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Wisdom Of The Crowd Predicting TRUMP LANDSLIDE, Farage Says Polls Are LYING To Suppress Trump Vote


Wisdom Of The Crowd Predicting TRUMP LANDSLIDE, Farage Says Polls Are LYING To Suppress Trump Vote. Nigel Farage says that the goal of media is to trick voters into thinking they can't win.Betting odds across the board are saying that either Trump landslides or that his odds are way better than the forecasters give.But polling seems to be partisan these days with some saying Trump is guaranteed to win and others saying he has only a 10% chance.But USC Dornsife says wisdom of the crowd is a better indicator of victory and if thats true than Draft Kings betting odds suggest trump hits a 49 state landslide.Joe Biden is favored to win and Democrats are favored to take the house and the senateSeems like we will know more tomorrow

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In twenty sixteen Nate silver of five. Thirty eight got it wrong and I'm not talking about the general election. He gave Donald Trump. I believe a twenty seven percent chance of winning and then, when Donald Trump one he said, I gave him slightly better than one in four. I wasn't wrong. The poles were off. My forecast was correct and Trump one having a twenty seven percent chance of winning means. Very often, you actually win right now. Five thirty eight is giving down from a ten percent chance of winning the only problem. As I said, he was wrong, but Lucy Wrong about Michigan. He said with Absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton would defeat Bernie Sanders in Michigan. He couldn't call that race. The poles were disaster and right now,
the poles are saying Joe Biden is going to win, but for some reason the wisdom of the crowd suggests Donald Trump will actually win. The wisdom of the crowd is, when you ask everyone what they think will be or what is, and then you kind of get a distributed MA or distributed answer. One person probably doesn't have all the answers, so I communism doesn't work, but a large group of people will give you a sort of her wants to be a millionaire. Ask the audience distribution. The way it works is, if you ask one person, who's gonna, when they might say Joe Biden, say: ok, should I trust him should I trust snake silver. But if you ask a hundred people, you might get sixty while saying Joe Biden in forty people saying Donald Trump and then you might say interesting what makes them think this. You know I would take a hundred Nate silver. At their word, but one guy who happens to be an expert on until convinced is correct,
but you see Doorn Safe has been asking experimental questions and I've covered this quite a bit. This is not the main bulk of what I wanna talk to you about. They are asking people how they think they're friends will vote and found in the past five elections. They ve tracked. Wisdom of the crowd is a better indicator, then directly asking someone their intention, which brings me to what I really want to show you Betting odds now I know betting odds aren't a guarantee, it's just what people think, but therein lies the point: if U S adorn Sif is saying wisdom of the crowd Is a better indicator, ladies and gentlemen, behold from draft kings election pool, only one state thinks Joe Biden will be president in this tweet. They say with overthrown,
A thousand entries a majority of people in every state, besides Colorado predict Donald Trump will be the winner of tomorrow's election. Now predicted doesn't say the same thing. They think the odds are favouring Joe Biden, but why, then is it that predicted is giving better odds to Donald Trump? Then five, thirty eight and that's the important question I want to look at today. I think regular people are sick and tired of what's going on. You know we're seeing people boarding up their cities, New York, Deasey all across Amerika. Why it's not Donald Trump their worried about. If you ve got regular people boarding up, it stands to reason they understand the real threats of the far left. I think regular people know Joe Biden is bad. I think there are a lot of blind people and I think, when it comes to betting, people would be well I'd, say people think you're done to vote against Donald Trump, I don't know, should vote against. I don't know whose
When Bologna tell you this, I believe the poles are wrong for the eight hundredth time. Now that doesn't mean Joe Biden going to win or lose. It just means. I think the poles are wrong and guess what so do all of these people who are making bets? Let's take a look at what's going on before we do had over the TIM cast outcomes lashed donate. If you would like to support my work there, many waging give got a p o box. One of them is unstoppable. thing. You can do share this video. A lot of people may be relying on these poles. Alot of people may be confused our Trump one last time. Well, let me explain Thanks to you and show you what's going on, I give you some reasons. Why does the Poles may in fact be wrong and I'll show you what regular people actually think? If you think I do a good job and my videos are reasonable, tenable, rational and informative, please consider sharing numbness support my work and over two like share subscribe, hit the notification. Well, let's take a look at what is happening in this image. As I've already shown you, the drafting,
election pool has all of their countries basically saying trumps, gonna win and restate suffer Colorado. They say: haven't entered our election Paul, it's absolutely free people are being told to enter this. This pool the I'm sorry election pool through no cost of their own and their entering it saying I think I think it's gonna be from now. Of course, Kyle Griffin of MSNBC says this is not how data works and no one suggesting this is hard data on. What's going to happen, it's just people go again saying it's gonna be Trump, but they look at predicted. Predicted is another betting market and they say Donald Trump has about a forty one percent chance of winning the way this works, as you buy, shares in an individual and then once the races over in the results are, and then it is it's about sixty four cents to a dollar so hears it happens. If you put sixty four cents down and Joe Biden for one share
abide wins, you get a dollar back, they mean to be, but on Donald Trump you're getting sixty cents for every forty cents. You put down your point, forty one such areas. I think that's how it works at an aren't, really know the point, as they are saying, the odds are slightly better. What I am sorry, the odds are significantly better for Donald Trump in the budding markets, nothing about predicted. The reason I show this is that predicted actually costs you money, whereas draft kings they say is free The draft kings may just be Trop supporters, going in spamming. Every single pool, saying I think it's gonna be Trump, but I'm not We sure that actually making a bet is free. They entering our election pool is free with a hundred Kane prizes. So it seems like there's no harm and in just you know going in there and budding, maybe when it comes to how people really feel like. If you ask someone had no, no, no, no pressure, no demands and requirements is, who do you think is gonna win? They say Trump
but when it comes to actually putting money on it, a lot of people are like. I don't know man the media there saying Joe Biden. Well, let me show you what Knight silver is saying over at Newsweek what Nate Silver had to say about trumps chances on election day, one day until election, and I will counter this with another story, arguing the media is manipulating people to suppress their about Newsweek says democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden has favoured to win Neil, this Tuesday. According to the latest forecasts on Monday by five thirty eight, however, President Donald Trump still has about a tent percent chance of winning the election says: American Statistician, Nate Silver, the websites founder. According to the latest forecasts, Five. Thirty eight Biden has a ninety percent chance of winning the election, but remember that doesn't mean there is still a path for Trump Trot might be the underdog and he needs a big pulling error in his favour but trigger pulling errors, but I'm sorry but bigger.
Pulling errors have happened in the past. As not necessarily true, either there have been a few forecasters who have put an electoral college maps that say these maps show Trump victory without a without the poles being wrong within the polls. The margin of error there is a path for Trump quote: a ten percent. chance of winning, which is what our forecasts gives Trump, is roughly the same as the odds that it's raining in downtown LOS Angeles and it does rain there. Downtown allay as about thirty six rainy days per year or about a one in ten, shot of a rainy day, Pennsylvania could make or break the election? Recent polls have shown Biden to be leading in Pennsylvania,
However, it has been a narrow, led silver noted Sunday. According to our forecast, Pennsylvania is the most likely tipping point state and a lot of biting chances in electoral college hinge on what happens in Pennsylvania. He leads trump there by about five points in our pulling average, but it's not as large a margin, as Biden might like the results, of the latest Reuters Ipsos Weekly Poll published Sunday conducted among one thousand and six adults. Six hundred and seventy three likely voters in pencil. I know from October twenty seven November first showed fifty one percent would vote for Biden, while fifty four percent would vote for Trump. The pole had a credibility interval of four points, which means well within the margin of error. We don't know. What's going to happen, everybody wants to tell you I do know what's going to happen and I think that's just hubris now only show you something funny about predicted.
you come here. They say here the rules. Ah well, ok, here we go printed, it may determine how to settle the market while a block their decisions. Ok, I'm not gonna. The rules are meaningless, but let scroll down to what I really want to show a comment that I thought was really funny. One user said us posted a screen shot of a poll in general. Do you think more of your neighbours, our voting for Joe Biden or Donald Trump Likely voters said Biden, thirty, nine percent trump, forty eight percent. There you go, nobody wants to admit the running for Trump, and makes silver is adamant. There is no secret tromp voter drop it. It's not real. I disagree because I know them As I have friends in my life, warlike, please don't tell anybody. I will be destroyed I and musicians and pop culture cons. Who said, I would lose all of my endorsement deals if anyone found out
I was in Hollywood about a year or two years ago- maybe I met a b c. Less celebrity tv show actor moderately well known, and someone said disguise voting for tropical come on come on come on such can be fired, no joke that person wouldn't even tell his friends like she known to know we're in private trumps, eager voters real. It's like the least that's what I think now interesting lean there's according to real their politics trump is not accelerating, like he was in twenty sixteen. They say you know. In twenty sixteen coated election day, Tromp was improving and
seal the deal the Poles were wrong, but he was improving. He says that's not happening today. Well, I disagreed. Take a look at this Donalds not done yet Trump narrows gap to six points across twelve battleground states and raises prospect of a late upset, despite being ahead by ten points nationally. Well, Trump. Isn't ahead, ten points nationally Biden. Is they deprive phrase that better but Trump is airing the gap, so he is accelerating and at six points that's arguably within the margin of error I mean Biden, support could be lower, Trump support could be higher, but we'll see if there is wrong, as they were right now in twenty. Sixteen trumpet still lose it may be that there are even more wrong than ever. I dont know I dont know why. I should trust apples. I dont know why. I should trust the media anymore, and therein lies the big point,
the main point. If the media is gonna lie about so much then. Why should I believe, they're pulling is true incorrect. You see, I think it maybe Matt Tybee are Glengarry on a mature, but he was met. Ivy said Trump is the most lying president, but the most lied about Is it not? A day goes by. I dont see some ridiculous lie in the media right now. There's a story from the daily beast: that's s, trumps camp is sweat and they're gonna lose and I'm wondering the who were you talking to its for illicit there's, an image of trop with like sweat coming off and it was like trot surrogate and truck seem to be really nervous vein they're gonna lose and, unlike the people who, I know who are connected to the Trump campaign, are not sweating. In fact, they have a bigger problem, hubris,
yeah, the people I talk to who know and our around the trumps circles are gloating and laughing we're gonna win, and we know it. Sorry if they lose ill, because if it will be because of hubris, not because they are worried and panicked and sweating or at the very least, they really do think they're going to win, and maybe it's because of lawsuits, maybe because the poles are wrong. I can't, but they do think so. Tromp there's, like one new story, was at his walking off stage because that's end, this trump thinks he's gonna win and tromp Trump wins. I mean look at his life But we do have one reason to suggest why the Poles may be wrong. Take Nigel for eyes the architect of bricks, it they said breaks. It would never happen for us unfamiliar
it's when Britain left the European Union, they said it will never happen, no one's gonna vote for this, and then they did and then I got jammed up in parliament now trying to leave the EU but couldn't get done and then something wonderful happened for the people of the Uk December thirteenth. I believe twenty nineteen, the conservatives one so resign accordingly that certain areas it hadn't vote, voted left in nearly ninety years switch to conservative shocking everyone. The poles certainly did not predicted apples were off, but the Poles did expect conservatives that the Tories New K to win. They just thought the laughable to form a coalition and have the majority. No, that's not what happened there.
People of the UK, sad breaks it again three years later, so why should, I believe, the media, and why shouldn't I take the word of Nigel Fries for for what he sang, he planned Rex it and he won there's really saying now, mainstream media using poles to suppress trump turn up quote. I think that pulling his then used by the establishment as a way of disincentive eyes. Another side to go out and vote means media poles, showing Joe Biden with a wide lead, are failing to accurately gauge support for Trump and are being used to suppress trump voter turnout. According to breakfast architect, Nigel Barrage Garage the british politician, who let an underdog movement to remove the UK from the European Union said he believes Trop will win despite current poles, just like in twenty sixteen quote,
I think that pulling is often used by the establishment as a way of business and devising at this I did not vote for. I sat on just the news. I'm television show the morning of bricks. It there was a pole release that said remain in the EU work ten points ahead and it was done very simply to say to potential leave. Voters do you know, do you know what it's raining, dont bother to get down to the local school and vote, because you're gonna lose anyway. for. I said he was struck with american Poles because of what he called tiny sample size is generating marginal margins of air between three to four percent. Come on. You know, o in Florida bite into half of half a percent ahead. Its
Dickie Alice, because the margin of error is several times bigger than that he's right. The margin of error is massive in these polls that historical air of five percent and twenty sixteen and they they failed to call floored on twenty. I didn't I mentioned in my previous agreement when the mainstream media in recent decades voters, oppression is typically cited by Democrats who say Republicans aim to keep progressive voters from turning out. He said he absolutely believes that poles this year are to suppress Republican turn up. I also think that after the year we ve been through and after the hysteria over black lives matter and the fear that if we even question the marxist movement that somehow we're gonna be condemned for being racist and put on some list are treated in some way. I think the phenomenon of the shy tramper who's, not just whose just not going to tell the poster what they for fear there going to be knocked down in a book somewhere is even greater than it was four years ago. I agree I didn't vote last time. That's why I think trumps gonna win this time, but look.
I don't know. What's going to happen, I have a gut feeling for Trump My head is saying the Porter saying Biden. I have no idea what three four I said. He agreed with the result seen by pulling from a Trafalgar group which specialise in tracking hidden from voters, confirm conforming to what the M calls a social desirability biased Conservative, an independent trump voters feel my regional and fearful about expressing their support for the president due to Shop Social, stigma in news, media and social media. Trafalgar group found a rubber gaily, told rip real, clear politics. This bias and twenty twenty is worse than it was four years ago. I think that's right, for I said, and I also think there's another factor here, which is a lot of people who feel they that that their let down by the political establishment, the media establishment see the polling establishment as being part of the same group, so if they get an email or telephone call for appalling company that use Anglos.
X and language to say we are not playing the game with you, so it's actually quite difficult to track many of these people, not only that in Florida, their murmurs that Democrat latino voters are voting for, from so even if they are saying and early voting democrats are turning out these numbers. They may voted for Trump, not only that in p, where we're seeing as a democrat voter turnout in early voting? These could be union Democrats voting for Trump perhaps I'm getting it wrong because target smart, the early voting tracking the most are using used a model determine the party affiliation. I guess we can. We wait and see how they gonna say: fries educated. This correspond The use of the british lying Anglo Saxon language as a euphemism for words, beginning with F and others that we're not gonna talk about on your show. Wonderful trunk beat the pollsters before and you can do it again.
fr. I tweeted on Thursday, while linking to his UK telegraph essay laying out why he thinks Trump has meant M not showing up in many mainstream media poles. How about this? Fifty seven thousand people turned out in Butler P, insane twenty thousand were in the stadium. Fifteen thousand were waiting outside and the remaining twelve apparently, were in the peripheral areas. My understanding, as it was told me by some politicos, the sea,
service estimated. Fifty seven, fifty eight Kate, twenty thousand people inside fifteen thousand waiting outside couldn't get in those are numbers man that rock stars struggle to get an that's Donald Trump. They gonna say the truck twenty twenty campaign. Pollster John Maclaughlan told just the news that Facebook blocking new ads in the final week of the presidential election cycle is also an attempt to discourage republican voters. Waiting devout closer to election day. Mclaughlin said that facebooks decision to halt new campaign adds is part of its political censorship. The Democrats came out early and the Democrats have leads in a lot of these states based on party registration, affiliation and they're, trying to stop the Republicans from coming out right now We ve been tracking the early voting and a lot of Democrats have cast their votes by mail or in person, and now the republican votes are coming to an excellent point. Facebook says: there's a spending ads in the final weak, And we know Republicans are most likely to turn out in the final week, which means there
putting down adds that could swing, independence for Donald Trump seems like their cheating, the sir says this week is when many Republicans will about comparing the election to sports. He's at Democrats are ahead after the third quarter and they want to cancel the fourth quarter and go into a prevented defence scheme. Frog was called onstage by Trump on Wednesday during in Arizona campaign Rally one of five different events. He said, he'd been too in a previous forty hours. He said that it has extensive mingling. He encountered crowds of ardent trump supporters, who said they didn't support trump and twenty sixteen, but were planning to it. they twenty just because we ve got mail in ballots just because a turnout is going to be significantly higher than it was in? Sixteen doesnt mean it's all going the Democrats way for I said we don't know. What's going to happen in terms of who's going to win If you were to ask me on my personal experience, my friends, my family and my vote, it looks like a trump victory, but we really-
everybody lawsuits as can be dirty games, and I could go anyway. I tell you what we can guarantee, though we can guarantee violence and riots, and the american people know it. America bore, it's up ahead of election storm businesses and govern offices across the nation, battened down the hatches in case of writing and unrest. Are these people worried about tromp supporters know they are boarding up because they know black lives matter is going to rob about. Destroy things. Tell me this: how could these urban centres vote for the Party of Black lives matter while cowering in fear of them? It doesn't make sense. I think the poles are wrong. I don't know who is going to win, but I liked to give one final shot to Matt Tybee, who wrote a wonderful takedown of Joe Biden
in an article. He wrote called the worst choice ever Donald Trump as a disaster, but Joe Biden Party is democratic in name only why this year's election is a vomit milkshake. He says my colleagues rolling stone recently endorsed Joe Biden for President Biden, lived experience an expansive empathy make him not just egg, not just a good, but an outstanding candidate is a fight between light and darkness. I love lived experienced by the way as if as it as, if experience just wasn't good enough. Here's what met says this is gonna get spicy. Joe Biden is a corpse with hair plugs, whose idea of empathy is to jam fingers in the stern homes of people who asked the wrong questions or call them fat or full of s or dare than a try me and that's if he remembers what state he's in.
see a better human than Donald Trump, probably, but as mental decline has hit Lloyd bridges in hot shots levels and he shares troubling characteristics with the president, beginning with a pathological struggle. With truth, Biden spent much of twenty twenty lying about everything from Iraq. War vote to educational history, to a fantasy about being arrested in South Africa with Nelson Antella, the same press that killed him for his behaviour in the past, but it all slide this time same with the growing ledger of hands. He uncle insight. that had adolescent girls and campaigning politicians alike wondering why a vice president needs to smell their hair or plant lingering kisses on their heads were cameras, flash buttons, entire argument for the presidency and its a powerful one. If his opponent, this week's election is not a choice between lighter darkness but pretty much anything or Donald Trump, and only in that car
text. Is this disintegrating bias, iteration of Scranton Joe, even distantly credible as a choice for the world's most powerful office, a standing ovation to Matt Tybee, big fat, and that, I think, are, I think, that's harsher on trumped than I would be. But I respect his criticism. One hundred percent, because Trump is in so many way, just not a good president. I know I can already hear the transporter saying. What do you mean by that I'll? Tell you top as a great president when it comes to the economy, he's a fantastic great president when it comes to middle eastern peace deals, and he is a great president when it comes to. Well playing the media. Well, I should say we ve got peace tales about, withdraw we ve got. We got really great things from Trump, but when you combine that with divisiveness, specific
by the way he mocked body slamming rapporteur the way he talks about the left, as though he's not there president and he's playing culture where politics. I know I probably do similar things shore, but he's the culture where president that's what makes him bad so took. To put it simply, if you at all these things together, I would actually say Trump is not that bad. In fact, he's! Ok! When it comes to the things I care about, the most is actually pretty good and thus I have no problem voting for him. I just wish we had something better, there's no way I would ever vote for a Joe Biden. Sorry I'm not giving Europe yet that are not put at that administration backing in the White House. They were doing horrifying things. Tromp, I believe, is
Capital to public pressure and the reason why he so divisive when it comes to leftist culture were kind of politics is because you don't give me a chance if they told the truth about him, he'd pander to him all day and night, but they dont. So he won't. The bigger question, however, is not so much whether Donald Trump is good, great, the best or whatever personal, I think Trump is the person you should vote for. I believe everyone should go out and vote for Donald Trump to help this country to ban critical race theory to get these middle eastern peace deals, and I tell you this fraud. things that I think are wrong with Donald Trump. I would take middle eastern peace over a lot like economy could be bad, not be like I'm taking a peace deal, so you know I don't know exactly why you should vote for him and I respect people who really lichen, and I respect the people who don't. I think, there's good reasons to pointed up matter. You beat us, like Donald Trump. But I respect him for being honest about Joe Biden, let's I'll, be real here, there's a large sector of people whose country that don't like Donald Trump as a person,
but he's doing good enough in so many important areas. But the big question is not about Trump it's about who wins. If tromp loses I've been given a big shouted to a lot of journalist, I think, do good jobs and lately been Glenn. Greenwell met Tybee and Michael Tracy, and so I've got this article four Michael Tracy, where I'm going to be the right through it, but he basically says Abiden victory, just emboldens the ridiculous of the left, his tactics, the lies all of the insanity and that's a good reason for me to say: don't let them win Michael rights from the moment Trot took office. I argued it was necessary that he faced a
ash annul opposite and with an emphasis on rational discerning, targeted evidence based criticism that would be imperative to counteract against trumps worst impulses. I maintain the time given is hardly disguised penchant for blustering petty authoritarianism, while of course, Trump would be far from the only president whose accesses needed checking any occupant of the most powerful office in in in in world history. What there was at least some reasonable cause to believe that is regular issuances of impulsive fly by tweet demands could eventually raise unique civil liberties concerns. In hindsight, I might as well have been arguing for a parade of pinstriped purple unicorns to marched on Fifth avenue, because the concept of rational Trump opposition was an utter fantasy. Instead, what we got right off the bat was a blanket of who it was blanket resistance to try. With the concept of resistance. Turning into far more of a self promotional branding exercise than any kind of sensible civic minded disposition. Seemingly every word the camp
trumps mouth, no matter how inane or innocuous prodded wild outbursts of blithering hysteria egg down by the unholy profit seeking allow, and of social media algorithms and tv writings any donations of his most excitable antagonists. It was taken as a truism at the. U S was perpetually teetering on the edge of total trump induced collapse, usually because he insulted a cable news host or something I think it's a great article. To be fair, Michaelmas had criticism for things that I have said. I am not saying directly on Antonov. Michael's ever said anything specifically about me, I know that his criticism of the ideas I've put forth and that's absolutely fine. I think any journalist who is being honest, but you can see it at this point. A lot of people really like Donald Trump he's the best they say and a lot of people really hate him, but the hatred form is usually based on bunk bs. The reality as I dislike
tromp. As a person he's doing. Ok, please don't pretty well a lot of issues I care about. So ultimately, I guess I should say the point of this segment, the wisdom of the crowd. Just a trump victory. Any sane and rational person knows electing Joe Biden because you hate Trump is not a legitimate cause and the absurd temper tat from put forth by the left should not be rewarded, but will only be able to wait and see tomorrow. It tomorrow is that crazy man I wonder what can happen like efforts all over its country, like opposed game breakdown, of one shakes answer with great culture war, no good job, you guys we're gonna go back, you know, I have a good time. Better luck. Next for years, you're right, it is gonna, be bedlam swell. I dont know if the wisdom of the crowd is correct or the experts our. I guess you can decide limited to think of the comments. I lived there next
it's coming up at six p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast news. It is a different channel. Thanks, rang out and I will see while there. According to an NBC reporter on several reports, the White House is on lockdown Jeff Bennet says a federal laws, We spent source tells NBC that, beginning tomorrow, crews willed old, a non scalable fence to secure the White House, complex Ellipse and Lafayette Square. Two hundred and fifty national Guardsman have been put on stand by reporting to metro police officials. What's gonna happen, we do know that there are several prominent activist organizations preparing for something and
We have a tweet here from Andy, no vague ominous post in the Portland Antifraud Telegram, a chat room that reads: quick reminder that it's totally cool to chill out for a couple of days and preparation, catch up on Netflix hit the shooting range, go hug, your family, big thing. are about to go down. I don't wanna go down, but I do know that everyone is preparing for it. For music did you. I say today, stores brace for post election unrest and possibility of violence damage to businesses. After presidential results, Fortress White House, the non scalable fence secret service, prepares for potential unrest potential. No, I think it's going to happen.
I think they ve been planning for some time and the far left, as my understanding plans to engage in some kind of I don't know, I want to call just on risk as their organised so operation. Regardless of what happens you see, the fall of extremists have a great opportunity right now. We are not going to know who one Donald Trump will potentially declare victory if he has a massive lead in certain states, their arguing on the left. This means using declare victory before he's even one. The problem with male in voting is that we do not know how many will be coming in. So even if we have ninety nine point, nine percent of precincts reporting with Donald Trump and slide they'll say no because an indeterminate amount of balance may come in and change that, even if tromp is up, you'd have to be up hundreds of thousands of ballots too, where there's not enough population to actually swing that vote. So Donald Trump can declare victory if, if you
The left says otherwise what happens well in the ensuing chaos and the coming months. I only imagine the far left is going to engage in some kind of shenanigans, there's a leaked video where they talk about having guns, because the people with guns win there's videos? Are they talk about occupying buildings? They ve mapped out DC. Things are gonna get spicy, I hope even taking care to prepare for ever it is, you need to, and within reason you know, I don't think they're gonna come to every random house or apartment released yet. I was alive. Even left, try to use ridicule to make it so like what I'm saying is wrong or know just to disturb the mock the idea and push people away from it that the far left we'll get by cause harm to people and the reason many of them do this. Is that ridicule as an actual at, is an excellent tool for discrediting some? or an idea. It's so so. It was at the far left wing
going, your house: are you crazy, dim VERDI? Did they want Cassandra, fair banks as house, so she had to move? They went to Tucker Carlson's how and they ve gone to the homes of regular people in many different instances in Portland in the Pacific Northwest where that text message says something because no go down They ve been going through residential neighborhoods on and off for four months chanting, no justice, no sleep. Well, they just randomly target you average citizen, maybe not. Maybe at some point it's kind of like a lottery ticket. You dont know where they end up. When I tell you this, if you got american flag on your porch, oh you betcha, they did that the New York Times reported. They want to someone's house and said: if you do not remove that flag, we will burn your house down. What do you think happens when we don't know who won the presidential election Kay
a swollen sue riots will erupt Trump will likely try to stop them. They are putting up a massive non scalable fence around the White House, and the left will use this as justification to claim that trumpets staging a coup or trying to steal the election or something like that. There are two world views right. No one is that Trump is crooked, corrupt. He stole the election colluded with Russia. The other is that Jimmy Trump as the duly elected president, and that he's been these being held back by a corrupt, and distasteful and distrustful grip of Democrats and crony establishment elites, and there are kind of some people on the right side that are like people. Like me, you know I was gonna bad. Had that bad, the alternative is worse. While the two parent faction, Worldviews- or I should say the most important, is the left. They believe that tromp is evil. They
leave is an authoritarian despot. Many of them do not actually know. What's going on, our whites gonna happen. That means, if Donald Trump calls out the National Guard to defend the White House from people of explosives. The media will just tell them its trump suppressing the citizens who are trying to uphold our constitution. The far left is to have called for Communist revolution, socialist revolution or critical race theory and sexuality, which are all fairly similar calmly Harris recently put out a video where she says we all should end up at the same vice what it would that's about their mean. She said with equality, we're all given the same resources to compete with one another, but with equity. We all end up at the same place. Maybe we don't want to all end up at the same place. Maybe it's nice to have something to strive for two.
The best of the best of the best, not everyone, will be the best. Sometimes people will be just okay and that's okay too, but why should we cut off the tall grass for the sake of the short grass, What what? What? What do you want to say about what you say in there? But I You know that a lot of people are gonna claim that she's pushing you know outright communism whenever a threed about. What's going out the White House Lockdown Fortress Whitehouse crews will begin building non scalable fence around the complex tomorrow, as secret service Paris for potential unrest, they say the White House is taking no chances for election day, as crews will begin, constructing a non scalable funds to secure the executive mansion, the ellipse em off at square. It has been reported and, of course, these are coming to the daily mail.
The potential for unrest has also prompted Metro police in Washington DC to put two hundred and fifty National Darwin on standby. According to Jeff, Bennett of NBC News cities across the nation have boarded up shop, storefront office, buildings, restaurants, hotels and other properties, and it s a patient of possible violence related to tuesdays presidential election. The report it plans to further fortify. The White House indicates the level of concern among law enforcement officials. In June. It was reported that President tromp First Lady millennia Trump and their son Baron were rushed to a secure underground bunker in the White House after black lives matter, protesters breached one of the barricades set up outside. complex. Hundreds of demonstrators had gathered outside of the White House in the feed and in the end, the days and weeks following the May, twenty fifth police involved death of George Floyd. The massive crowds prompted authorities to erect a massive iron fence around the perimeter of the wider.
The June first members of the National Park service. U S part police and other security forces, lobbed chemical agents and punished. club demonstrators and journalists in Clearing Lafayette Square near the White House. Just before crews raise the new fence ministries and officials have denied federal forces at the time denied federal force. At the time of the fourth floor, move of crowds were making way for the present to stage a photo stage. Photos nearby, Lafayette Square has historically been one of the countries most prominent spots for demonstrations and other public advocacy also closed off by yards of new fencing. Is the ellipse a fifty two acre park behind the White House, which feature several monuments and as part of the president's park, the ellipse is a public space and often referred to as the nations front yard the nations capital like cities throughout the country are on edge as election day approaches? Downtown businesses are already boarding up their windows in anticipation and police
if Peter New Sham promised on Thursday that its entire department would be working on election day in Washington. Dozens of overlapping law enforcement agencies control. Certain landmarks in public spaces, police officials have restricted the days days. Officers can take off around the election and I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on chemical irritants and other less than lethal right control munitions. After much of the agency's stockpile was depleted this summer here would see a photo, A man walked by a bore the building in DC, as stores businesses and offices prepare for possible election related unrest. My question is: why is this just deemed normal? Why are we just accepting at it's going to happen and it is shouldn't we have more? our security forces, some kind of checkpoint process. I don't know I'm not a fan of authoritarianism. I'm not a fan of you know. Draconian Coney downs, like the things we are seeing in Europe
Decisions have to be made and it's hard to know where that line is drawn right now in Europe, for instance, notably Paris. If you wanna leave your house, you need to have your papers seriously. I am not exaggerate you need to have papers indicating that you are allowed to leave your home because of covered. There will always be an excuse. Authoritarianism will never just show up one day and demand. You give up your rights for no reason there will always be a reason right now. The fear is the reason. Is unrest in the United States within reason. I'm willing to accept some curtailing of rights for security, but only within reason. if there are legitimately large groups of people that are destroying and burning things down and tearing things down and the police,
they stay in your home, we're gonna deal with us. I say: okay, so very temporary measurement to stop violent rioting. If someone says to me where a mask when a pandemic I'll say ok whatever I don't care, it's not a big deal, the wearer mask, but at what point to withdraw that one for something, all the line is much closer than it is for me for some people to say: I'm not wear them ass. You can't make me and they get into fights, and you see these videos go viral in Europe. I am certain that the line is well been crossed when they say you cannot leave your home ass, you have papers. Of course this has led to a mass exodus, of the cities and violent rioting? For what reason there doing this? I can only assume covered, but it definitely feels like the excuse. The authoritarian need to enforce draconian laws and stop the population from do whatever they want. I saw someone post about locking things down using war powers or
the national mandate, and, I said, don't you have a line somewhere where you will not accept draconian authority, I'm not going to allow a government to have that kind of power, but it's tough. It is because we're dealing with a pandemic, and so sometimes there are good reasons. What do you do? Perhaps that the issue is that no more? No matter what happens when a society grows large enough authority? arenas, I'm just happens. You look at China on their massive in their welding people into their homes. But what happens? who actually have an outbreak of some kind of disease or pandemic. That's going to destroy everything. Do you just let it happen? I think the issue is You need to make sure that your population is well prepared to be self sufficient, and if they are not, then Europe you have a societal breakdown. You can't just become the despotic
authoritarian dictatorship. Because then you ve already lost everything and I think we're dangerously close in some ways. I think we're dangerously close. If Joe Biden wins not Donald Trump, no one is putting up barricades. No one is putting up fencing because their sky about Trump supporters. Nobody is, is, is going out in buying guns and guarding their homes because of rampant waves of trot supporters marching to the streets destroying things while there may be. Some people are buying guns because the media told them the evil. Far right will come for them. Most people buying guns are probably doing it because of the riots. I have to wonder if the people who are aware of the riots who have bought guns because of the riots are gonna, be voting for Donald Trump. If that's the case, then some but women will be voting for Donald Trump. I don't exactly know what's gonna happen, I do know that DC is going on to a hard, hard lockdown and hung up,
there can be a lot journalists out there to be very dangerous? And if I d make a prediction, I'd say: people are gonna die, I'm not making as an austrian prediction- essay Scott atoms. You may see the segment I did yesterday. Scott atoms said before I mentioned this- that if the Democrats, when Republicans will be hunted, of course, he was marked by basically everybody for it up As you know, his supporters and even I wrote my eyes- criticised it until they killed Erin Danielson in Portland, where a far left us literally hunted a Republican, stopped him and then kill them. It's not like it's happening in a wide. Brad Fashion, but we can see that what's got Adam citizens outside the rap. The realm of possibility literally happened. Will it happen? in a mass scale. I dont know what can sit we ve seen things like that. Consider
we ve seen people get shot randomly like in Provo, you taught by the far left in D c. I would not be surprised if we see death, I think they're gonna they're gonna burn down tons of buildings. I think they know exactly what their plans are and they're going to torture and destroyed in a leaked video. Hear them, as I mentioned talking about whoever has the guns wins. The issue right now is that why We haven't seen in the past that we're seeing now federal employees on the side of the extremists, because the Orange man is bad. Therefore they they have no choice to join and another to look at it is that the far left, his infiltrated, our federal government, or at least their ideology, has become pervasive among his individual and now they're actively organizing with extremists on the far left to destroy the foundation of this country. there's a reason why we have a written constitution. It prevents the government from becoming despotic and evil. Now the government is
becoming despotic and evil in many ways a sophomore policies, but the constitution are still protecting the rights of the city. And so long as we have the written constitution word for word. It is very difficult for them to suppress our rights. A written constitution cannot be forgotten and unspoken constitution can be changed, altered and argued with written words. It's much Difficult for founding fathers knew this. They knew what had happened with the crown and why they needed to safeguard against these things. You'll notice, known really ever talks about. The third amendment has never been an issue. It was because during the colonial, the revolutionary era regulars, were being placed in the homes of many people in the colonies, and they felt that this was a violation of people's property rights, so they created. I believe it's the third amendment you can't quarter soldiers and people's houses. Isn't it interesting how they thought that was so important
something I ever really had to deal with, but they ve taken safeguards against what they see may actually occur. Some of these things don't really happen, Bad? It's not really! Because of the third amendment we don't.
aid to how is sold, you know soldiers and people's homes anymore. We can rapidly construct massive buildings and they can set up tents and other facilities very, very quickly. Uneasily the other amendments, however, very much have protected us to a great degree. Even those who would want to God and demonstrate the little a little bit of a double edged sword and that sort of capacity, but right now the left wants to do away with the constitution in narco from the New republic, they actually argued abolishing the written constitution and maybe having spoken one or something like that. My friends I feel like we are dangerously core close to the precipice. If not, we have already gone over a long time ago. I say that quite a bit. Actually, since the start of the riots, have we already gone off the edge? Perhaps we have, and perhaps the edge was when federal government employees decided to take it upon themselves to destroy a duly elected president. His administration
and his supporters and now do everything in their power by any means necessary to shut down the election using twenty? Sixteen trump wasn't supposed to win at least for these people. He did. We then saw the likes of you, know comin Obama and and bite and enjoy. each in some nefarious practices, at least to the best of our understanding. So far the Doorn report hasn't come out. Yet We know that there was an effort to either get Michael Flynn trumps at the time, acting national security adviser adviser, fired or prosecuted. Ultimately, they tried going after with a Logan ACT, but then just got him to plead to lying, the FBI, and apparently he actually never really did lie to them. It was just if it was a frame up, now they're, not letting the government to drop the charges against him as a judge who is actually blocking this, because if Donald Trump loses they are going to destroy Michael Flynn, it really does feel
We are facing some kind of revolution and it's happening in the best way that they could do right now, there's not What people understand about how history works, how historical events and and and put politics and war and conflict works, it's never just going to be like we saw in the box, it's never gonna be like we saw in the movies. I think it's funny people have like adversely watching a video where this Youtube or fires a gun into the air is a warning shot. There's no such thing as a warning: shot, there's no such thing. You dont fire, gonna S, ridiculous. I saw the guy An outer screaming in this video sang. That's a movie myth warning shots is not a thing fire doesn't do it. Don't you don't do that people think conflict war crisis will look like the movies it won't. It look like it's happening. What it looked like what's happening right now, street level insurgency and to growing factions with desperate worldview
one on the left. They are constrained by a media apparatus that would tell them what is and is not, and they will blindly believe it, the other wildly distrustful of that media apparatus and they won't believe it, do the on. Unfortunately, that means for all factions. There are some pitfalls, the right side there, people who believe wacky things because they watch some wacky videos on the left. It means they believe wacky things because their being I too, by the media apparatus, notably Russia Gate. They, both factions have their faults and both are R. Are it waged in this cultural, civil war that may be about to go hot, because I dont think anyone is going to accept the results of the election tomorrow. election day. The media organisations are not going to give us results. None of them will Donald Trump may try to call victory. That looks like he's one, but they ve straight up said the only circle
stance in which there will be a victory, is if it's a Joe Biden victory. That's right if Joe Biden wins, of these states? They'll just say he won if trump winds, all of these states they'll say no we're waiting until the million votes come in, which This very, very strange. Actually, considering social Democrats have been warning not to mail in your ballots, of course, republicans many on the right right now believe a twenty eighteen election was also stolen. Sea ice, But in twenty attain the Republicans we're in a win, and a day later I made a video saying. I was right. Look at that Republicans one, but then something weird happened. It's hard to find a bunch of mail in balancing out these are common and we gotta come and then the Democrats, slept. Everything and the Democrats all started. Cheering say saying see: we actually want to mail in ballots. Here's the thing there was no covert and twenty eighteen. Why did so many people mail in their balance? In so many places? There is no reason for
and no one ever ask any questions about it just happened, and then, with the power of the house, they moved to impeach Donald Trump. I don't know- maybe too really is a potent in whatever, and maybe it's all crazy, and maybe both factions are just fighting for. Our and lying about in every possible way I'll, take the side that errs on freedom and rejects violence and has seen many peace agreements and in the least I dont think Donald Trump was supposed to win. I think they had plans Ruth Better Ginsburg. Look at trumped up three appointments. They thought there were to take everything and they didn't, and if you look at the World economic Forum is talking about with the great reset it seems like they lost a really great opportunity with having a Hillary Clinton presidency, because now Donald Trump is only bolster the economy of the. U S, making it very very hard for some kind of great reset phenomena with what is you can look at the world economic forms website read the great reset. They want some kind of reset of western capitalism wherever that means very much.
Our left intersection. Eighty, these ideologies are fringe and anti American, in fact, critic rice theory as it was implemented in the federal government, is a violation of title. Seven. Others of nineteen. Sixty four civil rights ACT troubles right to ban it anyway. I digress, I'm not gonna ran hears about a rapid up. The white ass, his lockdown violence seems extremely likely, no matter what happens, no matter who wins: that's it I don't know what comes next. It's like staring into the void. I can't make any predictions. I can only what I think is right for myself and what I did was I got away from cities come away from the cities for sure can see mountains outside my window. Bottom guns: bottom ammo bought some food, not the most hard core of preparing. To be completely honest,
probably did a pretty bad job, so in all have all given the right, Sanctum you're, not doing good prepping at all. I know not nearly prepared enough. The left is gonna, say ha ha ha ha you're. So damn you put that all don't care. You know I'd much prefer to have a bunker with thirty years of food in it and not need it. Then. Whatever might end up have you know my underpinning, then I'll tell you. Maybe as it happens, maybe by nor Trump wins everybody summers down, and then that's it somehow. I don't believe it. I don't believe it because we ve seen widespread riots nonstop. I dont believe it because the rhetoric has reached insane proportions. I don't believe it because people have literally been kill. on numerous occasions, and I don't believe it because we have seen with the Obama administration. The Democrats were willing to do in the legs. They are willing to go in order to destroy Donald Trump Administration, in which case I believe they will stop at nothing. I guess we'll see
Next, I must cover up at one p m on this channel. Thanks for hang out, and I will see you all them with one day left to go. Both candidates are doing everything in their power to win powerful states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio was consummate soda et cetera. Joe Biden himself has been campaign.
But he's gonna need some help. Fortunately, from him he's getting help from one of the most powerful democrat players alive today, MR former President, Barack Obama, unfortunately, no amount of charisma from someone else will justify why Joe Biden should actually be presidents and at a recent rally they say in the daily mail reports, the man who could be America's next president. In three days, Barack Obama had to call Joe Biden three times before we finally emerged at Michigan Rally then had to remind him to put his mask back on and help guide him off the stage this guy might be Breton My friends, Joe Biden, has offered this country something real, something tangible and I know many people might be Sanctum job. Donald Trump must win. Ok, but but Donald Trump has not offered us what Joe Biden is. Joe Biden has promised to mobile,
as true in and on a shopping pressure, and so that better calf care is a right for everyone in this country and that something Trump can't bring us. You know why, because trot does it know what it is, and neither do I, but I'm really interested in finding out what it means to mobilise treated on a shout of pressure and I'm really interested to see what this new dang fangled bad a calf care really is placing gentlemen Rock Obama had to help guide Joe Biden off stage. Why? Because he is a family, Bumblebee Grandpa man come on It is look I've seen it it sad. We all get old and I mean this in no disrespect to Joe Biden, his life and his legacy, maybe a little bit because I'm not a fan of his war mongering with Barack Obama, but you got old granpop onstage he doesn't know what's going on you. Gotta calls name several times and please explain to me how it is
then a man who has gone up on stage and said you will mobilise true in Indiana shall, but the pressure is going to become president here's my ominous say it I was going to say it is Joe Biden gets elected. It proves that we are a nation of idiots if Donald Trump gets elected, it proves where a nation of a hot as is the way I see it. If you want to be like the people who vote for Donald Trump are doing it because he really is going to help this country. He really did bolted. The economy, secure our borders and bring back manufacturing jobs far from perfect
but man is this guy a deck, it's true, and it shows that many people in this in America, not all of them, are rolling. The rising okay. Well, Trump is the is the best choice we have, but to vote for. Someone like that is to vote for a guy's kind of dick and that's probably an understatement, but I'd rather be you know what I said on twitter I'd rather be in a whole that I rather vote for the whole than the coward. You don't. I call Joe Biden a coward cause he's hiding in his basement, while these rights kicking off, but I'll tell you right now. As most of you know, Donald Trump not even really running against Joe Biden and that's why people would vote for him. People are running against the mainstream media and that's the reality of it. It's the mainstream media, the things they say as met tell ye be wrote today. Donald Trump is the like the most lying president, but the most lied about
president and I think that's a fair statement, but I gotta say you know when they say that is that he's like trot lies the most of any president. He lies. I've done things, you know, God, sad if you from. If you follow me on Joe Rogan and he's like Donald Trump, lies about Although women love me- and I come in their hugged me- and I got the biggest you know whatever you know, that's one cat said said and that's it trot lies about stupid things. but the media lies about important things. They are propping up a man who is just as the Atlantic put corporeal form tat. They said the Atlantic said stay alive, Joe Biden. We only need your car coral form. Then why didn't you run literally anyone else I'll take a booted judge come on? No, maybe it's because they know they're gonna lose and they don't want to waste a fresh faced up and coming young star on election. They can't win, but the poles are setting Donald
I'm gonna gonna lose and there's a handful of that. There is a minority of forecasts predicting a Donald Trump victory and involve scene, this is a really funny video. This, like young women, doing in astronomy Gee reading and giving all, for reasons like the seven access of Joe Biden has an eclipse which coincides with victory and commonly Harris too and her something is spiking and then she's like and Jupiter and mercury are like an alignment, and that means it's gonna be a revolution. I dont know what she's talking about. I don't know nothin about his astrology stuff, but I gotta tell you it makes more sense, and I mean this literally it's more convincing than anything I've heard from any these poles. My experience in my life when I go wrong to talk to people is people leaving the Democratic Party to join the republic,
and these are regular people. I live by he's a regular people in my neighborhood. Now I will say there was a blue lives matter, flag near where I live, and then, after the debate it was gone. The first of it has gone in its instead. The next door, neighbor abiden, sign But I wonder if that has you know, I wonder what that means. Maybe they're really
more Democrats, leaving in voting for Joe Biden, but I just can't buy it because I don't believe, or a nation of idiots psych think about this way. A Joe Biden as minor standing would be the first president with no coalition with no active base seriously. Think about it. Every president has had their fervent base of supporters every president giving every present, but in modern history there are groups of people like yes, this person is my candidate, not Joe Biden. Sorry, it's it's! The media versus trump and its people, who think I hate Trump or Trump, has not that bad or electron. The question is: will the hatred fortress result
in a president who can't speak English. I got to be honest with you. I will laugh and I really mean it if Joe Biden wins, I'm going to put my feet up and I'm going to laugh same as I laugh in twenty sixteen when Trump won. You know why I'm worried I'm worried because a Joe Biden victory, which does a lot of good work as a lot of reasons to believe nobody's, gonna win, will see a Joe Biden. Victory would mean that we have decided. Our commander in chief should be an ineffective sleepy old man who needs help getting off of a stage. Mrs Q and can't say words, I'm just I'm really excited right. True in in honor sharper de pressure. I listened to him say that over and over again to make sure I heard my transcribed it, and he says that we believe that medical care as a right, better calf care, bad, a Catholic. I have no idea what these words mean, but just think about how awesome
Does your Joe Biden is gonna be sitting down with like vision, paying and Vladimir Putin and he's gonna be like in our eyes closer, and then you know why he's gonna be like we want to play strategic nukes all over Pacific Ocean in a coal based built by China and then violent, then Joe Biden going to be like sky rather measurements, vision, vision by and they're gonna back that's it that's our leader, that's our commander in chief, true in another shot, but a pressure. I love it. Ok, ok, While the reality is not just about Joe Biden, it's about. Who are we really up against right now? The media, let me show you something: I got this really great story from political magazine, the worst political predictions of twenty sixteen. It was another rocky year for the political sages. This is from December twenty Eightth twenty sixteen and I want to show you the journey. Skidding marked for being wrong wrong wrong. Before I do
However, I want to show you real, clear politics. Now real clear politics is not left us. I mean they ran a bunch of stories defending trumpet Ukraine scandal and now they're running the story from Bill Share Biden will win. Republicans should understand why, in this story he goes through all of the things that have changed since twenty sixteen and their good points. Look people really hated Hillary Clinton like loathed. This buys Hillary Clinton and there were still still she went. She wins the popular vote, Joe Biden, nothing. I think what we are seeing in this election is unprecedented. They want fambly bubbly Joe. They want the old man being guided off stage. You know why you can't get mad about it. I mean you can be mad that are present is going to our president will be incapable of functioning. Well, that's what they gave us Collar Harris, whether one seems to hate but better than nothing. Here's! What I think
our thinking. We don't want to create a pauper candidate who actually has to go up against Trump. We want a paper tiger. We want a strong man made of straw, not astronomy, about a literal, Ireland as a scarecrow. That's all Joe Biden is the scarecrow for Democratic Party, who drove over Trump, at least this guy standing up and put on a post. The idea is, with Joe Biden, running your not voting for him, your voting against Trump and you're, putting in nothing vanilla, yogurt, not thing. That's really really bad for us a lot of ways, but what they do is they ll put Joe Biden in a wheelchair they'll card him off into this into the sun room and put Laporte a blow burlap bagger whenever on his lab and fall asleep in snore, while the Cabinet Administration take care of all the duties of the presidency and Joe Biden, the bigger the biggest concern is really actually make it. You know beyond a first term
I am not entirely convinced. You know that, and I want to be serious for second ask anyone got any experience deal with the elderly a true in and on a shop at a pressure and basic health care represent, and I'm not I'm not being silly right now, I know No funny words: no, it represents the man's cognitive decline, which has been accelerated. It's one thing when the man stutters and stumbles and they take over, he was fighting off a studies that he was a kid. No dude he's nearing eighty years old and he's struggling to speak. The man is not up to the task. People will tell you the right of Canada. Decline of Joe Biden seems fairly obvious tunnel trump whoop, a menace spry he's doing five radio to five states in one there, somewhere
they kill us number like. That is only the five states in one day. What is this? The duties got more energy than I do well, maybe not more than me, but a lot of people. I worked sixteen our days. So Polly unfair for me to claim from us more engine. I do but comparable to say the least, or maybe I mean I get tired, this dude seems to be our love. Trumps on offers are, what's he doing, but men the guy's got energy. Some Joe Biden does not have. Let me show you the story. They save Joe Biden. He's gonna win wrong before I will be wrong again and maybe I'm wrong today, but we do not have any significant data to suggest I'll tromp was ever in opposition to win reelection or that he is closing the campaign with any sort of a momentum needed. Forty come home, come from behind victory for years ago, we did have that data in the real, clear politics. National pulling
average. Hillary Clinton led shrunk, nearly six points between October eighteenth November. Third, before taking up a bit at the end, her share of support throughout the duration of the general election campaign never reached fifty percent an indication of soft support. Moreover, the truck train was clearly accelerating in those final too, if you look at our cp state Paul Averages, Clinton's Michigan led plummeted from ten to three point. Six points in Pennsylvania led narrowed from five point. Sixty two point: one in Florida and North Carolina Tromp erased Clinton. Small leads completely to become, however, barely the front runner trump, also to believe in Ohio in MID October, and never look back on a point, something out. we're gonna, see historic voter turnout, even when the economy was doing really really well Moody's, analytic said if the Democrats can muster historic. Voter turnout
they will win by nine electoral votes? Low, information. Voters will vote Democrat first time. Voters. Stands to reason. The Democrats have that and you also covered crisis, and there is has good reason to believe the Democrats will win now. I'm no one's fool, I'm not going to be stupid. Enough to sit here and say. I know what's gonna happen, because this guy certainly thinks he's brave enough to do so as a fifty fifty shot on paper. But what about the actual stats are disguised pilot at the polls? say it's a ninety percent chance, I'm right, I'm gonna, I'm in a fire and I are american shot. Maybe he's right, I'm not playing the game. I am not so sure you know why, because we We know from twenty sixteen the mistakes they ve made. We have a whole list of all of the things they got wrong. So why should I be convinced that Trump is going to lose? What if trump wins through legal disputes? Technical
but he's waiting to do. Why wasn't wrong just trot? Now you don't know you have no idea. What's gonna happen to be fair. Five thirty has said this is well saying. We don't know how legal disputes will play out how melon voting disputes will play out. It looks like based on pulling Biden, will win, but maybe that's why Donald Trump will win. My friends take a look first prediction: Hillary Clinton will be President Frank lunch on Twitter November Aithra. Sixteen Hillary Clinton will be the next present United States, Frank, Frank. You boy. I think you do good work for the most part, but you are wrong about that. You see people thought they were safe. The models were forecasting a heavy Hilary when they were wrong.
did these people learn their lesson? No, they got flora wrong in twenty eighteen. Two years later, I'm not playing games which are of no idea was gonna win. Nor am I ever to be stupid up the claim Trop will win. The possibilities are done on my main channel. I've said Forecast S, trumpets, gonna, win. Here's my trouble when and the point is the mainstream. Media only gives you the forecast for the most part showing trump losing, and I think it's fair point out. There are legitimate forecasts and poles sang Trump is winning or can win. I believe the odds are against him, but we have the republican surge model from CBS, showing trumpeting by nine electoral votes, the republican surge model. I kid you not from CBS, as if trunk supporters vote, he'll win, you are you think transporters are gonna, go vote the drive, cars, Wavin, flag, screamin sure, maybe maybe they'll be people who don't look forever reason if Trump supporters shop on election day, he wins,
Now we can happen because of mail in voting. There's an indeterminate amount of mail and bouts, I gotta a random way after the election trumps, thereby fight those will see what happens. Here's the next prediction- trump won't be the republican nominee, Dana Millbank, the Washington Post October. Second, twenty fifteen quote I'm so certain trump won't when the nomination then I'll eat my words. If he does literally the date Trump pushes the nomination, I will eat the page on which this column is printed in Sundays. Postwar Yanks, that was a bad ones. The out not gonna, do that a lot of people are like I'll eat my head about. It is no because you're going to have to do it. I can't see the future. I am others. This person in the world. I'm some dude read the news, and I tell you this. I can't give you a definitive conclusion. You'd think I should be able to look at the polls and say Trump will lose just like this guy. Well, tromp will lose. I can't tell you that I can't. I have no idea
but I am, I am pretty sure that have tromp when some we'll take a clip from that. I just said and playback locked him said troublesome lose he's wrong. Now I have no idea. I look at these poles and then I see the uncertainty in the fear in the eyes of the pollsters. I would put but wait wait. Wait, wait, we're we're, saying Tropic goods the wind which we have no idea. They have no idea. Do they? Well, I don't know if you're actually eating in May Millbank came through on his promise and what may have been the least humble way he sought the assistance of readers acclaim shut. in food cracks to make swallowing little no literal newsprint the most enjoyable. It could be a real you do that what is in store for the Washington Post? Did he really hee hee hee real? Bravo good Sir Data Millbank literally cooked the age of his story and ate his own words. Now I have to say there are saying it's the least
away because he prepared a meal based on his own words? No, no! No! No! This is, in fact, I believe the most respect will think about it. Of course, everybody wanted just eat a raw piece of paper. No, no! I like that. He put the work into it. This is amazing, like this guy on the apron get a chef come in, they prepared, he D went above and beyond. As far as I am sorry, that's that was awesome, good job and a Millbank eating your words, because you were wrong bill Crystal said: there will be an independent candidate and impressed of one with a strong team and a real chance. I don't think that was the worst protection. I think Gary Johnson made some mistakes, but he was pulling really well in some poles, like, I think, you'll over five percent in several holes, his average drop down or on for so so. Maybe it's a bad prediction, but there wasn't there. I mean it's some of the best third party we ve seen for a long time
Republican national convention will be contested. Said John Cassock nobody's going to have the delegates they need are going to the convention. Everyone will fall short. That was wrong. Women will form a firewall for Clinton against Trump from the Washington Post daily to go to college educated white women. Are Hillary Clinton firewall wrong red states will go Blue Kyle conduct political magazine November third, when fifteen Carson and from through their lack of experience and long histories of overhead rhetoric could even prompt a wholesale rejection of the Republicans in certain districts down the ticket effectively making twenty sixteen a democratic wave year. Quite the opposite, the Republicans across the board now believe Republicans have let the people down. I do they got nothing done with those two years. They could find that everything that could have done everything they did not do it. Why don't ask me because their rhinos in dynamos
hooligans in name only Democrats, in name only they just mess around to be fair. Kyle said it could even prompt shore, but I with everyone saying right now, democratic the house will take the Senate. Republicans are gonna, lose trumpets, gonna lose. Is this going to be come up once for Republicans, some seem to think so much Mcconnell pushing through he pushed through Amy Coney. Bear it and said, at the next election is gonna, there's gotta be undone he's had sooner or later this will be undone by the next election. So you know this: they can't do anything about for a very long time, although pack- the court's, maybe we'll see but maybe republicans think, come up, hence is here and they got lucky for the time they had. I dont know, perhaps perhaps people don't actually vote based on who they want. They vote based on. If things are bad now, vote for someone else, which is at the stupidest thing ever but gallop says mode
people think they're doing better now. Would they want to go back to stagnation, or do you think that Joe Biden can maintain the economy as it is today? I think but it's gonna be a nightmare for his country in a lot of ways prediction Hillary Clinton will defeat. Bernie Sanders in Michigan Democratic Primary in a landslide five, thirty, eight o Nate Silver March, seventeen, two thousand and Hilary Britain has got a greater than ninety nine percent chance of winning the Michigan primary. You see, we talk about things being wrong when we talk about the poles being wrong in twenty sixteen, what people don't realize is all of the poles they got wrong before and after this was one of the biggest blunders, five thirty could ever had its edge. It should be a warning sign for the for the Clinton campaign and for the data rose. Without a single Poland, the entire set of Michigan had Bernie Sanders, trailing by less than five points, but heading into March. Eighth team Clinton. Is
upon its nation. Why were confident machine Michigan would stay and hilarious camp thanks to our solid debate, performance and flint and her stronghold of african american support, and here the democratic socialist from Vermont, bolstered by a record high youth vote, an impressive turnout of independence pulled off a surprising upset that, a burst of new life to his trailing primary campaign. Bernie Sanders, one Michigan, that's right, merit garland, will be confirmed, Harry Red marked so teens twenty. Sixteen, I'm confident he is going to get approval. Well, that was wrong. The United Kingdom won't vote to leave the Eu Matthew Shattuck International Business Times. that's right. These were all major failures in this article is from twenty. Sixteen major major failures, so good sirs of real player politics. While I believe you ve got a lot of data back up your claims. I think the fundamental changes of internet communications covered the unemployment rate
the mass exodus from major cities and the secret trump voter, which I know for a fact exists. Our skewing your poles in such a way. It may be a magnificent bit of karmic justice for all of these people, who think they're, smarter and better than everyone else to realize you're wrong. Now that happened in twenty. Sixteen, maybe lightning won't strike twice or maybe we're confused. Maybe it's not lightning striking twice. Maybe it's that the high tide is finally in the waters are rising, and only now are we going to check to see where the level is act, not that it was a rare occurrence, but that it was entirely predictable, the secret voter exists because I know many of them. People who say their terrified to speak up people tell me, don't let anyone know that I'm supporting trump they are. I have celeb he's who have message me on Twitter, saying that they are terrified. If any one finds out there, those other endorsements, no joke, you think a celebrity who's got endorsements from. You know these key
within companies Gucci in whatever and these music producers, you think they're gonna keep their job if they come out no way noughts terrifying. Actually, because if these people did come out and say you have to vote for Trump, they may risk everything, but they also risk winning everything but the important Maybe you lose your job, but maybe you will finally be able to call out to your supporters and fans and tell them to do the right thing. I implore All of those celebrities were followed me to come out now and publicly endorse the president, if you believe in him and tell her supporters to vote for him. If you really think- and I know many of you do because you ve meshes message me saying- trump must win. If we must win, then you must come out and put your self
the line to stand up for what you believe in and encourage others to be as courageous as you are. I already voted for from and the Republicans it's time for you all to come out and say the same thing and stop being scared, because if you truly were worried about abiding presidency than you would do what you had to do to make her Trump one, even if it means risks to your career? You need to come out and you need to use your voice, be law your small to tell others, you have to vote for Trump, otherwise he ll lose, and I want you to remember this as we are entering now the final stretch. I want you to imagine one month from now, one year from now what the world may look like with everything you ve seen, and I want you to then publicly at that you could have done more and you chose not to because you were scared. I assure you that as a future, you do not want to experience at the very least you may
risk everything, but speaking up now, the most important thing you can do you will never regret. It may come down to really awful times in the future, and trot may still lose. Unless that's what they're saying, but maybe If a wave of celebrities and high profile, individuals and activists, musicians and scape orders came out right now and said, vote trump things would change dramatically, maybe I got more segments for a little bit next one's coming up at four p dot m over at Youtube dot com timcast. It is a different channel from this one. My main channel thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all there. Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and the squad and all the other progressive, far leftist have a plan for some kind.
Of social credit reporting system and I know exactly how it would work, but James Lindsey, tweets Biden aims to set up an equity based credit scoring system that takes, I didn't be factors like race and sex into account as part of his unity plan, with the democratic socialist wing of his party Sanders and a yo see any links to this story, or this article from the consumer Data Industry Association. Before I read a monopoly of the first paragraph that I want to show you what what did Joe Biden Bernie Sanders have actually said. They say, as the candidate for the democratic primary has dwindled to former vice premier. Joe Biden, we were waiting to see which stands his campaign would take on consumer reporting industry. In our former blog post, the data debate presidential candidates on consumer data. We outlined the stances of the candidates on the credit report
The industry, but Biden was one of the only candidates to not have a plan for that in a recent one hundred and ten page puddle. patient titled Biden Sanders unity, taskforce recommendation. He now has a plan for the industry before red further I want to show you what he actually says in terms of ensuring equitable access to banking and financial services and therefore, what they say about great scoring in the actual document is what I have pulled up. The actual document from by not com, they say one in four american households are either unbarring or underbit, putting them at risk of losing money due to exorbitant fees or use various interest rates. Democrats will support, encourage congressional efforts to guarantee affordable, transparent trust. Me the banking services for low and middle income families, including bank accounts and real time payment system
The federal reserve and easily accessible service locations, including postal banking Democrats, will also expand access to credit by creating a public credit reporting agency to provide a non discriminatory credit reporting alternative, a private agencies and will require its use by all federal lending programmes, including home lending and student loans. Ok, there, it is it's true they're going to credit. What does that mean? Has a work? Honestly, we don't know but a non discriminatory credit reporting, alternative is very strange. Considering credit reporting agencies already have to adhere to the Civil Rights ACT of nineteen sixty four, they say it. One of the five will be required to use it.
and we will reinvigorate the consumer Financial Protection Bureau to ensure that banks and lenders cannot prey upon consumers. The scars, the financial crisis, blah blah blah closing the racial wealth gap. They say the extreme gap in household wealth in income between people color, especially black Americans and white families, is hurting our working class and holding our country back. Democrats are committed to a comprehensive agenda to a tree achieve racial equity. That means improving economic mobility, for people of color including by addressing the wealth gap, in addition to expanding access to credit working to boost homeownership and build more affordable housing supporting minority own small businesses. Democrats recognised that Rachel of gaps, are rooted in long standing, discrimination and unjust policies that continue to depress the economic and
your prosperity of people of color to provide more Americans the right to enjoy the economic and social benefits of wealth building. We will equalize established pathways for building wealth, while exploring in innovative approaches to closing racial wealth gaps, including policies that provide seed capital in order to access the economic security of acid ownership. I believe that will be a violation of the night in sixty four civil Rights ACT, you cannot offer up grants to one race, maybe there's some something. I dont understand what the policies, but it seems like this- would be illegal. The black unemployment rate is persistently higher the national average, while under tromp he's reduce that dramatically. I'd like to show you this tweet from Andrew Sullivan, he says Biden Harris backs the enforcement of equality of outcomes for everyone in Amerika. What else could this mean and as an image it says, equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place, giving people resources
so that we all end up in the same place is communism. Now I know the left is gonna, say ha ha TIM's talking about communism, what an idiot it is in this image put out by commonly harris- or I should say by the Biden, Harris Campaigner, whoever put it out but its promoting the mutineers camping. She talk that does it does an image showing a, a white guy standing on the ground, and then there it's like sunken ground well below where the black personas they throw the ropes down at the same length, but the black person can't reach the ropes. They say see: simply providing the same resources than telling everyone to compete. Isn't fair. We need to provide the resources and then flowers, bloom and of ground grows so that we can all end up at the same place. We don't want and at the same place meritocracy is. The point, the people who know how to do things and succeed, succeed in and help. Everyone else reminds me of the farming and food shortages, the farming crisis and food shortages. We ve seen from commune
where they take away the land from the landowner, the farmer and give it to the workers. The workers do not manage a farm, the farm collapses. Everyone starves, that's the point. Well it true, as I have shown you in their unity plan, they want to create a new reporting agency that will be non discriminatory we know what their language is and what it means when they say non discriminatory. What they're really saying as well. We need to give certain groups a leg up, which is literal discrimination. There arguing it's not racist, because their helping- it is racist. Now, the city, I says the document comes on the heels of the democratic and
I'm going to be held in Milwaukee this August. Seventeen thousand all document. By the way it is a first attempt to unify the party and prove to the Bernie coalition. That Biden has not forgotten them. The document lays out the policies where the moderate Joe Biden will meet the Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders and other taskforce members, like a yo, see author of the green new deal They uniformly agrees the existing wealth gap and rightfully so, is ever expanding and our country and propose policies to lift this economic anchor. That is dragging the working poor down
what is clearly missing in this document is the absence of Medicare for all and the green new deal the two most important legislative proposals to Bernie and agencies. Followers Biden is willing to agree to some left as proposals, but on, but on his moderate terms, they say we have spoken of privacy, privacy, legislative proposals in the past to that create privacy, bill of rights, prevent states or not, and and some build upon, the Sea, F, P B or the F p C and others blah blah okay. So anyway, there talking about the DNA agreed, which kind of a waste of space makes it really hard to actually breakdown what these things mean, but in this document they actually mention they don't know how a client, how this credit agency would work because they already have to follow nondiscrimination rules. The theme of the unity documented countries, it is the countries income inequality gap, no doubt sparked by the recent protests, killing George Fort etc. The unity taskforce
members foresee the closing of the income inequality get by creating a new agency within this e f p b. That would provide an alternative to the three credit bureaus. The public credit reporting agency is an attempt to providing nondiscriminatory credit reporting alternative to the private agencies. The policy announcement said it would require all federal lending programmes to use the public credit reporting agency to evaluate borrowers, creditworthiness, including for home lending and student loans, two of the most enabling factors when acquiring wealth in our countries, of course, under FC our aid. The three credit bureaus cannot see the rights of consumers nor the sex or orientation. How? will determine the race of individuals are yet to be seen, but perhaps a red writing I've seen are a or other governing laws would be a means to do so. Quite simply, Joe Biden does plan to create a new agency that we're report credit. It would be built upon the ideas of equity, which means
Very likely, your credit score will be determined based on the color of your skin. How about that? Imagine that one day you go in, and I say you need a credit score of eight fifty. But yours is set in forty, and I can see one of the factors that your white or you're a man or your straight, and thus they are creating a path towards, if you're a disabled non white Tran, by me now. Whatever your credit score would be a lot higher, or at least your access to capital and these agencies they said equitable. Ok, They said equitable and using them to determine whether or not you can get loans first for four colleges or whatever. That means you will get a benefits from being on. You know anything, but a white male to varying degrees. So I wouldn't call it a social credit system in the same sense that China is doing it like. If your mean to someone your score goes down this one,
Gonna, be in my opinion, worse, something, I think think, would destroy the fabric of this country and led to a very horrifying reality in the future people being judged base on the color of their skin. The left- is opening the door for this and the city I says perhaps they need to read, write the law to get this done, because the credit agencies aren't allowed to use raises a factor. Racism actually is illegal in institutions, but they are trying their hardest to create institutional racism like, women have action and now this programme this is gonna things that scare me about Joe Biden victory. So I hope you have all been paying attention about. What happens if Joe Biden wins maybe won't happen overnight.
maybe it won't be in his first term, maybe won't even being Joe Biden term, maybe it'll be after the fact, once the establishment takes control and then keeps popping up their candidates and our public and never once again the idea that they would create an agency that would judge people based on race. Is horrifying to me and I think we have already seen what happens when you do this. We actually fought to stop it. Doctor Martin Luther King Jr, fought to stop at any six and now they mean to do away with these protections. I don't know, what's in store for us, I'm not a psychic, but it does have me worried. I leave their necks It's coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see well shortly. Conservatives are outraged and for good measure. I look The media is always like conservatives, pounce now
This time there mad, because the attorney general from Pennsylvania basically already called the election for Joe Biden and that's supposed to be against the rules on social media, twitter, doesn't care and It should be some kind of electoral violation. I have no idea but he's what he said. Josh appear tweeted. If all the votes are ended up in p, Trump is going to lose. That's. Why he's working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from this process? For the record he's o six against us in court? We have protected voting rights now ignore the noise and vote immediately people's hard posting bra. You can't do this. You say Trump will lose no matter what people are gonna think you are cheating and you're, trying to intimidate voters and suppress voters, and now people are calling for some kind of action. We have story here that from a national review that breaks down, It's so agreed just considering pencil
mania. Is the most important state, my most forecast models and it's been a disaster. The national review says: Pennsylvania's attorney general makes a bad situation worse. No state in the union can match Pennsylvania's, pervert combination of electoral college importance and potentially messy ballot, counting problems up until this year, the state s strict requirements for absentee voting in light of the pandemic, the state massively expanded it. But now the state worries about how many voters will forget to place their completed ballots inside a provided secrecy envelope and have thereabouts, disqualified, you're gonna get about this. I voted by male. While I should say I gotta ballot in the mail I dropped it up.
in person I opened it looked at the envelopes they gave me and said: okay, read, the instructions filled it out and I was done. Why is it only happened in Pennsylvania? What about all the other states where secrecy balance may cause serious problems? This year the state rejected three hundred and seventy thousand absentee ballot applications more than ninety percent of those applications or about three hundred and thirty six were denied as duplicates primarily because people who had requested mail in ballots for the states June. Second primary did not realize they had checked a box to be sent ballots for the general election to Allegheny County which includes
spark and is the second most populous county in the state accidentally sent out twenty nine thousand copies of the wrong ballot to voters. Earlier this month, giving people bouts for races in other districts this country is the discount. The county is sending out replacement ballots all in a state where Biden leads the polls in aggregate by about two points more than Hillary Clinton did four years ago and twenty sixteen present Trump one Pennsylvania. By about forty four thousand two hundred and ninety two votes out of more than six million cast, that's crazy. How could anyone make this situation worse? How about Josh, Shapiro Pennsylvania, state attorney general and the man who enforces the states election laws declaring the twitter that there is no legitimate way for Trump to win the state? And that's that
I showed you most state attorneys general are elected officials almost always with a party affiliation and perhaps in a heavily politicize polarized era. More partisan language from them is unavoidable, but because of the law and that their law enforcement duties, states attorneys general need to at least try to maintain trust across the aisle Shapiro just engaged in wildly partisan hyperbole and gave every trump voter. Every reason of use appears Office and Pennsylvania law enforcement as a partisan operator regarding this election and in a state, so important Pennsylvania. This is insane. You see the attorney general astronomy. You believe that Trump is the one subverting the election. When easily say so. Is he with that tweet? Exactly with that tweet
Why should anyone now trust that he has the intention to honour the votes when he said there is no legitimate way for Donald Trump to win Pennsylvania? No, I trust the election right now the left says Trump is cheating. They say the Republicans are suppressing votes and on the right. They believe that mail in voting will lead to widespread voter fraud. I don't want to tell you, but also this. I don't trust anyone who argue for changing the rules in the eleventh hour unilaterally and that's what they ve been doing and when Donald Trump and his campaign begin suing over these rule changes. They ve won some and they ve lost many. The left says that Donald Trump is the bad guy and their suing to suppress the boats. It's all manipulation, here's they say at the end of the year you
all Levin rope. What stands out about our era, in particular, is a distinct kind of institutional, dereliction of failure even to attempts to form trustworthy people and a tendency to think of institutions, not as moulds of character and behaviour, but its platforms for performance and prominence rather than work through the institution. They use it as a stage to elevate themselves rays. air profiles and performed for the cameras in the reality show of our unceasing culture. War Shapiro just gave Levin one more high profile. Example. I'm sorry I personally don't trust the election, and I now most of you probably don't either and I dont know what to expect accept. No one's going to accept, accept no one's going to accept rent different word. The result of this election and what will that lead to? I don't know I talked about widespread violence. I talked about people boarding up there there their buildings
all across this country and I'm worried now that Pennsylvania has done something to say this? The attorney general has said something that has in all of the fuel, to make sure they will never be certainty in Pennsylvania, because he's already announced Trump can't win Trump, can't no matter what sorry he's the one enforcing the law. That says to me. Let's say a batch about common questionable. He says who are they it's for Joe Biden were those are probably okay. We have a similar batch of balance. Will therefore trump I don't know probably should be safe and get rid of those right. The left accused Georgia of cheating, because Stacy Abrams lost I can't imagine that any one's going to expect this to be resolved peacefully and amicably, and that's why I'm kind of worried what did I was thinking of some kind of funny I'm seeing all these photos from across the country and allay their burning up businesses in New York in Washington DC. Just basically everywhere there boarding things up.
and they're not boarding things up, because their worried that Trump supporters are going to come out and smash things there doing it, because they are worried that the left is going to come out and smash things. And then I thought about needles. Funny the poles telling us that's everyone's gonna vote for Joe Biden and that Trump can't win in pencil. They their riding in Philadelphia. So you mean to tell me that all these people and families who are begging for law enforcement and the National Guard and boarding up their businesses are saying those those dang leftists come in here too, to smash up our businesses better vote for Joe Biden, the guy who's campaign, bailed, the rioters out uncommonly Harris who solicited nation to bail the rioters out. Do these people have amnesia Rights are happening in Philadelphia like right now mean you haven't a couple days ago, the National Guard was deployed because of the far left. There's no way trumped can win her. These people,
are telling me I'm not I'm not gonna insult the people, you're telling me that the pole suggest that these people will vote for Joe Biden, but the actions I see them engaging in show that they're scared of the left their worried about leftist destroying their businesses. So I dont think they're going to vote for you now. I know they liked to say Joe Biden doesn't support anti fa come on and Joe Biden did recently just denounced the violence. My respect Joe thank if it announced violence did he call out anti for our black lives matter? No, you didn't so, who are you denouncing why Donald Trump may be the President who has denounced and disavowed white supremacy more than any other president? I mean it true.
more so, and what about Joe Biden announcing Antigua, why, I believe, he's not even said their name. He said poor boys memory, poor, poor boys and even know you're talking about the american people, know what your campaign did. They know what commonly Herriston and their worried about it. There worried about these lunatic storming through the streets, smashing everything and it's gonna happen Action day is in at the time of this recording what I mean eight hours, the last six hours on election day and everyone is scared about- what's gonna happen and we're supposed to expect that those who supported the rioters, who defended them, who allowed them to take our statues down, are going to give us a fair and honest election. I don't buy it and it's scary. I don't know what to expect a non Oda trust, but I
leave you with one thought: I'll, probably be banned from Youtube and social media in the coming weeks, as while many other people has already been a major per, of individuals. They can't post now until the new year, no joke the new year. Why Why are they banning so many people and via the bill were being banned? Conservative so strange Can we imagine they'll ban me because news will come out suggesting that some impropriety and if I try to report it, then somebody's gonna say your questioning. Toggery of our elections. Therefore we must ban you and that's it. You know I mentioned earlier in the day that hilarious, astrology, video from that women sang nobody's gonna win because as an eclipse into seven house access and like whatever, but I gotta say she mentions that there is some like weird planetary alignment: that suggests a whole new reality for America and while
dont believe any of that mumbo jumbo. I thought to myself: we could be facing a whole new reality reality in America if our institutions are destroyed if the courts are packed. So you know what her prey: action might come. True, unfortunately, shall then believe it's because of her planetary alignment, mumbo jumbo, but maybe she's not wrong. Only with their stick around. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly Joe Biden. said that under no scenario will trump be declared winner on election night, and maybe you think Joe Biden just being fair because we're not
Can I get the results of the election for quite some time? Good old job being honest and truthful? Accept there also not ruling out declaring victory for themselves, and what we have already heard from many of the social media. Companies is if Donald Trump declares victory, they will flag or remove his posts. If Joe Biden declares victory. Well, that's good fine, isn't it because they ve all arbitrarily decided that if any mail in votes come in there going to be for Joe Biden, that makes literally no sense and five thirty eight already said, made silver that it's likely mail in ballots were arriving late will actually favour Republicans, because Democrats are turning their is in at twice the rate they requested them. Meaning Democrats are mostly turning their belts and already Republicans aren't so
boats late should be for tromp, so why are they saying all this, and why should I trust them? That's the scary thing I dont know I have. I have been given no reason that I can understand by the media that mail in, but vat melon bouts arriving late will be democrat votes. It makes no sense nothing about it. they say well it's because they can't count mail in ballots until election day, so they count mail and balance the same as ballots. Why would those be delayed You count them the same as the ones that are counting on election day. So you have a bunch of balance on the same day, why would you differentiate between the two? is there some kind of policy where you say we're going to count daily that that in person votes first, I think it's an peace and I think, when they say Joe Biden, sort of size trump will not be declared winter and heat me. Maybe it sounds like they're playing dirty.
Aims. The media establishment is on the side of the Democrats and we all know it. So what happens if Donald Trump Winds and the media just says? No, I didn't what happens if everyone knows it. Ninety nine point: nine percent of pretty reporting in these swing states and there's no way Joe Biden could way with any amount of votes trump didn't when they say what happens if votes commander, we can't There are five where they came from his chain of custody. In my opinion,. mass mail in voting is a serious risk and I risk getting banned from Youtube for saying this, and I mean it Donald Trump, as others widespread fraud. I don't know if that's the case, I haven't seen any evidence of whites. I'd fraud, Tropez also sad mail in voting, will result in more about her frog. Many others have said that as well, not not not widespread use more voter fraud. We have seen voter front,
are they it's important. Everyone goes out and votes. I think it's important that you all make sure your vote is cast an AIDS important that you bring it in person and make sure about, is counted and also concerned about reports. However, that people have been trying to register dead people as Democrats. I am also concerned about the idea that front will not be allowed to declare victory, but Biden will be I'm concerned about the idea that the attorney general in Pennsylvania has already said Trump can't win. We are being told to our faces: that they're gonna steal the election and we know for a fact. They ve been cheating and we know they ve been saying: Trump is the one who's been shooting and that Trump is going to steal the election. My point is no one knows No one's going to have a definitive answer. I dont know to tell Italian. I hope you ve taken seriously. They say from access
but in campaign, is preparing for a long election night and is warning the country and the media to ignore any victory. Declaration from President tromp before all the ballots are counted. Trump has told confidence, confidence that he will prematurely declare Victor in election night. If it looks like he's even if crucial states haven't finished, counting under no scenario. Well, Donald Trump be declared a victor on election night Biden, campaign menace General Molly Dylan set in a briefing Monday why we always do it I remember, I think it was in the mid term. We had one precinct. I was like twenty were put twenty percent reporting in their like it's a victory for the democratic, because no amount of votes could have overcome. The amount she had already gotten, but it made no sense to me like, but with that smaller percentage, they projected based off of the counties that were already leaning towards a democratic said. We don't need final reports, we just no so with the majority of votes, not even annually
Laird victory for Democrats yup this time around. No, they not allowed Donald Trump declare victory. They say the Biden campaigners focus its efforts. on convincing its supporters to either vote by mail or vote early in person on Monday the campaign may the case, that Biden has three pathways to two: seventy electoral votes. With the easiest rap running their Michigan was content of Pennsylvania. The campaign also argued that the early numbers show that they have banked enough votes to make a Trump victory difficult to achieve an election day, and that's just because they have California in New York. For the most part, the campaign believes Trump will need sixty one percent it about on election day to win Wisconsin and sixty two percent in North Carolina. Oh Molly Dylan said, while the Good NEWS for Donald Trump is that sixty nine percent accorded CBS Cbs News of people who have not yet voted support. Donald Trump in Arizona Jupiter
figure at sixty percent to overcome the votes. The binding camp thinks the former vice president has already won. What to watch Biden. Officials are also preparing to protect voters from intimidation on election day, while bracing for legal challenges. After the bulls close. How will you be intimidated but limit? Let me ask you if there was a guy at the pole and he was wearing a mug assured or whatever and he was yelling stuff. Our trump supporters just supposed be comfortable with that sure? I guess, if someone is scared of that, is that intimidation? What if there are people from black lives matter out the poles? Why wouldn't baby antivirus planning things? In fact, one of the smart things anti but could do would be to go out and disrupt pulsar. There can't be a result of the
I'm worried about what the far left is? Gonna do to try to avert our election. They want a result. They want. The chaos take advantage of they say quote: voter intimidation is illegal and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, said Bob Bower of former White House Counsel and Biden adviser, but the campaign expects trumps attorneys to file lawsuits and plans to meet them in court. We're gonna we're gonna match them. I assure you and exceed them. Quality and vigour, and we will protect the vote. Bower said the bottom line about buying campaign isn't ruling out declaring victory for themselves tomorrow. My expectation, as the vice president will address the american people. Probably late, oh Molly Dylan said Trot could win tomorrow. It doesn't matter what they're saying when they say. No, all of the votes, to be counted. Let's say: they're out of the total population of Pennsylvania, maybe what twenty million
around there or something I don't know. Let's say that's Donald Trump gets eighteen million votes and Joe Biden, our answer. That's let's say Donald Trump gets twelve million and Joe Biden get six million. There's no way by it's gonna be able to win. That would be landslide territory. What's likely to happen is that Donald Trump we'll get Eight million or something and Joe Biden will get seven point. Five and they'll say no, no, no, it's not over yet, but that those at those numbers extremely unlikely the people in Pennsylvania, going about in enough you now to give Joe Biden the victory sought out of the total population of Pennsylvania, the point, as it is entirely possible that Biden or Tromp does win tomorrow. It's also possible that it can be a very, very close race and then we'll have to wait. But let me tell you some If the poles are correct, why are they telling us will have to wait for the full will vote count think about it. If the poles are right and Joe Biden
Has this massive national lead and he's in some of these states by doubled by double digits or even you know, meat meat, mid single digits, Shouldn T just win if they try. We believed Biden was gonna, take all of these states, then they wouldn't need to wait for any votes. One day I find a peculiar that they're saying you know we have the wait a week until we know the results we have to wait but of biting gonna win. Why would we perhaps that's why they're saying Joe Biden has allowed to declare victory and trump? Isn't? I dont know what they think is going to happen. It's going to make them Alan bout all for Joe Biden, because Democrats have been telling their base. not to vote by male anymore and about in person. Doesn't something seem strange to you guys seem strange to me, but I say this.
No matter what happens tomorrow. The political parties will be irrevocably changed. The trot that the Republican Party is now the Trump Party, the crony, never Trumpery, fled and joined the Democrats. The Democrats now have their own civil orbiting, the progressive establishment. There are three factions right now: the Trump Republicans, the crony Democrats and the progressive Democrats. I dont know which one will take over the Democratic Party, but I do know that twenty twenty four will be absolutely insane. I don't know, what's gonna happen tomorrow, who's gonna but I'll tell you. This is Joe Biden wins. There will be four years of chaos and then I believe we will see in twenty four a reg Nixon style. Forty nine state landslide. It's a bold prediction. And there are many many variables before me, which I can account for so base of everything I have before me right now. I think, if Joe Biden wines, we would see that why, because Joe Biden is going to sell us outside,
a fast. You will be left spinning in your office chair, wondering who dropped off at pink slip. Your factories will move overseas to China, the free, trade agreements and the high corporate tax will drive our industries oversees destroying the american economy, taking your job from you, resulting. More opiate addiction and more crises, more families going hungry and Joe Biden Gonna be like come on. Man he's gonna, say trumps fault. I ain't here this from Trump the good economy. That was us now we're dealing with fits in trumps problem. Let me just give you one little simple bit of advice: if you re free trade agreement, where you say we can freely ship goods from China to the? U S back and forth, with no tariffs, no taxes, then you say we're gonna, raise the corporate The thirty nine point, six percent. If I'm a factory in the? U s I say so, you in I will save thirty nine percent. If I just operate in China,
and my products here either chinese cheaper. That was always Joe Biden, Barack Obama's plan and bring it here now, and it will be the destruction of the American Working class. I will see you all tomorrow, on election day, it's gonna get spicy thanks, rang out.
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