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Trump's Ukraine Transcript Reveals That The Democrats Made a HUGE Mistake, Are HELPING Trump

2019-09-25 | 🔗

Trump's Ukraine Transcript Reveals That The Democrats Made a HUGE Mistake, Are HELPING Trump. It was nothing, a big ol nothing burger just like Russiagate.Its a mini russiagate.Democrats finally call for formal impeachment against Trump based off of evidence they hadn't seen and a statement from someone who didn't actually have first hand knowledge or potential wrongdoing.Who could have seen this coming?In the end we learn from Trump's Ukraine transcript that there was no quid pro quo, Trump offered nothing in exchange for anything and it was Ukraine that brought up Giuliani and his ongoing investigation. Trump actually asked the SAME THING Democrats asked for, to investigate what happened in 2016Democrats are trying to impeach Trump for something they did on several occasions and the media and far left is desperately trying to justify impeachment.Whether Joe Biden did anything wrong in his actions as VP are unknown but the conflict of interest is plainly visible. Biden should not have been interfering with a prosecutor that was looking into a company where his son worked. It doesn't mean Joe Biden broke the law but it does warrant a deeper look.Trump, on the other hand, just released the transcript showing a nothing burger. Meanwhile the S&P took a huge hit due to impeachment fears. The Democrats antics are producing nothing and hurting the economy, something Trump will likely use moving forward.Not to mention that the GOP raised 1 MILLION Dollars in 6 hours after the impeachment was announced.

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So early this morning, the transcript between Donald Trump and presidents luncheon. Ukraine was released and it is a nothing burger. It is nothing burger. There's nothing here. There's no quid pro quo and the Democrats set them up that they set themselves up for failure by over hyping what we could exe. Act with Nancy Pelosi coming out all these Democrats coming up calling for impeachment before they actually saw anything. We get exactly what we thought nothing What was the response after we realise there is really nothing in this. It's not a real transcript says. A wave of people on twitter trend emerged not ache. Conscript. They said now there is an image going around words. As the memorandum look they can ever accept. It will never be enough. It will never stop. Russia wasn't enough. Now we have this. You cry nonsense, and the story is just ridiculous. Was their quid pro quo, meaning did Donald Trump offer anything in exchange for
however, the answer is no no and the best they came up with that. I see from you know these political on twitter is that its mafiosi would like language and the transcript trumps as something like. You know why you guys have done great with us. We ve done great with you. I don't want to say it reciprocal later on. He then says what you do us a favour and look into these things. He does mention Joe Biden son, but its very tepid, there's no agreement for exchange, and so the best. They can say is that it was a wink, wink, knowledge, knowledge, I'm sorry, you can't impeach someone based off of wink wink nudge nudge. I feel like the The thing was a set up. I really really do because rush its Russian, it to point out now. This is fast. A lot of people have said why didn't tromp hold onto this answer for a little while longer let em stew and then drop it well, I think Trump realises they're moving. Fourth, Impeachment
You know his plan is just get it out quickly. It's not gonna be another. Three ordeal, I don't think Trump wants another Russia gate, but he does want the results of another Russia Gate three years of conspiracy vacant. Nonsense will now you ve got what two hundred or so Democrats calling for impeachment basal, something they didn't see based on the claims of an individual who had no first hand knowledge of what happened it drops. Transcript, and what are we learn? It do was boring conversation for the most part. Trumps has congratulations. He then asked they look into a few things, a couple issues, but in reality what tromp was accused of. Doing is almost the exact same thing. The Democrats are doing so, there's nothing here. They built up this big height. They told us a Times truck demand He does not know we didn't, but they also Sabre wait. Donald Trump was holding military aid another bit of fake news. I have to think that from new this
was coming yesterday, I said Democrats were walking into a trap, I don't want to. I don't like the claim that trap is playing forty chess, but the weights played out. It really does feel like at the very least Trump New what's gonna happen and that a plan for it and everything is falling into place to his benefit let's start with the story, so I'm just keep rambling. I show you all the sources. I have Trump asked Ukraine leader two. Look into why investigation of biting son ended text of call shows the president's phone call made for the White House residents to deal in Valencia lasted for thirty minutes before we get started, as per usual, had over two TIM guest outcome. Slash done it. If you would like to support my work is Paypal. Optional no option a physical address. But of course the best you can do is just share this video. Let me be honest: with you to bigger who you follow, you will hear an alternate reality. You will hear this is proof of tromp making demands asking for favours all these things and to an extent
some of it does make sense. I stand on the other side of the issue. I think it's another pathetic attempt at trying to drag the present down. Instead of talking about substantive issues, because they know they can do anything, they know they can't beat him but I will tell you this NBC news. Doesn't ok job, that's why I chose them for the primary source, but the New York Times the New York Times has an opinion peace. As far as I'm concerned, saying Trop did it. He did this and for this reason here what is trying to accomplish and, unlike you know, only of this. Even the story from NBC News is a bit bias, its opinionated, the general facts. Tromp asked them to look into bite and sun. That's just about it. There was no offer nothing. You change and with the point is share this video. If you like it, because I'm competing against these big mainstream Alex and thereby bias. I could be wrong my personal opinion on all of these issues, but let's read the revenues and see what's happening. They report president trumpeting midsummer phone call with ukrainian President Vladimir Zalewski asked him
look into why the country's top prosecutor apparently had ended and investigation the business dealings of Joe Biden, son, who serve on the board of Ukrainian Gas Company quote, Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution. So if you look into it, it sounds who are so? If you can look into it, it sounds horrible to me Trump told Zaleski. During a thirty minute July, twenty four phone call. I added I had a prediction I was. I was thinking other day what, if it turns out it was Ukraine, that brought up Biden and Giuliana and in all that and as it turns out it kind of, was it's not so cuttin, dry and others going to be that bombshell. Homerun hammer wait, you know being dropped where we see definitively that something is one where the other no everyone's, trying to frame it in a certain way to benefit themselves. That trying to claim the Democrats United Biden did these things ignore the politicking,
What I can tell you in this regard is a lot of what they're saying about Biden, conflict of interest. Yes, criminality, we're not they're, not we're nowhere near there is it. Is it worth definitely, and I have a source. I want to pull up about potential. You know. Look, I think Joe Biden son was benefiting off the office. Is a conflict of interest? Is worth looking conflict of interest worth looking into this story fizzled out gone nothin here. So let's They say the white has noted that the summary of the call was not verbatim transcript and that it was a represented, a record of the notes and recollections of situation, room officer of situation, room officers and National Security Council pop policy staff who listen to official conversations. Yes, it's about as best as you can get they're, not gonna call it verbatim because it was transcribed not recorded so later Trump veers, so the phone call made from the White House resident began the trunk congratulating later he says quote, I heard you had a prosecutor who was very good and he was shut down, which is really unfair terms as a corner, the transcript which
it's all here on onawandah withdrawal from them, There's a lot of talk about biting son, that what Biden and stop the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that. So However, you can do with the attorney general would be great. He then asked Zalewski to look into it. So once he replies there's appointing a new prosecutor who in a situation that is the only mention about Biden in the memo about the call. The call description is five pages long later on drops out in the car so that you know what they do tromp setting the call that he wanted really Rudy Giuliani his personal lawyer and Ernie William BAR to talk to a linsky, accept in that conscript, whatever can pull this up. Giuliani is brought up by a not by Trump. What social, actually, let's not go through that slots actually up through the breakdown Firstly, on a show, you is Kimberly. Stressful who's got a big twitter breakdown that hits these points better than I can just read through them. She tweets ashes of the Wall Street Journal, mind you, she says, having read the deal, Jays Trump, you
brain release, here's the real story. This is another internal attempts to take out a president on the basis of another non smoking gun. As to the as to call transcript itself. Trumps actual favour is that Ukraine look backward to what happened in the twenty sixteen election. This is a legitimate ask. Since election meddling looks to have come from both Russia and Ukraine, I want to stop there and point this out. The Democrats want did the same thing. There's nothing here, tromp ask them to look into what happened with crowd strike and what happened in twenty sixteen in May on May fourth, twenty eighteen, several Democrats wrote to Ukraine asking that they do not obstruct Robert Mahler. Now, please, A lot of conservatives are trying to claim this. Is the Democrats demanding an investigation into Trop kind of, but let's let us be real. This is them saying, don't obstruct Mahler. We want to know what happened in twenty. Sixteen, that's! What trump is
asking for as well, so I dont want to act like the democratic. Do anything wrong, because all I can really say Democrats want an investigation. They wanted molecules to investigate, would have a choice of team which, yes does include Trump and Trump wants them to look into. Miller things. Ok, Democrats, look in a mere radon Kimberly says indeed, is a big enough issue that we find out this morning that, U S attorney John Durham is looking at what role the Ukraine played in the FBI. Investigation it is actually a linsky who brings up Rudy Giuliani, saying they can't wait to meet him and, so Linsky who references that investigation and he goes on to promise that all investigations will be done openly and candidly. Ok, could you not trump, isn't the one who brought up Giuliani? It was Zalewski. Ukraine mentioned their assistants met with Giuliani and they looked forward to it and then trumps that I'd like to get you a call with them. I'd like to get you to call him and Bill bar. Apparently, it turns out Trump never followed up on that. It's just my. I can't
leave is this might be along video, because this is insanity, Trump says good and expresses worries. A good prosecutor was shut down, mentions bite in sun and abiding bragged. He stopped the prosecution and that bit with it, sounds horrible to me. The New York Times roll in their opinion piece, I'm going to call it an opinion piece that there was no evidence of any of this. Is that is that a joke Here's will chamberlain tweeting out the video. That's gone viral a million times by now where Joe Biden, actually says he got the prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold a billion dollar loan. The evidence for a conflict of interest, eggs and it was reported by the New York Times beckoned. What April or may now they're saying, there's no evidence in full. Stop, there's absolutely evidence that Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to remove a prosecutor, those investigate, his son period, whether or not Joe was doing that to benefit a son is the bigger question, but the conflict of interest is there. It's proven its admitted by Joe Biden himself
Should we look into that sure? Should we check to see if there was a quid pro quo to benefit his son? Yes, it is a mirror image. Is them accusing tromp of doing what Biden admitted to be doing? We don't know if tromp was getting anything from Ukraine and we don't know, Biden was trying to benefit his son, but he did it now the left will say it was buttons official duties. They are trying to work and corruption. Fine, that's fine! I don't care, I agree. Biden was working, an official capacity says he got the good jobs, went to Ukraine's and get rid of the skies cropped. Ok, why Biden. His son was on the body. It is a conflict of interest that needs to be looked into. Lots continue with Kimberly's commentary. She just trumps. Several references to Giuliani are mostly to say what a great guy he is. He says you have Giuliani edgy bar call. He s olenska to speak work with both and never mind.
Steel, J and statements, as the president has not spoken to eighty about investigating Biden and has not asked the age to contact. Ukraine also bore, has not communicated with Ukraine on this or any subject. So so what is its nothing here? It's just trump talking to a guy from Ukraine and they ve been they bounce back and forth, and nothing happened. It's nothing burger. Meanwhile, the I e g back in August referred to this deal J as potential violation of campaign finance law based on whistle blower complaint criminal division, evaluated in terms a determined, no violation, all relevant components of the department agreed with this legal conclusion. Whistleblower look at this nugget reference in the wealthy Pinion the eye. Jeez Review found some in this year and proposing a wrong of an arguable political bias on the part of the complainant in favour of a rival political candidate, media,
this so wrong and Democrats? Look all the more partisan and radical to have moved forward impeachment. Let's keep playing this game. Ok, CNN Trump admits he delayed Ukraine aid but claims it was. Unrelated to bite in this story. From the other day, where they're saying see, this is the quid pro quo trump fro four hundred million dollars and you S military security. I D, Ukraine days before he got a phone call. Doesn't that prove you know better? Finally, now Ukraine, as I know, no, are Esther being frozen working in this long, we better we better kiss up to now tromp and just tell em whatever he wants to hear. That's the claim that trunk didn't have to directly tell them. You didn't have the directly say to them anything because he froze their funds, isn't that smoking gun no, because Kenneth P Vogel of the new or time said the Ukrainians warrant made aware that the assistance was being delayed, till more than one month after the call. I am so sick of this. I am so sick of this.
And I know you are too that's why you're watching a video like this is: what are they doing? Democrats? What are they doing? Nancy policy new and my video from the clock on my second general policy said she thought Trump wanted this because with fire is based and then in six hours, Republicans raised a million dollars. The only thing they have that could be a smoking gun is that Trump froze the aid, but according to New York Times report reporter kind of p. They didn't even know about it and when I all this I said, yeah, but whose kind of p vulgar well but can Vogel. He was a former chief investigative report from politico. He joined the washed in view of the New York Times covering conflict of interests lie being an money in politics? Ok, I'm showing you his Wikipedia page because, as an especial instance, normally he's verified beer times. I'd say I'll. Take your word, for it but this is serious. If this is true, the Ukrainians word made aware.
Assistance was being delayed until a month after the call was, as it was a trap. It was a trap. It was a trap. It was a trap trump. It's almost like you said it all up. He froze the aid, but didn't tell them now, when you will be elaborated against them, knowing that when this all came out there. Then say up. There is Ukraine and even know about it. So how can you claim that was quid pro quo when they didn't even know what was happening until a month later? Here's the best part man boy. Do I love this from the weak, the other The Senate voted one hundred two zero to release Trump whistleblower complaint and I merely face palmed. It's a trap there that the Republicans are arguing being the Democrats. There roaming them into this and it is going to blow up in their faces. And now what do we have? I kid you not the best they have right now. Is there claiming it's not real transcript? rail transport! Everybody back away, check this out.
The Senate, unanimously passed a non binding resolution calling for the whistle blower complaint related to trumps communications. With you knows: zones Gale, ok, ok, here's the thing: I looked at some reforms, it was a top trending story and the people were saying in the comments the Republicans have finally realised through a sinking ship. Oh man, Mitch, Mcconnell of selling out the party then are you kidding? Do What why would Mitch Mcconnell allow this, and why would every republican vote for unless they knew what was in the complaint? unless they knew what was in the transcript? No quid pro quo. Just than just look could tromp? Have you? No luck, the? Where framed it. You know in this other videos on a scale of one two hundred with one being an absolute nothing.
Margaret and one hundred being evidence proof positive. You know, tromp is guilty all that we're like a seven like we're, so Fahrway yeah trumps said. Did you do us a favour? Probably you know it. Poor phrasing did he offer anything? Did ukrainians have any idea? It was being present know and then all Republicans come out and go sure. Democrats will play your game and there like how we're doing it we're winning it's o, my god and then the transcript drops and it's just it's just nothing and so you actually have a top trend today, not a transcript like I. Could you not check this out? I saw this story, and I couldn't help but say the same thing. It is a trap, Democrats, impeachment inquiry reportedly welcomed by presidents advisers, but tromp himself tweets with fury. Yes, makes perfect sense. Nancy Pelosi saw this coming, but she's lost control of her party inches roped into the impeachment nonsense. She said tromp wanted this to fire up his base
Why would troms advisers welcome this? To fire up is based the Republicans. The GNP raised a million dollars in six hours. Why would tromp retweeting furiously that's what he wants to be? The victim say look what they're doing their out of their minds. So tromp is gonna, be, like oh no, these people have lost their minds in secret laughing laughing about it can't come out and say, like Hobbs part of my plan, all time for the most part, but he kind of does you know within what a half an hour of them, announcing this Trump tweet that an image saying they were obsessed. He had a video prepared for all of this I look at all this and unlike they, then they have to know so have the story from the hill on a twenty. Third: let's get real Democrats were first to enlist Ukraine in U S elections, You just got tawny shares, but I'm going to say,
now. It's still politicking coming from the right. It's the same thing ignore at all. In the look, I think the stuff about Biden. The only reason it's it's getting much traction as it is is because the Democrats, some of them are, are absolutely welcome. Some of the kind I read it are saying good, let Biden and trumpet share a cell the Democrat that the progressive, far left wing do not like Biden, and they want about same as everybody. So when Trump does this, they they laugh, they say great, take out bite and we don't care in this story. That's as Democrats with a first, unless you credit in elections it Julie sounds more like what the Democrats were saying in this pdf is don't obstruct. However, let me read it for you and give you there.
Kindness, I dont know we're landmine you'll. Let me just wait for you draw your own conclusion. The report's, while choosing his words carefully. Murphy senator Chris Murphy, a democratic from Connecticut, made clear by his own account that Ukraine currently enjoyed by partisan support for its- U S, aid, but that could be jeopardized if the new president acquiesce to request by trumpet Giuliani to investigate past corruption allegations involving Americans, including by family. Murphy boasted, after the meeting that he told the new ukrainian leader that U S, aid was as countries most important asset and it would be viewed as election meddling. And disastrous for long term. U S Ukraine relations to bend to the wishes of trumpets Giuliani quote. I told you
but it should not insert himself or his government into american politics. I cautioned him that comply with the demands of the president's campaign representatives to investigate a political rival of the President would gravely damage the? U S, Ukraine, relationship. There are few things our publicans and Democrats agree on in Washington these days and support for Ukraine is one of them hey. What's, let's, what's must look he's not saying do what I want, or else, but what the right is accused this guy doing. Murphy is exam. Finally, what the Democrats are accusing Trump. That's what I'm saying you ve got to ignore all this stuff. Ok, Trump did not quid pro quo ignore what their accusing Chris Murphy of by It was a conflict of interest, I gotta say it, and and Trump could have done better, but there's nothing really.
Here. What are you saying is: don't let tromp interfere dont? Let tromp do this, don't a greater this, so it's just political posturing if he so that that that their claiming the Basque, the case they have is Trump sang. Look at all the good. All the help. We're doing look at all the aid you receive now. Do us a favour? That's mafiosi! Ok, that's literally with Democrats are doing right. Now, it's a political game, its nonsense, I'm going to go through a few other things I want to highlight in this idea. You know. Look the final. Take awake is gonna, be a long one. Is it's a big, nothing burger? It is a big all, nothing Berger and, of course the left is going to frame it as evidence. Its proof. Sorry The other day when they are claiming this is that this is the bombshell this going to be at the Democrats announced impeachment with without seeing any evidence. Trump then said he was gonna, release a transcript and then all of a sudden we saw the left, go it's not about the transcript. It's about the complaint. I assure you when the complaint comes out and
see this individual testify? It's gonna be a big, nothing burger. It does mean nothing there, nothing definitive just a waste of time and then they're gonna, say yeah, but we need we need more than that. It's not about the complaint. We need a recording. Very it's just it's just it's all fake news. It's all! It's all fake check this out in the end, we see this Biden, Ukraine dealing seven essential facts this. Why think maybe something more to the bite, an accusation than there is what will? First of all, the translation is nonsense with. Let me put it this way. Biden did something wrong and we have us up ad talking about seven facts. It may be, conflicts, conflict of interest and a potential abuse of power and Trump ask someone to investigate it. I dont care investigate it. I don't think trumpeting thing wrong.
They say Joe Biden, Son hundred biting joined the Board of Ukrainian Energy company charisma, twenty fourteen hundred bite. It had little back on an energy over a six month period. He was paid for personal paid three point: one million to a bank account associate with hunters businesses interesting, not evidence circumstantial. I think it warrants looking into Joe Biden. Let the Obama administration policy towards Ukraine when he served, as vice President Biden, help shape Ukraine's energy and anti corruption policies, issues that directly impact charisma, Erasmus sought to capitalize hundred by its name and relationships. According to the New York Times, Hunter Binding helped assemble the company's legal team which consisted of american attorneys and consulting firms, including a former Obama just about artificial charisma is led by an oligarchy named Mccullough Zol Chaskey. He said it doesn't ecology, minister, under pro russian former Ukraine, leader, Victor Gonna Kovich, leading to allegations he uses office to benefit barbarism
whereas most under legal scrutiny shortly before Hunter body was appointed to prisoners board rage authorities froze twenty, three million dollars of as much have skis assets as part of a corruption investigation. Ukraine opened its own probe later that year financial records from Morgan Stanley show numerous lines of money going into the account of Robert H Biden. The funds originated. Oligarchs and anonymous L L seized in Ukraine, China can extend and elsewhere in twenty thirteen than Vice President Biden and his son Hunter flew aboard AIR force to China. Ten later Hunter Biden, sperm scored a one point: five billion dollar deal with a subsidy three of the chinese government's Bank of China? Ok, you want investigate tromp. Do it. I would like to see this looked into as well. These things sounds shade to me. I don't know You know I'm not gonna, take and all of this, but hey enough There's enough questions, you're being run up, questions being raised that I think we can. We can dig into this in the end
I will stress the point I made earlier. The reason why this is acceptable is because progressive Democrats want Biden out Elizabeth WAR and has taken the lead, and so when Trump comes out and talks about Biden, this story is old, but it pops up, because the advent advantageous to some of the progressive Democrats and we're seeing it check it check out this predicted market Elizabeth Warrant is favoured to win. Who will win the twenty? Twenty? Two credit presidential nomination, Elizabeth worn fifty one Joe Biden twenty one hour, actually all and with one final point, one one. Actually. Ok, we're gonna go a little long check this out the game, the media players on the international bonus content here, Kelly O Donnell, of NBC new side. A chopper noise makes it very hard to hear questions for White House staff stenographer, who keeps the official record. I was wearing a microphone so I was specifically what I ask the president that is not reflected in the White House. Transcript. Here's a side by side.
This treaty is going viral because they're using it to claim that the transcript from trumpets, fake, this parliament is not a transcript. Its fate comes lying, not real. They actually think. There's more. You know what man it was nothing burger. You overplayed your hand, and now you look foolish in one transcript. You can see the reporters questions in the other. You can see inaudible, inaudible, that's right. The wider stenographer couldn't hear her question over the helicopter noise and could necessarily here everything to trouble saying as well. There's no there's no wrong doing just inaudible, so you can hear it. How is the left? Reacted? Quote Another example of the White House doctoring transcripts, nothing they put out tomorrow can be trusted, and there it is. This is from Zack, but conness democratic strategist strategy he's verified, I'm not saying is the most influential but he's a former Hillary Clinton, senior adviser and Harry Red Coms director onto a singer, vices, democratic or into his profile. So let's links can the straight. You took some
in writing, something when they couldn't here and there are now saying that what is this dock during transcripts? This was in response to the fact that, last that you know it was actually soup early this morning, but last night tromp was playing on releasing transcripts. They were trying to pre empt the news, There was nothing burger. The Democrats have been spinning around in circles. Doing absolutely nothing. But let me end by saying workers have done one thing, there's been one one,
and you will result over everything they ve done and its hurt the economy I its effect. Ok, cue, the leftist shrieks of TIM is partisan, buys I'm sorry check this out. Why trump impatient threat is rattling stock market investors, at least for now? Here's one willing impeachment inquiry impact? U S! Trinity trade talks, stocks in the economy and finally, as in peacetime hundred drops the most in a month on Trump impeachment concerns, that's what you get that's the Democrats have done for you have they campaigned on policy, some of them have, and I appreciate some of it. Ok, I appreciate Elizabeth. When talking about big tat, I really really do I especially Pritchett tolls who govern Andrew Yang for the most part by Like Dulcy Butter, we're we're where's the policy action where's. The debate on budgets where's the debate on healthcare. Why aren't they arguing with the Senate with Congress with President over Healthcare over the border? Why are they doing this?
why are they going after Trump overrun? Nothing burger, there's nothing in the transcript. Ok, it's at its best innuendo and you can't really get anything out of it. You can't convict someone on it sounds kind of mafia, also but what they are doing is hurting the economy. Ike I'd it's so insane, because I think there's actually, The things we could be talking about in terms of the judges trumps appointing in terms of the deficit in turn into internal, turns in terms of of the trade war and subsidies. The farmers hey. These are all real things we can talk about. These are things we could challenge hey the deficits going up. Shit Republicans can be concerned about a balanced budget in the end, the democratic, nor all of those things that could be real conversations- things, I believe, even concern lives would want to discuss to figure out how to solve. Instead, they have gone knots, endless we all rampant. The walls are closing in the beginning of the end, using that video I tweeted it earlier works just
every single month the walls are closing in the beginning and it won't stop. There was a trap. Now I can't say that Donald Trump playing forty chassis planned this whole thing. But boy does he plays hand? Well the cards are being dished out and what do we see? The other day in my video there was a point made by the New York Times. I highlighted, and I agree with that. Tromp could use impeachment to blame any economic failings on the Democrats. If the economy, falters, tromp could lose, the economy is its biggest play, he says: hey, look, things are great, don't change him and voters will agree, but if the comet economies, arts taken a hit, voters might say we need a change. We need to change the economy too. Big factor here you go. Baroness Ashton, p. Five hundred drops the most. In a month on trumped impeded,
concerns and there it is any any any negative economic impact right now and trot was gonna point of these articles. He's gonna point to all the news saying you see: the Democrats did the impeachment their threatening the economy. Ok, they arc A lot of people say that stocks don't matter to regular Americans. They do they matter to retirement accounts. Ok, when it. When you talk about stocks, and you talk about your tongue chop up for one case this. These are important for retiring Americans. When the biggest voting blocks old people and tromp is going to say,
look the transcript proves. I did nothing wrong. The Democrats are obsessed and its hurting the economy and its hurting the american people and congratulations they're they're playing into his hands a limitless all out of sight. I was gonna before the final point is when Nancy Policy announced impeachment Trump tweeted out a video within minutes. You know twenty or thirty minutes mocking the Democrats over their piquant obsession. He prepared for this. Perhaps he didn't want it to happen. Perhaps it was an orchestrated, but in the end, trumps team is smart, and they are prepared for this. They hurt the economy. Let's, let's go even the politicking. Okay, the economy is taking a hits, because the Democrats didn't see evidence and decided to move for within a page minute impeachment announcement we live and we live in strange time. I'll. Tell you what the Democrats have no leadership and that's why you keep falling prey to this Pelosi understood it, but she's lost control
So there you go that there's your story will wrap it up. You know this. The Senate Hunt unanimously agreeing to release the stuff. You think they're gonna turn allow something to hurt them. I'm sorry dude, if their, if their opening the door for you you're walking into a trap, so it so there Oliver there sit around next, I will be coming up. You took outcomes less cast news at six p m if, as anymore developments going through the day, I'll have them- and I will see you all- there is truly heartwarming story. A man named Carson King, the EU will legend and raising more than one million dollars for charity off of assigning made it a joke. That's had to send him. Money is of had event my address and it was a gag where he was like we're gonna a beer and even a brazen, a million dollars. In journalism. This practice, I'm sure some of you may not be familiar with that. No good deed goes unpunished. So it's important
you realise there is a new standard in journalism candidate, where its ethical, apparently to dig up the tweets from eight years ago to destroy the life of a man who raised a million dollars for charity congratulations journalism. This is what you ve become now look here: let's, let's be real: ok I'll breakdowns guided It's true story deploying register Carson king, I will legend who raised then a million dollars for charity off his jokes on action, we decided this guy Erin Kelvin decided to dig through eight years of twitter. Has three to destroy this man, who did nothing but make a joke and raised for charity. No one is off limits. Nothing is off limits, this guy, when he was sixteen made him have comments relating to attach point o show he was sixteen years old. Eight years later, he did something great, isn't acts and it was a gag
but a million bucks for charity em and rising apparently one point: two five, maybe well no good day goes unpunished. Incur and so culture woke outrage world. So Journalists decided to be a good idea to go dig through his history eight years ago to find something offensive and then destroy him. It's rather insane. Actually, here's the sign Bush Bush light supply needs replenished v, my Carson king, twenty five and he raised a bunch of one. It's really really awesome. It's really really will think it was a joke. He ended up in his spear. Can Carson king on it. There is a big problem that has really awesome is really cool then, for some reason, this to my register story near the bottom. It just the same. It's to point out a routine background check, of King social media revealed to racist, jokes, a routine background check going back eight years, please
spare me your insanity. This is a disease. This is an infection. These people have no morals. No ethics. No Hundreds and boy are you gonna love this next part, here's a statement from our editor and the register. However, I do care for their silly statement, trying to explain why they dug into eight years of someone's twitter history. I love this just beneath it The register is aware of reports of inappropriate social media posts by one of our staffers and investigation has become my responses on twitter, this world a stupid. Everyone is stupid that that's just sit there They are now you know I actually. Actually. This is maybe a good thing. This guy Aaron Kelvin, ok, there's as named Erin Calvin who does, through this guy sweater history, destroying this. This good thing that he had done now. And how's Bush is several
all association with Carson King. What I'm holding you I'm holding look Carson king may have made offensive jokes and he's a kid. You know what we were all kids. I said some really dumb stuff, I'm, so we shall we off nobody. Nobody is perfect. Where they say about throwing stones in glass houses. What do they say about? Let he without without sin, cast the first stone like let but those who have not tweeted offensive things can so the first or or our sparked the first outrage. Now the point is just don't: do it just stop? Ok and eyes or Bush, this is on Ok, why? You know what about me I'll drink beer? So it's not like they care about in my business, I don't drink that anyone. But when I see this, I dont associate anything negative with Carson king. I dont he was a guy who did a great thing: It was. It was fine. It was exciting. It was a feel good human interest, peace. That made me hopeful. I was like
man look how humans like rally together, and they do this really great thing. It's so cool, isn't it and then you come on just put all apart. That's what they do, that's what they do. Ok So I imagine, like you know these. We have these stories the human interest stories they give you up like you. They make you optimistic that you feel good you're watching tv and it's like a local homeless man rescued up several puppies from a river and he's being awarded the key to the city in your life and so times, people are all right and I saw this store our guy. That's actually really Coolio admitted jargon. Getting more money than thoughts. He's gonna dominated now he's gonna, copier cannon like that so cool, and then this errand Calvin guy came in just voted apart. And Analyzer Bush. You too, you two again out now drink there, beer so but thought was so here's the thing, in response to this statement from the editor in which their life we were just doing regular, routine background information decided, we should include an hour shut up dude. It is that routine
Just imagine this ten twenty years ago, where it's like, we interviewed a guy from all from a homeless, shelter, so we research this high school year, but photos and found a fence. No, no one does that in politics. Maybe but Carson King is not a politician. You media needs to stop John Levine posted some of the caravan. Show you what the dude that its other most offensive thing in the world you can, you can see on the screen. I've gotta go look away. I say it's too late. I'm gettin trouble I'm an again trouble in posted. Some of the caravan show you what the dude that its other most offensive thing in the world. You can, you can see on the screen. I've gotta I gotta go. I am, I think, till I get in trouble again. Problem, but the guy Aaron Calvin had a bunch of offensive tweets, and so people are cancelling the council culture guy, you know at first. I was kind of like while how Damas this, but then I thought you know it's kind of like a controlled burn. If any, time. Someone tries to cancel someone on a group of people.
Send on them and cancel them. That's probably a good thing. You know you can't fight fire with fire right Where's wildfires wildfires actually will burn a line so that the fire stops at a certain point like it's a controlled burns on purpose the issue here, those at this era Erin Calvin Guy actually sat a bunch of offensive things even super offensive areas. It was like dumb, dumb retweeting jokes from twenty eleven. I dont care man, but you know what paint it that's a name. You want to play Aaron than absolutely. You deserve everything that comes your way with journalists, tweeting about what you ve said, yeah sure Ali tweeted. If Carson King had been defiant about the two tweets from when he was sixteen or double down, I would get whether Reggie I would mention them, but according to the paper, you was deeply remorseful. I fail to see how it was newsworthy, especially given the good work he is he's been doing exactly it's just pure evil. Pull narcissism. These people are disgusting. There disgusting, callous callow,
individuals, they are frightened and weak willed. Why would you do this? Why? What were you thinking yeah. Sure says: with the respect. With respect to the story, the register and the reporter Araby Calvin don't deserve a level of kindness, but here we are because Carson King responded that they have another kind to him and he was the one who came out an address that address the tweets. Yeah shows what a hypocritical grace in reference to now deleted, tweets and then yeah sure says, and Bravo yeah sure, if you're going to pull up someone's old tweets right about them, and you have old racist twits of your own at least have the courage to take the heat guarantee Calvin. Taking your account. Private is cowardly. What are disgusting disgusting individual? You know what man this is the morn register. I don't know it's not the biggest paper the world if it was VOX. If it was Buzzfeed, would this person be facing scrutiny? The answer is: no. You only
is an errand Calvin is getting cancelled himself because, of course, actually off I'll put it this way, then you times hired Sarah John. They knew about her to her tweets for three years. This woman posted overt racist comments, ridiculous, ridiculously offensive and racist comments. Carson Qarqar sinking to jokes then go after him, Erin Calvin a handful of off color. Well now he's being torn apart, but you know what Sarah Jonathan you're times they all the defence in the world idle like to see any one of these people come out who are going after this guy Errand of an and say New York Times fire? Sarah John? She should have never been hired and put in the first place. Man and I hold on hold on, I think, should actually for actually, I dont think she should actually be fired. Based on her being offensive. Analytics
even here in the first place, but here we are- and I really really have to say as much. I detest people like her who make his racist comments and and try and hide behind, but they were racist. First, I don't care dude. Two wrongs do not make a right. I really had cancelled culture, should have hired or the New York Times has been honest, sprit of hiring left in an authoritarian like freaky, weird lifting activists, and it shows the New York Times has been wallowing in, and filth and fake news for a while. Now will you congratulations? That's what you hire and that's what you ve produce the quality of your content from the quality of your people. What you expect it's a disease, Is you don't put an infection, but maybe it's a good thing, maybe we're seeing here with his errand Calvin Guy getting cancelled himself is is good, I mean, maybe maybe this could be the end. The domain registrar tweeted at their aware of his offensive tweets in their investigating into it. Investing in animal strong response was
You guys aren't handling this right. You need to decry the harassment, you're journalists as getting from the rapid, racist public and refreshed the entire situation to advantage is kind of the point I was just making. If this was the verge or vocs they be, like the people. Attacking era are just bigots or trying to defend a racist but anymore. Stars. Like you know, he says you need to get in touch. The mainstream media for support and have your reporter pennant up ad about once like to be on the receiving end of a harassment campaign driven by right wing quote far right voice. What it's like to survive. A far right hate campaign. Trust me a solid time tested strategy. That yield, successes again and again, its workforce area. Arms are weak when Carlos Maza, joy, red and many others, one even got away with making someone I'll take you that's a whole store that I have never cause, I'm not gonna. Comecon is just so. You know what will sidestep that one, and you have to look at looking out for yourself, but I'm not gonna say is wrong. I'm going to say, cancel cultures is
they can twisted beast, but the essence of our calls Maza, I mean people we lost a shut up, but yeah Sarah Jong France and shorter than your times. I canceled my near time, subscription IDA for awhile because I've I've I've. You know as much as I disagree with some of my colleagues how they do things in some of the stories have none of them bad for the most part like repentance ivy racers. I don't think the New York Times always can be right, but listen when they started hiring overt identity. Arians like racists, like like hard core racist slacks urging for three years, was posting race. Content and then she would and then they should a statement where they're like she was just you. The language of her abusers, so you're saying, is that she's, the racist like sheep was right like our address and others an excuse. While she still works there and For that I said you know, I'm not going to condemn the whole paper because the hard won you no bad person,
I get it. I oughta like council culture, but those are publishing fake news, ok, front page fake news that was very obviously fake news, Jenner, designed to generate traffic, and I brought up for a reason what the domain registrar did with cancelling Carson king was a desperate desperate attempt at getting attention, there is absolutely no reason in any route. In story in any story like this to go through eight years of someone's history? I Agnes, like in a local local homeless. Man cleans up the beach and then there are like wow. Look at this great. You know almost sky came and just clean. The whole beach- let's go, learn about its past, ten years ago, so we can destroys life even more the suit. You know he made a joke. He did a good thing and psych. Why would why would the media do this right? It's simple clicks and they know clicks
you know our outermost I'll leave it there. I hope this is a turn around. I hope with people like yeah sure I mean she's. A good do some are saying, is a unique for him. Now he irregularly calls out Nora, equally calls it out properly right, but I'm hoping with more mainstream personality, stepping up in calling this out and pointing to these people, and you know cancelling cancel culture. I hope this is the turn around and that these people try to do this. All the time fail. Yes, even prouder bitch vocs tried to cancel him well. Where are we now? I hold on Stephen Crowd or lost. Add revenue short Carlos Maza got fired. Ok, got fired ways out, he is no longer with vocs. The rumour I heard was that he was obsessed that he kicked
tweeting I mean it's true. He wouldn't stop tweeting about Stephen crowd around, I'm pretty sure EAST still tweets about today, and I think it s at a certain point. You know if you, if you're a media company and even employ, who won't shut up about they're stupid twitter drama, eventually going to be like dude like we'd. We can't have this ok, you know we produce media nothing to a huge fan of vocs. For the most part, but I have to imagine within the company seeing him just relentlessly tweeting refused to talk about it. There are like do get out, just go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, get! Some are an hour ago two rehab like not like budget we have. I go clear your mind of this fringe insanity. So, in the end for mental fight, crowded, still here with us doing his show, making his jokes Carlos Mars, has not got that errant gallon. He got cancelled along with Carson King think about them the next time. You know these. These journalists wanna come on trying council somebody. So I don't know
the New York Times, has staff who keep deleting their tweets, there's like to people who have recently been out for being your racist. Okay, the game is on you want to play this game. It's going to be it's going to be played right back, stick around next time, I'll be coming up at one. This channel I'll see you all, then the other day Nancy Pelosi formally announced there would be an impeachment inquiry mine. Standing is that their hasn't. They have actually voted on the resolution to do it, so I dont know if it's actually happening, but their claiming it's gonna happen. None of that matters. Ok, there. There saying it's gonna happen: ok, let's just opera that promise they're using this their targeting trump over Ukraine, the tree. These groups have been released. I am waiting a little bit to do. A bigger store was going on the transcript those that are wondering if you ve made it this video the transcripts, our big, nothing better, but before I can do that, I want to talk about Donald Trump and forty chess. You don't have to think Donald Trump is playing forty chess or, as I tweeted you need to think, Donald Trump is playing forty chastity. The Democrats are playing checkers Donald,
released this video just about what twenty or thirty minutes after they announced that he was going there they're moving forwards impeachment. What does it mean? In all likelihood, this video was prepared? I do not believe they whipped this video up in half an hour. It's a bunch of select clips talking about impeachment. This says to me that Donald Trump was prepared for them. He was a baby point? Forty chats he's just playing chats. Ok, he saw their move. He planned a counter punch there. It is now here's the bigger story. The main store I wanna get to Trump Fund raises with the official impeachment DIS defence task force, really daily reports in a fund raising email sent to the daily collar. The Trump campaign is urging strong american patriots to resist the attempts by Democrats to silence you, those interested in joining official impeachment defence task force with their contribution before
Ok, you know what memorize it yesterday Democrats are walking into a trap. Yes, Donald Trump is now fundraising off this, admittedly admit a lot of stuff to talk about haven't do with Ukraine, but the news kind of whilst subtle, but let me just say Boy- was a trap. Mainstreaming to focus on is not necessarily the bigger breaking news, but well actually. Now this is big breaking news that you got their debts. Congratulations Trump and funds taskforce. Yo P raises approximately one million dollars on first day of quote impeachment. There was a question raised by the New York Times either to talk about it does trump want to be impeached and a lot of people believe the answer is yes because, you'll, never be removed from office. The Senate won't allow it, but it shows the Democrats don't care about core issues are retweeted something about this earlier.
And I remember what was but I agree, and it's like great now. The Democrats are wrapped up in this stupid. Impeachment fight, they'll, never win. Why are they doing it? I'll tell you why the Democrats, R, r r puppets of the media, unintentionally, Nancy Pelosi bless her heart. She tried so hard to resist this, but, alas, she couldn't in the end she was roped into the impeachment trash that that they pulled her and they pulled her in and now based on what we hear the Uk Ukraine at transcript, it seems like they are going to its it's it really bad for them. There's a thing when the media put out a story, often time It doesn't really go anywhere. No, this is true for most stories. The story about
by then and tromp, and this phone calls actually pretty old. My understanding is that originated with a Washington Post, opinion peace, a kid you not an opinion that peace, not a fact based bit of journalism. Someone wrote an opinion that they thought What tromp was doing was akin to interference and then all of a sudden, the media picked up to the dams were forced to react. Pelosi didn't want to it's so strange. Isn't it? Why did it all happened? Almost like tromp was planning the whole thing almost like again, you're gonna think he's point forty two but the Democrats certainly are our helpless trump puts out a tweet and what happens? The media goes knots The media makes a statement. The dams are forced to react, Trump is a leader, and people are following him: the Democrats they have no one there fractured running around like chickens at their head cut off
and now tromp has raised approximately one million dollars if it wasn't on purpose. Ok, I've said many times. You would expect me to believe that Trump accidentally slips into, but an appeal but then performs back slip out of it. How is always an accident? How is it always he's? Making mistakes? Okay, we can talk about, his is is misstatements is bourse behaviour all that all day and night, but come on man. He met a million. Box office. It is helping him. Impeachment is unpopular Democrats art campaigning on policy issues anymore, and this is going into the democratic, debates. It's it's it's insane, you know what do you think's going to happen now? The damn debate The Democrats can be, and many of them saying I will talk about healthcare and they're gonna be like we can talk about impeachment. The Democrats are moving forward. Let's within israeli collar The Republican National Committee raised a proxy
one million dollars Tuesday. After speaker, vows Nancy Policy came out in favour of the impeachment of President Donald Trump. For the first time after meeting with a caucus The re election campaign and a joint fund raising Committee started fund raising in regards to impeachment around two p m and holding one million dollars by eight p m in six hours, Tuesday night, a corner they'll. Orange chairman Ichiro Mcdaniel, sent out a tweet Tuesday afternoon saying, the orange see raised three and forty thousand dollars in Michigan Democratic Rep, Alyssa slot cans district for backing impeachment. She said we will absolutely hold house Democrats accountable. This Donald Trump one Alyssa slackens district in Michigan, yet she's backing this baseless in impeachment increase,
In less than six hours, our anti slacken efforts alone raced three hundred and fifty thousand dollars boy. I tell you what Cavanaugh effect. I think I think you know you're the Streisand effect I think Cavanaugh effect is going to now. Stop pertaining to any instance where political attacks. Result in it. It's almost like a Streisand effect is very similar right in distress and effective. Familiar when you try to remove something or silent, something it comes back. Bigger The story originated when I think the stories basically barbarous dry sand. Photos off her home and she demanded a website take em down which
a new story and the photos became newsworthy and went viral in the Cavanaugh affect the Democrats, went after cabinet with baseless accusations and rallied republicans and strengthen them, and many believe. That is why the Republicans took the Senate. If you really want to impeach Trump, the worst thing you could have done is go after Brett Cavanaugh, because it gave Republicans a stronger Senate that at least that's what even you know, people had been more even think, ok So I think that's a fact. I think when you go after the president in this way, with flimsy accusations without seeing any evidence, you we're going to get a lot of angry people who are going to donate they're gonna rally and are going to vote, and I ll say the gunman. The democratic debates are coming up, the fourth debates, and what do you think the subject matter is going to be now? Do you think these people have an opportunity to talk about why their economic plan makes sense? maybe a little bit, but this is going to overshadow everything they they just can't help but play trumps.
I can tell you how many videos I've made if you ve watched all of my videos everyday how many years have made. Why said the trumpets is: is peace playing them like a fiddle? Its I'm not gonna sit here, and I want to pretend that Trump and his team craft this great plan, like they say forty chess, but it doesn't matter. Ok, because the Democrats have no leadership There is no individual guiding the party anymore they're all over the place. They say Pelosi publicly announced Tuesday afternoon today announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment in great great well well out see what I believe it. Let me won't. Let me see that the resolution passed despite policies early reluctance to push for impeachment. There are currently two hundred Democrats who support impeachment Orne Impeachment inquiry policy has said she believes Trump is goading Democrats to impeach and because you think it will help in fire up his base. Congratulations! You know what man! This is why she resisted. I feel bad for policy. She knew
she understood the whole time, tromp has just raised a million dollars. You think that the you know Trop thinks it's got. A fire was based lady! He just raised a million bucks in six hours did a fireplace base. Yes, it did so put so you know what again Pelosi New she resisted this and resisted this. But eventually, given the moderate started getting on board, and that was a huge mistake. Moderate Democrats, our common for impeachment. You made a mistake They have no strong leadership policies, lost control, she's lost control of the party, admittedly look she's what speaker of the house? It's not like, she's, the most prominent figure in the Democrats. Have our Clinton's out Obama's gone, who today left what leadership do they have? What strong personalities you looked at the republic inside and you can easily a handful of republican swore prominent and powerful. You got TED, gruesome, Linsey Gram, friends, and Marco Rubio. They ve been relatively prominent in a lot of big political issues, Democrat side, what we
I mean you have Schuman Pelosi, but they're not I mean what are they doing in reality? The strength of their party is a casual Cortez she's, the one commanding press she's, the one, the forefront and she's the one being followed policy. It is lost it I'd, say it's a bit worrying because as much as on the big fan of the deceased, these establishment, growing Democrats, I'm not a big fan- we had a D Terry and woke far left weirdos more so kind of like well. You know what I think we're doomed they gonna,
in many places, democratic colleagues previously pushed for impeaching Trump, including Democratic, Texas, Rep Al Green, who broke with policy when he vowed to force a vote to impeach drop in late March. Green, who previously had several bills to impeach Trump overwhelmingly rejected by the House of Representatives called for a third impeachment vote policy said impatient was just not worth it in March interview. Today's comments were just the first time bloated said: Trump should be impeach, so there you go the impeachment it's here. It was a mistake, its firing at their base and you're gonna. Do I have a ton of stuff. I will talk about pertaining to the actual Ukraine scandal which I am so sick of it so dumb especial. It turns out to be a huge, nothing Berger. I could you not
but the at the time of filling this. The transcript came out. You know a couple hours ago and what needs to happen is I need to see all of the responses. I need to see this big, you know push and it really looks like the left and right Arlene two different universes on this one, but let me just make it very clear: stick around four p m on my other channel TIM Youtube com slashed him gas. We are going to be tearing this thing apart because it turns out the transcript it transcript is a nothing burger. It is nothing on a scale of zero of one two hundred where one is absolutely nothing and one hundred is, you- Know- proof positive corruption, scandal that second seven it's like. Ok, I can see, you know, maybe showed a frame it that way, but really, in the end, nothing stick around I'll, see you at four p m when we die deeper into the impeachment Ukraine stuff. The big take away from this I wanted to. I really wanted to the update because Trumpery a million bucks, a million bucks- is it that you know what man I'll see you
for. I think it was Dave Reuben who coins that phrase. I didn't leave the left. The left left me and I think this actually about a better up to put it George Petersen said something the effect that our society doesn't know when the left goes too far. We know the right goes too far. We don't know in the left goes too far and it means a lot. We ve story here from Brigitte Potassae. I've got another punch plants, anybody's names, apparently so I apologise. Prancing you're your name wrong, what it's called an open letter to the Democratic Party, the days of the face, thou politics no longer allowed basically Brigitte rights how she used to be the liberal Democrat and I was a registered, I believe, registered independent, but you're, not Democrat anymore, and so I started thinking about what does it mean? The left left you and the reality is it didn't, it didn't, go anywhere, listen. I was Talking recently to somebody who is far left, you know antifraud type,
that. I used to feel kind of friends. Friends with believe her knowledge of multimodal, even and I said something effective, you know what happened to the left and I was all that I didn't understand, they haven't changed, they ve just gained more power and don't meet us anymore. It's basically it so here's the point I want to make about not not not knowing when the left goes too far. The democratic party has never put a hard stop on the left going too far. They ve allowed it to grow and fester within the party on the left, and it's gotten so big now, but Nancy Pelosi can't even fight back, and thus we get everything we saw today with the Euro inscribed in her. You know the other day or calling for for impeachment, and the disaster is a disaster, because Republicans knew at a certain point. We can't allow certain behaviour, and society as a whole easily got rid of it today. Something different happens. You have moderates the right independence like Brigitte. Telling the Democrats enough stop stop. They won't they
while the emergence of a left in a tear, it left wing and anti terrorism and woke outrage in council. Culture. Well, you know what fine the left and leave it allowed this infection to grow to the point where the smart people have left it. So socialism imagine like there was an american left and the small faction of far left us we're growling and growing, and the left never too hold them to stop hey, partly my fault, you know cause. I was right there alongside many these people during Occupy Wall Street and, of course, I've I've. Always at my pain. Guys I voiced pushed back and in our joint genuine point, twelve, I'm an interview where I openly condemn black block violence between what we call today. You know Antiphon, but a lot of people said nothing stood side by side and said we must respect a diversity of tactics, effort as that's it. That's how
say it. The republican say that now the Republicans and the right just get rid of bad actors and tell me get out it's too by the left and realise this before it was too late. So it's not so much the left left you it's that something different is taking over the left and pushing out the same rational individuals sort of way this, only from Brigitte and are a kind of I'll give you my thoughts and opinions very similar in a sense to how she describes things. But let us read from the spectator. She writes Democrats, I'm mad at you, I was raised, die hard, bleeding heart liberal. My grandmother was an Irish Catholic New England or who worked JFK almost as much as Jesus my dad and his nine. Doubling saying for the Kennedys at the hammer at Hammersmith Farm for decades? I was a loyal, regular at your bar until Suddenly you started Normie. You took my support for granted and dismissed my concerns, focusing in set uncorking the young city hipsters with their scooter and their designer weed and their craft beers. You began
overlooking pragmatic, moderates and catering to lie. Extremists who favour rewriting the constitution and accelerating your lurched towards socialism. I love this analogy. Brigitte, it's a mess, because I imagine in my head a perfect picture of what's happening. Imagine this every day you wake up you gotta industry, to a local diner. You order COS and there is, you know, Jimbo behind the counter say what I think is clean, this glass and his idea. Let's get you your food and then one day some young people come in and so that the management says Young people like avocado, toast and and deconstructed grilled cheese. Hurried, I'm kidding, but you know I mean, like- is weird food trends. All of a sudden now You start recognising that more and more of the shop is being overtaken by these young hipsters riding runnin scooters ordering weird food that you quite honestly think is If you like, I don't want it. What does this all you want to do with sit down your restroom,
enjoy your meal, like you always have, but times have changed. The problem is, for some reason, the management of this bar thinks young hippies have money. They don't the analogy. I didn't vote they're not going to vote for them support you so now you have this guy at the bar, and like all man all these young people right scooters, I can get their business start offering of a ton of wacky products. Some people come in by them of them. Part they dont and he can't understand. Why is going out of business now and you're? Saying you're going Jim come on man. Listen to me, you gotta get back to selling. You know chicken and rice now can't sell this deconstructed avocado toast, which is like just playing bread and slice and in a whole avocado. You need to actually do they don't, and this is happening business is not a woman. People aren't coming in there not being attracted to this chamber behind the counter thinks he's Kay. The money over the monolithic guts, and so we tries
underground. Like Joe Biden done work eventually, you start ignoring you. Nor do that regular in Europe. I can't even I can you I want to order. You go somewhere else. You I cannot down the street your hungry and their across the street. Is you know crazy, crazy gems is also named Jim, crazy gems mega ton burger. Extravaganza and there's a big portly, shuffle oh my god, he's like come on over, have a burger and you're alive No man, I'm I've, never been big. Unlike the massive double bacon chatter of, don't don't you ve brought about a come on in while the conversation you see, that's aggressor, gray analogy. I just want to do that now is awesome. Anyway, but not really really separate analogy in that. You want a desperate attempt to cater to an expanding market, one they think will vote for them, but won't then ignoring those who they actually need to get to vote for them
when these people leave the store confused in Hungary. There, Hungary there like what? What? What can I do right across the street is at big fellow at that barbecue grow on that double shudder: double bacon, slop with manners and barbecue sauce and all the key. As each report lay, everything is massive unease like come on down and cracks ethos, your beer, you crack it open and that's what the Republicans have been doing operator right. So twenty sixteen feeling politically homeless, I dropped my party affiliation. How did this happen? How did it go being a lifetime Democrat to a registered independent. I am far from alone. Why dont, you Democrat, seem to care lent limit limited again, someone like Brigitte. She didn't walk out of that restaurant and go to the big double bacon barbecue. She walked out and said I don't want to eat like this. Are myself an example? I'm city restaurant, the Democrats and I'm site might like yeah, whatever man I'll get a chicken you, no girl chicken, Caesar whatever they are going crazy started. Nor may this art offering of weird foot I dont want so eventually,
Leave I'm standing outside Hungary and across the street is unhealthy food that I personally don't like it's fine and moderation. It's not you can eat it's, not bad. It's not that bad. The media want to tell you that if you eat you'll die but other than elsewhere you know walk over there and give a wave in and try and appetizer, but for the most part, I'm not interested in seeing but the restaurant, because our We still just wanted a girl Chicken Caesar and there My food analogy for being politically homeless. People like me in, standing outside of that once great diner. Now, just confused with no one, or to eat. Now there are small third party LEO candidates, which is an appealing, so we walk over to a food car and get some falafel or something. But let me read on ice, love that analogy. I hope you enjoy it. Like most Americans, I devote my pop politics thrust Moses, you absorb what you grow up around. I call this unexamined position. Factory settings factory settings to default believes installed when you were a child quote
I grew up in a conservative governments, IVO Republican or I hate the Yankees, because I'm from Boston as young person, I could spout democratic party lines verbatim in care all that much by twenty fifteen. I viewed politics as something that only affected the very rich, and the very poor I wasn't dependent on the government and tax cuts. Didn't benefit me, the winner of any luck very little influence on my life. I walked away breast too busy living paycheck to pay check. I felt just like any other cog in the wheel, for most of twenty years and which have been able to vote. I've kept my head down and voted Democrat because I believe they were the party of the people and I was told Republicans we're evil. My whole life. So are you basically? She basically goes on to say that, eventually, where issues at the approved message, she says I subscribe to what I call the approved message, a sort of right think that meant you were one of the good guys. A democratic made for a simpler life now hold on that wasn't incorrect. There was a point where the
I'm a rat's we're sane and reasonable, and there was a point where the Republicans, worse, censorious and more or less stick but times have changed. Tromp especially came with the change I dont think he created. We came with that wave. There was a point pointed out with a right was saying: oh hey, you know this is immoral. We can't do this their policy, ex marriage. They update that there was that the university Even Trop recently was playing video games and violence, and things like that. Ok, so the point as it's, it's not like the right has been perfect. They have not been, but whatever happened to. The Democrats has resulted in regular people going across the street at barbecue, joint and now all of the cool people are not in that diner anymore. So it's not. The right has improved. Why it is about the right has improved by attracting rational people, as the left continues to go insane the right easily.
Ropes and, with that hand, waving a beer. A lot of moderate individuals who help make the party make the right more moderate, I'm sure a lot of people who were in a very conservative and ended up watching Jordan Petersen moved to the centre move closer little, but I've heard stories about people were all right who watch Jordan Pearson moved closer to the centre. You see, that's what's happened, There is a saying that the sane and rational you know conversations and an actual talk of solutions is appealing to a lot of people. So I don't know why, but Like the generational thing, something happened with the right where they ve been put in Copenhagen, where they ve been a bit more moderate as much at the level of the left will try to claim that they are not look at Fox NEWS bringing on down a Brazil, for instance, even trumpets comply, learning about Fox news. You know hosting Bernie Sanders. That's right, there's an opportunity here for the right to become. I guess how she viewed the Democrats in the past.
The good guys. I don't think it's assembly the right way to look at it binder stand. I do try to keep these short on the threat that rapid progress up soon, but I want to stress its not that republicans are the good guys. It's at the Democrats have lost leadership, they fractured and they have allowed radicals to take over radicals who offend most people with their. As for violence and their irrational actions, given the only alternative being moderates and Republicans than yes, a lot of political, almost people will find themselves look at the dinner table with people. They dont really agree with a lot of policy, but this is better for everybody to the detriment of the left. Don't you, like, I thought, was a thousand great up ads from Brigitte you put out today from a spectator and so that I feel. Similarly, I thought be fun to do a little analogy, but I really really do dig that that scooter, analogies craft beers and we'd the problem is, as South Park puts it. Hippies don't have money right. So you try to care to these young people they're not going to vote.
Stick around. I got a couple more stories coming up in a few minutes. I will see you all. Surely the Senate has voted again to block trot, national emergency over the border, but fails to get veto, prove majority, which means less likely going to know, go nowhere, but I'm really Really surprised to see this, why there are Republicans voting again trumps actually shows. There's not complete. Unity is actually a really really good thing. Hear me out, Democrats seem to be ignoring the will of the people. Ok, it is true that not everybody in this country likes the president. If we go by standard pulls his approval, writing is below fifty percent rest Mew sent in Zagreb have him above fifty percent. So, let's just say it's contested easy enough. The Republicans, however, aren't operating in unison. The Democrats aren't necessarily either, but Majority has swung a dangerous direction where now Nancy Policy as catering to the impeachment nonsense. Their need
to be new ones and debate even within the parties, and it looks like there are some people who, for better or for worse, voted against the president. Now here's what I think it's enough for a very troubled polio, Prob We cannot be upset they're doing this, but in the end they get a veto, prove majority, which means not going anywhere, and I think it's fair to point out. Ideological diversity. Diversity of opinion are extremely important, so it's actually to an extent kind of good that their republicans willing to push back on the rest of the party. The same is true for Democrats thought it was Nancy Plus. But she caved well. Here's one want to do. The reason I highlight the stories is quite short: you negative you'll get the gist of adverse quickly, but here's the thing in the story from the Federalist talking about Ukraine, its titled GEO people,
patients are falling, for Ukraine is stereo like they did for Russia. I thought was an interesting contrast to suit their assent, republicans willing to vote against the President's declaration, but at the same time they're pulling the fake news of the Ukraine scandal. I wonder what the differences, but I think I think that's healthy its weakness. Still, it is like, if you have ideological conformity and I ve launches votes wherever Trump wants yet trouble when more often, but that's not good in the long run. That's it s an important lesson for Democrats by us read from CNBC so the scent voted Wednesday to block trumps national emergency declaration over southern border. For the second time still, the Republican held chamber fell short of the two thirds majority needed to overcome the presents likely veto of the measure. Course he well it is national emergency assented voted fifty four to forty one to terminate the emergency as all Levin Republicans joint Democrats in supporting the rest-
Lucian. Earlier this year, twelve GNP senators voted with Democrats. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida support the measure in March, but did not vote Wednesday. Democrats forced the latest about in part to put pressure on GM. He senators who backed trumps declaration earlier this year, the Pentagon this month outlined the military construction projects from what you would divert three point: six billion to building border barriers. Tromp, declared an emergency in February or to allocate money first put proposed border wall after he failed to get the funds from Congress. We we can all the stuff we get it. We get it. It's a lawmakers. What is termed the emergency in March, but it not have enough support to override the presence veto by law Congress can try to block the draft declaration every six months on. That's that's upright, and they did it again. They say it with the trumpet ministration will pull its biggest pieces of funding from to? U S: territories: Porter Rico!
but it will still pull significant sums from the states represented by Giovanni senators vulnerable and the twenty twenty elections that includes Corey, Garner of Colorado, Martinek Sally of Arizona Tom tell us of North Carolina. All three opposed the resolution to end the emergency declaration during Wednesday's vote in and and Ok, I don't want to read too much about the Mediterranean, so we get to the point about trumpet support and then the contrast they say tell us exactly face. Republican primary election challenges is interesting. Send it majority leader, Chuck humor, try to push tried to put pressure on Republicans to block the national emergency early in the day. He's had a vote for the president. Today is a vote in favour. For of cutting funding for our military and yeah yeah, yeah yeah, ok, get it wasn't. I dont think chunk chamber actually cares. I don't think most these people care and I dont think Mcconnell care. I dont think any of these establishment incumbent, longstanding Congress, people care and I dont care its politics as usual, using different its trump. Even while the left is very different,
They say majority leader, Mr Connell, meanwhile called Wednesdays measure. A show vote, accused Democrats of wanting to. Then a false choice between border security and other important military construction projects. Ok, look take it forward. It is I'm not super concern about this. It doesn't overcome a veto, proof majority the interest, The thing, however, is that when it comes to Ukraine, we're not seeing I'm not gonna talk to these individuals who voted against, who voted to take away the national emergency funds but it seems like GNP. Members are much less. Can earned now about potential blow back over these scandals, probably because the Democrats have cried Wolf too much and that's the important point. I know how late in the show, but the point is when it comes to what the Democrats are doing here, is the advantage You can actually get some people on your side and take action and make a statement in southern
they make is on hoax nonsense. Ok I'll walk back the hoax stuff just over exaggerated over hype. Nonsense, federalist rights, unlike how they handled the Russia Collusion conspiracy, theory public and politicians have shown themselves less likely to fall for the Ukraine story being peddled through leaks to the same sympathetically. Orders from an ominous anonymous parts and sources on Sunday, CNN Jake Tapir amplified a tweet from senator Mitt Romney with some additional commentary, Jake Tapir said First GEO, P, official I've seen to even stray in the general direction of possibly thinking of approaching condemnation. Yup joy, Mitt Romney in recent resistance. Figures have run an operation similar to the Russia Collusion conspiracy that gripped the country for years that, since debunk conspiracy theories
Ported by daily grips of bombshell, news reports in the media, including tapir, was that Trump had surreptitiously colluded with Russia to steal it. Twenty sixteen election, even the partisan probe, ostensibly led by the ailing Robert Mahler, was able to find, was able to thought, was unable sorry unable to find a single american, much less the present of the. U S who had loaded with had to colluded with Russia to steal twenty. Sixteen election, the stairway about Russia, caused real hum of the country's foreign policy and administration of government. No one has yet been held accountable for perpetrating the hoax, and many media are helping the coke and spears and the hopes of void that accountability. I say now: similar figures are alleging, based not of a source without first hand, knowledge that trumps should be impeached, because if a phone call with Ukraine, because I've already talked about all this- let's skip over, get to the point where we get to the fact that Republicans art playing the game, what tapir highlighted is worth highlighting wild
bring the Russia hoax. Nearly all private Republicans expressed concern about collusion with Russia to steal the election, rushed to microphones to condemn the president for what turned out to be a false smear of sedition and went out of their way to protect the the relentless investigation of him based on lies secretly, funded by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National committee. This time, it's mostly just Mitt Romney it just just him, and I don't know why. But I guess that's that! That's all you get so you get! So that's it! That's the point right there Republicans or absolutely voting against trumpet they're, not saying anything about Ukraine. I think the issue is this. There may be people who art in line with the president or other public inside but give me they're not going to fall for this again. The Democrats look silly their prancing around screeching, not a transcript. Oh, it's not. You know Trump, its prove all the other nonsense and it's nothing. Burger man Republican I want to look silly, ok and even though they reserved a judgment during Russia Gate, I think
This point there like now. No, no! No! No! The Democrats have no credibility. They say the standard of evidence required from resistance figures. In and out of the media to perpetrate yet another Russia Gate is so high that it might be impossible to meet, but at the very least its higher than what's offered now, yes, Democrats have wanted to impeach Trump for the crime of winning the twenty sixteen election, and that's it that's their obsessed they just the calf. It's pathetic, and they very well might do that, no matter what they pretend. The underlying reason is the republic. Politicians, Romney and those like an ex accepted like him, except are either smart enough not to fall for this particular reasons: resistance effort, or there simply serve enough to realise there is no appetite for a public and politicians to assist Democrats and undermining a duly elected republican President based unquestionable hearsay, a complicated narrative that doesn't even add up and desperate desire to undo twenty. Sixteen, and that's all there doing
So you know what I mean if you follow my if you followed my video from other today, I was Thinking about it- and I said you know I think Trop is doing he's, try and to show the double standard, I think he does a lot with by asking Ukraine to looking at twenty sixteen and their freaking out, accusing him of now interfering in though, in the coming years, there are essentially condemning themselves. They that's exactly what they did. They went to you, crying the demanded investigation into what happened in twenty. Sixteen trumpet the same thing, and it shows you the double standard it. You have to understand that perspective. They haven't there. The good guys who can do no wrong. So how dare you? How dare you they think they have every right to pressure anybody they want and investigate whenever they want, and then, when travellers, ok I'll, do literally the same thing they screech and they wine and that's what he's showing people. I think you know. I was saying before that it was a trap and I mean
that's somewhat half I didn't have seriously in that. You dont know whether or not he planned all of this, but it certainly is working out in his favour. This is a good bit of evidence for that. The fact that Republicans aren't coming out and reserving judgment there does either saying nothing or pushing back shows the Democrat cried Wolf too much. And nobody cares anymore. Tromp is securing his victory by destroying the credibility of Democrats and they're playing run into it. So alive stick around. I got one more segment coming up in just a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Oh boy, this video is gonna, get demonetized Dundee rank faster than you can say, demonetized de rank. Why? Well we have to talk about the Joker and the problem of a mass shooting that happened whereby dress like the Joker and now because woke me, He loves pushing the narrative of egg cells. We now have this bit of news from daily wire Joker COM traversing gets serious. You was
military warns of threats of in cell violence at Joker screenings. Ok, let me ask you this question for one: why Why does it is the real threat like in cells? Aren't you know shore? There have been some crazy and cells, but like they think these people are gonna, go out and try and hurt people are the Joker screening. The question is why, they don't know, screening of the Joker and not something more on another like opposed to. But you know what Let's just read the story. I do have another story about what the Joker controversy you know. I didn't like me over controversy, but I think the military warning about. It is going to that point three, the daily wire reports on museum in a little bit the controversy swirling around Warner broke new standalone DC film Joker, which tracks the psychological spiral of a failed committee, into a murder. A sociopath took a decidedly more alarming toned this week after reports of the FBI and the: U S military
issuing warnings about the quote, credible threat of amassed shooting by an insult extremist at a screening of the. And its warnings like that. That make me think the long for spent like FBI and the military, no less about the our culture than me or you watching this. You too, it's like kind of a boomerang thing to be. Like I read in the paper but in cells are dangerous. We butter put on a warrant it's like there's been nothing like what you know. Some We don't know I mean maybe like out I'll, take met their word right there, the FBI, the military up, don't donors and why I would know better, but finally does seem, like sensational trash from awoke click paid for in another sent on September, Anti eighteenth and confirmed by U Army official on Tuesday service members were informed about threats on social media about amassed, shooting at a joker screening,
those states that at the time there were no specific, credible threats to the opening of the Joker on on the fourth of October, a separate memo sent Monday. By senior officials of the? U S? U: s: Army Criminal Investigation Division cited credible intelligence of such a threat gathered by taxes, law enforcement. So far it from me to question the exports of I'll, say it right that they know better than I do. It just seems so. Weird quote: separate memo issued on Monday by senior officials in the U S, Army Criminal Investigation Division stated that the army had trained, credible intelligence from Texas LAW enforcement officials pertaining to disturbing and very specific chatter on the dark web guarding the targeting of an unknown movie. Theater during the release is MOTO reported to date, and Army spokesperson told, gives MOTO that military officials send out similar warnings were routinely because the same The insecurity of our workforce is paramount. So doesn't sound like they're talking about civilian threat to turn what their own military servicemen.
We want our workforce to be prepared and diligent on personal safety, both inside the workplace and out. The spokesperson explained post on social media, have made reference to involvement. Harry celebrate extremists replicating the twenty twelve theatre shooting in Iraq. Aurora Colorado at screenings of the Joker Movie at nation wide feeders does that these September eighteenth memo published Biogas Modal reads this since a potential risk to deal de personal and family members. Though, there are no known, specific, credible threats to the opening of the Joker on the fourth of October, I have to say This might actually art the opening. I mean this they picked up. I guess MOTO its being published by the daily wire how many people really want to go to an opening screening of the Joker? Now most people probably won't think twice, but enough people might say: I'm no wait. You know that could be back here. The movies really good, I guess we'll see
I'm gonna go to see the movie, though, in cells are individuals who expressed frustration from perceive disadvantages to starting intimate relationships. Member continues in cell, stream, lists, idolize, violent individuals like the Aurora movie, theater sure they also idolized a Joker character, the violent clown from the Batman Greece admiring his depiction as a man who must pretend to be happy, but eventually fights back against his. Please one another really sound like a joke. I think jokers just crazy guy who gases people to make them laugh, but that's different thing I will then provides instruction on how to be vigilant at theatres when entering theatres identity. I too escape routes remain aware of her surroundings and, remember, remember: the phrase run hide fight. It explains run if you can, if you're stuck hide and stay quiet, if issued finds you fight with whatever you can.
Let me just state, I don't care where you are or what you're doing, or why all the ways identify at two exits: okay, regardless of this I've been in theaters, where I've been very upset at how they fit how they structure there. Because they only knew of one exit where the and the exit are right in front of each other like yet technically you have two exits, but the fire started right in the middle yours, you're not getting out. Are you running through the fire which might do points first, there's famous viral video camera exactly what it is. But this I got a venue and I think it's a video camera there's a venue and something happened where people panicked and because they only knew of one exit, they all rushed for one door and guess what fluid dynamics kicks in and everybody. Its jammed inside this hallway unable to move some other. Who knew where the backdoor was calmly walked out the back door. You need,
to know all of your exits always because someone's going to come up with a gun at a movie, theater echoed happen to, but because a fire, you know fires happen. Sometimes fires happen. Sometimes people panic know where you're going to go and how you're going to react in a day your situation, but people have an optimism bias. They assume everything is fine. Everything, a safe and, admittedly, when I the story. I didn't believe it. I'm is partly the optimism bias, there's. No, this can be cured sound, so silly right while it could be it could be. It could just be. Rumours and what's going on or they could have credible intelligence like they say, but anyway- the story. The point is always please know: you're exits because fires happen as the daily. Why report this week, backlash against Joker has been building out of its October fourth release to non profit. A letter to Warner Bro CEO answer on Tuesday morning expressing concern so the films potential to inspire violence and called on
studio to donate funds to groups that promote gun control and aid victims of gun violence, Ope Liese take here: you're you're opportunism, somewhere else. It's the Joker. I can turn table any channel. Like our rapporteur on I'm sure, if I turn on MIKE Mike my guide channel, I would find something with the Joker and cartoons you know they have the Joker in It Justice League, for instance. I think I'm pretty sure just joggers, lately some point: five family members of victims are that asks you to get a roar Colorado in July. Twenty twelve, which took place during a screening of the dark night rises, signed the letter including Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, the founders of the nonprofit survivors, empowered are calling on you re part of the growing course of corporate leaders, who wonders
they have a social responsibility to keep us all safe, followed a porter note. The letter does not seek to halt the release of the film nor to rally Gun Craigs to boycott it. Instead, the letter asked one of others to end political contributions to candidates who take money from the energy and vote against done reform. It also ask the studio to use its political clout and leverage in Congress to actively law. Before gun reform. I'm sorry excuse me, I'm sorry because I hope I say that because I understand the pain not perfectly not the same with the family members do I understand the concern the desire to do something but gun reform doesn't solve the problem. When you have a dangerous and murderous individual coming into a theatre. The problem is something else: I'm gonna try and be as sensitive as a cannon explaining this, but when I see people
Things like someone, I know and love was killed by a gone. Therefore, we must ban guns that to me as an end, with all due respect, its an emotionally selfish reaction. To what happened. I understand you want justice. I understand that you ve seen this horrifying thing. That's hurt you, and then, with that you have my sympathy. My empathy, my condolences and I agree with you. We absolutely should be having conversations about how guns play a role in this what I don't hear, even from the right when it took up mental illness, is the underlying problems of our society that result in individuals taking these actions, because in the end, while I want to prevent- and we should take every precaution we can things like this. We have to recognise that there is an underlying sickness and infrastructure. That's causing these things to happen. You can sweep it under the rug. You can punish all
legal gone owners right up there with the proper thing to do you you when it when you what better Iraq is proposing, is sweeping gun confiscation, and it is not fair and it's not fair to the law. Abiding citizens have done no wrong and it won't addressed the sickness. You can take away their guns and you can protect the people you care about and that I respect you for it when I say selfish, it means you don't understand that there are a ton of very sick and unwell people because of something our system is doing. We are not solving that problem. The point is while I agree, I am absolutely open that conversation about gun control and gun violence, seeing TED Cruz was a lot I had that conversation was fantastic. I think we need to you're out the root cause of these problems and just solve it outright. You take with their guns, they will use something else. They will use bombs,
they will use knives and a lot of people say but think about. You know how many people they can kill without one rifles like listen, think about what they could do with a pressure. Hooker. We need to address the these that our society's problems are now what whatever man, it's so complicated I'm I'm willing to bet that simply for saying what I just said: people already Verona Attack before, but it's true, this guy you shut up and in Colorado, was very unwell. It's not an instance,
being like always mental illness right, we see where we are from the right. For the most part, it's a broken system. Somehow creating this is a bunch of ingredients to this problem. We need to figure out what it is warning people go see the joker I hear it's good, I'm gonna go see it. I am not going to let threats of terror. Stop me from enjoying my life. Stick around I'll, see you tomorrow at ten a M podcast at six. Thirty thanks ran out.
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