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Vox's Scorched Earth Plan WORKED Mass Censorship Hits Youtube In Wake Of The Vox Steven Crowder Battle

2019-06-05 | 🔗

UPDATE: The Mass Censorship has dramatically escalated after the publishing of this video. Stay Tuned For An Update at Youtube.com/Timcastnews at 6pmMass Censorship Hits Youtube In Wake Of The Vox Steven Crowder Battle. Following Youtube's defense of Steven Crowder they announced a mass purge of content as well as the restriction of 'borderline' content that doesn't break any rules.Following the campaign by Vox and Carlos Maza we are now learning that Youtube will be restricintg content but promoting 'top news channels' which I would assume includes Vox. Youtube has bent the knee to far left agitators and social justice zealots. Though Steven Crowder is going to be permitted to stay it seems that most of us are close to the end of our days on Youtube.Following the recording of this video I saw many youtubers axed from the partner program but who broke no rules. It seems like this will be a major victory for massive corporations.

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We are in the wake of these Stephen crowded victory. The battle is, is over, but the war was just beginning where now seeing the reaction, numerous digital outlets are talking about. Whether this is good are their mostly siding with Carlos Mozart, shocked, you see, does have an article that does presented the alternative. That is a free speech issue here and that's fine, but Following this debacle. We are now sir. Sweeping censorship that is going to affect Youtube Youtube is now announcing that they're going to be getting rid of content that promotes the supremacy of one group over another for the purpose of exclusion or segregation as well as reducing border line content and raising up authoritative voices. Quite literally, that means top news channel so expecting
it's a promoting CNN. The Wall Street Journal wash imposing your times, etc and box of all companies. I have to wonder what the reason for cosmos as campaign was a day. You know a day after we here that crowd. Her is going to be allowed to remain. Where hearing that the US, the top news channels will be allowed in the end. I think it will end up. Seeing is VOX is going to get promoted heavily and conservative and independent craters will be de rank, or just not recommended, and we have some testimony from some quarters to discuss this. First thing we should do. I don't necessarily-
want to go over everything pertaining to the cosmos saga, but we will talk about it before we get started going to cast out comes lashed out it. If you'd like to support my work, there's a monthly or nation option, a crypto obstinate physical address. But of course the best thing you can do is like and comment on the video or share the link. That's the best thing and subscribing haven't already, but for those that are unfamiliar, Carlos Maza has been on a campaign to rally a bunch of creators to go up against you too, because you too will not banned conservative comedian, Stephen crowded crowd or has repeatedly made videos debunking strike through causes, show on vocs where he also imitates and mocks him and calls him things based on his identity seamen. Carter about
Naturally, I am I'm on the side of crowd or should absolutely not be banned or punished anyway, because late night House do this all the time. In fact, prouder made several good points in my opinion about several things said by Stephen Colbert by Samantha, be by Trevor Noah Trevor, no, even mocking the race and end the accents of certain groups of people, in which case you can't Madagascar for the same behaviour. Conveniently, however, following this Youtube is now taking action and they do in the future. As I mentioned earlier, they say that they are going. removing violate of content, raising of authoritative content, reducing the spread of borderline content and rewarding trusted. Creators they're going to remove that's exactly what they say: Youtube as always: Rules of the road, including a long standing policy against hate speech and twenty seventeen. We introduced a tougher stance towards videos with supremacist content.
putting limiting recommendations and features like comments and the ability to share video. I completely disagree with what Europe is doing, and I will explain that after this paragraph, the step dramatically reduced views to these videos on average. Eighty percent today we're taking on. Actually, I don't necessarily disagree with that with with limit limitations, today we're taking another step in our policy by specifically prohibiting videos alleging that a group is superior in order to justify indiscriminate, That is insanely vague. Does that mean If someone says the people who support pineapple on pizza are inferior, they will ban that group. Of course it doesn't. This is this: is it a vague rule on purpose to give you two discretion and getting rid of what they want They say segregation inclusion by some qualities like age, gender, race, cast religion orientation. Instead a sum up, obviously I'm being hyperbolic pineapple thing. The point is its vague on purpose. This would include, for example, videos that promote or glorify
certain german worldwide to ideology which is inherently discriminatory. Finally, we will remove content denying that well documented events like world war, two era, things or Sandy hook elementary took place. Yes because of Youtube's rules. You understand how we have to try and communicate these ideas. Criticize How do you want for it? But I'm not going to sacrifice mobility get the message out simply because their arbitrary rules on Youtube I'm going to try and work within that system. We recognise some of this content, has value to researchers and Ngos looking to understand the content in order to combat it, and we are exploring options to make it available to them in the future always context matters are some videos could remain up because they discuss topics like pending legislation and to condemn or exposed. Groups or provide analysis of current events. We'll begin enforcing this update policy. Today, however, it will take time far system to fully ramp up
we'll be gradually expanding coverage of an Ex several months. I completely disagree with banning it. However, I dont disagree with the limiting of recommendations. Youtube is under no obligation to promote your video to anyone, but restricting the content in such that it can't be found, searched for, or it can't be subscribe to, I think, is very dangerous. Banning the content is dangerous because here's the thing you ban these people, who I think we can all agree- are very bad people right. They they have, I should say necessarily bad people absolutely misguided. Some of them are very bad, violent people, but they have a terrifyingly bad ideology. I'm just I'm its whatever group that wants to engage and extremist acts when you burn them. They end up on platforms that allow it. Then what happens is somebody its ban for something inane state. They say stupid, jokingly, get banned. That person has no option but to go to the same platform where you are putting its the best explanation. I've heard for it came from
Joyce I'll just have this you're taking somebody got busted for pot and put them in prison with a bunch of gang leaders. What do you think that's going to do to these low level? Peoples has a bad bad idea. Furthermore, you want people on you'd have to be exposed, whether he has in fact twitter is actually researching whether or not this will have a positive impact. So I think it's dangerous that Youtube is going to start outright banning certain content, because I guarantee you, you will then push people who are not that bad but get banned for simple things. Let's say this: you ve got the leader of a particular group a certain platform, saint, crazy things. Then you gotta dude, who made an off color joke and got banned for it. You put them both together. Congratulations. You made the problem worse, but of course, in my opinion, you to be more concerned about protecting the brand as any business would be that it can. Stand. Interestingly enough, that's not just my opinion over the game or gauzy Sabra witches they self identify as estuary double.
They basically say that it's just a big, they call it, but it's just pr blah blah. They say that you too doesn't care about damage control they just want to do they want to put out pr bs. That's the that's the point, so it is. The belief, at least, this these random commented on this one form, I'm just trying to find some comments from people identifies s w facetiously, but still in that camp, explaining that they feel this censorship is meant to placate them. I completely agree and think it is now Youtube has said this was their planning this for months, and that may be true. It may be unfortunate time. But I do think I'm not going to what's the simple solution. The simple solution is that you too has been railed for the past week at with people demanding the banning of of Stephen crowded targeting advertisers now and it's only escalating and then all of a sudden you do comes
hey guys, we're going to give you more censorship. How does that sound convenient coincidental? What have you want to call it I'm not! I look for the simple solution. The simple solution is vocs a maid, your NBC backed company targeted and independent, greater, and now you we sent straight up, they are going to promoting top news channels, which we know means major corporations like NBC coincidence. Personally, I dont believe it's a coincidence when it literally follow suit on the wonderful, even conspiracies, but I don't think it's a conspiracy. I think VOX is powerful, put pressure on Youtube. All of these people, including Hank, grin other and Anne and other personalities, put pressure on Youtube. Natives had fine, we'll give wrote top channels, but this is bad news for independence, because we ve seen the criticism coming from quite a few people. They say reducing borderline content, things that almost break the rules, but I ask you: what does borderline content mean? Who almost breaks the rules,
Do not believe I've been negatively impact by any algorithmic changes for the most part, because my channels are doing better and better every single day. So there's unemployment important point to be brought up about whether or not someone is actually being censored or just making bad content. It's really hard line, it's hard to figure out specifically, but we do have some some testimony, at least from Lauren General Millennial, which do they want to reward trusted creators. I don't necessarily know that means, but I will also add. I definitely view myself as a trusted creator, for whatever reason I have a: u to partner manager, they ve helped me out with creating new channels and modernization, something that even other channels
have access to an under entirely sure. Why? But I will say this: I produced a ton of content on Youtube. I am dedicated to expanding and producing more channels. I rarely if ever swear. I don't insult people, and I you know I don't I typically. A more towards higher level politics and ideas unless towards individuals, and I definitely avoid anything- that's it are to be punching down, meaning targeting private individuals that aren't newsworthy. I'm not perfect, I'm not saying I gonna run all the time, but I think these may be controlling factors. Why Youtube actually likes my channel Lauren Southern I'm Sayin Lauren, Shannon that Southern treated this I've spoken to other concern,
but have commentators, and they all confirm the same thing since January, Youtube has refused to show our videos and recommends and searches. They want to stop the spread of our ideas. This isn't a conspiracy, Youtube openly admits it's their policy and she likes to this reducing borderline conduct, which we just went through. They say in January pie but an update of our systems in the: U S, to limit recommendations of borderline content and harmful misinformation such as promoting a phoney miracle cure for a serious illness or claiming the earth is flat. We're looking to brings updated system to more countries by the end of two nineteen. Thanks to this change, the number of views this type of content gets. Four recommendations has dropped by over fifty percent in the EU.
They specifically refer to miracle cures and flatter. So I dont know if there actually targeting you Lauren, but we we do, she did say: Youtube esprit de corps, curate content for its views, basin, ideology, of course, but if ass the case, they can no longer claim to be a platform. They re publisher and should be held legally accountable. As such. I completely disagree, however, We'll get to my statements on Youtube and a second. This person responded saying my recommendations used to be one hundred percent. Your videos, crowds Van Shapiro, Destroy, sergeant, etc. Now the only politics that show up is TIM is TIM cast into cast, who I guess they don't fear as much Lorn responded by saying our analytics show. That recommends are down to just sixteen percent of what they used to be. I do have Awesome theories on this, so here's a relative first. This is Lauren chance you to channel and we can see that her views are down by his your point. Seven, her sums are down by eighty four point: eight
I mean this in no way to be at all no way, disrespectful in any way to learn, and So let us airily reflect on anything out into a recommendations. I got this, but we can see that in January when they enacted the policy Lauren Lorn China has gone down a little bit, not not too much, but down a little bit. Her sobs have gone down up and down. I dont think is essentially index of anything, but I want to highlight that Lauren is looking at a loss of recommendations. Simultaneously, Youtube says they're launching this programme and we know that there has been the there's been some reporting to suggest that Laura was actually label to troll, I believe by Facebook. I want take a look at Dave Reuben, because Dave Reuben has very concerned about similar issues. We can see the Dave's views are down. Subscribers are down and he's losing subscribers, so I can't necessarily explain we can see that in January, Dave's views took a huge dialogue. This before January, dangers are uptown up, download,
but then ingenuous January heads and its views, gonna drop a lot monthly sobs did as well. So we have to channels that have been concerned about a loss of your ship simultaneously Youtube saying they're going to be getting rid of borderline content. Now I I do not believe necessarily. This is evidence of anything. I want to be fair to Dave Land Lauren I looked at Stephen, crowded numbers and Stevens had actually were pre solid in January went up, they ve gone down a little bit, but view worship does decline in summer months. So this is also not evidence of anything else and my channels have been doing consistently. Well, so I can't say: there's there's evidence its, but highly possible that certain kinds of targeted and others aren't so I dont want to make it seem like there's a conspiracy, but I always want to stress you tube changes there.
Rhythm and it doesn't necessarily target individuals. The changes could result in people losing your ship. Now, Ghana could be entirely possible. This is them de ranking and restricting viewers to these channels. But again it could also just be that people's content isn't up to par or, more importantly- and I want to stress this point in the early days of youtube- there were very few good creators. It was a lot of low quality webcams but I got a ton of views because what else was their vice got their start on Youtube? Doing really really well millions, tens of millions of years they look at nearly as many views on the documentary as they do anymore. Why? Because there are now way more channels, substantially more channels way more options and market saturation reduces viewer shit for a lot of people, because people now have a choice. We
all on Youtube running on a treadmill that keeps speeding up. I am well aware of this. I have talked about this time and time again and that's why I run full speed until my toes our bleeding and I produce sixty seven videos per day. I recognize is that we are running the treadmill and I'm going to run faster than everybody else, which is why I think it's not surprising someone mentioned they only get me in recommendations. I am certainly not doing this to hurt anybody like that, I'm just trying to do my best to succeed. Admittedly, this may result in my channel being recommended way more. If you dont produce consistent content as many this craters. Do you tube will absolutely de rank your content annual appear less and then because people click your videos, less, you get recommended less. You get less viewers Geller subscribers and things go down from their it's. Why many channels have many companies have abandoned their channels outright with hundreds of thousands of subscribers they get caught in a downward spiral. It is, it is a dangerous and difficult game.
So I want to make sure I stress this point, because I do not have evidence to suggest that anyone is being censored or de ranked, but there is some stuck up circumstantial evidence to show. It literally does happen, Youtube admits it happens and its possible does impact people like David Lauren, although I am not entirely convinced, I'm not trying to say they make bad content, quite the contrary, to make fabulous content. But I, but I am saying it's possible: the algorithm SD rank them because they are not playing the game as the algorithm once not their fault. Literally. What you too, does and I think it's a huge problem, but moving on from this complete and total censorship, I want to make sure we wrap up the final thought you tube absolutely launching sweeping censorship. They are going to be de ranking people they're going to be propping up top news is entirely possible that Lorens views are down, is because CNN is now getting those recommendations. I did a search for breaking news story to try and see what was going on with his de ranking and sure enough. I came about story, it was
There was like CNN, there was, you know BBC or something a bunch of these traditional news outlets. My videos were appearing, but nobody else is. I was like number seven, so I think you too must like me for some reason. Admittedly, Youtube has like me for a really long time. Youtube sent me a free ipod years ago. I've consulted them on numerous occasions, so they may. I may actually have some kind of special shield, which is why people see my recommendations and others have been de ranked. My channel is doing well, admittedly, crowd or seems to be doing very well. He is the top two thousand channel on Youtube out of something like what fifty million youtube so he's doing well as well, but again it's hard to know exactly what is going on, but I want to make one more point on this matter from Oliver Darcy. He says that you too tells Donnie at Donnie who, as I see it, a reporter, the company won't will remove hundreds
Thousands of videos, as a result of its new ban on supremacist content in announced today there is there is more news going on here, but I want to throw in a comment on the controversy before we move into a different story that is relative. Michael Tracy said, the contemporary online media proves every single day that there completely unmoored to any recognisable ethical journalistic principles and, as such, one hundred percent deserve to be hated by the wider american public. That is a very, very bold and direction for my country, seat by gotta, say Michael Tracy and Glenn Greenwell to people on the left have been absolutely amazing. In this regard, I agree with them that these journalists, who are targeting system its way to prop themselves up, I believe, full stop. It is a business tactic. One hundred percent women do not a hundred percent, that's a bit to absolute, but look top new channels getting promoted. Yes, they're doing it for personal gain. That's the point of view
controversy- and I believe you tube is doing this to bend over backwards to a dying media that hates them, but you didn't get it brought him anyway. That's the best the mistake on Europe's part. I want to end by talking about some serious issues as well as it pertains to the fringe of the far right. This charges against alleged white supremacist tossed by judge, judge, Cormac J Carney ruled that the three men's actions amounted to constitutionally protected speech. I'm not gonna retouch into this, but I want to highlight this in that these men were absolutely advocating for physical conflict in confrontation and that's what and then they went to a riot and actually engaged in it, but a court has ruled advocating for it when there's no imminent event is protected speech which to me is really really interesting, because they are certainly dancing on the razors edge. This was just a quick side note that I want to bring up, because I wanted to mention that a court has defended the right to advocate. Violence in private are unknown.
in private just did the general idea. So arguably that would mean Carlos Maza was called for. Milk shaking and other people calling for milk takings is protected. Speech advocating for use of violence is not the same as directly inciting at which is surprising, and I think ultimately, it'll come down to a case by case basis. So I ll leave it there. Let me explain the comments below. Do you feel like this all part of Europe's bending over backwards. They're scared of the controversy, Onawandah necessarily clarify this, and I want to say that you know VOX is throwing their mustache like now economic money, the point to make, as they see no risk here it is a net in Slovakia sitting back saying: oh no, you do what you do. I you better pop up. You know traditional and top rank news channels like us? Ultimately, this will be a massive net game gain for vocs and other channels like them, whether its intentional or not
Somebody Cosmo's awarding its millions of a million plus views on his videos is now going to be benefited following the campaign he pushed for Stephen Crato will not be banned, but there's still going to be a victory for vocs, and the corporate media and b C news, backed vocs, will benefit from this as well and b C. So, let's, let's, let's, let's cut the crap limits- think sick round more segments to come next. Video starting at six p m youtube com slashed him cast news those in the pot cast these have a different arrangement, so I will see you in the next segment. This is an addendum update. On the last video from my main channel. We are now seeing a mass purge on Youtube and I gotta admit this is really scary. Stuff, a bunch of craters, including legitimate journalists, have been removed from the partner programme. Stephen prouder has been removed from the partner programme. They say update on
continued review. We have suspended this channels modification. We came to this decision because a pattern of agreed just actions has harmed the broader community and is against our you to partner Prodi: policies. Essentially, what they're saying is that were crowded debt is against the partner programme, but not Youtube as a whole. There now going to be enforcing a new set of rules, They announced this actually because this is an old crater blog, but they they highlight this in their tweet talking about how they could punish you and your modernization. So, yes telling everybody Sinatra says, has been demonetized Ford Fisher, a journalist, demonetized dandy, ex journalist, demonetized martens on their identity in Europe. We have James Elles up. Why believes that the deterioration of one of its label but, of course I'll get flack for having described the guy or no drunken peasants, have been given a strike, our or, I believe, over a four year old, video and surprise- surprise,
Almost Maza is not satisfied and continues to call for four more censorship, but it gets crazier than that's it, you're going to do guys. Normally I do a promo shut up, but I've got a stress. I dont know who else will be removed? because crowd was gonna, have an update soon, and this happened for a while, you doing hard review, harbour view of many channels. I dont know what constitutes acceptable at this point. You gave us purging tons of channels, I'm hoping I will be safe. I might not be. I will add, though, I'm I'm a part of me fingers crossed for complete, purchased, ban everything that I have please you're my face. What my twitter, and I will get in my newly christened van- was almost done and I will drive to the beach and I will go skateboarding and I will draw pictures for the rest of my life right. That sounds very comfortable, but admittedly no don't let that happen, we're doing a ton of awesome things with sovereign when expand and do more news. That's why TIM Casta
I've done it. If you want to support my work, if I end up getting demonetized that is going to basically- and I don't know, these are not my content- I am running full speed till my feet bleed to make this happen, so there the options are unable to say at this point, it was reported by the independent Youtube to delete thousands of accounts, effort, ban supremacists. Spears, theorists and other harmful users, and now we're seeing it. When I recorded my main video, I uploaded it and then right after I Seeing all of this news break crowd or got demonetized. There is some in. sting news, though first I want to say this: Carlos Maza Vocs and with Fox and other corporate media behind him have gone full scorched earth on all of you. Tube right Sinatra says the Hell team Youtube a day after you confirm three of my videos are advertiser friendly. I get completely demonetized. This has to be some kind of mistake,
He says. I became Santer says to me, be careful talking about the Vocs Guy man outside about whatever I want. I pray I am going to use natural, but due to whoever on the talk, what I want to talk about an end. Please by all means you know, if you don't like it, then well I'll leave. Whatever he's had found, that is it. We can portion of your channel is not in line with our you to partner programme policies. Here, It literally eighty five percent of my videos were approved upon review. I have to wonder why there's no warning, hey these videos or non compliance new rules Why is Youtube enforcing rules retroactively if you enforcing? right now I've got videos. Years. What am I supposed to do tell me, and I ll get better, more you'll, get rid of them seriously. everyone would want to comply now. This is the biggest and most Greeks violation. Shame shame! On vocs shit, on Carlos Maza, horrible horrible, awful people,
I'm not usually so mean, but Ford Fisher is a journalist who is not particularly left or right, who goes on the ground and covers the news him him and as well as other journalists going underground filming things and he licences the footage, and now he has been stripped because of their scorched earth pain. There are literally walking around a flame forwards, destroying everything in their path, because I dont like one guy and guess what prouder has millions of fan. he's going to survive, no problem. He might lose Only he was already demonetized for the most part anyway, so as revenue was probably minuscule because a lot of use but complete democratization, elusive money. The crowd, is still famous unsuccessful. He still has the mug club and he probably will be just fine Ford fish as an independent journalist who is now
to lose access to the two, his revenues string to one of them, and that means way more for smaller creators. The same is true for Dan Dicks, admittedly down that's it we're from over the kind of videos you put out. So I know I can speak directly to for its content, because some verse has licensed from Fort excellent almond on reporting. I don't mean that two disrespect den in any way, but it's easier for me when I did what I, when I surely watch and that and now for more, but dad is also a guy who goes on the ground, so I can say the exact same thing. These are. These are smaller channels. These are people who don't have the ability to make the money that someone like crowded, has admitted cutters getting hurt for sure, but he still is the mug club and with all those fans he can rally support, keep his business going, I'm not gonna, say anything right, sombre cause, I don't know much about him and then he's an identity, and so
he's getting remove, not, as you know, not as part of the like purge of of harmful content or questionable stuff, they have actually directly targeted him and James Elsa. But let's talk about drunken peasants, this, a video from four years ago, where we marked a conspiracy theorist that we called kinky Joe for claiming I'm gonna avoid sang his words. He it's a four year old video where they try to debunk and and and mock conspiracy theories. Today, you two decided to first disable comments on it and later remove it. How was it not clear that we were condemning these beliefs? All of hitting these creators- and I want to stress that too, to someone like for getting stripped is absolutely insane and it, and it is my God, vocs how disgusting, how absolutely absurd and you what makes it worse all crowded has to do- is get rid of what a link to a t shirts, Are you kidding me team Youtube Twitter to clarify in order to really
statement of nation jail. You will need to remove the link to his tee shirts. That's it vocs went scorched earth drawing the modernization of small traders, independent journalists and commentators to remove. What are they were willing to destroy everything around them and hurt people? They are not there, not journalists there there for shifting authoritarian monsters. who are targeting the little guy they are going to destroy boy the little guy to heart, crowded and all that happens in the end this crowd or can't sallies desserts anymore. That's it was it worth. It wasn't absolutely worth it and, of course, Kingston tweets ha, ha ha ha dude got another channel fully demonetized for saying mean thanks to him, and he still not happy. Of course, quite literally nothing, you can do there's nothing you can do Carlos Mars's strategy isn't to stop mean behaviour or harassment, his strategy
is to destroy any one. He doesn't like cars Malta is as close as you can get to a fascist, but I'm sure he's got a nationalist, so I wouldn't call him one, but he's he's he's a damn. Authoritarian was advocated. Physical violence, do platforms, censorship and he's hurting little people like the little smaller channels. So let's make that absolutely clear by the time you're watching this this Well, I ve been more humanity stations. I've been scouring, you no point all these things up and I went to the last minute to record this. He said as the monetizing doesnt work abusers, use it as proof there being discriminated against them. and make millions of selling March doing speaking gigs and getting their followers to support them. Unpatriotic, the ad revenue, isn't the problem. It's the platform he's not satisfied. He wants to burn it all down. Why the corporate media that backs vocs that backs Buzzfeed as other companies are being hurt by independent,
creators, market saturation and listen, I workplace companies. I will tell you exactly what's going on when someone Like Ford Fisher goes out, his camera and films an event and use a subtle you to sell it. He has displaced the news agencies. when someone like Sinatra says, goes on Youtube and makes commentary it we're all in all? It requires him to record the microphone. It displaces these media companies and their editorial section VOX has to pay a salary to get that content, but many creators make the content for free hey, can remove the saturated market, they win and Youtube is bending the knee the worst part about it,
is that it's all just over a t shirt. It's over a stupid joke teacher that other people, you know, I'm not! I'm not gonna act in defence of many other people getting stripped of demonization. I will stress modernization and recommendations, are a privilege. In my opinion, you tube shouldn't ban people for their speech, but promoting the content and selling adds against it, totally differ, You have no right to an advertising agency. You have no right to a promotional system. You know, shows your videos to people. So that's that's the issue, but many of these people have done nothing They should absolutely stay in the privileged section of Youtube where they will promote your content, revision, a break, any rules. We're seeing as you too retroactively. Enforcing rules were seeing independent, are no less being stripped of modernization because Carlos was mad, crowded crowd or a commentator. Comedian, Pandit political personalities, Cetera, said some nasty things. That's a mean things
I agree with what he says, and I say this repeatedly. I set it on his show. I disagree with the mockery, but I understand your comedian and we ve seen a bunch of comedians uses kind of language Colbert, for instance, Trevor Noah Samantha beat on Oliver etc. Are they going to be stripped of innovation as well? well. Here's the thing crowd or is getting stripped because of his tee shirts. So the answer for them is no that's at least consistent, but why target the little guys? And you know what does vocs care? Of course you don't? They want more, they hurt small traders and they don't care their evil. This is evil. This is fascistic authoritarian and its name nightmarish ominous up there, my throats man, I'm I'm I'm wiped out. I got a couple more videos coming for you stick around hopefully be about something else. Three men announced plans to hold a straight pride parade in Boston and for some reason, its news for Summary
and activists are outraged that three random nudes one to have a straight pride parade for the three random dunes. Why do I care? I don't care if you won't have a pride break for literally anything. You want to go out. Margarine talk about what you think. Why would I? Why would I be bothered by that like if, if a stray people were going around in ranting, Things that were alike against the law- I suppose I pay you shouldn't, give them a permit, their breaking the law, we're going to want to talk about the nutritional value of bananas or why are proud to be straight? I honestly do not care yet? For some reason we are seeing CBS report on this we're thinking on social me to talk about it and, of course, you're getting the left wing outrage. So, let's figure out what is the straight pride parade and why should we apparently cake is now you got me making a video about it immediately. I do think is a funny story, so we will look at this. Will look at some of the left and criticism, but before
it started going to cast our comes lashed donate. You want to support my work. There are many ways you can support me: pay PAL crypto currency physical address, but of course the best thing you can do like an comment share the video and subscribe because the engagement says hey. You took this rocks and we engaged with it? Lets me. The news June is algae. Bt Q pride month and cities all over the world are hosting rainbow festivities festivals and parades to celebrate the community. However, a group led by three men is trying to champion a different community and says they are planning their own parade in Boston to celebrates celebrate straight pride, the organization Super Happy Fund America, which claims to advocate on behalf of this great community in order to foster respect and awareness with people from all walks of life is planning the event. According to its website, the parade appears to be a reaction to the cities, rejection of the group's application to raise it straight pride, flag at Boston, city Hall. Earlier the spring. We are disappointed,
The wall should has chose chosen, hate and discrimination, a blog posts on the site from April twenty three. Therefore, we have decided to launch a campaign to educate them. look. Politicians and civil servants about the straight community and the unique problems we face. We have determined that a parade would be the best way to promote our community and its diverse history, culture and identity. We anticipate that the city. What actually choose to embrace tolerance and inclusiveness. So the question I have because invariably there's going to be some lifting outrage. is. Why is this worthy of attack I would like to have a logical explanation as to why these guys, who have said nothing but positive things, whether its ingest or not, are worthy of being attacked, insulted, derided and You know I don't goes far say harassment, but certainly the left would have. If it was inverted, if somebody wants opponent of that, were there like, hey, we ve done good things about ok, I will just
yet home playing video games. I'm not gonna get bent out of shape because someone wants a walk around waiting, a flag. It doesnt affect me in any way. So what why the outrage? Why would anyone be concerned about this. The group that Y see vs writing about this, That's the only reason I ve been a video wanted is because I think it's stupid at the news is covering it. The groups had proposed the groups had proposed one day event will consist of a parade and ceremony during which this straight pray flag will be raised over Boston City Hall. The flag raising will be followed by speeches and outreach to the community. According to its site. We
if I may, or Martin J walls to participate and express the city? Support for the straight community? Reads the event page, and- and here we have- this is the is the straight pride flag and it shows the female and male symbols on a blue and pink background. I think I think they're trolling you. I think these guys are just poking some fun and, of course the trolling is working. The site claims that the prey will be freed over the public. All our welcome read the about description. Anti far short for anti fun is not welcome because they oppose happiness. Enfant clearly meant to be joke to troll people, and it worked well in my opinion that it's a joke. The group says requesting the same parade route as June's Boston Pride Parade as
does the same accommodations afforded the annual event, including street closing and the inclusion of vehicles and floats irritation, is led by three men and how and by President John Hugo. According to its website, you go ran for: U S, Congress, twenty teens, a Republican but was defeated by Democrat incumbent Catherine Cluck. Vice President MARC, so haughty posted a link to the groups website and the proposed parade route on his personal facebook late last month. Writing it looks like the Boston Straight Pride parade will happen. He claims the group while they discrimination complaint and the city quote under and they would lose in litigation your downright they would freedom. Equality means equality for everybody. So it's fascinating to me that there are people who would oppose these guys having their prey if straightway dude I'm afraid I don't see a problem because not a negative thing if they wanted to. If, if a bunch of do want to have an anti algae Bt Q,
and that would be more disconcerting, but they still have free speech that discrimination issue. If we do want to put on event, you can't tell em now, if you get the same thing to other people, that's called civil rights and equality, but of course many people. They don't like quality. They dont say they say, he's a tentative dated August thirty first well too bad because we're doing an event in the Philly area on August. Thirty, first, so don't go. There come to our event in eyes at I already got minds dot com. I mean that seriously. I'll come to our event. Saudi is a member of the right wing group resist Marxism. According to the Massachusetts Outlet Mass Life, the data is not been set on. The group site, as, as it says, request is pending approval from the city of Boston City officials at the group has been in contact with the city, but what hasn't received permits according to CBS Boston? So Let's not seize. This is our chance. Ok, so marks a hurried, it'll toledans anything negative thither
Leadership role is afforded to Chris Bartley listed as the group's gay ambassador. He became involved in a straight pride movement being ostracised from established advocacy groups for merely suggesting that straight people be afforded equal rights. According to his biography, the city's pride president, Linda De Marco, set in a Tuesday statement that straight allies of the algae bbq community or among the thousands who come out every year to March and celebrate reports, CBS Boston, Mayor Walsh, didn't mention the straight pride parade in a statement Tuesday. But the Democrat said this week's schedule a scheduled pride events are about Boston.
I'll use of love, inclusion, which our unwavering seizing Super happy thought America and Mayor Waters office, have not yet responded to a comment. Well, of course, Buzzfeed has has popped up the group's application to actually hold the price has not yet been approved. They say now. I think Buzzfeed, for the most part, isn't going to personally get very negative or anything like that right, but they are definitely going to include a bunch of the left wing, anger and outrage from look at all this stuff employer. Who cares who cares about what do you do it we're going to read and look at why they're so upset that three dude are gonna have their little three dude March? Look if a million people cannot march their pride. I honestly still would not care they're not, you're not coming on seeing negative things, I'm positive things right. This person, tweeted straight pride, Pril parade plan in Boston with floats. Yes, maybe it's three deeds. The vault,
Mermaid, the straight pride braid will be mostly men, because very few women will we'll get to come that. Oh you make a joke, that's fine! I got a problem that I think it's kind of funny, but I dont know that actually works look at this, even the band Smash Malka involved straight pride parade question. Mark question. Mark question. Mark question. Mark question, Mark F off an unlucky in a series of exploration points. Why why I thought why can't people just march around talk about them themselves? being happy soon. Everyone began to wonder what a straight pariah prayed straight straight pride parade, would look like exactly Boston Straight Pride parade. You You have to come in costume as your favorite mark Wahlberg character. Everyone walks around ordering the cranberry juice at a bar and saying how do you like them? Apples madness, I don't! I don't understand. Care is right. The straight pride parade is every weekend when you see for deeds in Palos, walking back to their camp
two a m looking very bomb didn't get laid, but why be mean that two people? I was wonder this to my understanding. The straight pride prayed is just the Czech outlined at Pasco haha I'd. Imagine a straight pride prayed to be something like this, but in the worst ways a guy in a hot dog costume. and then not. This is one just says: they're all named John, it's rather tepid criticism. Oh here we go straight pride parade would look exactly like this sense, a pile of How funny and some set it didn't even makes sense. You can't have a straight pride parade parade. are inherently gay embrace it. I got as it does a phoney joke. That's a funny joke! this one says the head arose are upset arose three guys. Three people Buzzfeed found this in an F b thread where some guy is talking about organizing a straight pride parade hello,
this and accurate. According to the city super happy fun. America's application has not been approved, so heavy directed Buzzfeed MRS request for common too to a group email address, from which there was no response in response to the social media. Outcry Boston, Mayor Marty, Walsh released a statement to Buzzfeed NEWS, the city's planned pride events and then it goes in the same thing. We we ran already. So here's what I think we see it's three due to obviously making a dumb Joe met limit may that's unfair, but I really think it a dumb job and a bunch of people pretending to be angry for no reason, because I don't see why you would scream s off at somebody. It literally makes no sense and then a bunch of people jump in and why? Who group? I ask you this for you guys in the comments people reading who cares like white? Look, quite literally, if you wanna go to
you're afraid to do it. If you don't want to know why you know, I wonder why it is that it's always some kind of like your your Europe. Pursuing you know. Your cherish of your identity is a negative towards our sets out always is because people can understand that may be other people can do whatever they want and mine own goddamn business. It's like, if you go out and say something, then it must be a negative towards another group. Are that's how its viewed it's kind of like a tit for tat. If you support yourself, your against us as literally what they do and that's why I think they are Quite literally, everybody ought right because in their minds, if you do not benvenuto them, you must be the only logical thing, the opera and that's literally the game they play when in reality, most people, just care and are in the middle, and I assure you ninety nine point. Nine percent of people are gonna, be like other doing that thing. That's we're going to walk away. I leave it. There stick around about most likeness coming up shortly.
Next one of the main channel Youtube com slashed him. Yes, at four p m, so I will see you there. there's still breaking news surrounding the Stephen crowded issue, so I may have a live stream up tonight on my main channel will see what happens, but I thought the store It was very pertinent, considering Carlos Maza, who has triggered the scorched earth vocs and pocket lips getting tons of smaller operators. Purged has advocated for assault against individuals, and we saw it happened. A man in the UK was hit with a milkshake shoved around pushed when one person, this story from the daily mail, shocking new video shows mob attacking another trump. Then this time, an elderly man who they say, assault and pushed to the ground in parliament's where this is the result of advocacy for physical conflict from people like Carlos Maza he's mad. That crowded said mean things he says saying mean
result an escalation. Well saying mean things kind of can, but now we see what actually happens when you directly call for people to commit acts of physical violence did crowd ever. Do that you didn't, but we see this story, they say actually, let's, let's let's play but of the video here. You can see the old man is being shelved and grabbed by people, and then they throw him to the ground. So for those that are lessening an older man, surrounded by protesters thrown to the ground, destroy reads the horrifying moment and elderly fan of the president was assaulted and not to the ground during a horrifying scuffle. At yesterday's anti Trump rally in London,
a mob and parliament square rounded on the man and violently pushed him to the ground, while yelling Donald Trump not welcome. Here, it happened at the poorly attended demonstration. Were Jeremy Corbett gave a firebrand speech railing against President Trump and lecturing the crowd about creating a better world. The video emerged after another Trump supporter, was attacked with a milkshake by mob chanting, nazis scum at the same protest that was attended by only about but does attended by only around ten thousand people only around ten thousand people a lot of people. I want to stop here and say, if you haven't already gotten guess, accomplished, donate with all the news about Platt forming and demonization, I can seriously use your guy support when you donate your essentially creating a safety net. For me. In the event I get censored, but of course the best thing you can do like comment. Hopefully that works. I do have another story to talk about
anti for trying to attacks on conservatives, but, let's radon they say others attending the rally than raise their hands and shout well we'll low to the violent protesters in order to stop them continuing their assault. He is then helped up by members of the crowd and one can be heard saying have some respect hears us senior citizens. When I was in San Jose and twenty sixteen. I watched a crowd of people, not an elderly coupled to the ground, take their hats off their heads and like them on fire. While they were sitting there terrified. It was one of the craziest things I've ever seen. One young man who was actually on the side of the protesters got punched in the mouth. It was chaos, pure chaos, and this is what they encourage. People like Carlos Mazo Vocs. They say another said when you act like that. You act like Donald Trump, so don't the man is then lifted off the floor with many asking him. If he's all right, the chanting then dies down. As many look on horrified
We ve got several pictures here, showing what happened. The men who are pushing the ground then dispersed into the wider crowd. It is thought the man stolen one of the Anti trust placards and was holding it tightly to his chest ass. He appeared to be walking away from the aggressive now I was. I will spare nothing and say you know nobody gets an excuses, do not steal someone's property because you disagree with them. Do not destroy their balloons, do not steal their signs, you'll get arrested. It is a crime, but do not physically assaulted them. If you want it, so they were grabbing and it looks like probably because you, to take their sign. So so we got a lot of people in a situation nobody's innocent, but for what look? If it comes, Someone taking your sign. I recommend you know what it's a crime, it's wrong to. Do two wrongs do not make a right, don't knock him to the ground of shove. Him call some. Some authorities stop get. The sign back figure it out
say it comes after another. Elderly man had a milkshakes them yesterday during the demonstrations, while a group of protesters yelled nazi scum so will play a little bit of this video now. Interestingly deposit. This is a video from yesterday. Ok, I guess I can't, but there's a woman screaming in it. base and she actually apologized. So another man has been hit by milkshake ethos, it back, but then they begin shoving have now. This woman with a blonde hair is actually apologized, and I absolutely will accept the apology and I think other people should as well. She recognised what she did was wrong and you have to give people a chance. Otherwise they will only double down if we really want to solve these problems, let them apologized for for their bad behavior, but that's all
another story here from just yet from today actually looks like this morning anti for member arrested for trying to imprison republican students in the classroom. So the reason I'm highlighting these stories is Youtube is taking action against many creators. That's the video I just too many the visa covered today. This context is extremely important, because people like Carlos Malta have routinely advocated for violence against conservatives and those who disagree with them. Even independence, moderates and moderate liberals are being threatened. They scraping things in the log. Liberals get the bullet too, and this is what you see. You see two instances of senior citizens being physically attacked shove to the ground, with milkshakes being you, the military is exactly what Carl's moss as it has advocated for. I wonder why Twitter hasn't, and him for this, but then there was a meeting this story from my northwest on alleged
Member of the local anti for group was arrested Tuesday evening for attempting and very badly failing to chain the doors, locking conservative students in a university of Washington classroom. The final meeting of the Eu Dub College Republicans held in Thomson Hall feature to guest speakers from a local Youtube Channel operation called front. The meeting caught the attention of Emerald City Antiphon on their facebook page. The group encourage members to show up to disrupt the event one person did show up, though its unclear, if he directly can, if he's directly connected with the Facebook page but didn't try to simply disrupt the event he tried to lock. The students in the hall with a chair
look there's a quote. I saw guy in black approach the door, but there had been no protest outside or or anything so, antifraud wasn't necessarily on my right arm. He crouched down and immediately slapped his chain around the door, but shading didn't work. It made a lot of noise as chains against the doors tend to do, and it immediately alerted the students inside one already standing guard. We heard the rattling from outside you W C our president shabby swans, untold rents. We look to see through the window and see that some one was messing with the door and it's very clearly a chain being attached. So personally I ran up to the door and opened it on him. The chain fell to the ground and he ran off, which is good, because I much prefer not to be changed in a room with thirty other people indefinitely. I do believe personally they could have broken the door. There are a lot of guys storms, but this is just an example of kind of the extreme behaviour that people are taking against moderate conservative types. They they are out of their minds. The entire incident
was caught on video by operation called front. The suspected covered his face in a black cloth until cops remove it. You seen on camera sang find the law that that illegal, find the law that it is illegal, dangle a chain over a door as you know, the editor prodigies handcuff and taken away, swans and says he recognizes a suspect from other recent. You W C r events, though this is the first time he's been disruptive. You, W police, haven't publicly identified the suspect, but confirmed he's an eighteen year old who attends a special high school class on campus. One of the other attendees of the event caught up to him and called the police and the police and upcoming in arresting him. You w police, confirm this aspect was interviewed and released and will be charged through investigation for misdemeanor disorderly conduct because the attempt failed so miserably. Many of us did attendees it was funny after they got over the shock of the failed imprisonment. Ok failed, but I do want to stress if this guy chain them in this
That is a serious threat to people's safety, and you have to consider there's a reason why most fire codes require two points. Entrance and appoint of aggressive needs be ways people can escape in the event of a fire, locking someone a room could be extremely dangerous, and yet the wonder what is intentions were with doing it because they certainly could have broken the chain unless some more agreed just as planned following the training. They say they. U, W C hours have been behind a number of events campus progressives deemed offensive. Last month they hosted an affirmative action, bake sale to point out the unfairness of affirmative action. It was a contentious event that led to a lot of shouting and want to rest afterwards, you W President ANA Maria COS Cocky COS condemned the event and declared war on free speech real
here. Cause has not yet responded to request for comment so that there is a video of it. I'm not gonna amounts. It weakens our playing the video, but we can see here in this photo top this young man was arrested. I do want to act like trying to change the door is the worst possible thing, but it is extremely questionable as to why you would want to do it, but I will absolutely make sure we hammer on this point to me of these people. We can see photos of the men being shoved to the ground Being grabbed pushed etc, and this isn't the first time there is also an instance are, on the same event where a woman had to be protected by police, because these crowds we're getting out of hand. So I ask you what have you seen the conservatives doing the same thing. You know back what have you seen the conservatives surrounding people beating I'm fine, where the ground, the woman who pop the truck balloon these things do happen. She was wrong to do it, but we see time and time again its corporate media corporate journalists left physically assaulted, other people to leave their stick around. I got one more segment. Coming up shortly- and I will see you soon.
Men are suing women who accused them of harassment. Will it stop others from speaking out? I believe this is an opinion. Peace, though, isn't labelled as such, but I thought I was interested to read along with you and it was kind of a break from the craziness of what's happening on Youtube and that he platform in the eye. So, let's outlets read about this and talk about the idea now before we start getting into what's going on. Specifically, I will point out that you may followed many stories in the past, where a woman accuse the man and the mandate is defamation, so I believe there's something wrong with Johnny Depp you can't just a few somebody without evidence, because if you do and we can, you can be proven than you could be sued. So I think you know the question is: is it fair, but I also think it's fair point out. We want to protect all of the innocent, be it the falsely accused or the actual victim. So let's have some pride in
They say a series of high profile. Defamation cases have been brought against women in response to the outpouring of misconduct. Allegations in the wake of me too, and women's rights activists say they could have a chilling effect on the movements future, last week, Sounder Mahler, the woman who started France's version of me to appeared in a Paris court where she faced a defamation lawsuit brought by the man she accused of making lewd comments about her in October. Twenty seventeen just days before the meat to hashtag went viral in the wake of allegations made against grace film producer Harvey winding Mahler, a french journalist shared her own story on Twitter, using the has hashtag balanced Tom Pork, which roughly translates to squeal on your pig Mahler alleged that Eric Brian, a senior french television producer had humiliated her by saying you have big breasts. might have a woman. I will make you orgasm all night.
Story soon inspired thousands of others to share their experiences of harassment and assault, catapulted France's national discourse on basically into the me to direction. I'm I'm I'm gonna at a toilet that come in a public apology published by the French Daily Le Monde in December to seventeen Brain admitted? He had made those comments to Mahler, saying that he had made inappropriate or marks to her very late at night during a drink field cocktail party evening, but I did it only once. I believe that officially qualifies not ass. Harassment asked me more than once in court last Wednesday, Brian once again admitted that it set those words to mother, adding that he has sent her an apology text message but did get an answer the following day: he added that mothers. Violence against me has never stopped the violence of people hiding behind their phones. While he's, he has said that he regretted his words brand noted in LE monde that he would have been he would have, he would have rather been tried in a court of justice and the court of social media, and that's exactly what he's done
seen and adds a grey zone. In January twenty eighteen billion announced he would soon Mahler for defamation, asking for fifty thousand euro in damages and ten thousand thousand legal fees when Baronne admitted he had made Albert Camus, similar. His lawyer, Marie Burger Boolooroo, told me, and the reason they father, defamation suit was because mother had accused him of harassment at work on twitter. This is defamatory because we can't blame a man for making himself guilty of an offence when there's one. That's absolutely not the case.
mother, who had recently been honoured as a silence, breaker and person of the year by Time magazine said at the time she was surprised by brands, change of strategy writing on her face with paid she said, but Balanced Tom Pork movement has inspired victims to speak out and has shed shed light on a real social problem that is still such a taboo with this summons. However, they want to force me to shut up vowing to fight this until the end mother said that she had hoped that the trial will be an opportunity to hold a real debate on the ways to combat harassment, but Celine Peak spokesperson for the french, feminist or association, oh say LA feminism, dare feminism, told CNN at the trial is absurd and one that amplifies a culture in which the courts are trying to
I believe there is a grey zone between harassment and seduction. There is full stop, especially in United States. I'm not trying to be a dick seriously. A man or woman is allowed to flirt and hit on and ask somebody out until they are told to stop seriously you when it comes to harassment. If a guy comes up to women in the workplace and says something evocative, or even offensive, though the first response is to say officially, you can't do that anymore. Dont. Do it again if they continue, you now are in harassment territory. That's the! U S is France. I understand this. Difference is important this out, because just understand human beings are attracted to each other mostly men and women, to each other, but often yes, there is meant in men and men, women, women etc, which means, regardless of what the gender is. You will find yourself in a situation where some one will
attracted to you and will act upon it. I personally find it completely. Okay seriously. If there's a woman at the workplace was wearing beautiful, clothing and she's very attractive in a man what's up to her, and he says something to her, that may be inappropriate. He deserves a warning. First, no reason for this is that some people do like the attention, so we can't do it. Like it sweep of just can't talk about it, because human beings behave in certain ways. While I certainly believe there's a line between appropriate and inappropriate and you can definitely cross the line. We politicians say something like talking about her breasts and making an orgasm. I can understand what s going way too far, but still not harassment. He should not have said it, but he deserves a warning that was inappropriate. Don't say that again, if you said something like you're beautiful, I like take it at dinner and gonna stay with you. He deserves a lick. She she rejected. You don't ask again right there. There has to be a warning for four behaviour. Everybody deserves a warning for the most part of
if they commit a crime, I think, then you actually get some punitive response. We ll get arrested. You may get a life sentence, but you know unless you're actually breaking the laundry something egregious. I dont think we could destroy someone's life over the stuff. They say women. already face immense challenges in speaking out against harassment and gender based violence. For several reasons, peak added, including the fear of in their job or other forms of retaliation. The threat of defamation only compounds that fear France's judicial system already doesn't respond to the testimonies of women. Peak said: that's, I think, that's absolutely absurd. France's weight to the left of United States, but it cannot. From there? So I dont know adding that, even in the wake of me to only a fraction of women who have been raped brought their cases to police. The large available figures from the French Ministry of Social Affairs, health and women's rights show an average of eighty four thousand only become victims every year, less or attempts victims of assault or attempts less than forty percent of estimated by
cases were registered with police from November twenty fourteen two October, twenty fifteen, with only seven hundred seventy one people convicted in twenty fourteen. This is a problem with how these numbers work in that people often say if it wasn't reported. How do you know what actually happened and how many that are claimed were fake? It's hard to know. It is a challenge french journalist, Lauren, busted and spokesperson for the funds Movement, Prenomens Laughlin. Let's take the front page told CNN that societal norms still informed the judicial process in France. Women are asked how they were dressed before the accused gets ask any questions. She said and I think that's absolutely wrong, explaining that critics of the fund, this movement are dangerously conflicting assault with be french tradition of flirting or seduction. Justice is sexist in the image of society. Peak added she tributes backlash against the meeting movement, two men who were not ready to give up their privileges. Oh please, let's stop! That's, not an argument
absolutely not an argument. We want justice, I don't have the french system works, but we can protect people from false accusations, as well as the victims of actual crimes to challenge, but we must do it the steed, also said the economic factors play a role in assault cases with women from working class or poor backgrounds, less likely to report their abuser because they can be sued. Fortunately, there are spaces waken express yourself, but an extremely poor, Article twitter is a wonderful tool, but it also them, but it is also the most violent tool that can turn against us. This, just this seems to be the sentiment of so many of these people that words and speech our violence. I'm sorry can we just stop now. I we can't because these people are nuts. but shore a precision strike. Brian, however, seems to believe he is a casualty of the meat movement sang in court last Wednesday. That is a victim of a precision. Precision strike. Miller in suing her for defamation brand joy?
the growing list of wealthy men and powerful positions who have taken legal action against their accusers. Last month, Jeffrey Rush was awarded to point nine million austrian dollars after winning is defamation case against a journalist and city newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, the australian newspaper poor. That rush had inappropriately touched. His king Lear Coaster, Erin Jean at Norville on her breast and back followed her into a bathroom and centre and inappropriate text message during this shows production in Sydney. Russia denied all accusations. So we get it lets us lets us rebels, we get it cause they get, they they basically go through. Bunch of high profile instances. They show Bill, Cosby, unhappy, Whiteside, etc. So a kind of get there take on the conclusion here. They say in February the French prosecutor's office Dutch also back little bit dutch actor
sound, then Roy, who accuse french film director Luke Besson of assault at her hotel and of repeated non can sexual relations, some of which were violent, had come to see to the court to support Mahler. In February the french prosecutor's office dropped her case saying there was not enough evidence to support the charge Besson denied the allegations. Misstatements CNN Lou presents lawyer theory. Marimba said Bessy regrets that some people prematurely condemned him and thanks others for their consistent support that helped him to face these complicated months than Roy, told CNN. She believes there is a culture everywhere that has nourished by culture. Parent school, one is conditions to judge women. Women are afraid to speak out. You said because they know that they can everything as I did, but we are stronger than this and we're going to keep fighting. So I didn't really answer their own question. They ask, but I will say if you lie about someone you will be sued, so it's not
I assume that were seeing this story of many many instances where people are falling, suits against those who have accused them when they elected was false. They going to say that people from underprivileged backgrounds are less likely to report the assault because they can't handle a lawsuit. I would also contend that individuals who falsely accused dont have the ability to fight back to defend themselves is complicated process. How we protect the innocent is what is, is a challenge for trying to overcome we're doing a pretty good job, not perfect. We can do better, but let's recognise that I'm alive with their thanks rang out, stick around more videos to come tomorrow. Ten Amman is Jennifer the pot guest everyday, starting at the actual about six thirty p m. I get an opponent on they frank it up. I will see you on accession.
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