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Trump Threatens To Shut US Border To Block Migrant Caravan

2018-10-18 | 🔗

Trump Is Threatening To Shut The US Border With Mexico as a migrant caravan of 4,000 people is making it's way from Honduras.Trump has demanded that Mexico and Guatemala do everything they can to stop the migrants from coming to the US. He has even threatened to suspend aid to these countries.This could be bad news for democrats going into the Mid terms as immigration is a core issue for moderates and conservatives. If the Democrats appear weak on migration and illegal immigrants it could bolster the republicans.

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A honduran migrant caravan of four thousand people is currently on its way to the United States? The mexican government is this matching federal agents to its southern border to prevent them from crossing into Mexico. Donald Trump has threatened to suspend aid to Mexico in Guatemala. If don't stop this caravan. He has even suggested shutting down the southern border and dispatching the army to prevent these people from getting into the? U S, all the while there has been spike in illegal border crossings and the Washington Post reports that we are seeing record levels of families and children travelling on their own, this could be bad news for the Democrats. Immigration is ache. Poor issue for conservatives and the mid terms are about twenty days away. This is likely. Going to ride up conservatives and a group, we call the politically disengaged who also find immigration at their core values when we're talking about moderates. This is something that might actually get them to vote for conservatives. If the Democrats aren't
to be strong emigration. Now, aside from the issue of the migrant caravan, we ve also been a viral video being pushed by some Republicans, showing men handing out cash to what they claim. Our honduran migrants heading into the? U S. So where do a bit of fact checking, but first let take a look at what's going on this migrant caravan and what Donald Trump has to say about it, but before I do that, let me give a quick shuddered. Today's sponsor virtual shield virtual showed us virtual private network service. This is a basic level of security to help keep your data private and safe from prying eyes nobody hollowing sale. Twenty five percent off everything just go to hide with TIM Dot, com and click, get this exclusive deal, and you can start. Breathe. Thirty day trial of GDP. It is a simple layer of security. If you wanted to protect yourself and your family I'm going to hide with TIM dot com and signing up more virtual shield. Today from NBC News. Honduran migrant caravan grows to four thousand amid spike in: U S border crossings them
government has sent five hundred extra federal police to its border with what I'm Allah. In anticipation of its arrival, say, documents obtained by NBC News Story says that part of the caravan which split into two groups is approaching. Mexico want em all a border amid a surge in border crossings on the? U S: Mexico border. In September: U S border patrol agents apprehended more than forty one thousand four hundred undocumented immigrants. Up from thirty seven thousand five hundred and forty four in August, according to numbers not yet released publicly but attained by and be seen, The Washington Post reported Wednesday at the numbers of families and children travelling on their own surge to record levels in September. The story police have been sent in part to quell protesters in the state of Chiapas, which borders Guatemala who are advocating for the safe treatment of the immigrants according to the documents Cooperate with United States on strict border policies has been met with a serious backlash in Mexico and contributed to the election of President Elect Andre Manuel Lopez Oberdoffer.
In response to the Caravan Donald Trump tweeted. I am watching the damn Crap Party led assault on our country by Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, whose leaders are doing a little to stop this large flow of people, including criminals from entering Mexico to the? U S. In addition to stop being all payments to these countries which, into have almost no control over their population? I must in this strongest of terms. Ask Mexico to stop this onslaught, and if unable to do so, I will call up the less military and close our southern border, the assault on our country and our southern borders, including the criminal elements and drugs pouring in, is far more important to me as president than trade or the: U S, embassy, eight. Hopefully, Mexico will stop this lot at their northern border, all Democrats fault for weak laws. We can see that
Illegal border crossings have spiked forty one thousand four hundred reported cases from the. U S border patrol we can see in their record numbers of families and children travelling on their own, and now we have a migrant caravan of four thousand. This is a huge issue for conservatives and, in my opinion, is not just about border security, but I think that here, opportunity that trumpets taking advantage of by tweet in no uncertain terms that he will stop these migrants. He is going to rally people in this country who believe in controlling our borders to vote Republican in the mid terms, but we also may have potential misinformation, there's a video being circulated from a republican showing men handing out cash to what appears to be the migrant care of him, the story might not be fake news. It might be real, but let's take a look at the facts and transparent way: actually going on this video from Alternative Matt Gate said: breaking
page in Honduras, giving cash to women and children to join the caravan and storm the. U S border at election time Soros? U S back Ngos, time to investigate the source, in the video you can see that there is a man handing something out to people, but we can't really tell what he is handing out. It looks like it might be cash, but I'll be honest in trying to fact like this I could find very little for all. We know these people going a football match and he's having a drink coupons on being a bit cs? I think the simple solution is that it's likely someone handing out cash, but we don't have any but it's necessarily that it is the migrant caravan, but one researcher has dug into the story and usually found Travis View said. I have an incomplete fact check of a mat gates, tweet spoiler. I dont know: what's going on congressmen, gates treated a video depicting men, handing out money to what appeared to be people in the honduran Caravan. This video came from the Facebook page, of one Enrique the tonnes the towns are as I honduran resident, but when I asked him the efficient messenger about the source of the video, he claims a video
sent to him by friends in Guatemala. If that's true, then gaiters claim is tweet. The video, Foliage and Honduras is false. On the more substantial point, the content of the video he did characterize it s of men giving money to people in the caravan he speculated on possible political sources of the money, but had no clarifying info So here is where we are at per the original The video the videos in Guatemala, not Honduras, the video does depict men handing out money to people in the migrant care. The source of the money or the reason they are being given cash, is unknown. I reached out to Travis and asked him if he had any information beyond his tweets, suggesting that for all we know this could be drink coupons for a football match. You responded. Yes, it could be. Sadly, the video isn't high enough quality to make out what was being handed out. The man who posted the original Facebook video was confident. It was money, though, and he didn't strike me as a wild conspiracy- theorist, for example, he thought of them might be with the cartels or venezuelan socialists or from the Guatemalan left, but cautioned he was only offering his hypothesis.
And this is the original source of the video, I think, is really important, because when we're dealing with these issues, you're going to see a lot of misinformation, and this video is going viral as right. Now it's got around thirty three thousand retreats, but let's get to the meat of the issue. Migration and whether or not these people should be coming into the EU. This is bad news for Democrats, in my opinion, because it is, a very small fashion of Americans, who are absolutely ok with an unlimited number of people just coming into the country. It is a very a small fraction of people who believe we shouldn't have borders. The average American believes we should have borders. Look conservative, definitely want more border policing Conservatives are okay with legal immigration. There. Many Democrats we're ok with legal immigration, want more of it, but still want borders. It wasn't that long ago that Bernie Sanders
and Hillary Clinton. We're saying we needed more border security. This wave of open borders, activism its relatively new, and it's not what the average American wants, but we also need to think about compassion and empathy for the people who are trying to come to this country, because just bringing them in won't solve any of their problems. In fact, it could make their lives worse. You can't just take a large group of people and place them into an economy. It doesn't work that way what happens when large groups of people enter the country is that ghettos for people's standard of living goes down? It's bad for the migrants and it's bad for us. This is why the United States does allow refugees and asylum seekers and illegal migrants to come in with controls, so we can sure that were maximizing an opportunity for everybody. It is good when more workers in the country, and we have a place for them. But if you just bring an egg,
a random and large group of people. They end up forming ten cities. They get placed in ghettos, they suffer drug abuse runs, rapid crime runs rampant. It is not good for anyone to be putting people and impoverished areas and making them suffer. Amidst the old saying you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but you teach a man to fish. You feed him for the rest of their lives. What that means is we have controls for a reason because we do want to help these people. We are legally obligated, in many circumstances, to consider asylum for these people, but if we can't control for it, they will end up in worse off positions. There's an article that I talked to not too long ago, but I want to bring up again because it's very important when talking about migration. This is from the foundation for economic education. It says what conservatives can't understand. Liberals and vice versa. Psychologist Jonathan hate says many people today live any moral matrix. The Oracle highlights five moral foundations, care fairness, loyalty
forty and sanctity, but what he says is that liberals recognise harm and fairness. Liberal minded people, however, reject the three remaining foundational values: loyalty authority sanctity. While conservatives accept them it's an extraordinary the difference, and it helps explain why many liberals and conservatives in America think the other side is bonkers. The important point is that liberals tends to only accept the idea of care and fairness and they reject loyalty, authority and sanctity, but this can be a problem. The far right would sacrifice the week in exchange for order. That's a problem too, but if the left is going to welcoming people into a system where it can't handle it because they care about the people and they believe in fairness, by rejecting the other three more foundations, there only going to cause more harm. And this is why I think that the moderates in this country- independence, the politically disengage.
And conservatives think immigration is an extremely important issue and the left tends to be more for open borders. The left wants to minimize harm. They want you care for people and be fair, but if you just bring peace, and you're not actually solving the problem, you're potentially making the problem worse. How can we as a society, maximize the amount of good we can do for these people, while making sure no one is harmed if we as to bring their men. Because, on the surface it sounds like it will make life better were wrong. It'll make life worse. For most people, it could disrupt the economies, it could put a strain on public resources and it could force these people to live in dangerous ghettos where they're not going to be better off. Admittedly, a dangerous got only states is much less dangerous than Andorra, so there is potentially some benefit. However, we need to make sure there is space for them. We d make sure that they can have jobs. We d make sure there's going to be enough money to support them and for them to work and contribute to the economy. Otherwise, we just bring everyone down and we increase the amount of harm. We do
it's important to recognise all of the moral foundations, while not going so far into the direction of order and authority that we would sacra. Twice a week and miss out on real opportunities there. Maybe people want to counter this country who absolutely do fit into our economy, and it will benefit everyone for them to come. But that's exactly why conservatives and your traditional liberal believes in border controls, because we want To make sure we know where these people can go to maximize the benefit to every- body and minimize harm. The far left at once. Complete open borders would only maximize harm. It just doesn't make sense, but that's just my opinion, Let me know what you think in the comments below will keep the conversation going. Do you think trunk should shut down the southern border and just keep these people out. Do you think we should take it? duration, their individual circumstances and maybe actually brain, has been one of the country. Again, let me don't you think you can follow me on twitter item cast
Data and new videos everyday at four p m, more videos coming up on my second channel Youtube com slashed him CAS news starting at six p m. Thank somewhat sprang up and Elsie next time.
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