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Trump Phone Call LEAK Proves Trump Wants To Overturn GA Election Triggering Democrat OUTRAGE

Trump Phone Call LEAK Proves Trump Wants To Overturn GA Election Triggering Democrat OUTRAGE. In The call, dubbed the Trump Tapes Trump says he wants the Georgia Secretary of State to "recalculate" the results.In one instance he says he wants to find 11,780 votesDemocrats immediately took this to claim Trump just wants to cheat to win. On the call, however, Trump was told more than once that Biden won by more than that. Without the full context of the call, which was not released, its hard to know why Trump wants a lower number of votes than he would need to actually win.At any rate all of this is pointless. We ALREADY knew that Trump was trying to overturn the election because he tweeted it. We already knew he wanted the SoS in GA to do something because he tweeted itThis is partisan tribal nonsense to trigger the left and Democrats and Trump supporters and Republicans mostly don't care anyway

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The Washington Post has released audio of Donald Trump speaking with a Georgia secretary of State and as legal counsel in a format and thirty, two second clip Trump says. I just want to find eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty votes, the Washington Post called it an extraordinary our long call. The only issue is that all that's been released so far is four minutes and thirty two seconds and there are numerous jump cuts. I dont know exactly What trumpets talking about it makes it hard to find the full context now. The issue here in specifically is that there have been many instances where the media has taken things out of context and it's hard to know exactly what tromp was talking about in reference to eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty votes. The reason why that stood out to me is that Trump is informed earlier in the call and it's a fact that he actually lost by twelve thousand.
So votes. So what does it mean that Trump wants to find these votes? And why hard to know when the Washington Post hasn't released the full audio, of course, tribal pie, It are already freaking out mostly left as Democrats and many never trumpet republican types and exactly what should expect once again another store that shows it doesn't matter what comes out doesn't matter. What Trump says he's wrong: it doesn't matter what Trump says to the top supporters he's right in the You can hear tromp sang. No one will be mad at you. If you recalculating says people will respect, you trumps actually correct Rees approaching this from a trump perspective. Tromp supporters absolutely agree with the
president when he says these things on the call and it surprising to absolutely no one. So the deeper story here is not just about this extraordinary, our long phone call for which we don't actually get to listen to its about the obvious reaction from tribalism. Partisans people are going in saying why I tweeted a frank lunch. The famous pollster, because he posted a clip- and I just simply side- is therefore recording boy. Did he and many tribal leftist explode? I'm not sitting here getting tons of support from Trump supporters. When I say Linwood has lost his mind, Sidney Powers, lawsuit is crazy and that Trump has lost the election, Joe Biden.
is light is going to be inaugurated as president, and I give it a ninety nine point. Nine percent likelihood I get. I get black from Trump supporters who insult me because of it and the left, because neither seems to want to admit well actually take that back. I think at least Trop supporters recognise their playing to their side. The left is claiming that there, the arbiters of truth and the only real media at the very least what I can get from Trump support, as it is acknowledged, meant that they are biased and at the left is in the mainstream. Media is putting up bad information I being said they still don't like me, and they call me disrespectful and wrong for refusing to acknowledge that tromp actually one when I don't think he did. now it may be there instances of fraud. It may be there. There, reasons to investigate these differ.
states or call them into question into question or objective them. I think most of them objections should rest on constitutional matters, notably article two, I believe, is article to the constitution in how state legislatures ultimately choose. Who will be their electors for or are or how? The elections we run until the electors will be that makes sense, fraud and dominion stuff. I think it's a thing. It's ridiculous. What I've heard of this leaked phone call? I call into question: I think trap is absolutely wrong, but I'm gonna need the full audio. Now lot of people have immediate bonnet project veritable and they say well what about when project their task puts out jump cuts to- and I say yes, I have repeatedly said they should put out raw videos. What's the problem, it's an excuse. The left will claim. Oh, but you like their task, but you won't support this. I support it in so far as it matters. It doesn't have an impact on trot supporters view of. What's going on that Trump thinks the same thing: they do trump asking that we want to
recalculating or change. The result is obvious to everyone, because trumps been saying for months. This isn't new information, but people are certainly losing their minds. So, let's rhythm, and see? What's going on in all break down to you? Why exactly? I I take issue with what the Washington Post has put out. Not then not that I'm saying it's the worst thing in the world like it's just garbage information I think, confirms what we already knew about trumps opinions. It doesn't change a whole lot to throw it to project veritable some of their recordings are of executives at major court. Patients who are contradicting themselves or employees contract in themselves also newsworthy. I think this is news worthy. It confirms most of what we already knew and its true for money of project practices, videos as well, preferably for both I would like to see the raw audio or the raw video, but let's revenues before we get started had over two TIM cast out council. I've done it. If you would like to support my work there, the wage and give it the best you can do is share this video want well in Prague in Iraq.
Everybody a little bit. Maybe that's the world needs right now, if you think I'm rational and reasonable. Then please consider sharing this, because the best thing you can do to help me grow my channel, especially Youtube, is kind of not well kind of suppressing content like this, but over get too like subscribe hit that Notification Bell. Let's reed the Washington Post reports, President Trump urged fellow Republican Brad Reference, Burger, the Georgia Secretary of State to quote find enough votes to overturn his defeat in an extraordinary one. Our phone call Saturday that election expert said raised legal questions. The Washington post obtained a recording the conversation in which trumped up alternately be rated reference. Burger tried to flatter him, begged him to act and threatened him with vague criminal consequences. If a secretariat state refused to pursue his false claim at one point, warning
that reference burger was taking a big risk upon listen to the audio. It really does seem at the Washington Post is correct and Trump does say. I mean we can hear him say these things I'd like to hear the full recording, but I think we know what Trump assaying is it a revelation to anybody? That Trump is saying you know could be illegal. No, he tweeted this Linwood tweeted that they brought ravens burger would be going the prison. Am I shocked to see that truck thinks this stuff to know Do I think Trump is wrong. Yes, that the idea that some vague criminal you no consequences for certifying of a bad election or I mean sure they're technically are, but proving intent is gonna, be ridiculous. I just think tromp have is incorrect information on a lot of us, and I think that that the Georgia Secretary of State is also, in my opinion, got a political, a political agenda as they all do there
stablekeeper crony types and there are insurgent candidates. People like Donald Trump, Georgia doesn't seem to like trump all that much or they can claim they do but come on. There are many things that could have done to appease Trump supporters. They did not do neither gave us these risk, limiting audits, which is like a half measure for what Trump supporters were asking for now. I do. Think. It's also fair point out. There is probably nothing you can do in the long run to change people's minds that are tribal partisans and that's exactly what we are seeing here. That's the bigger picture, I think, even if Georgia did come out and did a full audit like hard core signature audit across the board and actually found chain of custody documents, apparently her lost. Then trumped boys would still find some reason essay. I just don't believe it because people don't trust the system anymore. There's no point when saying or arguing when you know
either. Side is just going to make claims and say there right, you're wrong the easiest way to exemplify. Thus, the left routinely complains that project veritable takes things out of untaxed they say. The videos are added in such a way that a chain just the meaning of things. Ok, if the standard by which you will assess statements from high ranking executive attack companies and news organisations, then you should throw this story in the garbage because they have a one hour, long phone call, but they didn't release it. I think I know who did leak. The phone call to the Washington Post, very obviously Brad Reference Burger, in my opinion, was the one who did it. Why just listen the audio you can hear that tromp has a low quality sound as if he's coming, from the receiver of a phone and Brad reference. Burgers voice is clear as if he's holding a recording device to himself or is using an internal recording device in his phone, perhaps which is
according his audio directly now Donald Trump tweeted. I spoke a secretary of State Brad Reference Burger yesterday about Fulton County and vote brought in Georgia. He was unwilling or unable to answer questions such as the ballots under the table, scam, ballot, destruction out of state voters, dead, voters and more. He has no clue reference. Burger responded respectfully, President Trump, what you are saying is not true the truth will come out. The truth will come out. Why will the truth come out? Well, in my opinion, it's because reference Berger is the likely culprit in linking the audio and probably because he believes, he's right and thinks Trump is wrong. the honest? I also think after listening to at least four minutes of it, tromp actually is wrong and you can hear in trumps. Voices are sure of himself. He says, isn't it is isn't it
they were moving. You know, dependent did didn't dominion come in a most off and another person on the call. The legal counsel says: that's not true, wineglass you're sure about that. Yes, and that's it I dont know in which context trumpets sang any of these things are really good. Example of my issue with the recording Trop sang I just want to find eleven Levin thousand seven hundred and eighty votes they mention at enough. They mention in the article itself. Maybe they do that in one of the calls they mention that Joe Biden, one by twelve thousand votes when I saw that. I was curious as to why tromp here we go, I have eliminated throughout the call reference burger. office. Is General Council rejected trumps assertions explaining that Tromp is relying on debunked conspiracy theories and that President Elect Joe Biden, twelve thousand,
seven hundred and eighty nine vote. Victory in Georgia was fair and accurate. If they told him he lost by twelve thousand at another point Trump said so look all they want to do. Is this. I just want to find eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state Why would trump ask for them to find a smaller amount than by which he lost by that wouldn't change the results? Could it have something to it may be the Senate election race? Could it have potentially have gotten one of maybe Purdue over the fifty percent threshold? I believe it's possible, but I think the numbers actually kind of higher than that I'd like to know the full context. So I can understand why tromp was asking to find an amount of votes that would not allow him to win and how that's him claiming he wants to overturn the results of the election, doesn't quite make sense to me. It could be that Trump is wrong and I think he is on many points and thus his numbers are off or it could be theirs context missing and we don't know.
Exactly what tromp is talking about. I can say many things about project ferret eyes. I bring them up specifically because we are dealing with a similar circumstance in which limited audio is released there there have been in This is where I have criticised project their tusks. That's right. They once got secret recordings of a New York Times employee, who claimed good do all these things and you don't make all these were pushed certain stories and things like that or that you too would long story short one of the people that project their exposed. I knew- and I am firmly of the believe this It was just below and smoke because I know this guy, and so I set it when project, let put it now. This guy was trying to talk up some girl make it seem like he was all you know, big bad and he wasn't. I have criticised project their cost before us, but you say, but TIM you ve also used project there s recordings and praised them and defend it, o Keefe, that's right.
you know why? Because he's quite literally doing the same thing, the Washington Post just did so, I can say I'd like the full recording I'd like to understand the context of the same. A veritable and I consider them in many ways to be similar in the kind of work they do. The problem, the Wash ten post will target Trump confirming our biases across the board project. Fair toss will target Google and Facebook and the Washington and confirmed many of our vices across the board, and you need to accept. to me the difference is it because you dont like their targeting you and therein lies the big problem? There are certain things I will respect about what Washington Post dozen criticise them for, and they get way more criticism that Berytus will and it probably because various smaller operation,
And I know that you know to what degree I can trust James O keeps work and a typically do the Washington Post, but others clip- and I can say: ok, that's fine, but they ve also flat out made up stories and refused to correct stories, and I've tracked way too many bunk Washington Post stories case in point the Covington KIDS, where they took video audio out of context. There are minute there's an instance where I've actually directly question Look if I believe we did. It live on my show about a circumstance where he did seemingly takes up and out of context, and he said they made him steak. I don't want to put words in his mouth, but that they should date, and you know that they interpreted someone statement as his own from NPR, but that they should have been more careful with it So there you go very tough, also won. All of their defamation suits their far from perfect the Washington post. Far from perfect, why
are you trying to play a game now where you would defend this? More importantly, let me show you something positive fact: Donald Trump and the fish food dump. How early reports wrong. Why? Yes, even yeah sure Ali who actually respect things that I good did. He says I deleted this tweet, which was based upon multiple news reports, but the video clearly shows a I'm sorry, Abbaye dumping. His box of food first should a pronounce his name right, sitting on the one the story of the story is thus Donald Trump was which Enzo Ave, and he and he was feeding coefficient a koi pond, tromp is seen in a video that was edited dumping? His entire little box of food and everyone makes funds, in one story, this a big, stupid, baby dumps load of fish would on japanese koi calling upon the reality in the actual video shin, so
ah Bay. The japanese Prime Minister did it first Trump followed suit. This was a deliberate out of context at it. I have not seen project veritable. Do that now you can question them on the and PR story where this, what it basically happened was you had a guy who was saying this is what people say. James sat at a certain point what he was describing as someone else became his own opinion and that they probably should have done something different. Ok for me, once Shame on you! No shame on you for me twice on eight me, but, more importantly, I'm willing to give people multiple chances in that instance. I believe. Perhaps they made a mistake. Ok, since then, I think they ve done a fine job. I've had some questions. I've even followed and even there ve been somewhat stuff from them. I didn't believe- and I challenged I criticized- but for the most part They are a smaller organisation with a limited number of stories out of the Washington Post, and thus they have less bad stories. The main,
media as a whole, particularly the Washington Post, have put it too much fake news. There was one story put out by the Washington Post where they claimed hat famed hacker Kim. Not What was hacking into suffragist Gmail account to publish your emails or whatever, and I said that fake news and I questioned it and six months later, they went in and secretly edited. The story to put a bunch of qualifying may be what s in their because their assertions were false. it actually resulted in several journalists that I reached out to retracting tweets and statements when they realized. The story was completely fabricated. That's the problem with the Washington Post, an issue of trust. Well, Let me tell you how insane everyone is and then we'll talk about. What's going on in Georgia, you see Frank once tweeted in a recording of the conversation trump alternate. They berated rapids burger. Ah, yes, it's but a simple quote from the Washington Post
Says here is the audio of trumps call with Georgia Secretary of State, I asked him: is there a full reply? Recording that's. It is therefore recording, and he said if you really can't find it you might want to remove journalist from your bio. Well, you know what I spent a decent out of time. Trying see if there was an actual our long conversation of us and I couldn't find it, and I have no problem admitting that I'm actually quite good at research and digging into leaked recordings, and I've even had things leaked to me in the past. Why is frank yelling at me? I simply asked if there was a full recording. My response was: what's with all the hostilities, your tweet fought crazier than ass. If there was a full recording I'll give you the actual context of what happened I was
trolling on twitter reading news people were talking about it. I saw Frank Post a clip and I simply said: well, that's crazy things, Trump saying I'd like to know the full context. Is there a full recording and these people explode? They don't actually care about. What Trump is saying that we already know they don't like what Trump is saying. We already know that Trump supporters like what Trump is saying this is completely meaningless. I was you that even people like Frank once these people have lost their minds. What am I what have? I said about Frank in the past. I've been wrong on some things that, in reference to his own tweet if we get this one wrongly to find new professions, I laughed and said: maybe you should and that I said I think he's actually pretty all right? I said the same thing about junk. You. of the young Turks. When I read one of his come one of his articles, I said I think, is wrong, but I think he's got a lot. Writing this article, so with respect definitely good job check on getting these things right. I disagree with you on. This is what the world has B.
That's why I'm sick of all of these people- it's not just you, know, Frank launch their people on the right as well, that put out ridiculous tweets. I've criticise Canada ones in the past for Saint for agreeing with Trump, and of course I strove for this when they say you should be arrested for burning the american flag. Sorry, your property? You can burn, I disagree. I've criticise a lot of these people and their certainly a lot of people and what's called conservative ink who jump the gun and will mark and be right, the left, but I'm sick of it. You people all these tribalism are lunatics they're going insane. I simply asked you a question. Dude you only DE com, yourselves, but, more importantly, on even care. It doesn't matter. I dont know Frank, Frank doesn't only favours and can be as mean as he wants. I just want to know why these people had to nasty pieces of garbage, maybe because a calm, Pisa garbage right now I don't care, I don't care
in the end. The trump supporters will hear this and they'll say good for Trump the trumpeters will say: oh no Trump is trying to steal the election, which is what they have already been saying. The whole time does this matter. Is this going to change anything, or is this just another Dickie Alice Grain of sand on our stupid heap, its leading us to some massive unrest on January. Sixth, if you trust Donald Trump, you will fight for it. If you do not trust him, you will complain about him and at this point, I used to think. Maybe maybe several months ago there was at least some new wants in the discussion and people would be willing. Did take two to change their minds. I don't think so so much right now, but let me show you in Georgia. There actually is something, going on Savannah now reports this from December twelve Georgia lawmaker calls for General assembly, not voters, to pick secretary of state
one of Georgia's most powerful republican lawmakers- wants the G8 to pick the cheat. The states chief election official instead of voters following backlash, how Speaker David Roston, said Thursday Helsinki Constitutional Amendment and the upcoming legislative session that starts next month to let state lawmakers, appoint Georgia Secretary of State their clashes. There are clashes among Republicans with reference burger reference, burger now so all seems aligned with tribalism leftists. I think it's silly all of it, but I can't tell you what will happen. Who was right or who was There are a lot of people who are making assertions and claims, and there are thousands of sworn affidavits. There has not been an actual court process by which, The evidence has been reviewed. For the most part, there have been some bits of evidence reviewed, but mostly court cases acting on procedural grounds, I believe the Georgia state like later, the General Assembly wanted to call the special session and Ryan Camp the governor refused to do it?
This has been that this has been true for many states, where republicans have been calling for a special sessions to challenge the results. It is a constitutional process the process by which we are going through now with people like Frank and many others losing their minds and just being tribalism. Lunatics just says to me that there is no way we escape this without some kind of conflict. Sorry not interested in hearing your arguments because I just think it's here I'll go back to my point about Genk. What have I? What
But what? If what? If I said about the guy I didn't, I did a video about one of his articles in the three different America's you ve got. The populace left the populist right in the establishment. Now he believes the populist right have gone in, saying that they did not listen to reason and thorough cultivates. What you're lumping every single trump voter ran with his most die hard supporters, which definitely get a little kooky and crazy, many of which do behave like poultice, mostly the queue people who believe really insane stop and people who follow Linwood. That dude snapped off even his former client Nick Sand, and I believe a client said that it was a dumb tweet, mixed animal is an ardent trump supporter who was was defend, who received tons of defence from Trump supporters and even he's calling it out. So you can't do that check, but at that
article. I defended that he was right about these three different America's that you ve got a populist laugh populist right in the establishment. Why, then, would he come out with an experience and just crap all over me and take things I set out a context to try and make some thought kind of rage, bait, drama content, because this is what you get from tribal partisans. They desperately want me to fit that mould, but I dont know I dont care. Maybe I'm one of the only people who doesn't is probably a small handful of people it's the it's them. It's a disaffected left disrupted, liberals, moderates and conservatives and many tromp supporters. That's the big problem. Why? I think junk is wrong. It is article that most people on the right, the overwhelming, georgie are probably saying Linwood's nuts. I did a video I think I got like twelve percent thumbs down. Will there you go, you can see how many ardent trump supporters are following those videos of don't like me, criticizing the guy was saying in the same thing like MIKE Pence, is going to get arrested and charged with treason or something that's ridiculous. Now I don't think Trump is going to
and I'm not saying that it's an electoral issues saying its culture war, the culture wars come from? on several years ago and reached the highest levels of politics. And here we are the left and the right don't care. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, they just don't care. The right will You know what we don't care, we're not gonna. We're not gonna walk away from this. So where do you think this all goes? It crashes into itself twelve June p senators challenging set to Objec two hundred and forty. publicans, and how set to object where's wears a yo, see challenging pull. Sorry she's come out and said straight up. She won't because the her dresses won't do it. So what do we have? The populist right is certainly stronger than the populist left. The establishment Democrats have used the populace lust
left forgetting the establishment Democrats includes people like Frank once and never trump Republicans. These are the people that are coming together. A bipartisan group of Senator sang the election is over. This includes Susan Collins. Bill Cassidy are Cowskin Mitt Romney, Joe Mansion Mark Warner, Jean She Hen, Maggie Hassan, Dick Durban and Angus King quote at this point. Further attempts to cast doubt on the legitimacy of a twenty twenty presidential election are contrary to the clearly expressed will of the american people and only serve to undermine Americans confidence in the already determined election results. The voters have spoken and Congress must now fulfil its responsibility to certify the election results. It is time to move forward many leftists far leftist. What bite in the wind why it's really really easy to control him he's an old, feeble man. There
can't defeat trot but, more importantly, I think many of them know strategically. They need trumps populist right in the out group with Trump having control of the executive branch to a certain degree has been rather ineffective and a lot of ways and the ECB and the elite have been fighting against him. It gives legitimacy to tramp, tramp supporters and right wing populists. It gives them a claim to the government wherein we and and and by thus we will support many aspects of the system. The far left knows with the establishment in play. Trump supporters will reject them and that's what we saw the other day. We did a segment about Trump supporters Stomping, I'm a thin blue line flag because the police don't care about the Trump supporters they don't care about, who support them. They care about their paycheck at a time of a major national crisis, an economic one manufactured by many politicians. These cops don't lose their paycheck. Now too
supporters are on? The short under the art are Gwawl they're, getting the hard under that? Stick the truncheon from the police, everything anti the problem would have wanted, or should they ever than they do want populist right now at odds with police with artists in the videos of anti fought and bowed low voice shaking hands. So here we are witnessing policies home and Mc Connell's home. Being vandalized two elements of the establishment being attacked there's also reports that policy. On our working out a way to stop the objection to Joe Buttons victory because they want the White House. The establishment does, whether its Republicans are Democrats, Trump will be on the out. The far left knows and they set it tall over Twitter, it's easier to remove a feeble old man than a fascist. That's why they don't want Trump in male still fight. Would tromp supporters and proud boys in those told demonize them. But what happens?
when many of these far left us realise a yo see in Illinois market, a fight for you looking to back the system where she did lay, was one of the only Democrats to reject the omnibus her, along with tools he gathered there s the squad just went along with it same is true for most of the Republicans now or substantially more Republicans who reject it, but I digress. The establishment is strong. The populist right is stronger than the populace left in government, but will it really matter when Joe Biden his inaugurated as president I think you will be because you are talking about Donald Trump just himself in a supporters going up against the establishment, which includes many senators on both sides and includes Mitch Mcconnell You need a majority of the of the Senate to object to uphold the objections to allow Europe to win
but we ve already seen many republican saying. No luck. Anyone thought a marquis, ski or or Romney was gonna, be supporting trumpet this. Then, of course you have many of the republican wraps. The GNP is being split and half fractured in many ways. Much like so with the Democrats and the progressive. The good NEWS of the Democrats that was at the progressive, have fallen in line and are now standing up right behind Nancy plus it well I'll. Keep it family friendly is time their standing right behind Nancy Pelosi, doing what she wants. Defending the establishment- and so are many of these foe progressive So our many of these hostile tribal in the end, it does not matter if audio from Trump is leaked, no one will care, and why should I what I'm hearing? drop us. It change my opinion. I knew tromp thought this. We ve hurt him tweet it. He said it before what a stupid waste of time from stupid people or going insane
I'll tell you what released the full audio? Listen, listen to it and yet it doesn't matter. You ve got despotic Democrats and authoritarian left us and there there I love it. finding massive multinational corporations in the only thing that can say against me as tribalism. Garbage nonsense, in fact that's the best they can pull off like these. These. These look I mentioned with Jenkins Anna taking an out of context clip claiming that I was mocking nurses for dancing to celebrate. Vaccine know I was criticising nurses and doctors for dancing and hospitals, while people were begging them too to see them. The viral Youtube video and while people are mourning the dead. Now my criticism not sure what about that you're? Ok with, but they certainly took when I set out of context and called me a right winger, because they they they thrive off of drama garbage content.
really cared, though it's the strangest thing to me. I don't I don't care, I really really don't. I have my opinions. I'll keep ever my opinions. I got no problem. Making the videos and Linwood has gone nuts or criticising Sidney Powell, even after Fox NEWS got destroyed and trot supporters stopped watching because Tucker Karlsson criticized Sidney power. What did I do? I kept criticising Sidney Powell if you dont like what I say they don't listen to it and if that puts me in the poorhouse, so be it I'm sick of all of this. I ll leave you with this. Tromp supporters tend to be on the right side of things not always now completely, especially not now backing the absurd tweets of Linwood and we're even seeing Trump supporters reject that, like, I said, the amount of crazy quilt, like Trump supporters that that exist is a lot, but not nearly the majority or or even anywhere near the majority. The other one
majority of Trump supporters are like regular Americans. That's it then left will tell you there cult us, because they need to fight for power and convince people when them. I don't know what's going to happen on the sex, but it's gonna get stupid and it's gonna get crazy and everyone's all Buddy decided where they stand. That's true. Maybe there will be some defections from people who gets scared. That's the only real way. I see people switching sides, they stop and think. Oh, no! But what the left wins all the sudden. You see these youtubers, who are like right wing, become left wing, worried about maybe getting band and what happens when the Democrats me establishment actually take over. I don't care, I really don't. I think Trump is gonna lose I think I think he's lost. I think Joe Biden we'll be inaugurated and will see what happens. I don't think it Trump has any institutional support and there's no political willpower among Republicans to actually fight back Republicans, don't fight for the american people anyway, nor have they and everytime. I said I dont like Mcconnell or Linsey Grand
not that I like Nancy Policy, but defended her more than have defended Mcconnell or grammar the past, mostly because she was fighting back against the squad were asking for crazy things. This point everybody's kind of lost but I will I'll tell you is I'll stand for the constitution. I will defend it out. Defended the best of my ability I will I will also defend reasonable opinions from the Supreme Court that many people don't like as pertains this to the constitution, but I won't sit back and just say that these democratic politicians trample all over our rights, and then sit here and pretend like these leak recordings or in any way a revelation to anyone, calm down, Yaller crazy. But you know what they're not gonna, listen to me and I don't care if they do where they don't. That's why I move that the middle of nowhere, why I believe everyone's for the most part chosen their tribe and
I'm gonna go crazy. I guess there's a bunch of nor means who dont want to be involved as per usual any conflict and will see how that plays out, but I ll leave it there. I don't know what's to come, but I, but I feel right now, with the constitution being crapped all over with Griffith Leftists taking quotes from me out of context out of context for the sake of just making money as an authoritarian, Jack boot, corporate fascistic state takes over and they define it sounds great anti far heap defending your mass of multinational corporations have merged with government interests and I'll keep criticising them. It's funny. I've had wanted, articles call me a leftist for being anti corporatist and then young Turks call me right wing because they're just trying to grief for drama content Oliver there next Eichmann Comin up tomorrow at ten a m thanks, rang it up, and I will say at ten, a m at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. A different gentle I'll, see ya. Then.
On January, sex about twelve Senate Republicans and a hundred and forty nine of the house are set to object to the electoral College vote Count Party, similarly calling out several states where governors or courts changed the rules of election. in violation of the constitution. The constitution states that the state law just like yours have final say and how electors are appointed in many states. The rules were changed by governors or courts. Thus, there are now a grow. It there's a growing list of Republicans who say that going to objective the latest revelation the most breaking news out of all of us and of course, we ve seen a tongue. Republicans in the house support the measure and it makes sense because these these members of Congress represent specific districts and many these districts are deep red and all in four trump for the Senate, its
right, because these rights are often much closer. Not always, somebody states states our deep bread, but we are where we are. waiting to see if member of the Senate, we're going to stand up and actually support an objection, and now we have our answer. Twelve republican senators, interestingly MIKE Pence, has publicly supported. TED Cruises effort, not TED crews is leading about ten other Republicans, Josh Holly him Health has also said he will objective, get twelve senders there when my friends January tax. Something else is going to be happening. Donald Trump has now repeatedly tweeted for people to show what to Washington D C, for what could be the biggest political rally in history? Will it be I don't know. I can't really tell you because then let me tell you what I'm thinking right now. First, this is trumps last constitutional stand for the most part I mean they could.
theoretically trotted delay, but this is the last day by which tromp could find a constitutional. Process to stay as President So there is a lot of incentive for trot supporters to be. There was partially would trump say it could be the biggest political rally in history or whatever. So possibly, but you gotta understand something you don't trumped got elected when he was being inaugurated. there wasn't that big of a crowd and everyone said, look how big Obama's crowd was trumps. Wasn't that big jobs, as was decently large, but on line viewers ship was massive. You see the thing as many have trump supporters. They let they live all over the country. You ve got red states. You know that the urban leftists call them fly overstates, These people are very far away from DC. I'm sure I'd be willing to bet many of the people, maybe the overwhelming majority of those who attended Obama's inauguration lived within a couple hours of DC, all these major blue cities and had no problem driving down.
Even just people who live in DC showing up because they live there is people going to show for Trump There was some like viral video moment. We're trumped goes to a baseball game in DC, got booed, and it's like guys in deep blue territory. It all democrat, of course, they're Boeing em for Donald Trump inauguration. Trump supporters didn't see a reason to fly out to DC to support them in. Why he one he's president's he's being sworn in and you can watch online when something different is happening. Traumas losing tromp has lost, host of like every step of the constitutional process, all along the way. Now some people are alleging, widespread fraud and others are alleging a violation of constitutional process he's now. Trump supporters have a real reason to be in Washington DC if they don't lose. It welcome to a Joe Biden presidency, and I love it. You know build back,
you're, not Gov Joe Biden, Slogan, funny the same slogan as many of these other european countries, and now we have a dot gov for it. Just a little weird I mean at the very least, Surprise Joe Biden played your operate that way, but it really does seem like job. It is not beholden to the american people. He's view long story short you formulate a million times we flew is son and heir forced to China for private equity deal to negotiate private equity. How does it make sense? Is guys gonna, be President Ciampi supporters have one last chance for constitutional victory after that, it's just the only look after the sixth, if trumped doesn't score some kind of constitutional victory, then what's what's the alternative Trump loser I, of course, you will targets to start taking more drastic action? Let me tell you some I've been seeing these these means Another means by been seeing these viral tweets people saying flights,
into DC are sold out, and I said, that's not possible. Ok, look! I've! I've used to fly twice a week and you could always find a flight somewhere now a lot of fun. It's often do get sold out. It happens, but there is always some flight to get you in. So I looked and I grabbed up of random cities and surprise surprise. I can, I think I can be explained There are I a bunch of different random cities. I chose direct flights from places like you know, in Texas, in Illinois and in New York. to Washington DC surprisingly, like even even bluer. Boosting Surprisingly, yeah mostly sold out gone, not available, there's like most of these cities. I searched you can find linear air taxis like three thousand dollars for a private flight, and that seems kind of crazy to me. Some thinking is it. Is it true that
all of these. Tromp supporters have just buy out all the tickets and our descending upon Deasey. Yes, I think, there's gonna, be a strong likelihood for a massive, and I mean massive event. However, keep in mind I'm seeing this about air airlines, but airline traffic has been weighed down because of carbon. So it may just be it. They have reduced the number of flights like. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I tell you it: maybe they were just of lights, but even if they did all of these flights being sold out, and these many of them says I think, we'll get a decent sized rally. But again I'll put it this way will trump supporters? Actually travel from all over the country to be, therefore, the president, never real, reasonably more reason then on inauguration died but doesn't mean they will. I would lean more. they probably well because tromp supporters are here for top and nobody else, not the republican Party. Now what we're seeing from TED crews interesting affair,
What he wants is like a ten day investigation over impropriety in many states. Tromp supporters are concerned. They say if we don't get resolution on the six going to try and wait out the clock so that ten days goes by all the Trump supporters leave DC and then Biden, sorry nothing. I did nothing to see here, nothing to do so, they're trying to wait out the clock and it makes sense to smart play. If that is the case, tell them your on their side, hold an investigation from some red meat than draw out the clock until they get tired and go home. Well, here's a story from politico. They say nearly a quarter of Senate Republicans are officially preparing to challenge present. Electro buttons electoral college went on January six, a stunning developed. That demonstrates just how far some in the GNP will go to align themselves with President Donald Trump Flailing claims that the election was stolen from him now hold on their minute partner. We ve got,
legitimate claims sworn affidavits from. I think now, thousands of people we have legitimate evidence. It needs to be precise did any legal setting. Now we keep saying the left its mind, boggling, there's no evidence of the courts have said so: no, they didn't the Texas case was thought on a procedural grounds. There are some cases so Pennsylvania. The court said I what you're saying about you know: voters not observe there is not being allowed in. I disagree. I thought the When was insane, they appeal that they lost most of the cases have been shot down on procedural grounds, no standing, latches, meaning you did file a timely manner or or it's too late, it's too soon. It's too late or you can't sue standing so Lui, Gomer Arap RAP, said he's suing he sued MIKE Pence over this law. It got shot down break that that that the developing news is that it got rejected by a federal appeals court as well
maybe I'll put its framework and they basically said you can't look at my pants, can't be the one who just decides effectively but but I digress for the most part, it was procedural grounds once again lose Gomer was rejected and standing. You do not have standing launched or a judge to simply explain, standing I threw. I apply in your face, then your neighbor can't sue me because he's not the injured party anywhere else read more. He was gonna, they say eleven more republican senators announced Saturday. They will challenge buttons election victory. Next week, when Congress gathers to certify the vote. The movement is led by TED crews who circulated the idea, amongst republicans of voting against ratification on of the certification Can unless there's election audit, we intend to on January, sixth to reject the electors from disputed states and not regularly given unlawfully started.
Unless and until that emergency ten day audit is completed. That makes no sense well makes a little sense. I get it. How about? We have the actual investigation. So people can, you know here what's going on, and then we no longer the decisions. After the fact the problem is Trop. Supporters have been through what order we are now almost two months. There are just two months now of looking at evidence, hearing claims, hearing witness testimony and their fed up, and this is the best TED Bruce can offer sorry you can you can cheer and and and be happy that is doing it, but I think what the republican establishment is trying to do is a piece, They Kate calm down we're here, for you will give you what you want and then yeah ten days you're gonna be like, but by binds president you're not gonna, get what you want. So let me tell you something
when the left says: there's no evidence. The courts have already seen it. What a waste of time there you're wrong. The court's, like I mentioned three things on a bishop procedural grounds, but it doesn't matter. There is nothing you can say to people who are lying because they want to win, and that goes for Republicans or Democrats. You can't say anything to these people when they are there. Evidence its effect even Bill BAR said it happens all the time. It's just an issue of whether or not there was enough to impact and election, and he doesn't think there is now you have people saying no,
Hence I tell you when they say no evidence. You know right away their line because absolutes tend to be ridiculous. Is outta? Did there tend to be absolute? Knowing oh come on dude there is at least some a truck supporter got arrested for voting twice as a viral video of a truck supporter saying they are caught voting twice. It happens every one I think even project vera toss caught a guy who voted for the Republican twice and this Europe over. Permit me Casas, biased, know, you're, just in control of cultural institutions. No evidence is an insane lie. These people are lying. Why? Because, if you actually, come out and say here's the evidence, interesting that it warrants and investigation. It doesn't confirm anything, but they don't want to do it and then have to wonder why they're trying to avoid transparency, my favorites my favorite tweets. Let me show you this tweet. Let me show you how much I just love all this
Ok, so that no no that's the wrong one, but still funny anyway. In response to the region Can of Louie Marts Lawsuit, Jim Robert says. After a U S, judge rejects his ridiculous case to just disenfranchise Biden. Voters, Lui Gomer suggests that transporters will result street violence. That's not true. He said the only answer is to be as violent as be eleven anti fought, but those were peaceful protests remember. So this is the wrong tonight it at me. I didn't mean to pull it up, but let me let me put some tweets from some politicians. Senator pat to me, said a fundamental, defining feature of a democratic report is the right of the people to elect their own leaders, the efforts by senators, Holly crews and others to overturn the result of the twenty presidential election in swings. It's like. Pennsylvania directly undermines this right. The senators justify their intent by observing that there have been many allegations of fraud, but etiquette The fraud by a losing campaign cut justify overturning election. Ok, allegations of fraud should be
castigated in the evidence emerges. Then you can ok, they fail to acknowledge that these allegations have been adjudicated in courtrooms across Amerika and were found to be unsupported by evidence false. that's wrong. That's that's! Actually not many of the cases like I said, thrown out on procedural grounds. He says president trumps on attorney bill bar says. We have not in fraud on a scale. You seen a hold on a minute. Didn't you just say: unsupported by evidence, but then he quotes Bill BAR who actually said there was fraud. Amazing. I acknowledge this selection, like all elections, had irregularities, but the evidence is overwhelming that Joe Biden won the election. His narrow victory in pencil is easily explained by the decline in suburban support for President Trump and the president's slightly smaller, Victor
the margins and most rural counties. That's actually a fair point. He says I voted for President Trump and endorse them for reelection, but on Wednesday I intend to vigorously defend our form of government by opposing this effort to disenfranchised millions of voters in my state and others. Ok, Pat you wanna talk about a key, defining feature of a democratic republic. How about? I quote that famous Ben Franklin statement, I think, was Ben Franklin, Orca apocryphal, but other addressed democracy is to wolves in a lamb. Deciding what's for lunch. A republic is a well armed lamb contesting the vote. You wanna talk about a democratic republic. Let's talk about. What's in the constitution, the ability of representatives politician senators to object to the vote count. They have a right to do it
period. Oh, but there's more love it. We have Alan Ellison for U S Senate now he is retire Ruby over Florida. He says he treated. Sedition is a serious felony punishable by fine and up to twenty years in prison and our further the act of inciting revolt or violence against a lawful authority with the goal of destroying or overflowing it. The actions of the sedition one. Twenty six and GEO P senators have reached felony status felon. status, my stars unguarded, my friends, I'd like to show you the most fact less politician. We have this country LISA, more Cowskin. Ah, yes, a Republican who doesn't want to be re elected. She said my statement regarding the upcoming meeting of Congress to formally count the votes of the electoral college and certify the twenty one election quote. I swore an oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States, and that is what I will do on January. Six, just as I strive to do every day as I serve the people of Alaska, I will vote to affirm the twenty twenty presidential election
the courts and state legislatures have all honoured their duty to hear legal allegations and found nothing to warrant overturned. The results, woe Arizona, state legislature, filed Subpoenas judiciary, committee against America, accounting and then Merrick, Maricopa County, said. A few will see you in court. We won't comply. What do you mean the courts and state legislatures? These? people are lying. You can say Arizona wrong, you can say they. Dont have a majority in the state legislature, you can say Pennsylvania and Georgia: don't either, but they haven't even had sessions to address any of this, because the governors would have to call special sessions and they did not disgusting spineless nests and I'll. Tell you this. I swore an oath to uphold the constitution. Will then you would know the constitution as amendments in at one of which, as you can object, so everything were seeing right now with
public and saying they will object, is absolutely constitutional and if you and uphold the constitution- and one person says I object and one of one person in the Senate and the house of abject, then you say: okay, I accept your object. Because I defend the constitution, but key is lying because she is Another swap creature, surprisingly coming from Alaska, which I'm not sure actually has many swamps and my figured it, was more of a cold, a rainforest climate I'll, a funny story to yes, Alaska has reinforced calm down lotta people I got no argument, a teacher once funny story, but yes, it is raining. They're so wish the rain forest monster whenever she lives in the swamp. Now she says they have found nothing toward worry the results. I urge my colleagues from both parties to recognise and to join me in maintaining confidence in the electoral College and our elections
we ensure we have the continued trust of the american people. Are you kidding me? You have no trust from me. If you came out and said there have been many allegations, by many individuals and thousands of affidavits. While I personally do not believe this warrants overturning an election, I must respect the constitutional process by which objectors object and we debate the issue, that's what she should have said, but she is spineless. So you have the best part is she's had in there. I urge my colleagues and both parties so now the Democrats are ripping into shreds and can use spineless scum, ere. You impugn our honor. We are the ones defending an honourable election there republicans are like what's defend the constitution and support the right of the objectors manner. tell you this country has too many spineless losers in it? Caskeys issue is that she's worried about some kind of balance. How about you worry about principle and what is factually true and correct?
and what is true and correct, even when she mentions that there have been no court litigation whatever? There is evidence it can be heard. It doesn't mean it's true as a matter there's a constitutional right by which people can object. That's the name of the game in politicians are all mostly spineless and now you ve got President Pelosi: Trending, ok, fine! Whatever that's the idea. I guess that if there is an objection and trump and bite and don't win, Pelosi somehow becomes present wealthy, don't resolve it by the twentieth. Yes, that is likely to be the case if Nancy Pelosi wins the speakership today, so that one hundred seventeenth Congress has being sorted stay. My understanding that they're going to vote and the pathetic and spineless foe progressives who purport to be populists
going to line up to sniff the butt of policy to make her speaker of the house once again, and there is very few people who would actually stand up to the democratic establishment to fight for what they believe in and, unfortunately, the that I'll tell you this what's fascinating right now is that on the right? It's it's true! for nothin. I mean you: VE got crony establishment, republican types who rag on Trump all the time you ve got never trumpery for sure, but there in the minority, the Republican Party is the Party of Trump. So they will defeat. get him on the debt, and so what you end up with is a lot of populist conservatives defending the president and populist right wing policies on the left. You have populists, but because their collectivists they align themselves with the fake. You know it's like the
What's a good example, as you know the what's the island wonderland thing that walrus in the carpenter dancing a little ices and then kill him all need em. They they dance and the waiters dance around with him and follow up and and Gideon or whatever that's what you. As with some of these progressive you tubers large channels that make rage bait drama content where, instead of Talking about, say, LISA, Murkowski Caskey, whose a senator affecting the outcomes of the presidential election they'll talk about me, some dude in his room. You now, as I congratulate you, that's the kind of stuff people care about, I suppose, but they have a lot of people that are high profile. Progressives, who say whatever the establishment wants and they are going to line up to sniff the butt of Nancy pollution. ever what ever she wants? Why? Because their lose her costs, because their spineless take a look at us from its eyes M Mcconnell said: don't you do it? Don't you object and a bunch of publicans we're like now
We're going to do it anyway, one hundred and forty. What are they saying? One hundred and forty 144th Publicans are expected to challenge the results from Forbes. One hundred and forty members of the house are telling party leader But by now I guess you know you got Chemic Mccarthy, minority Melita minority leader in the in the house. Is saying, is gonna, have or probably well anyway, so sure take a look at the progressives. are they standing up for progressive values? Are the proper so then Congress saying that they are going to challenge Pelosi unless they get a floor. Vote on Medicare for all know, they're saying now is not the right time. Don't help the Republicans? Oh so, while the Republicans not all of the many of whom are losers, while the Republicans, or at least realising its trump or nothin you ve got progressives like a Yossi saying she can't it's not that
time. She won't challenge policy all career ism. You know there are many new incoming republicans in the in the house that our saying outright they're going to defend the screw the swamp drain at all and who will call out much Mcconnell, no problem, it's not so true with the Senate. You know, but there are at least to willing to object and define Mitch Mcconnell where the progressive leftists Where are the left wing progressives in Congress and the any one of them? I think those. What like twelve now any one of them they need only. I think, like ten votes, to force a floor about unmet care for all, they won't do it.
Maybe they're. Well, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe later today we see it and then you know, then I apologize out but based on what they ve been tweeting and based on the fact that you have high profile progressives who are lying, who are saying, don't challenge Pelosi. Now is not the time. Oh, if not now, then, when, when, when you have no leverage and she's speaker pathetic, you know Trump supporters are willing to fight for what they care about. Anti fought is willing to fight for what they care about progressive Democrats roll over faster than lot of analogy, but they roll over very quickly and they get support from there. foe establishment? You know four hours, I folk foe, progressive establishment pundits. So what can we expect? Spicy mass protests, probably I guess you know they're, saying they're saying to be locking down DC, but I plan on being there.
as of right now I do. I ve got a bunch of new equipment. We could probably do the show from the sea will see how things work out. We got do a test run, and that should be soon and all you know what I don't know: kind of thinking with or without, the capability to show our forego it and just be down. I see what's goin on we'll see only with their next month, come on up at one p m on this channel thanks for it up, and I will see you all then happening again C c p, style, lockdown down and dallying China C c p virus tweets, Jennifer, urging in a video you see what appears to be four men: three up against a door and their reportedly welding the door shut. It look like there actually doing that, but to be fair, I don't know exactly where this videos from what these men are doing, but we have but seen the videos of authority
he's in China dragging people from their homes, propping up gigantic steel bars to block the doors that put up against a door and a wall, so you can open the door and there have been numerous reports about people being welded into their homes throughout the past year. we're seeing it again now. I know a lot of people who are saying. Well, you know that's China. There, authoritarian and many people have pointed out the reason. China had big marathons with people all shoulder to shoulder and why they had big raves on New year's Eve is because they're authoritarian and they can lock you in your home until you die, and then everyone else gets to go and party. They claim that it's only China, that's like this. Certainly the west is more about freedom and even found she doktor found themselves out. You know America he's got that into it. We got that independent spirit but its time and do what you're told he said Simon do what you're told it's coming. I did a segment on this. This assembly bill I buy.
should it and one of my segments by decided based on how I'm attraction it's getting in and the concerns people have that it needs a longer segment unto itself. So I can explain to you it's not martial law Marshall in military lots and the military comes and takes over. But colloquially people use martial law launch reference, a totalitarian lockdown, that's the fair assessment of what people are saying. say: martial law. We are currently in to tell lockdown, and how do you know when you're constitutional rights are being trampled over and violated in the name of some public emergency? There will always be an emergency. We have to balance individual freedoms with what that emergence, Yes, during the civil war, we had our freedoms curtailed apron. Lincoln, was very serious about stopping Oliver constitutional rights. People look back, though, and they say that he did, but basically a good job is one of the greatest president's in american history by most peoples
standard or opinion during World WAR, one in world war, two we had conscription and we had people who had to go fight in the war for a variety of reasons, to our two people, look back and say, and I was really important, the? U S came in and shut down Nazi Germany when there are real emergencies. There are real reasons why we have to step up to the plate right now. We do have a real emergency, I mean Cove, it is killing people. Oh I know most of the deaths are over a certain age group and they have Como become morbidity, but nonetheless people are dying, but the question is: does the cure fit the emergency? Does that are the act? it's taken by a New York and California does. That is its appropriate for the current state of urgency in the answer is overwhelmingly: no, we are putting people at extreme
destroy their lives during their businesses, destroying their their their families, taking away their ability to eat and even the left degrees, that's not sustainable unless we get some kind of support. What the left doesn't understand is that if people don't make stuff, you can't buy stuff, I don't know where they think they're going to your work, where they're going to get their food Mitch. Mcconnell can finally agree on two thousand dollars. What you going to do. The stimulus check. Sorry, if there is no one work, there is no food right now there is food, a lot of stuff, it's not being produced our services and you know higher higher and luxury to gear and stuff, and there are a lot of restaurants that have been shut down, but general food production is being maintained. Not nearly the levels at once was now there's a positive I guess to this, and that
you know we ass humans. We waste a lot of our time and energy on useless things. The problem is, however, that people aren't getting access to food. They can't pay their rent and its causing massive collapse, but I digress the real issue, in my opinion, is that authoritarianism his here. It's going to get worse and under Joe Biden, I would be willing to make a strong that it is going to be worse than you ever seen, which Why I showed you, the video of people, welding doors shut, I like to introduce you for those. I dont know too, somebody bill. Aid for one sex relates to the room. We'll have cases, conduct and carriers of communicable diseases or potentially dangerous to public health and give it a short for those are just turning in just wanna get quick answer. It means
If the governor or some state level administrator, believes that you might be at some point a danger to public health, they can remove and attain you until a doctor deems you to not be dangerous. Any communicable disease Annie may be a danger, not is not or maybe, and it refers to groups of people they can remove you for no statutorily legal reason in total violation of the constitution. So here is a, I guess, a worst case scenario. You're at your home, you ve ordered something off of Amazon. The box comes you walk outside their? Does your porch contactless delivery, You pick it up, you break it up, break it open and there it is it's your zucchini it Needler years you and I think, with his Coney island than you, cracked, the wheel. It turns until zucchini notice. I love those things but then
knock on the door turns out. The Amazon driver is feeling a bit sick has a fever, in fact, and You came into contact with physical objects, for which this person was carrying only moments earlier. why you may be a danger to public health if it turns out you covered, sir you're gonna have to I'm with us and step inside the vehicle working to bring it to a facility to me it sure I keep you under observation to make sure that you are in fact a danger to anyone and until a doctor determines that you are no longer a danger, then you will be detained now. I understand that you might not be sick now, but there is a two week corona virus ink patient period. So please, sir Step in the vehicle which is all for for your safety and the safety of others than you arrive at your new medical facility,
The doctor says, look we're here for you. Don't worry, we're gonna keep you here for observation and everything will be ok, but two weeks ago by the doctor says you know we had outbreak in this ward and you may still be infected. We're gonna need to run some tests and keep you hear a bit longer, because until we determine that it safe for you to leave, we can't allow, and many been white men realize this, but hospitals, medical facilities. Actually a prime location for catching infections. But let me show you assembly bill a for one sex and I want to show you the stories that are happening here in the. U s I want to show you happening in the UK and in Canada, and I want you to realise Europe. You you I'll I'll, give you the pirates of the caribbean line. You best dark believin in authoritarian does dopey instead raise your in one hears assembly bill aid for one six now look, this is it.
New York Senate introduced in committee, but it's not anywhere in it may be thrown out. Ok, but let me read this for you. They say and act to Then the public health law in relation to the removal of cases, conduct and carriers of communicable disease. is who are potentially dangerous to public health potentially dangerous. The people of the state of New York, evident represented in Senate and Assembly, doing act as follows. They say removal and attention of cases, contacts and carriers who are or may be a danger to public health, one The provisions of the second shall be utilised in the event that the governor declares a state of health emergency due to an epidemic of any communicable disease, worth as an epidemic of a common called upon a terminal by clear and can and evidence at the health of others is or may be endangered by a case contact or carrier.
or suspected case contact or carrier a contagious disease that, in the opinion of the governor, after consultation with the commissioner, may pose an imminent and significant threat to the public health resulting in severe morbidity or high mortality. The government or his or her delegate, including, but not limited to the commissioner or the heads of local health departments, may order the removal and or detention of such person or a group of such persons. By issuing a single order. Identifying such persons, either by name or by reasonably specific description of the individuals or group being detained such person or group of persons, shall be detained in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises did designated by the governor or his or her delegate and complying with subdivision five of the section, a person or group removed or detained by this order, or by is his or her delegate persona subdivision,
the section- shall be detained for such a period and if such a matter as the department made direct in accordance with the section, they say a confirmed case or carrier who is detained, persona subdivision so pursued a subdivision to other such an shall not Do you to be detained after the department determines at such person is no longer contagious, no longer contagious. What does that mean? Well, let me let me go back to explain something for you. They say a suspected case contact or carrier a suspected contact. What does it mean? It means they can say: you're, not sick, you're. You have normal temperature, you we did have a test and found that you do not. positive recovered, but you may have come into contact with someone we suspect step in the vehicle, sir. This is for your own good. Did you think there would be no ex
I say I say quite a bit, but did you think that they would just decide to take over when authoritarianism thought king? My question is for the left they say, but these states to are just trying to slow the spread out. So they said when I said: you're constitutional rights are being trampled on. We are a country founded upon a constitution. Is it if you like or don't like it, that is the Supreme LAW of the land, you don't just get to ignore it, but we're here their reports coming out now that the inaugural parade has been cancelled. It really does feel like the United States is already gone. Doesn't it I mean tromp and twelve senators and a hundred forty congressmen in the house are set to our will? Trop is absolutely objecting to the results of the election. This large group is as well
but then you have fractured political bodies. You know you got some republican establishment, some democrat establishment, just saying, bend your God, Damn knees just do it shut your mouth, do as your told get in the vehicle. You may be contagious when you to call this out before it becomes law. This right here is a song. cotton piece of legislation. I am reading to you from an why Senate dot Gov it's insane, but here it is. Will the left
come out and say we should not allow the government to arbitrarily remove some one. Let me read some more for you. They say suspected cases such as reception for Sub Section B, a suspected case or suspected carrier who had attained persona subdivision to this. Action shall not continue to be detained after the partner determines with the exercise of due diligence that such person is not infected with or has not been exposed to. Such a disease or, if infected with or exposed to such a disease no longer is or will become contagious. Now, of course, going to included this certain things like? Oh, if we find out you don't have the disease and you're not contagious I'll, let you go but keep in mind what they said earlier that can attain you if they suspect you having contact with someone and we also know that these pcr tests wildly inaccurate, that's not even been debated at that's a fact. You would need probably a blood tat, an antibiotic tat, another destroying pcr testing out. Well, this,
You know we d, ten tests, nine were negative. One was positive, you'd better stick around. Let me show you some in the UK This is as relevant. He says: police arresting man for hugging people. earlier in the video. You can see this man going around giving hugs to a bunch of people and as he tries to leave the park, the police stop him. They surround him and say you are under arrest and there it is. The man gets arrested. Why? Because he hugged people go to the store? Barbadians demand, love, island, Zara, Zara, HOLLAND and her boyfriend are thrown in jail for flouting Covid nineteen after they tried to flee the island when he tested positive, okay, well, you're, probably saying but do tested positive and then tried to flee. He probably should get locked up. I don't know by Joe but a medical facility right. I want to throw you a line from v for vendetta. If you're looking for the guilty party,
The person who made the authoritarianism possible you It only look in the mirror. Ok, I know probably most of you watching me- are not the guilty party you're, probably the ones advocating for some reasonable restrictions to stop to to slow the spread of us of our abilities and take care of people play vulnerable, while also maintaining our individual rights to run our businesses. We can live our lives wearing masks and social distancing and protecting those. Who are in the affected groups, not just destroying everything, but I digress, The reason why this happening is because regular people are authoritarian psychopaths. And the sooner you realize it the better in this video. It's going viral There's a woman in an elevator. Rimming had a delivery woman because She doesn't like the wages wearing a mask. You can see the what everyone is actually wearing a mask and then this woman, just snaps yeah,
and slams the wall as hard as we can in the elevator before storming off easier mask. Actually, call town right. There I said on Twitter. People are starting to break This sum is likely mad about being locked down for a year and need some way to let her anger. There is even a bit. When a man says we all have to wear masks, but she doesn't yeah There's a viral video where there's a guy stocking a woman in a store screaming at our put your mask on and she's saying leave me alone, he's as anyone else mad about this, that we all have to wear masks. But she doesn't is that what is really about that one of the elevator need something be mad it, but she doesn't. Why she's mad, so she lashes out at any one. She can. You can expect more of this coming soon thereafter, I'd because their lives have been crushed there being treated like Stumm. You can't leave, you can't do anything
put your mask on sit down and shut up and they freak out and they'll target anyone. They can kind of like when you get that schoolyard Bali right and he's picking on the kid and then the king Gos. thousand turns out that, though the bullies dad is picking on him. So then he can't do anything about it. So we re direct his anger, other people and Bali's. It's like that. Trope people are being suppressed and oppressed by the government. It's not. The virus had destroyed everything. The virus is still out of control, even though we locked down war masks. Perhaps we need a more surgical approach and we need to change what we're doing, because what they ve done now, I would say, is particularly interesting to me: you take a bunch of people, take them from their jobs, people who don't care about politics. You forced them into their homes where they can't do anything. They can't go out we're going to get angry and angrier there to look for something something we met it. They're gonna go online and the costs
Give me stories of them to start seeing politics things they didn't know about before it's going to get many more people involved Fox Eleven La Sheriff, super spreader task force, nine hundred During new year's Eve party busts, I say the Ella Sheriff Allegheny shares permit super spread our task force shut down at least five new year's Eve parties across the current county resulting in at least nine hundred people being detained. Ninety arrests and orientations and the cover recovery of at least six guns, foxes, eleventh cameras where three, the part including Malibu, downtown, downtown allay and Pomona Elbow party was how their large upscale home on Moonrise Drive after it had been promoted and Instagram At last, he showed up outside the home in the middle of the party warning the crowd on loudspeaker
Does the L County Sheriffs Department, the Super Spreader Party, is now over Annie. Are you who refuses to leave will be subject to arrest. Hundreds of people were ordered to leave the party immediately. Those who refused were cited. We were first a moment rightness country to peaceably assemble. It doesn't say for what reason just that we can. These officers are acting in clear violation of the constitution and, of course, they ll keep doing it. Of course, it will only get worse, they want to say there were at least to arrests and lsd. Says two guns were recovered. We are actively enforcing the super, spread to protect against covert, said Captain Holly Francesco Francisco. Once we confirmed there was a party there, we had our super spread. Our task force respond and detain the occupants Fox Eleven
Also at another large warehouse party in downtown allay with hundreds of people also broken up by LSD, as the crowd was kicked out and invitations were being issued, gunshots could be heard in the distance with fireworks Fox eleven was also to third parties Pomona and Allay Sd Sheriff response Team unit also serve to bring this party up, we're when they had and writing citations to the people that knowingly placed others in jeopardy. By having a large gathering said Lieutenant Lieutenant John Satterfield, there was no social distancing. There were no masks, it was unsafe and irresponsible. Tell me: does the first amendment moment we may peaceably assemble so long as we're wearing masks. No, it says we may peaceably assemble. These are not police. These are not cops. Is your oath breakers boot licking Gestapo one party goer fold, told Fox eleven. We are tired of closing this s down my people
lost businesses and all that ass, and we really just wanted some fresh air man. That's what's going on. We wanted some fresh air. They came out with the tanks and all men s is, easy, I lay county sheriff, Alex Villanueva has pledged to focus its health order and force a priority. Super spider events rather than businesses super spreader events December forth, there was reported, Maryland covert. Nineteen squad investigates quarantine breakers and yes They can't arrest you we're not a crisis cove, it is bad. Is it airborne? Ebola now is the worst virus we ve ever faced extra. Absolutely not survival rights actually run. Ninety nine point: nine. Nine percent,
for most people, people over the age of seventy, with color Betty's have a slightly higher jaw chance what mortality rate, but even that it still around ninety seven percent survival. So why does this justify the suspension of the constitution? I dont know now the left will tell you the good. The government is the good guys why, while their butler bootleggers I'll tell you this the left might say why were you supporting the police during the anti for rights, while cause antivirus smashing up local businesses and for explosives at people. Right now, I am critical of the police for being the ones oppressing regular people. Enforcing enacting their constitutional rights, these people are not throwing explosive smashing windows. Let me ask you this leftists: why do you now support the police, pleads by all means come out and tell me you don't and then I will say thank you
I do not support these people. These cops absolutely not at this point in allay in New York, where their enforcing unconstitutional edict of by all means defend them. So I'll tell you, you know what I gave you this one to the left, Maybe you're right now in the long run, about defending them to a certain degree, not for the reasons you are pushing. I think those workstream But right now we are learning just to actually supports the constitution and who the real criminals are. these officers were locking people up are actually in violation of the law. There is no other forty by which the governor can just declare and make decree, and then people can go and just kidnap you own also. Could I know it's usually like an an cap or libertarian or left us talking point, but if there is no statutory authority by which they are stopping and taking you there can happen you I said it before.
for a civilised society to function and actually is a quote paraphrasing coming from brought Weinstein's very small fellow, he said, police need to be able to make a rests. He's right. That means, if you know you didn't, do something wrong and the cop is a resting. You you go to the process. We are not in an hour and knock state. We are not a libertarian paradise we're a constitutional republic, liberal democracy, those to vote those those are ways to define a bit about what our country represents. That means you can be arrested. Even the founding fathers thought so, but you have certain rights as that process roles through to protect you from the state and to make sure your rights are our are protected while today, all that is when window, the cops can just arrest you New York is proposing a bill where they can just take you away if you're suspected of having a of making contact, and do you think that your local
police officer is going to say I am not going to rest person. Well, you'd be wrong. Of course they will. but maybe in some smaller jurisdiction, smaller towns, the sheriff won't because they know their outnumbered by a large, angry armed population, but in places like California, New York in Illinois in Massachusetts and Ohio in Michigan. Well, maybe not so much Ohio actual at that was a bad one. Ohio seems to be kind of ok, we'll see, but in certain places they'll just common lock you up. We certainly interesting other viral threat. From Fort Fisher of Trop supporters and conservatives stomping on the thin blue line flag and throwing the street he's crazy days crazy times, conservatives sang ass, the police. Stopping the thin blue line flag, Bitcoin skyrocketing. I think the
say it. These are signs and indications that this country is breaking down. Now these these Griffith leftists. they do as they take quotes out of context because they can't actually engaged with the arguments you you know the Griffin, because they could actually addressed the things I'm saying or just continue, supporting the police. and the state and those who would propose setting up designated locations by which to take people suspected of making contact with someone who may be a threat to public health. Will you support the governments right to just take people without cause over to stop Ok, we'll just tell me, you support the establishments that simple, we'll see or the real anti fascists are when the governments locking people up arbitrarily- oh they already are. Oh, what's that prominent, you Two personalities in the left are already supporting them. Welcome to being a boot liquor, that's what you guys were saying before right,
as anti foe was going round destroying small businesses. You were a bootlegger, a few defended those small businesses and told them not to burn down police stations, We'll see how things go coming up the next few days, but let me just stress anti, but still hates the cops, there's just gryphus, who pretend that this is all a good thing, those of the people on twitter who would defend these lockdown, the Gryphus there that there that they claim to be anti fascist, but they literally support the state curtailing people's rights without question. The ok, oh, but it's not for the nations for the world to or not fatuously your thoughts Arians about that when you have conservatives and the left both saying the cops are bad when Bitcoin is skyrocketing. Let me tell you what's goin on the rich people are moving their money fast, their buying property fast trust me, I'm looking at properties right now. They don't last a day.
They are buying up and the rates are skyrocketing in a why it responds to the locked the! U S. Government has printed something like they have increased the money supply by likes. It these six percent. You are not, to enjoy what comes next. The inflation it is hitting things that rich people by because they have the means to do it. So property values are going up in key locations. There's one area I've been looking up and looking for, I am, I mention this West Virginia properties to tap, to set up a big, eight open acreage, so most impossible there being bought up and sold left and right. I stay bought up like crazy. They hit the market for a day gone after all, the rich people exchange all of their. You know they by land they buy golden by Bitcoin. Look at what skyrocketing bitcoin they buy.
stuff, the inflation is going to hit basic goods and gasoline, and then things will get really bad and that's when this anger, Europe's and that's when these Well, that's smashing windows and screaming, and that's The police say you are a danger to yourself and others and you will be detained, but we'll see Maybe I'm wrong about the escalation, but a month ago, covered squad was arresting people in LA nine hundred people, and now New York is proposing this bill? Not it looks like escalation I'll their necks segments coming up. Four p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lash TIM cast, the different channel hanging sprang up and I will see you all them.
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