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Trump Takes MAJOR Polling Lead Against Biden, Democrats PANIC, Shift Message As Riots BACKFIRE


The latest poll from Democracy institute has Trump beating Biden in many key battleground states and nationally.The poll also shows how Joe Biden and Democrats are desperately trying to shift their message as they realize Americans do not like the far left and BLM.The Democrats panic suggests a lack of cohesion and likely further decline in polling numbers. Support for BLM backfired and Democrats took too long to correct. Trump is facing a potential landslide over this blunder

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I'm sure by now. Most of you know about what happened. Last night in Portland Tromp supporter walking down the street tragically, had his life taken from him. And only a couple days ago, Donald Trump offered federal assistance to this city and them your TED Wheeler rather disrespectfully said no. You can just say no. He sent a disrespectful letter to the president. And now we have one of the worst nights in the eye, ongoing unrest and it could have been avoided. I'm sure if you know about what happened in Canosa, Wisconsin already well regular p, are taken notice and this is backfiring twixt. Dream degree on these democrats. They could have just said yes, but because everything that Trump does is wrong. They said no every step of the way. I remember one lorry Lightfoot said I dont need leadership, lesson from Donald Trump and rejected federal assistance, and then only
a week or two later the city was ransacked. Well, here's the breaking news: U S! Election! Twenty twenty tromp handed huge boost, as Biden, makes major mistake exclusive Paul Donald Trump- is on course for a clear victory in the: U S, presidential election after you- a three point lead over Joe Biden in an exclusive Paul for this Unex and you know why, because people in this country have had enough of months of extremism, but the Democrats have done a thing in fact, early on, they were fanning the flames of this from Abkhazia cause Cortez sank, stay in the street. It's working the common area, saying they should not let up well, they didn't and many will have now lost their lives. Many businesses have been destroyed. Many people have cried watching their loved ones be taken from them in Seattle For instance, we still don't have justice or closure on the people their lives taken from them. They're no Chaz Incident now Donald Trump,
could have invoked the insurrection act a long time ago, but the constitution, while the constitution says the federal government isn't supposed to intervene and local affairs, so we could have invoke the insurrection act and just trampled all over that, but he's respected the state's right to deal with these problems on their own. The only problem is they haven't, so we have more breaking news in Canosa A or I'm sorry. It was constant. Someone is putting together a recall effort of the governor specifically saying they don't feel safe and our cities are burning and mind you. The governor. There did accept trumps offer for federal assistance recently, one of the fur I believe the first to actually do it, but their dont care, they're, fed up and now we're seeing not just this one pole showing tromp ahead, but in the aggregate Joe Biden is doing. Stand. Surely worse than Hillary Clinton dead. At the exact same time suggesting we may see Donald Trump take a landslide
and that's assuming that come election time. Everything goes as planned, but, of course, the Democrats are still pushing mail in voting, and we have a big breaking story from the New York Post. Apparently, an operative engages in voter fraud has confessed to the poor, under the under the condition of anonymity, explaining what they do and why they do it, but out of fear of prosecution, they wouldn't give up their name. However, it appears in your post has confirmed this. Voter fraud is very the very real and, of course, the media keep saying that Donald Trump has no evidence for any of his claims. Inaccuracies or fraud, even though we see it over and over again, for instance, the first universal mail and vote in New Jersey and Patterson was nullified and a new vote was, ordered and twenty twelve the New York Times reported. The more male in ballots. You,
more inaccuracy and more fraud, but for some reason the Democrats and their allies and media keep saying it's fake news. That's my biggest fear. So, let's, let's start from beginning here, we gotta major pole. Donald Trump is probably gonna. Win. Democrats are playing dirty game. Such read. The news before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome. Slash done it. If you'd like to support my work as many ways you can give us a p. O box would like to send me stuff, but the best thing It was share this video. I dont have a big marketing department like CNN or MSNBC, or even Fox news. I just have you if you think I do a good job and what I'm saying is important and people should hear it. Please consider sharing this video ever you can and if you really want to support me just to subscribe button, the like button, the notification Bell, let's revenues from the ex from expressed our code
UK, they say, according to the latest Monthly Democracy Institute Sunday Express Pole, president Tromp has forty eight percent of part of the popular support over Vice President Biden. Forty five percent in the keys swing states the gap even bigger, with forty nine percent for trot to forty two percent for Biden giving the incumbent. U S, president, almost on A saleable seven point led. This is one of the first poles to show Donald Trump with aim with a massive led, a bow, of Joe Biden. It was only a few weeks ago. They show that Joe Biden, a double digit, led now. It's flipped for Trump, and the important thing here is its one Paul, and I think the poles are all broke. But I've got some more data. Show you to back up why I believe this is it's actually likely accurate.
I would not be surprised at this point. Everything we ve seen would lead to a Donald Trump Landslide victory, but hey don't get complacent. I will be making sure to go out and vote in person and you better to the same. They say since the democracy. Since the Democracy Institute Paul in August a crucial month which saw the Democrat Republican conventions, the president has gained a point in the swing states, while his opponent has lost a point significantly. The latest poll shows that twenty one percent were positively influenced to vote for Trump after the Rnc, but a negligible. Eight percent were inspired to vote for Biden after the Dnc Trump is set to win Minnesota four thousand two hundred and forty five Florida, forty seven four and New Hampshire where he just how they major rally? Forty seven to forty three New Hampshire, that's EAST coast, Mass, crazy red state and also appears
clear that? U S, voters have already made up their minds: the mere three percent of Trump voters and nine percent of Biden supporter suggesting they could have a change of heart on polling day on November. Third think about that trunk voters know they are voting trump Biden, voters, nine percent, not too sure they might flip Patrick machine. The director of the democracy, instant said at the pole confirms that the Democrats completely miss, read the factor the black lives matter, protests and the desire of Americans to restore law and order in the wake of riots and anarchic protest. He said in any political campaign there's a moment that tells you which way the electoral wind is blowing in? Sears american presidential campaign. The moment arrive on Wednesday, Joe Biden, He stated his support for the peaceful protests, but crucially condemned the violence that has come to dominate months, long nationwide, protest movement and every single quote from Free Single Democrat will exist for ever to haunt them. These riots,
and the end. The violence that came along with him didn't come from a vacuum and come out of nowhere. It really emerged because they had made the stream support from the establishment media and their politicians pop political allies. Like the Democrats, if we had all just come out, and I mean the Democrats and said no and the violence would have stopped. The police could have done their job, but even Joe Biden stepped in it, when asked by an activist, would he support diverting funds from police? He said yes, there was the core message of defined the police. He later had to walk back and say no, no. I want more funding for police. They realized too little too late that the protests which led devolved, which which led to riots and violence, were not popular some people.
Didn't mind the peaceful protests and they had a shield in the media. The media has repeatedly said peaceful every step of the way and Americans have had enough. They ve seen it and they ve snapped they gone Say quote one candidate changes to three quarters of the way through the rice. It is not because he knows he holds a winning hand. He does so because the electoral ground is shifting beneath his feet. Take that to heart Joe Biden changed his message several times because he realized they back on the wrong horse to lie Donald Trump, either the whole time consistently sang enough the binding pain made. This move for one simple reason: its own, internal pulling numbers revealed what democracy institutes and Express poles have shown for the past three mm. The overwhelming majority of Americans, including black voters, are opposed to the organised anarchy. There really funny way of raising him. I do looting, vandalism, mayhem and more, ring of innocent people explicitly and em,
pleasantly cheered on by a considerable cabal of democratic politics won't even large number simply turn a blind eye. What, if I were to tell you that, after all of this, a democrat politician, came out and said yeah. We know this just happens after men as life taken from him. You'd probably say no way TIM, they couldn't be that callous. They couldn't be that blind from the hill. Just this morning. Demagogues Portland, shooting is what happens when Homeland Security is politicized. That's right, it's not the fault of the writers or the far left the extremists, it's the fault of Trump, and that in the partner of homeland security they say, Rep Val Deming on Sunday called the shooting death during violent. Just between Pro Trump and let us demonstrators in Portland what happens as a result of homeland security being politicized. This is exactly what happens when Homeland Security
intelligence community. The military who are charge of protecting our homeland are politicized. Deming also call on president dropped to directly address protesters in Portland to alleviate tensions. Would it be nice for the present the United States to take the microphone or the airwaves and send a message for peace and calm. This now more than ever, at a time when we need to hear from the president of the U S, but the chaos and disorder and lawlessness. We are currently seeing that's Donald Trump America, a truck support or walking down the street shot twice in the chest. That's Donald, trumps, America, Donald Trump, who offered real assistance just two days ago. Two days ago It was TAT, Wheeler saying we don't want it. That's Donald Trumps, America, yeah you're, right, you're, right
It's the Democrats and the citizen states that are making it that way, Trump as the President Shore, he could have invoked the beat the insurrection ACT, but you know what he was, letting Democrats run their own their own jurisdictions and he wasn't going to intervene and invoke this law to to supersede the constitution. I'm not gonna blame him for what these Democrats are doing? He was there ready, willing and able, and still is they still reject him. Only governor avars, I believe, actually took him up on the offer. Well, I want to show you something. This is just one Paul, we'll take a look at this Benny Johnson tweeted guys it's gonna, be a landslide. Take a look at the real, clear politics: electoral spread average. Four years ago, Clinton had nine Wisconsin bind us three point: five. We can see this trend across the board Clinton at an eight point, six percent pulling led Biden, two point: six Ohio Clinton had three point: two Tibetans, two point: three Pennsylvania continent: seven point: six divines four point: seventy three point, Joe Biden in the
aggregate polls, is doing worse than Hillary Clinton in most battleground states. In fact, in some where Clinton was I had last time, Trump is now ahead, notably in Iowa in North Carolina in some places like Arizona Look Biden has had a trump is not perfect, but it does show clearly favourable data for Donald Trump, maybe saying but TIM cut on. Surely they fix their poles and we can see that, but it is still ahead. A new study suggest poles are missing shy, Trump voters from Bloomberg. They say a new on Wednesday. Fines are publicans, and independence are twice ass, likely as Democrats to say they would not give their true opinion in a telephone pull question about their preference for present and in twenty election. That raises the possibility that poles under state support for President Donald Trump and this we have known that
at last goes beyond just the polls in Wisconsin on effort has been launched. To recall Tony effort. Tony covers a Burlington woman launch different Friday to recall the governor and also the lieutenant governor sang The citizens of its content right now feel extremely unsafe. We are not willing to stand by and watch our cities burn its Donald Trump, whose routinely called them out its Donald Trump, who just this morning, COS the Portland mayor, a fool saying you need to bring in the National Guard, he's right, I'm agreeing with Donald and the mayor needs to be the one to say. Yes, the mayor has they all his own city, they occupied his own. Andy Lobby and the cops didn't respond. Initially, I believe much or if they are actually came. His neighbors were upset apparently-
according to some reports, throwing things out the window at the extremists, they're taking over city streets and tromp has been saying. I will shut it down. You give me the word in the shows the fact that Trump won't forced his way, and I believe Good leadership. The fact that Donald Trump is allowing these cities to govern themselves. The way their legally supposed, who shows good leadership tromp is not decide two slammed on an iron fist and come in and take control somewhat suggest he should, but I don't think we should wish it. I don't think so. I believe the insurrection ACT should be a last ditch effort as a last resort when the streets are nothing but mayhem and nothing can function right now. Yes, we have violence, we have an escalation in the rioting, but it is still up to the local authorities to deal with it and if the people won't rise up themselves. Well, maybe that's that's that's the point at which Trump, come in, but for the time being, the people who live in these cities have to stand up and order or recall and shit,
when their democratic leaders, otherwise I dont believe it's troms place. If you a substantial amount of people in these jurisdiction. Saying please, tromp come like they're starting this ain't on these areas. Then I believe Trump should come in and and shut down these ineffective politicians who are causing all these problems, but I want to show you some of the aftermath and I will show you why people are fed up with Democrats. Take a look at this. The daily collar says CNN, Dana Bastion unto Adam chef about Portland and Canosa quote. Do you have any reason to believe that Russia is trying to fuel some of the civil unrest in some of these cities by US social, media or other methods. Now that I find absolutely amazing its Russia's fall there trying to blame, There are viral trends where they say you know: trumps riots, trumps violence, but its not working regular people are blaming their local politicians. You see what these Democrats and these left us on twitter donors,
and is that people in local areas pay attention to local news and local politics, but to them because their only on twitter. They only think nationally. Regular people like where I met they talk about the governor an urban and the mayor's the local councils. They may talk. Little bit about the federal level, but for the most part, their concern with their own community wise. My business closed, whilst the fault of this councilman, not Donald Trump, yet you get this from CNN Russia. Did it trumped at it? I'm sorry that says nothing to the american people especial after years of screening Russia to turn out to be fake. I can only imagine this is just another part of everything backfiring, because we have this. Video treated by Brendan This is from Washington Dc C,
It is encouraging this crowd of protesters to fight the cops on the front line. Saying he's ready to put them in graves, that's what you have in the streets, that's what Joe Biden supported and still supports. Let me, let me make sure I can. I can make us clear. Joe Biden said it's time for action. He treated that he said the black lives matter. Protests are good, not realising this is a black lodge a protest. This is not the riot these people gathering in DC we're not going around and an NGO attacking people, including the looters exist. This was the protest. Peacefully standing about saying it's time to put cops and graves then they go out and do it so regular people see it thus, and they say the only reason there going on doing it because Joe Biden commonly are supported them and encouraged more of it. That's what the the express was pointing out with this democracy instead study Joe Biden slowly starting to flip the script, because he realized
his internal pulling its showing up down lemon set it, and now they will reap what they have some merry player and ancillary tweeted. I may say, urban mom and I will be enthusiastically and unapologetically voting for Real Donald Trump in November law and order Mary Clare, is. She works for short education policy and analysed at the heritage foundation. Now perhaps she's just a conservative. I will be voting for tribe anyway, but Trot said that suburban housewives want law and order, and they will support him over. This, I think, is correct and I think the poles are showing it's gonna happen. I mean we just saw the iron range in Minnesota Democrat Stronghold, set six their cities endorse Donald Trump. I think we're looking at a landslide. You do, but all our show you something else you at an inn in line with all of this thinking just relating to what
and so far with all of the unrest and why I think people are fed up is just another point: Cassandra, fair banks. You may know her she's, a conservative rapporteur. She tweeted out an opinion about pile Rittenhouse that she thinks he did nothing wrong. Cassandra fair banks was suspended for this. That's right: Cow Rittenhouse has not been found guilty of any crime he's been charged. A judge has delayed the extra extradition hearing from Illinois. We don't know what they will find and there is no files final determinate and on what Rittenhouse did yet. They still suspended Cassandra Fairbanks Facebook announced they will ban any and all praise or support for Kyle Rittenhouse but what about to tell you that Anti fought organizes every single day on Twitter and what our lives it may do over on Google? I did. Some
SIMPLE. I Google searched Andy, no anti for twitter, organizing and there's a bunch of posts. Not all of them show anti of organizing, but many of them do you pull it up and what are you It is anti, no twinning at a screenshot where they call for action. They say be there this Saturday at new in the area around what's happening, we will be out to monitor letting people know where to go and what to do? Here's one, let's see if this one is other paused there anti of our organizing a riot and saw these Portland again their meeting at Laurel Horst Park. This was a tweet Twitter is allowing the far left extremists to organise in real time and rally people to show up and its resulting in people. Losing their lives Sondra Fairbanks reporter too didn't opinion that she got to say,
for now we I can show you all these things, and I can say that Donald Trump is going to win, but I think the most important story is this: from the New York Post confessions of a vote or fraud saying quote: I was a master at fixing mail in ballots from John Levine, atop democratic operative says, voter fraud, especially with mail in ballot, is no myth, and he knows this because he's been doing it on a grand scale. For decades, mail in ballots have become the latest flashpoint, the twenty one elections didn't tromp energy, Opie, warn of widespread manipulation of the act of absentee votes that will swell with covered appalling restrictions. Many Democrats and their media allies have dismissed such concerns as unfounded, but the political insider who spoke on the condition condition of anonymity, because he fears. Prosecution, said fraud is more the rule than the exception. His dirty work has taken him through the weeds of municipal and federal elections and Patterson Atlantic City, Camden, Newark, Hoboken and Hudson count
and his fingerprints can be found in local legislative mayoral, an congressional races across the garden state, some of the biggest names and highest office holders in New Jersey have benefited from his tricks. According to campaign records, post, reviewed and election. That is so on election that a swayed by five hundred votes, a thousand votes. It can make a difference. The tipster said it could be enough to flip states. The whistle blower whose identity rap sheet and long history working as a consultant to various campaigns were confirmed by the post says he is not only. He has not only chow things about himself over the years, but lead teams of fraudsters and mentioned at least twenty operators in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, a critical twenty twenty four state Donald Trump offer this man complete immunity and have him
come out and name names. Please get this guy on public record, testifying before Congress. Please have him testify to the FBI, to whoever and and do what you have to do to make sure he can get the way these people out the New York posts, as they ve confirmed. It quote. There is no race in New Jersey from City Council to U S? R? U S on it that we haven't worked on. I worked on a fire commissioners, Racin Burlington County, the smaller the race, the easier it is do a Bernie Sanders die hard with no horse in the presidential race. He said he felt compelled to come forward in the hope that states would act now to fix the glaring security problems present in male and balance. This is a real thing he said, and there is going to a effing war coming November. Third, over the stuff, if they who how the sausages made they could fix it. Mail in voting can be complicated. Tough enough that eighty four
a new Yorkers had their male devotes thrown out in the June twenty third democratic presidential primary for incorrectly filling them up for political prose, therapies, a cake in New Jersey for example, it begins with a blank melon ballot delivered to a registered voters in a large envelope inside the package is a return envelope a certificate of male. Motor which the voter must sign and an end the ballot itself. That's when the election spring, they fraud springs and action phony ballots. The Berlin has no specific security features like a stamper watermark, so the insider said he would just make his own ballots. I just put the ballot through the happy machine and it comes out the same way, but the return envelopes are more secure than the ballot. You could never recreate the envelope he said so they had to be collected from real voters. He would have him up its fan out going house to house convincing voters to let the male completed bouts on their behalf as a public service the fraudsters his minions would then take the sealed envelopes home.
Hold them over boiling water, you have to steam it to loosen the glue. He would then Remove the real ballot placed the counterfeit ballot inside the signs are difficult and receive the envelope. Five minutes per ballot tops the incentives that he took care not to stuff the fake bouts into just a few public mailboxes, but sprinkle him around town. That way, you have voiced the attention that foil, they sloppy Vodafone operation and any Patterson New Jersey City Council raise this year where nine hundred ballots were found in just three mailboxes. If they had spread them in all different mailboxes, nothing would have happened if tempter said sometimes postal employer in the scam you ve oh man who was a rabid, anti trumped guy and is working for bed working in bed minster or some republican stronghold. He can take those filled out bell. And knowing ninety five percent are going to a Republican? He can just throw those in the garbage.
Some cases, male carriers were members of his work crew and would sift ballots from the mail and hand them over to the operative dimension, nursing homes, voter impersonation, bribing voters. It just goes on and on and on he says there is nothing new about these techniques. I'm sorry honey, VON sauce Bukovsky said there is nothing new about these techniques. He's a senior legal fellow at heritage who manages the election LAW reform initiative. Everything is talking about is perfectly possible They say, while federal law warns of prison sentences of up to five years, busted voter frauds have seen far less punishment in twenty eighteen, a text woman was sentenced to five years and there is on a man. Busted for voting twice in the mail was given just three years probation a study by the conservative Heritage Heritage Foundation found more than one thousand instances of documented voter fraud in the U S, almost off of which occurred over last, almost all of which occurred over the last twenty years.
Trot maybe on track to win. He may have everything on his side and it probably won't matter because the Democrats are forcing for no reason. Universal mail in voting doktor Bergson vouches had voted. Voting in person is safe. They don't care we'll see others plays out, but I hope you have taken the events of last night seriously. I guess we only wait and see next signal becoming up at Youtube. Got Youtube Dotcom, slashed him cast news at six p m. Thanks, rang it up and I will see Well, then, it seems to be the case that almost every morning, when I do one of these riot segments, I have to inform you that last night was the worst night we have seen yet, and it's true in Portland, a man believe to be a tromp supporter wearing blue lives matter. Patch was executed and I mean it. This wasn't a clash. This was in some one fighting with someone else. It was quite litter.
Really a man seen walking down the street, you hear someone yell, something like we ve got another there's some honest, eligible garbled right here, some I believe he said we got another trump or right here. I don't know that's what he said. He makes it something else, and then this extremist leftist fires, two shots, killing them in shooting in the chest. There's no fight There is no scuffle, it was just a guy walking down the street. You know it's funny. Is I laughed when Scott Adams said Republicans will be hunted and I think it's because is met me because I and many other people probably took the most extreme interpretation of what that meant. Like you know, a bunch of crazy leftists, you know like like the movie, the hunt like tracking people down and running in the industry, and things like that, but I think the simpler interpretation is that they are they just were. They were looking for tromp supporters. They found
on and they killed him. The funny thing about all of this- and I don't mean funny highs- mean like that. The weird thing is that, their claiming the same thing about Kyle Rittenhouse, and it made me realize. I believe that I'm for talk is over. I there's no negotiating at this point. I don't look at me, is moving forward. I don't you can take it. You, however, you want, but listen when Kyle written House in Canosa was trying to protect the unity and he was rendering aid to the rioters. He got threatened by a violent and angry mob there's video of this, but do men who died were actually threatening him and other and his friends earlier in the night. We know that Rittenhouse was working in canal shock was, according to his defence mind you, the rifle, wasn't fraught taken from across state lines. The business owner, asked for help and the guy was rendering aid they attacked him. They chased him, someone fired and Kyle
defended himself. We ve seen the videos are what happens when people dont defend themselves. The man on the ground in Oregon when that guy keys, love or whatever runs up and put them in the face when you give in they take advantage and they stop you Coronel Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself now he's being charged with six council. I believe homicide even though the according to the defence, the States witness wasn't even there, but his extradition is be to let his extradition hearing is being delayed. Socio that plays out worthwhile at a point where we can watch the videos. We have the New York Times saying it was offence, but the laughed says it was murder. The left says he was hunting. The left says: that if you are defending yourself, it is an act of extremism and Facebook will ban you if you praise him or defend him in any way
and go find me shut down the fundraiser Forest legal defence while supporting the extremists who destroying buildings and burning down our communities. Communities. There's only one path forward based on everything were seeing. Our communities to burn the police. Aren't showing up a trop supporter was just executed in the street. I mean quite literally they yelled, we got one turned: bang, bang dead, no note fucking nothing, they saw the guy and they said. That's all. I need to see dead What is the left saying now I'd be surprised if it anyway, They came out and said this was bad or I do know, though probably say: oh no. The senseless violence must stop, but what I'm seeing as many of these people on the left have been lying about. Cairo house nonstop, and we know, because we watch the video and we ve actually read the news that he was devoting himself. You can still
argue it was wrong. You can still argue that he shouldn't have been out. All of those things are fine, but to act like he was a white nationalists Militia member, who was hunting people down in trucks? That's what they're saying one person even said: he killed three kids, which is not what happened. It doesn't matter, though, I dont know what they say about this, but I'm assuming nothing as we have already seen, people being beaten and we ve already seen thirty dead before the latest extremest killings, the latest extremist involve like involved killings, like you know, right, related deaths and said nothing and they ve continually called for more or cause your Cortez called for more commonly Harris called for more Joe Biden called for more I'm not making that up common viruses says they should keep going a yo see. Tweeted stay in the street is working well
people were dying in the riots while people what we found a corpse in an in a Bart down shop when David or was gunned down, because somebody wanted to steal a tv, they had the nerve to say, keep going unit. I've said, stop, know enough. You did. I said when people asked what can pete what what I ve been asked time and time again, what can we do to stand up against us and what we do to stop this, I specifically said, do not engage and do not go out like this is you what happened last night was a large group of Trump supporters were rallying, they were driving their trucks through Portland they're allowed to do that. This resulted in a lot of fights income but this is exactly why I said it's not what you should do. However, I did say peaceful protest. So. I guess I don't know how to tell you it's a peaceful protest. Nonviolent civil disobedience. You know old Ladys, guarding statues, but for them
part. The only thing I've really ever side you need to do is speak up for yourself. The problem is. If you go into Portland, you know what they are looking for, and you know what they want, and you know the media is on their side. This guy does a lot of What are you talking about it, and I think it's going to this. This may be the shot heard round the world that gives Trump a landslide victory. And I think, before any of this escalates into a full on full scale. War Trump willed win a resounding victory already. I gotta tell you man, some poles are coming out and it is shocking. I don't believe it. I'm trot of untried. Of that. These points vision is unlike there's no way tromp is now. Nationally leading Biden by several points, there's no way trump is leading a battleground states by six point with these porter started pop up. That's why? Because regular people can. Watch the video of a guy walking down the street and someone you only got one: Bang Bang and it's scary their showing up to people's homes.
And I said this is gonna happen and it s funny, because you know I I do not imagine this, but it is I hate to say I told you so rights that this online and but I warned earlier this year that this is exactly what would happen. I warned I was thinking about you not talkin, someone movement. When my family I was thinking about several years ago. When we, ah the escalation in in Berkeley But you know people holding a Trump rally in an Anti VA shows up. It beats people, those explosives, several years ago, but I said I think civil wars coming, and I said I think by the time I'm thirty five- it will be, you know really just full on chaotic. I still don't know. If that's true, I am not yet thirty five, but I will be thirty five in about seven months. So what
Maybe maybe I was right. What we're seeing right now, I can't imagine, will de escalate for one simple reason: cow right now is being demonized and trying to arrest him there that they did they get arrested and tried to prosecute him. The mcclosky were also charged, and I think They will not frame this properly. The media will inflame. They'll argue the guy was defending himself there. Argue, the guy who shot M wasn't actually part of black lives matter or anti for even after thirty people had died in these rights they still kept saying antivirus never killed anybody. Thirty people were dead body, not anti far right, they're gonna, shoves people's homes next and they're all ready.
Bring it. They ve been doing it. I said this was what was going to happen and I again it's not like I'm picket lottery numbers here, man, we, they started gonna residential neighbourhoods, and I said how long till the goes our house than they did now. This guy who got killed Bake they identify him it's like Scott Adam said never left, including me when he had Republicans will be hunted. They're gonna go to someone's house that woman in Portland he was wearing a stupid armband. I guess trying to incite or provoke out on the why she was doing it and they still attacker I don't care what you do on your own property and your own house as long as you're, not hurting other people. Even if I think it's disgusting what you know she was wearing a world war, two german arm, Hammond put it that way. It's ridiculous, though you know what you're allowed to do it on your property owners are, as I was, not hurting any peep anybody and they physically attacked or how long. When they, when that, when you see this, when a guy gets killed in the street, how long until they gonna come to your house because they are going to homes and they see that Trump flat
and they see that that mean. Oh Margaret twenty twenty or you come out you're wearing something about law enforcement, and they say him. We got another, one, Bang Bang right now, it's in the street, they ve already tactical in their homes. Salt put it this way. If I it, if I didn't, you know extrapolate based on the trends for the past five years, the first about of physical violence erupt it just before trunk. On elected, we ve weaves in about four and a half years, fortunately elected it escalated now to people being killed in the streets that says to me that were a few years away from from them going your home and killing people in their homes, but because of the rapid escalation, I'd actually scale down. So here's I'm trying to say from the first swing. The first punch that I saw in the twenty fifteen you now beginning of election cycle to the point where they shot someone in a street. It has been found
five years now they attacked women at home a few months ago, if you, if you, if you want a scale that up to now: they're gonna people's homes. How soon you know how long will take our pledge turned to a gunshot? I would say: hey five years right, not necessarily because the escalation of the conflict. Eventually they're gonna say, though, that you you'll start hearing things more left like they're they're plodding their hiding. A weed them out where their hiding and things like that right now, they're saying confront them in the streets. Don't let them come to our towns. Keep the Nazis out as a video of a I defending a building he's just a regular I standing in front of a glass and someone else he's a nazi and which our punching him that, because no one cares, if he really is they know that there are more than they can beat, whoever they won't get away with it. I mean there's a story from from our show some our show some of what happened last night, we'll keep talking here's a story, one man shot killed near downtown, Portland protest Saturday. I said they say the man was shot or on eight forty five p m near South,
third avenue in all their street, the agency did not say whether the incident was related demonstrations. We saw clashes erupting after a Trump rally in clock Hamas. I mean there are crazy videos, people brawling in the inn on highways far leftists blocking roads and cars. Just like you, know, slowly pushing and then put them out of the way, but this the people on a highway boxing and the cops running to break it up and you know says It sounds like someone is shouting. We got a trumpet right here, just before the shots were fired and the man is killed. I dont know if I heard that too, but it I like it might be the case. I don't think so. Some people think sounds like it sounds of easy might be saying He said something like we gotta something something right here: Bang Bang Speaker at leftist Canosa rally, which was attended by the Democrat lieutenant Governor quote. If you kill one of ours, it's time for us to kill one of yours hours later, trumped support a target shot and killed. I lived on Mortal and Nostrand in Brooklyn
just around moral another, actually live closer to like Tomkins in twenty fourteen. I believe it was two cops, and I spent a man and an asian man we're sitting in a car and a black identity. Extremist walked up, killed tool them, bang, Bang. He had posted Instagram, you take two of ours. We take two of yours. That sounds familiar to me and that's what they did. That was that that was the point of Portland, most likely but when you get a tit for tat, what happens now? How long till the right says you take one of taken of yours? To be honest, I don't think the right will do that think what the right we'll say is. You need to be prepared because they're killing us randomly just walking up and shooting us so where your armor and get your guns ready and then they'll be on edge and the left will keep claiming their the innocent victims and the media will defend them. What made I think, trumps gonna when I think that gunshot last night might be trumps Landslide victory,
No, no joke! You get a guy who comes out sang support, the police, that's the blue! That the blue lives matter. Patch means it's the thin blue line patch. It means I support the police. That's it he had patriot prayer, so he was a christian conservative, you, no law enforcement supporter. They kill them. For that. I think that makes up. You know a good portion of his country, but think about what that means: regular people how many regular people are like I like police. Eighty two percent of the black community wants the same level of police in there in their neighborhoods or a little bit more them Georgia of people like eighty percent is one of the tools I read previously: don't want to abolish the police, and we just saw a man saying support the police executed just right there in the middle, the street alive leadership, retweeted more shootings. Tonight we are
and civil war in the video a man's walking out of string. Your multiple gunshots ring out. We I'd, I dont know what this was. It's not the other moment because as multiple gunshots but yup throughout the night gunshots were ringing out or to see more of it, Donald Trump treated. The national guard is writing ready, willing and able all the governor has do is call you know what I am torn on this, but I lean towards agreeing with Trump if trumpet invoked. The insurrection act a long time ago. These people would not be dead. But it is overstepping and in many ways the bounds of the federal government, but it is. It is a challenge. A lot of trump supporters of already said. Invoke the insurrection act. I gotta be honest. I don't want any of these people to be hurt, and I am horrified by what happened so far with the multiple people have died the past couple of days. You not, I warned, I hope, you're ready, because the next round of riots organ the way worse than the peak in June, and it is in a different way.
In in June, when thereby smashing and looting. It was targeting property. Now it's targeting people and Oh, they are burning buildings and Canosa. They weren't so much in Portland, they're, just shooting people. What should Donald Trump intervene. You know at a certain point, I still say no, no TED Wheeler said he Ridge he will eat peep rejected Donald trumps. Offer for assistance and then what happens? A man walking down the street a Trump supporter gets executed. Maybe trunk should have come in because his own supporter would have survived, but should trump step on the rights of states and intervene and local local matters stuff question, and I would say I dont know four at that point. Yet I know it's tough. I could cause some profile. Individuals have already said: do it now? In fact you can,
de the insurrection ACT, trending right here right it looked like this. On the tweet, I've pulled up. Fifteen thousand six hundred tweets sing insurrection ACT. I dont know if they're saying to invoke it. They probably are: maybe trunk should have, I lean towards. It is a last resort for when cities are completely, you knows no longer functioning and people are shooting each other in like in mass right now, we ve had a few tragic instances. It is up to the democratic governors and mayors to stop this. The blood is on TED Wheelers hands. It's not troops fault. If Trump did not intervene, it is TED, Wheelers fault. Tromp said I can come. He said no TED Wheeler. The Democrats are to blame for this if trumped gets reelected- and at this point I believe it is a given specially with what happened last night, I still don't think you should immediately invoke the insurrection act, but I believe it will come shortly after this, because we will see mass violence across these cities,
but what happens in the region? I ll tell you why I am not a fan of invoking the insurrection act. You know why. The far left him old and in their insane Donald Trump can come out with all the feds and national guard. And they will then say, ah ha tromp as the fascist and that will kick off civil war you can say we're in a civil war right now, but the best thing we can hope for is that the democratic politicians stop the violence. I dont think they will, but I can tell you this: if Trump doesn't invoke the insurrection ACT, the violence will get worse. If he does, it will get worse much faster. So I don't know what the right move is. Perhaps shrunk, but I think if Trump invoke the insurrection ET and deployed National Guard and federal law enforcement, you would end up with mass insurgency people their beaks, thereby
is being planted. You now people be randomly shot. The street targeted things like that homes would be set on fire and they would consider themselves the resistance against trumps fascism because well, they ve been lying the whole time. Claiming their the innocent victims fighting against Nazis, and they would claim that Donald Trump is, that is their leader. That's where we're headed, so I'm hoping that Donald Trump doesn't do this, but I'm not saying he shouldn't outright under saying right now. We need the democratic governors and mayors to stop this before it gets too late before gets goes too far and were dangerously close to it going. In fact, it may have already gone too far than it enter be now. I think they want, I think, they'll Chopin DC. I think we're going to see a lot more people die in this thirty two people. It is a lot for our tastes because we're not used as many people dying in some countries
It's in the thousands I mean I was. I was in Egypt and the revolution, the second revolution. A lot of people died a lot. What a lot more people never clash. In the streets. Eventually, the military got tired of the fighting in the destabilization in they intervened and they removed. I believe at that point it was more see and since he came in The military has said they will not intervene in electoral dispute, so it sounds like Trump is going to take over. I like he's going to win and then take off or in terms of the insurrection ACT and go these cities, and there will be federal control of these areas. I don't know for sure I'll, not profit and no posted this video, and this is why it is what is what I'm saying. I am not sad that a effing fascist die tonight as a woman at the antidote gathering in downtown Portland. Do you think These people have been negotiating in good faith. They're, not when a yo see says, go up the street and then you say hey where people are dangerous will. Obviously we don't want that, and then the people
She incited say we're not sad, we're happy for it, and Oliver supporters are cheering for it and project veritable released. But showing Bernie Sanders campaign. Staffer saying o the real fund will begin soon. I'm paraphrasing big problem is orders. I wouldn't want people into other real, crazy, stop but revolution, nothing less when combo, O Hara says they should not let up that's a quote: they should not let up. What are you talking about? You think she's talking about peaceful handholding in the street no they're, not negotiating in good faith. So what do we do? Protect your homes, counter protesters intercepted protract motorcade blocking their vehicles were advancing. They were in streets in the highways in Portland blocking traffic. Here we have shall be told, talk, talk up our evening was cut short and we are now in a very tense dc situation. My phone, that's wonky. I was hit with something midway. They were marching into neighborhoods in DC. In my
A strong Seattle aunt if a mob makes its way down residential streets to shine lights into homes, they're coming to your neighborhoods, they didn't Chicago back in early June. They ve been doing it nonstop for the past. Several weeks, I'm sorry, but it is only a matter of time before they are going to houses yourself, video them going dominated the diner right and raising their fast in demanding that she raised their fists they're doing it more protesters are arguments. Dinars and empty cops have showed up. They went to one and they raise their fists and screamed demanded she raised theirs. I told you about how businesses in Berkeley put up black lives matter signs because they get their windows smashed up. Eventually, it I'll, be your home and they will demand you why their flag and the police we'll, do nothing to stop it
They will say it's not political, just like in Nazi Germany and that's what they ve been saying. When they paint black lives matter in the streets, they say about peace, love, it's not about politics. You know the origin of the swastika, with some ancient symbol, they're gonna, say the exact same thing and they're doing it now. Obviously I'll think there are the same as Nazis. I think they're authoritarian, who have a zealous ideology based in identity, terrorism, and there are similarities. They will come to your house, and they will look for your sign and they will start shooting at it. That's what they did to Cassandra Fair banks. They shrugged her home with fireworks and fired, but sad it. Then their allies and media claimed it never happened. It did. There is evidence the neighbour said so the police had so, but as a matter because the media has been covering for them. Allowing them to expand and gain power,
I can only assume it's because many in media are actually on their side and that many Democrats think they can. We although the one ring vacant, the rings will eventually turn them into raves. These. They slowly being consumed by the extremists, but in their desperation to stop Donald Trump, they turned the people, they didn't quite understand some people who just want to watch the World Berne and some people. Who are like mad dogs chasing after a true car and they wouldn't know what to do once they actually caught it. You get those references, yeah movie references, the point, as the left has been lying about what they're doing they haven't been negotiating and and speaking in good faith, they ve been lying. The whole time, an accusing the right of doing what it is. They do and they're doing it to manipulate the emotions of traditional liberals into supporting them but I believe they may be going too far and other poles are swinging in trumps. Favour. I'll, tell you this. While all of this may be scary, nightmarish and it may seem like
things are worse than had ever been the night is always darkest before the dawn and because of the actions they have taken and this potentially the shot heard round the world in Portland Donald Trump may land slide and when he does the far left insurgency we'll be crushed, we won't have law and order on our streets. Economy will rebound and we will be stronger than ever. I believe that's where we're headed now, it's possible that we will still see insurgency, but I think in the end trump will likely went out, but we'll see we have to make door that, in whatever happens, we do not allow authoritarianism too. I've been on any one side and we ve already
started, seeing emergency laws enacted, free speech must be protected. The right to peaceably assemble assembled must be protected. The right to bear arms must be protected. Each and every one of our constitutional rights must be protected, and that includes the state as they seek to crush the extremists and the far left and shut them down. We must make sure they do not become the monster they have set out to destroy, be careful when fighting monsters, lest he become one for when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back. The next item is coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang it up, then I will see. Well, then, I think today is gonna, be fairly dominated by talk of what happened in Portland last night, because one of the most dramatic escalation we ve seen yet, but as of right now
Fourchan believes users. They believe that they have identified the shooter and vague corroborated with information about this man, notably a large black lives matter. Tat two on his neck, with a story from Cassandra Fairbanks Fortune uses appear to have identified Portland Writer, who shot and killed Trump supporter. But I want to go over some of what the people of Portland are saying online, because as stated in the earlier segmented, feels like we're beyond what we are passed. The point of even trying to convince other people to lie. Have been drawn, and you need only pray that your side has the ability to win and I don't mean win and any hopped conflict. I just mean in general political voting. Whatever I've been talking, my friends
a lot of what's been going on and there are many people who literally don't care if Kyle Rittenhouse was attacked in the first place. The argument, as he shouldn't have shot us what about what happened in Portland, while that was clearly self defence. Some are saying I could you not, and I thought about this, because when I look at what happened with car Rittenhouse, he was running away. They throw stuff Adam someone fires? He turns and defend himself. They just another street falls down. Other people are saying that he went looking for a fight. Neither is completely wrong, he was there. He was asked to defend it according to his defence defence team, who was working and Canosa. Look at what happened last night, it's a short grainy video, but you will see that both men actually five not a hold on on your me up. Somebody fired what appears to be MACE and so the assumption now for many on the left, is that this guy,
old, something out of a holster and was raising it up when the far leftist shot him twice and kill them. They Literally argue self defense. You can see what appears to be a puff of mace in the air. If you think about it, then their argument is essentially, he actually drew his weapon first, but the other guy was faster and had live ammo. He brought me to a gunfight. I believe it's wrong. I believe it completely wrong. I've looked at the video and it's not a situation like Rittenhouse Rittenhouse right and away he tried to flee this guy I was walking down the street when someone yelled in approached him and even if he did Paul out mace, they both fired at the exact same time ass when it appears like so in that ace there's, a guy who's gonna may somebody which is, in my opinion, reasonable defence concerns the circumstance. So what will I'll go over this and some of the post, but the general ideas? If you see someone threat like if you're, if you're in a group and as another,
robots, threatening you or has been writing, you thought the day, so you pull out pepper spray that would probably he considered reasonable force, its pepper spry. It's not it's gonna, it's gonna, be a few minutes of of of uncomfortable. You know what burning in your eyes and your fine. If somebody, if you and threatening someone all day, new approach them, and then you draw a pistol and shoot them twice. That is not, in my opinion, reasonable, for These arguments will be made moving forward, but I think it's important to bring up because some but we can argue that it is important that its that it son, but let me just make it clear one more time- Rittenhouse ran first now that's clear concept I mean he was running away. He wasn't going to hurt anybody where's the story. First about the four January, where this an image of a man who appeared and assaults Alison fourthly, to say, as I know We do not like to use stories like this.
I you know I after I did the segment early. This morning a little worried because we don't know enough- and we have to be very, very careful about jumping the gun and fanning the flames. If we don't know exactly what's happening, this is just people compiled photos and videos from the scene from various other bits of media and they're, making an assumption about who this guy is. I don't know if they're right, I don't know if four hundred and ten is correct, but many high profile verified twitter users are sharing this. So let this be my opportunity to try and defuse what they're sharing This is not confirmed. This is so far a bunch of videos showing. It is very, very likely to be this mandate that it really does look like that. They identify this guy. But we need to make sure our law enforcement handles this. Ok, we need to make sure that the proper identification comes from law enforcement. Because we have seen what happens before when the internet gets. You know riled up and besides, they know who did what they can lead to all sorts of bad thing
That being said, I am going to talk about this specifically because I want to make sure people kind of pull back on twitter. People are just sharing his videos sang straight up. It's him and that's that's fine. I guess there are verified profile saying confirmed, I'm gonna say no and everyone needs to keep calm, but here's the story from get. We pundit they say the unanimous message board fortune may have once again beat the media to attend a fine of violent writer on Saturday night, a Portland blacklist, better militant shot and killed a member of the Pro Trump group. Patriot prayer. I also add we don't know we. Actually. You know what lesson we don't have confirmation from law enforcement, I believe it safe to assume this shooting was due to the clashes. Someone brought this up to me earlier, I shouldn't say far left extremists did it because we don't have confirmed details. I think it's fair to assume that's actually good point, though, and I'm telling you all this for your benefit, I know a lot of
all I can say- no TIM Tim. We know exactly who did it we know what's going on. I know I get it, but listen. What if there's a one percent chance, it turns out to be something else. You gotta make sure you ve got the confirmed lawn for statement and the reason for that is it is. It will strengthen your defence. Ok, you ll say we waited. We didn't jump the gun. We had this information, but we are trying to reign com about it. Look at the left is doing if Carl written they are making up all these crazy lies about. It the other thing I want to point out absolutely I've said this over and over again. This is exactly why it's one of the reasons why tromp supporters and right should not be going out and engaging with Anti VA too two big reasons, one they are out guns, and they will kill you. The media will not have your back and they will blame the victims to. If tromp supporters go out, they are thirsty for any. Footage showing any one on the right being violent and the meat?
well blast that on the front page of every paper, so here ears, as others video here this with immense of the shooting fortune uses, got to work and with an hour They had a name as it affects this is from Chris Tomlinson. The face of the Portland murder has already been found. His a large be alarmed tattoo on his neck, and we can actually see this. He does they gonna say the message board quickly claimed the shooter is Michael Rhino, forty eight of Portland. This is extremely. Morton? I am only covering this because I am concerned that we need a law enforcement to engage the individual in question him and not some kind of dangerous vigilante justice. People me too caught beaks remain calm. Let law enforcement analysed. I note Typically, you know moderates and the right do just that. I wanna make sure it's made absolutely clear. This names been popping up all over twitter part of a bunch. Trending tweets and the only reason I'm bringing it up right now because I feel like it has to be said what what should have
then, from here with his name emerging with this video from Bloomberg, which Ursus show the same man is local law enforcement needs to be contacted or federal law enforcement, and they need to question him. That's it the bigger question about self defense. I think the point needs to be made is that dude fled the scene, daddy turn himself in like Rittenhouse. Did I do no written now stride turning himself in according to his defence and when they said, keep moving. He went to Antioch and turned himself into his local police department. That's what they're, officially reporting We haven't heard anything about this man so far. It may not be him. There is actually reports earlier Cassandra mentioned this There's another guy who fits this description. The murder suspect, but again a fight as snowboard instructor, Michael Rainfall from Oregon. I would say he is believed to be by people who are comparing photographs. Please, please! We gotta keep his calm right. Take a look at this
They are in a video he describes when he got the middle of an altercation when a young man in a group of minors of color and eventually got shot in the arm now. I do think fair to say this is this is a good suspect? Ok fits the description has tattoo on his neck in Portland, during the riots, but seriously. So there's an interview here with Bloomberg. They say writers, They cheered and celebrated the murder by one of their peers for several whereas rumors were circulating online, that a rider had been killed by a supporter of President Trump, but there was a big celebration when they found out it was actually the other way around quote. I am going to read this, but they said everybody's got word. The person who died was a patriot prayer person, the black lives matter, leader, tells the excited crowd. He wasn't nothing nazi, our community held its own and took out the trash. I am not going to shed any tears. Does that that's what they said.
And they the views on following the shooting writers, also surrounded and assaulted. Patriot prayer, founder Joey Gibson, when Gibson retreated into a gas station writers broke the windows and threatened the owner, never tried calling nine one one. I'm sorry man, I think, were well past this point. It's just I don't I but that's what look. I'm not just that it like four times what I'm saying and the reason why I'm pulling. This up is because I'm worried were passed that point, I'm hoping that were still at a time where people are gonna sit down and say. I think we found him and there in a call local authorities in Portland say we believe we know who it is and they will deal with it. The far left has been going out and starting fights and getting violent. We do not want vigilante justice, they tried
claiming that car right now is a vigilante, and that is not true. He was not going out and enforcing the law outside of the authority. That's what vigilant vigilantes am I mean for the most part, is, he was just say, stay away from this building. We were asked to defend. It is not vigilantes em. If you are defending property at the request of its owner it, You live in a house and you have a gun in your like. I don't want people born my house down you or not vigilante. You are just a funding, your property. Now, if you go out looking for people with no request at saying, I'm gonna stop the violence. Yes, that's not what car at nice did, and that is not what we want to happen. Police need to deal with this uses in the message board were also first, when I defy Marquise love the man who attend to kill a driver in this in the city. Earlier this month they subsequently identified another person involved in the attack now. This is why I think you're, probably right they found peace, love
who turned himself- and he did it even admitted it on Snapchat. So I think fortune knows what they are doing and this guy's got a big black lives matter tattoo on his neck. I think they found- and let us hope now that Donald Trump concerned in the feds and have a clean law, enforcement action that is within the realm of law and order, and not this extra judicial insanity we see from the left now take a look at this mark are Levitt. Levin said it appears. A trump supported was shot and killed him Portland and someone responded clear cut case of self defence next, yes, people are absolutely claiming. It was self defense and I've got more posts over format it we have to. We hear from that Walsh. What happened in Portland was simply murder. There is no self defense argument. He walked up and shot the guy. If you defend that, you officially support the execution of your political opponents. You join the ranks of the most evil. People in history is that who you want
to be. Let me look at limit, wouldn't let me say something just just to make sure it's, I'm gonna, steal man. This argument what that means, as I'm gonna present to you, the strongest possible argument from the other side, so that you know exactly what happened and what they're saying my personal belief is that this week, is unjustifiable. I do not believe it was first degree murder. I believe you could argue it was second degree he had the intends to kill. He went to this event. He was armed. He knew exactly what's gonna happen. In fact, there is potentially a first degree murder charge in that he may not have tar this man who died, but he was certainly going there with the intent to cause harm. You could argue that I dont know if we, It strongly argue that a second degree may work better. There's a bit
and shall forty self defense argument? There is think about it. This way to people are walking up to each other of opposing factions and they both reach their holster and they both draw. What the left is arguing that this man saw a trot supporter draw something from his holster aimed at him, and he thought it was a gun. I think you you might, I think, the larger. What I really do think they'll argued now that the issue I take with it as he could have fled and he didn't have to engage the man in the first place and it wasn't the trumps, a porter who engaged in the conflict. The trump support was walking on the street and this guy turned face him showing you confrontation came from either side. Ultimately, there is, I think, ultimately, there will be no self defense charge. I are or defence, I don't see it because this wasn't luggage sad, listen. If it really does come down to two people,
Let us put it this way, assuming assume that this is not necessarily the case, but let's just eight for second argument to people approach each other. They both draw. What happens? One shoots, mace one shoots bullets, there's no self defense, just none whatsoever, no matter what it it wasn't, a guy walk down the street being threatened and hat and hassled in, and you know whatever it was. It was him turning, even if you believe him drawing the mace was grounds for some kind of you know: defensive maneuver, it's not self. Defense not like Rittenhouse, was running away indeed where the sweet from Brennan Leslie a black lives matter leader, is encouraging this crowd of protesters to fight the DC, cops on the front lines saying he's ready to put them in their graves. This may miss may lead to another violent night. Nbc up DC was popping off yesterday. I just you know what this says to me as an escalation is inevitable. That's why I'm showing you this? The left right now is defending the actions that man took last night in Portland Self Defense is allowed to do it.
People are posting on. My facebook page you take one of ours. We take one of your sets. It they're saying there arguing that it's not about the circumstantial self defence, but contextual self defense, what they mean as if they know that people on the right we'll shoot them, then they will shoot first. Next time there are. Many of the arguments are on self defense is that I am not going to wait to see because you ve already killed our people. Think about what that means. Thirty people I'd in the riots alone. Before we saw this a cop was shot in the head by the far left and no one on the right and no cop said you take one of ours. We take two of yours we take or whatever,
no one on the right and left decided to go out and actually start hunting. People down the left is clearly the aggressor on this one. They don't care the time for discussion to convince people is over. I see people on Facebook saying straight up, it's happening and expect more. I've had people send me death some similar to what I am hearing now, but they dont availed way. They dont say things like. I will do acts to you. They say, Things like you know, expect something like this to happen that that they they they sent threats that system out as operate the easiest it's easy to. I can put it. I went over to read it and I wish I want to show you something on Red it, our slash news. What are the top stories? One person shot and killed near down
Downtown Portland and the top comment reads as someone from Portland, I have to tell you that this event has shook the city to its core. Even our Slash Portland, when out of their way to set the subway to private
A lot of people are arguing; they know it's happening. No one really does, but here is our slash. Portland mega thread events of the evening of August. Twenty ninth- they say here it here. So these are. These are new comments. These are not top comments. This person said the level of cognitive dissonance in this threat is just absurd. We're talking about the unprovoked, targeted, murder of a tribe supporter, and you guys are doing everything you possibly can to spend it around and blame the victim or Republicans in general. Don't you guys feel silly about this? Someone said footage does not support your claim on other sad people are talking about, unfortunately, far violence that happened, the type of violence it hasn't in scores or days until chugs came out, enforce facts aren't in. We might never have the full story. Unprovoked targeted were you there give about. You have better footage that show it is unprovoked and targeted, because it looks provoked to me.
At the very least he's a willing participant. Perhaps I tell you what perhaps it was mutual combat right? We ve seen it two guys. Two guys walked up. He did fire pepper sprite. So in the end, what do we have? A guy with pepper spray was shot and killed by a do with a gun, so yeah, not self defence, and I would argue you can't say it's provocation if they both raise their weapons, the exact in time. One person said: I'm not agree, Hungary, that the last thing we needed Fox news. Now has their martyr, I'm sure every one of the skies life achievements will be placed on Fox NEWS to show how great great he was and whip their base into a fervour of the senseless violence, rip dude, I'm sorry. This happened to you and I hope your family will find peace after this. Instead of hatred and anger, I respect that, but there's something in this comment that I wanted to highlight something I find particularly interesting
whenever there is an event like this, where some guy dies, the complaint is not about the destruction it's about how it helps. Donald from what are we hearing now from the left from down lemon its, growing up in the polls. Fox news This is going to show his achievements shouldn't. They are innocent, why they want to data, but a guy was killed in this conflict shouldn't they say hears who he was and here's what is life meant shouldn't. They say he mattered to explain to me how the left go to, for the most part is the negative effects they will face because of the violence instead of the people who died remarkable You know I've been sitting here saying I want the violence to stop. That's that's you know my might my entire point was we dont want the right to go out. We don't want that
to go out. We don't want anybody, shooting anybody else, but that's what's happening and when death happens, my complaint as somebody died. And when they pose someone's information, might my my warning is: don't be like the left with the left does? Is they say when somebody dies right now, they're cheering for this man's death, I'm not exaggerating on, ground in Portland they were cheering clapping and cheering and the people online or like great now, Trump is gonna get raised and needles going to govern. The polls is that your concern, When they burned down buildings, they say: don't you care about us, I care about everybody, but your Bernie buildings downing and hurting people. They say nothing about it. People who died in the riots, whereas this person's comments the last thing we needed a corpse was found in a boy.
Down billion Minneapolis. Now it's now trumpets, gonna, look good! Here's I don't understand. They complain that Fox NEWS will clash of the skies image everywhere and it'll make Trump look good and it does so shouldn't trump beat shouldn't shouldn He looked good if he was right. If trot came out and said this is wrong. Needs us up. Shouldn t look good outside this. You don't know the lasting I'll say on this point. I believe we need de escalation. Trump supporters and conservatives should not be going out and engaging in this. You know why they are Looking for anything to make trump supporters look bad and the more the far left acts a fool, the more it proves trump right now he's winning in the polls. It's a crazy day.
Pull up the entire new space is being dominated by this sort or undue Donald Trump is now winning, and it's been it's insane. This new, these new poles came out showing trump leading across the board nationally, we'll talk about that. The next annual becoming up at Youtube COM slashed him cast at four p m. Thanks rang out- and I will see while there I'd like to ask Joe Biden a question: why do I have to wake up to videos of people dying? Why did he support the ongoing protests which led to extreme violence, and why won't you confront them now cause here's the noose, Joe Biden, is not going to visit Canosa on Monday, the democratic expected to travel elsewhere, trumpets planning to be in Wisconsin the inner Wisconsin city on Tuesday. Well, I'd like to ask him.
But he's a coward. That's right, Joe Biden is a coward Donald Trump is going to canosa he's going to confront. The ongoing crisis is called for the National Guard to be deployed, he's called for law and order. Joe Biden has praised and supported the extremists. Take a look at this ball, in an addendum to my main channel video. Alright, you youtube dot com him cast. I want to talk about. Why we are seeing this pulling shift for Trump Paul Watch, says: breaking Democracy institute shows trumped up nationally and in battleground states with three point led in the popular vote. This twitter account from someone named Bambino says I was a reluctant floor to trot voter and twenty sixteen now I'll crawl over broken glass to vote for him. A vote for Trump is a vote for America. I said two years ago. I would never vote for Trump and I laughed earlier
this year, I was actively supporting Andrew Yang until she gathered and was in the past couple of Excise sat I'll, probably vote form if, if it happened, I probably form and finally finally am voting for the guy, and yet at this point I would crawl over broken glass to to make sure that vote got through because Donald Trump, a vote for him, is about America. That means it means that, even though I might not like the guy personally or professional, I think he's a funny guy. You know as an entertainer, even though I might disagree with some of his policies. I look at the left today. The cowardice of Oh Biden, an icy Donald Trump as a vote for America and then mean. I am voting for Uncle SAM or voting for the government means I am voting for just to keep the country this person, but even said great summary of what slowly happened to me over the last three and a half years after the last three and a half months. I'll walk three hail storm of bullets to cast my vote meat do for Biden call me crazy, but I having a criminal wanna, be dictator in the White House, let alone the key
ass, an unrest he's unleashed on this country, he's just not up for the job to posts where they say tromp or nothin. One pow saying bide nor nothin, but I don't buy it trumped. Travel to Canosa Wisconsin on Tuesday and it seems like a boring story, but there's a lot here in Canosa, a young man was attacked, he ran and he defended himself. Now he is being charged. I missed this when he is being charged for possessing a weapon under the age of eighteen. And he may have been illegally pilot possessing it. The I'm, not a lawyer, so up to see how this one plays out. Some have pointed out that there is an exemption in the law for people under the age of eighteen. Sixteen seventeen are people who are aged. Sixteen and seventeen. Who are carrying just a rifle or shocked and at others it specifically it just as this loss I'm not apply accept for these circumstances, but it may be that he gets convicted. There's a new video that recently came up
I don't know where it came from, but it was posted by a friend of mine who is not particularly proud. Tromp was wise in and when talking about this one of the vegetables whose, with Kyle Rittenhouse says the police told us they were going to push them this our way, because we could deal with them and then they would leave. Then you can clearly see and photos. This guy was with him on the ground. Why did the police pushed the riders towards Kyle? It sounds like the cops set him up- in the wake of all of us and all elaborate on that when I have more details, but in the wake of all of this Donald Trump I said get me a plain: I'm gonna Canosa, while you know I've been to a lot of really dangerous places
lot of people have said. I'm really brave, took on the front line of these rights and is unrest. I've done it in the past. You know a couple of years, mostly because people recognize me and started physically attacking me. I've been physically attacked for quite some time. What do you know ever since I started, but is a difference between people being like hey, it's TIM Pool, go get em and hey camera go to my face. I've had people chase me and just trying to attack me and they weren't even politically affiliated. They thought it was funny, so I am unable to do it, but when I would go on the ground. I would know that there was real danger, Donald Trump of some of the best security in the world, if not the best security in the world, so I can only imagine he feel safe and secure, but he's gonna go confront this straight up. No questions asked he is going to cause no shop where some Most extreme instances of violence have occurred, tromp said brought me in the center ring joy
Abiden said help help. I'm gonna go hide in the basement, because I'm scared Joe Biden, it's pathetic. This man cannot be pressed, I mean even before all of this you had. You know the likes of Joe Rogan saying he can't be present, he's not all there and we all know it now. You want to put this. Orton Office, look man, you got liberal else and like people were actually out some some people who are left being like it can't be by men like anybody who actually cares about this country and likes it and wanted to continue, even if you are for reform, even if you are for dramatic reform. You're, like Joe Biden, is a vote for the end and the, Dream is like it may do. You know I saw somebody tweet earlier. I think it was Donald Trump Junior, saying, Biden, supporters and Biden voters and, unlike I'm thinking to myself, I'm gonna tweet, something where I'm like Donald Trump Junior right, you're wrong. These people are not bite and supporters,
I thought to myself: actually they are not in the way you actually think, like the far left, doesn't support Biden in the sense that there, like a bite and waiting for eggs. They support him in this sense, where they're like vote for him, because he's easier to overthrow I have actually seen those comments, be posted the far left to say straight up it's easier to overthrow. A sleepy old man that it is a fascist there right, Joe Biden. Is these these just can't even form sentence. Is like, obviously, we know that he can form sentences mostly, but he gaffes even his own commercials and he won't even go to Canosa. Why he's scared you know, look man, I'm gonna, try and be a little bit empathetic and compassionate here. I understand why he's scared man, Joe Biden, is merely eighty Donald Trump not too far behind, but Donald Trump, certainly a bit more spry.
Joe Biden scared man. I understand that fear. I used to go on the ground and for obvious reasons I can't go around anymore. It's because of a high profile. Joe Biden feels that two. He probably knows lie come on man. I can't go down there. People are gonna, be attack on me and thrown things at me in screamin at me you know and Donald Trump TAT. He knows that two trump is just less likely to care. I think tromp is very arrogant, so he knows you know. Look both. Both individuals have security. Both of you know have secret service, I'm sure they'll be fine, but Biden, scared and trumps willing to confront it. That's why I think that it is right for the four for this country, CNN says: Trump will travel the canal, Sean Tuesday to meet with law enforcement and a survey some of the damage from the recent protests when asked the president would meet with the family of Jacob Black
twenty nine year old black men, who was shot by police Judd, dear spokesman for the White House, said that the schedule hasn't been fully ironed out yet Blake's family. Let a march of hundreds of people on Saturday in Canosa, demanding an end to police violence and systemic racism. Blake was shot. We understand this unrest and was content following the policing of lichen Canosa quickly turn into a political flashpoint when asked earlier Saturday fuels as economically trumps had, probably so before praising the federal presence and was concerned, he said with a tremendous success. As you know, we were finally able to get the go ahead for the local authorities and of the National Guard within a few minutes of the guard everybody cleared out and it became safe Trump and the GNP used this week. Republican national convention decided shot a spotlight on violence and property damage that has resulted from some of the protests over racial injustice and police brutality. The summer as fires had rage and canosa consecutive nights. This story from just the other day and this story
from today. Joe Biden is not expected to visit Canosa Monday, despite mounting pressure following Donald Trump announcement over the weekend replying to go there to soar. With knowledge of the former vice presidents travel discussions say that, while bite and is expected to travel, he will steer clear of the pivotal midwestern battleground state on Monday. The thinking according to these people is that trumps trip canosa could backfire on, given Biden continued messaging at the unrest in the city is an outgrowth of the president's rhetoric that inflames Rachel tensions is at it. Are you serious? The argument is that Joe Biden finds it politically expedient to now be a leader he won't go or not at all. I wanted to backfiring Trump, so I won't go. Doesn't duty,
It is a duty, more important than politicking. Yeah. Maybe Trump knows my backfire on if they think it does, then wouldn't trumps political strategy say the same thing. I can't believe Dope Joe Biden Scamp said that that it might backfired twelve. Therefore, Joe Biden not gonna, go the politics of the national circumstances to bite and are more important than dealing with the unrest talking with law enforcement and figuring out what's going on in confronting it had on. I want you to think about that for second, what that means under Joe Biden Presidency, while Donald Trump, not my first choice for president, I take a look at Joe Biden and think about this IRAN nuclear deal. For instance, tensions are escalating, peace deals are breaking down and Joe Biden says, I'm not gonna, have a meeting with these people, because you know it might hurt me politic wait? So you know what I'm gonna go around somewhere else and they go see Europe or something
Do we want a leader who will not confront an issue because he's concerned about whether or not he'll get reelected from it? Now, and I say this trumps perfect, I'm not gonna city and pretend like heat, need other certain things that Trump water wouldn't do it if it would hurt and politically I think tromp will play that game too, but at least in this instance it's not the case, and this to me is where it where it matters confronting the riots head on and dealing with them. Tromp is dropping into the epicenter, can say the same. For Biden, he's worried about I'll text I'll, be there next time it's coming up in just a few minutes to go around, and I will see you all shortly. I briefly mentioned this story in my main segments over at Youtube dot com timcast, but I want to do a longer segment about it. That's suspension of journalists, Cassandra Fairbanks Trump Twitter for supporting Kyle Rittenhouse,
written us, as you know, is the young men who is defending himself in Canosa and ended up shooting three people killing too. It is a tragic event that I think should not have happened for a lot of reasons, and I think it's fair to say Kyle should not have been there. He shouldn't have I had to have been there, the police should have been there. The writers should not have been there, and I wish none of it happened. However, Kyle has been charged but not convicted, and he, like everyone else, is innocent until four guilty. I've routinely said this about the rioters and the far left the people I dont, like they're, still innocent until proven guilty, but Facebook and Twitter are now banning, support for somebody and that's it before he's even and proven guilty of anything Cassandra. Fair banks you did nothing wrong. She got suspended a thread. The story from bright part. They say gateway upon it. Reporter Cassandra Fairbanks was recently suspended from twitter for treating her support of Kyle written. How
who was recently arrested, overshooting of free riders and canosa in response lawyers for Rittenhouse, worn twitter they intend to The platform fully liable is where things are getting spicy they say. Can we find a reporter Cassandra frameworks? Twitter account was suspended earlier today for tweeting Kyle written ass. Do nothing wrong. Twitter claims. This statement is glorifying violence. A screen shot of the page can be seen below, She received a twelve hour suspension and they say we determined that you violated twitter rules, so we ve temporary, limited. Some of your account features, while in the state you can sell brows twitter, but your limited, while a block a second e mail. Informed fair banks that she was suspended for treating our support for of Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager from Antioch Illinois, who was arrested and canosa following a shooting of three rioters. As a protest respond, bright bark as all she treated Cassandra tweeted on the twenty seventh and they apparently just suspended or written ass, has been
used of shooting three protesters, two of whom died from their wounds, although footed from the shooting has led many to argue that redness acted in self defence Fairbanks commented on the temporary suspension telling bright Barton is the fact that you could know. Hunger to find someone on social media who has not been convicted of any crime should shock and terrify everyone. They they were to control all narratives we are letting them gate get away with it and she was unsafe Alright, now did nothing wrong. John Pierce attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse condemns twitter for suppressing a journalist account calling the act, a brazen act of censorship, and warning that he and fellow attorney Linwood intend to hold Twitter fully liable for its actions, quote a journalist just got banned from twitter. For simply posting Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong. And other big tech companies are now engaged in brazen, an outright censorship, a political speech that can no law
pretend to be neutral. Internet computer service providers protected from defamation claims by section two. Thirty of the communications decency ACT may have now stepped in the arena, and our publishers, myself and led would intend to hold Twitter fully liable to Nicholas Sandman Cow written us and every other person whose life it has tried to destroy simply because it disagree. With their political viewpoints. On the same day that twitter suspend affair banks, the platform was flooded. With uses glorifying the murder of a right wing activist in Portland. Yesterday, section two thirty basically says that so long as you're acting in good faith, you cannot be sued for libel like twitter, basically internet computer services. So if I comment on Twitter, you can't suit twitter.
Sue me, however, twitter allows people to glorify violence straight up. Why Ban Cassandra Fair banks because they are not an internet service provider? They are a publisher of specific political opinion. Therefore, they have no protection and they can be sued in this tweet Jordan. Black said that this is what patriotism looks like I seen remember. An entire generation of Americans who killed fascist or called heroes isn't prince to Eliza Schaefer, pointing out how black lives matter, said that they're they're not sad that an effing fascist died tonight. They cheered for it. This person sat a right wing. Fascist was killed in Portland, that's crazy, showing someone dancing happy. This Britain's at a fascist got killed in Portland, I see, and it shows something and share, not caring republican fascist killed in Portland. In a comment to bright Barton
a twitter spokes spokesman said it is against the twitter rules to condone or glorify acts or perpetrators of violence. Our teams are practically reviewing and taking action on tweak that glorify violence, These tweets will need to be removed by the account owners before they can continue to use twitter accounts dedicated to or a purely sharing. This type of content will be suspended. Bright Bart NEWS reports on news report on the was causing shooting incident can be found here. Right partners will update readers with more information. It's not just now they allow the left to glorify violence. Twitter actively allows the far left to organise in one tweet Andy NO says more evidence of anti, but actually organizing as an organization and doing it on twitter per their own words. They ever openly notify as a member to outsiders, he then show several images: anti fusty on Anti between says it was brought to our attention that someone is attempting to impostor us. We would like to make it clear that we will not openly admit to strain
there isn't any capacity that we are organizing as Pacific Northwest resistance. They say if having it, I should about a green haired individual claiming to represent us. Please reach out about further descriptions and identify this person. We would like to get to the bottom of this. There should be serious instances of Pacific Northwest resistance. Members agenda find themselves to someone not involved or fill it with us stay safe out there and you can see Anti fond mutual aid, etc. This is just one example of them using Twitter to organise and to encourage people to communicate and engage with them, and you know also says Portland Anti of accounts organise on twitter. This person from occupied pity as at Occupy PDF sang tonight. We need blockade materials, even if you could only drop things off. Please do twitter is facilitating terrorism at what point do we shut it down? Honestly, I don't know me
we now know what Europe can do, here's one antiphon Colorado are organizing three days of actions, often code for writing at the same capital. I dont care if they call it a riot. I dont care what they call it. It is a Ah it they can code of they want, they can say a picnic and we're weren't we're organizing a baker, a bake, sale, bring your your cupcakes, bring your milkshakes, you get the point, Anti fraud is organised, organizing and they engage in riots. Then, at a certain point, they should stop being given the benefit of it and I'm not talking about an issue of free speech. I'm talking about more private platform right, that's what they say. Sondra gets band, they say well, it was against the rules and she should have known better. This the roles to they not doing anything about it there allowing them to organise. Guess what the Some militia in Canosa got shut down on Facebook, and all these like these, screaming. Why won't facebook banned them? Yet why won't faced?
Ben Emma. Why won't twitter ban, then? I'm all about free speech, but organizing events is very different. Facebook. The Canosa group was apparently just saying bombastic things that some people said they lay likened to incitement. This is direct organizing they could not engage. Did this behaviour without twitter and twitter allows it? Because I think for one Jack, Dorsey is not really the sea of twitter and I think he's just a figure but I believe that still he and many others support this. They want it to happen. They want everything to be burned to the ground. They do because their destroyers there are people who revel in destruction, pain and suffering now, of course, they think they're, the good guys I dont know what their end game as other than to destroy everything, and apparently that's good to them. As a bunch of tweets. This man rose
City anti by organizing violence, here's one antiviral organizing a riot just go to ending those paid. You could see I'm doing, over and over and over again, but Heaven forbid a journalist defend someone who who has not been convicted of any crime? What do you know? What would it? you do about it. That's why I don't like Republicans either because they don't seem to care about Don't do anything trump? Isn't a republican and I've set at many many times, and many people have said it. I think that the time for action was a long time ago. You, you have democrats fanning the flames endorsing this. Joe Biden unwilling to actually go and confront the riots and social media suppressing information, suppressing opinion that goes against their orthodoxy, their narrative. So what are we supposed to do if the commons have been taken over and they are being should a lot of people believe that about four Donald Trump Could- and this maybe I certainly
I'm hoping at this point, Trump wins to put an end to this. Cause has been getting worse and worse, faster and faster. It is happening very, very quickly. I mean you read the story, that's funny. It's like his oldest opium novels and that at one one common thread is how fast it all happens and its true. It does happen very very fast. I gotta tell you man, even if Trump wins it won't be enough. You will need every you'll, you only Republicans too in the House and the Senate and the presidency and then to enact section two thirty reform. However, there's another em there's another. Help with the lawyers threatening twitter, but they are in a suit twitter. The twitter may have overstepped their bounds, has obtained section two thirty, and this may be the end for them because they engaged in such overt partisanship, name have no defence. I don't know how it would work they will use. Here's what I imagine what happened? Someone sues twitter, then Twitter tries claiming we all this.
Miss it under section two thirty grounds, but the lawyers will our you section. Two thirty doesn't apply because there is oh interpretation of good faith protections when twin. We're all loud violence to be glorified, they're, just removing opinions they don't like, in which case How are they any different from the wash? You know the New York Times? Listen linear times the comp, as a company has individuals who vat and an end you know postings just because Twitter doesn't pay. People doesn't change the fact that they allow people to post things if their, if their selectively removing things not in good faith and not because it objectionable, then I dont believe they will have protections and they should be sued for libel per You just need a wave of people to file lawsuits against twitter for libel information. When they get smeared was the place out. I got a more silent coming up in a few minutes? Stick around and I will see while shortly as now so wrapped around the country guns.
An ammo sales are through the roof. I know personally because you ve heard it from me several times now. I went out by two guns after sang. This year I would never have a gun in my house. I now have many guns and it's been there very difficult to find a, but this this story here, may be one of the most wow stories. I've ever seen. County voters to decide the second amendment sanctuary status. You know what I wouldn't have said this a year ago, but I also I think I completely agree with it. Listen we're not talking about saying we won't allow people to arrest you for having a gun, we're talking about basically nullifying every single law pertaining to guns, including background checks? I could you not, and this is in oregon- they let us take a look at the story from Como NEWS. They say a story I order,
a measure on the November ballot will ask voters in in a north western organ county, whether it should be second, amendment sanctuary the historian Its voters in Classic County will decide whether to prohibit county resources from being used to enforce any law. Cool state and federal law or regulation that restricts the right to keep and bear firearms excess is or ammunition. The rule would cover any tax levy or feed on the purchase of, or ownership of, firearms tracking requirements back. Round checks confiscation orders or any restriction on the open or concealed carrying a fire arms. While it's not the first time, we ve seen things. Yes, but I'm not sure the other sanctuary claims went that far I mean in Virginia. We saw lotta, decorous declarations about sanctuary counties where they wouldn't confiscate people's guns
but think about it. What they're saying in this county is that any restriction Annie you could walk around with a light machine gun out. There is a lot of things you something people are really understand. You can actually buy attack with a full otto. Fifty collars on, like that, I was right story, because these leftist like to claim, will you can't own a tank? Actually UK it's really funny when they say things like when the second amendment was written, they didn't, actually mean like Modern Machinelike warfare machines like you're, not gonna, biased scud missiles. My friends did you know that back then there were things called private. Here's where individuals owned warships and in Europe they would carry letters of mark allowing to go round as a privately warship blowing up of ships taken their stuff, yeah privateers, that's what it was. It was like
a lot of us imagine. Piracy was just so you know like rogue operatives which existed, but out of. It was sanctioned by their government as long as they attacked the enemy, so yeah back then a moment did allow you have cannons and warships What do you want with low? It happened? I mean the sound like a great place to live. I would want to live in organ mind you, but while if they passes in November, are people gonna go out and buy alike, are I mean speculate, but you can buy some real big guns like theirs maybe some restriction right like could you have artillery shells put a howitzer in your back garden be like no restrictions. I don't know it sounds pretty crazy, but check this out. We have the story from organ live
three reasons: firearms sales have jumped. Ninety four percent is from an o s, you professor, they say amid the covered nineteen pandemic and protests for racial justice, the gun industries, Trade Association, estimates that gun sales from March the July were up ninety Four percent firearms industry consultants, estimate July sales alone were two million units. These estimates are based on the number of background checks conducted by the National Instant criminal background check system. The FBI report that eight of the aid of the weeks in this period, are in the top ten highest weeks since the agency began collecting data. Ninety ninety eight and sales typically have seasonal cycles, with more guns, beings, when winter months, an increase and increasing presidential election years after high profile mass shootings. However, the twenty one pandemic. Spurred record setting surge and demand, they say our readers,
examined american gun culture and offers insight into the complex relationship between Americans and guns. We believe there three general reasons why people operating firearms, one independence and security, a study we presented and twenty nine keen shows that Americans feel buying a gun is a way of asserting and maintaining independence. Independence is threatened during the pandemic when a concern for public health may curtail some individual freedoms, including the freedom to travel, operates on businesses, assemble in large groups, or visit the elderly gun. Ownership can be motivated by the belief that, having guns helps to ensure freedom, do and live as one chooses, particularly for individuals concerned with protection and defence I know some like they're saying the word about the government taking over, maybe not, but it does the National Shooting Sports Foundation, estimates that forty percent of recent done buyers are doing so for the first time, partly driven by citizens perceived need to protect themselves in a period of uncertainty and civil unrest, as well as calls to defend the police that this idea.
Supported by data showing that more than ninety nine percent of recent says our hand guns, which are typically use for self defence. And by research showing that buying a gun for self defence can be motivated by feelings at the world is generally dangerous. Gun owners also find comfort and security and routines. This means existing gun owners may purchase additional guns in an effort to maintain a sense of normalcy to market signals enforces, on other real reason, relates to market. Can since governors chose to include gun retailers as essential businesses, allowing them to remain open, this reinforced legitimacy of guns and done retailers in the. U S, strengthening by strengthening perceptions of gun purchases as appropriate and Sorry, meanwhile gun retailers have struggled to keep firearms ammunition and accessories in stock. When consumers faced scarcity, they makes good sense of urgency to purchase. This is a really good point that I think is often being while most of us are assuming that the purchase of guns is due primarily to people being scared, it could be
There are a lot of people are saying: oh man, if I don't get it now, I won't be able to note that there actually scared about the envying nigh, but thinking I kind of want one. If I dont go now, I won't get one and then everyone watches out and then, as a shortage that could be. You know that that's a fair point make social connection and recreation as they finally guns can provide a tangible basis. Social connection, social bonding through consumption. Retailers facilitate this by serving as a social hub and providing expertise has specific products. This, I think, is complete, not our bs. And am I mean maybe but gun people have their private clubs. They do their thing. I don't believe anyone's going out right now, like I'm bored? What could I do I know I've never bought a gun before. But, although do it now, I think it's fair, say there is a certain aspect of this that people who, already have guns are thing
I'm gonna, go see. What's up at the gunshot NGO, hang out and see the talking about talk politics that I get okay, so fine, maybe I'm below harsh, but for the most part I think people are scared. Rights are adopting, an guns are being sold out, or mostly it's really hard to find ammo. I mean oh, my local shopping at odd caliber bullets and a lot of bird shot and I had a lot of people say to me amen birch on it is not that bad and virus answer is yes, Birch, Addis Ababa, then no shot. I get it, but now, if you had your choice, you'd want Nano buckshot nine millimeter. At least I'm gonna begun person never have been, but I'm certainly star. Turning to me and my reason for buying weapons is because, for the most part, the unrest, I will not be caught with my pants down as riding erupts across the country. And as we are entering into this election cycle, where no one has at no one knows what's gonna happen, I'm not
only buying weapons, I'm getting as far away from these cities as I can and that's fairly far away so far, anger, no internet that's a big problem with trying to move to this new expanded facility? No internet. I've actually got to call a company and see if the see if they'll lay the lines down, cuz, there's no internet, so maybe I'll be able to do it. But I think it's a lot of reasons that people are motivated to finally get active, but it says something else: paying attention. People are absolutely paying attention, and while the left tries to claim that all the violence and everything is trumps fault- I don't buy it. If people are rushing out Bygones they have some idea of what is happening and they're. Not. Let it be blaming tromp for what's happening locally, but are the asking their local politicians to send the police out John DOE Jane DOE in in the booths suburbs, who are like by my first gun, aren't pulling up trump and being Why are there rioters outside my house, they're calling
or councilman they're. Calling there there there aldermen they're, calling their mayor they're, calling their governor their congressmen, man or woman and they're saying what is happening an hour neighbourhoods, and why won't you send the police, federal police patrolling my neighbourhoods and then opportune. Yours either I mean most of yours. Some of em they're, probably are persuades, do come out right, maybe and indecent, especially because they are federal police, but I'm pretty sure they're, not blaming term for this and, if they're paying attention, they know whose really at fault for the chaos and who is not getting a handle on it. So I throw back to this story coming out of Oregon. This will be really really fascinating. I wonder what people will buy if they agree that there is no restriction at all on firearms. Can you define firearm for me? Are people gonna have like directed energy,
friends like what's the restriction man, this is gonna be crazy. I think people are gonna fun with it. I think people might are making their own crazy weapons or whenever a two ace, Sanctuary that sounds amazing now do point out classic county. This is in not northern Northwestern Oregon. I'm. I dont know exactly what this is. Maybe it's more rural but of its north western, and imagine it still in between Portland and say to calm our Seattle, so maybe not that rural but rule enough either way. Could you imagine what's gonna be like if these people have no restrictions and anti fa tries go through their town like make it up or just end up in their whenever people are to come. The craziest things you ve ever seen. Maybe I'm wrong, not a gun person, but only with their next said. Molly
tomorrow at ten a m thanks, rang it up, and I will see you all them.
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