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Trump Says Democrats STEALING The Election With Vote By Mail, Vows To Deploy Police To Stop Fraud


Even though Dr. Fauci said we can vote in person Democrats insist on universal mail in voting.Trump has responded to this by claiming that Democrats are trying to steal the election with mail in voting. But it's not just that Fauci said we can vote in person, we have seen widespread failures at every level so far in this grand vote by mail experiment. Perhaps Trump is right. After all that we have seen why would Democrats demand vote by mail when mail in ballots have been disqualified in large numbers, several people have been indicted, and many votes go uncounted at no fault of the voter.Republicans should already know but don't seem to care for the most part as no major action has been taken to stop mail in voting.

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Over the past several months we ve seen tongues of problems emerge due to mail in voting from ballots not being counted. Several people actually being indicted. Voter fraud charges in New York. The Elect and was delayed. They didn't know who's gonna win another just calling it for the incumbent, so the races being can by the challenger in Patterson New Jersey, where we had some well indictments and one in five votes being discounted, a federal judge has ruled the whole thing must be completely redone. I think it's obvious to anybody whose being honest that mail in voting is baroque. And yet still democrats insist, we must have universal in voting where I live, New Jersey, they're gonna be sending out belts to everybody, whether you want one or not- and I am not happy about it because of this Donald Trump is accusing Democrats, trying to steal the election and I think, there's one really good reason. He may be right. Anthony found
has already said we can vote in person. So long as we wear masks and maintain proper social distancing, but still democrats insist because of covered, we must have mail in voting in response to this trump has said he will deploy law enforcement and even attorney general's to pulling places to prevent the fraud. And fortunately I dont You can actually do that so trumps between a rock and a hard place if he does try to intervene to prevent fraud, they'll, say he's a fascist and he's trying to take over eternity, but has nothing, then we're going to see a ton of bouts discounted were gone, to see some dirty games being played and then Donald Trump may actually lose, but there is another theory? That's going around. You see many people said if Trump delays the election, that Nancy Pelosi eventually becomes. President, and this is technically true, policy wins reelection. Her term is set to end on I believe, January third and trumps on January twentieth, which means they could certified
result of Nancy policies run, and then she is the speaker of the house. Donald Trump Select, gets delay until after the twentieth, and then they make policy the president now this could just be a fringe theory, but Trump did bring it up saying he didn't know if it was true or just a theory but anti blowsy did say in the past that Donald Trump will be leaving whether he knows it or not. Perhaps just some hyperbole a rhetorical threat that we are going to win or the Democrats are seriously playing some very dirty games. I think dirty games are afoot. On story from ABC New says that forty six states will see ballots go uncounted. So if we now oh all of these problems are happening. Why do they insist? And why they all of the problems with their primary a primary elections. Perhaps it's because they know this is there in maybe not to actually cheap
you know. Donald Trump says they want to steal the election. Maybe it's not because there to be forging those for anything but they're going to cause such chaos. That no one knows who actually won an event. Trump actually does win. Can accuse him of cheating and say it wasn't legitimate or perhaps they will delay. The section long enough with constant lawsuit over all of these messed up, election results everywhere and Nancy Pelosi becomes the president. I don't know if that's true but I'll tell you. This trump's threat to send in law enforcement is serious, it may just be late night tv talk or maybe he really will try to fix your election the way Democrats are gonna jump on this. So let's read into this and see what's going on and I've got some stories
the problems were seeing with male in voting and we'll talk about Trump sending in law in force before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome: slash, don't it if you'd like to support my work as many ways you can guess. I got a p o box, but the best thing you can do is subscribe to this channel. But half the people who watch all of my videos aren't actually subscribe. So if you see just below the video player that subscribe button hit that- and you are more likely to get my videos every day at four p m when they go live, don't forget to the law one the notification Bell and share this video. If you really want to support my work, but let's read from the daily mail, they say Donald Trump accuses Democrats have tried to steal the election with male in voting. An vows to send in law enforcement to polling stations to stop voter fraud. They say the President told Fox NEWS as John Kennedy Thirst, tonight that he plans to sending troops, including sheriffs law enforcement? U S attorneys and attorney general's to me,
what are the election? A move legal experts have cast doubt on he blasted November election as the most fraudulent election in history and made the extreme care in that ballots may only be sent out to blue areas of the country. Tromp had called into foxes. Hannity one our before Joe Biden formerly accepted the democratic presidential nomination Thursday. In one of a series of appearances intentionally clashing with the closing knight of the Democratic National convention when asked by Hannity. If you would deploy pull watchers to voting stations to prevent fraud in the upcoming election, Trump claimed we're going to have everything, we're gonna have sheriffs, we're gonna, have law enforcement, Workin have and hope he says we're gonna have hopefully use attorneys, we're going to have everybody an attorney general's Trump provided no further details on the troops he will send into polling stations or what their role will entail. However,
legal expert said. The president has no authority to take such action. Rick Hassen, an election law expert at the University of California, Irvine told CNN Trump, does not have the legal power to deploy local law in force. Officials to monitor elections, but that he could higher off duty cops for the job. The move could also face a backlash from Democrats who could claim the president was suppressing voters and that's probably what they want, because, even if they do lose They need something to say. You know some some kind of evidence that trumps election was illegitimate. So if trunk does have private security sure for anybody they'll just scream, he cheated he's scared people away and then they'll claim some people who are newly legal citizens or people were scared of getting arrested or people are scared of police. They'll use the black. I've matter line that their worried about police brutality, and so people are being kept away, targeted minority voters. They will take any excuse, they can get
they say the president has repeatedly hit out at mail in voting and claimed it will cost him the election but The latest comments also point to him having having a seat of distrust for in person voting as well. Trump then return Two slamming mail in balloting sang Fifty one million bouts will be sent indiscriminately with money being sent to dead people, and this is probably true they're talking about sending fifty one million bouts out, anybody who you know nobody knows who is going to get them, it's a horrible thing. It's a fraudulent election. Everybody knows it. You don't even have to know politics to know it and I'm going to say this mode, if you, if you follow my videos, you know this. I've actually got a melon bout sitting right next to me for somebody who doesn't live in this house and hasn't lived for quite some time. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it, but I imagine If there are some nefarious actors out there, they could easily go to
mailbox for anybody they know is neglecting their mail or is in voting, and they could take it and fraudulently vote. So yet there is a real potential for fraud here, whether or not fraud is widespread. The fact remains: there are serious problems with male in voting and the potential for fraud, Why are democrats trying to create a gaping hole? Insecurity is beyond me unless you want to speculate they're playing dirty games this week, the President cast his own vote in Florida, twenty first Detrick primary election by absentee ballot. They say melon vote, boas, absentee after changing as official residence from New York to Palm Beach and back in October, despite repeated claims that the mail in system is
yes, daily mail. It's because absentee bouts are different, but Trump told Hannity, melon ballot, balancing nabs, absentee balloting are different and up, and the latter is very secure. A lot of people use absentee, but that's when you go through a process you ask, for they send it to you it's very secure. There is nothing like going to the voter booth, but absently Good now in this photo, they have it says the president claimed bouts may only be sent out to blue rays of the country. You can see someone casting vote by putting it into a big metal ballot box that says twenty four hour: video surveillance, but that doesn't matter if some crazy person was trying to threaten the election, they dont need to go up and steal the box. They could just do something awful to the box and I'm not gonna wanna give any, but anybody any ideas, but they could easily casts doubt on the election by doing something to this box that could compromise the ballots inside of it. It's just one single opening, so yeah there
potential for fraud. Think about it with all of the polling stations or ballot boxes just placed in the grass at random places across this country as ok, not random, but at these municipal areas people could just tamper with them and then you're gonna see lawsuits endlessly and that's when it comes to the argument about delaying the election not trying to steal it but delay it so that Nancy Policy becomes. The president I bring you now to this. This tweet from Jennifer Jacobs, trumps as there is a mad theory that if there is no final election result by the end of the year, Pelosi would become President says he doesn't know if that's a theory or effect than Jacobs. Tweets Trump now seems to be suggesting the possibility that Democrats might deliberately avoid counting votes and having a clear winner of the presidential elections, so that Nancy Pelosi would become acting president now mind you
July Twentieth Blowsy did say that Donald Trump will be leaving the White House whether he knows it yet or not. Like I mentioned, perhaps just some strong, rhetoric, we're gonna win, he might not realize it, but he is out there or perhaps she's betting on the the fiasco of mail and voting in lawsuits and the delay to get her into the office. Let's entertain the possibility with a fact check from USA today and the reason I'm doing this because is trumps Trump says they want to steal the election while there's the obvious, more conspiratorial line of thinking that their rigging everything there they're they're doing something. Look out I'll. Tell you this. I think they're playing dirty games to what and I dont know what there is the over there, but to try and stuff bouts they're gonna find bouts they're gonna. U know hide republican ballots, looking to disqualify republican ballots Trump says
they only sunbelt blue areas. Those are the those are the overt right, the obvious ideas, the obvious theories, but what about policy becoming president? You, as it today wrote an August seventh fact checked president policy, No, how speaker wouldn't assume role amid election day. This fact check in my opinion, is wrong because it operates India's under the assumption that if the federal election is delayed, everything is delayed. But what would happen if the election happens? Pelosi wins, but the result of the presidential election are delayed. Then yes, stands to reason. Policy would become the president. Maybe that's the game. They say when President Donald Trump tweeted July Thirtieth about his qualms, with male in
voting and suggest that perhaps twenty twenty general election should be delayed, citing a need to properly securely and safely vote. There was a panic response under the constitution, president does not have the power to change and election date. That's congresses call, but if Congress did choose to push election day into twenty twenty and passed the constitutionally mandated inauguration day who would take office on January twentieth. President Pelosi quickly turned it on twitter and screenshots of those tweets were shared and other social media platforms in response to the widespread claim that Nancy Pelosi would the next in line to take office on January twentieth. If there had not yet been about. This is true. She would. However, they say quote if the President get reelected or vacate by inauguration day on January twentieth, the speaker of the house would serve as acting president. That means President Nancy Pelosi reads the tweet correct me. If I'm wrong, but
watching gets delayed? Doesn't the speaker of the House become it become interim president at the end of the income, its term, so Trump wants President Pelosi Ray another widely spread tweet, also shared by a screenshot on Facebook. Now, on the surface, you as it did, in fact, it is true. If truck the laid the entire election policy, would be out of office on the third and I believe every single member of the house would be out there be no house now. That would be devastating because Well, then, there's no house of representatives there would be some the centres, but they would be mostly democrats. They gonna, say the twentieth. Amendment to the constitution says the terms of the president and vice president and at noon January twentieth. If an election had not taken place by the date and successors has not have not been chosen, Trump and profound vice president Pence would be out of office behind the president in the in the
and of succession is the speaker, avows Nancy Pelosi. It makes sense to assume she'd then take the role of president, but that assumption ignores two important points. Policy is all up for reelection. Twenty twenty and the constitution puts an end date on the terms of members to say that the twentieth moment the two. Do. The moment says terms of senators and representatives and that new January? Third, if a federal elect, in word delayed, then no vote would take place to re, elect or remove Pelosi from office. She too would have to step down from her position. In that case, the president proton pouring the Senate next in line would assume office as President currently person is Senator Chuck Grassland Republican of Iowa, but there's more. If no federal election took place. Pelosi, wouldn't be the only member of Congress to leave office. There are thirty five senators up for reelection twenty two Republicans,
and if they were all remove without any successors, though one hundred members Senate would have just sixty five members with Democrats. In the majority, because all of that those senators could technically then choose a new Senate President Proton, poorer and thus the president, Republicans might be able to maintain their whole in the Senate. Thereafter, though, a congressional researchers service report, research, service report, continuity of government says it in the case of a Senate vacancy, depending on state Ah governors may make a temporary appointment until it until an election can be held. That means vacant. Seats formerly held by Democrats, could be filled by republicans, or vice versa. Depending on a government governors pick in the case of vacancies in house governors can issue the writ of election to fill those vacancies. According to the report, they go. Say the election is like is unlikely to be delayed, and thus their rating is false. Nancy Oh see will not be the president in this circumstance it would not matter if Donal
prompt, sends out law enforcement because they're just trying to delay the election only for the president. They want the congressional election to carry out like normal, so that Nancy Policy is re elected and then she is next in line to become the president, and let me just tell you the Democrats refuse to let go they refuse to lose after they ve lost. Hillary Clinton still won't shut up about it. And I'm going to show you something it's gonna make. You laugh check this out, Noah Rossman tweets. This is becoming unhealthy and in this image. We can see from C span. Damn democratic governors get it done. Progress in red and purple states
here we have governor Tony Avars, governor, Andy Bush, Bashir, Governor Wretched Gretchen, Whittemore, Governor TIM Waltz and then you have Stacy Abrams she's, not a governor. She lost, but she won't stop. She won't. Neither will Hillary Clinton these Democrats refuse to except that they lost so here's what happens next in Patterson New Jersey, where there were literal, cheating, ok, ok, there is accused cheating, because several people have been charged indicted on voter fraud, charges which I believe they're denying and they are innocent until proven guilty one in five votes were disqualified, and now a new election is being ordered in Iraq, smart by voter fraud charges, this is unacceptable. What happens there? Is you have this one district Patterson New Jersey, Sweet He's gonna happen. We have a presidential election with widespread mail in voting, what you see in Patterson,
you will see everywhere and then what they're gonna call arise. You do a new election and then at least temporarily Nancy Policy becomes president. It could happen. Marco Rubio set it there's not going to be an election night. Many people have said, there will not be election night. Why? Because of mail in votes, and then you're gonna see this Donald Trump on election night within person, voting love a strong lead, they'll argue well. Normally this means Trump should win, but Democrats are being encouraged to vote by male Eve. Though Fouch E himself said you can vote in person. So then they're gonna cut start. Finding new male imbalances. They trickle in Joe Biden will come closer and closer to winning Well then see contested elections, Donald Trump, it won't will file suit in many different areas, Joe Biden, will counter with lawsuits. The whole thing will be jammed up and then on January twice
If they ll say well, you know we can't do anything about it because of troms lawsuits. It's his fault. Nancy policy becomes president. How about that? Don't take my before it. According to ABC News on the fifteenth mail, in voting rules and forty six states may leave some bouts uncounted. U S p S warns if you'll love the pulse of service than heed their warning, the ballots will go on counted and there it is trouble, have no choice but to file a lawsuit against this because they're gonna discount his vote. If you thought the year, two thousand with Gourbi Bush was bad. Wait till you have mandatory you, Reversal mail in voting because of the likes of Film Murphy in New Jersey. I did not agree to this. I lit in New Jersey for fur for several years, and now they are forcing melon voting upon us and it's going to be a disaster. It absolutely is it. We ve already seen the evidence and they're telling
right now. Trump is suing New Jersey. Because of this I say the trunk campaign on too they found a lawsuit against New Jersey. After Governor Phil Murphy issued an executive order requiring every voter in the state to receive a male in pallet, in addition to being allowed to vote in person, if desired as a safety precautions during the krona virus pandemic. Oh, this is gonna, be spicy. So what what I'm gonna get a male in ballot. Even though I intend to vote in person and then what happens, duplicate votes, they're, gonna claim some people voted twice, it's going to be otter, Bedlam and they know it. They absolutely do
the AP story, a judge has ruled that a new election will be held in November for disputed Patterson City Council seat just weeks after the races apparent winner and a sitting councilman were charged with voter fraud with voter fraud. But what about the Democrats? Are they in and unified in their calls for melon melon belts? They're? Not- and this is what really interesting- we have the story from the Aid- that says on far from politico. It says the AP calls primary for Carolyn Maloney over challenger, so rash, Patel Suresh Patel is arguing that the vote was prolong. The results are preliminary and it's not fair, because bouts are being discounted. You know the Democrats? Our saying these challenges to the establishment Democrats are just fuelling and agreeing with Donald Trump rhetoric accusing mail in voting of being broken? That's the game. It you're you're, either with us or against us, the dams. Don't like the progressives either. So here comes
they say. The democratic primer results have been up in the air since June. Twenty third, the stores from August fifth, mind you. It took what, over a month to finally figure out who one and it was still preliminary- they say the API all the race for Maloney. After the City Board of elections, certify the results on Tuesday Patel said Wednesday. He would not concede. I'm thrilled the voters of New York's twelve have decided to return me to Congress for another term, with a decisive winning margin that clearly reflects the will of the voters. Maloney, who represents part of Manhattan, Queens and chairs the house oversight and reform. Can said after the Elections Board certified the results. A judge has ordered the board of elections to count more boats in the rice in response to a lawsuit brought by Patel, an attorney and professor and other candidates. Thousands of balance that will receive soon after the election worked counted because the? U S postal service, did
postmark them New York LAW says that mailed in boats are tabulated if their postmarked by election day, the judge rule that belts receiver than two days. The primary should be counted. The state plans to appeal that rolling talk about absolute chaos whose cheating here I don't know the challenger a saying these aren't postmarked, but they should be counted so very they very well. Meat may be bunk, I don't know they weren't postmarked, where they come from. I have no idea or their being discounted because the United States Postal Service, couldn't get the men on time and chose not the postmark them? Whose fault is that not the voter? But we know that's true. In defiance of that order, the Board of elections, has preliminarily certified our rights without a final vote. Tally. Let me repeat, we do not have a final vote, tally orphan
NL percentages. In my race Battelle set on Wednesday quote, my opponent has pressured me to concede maliciously and falsely conflicting, my fight to count every vote with Donald Trump baseless attempts to discredit vote by mail. This behaviour is beneath the dignity of a democratic chair of House oversight and is deeply concerning. The democratic process does not end when it becomes politically inconvenient, but how sad adding that the state has argued he would not have standing to continue the lawsuit. If he concedes I bring this up, for. One important reason for foremost, dude there's clearly problems with your election, so stop dragging Donald Trump and point out. The election is busted, but how about this Nancy policies? action. I mean she's in a d plus whatever district thirty something out of an idea. It's always gonna be policy.
However, what happens if Republicans file lawsuits challenging the certification? And she is not certified. She admitted that the Board of elections hasn't certify that she won and she does not then get reelected in time for her to become President interim president as it were, and then a false which are gradually and what would a grassy do. I have no idea, but if there is a jam up four tromp or for anybody that it stands to reason. It could affect the entirety every single race that set to happen in november- and you can thank the Democrats for this so right now we have the obvious politicking we have Joe Biden, excepting the nomination saying that you know Donald Trump cast a dark shadow. Then we have my pen saying Joe Biden the whole Dnc was nothing but darkness. Both sides claiming their right. Both sides claiming the chuck the each side is corrupt, but I leave you with one thing
Anthony found, she said we can vote in person shouldn't this whole debate be over with. Why are they trying to change the rules? At the eleventh hour? I have no choice but to agree with Donald Trump. I think at the very least there playing dirty games because they're trying to somehow JAM things up, steal the election, cheat the election or, at the very least, claim that Donald Trump victory is illegitimate. So what happens when all of us point to Anthony falchions say: okay, we agree with the guy you love so dear, but they don't listen. That's the name of the game. The belt way narrative the politicos there in the bag. For the Democrats, they are not going be pointing out what found she said why
because it discredits everything their claiming about covert and mail in voting, and so now there arguing they're doing the right thing, but they're just conspiracy, theorists and they're trying to generate the elections, for whatever reason I'll tell you what, after everything you ve seen, you tell me why they're doing it? If you don't think it's because they're trying to somehow play a dirty game to either steel or benefit themselves, then explain to me why they are defying doktor fetch you, I think it's because thirty games, but again you tell me, comment below. I leave their necks segments coming up at six. Yeah, I'm over at Youtube COM slashed him CAS news. Thanks, sprang up and I'll see you all. Next time last night was night. Eighty five of the ongoing riots in Portland and there's a new story by the local outlet that you what you all know, I love the one at all calls them protests where it said there were two protests. Last night one was confrontational and one was peaceful. Technically, that's true, but here,
I would actually played out the peaceful protest. To residential neighbourhood, screaming wake up mother ever wake up apparently had been. Arching through the residential neighborhoods all day and the count Rotational one was setting fires and attacking a nice facility and spray painting kill ice on these buildings. Acting secretary of the day just said, Portland is clearly still a city in crisis and it as I got. I gotta say you know it comes to a certain point where I don't know how many times I can just keep doing morning update on the ongoing riots, because it does feel Little played out here's the problem, though this is the battle. It's a battle of attrition Anti fund. The far left his black eyes matter, extremely are hoping that eventually they can normalize what they're doing de moralize local residents target belt businesses drive them all out and destroy the city. The moment
We start accepting this as normal is the moment they start winning and, unfortunately I feel I fear we are at that point. We actually have a very I'm sorry, I'm just eight its if it's actually kind of funny this post from down Mccarthy he's a local journalist, I believe, without K. Eighty you, this Portland Oregon and first he says we're back at the ice building in south portal. In this morning, three people were arrested during overnight demonstrations, the second straight day of protests here, dont know the feds have returned ice. I believe actually come up. I am not entirely sure, but he has this chart. He says there's a timeline of demonstrations that Portland police say have responded to in the left. In the month of August. There were three more arrests at the ice building and Self Portland overnight, which was declared unlawful assembly, this image, it made me laugh. Let me make it smaller, so you can see this is just for the month of
and for those that are just listening. It is a chart showing the first second third, the first of the nineteenth and all of the days that having declared riots and what have we can see what looks like bottles being thrown. I don't know this is tear gas fired there is being set. I dont know it Some of these are flash bangs, but it is quite quite funny there our several days of the month where I ve been no arrests, but only about five, and I just think its view hurry cute. I guess they ve actually put together this infographic. So much thanks pal is declared unlawful assembly at Portland ICE Building. Three arrested. I want to read this because I dont want to allow Anti fought to normalize what they're doing, but I've got some stats. Regular people do not like this. I mean the. Average voter doesn't like this Democrats, for some reason, are the outlier regular.
Most likely voters according to a call from Rasmussen say they want that they want the police to crack down on this and put in to it. They want to normalize this. They want us to forget about it, get bored with it so that they can keep doing it and keep getting away with We need to call this out every single time and say they must be arrested, but I must say to you a bit of data, thy love to site right now to the second on it yesterday meant in my main segment yesterday a call. To see it and Donald Trump has closed the gap with Joe Biden in fifteen battleground states bringing burdens laid down to only one per cent envy key states that he actually needs to win too in the presidency. Nobody cares of California or New York swing for Joe Biden. We get it, they will so the national poles are less relevant. This means Donald Trump, where the it is in range. I mean the margin of error. This pole is four percent. You may have heard me says
ready, but I gotta bring it up and count in the context of this unlawful assembly riots. If you will, because we also have this story, Democrats disagree but most likely you S. Voters favour crackdown on violent protest and protestors, wings, com, riders, but sure fine. I get if, as equitable violent protester shore, voters are ready for police to end the continued violence. As forty seven percent of on affiliated likely vote think police should crackdown on the protest, but forty seven percent. What is that does not mean the majority is in favour of these ongoing riots? I don't think so. I think the force of, and maybe a plurality but will come back to this. I wanna make sure I give you the the actual news uptake years from K. Eighty you they say three.
People are in custody this morning, following the second night of protest at the immigration and customs enforcement building itself? Portland, most of the group left the ice building at around two a m Friday. According to pour important police protesters once again set fires lit fireworks and through projectiles at federal officers and later at Portland officers, the gathering was being an unlawful assembly. However, police did not declare demonstrations a riot that they had the night before I don't. I don't know what the difference is that they're setting fires, they literally spray paint, kill ice, so Sure, whatever more arrests were made overnight Thursday, that on Wednesday night, they demonstrate The ice building on Wednesday night gained a reaction from acting Digest Secretary Chad, Wolf, who said last night in Portland a day. ES federal facility was attacked by violent criminals. Local police called a riot again and made arrests after eighty plus straightened out the violence Portland clearly remains a city in crisis,
on police say it was one of two mass gatherings overnight. Earlier in the night Thursday, a group of protesters gathered at Kenton Park and marched through North Portland. Briefly stopping at the port and Police Association police said the group of Martyrs return to the park and dispersed with no initial reports of violence. Yes, I believe that is absolutely on purpose they're going to residential neighborhoods. That's the point in this too, it from Kitty Shackelford, I'm not entirely sure who the says, but this was a tweet that was four thousand retreats Portland starting. Early in neighborhoods flying into fits of rage over white men in their porches and the? U S flag at your flag This is how it expands. They started going, the residential neighborhoods at night, now they're going into residential neighborhoods in the morning and, as I said, there go all is to normalize this, perhaps people will become too much. Eliza and they will leave. Maybe there will be a recoil in a backlash which raised
in people actually snapping back voting hard Republican or something but we have a story from K O Ion Oregon, Portland protests fanning out across the city now this from the other day, but there's an act to a mainstream new story pointing out they are coming to the neighborhoods, remember when everyone was saying back in June that anti folks planning on showing up in the suburbs and neighbourhoods, and then the mainstream media was like this is fake news designed to scare people and then they did and they still are and they are fanning out more remember when they said the protest in Portland are just in a twelve block. Radius around the corner and now they're fanning out across the city, and this that this website coin actually put together a map of all the places they started going to, and it's kind of is random. The actual. So this is actually is really fascinating. I think, maybe for the police, but that chart. I showed you from August. Actually she, I would like to make this bigger
actually shows. Maybe I can make a beggar all of riots throughout the past couple of months. So you can actually see that chart. I showed from August, where you have the riots it looks like July was substantially worse with the fires they were setting. So there you go with that Leslie. The story because the big issue to focus on is how it is going to affect the election, especially considering the targeting residential neighborhoods, Is it the right outside the ice facility on Southwest Macadam Wednesday, Wednesday night is just the latest in a series of clashes outside the city county federal facilities during the eighty three consecutive knights of protests important so again, this story is was from the twentieth, but it's about the nineteenth. This may twenty nine, the first night of the protests and the first declare right. Demonstrators targeted the Justice Centre, another downtown venues, including chase bank and pine or square mall. Over time they Hatfield Federal Court House was targeted, which
a heavy handed federal response, other frequent targets included the Portland Police Association, building the Penumbra Kelly Building and the PPP North precinct. Then, on Tuesday, the moat Noma county building on South EAST Hawthorne, which is as Chair Deborah Coffee, said, the place or people get married come to get there passports and come to celebrate their cultural traditions and whose vandalized and another riot according to Portland Police, there have been seventeen declared rights during these eighty three nights of protest. The ice facility is a federal detention facility. That is in a flash point. Over the past few years, the Occupy ice move and try to shut it down. Two years ago, during earlier Trump Administration efforts to crack down an immigration federal officers are back in the streets battling protesters, so there it is theirs confirmation the feds are
out. There are also reports of planned clashes at different parts of the city this weekend. Koin six will continue to follow this story. It's Friday, Friday, isn't. The worst of the weak Saturday is so, I think tomorrow is gonna, is gonna, be particularly bad, but how will this impasse The election and that's the big question I have. I want to make sure we stay on top of all of this- the riots and not allow these people get away with normalizing their psychotic behavior, but we are just coming off of the deal see all the stupid things they ve been doing. Let me just first point out that, mayor, lorry Lightfoot, as we talked about last night in the IRS podcast, is threatening to have protesters arrested You won't allow them near her house. In fact locals call it accorded the story from Chicago Wgn. They call it for lorry these democratic politicians, as as far as I can tell, are acting like despot,
Let's read the data, however Texas Insider citing rest Musin says when asked, which is closer to their unthinking. Fifty percent of Likely- U S voter, say that police should crack down on the violence and protests to bring them to an end. While thirty eight percent disagreed and say the protest should be allowed to continue until the protesters died to stop them. An eleven percent are undecided. Most also say the protest will be important to their vote in the upcoming elections. There's sharp partisan disagreement on the question, though, according to the new West recent reports, national telephone, an online surveys- and you know why because the last gets their news from the narrative, fake news machine and the right the coalition. Whatever you call it, you got liberals, you got moderates, you got conservatives trump supporters, you got liberals
four tromp user people more getting their news from across from various different sources and talking to each other. You know that the other day I did a segment on trumped buying the Washington Post full page take over. Let me go to wash it most. Websites has takes up the whole thing that people will go. The people go to Washington Post are actually seeking out news there, just going to the wash in opposing sang. Tell me to think the people are coming to Youtube and following other people on Twitter, our saying I want a mixed bag of opinion too, to better understand. As they say, the truth is usually closer to the middle. Thus, if you're on social media, exploring the news for yourself you're more likely to be getting the truth elites. In my opinion, I do think mainstream media has their moments and they have a tendency to be pretty good. I use them myself now. Texas insider is not news guard certified. I do Usinor news guard, but it's
their citing rest music. I think you should be fine, they say just thirty one percent of Democrats agreeing while forty seven percent of unaffected likely. U S, voters indicate they think police should track down on the protests. Fifty six percent of Democrat likely US voters, so the protest should be permitted to continue until protests protesters want to end them and seventy five percent of republican likeliest voters think the police should cry down the protest and protestors. So what I would say is I dont know actually show the data here
considering when you step out of partisanship, there is a majority who want the protests to end, and there is a large group. Double digits who are undecided stands to reason. The forty seven percent of honor filleted voters is the plurality meaning while not most people, it's very likely. There is a large portion of agenda on a related voters who are undecided meeting. It is not the majority of people who are independent or on on affiliated, who would like to see. These protests continues Bobby a large portion of undecided. Basically, I'm trying to get at their very very, very
good news for Donald Trump. He needs the middle. He needs the UN affiliated to support him. They say, while the violent protests in riot writers champion defending the police amusing, that money for social or community outreach programmes. Sixty six percent of Americans oppose defining the police in the community community where they live and sixty one percent believe violent crime is likely to go up in those communities that, due to fund the police, you may have seen the viral commercial from Kimberly Classic. If you haven't check it out, it is me, massive getting like a hundred and forty thousand re tweets in a day. She is a republican woman running in Baltimore and in her add she talks to several black people in Baltimore, asking them how they feel about Deef on the police and, of course, these testimonials. They say it's bad, that's what we ve seen from the appalling eighty, one percent of black Americans think the police are spending John
enough time or twenty percent of like American say they want more time spent in their neighborhoods than this. More police, but they certainly dont, want to defend them and get rid of so when you see people marching through neighbourhoods and there at important as their expanding. You're going to see a lot of people recoil and say no way in fact, black lives. Although it does have a lot of support, may be the catalyst for Donald Trump, massive victory. I'll tell you this unacceptable or for me the riots where a major turning point. I went out and bought guns because these people were we're not too far from where I live, and their smashing industry. Let me show you something: it is not a social justice protest. These are lies. Portland, vintage toy store owner, says, thieves, stole irreplaceable items and a sense of security. The melting security, camera footed shows what appears to be to people hauling off stacks of collectibles from Billy Galaxy.
Did you toy and collectibles dont come to me and tell me these people are fighting for justice when their looting, a vintage toys store a bit of his place. Its awesome, they got meant condition toys from way back when old, comics. The places great. You want to come to me and say that these people in Portland, who are protesting in March into the neighbours, are doing it for a good cause. I'm gonna call you a liar the people in Louisville Horse The down businesses are doing for money and their ideology is spreading, as has spread and dominated the Democratic Party. Absolutely the plurality of Democrats now adhere to a far left ideology and that's I'm I'm extrapolating a bit but gallop. There's a Gallup poll from twenty teen, which shows forty eight percent of the Democratic Party identify now as liberal and less as moderate or conservative there used to be conservative democrats. Now you just have this expanding fringe. Extremist ideology, and it's a mask. It's a shield for them to go around stealing valuables this guy films it
So why not when we say the violent rights should be shut down, we're not talking about some dude banging, as is who, by our job in the street, saying you know: peace among all peoples, we're talking about those who put on black masks, firebomb buildings, spray paint, kill ice and have been doing it for it. For now what eighty five nights in Portland and it's been sporadic throughout several different parts of country to the point where the disgusting and despotic mayor of of Chicago straight up says: I have a right to I am sure that my home is secure. The mayor of Chicago is defending, having police, barricade and and and defend. Her city block, but no one else a lot to defend themselves. Again. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking, but, as many republicans have started, sang Chicago is in play new York is implied. California is in play its, maybe not necessarily true,
they're saying is that these places have become so awful. They may actually start voting for Donald Trump, and I think the data here suggests likely one of the reasons why the democratic Party may be becoming further and further left is not. Because the ideology of spreading, but because regular liberals are walking way and I'm sure you ve seen it. Actually. I don't know if I have the mug here, there's a book given me by Jack Murphy at among IRA Podcast, I've been our default. Liberal left many individual most of my life, and now I'm saying I can only imagine it is substantially later in number I've. I I've been a default liberal left many individual most of my life and now I'm saying no way When people ask me how to identify- I don't say Democrat, I say independent so now, Democratic party loses another moderate, a member of the other party innocence to be fair,
I voted for. Amendment has made, I buy left a long time ago, not a big fan of the Democrats, but I certainly have never considered voting Republican until all of this. Going on when you start seeing regular people walk away from Democrats, it created skewed perspective. So look at this way. Let's say you ve got moderates and far left and they say: oh it's fifty fifty, then the moderates all leave the same amount of progressive than democratic party, now make up a majority or a plurality. They art, thou art, necessarily taking over so much as well that that they are taking over but they're, not building their ranks the most part they are building their ranks. What I mean is the take over them accredit parties more to do with disaffected liberals being sick and tired of this, and leaving now consider this. If I was pulled- and they said what do you think about
riots, I would say, shot him down. Then they would ask me what do how'd you identify in terms of party I'd, say on affiliated and then they would add me too, the unofficial ranks not the Democrat ranks, even though, if it was, you know, ten years ago, I probably would have said, as you know, democratic. You know such slightly us cause of so many people who have walked away, and so many new voters who have joined Donald Trump, they say when it comes to the violent anti police protests. Most voters agree that Trump sides- the police, coming election because of so many people who have walked away and so a new voters who have joined our trump, they say when it comes to the violent anti police protests. Most voters agree that trumped sides the police, while democratic leaders side with the protesters, seventy two points and of all likely you as voters say they are concerned,
but the growing level of violent protests nationwide. Forty three are very concerned. Sixty two percent to the growing level of violent protest is important to their vote to the next election. Listen to this most voters agree that Trump sides the place. It was really strange in this pole. Like ten percent said tromp sides with the protesters, and somebody mentioned about ten percent of people, well just randomly give answers, and just they don't care something like that. I certainly don't think any sane rational person think trumps that thinks that Trump identifies within he fought or black lives matter, but that they certainly answered that way. But yours, it's interesting. If fifty per cent of people say that the police should crackdown, and most people think that the Democrats side with the protesters in a very large portion of people who believe the Democrats are siding with a group of people We need to be cracked down upon by the police, get it. I can't imagine those who are saying shut down. The riots are
also are somehow agreeing with the Democrats in supporting them. Now. That's that's absolutely not the case. Unfortunately, it seems like Portland is just going to beg. Portland police chief pleads for an end to the endless destruction as two hundred better start fires in the street and attempt to stop. Arm ice building, while sprang graffiti and shining lasers at cops on eighty fourth night. This is just the previous night of writing is at all. They can do all they can do. Is bag. Ok, then unconvinced debates in the polls trumps, gonna win. I am, and you can faint Portland Fort because they are giving all of the footage trunk could ever ask or for his campaign, and he slept and binds pictures all love it. You know why, because people think the Democrats support this, why they do what they literally do. They shield them the lie about them and maybe they're gonna come around their starting to come around but too little too late. Sorry, we're gonna see more rights to night. I believe Saturn
It will be a flare up again because the DE important won't stop this, and I can only Imagine there all secretly trying to get Trump elected, because all of this helps him I'll leave their next augments coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang it out, and I will see you all them I think there's no other way to describe build the blog other than corrupt. As he's frightening- to lay off twenty two thousand people, while his wife as a two million dollars a year staff right now, restaurant the New York City are threatening to sue to restore indoor dining because they are being crushed under the boot of insane. Policy were think similar things in many of these cities, where they allow the rise to continue and where they lock these businesses down. We're now hearing that e M tease are worried, he's gonna be laying off emergency medical personnel? Meanwhile, his at two million bucks for his wife you ve seen more than enough, in my opinion, to say that Bill Bosnia is corrupted he's doing some.
Purple he's strangling New York City. I set it fifty billion times by now and Are we just have another story? Wench launched this. He just has pathetic excuses, sorts. What's read this and on a walk, you, There is in the lead up dates, but ultimately, the gist of this segment has more to do with his tweet from Ben Shapiro. He says some covered stats, New York deaths reported yesterday, seven zero in New York City, New Jersey was eight deaths are dropping precipitously in Florida, Georgia Aisy the Ok, with six ITALY with six, Spain was sixteen swallows one covered passes through an that's. What crushes the curve shield the vulnerable and the lockdown and I think bench appears in autumn sent correct. Why is it that in New York City reports of no deaths, yet. The blog will still threaten to to terminate all of these jobs, remove empties and New York City restaurant. To sue him. Of course, I think this man
in story here proves it is nothing about covered. It is about power, and that's why he's gonna keep the money for himself He's already illegally use taxpayer dollars by painting black lives matter and having twenty seven cops, defend it and that's what you get in these cities. It's not just New York City, because a recurring theme the past couple of weeks. As most of you know, by now it's democrat run cities. Here's a story from your post, build a blog Yos, pathetic excuses, for his wife's two million dollar a year staff. They say nearly a third of new Yorkers may be out of work thanks thanks to the pandemic and lock answer, but first lady sure Lane Mccrae staff is thriving and mayor. Build obliges, excuse, What is beyond laughable fourteen city workers, assisting Mcbride com? taxpayers two million dollars a year, most of it back reading the perils of various city agencies until former pose reporter your golden pulled together. The details for online paper. The city
Oh and her staff is twice the size. It wasn't. Twenty eighteen further evidence that a is using city resources to set his wife up to win next year's race for Brooklyn borough. President. This work is about the needs of the people, of the city, especially in this crisis, to bless. Yo said this week, pointing to her running of his racial equity taskforce as well. He so shy aimlessly the universal criticise, the universe it criticised thrive on Y, see mental health debacle. Yet many staffers. Plainly aren't doing crisis work. Why is a seventy thousand dollar a year, videographer paid via the health department, who is recorded. Hoo hoo recorded the First Lady Bay in cookies, during the pandemic on other as a hundred four three thousand dollars year. Pr director, whose job by definition is to boost her image not to serve the public so for the sixty five thousand dollar associate director of advance? Tell me this as the EU, M tease are about to lose their jobs where
the left calling for for the defence of livable wages wise build a blog you siphoning taxpayer dollars to support his wife and his personal image. Why is it that in Portland the d I won't prosecuting local businesses being shuddered and moved. Why is it that in Chicago mayor, lorry Lightfoot is using the police as her personal security too? To keep protests offer street in defiance of the constitution now come on? Of course, I've been critical of the protesters showing up to people's homes and targeting people at their homes. But that doesn't give the politicians the right to only secure their residences and tell everyone else. Well too bad. It doesn't give build applause. You, the right to safe we're gonna, have to lay off E M tease, but my wife get a six figure. Videographer are you know, I'm going tired of saying in a really does feel redundant. So I apologize. I really do you know
but to make sure that I'm talking about things that are the most important relevant to us as a society that can have a big impact and how we succeed and whether or not we can and every day over the past several weeks it's been kind of the same Laurie Anti for riots same thing coming into neighborhoods, a corrupt, democratic politicians the same people who would argue that Trump is a fascist. They themselves are siphoning away taxpayer dollars for personal benefit, their refusing Behold, criminals accountable because it is personal benefit and the blog you himself rejects blue lives matter from painting. This is beyond fascistic. Ok, you call it whatever you want is for as on these people are desperate source, stealing our resources, stealing our money for personal benefit the process taxpayers, may get some value from others on her staff, like the special assistance from the mayor's office, who makes a hundred fifteen thousand dollars and the one hundred
thirty thousand dollar executive programme specialist from the Department of Social services. After all, someone has to actually supervise the programmes that Mccrae is nominally in charge of another sign of corruption. The mayor impose a hiring freeze earlier this year, but Mccrae still got to, bring on a new one hundred and four three thousand dollars a year senior adviser in April, who somehow got class, as an essential worker. Bravo DE blog, you know, I guess I'm just impress this point. I impressed on think about how brazen this corruption is is stealing tax payer dollars for personal benefit and the police they actually they defend his little art projects. Are I'm impressed to convince these cops, who swore an oath to the people I'm assuming they did, and the constitution to just give keep getting away with us? You may remember lorry like what's a lady wooden got a haircut during covered locked out again. Well, I gotta go on tv. Apparently I think those gretchen what
countries that someone so dirty and corrupt and- and- and this includes lorry lightfoot- could just keep getting away with us. You may remember lorry life. What's a lady wooden got a haircut during covered locked out again? Well, I gotta go on tv. Apparently I think it was Gretchen. Whittemore did the same thing: They say essential to the first families. Hopes of continued taxpayer support after term limits, for so the mayor out of office, maybe this naked abuse of his public trust, puts the lie to all the blog posts. Endless put the lie to all deplores Yos endless moral sanctimonious he doesn't have he doesn't care. This is it he said, way out. He's gonna steal as much as possible before he leaves how about you get a grand. There are two other onion dyke, the guy or, what's that we get Steve Ban and on a boat and some dude who told
people that he was not getting a salary and he's the one getting charged. Fine. I don't care about the we build the wall. People have been won. The funnel money to some guy by all means charge him, but what about do blogs you? What about his violation of of of tat of his up? His of office. What about the money he is stealing now is threatening to lay off twenty. Two thousand people saying it's painfully real: are you kidding me man? New York is just being crushed by these people. I wonder what will happen so. I've seen some of these lefties post New York, only dead to the rich people who can't France about having low wage servants. You know tend to their whims of the building blocks she was gonna- laugh twenty thousand government workers and he's given his wife or two million dollars. That's what you're talking about? Ok, wait! Actually, you know maybe there's point there somewhere yet, but it's the Inverse New York isn't dead for the rich people they can doing whatever
they want buildup, lousy, always is basically stealing from people and threatening to fire everybody. You can do it every once. No, it's dead for the poor people in category three. France, anymore, who lost their jobs nearly a third of new Yorkers who can't work these leftists, our supporting the dude because he says what they what they want to hear racial equity programmes. That's what we're paying for political report can the twelfth build applause. Yo said the city is moving forward painfully real plans to laugh twenty thousand public workers on October. First us another source of cash comes through our know: how about you can get rid of that two million dollar your staff and fund some of these jobs. The plaza confirmed the laugh plans are progressing for political first reported Tuesday. That agencies have been ordered to come up with a list of employees being considered for job cuts by the end of the week. The overwhelming COS
of local government is person as personnel where we put our money into the people who provide services to New Yorkers, whether their first responders healthcare workers, sanitation workers, educators, you name it. The plaza told reporters on Wednesday is going to keep cutting and keep cutting. It has two at some point: reach personnel, it just pure logic of budgets, and it's very sad logic. I don't like it one bit and I want to avert this at all costs so that twenty two thousand number is painfully here comes here is the cherry? On top, the plaza has also has been hoping for a multi billion dollar federal aid package to bail out the city after the Krona virus pandemic, decimated its bottom line, but he acknowledged Wednesday that appears to be dead now good for Donald Trump Donald Trump should not, or whoever is in arduous Uno tromp, as is the president, but I'm sure, there's other federal officers, or you know, agency personnel who are in
often whether or not he gets money but I'll tell you this. He should not get a dying until the first people caught are his family's personal staff. The captain should go down with the ship, the people in charge should the leaders should take the brunt to protect the people. This is the opposite of. This is what you get when you will like these people. They are not putting their knock on the line to help the people there, putting the people on the line to protect themselves and that's what were left with were left with E M S. Workers bracing for lay offs as city group, those with budget crisis, the head of New York City, emergency medical services, unions had Wednesday, the city planning to lay off hundreds of first responders as mayor build a blog. Your attempts to deal with these growing budget crisis and with the krona virus pandemic to be fair while two million dollars is a lot to an individual. It's not going to fond. Many of these jobs are set to be lost, but at the very least, if you have to cut jobs shouldn't the first jobs cannot be know. Your wife's videographer
Forbes, says all run bars alight, president of EFTA, and why EMS local? Twenty five o seven told in your post that around ten percent of the city's empties, three thousand seven hundred could lose their jobs as part of the blog Yos Plan D laughed when two thousand public workers, the response times will go through the roof that would put people at risk. People will die. The city's empties and paramedics responded to a record number of calls at the height of the pandemic in late March and early April, around sixty five hundred a day, two bloggers executive budget which which took effect on July first, including what one billion dollar in cuts from labour unions. If the union's can't find a way to come up with a savings, he will be forced to move ahead with lay offs. The plaza was hope a federal bail out or loan from the state could help on the city government
which has lost around nine billion dollars in tax revenue since the pandemic begin, but he admitted last week that neither was likely I'm in a throwback to to Ben Shapiro, and that's the big point if Ben Shapiro, if this data is correct and you really had zero deaths in New York City. Then it's about time we and the lockdown and revitalize the tax base and tax revenue instead somehow and Ben Shapiro- he made this point somehow the fifty days to slow the spread turned into lock. Ever what did everything down to that? No one dies from covert ever again, which is impossible and because of this we are now seeing a collapse of our major, some people in New York are fighting back New York City, restaurants, starved by pandemic threat started. Endemic, threaten lawsuit, to bring back indoor dying. Restaurants struggled five on revenue from outdoor dining as cooler temperatures loom. They say as autumn quickly approaches
election of New York City? Restaurants is calling on state and local officials to devise a plan to rid for the return of indoor dining during the covered nineteen endemic, how are we still in a pandemic? The curve is so flat. It could not be flatter, we ve gone through it. We did what we set up do. How are we still at this point? There is no excuse for what these democratic cities and states are doing their doing it. My opinion to cheat and election. I'm sorry, I'm going to say it. They ve got a cry. Son there They ve got everyone panicked and they're sitting back laughing about it, because I just want to mess everything up. Ok, maybe there's a little too much. I can't tell you either doing it, but I tell you this: whatever it is their doing. There are the worst people: ever to sit in those offices, so please vote them out as aid
original news comments on Wednesday, the New York City Hospitality Alliance, which represents thousands of restaurants, bars and club, spoke out, demanding action from democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo and end the blows. Yeah yeah right they're, both corrupt Cuomo, put sick people in nursing homes. The plaza is siphoning public tax dollars into his own pockets, and I mean it. I do in my opinion, when he painted black lives there without approval. It was for his personal guy, he's the one is Rachel Equity programmes when you put the police on it, a taxpayer expense for his personal gain and when using taxpayers money for his wife, it's him family is putting the money in his pocket he's corrupt as they come you're carrying a? Why you can't run again, he knows he's on his way out, so he is leaching as much as possible, like he's. Gonna do anything for the people who are suffering. This guy is truly despicable. According to a Wednesday report in Gotham, IST Indoor, dining at fifty percent capacity has been allowed elsewhere in New York state since June, but not in an y see,
the last part of New York to reopen on Tuesday applause. You re asserted that the most important thing is to get to the point where we have a vaccine, and then we can really come back. When was that ever the point of the lockdown? Are you nuts, but when it? What exactly Crowboroughs vaccine could be made available? If at all is unclear? While some say the likelihood is winter others predicted won't happen before twenty twenty one, and there have been some of saying we might need multiple vaccines because of mutation, in which case there's no solution, and they know it spokesperson for the mayor later clarified that have action is not a definitive requirement, for indoor dining. Meanwhile, one third of the city, small businesses have already closed, including many of its twenty seven thousand restaurants, and they won't come back. Some of them will most of them, probably won't. They have been strangled out for too long. They say. In addition, the city just reported the lowest infection rates as the pandemic started in March on Wednesday, Como told reporters during
his own news conference that the decision is ultimately up to him. New York city doesn't decide when the New York when New York City restaurant opens he said NASA. But when the NASA restaurants open the worst It can do now is cause confusion for people with different politician, saying different things. Well, then, why is it that New York City, is not open, but other parts of the state they are allowed to have fifty percent capacity for indoor dining. Cuomo also highlighted the difference between the city's demographics and population, adding that there is a much bigger problem in York City today than any of the surrounding suburbs, with a lack of compliance according to an analysis by governments, more than one hundred New York City establishments have had their liquor licences suspended over the past month for violating the states covered nineteen guidelines with almost half of them getting suspensions because of indoor dining. This is authoritarianism. You can't keep beating people down. Eventually they are going to snap New York City
become a pressure cooker. People are trapped in cubicle, typical apartments, they're taking booze away from people. It's like their experimenting on them to see how much they can take before they. Finally explode We already saw mass riding in New York City. Are they trying to get more to happen on or no man, but we're seeing it with landlords, and this is where things are to break down Manhattan landlords plead with employers to bring office workers back and save businesses depend on. Traffic? As movers say they are so busy packing residents out of the city that they are turning customers away? It's getting the point. We can't even leave the city when all the movers are booked up and you're being turned away. What do you do? I don't know, that's why I hope most of you got out of the city. While you still could because listen build a blog, you is draining cash from the city while complaining that they dont have he is siphoning it away for himself. Can you really blame? I mean look. Humans can be selfish, though
applause, Yos watching the ship burned down and he goes on. Take offer myself known reality. You can blame him, he's the one doing it. They could end the restrictions right now right now fifteen days too slow. This broad, what do we have two hundred and fifty five or something? Yet they still insist. We will not open up for what many people have already argued, we ve reached heard immunity. What what the death rate is weighed down hospitalizations way down now, who cases while they had a little bit of a second bump, are going back down again. Ok, maybe by by the time you walked, is very oh or another site comes out. We see another major spike autonomy, but we're seeing mostly asymptomatic cases, Those are no longer being overwhelmed, particularly in New York City. Many places warrant in the first place and I think we did what we needed to do now. The data suggests we should start reopening back up if Anthony found himself. Hey. I take my word for it. He said with a proper social distancing. We can all go vote in person,
see why not? Well there you go. Why are we still locking everything down when I was in California several months ago? They started reopening some businesses. I don't know they're doing other by locking everything down again, but they do Where did systems where you walk in one door and on the other for many businesses? So ever one, you know, moves in your less likely to be interaction with other people and bouncing around in touching others. Why can't they all just do this? Why can't I just come up with a plan and outside of the plan. I think maybe it's time to end the lockdown period shield, the vulnerable, like Ben Shapiro, said open back up. Why are we just sitting back and allowing the blog you to do, I'm make a point I made last night, but I want to say here in reference to all of us. I think the problem may be that people like me leave the people in New York there leaving and that means are not to be to vote so delors. Yo puts everybody in a pressure cooker and all of the people who would likely vote against I'm fleet and those who don't know org
Herr stay and keep voting for him is that the plan only or sycophants will remain. Maybe not tell you what it happened of UK can happen here in the UK. Just about you know, last December it was a crushing defeat for the left, the conservative party crushed blue areas that they had not seen a nearly a hundred years. Most of you probably heard me say before found my content maybe that'll happen. Maybe tromp is right about winning New York, because when you get stories like this, when you're governor and you and your mayor are in your face, corrupt stealing money from your pocket for themselves and their family, maybe people will find
They wake up and start voting. These people out, Portland is in dire straits. Portland companies from downtown are fleeing, and, as already mentioned, lorry Lightfoot of Chicago is using. The police are personal security to guard her street and banning protests in violation of the first amendment. People are calling it for lorry because she locked down this block. For other reasons, she she's just another despot she's as well. People are threatening me yet will people threatened me to do? I get to have special privileged access from the police sometimes will put a patrol car fronts in front of someone's house if as a real threat for them, but blocking off the street and banning protest, it's gone too far. It went too far a long time ago, and I can't tell you what can happen, but I do think this all plays into the idea that Donald Trump is going to crush this election and when, in a way we ve never expect we ve never seen in a long time. In the reason, for it is the pressure cooker has people inside and they are angry and lived, and they don't know what to do.
But there is one thing they can do. They can vote may be many. These people- just don't see it, maybe the fake news works, but aren't all of these stories on not for you to understand just how rocket these people are. I mean build a blog. You may be the most crooked politician we have in this country. Right now. Look I know Garcia, allays, is violating human rights. Lawyer Lightfoot is violating constitutional rights and she's a bit despotic, but the blossoms, quite literally, threatening lay off E M, tease DNS workers, while these fondling money to his wife and two and to paint for paintings in districts he hates trump. Now, that's it takes the corrupt cake baby, so well people wake up. I certainly hope so, and I hope many of you are watching this will share this and let people know, what I said earlier on. It does get hard because every day, it's just another story that is worse. The rioters are going to people's homes,
I can locals, though the politicians are our brazenly siphoning money and and violating human rights and constitutional rights and civil rights, and I think it's gonna keep happening until we fall really stand up and say I met as hell and I'm not gonna. Take it anymore and that's gonna come on November, but now we got a problem with male in voting and it's it's gettin spicy Patterson, New Jersey, they're, saying do over the whole thing. I I'm not kidding the whole elections being nullified. What if they pull some shenanigans? It's gonna get, it's gonna get dark man. I hope you guys are. I want you to be optimistic because, like let look, I can talk about all the spats up. Let me just say this may be the pressure needed for people to wake up and vote and you know, Donald Trump Adsum Republicans who are going to do something got the corruption and the riots, and it didn't need to be this way we were. We were living so comfortably early for this year that I had the luxury,
sang whatever Donald Trump, now we don't now we have these crooked politicians and we need someone to come in and and look propane perfect, I would on under normal circumstances. I probably wouldn't vote form, but I'll tell you what that is: a new, not a fallacy, it in a sense that, because of thing was so good because of trumps economy. I didn't care now things are getting really really bad because of the of covert and because of Democrats. I do care and now look who on saying I'm gonna vote for. Isn't it isn't it? You know stupid saw Ali eat that one all, except it will see how things play out. Next segments coming up at four p m over at Youtube: dot com slashed him cast. It is a different channel check it out, and I will see you all their they I got em the cry. Baby. Andy Foger, they got him. Ah, yes, keys love the men who punted dude in the face. Was seen unsnapped Chad say in all man, I'm gonna go to prison for murder of some like that, while you're lucky, the dew didn't die,
this guy Adam Hanner, the victim raised a bunch of money good for him. He was trying to protect the Trans woman and his girlfriend from a violent mob, and you kicked him in the face. While now they got you suspect, in port, In downtown Portland beating turns himself in police, say I'm glad you did the right thing. Maybe this should be a wake up call to all these lunatics. You know for what they're about what they're doing and why they need to stop. However, many people are saying: there's gonna, let him go and that's a scary possibility I think this crime is too much look when they go around wearing all blackened and they struggled to identify them and they claim the police. You know, don't really have the evidence they need they. Let him go this guy. You can see his face on camera. There's footage of in this video footage of undue bring it, and this is a very serious physical crime. I doubt they can get this guy off. This guy's gonna plead guilty right away through the new
but I do have another major uptake: all federal buildings, clothes in Portland. Amid threat, yes, apparently this wasn't enough to let people know to stop. Things are still escalating, but we have some other good news as well. Mount Rushmore protest leader is facing felony charges. The charges may be trumped up. You know it to be made from being fair about this, but more of these people, who are our engaging in this light, it is violence, are getting charged. Here's the first story from organ live a man suspected in downtown beating that left to a man, bloody and unconscious in the street after he crashed a truck during a confrontation that unfolded near a downtown. Portland demonstration is now in custody, our case, love twenty five turned himself in and was booked into the autonomic county detention Centre on Friday morning, according to Portland, police is accused of felony, assault, coercion and writing and is being held on two hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Bail. Please do not let this guy go come on up
the people you're gonna release. This is the guy you dont, ok, love is suspected in a Sunday incident where several people kicked, kicked punched and pushed him an atom Haider to the ground. There is White Ford slant into a light, Paul near Southwest Broadway and tell her and tell her street yeah there's video of him doing it. The incident happened just blocks Haven't watch him a rally outside the autonomic county justice under with a rally they're trying to burn the place down. Police later identified, love as a suspect, I suspect and said they had probable calls to arrest him. The attack against Tainer has since generated international headlines and prompted condemnation from Portland elected leaders, including Mayor TED, Wheeler City, commissioner, Joe and harvesting, and well known, county district attorney,
I'd Schmidt. Thank you. Might she met your condemning the Skype good long time? Activists in protest organised in the city have also decried the violent episode and said the assailants threatened the message behind black lives matter. Finally, thank you know. You know what straight up credit where credit is due, call it out to the black lives matter activists I say thank you and respect for slamming the sky. He has no place more community peaceful protest, not tell you what the bigger the big issue I have with blacklist better right now. Is there reticence the refusal to outright condemn all of the riots and in fact they supply It's all tell you that's the only reason I think they're condemning this now is because this attack was so egregious across that line, and now we know you see that wouldn't condemn all the other violence. They won't take responsibility for thirty, three thirty people who have died so far in their rights.
But this on video, like the Andy, no incident, has forced a reckoning. Maybe this is gonna pushed up push them on the defensive. I certainly hope so. Portland police chief chocolate on Friday thanked people who provided information and In the case we will. That was fortune. So, if you're, if look listen, I got I got. Tell you fortune track this guy down. It's a collective rights, not just one one person, and now you ve got all these people denouncing it. Dare I say fortune did good. Right brought about a justice. Even the d, even black lives matter condemning this guy. He up. So if you wanna thank anyway, you can thank them for tracking down the sky and actually getting justice, and a lot of people need to realise this to a lot of the. The operations that have taken place on Fourchan have really tracked down some awful people, a great some of its been fun. You know like they tracked down the though we know he will not divide us flag window whenever, but they ve also tracked down. People have abused animals, and now because
fourchan. They ve caught this guy yeah credit where credit is due on one our hearing that the federal buildings are being closed because someone threaten to drive a van full of explosives. They say source with knowledge of a situation said, federal authorities received a threat that a vehicle filled with explosives would hit a federal building its not clear if a specific building was named, the source also said the downtown standard insurance, Instanter Plaza buildings were being evacuated. Friday morning, the F B, I said it was investigating the credibility of the threat, the agencies that it would notify the public of investigators developed information indicating a credible threat, the FBI's asking for tips. If anyone knows what's going on the bankruptcy court set, its lobby was inexorable Friday, but all its services would continue to operate remotely hearings, the Hatfield how's that were set for Friday will be rescheduled. Yes, while all of this insanity and riding has been going on, apparently the buildings are still being used. How insane is all of this
now already were seeing far. Leftist argue that this is a false flag attack by the right. Now, I'm sorry, I don't play these games you. Got feds inside I'll. Tell you. What I think is most likely far leftists are knots have been inciting. Violence have been physically attacking people for eighty four I've knights and one of them said I know how to shouted down I'll? Do you know what we're all they decided to call an affront that way: I'm not gonna, I'm not going to get that when poetic context. So now I don't do this grand conspiracy. I think the far left has gone insane. The Democrats have embraced it an you reap what you saw. Oh no, now you're
a worried, because the extremists that you ve entertained art or are being emboldened by your activities in the ground. Yet will this one's on unit anybody else now, over at Mount, Rushmore were hearing the rapid city, the leader of the July third protest before President trumps visit run. Not Rushmore is facing added charges that being is but bring as potential prison sentence to seventeen years. Like I said before, man, the hammer is being dropped, Ok, that that the the cops ideas and many of these places not Portland they're, not messing around gotTa Virginia State Centre, a Democrat charges to felonies that the federal government has certainly as our going after people too, but you get up. Pennington county prosecutors have added a felony, an misdemeanor charge to their case against Nick Tellson, who helped led a demonstration that block the road leading to Mount Rushmore there.
What city journal reported he had already been charged with two felonies and three misdemeanours: law enforcement officers, including the South Dakota National Guard. Confronted the protesters after they used vans to form a blockade to call for the black hills to be returned to Lakota people as law enforcement officers advance on the blockade protesters scuffled with the officers and took one of their shields. Tellson is charged with assault and robbery for allegedly attacking a lawn force, an officer and stealing the shield. The new charges stem from his alleged assault, other Pennington County Sheriff of Sheriff's office. Detective Tellson is president of a local organisation called envy and collective that is petitioning for prosecutors to drop the charges. Nineteen other people have been charged with misdemeanours for their roles in the protest. Our preliminary hearing until
This case is scheduled for Friday. The hammer needs to drop on these people because they keep escalating there there their tactics their targeting innocent people, their beating innocent people. Now what I heard about this this may be trumped up charges, and this could be bad in the long run for the efforts of law of justice. What I heard is that there's a video where this dude is pushed by a cop and he grabs the shield as he's being pushed and then pulled it out of the copse hands, and that was bet, if that's the case, and they get silly to try and tack on a felony and misdemeanor charge for robbery like robbery, ok, assault in an officer, maybe if their refusing to disperse the cop shoves Amity grabs the cop you're gonna be in trouble, but ultimately don't think you know. I would never let these people go at the do and in Portland, but I think we got out. We got to make sure that we are where charging people appropriately penalty. What can happen now, this South Dakota mind you. They might just lock up a throw away the key because their republican, their pro trump. But
you want to make sure the charges are appropriate. This guy is is protesting. It's a little physical. I'm not sure seventeen years in prison based on what they're saying makes them more sense. But I got I gotta admit I dont know the full details I will say innocent until proven guilty, but we need to make sure people who engage in violence are held accountable. I'm not gonna, throw it to this story here: students for Trump tweeted outside the Dnc convention tonight, radical leftist attacked a seven year old boy. Why? Because you were simply showing his support for President Donald Trump truly shameful in this, which now has nearly two million views. There was a little boy and the
two women, snatches Muggah hat and storm off- and it's just basically then stealing stuff attacking this crowd. This group of people who were, I guess there eating you, know eating a patio and then they throw that over a fence these people are in and because they keep getting away with it. We can't stand for this. Ok, they need to be charged, you can't just go around attacking people and stealing from them, whether it's a little kid or otherwise. But this shows you if they are not above attacking and stealing from children, not in the video. The mom tells her little hearse hurt you no seven year old Son go get your hat back and that's maybe a little bit of the top. Ultimately, a dude stepson says Gimme the stuff back and they throw it over a fence. These people are on video and they need to be charged as well from the smallest crimes to the veto. The most extreme like this guy, you know in in
Poland taken it in the face. You cannot just rob people, you can steal from them and do this and so long as cops aren't going to arrest them these people well keep doing it. I want to see a perk walk. I wanna see this person broadening charged. I don't I see them go to prison for a long time, but just get charged. They get a slap on the rest. They get their com it is service or whatever, and they don't do it again, but we cannot entertain this lawlessness I'll leave it there will see out, plays out the federal court house. Considering this, probably gonna be more rights to night, but I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see while shortly are big tech companies contributing to Democrats by banning their political opponents. In my opinion, the answer is yes, but this question being asked by a group pertaining to lower aluminum
see Twitter recently announced they will maintain the ban on Laura, loom or even though she is now the republican nominee to Floris twenty first district and, in my opinion I believe she has a good chance of winning if they maintain the span. The argument goes that they are providing a telecom service that can reach a wide audience only to help her her her opponent in Congress, in which case ass kind of like an unkind contribution, now interesting accord. Interesting way. According to the story from media, I Democrats have actually try to get efficacy. Regulations applied to social media about Republicans are the ones who How is this, if that's the case or the Republicans or making a big mistake, but let's just read the story and actually have the letter that that was written by the american principles project that lays out there can lays out their case and ask several questions. Media I'd say
A Washington DC nonprofit group asked the Federal Election Commission missing a word on Thursday determine whether twitter and other tech companies are making a contribution to political candidates when they allow them to use their services while banning their political opponents. In a letter addressed to the commission, the american principles Project Government Affairs Directorate John Schweppes asked the commission to issue a ruling with respect to Laura Bloomer who, on Tuesday, one a primary election to become their publicans Republican Party House candidate in full S. Twenty first congressional district looming has been banned from a series of platforms over anti muslim comments and other various offences. Numerous called herself a proud Islamophobia and she's called muslim savages and pushed the conspiracy theory. The LAS Vegas shooting was tied, ISIS she was banned from over after she complained about her inability to find a non muslim driver. Due to past controversial comments he has made looming.
Has been banned from using the services of a number of tech companies and platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goober, lift pay PAL Van MO and Medium among others, under normal circumstances. It would arguably be arguably be well within the company's rights. Take this action he added, but given that Lou, There is now a major party nominee for: U S, Congress, a reassessment may be warranted. Schwab asked democratic. You see, commissioner, Stephen Walter and Alan Weintraub and Republican Commissioner James trainer to say whether Any of those companies had been listed. Undemocratic incumbent, RAP, Lois Franco's campaign filings as having provided an in kind contribution related to those services they provide. Facebook, twitter and Instagram would appear to pay all costs associate with hosting and distribution on their platforms of election related materials provided to Frankel Shrub argued. Does this practice?
violate campaign finance law. This is an absolutely amazing argument. Think about it. If you want to reach, potentially three hundred million people. How would you do that on tv? The ad? By Would in saying absolutely insane. I mean you can buy a local market, but let's say you want national courts for rich? You want to make sure that your measures can be received across the country. You're gonna need to do a network admin. Maybe you can try. Cnn are Fox who who do reach a national audience, or you can go to one of these affiliates
you're out of your CBS or one of these big companies and have that add, appear on all his other affiliate channels, and that can be remarkably expensive unless you know not substantially more expensive than normal, but still remarkably expensive twitter grant you that access facebook does as well. If they are going to say that all that we can ban certain individuals from receiving this in kind contribution as its being argued, then that's it that's a ton, ammonia that could be millions of dollars, in which case the best thing they could do is make sure Laura, Loom or has equal access democrats The commission have voted unsuccessful in the past to apply Effie rules to Kennedy. Social media accounts, including twitter. Those votes failed with Republicans voting against taking such action.
It may take some time before the commission responds latest inquiry. The commission requires four votes to issue an advisory opinion, but three of its six seats are presently vacant. The president must appoint and the Senate must confirm any new commissioners Schwab ask the commission to issue a broad based ruling in response to his request. Writing more generally is of the opinion of the F p c that social media companies may agree to materially contribute to political campaigns by freely distributing campaign related messages and advertisements for some political candidates. While categorically were few thing to do the same for others. It's not just about that. They'll distribute this like normal. It's that Laura Loomer actually banned from entire platform meeting its my understanding she can't run adds either.
Laura Bloomer isn't able to actually set up an advertisement account and then just pay for adds the wayside. Eighty anti would do it with promoted, tweets she's banned from the platform. So not only will they not give her any basic service they give to regular Americans. They won't even let her pay for it. That may be,
over the line. Now. My understanding is that there is like an equal time rule you know if, if centre alive is gonna put someone on the have to offer the same thing as someone else, and I think that should absolutely be applied, which should not be up to these big tech oligarchy, determine who is or isn't allowed to run for office and have access to all of these different people who use the service. Twitter is a platform, and many people like to say a telephone. The only difference is that when you put it a message, people can choose to pick up the calling here what you had to say, as opposed to you calling one person in which case I think it is absolutely in income contribution, but here's the full letter and already for you. They say how skip over the parts we already read. I am writing today to express concern about a potential violation of campaign finance law by a major by major tech companies. In the U S, house, race, for Floris, twenty first congressional district, he wasn't a mention that
Laura Loom are one and then mentions that due to pass the controversial comments she was banned, then he says, but given that laurel tumor is now a major party party nominating a reassessment may be warranted. Can these tech companies legally grant a material benefit to one political candidate, but not another? Can they deny one political candidate access to their services and platforms while granting full access to? other. Does this not amount to an income and contribution to the favourite candidate? I respectfully ask the FCC investigate these concerns and answer the following questions, both with regard to the specific race and the Effie sees broad application of campaign, hence law in future races. Now. One of the reasons this may be really interesting is that, if the efficacy of Greece, it is an important contribution. Then, what happens when say the American Communist Party or the American Nazi Party wants equal access as well. It doesn't matter if the party is major and twitter has banned extremists.
Political parties, and that would mean that if you want to get around their hate speech rules, you need only declare yourself a candidate not like you'd win, but it won't matter if you're a candidate and they give access to one. They must give access to all who they ask of any the company's named above, been listed on lowest Franco's f. See filings. As I did read earlier, Facebook, Twitter Instagram would appear to pay all costs associate with hosting and distribution in their platform of of election relate materials. Credit by the campaign refused to provide the same service for her opponent. Does this practice violate campaign finance law? More generally, as it is of the opinion of the efficacy that social media companies may agree to materially contribute to political campaigns by freely distributing campaign related messages for somebody I did where this for some up, but not others. Thank you for your consideration of this matter. Your swift response is appreciated. Given the proximity of the November elections, sincerely John Sweat, director of policy and government affairs, American, Prince
both project well good on John Schweppes, I think it's about time. We get an answer. I am no fan, as I stated this. If you watch the old Rogan podcast, I did now over a year and a half ago where I challenge Jack Dorsey of a gigantic of twitter. I said what gives you the right to determine what opinions are allowed to be her in this country. Laura loomed is an american citizen. She has constitutional rights. She has a right to speak her mind and I don't I don't like the thing she says, I'm uncritical of them, but I am absolutely too. I will absolutely defend her right to say them, especially when it comes to the big tech trying to shut her down. I do think that Laurel numerous, not someone you mess with, because she has proven herself capable and willing to go as far as she needs to to win an she seems to be winning
now we're seeing these big tech companies try and maintain their ability to shut her down, and now they may up and their entire platforms, and you know what it will be glorious all of these rules. Put in place applying a global standard to an american citizen. Why is it the right of someone in Germany to use an american platform to spread their political message, but an american citizen running for Congress can not. That is offensive to me. Think about this on read it. When you go to our slash politics and you see nothing but hatred for Donald Trump, those are the opinions of people in Australia, France, England, etc. I dont care about their opinions there. On american plan and they are swinging and manipulating american culture. But american citizens are getting banned from these platforms. I will not stand for it is offensive to me. So I would like to see an answer and I would like to see legit
Fishing and for all the things Laura Luminous, add that I am critical of and not a fan of, I absolutely look forward to her kicking the door in and getting some legislation through. That defence is the rights of american citizens, no matter how awful their opinion we have free speech in this country. I will not sit by and just accept that big tech oligopoly can allow foreigners, people who are not involved in our election to post their opinions, swaying the opinions of american citizens while our own citizens, including Laura, Loom or do not have that right that to me, is greatly offensive. This election will be heavily influenced, absolutely is being influenced by social me yeah, but Democrats that it all day and night that the russian we're influencing our election. So how can we sit here? Knowing that even too they say that Russia China and IRAN are trying to influence our election, and you deny on American May, a political party candidate,
there are two major party- are not the right to speak their mind on that same platform. Sorry, by all means you wanna be critical of any politician, get Donald Trump, be it Lois, Frankel, be it Laurel humor. I welcome all political debate, but How dare you give space to non citizens to insult and ride people like Laurel over and not give her the chance to defend herself and speaker opinions in Amerika in american elections right now, for every person was not american, whose on Twitter, who is smearing and defaming Laura humor? You are giving foreign countries influence in our elections. Regular Americans will be swayed by these statements and she can't even defend herself. That is unacceptable. One hundred percent only with their get me mad about this stuff. I do not like big corporations. Selling to international interests. I got one more segment coming up for you in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly where Are all the journalists where
are all, whereas all the outrage that Joe Biden, a major political party candidate for the office of the presidency where's the outrage that he is hiding like a coward Joe Biden has a coward while I'm not here to rag on Joe Biden necessarily. I will because the dew needs to face the music come out and talk to the press. I'm here to talk about the press. I want you to see this tweet Natasha correctly says reporters and so forth. Let me tell you she is she's covering twenty twenty Joe Biden Midwest for political acts, Illinois Playbook sometimes, and they know it respect Natasha. For calling this out one or two percent. She said reporters were told to hurry outside after Biden concluded his speech or they rest missing his fireworks event, and they listened. Why
This video for those relating to describe it. All of these women is reporters. Mostly women are running out of the room. Where Biden gave a speech to make sure they can get outside and see the fireworks went, where's where's any of the concern or the outrage. A Joe Biden is not answering question Why are all of these reporters like lemmings, like sheep, running out well. Joe Biden gets a free pass, journalism in this country is dead. I mean there's very few. People left ok for Natasha Excellent job, calling this out my respect. She said they listened and its is getting mad play. People are showing us, but all crazy, because it shows these people are reporters there.
The bag for the Democrats sewing. Joe Biden gives his speech instead of asking questions demanding answers of him. He goes back to being a coward and hiding, and all the journalists runaway outstanding, absolutely outstanding. I am disgusted by the Democratic Party, has really funny going to show you is actually the case in reporting ABC New says, covering violence, history making. Speech in the middle of a pandemic. Our rapporteur is now book by John for Hope for Kovac. Now I said was mostly in the video, but, yes, those guys you're Matra. I wasn't trying to write women just saying it was mostly women at the bottom of the article he says after watching Biden, his running late senator cannot accommodate And their spouses taken some fireworks. This unprecedented, unparalleled campaign again began its slow marched toward November's about. They love to finish Joe Biden sentences for him because he can't do it
self, they love to. Let him get away with everything while constantly screeching about Donald Trump. You know for a while. It was me going stop making we defend the guy. There was no a balance in media? It's completely broken. If there's things to write about trumpet can be critical but come on every single article? They write nearly every single article, they write and there it is the rapporteur says: They're watching Biden has run Miss Connell Harris and their spouses take in some fireworks. Yes, reporters instead of doing their job, they just ran up to go, watch the fireworks and all giggling laugh. We
I have joined with sending more, I mean again. I know we have some. I love this story. This is from August seventh, whereas Joe Biden Corona Virus has the presumptive democratic nominee campaigning from home, but some more. He can't convince voters that way there not campaigning their planning on losing everything they have done so far says to me. They expect to lose and they don't want
the waste any resources, Joe Biden isn't answering questions. Why cause he's not really running man he's not it's a referendum on trot, but if you vote for Joe Biden after all this shame on you, I'm gonna give credit to to an outlet. I rarely give credit to the daily based on August. Ninth writing. Hiding Biden needs to step up and meet the press three months for news conferences, Trump as at least answering tough questions and letting the public judge his challenger needs to do the same. It's the least we deserve from our. Can it's I'll tell you what Donald Trump did a couple interviews, acts Yosemite Fox and he got dragged for it. They made fun of em, hey, I don't care props Donald Trump. He stood up, he said I will do the interviews, Joe Biden, the coward, won't, if you gave me a choice between a guy who's, hiding in a basement and a guy who is stepping up the challenge? Why would I vote for the guy hiding in his basement? I'm not gonna. Do it. I swear
Democrats are doing everything in their power to make me want to vote for Donald Trump and Donald Trump, of course, is doing it. That's his goal, but it's not supposed to be the goal of Democrats. You got them a bracing riots, even them calling a peaceful protesters ignoring it. Then they dare to the pledge of allegiance. Then Joe Biden hiding the whole time he's got no policy positions. Even Democrats on an leftists were dragging the Dnc for being Garbage Donald Trump. However, he sang withdraw our troops,
stepping up to the challenge, even when it makes him look bad. He is saying we need to take a look at income disparity on why this guy's tryin real hard to get me to vote for him. I love to see Donald Trump Win and then actually solve lock these problems and fix things. I'm not completely convinced Trump camp can't can do everything, but I know that he can do enough and is already proven that so be it. The Democrats refuse to give me a Canada I would like, and so I am done with it conveniently tonight. Eight p M Brandon, struck of walk away, is gonna, be here and all of this frustration yeah we're gonna, pour it out and it's gonna be glorious the walk or walk away. I found it movement walk away, move at its huge. I mean the stewards taking off and I'll. Tell you what I totally get it I'm sick of this I'm sorry! I am sick of this
you cannot give me a good reason to overburdened this point. He is, he is the the Obama administration he all over again he's gonna. Do all these awful things and he's telling us nothing. You know why, because he is he's a warmonger and he has no position other than give me power. It's what I want the daily beast calls him out for hiding they say Wilmington, we have a problem. It appears that this election is Joe Biden to lose his life. Turtle as a low one demonstrated that he is in fact still alive and under the test task. All yes do is show that this isn't weakened at Bernie Scenario and he's golden, but can he do it? No, he can did quite literally is weakened at binds. Sorry it there's a mean going around. We can a bite of common and Morocco. About. No Barack Obama doesn't like button. The verdict is still out Thursday. Night Biden was forced to issue an apology. Earlier today I made some comments about diversity in the african american and latino communities that I want to
verify he treated? In no way did I mean to suggest the african american community is a monolith not by identity. Now on issues that at all accept the thing he sang, he didn't mean it suggests is quite literally what he said Joe by and did not tweak that Donald Trump set it? He says I don't know whose tweeting form, but it's not him in his right, Joe Biden has probably sitting in a chair you know and his son room with some light shining. He's, got a bilateral little blanket on his lap and he just rock and back and forth, and that's what he's doing they pull him
only four very select moments and the reason is and talked to the press is that he cannot so here we go, we had election coming up and the Democrats want you to believe there actually running someone I'm. You know at this point to say this. I think we're all frustrated with Democrats over all the absurdity that we ve seen so far, especially with the rights, especially with covered their equally risk everything they claim trumped dead. They do, but there, the despotic people in these these mayors, these governors, now I'm kind of upset with the regular people. Still posting means in favour of Biden you ve got to be. Blind and you gotta have your ears plugged to support this man at this point, but I see it, I see all the names I see people saying that you must vote for bind because he's not evil, but you were ok, fine I'll, tell you what maybe by that evil he's, not anything he's just a guy. They even say that it this article, the Atlantic even round the article sang stay alive, Joe Biden, that's all we need why so that commonly era
can be president. I want her either. The Democrats have tried nothing. That's why I'm convinced I really am convinced they want to lose, I'm it. Maybe it's a little premature to say that they are expecting to lose. Keep in mind. You know I always say hubris will be your downfall if you think that tromp is going to win it's when you polar Hillary Clinton, but I gotta say every day: maybe that's their real gold opponents sangsue. They want all the people who hate the Democrats to get lulled into a false sense of security, because Haydn Joe Biden, ain't gonna come out At the capabilities and like I've Sadie pose a walk, he falls out, somersault stand up and those tat are but anyway look. I know I can rag on Biden. I can mention that he's he's an apt, unqualified all things trump asset as well, but I think it's fair to point out. Some of the responsibility falls on journalists as well as regular people. I mean look, I don't
act, regular people to do the job that I do researching everything all day and night. That's why you watch my content, but I can respect that you do watch my content, there's a lot of people who don't read the news and they get their news, four means. While you still have some responsibility to try and source information, I'm grateful to everybody watch my content because they do that, but these journalists are either in the back of the Democrats, they're lying to protect Biden or they are dumb as a box of rocks and they are not interested in using Google. During Joe Biden Jerk during Joe Biden Speech, he once again pushed the very fine people, people hoax, but he didn't know very, very clever way.
He didn't say that Donald Trump called Nazis, very fine people. He said think about all those really awful Nazis and how they were marching, then think about what Trop said. Very fine people on both sides see two separate. You know statements non sequitur, think about all of those horrible things that those Democrats did. You know when, when you know when they were in office, now think about Joe Biden. You know I mean like eating the point, as you can take two separate instances as they did. He did not clarify the truth and instead of telling people honestly what Trump really man twenty said, very fine people, and that we should condemn the Nazis totally. Would you literally said he was referring to regular people who didn't want vandals coming in and just destroying statues? Fine, you dont like them to be defended confederate sectors. I dont care.
The point is. It's just another lie. The journalist are in the game, they're lying, and I got to throw it back to this video. This video is just absolutely epic. All of these women running out giddy to go, see- don't know we're gonna miss the fireworks better, not ask Joe Biden any serious questions about what to do once it gets an office. Journalism is dead. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the video that really makes me mom in my mouth a little bit. I suppose we can only wait and see you, but I hope I'm, the american people have woken up to these lies and it's just absurd game I'll leave it there. Next time it's coming up to at ten a m, but stick around for the TIM cast iron podcast at Youtube COM slashed him cast iron. Eight p m: I will be alive with the founder of the walk away. Movement branded struck. Glad glad to have this. Can we really fun
conversation and I will rag on journalists and the democrats- and you know he's gonna do so. If that's your bag come hang out Youtube outcomes liked him cast iron. Eight p m life and I will see you all there.
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