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Trump Moves To BAN TikTok App Over Massive China Spying Scandal, China Has Gen Z ADDICTED


The Trump administration says that people may be ceding their personal information to Chinese Communists.India already banned the app along with many others over spying concerns and it led to addicted people becoming depressed. The same may happen here as young people become addicted to social media. Conflict with China seems to be ever more likely and this may be just another step in a dangerous direction.Will Democrats or Republicans be better suited for that crisis if it ever comes?#China#TikTok#Trump

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Once the rising star of the social media world now facing complete obliteration, the trumpet meant duration has announced that they may actually ban Tik, Tok, invalids, Following reports that China uses it to spy or, as they put it, the you as users may be seeding invoked to chinese communists. You know me the video game fallout not sure if you're from with it, but in a line in all of these games, where they say war, war never changes. Well, that light is wrong. In fact, war does change. We have been faced with a potential for real conflict with China for some time now. After Few tit for tat kind of the South China see nothing really militaristic or physical, but there's been say the laser ring of a. U S, reconnaissance plain: there have been elephant walks, destroy mayors and there is a serious concern about China, but maybe maybe invading Taiwan. We know that choice,
when making some very serious moves against Hong Kong. Recently passing a national Security bell, which has many Hong Kong residents, worried that their rights are going to be stripped away. We face a real potential for conflict with China. because we ve long been at odds with them and they are a growing superpower. There's something I've read several times called lucidity strap and it basically does that when a rising power seeks to displace oars on path to displace the power war breaks out so war. won't appear the same way that were used to necessarily information war, will be a huge factor in how we actually decide decide battles and who gains control of certain areas who controls resources, and perhaps there won't be a hot war between us and China. Perhaps it will be strange. Manipulation of young people through social media apps, Tik Tok, may be banned. Tik Tok was banned in India,
and this had, some pretty strange affects one young person reportedly took their own life and it suggested it was because of the ban on Tiktok in response to the announcement that tick may be banned. Several people on the EP commented: this is their life no and their freaking out you see I don't believe that Tik Tok is a legit platform and I'll give a better exploit I should have how I think social media apps manipulate people into thinking. They actually have a user base, but I, leave. They use addiction tactics to trick people into thinking that some, Then good is happening when they use these acts when in reality, there probably talking to Botz young people are being essentially mine. told innocence made to be addicted to this system, that is social media for some kind of monetary or political benefit. The big risk here for the United States is that if Tik Tok really is spying on people and using addictive tactics they risk or why
say we're at are at risk of creating a generation depended upon some kind of addictive system controlled by China, so perhaps as much as everybody? I want to hear it. Banning Tik Tok may be the right move, but about Do this, let's take a look at the news and see what is actually going on, and then here's do for all of you. At the end of this video, I'm going to explain to you the manipulation tactic used by tech companies too, to trick people into using platforms to essentially mind control them to get new users. It's pretty fastening staff, but not necessarily the news. Saul save it for the end before we get started at over. Tim cast outcome slashed on it. If you would like to support my work as many ways, you can give this a p o box like a send some stuff for the best thing you, Do share this video. Many people are probably wondering why Tik Tok might be banned. Maybe you maybe you use it. Maybe you down it's very popular among Genji. Admittedly, it does not have a very large user base relative to other acts in this country
but it is still one of the biggest that around thirty four million users. If people are now freaking out about this, maybe they need to know. Why would you know why this is happening now we just want to watch. It has subscribed button like, but notification about military. The news Fox NEWS reports, Pompiers warns of potential restriction, of chinese Tik Tok up? U S, users may be seeding info to chinese communists. They report on PEO told the Ingram angle that he and president tromp are taking the reports seriously after House Lord Ingram said India had all but he banned the app and Australia is can considering doing so as well. We are taking this very seriously and we are sorry Looking at it. We have worked on this very issue for a long time, whether it's the problem of having Weiwei technology in your infrastructure. We have gone all over the world and are making real progress. Getting that out. We had declared Z, tee a danger to American National Security said pale with respect to chinese apps.
People cellphones, I can assure you. The United States will get this one right to. He said adding that he did not want to dive into specifics and potentially get ahead of any present you'll announcement, but it is something we are looking at. He said owing to warn Americans that they should be cautious and using Tiktok less. They want their private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party Alison and includes your email, your birthday, your password Now, perhaps you use the same password on Tik, Tok, EU and other places, and if they want, they will steal your information You do not have the same legal protections it do. You know when it comes to a chinese apt that you wouldn't United States if China gets access to all your information and then seeks to at some point to subvert the economy of the. U S, they, post, all the most embarrassing things about you and literally everyone else, and that would not be fun. Don't take my word for it. Man just listen. Think about how simple it is.
If you use the same password and most people, do they have your email? They have your password. They have your birthday. I don't have actually have your birthday. Typically, your login and your password people, you people repeat, use, which means I can get it female. They can get into your school. They can take your information and how would you feel if one day you woke up and everything you ve ever said the people was published. Think about what you get the idea. right, that's what Sweden, but they also responded to former Obama restoration, national security adviser, Susan Rice and the potential twenty twenty democratic vice presidential candidate after Joe Biden slammed him for appearing to be for appearing to be one of what she called sycophants and weaklings, who purported purpose. The purportedly refuses to properly vice Trump. I don't. I dont care for reading into that argument between Pompey allowances. Susan rise, I care about. What's going on with Tiktok, not check the story up back in.
March. U S. Editors were looking to ban Tik Tok on government cellphones. Over spying concerns is that it was a lie This attempt to rein in technology companies by Holly, who has repeatedly clashed with big tech companies. The fears over spying by China have in round for a long time now, I want to show you something real quick for those yet this far and you're still wondering. Oh, you know what is Tik Tok. You may have seen this viral video where this this Our here was eating dried Rahman, noodles, crunching on them and wrinkling. You know that that that the seasoning onto them, while he corrected Cresscombe, of seeing this video unfair very viral on twitter. So maybe you sought if you didn't. This is the gist of what Tik Tok is. Ok, you have Betty or something plying behind you. You talk or you dance. Some people make post, sometimes their political in March. There was a serious concern that government agents, the passions or otherwise would be using it, and then China would steal that information. They report
Two republican senators on Thursday introduced a bill aimed at banning federal employees from using chinese social media Tiktok on their government issued phones amid growing national security concerns around the election and sharing of data on U S, users with China, with with China's government the bill by senators Josh, All the Scott comes, as several who s, agencies that deal with national security and intelligence issues, including the State Department and the Department of Homeland secure. Have banned. Employees from using the EP is also latest attempt to rein in technology companies by Holly. We get this tik Tok as recently As June twenty ninth was found to be spying on you. Ok, lent limit. Let me tell you what's going on right, if you use this ep, maybe you don't care they're spy on you, I don't whatever the up The bigger issue here at the SARA Lee the spine they're going to collect data on you, your habits they're going to use that against us because we are not. We are not allies. I mean look to varying degrees. We co op.
China, we ve not without an ongoing trade war. There is the concern over potential hot war, meaning military action, but the current iteration of warfare in all the cyber attacks as well as manipulation techniques if they get p whether spying on them are not wrapped up in a in some kind of addiction on this ep. They can then start manipulating your behaviour in very horrifying ways. They can reward you with clicks and views. If you say the right This is a known tactic of the Chinese Communist Party in manipulating people into slowly giving in to their ideology. They Do you you'll say something where you're like? I don't think you know it matter. That China spying in that also you get ten thousand views and all these likes and new followers near like while, but to trick now I'll go back to this. But let's talk about the spying issue. For now they say: Tiktok is still spying on Iphone users. By secretly reading content saved to clip
devices running on the beta version of Apple Iowa. Fourteen have revealed they say the firm came under fire snooping earlier this year and vowed to stop accessing devices clipboards, but users asking the new operating system found. Tik Tok has not kept its promise when the app access I acted as the clipboard. On a device with Iowa fourteen on notification- it appears. The top and a video shared on twitter shows that Tik Tok was looking at the clipboard. Every free strokes even when it was running. In the background, that means every time you copy something Lanka message: some thing very private- you don't know anyone to know about, they steal it and they know about it. This has been going on for some time. So let me just anybody who is listening. If you happen to be a young person using this ep, I'm sure
or there are many things you ve been privately looking at on your private device and you would not be happy to find out. They know about it. They have it and what would happen if they decided to share it? There's an idea you know about What happens when all of our private information is just published? Every message? Every search our browser history, there are jokes about, people who are like on their deathbed saying something like delete. My browser history because we all search for things and other websites. We do want anyone to know about. So what would happen if everything you did on your phone was stolen by an adversary of the United States? They could easily disrupt our economy by releasing all of this data, or, like I mentioned, if they have your ear, your password, they can hack and all your stuff- and I stress for the four you again: how would you feel if your browser history was made public, that anyone could just search for it
How would you feel if the messages you sent every single one was now part of a publicly accessible database? Chaos, I might add, but there is some good There are some good news for most Americans. It is not the biggest when the world they say in twenty nineteen social video at Tik Tok had approximately three. seven point two million users in United States. This figure is predict projected to increase by about twenty two percent a year over year. So as of right now, they project around forty five million uses its big. It is not the biggest, and if they make the ban now, perhaps they can do it soon enough before it's too late Many of you may be angry maybe saying I have a following on Tik Tok man, that's not fair! You can't ban me, don't worry, I'm goin To shatter your dreams and a very disgusting and offensive way in just a moment, it's not real you'd understand,
it's, not real. In fact, it's not real. On many social media platforms, you ve been tricked, you think, you're famous, you think you have likes and views you dont. You really don't and that's a sad reality, but people refused to accept it and I'm out I'm I'm on a little bit more but will break this down. I want to talk about the day. I've got I've got look I want. Ease into the reality of acts like Tik Tok, because I don't want a free people out too much you might be addicted to it I'm showing you hear Instagram users as of May twenty twenty. There are a proxy Lee, I believe, what is it a hundred and wars, the number Hungry Thirty, one users by twenty twenty twenty twenty two they say instagram- is one of the most popular sites that for sharing at most recently reported five hundred million daily active users and one billion monthly act it's ok. I was way way wrong. My number, I miss Red five. hundred million daily active users. It is more than ten times bigger than Tik Tok, okay, so calm down now in response to the sky,
thanks scandal. We have seen anonymous hackers targeting Tik Tok, saying delete this chinese spyware. Now it is. Interestingly, anonymous is not known to be a right wing organization, but to see a non mass, which is not you know, ideologically a line for the most part, typically aligning with the left in agree now I should say tromp following suit over. spying allegations. We ve got some unity here. Man. and we do know that India actually banned Tiktok. Now this this article from wired tries to strike down the threat of China, by saying that the ban by India dispels the myth of the China Boogeyman bogeyman. They say, I'm sorry. The argument is that, because Tik Tok is unregulated because it spying it's now being banned, that shows that people won't stand for what China is doing. sure. I want to show you now something worrisome.
And then I want to shatter the world of of all of you who use tik, Tok and I'm an explained at yeah. Let let it let me just. Let me just say this is from journalist, Taylor Lorenz. You said Tik Tok room followers react to the news of the: U S, potentially try to ban Tik Tok. There's people saying no, what know brought your lying or Bree you're lying. I keep her fat were a refreshing somebody bringing popcorn ha ha ha. Well, then, I won't really have a life. These are interesting posts right. Let's not you Tik Tok is literally my life. No, what am I going to do for ten hours of my day now? These are people who are being manipulated and controlled, because China understands the power of social media. I got bad news I mentioned earlier talking to robots you're, not talking to real people, have had this conversation with people who work in tack and with some high profile personalities had been used. This platform. For a long time, I met the brakes and bad news to you. Ah,
allegations mind you allegations China. so Taylor says from a source who is a sway house neighbour. All is very quite at the house. There is just an empty Mcdonald's chicken nuggets container on their sidewalk sure whatever, but Taylor did tweet about this. After sire car, eighteen year old, Tik, Tok STAR dies by suicide, was suffering from depression. They say no sewers suicide. It has been discovered by the authorities, but reports suggest that the ban on Tiktok could have pushed her to take her life. According to the youngsters, family and friends, she had been suffering from depression for a few months, and the tick Tock ban could have been worse, of the triggers they say. Last month the government of India announced a ban on fifty nine chinese apps that were listed on Google Play and that included Tik Tok. Let me tell you a story to play this game, and then Joe you what's goin on several years ago, like many many years ago, Had a conversation with some big tech personality, big big tack, funding individuals,
and the conversation was around how to compete with the likes of twitter right at Facebook What I'm going to say to you now is I'm just gonna for legal for legal reasons, allegations speculation as to what Tik Tok is how they function and not necessarily them specifically, but many social media, including the big players like Instagram, Facebook and twitter. This is the conversation in it in the gist of it. How is it that read? It came to be as prominent as it is well, my I think I'm gonna just put maitre pressing everything with allegations and speculation and Roma for sure, but check the check this out with his up. They were, conversely, it's happening? Around techniques read it used early on and twitter as well that they would use bots accounts to to create fake interactions. So you felt, like you, were actually interacting with people and being reward
ordered for the things you were saying. Why would anyone use a social media network that no one else is using? It makes no sense if I post in it go in there to see it. Why bother posting to many people who have Tracy few followings. They don't post either thinking if I'm opposed, and no one sees it. Why bother posting in order to get around this problem? Fake users are created the fake users than interact with you. I'm. I'm may be very careful for legal reasons as too. As you know, when I talk about my understandings that read, it did use fake accounts, and I think this is widespread knowledge. You look this
that Alex so happy and that one of the original founders was using fake accounts to interact with new users to make them believe. There was actually a community here and the form was working. This encourages them to come back to keep posting because of known interacts. They get bored, they leaf right. There's no people here. Why go to a party when nobody's there? What, if you thought, people or their then you'd show up so when certain apps came out relatively recently I have many friends start telling me I had to get on this ep because they were gaining so many followers, a few individuals I know who have very disengaged, follow but somehow a decent amount were Brad being about how that half a million followers on this particular up.
and so I said, show me and sure enough. The comments were all very obvious and generic, and I said this is the technique described to me a long time ago. Here's what you do in order to create a dominant social media platform. You create the app and you run some ads for it You try and get Youtube you target young people on, say Facebook. You show them the app and you should oh young people and ads. You know using these apps once the young people start using it you slowly give them fake followers, so they feel like their becoming popular and what they're doing his working. This is a tactic of like any dealer. You give a little taste and then you reward them and when they do you want you, give them bigger and bigger wards the conversation was basically this. If you were to run and add campaign for a new social media targeting high school kids, you know songs older than thirteen, but young enough to be impressionable. You could invent
sign up and start making posts once they do. You have fake accounts, interact them cheering them on telling on there really cool. You then start giving them lightly, more followers, and they could give on any other platform, not too many by just enough. Annetta seem real All of a sudden, you end up with a sixteen year old seventeen year old kid he's got ten as an followers on your new app beg, the school and they say you guys still using twitter that so Lane dude I'm over on this EP over here, and I got ten thousand followers and they go. What no way you have. Ten thousand followers yeah, because I've been posting men and people really like my stuff. They feel good about what their posting you end up, creating attics. Who don't want to leave you gotta make sure you feed that addiction, then the entire time. you could potentially be spying on them, manipulating them. But, more importantly, there is tremendous economic power and social media. You could be displacing other social media companies very
very easily. By doing this, once you have a decent amount of young people who are convinced they become influential, they become extremely addicted to it, and you and there you go. You have pushed the snowball downhill. You have very little to do at this point. You stop running the advertisements and you let these young people brag enough to boost your. your base, and there you go all of a sudden. You have young people saying things like you know. I don't use instagram anymore kind of way more followers in this way. Are you snatch it anymore? Clive way more followers around this EP and their friends jumped ship and want to join to thinking? Oh man, I want followers. I want followers and you do the same thing you make sure certain ones boosted. You want them to have a little bit more followers anywhere else. You want them to feel like they're, getting better interaction on your platform and once you ve cast that off, you stepped back and let the snowball roll down the hill. Now you ve got a new generation adopting an apt that that is not real,
with hundreds of thousands to millions of fake followers that no one can verify and they think they're getting views. They think they're getting attention but they're, not how many of these people can walk on a street least hours and actually have people say. I know who you are, I'm a fan. I would imagine relatively you, but I would also imagine that, based on you know how far we have come with some of these acts and how long I've been around, they ve now gotten a decent amount of active users that literally do exist, in which case you end up with attics in India, for instance, taking their lives. You end up with people actually interacting real communities forming and then the fake system You can you can take away. You know it's actually, the training wheels of your social media app and get people actually addicted and using it and then overtime that younger generation uses or you're at this place is say the likes of Facebook. I'm sure they Facebook will be very, very happy to know or to hear that the? U S is concerned.
Banning this ep, but let me just tell you, social media addiction is a real thing. The tactics used by twitter by Facebook in all these platforms are real and Yes, there's a reason, wife, why Twitter won't remove the like in the retweet count or your follower account. It's been talked about for years. Maybe we remove your follower account. So no one knows how many people really follow you the problem as it would destroy twitter people are rewarded by posting, something and seeing those numbers. What do people not like on twitter? They dont want to see a thousand replies and a hundred retreats that's called getting ratios these numbers a role and we have developed a culture around them. People want to see that if they say something people amplify it and like it, it makes them feel good. I've thought about this problem with Youtube. For instance, that met you, you couldn't you can tell when a Youtube her is losing views based on or restart offer you'll see a video from a Youtube or whether, like
you know I've been working really hard and I just gotta take a break. I don't know if I can do this job. Anyone get depressed and there, like it's been so hard lately, I gotta do is look at the past few videos you'll see their viewer. Account is going down. It really is an addiction every day they expect to get more views, that growth proves that what they're doing is working and if you don't feel like what they're doing as working, they start to feel bad there being pulled down, and eventually they snap and say I can't do this anymore because they feel like there, eating and climbed as high as they can, but there still sinking- and it could be for reasons that this out of their control is not really a bad thing. Maybe you may have made a channel dedicated like baking, cakes and then eventually, the baking cake fad goes away. So people stop watching. Then these people feel like they're losing out it's funny. Somebody who was once happy to have ten thousand views to years later now gets two hundred thousand views than a year later gets a hundred thousand and gets depressing. I'm just not getting those views anymore, even other still getting wet
more than they got a couple years ago? The addiction is real and people's emotions are tied to their engagement, interaction on these platforms. You can create an addiction and control and tied and generation, and that's why it's really social media is bad enough, let alone an app controlled by China. I am not entirely convinced the apis. These legal reasons, a non darling some of these new or social media apps are legitimate based on who I've talked to him. What I've seen. I really don't think so. A lot of young people are being manipulated into thinking there actually engaging with people and they're, not perhaps their immediate friends use it. But a lot of the wider interaction is probably not real, and this should be obvious to anyone If you look at somebody was active on, say you do how many views they get versus some who joins the new and exciting app and then all of a sudden has this cascade of new followers interactions, really obvious what these platforms are doing to manipulate young people into getting addicted to their platforms.
Then what happens? They seed information? They manipulate your behavior and they can control you. But the last thing I would say on this because will see if the ban are actually takes place, is that there are other issues with foreign interference and influence in our younger generations. Why is it that, Inter sectionalism has become so prominent. The democratic party is being overrun with as follows: ideology well give you one example: a J plus a social justice lens on a world struggling for change. They were getting billion, the views on Facebook only a few years ago, there are still relatively prominent. They are very far left intersection lists and, as a foreign state funded news operation, why would anyone call this kind of stuff out? Maybe doesn't matter all that much. I gotta think it does. We have foreign organizations creating propaganda and manipulation campaigns in our country to twist the minds of our young people, so that in ten or twenty years
when these young people are the leaders of industry, they will have warped views of the world, and then we lose our position. Maybe it's better at the: U S, slowly, slink away, then, as opposed to the possibility of a real world war. Three with China Summit that or maybe United States needs to uphold the values of liberty and of democratic institutions the right of the individual. Otherwise, the authoritarianism of China will take over and not just China but other countries, a mentality, confident. I can see these these manipulation techniques in these tactics taking over. Maybe it's too late to ban Tik Tok. Maybe you ve already got thirty seven million people in this country who are addicted. I don't know, but I can say that it's a start, maybe something needs to be done- will see how things play up next migrants coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast new.
thanks rang out, and I will see you all then, while the hot news of the morning is that Terry crews is awesome and down lemon made a fool of himself, but I guess a religious depends on who you asked because a lot of people think Don Lemon was right and Terry Crews is wrong, but I think from a rational, good, natured moralistic position, Terry Cruises, right now: what are we talking about Terry crews, tweeted, something about look, there aren't. There are good white people, there are bad black people, there are good people and bad people of all types and that's why he's going to work with people who are good for good things? He also talked about in the past that you can't let black lives matter become black lives. Better he's been attacked for boy of these tweets and it's weird? His response was: if I issue a warning that you know we shouldn't do certain things and he gets a backlash fort. How can you have checks and balances to make sure the extreme? Doesn't take over, he pointed out that there Are elements of black lives matter, not think they're better that there
overtly racial supremacist down, lemon argues with him. An interesting thing is when Terry Crews mentions black on black crime, and violence in these communities, which we are seeing skyrocket in the face of black lives matter, Don Lebanon as well. Well, that's not what black lives matter is about, and there it is black lives matter, is not about general life or lives. It specifically according to down lemon, at least specifically about police brutality nigh to a certain degree. I'm fine with that. If you want to talk about police brutality, accountability, I'm totally down. We shouldn't have cops breakin alone. I think. Basically, everyone agrees unless you are a crooked cop and you want to build together with crimes that they need. point, nine percent of people agree. We want cops to do a good job and if they can do better, do better. Police reform is widely popular for most people, but just reformat demonization demoralization we're
the big problem. We do have an escalation in violence across this country in response to black lives matter, and this creates create serious problems when you have a virus. video now of a man, walking with a six year old daughter, four seemingly no reason a guy reaches a gun at the window, shoots the man in April holding his daughters hand, one a motion. king because I've ever seen an I'm from Chicago. You know that means we call Chirac, they say I'll make must have been a gang hit or something that this guy got shot in New York City. I've read and Islamic so affected me on this. One is a lot of confirmation needs to happen, but apparently this dead working with daughter was just visiting the city from somewhere else seems like they just want the randomly kill. Someone does this guy's life matter now Look. I understand you wanna talk about police brutality and you want to deal with these issues and call for a form one hundred percent. The problem is as down lemon reveals. I'm sorry,
now, I'm going to say they don't really care about black life in general. It's just a slogan. It's just a brand. It's a reference to the in the single digits of people who have lost their lives in the last year due to the police, Overreach or on accountability are people who have who have been killed in the cops whenever how have held accountable, I mean look, I don't anybody is happy about what happened. A brown Taylor, you don't you we here, these stories, not you I. Accordingly, offered journal. It was nine unarmed black men, I believe, were killed by police last year. We dont want to stand for any of that. Nobody should wake up against it, but we got it. We have a serious sit down and discuss what the results of all of this protest in writing will beat. You cannot excuse the van wasn't the destruction, the writing. You can't do it people lost their lives in these rights, David Doorn was going to check out a cause
but he's pawnshop was getting looted. They killed a man for what a tv that guy's life mattered. What about these people? Terry crews? He brings this up. He talks about these issues and that's why he's and he is the man like I'm, I'm sorry is tweets, are on point. He talks about real equality. He talks about working together to solve our problems, and the scary thing is his point is proven that there are certain people on the blacklist, Madame woman, who think they're better. It's proven when he gets attacked for simply saying: let's all come together. They. I want you to think about this right. What Terry cruises saying I want you to. Engine this everybody holding rocking back and forth singing a song under a rainbow. That's his like idealistic vision. I am exaggerating little bit, but he's too but everyone coming together to end the violence all the stuff and then what happens What like down lemon, comes up and basically screaming, but what about these people? What about these people? Let me throw the I closed matter argument from these leftists back in their own faces. They often say why
Can't you say love when it when you, when you say all lives matter, they say why can't you just say black lives matter the argument being black lie. Ives arm in more need of help right now than other lives, but, of course, all lives matter that their argument that when you talk about the white people who have been killed by, police unjustly they say, but its disproportionately black lives. I say I completely agree. I totally get the math is something: is a poor people understand? There's a disproportionate amount of black people were killed by police relative to their population. size. You can get an argument about why that is that that's fine, Do the Wall Street Journal certainly has those arguments and I'm not saying it's locked, but just giving you that point. There is a lot to break down their budgets. For the sake of argument, let's take what they ve said: Alice. Let's move forward in support of Terry crews. Argument. It's very simple: you talk about black lives matter, but it's actually the the father,
in New York. City was gunned down. It's the children who are being killed and others violence. These are the people who need help. Now. I stand. You wanted the police brutality, but you know what there is a real then why Terry cruises right they they use. This comic where they show a house with a little tiny fire and then a house totally engulfed in flame and they say see. This explains that, yes, we understand that wiping one other races have a little bit of fire, but the first thing to do is put up the big fire right. Ok, Well now I want you to imagine a smouldering city. The whole thing just blown up it's much much worse. Police brutality in the black community is a problem. In my opinion, that needs to be dealt with. We need to make sure cops are held accountable. If you would have an argument about the severity and scale, then we need to start talking about General Street crime and urban violence, because it's on the rise. So let me just put it this way to the black lives matter. People who would tell Terry Crews is wrong if you're arguing that your you putting out
this one fire is the most pressing thing, but what's happening is the house's spraying debris all over the place which is damaged? in starting more fire. I mean that's a silly argument, but if your actions make things worse then maybe you gotta stop and have an assessment here, because what what's going on now, let me choice on these stories as they call to defend the police, abolish the police. As cops are being charged with crimes they didn't commit. I mean I'm not exaggerate when I say this crime is skyrocketing thereof. Philly, making the fire worse everywhere else. So it's like one step forward two steps back. This is why it's important that we have people like Terry crews, call this out. Sixteen children have been shot. Some killed in cities across the: U Dot S as violence, spikes in Atlanta and eight year old girl killed eight year old girl by black lives matter, individuals out across the street, from the Wendy's with racial Brooks protests were happening at a certain point. You
to ask the question: are you causing more harm by what you're doing then good? I get I get the sentiment original that, but violence has been going up. More people have lost their lives in rioting for black lives matter. Then unarmed black people died last year according to going a corner the Wall Street Journal. Now, how does that make sense? More people dying? I don't get it. I dont China's alter the story. Terry cruising Donovan clash in heated black lives Our debate Derek her eyes. Eight, the Americas got talent host appeared on Monday nights show to discuss the backlash he's been receiving for his views on the movement which have been heavily criticised. Sure, but have also been heavily praise DC. Other news we undertake chooses had a frame it on Saturday. Crews tweeted are all white people, bad no, are all black people. Good. No, knowing this reality, I stand
My decision to unite with good people, no matter the race, creed or ideology, give the number of threats against this decision. I also decide to die on this hill. My man who cared Terry crews is awesome. Absolute some addressing a stance. Lemon asked why it was so important Dinah. So now I do want to make one important point: a lot of people, I'm no friend of Don Lemon. Ok, I'm I'm the opposite of whatever a fan of would be. I want to say hater, but I am not a fan of the sky beings you have to understand that journalists often try to poke and broaden challenge in individual. necessarily mean that Don Lemon disagrees with Terry crews, though I think he does in opinion guy, but I wanna make, Clare? You can often hear journalists ask challenging questions, it doesn't mean they support those positions. It means I want, The answer for these things that critics have brought up. That being said, I don T let him in so crews responded dominant there somewhere a militant type forces in black lives matter and what I was issuing was a warning. I've been part of different groups and you
see how extremes can go really foreign go wild. When a warning is seen as detrimental to the movement, how can you ever have checks and balances? You know the reality of life. Is that when you recognize your fault, you make yourself stronger. If you can reflect and say here, is our weak points, here's what's damaging us. You will make yourself stronger. Terry crews, pointing this out should improve the effectiveness of black lives matter. Unless the elements within this group are manipulating it for violent and destructive and if they're go, if they may go around claiming that black lives matter, and then Terry Crew says what about these communities? What about these little kid, these kids? What about the universe? People lost their lives and they attack him for it. The mask is slipping. They dont actually care about the life they care about the cause they care of their political ideology if you are seeing an increase in crime due to the ongoing unrest, certainly
That's not solving the problem. Certainly your contributes to the problem you claim to want to solve. If you refuse to rest that issue. I do not believe you actually want to solve that problem. You wanna credits, criticise blacklist, better leaders for saying they will burn it down if they dont get their demands and x asked frustration at how his desire to work with white people has been criticized. Black people wanting to work with other races are being viewed as sellouts there being called hammock, and I'm not gonna say that Sorry, you start to understand. You're, actually being controlled territory is pointing out. I mean even snoop Dog, basically posted a bunch of racial slurs. They are so they make big, they call people, Terry crews names when he really does believe in justice and equality. He says black lives matter movement is a meant that they say the black eyes met a move in his game. A mental following you know another of high profile deaths that we understand the George Floyd protests curse broke about spoke about the blacklist.
Removing how he thinks the leaders view themselves as better echoing his earlier tweets last month. Lead interjected, saying it's easy to paint movements as extreme, citing Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights one of the nineteen sixties. I dont want to from one a project of the next crews said he also touched on black on black violence and said there are neighborhoods held hostage by people who are illiterate. running them with violence and then claiming that black lives matter. Lemon questioned crews on what what this point, I want to point blackened like violence, has to do with equality and explain the blacklist better, focuses on police brutality and systemic racism. So why call it black lives matter? Why not call it an police brutality or police accountability or the reform? The police movement? If you have black people dying because the unrest, communities being destroyed, businesses being burned down, then? What do you really mean by that phrase its popular branding? That's what it is and I'm sorry man, I'm on I'm, I'm whatever crews on this one.
Do you remember what happened that dude in Minneapolis get the sports bar was his dream? Is a fire fighter upset remember the community family men, every thing that a good person strives to be ah a fire fire. That's runs velvet specifically referring to someone helping others risking their lives to be a hero, he saved up money. He opened a business before he could but a covert happened and he wasn't able to have a grand opening. Then the riot started and they destroyed. Breathing and burn the building to the ground, I can only imagine what what's going through this guy's. My I would not mind you. I think he raised over, like a million dollars off from people who wanted to see him have his dream fulfilled because he was an innocent victim, but many other people. These communities lost their businesses and will now I see them recover when these riots happen. People leave economic, the ECB, the economy of the area, halts. Businesses are destroyed than ever come back, jobs never come back and there are already ravaged by covert what about all those lives,
Stan you mean that their like you're talking about death and destruction, what about their just livelihoods? What about their dreams, their goals, their aspirations? I can talk about all the people who have been literally killed because the riots- and I think we're now like nearing twenty or so people with all these kids in the unrest, you could say it's all the increase in violence and crime. You can take all interrelated Police are responding to calls and sought in some instances there demoralized They are worried about being arrested. All of this is a direct result of people claiming they care about life, but not only have several dozen people literally lost their lives, they are dead, including an eight year old girl just the other day, people's livelihoods, their dreams. Their goals have also been crushed. In them. This is why I am, for the most part, the reformer reformist. I think that we have conversations and we we pass bills we make demands. Peaceful protest
works. It really does and that in the end, they don't want you to believe it, because you can't have a violent refugee. Ever revolution. Without your violence, you can't overthrow the police, polish them, or do these things without some kind of overt violent action against the state and the state needs to be handicapped by some kind of bigger movement, but you absolutely do get reform through peaceful protest, civil disobeyed it is a fact, one hundred percent, we have seen the data it gives you positive press coverage. It makes your cause the the mainstream topic of the weak or whatever, and if you keep doing it, keep engaging in this kind of protest. Eventually, politicians respond some people like warm out New York where they look at the window. What do they see? They see about
You people with signs yelling and that's it. Did I seen conservancy moderate Nope, so he says: ok, Visa, the active that these are the activities of the active people. I need them to vote for me to tell their friends to vote. For me. Everyone else will vote on simple policy or wedge issues, so they cater to it that's why peaceful protest works. You also have cancel culture, it, let's be real as much as we don't like it counts, Culture is peaceful. It really is when far leftists send. You know. Fifty thousand emails to Facebook saying ban someone not fate as a good example, but like Chase Bank or something and the bank does it yeah. That's called e mail in campaigns on on its long standing tactic used by two. thickly left wing groups to get their way it works. That's why I've talked about how the Republicans they don't do this they need. They may need to understand why they lose these cultural battles, because the left knows the power of peaceful and disruptive actions, calling
You know what so Hulu Aramis awhile ago, Hulu put out a tweet saying something about Halloween, costumes and guts, land on twitter by conservatives and moderate sang. This is ridiculous and Hulu like deleted it. I guess I think they did that's a peaceful protest right. Now the left was that you harassing people you're either could try to defend themselves, are trying to make your only they can use these tactics. But if every conservative had an email campaign- and this is a peaceful tactic towards getting what you want and a cultural battle they'd when hands down, unfortunately, I think most people don't care in the forest is active organised board and many of them don't have jobs. So they went on these fronts. Peaceful protest, work. When someone goes on twitter and even lying there, not using violence,
they're, just deceptive. I disagree with our things wrong, but they're not engaging in violence to get what they want when they send an email to someone saying fire this person that stuff works and that's where the republic of that we're publicans and conservatives have a major disadvantage because they don't do this. They don't shop for the most part go out in protest, though they started to the real issue is coordinated activist campaigns. The left has all of the organizers that youthful exuberance and zealotry the right does not. The right has become comfortable and complacent for a very, very long time, because when a very wealthy country- and they recognize that- and so they don't go out and actually speak up on, the left becomes embolden Don lemon basically tells Terry crews that, if you want to talk about violence in the loss of life, start a movement to do it, because that's not what black lives matters it is and to many people it was kind of shocking. to actually here Don Lemon say: black black lives matter is not about saving black lives in general. Is about addressing police brutality
I think right away a lot of people on the right take that to it a darker place and it needs to be, I think you can say the movement, referencing, police brutality, but also its interest. Thing to say that it's actually just a slogan. That doesn't really mean what is supposed to say. It was a reference to the lives taken by police and no one else. So as violence begins to sweep the country crime skyrockets in though, in the wake of of you know the calls to define the police, abolish the police. I have to question: if if they really care about lives or if the real issue is their ideology, they don't like cops. I mean look clearly we need police, you can't have no police people are dying because of it. That makes me feel like we need. We need someone like Terry crews to continue speaking up the way he is otherwise you'll end up with more people losing their lives. I don't care what you call it. I don't care where you stand
I don't care what your sign says. I care, if you care about peaceful civil discourse, fixing our problem saving lives. This includes holding police accountable for wrong doing when honey percent it does. However, I want to make sure we don't see a little girl die like like, like we. What we just sought Atlanta or a sixteen year old kid joy running and ass. You ve and the guys in the chairs in Seattle shot a moloch. I want these people to live, I want to make sure there protected and they have full access. they're in ailing unable unalienable rights, I want to make sure that have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The same is literally every one else that no matter what your creed, your collar, You come from whatever we have these rights, they exist, but if you have people who are advocating for a system that will result in oppression, I can't can support that they will claim they're the ones fighting against oppression. But let me just tell you we sought in Saint Louis you pop He saw the store that a video about it protesters first,
showed up to the house of the MC. They were going out of the private. You know the private community to protest. The mayor, the Mcclosky, came out with guns to defend them property, maybe was over the top. You can that argument. Fine, but the point as they came back. The protesters came back to protest further house about fifteen or so minutes. This time the windows were boarded up and there was private security and therein lies the serious trouble. I see in going on the down lemon route as opposed to the Terry crews route. When Terry Crew says we must make sure we are holding me, we're we're trading people fairly and not a supremacy thing at all stuff. Listen when you abolish the police, you end up with the rich people having private security. They will be fine, it is the poor people who will suffer when you take away their their public services and that's it,
actually what we ve seen in Chicago LOS Angeles, New York, with shootings on the rise Zweig so important to make sure that your movement isn't doing more harm than good and It is doing more harm as of right now. I believe it truly is. Then what do we do? I understand the core message. I think the core message is fine. The end result has been chaotic, there's been fires looting, people's business has destroyed these. These families will be held back for decades. Literally people die are dying because of this, including a little girl. At a certain point, we need to say stop this stuff, ok and reassess its destructive force. I think Terry cruises version of black lives matter is the right approach. We need to make sure that no,
or what actions we take. No matter what words we say, the result is saving lives, protecting as communities and truly fighting for equality for everybody. Instead of riding violence, shootings, armed groups taking over parking lots and things like that, but I leave their necks migrants coming up at one p m on this gentle and I will see you all them. A couple days ago, the story emerged: a vehicle was driving down the highway, a bunch of far left activists were dancing on the highway. I mean that level they were doing something called like a candy cane shuffle or something I don't know. The car came around a curve tried to dodge two vehicles are on the road we're on the shoulder. People started to run left here to people. I met a joke, that we need to do better. To have your. We do better tv will not to swear all black at night. On interstate highway dancing around a curve and behind an obstruction where drivers can't see and a lot
people got really mad at me, so our budget is leftist were like. I can't believe him. What would blame the victim for being murdered? The guy who drove the car is not being charged with modern. As far We can tell it was an accident. We have another story, now driver thirty, Six is arrested after running over, be alarmed to protesters. Standing in the roadway in Long Island, Anthony Camp Campbell, Airy was driving Toyota RAP for which hit protesters on Monday cops had Cadbury fled the scene before being arrested a short time later that but she was one of the people hit by cranberries car being tended to by police. Now this we seem to be there's not there's no foot. I just far as I can tell from this article of the actual car hitting the protesters, I believe, they're, both ok, they went to the hospital. There's a phone. I think someone may have broken their arm, but at a certain point you know when you went univer or coming a couple days off of somebody getting hit by a car in a high
why people are still thinking it's safe idea to be. standing in the road, and you look at it and not large numbers, you it's something to make your drivers know you had a barricades whatever these people, I've been had under the circumstances, will read the story, but look men, I'm sorry I'm just getting worse and worse as the shootings increase and I'll. want to talk about the story just go into the details, but I want to get into the bigger picture here. New York city is collapsing because of things like this because of the ongoing riots in protest, the damage, the destruction, the loss of Life half a million middle class individuals have fled New York City as this as as these people flee the tax base, erodes services diminish and the city starts to fall apart, but let's start by seeing the breaking sorry about people get hit by a car. I say: Cops Anthony, Cambric, temporary thirty. Six was driving around for these
protests were standing in a roadway. According to police cops editor that Airy fled the scene, a video of the aftermath, as one of the people hit by Cadbury's car being tended to by police cops. Where then seeing surrounding the car is Camberwell sat in the driver's seat, so it maybe you'd see fought off the cops showing up now. The reason I highlight this and what I mean when I say things like this result in the collapse of say near you seem like a big leap right now hold on these people were set. In the middle, the road I get it protest to the sometimes we just had some one die because of this may be thought a small idea to keep doing this, but they keep doing this. They ve done it all. They got all the time to try and block highways, eventually I was gonna hit somebody and socks ripe when the police showed up because they called the police for help. They began yelling at the police, the police, car should the guy who, at these protesters, the police also arrived when the woman on the hot on the highway got hit as well. The two of us actually yeah
they would then scream in the face of these cops cops, I imagine don't want to deal with that. It's already a bad enough job. They don't get paid all that much, hearing lots of stories about cops retiring, cops, quitting cops, calling in sick, Now crime is skyrocketing in New York. This is what I'm talking about. There is nothing the police can do to actually solve these problems. The cops are being demonized opera protesters are blaming the policing yelling at them, even when the cops come to help them. So what do you do? Do then bother with the job anymore. I don't know I can tell you because of this behaviour and attitude. Cities like New York end up paying the price. Bigger cities pay the price, or, I should say it's more exaggerated in bigger city, the three limit more. But ass were left with non life, threatening injuries and were taken to Huntingdon hunting Huntingdon Hospital according to witness a speaking to Newsday between twenty five and thirty demonstrators were marching when they were hit by the great Toyota in my head. I thought he's going to stop
Didn't stop at all said Chris Mccain from report. For this to happen on long island is crazy. Another protester said jumped out of the way when it comes to hit a fellow demonstrators sending him to the ground. The victim s, trouble walking afterwards I was taken to a hospital, the second your man was taken was hit in the knee and also taken away in an ambulance. Now I wanted to remind all of you: Most of the videos we ve seen of cars hitting protesters have been our slowing down and then like inching forward and the protests screaming and jumping on the road and stuff like that, it doesn't seem like this is the case. It seems like he did. Had them at a relatively low rate of speed, theirs, and pain in New York, eyebrows called, but they basically say something like if you growing twenty five miles an hour, your much less likely to kill someone if you're going thirty five. you're in a seriously injured them, so, based on the
juries. They have, it would seem like the guy wasn't going slow like crawling, but wasn't going ridiculously fast. That's all they got knocked down not sent flying in the ass important Well, of course, they started attacking the cops. He was only charged with a camera with larger third degree assault and was issued a desk appearance that says everything: doesn't it the guy probably I'm was not going fast at all. In fact, it sounds like he may have been going relatively slow Allow me just let him leave with a desk appearance of video. Shortly after your protest are sitting on the sidewalk, surrounding him, our cops and demonstrators shouting at the cops the demonstrators appear, to be upset at other footage, which showed cops talk. into temporary avarice Karla Juliet protesters one. you said you saw him. He observed them having a casual conversation before you ripped him out of his guard. The man then said to megaphone there.
What we're talking about the disparity between how police treat white people and black people this guy. I I I don't know what you want to happen right. Do they want the cops to just be violent? to be brutal if you're producing police brutality? The cops shows up to your protest, of course, he's not going to brutal hire. Somebody right. They say he slammed on the gas to hit us a third video that was the injured man leaving hospital he has seen embraced by fellow demonstrators. Ok, it's a silliest. It's it's! It's its outcome I want to call it so you can say too silly story, but I think it's. worrying when these things kind of you to escalate but if the police are issuing this guy, a desk appearance like I said, I really don't think it's an issue of someone slamming the gas on to hit somebody. There, probably exaggerating, we'll, take a look at what happened.
and what's happening in New York City. Sixty three people were shot over the fourth of July. We get there, you go. That's the news, that's what that's! What happens when cops are told everything they do is wrong. Now we can have police reform. We can call The bad cops one hundred percent, but I have to wonder why it is they're calling for abolishing the police outright. That makes no sense, is very dangerous and will lead to widespread suffering, and now it's coming look at the story from from the daily mail nightmare in New York. How covered nineteen nineteen be olympic? tests and a liberal mayor are turning the city into a no go zone as murder. Earth. Skyrocket shops are looted and five, hundred thousand middle class residents flee what will be left of this city man. I do not know to bullet ridden bodies. Lay sprawled on bloodstain, concrete, Perhaps, alongside relatives of the victims are wailing and collapse to the ground in another part,
the city, a gang of use. You spray paid to disable security cameras before robbing a corner store. Later video footage captures police sir sitting helplessly in their patrol car as a banging crowd, hurled, glass bottles at them. this is lawless. New York City, that was Once America's glittering crown jewels but which risks descending into mob rule, it already dead, would mean audited, murder, figures of sky, pocket and a combination of the corona virus pandemic. Black lives matter, protests and weak political leadership is in danger of achieving what bill wow my region, that daily mail, while I'm not written written that the scenes described above took place last week in George Yoke Thomson, twenty three and his friends Stephanie Perkins, had been gone down on the steps of showcase brook at home, with the gunman stone, the losing their families, insisting neither victim had any links to drugs or gang. The pair appeared to be the latest grim statistics in a crime waves swimming the city,
according to figures released by the New York Police Department for the first six months of the year, there were a hundred and seventy six murders, an increase of twenty three percent on the one hundred forty three killed during the same period. Last year, the number of sugar victims victims has gone up. Fifty one percent to six hundred sixteen this year in June alone, there were two hundred Fifty shootings compared to ninety seven in the same month last year month on month, burglaries up hundred nineteen percent and car theft forty. Eight percent many blame New York's liberal mayor NOM salaries, sorry of progressive buildup lazo, who has slashed these funding by a billion dollars, ended the Nypd, controversial, stop and first policy which allowed police to stop in search anyone solely on the basis of reasonable suspicion and who, last week, vowed to paint a huge black lives matter sign outside President trumps flagship Trump tower.
That's it! You get! What's the mayor going to do, for you he's gonna paint you mural in the street. In fact, all five boroughs are supposed to have a big mirror, of black lives matter. I didn't get crimes, skyrocket and people wilfully The lawyer was also introduce criminal justice reforms, including changes to bail and dozens of for dozens of offences which has meant violent criminals released onto the streets. I believe that's incorrect, I'm not entirely sure my understanding is that it only nonviolent offences, but does result in criminals being released over and over and over again. This is a big challenge in terms of civil liberties. If someone isn't convicted of crimes as a state have a right to hold them unless they can pay- and I believe the answer is no- but I do recognise that result in while crime, but it is better, you know, look I'd rather have freedom, then not to out rather more freedom and less security right. We want that. There's a balance there. You don't want to which security locking people up who can't afford to get out innocent people will suffer from that, but
then again. It does lead to more crime, they gonna say referring to the police. President. I'm sorry Trump tweeted and Y see is key. Being police budget by one billion dollars. The n see mayor is going to paint a big, expensive, yellow black lives matters on Fifth avenue, denigrating this luxury avenue. He said this will further antagonize New York's finest who love New York and vividly remembered, horrible bailout, B B, Elam chant pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon, maybe our great police who have been new. paralyzed and scorned by a mayor who hated disrespects them. Won't let this symbol of eight be affixed to New York's greatest street. Spend this money fighting crime instead parts of Manhattan, famously the city that never sleeps have begun to resemble a ghost town since five hundred thousand, Firstly, wealthy a middle class residents fled when covert nineteen struck. In March, New York State has suffered the highest death toll in America with more than twenty five.
A thousand dead, nearly ten thousand more than the second hardest hit state New Jersey and eight times the number killed by terrorists on nine eleven streets, once teeming with tourists are virtually empty shops and restaurants are boarded up to protect, polluters hotels are closed. According to one resident, New York has become a place where the soup kitchen are full and skyscraper are empty. I'm warning you all! If you are in New York, you need to start making plans, not everybody can afford to leave, but the tax base is eroding there that the police will have budget slashed, not because of some political movement, but because there will be no budget. There will be a revenue to actually fund the police. You need people living in a city to support the infrastructure of the city, and this is one of the bigger problems were to be facing lesson whether or not it was Covin whether or not it was the riots. Remote work and automation are coming, and that means people don't live, need to live in these big cities anymore. What
Belinda happening, as the infrastructure we have built, which must be maintained, will become increasingly more expensive to those who live in a city, eventually the city collapses, and that's that things get weird. You know it's really funny how we went from a wired technological era to a wire, less and then back to wired and now back to wire. Lest almost like the different. You know technologies kind of compete, outpace each other, various ways. We had wireless communications and then we are like hey guess what this this, this hard line, fiber optic internet is actually butter and so those actually, conversely, bravely about in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Perhaps we abandoned wireless communications and when and more advanced, acknowledge more advanced of cultures, use more direct connected technologies, but now we're going back to what wireless internet things like that
the reason I bring that up perhaps we go from mostly rural to mostly urban and back to rural. Perhaps now that we have advanced communications technologies and remote work to appoint were people dont need to be in cities anymore. We're gonna leave those cities, but at present a bigger problem with everything were facing, and the mismanagement, its accelerating people leaving cities too, that the technology exists right, so people don't need to be in that city, but there's no real incentive to just outright Lee Ripe, while because of covert people left now because of the riots people left and now because of
slashing of police budget and the escalation of crime, which is the result of this more people, are leaving. You will have an infrastructure that has a static cost, but the people who pitch into that are there any more. Let me put it this way given algae. Let's say you live with ten roommates and each of you wants one slice of pizza and there is a pizza shop which delivers a large with ten slices. I know whatever eight fine, but ten slices so now everybody pitches in one dollar, the pizza arrives and everybody gets a slice of pizza. What happens when nine of your roommates leave and it's just you still only want that one slice of pizza, but you still have to pay for the whole thing and now have to pay for yourself so now, you're pitch it in that whole ten bucks gettin a whole people, you don't want, you once lies and the rest just rots and that's what will happen to New York City as people begin to flee because of
these disease problems that that combat that stupid, store by the driver was in long island. That's New York state is also on Cuomo, as people begin to leave the city, though the buildings remain, and they built the building still to be paid for it or to within reason. The plumbing system still has to be paid for the electrical Red still has to be paid for, and if you are the only one left, you have to pay for all of it. The more people leave the more those costs will transfer to you, the people still live, their crime will be skyrocketing, as people can't afford the cost of living in this big sent anymore more. I The city will be a ghost town; no one will actually be a resident or work there. It'll just be a bunch of empty buildings not enough over actually to that point, but maybe Detroit certainly has, as has fallen, substantial
from where it used to be, and now there are just empty buildings everywhere. The issue with New York City, though, which is much scarier, is that much of Manhattan, for instance, is like urban skyscrapers. No one Detroit started to diminish and the cost of of services and USA Waterfront start skyrocket, we ended up with the flint crisis, so I could begin and strong spent a long time. I actually did an interview with some of the activists and non profit organisations that work on the Flint water crisis and basically, what I was told so manufacture me on this one was that, as people fled, Michigan the cost of water increased per person, like I explained it, be
in some of the most expensive water services in the country, particular particularly in Flint, because Flint couldn't afford the Detroit water system anymore, which is clean. They switched to the Flint water, which was toxic and and polluted, and disgusting and people try to get poisoning. Children's are to get lead, poisoning and legionnaire's disease because they couldn't afford the clean water from the big city. As what happens now, I'm told areas some of the more expensive water in the country. It will happen to New York as well. Now I don't know where New York plans to get their water from, I think their water sources. You know they have one water source, whereas flint and outlying areas could be no had a different sources, even though they were bad. But the areas outside of Detroit the residential homes started to fall apart and there was appear. yet where urban legend tells us what I was told by some people from the area that the police would go,
ground, burning down, abandoned neighborhoods? The whole neighborhood should be abandoned. The buildings are just decaying, so they would just like em up and then run away. I'm not saying that's true. I have friends when I was hanging on Chicago I got garbage gonna. Why be skating there and had some friends were from Detroit? Who moved out of the area would tell me that's what people thought was happening? Maybe you could look out. Maybe it's As you know, rumours and urban legends, but there were some the areas where there is a whole neighborhoods, completely abandoned or like at least spy. actually populated, we ve seen similar things in Indiana. You can go man, I tell you what, I want to rag on Indiana, but you can go to some of these places when you can see where industry is falling apart. Actually, on the front page of my main channel, I have a video called american wasteland where we went to. We went to Gary Indiana and you can see what happens when people leave when jobs dry up, Matt massive buildings left, abandoned schools totally abandoned them, and then it was like it was crazy. Looking fish
Kurds from like the seventies back when the schools to be hustling, Busslin and people were in and out outside, of that school. Just rows of just destroyed homes are banned, And over time they erode they fall apart. No one repairs them, and then you just have huge swathes of just empty house, is falling apart collapsing. Will that happened to me I think the answer is yes. Now, maybe not I'm not gonna behind, like it's a little one hundred to guarantee a one. You know that, like the ratio is one to one, maybe it's there's a fifty one percent chance. It happens, Maybe it's a guarantee, but it only affects ten percent. Twenty percent of the buildings, but I lived in New York, for, while men and I lived in the car and hides area and a lot of these, Buildings are just totally abandoned and it's crazy. to see you know like a three story. Building there are connected and your building is correct.
Another building, this totally abandoned is got it in the band and boarded up inside is nothing like. What do you do with all these buildings when the night when people flee? So they talk about all these issues? Gentrification white flight, ever I'll. Tell you what men so long as this absurdity continues so long as people keep attacking the police. We're gonna see more of it. Man Marshall, mortgage delinquency, surged at record monthly rate in June, and here's the big warning men some biggest coming, delay? one sees in commercial mortgage backed securities jump by two hundred and thirteen basis points in June to three point: five: nine percent. From one point: four: six, it was the largest one month spike since finch ratings began tracking the metric nearly sixteen years ago. Sixteen years ago, the hotel in retail sectors are seeing the worst delinquencies as the corona virus has been. Actually hard on those industries, I'm not gonna break
now exactly how this will play out from Italian. Remember the big market crash late, o seven early, o eight. I think it was because of mortgaged back securities delinquencies if this is bigger than that. What comes next so hey Bill MAR you got your wish here comes the recession. I suppose right things are rebounding back, it's hard to know exactly how things will play out, but I'll tell you this. I mention this before when it came to shutting down the economy for covered, you have a big freight train. You do stop the first car just snapping at and stops what happens to every car in the back. They dont you stop they pile up. They flip off the tracks. These are rolling, wrote you know their completely destroyed the train, can't just stop and the ripples will continue to spread. People have no idea. They thought that with Covin the lockdown
who's gonna be like. I can't get a cheeseburger for a couple months. I warned I warned remember this. I said what happens when these people who have jobs at a burger shop. All this, I don't have money to pay their rent. Now the landlords can't afford to pay than that that the management companies, the grounds keepers etc, and now these buildings start that the mortgages don't get paid. The people who don't pay rent that turns into a delinquency the delinquency effects mortgage backed securities. The whole system cannot just stop it crashes, maybe that'll happen. Maybe they want it to happen because they want to blame trump, for I have no idea but I'll tell you what man essays outlook and good? I hope you ve been paying attention it. What's going on sick, around excitements coming up at four p m at TIM cast dot net, and I will see you all them.
and there it is tromp administration, submits notice of withdrawal from World Health Organisation which will take effect July, twenty twenty one and already everybody's Reagan out, but I gotta admit man you know I dont know why we would remain in the World Health Organization as of right now, considering the controversy around covert and look, let me put it this way I am not saying this is an expert on what the World Health Organisation does. I know they do many things outside of just the covert stuff. The issue is as a layman, my friends, the things I've talked about, the concerns we have over covered and how we get nothing from this and we can't even answer what they do now. That may be coming from a place of ignorance, and I totally accept that, but there needs to be some kind of real. I'm no explanation!
an answer for the constant mistakes made by the World Health Organisation, the flip flopping, the backtracking and confusion. Let me let me put another way, I'm having a conversation with a friend whose complaining about the broken guidelines based on bad advice from the World Health Organization and how you go over county line in the state Lenin, everything's different and nothing makes sense, and no one has any idea. What what's going on the flip lopping has been so bad. Even on the CDC that people have just given up, in which case I dont know or care about the World Health Organisation thing then I think, for tribal reasons, People on the right, saying good truck should on the left you're, an essay, oh no trump. What is he doing for me and the people I talk to from alive, men perspective is I don't know man as far as I can sell them that's pretty bad uncovered. There's some connections with China what's the story and see what their on about Fox NEWS reports, the job administration submitted a notice of withdrawal
and the World Health Organization to the United Nations Secretary General, a senior Ministration official told Fox NEWS on Tuesday after President Trump for weeks had blasted the World Health Organization's handling of the corona virus pandemic and what he called its approach a bias. The White House also notified congressional lawmakers, Tuesday of the official, mobile effect July, twenty one Congress receive not a vacation, that Potest officially withdrew the? U S from the who, in the midst of a pandemic bobbin and as tweeted our gaze, what he said Congress receive ratification. That protest efficiently, which are of the US in the midst of a pandemic, to call trumps response to covet chaotic and incoherent. Doesn't do it justice this won't protect american lives or interests. It leaves american, sick and America alone. Listen though it draw takes up, takes place twenty twenty. And it's a year from now and if Trump doesn't win, November. Will there you go, you can make your about will see us
Africans are more concerned about being in or leaving if more people think we should not be the World Health organization. Considering their response to this and will probably support tromp and so be it, although I am pretty sure if Biden win Then we'll stay in the world health organization- and I gotta be honest man. The more I see. What's going on, I'm not confident trumps went and I'm gonna save this. One for the next time you wanna talk about it, that's red and keep us one to the World Health organization. Trump first announced at the: U, ass would withdraw from the organisation in late May, because they have failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms we they'll, be today terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization and redirecting those funds to other worldwide and serving urgent global public health needs. Trump told reporters at a rose garden of The world is now suffering as a result of the miss visions of the chinese government Trump added now, it's true early on China withheld key information from
since this report about Associated Press and the World Health Organization, just pirated this false information so when they come on, there's a trumpet mishandling this, unlike you know what man you can criticise. Tromp, of course, he's the guy fly in the playing. Ok, if we're getting bad information over the radio from what's coming across from China will have organization. Blame goes I'm do. Why would we just I can be allied all its only drum swamp as it pertains to the World Health organization. When I tell you something, very anyone says you that what Europe is doing is wrong. Ask them this. What is the World Health organization? Do I mean? What are they do? What have they done now? There I'm things they do in terms of dealing with in all pandemics and diseases and tracking information helping provide resources. around the world. That's fine on a more general level, ask them, and I'm I assure you most people won't be able to tell you more importantly, to the people who are fans and opponents of them who will Chris,
has me for also not knowing all that much with the World Health Organization supposed to be doing or if they would would have difficulty. Do I ask you what is Trump going to do with the funding? Where is he going? To put it? I think it's fair to say. If you want to criticise the decision to rope, to leave the World Health Organization, we need ever better understanding of where that money would go anyway. Do we know now. It couldn't be better it God could be worse. We really just don't know so. At this point, I think it's silly that has become is this becomes a tribal argument. What we can say right now is, as far as I can tell what the with with The World Health organization really did us dirty and resulted in a decent amount of the damage we ve experience because of covet. I'll. Tell you this right. Now: men, the advice we ve gone well, that's organism since early June, asymptomatic transmission was very rare. All a sudden peoples are say: ok, ok, there we go right, then they can,
I guess it way way: wait! Wait. We just don't know. Ok, you just making everything worse with your flip flop and your back and forth and its poor leadership. Maybe what we're with Donald Trump isn't in fact a move to withdraw from the World Health Organization, but was called a big ask if not the most technique. It basically means that what trouble do is hill offer up something extreme hoping to meet you half way. It's like a big ask is, when you say something like TAT, I'll, sell you this bottle of water for a hundred dollars, and you go well under bucks. That's ridiculous! Ok, fine about twenty ere! I twenty that make sense. Twenty is still ridiculous for a bottle of water, but you think you're getting a great deal so what Trump may be too? Olaf is because of the problems of the World Health Organisation because they didn't instead, these reforms he wanted. He says I'm pulling out Here- is the deadline. Then they panic, make a bunch of changes and trump brings us back into the World Health Organisation. I'll, tell you why they is pretty crazy. I've actually pulls out will see, I say
in the course of the same statement, Trump announced a number of measures aimed primarily at China in response to its conduct and a number of fronts, including trade, the krona virus and its recent crackdown on Hong Kong Beijing further increased its grip on Hong Kong. Lest we The passing a security law that critic say undermines the semi autonomous territories, judicial independence. The law gives police greater power to crack down on any activity there. That authorities deem subversive with secessionist aims Trump at the state travel advisory for Hong Kong would be revised to reflect the increase day turn of surveillance and punishment by the Chinese. Additionally, the? U S, review, King Hong Kong's, preferential treatment as a separate customs and travel territory and taking steps to sanction officials involved in eroding Hong Kong's autonomy is the real reason I think we're moving out of the World Health Organization there close ties to China. We got serious conflict, I mean we're. Look. I just did the segment over my main channel TIM Chicken up TIM cast out not talking about banning Tik Tok these
moves are all coming man. I really do think we, maybe it we may be facing a hot war with China at some point, maybe it's time we offer up an emergency exodus for the residents of home These are american, loving people. They wave that that that flag they wave that Trump let flag. They love Donald Trump. They love the freedom. Some people have joked that maybe we can send anti for over two China they can take the place of the Hong Kong residents, hung Hong Kong eons. You want call him and we can bring those residents of Hong Kong here. I know it's silly joke. It's done. I think we should just allow refugee status to people of Hong Kong. The UK is doing it, I'm totally down. For that I know, a lot of people on the left are gonna, be like. Oh now, you support refugees, mobile I've always supporting refugees, man. I know they're gonna play these games economic. I don't, but I think Hong Kong is more deserving, especially in the face of what China
Housing, but I gotta say man, it's not looking good, it's it's not! The crackdown on Hong Kong is pretty severe. Now Trump is making this move. The influence and power of the chinese government is obvious. Listen man visit, These trap is real and it seems like we are staring down the barrel of it. China is more powerful than we realize they have more control and more influence than you realize so Trump. making these moves that can only end up with some kind of conflict Trump announced in April this year, freeze funding the World Health Organization and threatened to make the freeze permanent if they did not enact major substantive reforms. The? U S has been the top contribute to the agency to the tune of approximately forty fifty million dollars a year. China meanwhile, pays approximately fifty mb in a? Although Beijing at recently announced a two billion dollar injection of funds, I'm telling you man, it's coming. China was sitting back while we paid the bill.
As for things like the World Health Organization, but China got the influence of trumpets Saint enough, I'm pulling out so China's s. Ok, we'll can that funds the World Health Organisation, those whose butter and their bread trump pulling out just shows we have it put presumably to choice. Ben Vinnie and allow China to just take over and become the dominant superpower or resist fight back, make Amerika great. Whoever trump calls it that may justly to war. Some people have actually argued the reason why many of these politicians have been so favourable to China's, because slowly, fading o into obscurity and and and losing our status in the world is preferable to China going to war with us. I think tromp would prefer shoring up America's defences, bolstering our arms and standing up against China than to give up our way
I don't know it's very speculative, but I guess I guess time will tell us, as usually goes may be. Trump will lose like I've. Look, I gotta be honest men there, a lot of reasons to suggest trot could win, but a lot more nefarious reasons to suggest Trump will lose. Stick around for the next segment coming up in a few minutes. War games played by the left trump refuses will see how things play out around I'll. See you in the next few minutes will talk about trumps chances. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you max boot who tweeted imagine a narrow trump loss. He screams fraud bar supports him by claiming to have detected efforts by China, anti fa and other enemies of the people to steal the election. Violence erupts Skoda gets involved. This is nightmare scenario to develop a bomb I present to you my response to Mr Max about the actual responded, a man
a narrow Clinton. Ass she screams fraud, the media, ports are by claiming to have detected efforts by Russia, the far right and other enemies of the people to steal the election. They keep pushing the claims without evidence, they don't stop not even today. Yes, ex boot claims to have participated in leftist war games to see what would happen if Donald Trump did not when the election and he concluded Donald Trump, wouldn't give up and he would in fact, steal the election while, after five years, because trumps campaign started. Twenty fifteen of them saying over and over that France will cheat and they the lost in twenty sixteen, they are still to this day, sacking Trump Wilkie. You know why
because they're going to cheat, I think they're gonna cheat listen up plaguing Ike, they come out and say trumps going to cheat. I come out and say they are going to cheat. Who gets branded the conspiracy theorist. We know how the media works. We now they operate, so I present to you. This is acts. Boot can tweet out his historic than the Washington Post about Trump review. choosing to lose, but I can certainly do the same thing right: mail in ballots. I have to its election day, I'm supposed to God, but in a primary I have no idea where, where my voting for places and they linked that that the congressmen Myerst another link, so I can search for the websites down a great somebody who doesn't look at my house, received it a melon ballot been alive, yet no one else received the mail and ballot. So what am I supposed to do about. Don't now, isn't it called disenfranchisement? So let's talk about who's. Gonna cheat! I don't know everybody, I guess, but they certainly think it'll be Trump. What if Trump loses?
but insists he won. I gotta say, ladies and gentlemen, I really am I really do believe they will cheat I'd. I do you know, look not to get spiritual anything, but in twenty sixteen I believe Trump had the American. I don't I with my word but but but I believed he would win all of the fact that he was a high profile celebrity and the american people were chanting and cheering for him, but I thought he would not actually when, because they wouldn't let em. When right, I thought twenty. Sixteen they play games. I dont trust our election process most people. I no doubt I know very people who actually confident in the election process period. Most people just believe voting for the lesser of two evils based on every I've seen with stories like this, this to me, what, if trump losers but insists e one I'll, give it a jest. They ve been pushing this narrative that
when its counter move. In my opinion, Trot said: mail in voter mail in votes equals mail and voter fraud. So what do they do they counter with story. Sang come come November. Fourth, Trump will insist there voter fraud and uses to steal the election now, why would they do this? That way, when it invariably happens, and there is male and voter fraud and billboard does call it out. They'll, say see, we told you this would happen. This is proof their cheating, that's the game, I'm not I'm not gonna happen, maybe tromp does one in a landslide. Maybe he doesn't maybe Biden dominates Hillary Clinton and then Biden has as frog. I have no idea than calories president, whatever maybe Joe Biden nominee. Bernie Sanders for his VP, they both have strokes. there are winning and Nancy Policy becomes a servant. I guess they read on his present trajectory. President Trop is heading for a whopping defeat in November.
The economist says: there's nearly ninety nine percent chance that Joe Biden will win more popular votes and around ninety percent chance that he will win more like ta electoral college votes, but would have Trump well conceived, defeat that That is a nightmare scenario for our democracy. That could make the two thousand showed over the floor. Does hanging Chad seem like a grade school dispute. By comparison, drop, is already laying the foundation to dispute the election outcome with his incessant claims that mail in what's will lead to massive electoral fraud and a rigged twenty twenty election election officials. Labels concerns as preposterous and false they will serve as an excuse for the Republican Party to purge voter registration roles, limit melon, bouts clothes polling stations in minority areas and challenge. In person voting by minorities, whatever it takes to. When cut you stop, you write their eleven, a blue district in a blue state, and I have no idea where my pulling location, as as far as I know it, I dont get me letters telling me where it would be that I'm being told out all melon ballots, but I
receive a male in ballot. I receive an application, but people got mail about who didn't apply for them. You will talk about disenfranchisement, shut up and stop talking about. Republicans is New Jersey, dude, so blue state its doubtful that anything Trump does will produce a popular vote, I agree with that. He lost by nearly three million votes in twenty. Sixteen will probably lose by a greater margin this year, but won't matter if, if by election night, he is and spitting distance of an electoral college victory, here's work, it's fun, I recently took part in a war game to see what would happen under those circumstances, The session was organised by the transition integrity project. A non partisan group founded by Rosa Brooks of Georgetown lost. And mills, Gilman of the Berger Burg Ruin Institute. the scenario we were given predicted a new, Joe Biden victory in the electoral college. Two hundred and seventy eight to two hundred and sixty various participants play the role of the Trump campaign. The Biden
pain, Republican, a Democrat elected officials, the news media and other key players to see what would happen next. I was on teen trump and, needless to say, we did not concede defeat. What you simply chose not to I mean think about your point, a war gaming go we lose. Thank you very much have a nice day, but because, in their deluded mines, tromp is literally like the villain of the worst horror movie. Ever there lie well we're obligated to cheat, because that would trump would do. We went to work ruthlessly and unscrupulously scrupulous utilizing. Every ounce of power at our disposal to secure the ten electoral college what's to swing the election. We focus our tension on three of the swing states. That Biden one in our scenario. Michigan was continent Pennsylvania because in all three Republicans control both branches. The legislature normally governor certifies the election results in all three states. The governor is a Democrat, but there is nothing to prevent the legislature from certifying indifferent election outcome,
sounds like they're telling us their plan right, you're, telling a straight up. Here's what we're gonna do we're going to cheat and we're gonna do in these three states and then obviously Bill BAR will call it out, and then we'll pointed us articles, I ah we predicted this because your cheating look out- and I was gonna- cheat- maybe troubleshoot whatever I dunno, but these stories are weird right like why even bring it up something similar happened in the eighteenth in seventy six presidential election Democrat Samuel, J Tilden was leaning on election day in both popular vote, an electoral college, but the results were contested in three states. Congress appointed a commission to adjudicate the dispute. And it vote partisan lines and all three states that are two Republican referred behaves that gave Hayes
a one hundred eighty five to one. Eighty four majority, look beyond the actual college and the presidency, along with full, stop so you're saying it's not cheating, you're, saying, there's precedent in american history that this can happen and that we ve moved on from it and we did find what you did. You say a teen. Seventy six was at was at it What you're one seventy six so well after the civil war, it happened and we survive just fine K. So when- This happens. Why should I care? It's happened before it can happen again. Tromp wins because of the current system. People might be upset about it, but we ve gone through it before. Ok, fine, you effectively argued against yourself. Thank you very much MAX boot. have a nice day all, but there's more. In our scenario, there was no congressional commission. Instead, the Republican Party, but boarded the Airways claims of electoral fraud and insisted that trumpet been cheated a victory that Ethiopia filed suit to prevent the certification of the result
the attorney General William P Bar who in real life, is already making specious claims about mail and voter fraud, even what's happening at Patterson New Jersey and where is it? Ok and instead an attorney general Dennis supported that this effort in our mock exercised by claiming to have detected efforts by chinese intelligence, anti for terrorists and other enemies of the people to steal the election? The goal was to type the proceedings in the court's initially at state level and quickly forced the Republican dominated Supreme Court to intervene. Yes, if Roberts, the swing vote actually supports trump While this was going on, chaos reigned in the streets with pro and anti trump activists. Mobilizing massive protests and violence are. Opting Democrats believe that mass protests could force the government to respect the election outcome, but as team Trump, we calculate that such chaos would help persuade the Supreme Court to intervene to shut down the dispute,
in two thousand, even to of two of the more moderate conservative justices saunter day, o Connor and Anthony. I'm Kennedy voted to end Florida recount and hand the election to George W Bush. Could we count on chief justice, Roy ports. The current swing vote to resist similar pressure. The danger of an undemocratic outcome, only grows and other scenarios that were war games by other participants, for instance. What? If there is no clear cut winner, an election with Biden narrowly ahead and electoral college, but with Michigan South Carolina Florida still too close to call the participants in the work and conclude, the result would be near civil war in the streets. Far fetched rumours are enough. Bring out armed rightwing, malicious today. Imagine how there respond if they imagined that there was an actual plot afoot to steal the election from their hero. It is impossible to write off such concerns.
far fetched, given how many seemingly far fetched things have already occurred in the past four years, Trump got himself impeached by trot. He now I'm going to read this they're playing games. Baby they're still plan Russia Gate there still playing Ukraine Gate impeachment. They failed, they failed, they failed yeah. Let me tell you some friends: I am getting out of New Jersey for a variety of reasons. We have warned many people get out of the cities What, if MAX boot, is in wrong what, if the war game they acted, comes true. What if there is at least the perception of some kind of voter fraud in these states? What happens if violence does erupt mere civil war in the streets? He as is possible and that's why gun sales are going through the roof. Have you been paying attention at all? I dont know what will have
but I know that I went out and I bought a bunch of guns legally to protect myself. I'm in New Jersey, you can't leave the house and they stay in my house locked up, safe and sound and I'm gonna be leaving the state, because, on cancer, about living in an urban Metro going somewhere in the middle of nowhere, a marketing to be fair. It speak, as we are expanding. I talked about this work to do how much of cool stuff or an have new videos, new channels, and so it's not like it's time to bug out and prompt, and your Van Gogh hide in the woods. But I would say it's time to be cautious about the violence we ve seen so far thing about it. This way, when a month of rights still going on the worst was about a week of ongoing rights across this country, maybe a longer like a week or two weeks we think happens if Trump Windsor loses take every solve everybody. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly and there you have it. They weren't you and wearing a mask. Ok, it didn't slip. They ve been
screaming in your faces. The far left wants to completely dismantle the system of United States economy and political system because ill no more she's come dance as it that we will. We will dismantle system of systems of oppression where we find it after say These are systems of oppression. They haven't been hiding, they ve been calling a revolution. The whole time you see here is happening, the left, the establishment they thought they could wield the one ring. I love the reference to battle to keep just like in Lord of the rings they state they saw this power. They needed this power to defeat Donald Trump. They couldn't stop him, so they turned to a group of people. They didn't quite understand, or maybe they did thinking they could control with the far left brought to the table, but they can't so as to get ill in all our comes out and says we want to dismantle the whole system and their standing.
are you gonna? Do don't downloading there saying defend the police? They don't really mean like all of the money monopolies. I mean just the fund, like the police, a little bit words which reform its really talk about reform right and they got We know we mean literally defined the police now No, no, they clearly don't mean that and then they write the optimum your times. Yes, we mean literally abolish the police, and the Democrats are like No we're not saying that guy's. We are not saying that. Well, you should have spoke up sooner and checked this, but they were so desperate for power. They couldn't how I couldn't help it. They needed everything they could get a little more calls for dismantling of. U S, economy, political system. they say Democratic, Minnesota RAP on Omar called for this. What we get it quote,
as long as our economy and political systems prioritized profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out. We will perpetuate this inequality. We cannot stop at criminal at at criminal justice system we must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it breaks down. For you now to be fair, she's only somewhat screaming in your face, because I know the apologists are gonna come out and go no, no she's, not talking about the whole system. Archie she's, talking about criminal justice reform, don't make excuses. She quite literally said this system. in the economy and political system are producing profit without considering whose profiting it is perpetuating inequality. Gay inequality is oppression to these. But we know what they're saying and what they want to do. All my husband about Tuesday,
their home state of Minnesota, with members of the Minnesota. Peep are people of color and Anne and Indigenous Caucus Omar twitted earlier Tuesday that the purpose of the event was to address racism in policing. In the aftermath of George Floyd's death, ok, ok, I'm gonna play some poligized for Omar. She doesn't really mean to hire some right, he's just saying, abolish the police. Well, gonna big, ask a sally play the game right. I wondered this for a while Maybe the democratic trying to do is trying to throw trumps tactic back in his face. The big ask, basically, what they do is they ask for something extreme? That way you compromise and accept something only somewhat extreme. In this instance they say: oh boy, the police are. Then you go whoa whoa whoa? How about we? Just you know, reduce their budget and a fine color. They really wanted right now. now they have taken the big ask to us. All new level. We must this man,
the entire economy and political system, because it is a system of inequality and we must dismantle these systems wherever they are. Once you see that and you freak out the democratic establishment says: ok, ok, how about we just get rid of the police? Is that acceptable? That's the big assets. works. Omar has joined calls for from local democratic leaders to define the police after the George Floyd Incident. We get that them apples. City Council unanimously voted to get rid of the entire police. The part that, while it really is being dismantled right, it's falling apart from her eyes, you see that what's really happening is there is there is no giving them what they want. John Oliver's famous, you know what: where does it stop? How were obviously John Oliver says. No, it doesn't get us in Israel Ok, vine will abolish the police. They go ok and now everything else literally abolish the economy. What does it mean?
you have no system at all. I mean people going to barter. You can't do anything about it if they value money, they'll value money, whatever man Omar such support the vote because she believes that Minneapolis Police Department is beyond reform. Quote you can't really reformer department that is rotten to the route. Omar said at the time. What you can do is rebuild, and so this opportunity. You know, as a city to come together have the conversation of what look safety looks like who enforces the most dangerous crimes that take place in our community. You give them what they ask, for they will ask for more immediately. Have you not ever encountered someone like this? where it will be like hey man. I really need just fifty box to get through the way your ex been really bad manners. I lost my job and you're. Like ok, do. Did I got you, here's fifty box. Just pay me back when you can yeah do dude. Could you actually do a hundred like I you come? I see you get you Mr Michael, on a hundred bucks and in your light broke, I just gave me the fifty bucks you asked, for you can do it. You can do it like this.
This is the is the amount for the far left. They'll tell you. This is a system of oppression. This must be the same and as soon as you do, all they do is put to them. Love! Ok! Well! What about this one? If you agree with me that the police work what about the political system that made its politics, made the police right Yeah. You already read sorry and this what you get, here's the opinion peace ass. We mean literally abolish the police, while they just did that, and what comes next, meanwhile, as ill at all our calls for dismantling, basically the whole system. They will play politics and lie about. What's really going on, I heard Ellen Omar say this. I know she did. I listened Donald Trump speech whose being honest the media, is not they there will ignore what Ellen Omar says claim. There's no far left. Meanwhile, Donald Trump talks about propping up our heroes, our founding fathers.
and they ll say. Donald Trump is the one tearing down our system. Donald Trump is the one threatening everything he's, not Donald Trump talks about making a matter great again. What does that mean? You now depends on who you ask, but we do have serious problem so I can give you one very simple answer. People ask when was Amerika great I'll, tell you one before we sold our manufacturing base to foreign countries through free trade, simple. As that we can talk about the need for social Justice and Rachel equality in all those things, but the very least can we agree that it's better when Americans actually have their own jobs and we can bring the manufacturing back? Apparently we can't because they just don't like Donald Trump. They want to tear that whole system down. They want our jobs going to foreign countries, for whatever reason I bring you now to a whole, areas. Double standard. Take a letter. This story, Donald Trump, says flying the confederate flag is freedom of speech. After all
I share out at NASCAR for banning it in latest culture war intervention. This is the kind of thing they used to reinforce. The lies. Donald Trump gave a speech on than on July Third amount Rushmore, where he said our heroes are under attack as a cultural revolution. We just heard it from ill had Omar. What does the media say? Donald Trump is propping up the confederates as heroes, they're, not their losers, but Donald Trump is not propping up the confederates. Now you may say, but wait TIM. You just showed me the story where Donald Trump says flying the confederate flag as freedom of speech. He is defending the confederacy. Not Donald Trump is defending freedom of speech. I can prove it. I can prove that Donald Trump is not defending the. and federal sea and its ideals. First of all, you just gotta watch his speech from out Rushmore. He did not name the confederacy. He announced a garden of heroes which includes areas Tubman, okay and the Wright Brothers. Yet they would claim he was gonna problem. The confederates
bring you back in time, actually bring you to early this morning, where CNN published this here's, what trump sad about confederate flags and twenty fifteen back and twenty fifteen, then presidential candidate, Donald Trump, said the confederate flag belongs in a museum. Really CNN, that's interesting. They published this today. Why? Because tromp came out and said the confederate flag shouldn't have been removed from Moscow It is an issue of freedom of speech, so they Pollack, gotcha, remember when Trot claimed before becoming president that it should be in a museum, they're lying again in twenty fifteen Donald Trump was asked: do you think that the flag should be flying over a state house, a camera boards? it was, and he said I then you should come down- probably come down you can you can respect it for
We know what what you know, what you need to respect for, but it belongs in museum. I completely agree with that sentiment. I also completely agree with Trump and then ask our issue. Nascar banning the symbol is I'd I'd. I disagree Ellison! Here's an I mean to say. Maybe I completely agree with tramp tramp- is talking about a freedom of speech issue that I agree with. If somebody wants to fly the flag good, I dont like the flat I don't like the confederacy, you guys know at my family about about my family. Talk about all time is obvious reasons why don't like the confederacy, but I don't believe that we should have enough for Terry and set them or so people can't fly the symbols they want to fly. If you want to fly the Weirdo World WAR, two stuff, I don't know to avoid No I'm not I'm not I'm not fond of people flying the confederate flag for whatever reason albacore.
Well I'll be polite? I don't like it so you look when I went. I was at a protest in Boston. I saw one guy flying the bigger confederate flag me personally, not not offend, but I'm afraid of your free speech, be it the far left free speech where they were flying the soviet flag. I hate both of them and all care for it. But Donald Trump is talking about your right to have this. It's a private industry. You can fly the flag, you walk, but they bandit outright, whether the people actually likes it or not. And is giving its opinion on freedom of speech. Cnn tries to gotcha by pointing out that he also correctly had the opinion that it belongs a museum. That's my opinion. I say: take the flag down, put him in a museum. Let people know they represent your heritage. Your history is protected and if some individual wants to flight, I also don't care, I'm just not going to be on that a hang out with the people who don't let go back and be cordial, like I said, but I'm not interested
I don't want to be around that stuff. That's me personally. If you won't do at America, you have a right to do so. So what happens ill had Omar is talking about tearing things down. Dismantling things. Donald Trump is talking about freedom of speech and protecting history. Putting things in museum is a very smart. I thing to say I agree so when trunk comes out in says, there's a left wing culture revolution and they lie, and they say, he's he's easily is making things up. This doesn't exist, but we can hear it from and almost mouth. This is an example of how they lie to manipulate. We say then I'll give you the real context, but I guess most have you know this? That's probably while you follow, I counted unfortunately, and I wish more people would. But you know whatever, as long as there are more people, listen to
other people as well, but at work when I mean to say that with more people would be open minded there's a lot smarter people than I and the intellectual dark web first instance that you could be listening to and just listen. Ultimately, everybody should listened. Everybody get a better sense of things that make up their own months. Outlived their necks. Second will be tomorrow at ten, a m thanks. So much rang it up and I'll see you all next time.
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