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Trump Tweets Video EXPOSING Illegal Vote Buying From Biden Supporters Who Quickly Delete Evidence


The video shows two women with one promising gift cards as prizes if people send in photos of them voting.While Democrats are claiming its a legal "get out the vote drive" according to the law offering cash incentives or something of value in exchange for voting or not voting is illegal.it doesn't matter if you tell someone to vote to for someone specific or not to vote for someone, simply saying vote in exchange for prizes is a crime.While this is not definitive proof of Trump's claims about the system being rigged it is still something that needs to be investigated and prosecuted.Bill Barr recently claimed that to date he has not seen evidence that would have changed the outcome but this doesn't mean it doesn't exist and it doesn't mean he stopped investigating 

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Before we get started with the TIM Pool Daily, show podcast make sure you check out TIM cast Iron Ral on all podcast platforms. to show where I bring on guests from across the political spectrum and various fields to discuss cultural and political issues and the breaking news of the day. You can watch the show live Monday through fright at eight p m over at Youtube dot com I asked him cast iron or find the show on all podcast platforms. Again TIM cast, I arel that being said onto the show, over the past decade or so. Donald Trump has been tweeting videos of individuals explaining how they witnessed serious impropriety.
You'll arrogance or even outright fraud at various hearings, held by Republicans Trump, of course, has been tweeting quite a bit about voter fraud. No alot of people were confused, angry upset or just let down when Bill BAR came out, and it was reported that Bill BAR said there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, but in fact that is not what bill bars what I actually said was to date. We have not seen fraud on a scale that would have changed the outcome of the election and from that billboards actually saying quite a few things he sang to date, which means worse still investigating he said to change the outcome of the election, meaning we ve seen fraud and, in fact, Donald Trump took out a video of several people who are apparently Biden supporters, offering up a cash raffle in exchange for proof that you vote,
which, while according to some experts, is absolutely illegal and other people are saying, no, no, it's actually not illegal, but I think this actually falls into the it's illegal category. You can't tell someone if you vote, I will give you cash or the opportunity to receive a cash prize. That's effectively buying votes and the reason it's illegal is because you can argue why wasn't telling him who to vote for it doesn't matter. You know why, because people would target certain areas, districts or communities, which is exactly what we seeing right now. I believe it's entirely possible that bill bar is still looking there. Some anger from conservative saying the deal J needs to do a lot. More trumpet certainly sang it. I don't think Oh bar statement is anything other than the fact that he has he's not say
there's no evidence he thinks so far. We haven't seen evidence that would change the outcome of the election. Well, allow me to present some of those who would contest that statement, because billboard you're probably need to look at some more of the evidence, notably what's going on with Donald Trump and this tweet, which has twenty seven thousand retreats and actually want to break down. You see this story of people buying votes through illegal raffles or cash prizes, or even outright Unless you vote it will give a cash that actually happened. It happened in many different states and many states, where will they were key swing, states that Trump needed to win? This could potentially be widespread fraud that could have changed the outcome of the election and not saying it did I'm just saying we need to look at this, and perhaps I can be a little bit optimistic based on what Bill Barsad. Maybe he will investigate this. I gotta tell you, though, I'm sorry
I'm a bit of a pessimist on this one. I dont know where this gonna go, but I'm not entirely confident. It's gonna go anywhere where we see we figure out what happened, and we see these people actually get in trouble or be charged for what what looks like overt voter fraud. Well, it start by taking a look at this tweet from Donald Trump and the story tweeted from the EP at times before. We do, however, make sure you subscribe to Youtube dotcom. Slash TIM cast. I r L, we didn't show Monday through fraud. I live at eight p m. It's a different show from this one. I have guests on. We talk about the issues and different political stuff. Sauce on other differ podcast platform, so check it out don't forget to subscribe, hit the notification Bell hit that, like button and let's, let's read this slip limit, play some audio real, quick for you from this tweet. So you know exactly what they're saying why I've gotta get throughout lotta money as we have also for what,
hundred dollar gift cards to give away. So again we want to make sure you get out here and there it is make sure you get out here to vote. We ve got a hundred dollar gift card to give away the tweet trumpets, quoting from the epic times. They say that about a native vote project posted photos on Facebook on election day of smiling voters holding twenty five dollar gift cards after handing over their ballots. The posts have since been deleted, but not before they were archives. Now I know a lot of people get tired of me pointing out news guard, but epic times is considered by news guard to be read. Exclamation point saying proceed with caution, but do not adhere to several basic journalistic standards, but they do say the epic times does not repeatedly publish false content and that's where the most important things, but but regardless of whether or not it's me
certified as a factual news outlets. I actually did the fact checking in this. The story is completely legit. In fact, it was covered previously in part by just the news Nevada voting raffle targeting native Americans opens the door to trump legal challenge. Groups site offered chance to win hundreds of dollars and gift cards to those who had proof they voted Trump campaign argues. It was an illegal incentive I believe, based on reading awesomely stories. Already that day, yeah does seem to have been outright illegal, incentivize and with care people to about the reason why I sent you candidates. Imagine people were but one area, that's like in Philadelphia, Democrat plus eighty You want to swing swing. State you go in,
one area where you know eighty percent of the people are Democrats, and you say if you vote I'll, give you a cash, and some of these states did just that. We're not talking about raffles in one instance, according to the epic times they straight up said twenty bucks. If he's had a picture of you having voted, that's it guaranteed cash in exchange for you voting it's against the law. As far as I can tell now, I can fat check a lot of our epoch times insane. And and and I'll show you just the news they did this report couple weeks ago, but epoch times now is showing us. It affected several states in the twenty election. I am not entirely convinced we're gonna get a deep dive by the federal authorities. I'm I'm just I'm sorry call me pessimistic me jaded. When was the last time we saw when you see all this evidence coming out, the feds actually go in and do something about it
When was the last time we actually saw one of these top level. Politicians who clearly broke the law, get some kind of penalty and any capacity I mean Hillary Clinton. She had so look. She effectively deleted thirty thousand emails. There are public record you can't legally to that. Nothing happens to any of these people. So forgive me from a bit pessimistic, but here's a story about times reports the Nevada Native Vote project posted photos on Facebook on election day of smiling voters holding twenty five dollar gift cards after handing over their ballots. The posts have since been deleted, but not before they were archived. The removal may have had something to do with the: U S, criminal code, two distinct sections of which impose fines and prison sentences sentences for quote whoever makes or offers to make an expenditure to any person, either to vote or withhold his vote. There does not to vote for a certain person literally just about, and let me show you: we got the archives
from archive dot is we can clearly see an image of a man. We appears to be smiling, but only with his eyes his ring ass. We can see it and is holding up what appears to a visa gift card from the Nevada native vote project, when you see them outright saying you can win gift cards, then posting a photo of them doing. It would appear that they broke the law and how many votes did they net by breaking the law? Considering that Nevada Vote margin was very, very slim. Now people will say there's no way they got ten or twenty thousand votes for Joe Biden, but think about this across the state at times. Notes that this committee is about sixty thousand
people and they weren't giving everyone money. They were saying you could win money, go vocal vote, they say offering gift cards for bouts, wasn't the only way than about an native project, enticed people to vote in a video that could be seen on Facebook and another twenty fourth, but these SAM, the public relations officer for the Reno sparks indian colony, urge people to come out and vote by offering some extra swag that we can give out quote. We have- twenty five dollars gift cards to raffle off with a lot of money in Cashier SAM said, adding that voters need only send a photo of himself at the polling place to enter. We have also for one hundred dollars gift cards to give away. So again you want to make sure you get out here and vote and then we have for two hundred and fifty dollars gift cards Ethel and our grand prize is going to be a five hundred dollar visa gift card to the person or native voters who came out early this week for early voting. I must stop right now and say for the fifty billion time. I am not saying this proves. There is enough evidence to suggest Trump lost the elections due to why.
spread fraud. I think there are reasons to criticise bill bar, but I think he's being honest when he says to date. We have not seen evidence that would have changed the outcome of the election. That doesn't mean there's no fraud and actually kind of implies. There is fraud and he says to date, meaning he's too. investigating, but it's a fair assessment. I know a lot of people think commands. I saw all this. It proves it listen. Bill bar may have investigated this. They may have found young people about the law referred to prosecution, but it was how many votes, how many people, hard to know for sure. Can you say that this is hard evidence? It's hard to say, and Bill bar seems to err on the side, of. I can't now. I know a lot of people really don't like bill bar as of late, but he did a point, John Durham, as a special council meeting Joe Biden can't fire him, I mean you can try if Joe Biden becomes president on January twenty twentieth, which I again I've said is
over overwhelmingly astronomically likely. Ninety nine point, nine percent of what a rat's- that's, how I feel tromp may pull off something I give him the chance, but if Joe Biden becomes present he's not going to get rid of Durham, that means the Russia origins. Probe will continue and it's gonna be a whole lot, like Russia Gate dust in the other direction, but this is billboard doing something that I think actually is good at protecting the investigation, making sure doesn't go way. So in this capacity You know what else you do if you dont trust Barville, just any these people and who do you trust, maybe Bill BAR is in on it. I don't know, I don't think so. I had a conversation with Ben damage other than the IRA podcast, and he was saying he made a really good point that, with without Bill bar Trump would not have enough to do anything in his first term, because Bill BAR just shuddered the ridiculous rush.
Probe essentially- and there was no evidence it was- it was a waste of time and bar did help out Trump. In many ways, I just think Bill bars got even criticism for a lot of stuff in the past that you know people rag on em So have I do want to bring up you. Ve gotta be mad at me, but you are defending law enforcement agents, who probably did really really horrifying things, to put it mildly. But billboard thank is not going to come out and just blindly support from the way the left claims. He is it's not gonna happen, and this is evidence now they're saying: oh look. What bar set it. No, I don't know you don't get to rag on bill, Barclay, music I am now claim you saying something you can't even say even say: there's no evidence and we're Danny's has to date. So, looking at all this, let me go down because you ve seen this. They mention endorse divided by an Harris ticket. These individuals were seen that that the union colony,
It had endorsed by an abiding and Harris quote. I think the button Harris campaigners supporting tribal sovereignty so look. This was basically Democrats and binding supporters at times has there's an estimated sixty thousand registered native american voters into that up in a video from them election day. Sam encourage them to vote because Nevada is a swing. State quote I'll. I want you to know that we do have a raffle going on whether your early voting or you vote today during the election SAM said inserting people to enter the drawing
sending her a screen shot of their cast ballot from about tracking website or a photo of themselves. With an I voted sticker, some people were started just given gift cards. If they voted it wasn't even a raffle at that. Time goes on to note many other states Michigan. They say the lock vo desert band of Lake Superior Chippeway Indians in Michigan, offered twenty dollar gas cards to anyone who sent pictures of themselves voting. The group also didn't immediately responded request sent to its face. What page quote at this time? No evidence of widespread illegal voting activity has been reported in Michigan, What does that mean widespread and why do they keep using it? If we ve got people setting up across the country is? Is it widespread? We have Michigan Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Idaho Taxes, Ohio where they're all doing things like that? Is that not widespread? I have to wonder: You know, maybe you guys saw that project veritable put out. These leaked CNN conversations, what you learn
from listening to these private conversations that most of these people are really really dumb. Maybe the problem is that people like you and me- you know you all watching this video and people like me, reading the news we're paying attention. An extremely active is bill bar, maybe he's not. Maybe they'll bar hasn't seen that all of this, the fact that all of these states- or maybe he has and maybe says, listen in all of these states, they may be have gotten a hundred two hundred votes, maybe a thousand votes, but it wouldn't have changed the results and that's a fair point and is entirely possible, but it does need to be brought up. It does need be prosecuted, and hope something ends up. Coming of. This should check this out. I mentioned in Michigan. They say in Arizona, Horizontal Arizona promoted a cash raffle for people who send in a picture of themselves their ballot people. This We have to do to under the raffle post about selfie area. We get it Washington. A video from Washington shows a native vote team in front of a binding,
time, promoting a voter raffle for a two hundred dollar gift card. Another prizes in Idaho, the Nez purse, tribe of Otto Raffle Doff gift cards worth fifty two five hundred dollars, a smart tv, an Ipad for people who cason absentee valid ballot, voted or registered, devote the tribe and Demille respond to any amount requests for common in Texas, the American Indians in Texas, on Facebook, ruffled off gift cards with a two hundred fifty dollars and a fifty eight inch. Television in Ohio Council woman Shale Davis of Garfield Heights, Ohio, potent on Facebook, offering twenty five dollar gas gift cards. T shirts and masks for people come out to vote Davis and immediately respond to requests for comment Now some people might say the epic times is biased. It's a bad source, just the news is considered a good source and I'm not trying to. As I say, I often say, impugn the honor of our times and is trying to point out. This is
easily verifiable, just the news covered the story on November twentieth and I believe, even before that it was up in the twentieth, I'm not one to usually go back and pull up or old stories, but the significance here is that trumpets tweeting south and showing you people doing this. So when you hear people say, there's no evidence now, the narrative is changing only say: there's no evidence they're wrong outright wrong. There's a video of a woman saying you can get cash. If you vote. Ok, that's it! You can't do that as my understanding its illegal But now the media narrative has been shifting their no longer saying without evidence. Neither to saying baseless or unproven will not tonight even unproven. Now the claim that there is evidence of voter fraud is a fact. I mean. There's videos We can talk about weird mathematical anomalies. We can talk about database lest we can, but we can show you a video whether like we will give you money. If you vote, will there you go?
hey, I mean not dimension. We already had evidence of ballot harvesting for product where tossed they'll claim is just fake news. Now it's videos of apparent voter fraud, too is reasonable and fair, as I can possibly be apparent. Voter fraud, people bragging about breaking the law or in this instance this woman's. Clearly. Breaking, though I mean I'm not a lawyer, I met a prosecutor. It looks to me like she's, clearly breaking the law, here's what Bilbil! Are here's the news if you missed it attorney General Bill BAR says no evidence of widespread fraud in the twenty Twond election, but that's not the actual quote. To date. We have not. in fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election bar told the AP I gotta stop. I guess not. I guess up I am saying this and I'm reading about these. These court cases down from his filing where they say you know, I see that you're challenging three thousand bouts
I wouldn't change the results of the election anyway, so dismissed. I see stuff like that. I'm like a hold on if Trump swimming in a state where bindings margin is like ten thousand of twenty thousand, and they ve got four five lawsuits targeting different suits and they all get dismissed because individually not more than enough. If we, if we actually win on the merits, then these voting thrown out Trump wins after several lawsuits. That's the craziest thing to me, Bill bar in my opinion should have said we have seen fraud. We do not believe it would have affected the the results of the election or change our cause. A different outcome will absolutely be continue. Our investigation and prosecuting this is kind of aid in all put it. The upper this way a precise statement, but I also thank you, gotta, be more clear, its precise in the sense that he chose his words carefully. To avoid are now getting dragged out,
but all he did was create vague they all in all. It is ultimately for most people, it's exactly what they want to here s, why say precise. I'm nuts is actually rather vague, but in terms of the words he chose, it serves a perfect function to the left. He sang no fraud case dismissed, and to everybody else you saying we're still investigating and there is fraud K. This doesn't help, body and our around. Maybe he doesn't want to ruffle feathers and cause massive outrage or whatever, but what I fear is that, because of these statements, are things like this We are not going to get an actual hard investigation into what's going On with these, with, with our elections a common to that end. The IRA podcast us a super January user user comments and they said there from Central America therefrom what I'll let in South America and that, if the? U S, doesn't do something now and this become
acceptable. Then the? U S will never have a fair election again then, and they said take it from me. I lived out in these countries and I completely agree universal mail in voting, no excuse mail in voting, there's no chain of custody euro. The belts come from, they don't allow, to observe about all of this. Stuff cannot be accepted and if it is then its normalized when trumped suit in Pennsylvania and lost several times I went to appeal loses. They said we weren't allowed to have observers watching the votes become and the judge said too bad Pennsylvania Election Code says so long as there is an observer there and you were in the building were covered, but observers were supposed to actually observe that the vote is of of a photo going viral of two people holding up a vote in Florida and pointing to a hanging, Chad and there's a question being risen by being brought up by many conservative saying what happened to this. This was
are we observed about now. Judges are literally saying so long as you're sleeping and with a dunce cap in the corner of the room. That's observing the vote. No, it isn't. We cannot allow this. Then you got the lawsuit from Sean Parnell, which I believe is not going to Supreme Court no excuse mail and voting in Pennsylvania violates the Pennsylvania constitution, but they're gonna allow it to pay Supreme Court said on narrow grounds, you're too late case dismissed with prejudice. You can't bring it back up. I can't see again so that an appeal to the Supreme Court will set up plays out, but that's insane to me. How can we see all of this evidence whether its enough to change the outcome, the election and ignore it will be to be look. I said a lot to be fair in Pennsylvania. They weren't allowing trumps supporters.
Looking in Michigan in many of these states, where Biden needed to win republican observers were not allowed to actually observe the votes being counted, and now we're supposed to trust these things is reliant. sitting in the Michigan hearing evidentiary hearing on fraud, one guy brought up all of this could have been solved they just had a republican pull workers. That's it why? Why not? It's ridiculous isn't in one of the videos that Trump tweeted out following this one about the vote buying a woman said that I believe it was in Michigan when she was watching them count votes. So there was one vote that was they ve checked off both Biden and the Green Party, its disqualified. You can vote for both and so what the that the pole, cutlet tabulate or set was I'm gonna give this to Biden the witness said. I challenge the saying you can't do that. It's a disqualified vote and the supervisor came in and said get out of here. You can't do this. She said there were numerous ends
says where they back. I can't tell them what is Force Omnium, Archidamus Biden and then it just was: maybe Trump didn't win because people hate him. I can understand that I talk to my friends. They don't know anything about this stuff. They hate cancel culture, they hate the weakness, but they don't know what's going on and they think Trump is causing it Oh, you might gasp it's true. I am not saying that three people, I know reference everybody. I'm saying I know people who just really dont get it. I know people who don't know anything about politics, immoral, widens the answer. Unlike did weren't, you upset with politics a little while ago protesting Europe over the guy criminals, laws. They just don't get it. I can believe it, but what I'm saying is
Instead of sitting here, saying tromp one Trump won over and over again, which look by all means. You can say if you want the path towards an actual tromp turnaround in this case is to say here is evidence of fraud. Here's evidence of fraud is evidence of fraud. There's that there's a website. It's called for out of its it's, a: u tube like they, they categorize Youtube channels are transparency. Tibet was called and they have one category about voter fraud that is supporting opposing and other and euros really via all of my channels. There in every category some TIM cast
aroused supports. Trumps claims TIM Cast is other doesnt support or oppose, and then you know what my team CAS News opposes. It's the most ridiculous thing: it's there they're trying to quantify, but the issue as there is fraud, there's always Fridays Ferris. It is always some kind of fraud, because the massive country alot of people we have evidence of widespread fraud. We don't know if it change the results of the election. Other is the best position to be in. You want to convince someone that there was that we need to investigate the fraud and you're hoping it'll help trump start from the beginning. Hey take a look at the stuff from the voter, intact but he project where they say they found all these names. Well, that's enough to change the election. I didn't say that I just said: take a look at it and, let's figure out what this is right, no reason and that maybe maybe it isn't anything maybe trumped in when, let's start with the evidence, because the evidence will lead us where we need to be- and maybe Joe Biden One and maybe me didn't, but the best place, is just follow the evidence you believe in science right there's a meme.
They left us who don't want to hear it won't believe it. Instead of going them, say, look I've seen the Facebook fights people are like Trump one. You this too stupid you dont know or if only where the evidence lot of anger and in the bite and people are like give up. You ve lost copious. Your coping blah blah my response to these people's often like your, are both on the same level. Take a look at this news story. How do you deny breaking news? Here's a video of a woman saying I'll, give you cash. If you come in vote, and that is that, while ok that videos, you can win cash, if you prove you voted, you got the one where their often of the gift cards you can deny. It will all that wasn't enough fraud to change the election, so you admit, there's fraud. Now you see, I explain to people there's fraud. We got a video of it. What are you gonna say it in an ever happened? Well, I guess we'll
not really fraud. It's just you know, I don't know. No, it happened. It's been reported on by credible sources and we ve been tracking things like this, but let me show you where we were at right now. Chris Krebs he's got fired. He says the transition starts now and as a reminder, still no evidence that election systems and votes were manipulated. All Americans should have confidence in the security of their vote, but the decision for likely won't stop. We keep on the look out and don't fall for it. We are Perseus, ah jeez, you know that the references, because any Powell Sage is gonna, released the crack and everybody sad release the crack and anybody. has anything about the mythology or has just watch the movie. You know yet we have you seen which one is it the wrath of the Titans and then what's the other one hour of basic in the movie and in that, in the end
the mythology. The cracking summoned and Perseus uses the head of medusa to defeat the crack and Mackay. So we are Percy S work to defeat the crack in the air. What is we are Perseus Chris Crabs has for the record. Anyone who describes their sight of any conflict as the crack and clearly seen enough movies, the crack and always loses comes off as scary at first of course, but always lose a sea area accept, wasn't the crack and also in part to the Caribbean, the crack and did kill Captain Jack Sparrow. So there's always that whatever that means, I don't know it's a south, silly. Well, Matt Brain of the voter integrity projects had Chris do you have a minute, and then we see Jackpot Sobek showing a start man with fire all around them. Yes, yes, yes, I get it met. Brainerd appeared on Lou, Dobbs, illegal votes, former real trot, Real Donald Trump Data, strategist met
Brainerd discovers thousands of illegally cast mail in boats and hands over evidence of electoral fraud at the FBI. Infect met, Brainerd is testifying as to the evidence he discovered. I am not saying it proves that Donald Trump actually won the election. I dont know, but the evidence exists and we need to investigate the biggest challenge we face right now is that, following this election, we have what a couple weeks to do a large scale, investigation of hundreds of millions of ballots hundred and fifty million votes across all these different states in all these different agencies selfishly possible. So what do we do? I don't Perhaps we need a percentage failure rate that cause is like a trip. Wire are a circuit breaker where the election has to be. Contingent or or are you know, gotta go last delegate's. If number of errors or or or of families, are detected at a certain percentage, not necessary
to say that I look up this way. We're never gonna have the FBI than another. and power to investigate every county. Every precinct. Every voting machines are possible. It is absolutely not possible. I also personally, don't believe, is a grand conspiracy. I don't think it's a stand alone complex what that means as a bunch of people acting in cars to help Joe Biden Win and engaging in illegal activity or impropriety. You can call that widespread fraud. I believe it absolutely plays a role in this, but I'm not saying it changed the results. I just don't know. I have not seen any evidence, isn't a funny that Bill BAR says this and its rules on everyone screaming, but I could say the same thing to date. I personally Temple have not seen evidence of wide scale, voter fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election, however, seen tons of evidence of overt fraud that needs to be prosecuted and starting from there and with evidence like what we ve seen from met Brainerd. We should absolutely be investing in it because the possibility it happened to actual that there is actually a strong possibility,
Bill bar hasn't seen the evidence yet because it's not possible for the affair to do that. Investigation but I'd like to present to you one tidbits that I find particularly interesting area, Cunningham, twitter now entirely familiar. I saw some journalists are its app state. Alumni founder of elections Daily says, looks like Trump had the best
Performance in New York, city of any republican since two thousand for and if we disregard that I live in factor ninety ninety two, and if it is about nine eleven, then it's not going to do and the most raw votes of any and Y see Republican. Since eighty four ok takes up in twenty twenty Trump got. Twenty two percent of of republican of the vote in New York City Republicans got it. You added to those in force was twenty four percent, but of course, nine eleven plays a huge role in this going back. Nineteen. Ninety two would have been the only other time in Internet Diego's, thirty, two percent and an eighty eight eighty four was the lancet was that was the big landslide. You I believe eighty eight was was H. W Bush seeming to tell me trumped dramatically improved his margins. in New York City, the blue as to the blue, he got some of the best numbers we ve seen in sixteen years. Yet in the key swing state cities trumps ratio
was absurdly absurdly diminished. Ok, MR this way, look at these big bumps. Joe Biden getting ninety two. Ninety five percent of these data dumps of you. You can see this graph showing that Trump and binding are fairly equal. There's some jumps forbidden. Some jumps for trump they're they're going up, but Trump is going up slightly faster than Joe Biden. You can see when there's a jump at usually even right. Here's a small jumped for buying a small jump for trot, but Trump is slowly trending upwards. Both both abide in transport, if even out as the council coming and then all of a sudden for some reason boom one big data blast and it's like ninety plus per cent for Joe Biden, but in New York City bluest of the blue, a state that doesn't matter I swing state, it's gonna, go Democrat Trump, improved by five points over the previous election. Together to this end, twenty sixteen Trump got: seventeen percent twenty twenty to twenty two percent. You may tell me that Trump improved,
five percent in New York City, but where it mattered in these big cities and these swing states, it didn't happen that, to me just odd, I'm not saying it's evidence of you know that of a widespread conspiracy isn't that I'm just saying it's a statistical anomaly that should be included an investigation as we as we look into its probable cause. It makes me question how it is a man like Joe Biden who didn't campaign beat Barack Obama. Simple answer. Is people hate trump that much politics became pop culture and people were voting against Trump, but man I voted for for Morocco.
I voted for rock monitors and ate, and this time I voted for Trump for much the same reasons: ending the war and all that stuff. Tromp is one of the first president presence in like a hundred eighty years, something to gain votes and lose reelection. I think Trump might be the first president in history to have complete down ballot success, winning state level, legislatures winning house seats and defending this that that the upper chamber of of Congress, but still losing that's remarkable, makes me question everything. But I'm not saying I know nothing. I agree withdrawal. I'm saying I would like to see an investigation, I'm not convinced we're. Gonna get one, and that's the scary thing, because now people are already question- are questioning republican saying if this is what we saw with wrought. What was run Mcdaniel? They said if this is rigged. Why bother voting in Georgia? Yes, throwing it back to that comment from
Arel, where the guy said. If you accept this now, it will be here forever. I refuse to accept this, I'm not saying Trump one, but I'm saying we better have a hard and serious investigation. I think Donald Trump should appoint a special council to investigate the results of this election so that Joe Biden Cannon fire this person, and they invest eight for the next two or three years, how long it takes, and they can give us a definitive answer, and I absolutely would would prefer if he comes out and says no. There was not one spread further shifted. The results are, elections are secure. Your safe, the american people had their voice heard. I would love to hear that it would make me feel better about everything because the last thing I want to hear is I'm coming on saying we ve proven it. The election scam. That would be a nightmare scenario but I'll knock at but its irrelevant. All the needs to happen is special council investigate the election. Give it a couple years expect a spare, no expense. We went there, Russia get, we can go through this and an audit
hard audit friends of analysis. We need secure elections and the confidence of the american people in knowing its legit. I ll leave it there. The next segment. Actually, yes outside us that examines gotta, be at six p m over at Youtube COM such tests. I r L, that's right. I'm no longer to be doing these six pm segments on TIM cast news. I have three channels, but also make sure to check out at eight p m. Live you tube, dotcom slashed him cast IRA where we do. The live, Podcast Joe Monitor at eight p m amenable to Amazon, refocusing a lot more of my time on that show, putting more energy and segments into that so that it can free it more time during the day. So I can actually grow the business beyond. Just me, hiring more people doing more content. Prison Cultural content, so stick around back sprang up and I will see you all to night. At eight p m live Youtube outcomes lashed him cast. I r L Cnn has called the cops on projects
divert us you may have seen the news. James O Keefe live stream, a more morning, ninety I'm editorial call from CNN and said that they were going to be in releasing audiotape save record for months of CNN nine. I am at a toil meetings. Well, response to this CNN said that this is apparently a violation of the law were formed into law enforcement. That may now I dont believe. That's true. I think James O Keefe knows what he's doing it s, good lawyers who planned everything out, but we'll talk about it, but Donald Trump calls it suppression media because in the ADI you can hear them saying you know we can cover tromp. We can't give him a platform. You can hear things where they say like say things like we gotta go after Lindsey Gram. We can't let em
you know we got it. We eat deserves this CNN. Literally just Democrat NEWS and look. We ve only got a couple of audio releases from project Berytus, but so far it paints. A really obvious picture whenever you see stuff like this, I know a lot of people thought there was going to be some mustache twirling secret audio. Maybe there is very pleasant, released everything, but usually it's just really dumb people saying really dumb things. The one thing you discover when you get to hear these cars, because I've been an editorial calls- is that these people are really dumb and there's a case in point. Tucker Karlsson did a segment the other night where he talked about a scene, unemployment having nothing to do with product Vert us well, CNN, apparently doesn't know any like didn't even watch these videos and just said Tucker and Joy-
James you? I did the wrong person Tucker Karlsruhe response, I would talk about. I have nothing to do with the story. We talk, we showed a video of speaking, then you get the daily beast. Q leftist progressive, whatever trash media, and there are like James, O Keefe secretly reveals that Tucker Carlson's are racist, while the calls reveal that they were calling to girls and racist. The funny thing is, though, the store for the daily based goes on to say that CNN Com, Tucker Karlsson, for falsely I being this guy or whatever, but they literally have the video segment from Tucker Karlsson, where he doesn't mention project Berytus. He shows a video of a guy from CNN. Welcome to the stupidity of today's.
Modern media CNN, who should be doing serious investigations, is just reality, tv trash saying. Well, we're call the cops on you because you do you do it's illegal undercover journalism is legit journalism. Now it may be that James O Keefe did incorrectly identified individual and, if that's true, I well regardless I'd like to see James issues kind of statement as to whether he was right or wrong because she had and has made an accusation, and if he's wrong, I I would be absolutely shocked. If James didn't say we made a mistake on that one. He would just say we incorrect identified this person but let's read this and will go through its going to then I'll show you that the whole area of this, but what I really want to get to hear is, did James O Keefe really break the law. Did project very us commit a felony actually maybe, but I don't think so. I think James O Keefe probably knows about. Like a great lords like I mentioned, and will go through this I'll show you the law, because it gives you to understand that there is. There are felony. Eavesdropping laws like wiretapping in
things like that. The daily mail report CNN, has reported project veritable foundered. James O Keefe to police over his latest undercover investigation, in which he secretly recorded network President Jeff Suckers morning conference calls for months. Ok, Thirty, six on Tuesday announced he was releasing audio recordings of several network meetings, which he claims will expose and other senior executives expressing their political biases. The calls O Keefe had been listening to over two. Other networks, daily, nine, a M editorial meeting with senior staff from seeing its main bureaus, which has run by soccer main bureaus. That's the important factor and whether this is a legal we'll get to that the move,
the project. Their task is the latest sting operation orchestrated against the new station by the conservative operative was long targeted, CNN over claims of liberal and anti trust biased. Well, if that's the case, good news for James O Keefe, you ve proven it with just a couple of veto segments. Now I gotta stop there just because James O Keefe released a couple segments where their very clearly biased against Republicans doesn't mean there aren't other conversations where their biased against Democrat. Actually, it's fair to say, probably not deprive bent lux lesson I so work for some of these companies. I work for an ABC news. Company scald fusion is ABC, innovation and I was I was in some of these calls us in many of these meetings and I'll tell you men, they don't care about. What's true limit, let me get a quick example. There's a movie that came out ghost in the shall you, member this one bit of power?
people are very famous animate and I happened to be a fan to a certain extent, not diner, fanned by like the show, and so this will be coming out. Small Johannsen, a white woman is playing the main character. Who is supposed to be no japanese or whatever all they cared about was that it was a violation of social justice principle. When I explained to them the concepts in Gaza like Trans Humanism and downloading your brain, and how this actually makes sense and was a keep. We could be a key component of the plot if we don't care, we just want to run that narrative. They didn't care. I was sitting meeting on. Like I M, a fan of the show the show is about individual who transfers they're mine to another body. It's like a normal thing, a prosthetic body, so this can be a think they care not to get off on a tangent, but these media companies in the dew editorial meetings there not talking about the news there not saying here's the acts. People need denote a better understand. What's going on, they say: how can we make people? Angry
and drive a narrative and get cash. That's typically, what's all about about deny it, but as others absurd how dare to impugn are our honour and say: yes, please, I've been in these meetings. I bet if these companies I've been in the higher higher tier meaning to some of them with a president, the ceo with with many of these people, amenities companies. I know exactly what they talk about now. They'll, try and hide and justify what they do say. well, you know, Donald Trump is bad and we gotta hold them to account. That's what journalists do it was this emergence. They called it mission driven storytelling where they're alive we gotta mission- we're not just here. You know by there's no such thing as objective journalism. That's the name of the game. I tell you it's really going on. People like Jeff Sucker have found a way to justify the fact that they just want to drive a narrative. They won't. You push their their opinions at an editorial level, commanding those below them to make money. I'll tell you the reality. I'd say that thrashed. Aren't you
I mentioned this the other day when I support an amendment by making our work out some changes to this gentle, I'm I'm, I might have a way to keep up a content, what what what will soon happens but anyway, the point is, I was talking about how we always focus on these negative thing he got up you're, my main channel in its typically, you, like the Democrats are bad, but here's your ears a thing. I recognise its problem. If you go to my channel it's all you see, I don't like it. I've never liked, but it's my honest Indians about what's going on the news that day that I think are important that I think people should know about and my personal biased, as I've said, a million times. I don't like the Democrats. I love quotas, hotel Jesus on this one good do it was on my IRA podcast by the way, subscribe to Youtube outcomes lashed him cast iron anyway, hotel Jesus said you know he is reckoned on the Democrats and laughing cause, I'm like I'm therewith yeah. What about republicans- and you said something the effect of I don't know the Republicans are doing anything that can be
particularly worked up about and I'm like, I agree like they sit on their hands. They do very little right now so anyway that, but the point is I'm an individual. Ok one guy. I got my opinions. I see the news and unlike shoves Zocor, going after veritable come on. That's David verses, go I, like they're gonna, send when a law enforcement whatever, but I'm just one person I haven't, honest opinion. When I see news like Bill BAR did a thing on my old man is the biggest story. I pick that it's me when Jeff Sucker gets at a phone call and tells his whole stuff. This is what we're doing that to me is where things get creepy, because Jeff Sucker is a reality tv the producer that was his bit, and so what he's doing is he's he's the money, guy oho fain, the editorial guy, but he'll get on the phone call. Nobody like you know, Donald Trump is a bad. Do you know it? We got a report on a european and more trump and there's a turnaround go to the money guys. A bit more trouble
segments means more money. You know CNN used to do a lot of underground reporting as bad as it was. I was in Ferguson during the right scene and was there now. We actually learn this from project their task, because, under undercover footage of a guy saying we used to go on the ground now just panels about trump so I don't know how they're going to survive now that the Trump era seems to be closing. What we'll see you know Trump actually in it at a party, said he's trying to to get another four years. If not he'll see you and another, for so it seems. Like Trump is acknowledged. that you know, we don't know, what's gonna happen, but you keep a good outcome but actually run. The point is when you have massive corporations, and you have the money that that that the money guys are the money people, because it could be women and their saying this is the kind of stuff that makes us money we want or that and then you say: ok, you go to your staff and to write me stories about this. That is, in my opinion, what is destroying everything because you look there's a lot of journalists that are leaving vat. Look, you got the mat TB for
so now and substantial, it's like you could write your own thing and people can subscribe to it. Glenn Greenwash quits, the inner set. You got. People from the verge leaving this guy Casey Newton, he started, you started a zone substance, I believe you did. You got Matthew, Iglesias, another client, and you know it my respect to all of them for doing their own thing and breaking away from that corporate machines. I tell you this. These people gotta do better work on their own they're gonna write what they care about their right, how they feel and what they think is important. The same as I do, and I respect that infinitely more than when you work for a progressive company. They say this is the kind of article that generates traffic report that anyway, and I want to rent too much. Can we talk about did project where does break the law so anyway, Donald Trump says: suppression, media and responsive James O Keefe. Bravo on the retreat, the quote: tweet Mister Mister, O Keefe, O Keefe, tease the expo say on twitter by sharing alive streamed video of the moment he ambushed sucker during a phone call telling him he was planning to make the footage of his rundown pop Mr soccer, are you there hey? This is James O Keefe women,
listening to your seat and calls for basically two months and recording everything. I just wanted to ask you some questions. If you have a minute, do you still feel you're the most trusted name, a news, because I have to say from what I've been hearing in the on these phone calls? I don't know about that. We have a lot of recording that indicate you're, not really that independent as a journalist after a few seconds of silent sucker applies. Thank you for your comments before quickly scrambling to cut the discussion. So everybody, I think in light of that, will set up a new system and will he back with. You will do the rest of the call later. He said the video quickly drew thousands of responses, including one from scenes. Communication division which accused O Keefe of breaking the law. Legal experts say this may be a felony. We refer it to law enforcement network said O Keefe, however, shrugged off the threat in a tweet mocking
work saying our legal experts say: job sucker is just mad and embarrassed stay tuned. My friends, do you? Do you think that James O Keefe didn't let account limit? I tell you what I think I ve actually happen. A whistle blower who worked at CNN disgruntled angry with the company, says James. Here I have the information for our calls. I would like you to hear them record them whatever giving their consent. James and sad ok went to his legal team of probably many lawyers and they went through everything with a fine tooth come and said you are good to go body. Anyone all right and then it and then he and then he's out of recording. So there's a thing called a one party consent to parties have theirs wiretapping laws, and the question is: did James O Keefe break the law? Now there are some pitfalls? Okay, let me show you this digital media laws, a website. They say New York, recording law in New York.
Wiretapping law is a one party consent law. New York makes it a crime to record or eavesdrop on on an in person or telephone conversation unless one party to the conversation consents and why penal law is code. To fifty point, zero, zero. Two, fifty point five. Thus, if you operate in New York, you may record a conversation or phone call. If you are a party to the conversation or you get permission from one Party, to the conversation in advance. That said, if you intend to record conversations involving people located in more than one state, you should play it safe and get the consent of all parties. That's the important part. I still believe James covered as bases but CNN has bureaus all over the place, and here is the real pitfall for very toss. I don't think it's possible to to know everybody who was on these calls and where they were calling from you see, there are a lot of their. There are certain states that are too party consent, or even all
party consent. I view these is typically the more corrupt states, but there is good reason why you need all party consent in Illinois. There is, if you record some one of the consent for any reason they can charge with falling eavesdropping. Actually, the story about this about fifteen years ago, some security guards at him all falsely accused me my brother of shoplifting. We did nothing wrong and they immediately started. Just basically beat us up. My brother was on the phone calling end of ours as we are leaving and it went to voice mail as they attacked us. Well, it turns out they were in the wrong the case under beginning dismissed, but we had evidence they knew we weren't the suspects because the fallen fell to the ground and the winter voicemail recording every thing. recorded everything, and they tried arguing that if we admit that as evidence, they would have charged us with felony eavesdropping. Maybe just a threat but
it was absurd and our lawyer was like? Are you kidding? It was an accidental recording that doesn't matter it was a phone call made by him. The recording was initiated, and you record my clients, you know without war or I'm sorry, you put your record of these individuals, another consent, that's Illinois, it's crazy place Saint James, O Keefe, gets on the scene and call it a New York based call he's also in New York. It's one party consent. Whoever gave him the information consented to it, he's probably good I would imagine his lawyers covered the stuff, but what, if you don't see, inspire got an office in Chicago, I think, that's probably extremely likely, or at least some up employees who are in Chicago what? If they're on this phone call as well,
maybe all that really matters. Is there not privy to their they're, not part of the conversation you see, it might only be the people who are talking are covered by this, and simply because someone is listening. But if that were the case, then who ever gave O Keefe the information wouldn't be party to the phone call, either or party to the conversation, I think his lawyers covered as bases, but I do think there are potential pitfalls for various us. I can only imagine that he's got good lawyers. James has one ever he defamation case. I believe that retracts got waller attractions. I actually think James knows what he's doing when it goes up against these big dogs, because he's been he's, bees he's been around the stuff for a long time and not, as I think, he's got lawyers and he can afford it. This is what James does he live
really does undercover journalism. I couldn't imagine, is a circumstance where he was like. Oh no, I made this mistake. Anomaly go to jail now. I dont believe it. They say he also double down saying he planned are released. Clips of the recordings daily, like a December advent calendar. I look forward to this. It is unclear O Keefe manage to tap into the conference calls. This is yet another investigation project Porthos has conducted into CNN and once again they have demonstrated their partisan political agenda and total disconnected journalistic ethics. O Keefe said in his report. The statements made by high up executive CNN prove that they are. I'm not interested in being unbiased. When reporting the news, that's what we ve seen so far to be reasonable, I think, there's I'd like to see. All of this recorded raw, I would like to see the real recordings I want to know what they're saying about everybody in anything. James, of course, is
do it literally any news organization does and make editorial choices. I think that's a normal part of a process James says this is the important information that I care about. Well, then, my criticism foreseen and flows in a similar direction if aims is telling people. This is what we want to cover, because this is a juicy stuff. Then I think we have a problem, but this is what news organisations do for the most part. The question is: is it because you think it's going to be a good thing for this for this country or you think it's going to be good for your bottom line. Project very us is a non profit and project as action also as their deeds The nonprofits, you could argue, is driven by fame and money or whatever, but in the end, I can really say that any criticism you, if you would levy at him, is equally applicable to see
in which case the point is moot. So if they're going to come out and say all these things and James Gonna expose them, ok then good he expose them. How can you complain about him, exposing them when they're doing comparable things to do? I think it's it's it's important to note. Cnn is a powerful massive. You know a billion dollar corporation of which is probably losing tons of money about, but I breast project ferrets ass, calling them. It is a good thing. I think, if, if there is evidence that James O Keefe was doing something wrong or was engaging in crops behaviour, it be great if we got that exposed to but whose who watches the watchmen
even if the news organisations claimed to be the watchdogs of democracy or whatever, while we want expose them when they clearly art and that's it we're getting right now. Now here's where things get get silly and funny. Cnn communications responds to James O, Keefe sang James and Tucker the voice you idead tonight as markets. More memory is actually g a resident and see, and general Council David, the vigilante we're so where certain you'll want to correct the record and apologize to the black executive for assuming he was the voice raising concerns. For white supremacy. Tuckers PR says this is a lie. We never. idead any voice or aired audio recordings of sin and executives check out tonight, segment, which is of Marcus memory on camera, facts first right, and then they link to the video now over the daily beast. That is actually believe money because they have the clip from
Karlsson, they dont tell you the truth and that's the name of the game in the media and that's what I'm talking about with impropriety. The daily beasts could be honest to you and Saint CNN respond. Unlimited, they say, see and inspire account. Meanwhile, responded project veritable legal experts have found later, that same account reveal that memory was not even a staff who made the comments. Jameson Tucker, the other big revelation, Maritime appear to be that sucker did not want to staff to normalize trumps delusional claims with the election is. Are they gonna gloss over it? They have the segment from Tucker, but they dont tell you that after sentence at James and Tucker that scene and was in fact wrong and that's why we're not getting that? That's that's the problem with the current news industry today and why I applaud the efforts of project. Very us, I think project. Let us has their biases. I've said it over and over again there like any other news organization in certain in certain capacity
tat? They have their their view. They have their missions, they have their biased and they do undercover journalism like every other outlet won't and not really has very few actually doing journalism, but there was a channel for in the EU investigation, undercover recordings of right wingers on the left was cheering for it. Now you get James or even saying, how dare you yeah, because his pointing at you, you don't like it kind of its establishment organisations, is important? especially when you see how they do this talker called them out daily beast. You should include the fact that Tucker called them Now, look, I don't know what's gonna happen, but I can tell you I say that alone, games, o Keefe is gonna, be releasing a lot. More recordings are not see it and vehicles I wonder if the reason that scene and brought up G a Georgia resident is because they're trying to make you know some point about our wiretapping laws or something perhaps but one thing is for sure James O Keefe is keen to consistently.
Going to be exposing the powers that be- and you know what as far as I'm concerned, if the left wants to tell me that you're not supposed to punch down, you spoke to punch up and that's where there is a bit about power and privilege, and all that ok well, James O Keefe is is, is is no David and Cinema Goliath. Ok, if he's gonna be punching up at this massive multi national billion dollar corporation, that is acting in a biased way. That is bad for our democracy than good, for him keep doing it. That's all you this! If it ever, if it ever, it emerges that new project vartos becomes a multi billion dollar major media conglomerates, I would expect anyone else to go after them and expose them all the same for now We're just sit back and wait till seven p m tonight. I guess when James O Keefe releasing more of their not. I am phone calls and will see if the feds get involved. I live there. I got more segments come up later. I might actually have segments at one p m, so the other day I mentioned that
I gonna, be changing the format around try maximize my time. So I could expand my business me. As the individual reading news all day, every day means that I'm kind of the captain of the ship and company I'm trying to build, but if all of my time is and reading the news. I have no time to administrate and expand and brand new talent brand new channels and grow the culture around it, in which case I've got to find a way to a maximum. My time so that there might be a solution where I think I can still produce several segments, maybe even more throughout the day, but just up up up up put it this way, I usually have to read the news all day and wait to recourse to record just before published time to make sure that we have most relevant, but maybe I just have to record earlier in the day. It won't be the fastest breaking news, but least are still have segments that are relevant within an hour or two, maybe I'm pushing at trying to be breaking breaking breaking. So I think I might be still produce a lot of segments which means neck segment.
Likely coming up at one p m on this channel so stick around thanks, rang out, and I will see you all them away. We wait, don't forget, subscribed to youtube dot com slashed him as I already go. There I not type into your address bar you tube outcome, Slash TIM cast, I r L Subscribe, and I will see you all at one p m on this. Gentle Donald Trump has announced that he will veto the defence bill unless section two thirty is terminated in my response is no don't do that. Stop that's a really bad idea. Terminating section, two thirty will destroy independent media as we know it, it will be. The end of social well actually would be the end of twitter. It's not all at heart, it would destroy, have like internet as we know it couldn't function without two thirty. Now a lot of people say to me when I bring this up to him to come on, you know, Donald Trump was pulling off a big ask right. You not a big ask is right: should read the art of the deal, basically
who ask for more than you really want so you're and a stronger negotiating position. In this instance, many people are, dying. What trump is really doing is saying, terminate section two, thirty or I'll veto this bill. That way, they say. Ok, how about we reform to thirty and jumped goes fine. You win an entirely convinced, the case, though the rate. The reason why I am not sure it's a big ask- or it doesn't matter if it is- is that the leftists before Terence announcing their does the same thing, but there's an overlap. They want section. Two thirty terminated they don't like the inn, that you got a CNN and MSNBC. These big companies didn't want competition. So when tromp comes out and says, I want to thirty terminated, the guy No wait: stop tromp! Oh no! I guess you when getting rid of two thirty would mean that my channel couldn't exist. Well, you know you two might create a special provision for people who have already made it passes certain line, but would be the end of new channels. There'll be no new
commentary and this would affect the left and the right and the right, probably more, although leftists for the most part, you know like bread, tube types on Youtube, don't lie Mainstream media, mainstream media unlocked have Mormon overlap in the right does, so the right really does need do have a space where they can speak and express their ideas, because they're not going to make it to the likes of CNN and what it, what what? What networks are there right now Fox it was while there is a way out and out news max and their growing and ratings for the most part, the media's I need to buy a leftist narrative, which means, if you get rid of two hundred and thirty, which shields companies from liability. If some, if a user make a comment, the company would be responsible for everything, that anyone says and there would be sued into oblivion, and then it just wouldn't function the lungs, the gist of two thirty. Is this: if I tweet something you can't suit twitter,
yet the soon meet, as I'm the one who said it, that's a great law. It makes a ton of sense. The problem is these companies are abusing the law. What, when there that they their granted provision in section two thirty that says they can moderate in good faith, I say: get rid of clarify the language reform the bill, so that legal speech is protected, but there's a simple solution for all of this. If twitter doesn't like the fact that people might post, you know like naked women or something which is legal and protected speech, then they just create and not safe for work. Category that you can turn on. Off. It's really that's a look at this way analogy got someone saying naughty words imposing awful means and you're like. I don't want to see this. I don't like it. You can click on button click and then not safer work filter turned on and then all those posts go away and the worst thing that could happen is that if you break a rule, they say you're now being flag.
as not safe for work be at any one can still follow if they choose to, but most people won't see your content. It's really that simply turn turn it on or off. This is what I think minds: dot com does If you break a rule, they dont ban you, they delete your content, they just put a flag on it and people than have to click. I would like to see this that's the best solution. The problem is when it comes to thirty people have brought this up. What, if I'm like a christian blog and the goal of I cite its greatest space where Christians can talk about their values and family values, and then, if you get rid of my ability to moderate content, people can come in and post a whole bunch of really awful stuff, and I can't do anything about it, so they do need to be
moderate, but we need to be able to set certain standard. So it is a very, very difficult question as to how we solve this problem right now. It's happening is that the big tech companies have two things: go on form: first, their left us and they're using this law to ban conservatives for the most part they also ban anti WAR per anti war. Progressives. Surprise, surprise, but conservatives get the brunt of it because you know their pro tromp and the establishment of, unlike them other than they have done for them. Is that by promoting these leftist activists in pushing this culture, they ve got a cancel culture cudgel. So whenever a new upstart arises, parlor, for instance, they unleash the hounds and others the companies accuse them of all its other totalled- be ass, to get the company shut down and banned, and that is the biggest problem. But my friends, I believe we have shattered through the veil. Parlor- is now approaching normalcy.
No I'll, try and banner and I'd. I definitely we have read the news, I'm a ranch you much by going to show you this man, some of the most incredible news I have for you is this e p. a administrator Andrew Wheeler says starting today you can find me and the EPA on parlor out follow along and join in the celebration as EPA turns fifty today parlour now has an official government, a kind of maybe there's other official government accounts, but this is exactly what parlor needs. Bravo, I am, I am glad to see it. I'm not saying parlor is the best platform in the rope. No, it's just a platform with different rules set that allows people to speak and that's all that matters. If you're on Twitter and they ban see info worse well in for wars on parlor, because so long as they're following the broadcast standard rules, parlor has they are allowed to be here. That's important now. The problem here with parlor is that it's not parlous problem, the problem of social media so long
They keep segmenting everybody into these. You no parallel universes. The polarization will only get worse, they say parlor has become an echo chamber. Oh please beloved husband in an echo chamber. Much longer than the right has the right knows the leftist thinking. That's it. That's a fact will give an example when there's a hashtag, Prob boys when the progress came up during the debates on the left are showing a bunch of photos of homosexual men, kissing how gang and smiling together- and they were like- take that proud boys, the hashtag is ours and then conservatives are posing pictures of proud boys under gave him against making out with my oh, you novelists clearly not an owing what they were talking about. Thinking that the proud boys were homophobic, exciting naw I didn't
the authority of the chairman of the progress on my shoulders. Like we have gay members, we dont care, like they don't know what you're talking about so they're the ones in the echo chamber. For the most part, they don't pay attention and they still have access. Is the craziest thing about twitter? Is that conservatives on twitter, their tweeting things and the left doesn't know what they're talking about so will it man, if they move to parlor- probably not you may for that story where the book publisher employees were crying because the publisher thing was not only in the company, but they were going to publish Jordan Peterson's book. So all these left a started crying about it and I'm like they didn't even rate the book, don't even know what Jordan Peter.
Talking about. Jordan Pearson is controversial in name only he's a very tepid moderate milk, toast guy, I can relates not toast whence it earlier. Jordan Petersen has strong opinions, but he's a very like I gotta be honest. I mean with with with the utmost respect: tepid he's not an extremist he's not far left far right he's just like I was like. Maybe you should take some responsibility clean up your room before you go. Do your thing and it's like that's like a very typical message of responsibility and not extreme and any capacity, but they cry about it. These people earn a bubble. They have no idea what's going on, but let's, let's do you know another? I rented quite a bit, let's see what's happening and if trumps really gonna pull off termination of two thirty. I really don't think so. Most people don't think so, so it's just it might just be. Lustre and rhetoric, Fox NEWS as president trumped tweeted late Tuesday, that he will veto the National Defence Authorization ACT unless Congress repeal section two: thirty of the nineteen ninety six coming
patients, decency act, which critic say unfairly shield social media platforms from liability over items posted on their platforms. These opponents have been vocal that tech behemoths like Twitter and Facebook should no longer be shielded as a neutral platform when they operate more. Like a publisher, the criticism seem to reach its tipping point during the hunter by scandal. The weeks prior to the election, trumped tweeted, just yesterday, section two thirty, which is a liability shilling gift from the? U S, a big tech, the only companies in America to have it. Corporate welfare is,
There is a threat to our national security and election integrity. Our country can never be safe and secure if we allow it to stand well, we want it to stand. It just basically means people can comment, that's it if twitter starts at a Tory Eliza, and so I put out a tweet right and then Twitter puts a message on that tweet, that's a violation in my opinion of two thirty. If I tweet that's on me, you can come to me for saying it, but if twitter add something to my tweet well now they ve officially published now, I think, they're responsible for the content of the sweet, plain and simple what they're doing as their adding tags. This is undisputed things like this there's two things here when Twitter says this is you know in dispute or election fraud, these claims of fraud or in dispute as a statement of of a fact, but to say something isn't dispute we can't really soon for it, but that is their statement. Twitter set it. You can sue twitter for what Twitter says. On my tweet, however, it's what I said, I would argue
If twitter takes my individual tweet with one? U R, L and they adwords to it- that whole tweet is now published by twitter because they ve added there at a toilet nation to it, in which case they should be responsible for what you say as well. In that capacity they shouldn't be doing this reform of two thirty is the right move.
foxes, was on a say than your post rennet explosive report that purported to show Emil's from Hunter Biden that linked his father to Ukraine. Business dealings about Europeans came out called it out right. This is election interference and we're nineteen days out from an election crew said he's correct. I completely agree with this: the fact that Twitter shut down the story. There are numerous poles and have come out now showing that if the american people knew about this scandal, there was a slight percentage shift away from Biden likely enough to have given Donald Trump. A hard victory. Tromp was refused to concede the election and, as illegal team investigating wide allegations of fraud has maintained a fraught relationship of these companies. We are so I read this already is as Trump tweeted. Therefore it is if the very dangerous and unfair section two thirty is not completely terminated as part of a national Defence Authorization ACT. I will be forced to unequivocally veto. The bill
which one sent to the very beautiful resolute desk, take back America now. Thank you. Facebook did not immediately responds to an email from Fox NEWS. Let me tell you what we're looking at here. Maybe Trump just wants an excuse to veto the defence spending bill. How many populists are going to laugh and cheer for now. I know I know conservatives and right wing populists like the military want them funded, but at the same time as reading a great tweet format, TB, England and angling Greenwell, where they they talk about Republicans realise how much money is going to the military and where it's going about half say now. We gonna cut that out good. I think most people right, rational people, conservative or otherwise. Not the far left us will agree having a strong and powerful military is a good thing, but when he got you gotta go that bloats common from whether bloats going right cause what happens as someone gets a note, a no bid contract, the government says here's a million dollars to go, build a bunch of houses.
That's right, an egg Joe Biden, brother, sort of building houses in Iraq, making millions of dollars in ITALY or in the time that Joe Biden came into office and overseeing the military operations in Iraq. It was just a big scheme, in my opinion, the funnel money to their bodies and yeah. Probably a bad idea. I'll tell you this I think our military great, the Marines are awesome. I think every branch is awesome. Space force. How cool is that I love the fact that we have people were willing to serve this country and besought sign. You know there are several years of their life to the betterment of all of us, but I don't like these excursions into these other countries for what nation building. I think most people, don't like
that? So I'd love to see good funding for melter, but you don't want to see. I want to see our military doing infrastructure projects going in fixing pipes and flints securing our borders building roads, not building roads in Afghanistan and Iraq. So anyway, you get me gone in a foreign policy tended. The point is, if Trump vetoes, the National Defence Authorization ACT. I don't know I mean I might just laugh and that might be the real excuse cause. I don't think they're gonna terminate to thirty, but we'll see what's more important to them. their section, two thirty or funding the war machine. I have to go back to what I said earlier on the reason why it is dangerous and and and and it's a mistake as they want to get rid of two thirty UK. If you to give you an excuse,
to say. Oh no, now we can allow anybody to speak up. We have to ban all these channels unless your approved by us, they ve, already been moving in that direction. Twitter will cease to exist, except for all the blue checks. That's right, what what will happen is twitter will likely say if you have a verification, we ve cleared you and then you'll assume like will give you a contract about liability or something for regular people, say we're not going to SK liability for our random user, who just signed up today. Most websites will have some kind of filtration sign up process where you can post, but there will be some kind of mid tier social system, social media system, where only the certified verified people of note will be allowed to speak. That means channels,
mine would ever exist. Well, you know yap not absolutely because I was lies from your occupy and then I only kind of weasel my way and that corporate rolling at that blue check you wanna high, got verified on twitter outside the secret vice called Twitter and said: verify him boom. It was done. That's it that's it! Maybe take it away from our own up now is what happened? It was. I was at a party wants in San Francisco and they said most of these journalists, like their company, will compensate. Can we get unverified there, you go and they'll. Do it now? There's a good reason for this, though it's no one's hits nefarious, I'm using its new, no net Batista innocence, but it does make sense. We hear me out. The idea was that journalists who
sharing information who aren't verified people won't trusted, and so they wanted you to know. This person is who they say they are when they put their bio. They work for this news company, so you can trust it. They say and give an example that affected me and why I need updating, verified. I was covering a criminal trial and adjusted his verdict. I ran out of the courtroom. Pull up my phone, I tweeted breaking news bond sedative million bucks whatever and theirs I got was. Can we get verification on this? We all know this person is where they work for. After got verified people said this person's gone through a process. I more likely to trust them. I'm not saying it's a good thing. All and I'm just saying that it does help we're doing journalism, because people see that badge as some kind of well. How do I put it twitters endorsement? I guess we can say that they vetted you. There's prisoners cons to it, but anyway muttered some more. They say to the Department of Justice and a letter Congress in October. That advocated for
changes to the twenty five year old law that essentially protects these companies from being sued by content posted on their sites. The Deo Jays Letter, which was addressed to several congressional leaders red Today's large online platform whole tremendous power over the information and views available to the american people. It is therefore critical that that that they be honest and transparent, with users about how they use that power Zuckerberg endorsing, respectively talk by the law and for the Senate Committee and October section. Two thirty is the most important law protecting internet speech. In removing section two thirty, we will remove speech from the end Dorothy, sat at during the testimony Jack Dorsey is correct. There will be no more user reviews there. will be no more. You knock Amazon Book Reviews, none of that.
These companies will say we can't allow anyone to post without at a total filtration and that's where things get creeping I'll. I think the internet is good. I think you tube is a good thing. I think there are problems that, for all the things I have complained about was censorship. I you always say but think about this Youtube. Might sensor people we have to keep fighting to make sure we can protect speech and allow all ideas to be challenged and and brought up, but Youtube's and overwhelmingly good for all of us. The fact that I am allowed to speak as I am they never. Let me do this when I worked for fusion, they basically were alike report. you know social justice or have a nice day then say it like that. It's a TIM side with the audience and Samuel tell the truth, and there are like ok we'll do you think I guess if it wasn't for you too, I would not be here. You will not hear from me. You'd you'd get nothing but mainstream leftists whatever I do know, what's going to happen, I say that a million times, but I can't
are you. There are some good things coming out of potentially getting rid of section. Two thirty mansion o Cause Yogurt has more active on twitter than anything else and he's right. You know. One of the problems that we have is that politics is becoming clear, that culture war or cause you're Cortez are our tell you this. She has my utmost risk, act for her ability to her p r skills as a millennial influence, or are I mean just the best, I'm looking at you, you might one here bad things, whether someone other than none at all. You got to recognise this. Ten million followers she knows how to be a political influence her. She has done such a good job of doing this and now she's in Congress. But that's the point.
I got no issue with a political influence or whose able to real people up and clap back at Republicans and do all that stuff. Congratulations, but the fact that she's in Congress is where things get bad. This kind of culture were building in public that the political culture where building where we're gonna have people like we're gonna get Instagram influencers in Congress being like our ABC issue, that his party, Romania, was so damn shoeshine play beer pong and she lost. Why would you vote for that? That's where we're head. I know I am exaggerating, which were literally into the point we're a yossi I'll give. You may have seen that that exchange between her and the head of of ice. I think I was ice where she was like legal aside. Lease are not combating crime and in the dunes, like section you know, whatever of love entering the country illegally, if you wanna be a refugee, you come to the border in your ply. You get. These
emotional, nonsensical arguments. You get a Yossi, led the charge getting Amazon voted from New York City. She went down to the protests in the financial district. She led the charge even though wasn't or district, because it was clad back. Social media influence or man, she was going on and saying go up economic populist year boom get out, Amazon cost them. Twenty five to forty thousand jobs are not an Amazon. and so when she comes on criticizes Amazon for making massive profits? I completely agree, I think talker Karlsson did to Kennedy disagreed. I would like the idea that small businesses are being destroyed. I am actually a bit of an economic populist as well, and I think it's funny because I think Steve Ban and talks about that and it's like
I guess that's the issue with the populace and general it's all about. Can we help the working class people and not the establishment elites they just the left in the right have a different view of how they get there. I think one of the bigger problems is on the right. You ve got people warlike, here's how we get there through hard work, dedication and a slightly you know a freer market. Then it cannot allow us if our capitalists, but then you have on the left or cause you Cortez, clap back Platt back at their public and that's not gonna, help us understand and solve these problems, so I think ultimately comes down to is one what we're building right now, what I? What I'm worried about is that with social media as it stands, we are going to get influence or politics, which is a bad thing, which is why getting rid of twitter might be
Then I jumped about in the beginning, but I get twitters awful, but we need we need people to be other communicate and we need real. When you build a communicate openly and fairly about all ideas. The problem is twitter has strict at a toil guidelines. I dont believe they should have these protections. I should be allowed to criticise any idea without fear of being banned. If they're going to be shielded from liability, they shouldn't be allowed to add a tory ally's by posting things to my conduct, which they ve done. They should be allowed to cure rate which they do, but they should be allowed to moderate the problem as they claim. This is objectionable and this isn't well that shouldn't be allowed moderation. Ships in my parents was possible
legally, be legal or illegal yup. I said it and guess what? If you don't like someone posting pictures of nudity wherever block you have a black button, that's on you make a potentially do not say for work photo thing, but that's the real solution. Hopefully they dont actually repeal to thirty. I dont think it's likely because that would destroy all of these companies and the internet, as we know it but I may be true vetoes the NBA, and then we laugh about it. Khazar, that's that's a smack in the face of the military industrial complex, I'm not going to complain right, so I take when I can get. I want the military to be funded. I want these guys you there salaries. That's the big fury have about vetoing the NBA. It's an out national defence authorise asian acts or might result in you know service members like getting paid him entirely sure, but we do want that wouldn't want that. What we don't want is massive waste blood and no big contract trash nation building garbage so I'll tell you what bring it on Trump believable.
Next segments gotta be at four p m over at Youtube com. Slash TIM cast: it is a different channel from this one, I'm not getting it to do right now. First hit that, like one share the video subscribe having already but God the URL bar type and Youtube com slashed him cast and then as soon as you press enter boom New channel different from this one I'll be there at four p m back sprang out, and I will see you well then.
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