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Unsealed Documents CONFIRM FBI Plot Against Trump Staff, Michael Flynn, Agents Sought To TRAP Flynn


Unsealed Documents CONFIRM FBI Plot Against Trump Staff, Michael Flynn,  Agents Sought To TRAP Flynn. As the investigation into the origins of Russiagate continue a picture emerges that there was serious malintent on the part of the FBI.Bill Barr has said there is more here than just sloppiness.A newly unsealed document shows FBI talking about their strategy to get Michael Flynn to lie in order to prosecute him or to get him fired.The last part is the crazy part. Why would FBI care to get someone fired from their job? That seems to have nothing to do with enforcing the law or going after Trump over the Russia investigation.Democrats rallied with media for years over the false claims and innocent people were hurt because of it.It now seems that Flynn was set up and was innocent of any wrongdoing the whole timeWill John Durham bring indictments soon? 

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Newly unsealed documents can farm and FBI plot against Donald Trump staff noted General Michael Flynn, a former national security advisor to the president and twenty seventeen Flynn pleaded thirty two lying to the FBI, but earlier this year sought to have that guilty plea, overturned, citing new evidence. The new document is a note where an FBI agent asks what the goal is to get Flynn to lies, then get em, prosecuted or but actually get him fired. Now. Opponents of the press and have said this is just business as usual for the FBI. They try to get people in a perjury trap where they catch you in a lie and they use that against you and try and flip you to go after someone else. As we now know, the Russia Investigation was bunk. Nothing came of, it was not true, what seemed like this may have well been a witch hunt the damning evidence is the effort to get Flynn fired. Why would the f b I be,
seeking to get Donald Trump staff fired. That has nothing to do with the law or tracking down criminals, and, at least to me. I can say it shows there was male intend behind with the F b I was doing. This is not about covering wrong doing more and more, it seems like the Russia Investigation is malicious Bilbil, or in fact says that there may be more to this than just sloppiness, in fact, gendarmes in Instigation is now a criminal probe. There have been many abuses and, at the very least you could say there was sloppiness, I'm one of the most important cases in the history of the? U S, but currently many now feel that it's gone way beyond that, including build now some have alluded to coming indictments which have not happened, but at least at the very least we can say right now. This note shows they were trying to cause harm to trumps staff. May
we even to tromp getting someone fired, has nothing to do with law enforcement. Maybe I'm wrong about it, but read this news and try and forget the context. I must admit there is a lot to the story. I will not be able to get too so I will go through some of the more breakin knows the response from the president and what we can expect to see in the future. Before we get started, however, had TIM cast outcomes lashed out it. If you'd like to support my work, theres many, which give the best you can do is share this video. I know many people- dont want to believe it. They want to bury their heads in the sand. A lot of people want to believe that everyone around Tromp was a criminal Flynn was held up. Many people saying see trumps administration is crooked, but as it turns out, they were trying, based on the current evidence, to just hurt this man and he is lost everything. This guy was a three star general, with a lot of respect. So the other day do if you like. These videos is hit. The subscribe button hit the like button at the notification Balin. Hopefully that will be enough for you too, but maybe
well. Maybe I ll just give you see an unbalanced way. The story from the help FBI official discussed, trying to get Flynn to line interview quote, get him fired, notes, show a handwritten written note penned by an FBI official, involving investigation into alleged ties between president trumps campaign and Russia discussed the possibility of getting former National Security advisor Flynn fired or forcing him to lie during her dirt during his interrogation. The newly unsealed no details the strategy against Flynn and his meetings during the early is this investigation with agents whom he has accused of fricking him into line about his foreign dealings quote: what's our goal truth admission? or to get him to lie. So we can prosecute him or get him fired reads the no written by the FBI's, then director of counter intelligence. If we get him to admit to breaking the Logan ACT, give facts to deal J
and have them decide or if he initially lies, then we present him rejected and he admits it document for D o j and let them decide how to address it. Flints team is expected to argue that the no implicated. The agents in harbouring a bias against Flynn or Trump a charge. The president and his allies have lobbied for years against the investigators in the now she shuddered Russia Investigation, the former actual security adviser left the White House, an initially pleaded guilty and twenty seventeen to line two investigators about his contacts with foreign nationals. In recent months he has sought to withdraw his plea. Tromp has continued to indicate public support for his outstanding. Aye, sir and trashed, CNN and others Wednesday others Wednesday evening over news of the most most recent developments. Tromp tweeted CNN doesn't not to speak about their persecution of General Michael Flynn and why they go
the story so wrong. They, along with others, should pay a big price for what they have purposely done to this man and his family. They won't even cover the big breaking news about the scan. The coup, Question about this. Was this normal for the FBI, bombshell or business as usual rights, the Washington Post? In fact, many of the president's opponents are arguing just that every eye does is to every body. This is not a plot against Trump and his staff, This is just how they operate. When we stop you right there and say: yes, they do this. It Ah, you were advised never to speak to law. Enforcement under any circumstances without a lawyer? And don't you forget it? This is how they operate, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a plot against Donald staff. This is not normal for us to look at but he was trying to solve a crime and get to the bottom and of some scandal or potential corruption. How
getting someone fired from their job. Solving that that sound more like malicious, malicious intent than anything else I can't come to any other conclusion. You can argue this was just them trying to flip, fledgling and Garfield, but I'm sorry getting the man fired, doesn't solve any of that it seems to be just an effort to heart the president and to hurt the people around him Now we saw this story back and twenty seventeen to give some context. Flynn pleads guilty to line to FBI is cooperating with Mahler is why many people thought the goal of the FBI was to get him in a trap, so they could then use him and get him to say things other people, some others within the Trump administration, and around have argued that the F B, I tried to pressure them into lying to implicate the president, and they wouldn't do it. In this instance, we can see with this new evidence
Something really really scandalous is afoot. Now, earlier this year, Michael Flynn is his back January. Fourteenth is seek it. What was seeking to withdraw his guilty plea? Many of the president's opponents then showed what Flynn admitted to it visited given to realise the criminal justice system is not about whether you truly did something wrong, it's about what they can prove and what you give into many people just plead guilty because of what their their scare something called the trial tax. Or the jury tax. A prosecutor will say I'll. Tell you what we think you committed a crime. If you go up against us and go to trial, we're gonna give you the harshest possible penalty, but if you just admit it. All of this will go away and it seems That's the mistake that Michael Flynn made. He thought. Ok, it's just one count of lying. I should just write what they want me to write and get done an and be done but later turns out. There is evidence to suggest,
actually do anything wrong, they tricked the poor man and they took his life away from him. Well, Suddenly, we ve seen more evidence or more assertions that there's a lot more going on. If we can see evidence that they're trying to get a got fired. That's like again did us going after the guy. Take a look at the store for April tenth Bill bar on. I'm investigation evidence shows that we are not dealing with just mistakes or sloppiness It stands to reason that there was an intent to go after the president and I think most people, many of you probably watching us probably already think that's the case, but just bear with me as I go through what we can prove and what's happening there. The most important aspect, while many people might speculating say I've seen more than enough, I mean you look at thought that the really, I am afraid of Rogers Downward FBI Storms house compared to the rest of other individuals, and it makes people think something. Fishy is going on
u S. Attorney general, William BAR implied in an interview Thursday, that, U S attorney John Durham, is prepared to prosecute for or intelligence community officials, if evidence, shows they illegally survey. Twenty sixteen trump campaign over allegations of collusion with Russia allegations mind. Do that turned out to be totally false bar who Task Durham last May the review, the origins of the Russia Investigation, told foxes Lord Ingram at the Connecticut. U S attorney is low to bring to justice people who are engaged in abuses if he can show that their war criminal violations quote my own view is that the evidence I was that we are not dealing with just mistakes or sloppiness. There was something far more troubling here and we're going to get to the bottom of it bar stated, and if people broke the law- and we can establish that with evidence, they will
prosecuted, the National review to say very little is publicly known of dirhams work, which has since been upgraded to a criminal investigation with House Judiciary. He ranking member Jim Jordan, saying last month that Dirhams investigation is due to be complete. Sometime this summer, but the probe scope goes beyond that of d o J Inspector General Michael Horwitz, who in recent months, has detail how the FBI abuse the Pfizer process and its crossfire hurricane investigation of the twenty sixteen trump campaign, dirhams, not just looking at the FBI he's looking at other agency, and departments and also private actors. So it's a much broader investigation bar explained in December Durham made heads. Fines for issuing a rare statement saying that he did not agree with hormones assertion that the FBI had an authorized purpose for opening crossfire hurricane, while former FBI officials were quick to claim
but the idea report had exonerated them of wrong. Doing James call me attributed the Pfizer abuse to sloppiness Horowitz later clarified that his office did not conclude. The FBI was unaffected by political bias because of a lack of evidence to the contrary. Last week, Horwitz released and up of his ongoing audit into the FBI's transparency protocols, which showed that on denying Pfizer applications reviewed from twenty fourteen, twenty nineteen, all included, quote apparent errors or inadequately supported facts. It used to be The left, arguing that the intelligence agencies and the Pfizer courts were were abusive and that they were well raw and non adversarial, while some progressives have routinely called out this intelligence apparatus there ve been far too many people. What to jump on the bandwagon and support the FBI,
the CIA and other intelligence agencies, even though, for the past decade plus, they have been heavily criticized for mass surveillance among other abuses, notably the FAO. Is a courts. How we are now in a position where it surprising to people says to me that we're dealing with bad faith actors there is a lot to suggest. We are dealing with malicious in can't they gonna say: Durham is spoken to italian and straining officials over contacts between former Trump campaign, foreign policy adviser, George POP, a novelist and maltese academic and alleged russian asset, Joseph misfit myths. It who offered to connect pop adopted two Russians in possession of thousands of emails containing damaging information about then candidate Hillary Clinton, while Horwitz found the FBI's investigation was sufficiently predicated based on May twenty. Sixteen memo from former australian diplomat Alexander down,
which relate Papadopoulos policies claim that russian intelligence had damaging information about Clinton. The election the election downer has said publicly that Papadopoulos made no suggestion that there was collusion between Donald Trump or Donald Trump Campaign and the Russians now and clever This story is from April tenth as a little bit older. We have another update here. The Pfizer scandal is about corruption, not sloppiness, and, as is our earlier story, but once again the argument being made that, when Ninety six percent of spy warrants reviewed contains serious errors or omissions. That's whole scale. Fraud, not a few little slip. Ups combine that with what we just learned about Michael Flint, an effort to get him fired now, bear in mind we're dealing with just slightly tipping over the edge of what I would concern. To be confirmation, if they, if they simply said, we want to catch him in a lie. Well, you could argue It's normal law enforcement processes, but trying to Take someone's job away from that makes literally no sense now got
maybe as an argument, I missing, but I do not see. Any reason why a legal, why, a? U S legal law, Forcemeat system in any capacity would just want to take someone's job away from them. That, sir, it's more like social justice, outrage, mob action and cancel culture than anything else. It sounds malicious. Will. Then your post, in an article John Cordell, argued on the twentieth. The twenty sixteen election scandal waiting to break noting bill bar saying, as I telling you for a long time. There are going to be repercussions from the political scandals have twenty. Sixteen. The time is coming soon may be very soon when we will find out who we'll be indicted and what impact these legal actions will have on the twenty twenty presidential election. I'm not a fan of this. I do I like the idea of them waiting until the election comes about to drop the hammer in an effort to help Trump or otherwise. If they have proof and they can publish it, they should now not accusing them of that. Perhaps that's what people want to happen there,
I can happen. I dont know why Bill BAR is waiting. Why Durham is waiting? Perhaps they want to be thorough. And make sure they got all their eyes and cross all their teeth, but it is being laid out. We know it is coming. Some people are a little bit more excited than others. Trumped shares post, saying John Durham indictments should could come this way, more than a week ago, so no they didn't combine. Yes, of course, people are very excited. Apparently this has to do a statement made by John Solomon, which he disputed and said he did not make. So we have not seen, and events. Everybody hold your horses, the diamonds the is ongoing. We will see how things play out. John Durham expands investigative team amid the corona virus break, while most of us are wrapped up in what's going out with a pandemic, the investigation is still well under way. There is a lot to be seen. We will see what happens the wash in examining. Ports. U S attorney John Dynamic has expanded esteem, as his review of
Tromp Russia, investigators, ramps up during the corona virus pandemic, which has gripped the country and swept the globe the top federal prosecutor for Connecticut selected additional team members. Fourth, investigative effort in recent weeks: adding agents from the FBI, as well as the chief of the violent crimes, narcotics trafficking section for the: U S: attorney's office in Washington, Anthony Scar, Pelee according to sources cited by CNN Durham, who has been running the operation of Connecticut NBC drove down to Washington a few weeks ago to keep investigation moving, even as the covert nineteen virus hampered, bunny law enforcement efforts. Nation wide the scene and report said: Durham requested witness information and more in April. I don't necessarily trust CNN, we'll see how this plays out time. Wilt
but this is a very, very interesting development. If you ask me considering Durham is not backing down. Even in the midst of this pandemic. He's not gonna. Stop he's an entity to us. I should say to me billboard end Durham are not backing down now. Donald Trump went on one too Three four now Donald Trump went on a twitter storm about dirty, cops and Michael Flynn. Ace during meeting on corona virus with an J governor- and I can't say I'm surprised, Donald Trump, in my opinion, was slighted by false allegations. That held him down four years. So it's no surprise that he wants to figure out who is doing what and why- and this does tied to the Ukraine investigation. Donald Trump wants to Do you want to know what's going out the corruption of the previous administration, because she was raked over the calls for things that were later determined to be on
true people around him, had their lives destroyed, personal friends of him at the head of his had been targeted in an effort to take him down. All of this I should say, depending on how far you want to go with it, you could argue, is true, but the very least we can say we can see some mal. We can there were some individuals working with the Dnc to get people like Parliament of Fort indicted, and he was- and these were efforts to stop and take down Donald Trump that doesn't mean. The Trump administration is perfect by no means, but it does mean we're it's something creepy now some people call the deep state. I dont think I don't. I don't need to play games or say those words because listen What we are seeing now is that there are some people in the intelligence agencies who are never trumpeters, who probably have trouble arrangement syndrome and who have abused their power to cause harm to individuals. Donald naturally is very, very angry about this and will for good reason, now
apparelled case against Whim Flynn. Asked him millions of dollars his house his job. This to me is is, is completely shocking. I mean the whole. The whole situation have been shocking. Here's a guys, three east. I believe the three star General, who served a country for decades, Who is seeking to advise a president, a national security and for some reason they try to destroy him now. I understand some may argue that our law enforcement operates, but if you don't even have loyalty to your own country and also serve your country, then what are you doing in the first place I? you wanna use certain tactics to catch people to get him a flip on other people. But did you really think that going after an honourable man and frigging em to try and get him fired. Was something, honourable. No, that is as Thou art and saying sky ends up having his life completely destroyed over this foxes. Whether or not this leads to indication the previous story legally, the key
it has come at an enormous cost for the retired retired three STAR Army, lieutenant general at his family, as he wrapped up millions of dollars and legal bills was forced to Alice House lost his job and saw his reputation sullied blends attorneys. Powell, told Fox NEWS on Thursday and in light of the new internal FBI documents, this persecution will have to be thrown out entirely, and that may be the case. Others more here, other people have written it is being brought up by many others, not just trump supporters. Something seems rotten in flint case and a B. Others too. I think the this I would also be an lined up for us right now. Maybe there Bill BAR hasn't dropped. All this information is proof, is evidence and is fully trickling. It out is because the domino are being aligned and when the time is right, he will flick that first domino and all of it will come crashing down. It's not just the flint case. Its other case
as well. You can argue its business as usual, but the fact remains. They use these tactics against a sitting president. Maybe This is why we need reform of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. But let me just remind you: please: do a Google search never under any circumstances. Should you talk to law enforcement period, get a lawyer. They will handle it, for you, don't be stupid, shut up, but others have pointed out something more terrifying on twitter? Some have said? I believe it was my turn of it. You said this keep in mind now when you are when you're a witness when you're in a job trial, and you see an FBI agent speaking there probably lion Can you really trust them if they willing to lie about someone who serve this country for decades somebody You didn't do anything wrong and they wanted to get fired. Think about the absurdity of this imagine a cop knowing
you did nothing wrong says: what can I do to get this guy fired? Why is that? Because they hate you, they would abuse their power to just cause harm to your life. That is not legal. That is abuse of power. We should stand for this in the hill Andrew Mccarthy, right the prosecution of Michael Flynn was rock last Friday by the disclosure of new exculpatory information leading to speculation the exoneration of president trumps. First, national security adviser could be imminent. That would be an using reversal since Flint pleaded guilty and twenty seventeen ray of they gonna expired. Cases the Department of Justice Letter to Sydney Powell flints current lawyer, who has persisted for wants to pry exculpatory evidence from D. O J indicates that further revelations may be forthcoming for none of what may be forthcoming. For now it s got that disclosure, has two salient aspects. The first involves the factual basis for the Obama era, FBI, investigation of Flint, or rather the lack of a basis
federal law. A false statement made two investigators, his actual only if it is material to them her under investigation. If there was no basis to believe Flint had committed a crime. His council could have argued that any false statements allegedly made by fit my flynn when he was questioned in January when seventeen were immaterial, Go. Miss Powell contends that the withholding of this information violated the government's duty to disclose exculpatory evidence. It is the second aspect I want to home in on, however Powell and other champion. Flints cause have long claimed. He did not lie to investigators. Acclaim supported by the interviewing FBI agents who concluded that Flynn had not made intentional misstatements just failures of recollection, which are com Instead, they maintain that Flynn was coerced into pleading guilty merely a year later by Special Council Robert Mothers team of hyper aggressive prosecutors prosecutors. Did this Paul argues by threatening that if you refuse to plead, they would
prosecute his son. The sun also named Michael Flynn, worked in general flints, private intelligence farm, which team Mahler was scrutinising scrutinising over its alleged failure to register with the government as a foreign agent, a dubious allegation that was rarely handled as a criminal offence before mullahs probe after deal Jays revelations. Last Friday, Powell filed a submission with a court asserting that the new disclosures demonstrate that mullahs prosecutors not only pressured Flynn with the possibility of indicting his son. They also secretly assured flints former council the well Connected Washington form of coming to an end burning that Flynn son would not be prosecuted if Flynn plead guilty This side deal side, deal aim was not explicitly memorialize in a formal play. Agreement be was not otherwise disclosed to the court, federal law requires and see was design
to enable prosecutors to evade their due process obligations in future cases. I don't know what else needs to be said. This whole thing is rather terrifying. If you ask me, look there's a lot going on here, a lot that I can't cover. I don't talk the issues with the Russia Gate, Durham investigations, all that often not where talk more about mainstream political issues and the reason for it is that we are doing with so much of what. If and a lot of deep complicated information. I know it's complicated but a really really is to make sure we have this one right. We need hard evidence. And we keep getting more and more circumstantial evidence. Some argue that I believe that there was some kind of documents and, after that was altered a later date. And that's why I try to be very, very careful about this. We must to make sure we know for sure we'd make sure we wait for bill bars. Official assessment,
otherwise. We risk playing the same game that they played with Russia, gate speculating and putting out fake bunk information over and over again, I'm sorry, I will not do that at this time we have and seal documents showing what appears to be militia its intent against Michael Flynn to get the man fired alone. Now that is hard evidence of a plot against the man, but actually for bias. I dont know why, but there is nothing law enforcement related. Maybe I'm wrong. Tell me I'm wrong common below, but the issue is law enforcement should not just be trying to trick people to get. Them fired. Where we go from here, I don't know, stands to reason. There will be indictments at some point, but who knows just like with with the weather with Russia Investigation Rachel mad. I was screeching every night. It's common, its common they're gonna get em, we gotta, we got trump for years and nothing came of it so do not get too excited. Yet we have summit that this is big. This is a
I'm shot listen, even though the watch it imposes arguing, bombshell or business as usual. The fact remains that the FBI uses these tactics against run of the mill people every day. It is very different with whence being used against a three star general, who has done nothing wrong. What's being youth against? The president's administration, we are in serious trouble if partisanship runs. This deep summit argued civil war won't be possible because the government is too strong. I assure you it is not. There are elements with in our own law enforcement apparatus working against the president and his staff, and that has been made very clear. Now we have five abuse? At the very least we can say for the most part, it could be sloppiness. I don't think that's my opinion, but this latest document we ve we received it, says more than just bias. It says they're going after these people, that's that that is cancelled culture, that is not law enforcement. I'm sorry! I don't
grant too much while leaving their single round the neck. Secondly, coming up at six p m youtube com slashed him cast news. It is a different channel and I will see well then act rose. Mcgowan has slammed the Democrats sang she used to think they were the good guys the newspapers than your times. The Washington Post were on their side. They were good people doing good journalism, she's calling them out why they are defending Joe Biden, see this is a story of the meat to movement of time's, up women, calling for accountability for men who often gotten away with abusing when in this ME movement, there been many really awful people of an held accountable. There have been some innocent people, don't under the bus, but right now news organisations, many of them activists, are defending Joe Biden, even though he's been accused there, multiple corroborating, witness- and potentially evidence that
could exonerate Joe Biden, but its sealed, and only here, the permission only you can grant permission to actually have those documents released. Unless our and sell you leaves public life two years after the fact Elysium Olano, a leader in the meat to movement, has defended Joe Biden and boy. Did she get slam for Georgia, storage or not? That saying this is why I am standing by Joe Biden and boy is a sloppy disgusting mess. She's, just desperateness port the machine. It was not that that rose Mcgowan called out Alyssum Olano, calling her a fraud, a shell for Democrats now rose Mcgowan, just the other night. She set out so that a destructive away, but she went on Twitter. She both in a picture for self crying saying the Democrats are not basically that they're, not the good guys. You know what man I know. A lot of people have gone through this. In the past few years, some friends of mine have gone through
yes, I've net look a lot of people. I D say liked. Him is a Democrat, or things like that or as a liberal, I am going to everyone and I'll, be I'll be obvious. On a second be right. I I I've been enthused by certain Democrats, but I've not unknown some diehard. I didn't go round waving DE flags in, and you know, marching around with when blue and yelling about Republicans, although the nonsense, but are you in Chicago, so my sensibilities were always quite liberal. You grow up in a city like Chicago is how you going to see the world, but there's something else to bring up in Chicago only Party- is the Democratic Party. That means every time. You get screwed over by a politician every time something false threw up. A promise isn't kept its the Democrats. You grow up in a place. Like this, maybe not everybody, but for me, and unlike our care for these people, I really really don't hypocrites and their liars for the most part. I still you know when it comes to policy. I lean in that direction. That's why,
hopeful for saying rational. Honest people are like Andrew Yang, for instance, but we don't get that Andrea, of course, isn't gonna get a chance to win. They're gonna prop up some chrome loser like Joe Biden pour old man, can even talk, straighten their profit him up and then, when he gets a key they will run defence form, as will the mainstream media. So let me tell you some men, I have been lied about in the press. I've been lied about by Yes, I have seen how this machine works- and this explains my personal by at least to a certain degree. Let me let me self analyze for you rose. Mcgowan, lived her life, Billina Democrats for the good guys and she's only now learning that they will abandon you and their supposed principles. At a moment's notice politically expedient, yet Obama eight years. I e that really see. This is nearly a decade now that entering a new era. Donald Trump is, is the president. You see what happens over the protests against Bush, but come on. Let's go
Bush and Cheney was awful. I'm sure there are some good things, but come on Halliburton, foreign policy, IRAN Ghana stand as a lot of stuff to go through and all admit I was she back then, and not as active Zalm, sure, there's some things, I'm missing in this picture But now we're all little bit older a little bit wiser and the Democrats are propping up a man who has been, dare I say, credibly accused see, for me one of the Republicans. What do I see? I see a bunch of people I disagree with. I see, allowed Mouth Bragger like Donald Trump and unlike what remains politics, you know I mean Do I see massive cultural, influential power, no a list Alonzo rose Mcgowan Hollywood celebrities Hollywood. What most influential industries in the world they put it in a movie bone propaganda. That's what I'm concerned about and it seems like the media and the Democrats narrative often a line and there often lying now I'll. Tell you what I've seen some still
but things said by some Republicans too, but guess what, as I have pointed out over and over again we have seen Republicans get thrown onto the bus by their own party and I think the reason is the key Droll establishment is controlled by the left. I don't know I'm, I'm I'm taking a lot of time over the rent. Let's see what Rosemont go instead and actually get into the story. She Lasher that democratic now I know too much. Actress rose Mcgowan posted in a I'd selfie along with them, save lamenting the democratic establishment and the meat Wednesday night following the fall out from assault allegations against Vice President Joe Biden, she said I used to be a proud Democrat. I used to be a proud american. You know what I met rose Mcgowan once and she talked a lot about this definition a long time ago. Well before me to movement, but I on our that some big event for like our internal difficulties. That was supposed to be, but it was like a private retreat for alike, media personalities, high profile personalities and she was talk. A lot about this stuff, at least that's what I remember from what I
understand. She's been consistent. This whole way, through not perfectly of course, but she has called on other people in the past, and I know a lot of people they might respect what she's doing now. But if criticise of her past you know misgivings or whenever, but I respect, and I feel bad for I really do I couldn't imagine you know growing up being told you are doing the right thing only to find out you're that you're, a cog in a machine of manipulation and evil hears it, treated. I'm really sad. I'm really tired. I normally share thoughts, but tonight it's emotionless pulp retweet, so we actually get into the twitter here and see what she actually judge actually released a statement. You can see she's crying and his photo. Here's what you said I used me probed emigrant I'd, be a problematic and I would have died for this damned country and its ideals. I was raised by a proud Democrat. When my youngest brother graduate it as a fire pilot at the AIR Force Academy, I wore a vote. John Kerry pen Ella well got into
verbal altercations with big men who were mad. I was a Democrat. They they were twice my size and I had to listen George W Bush, give the keener address and John S. Practicing, is terrible, Eagle song. I lost count of J W B, saying terror forty seven, because that's what caught leaders do gets boring all, because I thought democracy meant was. I had a right to choose those who lined up with my value system, But what? If there's? No one- and I was always told it- was a democratic party that, where the good guys that our papers for the New York Times the Washington Post and we as a family loved turning to all things considered and we I'll go how much we loved I regresses voice, but now too much and I feel really quite a sense of loss. I've. I am not a cynical person, but America damn Republicans have always been painted as the bad guys and I've, always seen them as more seen more as a cult. But now I realize so are the Democrats and the media macro and micro. This is deeper than a cover up and am sad because there's death round all corn,
and shadows in the daytime? It hurts rose metabolism. I've been watching the news for quite some time, and there are very few honest and good true democrats and unfortunate. I think, about what I like in terms of Paul see, and I got I gotta lotta people look at their its Andrey ANG. I mean go to the deeds website. Look at all the possibilities it got use very smart guy and that's what I was really excited form like man. That's like a smart, reasonable breakdown, but it's just him. We want to came. It tells you gap which have also been then it's mostly about foreign policy, because the Democrats worshipped to be the Anti WAR faction. I mean special with George W Bush. I disagree with with our policy on some of our policies like nuclear energy. For instance, but I look to the rest of them and what do they offer? They don't have anything now led to the public's. What do I see you get people like steel
king, who rightly so, was censured and remove from all committees by the Republicans, they did what they had to do to hold the guy accountable they didn't. While some may have tried to defend, defend the guide Damn republicans have defended some pretty stupid things for sure, but I Devon. Nunez was right about the Pfizer stuff. Going years back you got round. Paul, whose very very principled, goddamn cruncher. You got a decent amount of of principled and legit Republicans in the party fighting for they think is right. There are few Democrats, maybe, but what do we get? What do we get the press, what we get from that from from a leadership. The Democrats, investigations, investigations, tromp orange bad and I just I looked to that site and I don't see anything that really make sense. Look the moderate Democrats you'd think these are the people that I could have been like. These are people I would stand by right because they agree that that their fighting for kitchen table issues they didn't, they got an office and then a meetly flipped around and our like we're gonna beat the president
you're wasting our time. These people don't fight for their principles. Now, look you the Republicans like Mitch, Mcconnell, I dont look. I guess I like the guy as other. It's all professional thou beyond you know. I don't know if you will personally there's very few people out, act, Billy directly in salt and and and laughter in certain ways. Media peep mostly mostly the people I'm willing to actually slammed Chris Cuomo, I think, is one of the worst human beings the planet he is. He is a a parasite and the news industry what he did with faking this, they are lying about it or maybe look into that later, but with a point to make, as I cared little for or tribal sports. Like me, no party politics, what I want is someone to be true to their word, and I frequently over the past. Several years have seen more Republicans than Democrats doing so now, of course, you at all these damn. It allows Republicans hate non tromp and then flippin, I dont like people. Look
Amazon alive Linsey, Graham, I don't like Mcconnell, but there are a couple people I do like notably Rand Paul, I think, is a very principled guy. I don't I don't it's about some of its policy positions is now more conservative positions but tremendous respect because I think is actually forty believes and the same is true for and Crenshaw. I really tone with down on foreign policy. I sighed I'm a mortality on get out of the Middle EAST and other stuff, and I'm sure I, u know Ganz the export, not me, but I was policy so you're entering argument there, but there are there. I see too good people, but guess what the Democrats knocked policy out think they got rid of her. So What am I supposed to do now when I see a couple people MIKE I like their young guy- I like that, tells me you know, lady major in the nation In the end, the National Guard very respectable and I see how they treat her. What do you think people like me are gonna say when we're looking for a principled, we're gonna say the same thing rose MC said now I've known I've known this for a long time. That's why laughed and Donald Trump one
policy wise, I willing laughed, but these people are. Are you know what they're dead? ingenuous manipulators and they ll say what have I got to say to you: the keys of the castle, Luger policy. You know the leadership of the Democratic Party and the leadership can party, I have no interest in, but and maybe I'm wrong about. This name is Democrats in Congress that you think are doing a good job, because I just don't see the press. There are a few people that I saw when it came to the moderate. You know what, when it came to the moderate policy positions, but they are being banned by the crooked establishment, and so they deserve knows nothing from me, So what we read wasn't going statement. I think you know you can see she's crying right. I get it. Her whole life, nothing foot on its head because she was abandoned when she said job. Joe Biden was accused right, there's corroborating evidence and what did everyone say Ok, what the woman in this regard, we just want to win. That's the point. Didn't you know rose. So what do you think happens too?
a die hard activist who really believe They are on the right side when it turns out Were the body all along now you're in cry. I don't blame her. I feel bad Now we can see Alyssum Albanos response, I wasn't mulatto on why she still supports Joe Biden and how she would advise about Tar reed allegations. Alyssum Olano is a hypocrite and a liar she has also in it is. It is an extremely bad person. I've praised her before because I think it was that on. Who is that Lady Moser name- I remember name it- was it was couple years ago. She was a meat two feminist Asia Argento there you it came to me. Model call her up because she was it was, and I was like very respectable that I pray you very go call. I'm got your own side, but was able. I was more in the back for the Democrats, team sports. It doesn't matter who's writer whose wrong it doesn't matter. If she is actually going to do good and protect people on Matters-
we win and here's the thing. That means, if she s a throw one of her own me to feminist under the bus to win she'll do it. I shall gentle got tossed aside, like you know, spoiled make right dumpster Joe Biden, though he's gonna win, so she won't go that far. She will sacrifice your own friends so that her tribe can win, but she will not. She won't do it the power she wrote this up and I don't care to read it, but I do want to point out something I find rather areas. She says this Donald Trump alleged assaults were clearly wrong. Wreck Cavanaugh actions told consistently over decades by his victim and supported by polygraph results. Were clearly wrong. You know what I saw you Our aid, a disturbed, evil, hypocrite evil because listen, I dont care for either accusations against Biden. Kevin up, I know, rose When does I disagree with her? I do so there's a lot of
the whole Biden should not be president because its allegations and and and and a bunch of other more activity things. I don't agree with those things. I don't think so, but intent. Answer for any of us. I really mean it. Joe Biden should not have to come out an answer for a thirty year old allegation. I'm sorry, that's just the it is now. I know that some crop rating evidence, but I do not like this- this idea of travelling back dump decades plus to dig up dirt on someone. It is ridiculous. It's it's not out, watching, listen to the european public has come at this. Forgive him from accrediting you, but maybe it was, Metzger saying that, like the run its like the eyed, the oil exploration, oil exploration, fossil fuel depletion of outrage, culture there like they run out of things. We met about to go farther and farther back, and here we are in nineteen ninety three. Now don't no disrespect to tar reed. She got algae he's got covering evidence. I can respect that, but it's beyond a statute of limitations, so if you if you're gonna levy, these claims against right, Cavenaugh and you can live in them against Joe Biden,
I'm gonna tell you. I disagree but if you're alyssum, Olano and your rose Mcgowan and use the allegations of run up against Brett Cabinet, which I disagree with that we're bs and they they are. If you can stand by those, you got to stand by the ones against Biden which rose is doing now, Like rose Mcgowan, you can think of thy. Some people call a crazy like that. Don't care she standing up for the same principles and she just is talk gone through this rather shock at the Democrats. Are not the good guys she thought they were I wasn't. Olano is doing everything in our power to twist and can port and now try and manipulate to defend Joe Biden this year. This comment about Brett Cabinet there's, no evidence against Brett Cavanaugh, none zilch, not nothing Christine body for I. Thirty, plus years ago I was in a party with bright Cavenaugh. He threw a man about with the sky mark, judge or something I think guy's name, and then he I'll be down they rolled over and she ran away. Her friend said I don't remember this her friends had I don't. But now she knew right. Was
She said. I don't remember how I got there. Remember how I got home. She wasn't aware it was just now when it happened. Nobody else remembers it and bread cab. Doesn't even accused of doing anything other than throwing her on a bed, and then they re love and she ran away Joe Biden tar, red new where they were. She has Karadzic writing witnesses. Who said they were told about this. She was roughly removed from our position. She says she filed a complaint. Her mother called into Larry. King live to complain about this. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence against Joe Biden. That's the most pathetic thing about this. In their desperation that that the Democrats and on the left us it would seem. That they ve set a standard so low that it can easily and instantly be weapon ized against them, that is the problem with operate without principle and being deceiver. You know you know, I don't lie because it becomes harder to keep track of all the lie
and are you are you have no idea what you're supposed say or do all you know what you're gonna lose that it's your own fault now feel bad for rose. What a shocker I know, there's a lot of people by watching when something similar Brandon struck, walk away movement. How many people in the past few years have realised just where the Democratic Party is, or has become, and I was never look, I remember brok of animals was running and I was I'm. I'm almost skeptical over everybody, especially having been from Chicago like what like the past, three governors went to prison or something not riskier, but the other ones. So it's you look. Man, the it's it's a game of power, its it again. Thrones, if you will everybody's trying to get on top and their clawing over bodies to get there, they will lie to you. They will trick use that you support them right now. Maybe it's because there's been a flip, maybe it's because of Donald Trump, maybe too, because the establishment Republicans couldn't keep the populist out the relevant parties.
Changed. When I talk to people like Jack Murphy, for instance, you met, you might know, I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm upon cast a month ago. He to be irregular old Democrat now to transport. You look at people like Dave Reuben. You look at that that there there's the walk away. Campaigners is the best example of its people, realising that you're supposed to be fighting for all these things and now you're not anymore, and I wonder Let me issue a kind of correction. Maybe you saw me on the jargon podcast couple days ago in it. I said something I frequently say that I think one of the issues affecting you know the left and the right is. The left is more likely to be on the internet and because of this their more influenced by this insane social justice stuff Jos, respond was that you are, I sense, because rural areas have weaker internet. This is true, it's but also we mean they're on their phones. You know that their will to do this and that can but has dominated the internet, as I'm thinking about this job made a really good point, but added considered
first it is true that internet is weaker in rural areas. Right now, I am in a rural area, and I have to apply for court is very early because I have no internet is very difficult to make video. So that means perhaps when it comes to conservative content, there less likely to be uploading. So you get a more unified message, but there's maybe not administered, certainly the case? Actually, I think that's actually wrong. I think my analysis was was inverted. What I think actually be happening. I realise that shortly after I was like Joe made a good point, they do have phones, it's not it's not like that. Look, we're all areas do have dial up. I know Joe is like dialogue was got dont trust me. I've been looking at properties in Like Pennsylvania, their places that only have its not dives dsl, its phone line internet, but its ridiculously slow. That makes a very hard do produce, live, shows and to do content like this. You upload really really early, but it is
easy to access text based content? That's when I realized. I think it might be the inverse. It might be that because, prevent. Liberals are in big densely populated cities there more likely to telephone with each other as opposed to being on the internet, so tat particular this way. If Europe, Obregon or conservative and you go online, your hearing, your opinion, one person what's a single, even though the country you don't ever many people surrounding you, relative to a city So! U turn on TIM Cast, and you hear me talking about it's interesting than there are a bunch of other people who, dear me, said the same thing and they all have a rather unified view or unified argument from me or statement. Does it mean, but he agrees with it, but everybody heard something similar neo What's going on liberals and big cities, and one personal watch me go to their friends and plugging of telephone with five hundred people warping and twisting and creating information, because their more likely to be talking to each other and their friends their messages, being muddled and mixed, and they don't
no necessarily. What is the right mainstream approach? This way, it's it's the new when looking at it I could be wrong, just an assessment as one point, the funny thing where people like count many times, TIM Poolside he's out an expert in the Euro and pockets, and unlike yes, because I'm trying not to like assert things. That may not be true, I'm trying to be careful. Say like here's, what I've seen so far, and I could be wrong about things it's like. If you try to say not here's, what I believe is what I know and they'll call you a moron in an arrogant and transit while not one hundred percent on the need to stop using have assessed so far in the same yardstick you just a moron, so that's the Ets, the game we get the plant anyway. That's the point. I don't know exactly what can expect moving forward. I said it's a lot because- and I mean regards to the me to stuff because we I'm not an amount of psychic man. Everybody to assume that what happens right now is is is static. It set in stone it's not
one week, Ellison mulatto might come out and say I was wrong and I apologize, and I will give you credit. I have no idea, I don't think so. She's doubling down in trying to defend herself and her right to protect someone like Joe Biden has been accused going, gets thrown principles, but what I do know to expect I'll tell you what I think will happen. I think many many more Democrats are going to pull a rose, Mcgowan, maybe a fair to say that maybe I should say: they're gonna, pull a bright and struck and walk away and maybe rose Mcgowan. Should take a look at this stuff a month. I'm not! be a party loyalist for anybody ever and ever been. I dont care for anyone's tribe. A lot of people are getting mine trump, and our public and party cannot play that game. You will not simply again, I my vote form will see what happens. Cause binds off the half the rails, but that is a mean I want to. Part of your team. It means I'm sitting here we're negotiating and if you make the right place I'll buy from you Democrats, you ve told me nothing. In fact, when I look at Rome,
It just makes me more sure that I you know what as much as I support many Democrats in the past. Not this time. I'm sorry man, what, when it comes to look, I live in a mile at what I live in a blue district bites. I'm really that's it, I'm really close to Jeff Andrew and I'll. Tell you what I'm I'm not going I'm not going to vote for the blue deeds, never gonna happen because I see what they do they do not stand up for what they put their lying. They said we're gonna get kitchen table issues for all of Europe: a health care and young lowering insurance costs, things that matter the economy, jobs and what they do as soon as they got in this marked and said orange man that I was like when you doing what manner of stocks that are put to you. Why were you why you finally have a chance to prove that you can do something that you can help the american people in what they do? Russia gate to Ukrainian Bobo Bravo! Well now we got the China stuff that fell apart,
our getting another investigation impeachment to point out that, whatever rose. I'm sorry to deal with this in the year, but I'm I'm glad you're kind of waking up to see how things are going on a leave, their necks agonal becoming about one p, come on this channel tat rang out and I'll see you all them right now, Chris Haze is trending on Twitter and the other night Hashtag Fire Chris Haze was funding on Twitter. Now, what could the MSNBC housed possibly have done to warrant cries of? terminating his job. Certainly, amounts are done, something very, very Regis, maybe something inappropriate with a woman, or could it be that he actually reported the news you can have that Yet these anti trump resistance types on twitter will not be satisfied unless all only the lies that make trump look bad are aired in prime time. Well, you know. And we loves running complete, not be ass, especially with Ray
you're mad, I'm talkin about Russia come and get your Betsy Greece's did a good job. I haven't seen the full segment. I want some of it, but apparently he covered the power, red allegations and for this he must be fired. Well, we'll see, actually gets fired, some concern. I have pointed out that MSNBC hasn't uploaded the click of the tar reed story. Just yet I'm not gonna allege any conspiracies. Maybe it takes time, but certainly people want this man to be removed. They're not gonna fire crusades, he's like one of their main do it's over it. Msnbc will disappear I to see that even MSNBC now has to report on. What's going on, you have made your bad, now you will lay in it. You will reap what you have sown and our fishermen. We live in a glass house, don't throw stones. Well, the they wanted and the rules they will play by. So they can spit me Alan screech all day and night on Twitter, but how it's not fair, the allegations against by not credible and with the this comes out. If you wanted this,
really low standard against Brett Cavanaugh. Congratulations! What's the story from the rap I must then be seized, precise praised and derided for cover Tar reads: assault accusations against Joe Biden the prime time house took on a topic that has been slow to gain fraction I wonder why it slow to gain traction even with all the corroborating evidence, a Threed. They say many mainstream news outlets have so far treated pretty gently. The allegations, the exit, the accusations against presumptive democratic nominee, Joe Biden by former staff assistant tar red hazel decision to cover the details around the accusation in primetime on all in around him, both derision and praise and sent his name climbing twitters trending list overnight into Thursday morning, Hashtag Fire Chris Haze also tried that on Twitter repelled Are the sort of high follower resistance accounts that tweet messages of support for the Democratic party quote?
you almost no. If we all stop watching he'll, go away right, tweeted, on account with a bio, showing support for a list of basic democratic platforms. We have the power it said now. I can't tell you why Crusade decided do the right thing and talk what the story he shouted on time it. Oh, I can tell you that see it and is now being MSNBC in the ratings that was surprisingly CNN. Insistently lagged behind and all of a sudden We are now seeing CNN get double. Numbers edging out MSNBC. Could it be in their desperation they realize they have to go for the broader base. I'll, tell you what You know it doesn't like Joe Biden, tromp supporters. Who else doesn't like Joe Biden, Bernie supporters? So guess what you got this really really big pool of. Voters to or individuals to watch your political content. That's not the rest that's? Ok, it's it's every one else. Nobody likes binding, so all the Democratic party side.
He's got mostly moderates once fractured, maybe about low but less than half our progressive that low but less than half they don't like Joe Biden, then you got literally every other transport Perhaps MSNBC thought you know what we can actually get conservatives to watch tonight if we cover this story and the Bernie supporters. What are the funny tweets I saw in this, and this hashtag was that can be seen in the bag for Bernie, so they're trying to take down Joe Biden? Ah, you know what man come on completely ridiculous, Amazon busy is not the bag for Bernie. Neither is crises I tell you. Why did they suddenly had a moment of clarity will decide to actually report news, but he did afraid a little bit more is actually more news here to Washington. Post the combat against by the cards are fallen, house of cards collapsing and other stuff ugly. Democrat supporting twitter account lamented the segment comparing here. Is to a Fox news house. I loved what Chris Haze did
There is no different than what Tucker Karlsson does every day. He give credibility to a b s story with no legs to stand on says, but her emails all over again. Ah those reading critical tweets might conclude. Hayes is a conservative, but in reality he's one of the one of President AL trumps, harshest critics he's editor at large of the nation and was once a writing fellow at in these times, both of which are very, very much on the So maybe he really is a burning row. Really is trying to say. You know what you weren't take down Bernie. I will take down Biden really doubt it. I think it's all about the ratings You started the segment unread and by and by highlighting the accusations, news worthiness, not as the criticism made, it seem necessarily huh holding it in the absolute truth. There have been there ve been moments. I think for many of us all of us when we have heard about accusation to get someone that we find ourselves desperately wanting, not to believe whether that is because have some personal admiration for the individual and their work or pilot
who admiration for someone on our quote unquote side for the difficult lesson of the me to era is not that every accusation is grew and everything should be believed on his face, but that you, but that you do have to fight yourself when you feel that impulse here here, good sir, let me to anybody who gloating laughing Donald Trump has also been accused. But hey it's not even about that right, I think for most but we all know trumps been accused by a bunch of women. It's about the double standard, It's about the media's unwillingness to actually say. Okay, we recognise trumps been accused. What about Joe Biden? What about the allegations against Cavenaugh? They want. They want accuse communist rise life. What about Joe Biden? It's not about what about It's about its idea that ok, we're long since passed bright, Cavanaugh. We know what the rules are playing by the rules and then also new break the rules. That's what it's about it's not what about them intercepts Glenn Green Wall gave a virtual. I rolled the controversy writing crusade. Has been. One of the media is most virulent, relentless and arguably effective trump critics, and
all consuming loathing for the president, but Hashtag Fire Chris, as was trending because he covered the allegations against Biden, shows that what show What MSNBC has cultivated you know. I love Brundtland Grain, whilst criticism of the media, I gotta say- and I just made us agree with a lot of things, but bought on Amazon BC. Have they may have planted the seeds of their garden, all of these resistance types or what they have created with their psychotic incessant Russia, be yes, you can thank Rachel Matter for them telling you you should he fired Chris, there was still praised. We found the left congressional candidate Jason call a democratic socialist tweeted, a thank you to the house. Yes, but because the Bernie people don't like Biden either you don't. I wanted you, you know that you know the name of the two hands coming together. Yes, that's everyone just put everyone and everyone, except the resistance. People were all pointing out that Biden it. He can't think straight he's not fit me president. When accused by this Lee, I know I know, is that a million signs. I don't think the accusations should be
should be held against them that much because of the thirty or thirty years old. I dont believe that wish me digging this far in the past by law, but you get the point but, however, the main point of acres weather whether or not you agree with the accusations being disqualifying or not. We can all agree that Biden not not not good for president as it is about that. So if you want to attract the decent amount of people who are in the resistance who Want Biden, just be tromp who say things like stay alive, Joe Biden and by means of a microscopic demographic will see all your ratings do, and perhaps that's what MSNBC realized Biden has not popular there's, not enough people defend the guy and they could get everyone if they come out against them. I'll tell you what their alot of people wait. From. But I wonder if this can be more people now who had the democratic establishment. People like Trump supporters and Bernie rose and that means the market strategy for any media company should be to cater to all of them. You will get more views,
more money, sell more air or sell ads for four more there's your big market Paul Anti Dnc everybody hates them for a while everybody hated Trump now people just hate Biden, three more young Turks. Emma vigilant offered a few different tweets of praise, one of which said I am consistently impressed with Chris Haze precise his willingness to do what is right and buck the undoubtably, weighty influence of network television, it's not close, he is the best house working within a system that doesn't necessarily incentivize his instinctive truth telling well, I wouldn't go that far. Certainly not. I think there is reason for criticism for a lot of people. I don't they. Chris haze is the worst person in the world. I don't mind if your biased, I really don't. I care that you're, honest about your perspective and what you're trying we do so that's why I said it's all the time when people are like TIM pools, objective of my honour said that unbiased men- I reckon Democrats, twenty four seven, ok just Do you know when you come to me? You I'm not, I'm not here, to claim that I know everything
it's more than anybody else. It's that you should you watch me. You watch other people get different points of view. That's why I dont like CNN. So I look. I can rag on Rachel Matt offer her conspiracy, nonsense, but the big problem. There is a double standard. These social media platforms will ban a conspiracy theories, but let her do or thing that's ridiculous. Now: Crusades loud, have advised opinions and say what you want. I got no problem with that and I appreciate him. Calling out Joe Biden right now. I think we all can agree a Joe Biden it s. The answer for this. If Brett Kevin I had to write last year to re, told the paper that Biden add on these things, we get it abiden campaign. Spokesperson of the accusations were false. Shortly after the release of the pod cast episode last month, women have a right to tell their story and reports have an obligation to rigorously rigorously that those claims. Now here's work, it's good they're trying to claim the buying they passed around. These talking points where they tried, claiming that the New York Times is has
on the story. To not be credible, well guess what the New York Times is now coming out against Biden as well, which begins by seen spicy, but reload at more than I'll show you this well made. Reporting and accusations has been slowed. Interaction. Numerous Alex have been working to vat them and publish it. Publishing has increased, especially after reads: first corroborate or came forward this week on Monday, a former neighbour of reeds were counted at the excellent staff are told about the allegation. Speaking with rich Mchugh for peace, publish money for MRS Insider reads, neighbour, said rate was told around ninety five if that he did what he did not try to give a family friendly gimme. Some comes first show you this. We gotta Chris Haze trending on twitter. You can see it and we are the moslem teacher. There's the Glen Grain Wild One that I have I pointed out earlier. We got you She won't had sang based Chris Haze, sorry about your sudden decision to quit. Msnbc next week here here, we'll Chamberlain says
I went to MSNBC Youtube Channel and it could find a clip of precise talking about tar, red and Joe Biden almost like NBC Msnbc would like to memory, hole that segment for eternity. Now take a look at this New York Times as Biden Camps, talking points in accurately described, their tar reporting. You are losing Joe Biden. My whole hold but hold your horses. Everybody lemming limits limits on this topic, right now there cheering saying what we ve done. It. Here's the Good NEWS for the Bernie Brows, I think there may be an effort the reason why we're seeing more of this was the reason why the media machine is finally caving in Kabul reasons: the simple solution. I think it's just that you cannot ignore these allegations that they set these rules of Brett Cavanaugh and they know it's making them look bad in its taking away their credibility. So they have no choice but now to address these things seriously and they're gonna they're gonna get hurt politically fort, but there it but never to a rock and a hard place. Now, here's the more conspiratorial view Joe,
but an can't, beat Donald Trump. I mean you look at any of these progressive subjects and they all say it. They say things like if by some miracle you know bide, naturally winds and nobody thinks that guy can do, because the Duke can't talk the Democrats gotta find a way to get rid of the dude, well along comes an accusation and they reside for a while, but all of a sudden I even msnbc the low conspiracy theories. Shoulder whispering in my ear that I've always how to get away say, look they're doing it on purpose. They're, gonna use an excuse to swap out by with somebody else. That's not I fear make that up act. We ve actually seen this from high profile. Bernie staffers swift, they may uses as pretext for swapping Biden, because they know is bet. I dont know not signed this conspiracy. Let me tell you some men tar, It may be accusation out. They tried resisting it. I think. Simple solution is that they have no choice. It's making them all. Look bad. The Washington Post, for instance,
they recently ran assignment ways had trump allies are, are trying to you know pushes forward. Well, what is it I thought so they dragged from his right. Everyone says it's not trump allies. Mother Jones talked about it, you're, just desperate to protect Joe Biden. You can do it so now? We can see the posts view the ETA. Total border. The Washington Post, says Biden himself should address the tar he'd allegations and release relevant records boom. There is you have lost your media shield. Mr Barton, you know said the figure for the guy I do now. Like thirty year old allegations. You will hear me so that every single time, but look at this old man, the dude, was in politics. He was in politics at a time times. If certain time. We're times have changed now they try and go back in time and say that the policies that he was for or against reflect who yesterday that's not fair. I hate that stop. Stop at people change, opinions change Joe Biden today is
Not there. That's the real sad thing: you don't Man when you run for president, they will come for. You will be brutal, it will be aggressive and it has been for Donald Trump. They did everything and do everything to stop a boy. Did they hate that guy and now Joe Biden, you will face the same treatment, but He is an old man who can barely stand up. There's you're going around where it looks like you fell asleep on tv talk and Larry Glenn. I dont want to believe that, unlike know me Neither do we just reading knows what he's literally just song doubt for like twenty seconds. Just look like I'm sorry, man, it looked like those dozed off. I really really does not say that at an ambiguous arenas notes the point, as we all know that it's not there so now. I feel bad that the translate this old man who can even stand up for a period of time can't talk it's like putting him in, follow the stage of being like answer for your crimes, old man and he doesn't even-
what's going on around him selected at a certain point, you know it's like put the baby in the crab with diaper. Unlike let him go to sleep this, this man is out of his which is no more Kenny, really answer for the stuff. Can you even remember what happened yesterday? I bet do nobody had for breakfast. Yesterday morning I mean that I may well for that matter, how many of you can think of what you have for breakfast and warn the point as with the washing, imposed coming up and then and even the New York Times now saying: no, no, no, no, no you're wrong. I think people have realised that they placed himself. A very, very precarious position. Resistance. Twitter is Micro, Scott back the average liberal, isn't paying attention, but tell you who is the progressives, the populist, the Barney supporters and like every trump support? That means you have the overwhelming majority of so social media users and internet users.
Wanting to know what Joe Biden did and believing he should have to answer for it, or at least to some degree, seeing the double standard so the New York Times they tried. They thought they were to get away with it. You know, I think it really is. I think, they assume they would be defended relentlessly by everyone on the left. I bet they thought that every Bernie supporter every Democrat would get behind them, but no lo and behold, this resulted in a major rift. I think a less MILAN us thought the same thing to they thought team, politics was their safe way out. So what are some along those lines? I believe Joe Biden and so a Stacy Abrams than even down lemon of CNN called out Stacy Abrams to me I was like I was like witnessing a supernova. Some extremely rare event done. Lemon CNN actually act really pushing back and and challenging these people who hold these double standards. I was surprised to say the least, but I think they ve realized they can't. And if they want to look like morons more
So then they already do because I don't know I'm coming forty four p m about CNN being caught in their lives. Will they they know they have to actually address this, to see them, Their times cannot hear. They said the New York Times rebuke the Biden campaign and Wednesday telling Fox NEWS at the reported talking points that have been circulated. A prominent Democrats in accurately described the papers reporting on the candidate, Canada queues at our red buzz. You report on the existence of talking points being circulated, the Biden camping. There are the New York Times investigation found. Atari delegation did not happen. Our investigation, made. No conclusion either way a spokesperson cited as Buzzfeed correctly reported. Our story found three former Senate AIDS, whom Reed said she complained to contemporaneous all of whom either did not remember the incident or so that it did not happen. The spokesperson continued. The story also include former entered who remembered red, suddenly changing roles and no longer overseeing them, which took place during the
a time period that reads: edges abruptly reassigned. The times also spoke to a friend had read, told you the details of the allocation of the time, another friend and reads brother, say she told them of the incident involving Biden now. This is a whole. Areas and glorious backtracking by the New York Times, because, while what they said true. It is the wish list of weasel words. We know what you wrote New York Times. You included that sentence filing a false police report can result. Present done. You included a whole section, and now Donald Trump was also two, which has nothing to do with a story but see how they set it up. They set it up in such a way as to where they could defend Biden. But then, when it came now it would say: no, no look. We actually corroborated it. The criticism of you New York Times was that you had corroborating evidence, but you still framed it as though the story was not credible. So don't be surprised, then, when Biden comes out or perhaps as the little conspiracy theories on my shoulder whispers. In my view, the New York Times set him up.
They wrote this story where they knew they cropper any evidence they framed in such a way to cast doubt Joe Biden than roles but their story, and then your tonnes, flips and says, are wrong and makes look, makes Joe Biden look even worse. Could there be some kind of coup occurring at the Dnc orders? All part of the plan, I dont know a simple as simple solution suggests that big companies, their interests being ratings, are scared that they're looking at their numbers, are getting thumbs down. That's what I think it is. You know they go I call on you to write you make a video and then you'll Your very own you're like while my entire audience hated that video. I better not do that in the future, but it is a terrible way to do things. I think give a true yourself what these companies don't see it that way. Big companies will do a segment they'll make report and we get it when they get a backlash. Nelson Oh, we better apologize. That's why the social justice outrage mobs work because they sock upon puppet. And make it seem like everybody's mad. I remember which are The thing is family guy where
someone someone did something on a tv show, they get a phone call and there are like we received thirteen calls. According to our method, in thirty billion people are offended, so they like extrapolate right. That's it happens. I'm worried about the New York Times per tonne of emails, saying. Why are you doing? This is not credible and then your times media. I wonder what have we done with? We thought that we thought we're doing the right thing like that. You never know exactly when the mob will turn on you. But apparently there's a line for from from allowing people, going about a lot of the social justice types are the ones who actually contacted, and so they'll justice campaign is what's resulting in the media flipping. Let me remind you, the New York Times defended Biden and now comes out with no. No, no. We can say that the Washington Post there was trump allies. Now they're straight up com
by the answer for this stuff and and now Chris Haze of MSNBC is coming out and sang. Let's talk about it. You're not gonna, get anybody. Anybody fired. You ve lost this one binds out trumps, gonna, win twenty twenty and there's nothing you can do about it. That's not true Abiola, alexandrine older, I don't ask an app and maybe it may be trouble when maybe you won't bother you what, if you want to make sure you guidelines about IRAN, Unfortunately, as you know what you know it now, it is a matter. I really do not see. No, no, I don't I don't know what could happen to make trouble is at this point I gotta be honest, born a pandemic taken up the economy's crash. Thirty million unemployed people, and I still don't they
Trot can lose because they put Biden up. Maybe border judge could do a better job, but this issue they chose. You deserve to lose man. I feel bad for this all dude. Do I like Joe by not really he's kind of a crony capitalism, Democrat Establishment Goon his kid doing this crazy jobs overseas, Gonzalez fat Cash he's been accused of soft corruption over and over again and like the guy. But listen man he's an old. Do you know you're gonna act, like you know, he's a hero or anything which can at least be like what the old man said. The rocking chair has some sweet t, start a sunset and forget all woes, but put him up in this as I said well, you know what, at a certain point, his friends and family take responsibility for the things he's doing. I we have this where this arc in life when we're children, we don't know better and that we become, dull to responsible for ourselves that eventually get really really old and you're out of it, then, and now you're in your sunset years and while. We still have freedom and independence. Your friends and family need to do to help you and guide you, because your on in years, this dude is
was eighty years old. Eighty me wrong. Trumps old to become on like is, as guy is a one term president, even if it be evaluated not gonna win. I want the odds. Are you what, though, if Joe Biden wins, I will laugh harder than I have ever laughed, especially with this, but I think we're seeing the dominoes get lined up eventually someone's gonna flick it Joe Biden, it's gonna, be out. The allegation will knock him. Them will see our place out the ground nuts. I'm coming up at four p m: Youtube outcomes lashed him ass. It is a different gentle and I will see you all there. When I first got started with news in politics, it was doing on the ground live streaming during Occupy Wall Street. The mobile Application that I was using was from a company called you stream, I recently learned that the founder of that company Brad Constable lost his son due to covet isolation to very sad story. Arms. I'm sorry to hear this Brad, I'm seriously sorry here, but your loss, His son was just about to turn thirteen and he treated my son took his leave
from covert isolation and broken fortnight monitor. Hayden was twelve three days before thirteen Apathy is a disaster for policy and decision making leaders needed rational compassion. My story, pain and manifesto help me save lives. He treated this in response to Elon Musk, who said, give peace, they are freedom back. This is heading. To close, I mean it's a mechanical telecom friends with the guy without any further read, but I met him once a very long time ago now to see someone that has I crossed paths was experiencing this kind of tragedy really reminds you that there are other rare during this pandemic that have been ignored on firstly, tired of hearing from people that anybody who wants the economy reopened just trying to cost lives or you don't care about lives. No, it's quite the opposite. To many people don't want to act, really understand? What's going on there too busy planning team, sport, politics so again, Brad you guys! Actually, if you want,
the historic nature, to follow him at a bee? Constable h you and ask tee a b Ellie and you can see more from him and learn more about his story. I've tried, reading everything. I should say everything by targeting as much as I can to understand the perspectives of of what's going on this torn from the scientific American on April third Covert, nineteen is likely to lead to increase in suicides. Buzzfeed news reported on March Twenty fifth, that that why you're so they say the way Trump spoke about. Mental health was incredibly irresponsible. Here's how people and support groups are caring for themselves. Thank you for that Buzzfeed. But I do highlight this because there is a serious concern over mental health issues as much as and Buzzfeed wants to go. You know frame it against the present. The reality is, if we Don't take this seriously if we don't try to under, and the problem more people. We wait. We risk losing more people. I would
that a Google search for quarantine and suicide. After I saw the story from Brad and sure enough, there's a lot, so the question becomes: if one person takes their life due to mental health issues, amid this isolation and locked down Have we gone too far? The argue we often see as if the lockdown sit, lockdown saves. One life isn't worth it, but as people don't you Now I understand the full scale of what their at what what they're asking for right now we can see the data as in his story from April. Twenty second stop the panic and end the total isolation. The! U N has warned that current thirty, I believe, a hundred thirty, more million people face starvation ending the lockdown, isn't just because some redneck wants a haircut at extremely reductive, and I guess because people just want to hate on the president. They keep advocating for things they dont quite on stand, and now we can see its truly devastating impact.
Pretend that we know everything about why people take their lives, but these stories are serious and they keep happening. I mean I can just show you something I'll be just next door. You well men in his hotel, I can only imagine being too in a hotel room is nightmarish and I'm terrify that you know these things are happening. Canyon, in quarantine, threatens suicide railway employ under quarantine, commit suicide. Quarantine could lead to depression and suicide risk for algae Bt Q youth. These stories, the stories are everywhere, I think it's about time. We realised that we have caused absurd surely more damage than we thought we would. I dont know, perhaps it's fair to say we ve saved more lives and we thought we would. But the data is in it's time to stop the package on the isolation, Autonoe a warrant, a red, the argument here from Doktor Scott W Atlas, but I think you see these tragedies surrounding other people from suicide and mental health issues as another. That argument what we need and this now, but you should they write to the hill.
The tragedy of the covered. Nineteen pandemic appears to be entering the containment face. Tens of thousands of Americans have died and Americans are now, desperate for sensible policy makers who have the courage. To ignore the panic and rely on facts, leaders must examine accumulated data to see what has actually happened, rather than keep emphasising hypothetical projections combined. The empirical evidence with fundamental principles of biology established for decades and thoughtfully restore the country to function, fight key facts are being ignored by those calling for continuing the near total lockdown fact, one the over, while majority of people do not have any significant risk of dying from covered. Nineteen will come back to these facts to protecting older risk people eliminates hospital overcrowding back three vital population. Immunity is prevented by total isolation policies. Prolonging the problem, for
People are dying because other medical care is not getting done due to hypothetical projections. Five, we have a clearly defined population at risk who can be protected with tar? measures and now I will now go back to the initial story. Sex people are low, losing their lives already because of the lock down seven A hundred and thirty million people according to the? U S face starvation due to the lockdown is more than that. This more than of reasons why we need to talk about how this has become a problem, going back to issue number one. They say the recent stand. We're university, versatile antibody study now estimates that the fatality rate, if, in fact it is likely zero point one to zero point, two percent, a risk, far low,
more than previous World Health Organisation estimates that we're twenty to thirty times higher and that motivated isolation policies. Now I want to throw back to Brad who'd woman, who talked about a song. He mention that you ve got two sides of the same coin. People who ignore the problem of covered and people who ignore the problem of the economy is completely right and he someone directly impacted by the lockdown, still willing to point out. We must be prepared for what happens with with no opening lockdown it with this pandemic. It's the equation that a certain point, we're locking down cans, can stem the crowd of irish deaths, but at a certain point, economic deaths start to rise, and then your surely not mitigating any damage, your actively making it worse as explained in a separate video, is like a train of freight train and when you just stop at that, tracks all either cars are piling up behind it and people get hurt by this
when were learning now due to these anti bodies to antibody studies. Numerous now many people have claimed these are bad studies, but we were learning from them. Mortality rate is substantially lower than we previously thought. There's still a real problem. Here we will see more death. The reason is, even though the mortality rate is low. This isn't a novel virus which is going to in fact, basically everybody. In fact, a lot more people than the flu. Normally, what so, even with a lower percentage of people who die, you will see more, factions resulting in more depth it something we absolutely need to consider and will strive to mitigate earlier. We were panic, We saw a new virus, we see, similarities to the spanish flu. They had a very high mortality rate. Because of this we said we have to lock down and many other countries did the same. We all seem to do this Projections are not substantially lower than we thought in fact, I believe, was Elon Musk tweeted out a chart showing that the projections for California are
substantially lower than they thought the hospitalization predictions are ridiculously low relative relative to where they thought we would be even with icily, It stands to reason. Not objections were wrong, not completely, and it doesn't and we were wrong to lock down it. Just me, that's wrong to continue advocating for locking down for no reason. Here's what I see on Twitter, alot of people claim that Trump musk and others calling for a sensible reopening the economy are callous and just want people to die. And their sang Elon Musk is only doing it because he is worried about a stock price trumpet. They doing it because the economy is tanking for tribal reasons. They refuse to see what is right in front of them. New data is emerging. All data is now being proven wrong and people are still losing their law. I know it's very different when you have a suicide verses, someone dying of the krona virus. Sum of point, It's an issue of you.
Getting some one else. Second, I'm losing their life verses, you taking your own life, but I'm gonna. Look at this even in that regard and say we're at a point now where we are learning it's not as bad as we thought where two point now, where we have to accept that there will be some rest and do we can, as this hill article notes to protect older and at risk people and don't be too difficult to do so. Does this mean we may see more corona virus? Does it does absolutely? But you can't justifiable, but though the lives lost too, mental health issues and suicide and economic damage, and you can't justify the starvation a market, Look. I know where that line is supposed to be or where it should be,
I can say that, for me, we do get things moving again. We absolutely do we'll have to have sound policy in place regarding people, that's fair to say one percent will do our best, but the people who think the economy is just some rich persons. You know, would take it to the ball or our Auch a blank cheque to get them a new yacht are wrong and they do not understand that we're talking about people who are locked in hotel rooms, we're talking about people who can't work anymore and feel helpless, we're talking about children, who are panicked, scared, don't understand, what's happening and ever increasing pain due to the isolation resulting in very, very tragic stories. I would you argue with me. Let me know what you think: we should keep things closed, but I haven't seen any good arguments are then means about the economy. Even one mosque himself posted a meme about the diner about was an astronaut watching the planet being destroyed by a giant media or some Astro body, saying. Oh no, the economy,
the mosque has changed. His tomb probably could start to realize how bad things are getting. It's really easy for the people who I ve been big cities to an extent to say you know what what to keep things the way they are. They have their friends. You know, even though they're locked in their cubicles. It's a lot harder for the people who have to make the product. The food everybody has their own challenges of our time like everybody's got easier, but I just don't know for sure, but I do but I'm seeing more and more tragic stories like this and, I hope, you're paying attention at a certain point. We have to make a hard choice and I think the time has come and gone and we need to move quickly now to reopen things over there. More segments coming up for you in a few minutes, and I will see while shortly if you follow Mr Karas Benjamin A k, a saga of a card or count dank lame. You may have already seen this story, but I definitely want to go over this from my perspective and talk about the latest development. It is done.
Of a man named market de Stephanos, formerly of Buzzfeed NEWS. I have been very critical of this man. I have actually spoken with higher up said Busby NEWS about what he's been doing long before this story broke, I warned them this man is not a journalist. Very well, maybe a criminal for those in our part of the story. This man marquise to follow was spying on the private meetings of raw if all newspapers and then live tweeting the details, very well may be illegal. If it wasn't United States, it would absolutely be illegal and has been marked to fauna has published fake news about people like out angular and saga of cod carbon. He's, an activist working in media that uses false framing to target people they ideologically oppose, or it could be that he's a drifter and he is seeking shock content and that's why he broke into the zoo meetings. Now many people have said that he had to these companies and hack. As you know, I will do air quotes. He illicitly
entered them, tried to hide its identity and then revealed private information. Yeah ok You can argue to an extent there some journalism somewhere in there, but this was actually more like corporate espionage. The latest developments, though, that are already promote the story, is that in the color coded the zoom bomb case, and he may have actually broken the law as it isn't. It so. Basically, this guy does he's a left. The activist he's smears and slanders is in fact one of the dirty dirty smear merchants. Argon has referred to in the past. He entered illicitly rival companies meetings, not he left Buzz Vinos. He joined the financial times heedlessly under these meetings, using his work, email address when saw him. He apparently jumps out of the chat very quickly and then re enter is using his own mobile phone address, buying on these meetings, it may The violation of the law now ended on states. He absolutely would be on the
for violating the law violating the computer fraud and Abuse act because he was not to access those servers and they also tension will be some corporate espionage. Stuff is what happens when you don't that your staff? This is what happens in a world of crony. Journalism. You see what happens is Buzzfeed NEWS hires this guy? Why? Because Buzzfeed NEWS doesn't that staff and they are lowbrow low quality. Now, just give a shot out. Two former Buzzfeed NEWS, editor in chief Ben Smith, now than your times, who is doing absolutely stellar job and boy. Do I mean that if you haven't follow this dude on Twitter, its Ben? Why t he is here? He is call out the media is calling out Biden camp. He is calling out what needs to be called out much much respect. Vanderdendur met an amazing job, but I can understand why at press, because this guy was in the uk- you did know about this, but you end up with an activist writing faked
trash, then what he does. He uses those credentials here, but I write about to get a job in the financial times and actual prestigious paper. The is laundering activism into high profile news and the big outlets they keep doing us hiring activist swell. Eventually they get very far. This guy has now been suspended after the scandal broke by Japan. Eighty vegetables, regular crony journalism, means this I may actually get hired again now, Sir sad he's probably destroyed his journalism. Green may be the case. I don't think so. I things into hiding let me show you something. This is just the story, I think I can we broke down for you in the: U S, it would have actually been a serious federal, federal, offense or or felony. You can't do what he did. He may distort is clear, but I don't think so. I want to show you how the news media operates and how many is true, an example. Take a look at his story. Trump falsely claims. You never said you ass could test five million a day for covered nineteen very soon.
Only journalism means people like mark. These two final can just keep recycling Ghana trash jobs around trash vagueness a start, but the truth is when I try to do in my line of work, I would argue that do political, commentary, cultural commentary and then journalism The reason why I say one or two percent its journalism, sorry naysayers- you can reject. It- is because my gun all is to help you understand what's actually happening. You can certainly disagree with my opinion on things, but I'll give you the truth or the best understand. What's happening. Tromp was asked but little of it. Let me read you the story and break down how they're all other falsely framing this to make. It seem like Trump lies, Donald Trump on Wednesday, backed away from a vow made less than twenty four hours earlier that the? U S very soon, would be able to tat of the five million people per day for quota virus, falsely contending he never out of those these words he never did they're lying, he never said the word five million.
That's day when they were asked. You said five months and I never said that you didn't Trump didn't, say it they're playing games with job. Let me explain what really happened quote write another testing, but two hundred thousand per day That would be a significant increase. The present report, as the oval office, the answer may be, in the time line and ultimately that might be possible, but not in your term. He called the question on Tuesday that prompted him to make them Five million are Tesco remark, immediate trap, a new friend he uses to describe reporters questions that he answers and himself into political, hot water. I didn't say it: where did it come from it sort of a sudden it is our Rapporteur asked Donald Trump: could we get to five million tests per day? All that was a trap. Alright trumpets right. Are you kidding five million per day as they do that
do you think that we could get to five million tests for days and and- and I would have Trump Here- five million test you see were adder on four million plus tests. If you were moved the per day, then it sounds like what Trump thought he was being asked was. Are we going to test at least five million people at some point? We're very close. Absolutely very close. The honest interpretation of this is that tromp just misheard the question and say. We are jumping from two hundred thousand to five million tests per day. Why a journalist asked such a loaded and ridiculous question about five? billion tests in a single day. No one is anywhere near five million tests per day. That's what I mean is that sum up and then what they do is this. They put together a video, so it's time over the past two months. That Trump has denied saying something, but the krona virus that he in fact said. No. He didn't in fact say it.
Someone asked him about five million tests per day. Tromp set, I think, we'll get close. The honest interpretation is that Trump misunderstood what was being asked of him in this video from J M rigour of the report. I believe at the Washington Post, video they stay show you quotes from Trump and boy. Do we really see what's going on? they try framing this as though Donald Trump will say something in there and then a week later say something totally different. Does Donald Trump do this? Yes, he does, but they highlight at all. All the time they claim is lying about literally everything all the time and their tricking you. It makes it very very difficult to know what he's actually saying and what actually is true makes it hard for even me, which is why I am often reticent to make videos sang Trump lie: Trump lied because their lion. Thank you to my tweet watch. This watch. It again, then refer back to the claim made by Walpole short clips,
of context or reconnects July's by reporters asking questions. Trump says quote some think goes away in April. Border asks. You said it would go away, then they say but and say he lied labour that done for you. They showed clipboard out Donald Trump, us, you know something will think that come April it'll go away and it freezes, and that shows our porter gone you said that in April I would go. I never said that try make it seem like he was lying. You know man as a video about man spreading by vocs in. It is the most amazing thing, Liz plank this domino made it that clearly is lying throughout the whole video, and I had my five had friends watch some black. Why, when alike, did you see where she lied in one since she's like these women are for to stand. They can't sit down because of this man, who was man spreading yet the end. Our train is like empty, unlike behind them. Are a bunch of and seeds, clearly they just chose not to sit down
It's amazing to me how they can put it in your face, lie to you about what it was and people believe it or maybe they don't. Maybe that's why people don't trust the press anymore, because they watch the cliff and they got what trunk been say. I think it well he's at some people think it well He could have been disagreeing with them in that clip, and I wouldn't know because you slip out of context and then a reporter a month later, reconnects July's. That, I think, is the best example of this positive fact, Donald Trump and the fish dump how early reports gotta remember the story November, six, twenty seventeen shins obey of Japan through all of this fish foot into a colleague Pond Donald Trump, then followed is: I believe it was ABC. I may be wrong, they say initial reports of the food dont like early. A video from CNN suggested that Trump acted on his own. This pushed the late night, twitter, verse and boy
we're into a the website? Just about posted a story headlined big stupid, baby dumps, load of fish food on Japanese, coy pond, because the video zoomed and on trumped, so you couldn't see that tromp took the lead of shins allotted this how they always pull it off. Re, contextual eyes, Deacon textual eyes and change. What's happening So look I understand that the principle of the main point of the story was the financial times journalist and you know: that's: isn't it sample of crony journalism, him going from Buzzfeed, writing fake news and going to financial times and then getting caught spy other companies- I guess he the rules and apply to him because often they don't now they do welcome the big leagues, we're gonna, keep seeing more of us, and I won't go away now. Keep lying about the president and the President lies to act. I totally think so, is also. Strangely, very honest: let's be really blurt things. I've got no filter, sometimes to his own detriment. Well, often to his own detriment of the point is
Its trump in the media, two sides of the same coin in certain risks, acts. You know the issue is trumps. An individual who's got a personal agenda. Is the president is gonna, say things that politics? That's what people do I get that trumps. Gonna talk big of himself. The media are supposed to lie. The media is not supposed to be targeting people with malicious intent, also expect, but there you go. I got other story color for interference the ground. I ll see you all shortly Chris Cuomo is a parasite on the news industry. An example of the malignant too or eating away at risk you'll journalism. Cuomo was a man who faked being under quarantine I'm not saying that he was our wasn't sick. There's nothing like that People argue is everything in the first place, I'm not gonna play that game. Chris Cuomo was claiming that use under quarantine, but was seen thirty. Then it's a from his house. Chow by someone from of quarantine gotten his face admitted on his own show.
And CNN is trying now to cover it up on that can see it in host Chris Cuomo Carmona quarantine timelines scrutinised, when challenged over and over again. Chris Cuomo fine. We gave in and boy did. He lie. Fox news has seen an hour Chris Como Doug himself into a whole on Wednesday when he tried to combat a twitter critic by claiming he was past quarantine on the date of the now infamous altercation cyclist, which appears to have occurred days before he claimed was first healthy enough to emerge from its basement where he said he had been recovering Cuomo. The younger brother of Democratic New York, Governor Andrew, come abashed vice president might pants for now wearing a mask during a recent trip to the male clinic, twitter user responded. Can we first talk format it about how you broke quarantine? What, while having krona virus, the critic was referring to a wider port spat Cuomo? Has they bicyclists on April twelfth the scene and host quickly? Far
back Kong reports a lie, but its response resulted in questions about his time and of events and boy. Did I bring receipts? Chris Cuomo is a parasite you want to argue about vice, bring it on you, wanna call me biased, absolutely by all means I'll call. You eyes, you call me buys, will argue about how news should operate. Do you- have an opinion. Do you have? The facts is shown Jeanne questions when it comes to the media. Some articles are opinion masquerading as fact its that's an argument. Whether someone is an a entitled you, it's not an argument. Overt lying is why Chris Cuomo is the absolute worst. I hope that history remembers you as the parasite. You are Chris Cuomo These charlatan snake oil salesman. You can call me biased. You can call them fake news, but Chris Cuomo, you are caught
and you keep lying. I hope that in a hundred years they looked back and they talk about the period of fake rage, bait reality tv, garbage and the disgusting sly monsters who destroyed the news industry and sully the good name of the fourth estate, and I hope they show your picture right next to it. Take a look at this. Chris Cuomo was asked. He said, sharp Is this a lie? I was past. Quarantine was never in public, my family, was curse that in our own backyard, by a guy with an open case for allegedly biting a man's hand. Those are facts ignored by tromp grunts, while this man, the fat tire biker, you insulted said he was looking at a property with a new build, no actual house, thirty minutes whose inhabitants the office as he found. Police report call him a liar. If you must find but hold on Chris, you, Roy
the story up. First now you know what maybe it's possible that Christmas brought up the fact that there was a fat tyre biker yelling at him. Why was Chris Cuomo in his own back yard anyway, the whole thing It's a lie, even if the fat Tyre biker law, about where he was Chris quote. I said it was in his own back yard the guy says he saw Cuomo and set isn't an ex post recording. What's your story, the fat tire biker went to your random family and said where's Chris Cuomo. That makes no sense. I'm sorry. Your story makes no sense and you call it out Joe Concha. This is the on twitter. He is a media reporter for the hill responded to Chris Cuomo's and Chris. The question here is: if you've traveled with the family from your home in Southampton, where you were in quarantine and still experiencing a fever to EAST Hampton to visit
Oh you also own currently under construction, when the confrontation with the bicycle bicyclist occurred, o Cuomo said My family was curse it in our own backyard. Yes, that's right! I don't think it owns disputing that you own the property, you IRAN, but he's a liar. Other people have brought up very, very interesting things. You see Chris call those wife on April, twelfth too but he had a fever in the afternoon and evening. That's so strange, why? Are you claiming your past quarantine? Why it did CNN public, a what I see it and publish this video where you emerge from the basement like like a phoenix from Ash is all I have returned my family. I can finally see them all my great suffering Norman when the rest of the cronies. Alright, CNN, are disgusting. Parasites on this industry you masqueraders journalists, but you're, not even activists, an activist I can respect on activists has a mission they think they're doing them.
Thing, but you know, sir, are a reality. Tv star, not even on the level of Donald Trump, not Donald Trump killed it. My writings and BC, apprentice. The man certainly knew what he was doing to begin, the president, you, sir or a wannabe. You pretend you lie, you cheat and use steel and when called out you lie again. I hope, you're happy. While the money you ve made being a snake, oil salesman, I hope you get to enjoy every dollars spent. You smiled yourself laughing saying who cares? I get to be rich and I hope, with that comes historical record, showing your face as the downfall of journalists, You know it's. Never. It hasn't been this bad. We ve complained about fake news. We have complained about media bias, what honestly, a real arguments there you know, advice, gets, woke and goes broke. Ok, there's an argument there I can safely.
It's pathetic of his nose organizations have adopted a stance of mission driven storytelling. They call it where they say we have to speak to the power. I can criticise Brien's delta, We must show the range of the people. In an news reporting and say that's just at a gimmick to get people to watch performative nonsense, but there is a whole new level of decrepid despicable, parasitic sludge, and that is fabricating Vanunu. I'll be there there is. There is no. There is not coming back from something like this all out of their back Cuomo apologize about this about, instead of pretending that it never happened and you get ratio like crazy. And what how about you apologize and say you know we shouldn't have done it. It's that I was supposed to be out. Maybe the Maybe CNN didn't even know. Maybe it's Chris Cuomo staged the whole thing. What what you know
I'm sorry I don't know, but I don't want to get this monopoly insult people this much. But there there's nothing. That gets me more than wilful deception. When I call people out saying it are fake news in saying the media lies its often because I think they are, I try to be very very carefully the facts, but Chris Cuomo is spitting in the face of every one in media. Every single person will, of course, many people on Twitter of command We got a whole bunch of twitter responses year. Steve Stephen Ella Miller's has checked the dates. Shore, just a lie. Here is the very moment moment. Chris Como emerged from his basement. Like a week later, Joe Contra, there's asking the question Stephen Miller than points out the blog post. He then throws it to em doornail clean up on I'll Fredo, but I see it and pr people have responded. Oh oh, you know what there was a bit. Story about Larry King having an episode
move in the tar red allegations, obscene and PR jumped on that? One thing that is not us. We do not pull this episode, but boy. They shut up when we caught them publishing fake news Other people have tried to claim scene and published figures in the past. Somebody's claims are not true Greg, although it says you literally had symptoms the next day, then then your wife had your wife and son tested positive genesis. The biker was riding in your backyard fact check false dude, just stop it nice try caress, but everyone knows you're lying just apologize for breaking quarantine and move on I'll. Tell you what grace. If you apologize for four put publishing fake news, I will save your apology and I will never trust you to produce news again. There have been other people who I have been. I have called for building fake news. I've been very harsh against some of whom I now consider to be lightly friends,
with and the reason is they dont produce news anymore. Some people make fake moments in fake videos got called out, and I said you know what at first I slammed them, but not going up. There. Apology do better and move on problem with Chris Cuomo. He is still going on CNN every night and pretending like he's telling you facts, you're getting reality. Tv performative trash and CNN takes the cake I think journalism is completely over. I said it was done in the past and I say began. Journalism is completely dead sea, and realized this, and so I think they ve side is the only way to stay alive and keep making money is just role with it and they ask risk having to do with his wife thinkers Como Didn Syria, serious Exxon thing where he said he hated his job or whatever he said that in a fine value it I think they were. Common. Sad news is dead, son you're, honest they live in his business, you gonna fake it to make it, and so they did and that's what he does and that's what you are Chris. You are just a reality
be star. You are actually you're, not even as good as Donald Trump as at least trumps funny, at least Trump makes. You laugh. You, on the other hand, are tricking people and causing more and more problems. I leave it there sitting around. I got the next annual becoming up tomorrow at ten a m thanks, rang out. You know what I was. Say? Don't watch CNN but turn you should watch em, but to watch them and now keep keep in mind. Whenever you see him talking, he's probably lying to you You should know what they're saying, because people believe this stuff and it's making political discourse harder and harder every single day, I'll leave there I'll see you tomorrow at ten a m thanks, rang out.
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