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Trump Was RIGHT And Project Veritas Proved It, MASSIVE Voter Fraud Uncovered In BOMBSHELL Report


 In a new breaking expose Veritas uncovers a voter fraud scheme that could swing entire elections.A Republican operative has been exposed by James O'keefe and project Veritas harvesting ballots, changing senior citizens votes, and offering gifts.On camera this woman is seen changing a Seniors vote from Republican to Democrat and then bragging about how she does this.The actual motivation seems unclear. Why would a republican hire a woman to swing votes in favor of Joe Biden, MJ Hager, or Democrats? In the video she says that she tells them to vote Democrat except for the man she works for.A Republican

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Donald Trump has been warning about voter fraud since he got elected back in twenty sixteen, even though he won he still said there was a lot of Oda fraud will throughout the years journalists have said over and over again there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and you know what honestly that's probably a fair assessment. No evidence of widespread vote. fraud. I wonder why that is well as I've discovered journalists have a very serious and terminal lack of curiosity when it comes to very important stories, notably the Biden Laptops scandal. For some reason they talk about that one, well. Now we actually have some evidence, some very serious evidence from project where in what they say, is their biggest story ever
the first hour and a half, or so this video being published from very they got like seven hundred thousand views this as a video of a woman straight up admitting that she is breaking federal and state law. Swinging votes, trying to shuffle them around different post offices, bringing seven thousand or more ballots for her paymasters is project. Bear says in a video from veritable you see her change. A senior citizens vote from Republican to Democrat, the stories very strange. I watched this. I was quite confusing. The woman apparently works for a Republican and she's going around changing votes to Democrat, I believe, except for the guy she's working for maybe to make it seem more realistic, she's getting people to vote for Democrats in one
the most critical elections and, while many people might say, seven thousand that's a lot of ballots, but is it really that big a deal? Is this the evidence? We need a voter fraud? Yes, seven thousand is a big deal according to the Washington Post, Donald Trump One, the electoral college, thanks to eighty thousand swing votes in several key states, that's right, tromp, one by very thin margins in many different states. So I wonder why it is that there is no widespread evidence of voter fraud. Like we see with project Berytus. This woman, Raquel Rodriguez is teaching a man how to break the law. That's apparently the premise of this invest. Nation very tough says that they paid five hundred dollars to go in a ride, along with her to see how she does
these illegal things, it would seem in one instance where the man, the journalist erect for verity, says we want to replicate or copy this. My understanding as he is paying this woman to teach him how to break the law so that he can do. In fact, this woman implicates another woman. Now this other lady seems to be a bit smarter. As I know now, I know anything illegal, but this lady, apparently five in a box, was her number. and she's gonna spill the means and how to break the law and get away with it. Now you realize if one person committing voter fraud can swing seven thousand ballot, seven thousand votes and trot one by eighty thousand think about this. For the Democrats that may be watching shows a Democrat friends think about how eight people- ok, let's be feathers. Seven thousand right get ten people just get ten people around this country and swing states could have gotten trot that election and for their publicans. Ten people could steal it from him.
This is not about Republican Democrat, this Ladys Workin for a Republican. This is an indictment of this republican veritable exposing Republican. Now it's just dirty politics. This whether or not our elections are going to be safe and secure, and we have a pathetic journalism class in this country that won't actually look into this. They have no curiosity, probably because well the stories bad for the political establishment for whom they serve. Is it well? Let's read the story for project Veraguas I'll show you a breakdown of the best mobility about what's going on before we get started had over at TIM cast up
I'm slash, don't it if you'd like to support my work. There are many ways can give his appeal. Botswana. Send me some stop at the best thing you can do is share this video and I'll honestly watch the veritable video I'm not gonna, get into every little nitty gritty detailed advertise covers. I'm gonna break down the most important points and show you the greater context, people saying they want to change their votes. We got one story of a postal workers being charged for dumping. Ballots were to talk about what's going on and why this is so serious. Our elections are not secure. Ok now I should reassure rephrase that their mostly secure, but we have to deal with this vote or fraud, because even
as one to three ten eleven a hundred people across this country, where we have hundreds of millions they can swing elections and they're getting paid to do it. Share this view. Everything that's important, dont forget to like subscribed that notification. Well, let's read from project Berytus, which opens with a very powerful statement: Raquel Rodriguez consulted for G, o, P house, candidate, moral Garza, that's illegal! I could go to jail, I'm a little apprehensive to tell Texas ballot chaser pressures voter to choose. About from corner to Hagar, that's my job, I can honestly say I'm brilliantly. Seven thousand votes to the Poles said. Garza gave her two thousand five hundred dollars in gift budget, giving people gifts to sway. Their vote is illegal. Why is a republican giving thousands of dollars?
there's a gift budget to a ballot chaser who is going to seniors and swinging their votes? I gotta admit I don't know why republicans hiring omen to swing. Dammit votes for Democrats that don't ask me, but she does, in the video converter us that she tells them to vote Democrat except for Garza, maybe because the idea, is make it seem realistic right. Maybe I don't know for sure, but you We wondering coordinate Hagar, just assuming many of you dont know John Corn, and is the current member is Senator from Texas. He assumed office sombre second, two dozen to his current term ends January. Third, twenty twenty one. He is expected. To win easily. They say these guys gonna, win right. Buddy is running against M J Hagar. She, is running for the election. In: U S an interpreter, Texas, she's, on the ballot in the general
election November. Third, two thousand and twenty advancing the primary on July 14th, two thousand and twenty now, according to Ballotpedia, they don't expect her to win. I think about how power, how few votes, okay, Donald Trump will be, will be president. Thank you. Eighty thousand people in three states from the washer. pulse December. First, twenty sixteen and I'll go through this. I do want to show you the voter fraud stuff first, just think about. How serious this is these seven thousand votes? I mean she can swing an election. She could give the Senate to the Democrats. For what reason don't ask me establishment plan text, perhaps cash money in the bank. Here's the story, project veritable undercover journalists, infiltrated ballot, harvesting, racket, deep in the heart of Texas. In a devastating report released today quote
We keep hearing. Voter fraud is a myth and anyone who challenges that notion is simply creating hysteria. Sir James O Keefe the founder and see your project artist. I wanna taxes to be part of the project, vartos investigation into election fraud and to be on the ground with our undercover journalists. or journalists discovered a voter fraud system positioned to swing Texas in twenty twenty. These so called ballot, chasers use a mix of gifts and coercion to work down their list of targeted voters and make sure they vote for them paymasters. He said the actions violate both federal and state law and constitute a direct threat to the integrity of our election based Republic. One of one of the cop us in this ballot racketeering operation is Raquel Rodriguez, nominally a political consulted for GEO P House, moral e Garza, the owner of the San Antonio Pegasus Nightclub, which is located on the main Avenue Strip wreck else. Ass quote, I can honestly say: I'm
running at least seven thousand bucks to the polls. The journalist asked seven thousand and First Antonia. For this area too, it's a lot with rigour says: that's a lot. It's a lot period. Just so you know have an idea. This is what I do: Rodriguez pressures vote or to change her vote from corn in two regard what rigour said. She develops personal relationships of senior citizens which, when she harvests their ballots and then uses different post offices, so the bundles do not draw suspicion, So if you are my seniors, I'm literally picking you up. I'm going to your house your doing your ballot. She said I go throughout the entire city, I have a bunch of them. What I do if I have a bunch-
Am I take twenty bouts year thirty bouts year, forty balance here at one point during investigation, one project for us turn was paid five hundred dollars to accompany rhetoric, as on her rounds to collect ballots in an exchange record with a hidden camera by project for US journalist, Rica's literally examined a woman's ballot unconvinced or to change or vote from corn, and two Hagar quote you can you can do you can vote for whoever you want, but our conversation that we had, you said you were voting for Hagar cause. You were going straight Democrat. You said your voting Straight Democrat, our conversation. So that's when you are voting for the straight dumb, because that's what you want to do correct in the video but Rica's shows them and how to correct the ballot. So it looks like an accident by crossing up a line for corn and putting your initials next to the line you're going to you're, going to dot that in
and the line goes like this and then your initials are going to be right here. So that way they know it was done accidentally, journalists, I so John Corn. She voted for John Corn and you made her that's my job after the voter airports corrected her ballot rigging. Presented her with a shawl as a gift Rodriguez said, Garza gave her a gift budget of two thousand five hundred dollars for his campaign. addition to the Charles. She gives voters rosaries, diabetic, socks and wallets, sometimes about chaser, said she host parties at a bar for her voters. Some of them former inmates recruited by her colleague, Tommy Acosta Tommy, does what's called like barbecues feel like an example, is coming Thursday at a bar, we're going to feed forty five ex felons that we registered because they're going to all vote, the parties are thrown after everyone votes. She said quote so guess what we're going to do, we're taking them to a bar to go eat
Ok, I got some people to go to the barn guess what I had to, I think take them beer. I was like our Ya'Ll going to come and vote or not and they were like we're going to meet you right now. I said come meet me because when you get to the bar on go, to have a bucket of beer for you all to drink. I just took care of it. Just said your bucket as their later on rigorous told budget, their task, journalists, journalist she was worried about what the other undercover journalist saw quote. What I do picking up those ballots when it was with me that illegal, I could go to jail. I'm a little apprehensive. Tell anybody what an effing doing. You know what I'm saying
and again, once sheep once he worked me once he's gonna save the journalist then says I guess: Tromp was right and lass. She says about doing stuff illegal he's as I'm sorry about doing stuff illegal yeah. They just said he was full of S. Oh, oh hell, now he's not it's true cause you're, not supposed to do that. This woman admit straight up what she's doing it's on camera, what she's doing when you break it down for you when you go to an elderly person and youth, you talk to that. Hey! Here's! Aren't you? Don't you gotta vote yet about regular to vote for this person? Don't you want to vote straight Democrat? Here's the ballot they get to vote and then she looks at it says. No, no, you wanna devout Democrat right, don't vote for him and the Ladys has ok. I guess now here's your present. You can't do this. This is illegal. manipulating the elderly to get those votes. Don't ask me why I don't care what their motives are.
This is a story about a republican higher ring, a woman to swing votes to help himself, but it also has him swing, votes towards the Democrats, again, motivations, I'm not here to two to determine what that is just to tell you that we have hard evidence of voter fraud bought brought forth by project Berytus. Now the incurious journalists were probably ignore it. They won't cover they won't talk about. This, in my opinion, is what the establishment Democrats and Republicans have often been doing. I mean look. This is my opinion that you know truck talks about voter fraud. They say where's the evidence, while the journalists would do their jobs, if you would have it happens, evidence, but here you go and it's more than one person very tough as Meat Joanne, Ramon Rodriguez at another ballot, chaser working and backs our county is Joanne Ramon. All the apparent lawbreaking is all part of the job, along with our relationship with Ramon. She said she calls me and I chased the ballot. Another project, where does journalist spoke terminal
about our ballot chasing and how she understands it is illegal for someone working for campaigns did Rodriguez who is paid by the car is a campaign to collect the ballots now Joanne says: I'm, I'm not Yes, if you wanna go to jail cause, I'm not sure like she can't she can't change about. She can She goes on to say, like I stop where you can't do it this lady? No straight up, you do not admit to breaking the law in this way. There are laws for this. We ve caught it nothing about this way. These people, who are breaking the law to manipulate the elderly to get votes like roaches. You see one, how many more are lurking beneath the surface. You don't see that is what's truly freaky about this, and I tell you what men project Ferrotypes found a snap chat video. They published this about a guy in Minnesota, laughing while holding a bunch about now. They say all its fake news, very tosses, fake news. Oh they try what you gonna do here, the Ladys saying she does it on camera, you watch or do it. Try
times men to project very toss, I know they're gonna try and smear em? They already give em a negative marking on It was guard saying it's fake news. Well, actually to be fair, they say project that us does not repeatedly published false content. They just think they're, not responsible, but it's not false content. All right, you got a video from very tough showing exactly it is shouldn't this be enough as a serious stuff. She wasn't imagine. People, I mean he's named several people already. Very task goes onto name all of the laws that that are being broken here now will the swing
taxes. I don't know, but I want to show you the story from the Washington Post. They say three weeks plus after election day, there are still more votes to count in California than were cast in each of the nine states and DC. Most of the votes have been slowly counted in the state have been four Heller Clinton. Giving her a four point. One million vote lead in that state. That's powering her two point. Five million vote led nationally. It takes time of trumpets margins in the seven states where he saw the biggest voted manages to make up plantains leading California alone. But of course, none of us matters are let matters that trumped up more electoral college votes thanks to having one more states. In many cases those winds were much more narrow than Clinton's, which also helps power. The gap between electoral vote and the popular vote Trump one. Eighty states, by fewer than two hundred and fifteen thousand votes, Clinton thirteen, the most important states
Michigan Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Trump one. Those states by point two point: seven and point eight percentage point respectively. They wanna say that's ten thousand, seven hundred for forty six thousand, seven hundred sixty five and twenty two thousand one hundred and seventy seven votes. Those three wins gave him forty six electoral votes. If Clinton had done one point better in each state, she'd have won the electoral vote to that's it. Ten thousand votes, one Donald Trump Michigan. ten thousand, you take to recall, Rodrigo, says and dropped them in any one of these cities, and they will flip that now again, if you're a Democrat, if you won't bite into win realised, the huddled truck may have could win based off to people pulling off what this lady is pulling off to people, and if your voting for Trump think about that Trump could look
whose if two people do what she has done lesson. I understand it's already illegal what she is doing. So what do we do about it? Investigate? Seek these people out. Ask seniors, investigate, treated seriously, look for evidence. Do not let these people get away with that. Right now, in Texas we ve got the early and absent, devote report. Republicans are crushing it and the centre right I dont- think this lady is going to swing the rice away from John Corner, but she's trying to get this guy moreover, Garza of victory, and he is a Republican. This should be warning signs for you, liberals Democrats, you see why I'm talking about these things. We need to maintain principles and integrity and just because Tromp says, there's voter fraud doesn't mean there. Isn't you dont have to like trunk to recognise this is a problem if a Republican, his hiring someone to try and cheat the,
Action on this guy is, I don't know what is relationship as maybe this lays make it all, maybe she's lying about this poor innocent Republican. The isn't this enough to talk too like took to tell regular people. I don't care what your political parties and they like to rag on unfair toss. Oh, they only go after the left and left he just cages caught a Republican, I read this lady but trying to help a win. An yes she's, changing votes, a Democrat. Don't I'm not going to tell you what our motivation is? I dont know bizarre republican paying for it. Wasn't I tell you, I warn you Democrats, you will reap what you have sown took up.
the sweet from Eric Holder, it says some or all of the content shared in the street is disputed and might be misleading. This tweet from Eric holder is actually censored by twitter. You have to bypass this censorship block to read it. Here's what he said. It's too late to use the males given Supreme Court rulings. I urge everyone to now vote in person. Early vote or use drop boxes, protect your health, but don't let the court and the deliberately crippled postal service deprive you of your most precious civil right plan. Your vote he's right. Eric holder is rights. Vote in person drop your ballot off in person, Twitter censored him for it. Why should this be the biggest red flag to the left Democrats shouldn't this story? Be something democrats want to share
I think tribalism is plaguing our nation. Eric holder, Obama administration is telling you right now, you you need to go vote in person and twitter is answering this again make the stuff up. You're really can't make the stuff up without the story. The? U S, piazzas, put to the test by Fox NEWS. Had twenty twenty election, they found a two point. Two per failure rate in their test. This is similar to what we saw. I think from ABC and similar trolls reported eight years ago by the New York Times. It is nearly double the failure rate of traditional in person voting two percent, not a whole lot, but that can swing an election. You know the left, they say the Republicans are our suppressing the vote and the right says that that the Democrats are cheating and getting dead people devote whatever fine. I dont care. Listen, we want to make sure everyone gets devout, regardless of your political party. A two point: two percent fail.
you're right is unacceptable in my opinion, but there's going to be one, I dont know what we do, how we solve this problem. Sometimes mail just doesn't get delivered, and in this case it may be a ballot. So Eric holder is correct, drop off your boss in person everywhere. Everyone provide and Jill Stein or or whoever is running, Donald Trump drop. Your belt off in person or vote in person. Take your vote seriously. We do not want people to be disenfranchised. We want your vote to count, but these people who are cheating we gotta watch out for them. We got a call it out when we see it and vartos has done just that, and now we got somebody else, postal workers charged after dumping over. One hundred absentee ballots in Louisville construction site. Dumpster many people want to know. Why did this guy? Do this? Why turns out. It's just laziness. That seems to be the explanation. The guy just didn't want to deliver the mail. He was lazy. So I just
The big bag amount trash just took it. An old dumpster. Well, now he's tampering with an election which need Understand about this store in so important is that your ballot may get lost in the mail, not because some evil nefarious fraudster, but because of general impropriety. I think it's important that we catch voter fraud and what may be one of the biggest project verity stories ever coming? That's what they're saying too. But I don't understand why the media, why social media, and why social Democrats for so long kept pushing this insecure method, and now it's likely going to hurt people first time voters minority voters are the are likely to be the most impacted by this. These are the people who don't know how to spell this out properly. What design I'll tell you this? I could you not it's not straightforward. I recent voted by male, because I live in New Jersey and they give you this. As to envy Lopes. I'm reading instructions, on which I do a very very carefully. You got a sign thing
Then you got it then it then you got a sign the envelope than you gotta, potentially and the bilateral I'm like an arrow I want to get too much annex I want to get vice. I must say: that's not particularly easy. It's actually that's it. We're complicate under saying people have not vote before, might not realise what you actually have to do to vote properly, in which case some people's votes are not going to be counted or you might have fraudsters changing people's votes to try and cheat, or you might have people throwing vote in the trash. But there is something you can do I want to give you I want to give you the best information. I can't help you figure about Fox NEWS said. Can I change my vote trends on Google? What you need to know? They say more than fifty nine the Americans have already cast their ballot and good Google searches. For the phrase, can I change my vote peaked Tuesday morning. Now they do peak every election when the sub regions, where the phrase began trending, was in Delaware
the state democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, represented the Senate and innocent for thirty six years. Other are bridges include battleground stage states, main Pennsylvania, Lord Ohio, etc. While most states do not allow voters to change their early votes, there are some that do with restrictions, for example in New York. If you have submitted an absentee ballot, but change your mind, you can shop dear pulling place during early voting or on election day and cast a vote, in which case the absentee ballot is set aside and not counted according to the State Board of elections. Now to point this out because they claimed tromp was encouraging people to vote twice, which was illegal. Trop said. Basically, this will Fox news as you can do it. It's state by state, though, in Michigan voters who have sent in about can submit a
written and signed request to their voting clerk by five p dot m October 30th requesting to have the ballot nullified according to a to the Detroit Free Press, Minnesotans who mailed an absentee ballot had until October 20th to request a new ballot from their county or city election office in New Hampshire voters who submitted an absentee ballot, can go to the polls on election day during the first hour, they're open and vote in person or before their absentee ballot is just in Wisconsin. If time allows a voter can cancel their original absentee ballot and request a new one, but they have until October twenty ninth the legal deadline as funded the nearly sixty million Americans who have voted, and the twenty twenty election suggest a record turn out this year in twenty six.
In forty seven point, two million early votes were cast in the presidential election according to data from the. U S, elections, project Trump tweeted about the Google trends Tuesday morning and encourage voters to go. Do it claiming without evidence trend refers to changing it? To me now, that's fair to add another changing at the trumpet. I think they are pencilled annually. the biggest, and it was just after Joe Biden said he wanted to end the oil industry. So perhaps that is going to have a significant impact. We want everyone's votes account. We don't want to Sir ship, so make sure you look up what what what the rules are in your state for Europe how your state is handling the boats, make sure your voting properly.
I shall end by saying men. We ve got multiple instances of voter fraud now captured by project Berytus you'd. Think that would be enough to generate some curiosity, no apparently not apparent, not you can say the project. Vartos videos are not conclusive at just people, saying things fine, but she wouldn't that be enough to actually investigate and watch and track the stuff the most important take away from this- and I want you to aren't you remember this one. They say: there's no evidence of wide spread voter fraud. That's the word widespread into line, because there is ample evidence of voter fraud and if one person can swing seven thousand votes, imagine what a hundred people can do is a hundred people across his country widespread,
No they'll tell you it's not because we have over a thousand instances according to the Heritage Foundation of odor fraud. It's just that not that significant. But what, if you have fifty people like this woman, bring it in seven thousand votes? That's going to change everything and they know it. They know you can swing votes with eight with a minority percentage and I'll get away with it, because we don't have journalist doing their jobs anymore. Save project berytus. They seem to be out there doing. The work that needs to be done is a perfect. Now I will point out. One quick then I noticed in the video that struck me as odd, but it could just be from I'm from Texas and if you do for very toss, the woman she's changing this other ones about calls her mom. I spoke some people from taxes who sad. Doesn't it give it a go? They they
might call an older lady mom. You know as a term of endearment. I did find that strange, but it doesn't negate the rest of the video. I thought. I'd point out because maybe be from taxes are gonna, be gets totally normal. A normal thing found from Chicago, so wasn't normal to me about was worth mention. Not that it changes the bulk of the story. The lady straight up says: she's doing illegal things and she's shop Lange bounce around different post offices to get away with it. Now here's the problem, we don't we don't. I was gonna, win, there's reports. Now that I think the Colorado deadline is like November twelve for four amended ballots. He up twelve we're not gonna, have the results I mean look, maybe tromp winds by a landslide, maybe Biden wins by a landslide, but I think it's gonna be close, even Joe Biden.
Right now is sang in his adds. Tromp is up in key states, it's a close race and he's begging for cash, because the Biden campaign, a saying the poles are wrong. The pundits are wrong. Both Joe Biden, an trumps basis, while our job as a base, but both Joe Biden campaign and trumps campaign are saying the poles are wrong. Then the pole are probably wrong because of Joe Biden was really can like convinced he was gonna sail through this. The poles were right. He would not be desperately raising money. But I warn you now man, voter fraud. If we don't know who wins- and this goes to the courts- you're gonna see accusations of fraud from both sides flying like crazy, and is it wrong? This guy, caught by very toss, was a republican think about that
next augments comin up at six p m. All right, you tube outcomes, lashed him cast news. It is a different channel from this one. Thanks rang out, and I will see you there last night in Philadelphia, black lives matter, riots erupted and mass looting opted after police shot and killed a man who was brandishing a knife and running at them. There is clear video of this, but doesn't matter black lives matter, one began looting and riding, and we are seeing some of the most troubling scenes we ve seen yet throughout the riots this year there is a video going around showing a pickup truck at a high rate of speed ploughing through a row of police officers and striking one running them over literally. This is not one of those, oh, no, the hours our ploughing to the protesters thing where, where NPR show someone inching at a mile in our through a crowd while they yellin bang on the car, this was a pickup truck.
Going at a high rate of speed out. It's not maybe thirty miles an hour. I don't know they weren't flying false ministry, but there going fast. They hit the turn and they just slam right into these cops. There's no way It was an accident, it wasn't As you know, they ran these cops over. I think one caught just got one over the other. Some may have gotten it. I am not entirely sure, but. It's bad stuff- and I gotta say it's it's the most insane and absurd thing I have I have I have ever seen. We are a week away from an election. Donald Trump is death. brightly campaigning in Pennsylvania? I know because I do not desperate what I mean as Trump is pushing very very hard. He is fighting tooth and nail to win Pennsylvania campaigning over and over and over. I tell you this. You want to turn and urban centre. Read this, how you do it right before an election? I remember when they took down the statue of Christopher
Columbus, and these these Philly boys came out just regular guys saying you know like get away from our statue. You're not you're, not come in for it getting into fight of anti fa, and the city took that statue away anyway. These guys are our union Democrat, Guys, Philadelphia, It was a Democrat you think people now seeing through this are gonna, be like that's what I want. That's the leadership by want one week before an election, this crazy stuff were now hearing. Taxes is preparing to send one thousand troops to five may cities DC boards up at stores and Washington State puts NASH. no guard on alert, nomad fears of post election violence? Listen, as most of you know, I I still live, the Philadelphia area we ve been. We ve been setting up the studio, so I've been a bit back and forth, but for the most part I still do live there.
And I'm gonna be officially relocating soon, but I'm not there. Right. Now we ve been setting up his studio, I've been using this studio space, and the point is don't wanna be anywhere near these major cities on election night and arms. are you to say? I was right, I'm you call me wrong. You you'll! You laugh at me for talking about the unrest in the violence. That's coming just the other day in Philadelphia. They ran over a cop. I want to be anywhere near it. I remember when the rights got bad June. Like I said, I heard the helicopters near my house and I was in the suburbs, but that was that was surprising and So the way I see it is it's always better to be a couple steps ahead. You always want to plan a couple steps ahead. Going to wait until the riders are outside in my town to leave I'm going to leave before that happens. Well now, they're in Philadelphia now they're in Philly. I just
I'm gonna. Let him go on and on and with the National Guard preparations that are coming. I hope you guys are gonna, be safe and and prepared for what's to come, not just after election night, we don't know there's, there is serious uncertainty about what's coming November, the third November forth, no idea No one knows he's gonna win, the pole say Joe Biden, but even there not entirely confident here's a story from NBC News: violence tears through West Philly after deadly police, shooting thirty officers hurt the violence, happened after police shot and killed Walter Wallis who was seen on video armed with a knife ass. His mother tried to restrain him. I'm Simon. If you ve, got clear video of a dude with a knife coming at police than a few feet and still
still. People are gonna riot. There's no solution in negotiating with the extremists. Black lives matter these rights. They don't want anything other than destruction. Now I know there are a lot of high profile blacklist matter activists who have done good things. There was one who came out with the proud boys announced white supremacy, but what we are seeing here opportunism they don't care about actual police reform. They just want an opportunity to destroy, to loot and to steal and we're doing it and, of course, what we hear from the left quote in defence of looting. If they came out and said, the looters are bad and are causing problems, I would be right there with a denouncing, as I thank you guys. Thank you for protesting, for you know against these things. I don't they like it, they use it. They defend it. Here's a story: angry crowds took to the streets, Philadelphia after police shot and killed a man armed with a knife Monday with some in the crowds throwing rocks and bricks at police.
and some looting and or vandalized businesses. At least thirty off a police officers were hurt, police had one was hospitalized a fifty six year old sergeant was struck a pickup truck at fifty second and walnuts reads: early Tuesday, her leg was broken cheese among other injuries, the truck ran or over all the officers, except for the one struck by the truck had been treated and released as of early Tuesday. The violence followed protests in response to the death of Walter Wall. a black man who police, shot and killed Monday in the cities, Cobb's Creek Neighbourhood police said several stores were looted, include several right aid stores in West Philadelphia, clothing and the stores, and at least one restaurant. They could also be seen trying to break into a czech cashing store, going in and out of beauty supply store and an end. It does appear as though,
we're trying to break into ATM machines. I mean this is just bedlam. This is it just getting crazy man, clothes and merchandise were strewn across the sidewalk and straight if it has happened and vine streets where the glass screens of two eighty aims had been bashed in police cars and dumpsters were set on fire as police struggled to Contain the crowds more than a dozen officers. Many with Baton in hand formed a line as they ran down forty second street chasing protestors protesters a police? officer broke her leg after being run over and you say protesters while amazing police said five police vehicles and one fire department vehicle were vandalized. More than thirty people were arrested for throwing rocks and breaks at police or looting. There was a police vehicle that was set on fire and I believe
did I say they have stolen something or broken, but they broke into a place vehicle looting, vandals and violence were initially concentrated and watchful. West Philadelphia, commercial corridors, but unrest and looting was also report in other parts of this including centre City and North Philly? The looting picked up again before daybreak. As people could He seemed going in and out of stores drivers are being urged to us right now. As of right now, drivers are being urged to avoid the area of fifty second, and not streets stepped up also suspended the rap fifty two line due to civil unrest and de toward the route twenty. on an thirty one lines earlier in the night protesters gathered outside the eighteenth district police headquarters on fifty fifth and pine, three, as well as the University of PEN police, headquarters and fortieth and chestnut streets. The protests, violence and looting occurred hours after the twenty seven year old Walter Wallace was shot and killed by two police officers in
apps creek investigators had Wallace was armed with a knife when he approached the officers and ignored them, but I told him to drop the weapon. Video from a witness showed Wallace walking toward the officers, as his mother tried to restrain, its unclear in the video? However, whether or not Wallis is holding a weapon, let me tell you When you have a nice, ok and you are within a few feet of a cop- you are the more serious threat. People don't get it I think, because guns are powerful or or ranged that makes them effective at short range relative to a knife. That's just not true. Not true, and anybody who does any any kind of like serious, combat training, even the myth, busters can explain this. The myth busters did this and I think this like on average, a person can closed twenty one feet with a knife and deliver a lethal strike before a cop can get as weapon and deter and stop this person. Not only that, even if the cop pulls the gun and
It's the person with the knife, they might not go down and they could deliver a series of fatal strikes very very rapidly. In a matter of seconds, a person can jab a knife several times, I don't get it man, they don't get. How seriously dangerous knives are truck. Driver runs, overcome and protestors. Pelt police with bricks as be eleven demonstrators and Lou, a swarm, Philadelphia Command Daily mail demonstrators truck runs overcome. This is crazy stuff. I did take out some these photos. I can show me, Youtube sensor. This video, if I showed you some of these photos, how brutal they are at least four off others have been hospitalized, it's it's more than that two dozen, including one, email cop was struck by a speeding, pickup truck that was video to driving toward a line of officers in the city centre. Multiple cars have been set ablaze, at least one cop car
late. In the night, growing anger can devise, stand off outside the Philadelphia police headquarters. Are not the eighteenth desert headquarters western part, the city, several officers were injured by bricks and other projectile started them by a crowd of demonstrators. Demonstrators demonstrators demonstrators over and over again demonstrators violent rioters. Ploughing into a line of police officers. Sorry, not a protest, not a demonstration at you. You could even call that urban conflict they took a pickup truck and they ploughed, to a row of police officers running over one breaking her leg among other injuries than that. It's gettin its get knots out their men well
You really had to given that many, I think shots the demand requalify, just heard shoutings people, people don't get it, don't care, they don't care, they don't like the cops. So they dont want the cops to defend themselves. They dont want the cops to protect themselves, given excuse what should have happened. Should those cops gets stabbed I'll, tell you what men, if you are, that these cops propaganda but pray no job, thereby gonna go to early lock up right. So I'm sorry limit. Let me put me rate rephrase us a more specific. The cops will be arrested and sent to jail awaiting charges, there'll be a press hubbub. These cops are gonna. Go are they're, gonna, get arrested, hands down cans, Danone, generosity Morality, policing is taking hold, it is easier to deal with the with our with arresting two cops. Who will obey the law? Then it has to deal with violent mobs that are running cops over
the police the day the mayor, the prize gonna be like arrest. The cops, it's easier, don't be surprised. I said this back in June. What cop in their right mind, would go what would answer these calls I'm sorry, man! I know people have said TIM. You got to understand some of these cops. You know it's a call and they want to help people so when they get into the domestic disturbance. Call in the cops are like it's more important. I help these people not going to worry about myself, noble honorable, but you got to secure your own oxygen mask before securing the mask without sitting next to you, and if you know what happens, if you go there and someone threatens your life you cannot defend yourself, so why do it? Well, I guess maybe these cops are willing to risk their lives, but then willing to take the lives of those who are putting their lives at risk. You see the inherent conundrum here. If you know you're going installation where you could lose your life
So when they take your life, what you're gonna lose your life, no matter what it in and what one of one or more internationally different ways, but I mean, as I wouldn't be surprised if these cops get docks if their forced to flee their and if they get immediately arrested, we saw what happened in Minneapolis. We saw what happened in Georgia. Take it take a look. What happened in Atlanta, where that guy is running an eternity points, a taser at the cops caught fires and they charged with murder yup, and then they claimed the cop kick. The guy, when he was down think about how psychotic that is imagined. Being that officer, they give the captain kick any body. The guy pointed a taser Adam and now that cop lock up these two cops, they gonna locked up. It's gonna, get better the election man. I'm telling you, I M not trying to scare you I'm just saying if you think that these people look at what happened in New York just two days ago,
a bunch of trump supporters were waving, their low flags driving around on can their horns, peoples are throwing rocks and eggs, and apparently some person walked up to a vehicle and pepper sprayed children. This is not anti fa. These were New York leftists. I deny people like you and I say it then alike. Obviously I think most people watching our they want to hear what's going on, but there are a lot of people get managed and getting mad because there Thus there are like they don't like the fact that a look like lunatics, I tell you man if Trump loses, I'm gonna laugh harder than I ve ever left. I laughed really really hard when Trump one Twenty sixteen, I laugh ten times harder if you have mass on rest, looting and fires, and you have Democrats constantly defending these people and protecting them.
And Trump still loses wow. While you don't really fine. I've heard from a lot of people at every election is the most important election every election is that the fate of the countries and eco is it is it is it? I didn't feel like the two thousand election was. The fate of our country then feel like two thousand for two thousand eight doesn't well developed elections than sixteen did feel the fate of a nation. Twenty twenty does. Twenty, when he feels like if they win they're going to appease all of these people. You ve got Joe Biden, who is already trying to negotiate on. The far left is unhappy with biogas not far left enough, but his far left he's more is further left than any. The moderates or traditional liberal liberals are probably want the left will say. This is a progressive nations about. We show the progressives want stuff men, regular liberals probably don't agree with half the stuff that eurobonds been saying, but he's not far.
enough left, but he's gonna, negotiate. We're gonna, see these people more violent. The Democrats already trying to placate them and give them what they want. You see what's going on and see how they marched to the mayor's house, shots, on the cheap as well in Portland. Anti, for mayors is beating TED Wheeler. I tell you men, they want Obama, the constitution. That was an article The new republic is not some friends cited a very prominent left aside. They want to abolish the constitution, they don't like free speech, Fortunately, I got a lot of people to do like guns. The far left they want to pack the court's Amy Coney, bear it just got confirmed the other day. And now all of these people are saying, stop him up, packed the courts when the Senate, when the presidency, that is the fate of a nation and other publicans my loose, trot might lose. So this is a very sick.
This time in our nation, and I seen historian say: there's never been anything like it. Maybe there has been one of the period like it. Eighteen fifties, varietal, that's that's where a lot of you. live in saying and it so crazy to me. We had this taxi EEO. Is this financial technologies, yes Expensive imo is not financial tack, but business accounting, stuff, so a letter to- I guess millions of customers saying that if Trump is acted, there'll, be a civil war or something that affect their like white. Why should we not, as mass letter to all of US customer saying, vote, forbidden and when one things like, why should I vote for buying and he said are like why Why? Why do you care about Biden? He says we can't do expensive ports during a civil war. These people are talking about it. Texas Guard said troops would be sent to Houston, Dallas Fort Worth Austin Antonio Major General James K, Brown of the guard said the move would offer support to local law enforcement, as we did previously to deter
any civil disturbances at sites and very cities within Texas, the nations, capital business, Close to the White House began to board up their windows. Monday rodeo drive in Beverly Hills. also board up ahead of November. Third, in anticipation of violence, in Washington State up to three hundred national guard. Soldiers are undergoing training to handle civil unrest. and why she has similar plans in place as the Nypd is training. Every day and deploying hundreds of extra cops FBI and local officials in several states have also been conducting drills and running worst case scenarios to improve coordination and reports of violence and voter intimidation had of election I'll. Tell you what I think is gonna happen. I think he's gonna be mass violence. I dont know I was gonna win because both sides were few there. There is no compromise. Friends say to me recently tat: we can. We can fix all of this. We just need to get people to list
didn't understand, unhomelike, I'm sorry, that's very naive. I dont believe it there's going to be a compromise. You dont anti far there their produce YO segregationist, when we see in Seattle, the library aggregated they're, doing the segregated a workforce trainings, I'm sorry I'm, I'm not going to compromise with that. There is no sir, Stance were I'm like willing to it. Any amount of neo sector nation, no matter, it's not gonna happen. So what do we do? How many of you RO, conservative, mater other otherwise refused to out of these people to instil there there racist policies, there, segregation policies, probably very few. I dont think that there can be a compromise and, in certain capacities, there's not going to be of a play, a time where we are happy allowing them to segregate based on race and they're doing it in California. Democrats voted to repeal their civil rights of solution to allow them to discuss
it based on race. I don't see a compromise on that, and so I'll tell you what it seems like if Joe Biden wins, we have right now the World Economic Forum proposing something called the great we set where they were to use the covered crisis for some kind of intersection of economic overhaul. Whatever that means Joe Biden wanted the transpacific partnership job I didn't would sell out our manufacturing base. It really does feel like there is international interest, verses national interest. For me, I think we are in a country, if you want to enact these policies, you don't do it by having people right in the streets. You don't do it by. a shuddering, everyone's economies or or whatever and one, former saying because of covert causing this clash of economic of our economies, it's an opportunity to like realign things
While the Democrats are the ones who shut them down their public shut on their economies, Republicans didn't do it. So much, I must say, is a grand conspiracy at all. I'm saying I think that that that the pieces are being aligned to wear. The Democrats will likely race, a world economic forum, great reset, ideal and Donald Trump- will not Donald Trump will say: american borders, the american people, the american account, and the Democrats will say: international coordination, great reset world economic form, etc. Some people like that some people- don't they As you ve got to very, very different world views right now and the bigger issue Me is not some great reset, whatever they try to propose. It's just the World economic forum doesn't necessarily have the power to change anything in the United States that the problem I see is left us an anti terrorism intersection reality, NEO segregation, etc. They are trying to create a world in which people are
being segregated based on race. Some groups are demonized over others. Some are told that they have inherent privileges and it is dreamily racist and it's not what we had fought so hard for civil rights movement that the protests from decades ago, its remarkable to mere people. Don't realize this, my family, my my parents, were born before civil rights and but for loving v virgin. You didn't people not understand that that we are one like this is not some. We ve not had this victory, very long time, our parents, all of our parents, many of them, were born before civil rights off romagnuols. If your genji them than you know, probably maybe not dependent on your parents, were before this Rights were signed a somewhat I checked before loving, be Virginia made it legal to cohabit. Tate with people want the same. Racism is not
having been a generation and they're all ready to to remove this stuff in California when they were killed these laws, I'm sorry man, I will not negotiate that I will not allow them or give them any excuse. But it's for affirmative action. Don't care, don't care what your plan is. You are not repealing civil rights law. That was, we fought so hard for cuz. I know what that means to me family and that means there is not going to be a compromise with what with wherever this is. I don't know what that ultimately leads to, but I think it's gonna lead to violence and I'm worried about it. Anybody who wants this is stupid. Anybody who wants violence is stupid. They ve never again. for instance. If you don't get it, I remember growing peoples to joke about zombie apocalypse now fond and funny it would be and- member front of my had a joke way set. I want and encourage a zombie apocalypse, its vital areas, because watches who is in its fun and exciting. As I go zombies and you to loot they, the storage, where every word and the like fight zombies, I tell you men, people who have never truly experience conflict on
I am sure many of you have served in serving combat combat, get it, and maybe your hardened by for sure but people understand that feeling is like being a rabbit being a rabbit in a field where constantly standing there wide eyed looking around shaking her head. You know where's it common from what's gonna be adrenaline. Pumping stress maximum stress, elevated heart rate. You don't know that predators common from I've been in these conflicts in your alert. The whole time, You don't want that. Come into your neighborhood, where you can sit back, leaned back put on the game. Enjoy yourself, you don't want this. I don't know it's. I don't know to expect. I just think that's. There's gonna be mass unrest and hopefully it's just it that's the extent of it. But I guess there are people who want it. I guess there are people who are hung before it, and this is their opportunity and that's terrifying, and it's not just black lives matter such as Anti fa. It just crazy people live at their necks segments.
we're up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all them in their quest to be anti trump because they have prompt arrangements and rum. They have put the United States through our grinder and destroyed our economy and even now
You have scientists the World Health organization. In the. U S saying we must avoid lockdown at all costs. Yet still what we see in Europe? Lockdown in the: U S calls for more locked down a new restrictions emerging and from this riots are erupting across Europe. Now I want to start with the media. Tim Myrtle Communications director for the trunk campaign said things that many of us wish. We could say to CNN, and people like Chris Como, notably trunk campaign manager, called out. I'm sorry, look cool communications, rector called out Chris come for breaking quarantine and going off to the Hamptons, and all Chris Como could do as they are, but Trump as bad he's got no plan, and all these other talking points it's funny to me that you can see quite literally wave of anti lockdown protest sweep across Europe.
Thousands of furious demonstrators clash with police and cities like ITALY, cities in ITALY and Spain, as they urge their governments to abandon new restrictions on their freedom, and it's not just happening here. I mean you also of Prague. You have protests in London. People are fed up with this. They have been and down for too long- and I understand A very serious health risks right now, but the people are rejecting this CNN they hate Trump and the media is doing something very, very dangerous. You see the media is obsessed with. Whenever Trump does we I say the opposite: it is a very dangerous thing to do and it breeds hyper polarization. What's immortal called him out, perhaps Chris Como could be honest, admit he broke quarantine, but apparently you'll need I'll, never do it, but I will mention one funny moment when timber DA held up a photo of course come with a giant oversized novelty cute. It is the poor I'm getting it
As you know, I often complain about the media. Yeah, I know complain about the media. You ve got people rioting in Europe over what's going on, and Chris Cuomo does not care or he's just not smart enough to realise. There is a limit to what you can do and Trump is right. The cure cannot be worse than that these itself, the World Health Organization and the union have said lock. Downs are bad last resort. We must avoid them at all costs. Yet here we are seeing an anchor from it for the daily males in an acre Chris Cuomo and communications director TIM Timber ended up having an on air spat on Monday, as the pair disgusted ministrations response that one of our spend Emmett, the twelve in an interview quickly descended into an argument. As coal began discussing the recent increase in covered cases across the: U S, Myrtle defended
Rob saying that he had been tackling the court of ours head on and mention the travel ban. Among other things, Cuomo said I gave you a chance to put your arguments there, we'll let the people do the fact check for themselves. Cuomo says to trump twenty twenty campaign. Coms director to Marta in seven days will see whether people think prompted the right job on this pandemic. I mean I'll, tell you what really bothers me was making me angrier and angrier, and I wonder how many of you feel the same I saw oppose. On Facebook, where someone was like tromp is the worst president. Ever jobs are down like millions enjoying all his other presidents, and it makes the Republicans look bad. The Democrats look good and, unlike the think, we're really really dumb is that it am I posted, be this moron at sea and gets to lie to all day at sees these dumb
aims, has got bad bad drop its bowed, or am I the kind of person it's as well? Are we really down that many jobs, its co bed? These people are manipulators who insult your intelligence, my intelligence and the regular people of this country nineties to dump on this country for sure. But I think a person is smart and people are dumb, panicky animals. I think that's the government, a black, the idea being of any person meat, no matter how done they are, can teach you something you did not know and imagine this. There might be a guy who's on electrician. Who doesn't know a whole lot about covert, and so they might say what a moron and try manipulate em you go and ask about: wiring aren't even allowing you the first thing I can't tell the difference between. I think I have like a very rudimentary
in the guard, understanding of like ants Watson volts. I dont think I could define them. For I don't know. None electrician, probably something I should know concerning- have built weird robots before now, so I could go to somebody and beyond, and you have these journalists, people like CNN, I think they're so smart and they couldn't fix it. oil it to save their lives, let alone put a door knob on a door how much wanted, but they couldn't fixed their own lock on their house to call somebody. These are people who have a specific skill journalists. They collect innocent
information and fortunately not become snooty elite, is activists to think there better than you and that's what we get from the likes of CNN. So I tell you this: maybe it's just an emotional release to see the likes of TIM Martov Roasting Chris Como to his face now. Look it's gonna change anyone's minds, but it is cathartic. I guess look at us he's holding up that photo of critical of the giant oversize novelty cotton swab like everything down, I'm rich. What do I care says Chris Cuomo? That's right, make a joke with your brother, the governor, who put sick people and nursing homes and killed them. I am sick of the media's assumptions that there, the smart people there, the arbiters of truth and justice, and if you want to live well, you must do it. They say these people want
don't even not affects a common appliance about their power, goes out and call the electrician interns. I was a broken breakers afflict breaker. If no idea, what's going on these people, think they're the ones who should decide for us how we should live. They couldn't grow piece of food if their life depended on it. And you know what is the point I look. I can garden a little bit. I've grown food in my life and I've done research and hostile environment, training and I'll. Tell you this. I would never be the kind of person who thinks I know how to do everything that I'm always right. Now, I'm wrong all the time. I've you boys all heart. It was wrong about this. You betcha I'm wrong a lot. I just read the news. I give it my thoughts on things I do my best Look I see these videos. I follow some of these guys and Instagram. There's one. Do you like your rugged of promoting, and these are
shooting guns and like doing his dish, shooting guns really well. I can do that. I that's not me. I couldn't say the first thing. Well, I can tell you that the first thing about guns, like don't point at people, assume it's always loaded, but I couldn't tell you you know. I'm no expert on these things now think about people like Chris Cuomo people at CNN, who want to tell us that we need these locked out that we have Do these things and they're all wrong? Look at the only this curative thing is, I would say it is it is late night, entertainment and their lab and loaded No you're, not you're, going down a got outside with thousands of people are dead. I'm sick of it and people are sick of it. They use is this to try and claim the economy. Wasn't good! Well, tell you what yeah, I do worry. Maybe the american people have amnesia. Maybe they have amnesia and they forgot that point nineteen. They made more money than they ever made in any single year of their lives. Maybe they forgot that. Maybe
twenty happened and it was really bad. An essay truck didn't do a good job, maybe they think the. only way out of this is Joe Biden. Perhaps I am not convinced personally, I think, they're just liars. I think the Democrats shut down the economy, the Democrats, locked everything down, destroy jobs and businesses propped up massive multinational corporations, past bills as Democrats, publicans that transferred massive wealth to major corporations through the PPP. I'm not happy about any of it. I'm not gonna blame tromp for covered. I will blend the Democrats for shutting everything down, but maybe it was the right thing. So I'd say this and I have been a blame them for that. At this point, however, you need to realize riots are sweeping across,
to Europe. For a reason, I tell you this man, Europe, lock down, was like a month or two before us in the? U s. How much longer do you think the american people can bear now? I will say it's interesting is that they ve directive a lot of that anger from from the lockdown. Do black lives matter and a lot of people were going on these big cities in writing, but they were riding a redirected manner. Many people said at the rights were fuel. This anger was fuelled by the lockdown loss of people's jobs in their angry, and so they directed at something that had nothing to do the lockdown and thus the lock down, get to continue hears it happening in Europe. They say: protests erupted across Europe last night, as thousands of angry demonstrators, called on their governments to reconsider a second round of lockdown restrictions in ITALY. Violence was reported in ITALY two major northern cities, MILAN and Torrent as vast crowds protesters, freedom, limiting restrictions and forced to tackle a second surge in corona virus cases,
MRS set a number of luxury stores, including a Gucci shop, we're ransacked and central torrent, as crowds of youths took to the streets after nightfall, letting a huge firecrackers and lighting colored flares on the van of riding. For any reason, and that I think there's one way. If, if look, if the people don't want something, it simple, the people just don't Well, I don't think you need a riot. I guess the problem is most people are just scared and won't get involved in then you end up with people who are writing. The bigger issue for me, though, is that that there is there is an inherent challenge on who is morally justified. I dont like right. I don't like violence, no matter what, however, that being said, the left says: look there rioting because of police brutality, but this is a gross exaggeration of what's really going on the other day in but Althea there was mass looting riding a truck rammed throughout drove through across a row of cops running one of them over. Why
because a man with a knife was charging at cop. I'm sorry, man, that's irrational what it was a cop supposed to do I'll. Tell you what here's my solution! All of this cops, stop responding to any call. Am I exaggerate, is just don't do it in these cities, where these things are happening, stop responding. The people have said they don't want you they're, so don't show up enough if the people are riding saying no Are there no cops there? You go democracy where we ve spoken right, we'll see along unless the writing made no sense. None. Now in ITALY, in Spain, these people are saying you d, Freud our economy, you ve destroyed all our lives and their writing. I still believe the writing is not a fan of it. I think that if every person went out and just opened their businesses all at once, that's it over lockdown done no need for violence, no,
conflict, you just do it, I'm not saying they should or should not just saying violence is not the answer. It typically makes you look worse. They say, and this tool is what is that a number of luxury stores, including she were ransacked as crowds took to the streets. Why, is really about just the lock down by eluding gucci. I'm sorry, I don't buy it. They do the same thing in Chicago there like black eyes matter, and then they out, you know fire guns into a gucci store trying to steal stuff. Now sorry, man he's your opportunists. That's why violence as at work, the opportune This come out and you look crazy, but if everybody just did a sit in or or open their businesses and ignored the locked out, there would be no lockdown. It's an issue of what people can and are willing to do. The city's mayor today be raided. The violent protestors who you said, had polluted a demonstration by bar and restaurant owners who are facing another economic slump. That's probably true in MILAN. least. Twenty eight people were arrested for protesters through Malta cocktails at police in the capital of Lombardy, the original purpose,
the virus in ITALY, now, seeing a resurgence of cases not offend molotov cocktails are brutal dude, I'm not! I. I totally disagree with us Meanwhile, in Barcelona, demonstrators at rubbish bends on fire in the streets before right police intervened to bring the cast to an end. The demonstrations came just want demonstrations that we do this. These are riots to okay there, its came just one day after Spain declared a second nation wide state of emergency covering all regions except the Canary islands, the new state. emergency will initially last for fifteen days, but government plans to ask parliament for a six month extension meeting the restrictions which include a eleven p dot m to six a dot m curfew could be enforced until early May, two thousand and twenty one might convince convinced, masks are going away there saying that we have to wear masks the twenty twenty one, and maybe twenty twenty two. This is gonna, get back
and so is the reason why I highlight these things together, Chris Cuomo violated quarantine. He broke quarantine while he was sick, went to the Hamptons and we all know it. Even the New York Times, staffer have pointed this out that this that seen in his alighting, the controversy, chronic delicate it happen. Martin says uterus and critical most nodded. No, I didn't know no wrong roadmap. No, you did because you're a bad person, because you don't actually care about this, but you would say Chris Cuomo, that Trump is it doing enough or that Trump is wrong. Ok lobby asked most of what Chris Cuomo in Timor Tower arguing about was just in emotional, my side, verses, your side and I'll admit: it'll, I'm cool the goal of Chris Como CNN for what they do, this the cutest thing and Andrew Common not being called out yup. You had not a good thing
though it feels good, emotionally mouthing. It's gonna change. Anybody's mines see not just entertainment tv, but we are, I think, at this point after we have to listen to the scientists who have to listen to the scientists at the World Health Organisation. Yet we must avoid a locked out at all costs. So what should trump do? Well? Trump has been calling for re opening we have to reopen. The cure cannot be worse and he is correct. Look at what is happening in Europe. the economy completely destroyed in many places now they're having mass riots across the continent. Sweden, on the other hand, never lock down, and they are doing better than ever So. How do we justify that Sweden's doing fantastic, but the media and this country wants to send that trumpet everything wrong? They simultaneously want to blame trump for the economy, even though Trump didn't lock things down, but then demanding do more uncovered so, which is it is Europe is responsible for
only the bad things and none of the good things. That's exactly it. That's my problem with other media handle this and here's what I fear what's going to happen is that what the media only allowing conversations in one direction. Tromp is wrong. Locked downs, good. but by only allowing this one directional conversation that we can only go towards an authoritarian system, there will only be more lockdown, more restrictions, and I fear that were among. off from seeing things like this now. To be honest, we are all Eddie seeing Mass riots anyway, so it's not like it could potentially get worse. Expect conservatives be going on right, People have found their reason a riot and they're going to do it. Don't think it really matters if things get get worse or not in terms of
changing their motivation, but I'll tell you this. If the locked downs continue, if they re, if they, if they pushed for them again- and they probably well we'll see what happens after the election- that I think the riots we'll get substantially worse. On top of that, the election is coming up seven days for Donald Trump as tweeted, something like after the fourth you'll see. I wouldn't be surprised, I wouldn't be supply. I couldn't upper this way. We had something really bad happened earlier this year, like the spike was crazy. We can see the numbers like this is this is abnormally death. Ok, above allergies are dasset, not don't normally appear in the year. We know covert is very serious. but it seems like we reached a point where things have started to stabilize and the DAS in the cases are going way down. Even the flu is way down now. Are we reopen people are going to get sick? No matter what we do. I say we take a cue from Sweden. What's that leftists
you like Sweden's healthcare system, while, let's be like Sweden, and that means we protect the elderly, we protect the vulnerable, we do restricted access for the time being and we allow people to get back to work until we develop heard immunity. Now. What have we heard in the left? That means people will die. We always knew people we're going to die. It's horrifying. Its tragic but more people will die. Do we shut down the world our country, because some people are going to die? The cure cannot be worse than the disease itself. My fear. If we lock everything down to save a few lives, we cause mass untold suffering, which could result in more death in other areas and that's the unknown. That is what we tweet. We have to make a change we have to
while things are slowly starting to reopen, at least in United States? In many areas restrictions have been lifted. You know, particularly where we are at an sets, a good thing, but they are their concerns now that the second wave is coming and their lining up for another way of lockdown. Sir I'll give you my prediction after November. Fourth, I think Trump. I think he was right. After about November fourth, we'll see the data will see the spike, but then they'll say you know what we can do any more lockdown. We can't do the locked downs we have to reopen. It was a bad idea. The media is going to do a one. Eighty, if Trump loses who knows, I dont know what they're going to do of travellers to be completely honest. Who are they gonna complain about Trump will just be a guy. Some of saddle just go into intersection. Allergies are pushing all the stuff, they'll start doing truth and reconciliation.
Commission's they'll start naming people and attacking people and stripping people of their there, their ability to function and decide in all that stuff, you maybe it was Robert Reich, who said he that we need a truth and reconciliation, commission activists to name all of essentially the collaborators, the politicians, the models that people who help truck. What does that mean? In my opinion, you are going to see, cancel culture on steroids, you are gonna, see, cancel culture like you have never seen before, and there going to be smart about it. They're gonna purge the people like me who would dare challenge there machine? That's what they're gearing up, for they are going to have truth and reconciliation and they're gonna say these people are the problem. These are the biggest council them. Don't let them work an issue
we'll be a gulag or anything like that. You know not on Iraq's just exercising people from functioning society, because I've already done it say to the proposed who, in other founder, can't get boob is banned from what basically everything bantam. Everything is already happening, you seen. Trop PA personalities, people like my Loki Block Alex Jones people are positive. Watson, lore lower, have been banned from all of the main stream technology companies, even even some banks paper, for instance, that's what they have in store for the rest of us who don't conform to their way of thinking. They control Twitter, Facebook, you to pay pal, etc. They control the digital technology and they'll just start banning people which you need to understand is these high pro, while removals are not the majority. Most people who get banned are smaller accounts at support from their already doing it,
removing you from the likes of twitter, so you can't engaging the conversation. You can't be that their banning people from facing It is the smaller accounts that get removed first and they ve been getting banned for a long time, but they have no means to tell people they're getting banned because only had a Fyodor followers to begin with. I've met, so many people who say they have no idea why they were permanently banned, but they were because you're Trump supporters, because you're defying the establishment, the cultural establishment- and I think it's funny dollar public, Is our cheering for Amy Coney? Bear it right now, as if that matters, what they're they're gonna they're gonna Democrats when the Supreme Court they biggest pack the court, they stuffed full of sycophant and then it's gotta be seventy six liberal progressive majority was in liberal, be progressive, majority, and then all of a sudden your borders are gone. Then, all of a sudden, you know it just falls apart: they they they they packed the courts. They rule in their favour from
nothing no borders; they start implementing massive tax hikes. They start implementing. You know widespread government programmes that benefit people who don't work, contributed that system. They engage in deficit spending for healthcare, and then things start to get worse for every one. That's what's gonna happen on why she said. I know exactly what can happen, but they'll pay the court's that's their first step. So who cares if Tromp Scott AC beyond the court? Congratulations your two steps behind where thereat, because they control the cultural institutions and that's it that's CNN is now. I know CNN ratings aren't that pie. Otto Carlson's ratings are way higher, but Chris Cuomo, I think, was get millions, so he stood got his influence and then Rachel Matter you combine. Rachel met with Chris Common, I'm pretty sure they're beating Fox NEWS not demand maybe CNBC, CBS, etc. So this will It's gonna come down to the wire where seven days out, seven aid to election day and we're not gonna know because I believe
Ohio and Pennsylvania, and several enough several of swing states aren't gonna, have there salt and election night, whatever that means Bali with their next segments coming up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him casting my main channel. Thanks sprang up, and I will see you all. Then the Trump campaign is pulling ads from Florida. Why They do that apparently they're putting money in Minnesota. What that makes no sense trot could never win Minnesota any desperately needs to in Florida. If he wants to win this presidency, I mean what lie You call reason. Would anyone have to make moves like this? Let me ask our friend Josh Cross. Our said, this makes no sense unless you're out of cash tromp campaigns, spending on Minnesota, but pulling out of Florida Trot, must be so dumb. Unless he thinks he's already one Florida and now he's going into finish off the race in Minnesota. Minnesota spoken,
blue. They say, Donald Trump might actually when it. If he's taking his money out of Florida, he must be, confident he's going to win in Florida right. Maybe here's the story from Bloomberg and I'll show you the data. They say. President AL trumps campaign has all but pulled its advertising out of Florida and its stakes, its relatively small bank, account on the industrial northern states that carried him to the train. Twenty sixteen, since the beginning of the fall campaign on Labour day, Trump has caught twenty four million dollars from his national add budget, while former vice president, Joe Biden has added one hundred nights- ninety seven million, but it is out backdrop three, two one over that time. Trop has now placing his final but unjust for battleground states, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania polls show he's down and all those states but Ohio where its effectively, even the president's, still has three hundred and fifty thousand dollars budgeted to spend an ads in Florida through election day, but I can't
old five point: five million and the final two weeks of the campaign. According to data compiled from ad tracking firm advertising analytics, perhaps Trump realises he's done. It's all over If that were the case, he wouldn't be spending money on state if he thought he was gonna. Lose he's going towards It's like Minnesota why the iron range so six mayors and arrange towns. Democrat stronghold, endorsed Donald Trump sounds, like Trump thinks, he's already one Florida and doesn't need to waste the money more and let me tell you one really simple reason why that may be there are a lot of people in Florida
I'm from Venezuela from Cuba or from certain social assault, american countries and they're not a fan of what their seeing from the progressive left. Thus they're gonna start waving trump banners. Will it far be it from me to tell you. I am not the expert, but I have this bit of data now. I dont know what what the deal is, what get hob goods Joe, is done not get up, so maybe they're biased, but this is a positive just using raw early voting and mail in voting statistics, when we look at all of the votes, as they sit so far way into the Democrats are at forty one point: three percent to thirty seven point: four percent for a Publicans and the typical places you'd expect our blue. The typical places expect our red, but there's something interesting about the data alot of people. Looking at the same it's really good for Donald Trump first, we can do something really fun. Let's do in person voting only in in percent voting trump as well
being in Miami if its is up in Miami. What's that's ridiculous Why would you do male only Democrats dominate everywhere? This? Is good news for tromp, I'm sorry to say it, but it is even add Alyssum Olano and air colder. I'm saying: don't failure, boats, don't mail them! That's right, mail in voting is broken. It's a shame. These people didn't listen to what I have been saying for months now. Mail in voting has a higher failure rate than in person. Two point two percent around two to three percent: they could save about percent of about. If they vote in person, and now you got Eric holder and illicit MILAN, a warning to go. Do this the mail and means. They may actually be losing a substantial portion of the vote because of the margin of error. If Republicans, we're going in person and Democrats or
going by mail. This bad news across the board for Democrats not not look to be fair by all votes right now. Democrats are in the lead. But what is this? What's the advantage relative to twenty? Sixteen who is performing better? Well, let's take a look at who has the advantage there. It is Donald Trump does in many many districts. Many areas that should be Democrat, Donald Trump has the advantage. Does it mean he's going to win? I dont know what have Donald Trump is looking at data and he's pulling his money out. I think Trump thinks he's already one Florida, maybe you didn't, I dont know, maybe I'm the underrated data on fine. I'm thinking between about this saying. Look at trope party. One people are shocked. Why would he put money out of Florida? He needs Florida and then put it Minnesota. That's crazy!
that mentality is operating under the idea under the pretence that Trump is still fighting to win Florida. If Trump Neue one floor aloud, he wasted money, he'd go and try and when other states Maybe trumps right, maybe he's wrong. I don't know, but I'll tell you this Donald Trump spent half the mine just a little bit more than half Hillary Clinton in TWAIN. Sixteen Does he really need to spend as much maybe not maybe whatever it is that led to a Donald Trump victory is, is just worse in twenty twenty by
and and and it's not troops fault, maybe council, culture, critical race theory. Maybe the far left expansion, its look when trot get elected in TWAIN. Sixteen we did not have an o Cassio Cortez. We did not have a sea plus three or whatever, and now you do the squad and how many people in a place like Florida, gonna be like. I have seen this before. I know where this goes well, my friends, I have more data for you. It's all about the data investors, business Daily T Ip poll shows the race is tightening. Joe Biden is falling now at fifty seventy trumps. Forty six point: three: does it really matter, though, the poles changing, because the votes have already been cast, sixty million? Maybe I'm now seeing people. I know our non voters actually voting. It's weird the sad thing about it.
They just have no idea what you're talking about I'm seeing a lot of generic things like I should have been pay a paying attention. I can't believe I love this to happen. Trump is bad numb like please give me policy like. Please explain to me what bad, because if we just watching the news and watching tv and the like, the orange men is mad her arms and then you go and vote because of that lesson. I voted for Trump if one of the Republicans and I vote for trot because the Middle eastern peace deals and withdrawing our troops. What can I say Joe? But it's not gonna, give us that he's gonna get some more entanglements like he did in the past eight years before when he was VP. So now I'm sorry I'm talking about for that guy! Well, here's the news trump may be taken. The lead will see now this is this is biting loose to rate, is bisons race to lose, and we can see that Trump is winning, not that he is in the lead, but that he's gaining he's
in this fight, he's going is going up more and more and more. The latest Biden versus Trope Pole suggests the race has become competitive with just one week ago, president on trumped support has surpassed his twenty. Sixteen share the vote in the ivy deity, IP presidential pull up date, while Vice President Joe Biden appears to have lost ground among key groups today by numerous trump pollinate, finds a democratic challenger leading their publican. By four point, four points, and I gotta say that's pretty within the margin of error richly this. I saw this unfair early. This was this is on my Facebook, Joe Biden. A lot of pundits are in denial. They think this is going to be some sort of blow out. I'm here to tell you it's not it's going to be very close, probably down to just a couple of points. Just look at some of these new poles. Michigan Trump is up. Trump is up one point, Arizona trumped up four points. Florida trump is up two points. We need your financial support more than ever before. Please make it twenty five dollar contribution or
or if you can, every dollar drives up our votes, so we can beat trumpet the GNP nationwide. Thank you for all your help, and God bless now. Does Joe Biden really think he's, how in the polls, in my opinion- Yes, the campaign is already said this and I see some people they is his hot take. This is businesses campaigns, add strategy in every swing state as it does it mean they think troubles actually up one in Michigan. This take is really embarrassing. Do do you think with that and of yours, Joe Biden, if he was leading in Michigan, would not need to be raising money to fight to win in Michigan. Perhaps he has a slight lead anywhere to maintain that lead and so he's telling people he's losing because he wants them to donate to him. If Joe Biden gave false pulling numbers to make money off people, that's called fraud. No, there are poor
showing that Joe Biden is losing in these states and I'll say exactly what these poles are to be fair. These could be post debate pulls, I don't know, but I will tell you this Joe Biden, camp campaign came out a while ago saying these are inflated numbers. The poles are not this good they're telling you the truth, There's no scheme, there's no conspiracy that fricking you into giving up your money. They really are worried, they could lose and there are poles showing that Joe Biden is not going to have a blow out. So perhaps the pundits are wrong. I said Joe Biden, his car but it's a wrong. This raises close and biting his running adds warning people they could lose. Did I say Michigan was actually up one now, but I think Trump knows, and I think both trot and button have their internal poles, which are the poles they actually are using with less and less Joe and Trump are running, nor am I convinced Joe, is actually wanted. What your trump is running so is internal. Poles are probably more accurate
They probably have an idea what's going on, because nobody are targeting the note. The strategy is to win the media there, not while they're, probably in it for binding. So maybe there biggest by providing poles. I mean the media washing opposed that they endorsed Joe Biden. I think U S into data. So yes, I think the media is going to give us their biased Poles and Joe Biden call them out for it. I think Donald Trump is pulling his ads in Florida because he thinks he already one. I don't love you. One Laura I don't know, what's going to happen. I just know that Trump is making moves in the iron range in them and in the rusty belt, because he probably feel comfortable the stuff. seeing from Trump supporters their comfortable in Florida? There are Latinos for Trump rallies happening in Miami he's got the advantage in; he knows it he might lose. Maybe is wrong and maybe everybody's wrong. You know it's funny as they say that the Poles and upon its role, in twenty sixteen yeah. Maybe they underestimate how much people hate the establishment? I have no idea.
Why they were wrong, and now with tromp is wrong. Well, then, there you go. Tromp was wrong in a loose, but I think these these these pundits in these people and media are just wait too arrogant, we'll see, I gotta go more segments coming up in a few minutes. Stick around and I'll see you off, Amy Coney bear it has been confirmed. She is on the Supreme Court and the left is furious, o cause you quotas and ill had all MAR immediately call to expand the court and Nancy accuses the GEO p of Supreme desperation as Democrats go into melt down over a sea bees confirmation and we ve already heard from many people that are publicans. Think. They're gonna lose everything they lose. The Senate, they're gonna lose the presidency. The pole set lightning well was, will not strike twice, and thus they had to do everything everything in their power. to shove AC beyond that court, because
he's going to protect them for time for for a long time to come and also convinced, I'm not I'm not entirely convinced that publicans are gonna, lose everything or anything I don't know, but it seems like somebody's Republicans, really feel that way in their like get em through. While we still can cause they're not going to move the Supreme Court justices. But let me tell you if that's true, and I ll tell you- I am not entirely convinced Republicans feel this way in the long run up. Some have said things like this, but listen. If you think jamming through Amy Coney bear it is egg is, is gonna, do anything to help you. You are wrong now, maybe they're doing it to make sure they keep their promise to the Republicans and say vote for us. We will get you constitutional, it's on the court, maybe that's their plan, maybe I'll just rile of Democrats, maybe their desperate. But I tell you this: if the Democrats take the Senate
and they have the house and the presidency they're going to pack the courts there that they ve already than Lang about laying out all their arguments for why they should have more Supreme Court justices. And could you imagine if Joe Biden wins and ads for more justices to the Supreme Court? Then it's a seventy six liberal majority in there is the erosion of our norms and our system? It has been what, like a hundred and fifty years where we ve had nine justices. And I'll. Tell you what's already getting scary. I think I could be wrong about this, but it's been like a hundred and fifty years, since there has been a Supreme court, appoint pointy, nominated or confirmed I'm sorry with no with with no one from the other party voting. So I think we actually had a defective I am entirely sure, was fifty two to forty eight. I think one Republican defected no Democrats voted for Amy Coney. Bear it it's bad. We can function this way. I don't know what you're supposed to do, though, should Mitch
economy have just been like I'm not going to confirm a supreme court now many we're not any use our power and the majority. It's the Democrats that took that that that use that nuclear option, making a simple majority to up to confirm the Supreme Court Justice Blaine Harry Reed, but it's a tit for tat, one other What was it was a negotiation you know with Scalia and with Ginsburg. It was like near you, I think, was unanimous fur Scalia now appoint where it's like. How dare you appoint this person and Both sides, like Maisie heroic, actually said like hell. No, when it came to nominate this is crazy. I don't want you do man, I don't, but other talking about basically dissolving the Supreme Court. Here's a story I say dissolving in an extreme sense, ripe, expanding the port would fundamentally just change exactly what that court is and is supposed to be
It won't be the same. It'll be that's all that's enough. I was can happen. The Democrats will come and add four seats. Then it'll be for two for six years. Republicans will come at an l bell? Add you know, two more deeds and there'll be eighty seven and the democratic legitimacy that and will be. Ninety eight and it'll just keep happening and then will end up with a supreme court with a thousand two thousand judges that it will make sense anymore. You know just be another: legislate, body, a Yossi Beilin, Omar say, expand the court and, although I have to say
Span, what's the proper way to say it, here's a tweet expand the court. Republicans do this because I dont believe dams have the stones to play. Hardball like they do and for a long time they ve been correct, but do not let them bully the public into thinking there bulldozing is normal, but response. Isn't there is a legal process for expansion, I'm sick of these people, you lost the election, there's no applying hardball, you lose you lost in twenty one and twenty twelve was it went. When was it to what I remember that when that Republicans to the Senate, I think I was twenty two. I am not sure that maybe to twenty fourteen. Yes, twenty fourteen, wasn't it you lost? You lost the election. You did not give the american people what they wanted and they voted against you. You were in the minority, the Republicans one, the Senate. Congratulations now they say, but in our cities,
the majority in California in New York S, not how the union works. So you lose the Senate, the Senate told Obama. No, we have the power and we will not give you what you want. You lost the election. This is procedure its normal, now you're talking about changing the entire rules of the game, because you lost it, be fair. If they, when the sun, it They can change the rules of the game, but think about how funny it as their claiming it's the Republicans playing Hardball when, with the Republicans did was they held their elections, they won their elections and they said because we ve gone as normal. We will not confer You know, will choose not to confirm your candidate because we are in the majority now than when it came at twenty twenty in the majority with our publican president now unconfirmed normal, they won the election. Changing the size of the court is its cheating to gain power, and this is your together in a democracy of these people get in
and packed the court's. This is the erosion of our norms in our system in it's gotta keep happening because there'll be a tit for tat, no matter what it is. Nancy Blowsy said, President trumpet Senate Republicans have committed an act of supreme desperation, jamming through a Supreme Court nominee just eight days before Elect today, as part of their years long campaign to destroy Americans Healthcare just shut up, you lost and you lose because of this. I don't know, that's gonna, be too, I don't of the Republicans are gonna win. We are weak out. Hope you all already illegal, more expand the court. She said remember the Republicans have lost six of the last seven popular votes, but have appointed six of the last nine justices by expanding the court. We fix this broken system and have the court better represent the values of the american people? No use
you're talking about cheating you're talking about changing the rules because you are losing, we are not a rule by majority country, the Republicans in the sun had a voting majority in the Senate, which is comprised of state sending to sonnets suit to senators to the federal government. They used to be appointed by the states, and that was changed. I guess what the nineteen twenty is probably a big mistake, because now people don't care about their local elections. This country is based on our ethical Tunnel Republic that protects the minority from the majority just because California, under York have tons of people does not mean you have a right to dictate what smaller states can and should do and how they should vote and California gets mad budgets funny about it. California used to be like my home in a big, open, empty state and every vote republic up to what like.
And but then they had a big influx of people. Many people started to change their ideology and change their views and now now they have a lot of people, they want more power and now they're sycophant say it's a broken system. It was designed this way on purpose, perhaps people didn't take civics to understand why we design the system. The way we did. I ask you: why does it make sense that California would have a massive massive voting power over other smaller states? It doesn't and they say, but we're one country where a country of fifty different states that agreed to join the union if certain conditions are met and their rights are protected and still Wyoming has one congressmen. One congressperson one to California is what fifty five or something fifty five and New York. Also, the massive number is smaller states joint because
Is they want that they were and have their rights protected and would get to vote, because it's for the common defence for one of the things they do to guarantee the rights of their citizens and that met a state like Wyoming, which has, I think, like a population of five hundred? Fifty thousand would have certain guarantees. Now the founding fathers argued about this show you have to senators per state. That's not fair. We got more people in our stay, okay. Well, then, how about we have just Rep for proportional representation? That's not fair, because we're a small set, you're gonna vote over us got it. the upper house in the lower house. Everybody It's too senators, your state appoints them and congressional representation to provide balance. It makes sense, it makes tremendous sense and the throw college comes from that to make sure if it look, if we do what they want to do, if we break the system because it doesn't work because the minority rule, if we pay,
the court's. What we're saying to smaller states, as you will never win a vote again and you will never matter and the only thing that is power, and I'll. Tell you this already. a very serious problem, a loophole in the system. Did you know? That non citizens count towards the electoral votes. That's right in California, though they may not vote. They still get. A representative tromp was trying to change this. He wanted people only citizens to get representatives Supreme Courts had no So is it happens? Let's get a district in California with seven hundred thousand people and fifty thousand non citizens. Those forty thousand on citizens get a representative that represented than has voting power so of California has seven hundred thousand non citizens in their state. They get an extra electoral college vote about that. I dont know.
exact numbers are, but I think the heritage foundation that sad that this could be like one or two totally electoral college votes based on that the current number since conservative organization, that Democrats are getting an advantage of like one or two electric. like votes by non citizens. The electoral college allows power to derive from non citizens in this country, and that is in fact, in my opinion, a loophole. So there are problems, but I tell you this I've heard from friends if Trump wins. Oh, it's then of democracy. There they're the ones talking about changing the system. The Republicans are just doing what was by the book. The Democrats are gonna, Cargan expand the court's, that's literally changing the system and breaking down they ve already cross them. I am sorry the democracies already been breaking out there. Then we can do to stop it to be honest and admit that pessimistic, Maybe we need the Republicans in the constitution was too just when I'm not offend, Republicans, never been aren't, what's gonna happen basis
not the way to do it I'll leave it there. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes. Stick around and I'll see you all shortly. Never has there and a better example of some people just want to watch the world burn. Then this story from Fox NEWS, Boston, man, arrested in connection to ballot dropbox fire. investigated by FBI, thirty, nine year old war, The agreement will be charged with wilful and malicious burning. This is in Boston and we have the story a California ballot dropbox was ablaze. Authorities are now investigating incident, as I suspected arson attack to different stories, each on the other side of the country of people, burning ballot boxes and destroying ballots. Why don't know seems like they just want to watch world, burn California in Boston. I can only assume user blue areas, but people believe you're, probably Democrats a. Why would they do it when you start from Fox NEWS, Boston, police and the FBI announced money,
But they have arrested the man spotted on surveillance, footage, allegedly igniting a fire inside a ballot drop off box outside the main capital, the Boston Public Library. Over the weekend, the F B, I join the investigation Sunday after the Massachusetts Secretary of States office. made them aware of the overnight attempted arson attacks that happened at approximately four a M outside the Boston, public library, main branch in Copley Square. The police department released to four was taken from surveillance. Video allegedly showing this is suspect, igniting the fire. Armand was initially taken into custody about ten fifty p m on Sunday officers out on patrols in the area of company Square, observed a male matching. The description of the suspect wanted in connection to the ballot fire police, said offices approached the individual and eventually obtains identity. He had an active straight worn out of Ipswich District Court for receiving stolen property falling an investigation. Members of the fire investigation unit were able to notify Armand as the suspect in the ballot fire a ballot box fire incident.
according to the police statement, not tell you what this is important, because I think this is going to show Republicans have a serious advantage. Not these are just two stories now going to act like these Two stories are indicative of a widespread arson wave across the country, but Republicans voting in person. There are not voting by male drop off or by by male vote there not dropping Martha. Putting in the mail there showing up in person- and is a major republican advantage, a sick. I would have only the store in there, but we will carry on this is for the Washington Post on October twentieth, outside of a public library and Baldwin Park. This smokes streaming from the intentional fire set inside an official ballot collection box, made the deposit slot. Look like a chimney. Firefighters, first, try to by the side of the metal container, opened with a crowbar next? After a few minutes, they pull out a saw and began cutting through the frame as a sheet of metal finally fell away from the box. A thick cloud of smoke bill out we're going to save as many by
but as we can, a fire fighters and alive dream of an incident posted to facebooks Facebook Sunday night, I'm sorry now all of those ballots are voided. The box has been tampered with period, it was cut open. And now I do not believe any of these boats should be counted. Sorry. What do we do? Someone gets out of fire. People got run up a bit like don't worry, with fire department caught up in the box, no way we're saving about and then drop a bunch of fake. Once these were in the box, we swear. Look, they got smoke. I am sorry the box has been tampered with and therefore the bouts or void here's here's? What could you risk happy? Here's, here's! What we risk happening! People are then Venice. A later on. Look at these instances where bouts were counted after they were tampering of a ballot box. Therefore, what the reason was we don't know who did what.
I know I know someone as vague, basically just put him in the box, but maybe there surveillance footage which there is of these ballot boxes, in which case they would see a person dumping a ton of ballots into that box. This allows them cover other smoke everywhere. Here, ballots. Now I suppose people too then go look the footage and say: look only fifty people came there. Seventy about on another point as tampering opens the door we're gonna. An unknown person, dropped a flaming piece of newspaper in the ballot box outside allay public Area library, on a p m l, a county firefighters caught up in the box and put the flames up, but dozens of cast about had already been damaged either by the fire or the attempts to put it out. The city's mayor, estimated as many as one hundred boats had been affected by the vandalism after they called the flames fire.
There's gather the damage, droughts and delivered them. Develop walked to the LOS Angeles County Registrars office. County official said: voters who think they're ballot may have been compromised can call the registrar to find out about has been received and L a county official told it Casey, L of all the damaged about that of an accounted for and affected voters would receive. placement bout in the mail election officials asked local police, the FBI and the attorney general to investigate the incident as suspected arson. The arson of an official ballot dropbox by the Baldwin Park. Library in the first district has all this I'm an attempt to disenfranchise voters and call into question the security of our elections, which it has done, can't believe it man when we knew we were gonna, see problems tromp has been warning about. It, though, has been set.
Fraud over and over again. Now, thanks divert us. We have some hard evidence, there is fraud and that we have evidence before for sure. I've been warning over and over again there will be impropriety, but did these people listen? No, they didn't, and now they will reap what they have sung for all of these people and media whore gloating and laughing mail in voting is fine now twitter is blocking even Eric holder, no mail in voting is safe and the Democrats are frantic know what have we done. Stop stop telling them this. We realized our mistake way too late and now belts are being destroyed through dumpsters. We just saw another what are abundant absolute about from the dumpster by a postal workers to be unfounded, ditches why we don't know, doesn't matter
it's happening. You have broken the chain of custody, we used to know where the ballots came from, where they were going, people would go and they would vote about within Dona Box. We take here's the box, it seal, it's not been opened and you had pull watchers and people watching to see where the boats were going now, there's bows just all over the place. It is going to be bedlam and it was the Democrats who did this. The Republicans rejected the mail and voting scheme, and now all of this, even the putting the mail in the boxes is the fault of the Democrats. Oh don't come to me and tell me the Republicans who are the ones who have done it. I tell you this right now, I often talk about not came up the Republicans. What did they do right, not as cover relief bill, it's being held up by Nancy plus even CNN is acknowledged that Republicans are doing everything to get it through and that the Democrats are refusing to take yes for an answer. The Republicans have repeatedly said mail in voting will create problems
the Democrats at your fake news, you're lying and their allies and media just parroted, like morons everything they said. The Democrats have changed the rules to such a degree that they are destabilizing our country and they might actually win because of it, and how many votes will be disenfranchised. You know what people are gonna vote, that's funny, isn't it they're gonna vote for their own destruction and the left a saying the exact same thing about Donald Trump and adjust meaningless, Donald Trump and Republicans have made moves. Based on the rules they are allowed and you can complain about it all day and night, but they one that's the result of winning elections. Now people who have no idea what they are talking about. Our are going devout. It's going to prop up Democrats will continue to erode and destroy this country. How many Democrats and Republicans, a number of common equal opportunity, complainer, hey we're selling out our country and our manufacturing oversees for decades
and the only reason it's changing now is because Trump got in and there are other right wing populist who are getting in the left wing. Populist, Rollin borders. While these games distributing they wanted to shore the country you ve got left wing populist that want to abolish the constitution, destroy the country and their cheering for we're probably happy is already lawsuits under way. Good deal agenda, miser, destabilize and as a trump is doing it Trump is, is questioning the validity of our elections, trumpeted change the rules, it's imagine you're playing monopoly, and someone sorts grabbing money out of the bag and like putting them on their side of the Uruguay, hey they're, taking money. So stop complaining your question here, challenging the integrity of the gained him. Don't accuse them of cheating, but we're watching them. Cheat the literally cheating
and I run the risk of getting banned because of it, and now we get, we see no ballot boxes being set on fire. How about that? The reason why this is a problem is because we already have an error rate with male in voting, so people started sang drop your mail in ballot off her in person. That's it I did. I got a male inbox, New Jersey mandate, it and then I went dropped in a box and now I don't even know that at that voters safe because of things like this advantage republicans- and it was the Republicans who warned about it so whose fault is it really? In the Democrats?
done it and I'm really worried if they're in their tantrum enrage they end up winning. They will tear this country to pieces. It is their fault. This happened, it's their fault, there's no covered relief to be asked to be fair to Mitch. Mcconnell did adjourn the Senate saying no relief were not coming back until the ninth, so fine, you know they're not perfect. Anna, like them either like much Manon alike. Linsey, Graham get em out vote of all out. I want all of em gone, you know if I, if I could vote in a way that I get. If, if I'll tell you what about its way, my vote is this ran Paul can stay. You know it will keep us. He gathered row Qana, not a big big fan, but has on some pretty good things row you you're pretty good. I think we'll conscience that he's called out policy this in principle by the amount of found at the intersection alley, stop by think it's fair to at least have some of these people. You know who would be challenging the system and
Thomas measures at him ass, he ran Paul Massey, Holly, you're, ok, tech crews actually doing all right. As for the rest of em, there's probably a few, I couldn't named budgets get about all every single one move in four and twenty twenty four. There won't be trump anymore, so soap like because I think they have Democrats get in there and a burn everything to the ground, and I think our best bet right now is that Trump winds in twenty twenty four his time will come. You know he'll be out his sorrow service terms, and then Wolf will vote for a cleaner, more Karras. had a populist, but the establishment gets back and they're gonna tear this country to shreds too short I say in Rory seeing the problems of Oliver their necks augments come up to me. RO at ten a m thanks sprang up, and I will see you all next time.
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