installations with civil unrest and active gunfire. I've been shot at several times and gone to training for the stuff. It's nothin. I can't imagine that the journalists who have actually been in full on full scale war at dramatically different way worse, but don't like any of it. So we can talk about. We gotta vote for Abiden because you know trouble about the cultural or worse and I'm like Joe Biden is gonna, get us in more war, so I'll take more culture worth that's the case. I'm not the only one left. Democrats lotta left a slot liberals saying enough, but will it be enough for Trump to win? I guess we'll see thanks rang out. I will see you all tomorrow in the excitement at ten a m.
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