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A Ringside Conversation w/ Boxing Legend Evander Holyfield | An Exclusive Interview With The Only 4x Heavyweight World Champion

2021-02-25 | 🔗

Tony has had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing athletes in history. Today he sits down ring-side with 4-time Heavyweight world champion Evander Holyfield. In this exclusive interview, Holyfield talks about what it was like growing up, his peak career moments, the notorious fight with Mike Tyson, and the possibility of stepping back into the ring all these years later. Tony guides Holyfield through an epic retelling and reveal of what it means to be a part of a comeback story and how boxing is so much more than just a physical battle. It’s about marrying the physical body, psychology, spirit, and soul for the ultimate combination of skills.

Holyfield recounts the moment that changed his life at The Boys Club, the three best pieces of advice his mother gave him that guide him through his life, and what he learned from losing almost half a billion dollars. At 58 years old, Holyfield is still training as hard as ever, and hoping for a third match up against Tyson to finish out their trilogy. In the video version of this interview, Holyfield invites Tony into his personal training ring for some punching practice. To see this extended interview, check out our YouTube page.

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over there and how these opponent, you know afterwards and sincere and acknowledges grandmother who was cowboy as opponents greatest influence, so sports can bring the best and also the worsening, becomes our character and I've? I've worked lot of amazing athletes over the time and during their times and during some of their best times, but when peoples, boxing or you see, I think, a lot of times. They think they're, just ruffians people's beaten up on each other middle, understand the discipline involved in That's a Marshall. Larger boxing's often called you another this, sweet sport, it's it's. A combination of skill sets, an intellect, isn't just big physical force and the greatest in history, ones that can combine their psychology, their spirit or soul, and that physical by to produce extraordinary results, and I think we all need the base our fears and affords about the middle of this kind of covert environment. It might be nice to. Is it in a ringside word alleging,
And I'm here with an unbelievable engine, the only man to be four times world boxing champion and ology them, make your brother taking the time to visit with us. Thank you. Now. We're talking to Before we started about interviews, I say dominated you're done over you're lucky you would you show you share with me. If I give this incredibly powerful man and what was it like, an idiot Why? Out most scary thing, it was hard to identify. You know, judges to guess what this person may ask me. The problem is and how good? And how did you learn to deal with that over the years you built obviously to now doesn't bother you, but what does it take to get there I heard it really was to find you in the beginning wagon thing. No one day, if you make a mistake, you know that you make why people make mistake, but repetition is what made people better. That's during fighting our life. So listen!
tell me about your childhood, a load of hope. We could start there because you started fight and when you are like seven years old, I understand correctly. That render us to study is so went. What am I will come from the football field and in saying that guy hidden this be banned? go out, I want to go there. Nasa's answer. Can I hit the speed bag in the man? Looked at me say no. I said why he said cuz. You have to be Barks anti? That's all I want to build a bargain to him. He said no, so the next day ass, he said no, and in the next day he said no. On the fourth day, then he looked at me and I turn my head walk. Another way he turned his back and random do asked him again say who come in total
about who intellectual life the most now unboxing, but in life. My mom was my mom action by everything that get me started. There was, but my mother, you know I don't tell her well then I'll so touched at eight years old. Is that, when the guys that you think you could be world champion yes and you're, the Boys club Nepal's that story, it was what you said to the man. What is it you could be world champion whether Manto Magda be the way tat? People were any dangers all day. You he's what you think. I get asked my mom and hey, are you you don't want to be there to act, but I got ass. My mom he's wearing out. If I do ask my mama, I came a try. My mom's had no that's it. So you know, and as a man looked at me, you gotta get mom.
And so you did ask your mom through that night. I sure there and what I asked my mom and dad. Was a. We add, a little house angrier binding front room, looking a tv. So when I come here, they looked at me and is where you goin, I gotta ask Mamma said: would you go asthma? So they tried to find out is so metropolis not cause, I'm in trouble. They know they may get a little piece of that and I get older. There should be an outbreak, so I go in there and I can't hear my mama what this man with trying to timmins my mama cannot talk. We allow she's, which you say as Mama, this white man had a Bush levels have been ably camp in the world. A Mamma Mamma look should have that,
where'd you get that look. I got stepped back, pushy may swank citizens. Did you become a great boxers? That's not what I'm swings. I'm gonna get a man's up, equip all we go for two years. You never go to the, but always and so, and so we went out of my mom's. Do you know what they're going to do to you? So I just like- I did not know Maxie taken here too, and I looked at a national lap and go all my brothers and sisters hit me. I get everyone today because a good so that new, my mom's away, you can hit them back she's a year. You could do it like that, and I remember going in the bathroom look in the mirror said Evander all of you here we chapel work. So when I went back to tell my coach Mama Zagat, be the highway, changing
He's a word for word here: I'm sick superpower, Mercosur, Mama, Mazurka, Billy away to happen. But what was the advice you gave? It gave you three pieces of advice that you repeated your whole life. Listen Belarussian! Don't quit how important this have been in your life. That still goes on the day because things there get tough course you you get back. Now, you're fifty eight years old, and when the reason I'm here as I know, you're in the Pacific alive, you look like you're twenty five. You wanna? Do you want to fight with MIKE Tyson again that you have pretty legendary fights in those ninety that you guys had the history guys have amazing and what I love about both to use your both such incredibly intense competitors and tease dont each other, but you really do have a friendship as well. Tell me what you respect about MIKE Tyson, well gaseous bigger, but my with shorter than
Nobody here and you're destroyed Autumn hidden Burton Autism seems fine, got six classic six and euro get the programme Peekaboo Salvin and get in their aim was not gonna like a rattlesnake may get them so fast and our values outside now realize icy into it. I could do it. So it was a Roma for you at once a year because you're older than him right now, ample years old, ample years old, but He got it now after me, you got the person paternally heaping gas and ass. It might do it. I could do it as I became the crews away champion. Whacking accrues way champion that thought there was great when I beat the way I do I
I am quite we no matter how much work protection of time with fifteen round most fifteen pounds in all this and all of a sudden there came the undisputed crews way cheaply and even worse is that I should like to make it ass a fine I get two hundred thousand now so I go ass. You go out so tat. People was a different nature when what might headway chamber where as is, how much you get resemble, what they headway. You don't make I'll kill. You may not know, I say this as a responsible and now to set when at TAT King loses its whole. Big thing was, I you be on these, get you so day, so the avenue we took it was to by all the people that might be
and has given them gas and confidence building even more than know what my confidence bill, but. The decision that may I can I can stay comparable and just be the clues away champion and make the two hundred thousand Oh, I could be here. We tabled a world. It makes me you wanna bite MIKE today. Why MIKE Tyson, why do you want to go back and have that fight where waited at the thing is? Is competition being competition that mouthing is that now only want to do it. If you want to do this at the back of the bank of the matters that is, would be fine, because both people,
No, how good we are yes, we're almost there boy you're, then people want to know allocated even does our way who who get the bet and so that the point of the mad at you know what I don't think that Thyssen I can get in array and not think about Tibet is, one tat, my life, I'm going in a re with nobody, they think I'm you'll get the bet gonna sit with you now now really want to make. Is let's talk about you start publicly about of all the fighters, everyone that you're one of the top, as he's ever experienced
Louis that about me. You look at the top floor fighters heavyweights. They ve all talked about up your words about this. Come from Mama, I'm sure you know all this stuff started young eight when your parents want you to be better, they deem nationwide telling you think, I'm too, but they never tv. Think you people, didn't you the only body. If Yo Pairs story telling you look, you need to make these mistakes, it may be a lot bother and that's what my mom and birthday was that town she's Ike now you know she's my tongue. I can control top ceases. You know what I was a fool as its limited: what a fool to food I'll get promoted and that our ideas, my whole life, got promoted, cause I was able to shut them out innumerable you talk about the guy in the sacrifice, your mama, you know you want to go that problem, so bad Toby was story about.
What you didn't there now achieved your life where we had to go to Canada, Quebec, Canada and had to fight, and I was mad and win tournament. And how the union, instead of going problem arising out of the one part and- and I remember the ability you, Mr Prodi, made you missed it, and then it is said in nineteen. Eighty seven yeah, I'm a champion of the world and in Airbus coming out through local mama, told me. You learn to you to tell it. If you mean with these people, Do you know, but you still here and when they had to go to become Monday, they gotta go to work. You got two weeks,
So you are you. Are you looking for your bandages debt, which you have just said? Ok mom was greater getting you to see what you haven't so that what you didn't have to write people it's like. I was still people what's wrong, is always available souls what's right and your mother really guided that what an amazing gift your mama's bit in your life. What would you do most proud of you today? But you know my mama. You know my moment all was at my mama. Get wise, advocating champ will crews away from nineteen eighty six to ninety ninety six. She get all these award code. They arise. As my Mama up tell him. I would have been ass, a ass, a for all facets as it one thing that I rely. Mama didn't play mama,
is it perhaps you may now later Attica? If you do, did you get a ready in India as it now against lab in his mouth, got so put in this mouth but causa things I'd say it one tat. I wanted more like the case of some. I've had those its hearing, my mama do brothers news intense character, but you look at it and that's like what you think you want your mamma to be inverse. Is God gives use, always something greater, there's, always some lesson in there and if she'd been them, Mama thought I wanted to be. I would be the I am proud to be either so Mama's out there. We Austrians and loved your dad's out there to the side, to give your offer your kids to the life really about men and you're such a beautiful example that thank you, you know I group totally poor too and a few years ago, when interviewed of Pity billionaires self made nobody from lucky sperm glove all on their own from the very beginning, and I want
earnings and want to help people, because most people don't understand, financing must be trained in it and I watched so many athlete so many entertainers singers writers, directors, actors lose everything and you went through that experience. It's really extraordinary gave up your fifty for thousands of imagine, you lost it all half a billion which will learn from Antwerp, because I see it happening boxers today and athletes today.
Where'd you learn from that experience in and what what could you tell somebody who's younger today, so they can avoid not go to the pain you gotta go through and how does it make it through it because most people just be devastated, but you just go and you didn't give up why you're so does as important a ban thankful for where you came from here. You know I came from not so so. If a person came from that, they know they got their costs, would they do so in the whole thing I don't quit striving for, but when the big parties to give you gotta, give yourself now view one led to do this to now, don't get I you know, can sit here boy. Arguably these people do this. Well, you, if you can believe in a new problem, still have your money. Where do you? You got to believe
during the money. You know also allows here today because you believe they did what they do now and you got to be given and you got to make some adjustments made allow adjustment and part of life. This is were so he's your mistakes to allow them to do it to you as opposed to a victim yeah I did. The rest of my life is over you just like. I picked it up and said. I learned from this shirt nominal move on whether and how did you forget? I forgot, how does a pot of love you? Thank you loved him. You can't forgive my by you really love that killing yourself a stir Europe. You have to begin to be able to be able to make a judgment to be able to receive when somebody else causing you you'll get your support.
What way that you don't trust nobody there and it has a mind of trying to help you you, you get the out. You know, and I will tell you you make the situation on personal. I try to help and if we can now you know somebody else get him to death. So he'll take no chances, so I can work with people today or so afraid to take chances. I mean if you ve, been in business Gerda time. Ten, twenty thirty years got people steal from you and that's just part of the process in view learning not to leave the candy store, open and blame them right for coming to take, and I really respect you could do and how did you bill back from that time melamine to go from half a billion too literally nothing part of it- was just your history that I grew up dead. Poor two says like ok, I've been here before so I can build again. What was the minds, whether the mindset is that you know God is not finished. You went where people go through some hot, because some great
come here lies in August and I was right about them, as is upon alive, if, if you think about it, if I was a kid and now when my mama gypsies tell a man, I just everybody knew that we all know my age and all that everybody would do anything for them and they were green and they will laugh and there was smile and they were going to the palm and all this is of, and I would like you to tell us for myself I still got the same pitch that I'll show to my son as the seat of the pit we're dead. He'll like you happy as it were, to happen now ass, but I'm trying to tell you. Is it see that some things number two, you can't do you Papa gone. We look just like the US but ass by adding another happy I inhabit a year, but that in a moment
I have about what kind of man you ought to be a yoke here want to go there and ass. He looked so. Why do you think that guy got this great education? As you know, I caught me nothing ploy education. As going got me, Two thousand now is simply the elder go to school education in all this. What I'm happily doing has become. You won't have to cry. Like me, wonder: whack Momo may come in my prayers weapon at school, because these guys here told me you weren't units mark and when its own place, tumor read in adult go my mama came. They gave me a woman in a school at apologizing to teachers in the stool, Mama, You don't hit nobody. So it's a profession, it's not something you just go use ran right, Unama, that's a Monday! We're talking this! So if you tell you America, not the deadlines. Are you
Why did you hit the big guy? Do maybe as a major new God Temple, but you will we hit the big guy you're going with a really cool? Literally you got the twenty five year old certainly use sixty almost sixty. You know you could be forty and their shape and was forty role. Does this amazing thousands, about your training, like this discipline and peace. This thing and is pushing yours but you ve, always known your whole life pushing beyond what do you mean you can imagine how much a role
two things point in your life and your success? One of the big thing was at a young age, Mama Mackenzie, you don't break nothing. You'll have to fix net, so don't got tat stuff up here. You don't get no bad happens, so you'll have to cease net and so the whole thing in forging a day. You know, I don't think you with great being poor but her, but but you know allowing time when you poor people, people chests and so the whole big thing is, so you have to hang out with a man like you and mom mom. Would not let me hang out with people who cursing idiot all these things, so I am not become better cause. I was sitting there by myself all the time people live a better life. They want to hang out what me and where the people, the people that had a rough light out now- and I thought I would better than when you look
Your career, what what stands out for you as the most of filling aspect of being a fighter all these years? Why make an olympic thing so represent America yeah, you know it, but you know you know, because we was amateur and so everybody won't be. Who want to be one in twelve members who go make them on pertain and I think our lands, God that make the lump obtain and we're gonna scare, because our actually find amateur world chain this Gonna Ricky Womack he beat the cuban head, beat the Russian so to people who, when they come into to lump pics and eighty forward russian and a Cuban, but this gap that they re Womack happy.
The more ready, he was a rain amateur world tempted so to get too early to beat him twice and I'll. Do it spelt incredible. Where did you don't remember havoc wholesale, but tell me said: When all is what common challenge you think you have, we rikiu wonderful, Womack and and ass a well. Did he make the Panama seventeen? He tells people they look due to paper. They say: will he lounged skins even a whole issue there? So he grabbed the paper you look at. Babies are well one thing rickety Womack had done. He never laws for us back to back. He said to me ass, I have neither Euro is just positively. The room was so important. Is that
psychological part of this game. How important is your psyche in that sense of certainty, going into a fight and also keep that, certainly when somebody's maybe stands you are they get their lands and that's that ninety percent of the whole thing how you think, when the whole thing happened, the certain you can beat him still. Why cannot, then in great shape person being greatly by you, get hit one tab and all its end is mine change almost Crises famous for their quotas says ever gonna plan to get it in the face of any change in the map of Europe. Spiritual man, you're beautiful saw wandering, though when I meet you as everybody, we're talking about, you said humbly bullfighter buddies, he's an incredible man, and I know the fighting
there's, always a spiritual side providing for you tell me what that means to. You will go in and are fighting, but it when it's about and both in the preparation side of it as well as of right. It's why it is a sad fact that they were gonna, say I let my son dive point you where you can believe, and so, if you keep believe and eventually you goes to win it and yet augurs ass, a kid. How do you keep believin if you aren't windows and the beginnings of the beginning, as only thing, I could tell people as a key out? The young is one and mobility and let me win anything and now would tell him my Mama mum, then I'll. Never let me with my mama them suppose. Shoe night is young. Our only key, though the youngest family.
The when win and nothin and two egg went to the boys LE when I got the boys. Le sickly is so I'll bill, as in the case that, when a cause, because Mama did make no adjustment one man our day- and let me know that, if you won't have you really have to work on somebody. If you can give our data kids kiss never gone? Ok, don't give me. No more people keep him. Let me also say you got another week yeah that now turned up. What do you think about this society that we become? Where parents today give kids troll as for participating becoming done any they may not. Discipline themselves are not permanent and it's like em when he deserves a trophy today. How do you feel about that philosophy and you father of eleven six girls,
boys and girls? What's your philosophy with your kids and what would you think of this once we have really gets trophy, no matter what for participating? Well, I think that, even though They may get a war but as apparent job to let them know. Ok, then what did you do and and soak? So? Where can you know and peeping or reject not now serpents, and I need to know this ass, a kid I will go to the fight I'll go to the flight. And I hope my guide and show up? I want my gotta show where I wouldn't happen, because I know if I go to find them and we will do this. All these things come with the fight you haven't bought, but that the rapporteur despite our hope in my guiding show up and his shoulder barrier
I've been thinking about afterwards. They were saying about. The thing is that you want, but you still have to go through that which gave you even more companies that you could do it again, every five out of their like the poorest fight. You say you grow ass, the appeal to sing the intense they get greater and greater like that. How do you keep increasing you're intensity over the decades web? Because you know, there's repetition, make you better and you think you can get a better view practicing you get better repetitions, the queue mastery of anything, but if you keep give doing you started a different level started the Lebanese keep grown from areas at the Essen summit, because you know you don't forget that in practice- and I just think if you stop asking did it may not only the whole and you stop asking if you keep asking that, like you know
the warning about hunger? Where does that we're coming from you that you still haven't fifty eight years old, the hunger they get you to me? Will you do in two days? Did the eight years all the time needed to prepare for what does that hunger comes Every person I've ever man who is extraordinary and business and finance and entertainment. One thing they have as this hunger? There is insatiable. You clearly have an eye by what you say, but where you live, where does that hunger come from, whereby thank the aerobatic error that anything that you gotta hungry too? You know, but then that you have. This is reason why you know somebody may try to be like you and it's hot as a joy for you to do. It is easy. By Euro Zone, because you love is the same thing get up early in the morning to serve like this. I can at four o clock in the morning I get up in red,
word and all this to prepare meaningful what the day, maybe you know that so many people that want a better life but thinking about it and as migrant oftentimes even make a decision to do it. But to me, The thing that missing is the rituals and you got rituals that you drove in use. Don't break em like forty most people that he get it before. I got a better for five hundred to four times on the need to give, but the same kind of discipline that, like you know you do you, give it every single time corner rituals to being the best in the world at something, but that there are important because they start by habit. He out now, oh heavens, not bear right. I'm a good abbot now uses, when you're, not even China into the body and a bad, have you know filling when you don't even know you fell like that. So this is the reason why you have parents. What are you talk to order? habits that throughout your life have caused
growing in succeeding. They love that that have what Lord Jesus Christ, Mamma Mamma told me a moment. I want you better. Stop calling you know in a day but to me when I was a kid, my mobile outcry, and all this my I thought my mama can say me: vanity, monthly, reputation, boy. You bet historical Jesus, why they did so and so the first time I know they're Jesus were Mama openly and our colleges don't stop. So is it has a miracle by itself why that was held in the first,
My loss of by an end is geared beat me, nay, nay, cease account how early hours eleven Levin. While then he beat me when I was twelve, he still members men, and the same guy that same guy be MIKE Tyson, the purser when he stopped boxing he's not box at thirteen. When I've been a b them at thirteen and in only two years to be dependent on oil. We are Baden colleges. Please help me bill
Europe, I won't leave everything to try to beat him tutor beaten into their right, so colleges and afore I witnessed by so hidden find a more and ninety ninety six. When I come home, I walk in house ass. He is why Gus Cindy go cease. An airbag shoe. You still remember you for the first time that a bit man welcome by the Mouth Bob Bob six way by a hundred Borlsover bow and steel industry? enhancing wages hanging like this. I remember that
I would really what happens when you fighters both calling Jesus. Why? Why do you know Please give me the strict secrecy world will owes me toward former nearby dimension. You know joys, nutrition, to those who go, go go for ass, we have jointly if we change before they also gaining the added tone as most of you. But you know about Great Box and L. A budget man is that you just you got such a beautiful heart. I know you said under each non Christian and rose with aids. Religious belief is you. You leave your faith than he was telling me that you send out every morning like for em, you send out another piece of the Bible too, like three or four people's than you do by what this mission that its informally come back. You know
I feel that if so, you have to be thankful for what he gave you yes and now I see a lot of people just like yourselves, be real well known, ass, a man! Oh, I get that. Give didn't ask that thing about. You had to be happy with which you got here, and this is hard thing. This is how you get a bit more. You have be thankful unhappy for TAT. Do you party or philosophy, is the limit of beautiful statement of happy state a bridge the aid grateful state. So how do you balanced out would kill somebody? You know a lot of people may think a boxing day and understand the level of discipline in arms and the art perished in there's a set of combinations. He others patterns here, there's thinking here and there's an arc here. You know it's been called the Sweet Science box. Read my reading martial arts in August. I worked a lot of work Yours, like all right boxers athletes, you see guys than the level of discipline, is insane my
you are going to review them recently and likes talked about how he was cut it. It was forced the game. You know you was shaped by people who feels didn't really look out when they turn him into a killer and he doesn't want to be a killer, and so it's like he's gone to this Our position is life of hating that part of himself that gotten homes you gotta be able destroys somebody You seem to be able destroy him in the ring and still level item afterwards. It seems like the bankers do that. You balance that wasn't as dismal shit. You know like thing is: is the bank this you taken a chance, so light has taken account of autumn, as is almost like walkin in faith? You you got you man to teach your family. You know you got.
Great job, where you could teach of and so consistently somebody else won't Joe Joe S and then airbag competing pajama. Yes, and so you know you your job. Just as important is mind you cause, you got that you have a family got you gotta, be and so in this life of really about, and but they got the enemy enemy strategy. Yet look at people scan Calais High. Do why he got a job. I had a job and then and Euro God made people and we may people made whereby it is saying and they just got different colours and and but have a job is about conquer, to make you hate this person. If you take this person, you get some biologists. Maybe they'll can take advantage, of course, but the fact of the matter, if you do the right thing in writing, gonna happen for you. So what's your advice now to the kids,
You talk work as you ve lived of such a full life right. What are you try to steer them too? When you get a chance to influencing and you I want to Levin children yourself, I would advise Emily girls, six boys bagger as well we must now do is in a buys. It ain't, no good manners. I did ass, you know you, you tellin, stir up what six out there and what not with black about this. How you look like: what's your philosophy as a father, will you try to instil in your children when you ve learned what what I have learned? Love is too cheap, I'm so sorry about something that I look now. My mama wanted me to advise that. I'm not something that you like how you can like a lot of things and there's reason you may not become successful. Yes, but you find somebody, you got me, secession Love is what love is our guidance. Luck with your brother under them. I think no one percent of our members gorgeous. So what what's one the fights in Europe
really that so many words when it stands out, because today and I talk to people about the best story of humanity's the comeback story right does anybody can succeed or get lucky but being taken here these like com. It has done to so many people as it never come back Well, that's what excites every human being authorities to arouse the guy comes back. They pushed
and they get better than they were before. What let's but what's been comeback story for you what's wrong with tough ones, for you that your proudly enable come back room where what is our particular? If I could add laws Lamb tat, but but in fact, at a time that, along with time where that over time, where that I actually kind of which was not sure- because you know I knew my shoulders her when the gas it I'll find not thought, I could beat them even are contributing their path. Kiki near you have done I've done things like that in Europe, so boosted, and why you tell him about ass. It were come. It's my fault. I knew the adapt. Why would you want me? Just read it in mind to react to a fine guys that was surrounded me and I thought I could beat him even though our
I wanted to say I said, then I go so what you do after that? What do you do after you have disappointed yourself and you, because everybody does a time I was told people it's like success, has always emphasised a frustration, the oversight of rejection on the other side of failure, rights like the ability pushed through it. So when you come back in one those giving and one that was really rough how'd, you get yourself back. You go back to the top actual peak again when the thing is with you, you Eddie Justified, then this is what I, whether this is well. I don't run so you won't you all what you must not write, something in order to fix that instead of blame and arrogant. Yet that's does cause. You know that's what some outcome and your fault manners are the person for you to be. You can't be committed to nobody
It is to you, and so what does boxing mean to you? What does it mean to be a beer boxer in your mind, like you have some people think boxing and just as brutal sport, you obviously don't look at it. That way, when one is boxing really wasn't mean to be a box where, when and why, I guess, and by when you think you can you can you can kind of thing in weight as you want, but it is I loved me yeah. This is something that I found that I wouldn't. Where do you live about it when the competition in air and guy gave me just must strictly gave her body else? Yeah now is hoo hoo able who, who is able to to make the judgment they need to make a night. Fail as a boxer. In your mind, you see a lot of guys male who are strong.
Atwater will what makes it marks the wax it doesn't make it in terms of equipment. We still lag but don't quit on his head and but if you hadn't in top there did you get this annual there's this ain't warming, because this got people get embarrassing if they lose think about Mama told me she's. I know you said here in and you know that all these people come to see you you and I come to see you to win and what you gotta come to see you Lou. They came week that data. You call that you call it was his son. You never lose viewed on quick gimme obey, I'm tempted the point of the mountain your best, if you gave your best you're, not you know when and by other guy you're being ass, marble so much. What's current commission now equipped with what excites you, what are you
about this stage of life, why you did in span young people because in item cogent, I've done what I have done, and so I know binding chasen older people try to be like old people good. I remember I was a kid.
This. This lapse after the young people in this after all, then look out of mere cheese. I wouldn't you like I'm John and be likened speak, like is by its own people, who had they have competent wisdom and and and come back and tell the young people. How to happen now would know been who I am. If the is older people then help me, I'm like a member and Whistler Burma with the boys know about six years old and has at first I'm report six, seven, no, no, not at my birth bite was when I turn now. Turning out when I was six years old situ. So we want to push no. We want that three or four miles to the boy
and so now, when we get there, my free it into may cause a cool, they would have told me cause a corn. I would never wit. So you don't. We walk three miles away to his pointed that out and acted out there. They had caught in these rest, a normal made. Love me at the end and lady name, this Hawken, who was way she, Sir, are you a member? I know what number was do you have a car Nergal, no man, she saw well you're, not a man as a one off. Well, ok, and she said, do you have a quarter which shot me at a quarter? I'm the guy get Nicholls quote here and so so evident. She said where you live
too bad stating. So she not at three miles. She said: that's a whole wages as I want you to know. No, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! She turned around. She reached her Brazil and got me a hot quarter. And this is how this change, wow us if the kindness of just one woman is dear boy, never win, it went to the boys at noon within a person who I am clouded other boys practically to our twenty one years old what happened during the day when you're not in school happen would be that way. You know. You're, not my school went school. Get out at three o clock deny me even go to the boys when I get my boys economical out when I get home tat get in a day, so it's meant by six hours of the boys got here and the thing was Mamma Mamma. These tendencies see now
now, you got a house in the ghetto which those beautiful weather miracles gorgeous man. So let me know that, loud and have this time with these people who try to correct people and try to put people great buzz I won't be Y hear what who, first mentors or coaches This demand original said you could be a champion of the world in order to learn from one another, but Connemara caught a mug with older anything. You know and when he see me hit that He only menu kept it and he go, and he tells me son he's all this gap will be the champion and
yeah. You know world when you're, eight years old and welcome this attribute champion and, as I said at the outset and universal when he passes sixteen and sizeable he tell assign you know you look, they knew he compares told us that you need to go over there and all that sound came over any sign. She me hit that back without sick, not one hundred thirty. Now when I was sixteen and easy hit his bag and a good lieutenant we're talking. I got dollar one word can be crazy about this kid it. Why even like that we play they saw his signed in football He would sit on our sir he's a good man to go right. My tooth retouched now go on to a greater extent,
Oh my gosh. Even now he is a spot in these keys training, so you're, not so, and so by name, but this man he pay, but everything that I have a deep thought box and whispered free. Because a but everything. Why now to say you know when I notice in one day the people told me see. No three is a coach speak for everything. He told us to take care you in on it, and I will ask why I am making a mocking only thing. They did go free and end up on you at the people to join it, and but that man a man to tell me why I get in and say that this is a reason why do give Eliza together. I one is what his kid, but made sure that everything
for me when you look at your life today. What most grateful for. I am painful where you know number one thing is Jesus here. Second thing: oh Jesus Mama regular idea. You know we're going out third bank about markets cardboard, that's beautiful! if you are going to see MIKE what what what is knowing they gotta charge, do for you in terms of giving new peace or giving your strength like. How does it affect you? Knowing that got us in charge, you still gotta do your part, but the fact that guides in charge. Those are due for your psyche, where it. Let me know that he always the return makeover sake.
So you got a nobody. Nine second meeting, even if it looks like a majority in committee and not a chain, we got. If you don't quit here, can you not a chain futile and then you're beautiful? So I'm so grateful gets mental time with you here and really feel who you are, as everyone knows who you are. You know as a boxer legend, but as a man. Religion is about many things. I know that your mother asked me one happy gratefully human being to see what her boy became and we continue to become such a given such a lover. So it doesn't sound driven and manners constantly contributing in pushing himself and they go. Those are values that we all can for ourselves that we did our homework better. Could we get better more gives segments tribute? Thank you, but my thanks you for the lesson tat at any rate in Pakistan. Is by turning robins as produced by the tyrants tee in copyright, Robins research, international.
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