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UNREST Erupts After AG Says NO CHARGES In Death of Breonna Taylor, Leftists In Uhaul Deliver Shields


They called it, though one officer was charged with wanton endangerment, none of the officers will be charged in the death of Breonna Taylor.Already BLM Leftists and Antifa types are delivering shields in a Uhaul, a man was seen trying to pull a gun before other activists and crowd members stop him and talk him down.Chaos may be coming as leftist unrest is already brewing.Democrats now own the riots and this will prove Trump and the Republicans right once again.As we face what may be the worst night of mass rioting since George Floyd, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will have to account for their support for those doing the rioting.

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Moments before recording this segment, a man is seen on video trying to draw a gun, a crowd runs up to him and stop him from pulling the weapon. I can't tell you what his intentions but I can tell you the reason why he wanted to pull out the weapon. The announcement has been made There will be no indictments in the death of Brianna Taylor. Three officers were involved in the raid on grant. Heller's home will not be charged in her death. The headlines. Wrong. You see. The story from the courier Journal says: Louisville Grand jury indict one of three officers in fatal Brianna Taylor, police, shooting, but that's unrelated the choice Large is wanting endangerment; it has nothing to do with the death of Brown Taylor on the surface. In reality, This was about endangering the neighbors, so, yes, the activists realise these cops will not be indicted and grant a tailor. Her killing was deemed justified.
Asked what it would seem that CNN even agrees the information being shared wildly by activists is completely incorrect. They said it was a no knock warrant. That's not true. Said these officers fired into her room while she was sleeping in bed. Not true. Not only did the officers repute the bang, on the door and announced themselves. Not only did neighbours witness this and wonder what the commotion was. A man in the home fired at the officers first heading in officer in the leg, the only reason there's an indictment here is because one of the officers started firing blindly into the building and was rightly criticized for doing so. The indictment has to do with endangering others already. Organised protests have erupted and we are just now entering
What may be civil unrest and serious writing. I hope things don't get as bad as I I dont want things to get bad, but I kind of feel like we are heading towards what may be the worst riding we have seen yet and all of this obviously is extremely bad news for Democrats, the extreme emotional reaction from people who don't understand what happened in this case we only serve to hurt them more, and I think we all know it. I think Joe Biden knows it in an article politico. They said the riots are a problem the Democrats can't escape and the riots are about to get worse than we have seen in tracking Poland in attracting pull on sentiment and support for black lives matter. We see that, following the killing of rent a tailor, support for black lives matter actually went down a little bit and I'm not
sure why, but it could be related. The fact that even CNN investigation found that this was not murder and charges would not be justified, and everybody was paying. Attention would have known this for months, full disclosure. I made a mistake last night, on my AOL podcast by not giving the details correct Z. Even I made the mistake because the messaging and propaganda from the activists is powerful, I'm worried I think, by the time you watch this, we may be in the midst of massive widespread riots. Maybe across the country may be just in Louisville Kentucky, but I certainly hope people's stay safe, Louie, those already declared a state of emergency buildings have already been boarded. A court houses, police departments and warnings have got repeatedly. You won't be able to park downtown I've sad repeatedly. You need to get out of the city before it's too late. I dont know how widespread the rights will be. I'm sure many people
think they can stay home and defend themselves? We ve already seen what happened the mcclosky. Is we ve already seen what happened? What would happen to Jake Gardener in Alma? and now this man and no walking if they find their way to our neighborhood. You will not be legally protected if we try to defend yourself, which brings us to a very difficult question. Should you stand your ground or could entirely up to you, take my word for it. I'm just trying to make sure you stay safe and you are aware of the rest, only upon you to do what you think is right. Just please, please everyone stop the violence, please, whose only going to create another cycle of revenge. People will be heard by the rise. Their businesses will be destroyed and they'll call for four, more police action and more funding and they'll target the protests there is now be angrier, though, cannot to rally and the violence will persist until we decide it must stop. But, let's not waste any words. Let me show you the breaking news from
or your journal before we get started. However, had over two TIM cast outcomes: life, don't it if you'd like to support my work. There are many ways you can give there's a p o box, but the best thing you can do care this video, I'm going to show you that even CNN, is debunking the active activists narrative, I have chosen CNN on purpose because it's considered to be a very credible source by the left and the right doesn't seem to think scenes, while the right in my opinion, rightly believe Siemens not credible, but this is it then this in That's what CNN is reporting in the report? This months ago seems to line up with that the documents, the data and witness statements you can't deny the truth. The activists want to make this about evil cops targeting minorities. That is not the case here,
CNN says the activists got it wrong and thus these officers will not be charged in the death of Brenna Taylor from the courier journal. Louisville grand jury indict one of three officers in fatal Brenna Taylor, police, shooting they Jefferson: County grand jury is embedded one of the three Louisville officers in the march. Thirteen fatal police shooting of twenty six year old run a tailor. It was announced Wednesday, former detective Brett Hank Ascent was indicted on three counts of first degree. Wanton endangerment sergeant, Jonathan magically was not indicted. Detective miles, Cosgrove was not indicted. A want and endangerment charges are classed felony and carries a penalty of one to five years in prison. The charges read by judge any o Connell on Wednesday said that Hank Assent wantonly shot a gun into adjoining apartment. Three, the occupants of the department. What edified by initials none of them was Bt Brianna Taylor. That means the grand jury did not
find that Hank ASEAN wanted leaf, wantonly fired into tailors apartment the night she died or that the officers are criminally liable in her death in May tailors neighbour, Chessy Nap, her father lawsuit against the LAPD officers, claiming the officers shots were blindly file, and nearly struck a man inside nap was pregnant at a child in her home accorded lawsuit, the judge set a fifteen thousand dollar cash bond for high hasten. A warrant has been issued for, a rat Cameron said the grand jury decided. Homicide charges are not applicable because the investigation showed that Mattingly and caught Cosgrove were justified in returning deadly fire after they were fired upon by Kenneth Walker. Tailors. Boyfriend CNN confirms this man, Kenneth Walker fired first, shooting
officer. The officers then return fire. Now you can argue that this one officer was justified in shooting, but blindly and wantonly, perhaps not, and for this he's being charged. Several activists have pointed out that this charge doesn't even this is not the necessity to prison time. In fact, he might just to get probation a slap on rest, a suspended sentence. Who knows it is not a very serious charge, though it is a felony quote. Justice is not often easy and does not fit the mould of public opinion, and it does not conform to shifting standards camera, I know that not everyone will be satisfied with the charges we reported today. My team set out to an as to get the circumstances surrounding Miss tailors death. We did it with a singular goal in mind pursuing the truth. Kentucky deserves no less The city of Louisville deserves no less. If we simply act and emotion or outrage, there is no justice mob. Justice is not justice, I D say based upon
my readings of what was going on and I will also add there are some leaked documents. I'm not gonna get into its a bit into the nitty gritty, and so for that I apologise, but on this press from what we can see from all of these stories. These officers, they they side from the wanton endangerment which may be warranted and that now that another charge not a conviction it see, Look he's officers did not commit a crime, I'm sorry, it's just not the case. If you'd like to change the system, I welcome to hear it and we can figure out what what needs to be done, but based upon what that the ages sang based upon what see an end of all places is reporting. These officers knocked repeatedly. They announced themselves when no one answered they used a battering ram to break the door down and were immediately fired upon with one officer being hit in the thigh. This wasn't something you could. I dont know what you could change in the circumstance. What should the cops?
I've done differently, maybe just cap knocking we'll know they have to serve a warrant, so they break the door down and they got shot and they return fire. These things sometimes happened its tragic, but I dont know what you think should change about this. They gonna say around two hundred protesters gathered at Jefferson Square Part as the announcement was played on a loudspeaker as a decision concluded, there was confusion at first, then, anger from those who had gathered is that it one woman asked protesters almost immediately began chanting, no justice, no peace, several cried the grand jury decision. I'm heartbroken Logan Cleaver. I protest or said Wednesday immediately after the grand jury decision was announced. This is not a justice system, it's not for everybody. The announcement comes to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's office presented its findings to the grand jury. Earlier this week his team has been invested,
Taylor shooting since May, in anticipation of Cameron's lawsuit, mayor, Greg Fischer in vote a seventy two hour- curfew, effective Wednesday night from nine p, DOT M to six hundred and thirty, a dot m last sure announced the city agreed to a twelve million dollar settlement with Brianna Tailors family. That includes more than a dozen police reforms the uncertainty swirling round the decision on possible criminal charges entails death has drawn both local and international attention as protesters have marched enchanted on Louisville streets for one hundred nineteen consecutive days protesters in Louisville and supporters across the. U S have called for justice for Brianna and other black Americans, such as George Floyd in Minneapolis, who have been killed by
please tell us death in the ensue. In protests have been showcased a news reports and in public statements by celebrities, athletes, sports leagues and politicians from Joe Biden to be outside the law, Braun James, all calling for justice and the arrest of the officers who who the unarmed oak thou, who killed the unarmed, Louis Louisville women now saying the past week, engines escalated to an unnerving pitch as national network crews arrived in Louisville and Roma spread wildly, but it Station was eminent only to be proven wrong and wrong again wednesdays now It comes as images of a restricted, downtown Louisville have flashed across the world downtown, taken on the appearance of a city under siege with plywood nailed across business fronts and concrete barriers cordon off a twenty five block perimeter. Louisville Matra, police, interim chief Robert Schroeder, so the restrictions long planned on it unprecedented times were meant to protect public safety property protesters and avoid conflict between drivers and demonstrators.
I want to show you this tweet thread from got a wall to give some context as to what's going on. She tweets are Kentucky Grand jury, indicted one officer in the death of Anna Taylor, who was killed by police and in a no knock warrant on March thirteenth? This is factually incorrect she's as former sergeant Brett Hank us and has been charged with wanted endangerment K. Why attorney general egged Kay. Why attorney general Dangle Cameron says the warrant served on the night of rent L. His death was not a no knock warrant. Officers chose to breach the apartment. After no one answer, the door says: tailors boyfriend, Kenneth Walker fired upon officers as they entered, so this rip up this reporter Gretta one. With our eye. And then this is is one America news. This is a conservative ripening I'll. Even she thought it was a no, not warrant. That shows you just how or and why and powerful the left's propaganda really was what sir,
rising to me? Is that even I got this wrong? I did last Monday the IRA podcast. I was giving the gist of this and I was wrong and I got a bunch of combat saying TIM, you messed up and I was surprised to find you. Even see a man says it. Look at this quote. We kept banging. CNN says hours Russia, signed. The warrants. Police began, the can? near simultaneous raids in various locations tailors apartment? According to police was concerned, volatile soft target as such police, Manders, decided in advance to have officers knock and announce their presence before entering That decision was communicated in a pre operational briefing according to a source what are the details of the operation who requested anonymity due to the I'm doing investigation sometime after one thousand two hundred and thirty, a dot m sergeant, Jonathan Mattingly began pounding on the door.
He later told investigators, he believed Taylor was alone, and you want to give her a sufficient time answered. His officers waited for response. A neighbor poked, his head out to ask what was going on one of the officers. Brett. Hang us an extended his gun and told the neighbour to get back inside his apartment magically would later tell investigators right was a little bit worked up. Meaningly said, I remember looking abrupt, saying: Brett Relax, Brett, just relax, backs when there was no answer ever repeated Knox. Manually said he announced he was a police officer there to serve a warrant police come to the door, he said another officer on the search. Teen said he heard movement inside and thought some was that it was about to answer the door we kept banging and announcing meaningly said, but still no one answered eventually lieutenant at the scene gave the order to go ahead and hit the door. The battering ram quote who
Taylor had been watching a movie in bed together with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, when she drifted off to sleep beside him, Walker told investigators he heard banging at the door after midnight, and its first thought was but it was Glover. He said he knew Taylor had dated the accused drug dealer during their on and off seven your relationship. He was concerned there might be trouble Taylor who had awoken, shouted. Who is it walkers that there was no response, he said he and tailor scramble to get dressed and that he grabbed his gun, which is attorney set, which his attorney says. He legally owns the pounding, the door continued she's, really the top of our lungs, and I am too at this point. Who is it? He recalled? No answer response know anything as they made their way down the hallway toward the front door. Walker said the door flew off its hinges, so I just let off one shot. He said I still can't see who it is, or anything CNN, following orders and police procedure, maddeningly was first the door he could make out. A man and woman in the dark
hallway, he said, and the man had a gun in his hand. I remember see, the barrel matting. We said that in an instant he saw the flash of the muzzle and felt the heat of a bullet pit his leg. The round had severed his femoral artery. Matting. We return fire squeezing off multiple shots in rapid succession boom boom boom boom boom. He recalled in all he fired six times he remembered falling to the ground and being helped to Saint Pelt safe out to safety outside the apartment. Before hearing fellow officers return, fire Hank assented officer miles. Cosgrove were later identified as the other officers who discharge their weapons that evening An attorney for Cosgrove declined to common Hank attorney did not respond to calls and emails from CNN matting was attorney topic. Mercury defended his clients conduct sergeant. Adding Lee was following: orders of superior officers was not involved in the planning process of the arrest and, at all times, followed established both police procedures. None of the officers has been charged with a crime.
You know why, because this story from CNN is from July twenty. Third, it is September, twenty Third It was several months ago at CNN, reported accurately the police knocked bang, Bang. No one would answer over and over again a neighbor witness to this. And finally, when decided to reach the building, they got shot a bullet that, Moral artery can kill you. Fortunately, this officer was with other officers and was treated in time. He may have lost his life. The story is a tragedy. No one should have lost their life or been injured that day, but these things happen in the line of duty. In the line of law enforcement. We cannot have a system. Where we ask officers to into to enter into dangerous situations where they quite literally did get shot and offer them up no opportunity to defend themselves against the lethal force
Let me just stress- and I mean this with with a heavy heart, because I am not happy to hear about anyone getting hurt or anyone dying. I am truly I'm set at rest. Taylor lost her life if that man, if that officer was by himself, he would be dead a bullet to the femoral artery, I'm sure the officer himself knew how to stem the bleed, but that is a potentially lethal shot and it could have been bad for him And so naturally not understanding why you're being shot at and you're trying to serve a warned that your told you have to do. It creates a real problem you he was doing his job. He was just following orders or why I hate that line so much. I believe, in that regard system, must be changed. We can never accept
just following orders as an excuse for what went down, but we also have to consider what the orders were. These orders warrant to harass an innocent person. These orders had to do with stopping drug dealers and people committing crimes. The warrant was about targeting someone basin identity or some fringe ideology. It was something we asked them to do because we felt that as a society, the things these people were accused of were wrong. These men were shot, they knocked several times. They say they announced himself branded a brand tailors boyfriend says he didn't hear them it's possible, it's entirely possible that the police did announce themselves and this man didn't hear them. So what who's the guilty party, if both ah, if both acted appropriately than we, would call this. Tragedy. The officers announced themselves. You the battering ram because they were serving a warrant. Kenneth Walker, I believe his name was Didn'T- know who was breaking into his home, and so he fired thing
in some one was coming to attack. Him ran a tailor, lost her life because of it this instant space on the evidence. I'm not sure anyone should be charged in relation to this horrifying tragedy No one officer will be charged because he fired blindly and nearly had other people, another apartments and well there you go. I think that might make sense and it must be stressed. These are charges, not convictions. It's likely the cop could even get off and if he does, I welcome you to the next wave of riots. I certainly hope that this doesn't It bad, but I have to show you in this clip from BT on the scene, a man This nearly pulled his gun in reaction crowd had to stop him. Louisville is on edge, are clarified. I don't exactly know for sure exactly what this man was doing
You just see people rushing up yelling and stopping him, but I think I lean towards that. You know being accurate, there's someone I can see it's not fair for me to say I know what I'm two percent I haven't confirmed this. The video does appear to show a man. Reaching for something and people running up in stopping, and I want to make sure I ve I'm very clear on what was actually happening here, but I want to show you this from hullo roses. While the bee element, while the black eyes better crowd, was marching in Louisville a year who Hall truck pulled up with shields and supplies for the group to use you hall allowing these people to pull out she'll? and signs is that true we can see that they're pulling up a lot of bad, I dont necessarily see any shields in any immediate. Let's see how this place out, as a view, carries on board can see. One thing: it's really important. These organise these protests are
dreamily organised and prepared there pulling out big? What looks there we go shields straight up shields being brought out. Hula was one hundred sent correct. And it's important to realise and other tactic used by the far left in relation to a lot of these kinds of actions. Often they will have what looks like a banner fabric with writing on it and when they carry it, you think there during a sign and then when they pull the banner away their holding giant shields or ladders, some kind of device to help them or assist them barricades, they they disguise, then they do the same thing with flags. They use thick flagpoles, so they can claim there just flying a flag, but then they can wrap the flag and they have a stick to use as a weapon. You hall allowing this to happen, they probably don't know- and I wonder if you all can track down who was using this to deliver riot shields.
Right shields are being handed out. I can only guess, what's going to happen in the next several hours the the announcement was made around one twenty p m. I started recorded this just about an hour after and this video likely was uploaded to Youtube within, like thirty minutes of time in which we live. But I imagine your PA. Really watching this video well after it's been published, and so May, You ve already seen the aftermath of this. Maybe it isn't as bad as I think it is the most important thing that don't you do and then that I ask of you is I share the video if you made it this far because well, people need to know exactly what happen. People need to understand the full context of what happened and I'm will leave you with with a couple important thoughts. First from politico how Portland became a nightmare for Democrats, the violence is escalating and no one can figure out how to stop it. I can scald arrest and prosecute the reason. The violence continues.
Because the district attorney's under the Democrats will not prosecute and care they're, letting him go. Donald Trump took sums swift action and when it comes to the feds, they ve been over the shot the stuff down. So I'm sorry, the Republican seem to know how to figure it out or how to stop it. I'm sorry the Republican seem to have already done it, but these democrat jurisdiction. Have not and now Louisville Spike face the brunt, but I assure you, man look, maybe maybe you're watching this, while after I published it in Europe you're laughing at how wrong I was. I hope so. I hope by tonight I'm dead wrong, but I think we'll see nationwide unrest nation wide. Let me look at the George Floyd Riots. Why? Why would we expect anything less Louisville prepared for this? Has other cities have have any other cities prepared because people don't just protest in Louisville? Thirdly, protesting everywhere, but all in all
This will be a nightmare for the Democrats and on the need to accept it. There's something I've shown over and over again. This is the net support for black lives matter, and we can see that at the end of around twenty arms are beginning a point. Eighteen net opposition, and turned into net support. When Brown Taylor was killed, black eyes matter enjoyed eleven percent net support, but it fell down with the next month to ten percent. When the CDC announced data by race blacklist, better support went up when we reached the George Floyd Incident, it was at eighteen percent or they say seventeen. That's what's been changing. I guess it's spiked and reach twenty five percent. After Jacob Blake was shot. It fell to eleven dropped down to nine forty nine percent. Very briefly, and now now it sitting around ten percent. They ve lost all of their gains from this year, but the reason I'm highlighting the
once again, is that after Brenda Taylor was killed, support actually went down. I have to wonder if people heard the details immediately, a new many of us had media, including reporter from one american news, did know that it was not a no knock warrant that they actually did knock. They were not given the right to just smash the door down, but according to CNN, the judge was told own the if necessary, meaning they had to knock and then once there was no answer, they could break the door down as opposed to a real, no knock warrant where they run up smash the Doorn and go charging in the activists might notice they might not valid ticket matters. I think all that matters is they want retribution they dont care. What's just didn't care what's right, if that were the case, they wouldn't have burned down small businesses that would have attacked people
they would have killed somebody in Portland. These people just want retribution. They want an emotional release. They want to destroy a symbol, something that they think represents what oppresses them. These three cops may have made mistakes matrix, exercised poor judgment, but they didn't commit crimes. They were shot at first and they not. On the door. Even Kenneth Walker says they were knocking and he was yelling. Who is it? Who is it so, We all know it, wasn't no knock warrant. So what does that mean? In me Sometimes bad things happen. We cannot function without understand. As society, if we can understand that I hope this was informative format of an offer for all of you, I'm gone to now start preparing my next segments and likely begin I'm talking about. What's the comfort tonight, if a lot more stories, three more segments coming up later in the day, starting at six p m over at Youtube, Dotcom slashed him cast
Please consider sharing this video. If you know someone who doesn't understand the full context, I used CNN, ok, the best I could muster thanks rang out, and I will see you next time. The defence team for Kyle Rittenhouse has put out a new video showing what happened on that fateful night in Croatia during the riots flows are unfamiliar. There's the story of the young men call Rittenhouse, who was under the rifle and equip the medical kit who went down to protect businesses, render first aid and, of course, he had a weapon to defend himself. Ultimately, he ended up shooting three people. Two of them had died in this video. There are things I have never seen before, for instance,
a group of these guard members or whatever this group as the people call it we're with said that they were actually on the side of the protesters. They said no, no lives matter until black lives matter. They literally say that they offer first aid. They say just on attack each other and we're with you. They also show footage of Collaret now carrying a fire extinguisher They show footage of the of the rioters, stealing dumpsters and running off with them. They go into detail about I'll call right now seem at the fire extinguisher and then the guy who is masking up and starting fires is then later seen chasing after him. Somebody fires a gun. Now this this video. I gotta, say man, it's, I think it's very definitive and I think it was very well put together. They show you several clips where, throughout the day in Kenosha, people are
armed they zoo men. They show you the guns. Now one cow written ass was running away after putting out these fires, and all of this court is corroborated by witness statements. People I've interviewed personally who have published footage who were there on the ground, as cow renounced, is running away from the sky, another man fires a gun in this video they have identified the man. This is more than even the New York Times was able to put together. Of course, this illegal team, offering of defence naturally they're trying to defend their client, something baby omitted but based on what I've seen is extremely comprehensive getting into the fire your details and it shows I believe that a reasonable doubt this kid was acting in self defense. However, that doesn't absolve him of the misdemeanor gun charged with something entirely different, should should Kyle I've been there. Personally, I don't think so. I think it was too young, but I don't think he was a white supremacist or a bad guy. He was right. During a to people in the footage they put out Kyle is they show him yelling if you're hurt, I'm an empty hands is
under someone else and people come up to him. He was rendering aid. Did these people Youtube has censor the video I just the way things are gonna be. This is just the way things are from now on how the following cod has been identified by the Youtube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. They remove the share function of this clip. The only way to share it is to directly linked to it. I had a friend I was talking to the other day. I reference to several times the best a week or so what? Because we have several our long conversation is someone I because a really good person very progressive doesn't like Donald Trump and wheat. When we got conversation about pile Rittenhouse. She told me that he was a white supremacist who cross state lines armed. You know and then it up shooting peaceful protestors, and I would just like to please So I found this video or I should say I know I know, but the video when it came out Karlsson aired it. It's on the legal defence
so, when I was watching I said I am going to share this with my friend, so she knows what really happened and the share button is gone and you have to go through a bunch of you, no sort of what restrictions walls to get through to actually watch this video. The video is still up on Youtube. You just have to sign in a greater their terms. You can't share it. Unless you have the direct link. This is, I think it's called restricted. Access are restricted mode and I'll tell you what I think I partly agree with some kind of restriction on this, because they literally show that the video of Rosen bomb dying. I can't you but on Youtube, but I understand why they would say it's inappropriate or offensive to some audiences, but it does create a problem whether or not you think they were right to do it or not. Perhaps the public right to know
is more important than people's. I don't know objection to obscene material. We will problem. You may have heard about what happened to Jake Gardner. Alright, this guy was in. I was a small business owner. He came. Of his bar some guys were aware it is dad got into a scuffle- was some guys Loomis slow down his dad pushed some guys, but then they decked him disproportionate response. You went over there. These are threatening em, he warned them several times. They attack and clear cut case of self defence. You probably heard the story over and over again, but I think it's one of the most important stories and it's really relevant to what I'm talking about now. This guy James Scarlet jumps on Jake JET gardeners back and is choking about Joe gardener tells them to get off its eighteen seconds of being choked switches. The gun to his left hand over her shoulder fires, Spurlock took a bolt the classical and died when people set up a go fund me to defend Jake Gardener because it was, it was self
France go for me, took it down his landlord at his apartment, get them out his landlord forest business kicked him out. He had lost everything, but he was acting itself, the fence. The only way we can solve problems like the things that are that happen, d, J Garner eventually took his own life. It's a horrifying and tragic story: Marine veteran to tourism, Iraq, I believe, to tourists and and- and he was driven to suicide- because of this, the only way we help people and stop the violence in the madness is, if we know about it, but naturally, big tech falls in the side of letting extremism happen. This is its though it's the left word, purchase a pipe? Let it flows in one direction, while at the individual level the left will push you out and everything flows towards the right, because the left is attacking their own and conservatives are recruiting. Make me the right side come over here and have a beer vote for us and we'll talk a lot. The same get out
but at the cultural level. It's all in the other direction, which is really interesting. You can post videos all day and night of police brutality. You now, of course, Dave restricted certain videos as well of of police. Tell you what police brutality? Videos are everywhere going viral on Facebook, getting millions of views. Being shared like crazy on Twitter, but what gets restricted the videos and the content and the fund razors that defend those on the right, because the valve is blocking anything from going either direct now, there's a lot of reasons why this may be. But I will tell you this: this video, you can see, if the url tat. I can't I can't link this video. I can't I you know because all get restricted to, but you can see it. There is a long code. You can you can type it in its been. It's been posted by Tucker Karlsson in many other people, but you Jabez, restricting and this video. I believe I really do think it is an excellent and comprehensive view of what happened. What was going through his mind and showing you
that the rioters worthy aggressors and Kyle Rittenhouse was acting in self defense, Cholera I deserve some responsibility for what happened that night. He he was an under age get out there with a gun at first. I thought I said this in several videos or what will call this a strain of correction. I thought that he actually had an exemption because as a hunting provision and in Wisconsin, apparently that's not the case and, more importantly, it's a misdemeanor charge. Wool to you at the trial or his is trial, decides or what happens. Maybe he'll plea down. I dont know what many of the other are just are insane first degree in ten. Should all homicide implying that he wanted to kill people I just wanna. It implies that he wanted to kill these guys. He was running away in fact, in this but here that they posted you can see someone put their hands up and cowardice
immediately lowers his weapon, but men. I wish I could go through this video framed by frame. They bring up another really important point: the first guy who dies Rosenbaum, who was chasing after car Rittenhouse. He got shot in the back. He shot in the left, thigh the growing and in the back, and I think his lower admin after correctness are so so so guy named identified, I'm not going to say his name. He fires the New York Times that he fired in the air and actually don't know that true, it actually looks like he may have fired at Rittenhouse, triggering right now to turn around and fire at Rosenbaum who is grabbing for his gun. However, for, I believe, three more shots, three or four more shots ring out from an unidentified shooter and its possible new rose in Bonn. The first guy actually took lethal hit from somebody else. We don't know, but it is important to point out the footage shows definitively Collaret now was rendered.
Aid and he was trying to stop people from torturing dumpsters and then pushing them into a gas station. Now it wasn't actually him who stopped the fires, but in the end, what, videos you can see their pushing dumpsters flaming dumpsters towards a gas station. I, but I think talk to many witnesses and reporters were there that its possible, they, but have blown that gas station up, because people will realize you. You know you got it through a gas station. They say, don't have your phone because it could be a static shock and could ignite fumes. That could start a fire and we see how fire sometimes accidently start. People were like put the the pump. You know the house into their car and, like a sparkle happen, and this fire everywhere imagine watching people push it Tom stir into into a gas station, while some guy put this fire out. Another thing they put out this video- it's really interesting is this: guy was Wang very similar clothes to Kyle and perhaps Rosen
I thought it was the same guy. It's really simple, Kyle And- and this group was saying, just contact attack each other and we're with you no lives matter until black lives matter. They actually yell that to the protesters, but the right I should say rioters the rioters wanted to start fires and they kept putting them out and in more Other footage that have not yet seen Rosenbaum is seen setting more fires, so they speculate that maybe Rosenbaum attacked Rittenhouse because he thought it was the same guy who kept putting out the fires, though we do see Kyle putting fires out what was the alternative, let them blood the gas station, how many people have lost their lives? If that was the case, you know what it's kind of scary. When you realize, if that happened, maybe it would have shocked this nation and made them realize that these writers have lost their minds and stuff. What we got were concerned, citizens who came out and stop the gas station from from blowing up and then chaos and tragedy. I dont know its goal:
happen with the trial, but I can tell you that this is look. I can show you the page, I can show you the videos, but I can talk to you about it, and I can talk about the danger of the censorship, because with this risk, action which may be reasonable because it shows you know literally somebody dying. Less people are gonna, get access to this information and extremely important. They do so. Let me just offer myself. I offer my might my break down my explanation. My excuse, maybe look I'd love to show you this video in full and go framed by frame, but I think what I'm doing here is kind of true trying to create a window into what happened with the content. This video I'm doing right now and everything I'm saying, and this in this podcast will allow you to hear lot of what this video, which what is telling you, but this video likely will will not be restricted because I'm not showing you specifically, you get it. So I'm trying to do the best I can to sort of filter this to you bypass the censorship- and I'm doing it in ways that Youtube is ok with hope,
This is enough, but we're work anymore. Because I will tell you why this is happening. What happened in Canosa was a tragedy, and I think I think everybody agrees Certainly, there's gonna be a lot of people who are are argonauts. You know gloat, and often sheer, and I am not a fan. I think it's horrifying. These people lost their lives in the calls in this position the result of police, not intervening not arresting these people has been happening across this country is the result of Wisconsin not accepting help from Donald Trump and the FAO. This is another reason why I am so on and just saying I'm at about four tromp. You know why, because you are doing this, tromp was sitting there saying. Let me help you and your saying. No and then power written us situation happens. Well, let's kick it up. The Seattle see,
El City Council votes to override mayor darkens budget veto know what does that mean? It means there to funding the police, the mayor tried stopping them and they said now we're going to find the police. So what happens when you took on the police? What happens when you tell cops like they did in Seattle? You? use right, control, crowd control, munitions case to your guest and they can't effectively disperse crowds. They police positive statement a while ago. It was brief, I don't not enough there. Position where they said we our hands are tied. We can't protect businesses there Riders came out smashed up a bunch of stores, stall property burned at the street and cops can do anything about it because the I believe it was a judge rule they couldn't use I believe, our travelers, the city or the judge said they couldn't use crowd, control tactics, admonition. So like Terry S enough so I said: ok, we
and then they went, the riders went round destroying everything. If that keeps happening, you know you're, not gonna, come what what will emerge from it more situations like we see with Carl written us more people saying I have no choice. The police are not hear. What am I supposed to do and I'll show you some will come back to the store in order for you, man, I'm sorry as well as other storing PPP planning responds to mass gatherings on September twenty six, twenty twenty Portland police have their hands tied, and this is where things are getting really scary. You see the proud boys of announced there going to be in Portland on the twenty. Sixth, we are only a few days away from that Anti fires announced they will be there to counter this
It's gonna be bad. It's gotta be real bad. What do we need? We need the police to lock everything down in such a way that anti fuckin com and they can have their little space and they can yell and the problems can come and have their space waved their flags and annual, but keep them separated because anti for going to trial. Fight with a proud boys, accusing them of invading their home turf. The proud boys irony. The data first member right to be there it's true they do. They actually have a right to be there to March and a protest, but antifraud doesn't care. They're gonna, say your fascists and they're gonna want to fight. If that happens, it will be absolute chaos and if you think the cow written a situation was bad multiply that by ten we need the police, we need the police funded and we need Portland police to prevent these two groups from coming into contact with each other. Look. I respect the first amendment four for both groups of the for the right to free speech. The government can't stop you from speaking, as I say, the right to free speech, separate from the first amendment, I'm saying
you can come out. You can speak when it put as a potential the first amendment the police should stop me from doing so, but the police should stop people from crossing barriers and interact with each other because it will just be it's gonna get brutal. So I look at what the PPP is planning I also look. What's going on in Louisville, Louisville has declared a state of emergency there, locking the downtown area there shutting down parking. Why? Because they know rights are coming. This is what we need police for. Well, Seattle, they're, getting rid of their police. Here's what's gonna happen, they say as part of the amended budget proposed by the council, which has now been officially adopted. The spending plan calls for cutting the police department staff by roughly one hundred officers eliminating the departments. Navigation team, which serves as an outreach effort to the homeless
the council voted seventy two to override this budget belt, while voting, nine hundred and twenty to override the other budget bills, trimming the salaries of SPD Command staff, the council, two thousand and twenty amended budget will strip the department of roughly three million dollars, which equates to less than one percent a one percent defunding of the apartments. When twenty budget he suggested cut now fall on the dark Administration for Implementation Council. As a legislative branch of city government can pass legislation and budgets Gonzalez said we can force the mayor to spend or not spend as we have directed Malleson less than one percent and they're trying to get
Fifty percent! That's what they're saying there basically saying that this is on their path towards getting this budget slashed by fifty percent. It's what the activists want. I'm not gonna pretend that cutting one percent less than one percent of the budget is the end of the world. On talking about the worrying trend in trying to abolish police departments or defend them in Minneapolis, they voted out right to abolish, but they can't because
getting jammed up and now crime is surging, violent crime, and now these council members that voted to get rid of police are now complaining because their constituents are freaking out. That cops will respond to this cause and, while the cops are just doing it to punish us blah blah blah, why are you kidding you you're charging for officers who are doing their job? I think the biggest problem at the activists dealt with the problem activists. Don't realize they don't see. Is the system itself just needs to be changed? No, they want a face. They want someone to suffer. I don't want anyone to suffer. Am I mad What happened with George Floor, you betcha and there's a lot of circumstances around. This was due to divert. Nor did he die from asphyxiation dependent. Will you ask of it and if you'll get a different answer, I'm not here to argue which try it is right, although I obviously have my opinions on which one, I think is right, I'm just I'd, say: listen if we can figure out ways to me,
sure people don't die now would be a good thing which got to understand that. Sometimes these things happen and we can do about it. The problem isn't the officers it's the system as it stands, which means reform makes a lot of sense, but reform means more funding. It means fund the police. I know at probably in more taxes or something like that, and maybe that's a problem, but if you want social workers, I say this don't cut one hundred officers, that's crazy! You see with where this is going. Look I don't think cutting less. And one percent of their budget is going to be the end of the world, I dont know that on top of the staffing cuts in the end, the salary cuts or if it's the total cost of things, but we cannot, we cannot move in that area. I think we want to demilitarize. Can we sell off somehow some of these ridiculous armoured vehicles? The cops, probably don't need. I understand it. Certain jurisdictions do need them, but perhaps the appropriate responses to have a specialised jurisdiction with a
I guess you can call it a militarized defensive capability. You know armoured vehicle those in Swat officers, but in a region, level not at a city level, and so we can reduce the dramatic amount of the milk police, militarization We can reduce the trying de escalate things between criminals and police in terms of kind of weapons? They use still have the capability to use this technology because I do think it benefits us but focus a lot of the extra revenue on more police, better paid police, better trained police and yes, social workers to accompany police in some extreme situations, or I shouldn't extreme situations. I mean like non extreme, ignore those I mean the total opposite. So here's what I'm thinking can we give cops more money? Can we can begin then better pay, I think cops deserve. I do. I'm is unsafe alaskan again that they deserve more money. They absolutely do. You don't understand, meant a lot of these. A lot of these cops get paid, nothing they get paid like trash. I think a new
city. Ten years ago, like twenty eight k a year like thirty k a year and you want these people to go out, there risk their lives they're, not gonna. Do it they're gonna, be like not for thirty k pop pop pop you you you, you see up a wanted gang members on a warrant and the conflict told to go arrest him, and then we sit in their thinking. I make nothing. I can barely afford Maya Norman, I definitely can afford to live in this city is too expensive. They say that you need to make a hundred and fifty K year to live in New York City as middle class median, because the cost of living is so high, so you won't have a cop was making thirty forty K year living in that city that gonna do it, then you can tell them legal risk, their lives, they're, not gonna. Do it and I don't blame him, pay them more pay them better and train them better. Maybe we should consider that we wait. We need to tell you no more taxes or something or re allocate funding from other areas to better fund cops, because safety is our priority right
look if you, if you can't eat you can't live, can drink water, you can't live, can't breathe, can't live, and then you need shelter and you need security. Security is up to the top of the list. If we do not feel safe, then people arrogant anxious. Let him go crazy and that's part of what's happening is partly the media's problem than are it's a problem of the media coming out saying all these things lined people not giving them the truth. You just try to fan the flames. I think the funding This is a horrifying trend that may not continue because look at Minneapolis these people, a people, live there freak out and the council members are like. Oh people, don't really like that. We did this, but Seattle moving forward. Getting rid of a hundred cops. That's gonna, make everything and then we get Donald Trump saying you know Portland Seattle in New York or anarchists jurisdictions that are to lose their funding. I think that'll make everything worse. I get why tromp is doing it, though he's innovative.
Reasons not that I'm necessarily a big fan, but I dont know how you get these cities to follow. My stop doing this. The general idea, simple Trump says if you dont, want cops and neutrality fund the. Why am I paying the bill for the federal government ship like why I don't live on a live in New York? Why might paying you know, taxes, the federal government to give the New York when they don't want the police they caught a billion dollars of their budget makes sense. I guess it makes sense. So I don't know what I mean. I don't know what else it's were to tell you in that capacity. If, if, if they don't want cops, it'll get cops, I do think it'll be worse, though, we need to fund the police movement, but these activists. They can't see beyond their emotional rage, and so what do we get? The police don't intervene? the the riots get worse and thereby to get really bad in Louisville? I hope you're paying attention in there. Boarding, our businesses, their boarding court houses, are boarding police departments because we know it's common. These cops run. Taylor case are not gonna, be indicted, at least I think so,
in the end, the writers are gonna, come out, but you know what I think they're gonna come out, no matter what no matter what we know it and die it's. This is business like this is why we need cops We can't allow riders to ramp around a destroy everyone's lives, innocent people's lives, because there, added a system. We can change this. This the men when they chant around the whole the whole damn says as guilty. As how am I sure, like yeah, it's ok right, that's fine, so listen Rand, Paul ones were put out of a building. And no knock warrants. Apparently, the Brenner Taylor Warrant wasn't in Iraq. Warrant is a lot. We gotta go through that story, but anyway, regardless ran Paul, says introduce the justice for Banana Taylor ACT and what happened? They still attacked him. Nothing will satisfy the mob. So yet we need to do We need to make sure our police are well funded, well trained and well equipped, and we
make sure that we hold them accountable when they do commit crimes. That's that's all that it is that's all that matters, and that means we can throw people under the boss who defend themselves, but the mob wants it and the mob is gaining ground and gaining traction. Heaven forbid Joe Biden get elected and bring these lacks pro Bob policies to the federal government, because what do we see in Seattle slashing cops de funding? Police Portland calves The cops stand down, DA's refusing to prosecute you want at the federal level. Trumps last stand the federal The only thing standing tween us an absolute chaos and Joe, but instead was baling these people out, I'm sorry, man, tromp, as the only is, as is the only person standing in front of us and what these people are doing now. Look I get it if you live in a Republican, you're, probably fine, because in and you tie Nebraska. They just shut this stuff down and had no what what was it. What city was, but they were like we're. Not Seattle. And they just went in and arrested everybody
you gotta, do man stop the right for the gotta control, more police, but police account barely one hundred percent demilitarization, one hundred percent, I mean like one or two percent and sense of we should do it totally demilitarization. I think the best way to explain it is Germany departments have What crazy vehicles in weapons they don't need, and so we can definitely reduce that and try and figure out how to better allocate funds. But I ll leave it. There are men, this, those crazy Cairo and the censorship is, is nuts, but to leave their necks segments coming up at one p, yeah I'm on this channel. Thank you also so much for hang out, and I will see you all next time. The silent majority is real and you will not be able to convince. Me. Otherwise. I was reading this story, which I view to be rather silly and probably unsubstantiated, but it made me realize that there are a lot of people who are scared to speak up, who are banned
the knee at least in appearance and probably will secretly vote for Donald Trump down ticket Republican across the board. The story, however, you for this segment is about cost co, pulling a popular cheese brand from a hundred and twenty stores after dairy company founder slammed Black five matter as a terror organization. I dont believe that these things have anything to do with each other. In fact, the founder, I said it's normal for stores to rotate products and perhaps they'll come back at some point. The founder of this company issued a very long while I mean not very long, but he made a post on Facebook and was complain about the state of black lives matter. The riots anti fa saying we need to call them out for well as terror organisations or something to that effect and then look what happened they came for him demanded. Is Zog nation, and then he eventually apologized. I mean that sounds like overt terrorism. Think about it. You must
or the story he was referencing was about a black man who gone to a car accident with some white people, and then this man killed those two white people. The point made by the founder of this Jeez company was: why aren't we talking about the tragedy of these two people who were gone down in coal? blood. Why is it that the media narrative is focused specifically on only one group of people in only one circumstance, and why then do we tolerate violence and riots for this? He was attacked a demented resignation now at least some people believe he's having his cheese brand removed from stores. I know it sounds kind of silly, but this is how the culture the culture works. This is the power of controlling cultural institutions. It's the valve. I talked about things only flow left in the mainstream, but it results in a back current going to push.
Man as far as possible. Now he apologized he says it was. It was insensitive me insensitive of me to call out the story in the way I did, but do you think he really changed his mind? No, you see regular people are starting to stand up and some of them can't take it, and some of them get scared. So my question for you: will you stand when the mob comes for you, or will you bend. The knee now listen, listen. There may be good reasons to actually retreat and to cave I mean if the people who never refuse to accept their losing the battle and retreat to regroup. Well, they'll get crushed a certain point. You look outside your fighting a bad on. You realize we're outnumbered and we need to retreat. Otherwise we will lose the war. So retreating from one bad battle may be the right choice, but what? If everyone stood up? What? If it were
Lee. Seeing is that when we look out and see this battlefield, we don't see the silent majority. I believe there is a silent majority and I believe this man is a part of it, but he's scared in secret. You can vote for Trump in public, they will destroy his business. So I wonder how many people will truly come out and vote. Let me read you the story to break down how this went down and what I think this means for regular people, the daily mail reports, Carrasco has removed, palmetto cheese from one hundred and twenty, but stores nationwide. After the founder of the payment of cheese company posted a controversial message on Facebook. Slamming black lives matter and Anti VA movements as terror organisations owner Brian Buck Henry, who is also the mayor of Pollys Island. South Carolina has confirmed that his brand of spicy cheese spread was being yanked from store shelves, but has sought to downplay. Of course, he says, cost go rotates items in and out during the course of the year they will occasion
only add and drop products. As a matter of normal business. Henry told the posting courier. We remain optimistic diploma These will be back on the shelves in the not too distant future, and I really don't think this is because of black eyes. I mean he made the comments a month ago. Ok, but maybe it is. Maybe he really is having his business. Destroying people were calling for a boycott of his cheese cause. He stood up for himself and what he believed in, you think the inverse. What happened with black lives matter? No, the NBA, the NFL that the M l b there there propping up black lives matter all over the place,
Brands are slapping black lives, better logos or whatever they do activism across the board. That's just it! What mother think June every single company logo turns into a rainbow. I really dont care. Do you think that's your company wants doing no beef, but what? If this guy wants to say, hey man we're tired of the murder. Why would he then be attacked? You see how the valve flows have other valve controls. The flies say you can post all the left wing activism in the world and nobody bats an eye, but one guy comes out and condemns murder and that's it and they say, shut him down boycott as product and he must resign. That's amazing! He didn't come out an attack, based on race. He said what about these people who have been killed payment as a matter apparently doesn't so, let's see exactly what he said that they say come Cassio has not commented on it
taken to remove permit of cheese report of its seven hundred eighty five big box stores? I really don't think it has anything to do with this. I gotta be honest, but but ok, ok, they say Henry Screen reference. The August twenty four killings of Nick Wall and his twenty one year old, stepdaughter, Laura Anderson who police They were shot and killed by teaching Walter that Walter is the third after a car crash and altercation and Georgetown, which also entered a third person. So here's this post, I'm at a rate of four, he says I am sickened by the senseless killings in Georgetown last night to innocent people murdered not to thugs or people wanted on multiple warrants to white people. Defensively gun down by a black men tell me where the outrage when and where will we begin, rioting and burning been burning down? Businesses in Georgetown answer is simple. It won't happen because We live in a civil society and it won't change what happened. The victims, families and friends will mourn. Undoubtedly feel anger and confusion, can't imagine their pain so.
I do we stand by and allow black lives matter to lawlessly, destroy great American Citys and threaten their citizens on a daily basis. Should they have caught a carte blanche licence to pillage and destroy why this has gone on too long rise up. America is black lives matter and anti war movement must be treated like a terror organisations that they are law and order, protection of liberty and right of peaceful enjoyment. If we don't have that, we no longer have a country my wife cried last night when she read about these murders, I'm sure they're family is devastated. This isn't this did not have to happen. This senseless martyr of these people, not matter as much because it doesn't fit the media narrative. You are downright their lives matter and we should all be outraged and engaged to demand and stem the tide of this lawless fringe. We can't stay silent anymore, all lives matter there. I said it. So am I a racist now I think not how about the PS who just gun down three defences: white people,
You be the judge. We need law and order now. Suffice it to say Donald Trump messaging seems to be effective, seems to be working. This guy said we can't stay silent anymore. You don't need to go out and protest. You dont need to join a militia heavens. No. You just need to speak your mind and make posts like heated. However, I guess this guy's a lot to lose any ultimately decided that he would keep his head down because he apologized, and that was a mistake because apologies don't matter it doesn't, and here we are later and his product is being removed from store shells now listen like I said. I don't think so, but it's entirely possible. It really is the case that they're pulling his product from certain stores, because, while activists are complaining, Assuming that's the case, your apology didn't work now: He sang out. Look these things happen and I suppose his cheese could still be at others.
For Us- and I do- I really do think that choosing a silly. The important thing here is not about his cheese being pulled from stores. I certainly don't care and ass his business, but that there are indications to businesses doing this The main issue here is a guy who had a lot to lose. Who spoke up and he should have stood firm. He should have been willing to sacrifice everything I mean Collins, Caper Nick was and now look how well he's doing with his massive contract. You see this is the problem with the problem. We face not consider myself to be a conservative, and most of you know that I'm liberal, but I'm like left, leaning, independent. I dont care for the far left ideas. I think many of them are wrong. I agree with him on some things and I grew conservatives on something's, but I'll tell you that the right has a conviction problem, a conviction from they won't this guy couldn't tell anyone else to F off lesson. You come to me and tell me I'm going to tell you about a far off get out of here. I don't care you could you could you could destroy everything
you can take me to the curb and I walked with a smile on my face. Go down by the river and just go fishing and say I will not bend my knee that may be stupid. Compromise can be a good things sometimes you dont have a moral, absolutist and you gotta recognise some time. Retreating could be the appropriate move. Maybe that's what he's doing and that's why I'm focusing on the fact that he spoke to in the first place, but we should point out that he did apologize there going to say who is white, one state all eyes matter rather part they say there is now. Evidence to suggest that Walter's has ties to the black lives matter. Movement or the violent incident was related to it. He has been charged with two counts of murder. You see our first address. One of the big issues that the left has with police, they'll kill somebody, and then not get charged. I think many of these left us don't understand the context of why the cops don't a charge for for sure? Sometimes there are dirty cop who get away with it because the departments will protect them in their unions will as well, but some of these circumstances they bring up it's because
there's procedure in a system, and maybe that procedure is wrong. But if a cop is told here is what you have to do in these circumstances and someone dies well liked. What do you do? There's a video viral, where an officer was responding to a rookie officer, I guess was response to a woman industries are somewhat that there's a homo someone with a forty pound labrador when he approached her, the dog started charging and snarling. He panicked, fired three rounds and one of the bullet struck the homeless in the chest. And he killed her and now I believe he is facing charges and that's a tough situation. What do you do when you're being charged at by a dog snarling embarking any panicked? He did bad and I understand he did not have intend to kill, but maybe there's I'll tell you this I'll put it this way. If a random person decided they're gonna carry up with them for self defence and they panic and they shoot somebody there's gonna, be some culpability there's something it's gonna be some accountability, but we asked that
officer to do that. We put him there. We said we need you to go, do this and then he freaked out patent. So I dont know at the appropriate responses to punish the guy for a panic accident. When we asked me go, do it come on man, if you, if you quote Joe Biden, Imo Zanna, if you ask someone to like, walk down the stairs they slip and fall yet probably sue you, I'm sorry about your business or something if you say, you're an employee. I want you to do a thing. They go, do it, they get hurt its. They say you have some responsibility, what was going on here that you know you should have stopped by some kind of charge. I mean I don't know, I don't know, but I'll tell you what many of these circumstances brought up by the left are not instances where the clear cut case of murder. In this instance you know my there's not a lot of protest about this guy because he was charged and that's a fair point. The left will say this guy's going to prison. Okay. So so, what's the protest? The law worked, and I will also point out- I think, a lot of people attack this guy simply be
ass. He was talking about black on white crime and I'd like to see more people like him, stand up and talk about crime in general. I don't like it when people are like what about black on black crime, ok! Well, what about what on white crime? Look I get. The numbers are disproportionate. Theirs. I don't know. I live a full stats, I'm not here to do say one group as is better or worse, there's a whole bunch of fisheries issues and factors involved. I don't know you don't talk about poverty, crime, education, etc. All Mattel users. I don't care what the race of a person is like the left does the left. Does I don't I care about whether not someone got hurt and if they did, how do we stop it? happening. Ok, we have a murderer right. Somebody commits a martyr. Why do we? Why we arrest them unlocked them up for one stop any potential murders that may happen in the immediate, so their locked in a box and to rehabilitation so that eventually we can bring them back out grant them their freedom. Once again saying you ve wronged people, so we we retreated your rights now, one
we deem you not to be a threat, you're free to go? That's what we want. We want to fix things. I don't care what your race is, I don't care who does it it's about the system and it's about stopping people from getting from getting hurt. The same is true for the police. They want to complain about police brutality on top of migrate. We change the system, Ok, you ask a cop to do it and you have a case where, like Michael Brown, it's all up in the air. That's not the same! If a cop kicked in a door without a warrant without a one time, I brought Taylor kicked in it or that a war because they do in Chicago Panic and shot somebody will now you got breaking a nunnery rank, breaking and entering and murder because they killed someone while committing a crime. That's a problem, that's the kind of stuff it needs get solved and
I think we do have cultural problems in many police departments, but the answer is not defining the police and the media is extreme. Bias is going to trigger regular people to rise up and vote for Donald Trump and say drop. The hammer became so that I apologized right we're gonna, say earlier this month, Henry called a press conference and apologized for his remarks saying I am profoundly sorry to those I offended with my post last week. My comments were hurtful and insensitive Henry told reporters in September. Third, I spent that past ten days, listening and learning. Ok, fine, I'm not and of the apology and I'll tell you this: how many far left us have Was it insane messages on social media saying burn it down burn down target people attack people? You know the far right blah blah blah, how many of them called for violence just general against regular people against trumps supporters. They do it all the time where's the apology they don't. This is one of the biggest problems that we as Americans here
I'll. Tell you something Joe Rogan recently apologize for some, these out of his pocket sends a respectable move with all due respect to Joe, I think, is a great deal with a great show, but let me tell you Joe Rogan set on his show that there were crazy things happening in paraphrasing crazy things happening. You know people are setting fires up in Portland and they arrested some people like some left us activists, and you know it. Isabella block media matters for America, targeted him an Spotify tat. He was lying to his audience. First of all, jobs and lying, he just was incorrect. There's a big difference,
though Joe decided to issue to apologies- one on twitter ones, when it is effectively want apology, but you posted a twitter and Instagram on Twitter, he wrote it up and an instagram. He recorded a video to millions of views. The first statement made by Jo Rogan was incorrect. There was one black lives matter leftist who was arrested for starting a fire. We don't know if it was politically motivated. There were several other instances. I mean like a dozen plus of arson on the. EAST Coast, notably in Portland, but these were not as far as we can tell related to anti find any way, but it was arson. Dobermans apologies wrong. He said some I mean. Maybe he was trying to frame in the context of let us activists, but what he said was that people are from these fires. He was wrong. So here's there's the main point. Joe Romans initial statement was incorrect and the left attacked him. So Joe for whatever reason issues an apology. Jos, apology was also incorrect and put out dangerous information, no on from the left is complaining anymore,
no one is saying Joe Rogan is lying to his audience. You see the point. The left attacks the right apologizes announcing jumping in general and then, when the relevant, when the left says misinformation enough that there's no one to do anything. There's no apology, there's no correction! So here we have a man who came out said I'm upset about this and he didn't even call for violence and they said apologize or else or resign or will strip your brand from our stores, and so he did. The left, gonna ever apologised for the violence they ve, they ve they ve pushed is Joe Biden staff good apologize for bailing out the riders will commonly Harris apologize for soliciting funds to bail out the rioters nope, and will anyone call on Joe Rogan to apologize for getting his post wrong on Instagram no instead
What do we see? A bunch of people who are a kind of liberal leaning, moderates and conservatives were like Class act Joe? We really appreciated. Thank you. Where was any outright I mean I made site. I've issued several common saying that Joe made a mistake on that one, and I am not, kind of media matters, type person who's going to harass him or his business and demand an apology. It's none of my. I mean that to an extent on, like I think Joe should have you beat, you know, correct the record but but my own business, Unama say my thing and maybe maybe everything I'm saying does still push in that direction. I'm not saying that because I'm trying to drag Joe or anything, I think it shows fantastic and I think you, you know, he's a guy who also conversational podcast. But when I keep seeing things like this,
where, if you re more, if you're a liberal, moderate or conservative, if you're anything but far left, you must apologise for anything and everything will then work. What were in a dangerous position and that's that's one of the biggest problems were seeing right now. So we have this guy, he spoke up and I'm sure regular people are feeling the same way and they're going to they're going to speak up in a different way in the voting, both this guy's voting for Trump and you Oh it and so is his family and every talks too. Any end users apology, but to tell you what I'm willing to bet in private he sent all the stuff about Naw man. You know, I probably should posted, but I stand by it. Things like that she's people in private will speak very differently, though speak openly, but when it comes to the political activist, groups are going after him. He has no defence, for whatever reason our culture is under the boot of the far left. I don't know why
no. Why Gillette? Why Nike, why the NFL? What I'm Albion that they're all getting woke like crazy and people aged its they ate it? Are they trying to get Trump elected? I after wonder, I have we'll have to wonder about what their goals are. Here is a guy who was upset in an in his anger and frustration. He complained that it's not fair. These people got killed what where's the outrage and it's all the same sort stances, and I think I would calmly state of right I'd say well to be fair. Brian, I mean the guy who kill these people. You dig charged with murder. The the protesters on the left are upset because the cops aren't being charged announcing. The cops should be charged, that's their complaint. They think they should be our well review the evidence, but I don't want to. I don't want to see that turn into another Jake gardener situation where its clearly self defense, the Omaha BAR honor. You probably only talk about a million times
and the mob comes in demands an indictment, so they get one regular people must speak up. You must I'm not gonna play the game, the left place. A market demand that he apologized for the apology, I'm not gonna rant and Raven D. Spotify, oh I'm so angry was bought a Vikas Joe made a mistake. It you know what no man and that's the problem you see whatever it is that I am arrow conservative I'm not a progressive something a left, leaning, independent, I'm not playing these games that the left is playing. Now. Some people on the right play the same games for sure, but there are many cultural power. They have governmental power. I guess if egg, if they take the Supreme Court, which sadly they're gonna, do while it's gonna get crazy, would you see right now? Conservatives will apologize, they'll kill. Out people like Steve King for saying nasty comments- and he got primary by the Republicans, they will absolutely criticise and condemn the far right and extremism left. Won't they won't and so
long as people on the right are playing the game. The left winning. Why? Because the left is cheating, they say you can say that you have to apologize and then you'll see, Rogan you'll see this guy you'll see everybody's, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have said that I should not have said that if the apology is warranted, then then so be it. I'm gonna problem with that. But what, if you? What do you do when they don't return that same courtesy and then the media only pushes a further and further leftwing narrative, everything so to fall apart man, unless, of course, these people come out in droves for Donald Trump. This is just a story of a small town, may earn a cheese company and I thought see or hear, haven't jeez company, and I thought it was funny when I saw this idea really pull this guy's cheese off the shelf because he posted a comment on Facebook out dumb or I'll. Tell you what palmetto, cheese guy or at the cheese really gonna got admit. Like you know, to best I can mean stores
more and it's gonna be analyzed. It will be some of them because it looks pretty good I'll buy some say well by some cheese, I'm assuming I can get it at our own out. I probably can't you like an order like that, but I am worried that if we continue down this path were to create parallel economies- and I talk about this in the past- that, if it here can't sell it cost YO than some conservative businesses we're gonna pop up protocols and loses his sponsors, because a far left outrage and my pillow guy fills the gap, not that you can eat a pillow or live in a pillow, but it's still a sponsor, and so what happens when the left keeps banning people like go fund me bands, conservatives all the time but let's anti find the far left and arsonists raise all the money. They want. No joke the people in length.
Pennsylvania got arrested, charged with arson, able to raise a hundred plus one thousand dollars for the defense budget gardener who is attacked on the ground? They took his defense down the Kenosha kid same story. It is ratcheting in one direction and regular people are going to get wound so tight. They will snap. I certainly think so and they're going to snap first, my voting for Donald Trump. I got the listen. In about an hour from one I'm recording this they're supposed to announce, what's happening with Brown a tailor. So I guess I can only weights and dog with with the with the police officers, but we're expecting riots in Louisville.
And there's a really interesting graph that was just released by NBC News. That shows only a tiny change needs to occur. If five percent more of the black community comes out votes for Trump, this five percent and they didn't twenty sixteen trump whence easily, and that seems likely. So I do know that means for the Senate and on what that means for the house. But if people vote Republic and down ticket. Then the Republicans take everything I could be wrong. I don't, I don't argue bowing to react in many different districts bottom. It scares me that there are moderate people in the suburbs that have no idea what's happening right now and would support that the terrorism and and the violence in our streets were in Syria trouble especially of Joe Biden, went so I'll. Leave it there. Next, it's coming up at four p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast thanks it out and I will see you all then no charges related to the death of Brianna Taylor, but one the cops is being charged with want.
In danger meant I talked about this on my main channel over at Youtube COM slashed him cast, but I won't talk about something I find really interesting sort of after the fact whatever and supporting tonight with riots. As we see videos emerge of leftists pulling shields out of you halls, the Democrats own it according to civics black registered voters, support likewise matter near universally, like ninety percent, some ridiculously high number of things more that actually it for some reason. I'm busy enjoying massive support. Long black voters- and this is according to several different poles from Emerson to rest, musin zombie. Yet you're. A couple of these poles are seen as biased towards trumpet Emerson isn't and they had,
pull out earlier near showing thirty percent black approval for Donald Trump? So I wonder why it is that people might support black lives matter, but then also support Donald Trump, especially among black voters. I can't say for sure, but I can say this interesting data released by NBC, that discusses what will happen if Donald Trump increases black support by near five percent. That's it she right now, Rasputin's as Donald Trump support among black voters is thirty. Three percent and latino voters is like sixty percent. I don't know if that's true, because that could be noise, but if Donald Trump gets even a little bit less than half of that he one it's over end of story, and maybe that's why the Democrats are so freaked out and are desperately trying to support black lives matter, even though the black lives matter riots,
really really damaging. The Democrats. I'm going to show you this data and you're really going to understand why the Democrats are willing to sacrifice every thing to maintain all black votes. You see the black community, the black voter may be the most important voting block I now Donald Trump approval among like voters might show that he is going to landslide and there is nothing they can do to stop it other than support the most fringe and extreme positions, even if we all can see how bad the riots have gotten now, of course, Joe Biden himself ran out of the basement frigate out, because many speculated saws, internal poles and they said look. We know you re you're, desperate to maintain support among black voters, but you're really losing every one because of this,
including black folks I'll tell you what the reason I bring up civics is that I think you can see that, even though there are black voters who support black lives matter, they're gonna support trump. Why? Because they don't support the rioting and there's the story from political. How Portland became a nightmare for Democrats, the violence is escalating and no one can figure out how to stop it and what's the photo, why it's a real Yet with fire and there's a woman waving a sign that reads black lives matter. Is she waving an anti for flag know? Is it a communist y know? Is an american flag, of course, not definitely not trump flag? Sorry, that's a black lives matter flag. I want to bring you now to five thirty. Eight, a big chunk of people of color and white people with degrees are behind trot.
That's from September, eighth from five thirty eight fascinating data. But what is a big chunk mean, I honestly don't know. So how do we look at some real data from the watchman examiner? On the same day, trumps black voter boom could potentially com. To in the election, poles showing consistent black voter support for president trumpet levels higher than those of previous Republicans may cause democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, the election violence backing from this key voting. Group is less than it was for twenty sixteen democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama in surveys of black voters, pollster John Zog be pegged support for Trump from black voters. At fourteen percent for Biden, he said that support from black voters was between,
twenty seven and eighty one, the numbers from likely black voters are nowhere near where they should be, as they fall well below ninety percent. He added this alone can potentially cost bite in the election and Nepal from NEWS Max Zog be set it to designate twenty two. Of Barack Obama, one ninety six percent and ninety three percent of the black vote Hilary, its eighty nine percent to twenty nine percent victory among blacks was not enough to win the presidency. Eighty percent and she couldn't be Trump now that is remarkable. He added if trumps, fourteen percent total holding two November, this gonna hurt the democratic nominee again in Must in must win critical rust, but in the critical rust belt, along with Minnesota, Georgia and Texas, which bite and hopes to win the black vote has been the focus since tromp was elected since entering the White House, the president emphasised programmes targeting black people boost at him.
For African Americans and featured several black speakers at the Republican National convention. Some White House insider said that if trunk can get eleven percent or more of the black boat, he will win the November election. Several other pollsters have found sustained support for tromp among black voters at levels. Higher than recent republicans have enjoyed Zog, be found a usual pockets of support from black photos for Trump, such as young African Americans and the addition of California Senator Conall Harrison the democratic ticket hasn't helped Biden, the President, a suspect, really well among young blacks, eighteen to twenty four year olds, with thirty eight percent to bite in sixty one when the names of them. Presidential nominees are added. The needle hardly moves at all if Biden, support from lacks remains this low. That alone could asked the election. I bring you now to envy seas, swing, the election decision. Twenty twenty see
How the changes and voter turnout and support could shift the outcome. The twenty twenty election, the chart you see before you is based upon will element. Let me just read start with the results of the previous election adjusted for damages had change since twenty sixteen than adjust the sliders to see how shifts in turn out and support among different demographic groups could swing electoral college she's just see the scenarios below, for example, here's what we're seeing right now, based on what happened in twenty sixteen adjusted for demographic shift, Joe by
and is predicted to win with three hundred and seven electoral votes to Donald Trump. Two hundred and thirty one Joe Biden will hold fifty two point. One percent of the major party votes with Trump. Forty, seven point: nine. I want to show you one thing that made me laugh out loud. First states that afflict they say: Michigan Pennsylvania was content. Florida will flip from Trump and twenty sixteen to Joe Biden, based on current based on the demographic changes. We can see here black votes for Joe by ninety two percent for Donald Trump, eight percent. Now, of course, what have we seen while Zog be said? Joe Biden is at seventy seven to eighty one and Donald Trump is around fourteen percent
I am going to make, but one simple change to this chart. I am not going to change college educate White, none college white, a strong Trump bay of a basic support, latino or asian. I am simply going to lightly alter the black vote in favour of Trump Zog Be says: Trump has fourteen percent approval? Let's move the slider to see what happens if in twenty twenty Donald Trump receives fourteen purse, and of the black, about the ship as occurred. Now, if you look up top, you can see. Joe Biden loses with two underlines.
To electoral votes it on all fronts, to seventy six? Fifty one point: four percent of the major party votes to trumps. Forty eight point: six Donald Trump will lose the popular vote, but he will win the electoral college with only six percent more of the black vote, but it's better zombie says fourteen percent, let's scale it down to thirteen percent and Donald Trump still winds with near the same metrics. If we go down to twelve percent, it then shifts in favour of Joe Biden the big change when you reach thirteen one state doesn't flit, that's Florida, so Donald Trump will win now
What if what, if Donald Trump support among the black communities actually much higher than this? A lot of people have told me that it's probably not, but we ve seen pulling showing trumpets, highs. Thirty percent, let's say nothing else. Changes and Donald Trump Cease. Thirty percent support from the black community. He wins with three hundred and nineteen electoral votes. Fifty point: six percent of the major party votes in what can be called an electoral landslide
and a decent win in the popular vote on not entirely commence. Trump is gonna, get thirty percent of the black thought. I'd I'd, thou be thou, be very bold, but we can just do some other changes real, quick. Let's say you only gets eleven percent. They set of Trump wins. Eleven percent of the black vote he'll win, but if I make that change, he doesn't maybe it's because they're not can other not considering what five thirty eight said: a big chunk of people with degrees, black and white. So it's add a couple more points from college, educated, whites and all of a sudden trump just wins. That's it. You add some more college, educated white people, probably from the suburbs and with eleven percent support Trump wins. I don't care what the college graduates I care about the black community right now. You know why, because I feel like Donald Trump is speaking to them and I feel like people like people like Candice Owens, an incident,
Hodge twins and Terence Williams have been greatly disrespected by the left, insulted for simply having their opinions. Their opinions are fine. I don't think opinions. I think they're ratio should also play a role in what their opinion is uncertain, policy issues, but I think when it comes to issues of race and social justice in their pains are worth hearing. And I think this shows exactly why the Democrats are in full on headache mode. Black lives matter must be the cause. Joe Biden is losing support among the black vote. But guess what he's also losing support among latino voters. This is why they're so Deaf but to smear trump and claim- is a big it because tromp is actually helping all Americans surprising right this guy We were told over and over again in the media was a big. It lets reset everything and then see
Donald Trump gain only eleven percent of the blacks out, but its support from Atinas goes up three points as well to thirty one percent. Once again, Donald Trump wins They are saying that Joe Biden is doing bad among Latinos in hispanic voters and that its troops fault, because Trump is doing well among this group. Tromp needs only a couple percentage points from these groups in order to win. Now we don't. I would echo what can happen. This is data base on twenty. Sixteen there's gonna be many different shifts. In demographics that that they're, trying to account for them and for all we know, is not the case. This could this data could be incorrect. I can't tell you for sure exactly what can happen, but I'll do one more thing: let's reset this and say Trump, nothing changes other than he gets more of his base to vote. When I alter Non college, educated whites by only a couple of points. Trump winds in an electoral landslide flipping New Hampshire,
and all of it states remain Trump only needs three percent: more support from Non college, educated whites, it looks like Joe Biden, is sitting on the precipice on the verge of falling and Trump's going to win and as he falls, he will knock over some boulders triggering a landslide will see how things play out, but I think the riots are going to play a big role in this. Why I brought it up, and ultimately the point of saying that what you say this is my blacklist matter is so important and why the Democrats want to denounce it. Even They are writing but regular college educative, white voters now college white voters- we don't like riots I should say where's Americans, because there's actual, I feel
when the asian and other, I guess it qualifies and other whatever you can appoint a live. There got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes sick round, and I will see, while shortly from Buzzfeed NEWS, the victims of violence during the commotion protests are suing Facebook, citing a law that dates from reconstruction for people, including the part of a man killed during the protests are taking the company to court and almost immediately, I thought what a dumb waste of time section. Two thirty will not allow this, and that may be the case, but that he owed J has just dropped their official guidance. The Justice Department unveils proposed section. Two thirty legislation on behalf of the administration we ve already heard this investment are to be made, so not gonna spend too much time on this. They previously announced there
the clarification of the language in, among other things, so they ve drafted, proposed legislation of things. They think should change relative to section two. Thirty for those that are familiar with what to thirty. Is it basically shields these companies from liability based on what other people do but gives them the ability to remove posts they find objectionable so long as their acting in good faith? While these tat companies, Facebook, Twitter, you tube, etc, they remove things that are not objectionable. They ever move things to protect, their political interests. There's a name is actually a couple names. I can't say now. We often know about the once yea whistleblowers whistleblower guy he's occasionally France's another name. I can't say kid: you not, and my videos have been removed in a very strange way. You'd think that if you did something in violation of the rules and get a guideline strike well saying one of these names isn't against the rules. There's no rules and you can't say a name. So what do they do? One day, one to me
Youtube studio and there was a video that had no links, no buttons. You could see the video you could see the title. You can see the view count, but else, and when you move, when I move the mouse over it, none of it was a link. It looked like an image, it wasn't really there. I couldn't interact with it. The video basically did not exist, that's because I said a naughty name section. Two thirty doesn't protect these companies from things like this you're not supposed to remove me talking politics. So now we have this lawsuit, I'm actually glad the loss. It is happening for a couple reasons. This is people their blaming Facebook saying that Facebook, allowed the Canosa kid to organise with his friends and they get a lot of this information incorrect. But what this lawsuit is doing is its challenging. To thirty, to what degree does Facebook have the right to moderate tomorrow content. Now this loss, it doesn't strike at the core of what needs to be struck at. So I think it's gonna be a big waste of time for everybody, but I guess you can say is good news.
For car it now his lawyers. Have I happy about it when asked Linwood an attorney for it now called the lawsuit nonsense. I quote as the cow Rittenhouse, this lawsuit is errant nonsense, but may provide a golden opportunity for obtaining documents and sworn testimony from Facebook to bolster Kyle's future defamation case against Facebook for falsely accused him of mass murder would told Buzzfeed NEWS referring to experts decision to designate the incident a mass shooting and remove written ass, his account and any content celebrating his actions. Thus I view the lawsuit as a blessing in disguise Facebook. Another defendants did not immediately respond to requests for comment. I'm curious. What is Facebook think that most people would prefer to oppose correctness. Limitations on Facebook knows when you poop, I know you're laughing
It's a funny thing to talk about, but it's true. I was reading an article about this because they know when you're moving around because of your location services. On your phone, they know what time you typically eat, because they built the profile around. You ever at this time. They go to this area Play lunchtime there algorithm can track all of this stuff there a are you smart if they know exactly what you're thinking? Why would they side against you unless this is a sign that Trump will not landslide? You see. Facebook has the data. They know what people think and they're trying to protect their bottom line bus. By doing this, you can sort of see through the thin veil. What is it most? Facebook users were shocked and appalled and don't like this. So Facebook said get rid of it right and if most facebooks users feel that way, doesn't that sit symbolise or show us that Donald Trump is gonna lose because well,
we all may be on the wrong side of history. I want to stop there and say: that's actually not the case. You see Facebook remove this likely because of other countries, and now we start getting into the interesting conversation you see. I have often complained about this idea that how written ass was banned from Facebook not convicted of any crime, he was convicted of anything. Why remove them? Why is it that call right now can have the ability to speak on a platform removed, but some australian guy can complain about Donald Trump and call for action and launch petitions their interfering in our elections. It's that obvious. That's ok, since, when have decided that it's ok for foreign citizens to hold protests in our country against our politicians, think about it. If a bunch of australian people Americans are protesting trump. Would we just be like that's totally? Fine I mean maybe,
and a weird though, but I'm sure something that happens, but what, if they stayed here, always influencing influencing? Well, then you got real problems now I'll tell you something else: the top content shared on Facebook comes from pension the oh man, I'm a little jealous some like while he owns Facebook. Basically, I gotta get on that Facebook and What I don't do the same thing he does. I mean we, don't we won't you podcast his bit way bigger than mine, but you know he's got where you got daily wire content articles and the top content is consistently conservative and run I been Shapiro, I think what we are seeing here is Facebook, bending the he too foreign governments, why would he designate written awesome, ass shooter because of the danger little governments of these more left, leaning, european and Commonwealth countries, and that's it blanket statement or banning it. People who want to see it. That's all
our audience says. No, but do Americans say no, that's the more important question and I have to imagine for the most part, Americans, art, saying no Americans are saying: there's no way the stories legit. Why we'll take a look now at Joe Biden, pulling in the way he's been reacting to the riots panic desperately trying to hold off tromp, because the rights are backfiring miserably. He won't all that black lives matter by name, but I think we're starting to see a it's almost like us, adults who puzzle where we can see the numbers were put in the pieces together. Facebook is behold into a global audience, so they just their rules accordingly to adhere to the lowest. But denominator of a global audience. However, in the who s been Shapiro Daily Wire content, Fox NEWS and conservative content dominates the platform among Americans and Joe Biden is desperately trying to disavow the riots, thus actually I think, we're looking at day, yeah Trump landslide previous segment. I went over
this data from NBC, unusable slider bar showing that Trump only needs a couple percentage points more support. In order to win. Don't you think the riots have done that? Don't you think the riots that I've been going on now for what, for months have convinced people we ve got to stop this a trumps, the one offering help to stop it and the Democrats are the ones who are standing down and defending the police So Donald Trump says: look at this video look at this photo and Joe Biden, America. This is what you will get the left. These laugh and some concerns aid, but Trump you're. The president. Now, in those those views are from your America, you going to happen if you would like Joe Biden and other Democrats want to defend the police, while these rights are happening, other writers and we're gonna be like Yea Joe Biden. One were no longer marxists or communists. No, they don't like Joe Biden Joe, but it is a means to an end he's bending the need, quite literally.
Vote of impending money as some rumours that during the debate he's gonna, walk out and taken the on stage, people are begging him the do it please do it Joe it'll be terrible job. Joel Georgia will lose. I think we can see that the Joe Biden has bent the need to the far left, figuratively and literally, and the far left wants this. So, if you're upset about the riots, well, then don't go for Joe Biden. Now, I'm good. But off track. How does this pertain a section? Two thirty the lawsuit I dont think it'll actually do anything. I think the loss. It is ridiculous and I dont think Facebook is under obligation to remove things and so this challenge won't fly because Facebook will not be held responsible for other people. Post Facebook is a private platform as it were, you can't have it, but
ways that the Justice Department is trying to make certain changes because there's censorship on these platforms. In the end lawsuits like this can't work now the far left, the leftist, the Democrats or they want to get rid of two hundred and thirty. Oh you know it. You know why, because they want to force these companies to ban hate speech. So conservatives don't let him do it. I haven't read through the exact length
What the builder proposing I read through the actual just department announcement about two thirty reform, and they make a lot of really good points. They ve talked a lot of groups and it's about reform. Not removing trump, as called for moving out right now would be the end of conservative and independent media. As we know it, that's not only do we need to change it so that these companies can't remove things unless their illegal and that's what basic that that's, basically Orson with this lawsuit, they are demanding that Facebook actually take the stuff down if the left gets their way and section two thirty is completely revoked and Facebook is held responsible for what this guy did. It's the end of conservative me because Facebook stand gonna start taking down anything that may result in violence. I mean that could theoretically be the end of the far left do, but I really doubt- and therein lies the big problem- are we going to get what we want? I would you be paying attention
Will Facebook eventually just uses as a pretext to give the left what they want and that's the point out springing up in the beginning you see face, because behold into a global audience, countries around the world there authoritarian, we don't want to live like them. We are lucky enough to have a constitution, but paid speeches illegal in the UK. Facebook will golly err on the side of banning what they call hate speech. I guess we can only and see how this plays out, but the most important thing is that you all go and vote in November for the Republicans net crate I was talking to journalist earlier and he was like. You know you used to be a lever. I still am illiberal, I'm still all regulating regulating big corporations that are violating the public interest- hats, not conservative. I mean, for the most part, not typically conservative, but you get the point I'll leave it there. I got at once. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly.
You may have seen that viral video of Nancy policies brain breaking where she was asked whether or not she would consider impeachment for Donald Trump and Bill BAR by George Definite- ABC and then her response was good morning Sunday morning like that which we have an obligation, and everyone said what ok to be fair to Nancy Policy. She was asked by George Deaf Annapolis. It's kind of a leading question: did she ever bring up impeachment? No, she was asked if you would consider it She said we have a lot of arrows and quiver. He asked her again and that's when our brain went and she was good morning, Sunday more every day, but we look well leave it to
Alexander YO cause your protest to remove all doubt. You see when it comes to Nancy Policy, saying something or I'm sorry when it comes to a journalist giving a leading question to a politician. I can't blame Nancy Policy for this narrative, the media planted. They wanted the new cycle, impeach Trump Easy Nancy. Are you going to impeach up? Well, I haven't thought about it, but now I consider- and here we go to exactly as they want it. Now that the narrative is out there, a yo see is on board or cause YO. Cortex threatens impeachment of trump and bar to stop Supreme Court nominee Bravo ABC News, they say RAP Alexandria. Abkhazia quotas told reporters that impeaching President Trump, an attorney general, William BAR our potential options for Democrats to stop the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice. No, no it isn't. You can't do that if you, if you try to impeach them over this, you are literally saying you want to destroy the? U S. Oh that's right. I forgot who I was talking.
Yeah they do they're talking about changing the rules. If we win working to change all the rules because we're sorry losers, wow come on man to cocoa by your regular american right. Most of you not too far right Are too far left you recognise that sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose right. I'm a liberal Europe look, you want, I went well, you know. Sometimes you you'll lose. I've lived through democratic President's and republican President's ends. These things happen. I don't want to live in a country where one group is one point He is trying to sabotage the actual constitution and government because they want power. I'm sorry it does a lot of their pay. See you get out of there. We doin here's. The quote said. I believe that certainly There has been an enormous amount of lawbreaking in the Trump administration. I believe it. Ernie, general BAR is unfit for office and that he has pursued potentially lawbreaking behaviour of conjugal has said that being said, these are pretty
because the decisions that are largely up to house democratic leadership, but I believe that we now also we consider again all the tools available our disposal and that all of these options should be entertained and on the table. The New York scratch remarks, largely in line with those of how Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who handed Sunday that impeachment is just one of the tools Democrats could use to stall. The nomination process I don't care if you left wing media rightwing media up down whatever this idea that Nancy Policy introduced. The impeachment thing is just, I think the media wanted it. I think they wanted entertainment. I talk about the other day. Of course, I got good traffic on the video
but I try to make the point clear. Like the media see, did this concept? George definite police is the one who's got us talking about this right? Now that it's all I'm sorry, man trap is running against the media and there you go off. Then I talk about Democrats and I ll talk about the media to enact to clarify for people on our stand on talking about these dabbling meant. The republican establishment is against Trump and endorsing Joe Biden. The Democrat just means establishment this. And the media is leading them Nancy YA. Don't don't go unimpeached tromp, why I wouldn't recommend that you know I'm a journalist and then she goes ok and then what would we get? I know you didn't,
say that I'm making a point, that's what they're doing they say quote we ve taken an oath, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. We have a responsibility to meet the needs of the american people when we weigh the equities of of protecting our democracy. That requires us to use every arrow and our quiver Pelosi set. Tromp has vowed to move quickly to fill the vacancy left by Ruth Justice with Better Ginsburg and even promised the nomination of a woman said it majority leader, Mitch Mcconnell, so the Senate will hold a vote. This session on the nominee Democrats have urged Republicans to wait until after the election to nominate a new justice citing the precedent, Republican set and twenty sixteen by refusing to hold hearings on a new nominee during election year, along with the impeachment, some Democrats are threatening to pack the Supreme Court with more justices in twenty twenty one should tromp continue with with the nomination process, yet they'll do that if they, when the presidency and the Senate, but one thing often left out,
the media outlets- is that in twenty six it is odd that the merit Garland Incident wasn't that there were just like we're through close to the electron so work away. It was the american people, not elected a republican majority, and now we have the votes. If the people want a check on the president, we will do that. It sits that simple. They oppose the political parties are at odds with each other, so offer up a negotiation or about- and it's really involving the Democrats I one over the other day. The Democrats are the ones who changed the rules back and twenty thirteen. So what do you want me to say you reap what you have sown, and you can basket now asked for impeachment. This just goes to show that the the Democrats really would consider lighting the government on Monday, the government on fire. It's almost like someone's Can you from your apartment or or not that I've been evicted there? Still there it's just like did you know Imagine you're in your house. You got like five roommates. You live a five people,
ouch dormer whatever and out of the five people. Two of them want things. No one agrees with So eventually did you say you know what, if we can't have our way we're like everything on fire, but let's reform it another way. Let's, let's play this way, every dorm room is give in one vote and there are four dorm rooms they should before votes. Sapped one person doubled up and others to people in one of the rooms demanding more vote power. You say: no, we don't vote based on how many people are in Europe, just because you'd started dating Sarah dude does it mean she gets have about and what we do with our with our parliament or our dorms or whatever you see the punch wanna make just because California's big doesn't mean that they get to change all the rules because they ve lost. And then you got one did, is paying all the rent and he's like I'm paying the rent
I did the decide anyway analogy over. Doesn't the point as their angry: they keep losing. Have they try to negotiate and have they tried going to read states and offering up some real change just now whose fault is it certainly not mine, and I should suffer, but now the amount that the point of the now GI was when they dont get their way. They just are setting fires and then and then your burning the house down at not that's the end up doing they say well when, when we win weren't, a sledge hammer and not all the walls down. Then what you gonna do about it and you're like ok, nobody give em a sledgehammer, that's kind of I'm saying. Please don't give the Democrats the sledge hammer, because if they get power, they're going to literally tear apart, our countries are government, the Remy ripping up the constitution. There can be shredding every norm, they are threatening to go nuclear and they kept doing it. That's what we're seeing right now is
It is their own making. It was Harry, Rita Democrat who changed the rules resulting in trumpeting free Supreme Court justices it down a grass if you're mad, you gotta, blamed Timocrates. Well, Mccarthy threatens motion to oust policy if she moves forward with impeachment. Well, you know what good. They all reports, minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy, on Wednesday, threatened to introduce a motion to oust Speaker Nancy policy. If she attempts to impeach President tromp or attorney general, William BAR as a delayed tactic, to prevent the supreme I'm sorry to prevent the Senate from confirming trumps Supreme Court nominee, some have pushed for policy to impeach bar or trump for a second time as a stall tactic to keep empty seat the embassy they
aided by the late Supreme Court justice with better Ginsburg until after the presidential election appearing on Sundays ABC the week Plus, he said we have our options, we have our airs and our quiver and I'm not afraid of this, but I am not about to discuss that right now, Mccarthy, blasted the comments and said he believes the president is correct in moving forward denomination the election, the president, is supposed to move forward and they will the senator supposed take action and they will it's their constitutional right and they are following through I think the whole argument about Mitch Mcconnell in the past is, is it waste of time in the past I had said I wasn't a fan of what Mcconnell did time I'll tell you merit Garland was a moderate, that's my understanding, and so I think the Republicans could have confirmed the guy and and and said. Ok, it's a compromise, and I want to do it and I'll. Tell you what I didn't have to the president nominates this the Senate confirms the Senate was controlled by Republicans. That's it end of story,
Obama did his job nominated someone and the Senate did their job saying no, that's it! Now what we have now we have to call trump saying I'm going to go for the nominee and at that time we're going to do our job and say yes. If the Democrats want to win, they need to vote. They need to win the vote. They need to get their politicians in. You know what maybe they will, but I think we're the problems. Democrat spaces that California pot to population dense but what's happened recently well earlier this year we saw a pandemic and people started fleeing these blue cities. And what does that? Do it could potentially shift a lot of demographics in favour of Joe Biden, because now you have people in a foreign. You were very little relative power in electoral college voting in other states. How many of them went home to the Midwest? How many people from across the country spread out? It could theoretically benefit the Democrats assume
invoked by male works and assuming these people registered in assuming that actually care in us really funny. I have a bunch of friends in Chicago who do they say about it's a handful and they pose stuff on Facebook dumb things about how Trump is bad. These people are not going about. I would better, I would bet a lot of money there not been about. They go on faced with a gun and they do nothing trumps base. However, Ho Ho men, their fire up and out the silent majority, I believe is so majority can be proven wrong, but I think there are regular people more scared and tired, sick and tired over the Democrats are doing, and thus, I think, slackened plant wealth Democrats if they use impeachment to delay. That will be a ridiculous violation of our norms. You not, I hope they do. I really do because they will lose so bad if they do not be a republican sweep across the board everywhere be the end of the Democrats, but only to their necks.
Coming up tomorrow at ten a m thanks for hang it up, and I will see you all next time.
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