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Tucker Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Directly Implicating Joe Biden In Ukraine Scandal, Democrats LOSE IT


Tucker Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Directly Implicating Joe Biden In Ukraine Scandal, Democrats LOSE IT. Tucker's release suggests Biden directly intervened in Ukraine to help his sons company.As more and more evidence begins to pile up Democrats and their establishment journalist and social media allies ramp up censorship, lies, and pressure.More emails seem to prove Joe Biden is directly involved in his sons corrupt activities.Trump and Republicans have been demanding more information and now want to know if the FBI had Hunter's laptop since last year as it could have exonerated Trump during the Ukrainegate impeachment.

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At this point, I believe there is enough evidence to suggest that Joe Biden Guilty, at the very least, to warrant an investigation to find more direct evidence, but the latest email dropped from Tucker Karlsson is as close to direct proof of corruption. As you can get now, Tucker says the Biden Camp is not denying these emails and if it is a hoax, it is the most sophisticated hopes in human history, because this is Hunter buttons email. These are his emails. This email address them denied this everything his lining up and the latest email dropped shows that a few days before Joe Biden got the Ukrainian prosecutes,
you're fired an email, went out from a charisma executive asking for this to be done nominal read through. Thus, to give you a point by point breakdown of why it is so significant. But the bigger story here is how the democratic establishment and the remnants of the republican establishment, the crony political establishment, has fallen into a sheer panic. The censorship on social media, the big money from Wall Street pouring into Joe by its campaign. They are desperate the media manipulation. The moderator from C span asking a trump hater for advice. The establishment, mainstream political cronies are freaking out and it's gonna get worse. Rudy Giuliani, says ten days before the election he's got a while a fancy October. Surprise we'll see what he's got I've seen enough,
I have absolutely seen enough. We know how the game is played some unfortunate that the avatar of fighting this crony corporatist establishment is Donald Trump, because he is far from perfect I'll. Tell you what? If Trump is the bowl charging into the ivory tower and he kicks out these cornick corny? Well, yes, corporate corrupt individuals, I'll take when I can get because these emails from off from Tiger Karlsson this is crazy stuff, but not just that I mean Joe Biden has been beating Trump and the Democrats haven't being there that the Republicans and fund raising- and you gotta understand when you look at things like the Lincoln Project, these former establishment Republicans are desperately trying to cling to power, and so there propping up Democrats, because democratic establishment is still in power at least a little bit. They still control a bit of a cultural institutions, and this is their last ditch effort. So Joe Biden is real
the rewards of this just in insane amount of money pouring in from the millionaires and the billionaires, whereas A Bernie Sanders to call that out. Bernie Sanders jump right in well, we are seeing them push back. It's not just Wall Street, not just censorship. May free media, claiming Rudy Giuliani, is being manipulated by the Russians. The russian thing wasn't true: that's how insane Things are getting I'll, tell you what everything We are seeing, says to me. They know they are on the right there on the verge of collapse and they are firing every thing they ve got. It's not enough, I would also crazy this guy who got these emails. He gave the hard drive to the FBI and now House Republicans want to know what was the f B. I do. going where they sitting on this, where they withholding this, I think we all need to understand. Trop is not an establishment player and they are desperate to stop him.
All of this. First storied see exactly what Tucker Carson has revealed the before we get started. However, the TIM cast outcome: slash donate if you'd like to support my work. There many ways you can give us a p o box. The best thing you can do share this video. Let people know what's going on why the hunter binding explosive bombshell story with the walls closing in the beginning of the end for Joe Biden getting no play, no traction, whereas it Joe Biden did not get asked about any of this. Last night information came out, from Rudy Giuliani. Nobody seemed to ask Joe Biden anything about it. Isn't that strange in attacks message from regionally on EU easy claims. Its hunter bought in saying pop makes you pay him half his path. Your salary, implying Joe Biden, is getting his kids into positions of power, but they gotta pay up a feed. Him sounds of extreme but where's Joe Biden to deny it
where's hunter binding to deny any of it nor be found in the media want even bother asking why? Because I think they know the end is nigh the least for them, but will see how things bear out. If you think the stories important, please consider sharing this and don't forget to like subscribe to the identification Bell, the three the first story from the daily mail new leaked email revealed by Tucker Karlsson, shows Joe Biden visited Ukraine after Hunter was asked by his business partner, to arrange for influential: U S, policymakers, to travel to the country to help their firm Marilla Airport revealed on, took across into night, then of ember. Fifth, twenty fifteen emu from the dim bizarre ski says at the visits were needed to close down any pursuits against ahead of the firm Orissa where Hunter bought in setting the board during bite and visit the next month. You successfully pressured Ukraine officials to fire. The prosecutor, who was
looking into bizarre skis business accorded, according to figures showing himself Karlsson, also released another exclusive email to Hunter from the Pr Company Blue STAR strategies, which spoke about Biden stripped of Ukraine, as vice president that year in the first email dated nineteen November. Second, twenty fifteen from has argued a hunter. The businessman stated that the purpose of the email is to be on the same page as to our final goals, including, but not limited, to a concrete course of actions. Karlsson added that, according to the emu, they had seen the exact wanted, a high ranking. U S, officials to express their positive opinions of Burma. The fox host also claim the bizarre ski wanted, the? U S administration to act on birds was behalf in winning this. but pr quote, the scope of work should also include organization of a visit of a number of highly recognised and influential current and former. U S policymakers to Ukraine. In November, the email allegedly said it added
but it was aiming to bring meetings with and bring positive signs. No message and support as well as closed down, cases. Pursuits added against the head of Burma in Ukraine, Karlsson claimed the email couldn't be clearer in asking under for his father's help in getting the company out of trouble one month after this and is on December. Second, an email released exclusively by Fox they further details on how Hunter involved and his father stripped Ukraine. The email was sent to Hunter from P are, for blue star strategies, but does not go into any further details about the trip hello. All this morning the White House hosted a conference call regarding the vice president's upcoming trip to you. brain. The email said attached to the memo from from the Blue STAR strategies team, with the minutes of the call which outlines the trips agenda and addressed several questions regarding: U S foreign policy towards Ukraine which need to understand this pr firm worked forbearance
why were they on a call with the White House Biden had visited the Ukraine visited Ukraine between December seventh and eighth twenty fifteen on the fifth of his sixth visit to the country, as vice president, only two of the trips are taken after Hunter joined. The board. VOX host claimed that short of time frame between the email and the trip during which Biden pressure ukrainian officials to fire prosecutor who is investigating Burma. seemed to show at the VP had been influenced by his son. That's how things work in this white out in the White House. Karlsson fumed tailoring for and policy to get your son rich. He also noted that Biden himself may have profited from it suggests then an email between Hunter and his kids, which said, unlike their grandfather, he wasn't going to take half our salary was in relation to the birds medea. He noted at the emails had not been wholly verified but claimed that, if they were fake is the most complex sense of stated hopes in history. It's almost seems beyond human capacity causes.
Let us revelations came at the second drop of emails, have set to come from hunters laptop and were released on Thursday, the first emails or released by the post this winter stay Karlsson said that when they checked Hunter buttons, email, everything lined up the dates line up with what we know publicly, and it would be incredibly sophisticated if they stage this, but let me just give you the layman terms of this. Why did Joe Biden get a foreign prosecutor fired in a country where what what what business have we in with Ukraine's prosecutor? Well, according to the various journalists covering the story, the EU thought he was corrupt. and so did Britain, and that we and the and the bringing it was trying to negotiate with Ukraine to join the European Union. But there is a problem: cropped prosecutor. That's official story, and I think it makes sense, but possible that, even though that story may be true that Joe Biden was using that too
in power and money. Is it a thing about? Burma was that it was trying to bring energy options into the European Union because Western interests were competing with russian interests in the gas from natural gas monopoly is part of what happened with Syria. sounds to me, like Joe Biden knew what was going on and used his son as an intermediary to make cash for his family because he knew what the plan was now. I'm not gonna, get into any more detail on this for the most part, because that's what the emails reveal- and I think it is close to direct evidence- we ve gotten so far- has a lot that needs to happen. I mean we did an investigation this we need the f B. I went to special prosecutor. We need someone to look at what the buttons we're doing. What caused Russia Gate nonsense. Nothing! False Pfizer warrants We can't even get an investigation or any journalist to ask a simple question of Joe Biden. That's how bad things are and that's why I'm a bit angry about this
I'll. Tell you what the response shows. It scared the establishment that is Rudy Giuliani, treated this The photo below is a screenshot of a text message from Hunter bite into his daughter, Naomi by nine January. Third, twenty nineteen. This describes the amount kick back to the boss, Joe Biden, as happens in every organised. Crime grip. Now I've had to remove the image because of potential censorship rules, but I tell you what it says I have already talked about it. It's the message that says: unlike grant, you know like Grandpapa whatever or unlike pop, I'm not gonna. Take half your salary Edward said now the reason they trot the region there giving for taking down all of these stories is that it revealed secret information or private information. Ok, tell you what so I remove them but I can still show you Giuliani twitted it. I can still tell you what he said: a Giuliani says: he's got more in the bag check this out fugitive chow.
He's billionaires, allies, hyped Hunter button, bombshell with three hard destroyers of videos and dossiers in September, Rudy Giuliani claims. He will reveal corruption evidence against Joe ten days before the election. I think you will you not really fascinating to me. It could be better, our Rudy Giuliani has just said in his old age lost. The plot could be me Joe Biden. but your by its always kind of been bad. You know. Rudy Giuliani, as I'm told, because I'm relatively young thirty four I saw tweets people under forty won't remember this, but Rudy Giuliani, responsible for taking down and add on organised crime family, where the most notorious and really Giuliani as banking. On that he's, given stay, That's where he says he's got the Evans, but let me tell you what's going on, I don't know about really Giuliani these skills?
mobility, because, maybe I'm too young, maybe it's true, but I'll. Tell you what their slow rolling this the fact that were now one day, three I'm giving you tidbits everyday. It's kind of annoying to me. There's a lot more happening in the stories on gladly the context around the panic from the establishment for sure, but if you think they drop their biggest bombshell already, I think you would be mistaken because you don't need to be a master investigator to know you put a low, but what you do is your first story should be big enough to elicit a big response that give little Betty stories keep of keep the flow go in managing closer and closer to urge your appropriate date. You got the bombshell a moan about Julia he's got some he's got some big, because another strategy gotta understand here. Is this: what we can see from my project? Very toss, you put out a story, so that everybody says oh actually and they give their excuses o ACT of here's my excuse and then you go
interesting so you're saying that the reason for these emails is this boom Ben you drop and export of evidence. You lied you catch them in it. You force them to respond in panic them, not knowing what you have put up bunk information, so why is it the media is staying away from this, not asking jobs. then why won't Joe Biden respond because it probably get it? Oh, they know if they give a statement to say and then Giuliani or Tucker, or than your post or anybody puts out more information than their liars and then lose all credibility. Know best bet is to do and say nothing to an old pr shredded. You don't put fuel on the fire, but you know what we're gonna keep talking about it because it serious Joe Biden, in my opinion, corrupt. Let me tell you Donald Trump. His family may have made money, but it seems like trumps net worth is going down, so your argument could be that trumpets
for fighting is personal wealth to give his family opportunities, I guess, but about buying. You know why, because they have thrown every thing and the kitchen sink at TAT, They have tarnished his name. His family once beloved Silly celebrities are now hated by people around the world. Many people in the- U S, I can't imagine Trump Value- is gonna profit off of being president knowing keyboard, and I hate him. and his family. To I mean any one in his family could bow and sell a book like you know, all the other. You know, like Cohen, for instance, to make money off it. They're not their standing by and even though they are losing money? I think I've read somewhere, though, to be fair, that You know you, vodka and and Jerry Think made a decent amount of money. So don't get me wrong, but it is true that the reputations have been have been dragged through the mud and they were already rich to begin
I'm, not sure. You're. Gonna convinced me that couple a billionaires are losing money to make millions that doesn't seem to make sense to me. We may be sure, but the violence scram middle Class, Joe now, a millionaire yeah that makes me a check this out in response to what we're seeing from Riddick Rudy Giuliani, I gotta make sure I'm being fair, but also those in criticism. The watch it opposed rights, White House was warned Giuliani, was target russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation, a trump they say. U S. Intelligence agencies warned the White House last year, at present, trumps personal lawyer, Giuliani. What the target of an influence operation by russian intelligence according to for former officials familiar with the matter, the ward were based on multiple sources, including intercepting communications that show We only was interacting with people tied to Russian Intel during a December. Twenty nineteen trip to Ukraine
where he was gathering information that he thought would expose corrupt acts by former vice President Joe Biden Edison Hunter. I have serious concerns about this. First, I don't believe it. I dont sorry, the Washington Post endorsed Joe Biden. Your stories mean nothing to me because you want Joe Biden to win, but I'll tell you this. If Rudy Giuliani, I dont believe he would be fed his information, but I do believe this probably for entry that will hack, say Hunter by very easily by the way put the information on a computer drop it off at or a pair shop and boom. They ve, laundered and clean that information. I think it's possible, therefore, Florence is trying to screw with the american electoral system. However, does that change? The information are the veracity of the information? No, doesn't, if informations real, then well so be it. Joe Biden in my opinion, is corrupt and we ve seen this for a long time and are not the only one saying it political magazine set at last year, bite in ink. It's a lie
there's been many many stories about Joe Biden enriching his family, so maybe Rudy Giuliani is being fat. Russian misinformation, ok, Joe Biden need only come out and deny each and every one of these things. He won't do it. He won't do it for a couple reasons, and I wanna make from being fair- because by addressing it at all, he can make the story much much better, and I understand that pr strategy. However, that's the wrong strategy to take right now, I think they're worried it's gonna, be a Hilary email scenario all over again. If he comes out and says it's not real many to shine the light on it. Sorry you have to address this. We have known about his sons problem and let me tell you something with all due respect to drug addicts and mean this earth with respect to them. They need help and understanding, and that goes for Hunter Biden as well. We see him with some kind of pipe in his mouth and is one of the summer. These photos Some states crack sunsets math, but we know that you got a crack problem, I'm not trying to be made about it. You can try
It is a serious issue and it said it really is now in job. I will go to great lengths to help his son, maybe enriching em, maybe lying for him. You know, but let me let me tell you some: why did Barack Obama appoint Hunter bite into the board of directors? Now we often heard this we hear people say he didn't speak the language and he had no experience in energy energy
why would they Hiram and under, but an answer for this? He said because I'm I'm a high powered lawyer with tons of experience in international relations has nothing to do with speaking Ukrainian. Ok. Why would I record I'm trying to be mean? I mean it think about it. You got it. You gotta massive billion dollar, comp company. You got this guy he's a great lawyer, but you know, is a crack at you. Can Hiram yeah, probably not no matter what his skills are going to be a yo yo that serious problems? Man, you need help. Maybe undermine was selling something else. He was his father's proxy I've seen these conversations happen. I have seen how family is. Family family comes first for all these people. You understand family comes first, for you now imagine.
You got a kid. It's gonna make some sweet so sums we cash from your opportunities. You know this happens all the time in the business world. Why would anyone expected to to be different in the political world? the seat of a company yeah somebody. You must not get my kid a job and pay him. Well, it happens, I mean, wasn't: wasn't Chelsea Clinton, getting paid six figures from like MSNBC or something for what I think about happens in politics. Joe Biden, high pie, influential position, so he says you might get a job give my the job. It could be. That simple, you know maybe were wrong about this, but that seems to be the case. Let me show you what's goin on Show you Joe Biden, really is walls rate donors, line up behind Biden in massive third quarter fund raising hall stories from today. Joe Biden isn't Joe Joe Joe, but its joint fund raising committees benefited from a wave of big money contributions from violence, leaders on Wall Street and across the country during a third quarter, guidance fund, raising strength as
grown as the election gets closer. The democratic nominee re stringent eighty three million in September. People in Financial industry have largely favoured Biden spending more than fifty million dollars to back his candidacy. According to the non partisan centre for responsive politics, compared with more than ten million for Trump Joe Biden is the candidate of Wall Street? He's the candidate of big corporations and apply please, the conduct of the progressive laughed I mean Bernie Sanders is getting behind him. Doesn't that say some weird goin on when Wall Street is backing Biden and the Liberals back Biden? You are the crooked corporatist establishment, straight up Donald Trump, far from perfect, as I always say, but look at the estate but lining up from mainstream media, smearing, trumpet Giuliani, relentlessly big money, dumping five times much cash behind Joe Biden, And then we see this from the new post editorial board. Deconstructing Twitter,
nonsensical excuses for suppressing the posts. Hunter Biden, scoops ripe, the censorship, big tech, these big companies- they want Joe Biden to win and they will cheat to help him. They will dont tens of millions of dollars behind him. This says to me: the crony establishment is panicking sheer panic. They are freaking out the censorship of the story exposed them, and that was bad. You want to operate this. As you know, Jack Dorsey in Zuckerberg liked to say we are not biased. We're not by us. Now go back net conservative think about the high profile trumps pours got banned. Are they a good example? Is Paul Joseph Watson His instagram account was a bunch of selfies of him like smoking, cigarettes and the sunset and they banned as account pan neck, absolute panic. But you know what, when you bet and Alex Jones,
a mile. You novelists, then they say look. You know these people brought the rules and you get a lot of norms. Alot of regular people, saying like our own thing about these guys when their forced to censor the New York Post. I think that was a slap in the face to regular people. There is no defence of this. It's funny I see like people, I people I know signed, but what was the story verified? Unlike are you to answer for big tax censoring. The oldest and an enlarged Europe in the country. First now get restores verified if the new year Post publishes a story, that's news, the fact that they had to come out and shut this story down in panic. It shows that their collapsing and they know it. They ve exposed themselves and away they normally wouldn't want to. They did a story that was bad for for Joe Biden,
it was shut down on social media. The fact that they made that move shows that they are scared, that's good for Donald Trump, but it's bad for Donald Trump. In some ways I mean we can see the power, they haven't suppressing information and manipulating people, but I think more so it's a good thing. I think such a tough censorship was good, They had no choice but to try but a credit to strike an effect. And now here we are on day through the story is getting bigger and bigger. Know why weren't they asking Joe Biden about this at the town hall, its rigged and that shows stuff. ATLAS Abc in the mainstream media there in on the game, but we can see what's happening. now want to show you one of the bigger stories here house Republicans ask FBI if it out a hunter buttons alleged laptop during trumps impeachment. It comes over there post story was published on Wednesday a coup.
putting to the computer repairman he gave to the FBI over a year ago, and they ve been sitting on this Fox news reports. If a quote, if, in fact, if the F B, I was in fact the possession of this evidence and failed to alert the White House to its existence that would have given even more weight to the president's legal defence. This was a gross error in judgment on a severe violation of trust. Remember when they are trying to impeach Donald Trump over Ukraine Gate, but apparently they had evidence the F b I did that tromp was right that there was something weird going on with Joe Biden in Ukraine. So why was FBI sitting on this. assuming they were. The letter was written after that your post published emails. Winter stand this the postscript
ordered the F b I was in possession of the laptop of which the emails were found in December. Twenty nineteen right in the middle of the impeachment of President Trump over remarks he made to Ukraine President about Biden, conduct in the country, Tromp was impeached by the Democratic, controlled house, but later acquitted by the Republican Control Senate. A large portion of the present legal defence case revolved around strong evidence that former vice President Biden, Son Hunter, was peddling. His influence to his father to two as to land. Lucrative jobs overseas tat. He might not have otherwise been qualified. For the letter says. The lawmakers asked whether the FBI was in possession of a laptop and and drive as documented by the post, whether it took steps for them to get the drive and the data, and if anyone, at the F B, I breathed officials of the Department of Justice or White us after December, why did the New York Post have the information about this laptop and hard drive before the american people? It asks an FBI spokesperson, told Fox NEWS Agency had received
letter but declined to comment further in keeping with its practice of not confirming ordinary and investigation. Meanwhile, TED gruesome diagram and Josh wholly on Thursday called on Twitter and Facebook to testify, but I tell you what now the Wall Street Journal scalded up the hunter bite Business Jos son was trading on his father's name and position to cash in come on man. To quote Joe Biden. We know it, we know it. They chose Joe Biden its, therefore, but you know why Joe Biden became the nominee because its organized crime, in my opinion, from one supposed to win the Lincoln Project, proves that these old crony republican types panicked, helping Democrats would not fly in the face of their principles. Ah they have none, they fain pray.
the Poles to make money, and that's the name of the game is good news. All of this is good news. Let's see what Giuliani has to drop next, but you're not going to play any games with me trying to fight over credibility, slackened work, while I can talk about the mainstream media, I can talk on my opinion, the, whilst on the Washington post. But let me tell you something: simple Giuliani has a track record the Washington Post us to Julianne is working for Trump and the Washington Post has endorsed Joe Biden if ball of these sides have their interests than I can only way the evidence placed before me and, if you, Halogens agencies entertained Russia Gate and lied about that. They have no credibility, the washing a story than loses out in my opinion, and I turn to these emails and I lean towards this is more likely the case. The Wall Street Journal says it
and many other people in mainstream media set it up until it became a political issue and they wanted Democrats to win my favorite aspect of Ukraine gate. Let me just tell you was when politico said that Ukraine was meddling in the twenty sixteen election to help the Clinton's and they panic when Trump One. and a few months later, when the story broke, political published more stories discrediting their own reporting without issuing retraction that to me as panic, but will see our place up next augments coming up at six p m Youtube com slashed him cast news. It is my other channel and I will see you all then. Well, last night was a ridiculous disaster of television, epic presidential election.
Proportions NBC with Donald Trump was an interrogation abc was a picnic. Joe Biden took tons of breaks. Donald Trump was be rated by the house. It was awful, but it proves a couple things the media's broke in the media is biased. The election system has broken the elect and system is biased. There was no reason they could not have debated and BC. News apparently said it was fine, have Donald Trump. At this event, Joe Biden did is event trumpeters event. What's the problem its rigged? I just can't. Given that we heard that Steve's Scully, who is supposed to moderate the second debate confessed, He was never hacked, he actually was just seeking advice from an anti tromp critic and maybe that's the real reason they cancelled. The debate. Steve Scully was lying and use a bad journalist. Now last night I said you know forgiveness apologize. You got caught
we'll figure something out because cancel culture, I think, has gone too far, but this guy can operate in this capacity anymore. You have journalists I'll do airports for journalists lying. I mean this guy lie. Its credibility is gone now. Forgive him we'll figure out something you can do. Putty can't be a journalist, anymore, Kenny, I guess we have a story from the daily mail and be season interrogation and ABC, is a picnic conservatives erupt in anger, after Savannah Guthrie, grills tromp with a question every twelve seconds While ABC host forgets to ask Biden about his son hunters emails, stepping up less denounced by anything. Can we knock? You literally did, but it's a waste of time, so I watched the Trump Town Hall and man was it annoying save one thing: I couldn't stop laughing at the woman sitting behind Trump nodding with everything it was saying. Perhaps you saw this well. Of course, this town hall has triggered many left us, their brains are exploding, one person's actually
arguing that, like the producers put the pro trump woman behind trumpet the red mask on purpose to reaffirm everything he sang to manipulate you. Oh come on. These people have lost the plot. The Joe Biden, Town Hall, wasn't a picnic in my opinion. it was an infomercial. I have ever stayed up late at night and you're like watching and what it is marshals unused, like your eyes, are half open. Your life is slat chop like was what it was nuns pans and you're kind of half pang attend nice boring and my learning anything here. Joe Biden sentiment dumb things as per usually started stammered. At some points I couldn't even believe it. and I wonder if the real goal with with with Joe Biden and with its Trump Town Hall, was to make sure nobody watch Joe Biden do a it wasn't an hour and a half long, because they were periods where, like I literally looked over to my friends and we're like is Joe. Ok, I'm not even not even joking like because then you got asked a question.
By someone unease like Yo Yo, we got it's it's, you know trumpets and we're gonna. U no way that way when you get the press in any event- and I was dislike dude, can the guy just slow down and speak? He can't and some people suggest things like this signs of dementia Well, here is the same thing. I've read today, Romany reaches through some of the criticisms and talk about that that debate last night, or I guess it was the debate last night between Savannah got three and Trump, but we ve learned something incredible with twitters Twitter centre shut up in your pulse story. What we are seeing now is the establishment. The cathedral is Michael Mouselike to call it the stand journalists and what their, what their gay, It really is they ripped their mass clean off because they're getting desperate journalists, don't report the news. Journalists parrot, acceptable, narrative,
and that's all they did not trying to help. You understand the world there not trying to break down what truck truly believes they are just yelling at him I was annoyed. Ok did you watch it out, because I tell you what man it was like TAT, in its end and unlike Samantha Samantha Guthrie gives asking the same questions over and over shut up till we get its mad. I've done some hard interviews, my life. You know we recently proud boys on the IRA podcast and I'm trying to strike that that the delicate balance of get him to explain himself to show his views explain who he is, but don't let him just get away with things, and some people are critical because I Another guy was more more libertarian with some social that's his views than it like the job. I didn't big. Big criticism happens. Ok, but are you what you don't? Do you dont interrupt the person your enter, viewing it just art yelling at them and saying they're wrong? You ask them they exe lane themselves. You dont have to agree or disagree, that's not the job of a journalist
What we're learning now, what we ve known for a long time is these journalists have no intention to tell you what trump thanks to ask from answer questions you no easy it as Donald Trump we recently retweeted a story about seal team. Sex that many have said is is is conspiratorial absurd, in fact, an himself Rob O Neill who is credited with killing Osama Bin Laden, says it's not true. Why would you retweet? This trot then gives his answer and that's it. Congratulations You know just argue with them. What did she say? She was like you're, not some crazy uncle who can retweet whatever he wants. That's your opinion. Dude. I didn't turn out of town hall to hear your opinion Savannah Guthrie you're not running for office. I don't care who you are gimme your opinion on someone's crazy uncle. You can say many viewed as irresponsible how you respond to this next question if the present, as an answer to a status
factory degree or if they dodge the question you can say. I ask you this question: could you please answer it s now? What they're doing that's not what they're doing and with with Joe Biden it was just a You know I I they say picnic, it was so boring. I like was like just not if I could even cutting pay tax. The old times are, my tenuous really captured by Biden was when he lost the ability to speak properly, and that was weird anyway. It's a little and then I want to show you some of the psychotic statements that people are making and we're gonna learn a little bit This lady was nodding behind from the whole time and it was making me laugh and then I got some morph we're into a fake news hatrack, because we are fake news. Why are we not fake news? Cnn? We are fake news, NBC here's a story from a daily mail. Conservatives have in an anger after NBC Savannah got three grilled Donald Trump with a question every twelve seconds, while George Deaf Anomalous was accused of forgetting to Joe Biden about a sun hunters emails, Trump and bite in both held their own
town halls Thursday evening with viewers. Forced to choose between the clashing timetables after the present scheduled his go to had dead with us computer. I gotta beyond so, if you're looking for some late night entertainment, I mean down trumps where its assets commands no question. Donald Trump put out a tweet. I guess where he referred to big tack as big tee and everybody thinks you referred to himself as big tee and then tromp was No, I was saying big tack, not me kind of like her. I you know, I think the big teething really works. I mean Thompson, the doubly Debbie Hollow they should call him big t like it. It's retaining? Is it not that's why I think a lot of people probably tuned into Donald Trump One, but we'll see what the ratings around me there's an NBC Trump at which I was asked about krona virus Cuban on his own diagnosis and its taxes by Guthrie.
Well then, I beseech by spoke algae beating you rights, court packing and the ninety ninety four crime bill, but Joe Biden wasn't asked about Anti VA and he wasn't asked about Hunter Biden and the email scandalous erupt in right now, Republicans voiced outrage, Presidents campaign event accusing got three of turning the town hall into a debate and origin that facing much tougher round of question. And his rival yet will hold on. For a minute, this that this is me saying the game is rigged, ok, but got three is not stuff a novelist there, two very different people, but I'll tell you what I have done interviews. I know the pressure I get it. Let me explain something too: when I sit down with Enrique Tory of the proud face, it was tough. It was really tough, because this is a guy who has been banned from all these different platforms. There is a risk that I could get flak. I could be accused of whatever
What I'm trying to do as a journalist is ask questions of Enrique to get him to answer for things that have been accused of and to defend himself. Things, it has been accused of. If I say to him, here's what they said at the eighty l, it's not because I am personally attacking him. It's because it's his opportunity now to give a response. If their sponsors that's factory, Orpheus wrong. I will challenge in which I did with the goal as I want people who watched that interview or any interview to be welcoming to hearing what this person has to say, and it's not about good or bad it's about is this true? Is this not your here's what they said? How do you feel about this? Now? Of course, I had some people criticise me saying I too hard on him and not hard on Madge from Black got back matter, and I promise I've, saying that I was protecting him out to funding and because there clearly fashion white supremacist another the nonsense. Let me tell you something: my goal is to be fair to the best of my abilities, which means will laugh at jokes.
Questions is clearly not a white supremacist and make a target was not white. When you look at Savannah Guthrie, what do you see? She was attacking Trump. She wasn't just running into the core of questions, which means it was very obvious. Her approach was say she ate the left. My approach was an attempt to be fair to everyone, Savannah Guthrie satiate, the left, its obvious. That is the problem. I can ask tromp all the questions that I can say to. Mr President, you have a golf course in Scotland and when the U S AIR force was traveling, I believe was therefore they stay your private business now. What were you know? Many will criticise you for this aim that you're using government funds to essentially prop up your businesses trump can respond. My follow up
trumps response with something like you know. We are giving a great discount. That's that's. Probably fair is probably true. It saves money for the government if they're, using cheaper properties on by the President that still provide material resources to the bare minimum cover costs for your venue. Don't you think that would still be a conflict of interest? One should probably avoid he can answer. I say thank you for your response. Moving on, I'm not here to insult him and argue with them. If it was like. Well, you know what we're saving money and that's not true. I black now you're wrong Trump, that's ridiculous! stealing money for that. That's right, that's insane! You get with with semantic Guthrie. What that shows me is these town halls in these media. They don't care about half of the country there targeting their audience there. Trying get the embassy worship to go. We, instead of actually informing people about what's happening in this country. Journalism died a long time ago. We have some out of an amending letter.
But let me show you some of the comments as voting Frank once I love this famous pollster. How long will NBC go before giving an actual voter the chance to ask a question: Hallelujah. It's the miracle of miracles and BC Finally, we will finally lead to an audience my browser question trump after twenty minutes have passed. I don't I don't. I did not turn to turn on and be seen goes to listen to wine. Mom complain about Trump, that's what it was while trot, you're wrong, you're, not some crazy uncle. I dont care about your opinion, I'm crazy uncles. What if I like crazy, uncles, tweeting, crazy stuff that's not the point. He asked me answers melancholy says so. Far, there's not a town hall for voters. It is designed to appease the angry NBC employees, Democrats, who are pissed off trumps on NBC at all mailed. It nailed it. Megan Kelly hit the nail now the hammer
Right got felt says is the town hall, whereas the town, it's just Savannah, badgering, what a joke gaily makin and he says a third way. and the NBC Town Hall and no questions from the people. Bravo, you not spawning conservative. Regular people can see this. It's like! Listen! I have people who are helping build my studio and everything. That's the regular people are not political, and I ask about this and there, like, I don't understand, I turned down the town hall, but it was just them yelling at Trump. What made minutes and I'm like, I know it. So it's all it was you. On a b c nose like George, that's an going joke on your your raising- and everyone loves you. Why do you think that is an juggling. Well, you know, look man look fat Obama and you know what what what did the thing? That's, that's! That's excellent! Everybody loves Zyobite Joe Buttons, the best, I'm obviously exaggerating. Let me Today, some of the funny responses we got first of all good going to twitter and search woman nodding. It's amazing
this woman sitting behind tromp was nodding and giving a thumbs up, and our area she did. I was laughing. I was like a man. I bet approaches that NBC you're gonna get so angry about this, but I can't do anything about it. People are a lot. More importantly, however, you'll notice- it's not, one woman behind tromp. There was an robot over here, the blue mask on and there was a woman hundred with a black mask on and why The woman with the Red mosque was nodding all the time. There were a few instances where both all three of these women were nodding, and I was like you got it. You got accept that many think trumped up speak to the american people, what they want to admit it or not. So we have a budget people there really really mad the woman nodding I, but I'm tromp was ideas, Myra Jolly duration, lawyer, five time, beauty, Queen and Trop supporter. So People are saying things like this. This is not an cited voter she's. Clearly pro trump, I think they say and I could be wrong that the people there were
on the left, and the right, like some people, were republican and Democrat and had voted for Trump in the past. So I dont think it was a secret, their trump supporters. They're here we go. Can we just talk with is beautiful? of color nodding tunnel chums every word it was funny. Man was disguising Who is the nodding woman? Who is the nodding woman, gas lighting, tv people with the most pavlovian nineteen? Eighty four should send you ve ever seen. Who is she who placed her we'll louder terrain remained perfectly framed. In the background I loved it gets better. I bring you now brandy, Lee Medical Doctor. I was not going to watch the NBC Town Hall, what a travesty that they would hold in the first place. Another huge victory for mental biology to be given a platform, but it is an assessment of his condition. His defences our accelerated even more fierce than at the debate that there is a visual manipulation. Once again, a prominently seated Black woman is nodding her head constantly to his talking points. This is
exactly the mind controlling technique. I was looking for and there it is she's founded the mind, control that NBC is using on you. Let me go trade, and we see how the town hall, where they be rated in badgered Donald Trump and wouldn't shut up, calling in the crazy uncle. Yet they secretly place, they trop supporting women to nod behind job you. You agree with the President now shut up a whole. Twenty twenty is amazing. I know we ve had a bunch of crazy things. Happened, then, are bad things. Bad things have happened to and we can be upset about the bad things I mean people lost their lives of covert riots. But if you hadn't been laughing at least half of what's goin on you're missing out man, this is good fun. She says most trying very hard in matter how hard she tries the simple fact of her not being a mental health, professional, applying very specific methods designed for can
having a severely impaired individual makes all our efforts null and void. Who is this late? I just she popped up to ninety thousand fuckin workers, yes, switching momentarily to Joe Buttons Town Hall is a world of difference. The civilised discussion for change allows you to think clear the and recognise that life does not have to be full of anger, fear and relent. Tension what few trump supporters get to experience it up This lady needs to have herself checked because yeah when you watch tromp, there's there's a lot of anger, but it's not be trumps into one making it. You watch tromp on like a fox interviewer like David Port annoy, and it was just kind of like yep, thou, wouldst thou five thousand dollars interesting. You list german right sure something it it's like they're talking about stuff and they needed. For short, Joe Biden loses minor, but to try to think these that you know these people live in a bubble, amateurism. I've said it before, and I say it again:
you know, brine stouter. I've seen untreated out this thing, saying that tromp business alternate reality and they really dont get it they are in the alternate reality. You know how I know you want to know how I can prove you very easily that you and I are in the real world, not the fictional bubble, universe, credit by media. We recognize white supremacy and as far back as simple it really is that simple white supremacist are bad. Nobody Really like some. You got anyone's house, not anyone's Doorn. You ask a hundred megawatts terrible, yes right, Antiphon they're gonna be I like most people might be like what is what is anti followed, all the rioters some people might now, but if we set the rioters, are bad right yeah, do you think Joe Biden should call them? specifically by their group names and denounced them deprived. I gather rights are really bad. Will Joe won't do that, so many got three won't do that George. Definitely won't do that, That's how you know they're in bubble world they ve taken a big portion.
this year's new cycle, one hundred thirty plus days of rioting, and they ignore it. George Stephanopoulos did not ask Joe Biden to condemn the rights to condemn black lives matter to speak up the riots and what it means to people. You don't ask them to condemn anti fuck. He didn't ask him much of anything having to do with the biggest Second biggest may be new story of the year on going riots. They ve been happening relentlessly, and they're still happening now? In fact, Abraham Lincoln had been torn Sacho. They ran like it had been torn down and they want her down more? Why wasn't about an asked about that in that kind of weird, like there's riots going on, serious riots people have lost their businesses, not an issue? These people don't live in the real world and I know because I talk to people, out in the middle of nowhere. Ok, so I'm in the South Philammon the Philadelphia area and I'm in
suburban areas. Asking people now not everybody knows everybody knows about the right. You know why, because we get lurch from a local government when the helicopters are flying above us, Joe Biden did say, think about it at all, Trump did call out anti fa, Trump did denounce white supremacy and he'd announced antivirus both on that town hall. got the real world in the real world. You do have fringe wacko, you know white supremacist and you do have, range, wacko, black lives matter, an anti fa and trumps has its all bad Joe Biden ever talks about it. Why? I think what you see from this is very obvious. Donald Trump is looking at Everything and the left is only looking at Donald Trump, and so there Maison when, when Savannah Guthrie asked tromp about white supremacy like you were, you refuse to denounce whites,
she's like I do now that I denounce it again or denounce it now. I denounce what supremacy denounce it before and she goes. But dont you seem a little reluctant is what that these people live in a paranoid delusional bubble. They have lost the plot I promised you hatrack so when wrap up with two very big stories just prove the media is that their duplicitous snakes from the Washington Post White House was warned. Giuliani, was target of russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to trot out convenient. Story comes out right after Giuliani, allegedly publish gives access to contributions emails to many people, including possibly the your post, There were like sitting on this like we're all As soon as soon as Giuliani, you know reveal any information organic. It's a russian intelligence operation wise is allowed
I can they claim over and over again russian bs limits. I sought mouse ice. Cube, says CNN cancelled his interview with Chris Cuomo, because quote they can't handle the truth. After emerged, the wrapper has been working with tromp on a plan for black americans- amazing. That's it CNN cancelled his interview with Chris Cuomo he's had so the powers that be cancelled. My interview on Chris uncommon, primetime tonight, actually been banned, ban from sin and for a few months. So I was surprised that even asked, but it seems like they can't handle the truth. Ice cube, usanga, particularly proud, tromp guy, but he's working with trumped to help lack a merry. Hence sounds to me like tromp, is serious about helping Americans the Democrats in the meat I tell you that also trumps, a racist is ice. Cuba, it's just. I guess you you think so CNN, in the back. The Democrats, obvious and so was NBC now it surprising NBC would actually have a town hall with tromp, but maybe
the goal was. It was an opportunity for journalists to attack and buried him on tv minute. Maybe maybe there are thinking I can't remember. I can tell you this every single time they try pull off some of these like stunts to smear trump backfires? cause you don't we learned yesterday from Savannah, got three and then the town hall. We learned that ever think trumps says about the media. About social media is true. You were given. opportunities, see how George Deaf Annapolis was handling Joe Biden you're. Giving up did you see how they handled I'll trump and with tromp they just yell at him? Nonstop, no matter what he says they yell Adam Joe Biden, isn't even challenged the least bit. It was pathetic You look at what's happening with CNN. You look at twitter posting litter lies sang Joe, but it had nothing to do with outing that ukrainian prosecutor. I think it's obvious now it was all completely bunk. The media is broken. they live in a paranoid delusional state. Their only goal is to me, believe you me, but it's not working anymore. Now you do just purged a bunch channels, under the guise of banning q and on some of these channels,
it actually conspiracy channels if they got knocked anyway. Welcome to the brave new world is going to work. I can't imagine how last much longer on this platform, I have no idea, what's gonna happen, but I was asked to things. Michael mouse was angry. I'm surprised you something. If I don't want, I don't a quote somebody's. If I get their quota said something about like you know how I still you knock bay. They clearly must like me or something I can remember what he said, but I'd someone on the show and they were alive. Why aren't you band? Yet you know a centrally and am I I should be proud right, except I'm, challenging the system or not Yes, whatever man, I have no idea, but I ll do it as long as I can, and so this is, if they'll do the best, I can and I ll try to be fair, I said I can look. I said I said a while ago found to be voting for Donald Trump and it doesn't two things are really makes me angry recently said you know what to say, to Michael Rhine, all the guy who kill the transporter Zack? I came in fish.
He meant they want arrests and they knew we was now he's gone. Oh my god. Oh my god psychotic. I don't like it. I dont but come on man, Joe Biden, I feel like I'm and Johnny rotten territory. You know I talked to a lot of people on. Why dude? I would not in any normal saga, that's one of over Donald Trump. I will happy with the peace agreements. I'm happy with pulling out of the Middle EAST troops out perfect on foreign policy. Here is drawn strikes, commander raids, all that stuff, if he's doing better now, but I'll, take the win over a job over a job I, but it's more about cancel culture, the culture, war and critical race theory stuff, but I'll tell you what I'm happy about it, but it is what I guess so, leave their necks segments come up at one p m in this general thanks rang out, and I will see you well then, why They were Hunter bindings emails released in October only a couple weeks before a presidential election against obvious its policy, takes it doesn't mean. The stories are true. This minute stories aren't important. I think they are very important and I think it's likely true, but come on
let's be real, are we gonna sit here and lie to ourselves? The reason they information got released in October was October, surprise, baby and probably a lot more on the way will see how things play up. Welcome my friends to the era of dirty politics, and I mean like worse than normal. I got a couple stories for you. Tik Tok users watched bite in the town hall on multiple devices to try and beat trumps ratings. It didn't work Tik Tok users tried tricking the GEO p into having an empty event by buying up all the seats they just and giving the GEO p money. The reason I say this to the air of dirty politics is that we ve had dirty politics for a long time. Don't get me wrong, The game is played right, but it's just getting nastier and nastier, and now every body is, is playing ball. Tik, Tok users, random social media people. trying to manipulate the ratings, and I think it just make Joe Biden look really bad because Donald Trump,
got nearly two million more streamed viewers than Joe Biden did in the town Hall and Joe Biden. Views were fluffed up by Tiktok users using multiple devices to record more unique view. Worship did not work. You know what I was thinking about: the story with Hunter Biden in the emails and how you have these journalists saying, don't share the story, you now Have journalists at a couple of an outlet sang and you should not have given Donald Trump, a town hall, so Joe Biden just gets to have a town hall Trump doesn't com, trumps. Town hall was a debate with the moderator. Anyway, the game is rigged. It's a dirty dirty battle, an uphill battle for people who, like Donald Trump, also things play up the first thing we can do we're gonna gloat we're going to revel in the failures.
Of the tick tock, teens and Mr Hand, green, who tried to flood the numbers and couldn't even pull it off. You go very from Newsweek Tik Tok users watched bite in the town hall on multiple devices to try and beat trumps ratings. When you get when you hear that not only did Trump beat job, but that job by its are actually worse. Anyway, you know what to expect. Who wants to watch sleepy Joe with fifty million marshals and freebies. I want to see a real conversation: man, let's red Tiktok users, banded together to try and boost Joe Biden, Town Hall ratings over President trumps event. Last night, the presidential candidates were due to debate at the same event until trumps covered diagnosis days after the first debate, throw a spanner in the works The commission on present all debates plan for the second debate to go ahead virtually but Trump refused and said he would only debate in person, Biden decided to go ahead.
With us with the schedule, town Hall, stout event on ABC but Trot then decided. I was just own event on NBC. At the same time mean that viewers would have to choose to watch one or the other tromp is obsessed with ratings, even bragging about the number of viewers his daily krona virus briefings drew so his town all hence ratings and how they compared abundance are likely to be important to the present you're. Probably right funny story, the other day from daily beast? And it said sources familiar with the president's thinking say he wants to beat Joe Biden in the ratings or whatever while blah blah source is familiar with. The president's thinking is one of the greatest things. Modern journalism has ever gifted us at a certain point. I stopped taking new salad seriously, and just imagine them like clowns. Doing like little dances. Do that did that the dew duty, like our your employing psychics daily, beast there? They are
in real terms, mind an oppressed. What's it would have been the Tiktok its vote. Trop did not mention ratings. On Friday, the president said on Twitter very good reviews on last night's NBC News town all in Miami, thank you, however. Tick talkers had a plan to prevent trot from getting to brag about as numbers you tumor Hank Green made a tick tock that has been viewed more than four million times the time of writing, in which you suggested that tromp house. It is about the same time as violence so that it could brag about better ratings. While green mentions that
rating. Do not actually matter, as they have nothing to do with electoral votes. He says he came up with a way to stop tromp. Having is this very small win and they still lost now come on Green suggested that viewers watch bite in town hall event on multiple devices simultaneously to boost biting ratings, overt from hundreds of Tik Tok users do wetted green sound with videos of them watching bite and on their tvs, laptops and phones. On other tactic that Tik Tok users implemented to try and boost buttons ratings involved. Opening up Youtube using multiple Google accounts in multiple tabs, almost copyright, their kids that doesn't work. Do you think you tube is stupid? They understand when someone watching multiple,
videos in multiple tabs now different devices should work if you're, not log in and your registering, indifferent ip address on Youtube. Abc, live stream of buttons. Town hall had around two point. Eight million views. Time of writing. However, trumps HALT town was streamed on and b C newsy embassy and CMU sets CNBC television with one point: nine one point: sixty one million for a total of four point: five million views to Joe Biden, two point: eight sorry, you're stupid little game didn't work not only did prompt, still win, but now we know that Joe Biden, two point: eight million are even inflated wow. So what Joe really get? and imagine that generated that much, maybe a couple hundred thousand, maybe a hundred thousand extra views if, if tank green can reach millions of people and it can only convince ten or so percent you about, thousand people, and then maybe they use three devices. They use their computer, those their phone as
maybe two to three if they have the right to make sense, maybe something about smart fridges or watch on the fridge. But if have a smart tv, the canoe tv, laptop and phone. So let's say three thousand unjust. Dora, so sorted by nationally got two point: five, putting trumpet two million above by now. We all know that for sure we all know how many people, the scam, the game, but it didn't work. And now you look silly, you see this all stems from the Tulsa rally where truck screwed up actually things Brad Partial. Europe. They do this thing where there are like we're. Gonna have the biggest come back of an ever everybody rsvp, but said in their emails, my understanding they said, even if you're not gonna, come RSVP to show your support. ended up with a million arrests Vps, so they plan for this massive event, but no one really wanted to go because Kobe was Gary. They ended up with like sixty two hundred to seven thousand people and tick talkers claimed they did
they said we were all signing up so that nobody could get in and it's like you're at it doesn't work that way. This its first come first served up to the door you get in, that's it! There's no reserve seats, so all they did was help trot by inflating as numbers, but they thought they won So now they ve repeatedly try to do things like this and they keep losing their keep losing because you can't win in the first place Let me show you, but will riddle than one and I'll show you? This is the first time Tik Tok Youssef, Troll Trump, they gone. Imagine the Trump rally and tolls up the campaign. I was did more than a million people register, but only six it you wanna people showed up to a nineteen thousand capacity venue, but it wasn't anything to do with Tik Tok, because there's not a million tik Tok restore signing up check this out, Staten Island, a GEO p, turns tables on Trump hating team Trump hating teen Tik Tok trolls, so they tried doing the same thing there. We're all going to sign up and workers work at a sign of our tromp rally and an hour after hour GEO, P Republican about Staten Island, so that that way we felt
the seats and then nobody shows up. Ok, that these kids, you know you're like meet a kid and I think they're really clever. And they're not cause our little kids. They don't know what you know when it's like look man, a man in a just. Ok, there could be smart youngsters, but I've come across a lot of people who are young think they're really really smart know everything, and I was one of em back in the day- grant that I think I did know a lot more than the average person, because very active in politics and non profit stuff, but I certainly was not wise and that's the important station. They say that the difference between not actually let me just cite- let me just tell you knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put a fruit tomato and effort salad right. That's the general idea. So give is young kids. They think they know a lot. They read the news, but strategically how to put that knowledge together what to do with it. They don't want understand, so they keep. thinking there so smart, nor so brilliant,
Actually, when you have these paranoid delusional people in mainstream media who cheer come on because our high five each other, you get these kids. They made sixteen thousand dollars for the Republicans. That's how stupid these kids, they're like we're. Gonna show drop years, a donation of five dollars why they were donating five. Dollars to the GEO P to try and told them you gave them sixteen grand style listening to mainstream knows what happened there. Rebel spirit its use to have man. I added. I guess it's gone now. It's all about the establishment, but this is the result. All of this we see what Tiktok the result of a media system that doesn't understand real life, because in the tick tock thing happened, I didn't want to when the tick Tock thing happened, would toss up and was clearly not true, You can all these journalists laughing all a year. Those Tik Tok teen showed what four and then a yo see she's like a whole use got palmed and their publicans are like no
we just screwed up. We did what what are you talking about and that's what we get when you have a broken media system, anti journalism? That's what I call it. I said. But first let me say this sweet Cristiano Lemme says new posts after taking a victory lap after successfully posting the article which seemingly is still in violation of twitters rules against disclosing private personal info. Ok, my response anti journalism. It is not enough for Christianity not to be a journalist. He must actively be an anti journalist. Do not you get the joke rate because they say it's not enough to be not be. It is not enough to not be racist. You must actively be anti racist. So that's what I say about these journalists, their anti journalists they do have in their power to obvious, skate, confuse and suppress a jury, Us is supposed to collect and disseminate information to help. You better understand what's happening in this world, but when their only goal is to earn Brownie
points among their tribe. They pump out garbage fake news high five, each other about Tik Tok. Take a look at the tiktok store that I showed you from Newsweek. Don't even go into detail about how they Faye you'll, look. Ok, they failed. It didn't work. news. What does it say that there's light users? You don't want to do this to be trumps ratings? Perhaps they could have included it didn't work now to be fair: Music did include the ratings and news which actually has been impressive a bit in the past few months, because maybe they're hedging their bats for a Trump victory, but they ve We started covering some stories. I was surprised they cover goes Newsweek, pretty left leaning, but you take a look at this and then your post will clearly- the outlets being sensitive near posts in their posts isn't scared of running these stories and pointing out the tick tock teens failed. But if in your post of the kind of outlets gonna get censored, these tiktok teens dont know what they are talking about, and so they
think they're winning it's kind of sad psych, watching someone running in a race but like they may turn the wrong way and its of telling them they're going wrong way. You have these people going to keep going, it's it's all areas, keep going and then they're gone. you're like do you just totally lost it you're out, that's what we get with modern journalism. Look at it from the Washington Post by giving Trump a town hall to Rival Biden, NBC is playing into his ratings obsession again up NBC you're, helping Donald Trump with his ratings obsession when they knew they couldn't stop, beating Biden in the ratings. They complain and say you're helping him. It's called tv, not an election. It's called people have a right to hear what Trump ass to say, and you know what I think Savannah got three did a terrible job, because if your job was to be right, tromp than fine, if your job was to ask questions and house a town hall, that's not what you did
but at least NBC News did something right and trumpet and winning and ratings. Look at the story from the Washington post. This is exactly what I'm talking about. The story is I'm. Just yesterday, yesterday morning trumps obsession you're playing into his obsession or about binds obsession. Look I know, Tropic is all about ratings right. But if NBC wants out of Town hall Rivalling- Joe guidance well there you go media is attacking and b c for Forgiving Trop an opportunity, albeit he got lost time than by did, I think, biting at an hour and a half their attacking them for doing this, and it shows you exactly what I'm talking about either they're trying to manipulate the numbers, so that Biden, wines which he didn't or they're just gonna complain that there helping Trump because of his ratings obsession the reality as they know we know you know. I know tromp was going to crush Joe Biden ratings now to be fair. We,
the tv writings yet, and it could be that Joe Biden, one on the tv side when I'm streaming side he didn't so I have to I have to imagine it's gonna be comparable on tv was a man tromp accident. They refer to himself as big t? Ok, really use con big tack, big tee, but everyone thought he was going on self. So far as I'm concerned trumpets, big delimited, some big t comes out on stage and he's got energy and possess as an x factor. He was a tv personality. You can't beat that Joe Biden so I understand why their upset they did is the exact same time is Joe Biden. In fact, one of the statements put out was please just before or after, and you know what I say, I agree with that criticism if they did tromp before or after it had been way better. In fact, the before probably would have an best, but the problem with that that is, they would come. playing. Well. People were tired because their watch too much tv that no matter what he would have done, it would complain if they put tromp afterwards. There is that, while people skipped by
because they knew troubles coming on later. There's nothing tromp could say or do where they would actually be fair about this. So it seems like the best thing to go down the same tongue, without that that the trunk town hall I slipped over to a b c, and I was just while it was awful. It was really awful. I'm sitting there watching Trump go up against the lying fake news and feels good it really does. I wish they just gave him a chance and actually asking questions and let him answer and then ask more questions. They didn't do that it was. It was absolutely ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous, but if the perfect example of everything we ve come to expect from the media, tromp was able to exemplify every single complaint he's had about the media by what they did Savannah got three knew they were getting flak over this. They were getting attacked by the Washington Post. I think it's nor TAT New York Times under fire for true,
avant faces a big test and bad memories yeah, so what they think we're they do. Ok. Well, if we're gonna do this, let's just attack trump virtue signal, and it was mind numbingly bad mind numbingly. So you think about what the left's goals are they are not really mad. That and BC had the about the same time as binding there, man that they know they will lose. That's all it's about time limit limit. Let me stress this point: do you think they actually cared that tromp was doing a town hall at the same time as guidance, because it made it hard for people to watch both well. If you do you're wrong, what they're really mad about is they know, Donald Trump will crush the ratings and no, on we'll watch Biden and they'll? Look like losers. Unit of I know, that's the reality, because Tik Tok teens
tried, manipulating the numbers in a desperate attempt to make it seem like their ratings would be better you or not. You are not what's interesting. Most people don't want to hear what you have to say. Your boring, uncool and you live in a paranoid delusional state trying to cheat numbers will not change. That fact and that's what it's really about tromp was always going to crush them because Trump, is the more interesting personality and the media is making the same mistakes they ve made over and over and over again that mistake, as they were shut up about Trump? It's funny when you know ass. I came over who treated this, but there are like imagined turning on lose to see your president speak and your blood doesn't boil we're your blood pressure doesn't rise and, unlike my blood pressure, doesn't go up when trumpet speaking my blood pressure doesn't go up when Joe Biden is speaking is really
funny to hear someone say that some like! Are you really sitting there and then you see Trump and you go in your face- turns beat red, I'm sitting there, my highs my eyes half closed, like that. Bugs Bonnie Mean- and I left my rest Unchanged- Channel, there's trump and that's it now. I will tell you this. My blood did start. My blood pressure went up when that lady kept nodding without laughing so hard. That was hilarious, but that's, I think the reality of what we are seeing is to stab, which meant types like Hank, green paint and green. I got no issues with you know fine. I just don't understand why you would try to manipulate ratings like this. I really really dumb he's just some. You to guide gives its opinion and talks about stuff, and I think, that's totally fine. They so is a longstanding, Oji Youtube or any help theatre space quite a bit, and that allows other people to be active on the
I formed grad? That he's also, I'm pretty sure, is pro censorship and a bunch of other stuff, and you know he's got his tribal, biased, but look man. I got no be with anybody. I do have criticism, however. Try to manipulate the ratings add just says to me: you're desperate. you're scared. You know, Trump is gonna, win, think about it. Tik Tok users. Bite his town hall and multiple devices to try and beat trumps ratings. That means it me they knew if they did nothing. Tromp was going to win, they knew that tromp was going to win, so they desperately formed a plan to try and get more viewers because they know Joe Biden can't do it Doesn't that suggest these people are lying when they say Joe Biden going to win That's just when they're like there's no way by could lose their lying at least a little bit right. If, a no or there I should say, even if their assumption is that tromp was gonna,
match the ratings, and they had to intervene to help Biden stands to reason. They think buttons gonna lose at least in this I know I know, hang Green mentioned that electoral college votes don't matter, but I think deep down their rock to there or and they are worried about losing in November. Maybe it's because of what happened. Twenty sixteen there traumatized pdf be from that from that election. I've heard people say it, could you not? Maybe they they? They think the same way that we all do. The poles are wrong. I mean just look Joe buttons doing really really, while these poles dont discount them, but I wonder whatever the phenomenon is that made trump. Maybe it's only gotten worse. I certainly think so not say this. I talked to a lot of people, are the people who are like Normie, Independent, a political or even left leaning and I'm here in a lot of people, talk about voting for trump we're seeing Trump brush the ratings and, worse
that woman buying Trump nodding along saying he up each non binding, there's like nobody there, whose bite and talking to what these rallies no one shows up tat, something doesn't it even if Trump only mustard, sixty two hundred people for that rally, Biden can't even get five or six. I propose a really funny moment where one guy showed up, or there was one where a bunch of all people and golf carts, we're doing a parade, and it was like seven golf carts whose really excited about Joe Biden- I don't buy it. I really really don't now to be fair. People did watch Joe Biden Stream, but I've another point. We made how many were watching both. How many people turned on the Biden Stream and the trumps stream and had captions honour what Bob going about a decent about not but too many, because I just turn on the Trump one went around care, but I wonder I wonder how it People actually care. What, by NASA saying, I say this,
the reason why Donald Trump ratings are higher is because he's getting the Haters Hannah lovers. That's important thing yet understand people who hate Trump Watch, people who love Trump Watch, because this election is about Trump, not Biden but if Biden has no enthusiasm and the far left as a want bind the progressive don't want by then I dont think Biden has the coalition to actually defeat Donald Trump, even if trumped doesn't do that. Well, so try again Tik Tok teens and I'm going to work, but I leave it there. Next segments coming up at four four p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast as my main channel. They sprang up and I will see you all. Then the Nielsen numbers are in for the town Hall and Donald Trump lost lost by about nine hundred thousand viewers and tv,
writings of course see that is here to go out more people watched Biden on ABC than tromp on NBC Msnbc, an CNBC smack down Donald Trump, you lost booth and everybody knows Donald Trot was desperate to beat Joe Biden. Man makes them tromp look like a fool to actually when you include these streaming numbers Donald Trump actually won by just under a million so good on. You see an end to include only the Nielsen ratings to make it look like Joe Biden. Actually one to be fair. Joe Biden did surprise people with this. come because a lot of people thought trumpets, gonna, Wanna tv ratings to, and he didn't Joe Biden did, but I gotta be honest: there's like an obvious reason for it
Joe Bite Town Hall was an hour and a half longer, probably on purpose. For this result, because I ended up watching both I watch trumps and then switched over to bite and for the last little bit of it and thus I probably counted towards the total viewers ship for Joe Biden, Easy, that's the game there playing. Then they come out and say Joe Biden one, but if you actually combined this, the streaming numbers Donald Trump, still one. They all is do this, because they want to create news that, by eight in is winning when he's not, but I'll. Tell you what what what I really want to get into an assignment. Tell you what. You know they were. They were saying that the town Hall and NBC was an interrogation. It wasn't actually a legitimate town hall and extreme just says it. Savannah Guthrie delivered the Trump interview we ve been wanting for years. I just told you ETA Guthrie showed how to interrogate President Trump interrogate this war.
an emotional put static display of anti journalism. It was just Savannah got three yelling at Trot Fort many minutes. She was asking the same question over and over again I couldn't take it. I was yelling tv. As I come, our strong popcorn like Leonardo Caprio that mean come on. She was like Trump. You went covet knees I you know. I went to the doktor, but you had covered. I know how to do that, but you at all seriously just stop. We gotta guess question move on, but they love. It's they love it's exactly what they wanted. They wanted an emotional response and emotional tv show where someone wag their finger at chump, tromp you're wrong after they wanted. Congratulations. and we were all the worse off fort. Let me show the ratings first. They will talk about seventy three CNN, says Joe Biden. Town hall averaged thirteen point: nine million viewers on Thursday night easily, sir.
passing the Nielsen ratings for President trumps Town Hall, not really Trop? Had thirteen million is not easily that's actually comparable. The tent the top down all average ten point: six on NBC Msnbc reached. One point: seven and and we see six hundred seventy one so trumps gross audience across the three channels, us thirteen million about, one million fewer than violence audiences, ABC alone, staffers, ABC News privately admitted their surprise when preliminary ratings came in Nielsen, Ray only measure tv view, worship ons, about viewers up on tv sets both down here, were also live stream to phones, computers and other devices and there on Thursday night the Biden campaign. embraced the popular ratings narrative and predicted trump. What outright Biden truck campaign in your adviser, Jason Miller said we're. Gonna have a much bigger audience than Joan and he was right Europe, has been a Nielsen connoisseur for decades, whilst near protests, blah blah blah, don't care
but when the tv ratings have disappointed and he's also shifted to other metrics when buying a bigger tv audience forest convention trunk, plain, that online streaming numbers warrant being counted the totals there is no industry stand, to measure all the various ways. A town halls were streamed, both live and on demand. In any event, that would be like trying to combine apples and oranges and the apples to apples match up between the two candidates. it has a better night. There's the excuse, Rob O Brien Spelter said: excuse, man, listen concerned Please, don't trust mainstream news, so they Aren't you streaming platforms? Not only that, but you're skewing older cause younger people, probably on their laptops too so you're gettin, bad numbers, baby, you're, gettin, limited numbers well in the apples to apples match up. I don't care about watch tv and besides Nielsen ratings are so nebulous and vague anyway, even know who, watched sample size as yoyo. Yet when it comes to you too
streaming, we sort of Numbers Donald Trump, one. Sorry, your game is stupid. I covered the story earlier today. Tik Tok users were training in trying to get by manipulating numbers, but we can see that actually aggregated them abc lives. From two point: eight million trumps combined, live stream from NBC Cnbc Anna CNBC television had four point: five tromp pad nearly two million more streamed views at these numbers to the total ratings and tromp is up by just about a million views, but they do want to do that, because that would be admitting that they're losing it makes sense. When you have regular people who watch under this way, if you are more likely to watch mainstream news, you're more likely to hate trumpets that simple, because I mean especially when it comes to, like you know, NBC or ABC, you're online and searching for yourself, you're, probably more likely to lean towards tromp, because you're getting your own information, your choosing and as we
oh the media's, become increasingly unreliable, as exemplified by the other story about Sonata three. She did not do an interview here at an interrogation by their own. You know that definition, journalists, don't interrogate journalists- are supposed to coax answers out disposed to give. This was a give people an opportunity to answer questions sort of like moderating discussion. So the goal would be Donald Trump did you get tested the day of the debate and when tromp was asked this he said. Probably I mean I get us all time. Can you say that, if we are not now thank you moving on. She didn't she just wouldn't shot up. While it was painful to watch and I think trump you know this was an opportunity for him and they played right into it
an opportunity for Trump to prove that these people are more interested in just wagging their finger and being annoying than helping us understand. What's going on, that's why I say its anti journalism vocs says: Savannah. Guthrie is very good at interviewing trot now she's very good at wagging the finger and then winking to the anti Trump audience today. But today show CO anger tap to moderate the President's town hall on NBC Thursday. Faced an uphill climb going in a lot of observers were upset me about what happened at all. After all, it was the president who pulled out of the original scheduled debate. Now it was the debate commission that unilaterally changed the rules that without a discussion which is not the norm, she was relentless. No light of inquiry came about multiple, follow ups, oh unfounded assertion was made without a push back. Did that is not what happened. She asked the president, a White House reception for the Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney, bearing the event that seems to have
arctic grown of ours outbreak and the president in the president's close orbit and countless others at this point in the pandemic. Knowing what we know shouldn't you have known better shouldn't the white us know better than to hold an event like that he asked Trot responded the lot of testing in the White House he's fine with mass. He didn't werent the event in question. A lot of people where Mascot covered nineteen anyway, I'm president, I have to see people got three shot back. You can see people the mask, though right masks doubt prevent you from getting sick. This is the stupidest thing ever you any more on working that debate, because Savannah got three. She should not be doing that job, but you could or in a mask. If tromp got sick, the mask wouldn't have changed anything. The seat
see guidelines are that you wear masks a u dont spit on other people. If you want to argue that truck should have mandated masks for other people O K, then, but you can wear a mask that proves what she was doing was empty vat. be ass. I am so sick of the fake news there not actually trying to help us understand what's happening in this world, Don't ask bite in any hard questions. Then I'll get a call to the core of what's happening in our country at all. It is just. Did you see that I insulted the Orange man high five slap pathetic, Charwoman Guthrie came in quick. She came in and format. You came in ready. Congratulations on your orange man, bad resistance audience! You served no real purpose here. I have a question for our view or listening. how is it that tromp supporters get along just fine watching my car,
when I say things like Thompson are going to shut up like he hops to monetarist. Tweets are bad why's that when I criticise trunk, tromp supporters are more likely Ike. Well, you know I humbly disagreed when I said what talk to transfer to the face, I dont like trumps away. Tweets they go well. I do like. I think it's funny. That's it s the response! That's ok! Ok! But if, if if, if I and I say so it or if she comes out- and she says something- that's where the left would eat her alive- why Is it that when I say something that would make Trop supporters probably like disagree, the responses. Well, you know, I guess we'll have a conversation. I felt transport get mad at me. You know an insult me and stuff like that, but they don't come and try and council me they're trying to shut my content down for them. most part, I do find it annoying when, when, like you know, people on the right are like. I don't like this video in they thumbs down my video, but you know you're allowed to. I guess just do your thing, but why is it that there is a disaster?
see among the laughter trying to obliterate someone and destroy them unless they adhere to their ideology. That's the problem, the prom amid Savannah got three new. If she went in there and she did a real some, some real journalism, the left who destroy her. She knew that if she went in and pander to the left, the right would progress criticise or on the left cheer and at its happening so she's showing that she's, not a journalist, she's, not interested in doing journalism. You're not interested in informing anybody or ask any hard questions should only interest wise earning yourself, some resistance followers. So you know what maybe some other reason. The rating for bad for Trump, who wants to sit there and watch this woman complain. I almost turned it off. I gotta be honest- when it was like ten minutes of her saying the same question over and over again, I was like top just shut up, but she wouldn't I wanna, keep asking the same thing. We got it, man trot just keeps giving the same answer move on
good journalism. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes, the ground and I'll see while shortly yesterday the Seattle Police said they arrested a man after he set fire to patrol car in a really strange story now What would the sky is? Will read the at the sale police blotter? It doesn't seem to be right related, but I have to imagine it is normal for a guy to grab flaming debris in Russia to a car in trying to burn a car to a crisp with some one side of it. No I mean, maybe it could have could be unrelated, but in my opinion, we are seeing an escalation of anti police sentiment and, as most of you You're probably sang doc, has been going on for a long time, but we got a big story here from seventy. Many Katy H at least one hundred and eight eighteen Seattle, police officers left the department in a mass exodus, the copper jump and ship, I don't blame them the first time we saw this and its people
we only get worse but I'll. Tell you what men, when they can't arrest people because of the political atmosphere when their pay is already pretty bad. Why why would anyone want to do this job when people are throw our look at us through this vehicle they torched it the due at the hospital with Barnes. Why woods wonder that job, when you are the butt of a political conflict, the problem is exactly what the leftist want. The left that the far left extremists want the cops to be demoralized and quit and its working there getting what they want. You know, maybe you can defend the police, but you can demoralize. The police So they went to two ways to the same thing. You know there's more than there's more than one way to get a cat. I guess they could say, although I don't understand it Ankara's like who was going around skinning cats. Maybe she looked out anyway check out. The story is a good example of probably what's going on the Seattle blotter
As around one thirty p m, an officer was their patrol vehicle in an alley between Dexter and John Street. Looking for a man who is reportedly brandishing a flaming piece of lumber,. jobs are found. A man who, through the flaming lumber, believed to be a two by two into the patrol vehicle. While the officer was still inside additional responding officers chased them. To a parking gradually deployed taser into to custody. One officer is believed to have been this to have discharged a firearm during the incident. The suspect was not so Additionally, as officers were arresting the man, the flames from the burning lumber and gulf, the entire patrol vehicle, one officer, was transported to harbour view Medical center with non life threatening burns officers are also. Packing surrounding buildings in the area to ensure no one else was entered an incident. The Seattle Police Department's Force Investigation team is on seeing conducting interviews and gathering evidence detail A preliminary and more information we'll be posted ass. It becomes available
get a crazy guy run around with flaming lumber. Ok, maybe not right related, maybe just a crazy guy, but I highlight this because could you look? I want you to imagine standing there watching a do. They flaming the word throwing it at you and then, when you turn around figuratively, I mean you have people screaming the police or the bad guys. All cops are bad defined. The police cup was gonna want to deal with that job. Man is bad news across the board, but here we go blank. defined? The police is not over Katy H, says at least a hundred and eighteen zero police officer separated from the department, the Jason France show on Katy Ages, confirmed in September alone. Thirty nine officers left the force when the typical number four that month, between five and seven even knew recruits are leaving. There are now only about one thousand two hundred officers in service for the entire city, the lowest. It's been a decade and This number is misleading. Many. officers are using their accrued sick time as they
begin their escape to other agencies or wait for retirement. The city of Seattle will unveil this officer separation data Friday morning. At the same time, hoping and alarming side note: the Seattle Police Department withheld staffing numbers, ignoring a public discourse, disclosure request. Indeed the speedy claim they staffing issue was to blame, but that doesn't appear to be true at least hundred and eighteen officers have separate from the force and twenty twenty with the bolt leaving after this Nl City Council, embraced radical activists pushing to define the police said. patients are all inclusive, including resignations including lateral moves, other agencies and retirement, while council members, either state quiet as criminal activists attended to murder, police or defended death threats. Officers gave their notice some one to other departments, others retired the downward and is expected to continue, the mass exodus of officers started in May with tense operations, followed by
seen in June and July? Fourth, in August and September, that number jumps to thirty nine. So far in October, there have been eight separations according to a source. This is not, though, this is not in the mayor. report police chief common best, who resigned this year, is included in the stats they even lost their police chief, who, I believe, was the first black female to be the police chief for Seattle is what I call collapse. So what think happens come November an and not necessarily politically, but when I tell people that things are falling, apart as those there's always some. You no argument noted that bad things are to be fine. I'm like dude, a mass exodus from police departments, even among new recruits Why would anyone want to be a cop? Why would you decide on medical apply for a job to be a cup? Not maybe listen, spider man you're probably got some people. More desperate for works in cops leaves I'll I'll do whatever man I'll take the job, and not only that I do this now is the easiest time to be a cop,
hold on Hermia. Hear me up. I know it's actually like one of the hardest times be a cop, but think about this. You get a call, robbery and progress. You don't go, we say, I'm I'm not Oh in there you go you about do anything anymore. So you get these cops now. Just not respond! Calls how that we're going to say he's cues your boss of being; rather they want to be there. Racist yeah, I dont think anyone's actually be doing that. But why not? Not all these monthly numbers directly match a partial list of data circulated internally with the speedier mayors office. They have, however, been confirmed by two police sources and match. The tone number of separations outlined in the mayor's forthcoming report. The mature many of the resignations retirements were patrol officers as a result, service calls will not receive the attention they deserve, your nine one? One call for help will go unanswered for a significant amount of time. Seattle, police officer Guild present.
MIKE Sloan Tall Jason rents show on Katy H currently due to low staff. The meat in priority one response times. That is dangerous, progress crimes demanded meet response. Was it a stout nine minutes in the North precinct from July through September, according to city documents, I gotta say yeah, maybe you move out of Seattle before it's too late cause. I seems to be getting worse. Nine minutes, that's pretty You may live in the middle, nowhere that you can have guns Kenya with just about twelve officers in service, general staff at lower levels and they wore nineteen. Ninety the population has increased by forty four percent since then, and crime is surging with reportedly sixty four year over year, increase in homicides. The mayor's office believes the number of
Pliable staff could drop to one thousand semi too. If the trends and hiring freeze continues, along with the council's vote to fires, firing gobs their firing. Seventy officers can you believe this, but the numbers don't tell the whole picture sources reveal that many officers are using sick time at higher than normal rights. Many of them are, looking for other jobs in different agencies when they leave some Sir Sphere, the separations could hit two hundred and, to put it in perspective, in twenty eighteen the story of a then mass exodus of officers. It was called historically large by the department that number was a hundred and eight for the entire year it coincide with the council's ongoing attacks on police and working without a salary? The human it was his department within a speedy was not forthcoming with a staffing numbers. Indeed, it seems apparent that they purposefully withheld them in July, the Jews and Rancho putting public disclosure request for separation data from the previous two months I make
This request every month or so this time, however, the S PD rejected the request. I wonder why is coming up our baby look I'm outta, the milliner, ripe and I'd people being critical, like all, will determine what a dumb proper I mean. To be honest, I just with escape argument basement some actually doing all right for myself and wanted more space to hang out have fun and be away from the cave, craziness the city, but tell you what men with its it? Is it right? national to want to live in a city when the cops are leaving. If the cops can't respond to calls you want to live, there, ok go, do it out care and you can make let me all day night, that's fine! But when you got nine minute, wait time for nine one. One calls That's on you, men that you're gonna figure that for yourself, And when you're in some of these blue cities, where they ve, got crazy restrictions on guns? Well, then I don't what you're gonna do to protect yourself the middle nowhere, an elevated ground and I'm armed we have sheriff you know so. Fine, fine babies affair
criticism that not being in a city, you know, got direct access like nine one, one they're not gonna, make it in time and the response I was probably way higher sure fine, but I am allowed to have a bunch of guns out here and protect myself so that therein lies the bigger right. Is it worth saying in a city when you don't want your taxes are doing right, Bill Mars had this, and if the cops can protect you into can protect yourself, Walter he doing that's, probably why I'm I'm seeing it man I'm seeing these sales go like crazy. because there were some rural property. I was looking for a long time. It's all gone we're here and rent collapsing in San Francisco, because people are fleeing the city's mass exodus from New York. Nobody wants to live in these cities any more and that story like this are exactly why so they got it just goes on to say but more says, Sable City Council returned the veto to define the police, and now there
serious consequences lost jobs, cut wages, a lot more crime and homelessness assets is impressive, really is at a time when cops are fleeing their firing me cops are to funding police and their vetoing the mayor, trying to stop it from happening. If you live in the city, you are reaping what you have sown from your vote. If you like it Craig, congratulations. Would you wanted, maybe maybe than in the future. You have caught her like a mad max escape for escape from New York kind of I than you can fight your way to the grocery store for food. Maybe it's a bit of a bit exaggeration, but I'll give you more simple one analogy: maybe one day, someone will break your window and break into your home and there will be no one there to protect you and you will have no means of protecting yourself. That's on you, though I mean, if you dont, want that you best leap forward too late, I was talking to somebody recently just move out of Minneapolis no joke. They tell me that. live in Minneapolis and there are like all yeah, but I'm I'm gettin out, I'm I'm leaving, and I was like. Is it because of that
because of their rights and their like, tell me that their friend got jumped and beaten Our reason, I'm like saying things happening in New York, yup, that's what you get. We know got cups cops, are not perfect. Police departments need reform, I think that's true, but that it is better to have right. I lived there. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. What do you think? The likelihood is that mass protests get organised and those protests remain peaceful. I gotta be honest. actually think. It's kind of high cuz I've seen the women's March where they had, although you know that the pussy hats or whatever, You didn't boggley me for saying that word, but that's the column shore and its peaceful too. the old Ladys is marching around wave little flags and the protest was actually so big- and this is back in- was as twenty seven ten or twenty. It was so big that there
remarking around DC, but they actually formed one giant wheel of people. No one knew where the front was any works are wasn't affront, but here is that we have now I'm actually kind of worried about it. Protect the results, dotcom seventeen days, eight hours, fifty one man until election day at least time of recording this. So now you know what time I recorded this if you can figure out the math organizing to protect the result of a twenty twenty election. We are building a coalition of voters, they to mobilise. If Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of the twenty twenty presidential election, I have a question for you guys. I have a question. I want you to answer in the comments and also can answer on Twitter. If you watch the soon enough, here's a story from the daily collar. Nearly a quarter of college student say they ll likely protest if Trump wins. Twenty twenty election survey finds. What do we get?
if tromp lose, is now press if its contested they'll protest, if he wins they'll protest. I ask this question on Twitter, let me be fresh, as I am just now recording if the elect The results are contested, but leaning toward a bite and victory should Trump concede for the sake of preventing unrest or conflict. As of right now, with thirty two thousand four hundred. Ninety six votes. Yes, has thirteen point: nine, no sixty eight point: six and unsure seventeen point five with the Red headed libertarian at the top response hell. No, that would set terrible president. Take that s right to Scotus, Mattie Gregg says I voted no, but even if the question had said bite and a set of trump, I would still say they should be invest. They shouldn't they should investigate more, especially with all the fraud, and we need to see more details if this happens. Of course now the challenge here with making this pole was who look.
Could have framed it as a prime candidate, a candid bees trump, but the real that the real question I wanted to ask was: will people who support trump and right, leaning, individuals, more modern individuals, people follow me: do they want to see Trump fight back and try and win. The answer is overwhelmingly yes, even if it means on rest or conflict, or I should say if it could result in now, some of us. What does it mean its leaning toward Biden? what I mean is: let's say that Joe Biden wins two hundred and seventy one electoral votes and Donald Trump winds. You know two hundred sixty something bought their our votes up in the air and certain precincts and districts that needs that that art that are being contested, Tromp is looking like he's not going to win. So we fight and challenges. Let's say that Donald Trump then get such as the court to over
turn and disqualifies some balance at came in on marked or not envelopes and that drops by down putting trump above two seventy and then Trump wins. This could potentially lead to comment in crisis. So the reality is. I ask this because a lot of people think that conservatives won't do and We know the left is going to protest. They say it right here: they're organizing these mass protests, whereas the conservative side imagine this protect the results, not come another version that said organizing, but to protect the result of twenty one election. We are building a coalition of voters ready to mobilise if Joe Biden refuses to accept the results of the twenty twenty presidential election, or is that, whereas the website that says we are organizing a protest in the event, the election is key
tested and we demand the courts intervene. Where's that all they're saying is. They expect Trump to contested us and they will protest if he tries what if the results are trump, two hundred and seventy one and bided like two hundred and sixty something and invited files files, a lawsuit, Trump The winner barely and Joe Biden says no. I refuse to accept this because Hillary Clinton said Joe should not concede under any circumstances, Where's the organised protest in the event that Joe Biden refuses to concede. You see US system is set up, look, look the right doesn't organise properly. That's a fact and that's why anti has been out for for a long time, and it is an advantage in some capacities, because the proud boys are pie like the best organizing, the right ever had and they don't really do much and they kind of cause trouble at least the meat,
smears them enough to cause enough trouble for the right, but the right doesn't organise events like this. I think actually take that back. I'm sort of the problems Brandon struck and walk away is the best organizing the right as ever seen, maybe not not ever, but it's really good night limit limited. Some Brandon was a leftist. Brenda was a liberal democrat. Ok, he creates the look away campaign and he's actually got tromp supporters of marching through the streets in LOS Angeles and other places, Beverly Hills. That's the organizing power, the right doesn't have an needs, whereas the website that says defend, Donald Trump and the event fraudulent votes try to strip upstream of his presidency of his win, not their here's, what they say. First of all, they have a ton of events planned. Let us hope, you're ready for widespread mass unrest,
interested in hosting while the block they say throughout american history, when the president has lost reelection he's always step down willingly, excepting he will accept, excepting the will of the people and allowing a peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of american democracy but today tromp routinely ignores democratic norms and continues to chip away at democratic institutions like it to the same thing about Democrats who, for years, refuse to accept that trump when twenty sixteen they still doubt. This is evidence. Trumps personal lawyer, MIKE Michael Cohen, has warned Congress that, given my experience, working tromp! I fear that if he loses the election in twenty twenty, there will now her beep. I peaceful transition of power most recently tromp, even threatened to deploy the? U S, military against the american people to quash peaceful protests there is no line he won't cross. This whole thing is being framed as though only tromp can do wrong, and that's the real challenge for anyone doing legitimate journalism. Clearly, that's not true. Anybody can do
on the left and the right. I want legitimate results. I don't care if it's Trump or Biden suing. Let's have the court's ruling, ultimately I'll, bring it back to this pole comments. What you think about this should should front just conceived because they're planning is mass protests. I don't think he should, but I don't want to see violence and I'm worried about what happened. If the election is all mangled up because of his mail in voting fiasco, I'll tell you what I think is more likely. That needs more likely trump winds and election night, and if he doesn't well, then he's probably gonna lose. I guess, but I think it's likely that too. went on election night and there was this track. This analytics farm, a Democrat one. That said, the same thing is called the Red Mirage they're, calling it trump winds and election then you know a week later when the mail and votes common tromp loses the only problem. Mail in voting is broken, and Democrats have pivoted now trying to encourage people to vote in person whose production and I could be wrong, but here's my prediction- trump wins and election night
we are close, Trump wins on election night and then mail in votes, don't quite cut it and trumped still wins by the end of the week. But Joe Biden refusing to concede says it's not fair. These ballots got disqualified and then starts file. suits? It is more likely, based on what we ve seen that mail in boats will be discounted, rejected for rent for a variety of reasons, oh by the Democrats, will then sue saying: that's not fair a thousand votes here, a thousand votes therein, Joe Biden, would have one they will take it to the Supreme Court. Now No exactly what's gonna happen. I'm just saying that a likely scenario in my opinion is possible. The poles are so bad for trompe just lose on election night job wins, and then they say I will. Who cares? What kind of the rust and it's funny that they say,
Mail in ballots are going to always favor Democrats they're, arguing that, because Trump told Republicans not to vote by mail to vote in person. That's why maybe it's a good reason. If that's the case, then based on their logic Democrats are going to lose millions of votes. There saying I think was at fifty mb million votes by mail for the different for Joe Biden, are likely to come and think about what that means for every Democrat, never jurisdiction if they lose two to three percent due to the margin of error which being higher for male and ballots. I think it would be higher than two to three precisely why, in twenty twelve, they are the near times that a story that sad as absentee ballot rises errors. Then you know and this kind of votes you know rises. Well, it makes sense people who don't not a fill these things out screw up and in their voters. Accountant now imagine you ve got fifty million people, most of whom have never voted by male screwing. Everything out we ve already seen in California, micro waving, ballots, ironing or like was disinfecting and
smearing at all in just making a garbage what happened scale, that up to sixty five million people plus were probably can have more than that of their estimating, like seventy four seventy five million Democrats. Maybe what happens when out of that? Seventy five million illiterate. You have a traditional margin of error for two to three percent basin in your times on absentee ballots, but absentee has requested what happens when you give random people universal votes and it's not in every state, but in some key states you're probably get to see a failure rate much higher Maybe maybe five percent on another number will be, but I'm willing to bet the Red Mirage happens. Then, when the mail and bells are coming in Joe Biden doesn't caught it and many These mail in boats are just are then challenged by Biden himself. It is possible, however, the inverse happens. They ve been trying to pass laws to make it easier to vote by mail, so it's possible that Trump wins the mail outcome and forbidden and then Trump Sues, because these men,
that should have been disqualifying. That can't be that they can be properly that it, in which case he will probably one of the Supreme Court. and then you end up with a president who isn't legitimate so saith the left. Maybe that's the real goal, honestly, don't know, but I do think it I am leaning towards. I think Joe Biden is gonna, be the one contesting. I guess it's kind of stupid, Jamaica prediction right now we're about two weeks out, so I suppose just get your beers. Radegund popcorn and I ll sit back. It's gonna be a wild ride, but I'm pretty so we can achieve a lot of violence. As you can see from these, these protests being planned. stand there saying peaceful protests and I can understand that, but come on man you, you set up these large widespread national protests. There's gonna be riots I'll leave their next segments
come on up tomorrow at ten, a m thanks for hang it up, and I will see you all then.
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