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We Are In A Cold Civil War And It's Getting Worse

2018-09-28 | 🔗

We are in what is called the Cold Civil War. The partisan divide has been growing steadily since the beginning of the decade and we can now actually see just how bad it is based on Pew Research data. Carl Bernstein said we are looking at the great battles of the cold civil war. Historical moments that will be looked back upon. But did this really begin with president Donald Trump? Will it end if the democrats win? Or will our country continue down an authoritarian path regardless of who is in power?

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Yesterday for over nine hours. I believe we sat through the Cavenaugh hearings a lot. People are insulting brought Cavanaugh, saying that he was whiny ill tempered their attacking us character. Many people are saying it involves a Ford is a liar, but you do have people on the left saying forward as a hero and she was composed and you people on the right, Saint Kavin. I was passionate and it was sad to see you know the the anger in him and, in the end, the sadness from being smeared. In this way, my twitter is pretty fairly balanced between left and right, and I know- so that we really are living in different realities. I made a lot of it talking about civil war, to point dough and what that really means. But now we have this story forums to couple days ago is from raw story com oh Bernstein, Tell CNN, Cavanaugh and Rosen's dine battles for the. U S is in a cold civil war. We actually have data from. I believe it's from Pew Internet research that shows just how this is happening, is actually really fascinating to see the split between Democrats and Republicans grow wider and wider, actually kind of scary.
And then it scared to see the sentiment from any people on social media. I have some examples, but let's start by rail what Mr Bernstein has to sail novices Rostov raw story is considered to be far left. Take any consideration: legendary Rapporteur, Karl Bernstein. Tall CNN new day Monday at the current battles over deputy, turning general rod, Ravenstein accused of conspiring against the President and Supreme Court nominee Brett Cavanaugh, accused by multiple women of sexual assault, show the. U S is in a cold civil war, with the truth as a primary casualty, asked by CO host Alison camera. How anyone could discern the truth about cabin accuser, Christine body for delegations quote if it's really just truly. He said she said at that point, because the FBI isn't investigating and no other witnesses are called out. Bernstein said he didn't know as another quote, One thing we need to understand and larger context of all of this, and that is that we are in a coal civil war in this country. These two events-
both the Mueller Investigation and the cabin a nomination are almost the gettysburg and anti attempt at present around the absolute central battles of this called civil war. Burnside said both Democratic Republic we're exploitative situation making met even worse, instead of having to parties committed to finding out the truth in these two important matters, you said, We are now into serious tribalism here, but he laid out the blame on President Trump and its behaviour in office, he said, I think it is disproportionate, because the present states through his own lying has shown he has no interest in the truth. Bernstein said the mechanisms of government. Our system is not working right now and as a result, we have a constitutional crisis which really fascinating. When you hear this claim for one, a lot of people have about the civil war. Is it coming soon? Alright, alright, alright, are we already in it when the points I made is that history is condensed when we look back at world war, two in the history books
Major moments of the war are place next to each other in terms of relevance, but they may have actually taken may have been years apart. So it's possible that in thirty years we look back and say that's when the civil war started. It was the election of Donald Trump. It was the two years up until the election of Donald Trump with the street violence and the attacks on trumped supporters, or it's possible that it's here with the breath, Cavanaugh hearings and the clear divide between the left and the right. I really don't know, but I do believe it is fair to say that, in my opinion I would say this: we are in a cold civil war. There is violence in the streets, people are being smeared alma on the left and the right people on the right are: I'll not season and nationalists and the media is framing everything in very specific ways in my opinion unintentionally, but to generate money in this extremely polarized I want a move now onto this study from the Pew Research Centre. Political polarisation is actually from October twentieth. Twenty seventeen
and they say ninety ninety four twenty seventeen the interactive chart below. Threats the shift in the american public's political values over the past two decades, using a scale of ten questions, asked other on seven Pew Research Centre survey since nineteen eighty four the share of Americans with ideology, consistent values. The sheriff Americans with ideologically consistent values has increased over this time and these political vote is also have become more strongly associate with partisanship. These jets are particularly pronounced, mom politically engaged Americans use the controls below. To see more detailed and about more detail about ideological consistency and the american public since nineteen. Eighty four. This is fascinating. We're gonna go by the general part of general. Public by party and what we can see years at ninety. Ninety four, the media endemic and meeting Republican, our space about yet far from each other, but there's a substance.
Overlap. You can see you ve got. This is the red, and this is the blue. These are people who are democratic people, republican and very few Democrats are consistently conservative and very few republicans are consistently liberal, There are a liberal cans Republicans and there are conservative Democrats and we get do you know any, for there was a dramatic overlap between the two parties. We can move on to ninety ninety nine and we see that everything sort of shifted to the left. The median Republican has moved a little bit left hears the centre and the media Democrats has shifted a limit to the left, but we still have this very strong overlap and that looks that to me looks safe and fair but fails to me like we do have divide on certain. We ought. We are divided on certain issues, but for the most part we agreed. We can move on that As for and see that Republicans actually moved a little bit to the left. The Democrats tenderest tended to stay the same with the largest of the centre being Republican
What particularly interesting about this seeing the core, the Democrats mostly didn't move in the past five years. The Republicans moved on to the left is is the year of the release of Michael Morse Fahrenheit. Nine eleven is the document. That gross two two hundred and twenty two million dollars the box office was a smash. It has a budget of six million dollars and the industry as for you, can see that most people were kind of in the middle and overlap with each other's values. The median Democrat almost in early overlaps with Republicans, meaning though we were divided in terms of certain issues. This is the centre and we are very close to each other. The median Democrat Mean Republican, mostly agree, but then we can move on a twenty eleven and see the Republicans made a big shift to the right,
The centre is starting to actually split. This is where things targeting interesting. I pay attention to this if you're listening and you can see that the the graph, the Republicans have made a big moved to the right, the democratic stay, the same. Let's move it twenty fourteen. We can see now that both the Democrats and Republicans have pushed further to the left and the right and the centre, where Republicans and Democrats agree is shrinking now, the median Democrat overwhelmingly does not agree with the medium Republican. However, the meeting Republican still kind of agrees in innocence with some Democrats right. So what. The wagon calibre this down. As there are more median democrats that are not in line with conservatives, but in terms of meeting Republicans war in line with Democrats, there is actually a decent split. Now we can move on to where things start getting scarier the lines, mostly don't change, but we can see here that in twenty fifteen Democrats, mostly did not agree with Republicans, and the same is true for four publicans, but in twenty four,
according to Pew research, we can see that it would appear. There is much more ideological diversity among Republicans, although for the most part, they mean consistently conservative. There appear to be slightly less Republicans, work in Sicily, conservative and slightly more Democrats who are consistently liberal, and thus we come to the election of Donald Trump and where that is brought us in twenty seventeen. We can see that, according to Pew, the median Democrat has shifted dramatically to the left and the media Republican has mostly stayed the same. The centre, where Democrats agree and disagree is all entirely gone, and there are very few republicans who would be considered consistently. Liberal. The overwhelming majority looks like it's probably aren't. Eighty percent of Democrats have nothing to agree on with rub with the Republicans this. We can see this massive split if you, again. We see that the meeting
It has now moved to probably about these working to describe it is in terms of quadrant They are on the far left. Twenty five percent or the Republicans are sort of in the forty or fifty percent off. The right Republicans are much closer to the center than the Democrats are contrasted with one thousand nine hundred and ninety four and show you just how close everyone was to each other, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. We almost entirely agreed on most spins, but with slight differences and today, a dramatic and I think we talk about the cold civil war. We can see it in this data and I'd have to imagine it has only gotten worse in the past year now on a point out some statements, not all not everything, but this is from Jill Philippa which- and this is from today just a little bit before us one whose video she said- divorce, Republican husbands- and this is a verified
twitter user, with eighty one thousand followers. It's not be most egregious example of someone saying don't be involved with Republicans, but we can see that however, this cold civil war is, has gone to the point where people are actually on it luckily advocating for women to divorce their husbands if their republican one data point, I didn't actually got, don't have pulled up the time right now, but it is from Pew research as well is that millennial women are sixty eight percent democrat millennial. Men are fifty percent republican and only forty five percent Democrat, so there is a huge shift between men and women. The reason I'm highlighting this comment is that it is just one comment of many where they say things like you shouldn't be friends with Trump supporters. These are people you know coming is coming from the left. I have this article that I pulled up from forward and it says no, we don't have to be friends with Trump supporters, and this is for
Polly eleven on June twelve, twenty eighteen, I'm not necessarily interested in the entire argument- is making just. I just want to show that there is sentiment among people on the left that you should not even be friends with Trump supporters, and let me John back to this graph and and show you this centre right here right here. We can see them a crescent Republicans kind of agreeing you know, so you have consistently liberal, consistently conservative. It doesn't necessarily mean their voting in the same way, but it means that they hold similar values and there are decent amount of people who are republican, who hold similar values to people more Democrat. But the Democrats have pulled away for the most part, and now I would probably find myself much closer to the middle, where I do have a lot in common with many conservatives, but consider myself to be consistently liberal, and I have much less in common with the medium I'm a threat, and this is presenting a huge challenge for someone who is consider themselves to be on the left. So I want to pull up this
This is the actual report which came out. I believe this came out just before around the time is p when they set at the party, divide and political values grows. Even wider shark shifts Democrats on aid to media, race and immigration. For the most part, I want to go through the whole thing it talks about government aid to the needy is being divided, with publicans being very in favour of a certain. Democratically other direction racial discrimination. The Democrats are much more in favour of identity, politics and re space policy than the right is on immigration. Much more Democrats are in favour of immigration and Republicans peace through strong, Democrats are overwhelmingly for diplomacy, whereas the right is more. Overwhelmed me for military strength, and you can see they say: party gaps, much larger than demographic differences. There's a lot of talk about a cold civil war and where this could lead, perhaps it won't led to violence are not entirely sure but
I wanted to know if there was at least some sentiment, some expert who could say whether or not the? U S has been worse than this before I'm concerned that as the partisan divide grows, we could You come to a point where there is more excessive. Violence may be insurgency. Authoritarianism. On the rise and, if that's the case, are we sing something new in the history of our country, or has this happened in the past? Why can't speak specifically, but I do have the story from NPR from me. First has the partisan divide ever been this bad author, John Medium says yes, Steve. Escape talks to John Medium, whose new book, the soul of Amerika the battle for our better angels, is an attempt to understand the present by looking looking back at critical times in history. I dont know if John Medium is the experts to ask whether not it's been this bad, but this is just one article found where the conversation has existed, and certainly the idea of something worse than where it's been has existed, I think, is fairly
obvious the civil war, the actual civil war, was a much worse divide, but wasn't necessarily a partisan divide. I think the answer is kind of yes but it was more of a sovereign state issue. With luck, it's right complicate, I'm not gonna get the bulk of the civil war, but I guess you could call it to be a relatively part as an issue. So John Medium says the question. I get asked all the time is: has ever been this bad and the answer is yes, in fact, it's been worse, we are in a very I believe, perilous moment because of the President of United States. I will state that, but I also think it's worth pointing out that Andrew Johnson announced that African Americans were genetically incapable of self government
keeps as this is the president. After the civil war regions, as he was a bully, he was self absorbed. He gave self pitying speeches any of the sound familiar. You know, as Mark TWAIN is reputed to have said. History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. The story of american history is that we have in fact moved forward and what we have done- and the reason I wanted to look back at the moment is that we have been is. That is what have been the moments where president's have either been really right and let us forcefully and proactively, and what about the moments where they ve been really wrong, and how do we overcome that? I'm not saying this man is correct and that thing is opinions are right. I'm just saying that as bad as it is today, it's entirely possible, it's been worse and might actually get better. I dont know in my personal opinion, I feel like it's only going. Get worse and seeing this data from Pew Research under title freaks me up seeing the response from people calling for the imprisonment in the condemnation of bright Cavanaugh without evidence,
worries me now, as of today, the American BAR Association has said that there should be an FBI investigation into wreck Cavenaugh and far be it from me to claim. I know better then the American BAR Association. I will, however, point out that a coin and the F B, I said that they have done all they can and as no federal crime has been committed, they will not be investigating, and thus you have these two perspectives. On the right. The FBI investigation is is a false call, because the F B, I don't draw conclusions anyway. It wouldn t do anything. What's the point other than to delay the nomination vote, the confirmation, but I'm sorry but people letter saying the F B. I could infect corroborate timelines and present some facts that these and a judiciary committee hasn't heard, thus potentially corroborating Blasi forts claims, but it's really hard to know for sure, and you ve got two sides kind of existing into different realities with some saying Ford. Was that a champion of respect- and it was so great to see- are strengthened some sanctions, obviously
are some people, Saint Kavin. I was snide, snarking and ruin and other saying you can see his anger in his passion in defending himself and his family and thus well it's an unfortunate position for me, because here's the way, I feel, let's talk about my personal opinions on this issue. I like Bernie Sanders, I think, is a little bit a little bit left of me and that's ok, because he's not he's not gonna describe it but he's not as extreme I do not like the authoritarian left. I do not like the authoritarian right. I really have no issues with the libertarian right because, for the most part, they're not in favour of a regulation or restriction, in which case there no real threat to the things that I I want. The threats to the things that I want tend to be authoritarian, right and authoritarian, left and as of right now, the authoritarian left is much stronger. No, I'm not saying the literal, you know, there's a left faction. It wants to put some authority figure in power and talk, about the general idea of authoritarian tendencies, and this means that people want
impose laws on others without their consent. I am also referring to the regressive left, which is typically defined as illiberal reactionaries. These are people who want to return the? U S to some kind of status quo, and I am not exaggerating when you see what went down at all by Wall Street, where they segregated people by rights. When you see the room set up at these protests for in a black eyes, met or other groups that say coloured people only- and you see that many people left are advocating for racial segregation in various ways. That would be a return to the old status quo and it is an ill liberal, reactionary position. I do not believe most of the left as we describe it holds that position, but I do believe most of the left is doing nothing about it and thus the regressive left, the authoritarian left, is doing everything in their power. Seemingly too, size. People like me from the party. I will never vote for conservative, because conservatives don't have my values and I dont know. If I can vote for the Democrats because now they ve shifted so far to the authoritarian left. I can't support these positions, and that leaves me
strange limbo, where I sit back and watch what looks like a cold civil war with street battles. With insane rhetoric and calls for people to divorce the republican husbands. I have no idea worth is going or how about it's. Gonna get but I'll. Tell you what I'm not a proper. I don't The world is ending, but I did by some emergency food for, like I'm, not joking. I think that's a reasonable thing to do, considering how crazy things have gotten and with people claiming that this is kind of on par with where we were after the first civil war, perhaps this social media news organisations and the desperate attempts at generating traffic to make money is going to continually push people into insane. Apples where they will never be able to rectify their beliefs with the other side, and that's only gonna leave one thing it's going to lead to some kind of, oh level, insurgency, where we will probably start seeing things get rather violent. It's hard to build there will be an actual civil war, because there's no territorial lines so
Perhaps this is why we haven't seen hardcore violence, but we do have major cities as hubs for the left and rural areas as hubs for the right. And thus perhaps this is how the conflict, the street conflicts, the actual physical violence, will occur when conservative figures come too liberal areas to hold demonstrations and, as we ve seen in the past, its lead to violence. But I don't know these are just a few sources. It's a couple anecdotal bits of of evidence combined with a couple decades. A few internet research. It isn't necessarily include anything, it's just something I really want to talk about. So let me note thing in the comments below keep the conversation going. You follow me on Twitter item cast and if you want to watch me rant about my personal opinions, to a greater extent, go to my second chain Youtube com slashed him cast a news starting at six p m for videos about culture and politics. That's much less nuanced! I get well. Actually, I think everything I d always tends to be new ones, but I tend to be much more opinionated and less focused on the data. So
Quite banks were hanging out and I will see you all that.
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