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Trump's Low Rally Turnout Is Pulling Democrats Into A TRAP, They're So Arrogant It May Be 2016 AGAIN


Trump boasted nearly one million tickets RSVP'd but only 6,200 people made it inside.While this certainly looks bad for Trump there is not much we can learn from this rally. While physical turnout was low online viewership was in the millions.From this Democrats seem to be lulling themselves into a false sense of security. Just like in 2016 Democrats are convinced they are on track to win regardless of all the data points. The Polls favor Joe Biden, Trump turnout was low!But how many people are scared of COVID?How many are scared of Antifa?How Many backed down after they declared an emergency in Tulsa?We just don't know what to expect. But Trump supporters are cautious and warning he may lose reelection. They are starting to accept they will have to fight harder than ever to win.At the same time the far left and Democrats are laughing about his failing campaign and how they will absolutely win in November.#Trump#Democrats#Republicans

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Recently, I've seen a lot of conservative personalities warning that Donald Trump may in fact lose I've. Also, to some personalities that I know who supported jump and twenty sixteen saying they made actually support him this time and I've been fairly bullish. A Trump landslide victory, but you know what I could be completely wrong about this. I got it I just don't know, what's gonna happen last Donald Trump held a rally. Their brand that nearly one million tickets had been RSVP, but then only sixty Two hundred people showed up there is big out or viewing area that can be broken down? And now the left knocking them, but you know what he here. We go again. The left may be folly, into a false sense of security. This might be a trap knows a lot going on. One big story is that Tik Tok, tee scammed, Donald Trump campaign. They prank him by signing up, for they never wanted to use, thus causing trump. To expect him, turn out and no really wanted to be there.
Story seemingly makes very little sense tickets. Are Our escapees, I mean there's infinite tickets. Anybody can shop if they want to the reality, as people just didn't want to show up So all you really get in the end is the Trump campaign disputing the tick tock story resting in a press release about press release of a million rsvp ease, and then just great, excuse us why people than show up. No, we don't know I wouldn't show up online. The numbers were absolutely massive. There now reporting. I believe, five point three, maybe even eight million online viewers never mind. At their also television viewers talkative the way way more perhaps the campaign is correct. People were scared of the corona virus and they were scared of potential for violence. The trunk campaign, sad that they suffer the protests There's blocked when the entrances and people couldn't get in that's partially true, but
it also open it operates shortly after, according to a journalist, was on the ground. So who knows for sure? What I can say is that right? Now tromp supporters are concerned, they could lose and there warning. All of all of the Trump supporters you better be prepared to fight for this, because they're gonna play play their every dirty the same time. What am I saying from the left? Mockery hubris there, convince they're gonna win. In fact, I tried response funding to Kyle Kaminski, progressive personality, and I just that's smack down by all of these progressives, so sure of themselves. That Biden absolutely could not lose and think about that attitude. Think about where we were in twenty. Sixteen I have said it over and over again, hubris will be your downfall now I ve been bullish on trumped land sliding just him sweeping through, but with low turn out. I just don't know anymore and I think will be still They make a prediction, especially when I was wrong about twenty sixteen, and I was wrong about twenty eighteen,
so whatever it is. You know what I just don't know: I'm gonna back, making the protection game here and just say, tromp supporters. Are trying to ensure people show up. They didn't. For this rally now they're getting. Or fire up and worried. They could actually lose this At the same time, we are seeing the same mistakes of twenty. Sixteen from the Democrats just laughing all the way to the bank Joe. Violence leaders to beg it's too big itself much bigger than Hillary Clinton and may be. It's true, but you should ab salute not be telling ever you got it in the bag. My more right now is warning them saying: no the enthusiasm gap is huge. Stop. Ah this rally because these people live for Trump and how many people are scared to show up because of council culture a lot of reasons. People mate may not have come to physically attend this rally. One progressive made a very, very great point, high profile progressive, I'm not going to say with says what they said: listen Trump,
was telling his supporters signing up for this campaign was ass. A show of support. How many we'll just signed up to attend that didn't actually pay and on attending the event they said they come, but they never really wanted to tromp. Just one of that press, for at least one million people and they got it and now they blame Black lives matter and the far left as to why people didn't come. They can use that to their advantage. Now, let's be real it may just be- that trumps enthusiasm isn't there it's all. In the polls all fake I got say personally, I don't believe that, especially with all of the statues being torn down and the end. Total evidence. I've heard anecdotal them evidence isn't data, but these progressive think whose we think they ve oneness you might be in for a rude awakening. If that's the attitude you maintain, just like you didn't twenty sixteen so to get started on the story. On an hour. I show you two are direct conversation I had with progressive cock. Linsky
Are we responded to me and I think that these people, overconfidence I'll tell you this, they are like a thing at me- they're mocking they sang you're, so DOM you're an embarrassment, we're gonna win. The poles are on our side. Ok, ok, you can have it. I'm not gonna make that prediction. I'm just trying to tell you those of you who are progressing you may be falling into a trap here, but if you do so be it You get what you deserve on this one before we get started had opened TIM cast outcomes lashed out it. If you'd like to support my work, there is a, this ever ways you can give us a p o box, but the best thing you can do is actually share this video competing with a bunch of mainstream media organisations, and will they get propped up by you two plus They got massive marketing budgets. I don't have that. I just have you guys, but you just want to watch than share the video hit. The like button. Ah then hit subscribe button at the light Notification Bell and the three the news just very Briefly, I want to show you this from CNBC Tromp stuff,
culture, wars, but Lo Tan, now Mars, Tulsa campaign rally. President AL trumps first campaign rally in three months drew far fewer attending. Than had been anticipated and embarrassing blunder for a candidate who placed then you an unusually high value on crowd sizes. Speaking for two hours Trump fan the flames of coal Your war issues. Currently roiling the nation, including Rachel justice and law enforcement trumped deployed several new attack It's against Joe Biden, but none of them seemed to animate his supporters, like as a tax on Hillary Clinton dead in twenty sixteen, and that may be at something You have brought up that Joe Biden is adult hard he's just a bumbling old man who can't talk straight he's, not very threatening he's just sleepy creepy Joe Hillary Clinton was said, a lot of people mocked or specifically, as a cackling feed. I'm not making this up we're trying to directly insult either of these people. This is how people view them. Hillary Clinton was in,
evolve villain and people despised her and they rose up to the challenge to defeat her job an fumbling, bumbling Joe. He is not threatening anybody, anything very, very hard to actually go after their betting on this, their hiding Joe Biden. But let me jump over to one of these tweets here. Alexandria, Abkhazia, Cortez in all her hubris, says to Brad PAR scale, now, Brad was saying that radical protestors, fuelled by a week of apocalyptic media coverage, interfere with Trump supporters at the rally they even block. The access of milk to meddle detectors, preventing people from entering and that's what ails you had to say. Actually, you just got rocked by teens on Tik Tok, who flooded the Trump campaign with fake ticket reservation, and tricked you into believing a million people wanted your white supremacist open MIKE enough to pack an arena during covered shot designers you'll make me proud genetic.
Cape up allies. We see and appreciate your contributions in the fight for justice to one hundred and thirteen thousand retreats, and here's what here's, what we see J Smith Cameron tweets, This person is HBO writer, something ok, you beautiful tik, Tok teens, see you in November really. Is that what you think is going to happen that a lot of these kids weren't, even old enough to vote who engage In an online mean Frank, you think they're actually gonna we're not devout even the ones who are older, eighteen and most mart we're talking about Zuma right. So most of maybe are probably under eighteen, a large portion, may be under twenty four. How many these people are actually gonna vote. They never do. Maybe maybe look I'm going to get out of the picture, protecting him all day this Maybe this is the one the new mail in voting, perhaps because now it's a meme right, there's gonna be a woman. A vote will be so funny when Trump loses, maybe maybe
Maybe they learn how to engage in in the culture wars and actually real people up to play the game. I'm not confident. I'm really not blush jump forward to the hubris. Trump is pressing culture Four issues he's talking about. That means that the protests the riot and things like this, I think these matter colleague, Linsky of killer, secular talk, I believe us show is treated. Trumps rally made clear that here, strategy now for twenty twenty is lean into culture war and try to tie job into the far left. This is he worst strategy possible for him. It won't work. I humbly disagreed. Well, it's real them over. He says when you still pandemic. Twenty percent real unemployment- and altruist uprisings, your are complaining about statues and the fake news media being mean to you rings hollow it's also. Obviously untrue. That Biden is like pro antifraud or some or some s, embarrassing strategy,
Trot hammered Hilary on corruption, NAFTA, the Iraq war, and he posture does the anti establishment that was so much more potent than leaning into culture, war, symbolism and pretend but in his anti up, the right wing bubble has dulled his instincts. These are good. Points are very, very good points. I humbly disagree. May be true, and my disagreement is only slightly Do you know I only slightly disagree. The reason is the culture more issues have to do with our founding fathers being torn down and the real fear people start to to feel They see Thomas Jefferson ripped from from us from a statue base or the fear they feel when their buildings are being lit up and destroyed science. Analysis shows us when riots happen, and it's in the news people vote law and order, even with unemployment, even with covert people want.
Law and order. So, yes, they may not have shut up the trumps rally because they're scared of the bass riots, not only that everyone is getting cancelled or movies are being in our be us, movies are being banned, books are being banned, art is being banned, and how These people are scared that if they show up to this rally, someone will see their face and they will get fired. It was suddenly announced that an artist for the card game, a fantasy card game magic, the gathering would know hunger produce art because she simply followed some of these people on Social me if you are not paying attention to how this impacts people than hubris, we'll get the best of you. I absolutely recognise trumpet now forgotten the Iraq war in all of these issues, and maybe Trump isn't focus enough on them. That's that's absolutely fair and guess what
I see tribe supporters warning about this. But what do you think happened when I brought up the riots and a personal doubt, did they respond to me? That's a good point. Well considerate, but here's why we think trumpet loose? No, they moved the goalposts because they are adamant. They will win at by any means, tromp is always doing the worse things, no matter what no matter. What trump is always wrong? Tropez always wrong. Here's the risk- once I got in a tweet, I said, are responding to that other tweet based on the riots in some anecdotal encounters with friends from Chicago. I disagree four months ago, friend of mine was die hard, anti trump. Then the blacklist, our protest, happened and dump reported it while demanding locked ounce. The same person now says: trumpet Republicans must when this a true story. I have more than one friend who said what is been going on anymore. I had, conversely,
since four months ago, where I'd friend from Chicago arguing with me that I was too biased. That out constantly coming down on Democrats and I needed to start coming down a Republicans, and I explained or publicans or do anything they really don't obstruct. I guess and the Democrats are obsessed with Trump. Now, where are we riots swept the kind and now what am I hearing this person saying like this is insane what's happening. People are guns like crazy, dude, Kyle, listen to me, I Oh, you may be right, I'm just saying I disagree, I'm not saying he's going to win. In fact, I'm not sure the response I got was staggering, to say the least, that the hubris from the Press of laugh and from the Democrats is shocking. I gotta say it is after, everything that happened in this country, with all the poles being wrong. You are still convinced that when the poles come out your guaranteed to win, I turned
he's supporters who are saying he might not. Unlike there, we go again the fear from the trunk supporters whom who feel that this is the death of Demar See we're you watching the comments on his life's dream, how many millions of yours they get? I saw at least a million live concurrent viewers around that number, maybe shy of saying this is that this is a fight. For democracy in the fight for freedom, their taking this very seriously and they're scared. Look I lose. They are going to in massive numbers. Maybe they don't? They didn't shopped your rally, maybe don't they don't jump appalling places because they're scared now take into consideration mail in voting. How many young people, who were willing to engage in this, will actually male their vote in, I dont believe they? Will we sought and see a twenty five in California, a special election? The young people did not vote larger numbers than the older generation. Even those young there's more young people to pretend that the number
The hard number was down and hope that the percentage was down. Young people don't vote. Maybe it will change this time. Ok, but looking at past it, I dont now think about all of the people who watched online but did not attend the millions and an extrapolate. That makes them assumptions that could be wrong. The mail and voting I'd be willing about? People will be scared to shop in person and mail in voting may greatly benefit Donald Trump, because now there are people more scared of covert, can vote when I pointed out the culture war may be a good strategy for tromp. I disagree. I didn't say it was the a strategy, I simply said: I disagree that it was the worst strategy. Here's what Kyle said to me with all due respect. Your anecdote means the poles are stunningly provided way more than they were pro Hilary. It can change. As of right now, buttons giant leaders, undeniable. We can have doubly analyze why that is or pretend its fake news. The latter is embarrassing. Now I'm shocked at the hostility from Kyle on this. One
but I didn't say anything about poles or trump winning. Simply that Trump has embraced the Walter WAR for a reason. In case you haven't been paying attention in the month of May, a record number of guns were sold for those of you. That far a content. You will know but I recently just said straight up: I'm going to a baby, I'm get some guns and guess what I did I went and got my foot. Might my fingerprints done? I got my idea and that's something I never thought I would do it was only four months ago. I could you not I was adamantly saying that will not be a gun in my home. I'm not kidding I'm serious about that and then things changed. The corona virus happened. Food was being poor, off the shelves, and then we saw nation wide riots, and I said Ok, it's better! It's at you! You have to do something, you have to do something, and I said I got it. I got to go out and I got to take care of this and you know what I did. I absolutely did and my story is true friend
of mine are freaking out and their buying weapons in math, the numbers I am now I'm saying Trump will win. Because of this. I am saying Something is happening. It's freaking people out and trump at at. This is not the worst strategy to highlight the chaos and the statues being torn down. This is what I said in a previous video that there are people in this country who remember waking up in the suburbs, too I spoke to cereal, some hot pancakes, mom this patent butter on those on that French, toast or whatever dad was when his coffee and read the paper. That was that them growing up in what are they see today? Everything is different, so trunk comes out and has make America again and yeah. Maybe he's pandering to an overwhelmingly white majority, because the country is criticised at all you want, but these people now miss the days of warm apple pie and a scoop of ice cream? That's what they remember. They remember waking on Christmas morning now every
things changing words are changing, meaning is changing and then they see massive protests go out. Destroying everything needs. People get scared you have to recognise. There is eight there hard basis in this country of Democrats and Republicans, depending on What you data you, data data, you use, they could be fairly even it's the people in the middle you're trying to convince progressives spawning to me when I talk about the riots in the culture with Paul numbers. Amazing have the pole. Numbers started to come to take into consideration the violent sweeping this nation not not necessarily many of them. Have I agree. It's a really good point. Trumps. Turnout was very, very low. It's bad news for him. I agree. The poles are are very much so favouring Joe Biden, but that doesn't mean trumps strategy is off. It doesn't mean he's gonna win. It was my response. Poles I have nothing to do with whether culture war is a good strategy. Misunderstand my point.
May still lose, but this may be his only conceivable strategy. Said, it was the worst. It may in fact be the best and he still may in fact lose the main reason I'm showing you this with Kyle, is to bring up the hubris- the energy assuredness, the we know I bring now to the story of Tik. Tok like a mentioned here is the story from the New York Times. They just know everything: don't they take talk. Teens and cape up stanza, they sank. Trumps rally. Did a successful prank in flight attendants expectations for president trumps Rally and Tulsa Oklahoma question Mark. This is called beverages law of headlines. They say I don't just love headlines and adage that states any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word. No did they sink trumps rally? No, we don't know why.
But it may be that you are so insanely wrong about. What's going on, I go back to that anecdote. The story about my buying of guns, I want to stress this point to all of you two years ago. Look at might my TIM cast news channel. I r viewed in favour of reasonable done controls. I supported Andrew Yang or in India and this path these past few years, because you was moderate on gun control and I'm off that train. Now I went to the gun store and I bought what I could buy. That was a dramatic change for me very, very quickly Riots mean something they showed up to a conservative journalists house with and in fireworks firing better how screaming and bang on our windows. Did you hear about that one? These things matter to people. This is the culture war.
Now: here's where your humor hubris may be getting the best of you trumps campaign rally sabotaged by Tik Tok Tik Tok. Could it be that the the fears of the racial violence and the protesters who are showing up and they were warned by the tolls- mayor, a civil emergency was declared over a fear of violence, and now you have all these people who are as we sitting there watching city is get ransacked. They turn on Fox news every night. What do they see? Burning buildings, men with guns, Chaz, a shooting just happened in chaz- a shooting happened in Atlanta. You think these people are gonna, be like everything's. Great they go out and buy more guns and they ve ever bought. This could be my confirmation vice, and I will recognise that one hundred percent- I dont know what will happen, but you sit back. Laughing about Donald Trump attendance. You sit back laughing about Joe by,
is pulling numbers, and there are explanations for these. You don't know, but you know what your report you have sown when you they're all day laughing about how you one about how you got owned by the tick tock, teens ha ha Donald Trump about our Trump got out, and the reality is maybe People did want to shut, becomes rally and maybe many of them being older. Voters were scared because you, in others, videos from twenty fifteen of elderly people being not to round in their hats are set on fire. I witnessed this personally, so here's what I see I see and twenty sixteen the Poles were wrong, I see now, Trump signs, or I'm told by my friend- in my neighborhood witches overwhelming the Blue and the Philadelphia area, tromp signs in people's lawns, I went to get, might might my idea forgone purchasing and I went to a gun. Storing they told me we ve been swamped. I am in a very
very heavy blue area, you can't ignore the signs around. You know stand the anecdotes. I have feel free to dismiss them, I'll or anybody else, but I'm telling you what I'm seeing and it doesn't mesh with what We are seeing in the news I call More- is warning you you do you buy It does not have this enthusiasm, but fear drives voters to some very important, powerful points made by conservatives, warning that we'll will lose an eye and a factor these things in, and I wonder if the left is just so obsessed with themselves and thinking how great they are. If they're so obsessed with the orange man, bad narrative, they don't try to actually assess what's happening, let's break it down is Donald trumps support down. Yes, is it worse than has ever been no in the aggregate, Don Tromp is actually not doing that bad relative to the rest of his presidency he's slow lay down from where he was when he first got elected now covered mail
played a role in this absolutely may have. Will people blame Trump for the fact that democratic governors shut down their businesses? Maybe One of the better points I've heard from some conservatives is that people vote for change. That's it if things are really bad or on election time they'll just say: let's try something else. That's it they'll forget the three years of prosperity, Trump brought up, brought them and that's a fair point. It could be that people didn't sharply trumps rally because they don't want to. But what the Trump campaign responded with. They responded with. We know what fake sign up look like, so I give you that The statement on the trump rarely in the top tik Tok things he left us and our controls are doing a victory. Lap. Thinking they somehow impacted rally. Attendance, don't don't know talking about or how or how rallies work. Reporters who wrote gleefully about Tik Tok in Cape up fans without contacting the campaign for comment, behave
on professionally and were willing dupes to the charade, righteous for a rally- means you ve RSVP, with a cell phone number and we constantly weed out bogus numbers, as we did with tens of thousands at that. Also rally in calculating are possible. Attendee pool these phony ticket requests, never factor into our thinking. What makes this lame attempt at hacking? Our events even more foolish, is the fact that every right- is general admission. Entry is on a first come serve basis and prior registration is not required. The fact is that a week's worth of the face- news media warning people away from the rally because of covert and protestors coupled with recent images of american Citys on fire had a real the impact on people bringing their families and children to the rally, Msnbc was among Alice reporting that protesters even blocked entrances to the rally at times for them He had now celebrate the fear that they helped create is disgusting but typical.
It makes us wonder why we bother credentials media for events when they don't do their full jobs as professionals, Brad PAR scale. As a really good point here and I'm sorry, man I'll tell you my personal opinion. In my bias. I think they are correct for the most part. For the most part, Tik Tok would have no impact? How many of these people really engaged in? Isn't it a matter? I don't think so. Trumps porters RSVP and this again, according to a progressive pundit, they were told that sign. Not for this event, was a sign of your support and then make, to announce. One million people are a sweeping. Now they get to announce that people are really scared and I want to show up. I think the data point that Kyle and others are ignoring. Is one hundred percent gun sales? Forty percent, according to the Washington Free Beacon, I believe, was the free begin. Our first time buyers, I'm one of them I supported,
Andrew Yang. I was very very like my gangs that guy manage these. The moderate guys charismatic he's not too far left them. A lot of issues, I'm pretty much if the young gang train, mostly because he's out and he's done. Some things are not so happy with, but I'm I'm nowhere near deposition anymore, about reasonable gun control? Just absolutely not. I went to the process of trying to buy weapons and it changed my view how many of these people who normally didn't think I needed a gun and went out and bought them are now, we're not going to vote for gun control, you think they're gonna vote for gun control. With Bade O Rourke saying yes, we're tat were coming to your guns, working with Biden. I dont know man, but that's at least what I see Now I understand colleague, Linsky see something different and maybe he's right. That's the big differences in the two of us I dont know if I'm right or wrong, I simply offer you a counterpoint. I think it may work well. This miss may be going and trumps direction. I think low
Turn up may absolutely have been caused by the massive hit. The violence and covered many of these people when bought guns, you think the people who are scared of the writers are gonna go enter the fray, where there told a civil margins emergency has been declared because of the violence turn to be like no dice about doing it. These are not. These are not young aggressive, far left lists these are middle aged and older folks, who want to go and wave a little american flags now they'll by weapons for protection, but how many of them are gonna show up to confront the far left. So bring on the mail in voting men. I think it's gonna help along these older people. Let me tell you some in the face of massive riding throughout the country our statues being torn down Ulysses S, Grant Thomas Jefferson, George Washington. My friends are telling me stories about their liberal, but he's gonna buy guns freaked out once they see the riots in the face of all of this trump was still able to get six thousand two hundred people inside that bill.
Joe Biden can't get in the dozens now. Here's there, but hide Joe Biden, a neutral candidate who is dopey and non threatening. It sounds like it might work, try can't really go after him. The same way now you can go for the corruption can and may be. Trump lenient, a culture where issues is a bad idea, simply because corruption is at work last time, but as we ve seen from the data and k this After an l case assassination there were riots. There was a researcher actually got fired, supposedly for for showing off the data. From from the scientist who made it, a scientist got fired, apparently for twenty this out saying peaceful protests generate positive coverage. Violent riots generate negative coverage. Violent riots result in a two point: swing for Republicans, peaceful protest at two point swing for Democrats based on that and based on the poles being wrong. I think that
Democrats are insane to have this much hubris, and I know Kyle's not really. A Democrat is a progressive but men. The message you should be putting out right now, as we don't know, this could be bad news for binding bad news for top. We just don't know a rapid over this low turnout is meaningless. One hundred percent meaningless. The left is dancing around laughing about Tik Tok and have an about nobody wants comes he trump and they have no idea why this happening? They really don't. I can point to them millions of people who watched online line and say they want to come outside, but Irene you just don't know. Maybe people don't tromp anymore he's approval rings gone down a support supposedly down. Maybe us poles are wrong. With so many people losing their jobs simply for following other people, and it's happened for years. I have to imagine a lot of people refuse, refuse to say they would vote for Trump one hundred percent. But the gun sales don't lie
The sentiment of the average person right now is being analyzed on full display, fear and panic in the air. So we will see- and you know what men to all of those who think trumps gonna win and they know it. I will laugh when he loses its walls Those who had mock me simply because I said potential the riots. I will laugh extra hard when Biden loses, but I just don't know and neither do you saw say it one more time for those in the back. Hubris will guarantee your defeat. What else can I say, we're gonna be tracking this we are less than five were at work jealous and five months out now. I think I think people will be surprised either way. Some people claim they weren't surprised about TAT.
What I'll be surprised by either side wing at this point, and the best thing you can do is cautious optimism for whether your site is gonna win, but the A person I seen in the left this morning is Michael Moore. How absolutely insane I'll leave it there next time is coming up at six p, DOT M Youtube, dot, com, Timcast news, and I will see you then night. Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail with a massive rally. Now you are to look to the mainstream media. They will tell you that trumps rally fizzled, they say was awful. He made racist jogs and he encouraged by whence and nobody even showed up? I love that there's there's these photos and videos, showing this outdoor area being taken down now? Why could this what what what happened yesterday for not familiar tromp said, the campaigns. Are they they sold nearly or they sign up nearly one million tickets, but at the event, They only around sixty seven thousand people inside the actual arena and had a
down there, outdoor overflow area? is considered a major victory for the Democrats, their cheering they're. All reporting now that Joe Biden has out raised Donald Trump for the first time they arise. Day. Things are looking very, very bad for Donald Trump, but over on the Trump side there pointing to Massive live stream numbers, and this is real. One I was watching a stream last night and belief. Afternoon had like two hundred and thirty thousand lie viewers, and that was just Fox NEWS, and that was not including their actual television broadcast I looked at all the wives dreams. I can can easily over a million live viewers. I will, I believe, be sunlight I went you to search for transfer to rally so all these different streams. There was, I think, foxes because I saw with two forty nine. I saw bunch a hundred hundred fifty some with a little bit more. Then I saw bunks our fifty two eighty and it, looked like it was easily over a million. Sometimes Trump supporters have said it was
easily to the four million, not even including television broadcast. And now we're getting the clash of narratives. What really happened, while I believe The Democrats may be making a very serious mistake here, not because I think tromp one or that trumpet secretly plain forty chow. But that than the narrative on hearing from conservatives and moderate personalities is get a temporary. It's not that screaming ensuring high did it they're saying? Well, you know it is kind of bad that truck d, never many people, but we're cautiously optimistic. The Democrats it's our cheering, they ve defeated tromp. This is it and I want, if they're lulling themselves into a false sense of security. Take a look at these two stories from the washing imposed tromp rallies in Red State America, Christ. I see of empty blue seats, how many, I'm sorry, I said hubris will be your downfall. I said oh, run over again tromp supporters. If you think you ve won especially after seeing this you're in a loose hands down, you will lose.
Which I'm supporters are saying this I mean some of them are for sure they're like well, you know anti virus. Is blocking the that the case that that the gate to get in and then kill people dared of covert and all these other things, Those are actually reasonable points. So just make sure you don't let your Hubert hubris get away again. You know now get carried away, you'll have to Go out and make sure you actually stand a fortune which we believe in the problem here. The Democrats are facing is that with Joe Biden now raising more money than Trump and with these articles all popping up claiming that Trump was soundly defeated by Cape pop stands and tik teens. They are correct eating, a false sense of security, and that's the big risk to be fair? Yes, there are trump supporters were arguing oh no, you know we ve got to two million plus lie viewers, gonna be gray. The Democrats are insane, let's be real here. Tromp did not have the turn up. He expected it was very Oh there's probably reasons for this,
I was listening to us. Stick saxon amorous commentary on it. He said that its you'd colored, but my problem played a role in this. You got lot of older people who don't want to show up what you all who did have you not threats of racial too? gender violence. So let me let me let me throw it you writers, who, I think actually gave us the nice little blurb Reuters, reported President Donald Trump, dressed a smaller than expected rally in Tulsa amid still stronger antivirus pandemic and racial unrest. Will they just gave us some proper context, right, and there, and I think writers is doing the best job to be fair. My purse, no opinion before I show you what what the media sang and now we get into the conspiracy, theory about Tik, Tok and this whole areas and stupid and same time, my my My opinion is that I definitely think Trump and his camp unexpected a massive massive rally. And they may have been taken for a ride. It is true I must NBC reported this, that there were three there were three entrances and because of some
protest they shut when it entered the entrances down, but I do not believe that could have made up for the the empty space so Trump may have well been played by Tik Tok teens many. The people who signed up for the rally very well may have been just dumb kids on Chinese, our PA. I allow our make it seem like there are more people than there really were, but all of this can be perceived as net benefits for Trump, notably The live. Your ship was massive now think about us, People have brought up ass. A mixing points. Think about this in the context, of mail in voting and they say consider this two ways: if Tik Tok tee and keep up stands, can easily fluff up the numbers and credit false perception. What would happen if you do mail in voting? No people coming in and physically representing this idea and voting it can easily be manipulated. I look another way. Think about this
terms of mail in voting and how that actually might benefit from it. It's true, the reason people didn't show up and they watched on line is because of fears of violence and the crowd of virus. Then trump support. We are going to vote by mail, a negative vote in huge numbers in California. Twenty five district, twenty fifth district, they had a special election and it was more plea by mail in vote. A lot of Democrats thought was that there were win easily because it was held by a Democrat previously even with male. In voting. The Republican still dominated, and it was it- was a twenty one. I believe at twenty one point swing, here's my assessment then a lot of the live. Your ship can be chalked up to hate viewers, not everyone who washed his gun support trump, but I gotta be honest man, even I wasn't initially watching until I got word that it was huge. And so, if someone like me, who actually usually does listen, if you see what Europe has to say was was outside, I gotta be out, has watchin reruns of such an old area without an old movies and thence.
Why won't you gotta see this whose numbers are huge and I pulled up right away. I wonder how many other people who who aren't super political did not watch that either The online numbers show the support around the country. Those numbers were massive I don't know what that means, but I do think there is a net positive in in all of us. It is fair to point out, however, if the argument from conservatives in Trump supporters is that covered and anti far stopped people attending this rally. They normally would have that's not a good sign not at all, because if, if You guys, I saw people in the fire of. I think I was watching the Fox NEWS chat. I saw a couple comments in the endless out of hundreds of thousands of maybe over a million but but someone said something This is the last hope of democracy. Where is everybody? Someone else said whoa. This looks really bad. The seats are empty certainly that can have a demoralising effect, a lot of people and one of them
both the left and the reason I think that they are saying. Ah trumps. Failing is because it's true that many years there's, a lot of people will simply vote for whatever they think is going to win and there are a lot. People who get scared because we're in a culture, war and maybe jumped ship or maybe choose the other side if they think they're gonna lose, but I think trot vans are a rather zealous, I believe. A lot of these people are older, will probably shop to vote, but it won't shut to rally, and you got stand that we add sixty five. In votes for Hilary sixty three four trump. Most of these people are a political one hundred percent apolitical. A lot of these, we will probably are paying attention anything at all. Right now, I'll tell you what does not pay attention to the rioting this. The important factor in all of this someone might not care what there are not Trump has a rally they do. Care of someone shows up in burns down the store. Next, you know what
go, get the grocery store care for breakfast round through the window of their local bank. These aren't political issues. This is what is happening to my town in South Philly, a bunch of people shop to defend a crook Columbus statue. I doubt these guys were overtly political in fact, fillies. Eighty two percent Democrat based on two thousand and sixteen results many, these guys just don't really know or care. I just heard a bunch of crazy left. These were destroy stuff, and so they came up the violence over the past couple of weeks that if that has continued, it's not over its not stopped, the media isn't covering it. It's not as bad as it was, but in Portland there's reports now that that that that right police, have every night for the past month been clearing up. Protesters were desperately trying to set up one of their own autonomous zones We ve seen protests in many other parts of the country. Regular people are seeing this they're saying statues torn down. This is not politics, ok. So when they come out and try and say things like tromp has said
a crowd? It was xenophobic back and thousands of empty chairs and he failed in their all laughing and they The stories like this, they print trump there padding themselves in the back and not really paying attention to the real risk. SK going on never been one to be a hard core trumpet forty chess person, a lot of people like to say you know, o o trumps, always got an ace up its sleeve. It's always forty chest now. Look maybe trump is playing chess and they're playing checkers the or do you just goes a little bit far from my tastes. All that really means is that tromp has multiple peace on the board that do different things and he's considering what do companies campaign and the other side is just orange. Bad or not. So when they see this, this rally gets really low numbers and they see the story about Tiktok, teens, thou, art, laughing and hooting thinking that no one supports trump. In fact, o cause Yo Cortez. They are the tweet from her in here, but she action lay tweeted out that when, in response I think to Brad Parcel,
Who said, I don't know, have the tree for tweet from Brad PAR scales. But something like Anti for block the entrance she said now you just overestimated how many people but here are going white, a white supremacist rally or something like that. Apparently EO season familiar with life streams. Because apparently millions of over a million at least plus tv, it's in the millions for sure millions of people wanted to see this other people lefty journalist, I saw said: hey man, calm down, you gotta be fair we ve seen large political, rallies and Orange Indian see with similar numbers to what Trump pull them. So this this is huge concern, is a pandemic going on, but I think what, when when their current with them, when they ve convinced themselves that tromp has no support. It safely, but in twenty sixteen nobody thought he would win how many people didn't show up because of it. Now the report, is that I think Joe Biden raised a few million dollars more than Trump in the month of May and they're all ensuring and laughing they're saying trumps campaign is collapsing. They're saying
support is dwindling, he's being abandoned by his base, and I got admit it. You know, look if you take that stuff at face value we ve got. We ve got to be rational and reasonable about what this means. Possibly true is poor, well that trap is losing its base. Why I looked look at people like my sort of it, for instance an Coulter these people, that their answer really hard on tromp, always ragging item and MIKE sort of which has repeatedly said that Trump is not guaranteed to win, and what's he doing in things like this, I do want to autonomous quote any these people, but also talked to some higher File trump supporters- I know who are Tommy, they won't support in this year and their concerned, but ultimately there they're out there the other not play this game anymore. So it's possible. It really really is now there Another possibility. You have taken a consideration that yes, racial tensions and violence plays a huge role in this its past the reason that Trump sold so many so I say, sold but signed up is because
viral meme. Among you know this chinese app, which you know, gives trumpet, excuse trumpet, they come out and say you know we had threats of anti far and we at the corona virus, and then we had these people who jammed up the whole process made so that up our support is coming at an end, and that was the Chinese happened. You give em an excuse when other matters other matters. I had to do this, but I have to do it. That's why I want to mention the surface level stuff. First very well. Maybe Trump is losing. Let us be honest about this. You can't go out there and think always gonna win because you up there How do people who knew Trump was going to win in twenty sixteen? They were confident they were hardcore supporters, but come on everybody thought he was going to lose if you think, Now that he's got this in the back. I'm sorry man Trump want a few states by only if a few thousand votes MA I could be wrong what this by believe Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in Michigan in the primary in twenty. Sixteen Joe Biden rushed Bernie Sanders in Michigan and the bird
supporters were shocked. They didn't realize at one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton loss was because of how much people hated her, not Joe Biden. Why do they choose him? It could be. They chose Joe Biden literally because he's nothing. That's it. We ve talked about it. Joe Biden, sympathetic candidate he's is suffering from early onset dementia. Whenever people say they say things like that right, he can't speak properly and it makes you wonder why would they Do this well, there's some reasons. One Joe Biden is, in a basement he's not having rallies and maybe that's the point. They don't want a candidate like Hillary Clinton, who is very easy to hate. That's an important factor. Tromp is very easy to eight. I know a lot of people like him. I think trumps. Very funny But you gotta understand that you know the other day trumps.
What is it? What did he say said something about Somalia and in a democratic country and sad? You know Ellen Omar things like this, and I was like. I tell you what men people? Don't like that stuff, some people do not people, don't trumps out a lot of things at that rally that I thought I can't believe. We would say that when he mentioned here, purposefully, slowing down corona virus testing? I maybe up it's out of context but I heard him say I've seen the clip and again makes and export tell you what people might wrote that continent. What we always see them do that I'll take all these cuts out of context and thus Miriam deny impossible that Europe is in trouble. Because Joe Biden as a neutral candid that no one really knows and is kept hidden, won't have the hatred Hillary Clinton had and they're just hoping that binding gets a few thousand more votes than Trump in some states. But now it's be fair and thought the other side. I really had to do that, because this next one I actually lean towards
somebody sent me this. The art of war, Sun, Tzu added, Donald Trump Win in twenty. Sixteen, I dont know I know that he was Aunt Ipc. I know there was a populist, but everyone I was gonna lose this. It was incompetent. It was a braggart and he had every reason to fail. He was gasping after gaff, and it was all a mistake in all of us must It's got him massive press attention. And all of those mistakes, saved him billions in what it, what a normal and it would have spent in campaign finance the brain we now to this passage. Someone sent me on Twitter sons it was out of war. This person right our rights. I re- I recently read sensors out of war, most of us. Now have that much use for instructions on the five ways we take an enemy encampment with fire, proper placement of chariots. Or the nitty gritty of river warfare but the book advice on strategy, is so famous its becoming cliche. Here are
notes organised by what I felt to be the biggest take away principles. Subjects in is the first line here which may suggest that trumps campaign has been strategic. This whole time, not that they're playing forty chess, but there at least playing chess took us out. All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable, when using our forces we meet. Seem an active when we are near, we must make the We believe we are far away when far away. We must make it. Leave. We are near hold out Bates to entice the enemy, fain disorder and crush him interesting, Does son sues strategy and ideas were those that relate to modern politicking. I do, no, but it's interesting idea- and I'm am saying this spread around trumps. The perception of trumps disarray is potentially an advantage.
I dont believe that tromp is actually floundering or confused or flop and, like a lunatic, I think that there are. Certain things that he's failed because he's not perfect and he's fairies fight, he's fighting a political battle. But you look at this look at the rally and now they're all laughing. Could you imagine what what's gonna happen, if Trump successfully convinces them again that he's pathetic, feeble unable to win this war, chaos. How many times so they sat in the media that trumps administration is in chaos. His campaign is collapsing striking out, wouldn't that be a great way to bake the ETA, to feign disorder and then crush them, certainly Don Susa, so attack where he is unprepared peer where you are not expected again all about his original more. This It is the first positive mostly want to hide. I highlight it is but the dispositions of an army that its conditions if he discovered, conceal your dispositions and your
condition will remain secret, which leads to victory. Show your dispositions and you're conditional become pet patent, which leads to defeat so Trop support, don't show up and no one knows for sure why you ve got to supporters, asserting their position and the left arguing it's their winning, leaving everyone confused, they're gonna bet, I think silly that some people are saying Trump secretly. Winning their get is guaranteed and I think it so people are laughing that Trump one. We don't know people than chauffeur. This rally it's easy to dismiss it say. Ah ha Trump has no support anymore, but then you have a live stream numbers. You can't dismiss those. Then you ve got the tick tock excuse. I announced the consignment. Don't I want to say I think trouble when, because the riots and I've set is over and over again, but I really just don't know, and I think Anybody who claims they are click claims they do now is wrong. Many probably lying As I mentioned, both sides man, you will fall prey to hubris.
But you're butts down now, man Vegas, has got the betting odds on bide, mind you tromp is down again here's. They then there's more, the whole secret lies and confusing the enemy so that he cannot fathom our real intent. We saw makes sense. The spot where we intend to fight must not be made known for then the enemy will have to prepare against a possible attack at different points. If our force happens, is superior to the enemies. Weakness maybe simulated in or to lure him honor. But if inferior, he must be I believe that we are strong think about this. I'm not saying Sangsue dies, correlate wonder one with how a political strategy would work. But if if they really are studying. Looking at the advice from The of war, as some people might suggest, which I think interesting again, I don't have it with matters politically make them think we are weak. So a russian and then we win. Could that be what trumpeted maybe but the livestock numbers they otherwise housekeeping keeping confused. I guess
They say. In fact, all the enemies movements should be determined by the signs that we choose to give him. Thus, the good fight There is able to secure himself against defeat. Jane. You says this is done by concealing. The disposition of his troops covering up his tracks. Taking unremitting precautions, but cannot make certain of defeating enemy for the same one may know how to conquer without being able to do it. Five security against defeat implies defensive tactics, ability to feed the enemy means, taking the offensive in playing chess Ivan plaintiff my whole life. There is you you want to force. European to make moves you ve already predicted, because when they do, then you know how to counter them you're thinking ahead, maybe tromp was a buffoon, but he one in twenty. Sixteen
Maybe it was accidental, but he had a great three. You know three plus years of excellent economy. I'm not gonna pretend that Trump is this mastermind forty chess player I will point out. He has been very strategic and many other instances when he calls out. Squad, when he tweets ridiculous things that distract from other issues most famously trump, The issue that I believe is an executive order, a new rules- ministration about migrants coming to the southern border and, at the same time he tweeted about the Universe Squad and he said something about them going back to their home countries. The new the cycle was dominated by trumps tweet and they ignored the asylum rule Change Journal. Must have been warning about this for a long time, but it seems like the partisan left falls into that trap every single time. I think the people. Who are running the show on the left, see what trump doesn't think they can weapon that they think they can weapon eyes it. Meanwhile, Trump is trying to get things done, and actually implement things, so you know all rapid up there. There's you
a battlefield assessment of what really happened with Trump, having had a very small turn out the simple solution, the obvious single layer solution, people aren't enthusiast, about from the more in depth solution, taking into account the online numbers a lot. People are really interested in Trump, massively, and his writings were spectacular during the crowd of ours, press briefings, and perhaps people just didn't want to fly to Tulsa because of corona virus. Europe beg your bats because there's no real weight and now it's all of our assumptions, I don't know what's gonna happen come November, but I can tell you one thing: if you dont like Trump, if you like Trump, if what, whichever one, if you think you ve won, you will lose stick around next, went up at one p m and I'll see you all, then the kids playing make believe in Seattle Autonomous OWN just got splashed in the face with some cold water for pretty harsh wake up call
The other day we heard that there were two shootings. Why Person died. I dont want the up. It is another person, but they were reported to have one. Threatening injuries and weren't critical condition of vetoes now surface. For being post, are posted by rather Simone. You may know him because they the guy they were calling the warlord not again some credit Apparently, he gave an interview where you, actually at some non super far left things. However, he treated this medics refuse to help even after people in the chop, begged they lead our bro bleed out for thirty minutes till he died of politics as your corrupt system. What do Do you think I was going to happen? You idiots you're running around with guns, go watch fight club. What did think was going to happen. You think these people we're gonna come in to you autonomous zone where there's no police were you ve, taken up the department they can't get in you. You have armed
ideological guards and somebody just got shot and killed, and you say I want you coming inside now, they're gonna be like no and guess what happens you're broke. Laid out. I'm sorry, I'm sorry man, I don't like these people lost. Is this guy lost. His life is horrifying men. But these kids didn't realize that stupid game they were playing with the keeps, and it's only getting worse, the wake up call to these kids started to happen in Atlanta in Atlanta? Neither Wendy's a young woman, took a shot through the leg because he people dont know what they're doing in there's nothing. That makes me angry than people who do not respect the rules. The danger of this world. Perhaps because, as you know, I grew up on the south side, Chicago over the past decade. I have covered civil unrest. I would concern, say out considerate as like low level, conflict and crisis. There is an essay low level, as I definitely does, want to make the claim that I'm a war report or anything like that. You know there are some
yet journalists who have gone- and some really insane areas active gunfire with actual combatants. Now I've done civil unrest right. I was in Egypt and Revolution Venezuela. I've been very dangerous places, but this is all more so than the preliminary steps that lead to things that could be a civil war, but for the most part, the car, I think I've ever been was Ukraine at the start of their separatist kind of movement, but I've been enough. I think you know for me what helped me in that career focus for the muskrat. I don't do that anymore has, as you know, I now just you know basically complain on the internet as it were, but grew up and Chirac, men, not the worst part. Chicago bought on the south side, where I was fairly dangerous, but a gang activity, lotta people, a lot of people died. Drugs guns. I know exactly what this view it was these kids. They don't know what they're doing men. They are children of privilege and I mean it. I love that word privilege right
I don't know a whole lot about Razumihin, but I heard he's privilege I don't know, and I mean well forget it I'm a race. I don't know. History whenever, but I gotta say men from what from I grew up and when I see this video you know I want to make a? Why? Why there's like a twisted laugh of just like the absurdity and the ignorance and the hubris of these people in this video it's just some ambulances, they're, just Chillun they're, not gonna, come in. Let me tell you man, I talked about this before I think. Even a couple days ago When you call nine one one new say: somebody got shot, the police have to secure the area. Now. I suppose, the empty the fire service, far firefighters, because they do ambulance assessed, could come out, but they won't I grew up in a household it with my dad was a firefighter my job. Understanding is that there are there
Our budget stories I heard where they pull up- some gangbanger shot on the ground and they'd, please save him, save him get come here and now we're not getting out. We will not exit the vehicle. We don't know what you what you want we're, not disguise even hurt. We can see a guy. And the ground- maybe maybe isn't, but you got stand around weapons, not gonna happen, cops, gotta, come and secure the area. One story I heard they that they have an ended up running away and the empties came out turns out. The guy was hurt, you saved his life, but these kids man They seem to think that they can slamming smear the police, because they ve seen Youtube videos because they seem face book videos and not a thing, all the cops are bad luck, I'm out they did not. Once did they stop to think about what these people think after your corrupt says, they refused to help Bro. They refused to help because two people that's got shot and you have law
down the area is lawless. There have been reports of extortion, of women being assaulted in their tents, and you think these guys He's gonna come out without protection, you are insane. They see that they see, Faced with videos mind you there's not a news stories about bad cops. I say it was it we talk at all times, yet we get to deal with this man, but to him took to act like the holes system is broken, is insane these people are insane there. The social media they watch in things believe in saying things and then guess what time grow up. Children because this is what really happens- yeah you're bro blood out for thirty minutes, because you guys took guns surrounded this area and told the police to get out and people don't want to be there. You are playing a game you thought it was real, a real life I'll take about real life man. Why don't you go spend some time in another country where the cops are, all corrupt. Where, when you called for how they say no or does it
what you gonna gimme or they pull. You overrun lie: go to war. These countries where you get motorized police, storming, poor, neighborhoods random, grabbing in arresting people than ever come back, go to Chicago well I'll, tell you what I've got friends that that pre all this progressive stuff and I'll talk to him on Facebook. And ass an and will have a discussion about another debater sought, really what I do, but I would ask, and I don't get it always ends at one point. When you talk about he's protagonist off. I say: ok, tell you what about a flight to Chicago and you're me what we're going to walk down my old neighborhood gone. They stop respond. You know why, because. They want a virtue signal, but they know how bad these nay can actually get and they know would be like if they went on area with high crime and no cops, so that no one come down to where I grew up, see what I saw the exchange. To be honest, the are group and very gentrified.
I or I should say very much if I but its changed for sure and it may have on the new with a city going in raising low income housing I'm edge, it's gone. This happened like now. Years ago. I guess I had no idea. I left I left a long time ago. Man, for obvious reasons, is that it is not a pretty place to be. Now these rich, suburban kids, who play these games, who go into these protests, who talk all big and say fine for justice, is ok I'll. Tell you what? Let's have a look? Let me give you a lesson and racism want you come with me to where I grew up and we'll talk some people boom gone. They don't do it. They wanna keep playing a little games. They pretend like their heroes but they're not. Look man, Israel Activism, needs to get done. This real things in that need to be changed in this country, but this video right here I'll just say it triggered me in so many ways you I I mentioned the conflict and crisis thing. The reason I brought that up
I've been in so many circumstances with active gunfire, and what do you see? People don't respect, do not respect the danger of this world, they think everything is candy gains in rainbow, it's all for fun until the bullet start fly let me say very from Atlanta Lemme get shot in the leg. Guess what other guy got shot just the other day. Now bring stories and pr look. Let's do it and pr vehicle it. Ex around the rise Norman regular people are just not letting you play games anymore? Look it's I've! I brought up too many times. I gotta, do it the guys down itself fully far left one of the shop and smash Christopher Columbus statue locals. Why haven't they showed up and said now the reason I bring up the conflict I've been sent out to conflict Ferguson, for instance, civil unrest, active gunfire and a lot of it
I can't tell you how many times those guns would would start. You start your nose gunshots, and what do I see these journalists? stand at around like morons at their thumbs up their bombs and I'm on the ground and so is everyone else who lives there? Maybe it's because of we where you grow up. You learn how to act. And I say, respect because not about liking. It's not about thinking. It's a good thing. It's about recognising the power you don't have when you go, many situations and you say now we're gonna get rid of all the cops yeah like there's a lot of fun like you, man tell you what these people they make me, they get me really angry in Ferguson, I love the story of those fireworks. You see anybody with fireworks walkin around now you see with guns walk around yeah. Why would you assume was fireworks and then what happens that limit? in the Atlanta video saw the wives dream, you had these people walk and by the Wendy's. You we're gunshots, go off nobody does anything and this
Just standing there in the middle of the street, now give her some respect. The took alike champ she screen he was then she get she goes down and then she's not freak out or anything. That's impressive! That's it! It's got shot comment, but the ignorance now look at this vehicle attacks rise as extremists target protesters its absence. Could not true. The clip you see is just protesters in the street during their thing like you normally see they blocked the streets, they complain. They say. You know you can't go then realize man. Ninety nine, these three. I think it was a lay riots that man who got pull out of a struck and beaten and stopped at ease. And the ground covered in blood. A guy was lucky to survive minors enemies who, so? What do you think happens when in New York City one of these dumb kids Jackson, Malta's at a police vehicle of people. Inside of it, you think the cops are gonna run and wait to find out whether that's your the same as them, these
I don't understand, was actually going on in the conflict when I go down and cover confident crisis. When I use do you stand with the protesters? Don't stand with the police, basic tool, ok and the stuff you gotta find an area perpendicular to the two too firing long. You know why you stand with the protesters get shot with with with right weapons. You stand with the cops get hit with a bow. All right. If you want to be safe, you got to recognize and you got to respect the danger of the situation and what that means, no matter where you are, but these people, man, they don't get it and they can show up to these protests block the road, and then I realized that they become the same as the other circumstances They do not understand that when up when it went protest is happening and one I will goes flying the police. Aren't going we like, I wonder who, through that bottle, everyone else must be: ok, not they're going people are throwing bottles, we don't know who it is, protect yourselves, these
protesters seem to think. If one person does rock I'm ok, not now it's it's a group of people when you enter that group, people, no matter what you are journalists or otherwise. You are a part of that group that doesn't We should be held criminally responsible, anything but means if you get that but people you block the street. You take over a part of Seattle, no one's gonna think You didn't do anything they're, gonna, say you're part of the avalanche man, so when the car see a couple. Bottles go flying; all they know is the crowd has gone too far and yet unfortunate that one person can set that off and they do they take advantage of this. I've seen it if it is anti for types when all black they'll go into the middle, the peaceful protest, though crouched down or throw rock the cops, what are they supposed to do
Well, this crowd just through Iraq, but I'm I'm I'm sure. Most people here are not the ones who want to hurt us. Take a look at at at at what's goin on these vehicles out, these kids are getting a cold cold. Wake up, call somebody, in their car use around their car banging on at yelling. We ve seen, the videos. Man is our punching people, they flip the vehicle, they tortured. It doesn't matter if you think you're right or not in matters of the person is scared and their driving a car, and they will hate you. So what is a media? Do they love it? the media loves doing this extremists target protesters shot up man. This is insane, the media is Papa. You know, I I I think the meme is fair they say, ban the media and watch all these problems just go away and the right the Democrats, wouldn't you grandstand so often because they were just maintain their power. The crane people are the media, wouldn't wouldn't be you know, well the media
as this to get clicks are they begun and the activists wouldn't see the rapid radicalization through the media and they probably just chill out Things are moving at a rapid speed because the right which we absorb information and the incense waves of the entire internet communications ecosystem. It encourages people to be the most extreme possible and when these media, companies are going to ban conservatives you and I with only a few moderate conservatives, but when they dont battle, after global actors, extremists. So now NPR can write extremist content. Let's be real vehicle tax rises, extremists target protesters. This is going to shock the left, convinced them there at war and that the right the counter protesters are all evil, and it's just not true the reality is vehicle tax. Are our not on the rise men I mean, maybe maybe But what I mean to say is a lot of these,
things there, showing our just regular people trying to mind their own business is our political people. There was one video from Portland sticks out. Portland bound on protests and with officers firing munitions apparent foam, Tipp projectile shot in the back of a person's had not not not not nice. A few days ago there was a video from Portland and there was a bunch of protest in the street and a car drove drove past them am? I pushed him out of the way I want screaming in their like freaking out acting like its young, like it's an accurate against that one really to some random due to drive the dude pulls over. I was calling yell something methods clearly isn't politically active? It's just regular gonna cost by try to go to the club and get a drink with some girls or something, but these people they believe they see everything through the lens of the culture war. They don't realise their regular people now I fair, if want to criticise me for something similar. Somebody recently posts, that I have a confirmation, buys a talk about civil war and because I believe it
may happen everything I see plays into that. I don't know that's right now. I think it's fair. The reason for it is that I didn't make it up, and I said, before the bear with me, I didn't one day say there will be a civil war. No. I saw on article from a major mainstream publication. Think of New York magazine word were dangerously close to civil war, had why that's crazy check this out their sensible, I then see you know Bill MAR Dave Chapelle in many other high profile personality say the same thing. It's not me coming on saying it's gonna happen. It's a cultural issue from high profile individuals. Now, of course, I contribute to it when I bring it up and talk about my opinions. That's fair criticise me we're on a percent but I think it's I think you know where were the precipice men bill bar just fine some! Some, the southern decorative of New York, use attorney. There accusing I'm a volley of tonnage and there's another invest. Asian being launched from the highest levels is happening.
I'm not here to talk about all that stuff, though I may to talk about the protesters and the hard lessons their learning, and what I'm trying to get at is that these people, everything they see, contributes to their view that they are under attack and NPR rights. It up the police are not hunting. You down, the police are coming out because protest. He's just ransacked a bunch of buildings of the past few weeks and the protests have stopped. They see their targeting us, they don't they don't know their suppressing her speech. They dont like us, their races. No they're just cops falling protocol. You can criticise that. I think it's fair when you talk about reform, that's where too, but then you look at the car thing and that's the perfect storm, some regular people are driving home from work, make it stopped by a bunch of protesters they honk. They have. No. I It is, and so they idle they just you know the creep it like a mile in our and slowly moved the crowd, the crowds banging on the on the doors, shattering glass and went, and you know that the windows so well
beyond the car. Do they frequently hit the gas and bone people? Gulf line? Was the media right right wing, extremists, Klaus through crowds because everything they see us from that perspective, not realising most people. Just don't know, I don't know, I don't care, there's the cold. Wake up call for these people, men. So our group and household with awe, with a five minute my dad, was a fire fighter. I want you to think about something for a second raz in the people at the Chaz, when you mad at these people, won't come into to your occupation. We're gonna call You know these guys polyglot kids, this problem, people who depend on them more than you do. So these guys are sitting in the truck. They make a choice. I want to save lives. That's why I do this job right at their thinking, but guess what? First of all, these people aren't going to take unnecessary risks if they can get and safely to help. Why would they bother when the cops showed up protesters block
then I don't use our yonder gone. They're gone, the guys are gone already. Are it well if you're not call the cops and these guys were right. More importantly, I'll tell you what. You place an injured man lying on the ground, and then you place sky this empty. You places son twenty feet, neither direction in a context jewish and I can guarantee which way that man's gonna run to the dying man you'd be insane, but under their kid, obviously I mean you gotta, protect Europe. Europe put your own face mask on before the mask on us. Who else and that's predictable. So I'll tell you what you can see here. First of all these I don't? Wanna get hurt they don't know what you're doing. Why you're doing it all they knows the cop for kicked out. You got guys walk around with guns and to people just got shot. What what's in personal, walk into that. But they also know that there is a danger, even if they think that in their safely help this guy there thinking about what, if I do get hurt, will I be able to go home to my kids and make sure
or they have someone to take care of them know. Well, then, they're not going to come out and help you I'm sorry matches the waiters. Maybe this should be You know I like to imagine things like this will be a smack in the face of these people, figuratively, to realise the importance of police police are accountable period. Do bad cops, get away with things? Yes, are their lot about cops? There's a lot of bad cops are most of them that no obviously not many of them just go by the book. Do we have problems with police training a procedure? I definitely think so, but I don't think I'll cops are bad. I think some are bad. I think some, don't care about the rules and particularly in big cities. But I also think that if a cop does something wrong, guess what they eat, they get rested. Look at the guy in minute in Minneapolis Guys,
resolutely the guy that land to guide and even do anything wrong and he's if is facing, but how is potentially facing death row is people who get it. There are a lot of circumstances where cops aren't held accountable. I would agree with that statement, but do you think gangs are accountable? They're not. I know and again, maybe because our group in Chicago but gang does something where they do. They. They won't give anybody up. You're, not gonna, say anything. There's no accountability. It's too bad! When the cops do it hey? Look when the cops get away, At least I have to try to get away with it. That means means a system is designed to try and stop them from doing it. That's why we, I think before makes sense. The cops can't just go out and kill somebody they can't they can they can do but most people do premeditated murder and get away with it, but anybody could do that when the police send their official duties juice thing wrong. There is an inquiry. There is outraged their protest there there there is some accountability and sometimes not.
Effect, but in your jurisdiction, there's none, there's, no accountability. There is a video apparently, whereas was trying to stop somebody accused of theft and eat. Oh you know some other guys are beaten. The crap out of the dude who is accused and arouses trial. Stop that I wouldn't listen. If it was a cop who did that you film that guess what people want the cap would get in trouble, get a ride up, get get fired, get arrested whatever the cop in New York or push that woman, and if you saw that video he got trouble, you think if a gang pushed open, camera. Anyone would do anything about it. Cops, might try and find the guy. Probably not he's got shoved now. What if you replaced the police with your own commuted? group. You think anybody will be held accountable now and then, when you do that and you disband the police, do you think the emergency services will show up so there it is men?
you're a little experiment as far as I'm concerned has failed. I think a lot of people over hype with a chop is its fun. It's hippy dancing there there growing flowers. Their racially segregating there. There gardens lot problems with it. The Nord Stream and occupy Wall Street. I would call it a block party or summer of love, but I would say the most of it is very obviously a bunch of done hippies doing down hippy stuff, but you get lawlessness when you get the police out occupy was surrounded by cops man. Occupy wife, it was surrounded by cops and there were still crimes committed in the park. Now. What if he's gonna happen? When you do this, that's the problem, the mayor and the governor ignored they said, some summer. Love can be a bit old festival, legal festival, these guys know no cops. Are there now is your chance? So apparently some guys came took it This is what you're gonna get when you disband the police. You're gonna be Why would our social workers come into these places? Think about it? You can you can you get a phone call for you for your social worker, because you know some guy sick
some guys act and crazy social worker pulls up I'm not getting out of my car right here. Sorry by leaves so that's what's going to happen, call your social worker and then the police will have to come to assist, secure the area otherwise you're going to be like we got rid of the cops. There's no cops on patrol, I can't come in here unless they respond. Specifically, somebody called my one one say my friends injured and they're gonna we're on our way there in a public nope not out, didn't get it man, they really really. Don't I'd like to think as a wake up call. And you can say it has to accept, but will they learn from it? Probably not there still blaming the matter, the medics refusing to understand why they wouldn't get out of their vehicle. Welcome to the real world fronts. Next segments coming up at four p m over at TIM, cast dot. That check it out and I'll see you. Then it looks like conservatives have raised the white flag
and have joined in the cultural Revolution now calling for Cancel Yale led by an culture and Jesse Kali, too conservative personalities. They demand that Yale change its name, because in fact and this is true. Yale is named after a very, very brutal slave trader, elegans up it's kind of bad but outside what man? I think it's a silly troll. I think it's funny, but I think it's bad I don't think you're really trolling anybody. I get the idea, let's go after universities met these universities that entertain this woke insanity and push a lot of this academia but I'll. Tell you what men these woke people these weird leftists. They love it. Of course, they'll agree with you that just tore down Thomas Jefferson, there are not complaining about racism. Their erasing our our history, our countries legacy and not just our country. But the legacy of Europe, they don't like colonization salt. I what
if you come out jokingly, say, cancel Yale, because you want to own the people at Yale. For doing this final say what's gonna happen the left us will agree, then they'll change the name and that's it now. I guess ideas that the ultra elites in government refused to give away that prestigious name, but I think the woke left is taking over. I think you're. These leads like Nancy policies of a top level Democrats, they ve already bent the need of these people. Why would they do it again? Some people have argued, maybe it'll, where's the school too, in our shut down or something I never can happen. But there is one hour meant that, as long as you can maintain this campaign, you can hold it against people. So ok example would be somewhat lies for a job at your company. You say Yale who that's the name of a slave: traitor, I'm not gonna, hire you and thus reduce the value of going to Yale. I ultimate
They don't think anything. We're really happen other than its a funny. Troll abolish revenues, Biz pack review says sometimes gotta fight fire with fire, And so conservatives annoyed by the left movement to topple historical statues have decided to temporarily. If we adopt the same strategy but aim their grievances at the left's beloved institutions. Instead take yell university, a three hundred nineteen year old, left wing, Ivy League institution that, according to run conservative commentator on culture deserves to be cancelled, Pronto column published let last Wednesday. She argued in favour of a bill with holding all federal funds from Yale, diversity until it changed its name, because the schools namesake Elihu Yale, was only a slave owner, but a slave trader, and I gotta stop by she said: she's not kidding there. We should change their name. This dude, I read about em like he was like. Brutal he actually mandatory slave trading. Was I kid you not
literally arguing that any ship at leaves port must be trafficking in slaves. This dude is a bit over the top, listen man. We can have arguments about the founding fathers and I can condemn, allow they do, but this guy wow like, could you imagine that the founding fathers passing a law it maybe, did I don't know, but it sounds crazy, we're No, no any ship that leaves port must be trading slaves. Wow Thomas Jefferson sought to end the international slave trade, and even he has life's not a perfect guy, no excuse for the baby. They did. Even if you want to argue, I guess, that's labors been on for a long time. I get it. It's condemned one hundred percent, but at least we can praise them for the world. They did. Credits are positive. But it s got Yale. So he was. He was made, president of, like my dress, in an area in India, and he was like this is lucrative. We should mandate that all ships leaving port for Europe must carry at least ten slaves. At least that's what I read like that's that's hard core man.
So? Maybe they should ban this guy quantity I am for the loss not to attend and teach there. It will be true Leslie, damaging to their brand? After all, true true sublimity for social justice where virtue, signalling and advertising their high as a scores. At the same time, she sarcastically at added. Now there is there. There is something here: their targeting the elites. Not the woke left the work left. I could you not actually agrees and they like the campaign, so the cancer those are just kind of supporting a left wing move, but take a look at the young Turks. The young The Turks are named after the group at carried out the armenian genocide and colloquially the young Turks came to reproduce. This idea of young rabble rousing coming to make a change? Yes, quite literally, named after the group of the party who committed the armenian genocide. Why? Because,
They were young rabble rousing who made a change and justify why you're saying it take a look at what you get. You may remember this Gretta tune Burg, bless her sweet little heart said she wanted to put politicians against the Wall Kay in English, putting someone against the wall was a reference to executing them. She didn't know that in Sweden, push him against. The wall is a reference to holding them accountable. It may come from, same route, but the general idea is like someone does something wrong. You push up against the wall, you at your finger at them. For us, it's a reference to live, the Soviet era era, where you put up against the wall and kill them. So when he said this everybody was like whoa whoa, whoa yo. You can't say you can't say that which brings me back to the attacks. It may mean something to you, but it means something different to other people that is inappropriate, Now that is the reason behind the untaxed. They refuse you know what they would
other be named after the group who carried out a genocide, then to change their brand, because it could hurt their brand. Their views would go down, they lose money, they won't change their name. Now I tell you what I can't do it. What do you like brand, is powerful, well, I got no no beef to them that they can bring this kind of thing, and so they want, but listen You can't maintain this argument in support of culture of illusion, unless you yourself will back will back this, which is why I think the campaign is interesting. It's not showing left us hypocrisy because they actually support this. It showing elite is hypocrisy, those at Yale, the cream of the craft, the top the top with all that good sweet, Jesse money they dont want change their name. They want to walk around a little named eggs at Yale Numb alumni. Same reason: the young Turks wouldn't do it they want to, look around. You know what they're powerfully it's a bread they built that I get it, but listen if you both want to support this. I'm sorry the Bell tolls for thee of young,
church of change, the name a long time ago. Yet, on the other hand, this one- I don't like- I think, a stupid look- the left wants to erase legacy and they'll erase anyone's. I dont think yell should change their name, but I get the troll. I get the campaign you give them. Yes, my predict as the change, the name they will and a lot of older people will be begrudgingly Ex Bilbil begrudgingly accept it, but that these, what these older people don't care about? You didn't care about history. They dont care about their own legacy. They care about themselves. So I gladly benevieni like we saw them literally, do Nancy Plaza, humor them, they went and Anthony and capital building or whatever around and one of the Senate and the House capital buildings under which building there and they bent the need to the Woke outrage. So yeah they will. You will change their name. All the Ivy League will change their name whatever they don't care or they'll. Add something to it. You know
I really do think that they won't change the name, however, and I really do think that nothing will ever get them you're, not gonna win they they cheat. We know they cheat, they cheat you're, not gonna. When I get the joke, so they say While clearly meant as a joke to highlight the irrationality of idiocy of modern, illiberal left, the idea of cancelling gale quickly picked up steam Saturday, thanks to former, errs on account irrational candidate Jessica. He's at Yale University was named for Elihu Yale Eli, who were present in now I'm just a man who had a slaves and actual slave trader. I call on you all to choose, its name immediately and stripped the name of Yale from every building piece of paper and merchandise. Otherwise they hate black people well I'll, be fair You ought to tear down Ulysses S, grant amateur question your motives. If you don't tear down Yale now really confused a guy get at tearing down grant proves you don't really care about slavery, but why would you leave up the fray?
you're like the guy who actually trafficked so I could you not unemployment limit. Let me show you this, they say or to say the records of his you mentioned a flourishing slave trade in Madras, a trade in which Yale participated and from which he profited, he enforced a law that at least ten slaves should be carried in every ship bound for Europe in its capacity as a judge, also on several occasions, sent in so called black criminals to whipping and enslavement. He literally judged PETE like convicted people and then take it punishment is to be a slave system, would be like the worst worst man kidnapping. Young children come on out as I very much against their will. Yes, we understand what kidnapping enslaving children means at a time when profit from a slave to
we're dwindling and pressure from the Mugabe government to stop its limit was mounting administration of Fort Saint George, eventually stepped in, and introduce laws to curb enslavement. This guy didn't want to back down men, this guy, who fought for which every there's this university is named, was luxuriate like worst of the worst. You know so they're going to mention that is actually left is to agree right. They say there are hundreds of thousands more just like this, but earlier. Some left wingers actually agreed with the call the council Yale, thus proving that at least their consistent in their irrational police. None, and although there not consistent not at all, ok, some of these people are consistent somewhat. They tore down, grant not consistent at all, That's the guy who defeated the confederates there. Only calling for this to be taken down because conserving did I'm sorry not consistent at all
However, this guy says there. There is a very strong case to cancel Yell George W Bush George W Bush Prescott. Bush change Clinton, Glyn Ford, Alito, Cavanaugh Ashcroft, Danforth Club, which our Liebermann SAS Calhoun. You get the point, so I ll tell you what we'll eat throw some shade right in the face of John Oliver, who, in turn Seventeen mocked tromp for predicting the removal of washed and Jefferson statues. What happened men do these people ever get tired of being wrong. I think the answer is no they're wrong. All that that's just what they are the wrong they're wrong, then the wrong now and no one will take down yells name the cultural elites thing they they therein control its ever gonna happen. I really doubt you will ever see far left us show up to Yale. Why, for one, they dont care for two there too stupid and three.
The latest won't let it happen. I got one more. I got two more segments coming to stick around the next one will be in a few minutes and I will see while shortly black you tubers filed a lawsuit against Google claiming racial discrimination, and I got it when I first saw the headline I thought to myself: oh, that silly Youtube's. Grow them doesn't work that way. It's not going to it. If anything, it's going to benefit them, Youtube's dump, in a ton of money to prop up certain the authors they're all about social justice there rules are very, very in favour of social justice. Oh, how could it be that they discriminate actually thought about it? I thought about the discrimination against algae BT creators and I realized you tube does and this loss it's actually could be fairly important. It can go to different ways, though,
it could actually make you do more discriminatory, which are gonna doubt, but this could actually be very, very good for all of us for real. I will bear this one. I just high straight up. Basically, what's happening is that you tube will give preferential treatment to certain creators, but then, if you want to talk about sensitive issues, they'll demonetized e rank and that the I thought you down. The same was true for algae bbq creator. So not, notably, you may know aerial scars, allied interviewed around the TIM Guess, I'll podcast. She got remove from the partner programme. Why she talks about algae, BT, Q issues? Will they say it's because of you knows a while the out of I don't want that controversial or hateful. I don't know exactly what they say, but there are many creators who have noticed COBRA Kai a show on Youtube. A Youtube original makes, you know, transfer back anti algae, be dickie statements, their jokes. I think they're fine, but that's the character and show you like me
these passive jokes and its offensive. If I made those same jokes of any, these people that they would be banned so actually think there's a legitimate artless, legitimate argument for discrimination against craters for being black. I really do think so. I think about this way. If a black youtube or made it made content and set a bunch of things about the black community and and about their culture things, they believe. You too would very likely deem that to be problematic content. There would be ranked demonetized it and then you too would prop up their own version of content when they feel like it. Thus showing there are certain people who are above this and specifically based on the content they produce. You can see, there's a bias now. I think it really comes to an elite is unbiased, like the reason why you know
Certain news craters our lot to say things, I'm not it's nothing to do with my race, but they have an argument. In my opinion, cause they'll say: why is it that these high profile white craters can talk about these issues and get propped up and they have been yet? If we do what we get knocked down, I don't think it's necessarily because their blacks, I think you tubes all about social justice, but I think they can present their arguments here plays out, both of which were the story from seeing that they say. A group of black craters accuses Youtube Parent Company of racist practices that pervade the you do platform. They say a group of black you tubers is suing Youtube and Google alleging that companies discriminate against their videos based on race. The suit claims that Youtube uses its automated tools to restrict sensor and denigrate black creators hurting their subscribers and revenue, while video with racist hate speech are hosted and allowed to make money on the site even after being flag for violating Youtube's rules. There comply
It comes in the middle of a national reckoning with racism in the U S, triggered by the killing of George Floyd before the six year old black men who died. We know the story Youtube is among the Tec Giants, making large nations of two social justice initiatives alongside public statements of support for the black lives matter movement. Now I dont think, though, when I think you too can easily point to the reasons why certain things happen I do think there is a real risk here for expanding hate speech provisions. That's that's! Potentially what they're trying to argue if you tube, goes the wrong way with this. They can say than don't worry. We will set. We will restrict incense. Are everyone? Not just EU problem solved right, that's what we gotta pay attention to. They say plaintiffs. In the latest complaint include you tubers associated with LISA Correira, with more than twenty million views. They say, the channel leases views the channel, true royal family and true Royal, which combined have three point. For me. In view of these are very, very small channels. I'm not trying to be
me or disrespectful, but they are very, very small, so for reference, I think this channel of mine has something like I'm. Not six or seven hundred thousand on any as it is. Six or seven hundred million. I think all in all my channels combined have like nine hundred or online, and I am not one of the bigger channels. In terms of news content, I do get a lot of views, but I don't even have em my main channel thing as eight hundred nineteen thousand sobs, which is pretty bad but I'm not even in a million some of the bigger channels, have five ten twenty and a hundred million, so there are their way bigger channels than mine, but these are very, very small. For a better example would be. We launched the TIM cast Iron podcast in January, and I think it has something like forty to fifty million views- maybe maybe third, maybe thirty, five Mona, but it way more than tat and we just started it. So these are really really small channels. Youtube said Thursday, then, for reviewing the complaint it added and it allows
about it, added that it allows anyone deposed videos that abide by this its policies and guidelines, which it says in enforcing a neutron. Consistent, wait, that's a lie. You, too, wants a service to include a variety of voices and perspective. I think that's true and I think they're trying to play this equity game wallets redone asked why the lawsuit later during a virtual event with Wash interposed Youtube. Ceo said the company is going to look at the complainant. I don't understand what concerns are there? She lifted off a few successful black craters, including Jackie. I know a beauty. Greater focus on issues for people of Color Mark has Brownlee a gadget Youtube. Her and Mark has Brownlee roundly posted a video reflecting on MIKE on the color of my skin, where he shares on experiences on race, the lawsuit filed Tuesday. In the U S, district court for the northern decorative California accuses Youtube of overt intentional and systematic racial discrimination, saying the company's rigged the game by restricting and blocking these black you tubers, based on their racial identity, but not subjecting Youtube's on produced videos to the
same scrutiny and there it is boom. That's the point you tube has produced a ton of content, that is, that gets away with breaking their own rules, and then they heard everyone, a different standards. Now I think there is they might lose this one- is that The real issue is elite, ISM Youtube is holding back everyone, even me, many creators, it's not just about people based on race, algae Beatty creators have been targeted, black craters, Latinos, Asians, etc. To the real issue is Youtube's double standards. They say they tumors also complain of you to profiting offer videos of hate speech which remain up with advertising on the site. Now there is the big problem going after you are trying to create other had polyps Masood. Also, chooses Youtube of bugging the craters videos with meditate out and other signals that let us automated systems filter words based on race, identity or the viewpoint of the creator the channel subscribe. Where's and even its viewers videos by the? U tubers filing the suit have been restricted, removed, limited and how much effort
I revenue they earn orgy monetize completely. This is a good thing. Gave us is good, news. I'm explained the steel if they prove that Youtube's algorithm targets so that something was uncovered by nerd city at another Youtube or where you did was putting codes in Youtube. Videos that really related to the democratization. If they can show that there is a tendency of those codes to appear and their videos based on their race or identity or that of kind of their they're they're making, then it shows that you too does have a broken and racist system. It may not be intentionally racist, it maybe accidentally so that matters you too will then have to unify formally enforce policy. This could be a good thing. You two might not. Mutton might then not be able to determine which re spaced words are banipal. Think about what that means
for people who have been banned in the past, moving forward Youtube won't be able to implement race. Specific restrictions now Youtube may be doing all of this. For the four you know with good intentions: deasey these good willed, individual say You know most of these videos I come out that have these words are bad, but what? If there are people who make videos about those words opposing those words? Friends
I did a series of videos on black face. I think, like four five, maybe maybe a week ago, they were all flag as hate speech by Youtube system. I was talking about why black face was bad. I was talking about Instagram influencers who were doing it and why it was bad, but Youtube's algorithm can't tell the difference between what is good or bad. Simply. They don't like these words now think about what happens if a bunch of people may content and uses its fine and then some black creators address this, and they have to use certain words to address how they feel you too then slaps labels on their content. Their content gets restricted same for algae BT, Q creators
and Youtube than is through the algorithm shutting down people who are oppressed peoples right in the end. The result may be if you tube, settles or lose, as this is a manifest precedent or not, might then have to actually uniformly actually rules, because the algorithm can't now their base in California. This may fall under the civil Rights act that they're not providing equal public accommodation. You can't discriminate in public accommodation based on certain characteristics of which one is rice. If you can argue that, because of the words they use, it relates to erase race they might actually, when this it ultimately be kind of a The thing I don't think the intention here is is necessarily to get more censorship. It might, though, because you to go the other way, and so you know I find that were banning every single word, no matter what We don't want to be racist. Therefore, all were all of this word. Argon period they say: you'd have set Thursday.
That is not a minute systems are not designed to it and if the race, ethnicity, or orientation of its creators or viewers, however, you can accidentally do it and there's a big problem, but this way let's say you create a business, and you have no handicap entrance well that I believe they're thereof, laws and certain jurisdiction. That say you must have a handicapped entrance. Are you discriminating directly? No, it's just that handicap people can get the stairs, so some states, particularly California, I believe, make it so that you have to accommodate them. You have to accommodate people, so they can. They can use your bill. Your business, let's say you tube accidentally, is- is targeting minority creators. Well, the law says you can't do that, whether its on purpose or otherwise. So this may result in something positive in along. I don't know for sure they say:
during Thursday's interviewed the posts, which is what watches Jesse wherever name is wrong reflected on the past few months, including the chaos of the pandemic and the protests all over the world. Doesn't she understands people look back on this period. Whatever is a Tuesday suitable, Fuck you, too precise proceedings in the algae, BT, Q tubers case as support for its argument. Adding the two cases could be coordinated, so we'll see others plays out. I lit up simply big. I highlight it and bring it up simply because where we're on you too, but I think it's important. So I got one more segment in a few minutes sit around and I will see you all shortly in just a couple of days. The most important election in the country will take place. Ok, maybe just for now I think, maybe second most important elections. This year,
obviously the presidential election is him is very, very important and an all the sub an you know all the down bout staff and in the congressional candidates, but I really do believe right now. This may be one of the most important events taking place in our country, the primary election between Alexandria, Abkhazia, Cortez and Michel Caruso Correira, now, full disclosure I have donated to Michel Kosovo and I think you should read some. I think she's written and you might actually like her she's, very moderate. In fact, she supported some stuff that conservatives have pray in democratic are really angry about. She seems to be a centrist for the most part. I respect that now I don't know she's gonna win a yo see is a mega celebrity Michel Kosovo branfords aren't familiar was a former
yet CNBC Anchor, I believe, or our rapporteur she has around ninety thousand or so Twitter followers Elsie S, seven point three million, but the that with it it doesn't guarantee anything. There's not seven point three million people in her district. The real question we're seeing right now will a YO sees celebrity, get her a victory. Some other data points do the american people want an end to the absurdity of politics and a return Two normalcy, Michel Corsica, bread is very similar to a Yossi in many ways. I believe they're, both the children of immigrants. I could be wrong about that, but they all have the three letter, acronym name they're, both little latina, live in the same area. Now there are complaints about me now, of course. Of course they ve got there there. There dig it against each other, but ultimately we have is
you ever choice right now in New York's fourteenth district between Celebrity youth, far leftist and moderates centrist non celebrity. What will the people of the Bronx want? believe the celebrity status plays a huge role in this new people even know who Michel Crusoe COBRA, as that may be a big challenge. But if I m c c, does this right and focus our attention on supporting her district? She might actually the easy YO see her. Followers are across the country, the donations she get come for costs across the country. I under if there is actually a very large progressive coalition in any one place thing by this way. If you have one progressive. You know, per square ten mile radius. Now Online it'll look like you gotta tuna supporters, but if you go into new What city it's like, two or three right! You don't have that many.
Many more than that how many people in her desert actually like her. She one last time with like fifteen or sixteen thousand votes in a district of seven hundred and fifty thousand so perhaps Michel Crusoe Correira spending all over time running this campaign, while Ios he's been doing other stuff, perhaps has enough to get em cc. Eighteen thousand nineteen thousand, in a district of seven hundred and fifty thousand, but we'll see CNN reports, a former television news, Anchor retired New York City, police officer and a high school civics too, you're an attorney who runs a mediator in practice and serves the volunteer minister. These are just a few of the candidates, Democrats and Republicans, who have lined up to challenge three of the most high profile. Freshmen House Democrats, a YO, see Ilin Omar, she'd labour. It's not easy to unseat a sitting member of Congress and the three members of the so called progressive Squad have a number of built. Advantages as they run for reelection off
three of unusually high name recognition for freshmen members of Congress and devoted national followings. They have the ability to raise significant amounts of money, We will cause over a thousand or more ranking among the top fund razors in Congress, but they have become high profile targets of criticism. All three of fate controversy over outside outside the mainstream political positions, frequently facing attacks from Trump and congressional? publicans and a national level Republicans have works to turn their outspoken support for progressive politics into a liability for the democratic party. At times they have also frustrated or even been rebuked by members of their own party. They gonna say quote the fame, and notoriety of these members can be a double edged sword. It helps their fund raising but also draws attention in competition, said Kyle conduct an election analysed for the University Virginia Jennifer for politics? He noted, however, incumbents hard, The ever lose house primaries and the Congress don't appear to have the kind of
obvious liabilities seen in rare instances where sitting house member ends up losing a primary, such as in recent times with Steve King. However, I must add these are new candidates. They are new. People knew dropped Joe Crowley right. He was the one that will see defeated. He saw his name. Oh yeah, that's my guy a Yossi is divisive. She is bombastic and she a celebrity obsessed. She very well. Inspire loathe like most anger and resentment in her own community many of them, may look at her, as somebody was more obsessed with getting twitter likes and actually helping them and Michel, took a capitalize on noting that, during the covered pandemic, a Yossi stayed for a week in her luxury deasey apartment doing live streams with celebrities instead of coming back
you see said, but I was just sick and not feeling well not buying it. I'm sissy clearly called you out for hosting you're stupid little social media events. Perhaps that's enough, but you can't you can't discount the fact that a policy is just a celebrity. That's that's all that matters she's a celebrity people are gonna follower, they're, gonna shop, Bialik cited this. Why say most important election as of right. Now, I don't think it's necessarily going to prove anything, but it's interesting to see how this will play out to give us an idea. Populist far left radical policies, verses, Regular America, Michel Crusoe Umbrella in terms of her policy, thinks is written in the past much much closer to Trump than than Esias, though, very much at odds with Trump. I'm curious about our voters. Gonna say we want things to be normal again and a see is a many trump. She drove away all these jobs or they gonna be like the party is fun. Let's keep it.
I don't know what that means for tromp, but it may spell something for the House Democrats moving forward now, if Michel critic of our wines, she's, probably going to just fall in line with Nancy Policy and Vote party line, that's typically, what has members will do? A yo sees been more defiant in that regard, so it's not necessarily going to suggest whether at the House Democrats will win and maintain the majority in the house or take the senator. I thought that are or even be Trump. It says a lot about the attitudes of local districts, though now I gotta say: Nancy Policy rises, tons of money, I'm leaning towards a Yossi winning this one. But I just don't know. Part of me wants to believe that regular Americans are sick and tired of the b S and they want someone to bring things back to normal could be wrong. That's the argument
about Trumpet Biden that Joe Biden is the return to normal, see candidate that might work. If that's true, then the Shell Crusoe Correira Normalcy Kennedy for overseas district. They say there are major ideological differences between air Sea and Corsica rarer. The congresswoman is an outspoken advocate for the green new deal better care for all. In contrast, there was a cobra described it as a centrist and moderate. She has said Medicare for all is not the answer during her campaign and dismissed the green new deal as divisive policy I gotta say is why don't editor I, like Michel, Chrysochlora Corsica, whereas argued that a Yossi, as am I ate, and cares more by building a national profile than our constituents trivial CNN showed the congresswoman wants to be a national star. Adding I want to be a congressmen for the people of the Bronx in Queens, asked to respond acquisitions act, patients using focus on a district ABC told CNN quote: really it just makes them recent sound tone deaf because you think I'm not around the person it was not around as you because you
don't see us and were everywhere, but if they want to go around and say things that are not true. I wanna trop trompe in style campaign. That's on them on I'm sorry ABC! That's you, your many tromp, not m c c your though, The twitter personality was always saying twitter nonsense. You're the one who said thanks to that, the team to interfere in trumps rally. That's very much shrunken I called ABC little Tromp. All the time now, she's, not as high profile, is trust but she is very much this man. What? The right word, brash, arrogant as a lot of words describe both trumpet Elsie. Now, of course, our policies are very, very different, but they're. Both insurgency candidates, upstarts, who are trying to take over there, party trump did take over trumps. Had something really funny. I gotta handed to him at the rally he said. I only run for politics one time and it became president of the United States. I laughed aloud you gotta admit Trump knows how to be funny.
And a yo see, has also had her bombastic. You go girl moments where all these Go on twitter like sooner they love it. They love the spicy tweets. May I see, but do the american people now to trumps benefit he's going for a national coalition? He wants every vote from every into this country, so it helps him out. A yo see is going for national votes, but she's a congressmen from the Bronx, she needs the Bronx vote for so while she spent not spicy spicy hot takes how many people, the bronze, Bronx CARE specifically about this, and how many are saying, you're making us look like fools. Sixty five million people did not want Donald Trump but Trump on the Electoral College, because a national coalition works when you're running for president, not for local district, they say: oh Kazakhstan has gone after her private opponent for not living are, for once been registered republican and living in a trumped up an apartment in Manhattan. Before moving to the district critical bear
argued she has more committed to the district. Then I see as an aside. She is a true Democrat, while calling yo see a democratic socialist, a label. The comical congresswoman has embraced I'm a real democrat, critical, Bertold CNN, adding the resident risen to the discharge. I don't want a revolution she's right man. She really, as I do not believe people one revolution. They want reform. So if yo see as this Bernie Sanders Revolutionary, we we'll see how things play out, but I remind you in a district of seven hundred, fifty thousand a yo see it needs only a few thousand votes to win if there are lots of the seven hundred fifty thousand ten percent, seventy five thousand people are far left. Ale sees one because they're gonna come out and they're gonna, Baroness smash, that that that a sea
they're gonna break, deliver, be back on the machine scream and who, in Hollerin m c c, will not likely bail to invigorate the norm is as it were. That's why lean towards Elsie winning, however, however, and why fourteen is twenty percent, a little more than twenty percent Republican, what if every single Republican comes out in the primary and votes from a shell, Corsica, rarer, that's a hundred and fifty thousand votes and which could, in which case, I think, shall win, but it depends they say progressives, make up. Eighty percent of this country in a heavy heavy district, heavy democratic district. Then I would say that is fair to actually role that number up. Maybe it's fifteen! Sixteen seventeen, maybe it's twenty percent! There are a lot of progressive in New York City, mind you, I dont think Michel Corsica Beryl went on Fortunately, but if the Republicans and the moderates come together, who normally doubled Democrat with so
not with some regular. Like mainstream Democrats actually think she could win and that's the important factor I dont know. I really don't there's a lot of reasons why ABC will lose just because she's famous doesn't mean anything that could backfire on her. How many people follow her because they hate her Michel Crystal Correira, might be kind of a bite and ask personality, and that is more neutral harder to attack nobody release any beef against her seems like a nice person with experience and she's here for everybody. If that message works, ABC is out. That would be huge, live there. Next segments coming up tomorrow at ten a m thanks, ran up and I'll see you all next time.
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