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Trump Slams Google As Veritas Censorship Controversy Escalates

2019-06-26 | 🔗

Trump Slams Google As Veritas Censorship Controversy Escalates. Donald Trump made a statement in the early morning regarding the Veritas censorship expose. He called for Google and Facebook to be sued for political bias and censorship against conservatives.Before this the press had been largely silent on the issue but with Trump comments he has forced the press to address the issue. While many still argue the story is face of such overwhelming evidence, we need only look back to 2018 for definitive proof.Many outlets, such as the far left The verge, reported on a video showing Google cofounder Sergy Brin saying that he was deeply offended by the 2016 election and that Trump voters don't share their values. This statement echoed the words seen by the google employee in James O'keefe's Project Veritas expose.Its all but confirmed not that deep within google lies a dark bias that they likely don't even realize. If we want to be fair we can say simply that they are so blind to their bias they think that they are being rational, they aren't. For now it seems that these big tech giants will continue to push social justice rhetoric and reject any attempt at regulation.

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It has now been two days and finally We are seeing mainstream news outlets. Picking up the story about Google bias and censorship. Accept there actually talking about Donald Trump statements on Fox, obligatory Fox business, I could be wrong, will get into it. The story about Google buys has been out for a couple days. It's been picked up by mostly just right wing outlets. The left has mostly of nor that's, according to all sides not come, but now tromp Esther we addressed the bias and says that Google and Facebook should be sued over biased allegations. This is story being picked up by all these different outlets and they only somewhat passively mention what veritable uncovered an email directly referring. Jordan Petersen Bench a Puritan Prager you as a certain world war, two faction, if you know I'm trying to say and that their suggestions should be there- should be removed.
So this corroborating a lot of the details we ve seen from very tough, but once again the media isn't really picking up. There have been some outlets, but their typically, you know called tabloids or conservative, like the sun and the daily mail, but at least now we're getting some coverage, but it is gonna scare, the Only reason this news will break is because the president is talking about it. Think about it, one of the most powerful companies in the world with employees that our overtly biased, talking about censorship and talking about manipulating algorithms, to prevent it. from winning I'm not going to act like this is necessarily a top down censorship issue. These works, you know key employees of Google but I'm gonna rehash some old stories to show you that yeah, probably The systemic within Google and there is a biased while there are many employees at Google, I noble, aren't overtly biased. We got serious problems before
reading the story. Look at what tromp had to say. We gotta do this. Gonna TIM cast outcomes flashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, there is a monthly pay pal option, a crypto currency option, a physical address, the most import thing you can do because we are seeing now according to whistle blower and yes, internal metrics, video suggestions for my channel are Riddick are what our way down. As for many others, now my child. Its recommended through other ways, but if you tube is not going to promote my content or recommended the same way they use do because of political bias or be changes. Then I rely on you guys if you think this content is worth sharing share it also make sure to go to Itunes and Google, because this is available as a pod guest everyday, around six, thirty or so pm theirs, but an. we have all my videos combined one podcast. It is available. Check it out, leaving awesome review. If you want to support my work
I know this kind of a longer plug than usual, but it ties into the story. I was directly named in the whistleblowers statement about censorship and some of the details have been corroborated. I really do rely on you. You guys to share the content if you think it's worthy of being heard by other people from the hill President Trump on Wednesday said tech giants. Google and Facebook should be sued over alleged bias towards conservatives. We should be so when Google, Facebook and all that which perhaps we will drop sad during a phone interview with Fox Business network Trump, also attacks twitter, claiming without ever at the company is making it very hard to get out my message by making it more difficult for people to follow him and see this as the thing, even though have, moreover, evidence of employees directly making statements we with the story was broken. Only by his moto there. still saying without evidence. What are you talking about this tons of evidence of a bias on these platforms? Now
or farming at technical and say against Trump. Specifically, probably not, I think Twitter loves Trump. He really invigorated their platform. What's going on Twitter is just terrible what they do. He said the present reportedly complained about its follower count during an April meeting with Twitter, CEO Jack Dorothy, who exploit it has lost, followers were largely Botz. Republicans have long, accused, Google and Facebook of suppressing conservative content and ads something they say violates free speech protections. Others say the sites are private companies that are not bound by the first amendment and have the ability to regulate the content that appears in their platforms full stop. They just conflated two issues and if completely confused was actually going on those who advocate for free
You are referring to it as a principle, a principle that is unrelated to but protected by the first amendment. The first amendment does not grant free speech. It stops the government from violating a free speech. Free speech is a concept that exists. Those of us who defended our saying you tube twitter, whatever, when they remove hate speech there violating the principle a free speech and has nothing to do with the first amendment and an hour. Any argument about the first moment means you have no idea what you're talking about- and this is the main problem with the debate. Someone will say we need free speech, but the first remember doesn't apply to private business, complete non sequitur. I dont care. I agree it doesn't we're not talking about their actually. I'm sorry. The first moment gives them the ability they they they actually do have profound reflection, so Twitter, as a first amendment argument to banning people, they do not so it's it is complicated. We'll get to this. What trust me there's a lot of information. Can we really interesting there may
a break in section two, thirty protections for third parties and there's going to be huge news. Moving on some joking I'll make us have suggested that Congress should remove protections under section two. Thirty of the communications decency act in order to hold web platforms legally liable for content posted by users. These people are all Democrats. It's totally biased towards Democrats trumps at citing anti trump comments made by one Google employee, published by website run by conservative activists, James O Keefe. What was always is made by one published by a website run like it just call it by a part of their tasks. the employer genuine. I said the video is recorded by people who lied about third entities filmed or without our consent and selectively edited the footage I believe it's irrelevant executives from attack. Companies have long denied institutional, buys. Their companies and Democrats have repeatedly said there is no evidence to back up. Conservatives claims there is widespread, buys it. Companies like Google Facebook
twitter wrong place. Please come journalists, do your jobs. What is going on? You have Google we're talking about Google, you can type into Google. It's all there. It is not a conspiracy, my stars and garters. We build our products with extraordinary care and safeguards to be trustworthy source of information for everyone without anyone. Art for political viewpoint, our rating guidelines are publicly visible for all to see a Google spokesperson wrote in an email, responding to trucks. Comments meant sorry got out. Jeez, here's your window where to go back in time does a timber, twelve twenty, a team- and you know you know, there's something people say TIM while you're such a great risk yeah, it's called Google search, I'm not a great recent! Well, ok, maybe better than most people don't use Google, but I typed in good a biased meeting and guess what popped up the verge? Ok, a left wing box, property, saying bright, Bart posted a leaked video of Google's first all hands, meaning
Two thousand and sixteen election conservative rally around play claims of biased at alphabet the verge published. This quote from Google most people here are pretty upset and pretty sad from Sergey Brin. I find the selection deeply offensive and I know many of you due to its stressful time and it conflicts with many of our values. I think it's a good time to reflect on that, so many well, apparently, don't share the values that we share. The sentiment repeated merely verbatim by genuine eye to project Berytus that people supported Trop, don't agree with what we ve. U S, fairness surgery, and Google CO founder sang at eight. At a meeting that was leaked by bright bark published by the verge a quote straight up the people These people don't share our values. I am offended by the election. What more do you think? Google see us I told the audience that many employees and email them saying they were afraid of the consequences of a Trump administration. Here,
urged them to speak up reach out to political opponents and embrace the democratic process. It was a fair and democratic process, and we honour that said, can't Walker who leads Google's legal policy team, right by its publication of video comes at a time when conservatives are rally around claims of bias at the search giant. So listen is actually a good article. I believe from the verge on what a fan of vocs properties. Thus it is never a black and white ok, so not much. I sat embrace the democratic process and I believe that's according to the video. I believe it was a fair. He told the audience rights from the video. Listen. the bias at Google is not. I do not believe it's over it. I do not. I believe, it's subversive, think about the conversation I had with Jack Dorsey on a joke. Rogan pot cast I said to Jack. Your rules are biased against conservatives and he was shocked even believe it. He said what what we're we're, gonna, what what rules biased and us it's right up. Your miss gendering policy.
I get it. I understand the policy, I understand your rationale, but that is an. Ideological position. Mozart, familiar Jack, Dorsey said it's a twitter, because if you miss gender someone you will be suspended its a violation of the rules. Conservatives disagree on what miss gendering really is the don't use it. what MS gendering, but conservatives believe biological males are, he him always and biological theme our she her always and there's nothing else to it. If you enact a rule that contradicts the ideology of the concern of there is in this country. Your rules are biased against conservatives period, its effect. What we see here as they speak like they're, trying to be fair. Let me tell you this. I know a ridiculously far left activists like is followed. You didn't go full on communist, who told me I am a centrist and I said, are you but you can't be further left communism on the bottle compasses as far as it goes command, economy and far right is competitive.
economy in the middle is where we are with a mixed economy. You are not a centrist, they think they are. These people are offended by Trump. They think he's all right and they think they're not biased. They think they're being fair because they view you as a conservative as the extremists that no one cares about. They think you're the fringe nobody's. They think I'm a conservative on that. Now not they like to call it to pretend that I'm a conservative simply because I call them out for their blindness and for their bias. Well, look I'm I've never denied being moderate. I have never done sharing opinions with conservative or liberals, but my policies do tend to lean towards the left plain and simple, I'm not a far leftist.
Ok, my pains or where they are. I am in the centre and I can see them and their confused. They dont understand, what's actually happening. So was a lot going on here. Project Zverkov had their video taken down. Ok, you tube deleted it product virtuous, published this update. Very tough fight back attorneys, send a letter to you too. They say we're fighting back. You tube owned by Google, has removed our video news report of insider information that is critical of Google below is a letter we sent to you too, demanding their restore our video social media sites like Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest, enjoy protection from lawsuits regarding the content post their platform, providing they do now. Censor the posts Youtube is Obviously, censoring our news report under the guy of some on identified privacy complaint? In other words, they used one unidentified complaint to prevent the pie Look from learning the information, the Google insider courageously provided- and let me stress the statement from
this woman, though she sang it, was imprecise. Language is reflected by Sgi, bring a Google coat cofounder that he was offended by the election and the people who voted for Trump don't share their values. What do you think's going to happen with their product? The values they believe it will be found and centre, and they say
there being fair when they are not in the legal letter, they demand either than the video be reinstate within twenty four hours, or they provide a detailed reason. How the video question violated any privacy policies and what must be done to cure that we'll see what happens but boy. Do I have a big update for you. An interesting interesting question arises from a strictly a former. This is from our I believe, Monday. Former detainees, Dylan Volor gets court when against media giants over Facebook comments to different country, but it brings us to a very interesting question. We know the bias exists, but under section two thirty Facebook, Google, you know whatever they have immunity you.
Can't sue them for other people post, but I've question this man was able to sue. He bought a simple case against Fairfax media nationwide, news and sky news over comments posted in replies to articles placed on the platform in July of points it between July. Twenty. Sixteen engine point seventeen. So here's what happens news me amid a post people commented the people defamatory statements, he sued the media. I believe he won he what you want in court against them. I started thinking about what does this mean? What
and for the? U S, there was a lawsuit against Donald Trump, because our troubles blocking people a court ruled that when Trump tweets he creates a public forum. Thus he can't block people because he is restricting access to a public form. If the court views replies to oppose on social media as a public form created by the poster, wouldn't that poster be responsible for the speech on their public forum. In this case it is, it seems, the I believe so. Here's the point of trying to make let's say you get smeared someone smears, Jordan Petersen, let's say just about- is using a feminist outlet, it's a Jordan Petersen X Y X Y indeed and posted to Facebook. Well, then people start commenting line. That is a public form hosted by just on their page. You can save my facebook, but Facebook is protected, but a publisher
protected when they create that public forum. I believe there is a decent legal argument in my lawyer that someone, like Jordan Petersen, could sue for every comment made on a reply on Facebook or whenever social platform or potentially Youtube. This is where things get really dangerous. If I make a Youtube video- and someone commented, the defamatory information can I be sued for that I think there is actually an argument if the Supreme Court of Auditors report, but have you asked for court, believes that we are creating public forums when we post to conduct such limits on the back up when Trump tweets, the replies section is made by twitter, but the court ruled that Trump had created it. So essentially, the platform exists, but trunk created this open Roma people to talk on twitters property, thus Trump, responsible, for it could refer people so now I think we're in a I'm innocent, getting crazy
This is a serious argument. This guy one in Australia. Now I'm told it's easier to win defamation cases in a straight line up, but I believe there is potential precedent setting legislate, in front of us. If CNN writes a story and some random anti for weirdo rights. Nonsense can trump Zoo CNN. For that comment,. well, at least in Australia appears. The answer is yes, so this falls into. Second, to thirty out, you know, debate and that's why I wanted to put it at my age is a really bad. What here's? What I want, I want you to take away from this August. The segment I have my stories, I've pulled up about what's going on with various all of the stories are talking about trumps comments, not very toss there only slightly
covering the story. They only passively mentioned what happened and they all act like it's a conspiracy theory, but it's not just Donald Trump, was talking about it, Donald Trump juniors than treating about two. So no, this trump knows Trump Junior knows the conversations are happening. I'm not confident they'll do anything about it, but Trump has forced the media to address the Berytus cover, Perhaps this, will trickle into more people seeing what's going on? Maybe not maybe it'll get people wrong. The rise, a trump I don't know, but I'm gonna end with one more story to prove a point from Bloomberg: republican senator wants Google and Facebook to have algorithm free options, as a huge story is well. Regulation is coming. The Republicans have seen it something is going to happen in this story. We have Senator John too soon to preparing legislation to give users the option to
view content without an algorithmic feed. This is actually one of the smartest things. I've heard a long time that I didn't consider Twitter has an option. Algorithm or no algorithm. That's pretty good, but I believe This isn't go far enough. I believe a legislation should have tolerated and not curated, which means free speech and moderate content. On minds, for instance, there is not safe for work tag that will allow you see all not safer were content or you can turn off not see it. That's a normal filter that most sites that that a lot of sites have employed for a long time. How is that not the solution for twitter? I think it's because there's political bias. As I mentioned, you have these companies that don't believe they're biased when they are so instead of saying how about you, can you or block someone will ban them from the site that doesn't make sense? just put them and not safe for work mode. It seems like twitter may be doing that, but there is about how the story is for one it's an interesting option, but something said in the bottom corroborates what James
He reported you too recently made changes to its algorithms algorithms. The recommend content that decreased views of problematic material, resulting from suggestions by more than half the video that warrant recommended came close to violating our policies or spread harmful misinformation. That's what this is recent destroy from today and that's the whistle said that certain people were no longer going to get suggested falling videos. That's true for my account. That's trooper Dave Reuben, that's true for many creators, we're still being recommended on the h, we're just not being recommended following different videos, and this corroborates that recent changes made. Google announced it it's a fact. We know what's happening. No, it's true, they deny either the biased, but please it's happening, and us under John Food is he's a Republican. I believe just more makes it clear. Yes, ok, son,
number two republican posing a bill regulation is coming. I think Google's going into panic about Dave, Reuben tweeted, that Susan would you ski of Youtube, has contacted I'm so we're gonna, see some developments will see what happens but on that- and I keep saying I'm an end, but but I will end with one last thing: go to TIM cast our com slashed on it. If you want to support my work, but if you think my content Do one of two things share the video on whatever social media you have you to present one. recommend my content. Fine, I don't think they have to I'll. Ask you guys to do it. If you don't think my content is worth being shared, don't share it. I don't deserve it, but Also don't forget. All of this is available as a pod cast on all podcasting platforms. While I was all but like six major ones like Spotify Google play in Itunes, you can listen everyday, six, thirty p m to all of my content and hour and a half every day so check out the pod gas Recently, I found out some huge news. I'm really happy to hear this. My podcast is number twenty, six four itunes in the category of news
and number one hundred and sixty four for all podcast seriously wild. Thank you guys so much. That means a lot to me. look, I know not number one but being out of all of the pod guests in the world, ranked one hundred and sixty four. While that's crazy, I really appreciate to check it out and and leave a positive review if you like the content, because that I guess boost to so it's been awhile ride. I hoped to stick around for a long time, but the censorship does get scary common below around you to. Let me know if you think leave a review on the pickaxe. Let me note you think I'll have more videos coming up on Youtube com slashed him cast news study at six p m frozen. The pot ghastly what it will be different, but I will see you in the next segment again. Thank you all very much. I wanna give an update on what's going on with Youtube censorship, where we currently, at and kind of b, a little even handed in explaining. What's going on to be, love is but a lot of updates I've, done more research it's a more numbers. I think I know what's happening. I may have explained sums before, but I want to point out a few things.
This is all sides dot com. I believe they do a pretty good job of giving you a balanced view of news, not perfect, but for the project, Vert huh story there showing us centre from the right and from the left the Morton point I want to take away from here, according to an all sides, dot com perspective. As of Tuesday evening, the story is largely being ignored by media outlets. On the left, that's true, but I think I know it's happening so in the project Vert US whistleblowers interview. He said that my content wasn't being recommended anymore. This is absolutely false. Recommended is kind of slang. I believe he was referring to suggested after videos. That's true! So, let's break down exactly what's going on behold the front page for TIM cool from my subscriptions Feluccas fingering reactor Jimmy Door and significant
I think these channels are all fairly good special shouted to Jimmy Door for being a principled individual on the left, who defends free speech and and liberty. There's where that it's great to see people on the left, who are still standing up in a similar way to help out defend free speech. But you know what Jimmy's progressive guy he was with the Turks for well. So here's the thing recommended these are recommended. Videos on the homepage, my homepage, patients are way up. However, my suggested videos are way way down. Overall, all recommended it. Recommendations for me have gone up a lot, and this is the important thing the guy said in the various video temples recommendations are down. Therefore, you know his views plummeted. No, they didn't on the homepage. My views have I reckon I believe I know why, but I'm gonna stop and say something right now. What you do is done is made it so that, after you watch a video, you are less likely to be recommended. One of my videos in the auto play and on the side bar
that means my exposure to new subscribers following other people's videos has been dramatically slashed. This is itself a net negative for everybody, but my views have increased on the homepage, meaning if people see the thumbnail and choose to click it, I will still get those views and it appears I still am more importantly, if I'm not being so
just following videos. It means one thing I rely on you guys, so this I've been saying good TIM Casta com slashed on it. If you want to support my work as a pay, pal option equipped option a physical address, but here's the thing: if you can't supporting entities ways, don't don't fret the best thing you can do right now, if you believe I deserve it, is to share this video share. My videos Youtube has made it clear that they are going to. You know, get rid of suggestions following other videos, which means the likelihood that my content, as suggested new people, is cut in half h there. Still again, I want to clarify on the homepage. I am getting recommended to new people button people war not subscribe to. My content are targeting recommended my content, less, which means, if you guys think I deserve it, and you share the video, that's replacing the recommendation system on Youtube so that with the well put it is. You know what I dont believe. I have a right to have you to recommend my content to anybody. I said this. I do believe that if you, too
wants to be the biggest game in town and dominate the public discourse and videos than they do, they should have to host people on unrestrained, but recommendations are different right from your subscriptions. Ok. The second understand I subscribe to these people. These are videos. I've chosen, I want to see now they can't show videos from every single generalised subscribed to, although actually they could have been increased this but sure whatever. You can see that a show more from common recommended, but not for subscriptions. If I subscribe to somebody, you should show the video period you shouldn't throttle, you shouldn't restrict and you shouldn't putting restricted mode where that the limited state where you can't come anymore. This right here for recommended, I believe, is automatic in the sense that what about from your subscription shouldn't subscriptions be a bigger portion of your homepage, fine, whatever, but at least
are still recommending me and others, but in the end, if you tube says, will host your content, people can subscribe to it. They'll see the candidate subscribes to, but we won't promoted for you. Looking at what can? I really say I think, that's a fair unprincipled approach, fine house, my content, let me deal with it and then I thought back to you guys. You know what, from from this point on, if you guys think I should be recommended, then you guys recommend me plain and simple, if you dont, if, if you as watching, do not want to share my content on Twitter and Facebook or anywhere else, I don't deserve the views. In the first place plain and simple, I should make a product and run a business and present ideas and do work. That is that is deemed worthy of the people who want to support this way Imagine if you have a nice cream shop and you're selling spinach ice cream. I love the asker managed by women and p.
Oh buddy was telling anybody. Ruskin was good. Well, that's because your ice cream is not good, but let's get the best ice cream in town. People will go around saying this is the best ice cream in town I dont need Google to automatically pump out adds to convince people to come to my ice cream shop. I don't need them too, to ferry people to the front door. It's a net benefit and, as I explained yesterday, if they do this for political reasons, which I kind of I dont think, is the case. When we get to this, then it's a serious challenge, because the level of a massive advantage, but our get into the email and some of them what's happening with with unifying censorship stuff. I do not believe the policy wide actions of Youtube in this capacity to throttle suggested videos for me and for many others was due to political bias necessary or what was was to impact politics. here's, the thing I've reached out to some progressives who apparently see the same data. I do suggested video, our down. This makes sense to me,
Youtube insider tweeted, either day saying that they are not taking action based on political bias. They got ratio like crazy, but I think there being honest sort of hear me out. I believe they did take action for political reasons. We saw leaked email with accused Lord Petersen Prager you and bench appear of being a certain world war, two faction from Germany. If not, I mean and then said, let's take away the suggested feature, so we can see their political bites, but when it came to policy it appears that you too just did a carpet bomb on everybody. I can't confirm is necessarily, but I have reached out to commentators on the left,
And it appears that they were hit as well make sense you tube doesn't care in the end. They say we want to look at the other day. I did a story about how you two are: I'm sorry, Google told their employees. You can't protest us at pride at the pride parades yet they're going to restrict their unemployment, even if they hold these views, because looking good to the public is more important to them so and on. What I think is happening is that, in response to the bias internal at Google, which I believe exists, in a certain capacity gotta believe it's the entirety of Google. You know I dont believe it's even a majority. I do believe it's massively disproportionate nationwide averages. However, our splendid and second, I think they are hey: let's do this and then someone said well, we can't do it just on you know conservative channels or moderate channels, or you know, let's just do everybody. So congratulations to those on the left. This constant complaining about the right on Youtube has resulted in a you getting DE ranked as well as far as I can tell I'm going be, reaching out to more progressive to see if they took a hit do but so far
a couple have told told me: yes, they have seen this as well, so it makes sense right how many videos, if I may but how censorship backfires on the left in the so called. So here's what I think you too wants you to wants to recommend you on the homepage because Youtube wants those views. You two makes money off your views. They want to lose that, but they also don't like the bad press. It appears that come up with a solution recommend you more on the homepage, so you have to click what you want to watch and recommend you less in auto play so you're not force FED videos, as the New York Times would smear them for, in the end there trot it looks like my content is still doing well, but not being suggested people falling video. So without the point I want to make, I don't think I'm being massively negatively impact in. I will say this, though Homepage recommendations means you are competing with everyone else. That means when, when, when these ten videos pop up, if you see she one had, if you see
my video I'm now competing had to have a shoe plain and simple, so One might do better or worse, take a look at the recommended right here right. I am not obstructed tenacious d and there recommending to tenaciously videos. You not. I love nations, do anyway good job. We ve got a spider man trailer. We ve got some of Andrews content, there's Tucker Karlsson, which I think is funding for their right to watch them either but I think, based on you, I saw gonna stop its intervention. That would even rang like. Why is it that you this? These are literal recommendations. So it's not it's not all bad and it may actually be impacting other channels are not news related, No. I really don't I just as well that so far, so here's one ought to do from now. There's more pollination. I wanna give a shout out, especially to all sides dot com, and I really recommend you go to all sides check them out the really in my one of the best ways to get a balanced view of what happened in the news. So the story
from all sides gives you a centrist view, a right wing view and a left wing view. The right predicts pretty pretty our course angle. The Google Fascists the left defending the woman caught on hidden camera, surprise, surprise, but check this out. Naturally, have a system where they show you how they frighten people. We can see that they separate watering journals opinion from from the news, and their opinion is slightly to the right there. News is sound Then they said the New York Times online news leans left their their sharp saying, You're times is a biased leftwing wing. I agree and I respect that and Pr News a centrist, but NPR opinion is left wing, so I think they do a pretty good job of breaking down. You know left centre right bias and when you look at their news stories, you can actually see the six outhouse Democrats rewrite border bill to win over progressives and you have the illness under the New York
I'm in the left and the Washington Times in the right. So when you read the story, you're seeing three different perspectives to give you a better balanced view, that's that's a fantastic way to do it. News is being split. All sides that decent bridge, so you can see what You're thinking now get me wrong. I disagree with some of their ratings and I also disagree with, like you know, many of those the progressive outlets for the conservative outlets, but I can appreciate being shown. The perspective of people who disagree with me and I have frustrated reading- is opting out sometimes I'll, be honest. Here's the best part when you got all sides, can scroll down and actually choose to agree or disagree with their ratings turns out. Al Jazeera is less than a centre. Most people disagree plant there you go so when you see that you can check and be like, while most people don't agree,
with what their assessment they're all sides is essentially allowing the community to fact checked them on their own bias, absolutely respectable. We can see the american spectator hard right. Most people strongly agree Associated Press, a centrist people somewhat agree, Axion Centrist, somewhat disagree. This is pretty bad s, but not only that there is even an author feature. You can actually rate the political leanings of the author of articles. Simulates also take off news and check this out
enter Nepal Tunnel, hard right, Andrew Sullivan, moderate Right am Coulter hard right bench appear of our right and, as I say, hard right, because this doesn't mean far right. It means like staunch conservative, staunch liberal and you'll, see that some people says it with the far right can go pretty far involved your pretty far, but you have like chrysanthemum poor, leans left you have as recline far left. I think I agree. I guess he Jackson far left Joe Scarborough Scarborough kind of centred for centre to the right. I don't know. If I look at this. Scarborough is right, absolutely disagree, yeah I would to how did that happen? How did he get rank right? That's not true at all, but you can see it's not about how they write them. It's how the community,
spawns and you can use the community to assess the bias of the platform really really good job, so props and much respect to all sides. This is a really great source. I've been tracking them for a while, I'm gonna make sure. I guess I'm a lot more, not because I think politico is better or you know, Fox NEWS is better, but because they're just showing three different biases towards a single story, and that's really really helpful. So let me know if you think the commerce bloke it becomes action going. You can follow me on minds at TIM, cast check out the pod cast. Ok, all of my videos appears upon Cason, Itunes, Google play and elsewhere everyday around six thirty, this it's it's important that I had my bets on Youtube, but I do think things are gonna, be ok, you to buy really. Do I believe that what we saw what this woman's engine- I is an individual which shows here's what I think. I think Google has a problem with a disproportionate amount of
go by us. My understanding is that their national, the national average of progressive activists around eight percent- and I believe Google has four times that are more based on some internal data. I was talking to some sources. I can leave it there. I can go into too much detail because of this. You see actions based on bias, but when it reaches the policy level, it blankets everybody, so I do believe a biased problem which is causing them to fire randomly and cause damage, and I do believe it will disrupt politics and it needs to be investigated plain and simple. I believe Google as a whole does a better job of allowing free speech, and all these other platforms, especially patriotic and twitter and Facebook think about applauds Watson banned from Facebook, not banned from you to write on Youtube is a better job, but you to better get on it to weed out these biased individuals, because they are having a serious impact plain in some Let me touch thing disagree common below, if you're on the podcast leave a review is really appreciated, and I will see you all at one p m in the neck. Thanks ran up. The headline is not from the onion.
Minors from the Hill WAR, joins Castro and call to decriminalize illegal border crossings, ok You all know this ominous. Anyway, we have a migration crisis. We have a humanitarian crisis more than a hundred and forty four thousand migrants coming across the border. In the past month alone, we need to figure out how to secure the borders, to disincentives people taking this dangerous journey and dying, well, Elizabeth Warning and enough who, in Castro decided to go the complete other direction and completely decriminalize the behaviour, thus creating an incentive is- incentives for people to actually gonna dangerous journey. Can't can't we just please stop. Can we think about a practical solution? This is Pandora to her base plainest, not letting your base. These are people who are pandering to woke. Twitter now regular Americans are not going to be happy that you're doing this. You like, but look nobody likes harsh conditions at the border. Nobody likes
harsh conditions in these and in its centres, but this is going to make the problem. to me the says that Castro and worn are more n stood and winning elections, but actually being honest and solving problems, and if she really believes, is a good idea, well then she's he's not completely nuts three from the hill. I say in Castro today praised Elizabeth, worn, a top your Kennedy for joining him and his call to decriminalize illegal border crossings. Thank you all before joining the honest issue. We shouldn't criminalize desperation, it's time. To repeal this terrible law. Once again, we can see the dishonesty, the deceit and my god I just can't stand. Politicians vocs dotcom. The far left v, o ex dotcom, published some statements. From migrants and I'm always gonna reference. That's because important now this was a Satan is these are some specific examples? Anecdotal, but important, understand this in a statement ass
why they were coming to the? U S from Guatemala, Honduras. Through Mexico, one person said I miss Buffalo Wild wings. Ok, I appreciate that. I too love be dumps. They have excellent garlic, parmesan sauce and with the bonus Winston, you know, I think I'm gonna be destiny. Not a commercial forbid. Ups, I can respect that. You want to go there, but that is not desperation and there's not a real and it took on this massive dangerous journey and break what the? U S modicum of this country? We are trying to protect refugees. We're trying to protect life not make sure you can have chicken wings with tasty sauce. More importantly, there there Buffalo well Things Oliver Mexico's not now again, I'm sorry a very particular example. Another example is an individual sing. I missed playstation. Listen if I were to claim that all migrants are coming here because they want Buffalo, wild wings or play station. That would be dishonest and that's the point, I'm when they say we can't criminalized desperation: U r B.
dishonest. Most of these people are not desperate. They are just looking for opportunity. There is a big difference between people who are scared and harm, way and the average person who was coming for a better life. That's why they're called economic migrants verses refugees, but this is the game they play to try and pander to a base Trot says we gotta do on illegal immigration, so they make. It seem like every single migrant is in trouble, is desperate, is seeking refugee status or cause because calls them refugee children. Oh my god, do please the reality as they are people they want to come to America, they're. Looking for a better life plain and simple, a port. That I believe are less than ten percent really do need asylum. I want to protect them. I think we should another percentage, probably larger just what Buffalo Wild wings
but those are more of extreme ends. You'll probably find people who say. Look I can't find work in my country and its survival is difficult. I'm going to come to America to try something else. That's probably the more typical response it is close to desperation was a big difference between you figuring out how to survive in your country and coming to the? U dot s skipping through Mexico. Mexico is a beautiful country These these look. I could you not talk to one of these like progressive types and they're gonna explained here, Mexico is a disease- is a hot sweaty desert. There was a really funny post on right it where they said Mexico, city in real life and its a picture of his big busy street Maximus, he's very beautiful, a palm trees and modern. buildings, like any other major city and they put Mexico City in the movies and they put a separate tone over it. That's what they do in movies. Really fine, because when you watch em we that Canada Blue, we want to move up Mexico's orange people like these people to know anything
Mexico, and they say: what's all this like desert wasteland men, Mexico City, is a massive developed place with taco shops and fastened restaurants and Buffalo Wild and it's actually kind of cold, sometimes because elevate Mexico is actually really awesome. I recommend going if you haven't people this misconception about what Mexico is really like. The point of making is that if you are going to skip through Mexico you're, not desperate, desperate, would be going into Mexico and accepting their asylum offer. It would be going. scarcity and being like. We made it we're in a big city with modern technology and buses in restaurants and safe and, and you know, but that's desperation, that's what trying to do they're trying to make it seem, like you know, all these people who are coming from Africa right way of a record number of african migrants flying to Brazil coming up that look. That is not desperation. dude, I'm sorry if you're embers you're no longer in fear for your life. Not so so what happens rights absolutely hopeless? What this way here specifically
targeted in Angola the Congo, so they fly to Brazil. Now there target in Brazil. What what They come to the: U S and then they guitar, guided by the all right, as the media would like to have us believe. Where do they go next? Canada? Ok, while the U S is bring a lot of people to Portland Portland, mainly if their plan as I warn as yet to release a comprehensive immigration reform plan, but expressed her support for Castro's plan and a statement to have post, We should not be criminalizing Mama's and babies trying to flee violence at home or trying to build a better future you're right, stop lying. I can't stand, belies all p or nonsense. The I just hate these this this kind of pr. You know what men There is one thing that will get me angry. Its overt lies, overt lies. You can be wrong. I think Trump lies a lot, but I think he's wrong a lot and they call him a lie that everything is alive and well all of on whether that implies we know is intention is okay. So let me walk that statement back and was
worn she's, either really really dumb and has no idea what you're talking about or she's lying to you to pander to base. It does not make sense to criminalize illegal. To do to criminalize. You know illegal border crossings, it literally does not make sense you will you will increase the problems and wars, In more or loss of life, these people don't care. I don't believe Elizabeth workers at all. Look I'll give you credit for calling out big tack and calling for them to be broken up, but absolutely not Elizabeth worn is once again playing this ridiculous game of trying to pander to a base by saying Mama's in babies. Trying to leave a flea violence. Ok, so let's decriminalize asylum seekers when their went went when they are confirmed to be seeking asylum. When it is confirmed, then we can say: there's no criminal charge about that right. Mama's in babies, write about
are you what that will increase the likelihood you will see Mama's and babies fleeing to the border crossing through Mexico and coming to the? U s I'll, say two million times Men Mexico's an awesome place. I have friends who prefer to be an extra city. I have friends who left the? U S to go hang out Mexico City because they like it better than others. Actually amazing. I really did the ghost anyhow. I went there what there was awesome, so these people more skipping through their that's, not desperation. that is not desperation Mama's in babies. an emotional attack on an individual. If you're, not thinking rationally, you hear that That is an emotional assault and is a manipulation tactic, and there I tell you this. you want to make me angry, really really fast, try and manipulate me, I'm not say I'm invincible. I grew up with with much a hacker bodies very well versed in social engineering. I know it. Manipulation looks like and it sets me off real quick, don't try it. You are, what you are very unlikely to succeed is possible, nobody's invincible. I was some people that you can be manipulated by people in medical and all the time.
When you play these gangs Mama's in babies. I know what you're doing and your disgusting you're completely disgusting a what a man and his daughter was just just died crossing the border. A woman and three three children to babies found dead from exhaust from heat from heat, stroker exhaustion. and now you're trying to say, don't worry you can come, we will criminalize it. So these people are coming thousands of miles risking their lives for your false promises, I'm just so disgusted by this behaviour. Look I want to protect people. Some people are willing, take the risk they shouldn't. Their kids are gonna, get hurt and it's happened, and now you ve got these statements. Worn told the wash unopposed earlier this month that she would seek to repeal criminal penalties for people apprehended while crossing the border right expect to see the numbers skyrocket now because of rhetoric like this, that there are people here and saying I now is our chance. We can come to Amerika there, not desperate they're, just
hey, you know it's like if, if somebody said here is a million dollars and a briefcase what you got across a pity lava people gonna go for moving to die, doing it. Ok, but you're safe. Where you are a lot of these people are Where they are. They just want that pot of gold and the rainbow because the grass is always greener. You know two viewed some migrants refugees in Athens, and they told me in some areas and at in Athens told me was a mistake they thought it was gonna, be so much better. The grasses greener it wasn't. It was worse another that now there truly desperate hot summer, migrants in France, they said the same thing. It was a mistake to come here. I was better off at home. They, thought it would be better when you have someone like war and say that they think they're gonna welcome us with open arms. The video no its not decide what's gonna happen, you really put us in a detention centre, you're really charged for criminals and the country you gotta be deported urinary, separated. We always really bad things, things that I dont like, but I'll tell you what we don't have a solution. Let you ought to do that
so great that we find bodies are not ok with that either. So I dont know what we can do. I don't. I know that she's making it worse, they say: warrens reported support, for the criminalizing undocumented border crossings follows reports of alleged unsanitary and unsafe conditions at micro detention centres on Tuesday it was announced Customers, customers, acting customs and border protection, see I just read it right. They spoke customers said see BP, Commissioner John Sanders. be stepping down. Ok. Well, I got more stories, more updates, so I'll stick around the next time it will be at four p m and that I was going a virtuous and censorship Youtube accomplished him cast. If you like, my content, you made it this far. Donate to you do not comes like Youtube, I'm sorry TIM cast our complex, donate but share the video. If, if you dont think the veto should be shared- and I don't know the views in the first place. So I printed anybody is willing to make that you have just do that's our complicated, but you don't have to.
and all I have more content for you coming up our four p m, and also this will be available as podcast on Itunes and Google and Spotify. Everyday around six. Thirty on new episode will go up check out the podcast. I will see you all the next day, major breaking news, the Donald Sub right. It has officially been quarantined on read it for those who are familiar with this means. First, the Donald is possibly the biggest hub for Donald Trump Support online and, according to one study, the source of mode of the means on the internet? I could be frightened Roma understanding, as they tracked means back to their source and found the Donald Sort, but it was one of the most prolific sources of means. I have the Donald pulled up. This is what you see it says. Are you sure you want to view the community? This community is quarantined quarantine, minus things about appearance, search on right, it their posts, no longer.
you're on all or on algorithmic. You know like when you go to write it. It shows you the most about all content, not anymore, not trump. they say it is restricted due to significant issues with reporting and addressing violations of the right of content policy. Most recently, the violations have included threats of violence against police and public officials as a visitor or member You can help moderators maintain the community by reporting and our voting rule breaking content. Are you certain? You want to continue no thank you or continue I dont know what'll happen. If I go from google- and here it may show me the same thing: ok, so when you, when you click it from Google, your presented with this message, so let's get him to do. We will collect continue. Yes, I'd like to see that the Donald now we have the top posts. Third, one minutes before filming this video, so I found around one hundred and thirty, I'm going to put this up for the six p dot m video. If you know it's going to screw order of all the other. This is a huge major update, let's
What what they're saying here in this major update, so it reads: Quarantine, Dear Motts, we on to let you know that you're community has been quarantined as outlined in red its content policy. The reason for the court, Over the last few months we have observed repeated rule, breaking behaviour in your community over reliance on right, it edmunds to manage users and remove posts that violate our content policy, including content that encourages or incites violence. Most recently we have observed this behaviour in the form of encouragement of violence towards police officers and public officials organ. This is not only in violation of our sight, wide support policies, but also your own community rules. You can find violating content that we removed in your mind, lots, ok, well If it's against the rules and their moderating it, then why are they commute that quarantining the whole community band these people who are doing this think about the problem here. Anyone can go into any sovereign. It and start posting like seriously
a vibrant, abrogating issue where people just make their accounts go to Bernie Sanders saw brought it and then say if they want and then what right, it's gonna quarantine them to you of a community that special the police that it's against the rules. How can you hold that them responsible if they absolutely our moderating it? What do you do to stop the prevailing? They say, as we have discussed in the past and at and as detailed in content policy and moderate or guidelines. We expect you to enforce against rural wrecking content. You ve made progress of the last year, but we continue to observe and take action on a disproportionate amount of rule, breaking behaviour, in this community. We recognise that you do remove powers that are reported, but we are troubled that violent content. More often goes unreported and worse is upvoted user reports and down votes are an essential way that right it's right. It functions to moderate content Lynn, thing or prohibiting them prevents you prevent you from moderating your community effectively because of this
disable in your custom styling. In order to restore these essential functions. Did you know there are bunch of other posts that a bunch of other subjects that disabled down votes are not exaggerating, and they are not contained. They say, as stated in our moderator guidelines, our goal is to keep the platform alive and vibrant, as well as to ensure your community can reach people interested in it accordingly. here are the specific terms of the quarantine and the next steps. We are asking from you as a amounting to resolve the situation, quarantine terms, they say, visitors to the community will see a warning that requires users to explicitly opt into viewing. This message remind users of the importance of reporting rule breaking content cost Styling has been disabled to restore the report and download buttons. We hope both these
Changes will help improve the signal around rural breaking conduct and approve improve your ability to effectively dress it next steps. You unambiguously unambiguously communicate to your subscribers that violent content as unacceptable. You communicate to your users that reporting is it poor, functional rudder and is essential to maintaining the health and viability of this community. Following that, will continue to monitor your community, specifically looking at report rate and for patterns of rule violating content under take any other actions. You determined to reduce the amount of rule violet and content following these changes will consider an appeal to lift the quarantine in line with the process outlined here. We hope that this process provides a viable way forward to restore the health of the community. However, if this situation continues to escalate will explore further actions, including the possible banning of your community, please confirm that you have received and understand this message. This is the message sent to us.
So per their request. I'm sharing with you interesting, let's plus opens up this is this is a list of what right it has removed the last thirty days. If you count not including the admin stripping me of most of my permissions, it amounts to fewer than one per day, it would seem they ve set. They ve set up an impossible standard as a reason to kill us before the twenty twenty election more soon and they have posts on twitter, but here's the image. Apparently these are the posts that they want to be removed. I guessed, I guess, band videos, project veritable, wait. What is
So what is this? He said this is the matter they said to us. So what I just right was the message from them are sharing with you, and here is a list of what right it has removed in the last thirty days, check it out right. It has removed breaking band video police escort muslim mob. You have removed a link to new project, veritable tech, insider blows, the whistles by PV media. Why was that removed? Why was very toss being removed? I don't know I don't know these are anti evil operations These are from admins. I guess a link to climb up. I don't know what these are, but I can say this. The Donald feels that it is an impasse simple task. Here we have on their statements from twitter. Here's want, we read it claims that doubt was quarantine because they have spent because they have to spend too much time removing content on the subway. It does the report of everything they had to do in the last month, including stripping me of my ability to do the job, the complaining about one per day.
They said so. This is, it looks like on average yeah about one per day there was to today than there was one two three four five, six, seven, eight nine. Yesterday there was to a week ago. Then there was about six eleven days ago. It it's what I do a handful of posts. This is crazy. The Donald is literally one of the biggest and look at the rules or on the rights has rules. They say racism. amateurs and will not be tolerated. Personal information is doctor is not not to be tolerated, no type of trap. tromp supporters. Only no mention is about other sovereign about being banned from other sub rights, no threats towards its all against the rules. So look. This is gonna, be permitted around this post where they claim ah, but the Trump supporters of breaking the rules and being violent right. It said so prove it. That's defamation read. It said there were threats against police. I kind of fine that hard to believe
at the Donald, the Blue lives matter, people would make threats against police. Maybe it was aggressive statements that were like you know boastful, but I'm may have to be. I'm sorry, I think you'll be hard pressed to fight. People believe that's true, but I'll tell you what the left is going to parade around. As fact they're going to say, Steve Mcdonald was violent, they were being violent. Therefore they had to be banned. They should have been banned time ago. These companies can lie. Twitter can say all like up I'll. Tell you one example: Why was mightily monopolised banned from twitter? What what we? we here. I want to give up specific and and say because it has been a while since the pot guessed. But when, like someone asked someone like you. Jack Dorsey. Why was Milo Band Dulcet Europe? No it'll plant like this, so why did you Ben Milo and they go well? Listen. You know. One people operate multiple accounts behind the scenes. That's against the rules will ban them
ah the average audience member says Milo was breaking the rules by running multiple accounts hold on. I never said that, in fact, in that situation. They never actually answered the question and that's what we hear look account. Daniel is banned from discord, they say, due to a violent past from who went. Why who made the posts? They don't say that get away with insinuating. You are breaking the rules and you are violent when you are not, even though at TAT its amount to about one per day. The dialogue has been quarantine. Censorship is here people they will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from winning. I I don't care of truck Windsor loses. I am not a trumpet arrangements interim person, I think the people of the right idea. Who can speak to the american public deserve to win. Tromp played the game. The same game is Hilary. He won the people on the internet spoke. They played the game, they knew what they were
going, but now we are seeing the most prominent from community censored. This is censorship. It's out the most egregious there's gotta be careful that can do it slow they do too fast. It would be in saying there's another twitter just popped up, as I was foaming from. what do they said? This is what happens if you try to access rights, the Donald page, quarantine and you get the message. So apparently this means they won't pop up on the front page any more for a long time, the Donald dominated flash, all so Oh, I guess figures out: whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, huge Carlos Maza, tweeted right. It claims to have an explicit policy against calls to violence it shot down somewhere before so why hasn't done anything about the Donald, the largest pro tromp sovereignty, which is littered with calls to violence?
Media matters for America a few days ago and bone there. It is right it takes action, censorship following the activism of Carlos Maza, welcome to your new world. It's gone crazy out their folks. I hope you're ready for that I'm gonna leave with the calls Martha thing, even though I do I only just for I just discovered it. That's huge there is. The Donald has been censored. Stick around. I got more laments coming up. This will be politeness. This elastic segment, I'm filming but it'll, come up in the front. So breaking news banks rang out the pod cast will be six thirty pm everyday TIM Kessler, Complex done. If you support my work, if you follow my content regularly,
you, may you may have heard me talk about what I call the chinese finger, trap, problem or or the finger trap problem. The idea like you, you don't know that those things are their little straw things. You put your finger on. You Paul. You can't fingers out if the push in and then you can get out it's a puzzle. It's meant to be counter intuitive. It's rare, very, very simple. You would assume pulling out your fingers is thing to do. Is not yet put your fingers in well one of the problems this exemplifies, where the problems we see, often on the left and the right to buy a lot on the left, to make the inability to think ahead. So you ve got a problem, and then instead of solving the problem, you jump to the obvious solution. You think, makes sense and make everything worse. They dont think about the ramifications of their actions case in point this tweet from cause your quarters, wayfare workers couldn't stomach. They were making beds to cage children full stop beds, don't case children. What are you talking about
they weren't making beds to cage children. No one at these detention centres is taking a stack of beds and surrounding children with them. I get what you're trying to say, but it still doesn't make sense. The beds aren't a comedy. you shouldn't for children who are being detained, they meet bets, she goes on. They asked the company to stop CEO said no tomorrow, there, walking out. This is what solidarity looks like a reminder that everyday people have real power. As long as we are brave enough to use it, that's right or cause your protest, or does these kids do not deserve I demand with their stop providing beds to children, these kids to be sleeping on the floor. It. No, they shouldn't that's absurd. The bed come isn't caging the children. She want the fictitious
agent or silly tweet, no one, it wayfarers, caging anybody there, helping these kids giving them beds. They need beds, they're sleeping on the ground. Please give them that's. What are you talking about? Listen, whether or not the kids have bad won't change. The fact there being detained so for Fort for profit is wholly. Please can we have? these kids out with toothbrushes and water and bets this. What I refer to as an example of the finger trap problem they think, oh, my god, we are providing supplies to a camp, let's Do that? Congratulations! You ve made the conditions worse and here she cheering it on all my god. While someone made a funny comedy said, that's great once wafer, fires them for leaving the job. Some of those illegals can apply for a job
work, these a win win a little a little too offensive for my taste, like is like saying illegal as a definition of a person. I would call them an illegal immigrant, fine, but I know I'm on pay, I'm pulling hairs, but let's look at the actual story here. What do we have a story about people who make beds forget, who think the kids shouldn't have beds. Ok, I don't know what you think should happen like should we do open the door and said go on kiddies out into the desert with all of you. Nobody wants to provide for you, so you're free to go, and then they just start aimless, wandering the desert. What do you think is going to happen its? It's insane. Do you think that by depriving the children of resources. The gutter It will say: ok, we're containing anymore. No, the kids. We put somewhere so given methods, this is such an insane story. My cut
I apologize. I have got me most people saying don't use the Lord's name in vain, and I respect that. So I apologise and I'll do better I'll do better for everybody. I try to be not offensive. Wayfare workers to walk off job over partnership with detention. Hunters, hundreds of employees of online home goods company call on it to stop furnishing border camps. Yes, because the kids should be sleeping on the floor from the guard. Hundreds of employees of the online home goods company wayfare we'll stay to walk on Wednesday in protest against involvement in furnishing border camps, employees, organizing the walk at the firms, Boston headquarters say they demanded the company's stop its partnership with a government contractor to provide beds with attained emigrants. We believe the current actions of United States and their contractors at the southern border do not represent an ethical business. Partnership. Wayfare should choose to be a part of a letter signed
by five hundred and forty seven employee said we have our tweet from wayfare vomited, your paws real quick, but it's him cast outcomes flashed on it. If you haven't already, I apologize, I can't keep track of how many times I mentioned this, but there's multiple wasted on it there. I won't keep it too long, because I know I say a lot, but I, but I really do require support, especially as Google is given the ban hammer to a lot of channels, and now I'm learning that suggestions are down share, the video, if you like it and think people should hear, I appreciated wayfare walkouts tweeted wayfarers, confirmed to be selling beds to the border camps. Employees asked for the order to be cancelled and management said. No. Everyone deserves a home. They can you're, safe and loved, and especially children, no matter where therefrom, but you're not offering them that the kids have nowhere to go. Many of these kids. Don't more came here by themselves unaccompanied! We would do it. What do we do with them? Ok, we put him in a detention centre at that capacity. My understanding
that's for the kids they're there. I don't know if you want to call him and it's a semantic debate. We can call me whatever they want, their kids being held in holding facilities, detention centers, whatever they're, not concentration camps, but they do need accommodations. If you don't provide them. Well, then, don't be surprised, you see photos of kids sleeping on floors. Plain and simple: through a contract with BC, up ass health, inhuman services, a Texas not for profit organization, Wayfare, ok, Wayfare sold two hundred thousand dollars worth of bedroom furniture to furnish a camp in Korea Springs Texas, we're up to three thousand. Children will be detained. Employee said well well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well done through a contract with bee the EP: S help inhuman services, a nonprofit. They sold beds Are you mean to tell me on nonprofit raised money for bed scissors it's him- sleep on a bed and the employees are refusing to do it. I'm sorry, I think we're confused
this is a story about leftwing activists trying to reject detention centres. The sounds story about a bunch of far right extremists who are angry, that their beds would cater would would accommodate children, migrant children on non profit sold the sold bought the bets. One cannot have raised a nonprofit had a contract to Dubai bets that sounds like activists helping the children and you're the one is going. This chinese finger trap right. These people think they're helping you're, making it worse and Abkhazia. Cortez is so insanely irresponsible. She infuriates me forty thousand retreats. Congratulations on nonprofit raised money for beds and your cheering on the children, not getting them. What did you see what is happening? Jeez when it comes to the, U S, government and Trot administration has come under fire for poor condition.
that border facilities and the deaths of at least six children. How about the seven people found dead crossing the border? Six kids great there were seven outside the camps, On Monday morning, threat of children were moved from an overcrowded facility. After attorneys who visited said, detainees were left with inadequate food, water and sanitation and official but Trot administration set on Tuesday that children detained in facilities did not need basic products like soap toothbrushes in blankets. I condemn that whole heartedly. I reject that and I condemn it in no uncertain terms. That statement is insane one hundred percent. I have no problem calling the regressive wept insane and calling these people insane if they think they can. How old kid
soap, toothbrushes or blankets or beds, and I would call a cause operators insane for cheering up the kids, not getting their beds. You know, I feel there are adults and there are children and Abkhazia Cortez and her her fans are children. They dont think about what comes next. They say we're protesting you're facility by taken the beds away from the kids, go. Ok, whatever you say, but guess what their then going to complain that there's no beds, what's your fault, dude man, very, they even obstructed the The humanitarian aid package in the letter to wayfare protesters asked the company to cease the contract and at eighty six thousand dollars the profits it has made thus far from these sales to raises a not for profit, immigration. Legal service, focusing on reuniting families and children separated the border raises cited, would welcome such a donation. I aunt
four races, reuniting families. I don't like the idea Found- was being separated. It's not a simple cotton resolution, but you're talking about taking money from a non profit and don't get to a different nonprofit that Red Red Reed plan they just There is called shoot from me: they're not paying attention they're, just saying: hey, let's do it and then they they make everything worse. We applaud. Wafer workers were walking up to protest, wayfare profiting from detention centres. Races wrote on its effects, twitter account, no one who works for company profiting from these camps would be standing idly by as children are dying. This takes a village, thereby outside man. In response to the letter, the leadership team at Wayfare said it would continue to fulfil orders for all customers acting within the laws of the countries in which it operates. This does not
indicate support for the opinions or actions of the groups or individuals who purchased from us. They made the right choice. Companies should not be making political decisions period to well nodded. The back to a certain degree accept this, but what but listen we're talking about kids who need beds and what to do with Kids. Where do we or do we help them? What have they committed than? We are not talking about like the clan trying to have a rally where they lay in beds we're talking about facilities where children are stating that a bad conditions and we have an opportunity to fix that are causing a desert. What does our arms and their screaming about how happy she has to hurt these gets? leave their men onawandah onawandah prattle on the subject for forever. We you get the point of corporate taxes. Happy can soon have beds headline there. All we more paragraph because they dimension of the people the action received, support on Tuesday. From Bernie Sanders unless with Warren, as well as prominent, progressive lawmakers, including air sea, and I personally Bravo Democrats thank you for ensuring
Children have no bad stick around. I got one more story coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see you shortly We got a few different stories for this segment, but the most important breaking news: the White House, is calling a social media summit move comes as Facebook and Google are under attack in Washington. Tromp claims sites are biased against him. He would be correct for the most part. I want to stress for those that didn't see my earlier video. The point I want to make sure is very clear: there are employees at many these companies that lean left for the most part right, there's obviously can Germany's Orpheus companies has lost its about this. They dont real. As their biased for the most part, some of them do. Some of them are overt, but some people think they're being moderate by banning conservatives because they think the far left as the centre. So, let's not take them at their word action speed! louder than words and let's look at the evidence on email leaked from berytus statements from employers.
He's a whistle blower from in the company make it clear as day certain functions, mechanics within the company Google otherwise our biased against conservatives period. Well, following this, There will be a White House social media summit on July, eleventh aiming to have a robust converse patients are online platforms at a time when they are under increasing attack and here's a red do for those have been following. It was recently made clear that my videos no longer get the same kind of recommendations. They used to its a complicated problem, but suffice it to say new subscribers, are going to see my videos less when watching content on you too, you know what fine doesn't Africa, my videos, this They still do, recommend my content, but in other ways, so you know what gonna TIM Cassock sliced, and if you want support my work, modernization option, crypto physical address, very many, many options. Most importantly, if you like this video and feel like, I do a good job, please consider
sharing its because I am now going to rely on you and not Youtube to do the motion. If we, if that, if that works for you, if not, then so be it, I don't deserve the views anyway. I'm gonna keep doing my thing. I must start by written the story and a couple other funny political stories and some other big. To give you a heads up. Trop bought the you two masthead for tonight's debate, this huge we'll get to that in a second them Why does confirmation of the summit came after present trumped dial that this criticism of tech companies on Wednesday morning? He said in an interview on Fox Business network that online giants just Google Facebook are trying to rigged the election while twitter ink is making it for users to follow him. Ministration move appears to suggest the White House and republican allies will make a legit anti conservative bias a major issue heading into the twenty twenty election, as they did in twenty a team. Please please. I appreciate it Wall Street Journal. I think you do a good job, but alleged bias. You ve got employees so
thus there is a video from from last September of Google CO under saying I am offended by this election. That's not a legit antics. Of bias. It's a literal, video evidence of that being biased against conservative. If you wanna talk specifically about alleged policy bias and argue that their their actions that their personal feelings on the their policy, make the argument. I still don't believe it, but we're not talking about an alleged Andy Conservative, biased we're talking on, employs straight up over and over and over again saying this. It is not a legit anymore. It's a fact period, saying: there's a biased issued on twenty right. the online companies have denied accusations. They try to suppress conservative speech, but conservatives Can you to raise concerns the big platforms ability to influence how content is consumed on the internet? They make it much harder for me to get the message: Trunkful Fox business. These people are all Democrats, it's totally biased towards Democrats, Big, bigger companies, are also under growing pressure in Washington, overcomes
friends about their size and reach. The Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission recently took steps that set the stage for possible anti trust investigations of some major tech businesses, including alphabet ink unit, Google and Facebook. A White House spokesman said Wednesday. at the July. Eleventh event will bring together digital leaders for robust conversation on the opportunities and challenges of today's online environment. Good first step, glad to see something is happening will solve any problems. I really don't know obviously tromp is aware of this he's mentioned at trumped juniors tweeted about it. The story, this huge and is being spent Even though there it's getting mentions now, because of trumpets, they'll being very like fairly big omitted right, the media is not getting into an ingredient, what's happening, you, it's bias. Left wing outlets have confirmed this, yet I guess they there met.
The cat out of the bag gives MOTO it's my understanding broke the story about Facebook, Ban, getting rid of conservative news and the verge covered served E Bryn, saying the election offended him in that trunk. Voters don't hold its values, that's bias period. Can we move on from here? I've got too funny social media stories. This one is huge, we're going to social media second year acronym tweeted huge, head of a democratic debate. Tonight, Real Donald Trump purchased, the Youtube masthead one of the most Spencer, Digital advise on the market, more people. see this placement, then we'll catch tonight's debate. Trump is a madman, maybe not him, but his people know the game. I'm surprised they haven't taken action on social media censorship. Earlier his team knows
full. Well, you tube dotcom master. This is ridiculous. Listen, Google is wanting, go to Google there's no ants, you type in the search you get AIDS related search, you gotta to dot com and the first two videos? You see our Donald Trump RE election campaign, so they're, not they're, not Ignorant to have social media is used to effectively like prop up their campaign. This is an amazing example. In my opinion of Trump and its campaign having real internet savvy, here's the thing concerned understand means period some of the best means have been generated by the Donald Sabra. That's a fact. There was the most prolific means we're we're being generated by fortune and the Donald. That's all it's been. These are Mean Smith's. It's. What an in fact, one of the greatest means. Myths today is carpet dont them. I'm not saying it's like his means. I'm they are far, and I'd shared by the President, some of the most popular means ever made. Therefore,
a little snippet videos that convey ideas and conservatives get this. The left can't mean they really can't, and this presents a huge disadvantage for Democrats going into twenty twenty and for two, sixteen, as well so long as you have the fun counterculture comedy, humor, etc. On the right, the left won't happen. There are. Some personnel is on. The left, I think, do a great job. I think H. Bomber guy is pretty funny and I think Contra points is pretty funny. They're not meant to be funny, they funny moments like their continent, so I can respect that too, and that is a powerful tool for spreading their message. Fun seriously cannot havin fun. nobody wants to hang out with you. So this is a good example. The masses are really great example of the of just once again conservatives understanding the Sab the internet. They need get on top of the bias, otherwise their doom, but now for the inverse, quite possibly the most insane thing. I've ever seen attempted
and this shows the left can't mean kind of bill- the Plaza tweeted lucky to have the talented, debater dandy De Palacio, helping me to get ready for Wednesday, and what do we have here? Why it's a series of messages shared between a bill, the Plaza and his son Dante, and I swear to God. It was written by one person point two year old intern who doesn't know how humans interact with each other. This is the problem the left has with winning elections right now So let's wait a little bit of this item, one with its a whole thing's nonsense. Dante is from Bill Dante. The debates coming up, I am preparing intensely, but I must admit, I'm a little nervous. What advice would you have for me question mark thanks, love, you dead, hey, dad! I'm glad you asked I've got a few ideas. First of all, you're going to want to establish credibility, especially among sceptical young voters, tell them the story of how you met mom, while working as a young Stafford City Hall, and we went into a reflection about how hard it is to find like
the one on tender find like the one: ok guys, recruiters, ok, but I'm looking for maybe a little more universal message. Ah, ok! Well in a time of unprecedented national division, one thing we can all agree on our dogs you're, going to want to build your platform and debate performance around them, bring photos better. Yet bring a litter of puppies than the debate stage. Have them smother your foes it'll be a dorms adores. I always takes my dad. That's toads Dobbs, like you know what I mean, I would be willing to bet a substantial amount of money. This script was written by a woman, I'm not saying that to be a deck or disparage women. On saying that, I really don't see a dude sang at Doha herbs. Maybe I'm wrong. Can we really funny when it turns out it's true? They really did write this notice weirdos, That is definitely a creative approach, but how about something that allows? it to stand out by talking about my accomplishments. I need to impress the american people
I showing them, I'm a can do guy. Oh ok, in that case, tell people that, and why she was just Staten Island when you started your first term whom well, why don't we ve always know there's another message. He's at where we want to hold on. He says why don't we focus on technique? Instead, you were a champion better. Tell me how I can rely. I can really make my president's my presence felt on the stage. Ok, I hear you this one's a sure thing: Dunk I'm thinking you under the stage at a jog and do a Zion Leap over the moderator to the rim, total power move related Lee. It would be great if you could clarify some of these NBA trade. Rumours because I for one, am confused well. That certainly would get attention. Let me think about it. Of course, just make sure you don't over thing
make sure your message is straightforward. Talk about your accomplishments and treat your pants with respect. You'll. Do great thanks, coach love! You no problem! Love! You first point: I want to make about how in saying this as punctual, perfect, nobody uses punctuation when their texting each other. This is alive. It's a fraud. I say EL, the plaza you do not understand social media or means, and this reads like a terrible scrip written in ten minutes, not, but you like, first of all, where's any of the common show and on. Why would they be texting themselves? This anyway, wonder just be like Don t. Give a minute to talk about the debate could use your advice, then phone call and good luck. Dad wishing you the best who talks to their yourself I say this if this is real, but applause yields are weird step. Bird wives, like people that are there the robots. Ok, I think you got at the point is Trump knows the game. The left doesn't the left, is losing on social media, so they ban people
Aeronauts, I run us all ended here. Stick around more seconds to come and I will see you shortly.
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