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Trump WINS Legal Battle In PA REJECTING Votes, But Trump Is Still FAR From Winning Legal Victory


A Court has sided with the Trump campaign barring certain votes in PA.While the legal victory may be minor for now it could possibly open the door for many more legal challenges brought by Trump. The Pennsylvania court rules that the secretary of state had no authority to change ballot deadlines and thus these ballots corrected by the 10th to 12th shall not be counted.While media and Democrats are celebrating Joe Biden as the president-elect they aren't countering Trump's actual legal challenges.While many agree its a serious long shotIt is possible that Trump could pull off a triple hail mary and end by winning through legal means.

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Donald Trump has scored a legal victory in Pennsylvania, a judge s side with the trunk, I'm saying the Secretary of State had no right to alter a deadline by which people who needed to prove their identification for some ballots would be allowed to do. So long story short many boats will now not be counted. I have the official numbers, but this goes back to an election day lawsuit when trumped sued pencil they because they were effectively allowing some voters to cure their ballots. If there was an issue with Ellen ballot. They were actually contacting voters and telling them you can provide information fix this ballot by a certain deadline. Tromp has won this fight, albeit it's probably not unknown. Yet but trumpets promising, there's going to be many more results in the coming week. I gotta be honest on that, highly confidence now. I understand look my opinion on this matter The relevant it's going to plant the courts and I'm not a lawyer or a judge, but certainly sound, to me, like we are getting to a point where this just isn't going to be enough,
many lawyers have said straight up. Trump needs three, hail Mary passes to pull this off. they called Arizona for Joe Biden. Donald Trump is bring in many different states- and this was actually might be good news for him, but I gotta say in my opinion, we are just ever inching closer to certification that will favour Joe Biden, who will end up the actual president, elect to be fair, so long as selection is disputed and Trump is going through the process. We should wait until we get to the actual electoral vote on December twelve before Joe Biden start acting like he actually is. The President Elect I understand as a tradition where we just go to the process, but we're not quite there. Now. This lawsuit is really really good. News four trump, because this is not a Supreme Court rulings of Pennsylvania Court ruling. It may not be enough. I just told you my thoughts on the matter, however this ruling may actually be some kind of precedent that the Secretary of State, the that the government of pens,
Lena, doesn't have the right to arbitrarily change these rules. At the last minute. Some people have said why, trumped suing after the fact again, this we got, one legal expert said Tromp trying to cheat, once these these ballots in many different states under the Fourteenth amendment, makes no sense, be as he should have sued beforehand. That goes wrong. Far. Be it from me that you took to question the x. It is a legal scholar but Donald Trump, assuming because they assume they suit on election day, because the Pennsylvania Dr State was allowing people to cure their ballots in certain areas and not in others. That may actually create a very serious problem. Thus, Trump has this victory. Now I dont know if these are the exact I've got a couple stories you're about these lawsuits and it's really hard to track because there are so many, but I'm gonna try and go through this and break down the current victory for Donald Trump, whether or not it actually Well, we'll bring him about to this actual electoral. When, in long I don't know- and I have
story sang it. Ain't gonna happen, but Lincoln Project in leftist activists are going after the law, firms that are helping Donald Trump and this matter or just representing him, and it's kind of weird. Why would you? Why would you docks and target and harass clientele for a law firm unless you weren't so confident or unless this isn't actually about? What's true and right, it's about just winning in gaining power and that certainly what trumps opponents are actually doing and in the media there lying and it's really weird to be fair. Donald Trump is not helping so much or maybe it's part of his plan when he puts out you know these all caps tweets about voter fraud and these computer systems, and that's one of the other big stories from today Donald Trump tweeting, that millions of votes were taken from him and given to Joe Biden based on a report from one american news which this thing are just ridiculously difficult, if not impossible to action.
you verify, but trumpet certainly sang it. So the narrative now in the mainstream presses that trumpets focused on fraud. But if you look, the actual legal challenge is coming from the lawyers. It's an entirely different story. Maybe it's on purpose from one side of the other to distract people while Trump ACT only challenges, valets ballots under the Fourteenth Amendment the eight you is certainly taking seriously saying they are filing a suit. To stop Trump from disqualifying hundreds of thousands of votes. That's the real battle Well, I'm not leaving this video with Trump planes, dominion, stealing votes, because it's all the distraction. The real battle is under the fourteen amendment, the constitution, the process, whether or not the Secretary of State was violating the long going against the wishes of the state legislature. It's going to be
very, very different than what we are seeing on the surface level in the media. So let me try and break this down for you to the best of my abilities and I'll admit. It is quite difficult, but the first story is that a court has ruled in favour of the trunk campaign to say small legal victory so far will see how things clap before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome: slash donate if you'd like to support my work. There, many ways can give a got a p o box. You understand me some stuff with the best you can do is share. This video if you think this information is really important. If you think I'm doing a good job sharing, the video really does help me grow my channel and to state my business, but forget to like subscribe hit the notification bell. Let's Red Fox NEWS Reports, Pennsylvania Court Secretary of State lacked authority to change deadlines two days before election.
Judge ruled ballots that were previously set aside, should not be counted. A Pennsylvania judge ruled in favour of the trunk campaign. Thursday ordering at the state may not count balance where the voters needed to provide proof of identification and failed to do so by November Knife state laws. That voters have until six days after the election this year, that was November nine to cure problems regarding a lack of proof of identification after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that mail ballots could be accepted three days after election Pennsylvania,
Secretary of State, Cathy Bookmark Bookmark, submitted guidance. That said proof of inefficacious could be provided up until the twelve, which is six days after the ballot acceptance deadline. That guidance was issued two days before the election quote. The court concludes that responded: Cathy bookmark inner official capacity, a secretary, the Commonwealth, lacked statutory authority to issue the November. Firstly, twenty guidance to Respondents County Board of elections, in so far as the guidance purported to change the deadline for certain electors to verify proof of identification. Judge Mary had eleven said in a court order. This was in line with a Trump campaigns argument, which was that there was, oh basis in the states law standing ratification deadline in that book, far did not have the power to unity. really change it. So good news for Trump. The court of previously ordered that all ballots, where voters provided proof of innovation between the tenth
twelve should be segregated until a ruling was issued, determining what should be done with them. On Thursday Levitt ruled those bout shall not be counted This is one of several legal challenges. The truck campaign is bringing in Pennsylvania on Friday. They are scheduled to have a hearing over thousands of balance that they claim were improperly counted. Despite lacking required information, Additionally, the campaign awaits action from the Supreme Court regarding whether the Pennsylvania Supreme Court acted properly in granting the three to extract the extension for accepting melon bout, a male in bouts. Now the important thing to understand is that Joe Biden has a lead in Pennsylvania, regardless of whether or not they count bouts. It came in after November third election and this is where the veritable story comes into play- project very tough. As a whistle blower more than one from
Its postal service, alleging backdating, was going on. This means that when they went on collected a ballot after the deadline, somebody put the previous date so that it looked valid now here's challenge. This witness was sitting down in a meeting with a federal agent and then started to question was being questioned on whether or not he remembered exactly what was said now. Many people on the right of said the FBI agent, ass, our I'm sorry, the federal agent of the? U S, Piazza get not FBI agent was using pressure tactics to manipulate and make this Richard Hopkins. This whistle blower question his own memory, but he double down and said I did not recant and it's very strange. The media pump out a story saying he did, because this is the real challenge. Even if Donald Trump winds in pennsylvania- and they say you can't count ballots after November third year Extension is unjust and it looks like trumps contract to win that argument. They'll just
but don't worry all of these other ballots. They came in on the third there postmarked by the third, thus they're, all ok, there's a lot of legal challenges here, Trump may even chow lunch? Whether or not league ballots postmarked by the third are even acceptable to be counted after the third, because that may create a parallel track of violation of the fourteen amendment, which is another big play in Donald Trump, legal, arse, I have to admit I am reading the news all day every day and, as time goes on, it's starting to look more and more, like Trump is not winning this. However, we're still a long way away from knowing, for sure, and just because Trump is, you know in the deep right now doesn't mean it pull out, but I'm telling you, I really do, think we're headed towards a Joe Biden, electoral victory. Trop Trump has many paths to victory. much as the mainstream media for the most part, a saying there isn't one ignore the right wing media echo chamber. There is no path for Trump, we're still
to now see the Atlantic and Vocs Dotcom, both say: ok, ok, well, Trump does I have a way to win. The actual is several ways to win their unorthodox might be bad for the country in the long run. Their legal challenges, but Trump absolutely can still win like I said for the millionth time, I'm not entirely confident, but if Trump can win under them at the Supreme Court level. citing an equal protection clause, violation, meaning if you have one ballot that allowed to be brought in after election day, but in person belts must be counted on election day. Well, that's not treating ballots. It has many arguments they have under the fourteenth. That may get many bows disqualified. The Atlantic in an up at a professor of law, said if Trump succeeds in this argument, and it seems ludicrous than here
Another fine, melon valets across the entire country, not it seems far fetched right, but listen just because you're asking for just because here we are waiting for lightning to strike, doesn't mean it can't, and that's the that's the point. That's why I say I dont see. Personally working up, but I'm a lawyer and I want to make sure you know it exists and the media's tongue as it exists now the loss it we just read about the just. The news has a story going back in November forth which I believe may be the same or same lawsuit but Firstly, there are so many suits. They could be slightly different this one this this article goes and a bit more detail explaining what was wrong with these ballots, and the most important thing is that they were saying will actually let me read it. They say a lawsuit filed an election. against the Pennsylvania Secretary of State alleges that a last minute rule change to the states. Ballot counting process is privileges. Some voters over others and potentially landing the outcome of the election, the suit filed by two percent
when you're politicians and several of the state's voters, as this is a different lawsuit, argues that Secretary of the commonwealth. Cathy book farce guidance issue just hours before the election is in clear violation of the law. Pennsylvania state or does not allow voters the opportunity to cure perceive defects in a timely manner does not allow the States Supreme Court ruled last month the state. Also, forbids election workers from sharing any details on voters ballots from pre canvas meetings. Never less on Monday book Barn directed officials with County Board of elections to provide information to a part the end candidate representatives during the pre canvas that identifies the voters whose bouts have been rejected so that the voters can be notified and the balance can be cured. The complaint notes that multiple Pennsylvania counties have refused to accept, but farce guidance because it is incur, prevention of the election code. As a result, the guidance is allowing only certain voters to cure their defects.
This is not the same laws who does not want just read you, but this is it dreamily important, do not count out Donald Trump. Just yet after everything I just said. I'm still recognising this. What there saying right Here- sounds very similar to Bush v Gore, that different counties were treating the ballots differently, and thus you had a violation of the equal protection clause if some counties, where allowing during an others, weren't based on a unilateral declaration by Secretary of State, in violation of the Supreme Court's order boy. Do we have a problem very serious problem? It sounds like you, ve created preferential treatment for some county and it sounds like you acted in violation of a court order, don't know how you handle this one eye of animals. The judges are gonna say in this will see how things and up playing out, but I'll tell you when you got a Supreme court, a legislature and secretary of State, when you have three different branches fighting each other.
disagreeing and ignoring each others. You know orders or laws. Why sounds like it's unlike the rule of law, is breaking down almost doesn't it. How can we function when one branch over rules a court order because they feel like it? Can I can only imagine that these ballots might maybe disqualified and if they're not than Donald Trump, is already doing, but likely make it to a federal law suit, maybe to a Supreme Court ruling that pencil vein. get treated their ballots differently, indifferent counties, and thus we dont have sort of viable results As of right now, many states have already certified their election results, but none of the key swing State so far, so like delaware- and you know, salt, the coated have have already Wyoming. I think Whalemen may have a mantra. Tallish are, but many sides already of the issue is that I gotta tell you I'm worried that They might actually agree with Trump
What I mean is one where it is, as in other there grew if they re with tromp good for Tromp he's is within its legal rights. I'm worried that it will. result in massive destabilization, anymore, that there's no clean way out of this, because if we can plainly see that they were treating on balance differently to others and privileges. Some people know he's gonna accepted, not not note. Trump support has been accepted. That was ok and then same is true for absentee ballots and votes it was. It was privileged certain people over others, but if a court rules you can't that the left is going to say, you're, disqualifying legit and legal votes, and now we can see as the left has already said over and over again count every vote a well too bad Pennsylvania Court has ruled those that that were ass, tat were being cured between the tenth, the twelfth Wilma be counted. The left is going to say. No, it's not fair. We must count every ballot. I tell you,
the media is gonna, say over and over again, Trump is losing, don't believe them. Ok, let me let me let me clarify, like I'm, I'm trying to tell you this trump has a clear path he has several. Actually there are out looks like vocs me Atlantic sang yeah. He could pull it off, but the very little bits of big longshot. I agree with Sacrament. I've asked a lawyer. It sounds like a longshot but possible, but when you see these these stories that say President Elect Joe Biden when they say Trump lost its over. That's, not true, right now? What we are going through is the normal legal process for certifying an election and determining who the next president will be we're. Just so used to this unit party Democrats, Republicans just shaking hands and waving and sang better luck. Next time that we don't know, it's actually like to have a real. election in this country, like Ireland,
just in the irish podcast last night, Ehrenberg shot and killed. Healths Hamilton we used to have very serious contested politics in this country- and today we are- going through the motions as that the constitution requires for the media come out and say: Trump has no proof tropic searching for fraud and Joe Biden, one it's over. That is free e, its freaky, its partisanship. Their attempting to manipulate you ve got it. You ve got it you gotta wade through this stuff and seek out the real information. Listen, I'm not telling you that I think Donald Trump is going to win telling you that there are some outlets that are being honest and and and saying there is a legitimate legal path to victory for Trump but I'm not I'm not telling you what the probability is. Ok, because I dont know, I'm telling you that I think quite honestly, it's very very likely it's going to be Joe Biden began about tightly shore
but let me tell you what those on the left are actually doing their target. The lawyers representing Trump in a push to challenge the election. Now that is not fair. My opinion, that is not how this process is supposed to go, but that's exactly what they're doing the Lincoln Project publishes published the phone numbers and the emails of lawyers working with Trump. Sending a harassment wave at them to try and disrupt their ability to do their job. as is their legal right, as is true legal right and is this stance process for what we're supposed to be doing at the constitution, a tower where we're supposed to be moving through this. Instead, they have already begun to resort to dirty tactics. So let me just say You can claim that Trump has few legal victories. You can say that you know Trump can't even prove fraud to misrepresentation, they're lying
you can you can play the media game all day and night. You can say whatever you want. Fine, but Donald Trump legal tactics are legal and normal and he's allowed its far from a coup. What they're doing now manipulation and lies, and targeting lawyers are horrifying on ethical, amoral, dirty tricks. Let me show you this from AP during a Pennsylvania court hearing this week. On one of the many election lawsuits brought by President Donald Trump. A judge asked the campaign lawyer whether he had found any signs of fraud from among the five hundred ninety about challenged the answer, was no accusing people of fraud is a pretty big step to the lawyer. Jonathan Goldstein, we're all just trying to get the election done. Trump has not so cautious insisting without events, the election was stolen from him, even when election shells nationwide from both parties say there has been. No conspiracy do see what
AP. Just did their unimpressed like that that the manipulation technique first. I'll trumps lawsuit over five hundred. Ninety two ballots in this particular instance is not about fraud. It's about cured, ballots, misidentification, an impropriety, notably that many of these bout didn't have addresses on them. Thus they are disqualify. so when a judge said, are you implying there's fraud, the guys that the lawyers I know this is about the that the legal code, the election code and whether not these count. The AP is using this to manipulate you into thinking that trust Lawyers are saying one thing: while Trump is doing another, no trump as alleged fraud, Rudy Giuliani is alleging fraud we rooted Rudy, Rudy Giuliani also represents our trump, but in this one case is not about fraud in the Pennsylvania case, Trump One not about fraud. Impropriety Trump has many lawsuits. This is a manipulation saying Trump has not been so high,
yes, insisting without evidence. That's not true at all. Rudy Giuliani says I have never seen in luck in case with half this evidence of fraud, even noting that Juliet Juliet he said this is off from just the news Giuliani so that the Trump campaign legal team has affidavit in Michigan case from someone who worked for dominion, who said that one hundred thousand doubts were brought in it, for I am that we're all Biden bouts, not a single trump vote, the dominion staffer is someone who works for the voting machine, So this is not a poor water. This is someone who actually works in the voting machine say the Giuliani now maybe Giuliani is, is not telling the truth. What will figure out in court there have been many accusations and claims have been made, but I've been that have turned out to have been wrong. Already, that's true It has already had many cases thrown out, but what Trump is doing is firing off in every direction to try and when this fight now let me tell you because people already saying why,
tromp accepting the results of the Republican. You know, Senate races and house races, but not the presidency. First and foremost it's about trying to when trumps, I can assume New York for recount. New York is going to Joe Biden, but it's gonna go after the key swing states where things are very close, because Trump is trying to win, but Trump accepted. The rolls results in twenty sixteen, that's right because he won and Hillary Clinton didn't contested and now that Trump is not projected to win. He is fighting it. This is just how the legal process works, and what I'm saying is. I am not going to pretend that I'll trump as a man of utmost honour and integrity. Saying well, you know. I said this last. I'm no tromp wants to win trope as a fighter who wants to an end of story? You can criticise and fort. Please do so. I am not defending it. I'm saying Tromp has said if it's gonna be for me I'll take it, and if it's not, I will fight to win. Congratulations. You found someone who is a cut throat. Business person, surprise, surprise, truck became a bill
and there he will accept every short cut for himself and challenge it when anyone else goes for it. What do you think was going happened with someone like Donald Trump he's not gonna give up, but for the eight b to say, there's no evidence for all these outlets to claim is actually, in my opinion, kind of freaky kind of freaky. It's a manipulation. from just the news multiple Michigan residents swear. They witnessed widespread voter fraud in Detroit early witnesses who signed affidavits range from a long time, city worker, to a former assistant attorney, general. Now I can say I've looked into somebody's claims. They appear to not be correct. in many instances where people are claiming dead. People voted, we Already had rebuttals that sometimes we'll have the same names, and sometimes there are clerical errors. I can accept that, but what I can't accept is thirty. Five, two hundred clerical errors, all in the same place, in my opinion that smoke and now we are asking- is their fire
but I'm not gonna pretend like these things can't be explained away. The issue here and I'll tell you what I want. I am not a fan of people coming out with these government. spirits. He ideas talking about you, know I'll, get a widespread conspiracy. Mathematical analysis, unlike hold on hold on to all that. Ok, maybe fine, it's not helping. Okay, we have clear and identifiable claims. We can work through these things. Ok, we'll go! Oh you eat. You tell me, you got these typical anomalies. I've. I heard you I hear about Ben for its law here about these. These things I say interesting, prove anything though it's just interesting, a grain of sand impotent and any potential heap multiple resident swearing, voter fraud. Here. We go, but there's one thing you really are to understand about this stuff. First of all, I dont think fraud is the appropriate argument for Donald Trump to win Trump,
is likely going to win on process impropriety and a process failure, that's his best path to victory. Fraud may be a distraction, but it's also very hard to prove, and when you have three hundred and twenty eight million people, Two hundred and eight million registered voters and a hundred and fifty people voting. You will absolutely find failure rights. You will find people cheating the question, as was it enough and was it what were? They are targeted and directed instances of fraud? I do not believe fraud is the issue I dont. I'm sorry. I believe at the bigger picture is going to be: did the state of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada act improperly with how they carried out their elections, and if they did, we have a very serious problem and no I'm not just going to say well. Joe Biden should win for the sake of civility. If we, if the alike,
we're screwed up and the courts decide. Well then, I don't think we can accept those results, and therein lies the bigger picture, with Donald Trump able to pull this off pointing out impropriety and thus negating some of the states. Joe Biden needs to actually when it is within the realm of possibility, but as we heard from many legal experts, it's a hail Mary It's three CNBC says what Trump never concedes the constitution will end his term. A conservative lawyer, John, you says John, you says: Trop has the right to mount legal challenges, but we should be here that these are Hale Mary passes, said Johnny? A former legal adviser to the George W Bush administration. Several lawsuits by the bad men are underway in six battleground states that democratic President Elect Joe Biden. One closely one challenge has successfully triggered a full recount in Georgia, where Biden led by fourteen thousand of nearly five million votes cast.
and ninety nine percent of expected vote counted they're doing a full hand recount. That's really good news for Trump, because an trump supporters. Now this is where I say we don't need to talk about these mathematical medical manipulations, he's conspiracy, things. I tell you this if they exist. This is how you find them now by alleging a grand conspiracy. But by straight up saying we had a glitch. We had an proper result. We call for a recount and we want a full audit. The audit is where tromp will find success if there's fraud and the courts is where Trump will find success. If there was impropriety, my as I stated fifty billion times and to which many, I guess you know, diehard trump supporters are upset With- is that I think we are she closer and closer to a Joe Biden presidency, I'm not happy about it. I think Joe Biden awful he's already
stack up his transition team with lobbyists and corporate interests. Surprise. Surprise: he's gonna under executive order. That truck may that were good and is probably going to get us back involved in the Middle EAST in no time. So yet, not happy but front is fighting a massively uphill battle. In fact, I'll tell you this trump is on an inverted mountainside, climbing climbing his way up. Can he do it? Let me tell you you count Donald Trump out. You will regret it because Trump is a fighter. He doesn't give up and its clear based on what we are seeing. The media will tell you. Oh trumps, real plan, a sort of news network this at last time Trump never wanted to win anyway. I'm telling you the guy, is fighting this and he's got a path. John, you didn't say: he's gonna lose their Hale marries, while many of you probably such were ball. You see a hell Mary pass, make it you ve seen it you say, while I can't believe he pulled that went off. It may be true. This time,
we'll see how things play out, but let me remind you, Donald Trump appointed any Coney bear it and bread counted Supreme Court to people who helped advise the Bush campaign. During Bush, VIII, Gore and John Roberts also on the Supreme Court, did as well and then three years later, Roberts, gotta federal appointment, two years after that Roberts was appointed to chief justice by George W Bush, I'm not saying pilot This is clean and an honest, I'm saying, they're all playing games there, all fighting for power and Donald Trump, not gonna, work away from this and he may have lined up his chips is pieces on the board so that, just when you think you ve won, he makes that move and you go wait a minute. I didn't see that. How did you that's right? Take it seriously as much as I can say, over and over gonna think it's gonna be a Joe Biden presidency in the media. Calling and President elect it's not over is not by a long shot, will see how things play up, but Europe has already got one legal victory in Pennsylvania, many more defeats. I don't know, what's going to happen next segments coming up
six p m over you'd over at Youtube com. Slash TIM cast news: thanks, rang out and I will see you all then, a new HU, a federal law suit, seeks to throw out one point: two million ballots in Michigan flipping the state, Donald Trump, and I don't think it's gonna up, and I think all of these legal plays are extreme long shots as the Atlantic put it Trump needs. Three Hale Mary passes to land in succession in order to flip the results of the election, but I went, I love is that the media is slowly coming around to hey, wait a minute? Maybe Donald Trump actually is trying There is actually a way for him to pull this off. First and foremost, we have two disparate realities. As I've talked about, you know, quite a bit the mainstream media for the most part is this narrative trump lost. We know we lost biting his president elect even though the actual constitutional process
as to how we determine the winter has not been as not anywhere near completed. We're going does have a several recounts macro take until I think they have until the twentieth- and I think, Georgia. otherwise, they're not gonna have a certified result and that may be a legal path to victory so sure, a lot of other things outlets. Our saying that privately Donald Trump knows he's not really trying to win. I got this one tweet where it's like Tromp says it's all theatre, I'm sorry Trump is very aware. There is not a path to victory, but he believes this two million who voted form deserve a fight, so he's battling as a form of theatre for them. A top Whitehouse aid tells me you're the Israel, funny when it comes to what them yes, says about Trump and there are now sources. Tromp is actually just playing everybody trying to raise money to pay off as debt has no intention of staying, and then, when you
actual look at what tromp is doing. You're, like this dude has no intention of leaving so: why are we getting this narrative from the main stream press? I honestly don't know trying to convince people that it's over and truck can't win may be trying to a road is base of support, maybe I'll drop, really is privately saying. I'm just gonna dupe all these people for all their worth and take their money to pass my debt- perhaps perhaps not I don't know. I say this and an immediate, just trust the press. I think perhaps there some potential veracity to the claims they're making that Trump knows he's lost, but he wants to just give everyone. A good performative fight have actually talk some high profile, Trump supporters, who said I dont think Trump can win at this point, but I want to see him try shore, maybe that's what it's all about. You take a look. What's going out the Pentagon, though, you're Donald Trump fired Mark Esper and several other high ranking officials in the impending leadership.
And it doesn't sound like somebody who is putting on per hour performance to try and win, You mean like what I'm saying is when you talk about Donald saying we're gonna soon we're gonna fight we're in a raise money. That's about the election. Ok, maybe you could argue tromp has just said make it seem like is refusing to give up the illegal god you're like there's nothing to do with the election he's just getting rid of leadership, and then he hired people who are put this white big fans of the president. I don't know what that means but the media is calling this they're saying that trot, maybe gearing up for a coup not exaggerating if this ridiculous can tromp act? Kelly stage a coup and stay in office for a second term. This is where the narrative is going, and perhaps there go here, because the media's finally started to realize that Trump does have a path to victory. If Donald Trump does find illegal legal victory here and ends up being certified as the President veil, Knee
to say it was a coup. Ok, what are already doing a tactical act check out this tree from lung greenwash. This woman Alice from Queen, said it's not a coup attempt by any normal definition of the word its. Pathetic legal effort, that will fail, combined with disinformation effort that will accomplish certain goals for trot, but not secure a second term trying to make it seem like what Trump is doing is a coup saying is that this was a sponsor another tweet. The coup attempt happening in plain sight, probably won't work, is an accurate take, also incredibly depressing at that's, where we're at lend green, its response to this. If you file lawsuits in a duly constituted court, asserting legal rights to contest a certified election outcome that is remotely close to a and anyone using that word is reckless it'd be a coup. If you refuse, to leave power after his legal resource was exhausted. Yes, in which case ok, if trumped loses
and the other apologia certified for Joe Biden, Joe Biden has announced the certified winner. Everybody agrees, the constitutional process happens and Trot says no. Ok, then you can call it a coup, but I gotta be honest at that point of Trump has exhausted all of his legal means and he's sitting in the White House on January 19th like I'm, not leaving. I wouldn't even call it a coup, because if we all agree on the constitutional process in lawsuits, doubt there is going to be anyone who would take truck seriously and he, as the left wants to believe, would be escorted off the property. I dont think that is what will happen now to be completely fair. I do it's worth noting that in removing the top Pentagon leadership, there is some questions about counting heads and you may have heard me what does for talked about it last night and I wrote podcast counting heads is: is the face in a coup or civil war when two opposing factions dark figure out which departments and which people are loyal to them. So Trump
getting rid of top Pentagon leadership in this. What is supposed? What what is traditionally a lame duck period has a lot of people wondering why he would do that in the event of some kind of actual coup he's gonna have Pentagon leadership in his I am not suggesting that anywhere it in any way likely, but many people are asking the question of why he did it. Perhaps because trumped just wanted to fire these people, he didn't get real action. So now the best time to do it. Ok, well, you know Joe Biden to wins. I will just fire these people, maybe Donald Trump. is aware he's not gonna meet these victories. Gonna work. So maybe you should do it it would it we need to do before. He leaves at any rate, I think it's kind of hilarious. The media is acting like Donald Trump is not really trying. Yet these stories coming up endorses Mcdaniel to remain are empty. Chair, ponders, twenty twenty four run: lots of framing coming from people close to trump
people who know trop and sources or saying Trop is actually going to run in twenty four a source familiar with internal discussions. My friends, what Donald Trump is doing is very, very different from the media is claiming someone pulled them. He is doing you understand. I dont think Trump has prepared a loose dance casino, just without a video from I think it was. It was Jimmy Kimmel where they are used. how he says: how would your coworkers describe you and Donald Trump says as someone who would never give up, we will never never give up which brings me the main story which forgive me for not for not jumping into immediately? It's not just trump this this, this federal law suit, the throughout these votes, is coming from voters. Citing numerous instances of fraud and irregularity, I dont think the lawsuit will work, but it's not just these voters doing it. Donald Trump has actually filing losses as well as shocking to me that the left is ignoring the very
real and serious legal challenges that Europe has the fourteenth amendment, so you ve got districts. You got counties that other Petrov administration has pointed out did not allow for meaningful access where others did their going after unequal treatment of balance and the media is just acting like it's all about fraud, but there's no evidence of fraud. There is, but it's not the point. Trumps lawsuits are about process and their ignoring it. Perhaps these lawsuits will fizzle out, go nowhere, but, let's see what's going on, Michigan LIVE, says for voters, Father federal LAW seeking to exclude presidential election results from three Michigan counties due to allegations of fraud. Echoing seven other legal challenges brought forward since Trop refuse to concede defeat. I do want to point out. A truck doesn't need to concede The constitutional process has not been completed. We
Just use two people conceding because they didn't think that a path of victory and want to waste any time and money and would rather focus on your re election or another election campaign, or perhaps Congress is something you gotta Mitt, Romney, and he loses by millions of others are out aconite that there's no there's no challenger trump lost by millions of us in the popular vote, but in key swing states its than margins so trot said we're gonna go through the absolute constitutional process and he could actually win. If, if he could either that that they keep trying say truck, can't do it and that's the most ridiculous lie ever I'm not saying it's likely, Trop pulls off, but I'm
I think he's got some peace and arguments, and now we have to go to the state certification and if the state can't certify nobody wins so in Georgia, they ordered a full hand recount, and many people are pointing out that can take forever. It's gonna take forever and they gotta get it done before the twentieth of which is the deadline. Georgia might not be certified, in which case there's no electoral votes for anybody. If no one gets to seventy, because several states are contested, Donald Trump will win in house delegation boats anyway, what's reed, I say Trump earned a hundred four seven thousand fewer votes that Joe Biden in Michigan, according to unofficial, election results. You see unofficial, why would Donald Trump concede to unofficial results that are this close? That's ridiculous the new loss. It seeks to eliminate bouts casting Wayne washed it all and income counties which would amount to one point: two million votes giving took the lead in Michigan Birmingham attorney Maxwell Goss
An Indiana attorney James bought Junior representing plainness and loss. It Bob serves as a campaign adviser to Trump was an indian, a delegate for Trump and twenty sixteen and serve as a legal advisor for George W Bush and roaming, the lawsuit filed in: U S: district court for the western District of Michigan Sites, an assortment of allegations made by the trunk campaign. republican National committee. Chair, Ronnie, Mcdaniel, right wing, media organizations and ongoing lawsuits filed since the election plaintiffs also site. going investigations launched by the Michigan Legislature and a variety of other. I that have been the bunker include charges. republican ballot, challengers being harassed and alive EL tampering with ballots, but what, when they say debunked that doesn't mean anything which it understand is that in court they dont debunk they just.
deny debunk is a medium term, meaning that journalists have determined it's not true as a matter of the journalists to think. If the court rejects it or throws out that's what matters they say. Painters include. I conclude that the evidence suffices to place in doubt the November third presidential election results in it and if I'd Tony's enter the state as a whole. However, the group of voters also claims to have additional evidence of illegal ballots being included. in unofficial results based on expert reports and data analysis quote upon it, formation and belief. The expert report will identify persons who cast votes illegally. casting multiple ballots. One is immaterial in my uncle Ghak I'll get back to this war. Deceased immaterial had moved, that's not immaterial or were otherwise not qualified. To vote. Also that that solar last two Armitage
our third presidential election, along with evidence of illegal ballot, stuffing material, harvesting, material and other illegal voting gay. The reason why I said people casting multiple bows immaterial or deceased, while those could matter to a certain degree, they, like we will not be enough to actually swing. again or justify a recount of some sort. You would need to pull up records of thousands of people who are worthless that his dad who have voted now. Some people claim to have that. So perhaps that could lead to some kind of actual remit. Maybe it's wrong say immaterial but it will, it will spark potentially an investigation. What I'm trying to say is if you ve got evidence that people moved, which is very easy to prove, then we're talking about total realm of normal, see we're not talking about. I haven't look looking up the voter roles to track down like a dead voter. We have those activities.
Hence so that's important, but when you have someone who move you can easily just eight that guy doesn't leave here. Let's look at him he's in Arizona. He voted in Michigan, Liver, that's easy! Pulling up records for dead voters is difficult to contact, voter with moving thing, it's a market actual upwards, We may be saying multiple belts and and deceased is jail is wrong and what I should say it's the next tear the first thing to do is take a look. the very very easy and obvious claims did they move move or were they not qualified about? Was their bout stuffing or harvesting? These are things that, in the immediate can show us, a larger impact when it two deceased voters, you have to prove what a hundred forty, six thousand or or several thousand it's much more difficult, important to call out none, the less so not seeing they shouldn't, have it in their loss and I'm just saying what we'd evokes right now is the easy and obvious cross referencing vote changes address databases- and I gotta admit even investigated.
harvesting, isn't very, very difficult because when voting did destroy the chain of custody. We don't know where the ballots came from, where they were meld from. What will we, probably which mailboxes they went through, but we don't have what who put em there unless we have cameras and other mailboxes which may be we do so. What we have to investigate, but moving and not being qualified, are very, very easy to check. First anyway, I digress at least one of one of several other Michigan losses. Making similar allegations has been thrown out for lack of evidence and other flaws, and that's the big issue. Lack of evidence is very, very difficult if you can pull up a list of accurate change of address databases in, say these people voted in this county, but actually live in this county. that could matter. You could say these people voted in Michigan, but move to Ohio. Now that really matters and that's easy to prove, and we ve already got reports that people art are making are making this effort that Trump supporters and ran people interested, I suppose, are doing more.
Ass, a database cross references of people who have changed their address and you know bout bout submissions. They say Glenn County residents, Lena Balin and Gabriel Grasp Grass Barton Eaten County resident Carolyn injected county residence, even Butler Artlessness plaintiffs. They gonna mentioned Gretchen Whittemore on the board of canvasses. Yadda yadda plaintiffs are seeking to exclude votes from Wayne washed in Nottingham counties. They argue that including results from counties where sufficient illegal bouts were included would unconstitutionally cause legal votes to be diluted by an earned, hundred thirty thousand four and twenty five from from the three counties according to beneficial results, while Trump earned surrendered. Ninety eight thousand, it would negate one point: two million giving trump the swing of two hundred and ninety three thousand I I personally do not see this one working, but what does it mean to work most be would probably say is the lawsuit going to pass. However, we should be looking at LA fair strategies. La Fair is typically described as using the courts
system as the actual means of of of attack. So if, if these people are found, the lawsuit and It actually says you know what this thing about. You know people who have moved, that's a real argument. If you and they got me, they got me a list of people who have moved as interesting men. Even a list of some people have died. We're gonna have to hold off on certifying until we can investigate this, but they all that that the deadline for federal certification is We're eighth so right now they have just shy of a month if the, if the Donald Trump campaign, The only way to win the lawsuits if they can freeze up these states until then, no certification, no electoral votes, no Joe Biden victory. I can already hear the left screaming dim you're talking about Trump freezing, legitimate votes and stopping legitimate people from voting. Yes,. That's that's correct right. I'm not arguing that if Donald Trump uses a law, fair victory, he will actually jam up states and all of its legal voters.
this path, as their several other paths Ivan even talked about? Yet I talk about other videos, but if there are also fraudulent votes and ports. See this evidence. It freezes things while the boy in the people who committed the fraud or the crime or the impropriety, you have people in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Violet. A court orders is trumps, lawsuit is argument. They violated a court order where they sat observers to be within six feet ok well blame those people for violating a court order. Now they might get everyone's bout thrown out because Pennsylvania might gets might might not get certified in time We are, I will show you this West Virginia Governor, Jim Justice doesn't acknowledged Joe Biden as election winner right Conservatives and not even every conservative, even so liberals? Yet people are Glenn Greenwood? Imagine no. I sang we're gonna, let this go through the constitutional process. Just because you're used to the media calling a winner doesn't mean it. What happened- and I gotta tell you it's really freaky- that we have a contested election.
And Joe Biden is already meeting with foreign leaders, seemingly in violation of the Logan ACT as if anyone's ever been prosecuted under it, but they went after people didn't they Michael Flynn got him for lying. That's ridiculous. Joe Biden has no right to be doing what he's doing an account. stood election and what Joe Biden is doing could be undermining national security because Trump is still president. and the election is still contested just because Joe Biden leads in several states as of right now, before unease ratification has been done, doesn't mean he will win. I even extremely likely and beyond all are reasonable. Doubt Joe Biden well, but it doesn't matter the meat He doesn't dictate the constitutional process does, which brings me to tromp knee it's three consecutive Hale Mary passes the president. Litigation strategy is unlikely to succeed, but it's doing great harm in the meantime. Is it's just because your
used to this unit Party Republican Democrat high fighting each other and bowing out of the race doesn't mean that's the way elections are supposed to be. We had president's we We are one guy who shot another guy Alexander Hamilton. He died yeah because these people were not happy with each other. It was, not going to just go down as I well you one good, sir, is a handshake and I'll walk on by know these people were like good, Sir I will kill you, that's house serious elections were way back when and just because we ve had this. You know tradition of well, the media set, I lost it. I'm gonna bow doesn't mean that an incandescent election trumped should do that, and that means that we're going through how we actually terminal winter constitutional process, Joe Biden has not President elect. You could argue that he is in the sense that he's rejected by the media, but the media doesn't dictate and we have a contested election. I believe
Joe Biden will likely to being the president and a lot of tromp supporters, don't like hearing it. I think most trump support is recognised as a legal battles. A longshot will see what happens, but there there diehards, who were upset demanding that I I must reject the results Let us remember I'm not playing these games. I detained the stupid Russia Gate nonsense and has a huge waste of time, and I actually we have legitimate evidence of fraud, in which case it should be investigated and then in the end, I think the likelihood that Trop pulls off what they call three hell Mary passes is not likely look. They ve called Arizona forbidden now. I think so I have the Wall Street Journal right here. Is this the correct one? Not the cholera? One till we wake up. Alfred general election results has called Arizona now for Joe Biden. Putting up to ninety, which means
with Georgia, now leaning for Joe Biden by a very like fourteen thousand or so votes. If Georgia goes Joe Biden, Trump would need to overturn the results or freeze three states. You can you could do it. I warn you left us. He could do it, if Trop succeeds at a fourteenth amendment argument, citing Bush, we Gore pertaining to zoom in male imbalance, then he might actually go to freeze more than just three sites. He could could throw the whole action in the question will not happen. Honestly, I don't know, but let me just say, Amy Coney, Barrett, Brett, cabinet and chief Justice Roberts all worked on bushes side of Bush. We Gore That means, but in a funny that Trump appointed Cavanaugh and Amy Coney bear at home. I find that very interesting over the Atlantic. They say, despite clear, math showing that Joe Biden has won the election. Donald Trump has refused to concede. He has directed his legal team.
Keep on fighting the trying overturned the results of the election, including a new one hundred and five page federal court filing in Pennsylvania. These legal maneuvers are unlikely to pay off in the form of a second chopped term. For trump you need the equivalent of three consecutive hell, Mary passes to stay in office. It could happen also as a lawyer about it- and they said tat- Sgt on under Bush Vigo, five percent chance of success like slim, but I'm like that's one in twenty, like that's, not bad, we're not talking about a lottery ticket here, we're talking about Trump, defying the odds again. Maybe he will I say, but what trumpet as legal team are doing, can nevertheless cause real harm to the country going forward. Should millions people believe trumps, false statements. That Biden won the election through fraud. That's out. That's out, though, that that's how the loss it said did even read the lawsuit, namely that it is this near certainty and not by a long shot possibility of drumstick office. There is reason for grave concern
the state of play can be described as follows by appears very likely to win threatened six electoral votes, thirty six more than it is for the presidency and a comfortable of recounts in even the closest states where the candidate our territory thousand votes apart are extremely unlikely to change any of these. These any of these vote totals. For short, the laws it found in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are highly unlikely to go anywhere. The most recent complaint found in federal court in Pennsylvania amounts to virtually nothing its core idea that the Different procedures by voting by mail and voting in person constitute an equal protection violation. Is ludicrous. Ok, thank you for actually pointing it out. First, the princess between male in an absentee voting were obvious for months and nothing prevents the truck campaign from suing earlier over this. A late suit now is barred by illegal doctrine called latches, which says that you cannot simply wait until after election. You don't you dont win to sue over an election problem. You could see beforehand, perhaps
problem, however, is that Donald Trump did sue in Pennsylvania over the deadline extension beforehand, and they said we won't rule on this until afterwards they said segregate the boats and will come back to this. Potentially that could be the argument. Tromp has that we tried suing over the various processes and we were told we had to wait now again. Longshot, don't think it's likely, but I'm not a lawyer, but it did ask one and they said frown percent chance, maybe take a look at the judges, are though further having different procedures for male and and personality does not create an equal protection violation. This is just the opinion of a professor of LAW, Richard Al Hassen and that's fine, but it's gonna come down to the opinion of the Supreme Court Justices. I can respect his opinion. However, he's the export not me
he says if this claim succeeds would mean that voting was unconstitutional across the entire country. Yes, the claim is especially weak when voters have the choice to vote using either system. The other claims in the complaint are mostly retreats of issues that have been rejected legally factually or both in other lawsuits, theirs no proof of widespread fraud. However, one of trumps arguments is that in some counties they allowed for curing and in some counties they didn't- that is probably a decent argument for expert actions violations anyway? Look, I do think it's a longshot, but the point is people are sowing. There's new lawsuits emerging and I think it is fair to say. Donald Trump is serious. That is going to exhaust every possible measure to try and win, but just because one professor says it so does it mean it is? It does mean, however, his opinion way better Mine- and he knows way better than I do, and in all likelihood. This is why I believe Joe Biden will end up becoming president. Allow
when all certification is had done, but Trump isn't just allowing out and you we don't now. The Supreme Court would actually rule on this. It's hard to know for sure. He does make a good point. If Trump succeeds, the equal protection violation of mail and voting. It couldn't gate every state that did this male in voting for the most part. However, if Donald when's on the fact that some counties allowed curing another's, didn't it wouldn't negate all votes. It would simply say you can't give proper he'll treatment to some voters in some districts- I've been a Supreme Court- might agree with that. I guess we cannot sit back and see, but I say this in all over again: whatever you wanna believe certification happens, December, for while certification happens in the states in the next coming days and weeks, and then electoral college votes on the fourteenth we'll see out, plays out I'll leave their mexican coming up at one p m on this gentle thanks for hang it up, and I will see you all then, while the league, The battle continues over the office of the presidency. We're getting a glimpse of what Joe Biden would like to bring about what
adviser, said we need a nation wide lock down. That's right, covered Kay. They're getting worse and the news is fairly obvious. New York is shutting down New Jersey, Shutting down to varying degrees, mind you phase one locked down as the infection rates is skyrocketing, Joe Biden adviser, of course, and we need to shut the whole country. Down and were also get a glimpse of the post pandemic reality. Ticket masters posed pandemic plans include check, in vaccination status of concert, goers! That's right! Your ticket will let them know. If you have received the vaccine is gonna creepy, isn't it but, more importantly, I think it's going to be done. The economy is going to result in a lot more suicides and depression. Mental health issues. And, ultimately we're gonna, see economic devastation and potential,
starvation, but that's what you get with Joe Biden Presidency, which we may be on track to receive. I don't know exactly what the appropriate arguing Isn't this point where and what I mean by this, as some would say: tromp must at all costs to avoid the complete destruction of our economy, Some will probably say that Joe Biden must win the lock everything down to save lives. I think the lockdown is wrong. Donald certainly fighting tooth and nail to win and if Donald Trump does actually underpinning the presidency, though, is considered to be a long shot. We probably will avoid the worst of the worst but mind you Donald Trump did not locked this country in the first place, the democratic governors did so even if Trump does become. President by you know some longshot legal tactic, we're still gotta get locked downs. There already happening it's going to be, in my opinion, substantially worse. Relative to what we saw earlier this year, because here look at the numbers in Europe there saying it's worse than it was the first time around and now they're saying
Can it be worse here, then it was the first time around here's the story from the daily mail buttons covert cheap, says the? U S should go into a total national lockdown for six weeks to avoid virus help and the federal government can borrow to pay workers while the country S shot down. Ok, they our massive debts of the deficit, not I'm not gonna, pretend that Donald Trump did a good job. On that now we ve been generating a massive deficit and a massive national that so sure, let's just keep doing that and see how long it takes until our economy completely collapses. Is that the plan, apparently it as I hear from lefties? So often, let's just go everyone money during the pandemic, because that worked so Balfour Venezuela, for instance, we see what happens in the just print out money and give it to people or borrow it doesn't. Work
they say a corona virus adviser to President Elect Joe Biden believe that shutting down businesses nationally for between four to six weeks could help the. U S from entering covert Helen Doktor Michael Ostrom said Wednesday that an actual lockdown may be the best way to keep hospitalizations and doubts down across the country until the vaccine can be distributed. He claims the country's economy will not suffer as a result. Won't you had enough money is borrowed to pay wages during the shutdowns talk about Stoop Haiti, it's really really frustrate, isn't it. I know if we, if no one is working, let's just borrow money to give to people, so they can get the things they need, which actually come from other people who are working. Apparently these people don't understand basic economics. If nobody is working
nothing to buy, get it's a guy has a farm on his farm. He gets milk from cows, that's working, you wanna, shut everything down nation wide. We saw what happened last time. These dairy farms had a dump all of their milk out because it doesn't just go from cow to store. It goes from cow, to processing, to bottling etc. To warehouse distribution. You shut all that down. You don't have Since then, there's no milk, and then you give people green pieces of paper and there, like. I wonder what I can do with this, what there's? No milk, so they nothing. Then I remember when the lockdown hit the first on you met. We remember this But what was I going to those stores? And I went to the milk second, nothing, not even
all men or milk, or, I think milk. I think they had like Omened Kremer, which I was lucky enough to get it take I'll, take the cream for my coffee, but there wasn't no. There was. It was dramatically limited because not just about what's being produced its about the fact that work is, Everything you catch, shut, think the country down nationwide and then say will give people money. I tell you this man, you ve, got is really really dumb leftist sore just like. Why can't we just give p alimony. That'll work. If you have no goods no services. What good is your money we're going to do that you can eat it, can't eat it. You take your debit card and go to the store back I'll, buy nothing because there's nothing here or if the stores are shut down you can, Do anything with it. Ah, but it'll it'll allow people to pay their rent or that's great. I'm sure and lords are gonna, be like I would love to take money. I can't do anything with now. I get it to within a certain extent, this guy,
you some money within the system, but ultimately this will just be mass devastation to our economy and they know it and they're lying about it that there has been euins it is already saying we cannot do this again. It needs to be a last resort, we are not there. Yet we need to protect the vulnerable. We need some measure of level of locked down for sure. But that's? U that's! That's! For the most part, for the elderly and the vulnerable young people who are not particularly susceptible to this should be allowed to carry on and allow the economy to keep functioning they're not gonna. Do that, though they don't care, they don't want. Take responsibility and sleepy creepy Joe, is gonna, be terrified that they're gonna call him out like they called out Trump, and so we ll say, shut the whole thing down, burn it to the ground. Figuratively figured we, of course they say, asked around the director of this centre for infectious disease
research and policy at the University of Minnesota is one of the public health experts that the Biden transition team has appointed to its advisory panel Biden says the Advisory Board will help shape my approach to managing the surge in reported infections. It comes as the Eu on Wednesday recorded the highest number of daily covered. Nineteen DAS in six months and infections and hospitalizations continue, despite to record highs across the country. The death toll spike to one thousand eight hundred ninety three on Wednesday, which is the highest number of fatalities and may eighth during any a peak of the outbreak. It puts the seven day rolling average of fatalities back over one thousand per day, a figure not seen since August. Isn't it really interesting how we just had this period? It was the heat and certainly not the cold, but just around.
however, it goes down. Ok, ok, let's ease things up, we'll reopen, don't forget to go vote now. Now it's coming back again and not a legit conspiracy, I'm saying: isn't it convenient you can't? Even you can even point these things out. Two left us. Let them saying you're a conspiracy theorist, I'm not a part of your colt dude. I can point out it's kind of funny and people can think whatever they want to think that's exactly what they do after the week after the election justice pastor this past week, inspect Monday, they announced Pfizer said their covered vaccine it. It was ninety percent effectiveness at perfect timing, and what is the left say that conspiracy theorist much do not pointing out that if this news came up before the election, it would have helped trump. You guys are trapped in tribal bubble world these people, man. I tell you what, and so they come out just print more money. Yes, that will solve the problem of not having goods and services. I hope you'll have prepared for this, because Joe Biden has promised a dark winter.
Or I shouldn't say you promise that pretty said a dark winter is coming or whatever their interlock. Everything down. The governors are locked things down Joe Biden going inherit this and say it's trumps fault and then, when the economy never recovers, it was trumps fault because of Covin they're. Going to this from Bloomberg trumps economy, Billy was better than Obama's, at least until the pandemic. The president's Conventional policy got unprecedented results October, thirtieth, twenty twenty, that's right so, Joe Biden, inherits a broken in fractured economy can just say, whilst trumps fault for not solving covered. It's not my fault. The economy is damaged, then they're gonna say now they are this story from the Washington Post saying the easy lifting is done now the economy will stagnate. Ah, this is their excuse for when Joe Biden comes in and reverses Trump policy increases, corporate tax rate enters and these free trade agreements, and then we see factories
foresees he's gonna, say well the real reason, the economy as bad as because of trump and covert, and had a lock everything down. It's not our fault, it is your fault. Did they will be your fault, its economy was but an Obama's and anybody paying attention knows they say despite Auster Alms calls for a national lockdown factor. Anthony voucher says he wants to avoid that because there is no appetite four locking down the american public has insisted that a national lockdown doesn't need to happen if people at here to public health measures like mask wearing and handwashing. Well, forgive me if I don't take doktor vouchers. Word for it, because he was the guy who very early on said, don't wear a mask. He was wrong about that and the guy who sat Donald Trump was doing the best possible job. I couldn't imagine anyone doing anything better, so if you think don't trumpet a bad job found, she was wrong. If you think where mask found, she was wrong. He is allowed to be wrong. That's right, but you can't
say, Donald Trump was doing the best possible job and in hindsight say well, maybe you could have done better. That's not fair! You should have advised him, but welcome to the politicking of a disaster. Biden is, is is on track to become president will see out, plays out with the courts and and trumps legal challenges and we got some news I got I got. I got another segment and untruths. Challenges will see this place out, but does he like a longshot alot of people need to understand? One thing: I'm not talking about this there's a few layers to the Donnelly Tromp election challenge. The first is always arguments sound and he's got some good arguments. I've seen the articles, Ngos are ridiculous arguments I'll, never work, it's not up to you. It's about the fact that the argument makes sense, but will a court agreed? Ok, we'll see how that plays out. That is the long shot, but the issue then becomes will this green Court say everyone sees Joe Biden as the winter, but we are going to change that. You see the Supreme Court would have to decide to be the
catalyst for some massive people are our civil unrest. Now I believe we have a six to three court. Five, the four. If YO com Roberts. That probably will say the law of the land must be upheld, no matter what the consequences are. We must uphold the rule of law. because the other caught the consequences for not would be worse, in which case we end up with a civil unrest or something so then you gotta consider that they might say I dont want to be. The person sparks this this chaos, but ultimately it comes down to Is Joe Biden just going to roll over and watch it all happened. Is the ACLU or the left? Will it really be Simple is Trump Fossil legal challenge. They agree with them and then drop is appointed or is nobody's gonna go insane and the left to burn everything down. It's not going to be so simple, so I don't
Kanab. That's why I say it looks likely based on preliminary projections, Joe Biden, victory, we'll see what trumped can pull off. I believe if Trump does somehow end up being the practice getting a second term through these legal challenges, we will avoid the worst of this it'll be a second term trumps, not gonna. Plainly these games, but the democratic governance probably will lock everything down. Now then blame from Fort no matter what happens? No matter what happens? Take a look at this chart. They say number of New: U S: infections per day, its higher than its ever been in the? U S per day are going to lock us down worse than we ve been It seems like the lock downs, didn't do anything in the first place we locked down for what said months or whatever, and we still saw massive spikes. Now you want I've done again, it's not going to change anything. You take a look at Sweden and they didn't lockdown. I got friends over there like everything's normal everything's normal. But yes, I'm people get sick, but you know it's alright, we're carrying
as normal. That's ridiculous to me it seems Maybe the lock towns are actually backfiring, but these pathetic and terrified politicians dont want to accept responsibility that sometimes a natural disaster happens. So what do they do?. Make excuses burned all down and say it wasn't my fault: it was the pandemic. Now we can see, even though the cases are skyrocketing, the number of deaths not so much the meanest not for sure you can see the little blue line at forcing a spike. Without a skyrocket. The way cases are number of new infections per day. Could it be A tabulation issue- could be better Testing Donald Trump, sad that the more we test, the more cases we get if people are mildly, ill and dont care, and don't tested the number of infection stays the same, but people are now are you know, uppity worried anxious and testing is easily available. Then the number of cases will skyrocket. It's the number of deaths we should be concerned, about I dont believe we should instead a nation wide lockdown when the number of carnivores death is subject
actually lower than where it was when we first initiative lockdown, didn't seem to do anything anyway. It we sell, we saw sought. We still saw the spike. Now to its credit, vouches, saying no lockdown he's as we would like to stay away from that, because there's no appetite for locking down the american public. I believe we can do without a lockdown you don't necessarily have to shut everything down the best opposite strategy to locking down is to intensify the public health measures short of locking down. If you can do that. Well, you don't have to take that step, which has so many implications both psychologically and comically help is on the way vaccines are going to have a major positive impact. It comes Do your governor, Andrew Cuomo, on Wednesday began pulling back opening hours of bars, ordering them to close at ten p m daily. New Jersey is doing the same,
off road, however, believes that are more stringent national lockdown is needed, with uniform restrictions taken in each of the states. If the rise in cases is to be combated, he told Yahoo NEWS that cases are rising as more people are being forced indoors due to the cold weather with a virus can spread more easily. He also suggested that people are suffering from pandemic fatigue and are growing tired of wearing masks and social distancing. We could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages lost wages for individual workers, for losses to us to small companies to medium sized companies or city State county governments. We could do all of that. He said if we did that, then we could lockdown for four to six weeks. You say this: the problem with letting scientists led the charge that not economists, they don't know how production works. They don't know how manufacturing shipping bottling, etc. Any that works it s like just give people money and will be held
hey how about this? How about we take with Doktor Auster Homer, saying we sit down some economists and come up with a compromise, the best way to minimize deaths from the virus and the best way to minimize deaths from echo, comic despair and disaster. You're probably need psychological doctors, mental health professionals about how people have been committing suicide and larger numbers because of the lockdown, but just taking these doctors, scientists and saying they should just tell us what to do is probably one of the most absurd state I've heard in a long time, and it so funny. When you see these, these politicians and Democrats say we believe in science it's become most a meaningless bit of drivel about just science, we believe in sight, yes, because science helped helps us, develop new technologies and progressive, live more comfortably increase our standard of living, but we all listen to policy experts and economic experts to make sure the machine is working. The way I see it is like this magic car broke down and try to figure
wrong with it and you say why we think there's something inherently wrong with you know the fuel that went into it. So you talk to her. only an engineer- and he says- here's my solution- we're gonna make this. You know where to put this in their in your like, while the engines not turning over. Maybe we should also talk with some enormous Kanak, someone who can look at here are the machine works. Not just trust me just promise more fuel in it. It's not gonna fix your engine You need to make sure you're getting a balanced approach and the people who know how the machine works are gonna, be there talking to you just because you're having a problem with the you know the fuel you're using and the scientist is telling you how to improve. It doesn't mean it's gonna make the car work anymore, our economy is a machine. We see a trance, of goods and services. That's what, when the economy is household management, how do we get food production here to be shipped here and it's a decentralized shutting everything down and destroying our economy didn't work the first time. I am not convinced it'll work again, but these these people, who are our love, isn't this guy's an infectious disease extra
How does he know how to solve the problem? He knows how to deal with infectious disease. I respect him, for that, but you don't know how to save the country during a crisis can certainly Joe Biden in Common Harris. Don't either you can criticise Donald Trump, all you want, but Donald Trump, was willing to make the hard decisions will see how things play out. But I'll tell you what's to come in our post pandemic. Reality. Did you get shot did you catch a vaccine? If you want to go see a show, you gotta have your vaccine tag on your ticket. I've been in many countries, some country, require vaccination carts. That's true. I think when I went to Venice, Ella. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I'm wrong about before went to Venezuela. I'd get a bunch of inoculations or whenever about vaccines, twenty. I went to Egypt and get anything and that's proud because vice just doesn't need probably better experts consulting on them. Anyway, I went to Egypt, didn't get any came back our money, I'm gonna Venezuela and we their security
rotation, and they said you need a card saying you. Ve been vaccinated for yellow fever, and so we recommend also getting a bunch of other vaccinations as well. and so I went to a doctor. I explained it and he said right on will give you all the you know that all the shots you need and then he was like wait a minute. You went to Egypt without getting yellow fever, while your brave in the air yet yellow fever shot. Then I was I, although they just don't adornment, so I can understand when it comes to international treaties, why it's like these disease exists, the these diseases exist and their very very serious diseases way more serious than than covetous but but covered a serious, not get me wrong, but it some it somewhat unprecedented to mandate that people on their tickets show that their vaccinated now listen. There is a very simple argument and I I have to say, but my private business here, if
Then you want to make sure people have the covert vaccine or passive negative. I mean that's their business. It really is its very different from say Facebook or Twitter when we talk about, but my private business, because Facebook and Twitter monopolized the space. If there was only one place, you, go for a public gathering and they were mandating things of people. I'd make an argument that this is the commons, twitter and Facebook. Youtube social media has become the commons where we have our political discussions. Where you hear things for me where I speak, and thus there's gotta be some level of protection so long as these com these are the space and there's no alternative spaces there, certainly out a viable alternative spaces. Certainly part I was doing really really well now, but a high profile conservatives are moving over there. This is just polarization I think, will ultimately lead to you know dangerous situations and our country, because now people, you know we already have disparate realities. Are you gonna have to platforms where no one will ever cross over its its hyper polarization on steroids underway? The point is
If, if a venue says or Ticketmaster says we're, not gonna sell you take, it must we know for sure, because the venue has a right to make that decision, that they do they do. I just think it's creepy and I think we're headed towards an authoritarian, command economy, despotic system. There was all is going to be a reason I said this before, but it bears repeating. There was always going to be a reason when you read that novel nineteen. Eighty four, when you read Fahrenheit for fifty one when you read these two soapy inside FI novels about a future with an authoritarian government, they dont arbitrarily one day show up and say we're in charge right now we are faced. With a very serious crisis, for one will depend on it serious disease we ve ever faced but does have lingering health effects that affect around twenty percent of so twenty percent of people are so the mortality rates actually very very low, but it is a bit worse than the flu. I say a bit because the
numbers, but it's worse it. It absolutely is it's not. The fluid is worse. The lingering how the facts are kind of scary, to be honest, people have lingering breathing problems, so I get on. stand. Why we want to make sure we limit the spread, you know it and we do it. We can. The problem is locked downs, art the solution, and we know this. We ve done this its failed. We been advised. Against doing it, and you have these zealots or just saying just do it again. It didn't work the first time the EU and Doktor said: don't do it again and you're saying do it again? We got a failure of leadership here that that suit. So this is a major crisis for this country the pandemic, and now the potential economic shut down all the while we have a contested election and high polarisation in this country. The solution is bright. Tell you this Joe Biden was the wrong choice and I was just talking to a friend the other day, who said maybe you're right maybe Joe Biden, was the wrong choice. Naomi Wulf, the famous progressive
They said, if I had realized Joe Biden was for locking down. I would never have voted forum, maybe if you all paid attention but just sold us out, because you didn't, like the orange men, deliver their next segments coming up at four p m Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast is a different channel. Thanks rang out, and I will see you all then, as the legal battle for the presidency continues ground zero in our political war, is quickly becoming Georgia, where there's gotta be to run off. Elections determine the senators from Georgia. If Democrats, when both they will have fifty Senate seats, tying the Senate, but giving the thai breaker to the vice president, if it ends up, it seems very likely to be Joe Biden Uncommonly Harris. The Democrats will control everything they control the house, albeit they ve lost a bit of their power.
AIR, because republicans are gaining the tunnel seats, they'll control, the Senate and the presidency. Now I understand the battle between trumpet binding isn't completely over, but Trump is on the ropes, does have some legal pat paths to victory, as now noted by say, vocs dot, com and the Atlantic, but they do think it's a long shot. I think it's fair, which means publicans need to make sure they win. Georgia, runoff elections come January, but here's where things get really creepy Democrats are urging voters to move to Georgia before the Senate runoff Elect Is it fraud unclear how long a new arrival has to stay in the state without breaking voting laws at the very least, is that Billy what our elections are becoming wealthy well Do liberal, saying I'm gonna move to a swing states, so I can impact the election sounds about right right now there are people urging voter
to go and move to Georgia right now, so that you can claim residency before the run off election and thus give Democrats control of the Senate is gonna. Be too who races and their very likely can have the same result. I mean you're gonna go and volumes Republican Republican. I really doubt people who got Republican Democrat saw the Republicans when the Democrats win the Republicans need only one seat. Then they'll have fifty one. The Democrats end up with forty nine and the Republicans control the Senate. But if it goes to like I said the vice president would be the Thai breaker if it turns out that Donald Trump is able to pull the legal victory. I'm willing to bet Democrats will come out in such force in January. They will get these seats, but Donald Trump would then still have the power, or I should say MIKE pants would be the typewriter we shall see so far. It's looking better for Democrats, although they didn't get the blue wave, they really wanted Fox news reports. Liberals urging
voters to move the Georgian about in the January Senate. Run of elections may want to think twice. Moving to Georgia for a short time, just about is against state law. But how long a new arrival has to stay in the state without breaking the law is not clear. According to reports, Governor Brian Camp declined this week to get behind his fellow Republicans push for a special session to tighten voting rules ahead of the run off elections. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. I hope everybody moves to Georgia. You know the next month or two registers to vote and votes for these two democratic Senators New York Times columnist, Thomas L, Friedman, told on Monday night quote these rights. Of swill, decide which party controls the Senate and this weather we'll have any hope of a large stimulus climate bill. If you have the means and fervour to make a temporary move to Georgia
believe anyone who registers by December seventh can vote in these elections. Intelligences Eric limits wrote in a now deleted, tweet that was captured by Washington, examiner reporter Jerry Dunwoodie. The likely reason he deleted it's probably a solicitation to commit a crime, and are you probably don't want to do that foxes? Such suggestions come as the bow oh for power and a Senate hinges on to one of elections in Georgia, where the republican incumbents are fighting, the stain office quote, I've seen people saying Veil move to Georgia, but if not more difficult than they think Eddie Zipper assisted professor of political science at George, a military coup old Fox NEWS, you'll be very dangerous and ultimately, I presume not worth it. The deadline is December. Seventh, you would have to set up a residence with your name on it receive utility. Those with your name on it all just to get a Georgia licence, It would make more sense for people to donate to the campaign. Politicians and
the liberties are expected to converge on Georgia. To turn up the quote, my understanding I learn last night, is there inviting people to move here to come vote. Senator Marco Rubio, sat at an event for assent? Kelly LAW Flower in Georgia on Wednesday, prompting booze from the crowd. One time presidential hopeful Andrew Yang said he would move to Georgia to push for democratic candidates. John off and Raphael Warnock Great NEWS, Yang, Gang Evelyn, Evelyn now we are moving to Georgia to help also and Reverend Warnock Win Yang wrote on November seventh. This is our only chance to clear Mitchell, took two clear Mitch, Mcconnell out of the way and help Joe but an uncommon Harris get things done in the next four years. More details to come, but let's go Yang, did not address whether he'll register to vote in Georgia. North Carolina Senate contest just tomato,
history as the most expensive Senate race ever with more than two hundred and thirty million spent on advertising alone, but the Georgia races could blow that out of the water is a poorer said. What's going to pose the this problem is going to be all manner of outside money coming in. If I were a republican I'd, be much more concerned about outside money coming in than outside. People coming in. Both conservative and liberal groups are announcing big spending in Georgia, conservative superpower club for growth up club for Growth action announced Wednesday that will spend at least ten million dollars, their former democratic gubernatorial candidate, Stacy Abrams organization. Fair fight has raised a whopping, nine point: eight million since Friday November, one off elections, fair fight, confirmed the hall to Fox NEWS and said the cash will be split, three ways: the organization and both democratic Senate candidates for
Mrs increase to the Georgia Secretary States, office and Yanks Organisation under Yang was not return by the time of publication. We shall see, but I tell you it's I'm not entirely confident refer. Republicans Ya'Ll, better step up and get ready. This is going to be a race in a state that will shape the future of this country. I can strike. in Joe Biden is a good thing. Ok, fine you'll have some Our four republican some fruit for Democrats will have the White House they'll get what they want to varying degrees, but if they get control of the Senate they are going to steamroll through insane things, probably even pack, the Supreme Court, ending that six hundred and twenty three conservative majority well, probably more five hundred and twenty four at this point, Lindsey, Graham,
Captain he's going to counter assumed army of liberal money by donating one million dollars to help Georgia Senate candidates. Graham said Democrats will try to pack the Supreme Court and do away with electoral college if they control the Senate. My first question: why do so many of our public servants have millions of dollars? They can just dished out good for you and you fine. I don't like the idea of outside money going in these states. I don't like the idea that the centres are supposed to represent the people of Georgia. but the people these these, these races can be funded by people all over the country telegram undesirable and I'm saying it is not gonna be or typical Senate rice it is going to be every single, celebrity hanging out in Georgia for months rallying p. And getting them to vote Republicans, I do not think will have that kind of star power we shall see, may be that the Republicans in Georgia will reach
eyes or throw up against and rally on their own side? Do some outreach, hopefully for them, though, actually when but I dont know flimsy grams. One million dollars gonna be enough to be completely honest. They say grams, a damsel try to pack the Supreme Court and do away with the electoral college if they control the Senate, probably but getting rid of electoral college would require a two thirds ratification, it's possible. They could get it. But now likely in the least to be honest, like a new amendment to get rid of electoral college, the red states aren't enough, are gonna, go with that. That's ridiculous no one's going to sign away their power. You know what little. They have welcoming, has three electoral votes. The only even have a full congressional district technically like the whole state, as one congressional district and its negative side is probably tough further for the congressmen up. There have to travel on that, we'll state. You don't talk to everybody, but it is, in my opinion, better representation, because,
many of these places. You got warlike seven hundred and fifty thousand people per congressperson, and it's getting intense like how do you represent that many people have you know those people want it's kind of crazy anyone in the long run this power the Democrats would wheeled would dramatically alter if not set this country and, of course that would crash it into a wall. I know we hear it all the time this election is the most important election, but we really are dealing with this hyper polarisation and an extremist far left socialist policies and reduce give us notions like the green new deal, the green, new deal would absolutely devastate the economy of this country. They would probably ban fracturing outright I Pennsylvania congratulations on voting for Joe Biden. I wonder what can happen to the state when the entire western PS, no industry anymore, not that I think racking is the best thing in the world. I just think we want to fight towards for energy, and I can respect the idea behind the green new deal, not the way their going about it. We don't have
moderate, reasonable, populist candidates. We have the fringe far left, and then we have conservative populous all right. I can disagree with the right wing populists, but what about the far left their knots? Sorry, man, that's just true! Ok, getting you getting rid of planes, you know to replacing plains of trains and then the triangle: why you it's not gonna happen, you can't you, but a planes and planes aren't even them them the most carbon emitting means of travel. I'm sure trains in mind, capacities, probably use more fuel, or at least shit. You know she large shipping container vessels. You know probably do not say this, I'm all about the green energy men em all about it. Now energy for one. That sounds like a good idea. Investing in, technology sounds like a good idea, but they're not gonna. Do not gonna. Do that. The green knew that new deal there proposing is ridiculous. Retrofitting every building in the country and they'll go right.
we will see a dramatic change to this country and the left is by saying good changes good na, random change is not good. Well thought out. Constrained action is offer the idea of progress, especially in the energy sector, maintaining energy independence, but they're they're out of it they're not gonna, give us a real chance, They're gonna go pie in the sky seven year old solutions like eyes. I think that we should solve homelessness by giving everyone a home like. Ok, get it you're a kid. You don't understand how the economy works and resources work, but that's it they're gonna be implementing. So my friends all eyes on Georgia will see how things play out we'll see if we I can't I'm getting arrested for like voter fraud or when everybody we leave it. There are a couple more segments coming up for you in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly now this story, I find absolutely hard to believe from variety cm
Fox NEWS and MSNBC could face post trump bumps as they see, viewers and revenue no they're going to go down in flames because they have encircling the team that is Donald Trump for the past four years and before Donald Trump, the rating wherein the gutter memberships word down- and the Various digital and cable tv outlets were suffering so much so these are the blame likes of me and other people on Youtube for all of us that Elles this country. Well, congratulations! Yellow, voted! Donald Trump will see if that, if that, if the current legal proceedings play out in his favour, not entirely sure about this, if it ends up that Donald Trump does not become, does not get reelected and it does seem likely. I will tell you this one thing that makes me really really cited. Is it the media will have nothing left to write about? Oh no more orange man. Whatever will we do now to be fair they'll? Probably,
start writing about me and other people and say you're the problem trump. The problem, Trumpism blah blah blah they'll, try and find something to fill avoid in desperation which will it too even worse, hyper polarization- and eventually it'll all just crumble and fall apart, because they are so absolutely desperate for news. But I do want it quite funny that trying to argue they could see more viewers. like any one believes that post tromp bumps. They say this quote the thing about our industry, Dana and you know it. very well. When there is information, when there is data, when there, when the sun is changing. You can run on adrenaline for a long time. He said ass. His bra bill, hammer too in a personal during hours spent on air. If those periods where you hit the walls, nothing is new and start to thank what's next, a lot of talk. Media executives will be called upon in the coming days to answer hammers question gobs of influence in Billions of dollars are at stake. snoozy anonymous. Nbc have fought, have four have
for more than four years been caught up in a whirlwind of the trunk presidency, a period when tweets, not physical news that's could scuttle the lineup for an hour, long showered a moment's notice. The frenzy has lifted the ratings and add sales of all three networks The anchors fulfil their schedules to the point where more people tuned into the cable cable cars, primetime coverage of the election aftermath, then they did CBS Nbc and see the numbers have been helped by people stuck at home due to the krona virus pandemic. Tucker Karlsson, on one October night, lured ends eleven point: five: six million viewers to Fox NEWS. While Rachel Motto, our largest audience MSNBC with five point: seven million viewers in July, yet there's palpable concern the spotlight may fade with a departure of President Donald Trump on the arrival of President Elect Joe Biden. What happens when the level isn't defcon? Five, all the time?
asks a Frank says. No, a former seen in Washington Bureau chief, who was now director of strategic initiatives at George Washington diversity, school of media and public affairs. We may be about to find out you guys ever watch Ryan Long Comedy funny He has a say as a skit about this, where all of these people, these Digital de journalists are in the newsroom and their like its Joe Biden. Anyone and then it's like a monthly they're all sweaty. Unlike what are we write about? There's nothing left and someone proposes. Maybe we write about tromp. He would know Trump has just done I now we can't write about him. There's nothing left, there's nothing to write about. Maybe they'll go back to basics
this movie about our dog, who learns to pilot a rocket ship as racist, because the dog is a yellow labrador. Dogs should have been a chocolate lab things like that, the absolute ludicrous nonsense they were riding before Donald Trump, but before Donald Trump. This was mostly the venture cap. don't put back blogs. You know these were VC funding, little digital outlets and they are writing about their culture. Where nonsense, women, there are times in many. This outlets are fading. They began to write about Donald Trump. They weren't always running about culture, war garbage so well. The culture war get worse in a desperate attempt to feed the beast.
Will they be left holding an empty bag? Unsure of what to write about? You know, I think that might be the best possible scenario here. Let them slowly wither away and be gone with ie and let independent commentary a news and media take over a nuff with these top down broadcast tower Ivory Tower elites, the likes of CNN we're the smart ones, don't go watch any other channel. They'll lie to you says the guy lying to you. Well, perhaps that maybe- and perhaps there may be something Else- Trump our trump eyes, digital media empire. To take on Fox NEWS, I gotta say I don't believe it sorry Axiom when you get me an anonymous source, telling me that Donald Trump is going to do a thing, I'm going to tell you you probably lying, because they do this all the time. This story may just be
you know all we heard someone said it and there's no real, you know Trump could be sitting there. I've I've had is happening. Trump could be so they are being like yeah. You know like a prob Doing knows our way better than Fox out Sharma. Anyway. What you guys want for debt and then someone hears. It goes up old man troms, going to start a new network. right, a big all article about it or they're. Trying to make it seem like Trump is actually trying to win the presidency when he really is ok, fine, you know what maybe maybe Donald Trump does want to launch a digital media empire sure I am not entirely convinced, but let's entertain the thought from actually Us President Trump has told friends, you want to start a digital media company to clobber Fox news and undermine the conservative friendly network sources. Tell access some chop advisers. Think Fox NEWS made a mistake with an early call of President Elect buttons win in Arizona that enraged, try,
and gave them something tangible to using his attacks on the network. He plans to wreck Fox no doubt about it. So is sorts source with detailed knowledge of trumps intention. With loyal viewers and long time dominance. Fox Corp, see ya, Laughlin Murdoch set on two November. Third earnings call quote: we love competition. We have always thrive with competition. Fox news has been the number one network, including broadcast networks from Labour day through to election day. Here's trumps plan according to thus source there's been lots of speculation about prompt starting a cable channel, but getting carried on cable systems would be expensive in time in sewing. Instead, Trump is considering a digital media channel. That would- dream on line which would be cheaper and quicker to start trumps did offering would likely charge a monthly fee to Muggah fans. Many are Fox news viewers I need aimed or replace the network and the FAO
ninety nine a month Fox nation streaming service, which is an eighty five percent conversion rate from free trials to paid subscribers as their top destination. Trumps database of email and and cell phone context would be. huge had start trumps lists are among the most valuable in politics, especially his extensive database of cell phone numbers for tax for text messages. Axioms is told Trump may use vote count rallies to undercut Fox He's going to spend a lot of time. Slamming fox tromp has increasingly complain that Fox news interviews more democratic than it used to, which is a good thing by the way he has needle. Then work by promoting other conservative outlets, including one american news, and NEWS Max Fox has changed a lot I'm sad during the most recent interview he has given anywhere with Foxen friends on election day. Somebody said, what's the biggest difference between
and four years ago- and I say fox- I'm not complaining- I'm just telling people trumpeted it's one of the biggest differences this season compared to last Fox NEWS, has absolutely moved to the Middle EAST. Through it is true. They brought on Donna Brazil for commentary. They hosted a Bernie Sanders Town Hall, and they do allow Democrats to come on and speak, and it is a good thing. All of these Their networks are garbage Donald Trump. You may not get completely favourable covered from Fox NEWS. but it's way better than turning on CNN or MSNBC and listen to this mind, numbing garbage you guys scene what happened recently with Chris Cuomo and he went
I like the people who are enabling trumpet this farce trump has lost, give up submit such a whiny little baby. Why won't you submit and do it? We want, says Chris Cuomo chill out dude, but he's networks have become just absolutely hyper. Partisan opinion rage drivel. You know, I don't know how to tell you that's what the media is and has been getting worse and worse, when tromp leaves I really, don't see them having a path or any towards any kind of meaningful. content. The way they use to there dance is going to diminish, they're going to lose tons of money, they're going to lay people off, and you know what I'm not going to shed a tear for them and truth be told, my view warship will probably go down same as everybody else's, but it's fine, I'm just some. food complaining about his feelings on the internet. Maybe you too would ban by then? I don't know, but in re
Cody was likely to happen. Is that the interest around politics will go down and happens every election, but the Trump era, with something special, something very, very different? and I'll tell you that's a lot of people. Are these lobbies who don't pay attention to my career like what are you going to talk about once Trop is gone tomb? How you're in trouble us talking about the head jargon, birds of prey in January. I am not too worried do what I always do and talk about relevant cultural issues. I talked about. You know or Petersen and Joe Rogan in the past talk about celebrity gossip where intersects of cultural politics, so I have always done now- probably likely do. In fact, I might just start talking about the big breaking news important if you go back to January S, talking about covert and and China and we are in the damn, breaking and all the stuff. I didn't always just make segments out, Democrats and trumpet just so how is that that is where the new cycle carried us. It was an election, an important one at that
very likely that moving forward, we are going to see real news come back. This could be a good thing for us. Maybe if we start focusing on international conflict and crisis we might actually stop fighting with one another and for the most part, You might see CNN reporting the same thing as Fox NEWS for once, with trumped gone, the big put that the Big NEWS in this three isn't going to be our partisan fight for the most part, but I think these outlets our addicted. I think they're, completely directed and they're gonna find something to write about from. Is that today, a Trump ISM, Donald Trump Junior whoever's planning on running in twenty twenty four, we'll see I leave their necks segments coming up in just a few minutes stick around, and I will see you all shortly.
old Elizabeth WAR in giving credit where credit is due Warren credits Biden when two most progressive economic platform ever in an up Ed Warren, didn't mention a dollar figure for expected bite in tax hikes that some experts have pact as high as four trillion, but none the less Elizabeth Warren says were it not for the progressive and the economic plan, Joe Biden, would not have one. I'm sure Joe Biden is now saying. Thank you to Elizabeth Warren, for with your an Bernie Sanders and your alliance of progressive in this country, Joe Biden, has one everyone said and then give a standing ovation toilers with war, and I'm sure she will be duly rewarded by the Joe Biden campaign. I'm sorry, what's this Elizabeth worn
Bernie Sanders to be frozen out of Biden. Cabinet report says who could have seen that coming not to be fair. I thought he'd throw a little bit more red meat than that, but Joe Biden, you're, cold, ass ice sovereignty, Elizabeth sorry, Bernie thanks for the help now you can leave Look, Joe Biden has plans to be progressive. Joe Biden has said, I believe, some honest pain. They will be one of the most progressive campaigns ever administrations. I'm sorry and commonly Harris is considered to be the most liberal in the Senate in Congress, as I really true, it's actually that common areas is less willing to come I'm promised publicans means most of her. Bills have been signed with own organic sponsored only by by the left and Democrats and not by Republicans. Does it mean she's far left or anything I just mean she's not going to cooperate or compromise. So that could be bad. I guess that's their plan. They get a bunch. A weird wacky ideas
The framework of a green new deal, probably to appease the progressives to a certain degree, make it look like their action and support them, but come on. Did you really think that they would give Bernie a position? I wanted Donald, up to give Tarsi and Yang positions to create some kind of coalition and try and bridge that divide and trumps, not gonna. Do that either because people in this country are two invested in their tribes now for Joe Biden he is the corporate crony establishment. Politician I think there are a lot of young people. You don't really think about this, I'm thirty, four, ok and so I remember back and twenty ten when I was twenty four and twenty point end in twenty eleven, when I would occupy washed out twenty five. So this is now nine years ago, long time up there are people who are you know in their twenties, who were little kids when all this was going down, and they don't know who Joe Biden Is- and I don't know anything about what
I didn't. Obama did and the crony banksters that were part of our administration or the fact that occupy Wall Street started just before Barack Obama's second term it was twenty eleven, the end of the year, Barack Obama had served for three and now what two and a half or so and then you got mass uprisings over financial interests, the one percent that was during Barack Obama and then what did we get next year? Black lives matter on, Barack Obama and now, just about not eight nine years later, language move move it we're talking about. You ve got these young progressive, upstarts poppet upon you to say- and I am a left this than we should vote for Joe Biden and I'm like. Are you nuts out I even realize you weren't thirteen when all this was going down. So you don't know Jack, because guess what my friends, Joe Biden, ground,
waivers to lobbyists to serve on transition? Good, sir, thank you. Thank you, Joe Biden. Just Joe, can you get a heads up on when you can go blood kids in the Middle EAST again, because at all thing you do know bomber yeah, I was making videos about that are granted. My content cut me off My news commentary on on what their direct I was not as as good, mostly reporting I did was basically live streaming, unrest in various countries, but I've got to sperience, first hand the foreign policy of the Obama administration, which included Vp Joe Biden that included the, rest in Ukraine, the separatist movement, the ousting of their president, it included the refugee crisis which are covered quite a bit even want to Turkey and interviewed refugees on more than one occasion and includes me going to Sweden and travelling around Europe meeting with people forced to
leave their countries because of the Obama administration, middle eastern policies, an intervention in countries for which we had no business, but that's America, American Imperialism, as the left used to describe it. We can also remember just the financial interests- The people serving on the cabinet from the major corporations, big internet general billion dollar interests. Here we go baby, it's all come back and I gotta be honest Joe. I was worried there for a minute. Thank you for bringing us all back to normal cell when everybody wanted normal congratulations we're going back to normal. So you can rest assured that under a Joe Biden presidency, the ritual get richer, the poor get poorer and he'll be blown up. Some kids has isn't that what the the Obama administration was all about. We are the ninety nine percent that was Obama, that was during the Obama administration. What did he do to solve that problem and nothing, but the war, the drones likes the extra judicial assassinations. What about the envy
The national Defence Authorization ACT, indefinite detention provisions. What's that progressive, your young upstarts, who helped Joe Biden Win, and you didn't do any research into who this man was surprised, Surprise Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth worn are getting the boot. Joe Biden is going to be a corporate policy. Who is going to tell you to shove? It he'll give you nothing and it will reignite all of the same protest we ve been seeing can be really funny when these Democrats, these Democrats, who don't have political experience don't pay attention who only got active now and the younger Democrats and first time, voters who don't know the Democrats really are start to wake up to the fact that guess what Donald Trump actually that bad now, early on Donald Trump made some mistakes hiring I heard about a dumb people entrusted allows a huge mistake, hiring John Bolt myself time, that guy wants a blow everybody up in the Middle EAST John Bolt, not one points out. We
We were gonna be celebrating interferon. We don't want to go to war with IRAN, it's ridiculous! Ok, I say we don't like you and me they do. I wonder how long it will take, and so we are celebrating its IRAN, because apparently Joe I dont want start bring it on NEO conservative consultants because he wants to bridge the divide. No, he doesn't he wants to restore the crony establishment, the never Trumpery who ran crying when Donald Trump kicked in the door and took over the Republican Party, and you know what for all of Donald Trump faults. I wasn't blind to what was happening. Donald from the ball breaking into the ivory tower and sang enough, and he still refusing to let go. He still refusing to give up now. Think chop has many many faults, but you think fake smile, Plastic, Joe Biden, enriching his family off his name using his office to gain
power for himself and those around them is gonna, be better, oh by all means grew criticized Donald Trump for the repetition of bringing his kids onto his maize is ministration all right. Yet a what's that you're saying Donald Trump was using his private properties and and and having the military stay there, thus generating revenue for US businesses. Yes, like that could be a violation of the emoluments clause. Sound, like sounds like something I absolutely would criticise and literally did many times it doesn't change the fact that Joe Biden is substantially worse. I ll be the first to admit the election was a rock and a hard place for me. At least I know Trump supporters were die hard, like trumps the best and unlike dude I talk to my friends about this and there, like trumps character, is the barrier it's true for some people. It wasn't. I respect that and for some people- a love, trumps character, but that was a setback, and I can I can accept that not Trump may have as false in terms of who is appointing. Who is hiring and how
is his family's running his business, as he's president ensure, I think, the problems, but I spent so much time to terms Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Let me tell you that reason why Barack Obama lost about four million or so votes from two thousand and eight to twenty twelve. You know why I'll tell you why cuz, I remember marching in the streets of the teenager, Iraq, war. The war in Afghanistan no blood for oil. I remember the music videos challenging what Bush was doing, calling Bush every awful name, and I said I do not like the idea that we seek out energy independence through entering other peoples countries. Other nations, and lying about it to get in the media lying weapons of mass destruction. So I've always had a bias against the media. Mind you and I remember, one Obama came up and he sat under bring our troops back. They shouldn't be there we'll take em back an arm. Why? Yes,
finally, some one step up to the plate. Saying we're gonna put an end to this, and so I voted for What did well bomber do like it was. I think it was January twenty. Third, I could be wrong. It was like right away. Rafters and operation air strike blows up a bunch of women and children. A about that- and I was like: what's that's one of the first things he does Brok Obama Joe Biden, remember the disposition tricks you remember that disposition matrix. I guess that's what that was called the kill list when they would go up to Barack Obama with a list of people to kill, and he would be like that one and then continue web I remember one time they blew up a civilian restaurant in Yemen, killing an american citizen that was The administration in which Joe Biden was the vice president. Congratulations progressive for bringing the establishment back. It is what it is. I ve been through this before and will go through it again. Tromp was far from perfect
Trop, had Upjohn strikes early on in an innocent his first term later for getting rid of bottom things are December, not a little bit. I think Trot made very serious mistakes, and that's why, early on I kept criticising saying, never vote for the guy, but come on. The media was lying about non. Stop, stop making me defend him. I look at the last. You know, year of Trumps presidency, peace agreements, troop withdrew, oh and really winding down our presence and K far from perfect, but congratulations to the left- you got what you well you're, not getting anything. You want Joe Biden Pagan, throw some red meat, so sure fine, again but in the end now Bernie and war, in order to be frozen out there not being leaden. Sorry, it's not gonna play that way Democrats are still hoping that if they take the Senate, Bernie could get a position of power, are so sure but in the meantime I hope you all realise that you just empowered one of the most crooked presidential candidates we ve ever seen
Maybe there's still a path for trump and I think you'd be wise to remember it. It's not over. The media can call Joe Biden President Elect and while I think it's likely to be the case, Trump is still in the fight. Until certification happens, the electoral vote happens only with their next segments coming up tomorrow. At ten a m thanks, rang out- and I will see you Ellen.
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