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Twitter Declares WAR On Trump By Censoring His Tweets AND The White House Official Account's


Twitter Declares WAR On Trump By Censoring His Tweets AND The White House Official Account's. The tweet from Trump was deemed to glorify violence in the opinion of Twitter.By injecting their editorial opinion over Trump's tweets and hiding them from many users Twitter has clearly said to the world that they are not just a platform bu a publisher like the New York Times.While leftists and Democrats engage in falsehoods same as anyone else Twitter takes special effort to target Trump.They're asking every person on their platform to engage in a game of chicken where they mass report everything as glorifying violenceNow that Twitter said game on they either prove their bias or ban every tweet like thisSocial Media censorship is no longer questioned, its fact. Unless Twitter starts nuking Nancy pelosi and Adam Schiff (or other Democrats) its just them pushing their thumb into the scale to hurt trump#Censorship#Democrats#Trump

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In what may be one of the biggest mistakes twitter, as ever made. They inserted their editorial opinion over tweets from Donald Trump and the White House, effectively declaring war on the President trumpet tweeted earlier about what's going on in Minnesota and the riots, he said that the military was basically bending by but that when alluding starts the shooting starts this law, Equally, in reference to a pawn shop that was being looted and the owner shot and killed the lunar, it also is a reference to the civil rights era. Riots and many people took offence to it. While Twitter decided this was, Laura fighting violence, that is entire Leave their editorial opinion to make it worse. Michael, more and many others actually did glorify the violence and call For more in this, it appears Twitter has declared war on terror they're, not targeting other high profile verified accounts that are glorifying what's happening in calling for more now the art,
on their side as well. It's the president, the President treated this, so we need to flag this. We saw Something happened a few days ago, which was also unprecedented Donald Trump tweeted his opinion about mail in voting and twitter enjoy did their editorial opinion linking people to the opinions of Washington, Post and CNN. This to me, People was shocking. Considering these news organisations donated and endorse political actors, including Hillary Clinton and other presidential candidates, twitter. Was pressing their thumb on the scale to hurt Donald Trump. It's the only way you can look at it, that's their bias, but their placing an editorial opinion over Trop, I'm sorry there no other way to look at this then, waiter is no different than the New York Times. I stand there. Some arguments you could be that that could be made right. Linear times has staff of journalists whose intent is to publish content, but twitter crossed the line they aren't
in neutral platform. They are the same as the New York Times, because they literally wrote an opinion and then placed it over the president's tweets trumpeted make that message there for you can only argue that Twitter is choosing to publish this with their opinion attached and they would be like All this is is a disaster for social media. In response to this Travis tweeting revoke section two thirty. This is the provision that Gary, a policy of the law that protects social media companies like twitter. Being personally liable from the statement made by individuals on the platform. If someone tweet something, defamatory. You can't sue twitter. What, if the New York Times post something as defamatory, you could see the journalist and the New York Times. Therefore it would seem twitter is cross. The line in what may be a serious years mistake. I'm sorry man, I on the jargon podcast last you're talking to Jack Dorsey, and I said this was going to happen that,
was only a matter of time before conservative conservatives realized you were arguably impacting their chances of re election and they would use the full brunt of policy to come after you- and I was met with arrogance now Jack Dorsey, I believe he does want to do the right thing, but it keeps saying over and over again that we are aiming for decentralization. He puts out these big tweets, look at where funding and what ends happening. He goes in the in the other direction. I can't tell you He says you want to do the right thing at the right thing, isn't happening, maybe we will eventually get to a proper decentralized internet, and maybe Jack really wants it happened, but instead always see is twitter using their power controlling this platform to interfere in elections by monopoly. Adding content by shadow banning political actors and then placing their personal editorial opinions on top of content and ominous show I'm in show you the evidence as to why the first or we have in the New York Times Twitter places a warning on a tree
tweet bottle. I want to bury the leader take a look at this. I tweeted the official. At a toy opinion of Twitter is now live trumps, We sang when the looting starts. A shooting starts is glorifying violence, but calling for violence at so ports, the riots is not Twitter is insane to think they can run editorial for three hundred and forty million people and there it is twitter safety. Shred of saying we have passed say public interest notice on this tweet. Let me show you. This notice is theirs, Michael more. Let me see I got a bunch of tweets pulled up in this tweet. They write this tweet violated the twitter rules about glorifying violence. However, twitter is determined that it may be in the public interest for the tweets to remain accessible. What twitter is official editorial opinion that Trump say this phrase glorifies violence, but Michael more who tweeted Good citizens burning down the evil police precinct in Minnesota. After all, the police rotten safe, that's not glory,
buying violence. I don't see any flag or notice on Michael, more anomaly. How many followers does Michael more have six point. One million and now we can see how many people will point out over. That's the president, that's the president sure what about dozens of verified users if one person weeks and you think it's better when a flag it I understand, but why would We ignore the dozens of high profile verified uses of millions of followers who are endorsed the verification. Why would you ignore that right? Let's let's red than your time story excited want to, but I needed to show you that will read the New York Times store before we do have. It simply has not come slash, don't it if you'd like to support my work. There are many ways you can give. The best thing you can do is share this video. We are facing unpaid surmounted, social media, censorship and people, Right now are arguing nobody censor the president. They just put a tag on it. That is absent, lately, not true. It says right here. This tweet is unavailable in
I want to see this idea to use a twitter extension. Otherwise I have to go through some weird thing: where there's a flag, I can't see it. I pulled up trumps tweet. There is nothing! There, that's censorship. Now. You want to argue the scale of censorship you wanna are you that I can still get the tweet by other means no dice just because they throttle that. So most people can see it, and some people can doesn't mean it isn't censorship, their direct, please censoring the president and the White House. We can have this, I'm sorry. This is interference in elections. Now, of course, you can argue. Twitter is a private platform. They have become too powerful This is where people are having these discussions. It's where news is breaking they control, all too much I have always always been, favour regulation when companies. Art seizing the commons, whereas the left on this with no idea. That being said, if you want to help out in the face,
of what is likely going to affect me on my platforms in other platforms? Consider sharing the video. I can't compete, The mainstream media- and you too, props them up while pushing me down, but your shares are powerful, at least for the time being now, if you just want to watch it to subscribe button, the like button, the notification belt- hopefully that's enough to keep Youtube recommending my content, but let's read the story from earlier times. They say twitter places, warning on Trump tweet bang glorified violence, the president's tweet, which imply that protests in Minneapolis could protesters in Minneapolis could be shot. No non. Stop stop twitter, I mean I'm sorry stopped near times it was a quote from a policeman if during the civil rights era- and you can criticise the president for saying it, but he's not talking about protestors, the wording used was looters. It literally happened a man charged with murder, because a other guy was losing his pawnshop and he shot and killed him. Then you are too says. Amid the
arrest in Minnesota. The president took time out to expand his view that twitter. This is just so often can't stand near times report the news stop editorializing, using it of targeting conservatives and him in particular, and calling for legislation to revoke the company's legal liability protections that are foundational to its business. The official Why does account then reposted tweet? That had been flagged in a movement to defy the company twitter respond. By adding the same notice on the White House, account I'm sorry man, I'm just Oh tired of all of this, the New York Times. This is an opinion peace. In a movement to defy that is an opinion That is not news. That is your opinion. I could argue It was a move to trap twitter, so they could enact legislation by arguing that Twitter was censoring the White House, but in your opinion it was meant to defy we don't know what the intention was you make that up. I can't
and this anymore man, these media companies lie all day, they inject their opinions. This is not the news. The news is trunk. Tweeted assented a phrase. Twitter placed a block on that you have to click in order to see it trump Or the White House than retorted the clout and twitter did the same thing. The news now, if you want to You beyond that, as I am doing that's fine as political commentary, but in your times it's a drop, the pretence you are just giving us. Your opinion, the company said Mister trumps, original post violet, its rules against glorifying violence, and it prevented you, does from viewing between without reading a brief notice. The first time it has restricted one. The president's messages in this way, Twitter also blocked users from liking or applying to MR trumps posts, though there still allowed to retreat it if they had added a comment of their own. But twitter was an did, not take the tweet down
saying it was in the public interest. The message remain accessible, who determines whether or not its glorifying violence, the editorial opinions of of the staff, twitter now. Some people feel that this is a direct. This is direct retaliation against the president for his an executive order on section two thirty, he wants the FCC to clarify what action to thirty means and whether or not they could provide guidance that would result in lawsuits against twitter. I dont think it'll happen, but now here we are twitters policy. Tweeted this executive order is a reactionary and politicize approach to a landmark law. Section. Two thirty protects american innovation and freedom of expression and its underpinned by Democrats. Values attempts to unilaterally eroded threatens the future of online speech and freedoms. I'll tell you what this is your fault. It is your fault, Jack Vagina.
Everybody at twitter- I warned you old hat was going to happen, and now we are all going to be facing the brunt of this. If section two thirds is revoked, say goodbye I too my Youtube channel. It will go back. To the days of only getting your news from CNN and Fox NEWS, because no company could could bear the brunt of a wave of lawsuits with or without merit, without section to thirty. You will see hundreds of thousands of lawsuits pop up immediately and weather a real law suits or frivolous. It doesn't matter, because twitter will not be able to mount a defence it will shut down overnight. What makes sense, potentially, is the clarification of section to thirty the actual enforcement in some capacity of of companies that are violating what section two thirty is Ten to thirty, says that there are certain reasons why companies, maybe we'll take things down. What is it Actionable to say, learned a code, no, it's not
I'm sure. Maybe there needs to be a court, determine what that. What that means. Well, Trump asked for clarification. Twitter can't just be immune. Censoring taking all of this power away and then just banning whoever they want. Here's tweet for Michael more. Michael more says: the cities should demolish the police headquarters, but he referred to the people burning it down as good citizens and the evil police amen. When it comes, so what's happening in Minnesota. Ninety nine percent of people are on board that the police were wrong, but the riding isn't doing anything to solve these problems. Now, if you want to argue the that that the take over of the police precinct, I think it's wrong, but I get it You want to argue the burning down of low income housing that makes literally no sense or the fire fire who law. His dream. Sports bar a dream come true that is so close to achieving cross inefficient, taken it away from him
If you haven't seen a store, I gotTa Tim cat Youtube COM slashed him Casanova just at this guy's raise a bunch of money, I'm very happy form, but if you want if you want to argue about writing fine, but this is glorifying violence, and that is not ok. In my opinion, should people be allowed to pose this stuff? I think they should be its free speech I don't like it, but why did they only flag? The president? The argument is well, it's the president right. What about his opponents? this would mean that the white would be always placed against the incumbent and now twit is using its power with three hundred and forty million users. Even international users non american users putting their. On this negatively, impacting our elections. Sure. There is no regulation. Yet I want it. I want it done right. I've talked The dangers of doing things wrong. What Trump is doing is wrong. He's calling for revoking too Thirty! Well, you know what man at this point. What can I say you reap? What you have sown
and your billion dollar company in your stock may be smashed overnight by angry obligations and Democrats looking to shut down our free speech on line and it all comes together. All look. Look look at this way. The Democrats, don't like the fact that but I we can go on and we can say whatever you want. I mean I mean, It's true, Joe Biden, said revoke to thirty. Its fake news should be removed. Will now what about your Republicans, who are saying because of this, and because of social media. The Democrats are getting a major benefit, will take our chances and they absolutely will start talking about shutting this down and then every to bore you know and love is gone overnight and I dont think that would have now be insane and dramatic, but could enter a world again where there is or what I think the new world may look something more like my channel might exist. I might be ok,
because I have a bigger channel. I have multiple channels. I make money on professional and I've been approved by the EU to partner programme, and many others have been purged It may end up just being a new kind of Hulu or Netflix. There will be no they swear, user can sign up and just start treating. You ought to get vetted and approved and sign contracts and life reality clauses and all that stuff- I don't know, Zack that will happen, but I know this is twitters fault. Now, let's, let's move. Let's move on to some other things: here's here's the first tweet from tromp waste. I can't stand back and watch it happening here is second tweet and the notice He then reference the when the loading starts. The shooting starts here is the tweet from the White House where they say the same thing between VI the rules about glorifying violence, the president did not five violence. He clearly condemned it at Jack and twitters, biased, bad faith. Fact checkers have made it clear. Twitter is a publisher not apply form the right. You can actually argue. That's the New York Times has section two: thirty protection.
For their own staff. They arguably do so. Is anybody, but, but what we were the New York Times when a case they probably would not a court would deem no near times. You chose to publish this if twitter is editorializing all it takes now, in my opinion- and I am not a lawyer- people can start showing. I would argue that you may actually see the the end of twitter to thirty productions. They may have lost it already. They made moves they of editorializing. Its content. This statement, underneath the White House is published in tandem with a statement from the White House. This is twitters opinion, What concerts glorifying violence? maybe a single step over the threshold, but it may be enough law. Suits may now start emerging. Where people will day, I'm suing twitter for defamation. Why they defend me with a statement of fact. It is not a statement of fact
courts may say what? What? What about section? Two thirty, aha, but take a look at this. They accompanied mock that that statement on my post, meaning they posted it- welcome to the new World Man Twitter may it may have- and did everything we may be watching the end of free speech, independent commentary and news, and it may be Twitter wants it to be honest. They may want this to happen. Dorothea said over and over again that he believes and decentralization and federated. You know, there's something called the fat averse swear it functions. Much like the regular internet. He's talked about funding these these these new platforms, let's look, I got a bunch of tweets pulled up so how we can see those tweet from Rhine, Kelly Guy had been reserving to convert Donald Trump since August twenty twenty sixteen and they are now they're just mirroring it and they want tromp to sign up. They want to take it over trot, might do it, I'm
Their smearing gap for sure it's stupid to a gap is mostly a libertarian thing, but Trot may actually move, and that may be a good thing and twitter might want this to happen. Jack Dorsey said this in December, nineteen twitter is funding a small, independent team up to five open source. Protects engineers and designers to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media. The goal is for twitter to ultimately be a client of the standard Twitter was so open early on that many saw its potential to be a decentralized internet standard like as empty p in up The call for a variety of reasons, all reason the time we took a different path, increasingly centralized twitter, but a lot's changed first were faced, entirely new challenges that we're fat we are facing in time, new challenges. Centralized solutions are struggling to meet, for instance, central Enforcement of global policy to address abuse and misleading information is unlike the scale of the long term without placing far too much burden on p,
I gotta stop. It sounds great. Sounds awesome. Why then go after Trump? I can only think of to potential reasons. The first, is that advertising on twitter, don't like the fact that they are not doing anything the media is smearing them, because the media had struck the advertisers and say we don't like the lack of enforcement. We do want advertiser, so they make a move against the president to appease the negative press to protect their bottom line. They want to survive it's possible. However. Jack wants to force twitter to collapse, It would force people to move to other platforms. Why isn't Donald Trump on gab or parlay or mines, or any of these other platforms? I honestly have no idea, can only imagine it doesn't really care. What the solution is simple, it's not to revoke section two hundred and thirty. I think it should be enforced. If it's it's it's hard to figure out the right moves, but I think the president should have done another platform, and then everyone will be forced to move
the press will be forced to cover it, and this could open the door for a real. That decentralized network like Jack is talking about. Think about it. This way, there's something called the FED diverse federated net. Most of these are dominated by social justice activists. If Twitter was open to this protocol or whatever it is, their building twitter would function in this way. If I use twit As the as the main platform, I have many followers, I can follow anyone on any other network, let's you set up your own private server that it's just you. What this, why not say I used him cast doubt come right, that's my website and instead of posting a twitter, I post to TIM Tim cast out. Come you then, on twitter search, the network that that the fetters not just twitter- and you find my essentially email address and follow it. It would
just to be like you know, it would be inverse email instead of sending something directly to someone you post for everyone to be able to do you post when you post, everyone gets it. So users subscribe to your post, they can get them to twitter and twitter can't ban you because it would be like looking website. This are the federalist works at its probably where the smartest things I've ever seen. It would end all of these problems. All of the censorship. No one could do anything to stop the present he could literally say anything he wants and we all could I could use any one of these companies to follow any of these people. Now it's possible What I would say something like we have banned this network because it has too many bad people, so people would just move to a different network if you created your own platform, You could follow the twitter platform. We could follow anybody across anything. You'd be just like the internet The issue is twitter is I grow blogging site completely centralize with centralized authority and Jack needs
give it up sooner rather than later and there is one simple thing they can do to make it happen- open up twitter to be able to follow people on the fate of verse, which includes websites like gab. You might not like him, but if you choose to follow that's your choice there, not breaking the law, you don't you don't like it. It doesn't matter jack can then ban anybody on Twitter and all you gotta do is create your own server or join a different, federated server. Some networks might ban other networks, but ultimately it wouldn't matter, because you can just go to the free speech now we can follow whoever you want, say someone create something called open space or whatever you sign up, and you choose to follow me on Twitter, you get all my tweets, you can interact with them. You can retweet them within your network and then I thought I'd stay on Twitter, like normal jack, can't value. You're, not honest network technically. This could all exist right now, because you can repulsed tweets to other websites
fear radically make a website that just browsing twitter and shares it, but twitter, I don't. I don't, have the APEC Api Open, so people can actually do that. I can't tell you why they're doing what they're doing, but I can say it's getting it's getting scary, specially with you now directly, Censoring and shutting down the White House and promoting people like you know, Michael more, this, a tweet posted by a woman named Olivia Gatwood get would verified twitter user. She said to burn it down. Six ex enamored Youtube commentator said Twitter approved. That's the problem with twitter taking an editorial position. They have three and forty million active users and there's nothing. They can do to fact check everybody if they're only fact checking from then its clearly an issue of personal bias and its clearly and unintentional endorsement. So what do you do? Twitter? it's to drop at all, they need to get to the door. Centralized system there they're talking about building jack?
as he's doing it we'll see he's has recently. We could We came across Am Mass nics article protocols, not platforms which capture the numbers of the challenges and lotions, but, more importantly, is reminder reminded us, a credible off of a credible path forward, higher folks to develop a standard in the. Then why are you going in the other direction? Why won't Donald Trump just leave? It are stupid questions and it's a stupid problem. The president just needs to get off the platform. It would change everything For now we are facing an election cycle where Jack is using. His his weight to negatively impact Donald Trump chances to win that's just the way it is, and the press is doing of do as is doing it. Jack recently put it I on trumps opinion, which was a huge mistake, and I believe he admitted it saying oops wishing to done that you be able to do it and you should I've done why you keep doing they just keep doing it. I'll tell you jack? I see you saying all these things I to converse
with a last year, he talked about a bunch of really awesome stuff that hippies have been hoping for for a long time. Decentralization libert, libertarian deals on these social media platforms. Taking away the power, so it can't be centralized just do it already open up twitter to the federated network is a good start. I can go in the search are- and I can type I can type in bill at GAB outcome and book about right about that and then people will complain and say Jack. You need to unify, ban this network and then someone like that work and you can follow over you want. You can do it and I soon we can do it fast, but for the time being, this is whereat Michael Morkan, glorify violence, but Trump can't because Twitter, as made their editorial opinion clear, its personal against Trump as a matter of the prison like more got six million followers. What about the other verified users? It really does seem like it's. A combination of personal by yes and laziness will see how things play to leave it there
around next segments. Coming up at six p m youtube com slashed him cast news. It is different channel and I'll see you all them. What's happening in Minneapolis is the worst I have ever personally seen I've seen it the work of fully to the other riots. I've seen historical footage of other major incidents in my lifetime, however, and the things that I have covered, I can't speak to the past. This is the worst I have ever seen it. I've been in several countries I have seen actual revolutions, and this is worse than that in a lot of ways. At least but on the ground of Baltimore Ferguson, many other places in Minneapolis just eat. Just last night, protesters stormed the third precinct police station and they burned at the city reported unconfirmed reports that they may have been trying to cut the gas line and blow the building up, and they warned people to get away. Apparently some other police departments may have been evacuated as well. It's just a
all around absolutely insane and I'll. Tell you what man it's sad stuff. I got a video for yourself. What will walk through it? A man in the community us a small business owner rapidly black his business was destroyed and while they were filming and that the story looters came, steel is safe and he's crying his life's savings point of this business destroyed, what are they doing? I honestly don't know why these people are doing. This are not getting justice there destroying themselves and they are doing it's. It's the opposite of what they think they're doing the wealthy people who control things, the rich people in power and the police will not be stopped By this, in fact, destroying your own community stripping your own wealth and power ensures it continues and continues this morning at six is the big reckon story. Seen in reporter. Oscar you met as was arrested, live on the air during Minneapolis protest protest. Broadcast update in the video, I'm sorry
Parliament has in the video Omar assaying tunnel where to go, we'll go. You want me to move on just here. You know we got you just. Let me help you need they arrest him and his crew. It was all live on CNN. I hate CNN. I think they waved their destroying journalism. I thank you. Sucker has turn them into reality. Tv trash, but I will absolutely defiantly, absolutely always defend their first amendment rights and I am glad that they had people on the ground for all of their faults. And all of this the mistake They have made even mistakes when I've been personally report on the ground in they reported wrong, as in Ferguson they report there was no tear gas while we're being tier guest. Yeah great is that it would just smoke because it, No, they were talking about. Yet it was cs smoke. It was dear guess, not the strongest stuff in the world, but they know they are talking about, but it's ok. I want them on the ground reporting. I want them to do more of this for all of their faults and they got arrested.
We have an update here from deadline as to what happened after the arrest of the sea. In a report on the air, they say it sooner: border or Martinez, and his crew have now been released from police from from police Customs policy custody, after being arrested, live on the other morning, mid broadcast from the many apples protest as per below state as per below state Governor TIM Wall. Intervene directly in the incident after calling scene and President Jeff Succour to apologize after being released. Yemen is immediately took to the arrogant to recount the store and up to the situation. Everyone was pretty cordial after my arrest happened. Sediment as who added the police officer told him he was just following orders: they weren't violent with me. We were having conversation about how crazy this week, as has been for every single part of the city. A lot of these people are on edge. The reporter continued. The one thing that gave me A bit of comfort was that it happened on live tv when you talk within the community, But let's say what happened: George Floyd, there's discussion. What's happening, is it knew its being filmed? That speaks the power of having some.
That happens on camera. You can have people speak up without using anything. Apparently the governance can address. It. Apologise not good enough good enough each and every one of these officers needs to be fired. In my opinion, I don't care a lot of people have said: well, the sooner reporters are bad. Some people have said, won't CNN. Who cares? Not? I don't care? Listen. We cannot allow a since of the state to shut down the press. Even on accident I get, it may be an accident, problem we have here. Is these guys don't tense situation? I can respect that to varying degrees. So I'm will, to say are right. Maybe I should be a bit more than meltdown Spencer on this one, but here's my problem with this. If they come back- and they say we apologise for this- it was a mistake. We have two problems. The just following orders comment vi. The lighting the constitutional rights of people, because someone told you too is just following orders, not that you can do that. I addressed
and, if your rest, a rider, that's not. First amendment, ok, you're, not speaking a burning building stock, smashing windows, disguised clearly with CNN, clearly with a camera crew- and you could have said get out of here- I've been any situations. The cops absolutely can just tell me what to do. Journalists, even the awful ones, are complying with everything tell them to do almost all the time when those cameras get shot off. We dont note the police do after that. We cannot allow agents of the state to say I'm arresting this journalist, then they, can do whatever they want with impunity, because no one's filming it and then later come and be like I'm so sorry, it was just an accident, I'm willing to respect that there Potentially some new wants in the situation, but I don't like seeing it and I probably have a partial reaction on this than many other things because what we need to see what's happening on the ground. We do see what every Wednesday that includes the rioters C and, unlike may not be the best, but I take a camera over no camera, so no the police are actually
hurting themselves. By doing this, the people have a right to know. I've been on the ground. I've been attacked by protesters, I've been tech by police and the people have a right to know what's happening if the journalists are complying, don't touch them now. Let's talk about bad reporting is a clip that was treated out I Caleb whole MSNBC reporter claiming. I want to be clear on how I characterize this. This is mostly a protest is not generally speaking unruly, while the police apartment, I believe burns down behind him. Now that to me is absolutely insane from MSNBC. This is the big breaking story. Many of you may have it if you have, if you haven't been following, this is huge. This is. This is absolutely huge. Right now in twitter, pundits and personalities, and journalists are art bring the merits, the worthiness,
or that the quality or whatever you call it the justifications. Why are they burning down these buildings? Why set fire to target? Why set fire to affordable housing and doesn't really make sense? Does it why rob Pawnshop and a lot of us ass his questions because they're just damaging destroying their own community, but they did actually go to the police station, where the officers I believe were resting. George Floyd were we're working out of where there are stationed and they burned to the ground. In fact they they may have almost they may have almost blown it up. The city of many Minneapolis tweeted were hearing unconfirmed reports that gas lines to the third precinct have been cut and other explosive materials are in the building. If you are near the building for your safety, please retreat in the event the building explodes absolutely insane Michael trace.
Between this a political decision was clearly made last night in Minneapolis, perhaps by the mayor, to be extra deferential to protesters in light of the legitimately depraved George Floyd killing Can this then enabled riding leftwing activist who sees a police praising building crazy, MIKE Minneapolis mayor Jacob Fray, indeed confirmed early this morning? quote: I made the decision to evacuate the third precinct, so he did. The order police to surrender the building to writers who proceeded to ransack enlightened on fire, even according to them breaching and evidence room. That is, is not justice. Now you'll make an argument about targeting the police department. Because of what happened to to George Floyd, I mean there's an argument there going over the police department right the housing as it makes sense target, as it makes sense protest, saying the policeman makes sense but destroying the evidence. We got serious problems, especially with the policing in Minneapolis and I'll. Tell you what men you want it I've seen a lot of tweets from people.
The arrest of the CNN journalists were justified iced. I could you not our actually Wednesday, the majority, but some of them and its because They said there in an intersection there and there there were there during a Ryan all the stuff. It doesn't matter. Ok, fine, you feel free to disagree with me. If you think you know, if you, if you like with the cops, did sure I think you're wrong. First amendment first amendment that comes first and foremost, the peaceful protesters should be allowed to peaceful protest, but now we're seeing writing. So that's why I understand the police coming up. The journalist, however, here's what happens next, the police are doing the opposite of endearing themselves to the public myself included people are now going to demand answers why the journalists are being rest arrested, why Floyd was killed and what's really going on, and there are some really weird things going on that we gotta talk about. I think I might have the story, checks out. George Floyd and fired police officer, overlaps security shifts at the same Self Minneapolis Club. That's great
maybe it's a coincidence. Maybe it is an absolute coincidence and these guys didn't know each other. But according to the story for around a year, I believe they overlapped overlap shifts where they worked at the same place. At the same time now the owner of the club says that the off duty officer security was outside. Unlike Floyd, was in the back, so they may be, never interacted. Maybe I don't buy it. I'm sorry, I think it's possible, but I have to lean towards. I worked ass. I worked at a venue. It had two that it was. It was the Metro Chicago. It's a big venue them a club downstairs smart bar and upstairs is a theater. I worked security believe it or not, and I generally knew everybody there at least an acquaintance level not mind youths of fourteen years. Since I work there
but I'd, see somebody, and I knew there was a a guy. You know it's up. I never saw you I never even talk to, but I still knew them. This raises a question again at the very at the very least he didn't know, but now, regardless of that, people are looking for excuses. So, let's let us put it here, I dont know if they knew each other. I think it's fair to say original person assumes because they worked at same place for on a year, they probably at least to some degree. Maybe not, though ok to be fair, but it doesn't matter. Protesters are gonna, see this and they're gonna say this police officer knew him and use the power of the state to end him. That's what they will see from this. Maybe they're wrong. They're, probably wrongs by not true, I don't know but I'll tell you what the stories private
go out and going to go. Nuts and people are gonna, think the worst and they're gonna, just their views of as justification, to go round smashing and destroying the worst possible thing that I've seen from all of this is that innocent people are having their lives destroyed. The community's destroyed their there of their life savings destroyed How many show you historical clip and I'm going to show you a recent clip and it's about the destruction of the black community and with these riots and how they are? They are gutting their own power. The power systems in place exists most due to the money they have. While there are issues of racism in this country, you can find that even very, very wealthy black people talk about being profiled. When you got money, you can you you ve got you ve got power, the that's just you can, but you can get the best lawyers you can you can you can go to you? You can engage in law, fair right, let's say you're rich wrongfully arrested
you sit back and say: I'm gonna put five hundred thousand dollars into a team of lawyers to end you and what happens? Is you get bogged down with paper work, the gospel precinct? They never stop and the city relents, but when you're poor- and you can't do this- you get wrongfully rested and you beg the problem here is that in the wake of this unjust killing of George Floyd their people now taking the opportunity for whatever reason too, Roy this community stripping the wealth and resources away from the people who live there? The small business owners, the people of dedicated everything, the trial,
up one of the reasons we see historical poverty and racism. Their intertwined is because- and this is what some have explained- a lot of people, although it may not be for everybody. One thing needs to be considered when dealing with the idea of historical racism is that among people who, among white families, many asian families, you are more likely to have inherited something then say a black or latino family. This can create disproportionate class issues between our say, it'll, crate class disparity between the races. Many people then take that to assume racial issues. When they see poverty rates crime, It just one factor a MAC Uptown like its everything. What we need are people to establish family businesses, property and wealth that they can pass down to their children and they can come up. They can get out of the gutter. I'm fine
enough to be someone. Who's come out of the gutter. For the most part, my family was the opposite of rich. We lost our home could barely afford in the first place and a European Association. And now I recognise the importance of being able to build something and how powerful inheritance can be. I'm fine, I'm not gonna, hear anything- and I may be very careful about my kids and what they do and hair it, but they will be better off than I was and that's power they'll grow up under, like I was falsely rested once and I lost. I barely got that they they did. They try to force us to plead guilty and I was lucky enough that we got them to dismiss the charges because I remain too far. I refuse to plead guilty. So ultimately they said fine and it was it was. It was a marketing in the full story, but it was it was. It was now like crazy now that I'm older and successful, Annie
are you who dares do that to me again will face the bronze of LAW fair. I will. I will spare no expense getting lawyers to go after those who, you know justly target me and the reality is from the hard work that I've done. I can ensure that my children never go through what I did going up in the sausage Chicago with cops kicking. My Dorin. So I can certainly empathize lobby anger. I cannot with eyes of those who are mad, but burning down your own community inch ensures that those with power will keep that power and you will lose yours on the show you these clubs, but I want to say one more time: the police Department, the city, the wealthy. They will not be affected by a burning these things down. The target corporation isn't swing. In one of their stores being loaded and burnt. I don't care, but when you burn down your own, affordable housing, when you lose the law, small business, you ensure that your community never comes up.
And they will never have the power to challenge the system and those who would have the power so when they come and they oppress you or they pen you down or they kill somebody. What can you do about it? You can write, but when you write destroy around community, it just means that the cycle will never stop. I want to say this clip tar breaking this is this is a clip from valet riots, heartbreaking here? Isn't it a tweet from the sky, brine, Frazier says this heart, but this is heartbreaking. Listening to this black man watching his business being looted, watch right to the very end I am not gonna run the audio for you. It's just a man owning a hammer during the earlier riots while they smash through as windows. Steel is computer and he's begging them. Why did you do this to me? He's like I came from the gotta. Why did you do this? Why me? Why not them your men, then? Why are you doing this to me too good quest,
and therein lies the big problem. There's if there's a rumour going around right now that the purse started. All the violence was a cop. I think that this is not proven. There's no evidence, it's a screen, not of a text message and a picture a guy wearing a mask in all black, with an umbrella smashing. When, under the hammer of the odd smashing auto zone, some people claimed he started fires. I think it's absolutely legit. This guy wasn't protester. He shows up he's wearing all black, got an umbrella and heard smashing windows and then immediately leaves, and people Jason like what you doing. Who are you? it's possible there more people like him, but stop further, and we don't know who this guy is. So some people believe that the targeting of these businesses is intentional to make sure these communities never come up. Maybe that's the case I don't know, but welcome to the future man. Here's the video here's, the video from, I believe some the other day,
Minneapolis Riots. This isn't even protests in any more people go too far. This is a video about a man who put his life's savings into a bar and they say it was. It was rated and people are trying to steal his safe as the news grew came in and the and the guy who owned it of a local black man is crying saying he doesn't know what to do now. They destroyed this guy who put everything who worked so hard and was trying to come up here. Explain to me how you going and targeting these these marginalized oppressed peoples and destroying everything they fought for to challenge. That system is justice. It's not one hundred percent, not justice. It's scary man! It's it's scary in its unfortunate what is happening, but the cycle can
use people from outside the city common. It is communities and they take advantage in these straw, and I will tell you this that that part that that rich white person, you point the finger at that you that the social just words they do this, they look at those rich. You know, Jeff bays us all look at the sky, even if you went to Jeff, baseless mansion and you through a bridge to the window, you left it would do nothing to him He wouldn't even blink. The property damage inflict is a rounding error to people like this. You have done nothing to challenge the system, but I will tell you this: when you torch destroy a small business, especially there of someone who fought of of someone in a marginalized community. You take everything away from them and they cannot recover. This is what creates the class disparity. The left claims
fight against and through their own emotional, unintelligence and ignorance. They perpetuate this system and ensure that they will always be the oppressed because whenever they have the opportunity they burn themselves to the ground. That's why you can't allow this. That's why you protect these businesses? That's why you protect them and you shall an? U dont. Let this happen. That's why, like those young men in Ferguson, when I was there who linked arms to defend the liquor store that was being looted, that's why they do it because they are taking from you, but so long as people just Robin each other than those in power will stay in power, doesn't mean you do about it. I did see a very interesting tweet, however, cold water on Twitter, says some context or people who don't live. Your target h q, is in Minneapolis like Street target, which got looted tonight is literally targets, experimental site for loss prevention and surveillance policies geared toward poor people. Very few people in the neighborhood like that target
somewhere responded. I always wondered why that target existed in the hood everywhere else, I've been target has left. The four areas to Walmart in response is exactly why it's also a Lake street target is so consistently awful in different ways to all the other ones. It's engineered to be that way, I'm a conspiratorial. I can't confirm this. What I can tell you is that target is headquartered in Minneapolis and if you do a Google search, you will find that target. Does a series of testing at different Minneapolis stores. I would actually lean towards this being true. I also would agree targets in my fridge.
And to be in more suburban middle class areas. So it is interesting if it's true those in the hood. It is true when you look at it. I met stories going back twenty eleven about test locations, Minneapolis their headquarters. Theirs they try out new things, whether or not it is true that they do this. I will explain this much to you. These people believe that that target was used in the poor area because they knew it would lead to high crime and it was their opportunity to test out new methods of loss prevention. That's why they targeted and destroyed it. Not everybody just wanted to tv. Some people thought they were coming up by taking some of that look like tronics, and some of them will make some quick cash. Probably faced.
But perhaps the reason they went to target among all the other businesses they could have gone to was because they feel this way, maybe they're wrong, but as long as some of them feel this way, it could be why the first brick was thrown. So I bring this up to make the same point again this target. If this is true there there there it's, there is an experiment. You just did everything they wanted. I don't know if it's true again. I would stress that, but if this store was placed there on purpose for as an experiment to test what you would do, they just got all the data they were hoping for. What would happen in the event like this? What will happen to our stores, this our store dealing with laws, prevention, insecurity? Let's and surveillance, let's see what they do. Let's use that to bolster our power, so yeah, targeting a major corporation like target. Does nothing. In fact this help.
Them. If that's what you think again, maybe it wasn't, but if you really believe that this target was doing this, that's why you, when, after him, Your basically saying you worked for target You knew what they were. You knew why they put at target there, and so you thought, wouldn't let me help these people out. Let me help a massive billion dollar corporation, better secure their stores. Around the country. By giving them all the data and evidence and understanding they need at their experimental store dealer with loss, prevention and surveillance, you game what they wanted. That's you gave him what they wanted. You didn't hurt the machine, you didn't hurt the man and when the riots and sue following this, you hurt your own community man, stuff Rex, art I'll leave it there. I got more segments coming up for you, but I think today might maybe a day just based around all this a stick around next I was coming up at one p m on the channel and I'll see you well then,. The national Guard is patrolling what looks like a war zone in Minneapolis.
New video has emerged showing the death of George Floyd and can see that there are three men kneeling on a while. He cries and bags and this stuff, this stuff is heart: wrenching, men and scary. Could you look at these photographs and we look at what's goin on this? This new video come out. I gotta tell you I think it's just it's. It's were nowhere near the end of this were entering the weekend and now p. We're gonna be out crazier than they ve been, and we got the National Guard patrolling the streets, but it won't matter ass. Actually with this new video coming out its new they are coming out is some of the most rage inducing stuff I've ever seen. But that's not what I want to leave with on the segment, because you click this video. For another reason I wanna lead with this video right here on replay this video for you, I want you to see this.
I've got really bad news about some, some good news. I got some bad news too, but we got some hope coming out of this at least a little bit. Others destruction. Maybe something good, it won't make up for all the damage and destruction this this this ravaging Minneapolis and other cities. But there's some there's some good stuff, a man who had business destroyed by riders may be seeing recovery. First. Let me play this video today we down call boy Bala who invested his life's savings in opening this sports bar cleaning up, while our camera was, their looters came back to try to steely sake they do no was sore at source today. We felt so hard to get here in this man crying because these riders came and destroyed his dream. His life's savings will check this out.
There's no real big story about this and not seeing the news coverage beyond what we just saw, but take a look at this a go fuck me I tweeted this out. You know I'm a fence centre on almost everything, but not this one, this guy's of of unease at innocent victim. He was trying to set up what was his dream and they try to take it from him. Why I don't know all I know is you eat you want. You want a demand justice for George Floyd, I'm right there with men, I want justice to show you this this new video that that's come out. But what can I really do beyond just express my opinion. While tell you what, with this co fund me, we can contribute, and I can share it- and I did because this is a guy. What his dream they try to take his dream room. They destroyed it. Maybe his dream, maybe maybe now he can get something Maybe now something good will come
of all this bad check out the story scores sports far Minneapolis rebuilt sociologist story, as it is said, go fund me But in it he tells evermore about what's happened. We got an update. Now, just show you the update that when the photos later, they burn the entire building to the ground, but here's the initial story. I want see you this guy is- is a firefighter this guy's, a fire fighter who saved money because he wanted to open a sports bar that was his dream and before he could even it open he standing at that line. You know like you, you fought so hard for this. You ve saved everything you ve worked and you ve worked and there it is grand opening. You take that first step over the threshold the door unlocked and opens you ve done it. Your dream is real. Finally experience that would have longed for for so long. A guy risked. His life is a firefighter to save others. Finally, now getting a taste of that sweet dream before could open cove it happened
and they are hoping to reopen soon and before they could do that. Some evil people evil angry callous destroyed his his dream and I say evil. I mean it because these people don't care about what justice is attacking innocent people is injustice. Now I get it maybe they're angry and you can say that the in their anger, some people would argue they were justified and then there's the banality of evil, the recklessness of evil, the distain for other people for their hopes, their dreams for their lives, targeting the innocent, because your anger is no excuse for destruction, somebody who was paying attention and said yeah well, everyone was doing it. That's on an excuse either. I'm sorry man, can be evil in the sense that you just want destruction, the evil, a sense that you just don't care about other people and you would use your your force against them. What's read this, he says scores
Ports BAR was set for grand opening the spring, but when covered nineteen hit now was put on. Pause now just as scores was gearing up to welcome customers with updated guidelines from the governor. George Floyd was murdered in every changed overnight scores, sports bar was looted vandals. Eyes and destroyed on May twenty. Seventh, twenty twenty, this black owned business, is left trying to pick up the pieces. Amidst morning with the community about the bar owners, cavy ball at his wife to honour our active members of a community cabbie as a fire fighter on the Brooklyn set on the bridge, on Centre Department and and to a member was a member of the sounds of blackness. Therefore, beautiful children and the toads entire situation is heavy. Cavy has been a community entrepreneur for decades and coaches and contributes to the community in which they live. Anything you can do it to start. The rebuild process will be a blessing. I'm gonna link the go find me. If I can't I gotta make sure you know.
Our colleague in the description below this this this this story. When I for I covered this a little bit, I showed the video in my first. I met this morning, seeing as man rising they took it. You know my I worked so hard that's so sad, and so I saw this post going around if they're trying to raise money for him due to raise sixty four thousand dollars already, they got to go over a hundred K. Seems like a lot of money. You know what, before I say anything I hope this man gets back tenfold gets back one hundred fold. They took away from him. I hope that in five years and a few years from now, he looks back on this day, and what what when they destroyed his business- and he remembers it not as the worst day of his life, but as a turning point that lead to some of the best days of his life
I understand the anger, frustration around George Floyd, an ominous show you the story, and it should make you angry. You should want justice, but targeting a guy who risked his life he's a cop hit. You met the cops I get outta about a fire fighter. This guy was trying to save you, that's all he wants to do fall, firefighters wants to do want to do and they decided to destroy it just because I didn't care, but actually he I believe he wrote a story about what what happened to us out. This is from from Cavy himself, hello, everyone I would just like to start saying the amount of gratitude and my heart right now. Outlining the sorrow and heavy heartedness I feel yesterday able to share my story in the output of financial, physical and emotional support has been overwhelming, as I think about my losses elsewhere, send my condolences to the Floyd family. My business can be rebuilt, but life cannot be regained. Honourable honourable statement, then I agree I've been an entrepreneur in the state of Minnesota for many years and my coming
If he really showed their love in the Ross form. Many of you know score. Sports bar was my dream. It was all coming together and when Cove it hit the reality of not being Two open for a grand opening was difficult. With the help of my family and friends, I pushed through to find out that the countless hours, hard work, late nights away from my kids and family had all been for. Nothing was soul shattering. It is not the material things most of the time that caught cannot be reclaimed. Niggers, there's nothing more valuable than time in. I want to scores yesterday and all I could do was cry as a fire fighter and public servant. I am used to saving lives and being strong, but this broke me. The glass was broken. It was looted and vandalized welfare. Four CNN people came in trying to steal the safe, and I wondered what next my community. That's? Why? strangers shut up with brooms cleaning supplies, trash bags and food. They helped me and my family clean up in twenty minutes. What would have what would have took days? This is what gives me hope. I want to say,
you can shed light on the real, true Minnesota Minnesota's, who helped many of us business owners clean up yesterday. I was doing my shifted the fire station this morning when I got the call that the entire building had been burnt down last night. My heart was heavy and I had to leave work because the emotional told us two substantial right? Now is a tough time for my family and I, but also the did he and the whole state? I know it will too at some time, but we will rebuild and come back even stronger than ever to the countless people who donated on the Gulf on me page send emails of encouragement and praying for us in supporting us around the world. Thank you, we are all in this together- stay safe, stay blast and keep praying for Minnesota. If you'd like to donate, please visit and there's a link almond put this lincoln, then let me tell you a sad story, a fire fighter working to this day
sitting at his station somebody serving the community who only want to save your life and enforce laws, their arrest, people now they get on a truck and they rush full speed towards the danger towards the burning building. Now, look I'm not sentences to disrespect captain anyway, I'm saying I understand their anger right now towards the police. I respect the police, who also rush towards a danger to the the cops who are there for you, cuz I've experienced the good and the bad when it comes to the police, but right now I'm just talking about this medicine firefighter. He has nothing to do with your anger. Nothing at all these fires are being set and they ripped people's lives and they're going to get people hurt and he's the guy who's going to kick that door, and even though he knows it might be the last day that he gets the kick a door and that he does
because he's gotta make sure people survive sky sitting at a station, and he gets word after coming off of seeing his business destroyed. He still returned to work to be that guy who's ready on call and waiting so that it can save your life, save your life, if you, if he has to when they call ambulances, because someone's dying firefighters come out and ambulances and an ambulance, assist an ample this guy. Is
he's the guy who saves you, he still there in the fire department and he finds out that's following this really awful day. We could do nothing but cry they torch the entire building. Why? Why did you burn down where this guy was gonna, be setting up a bar? It's just a place. People to hang out to live, love and laugh, enjoy drank, forget about the world's problems and try and carry on to live another day, you're, not targeting the billionaires you're, not targeting the red shirt targeting the oppressors. Your targeting the dude who himself struggles to make. This dream come true and at the same time, in service of you, they talk all day and night about how they want healthcare as a human right. They love using the fire department. As an example. Hey man, everybody gets, you know, fight for a fire safety fight fire fighters to save them. Why can't we do the same hour? I entertain
Why destroy this man's dream and his life is an omen this morning? I saw the go find me they'd an original goal, or at least the first time I saw it twenty five thousand dollars it's now at sixty four thousand thirty three dollars I'll tell you what men that's not enough: they burn the whole building the ground. He can't building new building. Probably wasn't his building is probably ranting or leasing this part of the building and they just annihilated the whole thing now. Maybe insurance can rebuild it, but for how long when this guy's dream has been put on hold, to say the least, I mean they destroyed it out right, I should say at the best case scenario, history will may become true at some point with our help, but they shut him die. That's not all came in there. You know what we want to advocate for those who are going to war or doing the right thing who are in our community who want you to live better to be better, who want to protect our rights, and this is exactly who the skies
now. Ok, look out, let us be real. There is always some circumstance we'll find out. Some person was really a bad person. You go to a funeral, on everyone's has only the best things about the person, because that's what we do on all this guy, I know, is a fire fighter, and so I gave em every benefit of the doubt and then some one hundred percent you may you maybe comes out whatever dunker dude. I can see him here with his BC. Hefty after he had on that's a good do right there. He does not deserve this, but what he does deserve. Is this sixty four thousand dollars? More than that, I don't know how much it would cost to rebuild this building the time gone forever. Even if you give him a million dollars, you will never get that time back
and that's the most precious thing we have. So I really do wish this man the best and am might my heart is warm to see the two thousand four hundred people have contributed that there have been six thousand shares. Sixty four thousand dollars re so far, I'm glad to see it men and died. You don't gotta do anything. I contributed I'm happy to do so. It's one of those is one of the rare times Rahman Mega video online.
Here's what I am doing. Here's what I think people should do. We can argue about policy all day and night, and you know it man, I don't have the answers. We usually stand back, I usually sad or no, but you don't. I do know this. Fire fighter deserves to have his dream come true and it was taken from him he's not asking for hand out. No, this guy actually built his dream. He worked hard for his dream. He accomplished his dream and before he could cross the finish line they burned to the ground. I am happy to say that, although there is destruction surrounding this story- and we have negative it's one of the few times- I can tell you something with hope in my heart and a positive feeling. This is good news. It
bad news. The good news is level of less than the bad news, but the Good NEWS is: there are good people who have his back and are now putting their money to make sure that this man's dream in it he can follow through with it it'll be a lot of work all the work he did. He bought chairs tvs. He did the advertising everything all gone to buildings, gun he's got if he's got it will. What apply for new permits. He's gotta a source Newton, new distribution is gonna, start everything over. I can and with it must be like men. I can only jokingly, say your play, video game. You get really find that game and then you'd you, you know you die or whatever the power goes out. You didn't save in your life. All my progress has lost that feeling you get after playing for a couple hours. Then you lose it as nothing compared to how long he probably worked for this and everything he lost a mansion losing ye here But I'm happy man. I am unhappy that he's happy in that's. You know, he's gonna get some money out of this mess
this directive, a million bucks. I oh, I hope that he gets a hundred times and then you can sit back. He can enjoy nice drink on the beach and have a smile on his face and say for all the bad. At least you know at least he wasn't left high and dry by the good people who know he'd eatin deserve this. He posted photos he's had just equip quick update. The campaign amount will be updated. The building in my business was completely burned down last night. I am devastated by know something, but an opening positive will come out of all this. They blessed everyone photos from this morning possible. Our go to take a look at these photos. Man, it's it's it's despicable, I'm sure he's got a different opinion on the riders. Yeah I'm out of his opinion, is right. I'm going to rain like I do. My opinion is that these people are evil because they would target an innocent person who did nothing to them and for what it is, because you just us it takes the power away from the people trying to fight back this guy, a firefighter it takes his paw
four ways ability to fight back, not okay. Well, madam, to show you this right now we're up on this last point, I am worried that it's gonna get worse. I am glad the sky was able to raise money and I hope he holds onto it for a little bit and you know, because AV. If he goes out now we got a white man. You got away yet await New George floor Video shows the men begging to be allowed to stand so that it can catch his breast wrath as three people: arms on science, three police officers, Neil on him, this one's brood is the new video. That's just coming out right now, if you thought the destruction yesterday, the day before was bad. I can't imagine, what's going to happen after this video, it's a video of this man crying as three people kneel on them he's crying and why
Lange and everybody just watches, and this is a guy I up. He saw the video George Floyd. I'm untold has some kind of bad past. There was maybe a resident of president or anything about that. I don't care if he did, he didn't deserve this, and this video is is is terrifying. It's terrifying and there's another view that went viral of George Floyd, angrily telling the young people to stop the violence. So let's say this due to go to prison after he gets out what happens? He works at a club. He works security. He makes a video telling young people. They can't do this. They can't go down this path because sooner or later is going to come between is going to come to you and God you're going to go up or going to go down. I saw that video and, I said that's the message. We need that's the message these young people need, even if he did wrong in his past, then he's one of them tell them. I've been down that road. You can't do that. Mad respect, a group on the Southside of Chicago man, I've seen people who have gone down that road.
And it is bad and they need more people to say been there done that you shouldn't do it. So I got respect for that for for the sky, for the vigour that he put out and when this happens, this rage man, it's not going away to time soon and it's not just happening in Minnesota. We saw we welcome Turkey. Shots were fired at a note that was all about it with a video was all our no because I got deleted. I guess thirty people arrested in New York, in LOS Angeles, if you thought that was bad. Let me remind you of something. The weekend starts now. This video just dropped. May twenty ninth ten a M eastern daylight time? I don't know if I can show the. I don't think I can show these videos. I don't think you know I don't care on the dude. Anyway, it's just a photo. You can really see much sought. I think this might be ok. I don't want you to take this thanks. I want you to see this. I want to build a notice, three cops kneeling on the sky and he's just cryin he's just cry and men saying please. Over and over again
Why do they have three people and they couldn't put him up said about his knees? Why did they have to do this? I got no idea really bad. The story we saw earlier about Cavy and sports bar won't be the last he's. Not the only one affected by this I'm not trying to disregard of disrespect the other businesses there's this mother stories about business owners who lost everything, but this story hit really hard to me to see this guy crying on tv like there. Actually trying to steal is safe, while he's like, while the seat and crews filming is just insane man, it's just so such a brutal. Stake in the heart, but then I you know I I I saw that story I was. I was sad and some other stories and then I saw tat. He was a fire fighter and now it hit me really really hard, because you know I come from a family by people, my family work for the fire department and in my extended family and serve. The armed forces varying degrees, and so that one just personal mass, my buys a year. I see the sky
who I know I know I know- that's not concern. You know. I've heard the stories. I've I've been departments, These are just guys. They hang out, they cook they smile. They laugh the alarm bell rings and they rush full speed, and I saw that man that was said. I'm worried about what's gonna come tonight, I'm worried about what's happening now over the National Guard and keeping under wraps and keep my eyes. I mean, like you, know, keep things calm down, but we'll see what will see out. It will see all happen, so I ll leave it there. Stick around and excitement is coming up at four p m. You can check it out by going to TIM, cast dot net. Its links to my main channel but she may not be familiar with up. Most of you are, but many people aren't so TIM cast out. That is way too find it this one's going to talk about twitter, because, in the wake of everything happening here, Twitter is censoring the president. It's not an exaggeration that their their blocking of content. I actually have used an extension to see it. I'm a modification of the browser is crazy times, men, twenty twenty minutes.
You all for that training out the main police officer involved in the George Floyd Incident has been arrested and charged with murder as well. As some other actual read through this. Now there were other officers involved. I dont believe they ve done anything. To these other officers, but they have said the investigation is ongoing. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a report from the medical examiner and it's bad. This guy. Derek Chauvelin is, in my opinion, gonna get convicted. I think they're doing third degree murder and I think that you will get convicted. I'm not gonna burn Ellida led for you on this one. The medical examiner said that this guy Chauvelin had. Is me on the neck of George Floyd for almost nine minutes like eight and a half to nine minutes. They give us a phone number I'll read through it, but are more than two and a half of those minutes floated become unresponsive. They were ignoring his please, and for two and a half minutes they say he stays on the sky, yachtsman men,
medical examiner says at the police are trained that this is inherently dangerous and the defenders in custody. So What's read the news and go through what what's going on? The latest update now did record this earlier than by time you ve watched it. Things may have changed by the time you use you see or hear the segment acts, Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvelin, charged with murder and George Floyd, case quote: the investigation is ongoing. The county prosecutor said we felt was appropriate to focus on the most dangerous perpetrator. He added referring to the former officer, Derek Chauvelin couple important point for move forward. It turns out this guy actually worked the same club for around a year with George floor. That restaurant honour doesn't know if they, if they knew each other, but some people think this may have been something else. However, there for other officers involved in holding down George Floyd. So it's hard to know for sure.
The other thing I want to say it, but as we move forward, I do not believe that will stop the riots or the violence across the country. I really really don't you might it might. And then and they gotta move fast. They gotta figures were now, but the weakened, as here man, though we can see, or so the Sweden, the former Minneapolis police officer, shown in the video putting his knee on the neck of George floored arrested on Friday. Derek Chauvelin, who was fired on Tuesday, along with three other authors involved in the in the entertainment of Lloyd, was taken into custody Friday and faces charge the third degree, murder and manslaughter had it been county attorney MIKE Fremont announced Floyd pleaded. I can't breathe as Jovan who is white kneeled on fluids neck for around eight minutes on Monday night, over eight minutes in an arrest that was videotaped by bystanders, the police
Barman initially set Floyd was black physically resisted the officers and that he died after suffering medical distress. I believe the report says that's not true. I think I will see you Freeman said he anticipated more charges to come a possibly against some of the other three officers the investigation, is on going further that part just twenty four hours earlier. Agreements at the case still need more investigation, but by Friday, Freeman said enough. Evidence had been gathered. All of that, come together and we felt in our professional judgment. It was time to charge the Minnesota of criminal apprehension and the FBI are both investigating Floyd's death. The ba arrested Jovan at eleven forty four a m in Minneapolis the state Agency, said a conviction for third degree martyr could land than offender in prison for up to twenty five. Here's third degree. Murder means an officer did not. The offender did not intend to kill
but that someone died by perpetrating an act, eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind without regard for human life. I agree, I think, he's gettin it, I think he's getting men. Look you gotta. I've got to do that. I got to jump to this. I got a lot here we want to read through, but I want to show you this passage cause you got it. You gotta get this first, the defendant had his knee on Mr Floyd's neck for eight minutes and forty six seconds in total two minutes and fifty three, kinds of this was after Mr Floyd was non? Responsive police are trained that this type of restraint with a subject. Any prone position is inherently dangerous. Defendant is in custody. The bill fits. I think they got the charge right on this one. I think the medical examiner set it straight up. Listen, the dude was was was pleading mama, please, the new video that's come out. It shows the other officers has Floyd basically frying as they as they're. Doing this, you want to talk about debris, depraved and reckless indifference where they cut what what what are they specific
he say ah did without regard for human life. If someone's begging you and you know, you're not supposed to do this- and this position and is dangerous in your train. For that You keep your knee on their neck for three minutes after they stop talking. That's reckless disregard that is, that is no regard for human life. Men, this guy's gonna get convicted. I dont think people are going to stop the riots, though, and you know it man, I I I think a lot of these people operating costs. I think God of the destruction is is horrifying, is is evil, but I can feel that anger you now, so I can empathize for sure, but I just wish people wouldn't take it out on innocent people that the idea that segment earlier on the fire fire you may have seen it he's near and over two it's over two hundred thousand dollars raise. You guys are all my really really respect everybody who pitched in that that the innocent people don't deserve this anger. I understand the anger. Madame a mad and the more I read about this. The angrier
I get you out of you guys have seen the video of of him crying as as they put him down, but I want you to imagine these this officer, we had a bunch of us, so we do. The tin cast iron. Podcast live every night, made a bunch of l, Elio Lot law enforcement officers telling us no way man. You never do that within the UN, the neck. Imagine that nine minutes disguised begging you too, to stop and then for three minutes he's just not talking you, don't care locked, astute up hasn't been convicted, so I'm gonna be a bit more calm on this, but I think I gotta be honest. I think most of us have seen we ve seen enough. We got that, though the report from medical examiner. I am open to seeing you have
come out, but I just don't I'd at this point: lock em up, dude, lock him up. It's it's always talk, and I'm always careful because even though we ve seen all of this, and even though its horrifying, you still want to be careful and make sure you you you handle the law properly and that this guy faces justice in the most appropriate manner. This gotta be air tight and this guy needs to see it enough to face justice. Any does deserve as they in court. We all do it's a fifth amendment. We will. I don't. I don't believe we should deprive anybody simply because they deprived somebody else. George Floyd shouldn't died. That day, I looked over the transcript of the nine one. One call as well- and it's just you know a man it's it's just so so so pointless. He may have the guy said he gave us some faint bells or something and unlike and that's it and that's it. That's real that more freeman noted that these charges mirrored some,
the same criminal complaint filed against former Minneapolis Police Officer Mohammed, nor in another high profile, local case involving its excessive force. I'm not going to read through that's another case. I get it. I got to show you this right here, though Amy Club, which our previously declined to prosecute Derek Jovan in Floyd's death, Amy Clover, jar she's on where she got undergoing vetting for Joe Biden get her out, get her out. Man, you mean to tell me you. You knew this dude. He had been called out before former democratic Presidential Canada Club, which our fail to get charges brought against police officer. Ok hold on failed to get or declined. We know about the story but what is it they say into? Doesn't ate a grand jury? Ok, you know what New York Post? What is this once fail? The prosecutor I'd. I should have brought that up. Ok if she alot of people were saying that she refused. If the grand jury didn't diet. Fine, then I'm not gonna hold that against her all right. I will hold on this a club which are also did not criminals.
I other cops involved in more than two dozen officer- involve fatalities. I still think you know what man it's still her jurisdiction it still under. You know, I'm a managed that I dont like that. Lady men look at this report. They talk about some important context. You need you need Unita. You need to see. Says the statement of probable cause they mention about were a bit about what happened about when I read this for you to give you the fuller context of what I said a moment ago. They say once handcuffed than that
I don't wanna go back officer. Lane ordered Mr Floyd out of his car, put his hands. I Mr Floyd, and pulled him out of the car Officer Lane Handcuff Mr Floyd, Mr Floyd actively resisted being handcuffed. They say once handcuffed MR fly became compliant and walked Vavasor Lane to the sidewalk and set on the ground at officer lanes direction. In a conversation that last just under two minutes officer Lang asked Mister Floyd for his name, an idea lane ass, Mister Mister, they say Mister Lloyd. Was he a typo Floyd if he was on anything and explain that use arresting? Mr Floyd is Mister Lloyd, somebody else they changed it from Floyd. The Lloyd officer, Clang and Lane stood Mister Floyd up and attempted to walk, walk into the squad. Car Mr Floyd stiffened up felt it
and told officers who was claustrophobic, mpg officers, Derek Jovan, the defendant and Tao Foah then arrive in a separate swat car. The officers made several attempts at Mister Floyd in the back seat of a squad of squad. Three twenty four, the driver side, Mr Floyd, did not voluntary, get vaunt voluntarily get in the car and struggled with the officers by intentionally falling down, saying it was not going in the car and refusing the standstill. Mr floated over six feet tall in ways more than two hundred pounds, while standing outside the car, Mr Floyd began saying and repeating that he could not breathe while standing the defendant went to the past your side it and tried to get Mr Floyd into the car that side and lane that side and lane and kung assisted the offended pulled Mr Flight out of the passenger side of the Swan car. At eight nineteen and Mr Floyd went to the ground face down still handcuffed. Okay. This is what the important context as the defendant pulled, Mr Floyd, out of the passengers
but the squad car at eight nineteen, Mr Floyd, went to the ground face down and still handcuffed Kong held. Mr Floyd's back and Lane held his legs. The defendant placed his knee in the area of Mr Floyd's and had a neck MR flights. I can't breathe multiple times and repeatedly said Mama and please as well the defendant to other officer state in their positions. The office said you are talking fine to Mr Ford is to continue to move back and forth. Lane asked, should we roll them on his side and the defendant said no staying put where we got em officer Lane said I am worried about excited delirium or whatever the defendant said. That's why we have to have an honest on his stomach. None of the three officers moved from their positions beat up. You see. Video shows. Mr Floyd contain a move and Bree that eight twenty four Floyd stopped moving at eight twenty five, the video appears a show, Mr Floyd ceasing to breathe or speak lane. Sad want to run.
Lamp to aside Contact Mr Floyd's right risk. Proponents said I couldn't find one: none of the officers moved from their positions, a twenty seven. The defence removed. His knee for Mr Floyd's neck, an ambulance and emergency medical personnel arrived, the officer placements are flawed and a growing and the ambulance left the scene. Mr Flood was pronounced dead. It had it been county medical center that have been county medical examiner conducted Mr Floyd's autopsy on May. Twenty six, the full report of the enemy is pending. The army has made the following preliminary findings. The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic astray
Seattle strangulation, Mr Floyd, at underlying health conditions, including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease, the combined effects of Mr Floyd, being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicated in this system likely contributed to his death. That's when the going to mention the timing, I think it's absolutely important and fair to point out the nuances, the complexity. What happened, but I think the charges are going to stick. The man was apparently in the vehicle. I like how they gloss over that right. They say this. They tried to get Mr Floyd into the car from that side and lay income assisted. Then what happened? Because then we can see it say the defendant pulled Mr Floyd out of the passenger side of the of the squad car. Why we don't know
and I'm sure some facts will emerge, but they put him down. He manages excited delirium. We honestly don't know, but I can tell you if someone's begging, if you pull them out of the car, is the important point he pulled him out of the car. There's lotteries that may have happened but if you pull someone you've already restrained, attain and got in the car out and put them on the ground. Why was he doing that? I can make a lot of sense. Cuz, I'm not going to I'm not going to their negative the assumptions, but it sounds like they pulled this guy out. The other just like. We got a role, and now they were train. This is dangerous. He kept his knee on his neck three minutes after he stopped moving and the dude sad no pulse he killed them dude. Now they say there was no traumatic asphyxiation or whatever it was underline conditions. If you take an old person, okay and you put them on the grounds- and you call whatever you want standard procedure and they die, you did it man, you gotta Anders
and I only I want people keep out. I got to get this one off, but listen There was a story. I was told our younger of two guys, one guy a hits on guy bees, wife they get no fight and guy a punches guy, be guy, be falls back, hit his head and dies. Guy aid goes to prison. He wasn't intending to kill him, but he did. I don't think the officer one of the sky to die, but he pulled not thrown down put his knee on his neck and just sat there. While the guy died, he did it call it what you want men. I wish people would stop targeting in a simple little wrap it up there. Not a couple more segments coming up in the minutes- and I ll see you all shortly. The Republicans are bringing out the big guns against Twitter and TED crews is now calling for a criminal invest, segregation of twitter for vice relating iranian sanctions. Now this is where things are getting spicy. I warned Jack and Vagina. I said if you keep doing they will come for you, and you know I was told,
I know people in Washington something like that and there they there. Okay, with what we're doing there. Finding ways. Man look drops talking about section. Two. Thirty and a lot of people are saying it won't work. Tad crews found a better way to go after you and whether it's legit or not, you listen, You know why you don't want to see you. You must choose your battles, you don't wanna, be careful I always get annoyed. When I see people arguing online starting fights and I'm like you have no idea what that person is going to do, and why do you want the hassle? I avoid the drama, conflicts like people rag, omby amby to back off on a want, because you never of one of these peoples a crazy person. This way, I can't stand my friends. Do road regions in other workers, cod is young. Might stop. Do you know how what were these people crazy, endeavouring to crash you'd. Ever you never know, choose your battles, don't waste your time on the petty nonsense, while Twitter, been censoring conservatives. They ve been shutting down people for dumb
things like saying learn to cod, and so you know what you ve got me are now of the republican Party. Not tromp might not be able to pull off section two thirty, but what happens here? Whether or not anything happens? You can see they're coming for you right. Here's a story from Expos, Senator TED crews and a letter Friday to the justice and treasury departments is calling for criminal investigation of Twitter. Over allegations. The company is violating. U S. Sanctions against IRAN. Twitter is already under fire from President Trump for adding fact checks and a warning label respectively to misleading. Incendiary tweets he made in recent days now I access I'm not interested in your opinions on this. No call, misleading or incendiary just say so cruises letter adds another dimension to the tech companies woes in Washington. Twitter allow iranian leaders to maintain accounts on its service and crews is asking attorney General Bill BAR and trade, We Secretary Stephen mention to probe whether that violates: U S, sanctions prohibiting American come
these from providing goods or services to the country's top officials. They are they. I think they got a man I will see. I don't know I don't know I don't know. I was once planning a trip to a run for vice and I'd to make calls and ask about what I could or couldn't do when it came to how these its function and they said in the normal course of travel. You can spend money and come and go as you please be safe in itself. I never ended up going right, never ended up happening. We ve been fond, but as a lot of countries than ever whence you. But this is different. Twitter is allowing them access to a service which can function as a platform for them to speak. They are providing them this space and twitters monetizing it. So what's read more quote, I believe the, The primary goal of the international emergency economic Powers ACT and sanctions law should be to change the behaviour of designated individuals and regimes. Not american companies. Crews wrote, but when a company will
clean and openly violates the law after receiving formal notice. That it is on awfully supporting designated individuals. The federal government should take action. Twitter has said in its public interest. Twitter is at its in the public interest to have political figures speech on this platform. Even if some fine speech objectionable we're not talking about free speech right now, we're talking about the: U S, image lifting sanctions on Iraq and IRAN using Twitter as a means to emboldened and empower itself by spreading its narrative. Whether or not their right or wrong is irrelevant. Twitter is providing a service delivering that message to other people, but before we move out the story, I've gotta give a quick shut up to today's sponsor virtual shield. Virtual shield is a virtual private network service, its basically a program you can download that provides your internet browsing with a basic layer of security. There hackers their government agencies, their general nefarious actors want to break, and your system steal your data, and
BP and is one simple white a practice off now it was tell people you look at you. You have lost your doors and windows, but you don't expect people to break and you still do it and to be honest, but he really wanted to take a break the deadlock on your door, but you still have that lock right because it makes sense to have basic security right now. If you go to hide with TIM dot com, you can get fifty percent off your virtual private network service, it just two thousand fifty cents per month. I'm eternally grateful to virtual chauffeur sponsoring my channel their there. One of the few spotted actually haven't. I think it's a great service. So if you wanna take your security security seriously check out hide with TIM dot com, the link will be in the description below, but let's get back to the main story accompany on Friday, labelled tweet tromp about the unrest in Minneapolis as breaking its rules on glorifying violence. The white ass fat ass. You see chairman exit pie among other prominent conservatives, questioned why Twitter hasn't applied. Similar labels to tweets from IRAN brain leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, crews.
At an earlier letter from republican senators to Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey in February, calling on the company to ban iranian leaders, including come any and all honey and foreign Minister, Mohammed Javan, or the senators suggested providing the accounts a violate you sanctions, twitter, responded in April given that its service is exempt from the sanctions and that the public conversation with a platform is critically important during the krona virus pandemic. Well, I want to see why they think there, you know, not subject fundamental value, Is that what they said: fundamental values of openness, free expression, public accountability and music understanding matter now, more than ever, vagina, gotta, twitters, legal and Papa legal public policy and trot and safety led, wrote regardless of the political agenda of a particular nation state, to deny our service to their leaders. At a time like this would be antithetical to the to the purpose of our company, which is to serve the global public conversation it does,
matter. Could you imagine if she said something like this, regardless of the political, Joe, in particular nation state? to deny our service to the leaders at a time like this would be identical to the purpose of our company, which is to arm of people for self defense. You get the point, it doesn't matter why you're giving them access to go then services, it matters that you are not allowed to either bigger and more dangerous question on the issue of material support to terrorist organisations, who use twitter and, for some reason, dont get banned. I don't know, still dear- but I remember like Didn'T- do Hamas have a twitter account and aren't they designated tear organization. What makes twitter immune from all of these things. I honestly I have no idea other than no one enforces any of it. This is what happens then, when you, when you go to your political opponents, especially the one swore in political power trump, isn't the executive branch, the Republicans
told the majority of the Senate. I mean you got a few months. Maybe things will change, but I can imagine, what's gonna happen, a twitter of Republicans regain control the house. It's gonna, be a it's gonna, be bad. I think I'll be bad for all of us together I'm so angry. We had a good baby. Internet was awesome in the nineties. To thousands I mean it was imperfect, but things are building up. It was like the wild West, but you know we did all right now they that they want to turn it into a couple. Big, powerful major corporations and that's we're gonna get because you dont know when to much is too much here. So they say Twitter declined to comment on the new crews letter and then they link to a flashback. Crews talks to access as Dan primary of last year to discuss allegations of the biased against conservative. So here is a letter from vagina.
Not. You may be familiar there, because she was the woman who appeared on the jargon podcast with me inject Dorsey, and I want I want to. I want to read some of this because they talk about why their exempt from below zero. Thank you for your letter dated February six. Twenty twenty now I do things better point. I believe a guy is a lawyer. So, to be honest, she probably knows wait way better than I do anything to make a way better legal argument I ever could so I gotta be fair. Thank you for your letter, dated February six, twenty twenty regarding twitters approach to potential sanctions issues. We appreciate the opportunity to share more
our policies and our work to enforce them? There's no place on twitter for terrorist organizations by extremist groups or individuals who affiliate with and promote their illicit activities. The violence that these groups engaging and promote endangers the physical safety and security of people throughout the world. A fine statement I agree with you can imagine how they classify extremist groups and those at me. The following criteria identify through their stated purpose, publications or actions, as an extremist group have engaged in or currently engaged in, violence and or the promotion of violence as a means to but their cause target civilians in their acts and or promotion of violence. We examine our group's activities both on and off twitter, to determine whether they engage in or promote violence under this policy, a twin these are not allowed to affiliate with. Let me stop right there. What about? If I don't know the? U S, government says they are, you're, an american company. If the? U S, as this group is this, and you are providing support to that group by giving them you know channel, because you disagree.
I think the? U S is gonna storm your doors and enforces at some point, especially if you keep poking at the Republicans, so it seemed he says, Under this policy, a twitter user is not allowed to affiliate with and promote the illicit activity. Of terrorist organisation or violet extremist groups, examples of the types of counter that violet this policy include engaging where providing engaging in or promoting acts on behalf of a terrorist organisation recruiting providing or distributing services to further their goals, use the insignia or symbols of these groups. Twitter does not apply this particular policy to military or government entities because of the public interest in learning about these types of statements full stop. I dont think you can just decide. The law does not apply to you. Could I do have some was like I humbly respect the law. However, in my house I am allowed to have this prohibited object because I use it. You know you can't just draft as an argument like why you're not exempt from what why you're not
While you are again from the law? It reminds me a lot of these sovereign citizen types who say they don't have to pay taxes because their sovereign like and work their way. I mean I get the argument, but you can't just do that right. She could so so Let me let me see what the ground mentioned. The outbreak of Krajina virus with IRAN's people uniquely impacted by covert twitter, is also place where officials can communicate the challenges they are. Using as well be held to account by global audience for their actions. You know what that's fine. I don't think I need to redress the messages. I think it's clear she's. Basically, just saying I understand their sanctions, but because we think it important, we are not going to comply. Well. Lessons can be really interesting than I understand Twitter is powerful. Twitters important between who's been getting away with so much for so long and it's not just twitter, it's it's Facebook. It is Youtube. It's a lot of these platforms. I'll tell you what man took the system of Youtube greatly benefits me. I quit working for these big mainstream companies. I don't want to be under the
these. These these nasty people. I want to be my own boss. I wouldn't have the same opportunities if these systems in exist, but I ll be the first to call them out while using them and I'll make it clear for UK some people say why don't you leave him. Whoa hold on Youtube Rocks is awesome. Twitter is awesome. Facebook is awesome. The problem is the bad things they do need to be stopped. Overall, Facebook Twitter Youtube our aid, a tremendous net, positive for the ability of people to speak and challenge the establishment. If we don't hold them to account for breaking the rules, it will cease to be this. So no, we don't want to leave twitter, Facebook and Youtube. We want to make sure they're playing fair to maintain the power that has been granted to the people, the ability for us to speak and share ideas and not have to go through the sea and ends in the Amazon Basin. The Fox news news is whatever the point is. I got the cradle of general say what I wanted to say and now you can hear it good. Let's
lose that, but when you strip that power away from only one political faction, they'll come back and then come a swinging, I hope things work out for the best I ll leave it there. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly considering that you click the title of this video. You already know where we're going and why I have this article pulled up because we're going a good all take a look at this can you imagine a group of black men walking around masks and guns, gun, ral, sparks questions of racism and privilege. From the new civil rights Movement Dotcom. I saw this gone around and I just had a laugh for several reasons: it's not just this one website there, Todd of websites all saying the same thing there. A ton of hyper while personality, celebrity Sarah Silverman, for instance, sang look at these white men with with rifles standing on the steps of the you know of the state building in in Michigan. Nothing happens, but when you get these propped peaceful,
protesters in Minnesota than the police come out. Yeah yeah yeah. Truly is an excellent argument for a second amendment. Isn't it I've never been super Super protein, but I'll tell you what the more I see this stuff, the more startling in that direction. The moron you know what I think these conservative right about this one. Now we got to make sure that responsible people are the ones getting access and things like that and there are real. I think, good good faith questions being brought many people war on the left, about firearms but hold on a second, then, can you imagine a group of black man walk out mass and guns. Well, lint limitless. Yet this Not only are these dudes armed on the cap at the capitol building these, but I'm sorry, you know it. There's no news here. I gotta stop business. There's, there's nothin report. Nothing to fear oh there's a picture of a picture of a bunch of black men just standing, it isn't anything. You know why, because these black men,
our doing everything under their rights. They are armed with rifles. There are wearing masks. I have no complaints, they look like good deeds. Much respected these guys, they are justly, and they are just basic We being people. So can I imagine a group of armed black men with masks and guns? I can't I'm actually looking at a picture of it right now. I'm tired of this narrative men that you these these, these libertarian to activists types he's, conservatives trump supporters who are defending their rights on this on the steps of that of the other capital building would ever do anything wrong that it's the first of first and second, about rights, a constitution These guys, I see this yes absolute I'm glad there doing at one hundred percent glad there doing it to stand up for their rights the same as everybody else I mean I've had criticisms of a lot of a lax gun laws in these countries in this country, but you know what you're right you're right man. It was an it makes me a couple years ago and it really kind of shifted a little to the right unto way because I used to be like. I think there can be a regional approach to two to controlling things and I got a call
straight at me, saying that I We should have a reasonable control on what you say to him, because if you want to have a path, pros onto I should have controls on on your on one day, and I was like fair point duly noted. I agree, So when I see a bunch of these beat these dudes you now standing. Marching around armed and stuff? I say: hey man, they're, not broken any laws, you have nothing to worry about. Things could get bad. These things happened, but I'll tell you what, strangely, when these guys showed up in Michigan Armed. Nothing happened when these, when all these people showed up in Virginia, nothing happened, in fact they won the protesters. One in Virginia was truly spectacular. Now to go back to the original article, I got rid of other article four Yonah laughed too, because this article was too about. I believe the Virginia gone rally they weren't with your Richmond Virginia, the black Panthers, were there in support because a black panthers used to March with weapons.
Legal. Here's. What I see when I see the store. I saw somebody post this earlier and I was like wow. That's really cool that they're doing that. You know, like you, have your rights good for you and I stopped, and I thought. It's not news! Why is it news that Americans are just doing normal american things? Why I'd be news that these men were masks and armed has a noose. Everything there doing as legal, it's in its it shouldn't be to see them but can exercising their their god. Given rights should not be news, tat anybody, but it is because political pondering. The racism in the tribalism together story, this story is from yesterday, and these people were protesting that that the killing of joy, Floyd good on them and these dudes rock after us, These events were mostly white protesters, carry guns the Michigan capital and drew national attention. A group of armed black demonstrators Thursday to send their own message. I want to present
I myself, as an adult black man, fully armed and not a danger stead steep said: Stephen Zander. Forty six of lancing, who carried a pistol outside the capital building during event, if you not a danger to me. I am not dangerous. It's as simple as that. Bravo good, sir. Much respect at the great statement. Organ by the group. Legally armed in Detroit Thursday event drew about fifty people to lancing and protest of brutality, including the show the shooting of Ahmed harbouring in Georgia in February and George Floyd's death, while in police a city in Minnesota Memorial Day among those in the crowd Thursday, many individuals who are openly carrying firearms Rick actor. Fifty to Detroit who helped organise the event. So the nation is still dealing with the issue of Hate actor said he hoped bring together black and other minority individuals who share concerns about violence, especially racial violence. If you look at what's happening, you might want to a more active role in your personal protection said after a firearms instructor here here, good sir, as in Texas, Trump Rally,
to do this, are walking around NAD armor on mad guns and then do not up It was a bunch of white, dudes and elected walks up and yet assured others had black guns matter and they walked up shook hands and they were hanging up. Why that a bunch of common house really cool? I was really cool. I was like you. A lot of people. Try to play this race waiting game and his aunt, I you know a firearms game, and here I see people that are supposed to be these evil white bigots with guy. And they were laughing and enjoying themselves and their like they're talking about their culture, the things they like the things they enjoy the You know, look I'm escape or I'm not. I'm not a gun person If I saw somebody of any race, even someone who can speak English, I could still talk to them using skateboard terminology and language and if I saw somebody of a different rice with escape board. But like all man, european of the fat or anti here, a point. Five right do. That is epic. I use that board. I like em but longer I've gotta, I'm using it Tony Trujillo. Thirty two point: five by eight point: five made it a little bit longer. I like it better for skating rest, that's it. You're
half a year and then and then anything as a non Europe gets too wide man. You can't go to I d, go that's the jargon and that's the mutual respect and working caning, because we have something in common we enjoy. There are those rally, unlike I understand exactly a feeling I have met. People and seen their boards intoxicate, boring and then and there talk in there what what what what they enjoy their Hobbes and stuff, I might call so why we gotta have was fake animosity and social media. I can understand, the life of me why people like Sir Silverman, why these we left us, wanna, keep showing these these right wing deeds with their guns and the state an attack them. So, they did something wrong. I'm like look man, a bunch of deals with Gadsden flags and Trump Trot flags with with guns, they're doing everything legal undermining their own business, if you, if you dont, want to be there than you can leave, but they're allowed to do it, and so are these men all the same and that's where they keep trying to claim and then there's the big point, Circe governments and look at these peaceful protest. Just now. I'm sorry menu it you're right on your hands and I blame the cops
for a lot of what's happening for sure they rested a seed and reporter I'm down with that. It's a violation of one day, but let alone when they violate two way in New York City by stopping in frisking people who they suspect of having weapons. But I'm look right now, and I'm saying, if you want to do a real one for one. If you have no real comparison, take a look at these boots. Nobody gave money, but any any the business they got to do their thing. I think that's great, maybe. If there were people like this legally onto Detroit, these men, firearms instructors, possible, gunners exercising their their God given rights in this country, maybe if they were around and and and and marching with these protests. Things would have been more orderly. The police would have been more careful. Maybe things would have been better it's possible things have been worse. You gonna write situation, you don't want people throwing bricks stuff? Maybe they don't know there- are apparently people armed there, I'm I'm, I'm I'm I'm not a psychic. I think as a potential powder keg moment, if, if you do have armed people for sure
but I want man, I've been through a lot of protests in riots and I've seen people show up and their armed and their walking things remain calm and and Someone told me it's because nobody wants anything to go crazy, so everyone is extra careful there. Thinking like were actually or plain for keeps, You know when you see people got with water bottles and rocks in the capital, rubber bullets. They think it's! It's not it's not that beside a bed but when you see real weapons doesn't will realize you're playing for keeps and where this that this right there they got try to elude upon shop lost his life is not a game. Is this? Could Do you not? I mean now want to show you once we're gonna get me a little. In trouble. So maybe I'll try to make sure the video doesn't play here Ryan's of edge retweeted. Remember all those when people showed up to their states capitals of firearms-
now. Everyone in the media and the Democratic Party were odyssey upset about it on paraphrasing cosy, said, never a word. They never acted this and its of its it. It's a video from odd it's, I don't know it's from, but in miles strong, posted it and it's about drove on armed people, smashing windows and just generally destroying evangelizing, the Ohio, I believe it so higher Columbus, Ohio State, ass building, you aren't you aren't you limits. I sum these men right here who are doing everything right and have their legal. To do so. Awesome the other people smashing windows in attacking, not awesome, not awesome at all, now, So please calm and arrest you because you're smashing things in Europe in your violent and you're destroying property. Why would you be shocked if you're a legal gun owner doing everything under the within your rights, Why would anybody do anything you so so? Listen, man thereof, videos, I've seen where there's one
that would really viral two black man with a rifle and he's just walking on the street squad. Powers and suvs swarm the yellow. They point guns, I'm gonna, grounded on the ground that come in disarming. I'm not happy about that. That's that's! That's! That's what we got a protest that were men about. That's violating this guy's rights closing their video that came out at the same time where two white guy The same thing and the cop walks up and he's got or your enemies. I want to check you up. It makes us our full Otto you're good, you good, and so you can't really where these situations, because who knows the context, was different jurisdictions, but you it be allowed to exercise their rights as much as I might of an issue with I'm, I'm not a big fan of but walkin around all the time like I would just choose to go there, the direction. I see somebody with a bunch of weapons I'll, let you go the other way. That's my right! That's your right, I want to mess with you. I want you to massive me, so I think accidents happen. And I dont want to be in a surly involved, but we're out I'll tell
What, though, to be honest, I see people like this, these guys firearms instructors I'd actually rather be closer to these guys. Then you know then independent of some kind of Disaster would ever because these guys are trained to know what they're doing so here you see, videos like this, and you can certainly see there are racial issues involved. I think it's fair to point out, but it's not fair to claim a raw, it and legal gone owners during our doing a thing is comparable gigs here we can see these men doing something cool and what's wrong with that right. You know what. If I took ass, you I wouldn't be there. I just wouldn't go! That's it
simple for everybody right only to their very trying it out everybody. I will see you in the next agreement tomorrow at ten, a m on what you gotTa Pakistan at eight p m at TIM cast outcomes. I'm sorry, Youtube COM, slashed him guest IRA, so they started out now see you next time.
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