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Breakthroughs in Immunity | Facts Over Fear, Part 1: Stem cell therapy to treat COVID-19 with Dr. Bob Hariri and Dr. Peter Diamandis

2020-04-23 | 🔗

If you are like many people, you’re trying to make sense of all the information about coronavirus that is being shared 24 hours a day on television, headline news, and across social media channels around the world.

It’s a lot to keep up with and comprehend as new numbers and statistics about COVID-19 are being broadcast around the clock. In this episode, we’re bringing you two long-time, leading physicians to provide context and clarification of the facts.

Dr. Peter Diamandis and Dr. Bob Hariri will break down the coronavirus data you’re seeing and hearing from the media. Dr. Hariri, a surgeon, biomedical scientist and serial entrepreneur in biomedical technology will also share some of his team’s breakthroughs in a stem cell treatment that could prove to be an effective solution for COVID-19.

This interview was recorded Thursday, April 9.

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As new numbers and statistics about covered nineteen are being broadcast around the clock in this episode? Working you, too long time, leading physicians to provide context and clarification of the facts, their hearing, Doktor Peter media Mundus and Doktor Bob Hariri will break down the current a virus data that you're, seeing and hearing in the media. Doktor Hariri is a surgeon, biomedical scientist and a serial entrepreneur in biomedical technology he's going to share some of his teams breakthroughs in stem cell treatment. That could be an effective solution for covered nineteen. This ever it was reported on Thursday April nice. Here's Tony. Everybody is tony Robins us we have a really important programme for you today, shot at all you that I know are dealing with all kinds of stresses. With the whole world being shut down, we have a tutor what are the member people billion people their shut down in their homes were so, We feel so much uncertainty, and so the purpose of this particular programme
to bring in some of the best experts in the world who can help. You put this in context what we ve heard in light of the decisions we made has been based on numbers that were projected to be accurate and haven't been happening. Unfortunately, one zoning were ever restarted. Pretend there's a society protect our world, doing. There may be some over protection, and so just like go here, a medical diagnosis. Today, most human beings, though you should get a second opinion today, were ass. An experts who are super qualified to be able to work in this area is a pure expertise playing any contact them We ve learned where we really are, maybe dispel some of the fear, but then Are we really want to talk to? You is what are some of the solutions that are coming out, their true breakthroughs that can make a difference for the scope. It maintains it. Russian gas, but who's gonna, be my partner today, as my partner in real life, just seated here. This- is my dear dear friend and we're partners together here we're out of the X Prize treaty expires mostly you're. My own bodies, though he has, is that Found singularity is
The New York Times not one best seller with bold in abundance in bulk capital partners. Are you so many I could list them all, but the appeared now, Peter alone. Thanks are jointly brother. Eventual join us. Thank you. Brother. A play, and and yet to welcome into pleasure, welcome nobody is well and and this time. We're all here today. What's going on with this pandemic, because its body viral pandemic in its a pandemic of fear and people talking about what are the diagnostics available the Anti virals available, but the vaccines available, more importantly, with the therapeutic available, and we have an incredible guessed that tunnel introducing a second whose another brother and a partner with us when a smart,
people that we know but want to contractual eyes, were going to speak about during the course of this our plus. The first is: let's talk about what truly going on around the world in terms of what are the real numbers? How fearful should you be? How hopeful or optimistic? Should you be that this might be over soon or it's not as bad as people think it is, but the meet this programme is going to be a therapeutic treatment, for four covered for viral infections that you might not have heard about, and its concept of secular medicine solely be talking about. How do you odd meant your immunity with natural killer cells and with stem cells, extraordinary scientists position and see he always with us. Twenty you wanna go and introduce yes, just want to say, will have in this particular. Shall we may divide us into the Vienna civil society. Has its Europe were also gonna brings and people who are at the moment Yes, the areas of testing you heard about anybody testing, many
for saying that the only way we really get back to work because the contest swabs on, will go a little bit later in the show here. First of all, not super accurate alot of false positives, but most Currently only tells you that you might have the virus now. It doesnt tell you if you develop everybody's. In fact, if your bodies now immune system, a strong and unified off the barriers to worry about your free to go back to your new a wife insides pretty import, as well as someone accompany them is working on a vaccine. It's worked in this industry for more than thirty years, but a vaccine at me be accelerated stamp about eighteen months. Why? Simply? Because as the source of vaccines we walk through with them doesnt. Actually is the virus itself. So it's not so dangerous. What would you do that as well? So it's a solution I show, but we want to start introducing about the Bali Envy Phd bodies. Credible, neurosurgeon ease, biomedical students, high performance. Eighty eight, a serious concern to technology
There's an biomedicine and aerospace, both these truly renaissance map and use our dear friend and partner, but don't hold a bob. Originally, peter- and I, when I told my voting costs incurred, started on this journey of understanding, so fail because you'll join so badly during this. This snowboarding accident that literally at the dark we do not have their soldiers Georgie immediately. The pain was incredible and then the problem- was the rear. The three to six months, a red I wouldn't be a clap move. Do things ideal and I was the one who taught me the difference in the different types of stem cells in the world and cellular therapy and got me to the right type of treatment. The impact It was one session no exaggeration and my rotated costs is actually perfect. You really want to do it. No downtime and it was licensing to meet my changing to me. So that entered me into this whole area really working at the change, tapping in medicine today and funding
much is it good about so your therapy Bobby's the chairman and found her cheek executive cellular of solidarity, one of the world's leading human sillier cellular therapeutic companies in Europe, anyone stem cells, but just a bridge, in Britain? Guy he's also straight shares, its always gonna be without working programme. Many great to see you and Peter thanks for a everybody would be with you, man, Let's start with context, I mean the New York you see on the news every night, there's a red frame, robbing more people die, more people died mouse. You and I both know die. This does not mean a whole lot. It's who gets hospitalized they put these, huge numbers up? No one so doing wrong you're trying to inform people, unfortunately using fears. I'm remoter. Can you get us all a context? What's really happening in the trenches where we stand and but the numbers originally based and all these variables that made us shut and the world economy from all on this issue. Finding them so
listen we're living through an unprecedented event in in global health virus he's coming, go all the time and Demyx happened with the great deal of frequency. What unique about this particular pandemic is the nature of the virus itself is somewhat different than what we are normally used to and the somewhat nefarious origins of the virus have left people to be both Annette hyper vigilant, hyper alert, state but also willing to react very aggressively to end. Negative news they hear now. The bottom line is the early, evaluation and reports on the number of people who were infected and who had a bad result.
From the infection was very alarming when we, if you go back six to eight weeks ago, the number of people that were shown to have the the virus and we're getting really sick was alarming because these this was somewhat unusual for conventional, flew at least the way conventional flu is reported. Now the fact is that we really dont fully understood. And when this virus first made landfall here in the United States, there are some who speculate that it may have come come here as early as last for a virus like this has as characteristics that dictate its rate of spray Some of those characteristics are: how long can somebody be carrying it and infected with it where they dont have symptoms, yet they can still, in fact, others. If that period is long, then one person can enter
act with many many more people and potentially be a source of infection for those people. Flew influenza. The incubation period relatively short, which means, if you got it within a few days a day or two you're starting to have symptoms. You isolate yourself, naturally from the crowd you're, not infecting that many people, but if, if you can carry for seven to ten to fourteen days, Rosalie Asymptomatic, you may in fact hundreds of people and therefore the exponent. How many deep, how many people want to expose is that much higher it's very suspicious help quickly. This particular viral infection affected. Many many people- that's number one number two- is that, although the vast majority of people- probably ninety percent, who are exposed and get infected,
actually have very mild or no symptoms at all, and these people don't even seek help of the physician or or or or a hospital, but a small percentage that are going to the hospital and are seen to have in fact been infected, do develop very severe complications. The complications can include. Difficulty breathing in some cases, necessity in Vienna, Ventilator rashly learning more and more that the Bentley Tory problems are not like a convention on the Mona. They may, in fact, be far more more insidious. They may in fact involve the way oxygen gets across the long into the blood and even have the option is carried in the budgetary. That being said,
for roughly every hundred patients who is so alarmed that that go to the emergency room. Eighty of them are sent home because they're not that sick, twenty wind up staying in the hospital and of that twenty four to six of those get sick enough. They put me I feel. So the numbers are not that alarming, but remember when, when the news first carried the possibilities that this pandemic could affect millions and millions of patients and when the lethality rate was originally estimated to be as high as five percent, you everyone panic people, if your wife for your child or your brother or your mother started to develop symptoms. You re to the emergency room. Most people with the with the amplitude of symptoms a day under normal circumstances it. This wasn't on the front page of every news would stay home in rough it out. But but in contrast this was such such a poor
prices call had pizza is this fear produce mass them? People go on ass, one would normally go. There overran aspects, the treasure gotten away in certain countries like ITALY and so forth. Are their meal to operate normally? Do what we normally do, but then also that fear was really based on algorithms. The came from initial small group of people from China works dreamily EL. Madam staring who might be infected is also were used to the flow of twenty forty million people being in in the: U S alone, every year and as having Eighty five eighty thousand deaths those are seen more with this year. CDC says we have thirty, nine million people infected with a blue Durban, twenty thousand deaths in the United States in the exact time period and we two hundred thousand hospital deserts benevolent gets reported because what is what's knew about this. We have zero cases it and then we found the virus- and I we started testing forever and, as you know, about wherever we test, furthermore, more of that
changing the morbidity or the death rate. Everything was based on these algorithms. That's what doktor foul Jean everyone, there were the best intended protecting us going through fire. Fighting the death versus flu, which might be zero point, one two or three or four less than half a percent and eight I did take joint action here about a good man where to stay off, he's been around seventy four years old, even telling people up until now, because it was his best estimate, all these formulas, which no bad Baghdad imbedded an outright algorithms. Don't throw me as good as what you put these three. Therefore, there have pursued nobility rates are talking about being greater than the blue he's now a week ago. This is new, medicines, you will know more than most respected journalist, the United States are treated it. What that the number of an attic enough Indians or merely genetic cases several times as high as the number of court cases became four down wait, maybe considerably less than one percent.
That suggests that the overall political consequences, carbon nineteen may also be more akin to those of a severe season, influenza, which means blue. First, you sounds rumours which were nineteen and thirty. Six percent you're enforced we on the news he committed years you're weeks ago, two thousand and two million people we're gonna die. It's always, it again, two hundred thousand- probably you may ask them in the news report. As you said, two million Ngos that still possible please don't show this to be true right now and get people are scared and were setting our economy on it. So I left Amazon. These these are facts are met, not suggestions of some right wing can speak see. This is not singers conspiracies you're saying people are trying to protect Maybe Overreacted does something, it's only. What are your comments on it? So You know you had a lot of important points, what let's go over a couple of them? First of all, what what has.
Blonde. Everyone is that early prediction that the death rate could be as high as five percent. Remember: five percent means one in twenty people die we'll die. It means that more than that actually get sick, but one in twenty, actually that that means lots of people you know, will die right. Point one reason: you're an average of thirty thousand people, just where the article I recently digital projection and obviously, if not, but but influenza deaths- point one percent- that one in a thousand? Ok. I bet you did Very few of us can remember a friend or love One who died of influenza so so that five percent, without he read that was originally quoted, was the basis for everyone's reflexive and panic response to this crisis. Now, for each you mentioned The US is very important that data is being derived from numbers based upon certain test results. Many
which are not reflective of one of the biology, and let me explain that the first test available was a via the test for the presence of the virus, which is looking for the nucleic asses of the corona virus itself, they swab the surface of your nasal Mercosur. It's not a comfortable thing, but they do and then they measure whether or not you have the nucleic assets from this virus. That says, you have what's called colonization by the virus that doesn't equate to infection by the virus. Those are two different things you anyway to determine whether you're really infected is to identify the virus inside you and your sick, you're, actually developing symptoms, so. If oh you're going to do is is measure only the people who are symptomatic and if their symptomatic detect virus on them, and that is your chase number
that becomes the denominator from which you calculate death rate. So you take a number of people who died over the cases that you discovered and that's where they were coming up with these three four or five percent death rate. That's not an accurate reflection and it's not the way we calculate the death rate for flew, Jake Jesse. You know the site, you see, you can go to the city, see website The city see calculates the death rate for flew as the number of people who die divided by the estimated number of cases. These are not documented, demonstrated patients who have influenza it's what the government estimated to be are just sent you to grant you look. It reflects its that it's the death rate is the death rate here in the United States, which is hot, which was starting to drop and the minute it started to drop
a pump back up and the reason it back up is they started to a tribute anyone who died in the hospital, as has from covet. You know, that's that's! What's club statistical reassignment, ok, it's rightly that used by people to get whatever they want. So if you're gonna take someone who got to the hospital, died of a heart attack and then post mortem swab his nose and find corona viruses, ay ay, he died of Kobe. That's not that's, not accurate right. You know, Mark TWAIN said there, three catalyze lies, damn lies and status, takes one. Second, your guys just add some context here as well. The important thing for folks to realise is this again a pandemic a viral pandemic, but this is also a pandemic of fear. In image created by misinformation and by people try They actually do good right because we
aren't we. We are panicking when someone dies from influenza, but let me give some other numbers. We talk about the death rate going on from carbon. Nineteen and were seen numbers like you know, peek at six hundred a day, eight hundred a day, a thousand a day some numbers return to contextual eyes is globally to colossus kills three thousand people every day, Hepatitis, two thousand four hundred people. You know HIV AIDS, twenty one hundred people, malaria, two thousand people, so we have single every single day around the world, and we were not shutting down everything all over the place of many those at some of those things aren't birches as well and as bad as this is again. For all of us are our hearts go out to people and I know frenzy. Everyone love passed on this issue have been on intubated on this. Is it's a terrible challenge, There is one-
silver lining here, that's important realise, even and I'll I'll say it. I think, of this almost as a practice pandemic, in that this is not first pandemic. Therein massively bad pandemics and there will be ones in the future period as we're encroach on the environment, as temperatures rise and all those elements we talk, but if you want, but ultimately this pandemic could have had The tragic disability that this particular no source code to virus has with the mortality of Ebola right people treat this negative. That sense when they say. Oh, my god, I have covered nineteen. Well, it could be a mile flew could be a bad flu, but imagine if it had a fifty percent mortality rate and what this practice pandemic has done. Called that not diminish the massive financial hardship this has had, but it's an all of the bright points,
in our financial system or governance system and our health care system that hopefully, if nothing else, we learn how to prepare those not have that happen again, one. Other thing is doing and goes to the extraordinary work of my older brother from another mother Bob hurry. Is it seeing in allowing the FDA to get right faster, because we ve had a very slow, methodical. You know it's a bureaucracy and we are seeing in oak again die diagnostics and action. It will talk about that in part two of this, but also antivirals and also therapeutics, one of which very proud is the brainchild of Bob hurry. Peace that we're trying to get across to you is that, yes, this is serious, but so is the flu and that the people that are most affected by the floor also the Alps.
Many of you look in ITALY and see all these people dying. Seventy nine percent of them abide are over ninety right literally. Ninety nine percent of the people who have the disease have some existing condition and more than half have three cancer heart disease diabetes. Maybe you can mention about what's been happening because once put up of the Nobel Prize winner said from Stanford To see you now he was talking about, is bent on the earth about this issue. Did you meddling, which I will get members or to understand what you're telling us one problem. TAT is the very sensitive. Small amounts, journalists, patio for the buyers can be detected so almost to everyone guys limit of what the causeway colonels, but the reason I killed, you didn't, kill you, you gonna data class and will be having a swede, arguing that we ve overreacted. We shut down our economies based on those papers, projections which, on true fudging yourself, a thing of less than one percent. Maybe it's the same as the flu, but we now
the entire system of destruction of economy, people are so afraid because they don't know what the real facts and I saw on one day in February where the death rate jumped sixty percent in a day. I'm like Genius Rollo, but I know it's pretty hard for some jump out much in a day, We went through the statisticians above until you can comment on this. Could you ve seen it? They changed the rules out a guy knows you have to have a task to say died and we might put in you only have symptoms probable that it may have been brought on by covered or the flu. Now they just count we don't need aid, just any count it. So the numbers you're, seeing that even seen either not I and gas, but even the death rate- is not right we feel representation about. Maybe you can address that the same tell you this, because the only we found his feathers articles on twenty fourteen in the title is worded Sars go and then corruption, is it's a virus, and there you some.
And foods are driven by it and that you know time? Two thirds of this will end up having it but, as you said, Babo appeal, muffle, mild symptoms that the people are effect they those whose immune systems are compromise which you're gonna get through with you Bob solution, but those compromise because existing conditions and before they would say they die of pneumonia died? cancer ready dad whatever. But now it's been pushed to its covered death. So can you do above the journey, organised criminals- and you could you tell me what you say so you know a professor. Let it is is a brilliant scientists in its own right and but is also a very practical and reason, The reality is what he is saying is true, you can you can create statistics that will fit any narrative game and you don't one doesn't doesn't doesnt realise up front, but the panic that was created because of the the forecasts ITALY found this virus
meant that people were flooding, hospitals and overwhelming the healthcare system. What we were supposed to not do remember flatten the curve flatten the curve, don't ever exceed the carrying capacity of the album goodbye, but by instilling that headache. People went to hospitals and, by the way, that the people who want of after we got sent home spent twelve to sixteen hours. Sid in a place that was awash with more corona virus right, and so, if you, if you happen to it, you happened not to have been had a big inoculate before or you spend twelve hours in the ear and you're gonna go home with it and you can. Spreading around even more. The truth of the matter is that what concerns me is that we appears that that, rather than take a conservative look at the numbers and provide free realistic data and explain how you arrive at these numbers. We we had there were times will be,
were saying the lethality rate may be higher than five percent. Look. I'm a father. I've got kids You can imagine what would happen if you heard that news and your kid starts com thing. You don't know if you're able to detect have whether it serious or not. So you go to the? U only export when those eggs words are overwhelmed in a hospital. That's not a good thing when those experts, overwhelmed in the hospital every time a patient starts to have evidence of these. These respiratory problems. Therein, the I see you and then the thresh. What we call the threshold for intervention, the threshold for intervention comes down here, because you don't want people die, the docks and the dots and the nurse in the hospital are absolute hero.
The minute they see somebody starting to crash they they go all out and they're. Putting these patients on ventilators now we're learning that the ventilators may in fact be contributing to the problem, because it's not a conventional pneumonia. We didn't give ourselves time to figure this stuff out. The picture is a hundred people. Happy are eighty them. I want to go home. That means there immune systems doing its job Probably a thousand people who have carried so a thousand get it get chariot a hundred wounded being infected with it. A bad hundred eighty percent immune system is good enough to send them all of the other. Twenty there are left over fifteen fifteen or so should be managed in the hospital with relatively conservative measures. Some supplemental oxygen, some antibiotics aboard etc, and those people never have to go to the icy or ventilated, five of them, five to six of them.
Why haven't you early? I see you and get out of bed the later and the reason tat. They put down. Hill is because the virus induces a very, very aggressive immune response and inflammatory response was basically prevents the auction from getting across their lot. If any of you guys follow my twitter, you may have noticed. I said a few days ago that when I look at the data, these patients actually look more like there. It out the two there their their lungs, are acting more like there's the top of the Himalayas. Then they are having a pneumonia. That means that a problem getting oxygen across the lawn into the bloodstream. Now that's interesting, because it changes a little bit of the strategy, the battle in a strategy, but it may also mean that the virus is doing something very unconventional, which means that it may be damaging lung tissue. You your irreversibly- and this may in fact be the reason why many people
life is still have long. Standing, cardiac and pulmonary problems have just one question that may not be reopened. I'm curious. I haven't seen your blog about this, but I have also read about the out two things are several doktor saying the pressure that is being done in and these are hospitals just the oxygen, not just the pressure that the pressure action may be doing more damage is. Thank you you're. So right, Tony here's, the thing right, I've treated, I treated fifteen hundred two thousand ammonia is in the eyes the pneumonia is are very different. The law literally gets filled up with pass literally bacteria and other MIKE
organisms colonise and and and prayed a created, inflammatory response and the lungs literally get filled up with fluid and Duncan everything else in those patients. You have to create very high airway pressures to get air down into the bright you're, so people can be it be, can get oxygen. This is different. In fact, you dont need high with high airway pressures. In fact, you're right. It probably is deleterious to me, suggest that the mechanism on the lawn is very very different, and it suggests that any stem cell product capable of modulating the immune response and stimulating were generation is probably really gonna be very, very good. I think the great news about it is: it brings people's attention to spending answers think about the real factor reading in ITALY. Seventy nine percent of Asian, thereby really over the age of ninety
The current number and also influenza has been growing like crazy. Twenty five thousand people died. Will they are normally so I always population role other than Japan and you'll. This mass Russia was generated by the media. Beer people have used coming hospital using all the resources, and I don't mean anything but media's created so much bigger, and you know it sooner like you pay with I've been through it. Johnny where you live, hurricanes brewing in the Bahamas, ok- and you told it's gonna- be there worst hurricane and the Israel of of Europe, your heart of Florida and what Everybody do they run out and they tear apart a restore. You could get a kick it again. If you can't buy a loaf of bread and never happens, you get you cut, it comes which, by everybody spine and what you ve done. If you, you Bruce the system for the foreseeable weeks ahead now, in this case,
and I would never want to be in Doktor Van. She she's right. You have this thrown on your shoulders and and- and his is greatest fear is, if I under inform people, our people gonna die unnecessarily. I think it was unfair to leave this all on this on the shoulders of one guy. What they should have done, Since this is a mass casualty scenario, they should have been listed. Multiple exports should have gotten a trauma dogs who deal with mass casualty? Stop? should have gotten more than just epidemiologists. They should have got intensive us and others who understand the practical nature of deploying chair and said: hey guys, What what should we really be telling the public? Because I guarantee it would have been more timbered tempered type of description now right now. What we know is this: it is far less lethal than originally predicted.
It is. It is a rapidly transmittable diseases, but since most people have mile disease, it means most people are gonna, just gonna go through this and guess what guess what happened after the exact gets through through it? They come out a meal right of probable immune. So what we were doing to some extent by by isolating everyone is we're slowing the development of community. Immediately to the disease and community immunity is important going forward. That's what prevents the thing from coming back in the four ok- I am, and it also means that we have completely taxed their healthcare them so they no longer have a big reserve left if something wrong really bad was tat. What I mean is that so so so I think you know, none of us are critical. One, but we do believe that we can learn lessons here and these lesson
should never let us go back to this again and by the way when people say the cure can't be worse than the than the disease. You know, we have no idea how to calculate the impact of poverty and an joblessness and depression. I am having to deal with two lit by the way. What happens to somebody in solitary confinement in prison right they get sick. Guantanamo, stressful things you can put people through isolation is causing. Is causing unknown amounts of health problems that we are going to have to deal with going forward- and you know it's very sad because I remembered the beginning of the year, seeing optimism and joy and a sense of a sense of it- a willingness to go out and take risks in building busy. This in my community people were opening stores in restaurants and now these people a boarding them up.
What's gonna happen to have more bankruptcies, more unemployment, and it is truly a massive impact and honestly, when you're set. When this is said and done, I don't think we're. Gonna have properly measure that and the challenge is gonna How do we revitalize could table it? Doesn't it takes a while takes years after three or four months of him back to bring the economies back The virus is not going away right. The virus is still give me the environment, it's gonna, be part of the environment forever, exactly nobody bothers you jus continual before six months ago, I already These are gonna, buy racism seduce and others that we have. Two thirds of us would have it. So it's worth theirs. The socialists that we're making along the way with science of assumptions that are tested, but we in test them of this environment. We made us assumptions, are ran remembrance and we went again nobody abandoned to all these policies.
Since permitting an emergency when there's one definite and stay there, just being Everybody else is: what's gonna grow you I saw the governor, but I'll call employees in emergency. Anything Little hundred a hundred thousand people infected here one intelligent borders that there's only eleven twenty infections in old country right now, Can you say one hundred thousand in your stay anymore. It's gonna double from a thousand and a few weeks ago, His death. Well, I'm told everybody s words. He put his expert on a doctor really great lady. Voluntary systems will exhausted this morning. When I made these predictions evenly says I'm here, and then she said afterwards, but other experts have been to me. It's about one percent it'll keep doubling. So we have these decisions and me hard not to do they all came from the best thing tat protect our people but will you be real numbers? The challenges I explained the place like Sweden? That's gotta
population and they don't that's not how to control them, not doing what we're doing schools Earl in primary schools, rolling preschoolers wealth and little children, restaurants role. People on the streets. Yeah, I mean listen that there are two approaches to this right. One approach up front was to understand the possible bad side of this virus and calculate the worst case scenario presented like that, but but deal with it as mid case or best case scenario right and and take conservative measures. For example, you just pointed out the vast majority of people who do very poorly are the very old or the ones with calm abilities, so right off the bat, like. The isolation of the high risk groups might have been a more conservative measure. Now are younger people getting sick and dying yet so loudly, but the reality is the way to approach a crisis like this is either is either hysteria
or rational or rational thinking. And it's very sad, I don't I don't blame Doktor Belge. I do blame the media. I do blamed the media because, as Peter taught me you know, people are designed to pay ten times more attention. The bad news, then good news, and so you give the media a little bit of bad news and they run with it. Ok and they sit there. And they and they wallow in in the panic they create. You know why, because the more panic to create people who changed the chance right well stay and no less so so the truth of the matter is we did a disservice to the public by by not fully informing them on how the numbers were arrived at letting other experts opine I ate one. Just one person is the sole source of information right. We need to engage a lot of other books and by the way there are people who try to get that the word out and and and their suppressed.
In in a less resident one other things out of them down to some of the solutions are talking about an another attack Demille, either the immediate starting with job that they no longer designed to inform us it's to competitive we gotta start to us Studies is something huge, and so they believe it or not. Asking the questions are clear. This many cases how many largely hospitalized or how does comparative flew, that's millions questions to be asked it just full force. It gets all the attention and now there are people that boat reverted from week to week, day after day but it's like relating to the baby pretended science, but they say people are dying or you're promoting peace, oh, you are doing. Things are dangerous if you inform people that the numbers May I just natural so let's move into you, know why things are. We do there's lots of great solutions that are showing up right now for someone whose business severe situation, usually other challenges, as you already pointed out, a pre existing conditions
This is about decisions and about let's see if we can't do people's deliberate history about sell your medicine, all where Europe, because the father of it to some extent, because a researcher did with rats thirty years ago, so that speakers Anyone about first, let's move in that direction, a hotly if you listening, we got release the question that it isn't a severe extreme things. You think, and it doesn't to be in your life. That way. If you understand the numbers, you still want to do things that it carries out, but maybe so the people plus we're not it's your risk and the members are tightly in context. For everything else happens right now. One three: five million people die this year. Car accident around the world is three thousand two hundred people a day: none of us are saying people these car accidents right. There's a little. We all wine summons driving seventy miles an hour you you're going here. We know every day. Somebody, the fall asleep someone's gonna be. Tackling zones can be drawn up in a coma until people every day. Thirty two hundred today, but we
has anyone ever gonna drive again, let's full of new rights for a moratorium on driving and why we drive. How do we drive knowing that someone can kill us every day? It could happen at any moment. We do it by using faith let us turn just- were born with a faith. It says if I don't Certainly you myself, in spite of all the things that are risky, no one wants to stay home and move for just about right now. So let's about even some of the solutions, but maybe before the solutions? Let's talk about, sell your medicine for a moment in Europe. Studies in what you found. This goes way beyond called it. We're gonna talk about global, maintaining your solutions, but it really is the breakthrough. That's happening regenerative medicine. It's probably the most power change a medicine, it's happened in a century. The other thing two context. Fertilizers again, it is if you feel like when nineteen is going away and it's not as bad as it is again remember. This is one of many pandemics one
Questions that we're gonna be asking Bob to address here is how do we prevent this from happening again? How do we actually put in place the mechanisms to keep? I say in one thing that we did learn from all this data. Is you know a hundred to one older people are dying than younger people. It's not that the virus understands a person's age. It's that we understand. Your immune system were to isolate being infected by viruses by cancers, and your immune system is more readable defence system that protects all of us from it. But as we aid as you'll hear, our immune system starts to degrade and one of the incredible pieces of vision and work that Bob's been doing is. How do we argument? Aren't system. So listen what Bob says from the perspective of hope, not just for this situation, but protect us in the decades
to come, and also not just room viruses, but also what to do to regenerate reef. Your whole body is theirs, to be a survival issue we have signed Today we can drink you younger, stronger, more effective there before you know we're working on a book other on this whole regenerative medicine breakthroughs that are there so Bob just a people. Two excellent shift to something a bit more of what we people have put the not about, as we still got a deal Economic consequences, we're doing separate events on that seminars for people show how we get the business going again as the world ships. But most of it now that this rule, the New Europe a neurosurgeon, you ve got an backroom deals. Would you do with rats, but thirty years ago, the council this journey? Well, you honey, I'm Thirty, five years ago, back when I was working on my phd, core now, one of the areas are very interested in was the development of a vastly disease, and I was looking at the differences between old and new
animals and why old animals, develop much worse. Vascular diseases, young animals and I was transplanting blood vessels from old and young and young and old, and out that, if I put in all blood vessel in the young animal, the old blood vessel with rejuvenated enacted iraqi young again- and I did not at the time- but I was doing a stem cell experiment- I was actually allowing the the blood vessel to be renovated and remodel by the stem cells coming from the young young environment now fast forward. Over twenty five years ago, I got interested as a doctor taking your pain and spinal cord injury. I got very interested in the in the emerging field of stem cell biology,
I saw it as a potential tool to restore function in brain injury, spinal cord injury patients. At the time most of the work is focused around using self from embryos. I recognise that for stem cells to have a meaningful place in medicine summit was going to have to product tiresome someone's gonna have to turn them into a pharmaceutical product. That a doctor could write an order for and apply a dose just the way they do and- the therapeutic it was. It was at that time. My arm, my eldest daughter, was in utero and as a young surgeon coming down to look at the post office out something dawned on me that happened in the past, which was, although she was a peanut size, embryo the person,
It was already this big organ and it dawned on me with a limit and larger stem cells and where they come from an open knowledge of other the physiology of the placenta. It turned out that I was I was convinced. Two percent must play a role as the as the source of stem cells which participate in the development of my unborn child. Now that got me interested enough to go, look and chase it, and what happened was we found that the percent was in fact nature stem cell factory? At a time when you had to either destroying embryo or harvest the leftovers of an abortion, every birth yields a waste product called the placenta? That's that's incinerated has to be disposed of, but it was a great source of these biological terms. I started a company around the concept that company soon identified at the placenta was a source of cells are could replace any others source of stem cells and he turned into what was that
Ass is growing player in the sailor medicine space today that company similarity with spun off of its parent company cell gene and now we have the largest portfolio of cellular medicines in the world, but interesting is were using. Fundamental native biology of those stem cells there, their unique universal donor characteristics, meaning that the placenta is a source of cells that can be administered to anyone without having to match them, and the placenta has unique defence capabilities in protecting the developing feeders from things cancer or infectious diseases. Would you like a milk further wanna know more about them is booming. My dear is no situation. Kryptonite around Bob were a mother, cancer is transferred under a baby, that's a powerful. The percentage is, I grab it,
so rare that it becomes an isolated report? The placenta defends the fetus from anything which would cause its demise. If you think about it. Right human beings devote nine months of reproductive energy to one offspring. It at evolution has selected for capabilities that protect that offspring at all costs, because back when they were living twenty five thirty years, you didn't get alot of shots at producing babies to replace yourself, and so so that remarkable ability is is, is conserved and transfer of in the sailor. Products among those among those unique properties is ability for
part of the immune system. The placenta and the new born to actually defend against the transmission of cancer and infectious diseases was something we were fascinated by. We studied and we identified a unique natural kill herself. A natural yourself is a specialised part of the immune system that is pre programmed if you will destroy potentially threatening cells, whether their cancer cells or or bacteria or fungus or viruses are what now turns out that these percent on actual killer cells target antigens molecules get expressed on the server
a cancer cells and Byerly infected cells in the midst of our clinical trials and cancer. The covert nineteen crisis erupted and although we always thought of the possibility of taking these energy sources into infectious diseases, we saw an urgency to develop them. For that purpose. We we did the did the underlying scientific work, father an investigation to drug application. The FDA had been granted permission it to the test, his impatience and we're out treating patients as we speak, Tony with covered. Nineteen with these was ended in case also were very excited about what is treatment mean what happens to a patient and what level is this? Your treating patients through intravenous and inject transfusion of these natural killer cells to basically
augment the natural killer cells they have in their current bloodstream. How sick are the patient's your likely to treat and then to speak to the fact that this will be a be that can be and stand by any place on the planet at any time. It's needed. This, along with their bob, I couldn't had on what people know that in China must we would know the people who are the most those people in the Eightys and Ninetys. This is one of the only treatments. Am I correct that was successful and during those people giving back at the hospital, maybe Akerana Batman tell us your dreaming about so they're very promising reports out of China in patients with serious coded nineteen, including patients who were on ventilators. That cell therapy has worked, and let me let me preface things by saying this sailor therapy as it as a way to augment or support or boost. The immune response is a revolution in the treatment of cancer. Gay
We now know we can take immune cells, engineer them to turn up some other capabilities to target tumors and their very, very effective at at at supporting a patient's response against that that particular malignancy. This, I believe the same will apply entreating infectious diseases, and if Peter pointed out we are really doing here, is where boosting and supporting a patient's dysfunctional or deficient immune response by giving them reinforcements in the form of these encase cells, from donor plus centres that are produced in our manufacturing facility. The nice thing about this is its administered by a simple intravenous infusion, pretty, the UN can be done in a in an emergency room. It can be done in an infusion clinic. It can be done literally in the doctors office and the beauty is these cells boost they they suffer.
Lament your own bodies, immune response to a disease which makes it a very convenient and clinically deployable methodology that fit into pretty much any health care system. Now the nice thing about getting these cells out of the postponing placenta, this waste material is it's a it's an approach that both scalable and ultimately will have an economics that are not going to be distracted healthcare system gangs fully explained level, but why Bob in terms of the mountain you can utilise these? Are you can do this people be saying how many people centres as arbiter? Don't need to make this happen, can explain just for a second, the free ones, and we know why it's really scalable why the costs can be what lesson? out of the chicken certainly ought less than traditional cancer treatments solidarity, has pioneered the ability to what we call culture, expand and mass produce self from the pleasant
which means that, from one placenta donor we can produce many doses of cells for different therapeutic purposes. Keep in mind in the world today. A hundred and thirty million per cent is a hundred, and thirty million percentages are disposed of every year there, their waste material, so kind of an inexhaustible raw material, and since you can produce multiple doses from one placenta you don't we don't see that as being a rate limiter to deliver therapy for these sorts of diseases and because You say you already, like other companies and sailor medicine, recognise that at the dawn of our industry, the the manufacturing process is as much. Product as the cells we're getting better and better and better and creating efficiencies and quality systems so that these cells can be did be produced with very
attractive economics subliminally inject wanting it's a dream, important. They give anybody who listening if you're pregnant- or you know, Someone who is pregnant right now, one of the things I think is a almost a moral ethical obligation is for you to Bank Europe placenta. We ve heard about cord blood banking, where you take and build a cord blood and its frozen, and if you ever have a heap of what a cancer leukemia or something that I'll do can use radiation to wipe out the existing bone marrow and replenish it from their original bone marrow, but even better then that is able to keep the placenta cells both in this case the stem cells, which are pluripotent not at this moment yet, but in the near future, we're gonna be able to re grow organs. Love liver, lungs, kidneys, hearts. So I have two nine year old boys. Nine years ago I backed the cells in April, sent us a company. Is it
vision of soil area, full disclosure, Alma cofounder vice chair, and of salary him and Tony's investor in the company Mature Minos at, but it's called Life Bank, USA and its age up a process that is simple and easy, and I just think it's something that most people don't know about if they did they backdrop were simple cells we are really talking about. Is how do you a natural material created by God. The universe. Where are you gonna call it to Stephen, wait the immune system to get back to its help before again, and so As was said earlier, you got cancer cells whereby maybe not cancel measurement systems working well, you know you got stopped accomplishments you're, not you're, obstreperous gonna call me eighteen and really tiny emails like receiving commencing in your immune systems. By its also, why even though today were seen cancers and disease is in young people as well, the majority Bob you can about poacher mention about this.
Although these are age, all diseases now we're doing games there, suppressing immune systems, even children today, but age news or some sort of the doubts worsening. The information is not just the deal with a public meeting in order to deal with a cancer, but also some people doing at it as a preparation for the nervous system to state its peak before these challenges happened drew up. I the reality is that no pleasant, should go to waste. We have ability to process. And derive cells from the placenta and mass produce them, and the beauty is that cells can be cry or preserve. Put in liquid Niger
and they can be available decades later and they can still have value many decades later. So I'm I'm I'm with you guys. I think it's it's one of the great resources in and the opportunity to collect and process in bank is is a great thing. More importantly, is every presented, even if his donated can be the source of material to produce life life's savings products like the ones we're talking about, but did but to get back to the really that the code at the heart of what we are talking about today, sailor amino therapy as a way to
treat and defeat viral infections. I believe we are going to be able to demonstrate that this is a rational, logical way to go about supporting patients like covered nineteen patients hopefully covered. Nineteen is a self limited problem and we'll be beyond this very shortly, but his Peter pointed out it. This is a practice pandemic. We need have tools available, instantly, if this ever rears its ugly head again and it may rearing its ugly head as a reappearance of the same virus it as the appearance of a mutated version of the virus. Or a brand new novel virus. That may have worse characteristics in this one. That being said
so you are imminent therapy, because virtually all verily infected cells are targeted bore because they all express very similar molecules that make them visible to these natural kill. Herself might be the one size fits all approach to dealing with these types of pandemics. We have to do the work to prove it, but but it's extremely promising and we believe it's very much worthy of the work that is going on now to create unequivocal data in support of it. The remainder of the silver lining at all this is to see you know that the FDA everyone is having to open up to new things in it. Maybe speed up the capacity for solidarity to be really maximum. Measured and utilised. So we don't just prevent what happens in the future, but we can t enemy,
it will help here along the way we are on a normal path of life and you know Tony ill. I think the three of us recognise that there is always a soul, she into a problem and end rather than rather than throw your hands up and surrender, because the problem appears to be beyond our current capabilities. I believe We have to enlist the the ingenuity and innovative, this and inventiveness of this great country to sign the problem. We are already seeing that great innovations are having putting a dent in this disease. Let me let me bring one thing: a high drugs clerk way again
you, gotta bring. I mean, let's face it: ok, a smart doktor whose very very skilled, entreating infectious diseases just was a good observe. You know he recognised that that this particular drug, which is a generic drug. It costs virtually nothing. It's been around for fifty sixty years has been used in tens of millions of people on it. Just turns out that it was effected in his observation at reducing that I'm these patients were sick and getting them better leaders, so he brought it up and he combined with an antibiotic, and the results appear to be even better now, first and foremost, that single observation at the early part of this crisis should have been celebrated K, and it should not have been dismissed as well. There's no double blinded placebo, controlled studies that prove that it works. Listen! Here's the bottom line! Ok
that observation by itself could have been the source of a cooperative effort to to tease out what was really a player? So let me give you a couple of add ons behind all this right. It turns out that go look at an international level. The incidence of covert nineteen, it's very striking than certain zones of the world. There is a very, very horrifically low incidence of the disease it just turns out that those are the malaria prone countries and it just turns out that many people in those countries are on these medications, chronic that was a little data, chug little factory that should have been stored away. The other factoid was that people who have lupus who get treated with Hydroxyl clerk point appeared not to be getting the disease. Now you see in the absence of the time and the resources to do it. A control aware
I am to do, and this is an emergency. This is it. This is. If the regular world, you would have thought that people would have embraced this and would have worked together as a global community to put the data pieces together. The support used by the way by the way of other drug wasn't, for years now by the way, by the way of other drug wasn't approved for the treatment of covered nineteen and by the way there there wasn't any drug approval government. He because nobody knew a covert thanking. What's my but the regulatory communities they regulate approval of drugs, they dont regulate the prescribing behaviour of doctors, they provide recommendation, and guidelines and so on. But you don't? Doctors didn't go to medical school and years and years of training and study, pharmacology and study physiology and by chemistry, so they may have to
who is read a recipe and deliver on their respite there there to make medical judgments, so we thought, who started making medical judgments to use this and they were coming away saying. You know why I believe- and I have listened to know no less than a hundred doctors who put this to use and will swear to it, it works now. What I worry about is by being less than than inquisitive supportive, and and celebrating that early observation did. We do swayed people from using something that might have saved lives, okay We dissuade people from potentially finding a way to use it prophylactically! Ok, you know Hydroxyl when in very low dose, prophylactically appears to protect the people in these these regions were malaria is prevalent. And by the way, the doctors and healthcare workers on the front line.
They really needed someone to find something that gave them an extra margin of protection, so it was I want to speculate on what the underlying reason for that was, but I do think it was a disservice and I do think that you know listen I think our government as a really really remarkable job in in all ways, but but the fact that one person's opinion, because the the the public does not agree with the general principles or or or policies of individual they shouldn't be dismissed. In that could have been so impact for in his ease. Like that's, that's all I've. Let me add something onto that cause. It's it's not just the drugstore Quinn, theirs. Going on that. I think is important to note and again for those you looking for hope, an opt in in all of this, let's take, let's take some hope in optimism for the following. For the human race, there is none
been ever recorded history, a single enemy that the entire planet has taken aim at and by my calculations or somewhere between a hundred, million two hundred million physicians, nurses, scientists, engineers, technic Can't all laser like focused on addressing the problem, What we are seeing right now in weak whenever this of the of the pandemic, the United States or in the world. If we look at China is as days you're, which may not have been, What we are seeing is only four months of experimental solutions coming to the market were seeing the early trickle of antivirals, and there appeared x and diagnostic and new ideas or not seeing is that in doctors offices in yards in science labs, thousands,
Bobby tens of thousands around the world. People not for permission trying stuff experimenting, rights, breakthroughs right could work, that's the way it's done What we humans do best and I've got amazing. You know researchers in in crisper castle, I'm a gene, editing technologies and Jean there he's in across the board so well, What we are seeing is in. I talk about the deceptive period of exponential growth in the disrupt we are now seeing a deceptive period of solutions coming over the transom, like that one expert that came out of out of France on the dresser Clark when in this pact coming together, my guess is that we will see hundreds right, I mean, how how much energy Bob and the entire science deem it say loud to put into the natural killer. There are hundreds and thousands so
the whole whole that we are going to do not only address this we're going to crush this agree, I couldn't give you furthermore, for those I dont know if Peter is an empty. Besides, being a rocket spends his magic dinner, everything Elsie, as is also an empty as well, and so, but the difference in These man is that they are so incredibly focused. Finding solutions before the problem happens. You look like you see somebody you the old metaphor about doctors. They worked or tails often, the school, they got all this process. They see somebody on the way over here. River and their screaming at the other guy in a shop you may find what they say in parliament: movement Saving and they get it to order was I'm a job, as I do What do you say to those for the news, time to go upstream. Its use for them in these two men and all upstream unseen, who saw the man and seeing what do we do? The deal his way upstream inflatable reacting goes theirs.
The images of child they win. Smokers are smarter, quicker faster because they play this game before three will be Today we know the road and what these two men are doing: incredible: researchers and doctors and and Friends of mine is there on the cutting edge of welcome. Make this happen. That is something we must cover the you want people about over all about govern, nineteen and or just about sell your medicine. What's coming, what they should be aware of, so that they can have model. We feel more comfortable with perhaps even more excited about the quality of life. We can have long term based around the breakthrough. Rapidly now thirty years. So you know, I'm I'm convinced that the psychology of this crisis had a tremendous amount to do with the early panic responses we ve seen, but I'm actually getting the sense as I'm looking around the people are getting to realize you know like maybe this
isn't nearly as as a horrific as we thought maybe now we need to concentrate on recovering and focusing and fuelling efforts to come out of this better than before. So in a couple of a couple of interesting examples, short term pain after yield long term gain and, and some of the game for Gonna have, I believe will be in understanding that infectious diseases, which couldn't be treating them with antibiotics and antivirals that are that accustomed design for one one, pathogen or another. We need to come up with a solution that, across the board protects against infectious disease. You already cited Donnie, and so did you Peter it's about the immune system, gay there are people, you know who never gets sick right. They never get sick because I just happened to have because of genetics or or
lifestyle or what not. They haven't immune system that is on consular. They have the best military on the planet when it comes to defending against pathogens inside. Let's take advantage of this opportunity to better understand, How cellular Imre therapy sobbing has already revolutionise in achieving a cancer? May change shape and reshape how we treat infectious diseases in the future. And if that happens, we solve Peters problem, which is perfect preparedness for the next period and we also- we also- will transform the tools doctors have that will keep people from ever having these masses super infections of risk,
distant micro organisms, feeble sort of Mercer, and things like that. So if we cop, I think we can come out of this better than when we entered into it and look I devoted twenty five years of my life to sailor medicine. I can tell you that these tools astound me every day, their natures, repair, kit, natures tool, kit and we're going to deploy them. We're very grateful that the FDA has been working so hard to help. Groups like ours prove do the work and prove that These products are safe and effective, and I am optimistic about we're going to come out of this bottle. These add, because it's important to note under your leadership, solidarity has built. What is what the World class manufacturing guide? The better part of a hundred million dollars people to actually take the placenta and take out the natural killer cells, the stem cells, create medicines in therapeutics out of that at scale.
Where you have the ability to produce what will be millions of doses that could be frozen stand by both in them military or hospitals wherever there are needed in these? Actually, when their frozen last decades old is a potential to be ready in the future, and I think it's worth also These are the three of us are focused on this that we ve been working on a program called fountain found life that will be a way that that the average consumer can get access to these stem cells. I know we have a number found life, friends and family. You're gonna be watching this new, and is it? How do we deliver those stem cells that are at the end of the original boot disk for the human body
Paypal to rejuvenate revitalize our physiology. I'd want to mention that work a little bit I mean where were we? We know that that stems. I'll sailor products can be used to restore the regenerative engine in India cool and allow them to respond to illness, disease injury, the
they did when they were young and youthful and I'm very excited. You know Tony eluded you up front what what sailor medicine can do for, or the Peter, joint and and and soft tissue injuries. You know that the world Cannon knows that this is a here and coming we're still working through the process of getting these approaches. Further the rigorous programmes necessary to prove saving efficacy and so on, but I'm again extremely optimistic that we were going through today and what's happening or in round the world in treating patients with degenerative diseases and so on will change the tool said. Doctors have in the cut in the next generation in the general so that people actually live healthier longer and more and higher performance lives going forward. How do you want to bring one thing up, because when you bring up the term, SAM stem cells have caused wild west in the United States, a member, but before I met you, there's all these different types of stem cells. They wanna take my own vanity
when I take my own fatty tissue and converted anemia, gave me a quick education. So before I go since you are, so you Europe is so important. There's some people that knowing the pandemic or there's a solution for something as big as somebody in aspen owes on a better later, as available would end case house. It's going. There would be. Many is for them to understand. What's available now they also get pull them, something that isn't effective united. Oh for elbows shoulders things like my entire wrote. Due to us, I mean to have met three six months and somebody one two three six monthly stuck with your shoulder, but there are four meta: terrific use with a kind of demeanour Juno automated. You know that you ve seen the studies on my body jump a thousand times a day in a hurry and severe twelve hours burning in out, thousand five carries a period of time of twelve hours. You seem studies. You see me about the stem cells about but commuting one second, before we go and get people and understanding the different types of choices, so they don't get cold.
To fix. I observed by the problems in people use them. I think it's. The same is doing pr or something else understand the potency is different depending on the source. Can you talk to me? as for a second before we remember you, so you don't. I'm I'm very vested in the technology. Around stem cells are recovered from the post portable assent, because these cells are young. Are they ve gone through natures, quality control process and they end? They basically have the the biological attributes necessary to restore the functionality they had anti inflammatory properties and progenitor properties. We're working we're working diligently to demonstrate that, in a whole series of clinical indications newborn derive cells have a lot of advantages over cells derived from an adult, such as from adipose tissue or from bone marrow. What not, and as I mentioned before their highly scalable, they can be
reduced so that they're off the shelf on demand, long shelf life products, one size fits all and so that those are the kind of cells. I think people need to be looking for, because they're they're reliable and we believe that ultimately people going to want to go back. And be treated more than once and they're gonna wanna had the consistency of the pharmaceutical like product. So so I think that's the platform of technology that has the greatest merit, but there are gonna, be people who are the places where they can have their own adipose tissue and cells. Derived from that there's a lot of there's a lot of reports and there's even some data supporting that that's useful up at the end of the day, regenerative medicine using other cells or sell by products is, it is, is coming into prime time people, people who have lots of choices in front of them. You you need to find places which are using self produced under rigorous controls and quality standards, and you have to work with
reputable groups that are either either in an investigational stage of development or their working in a jurisdiction where its permitted, because the problem, as I ask themselves in the average person, drop off a cliff after about thirty as a percentage soldier taking from yourselves you're, not getting the same potency, obviously than if you're taking brandy cells that are coming from the percent, as well as an important partner in terms of impact more before we leave you Peter any final thoughts I haven't just when I went to bring it back to the key messages we have here. For me, I think one of the things that people need more than ever is hoping optimism open optimism, because it's been hard for so many individuals who have lost their jobs, lost her savings, accepting their companies and so forth, open optimism comes on a couple of points number one. What we're seeing and believe and trending towards is that the more time- The rate is nowhere near as bad as predicted number two
we're gonna see as tsunami of different solutions that are coming and therapeutics vaccines that are coming. I run a global one, prediction engine and right now the prediction is that will see a pet will see a vaccine before the end of the year, maybe a mid December that would be great going into the next flew season, at least on the northern hemisphere. The other thing that's important is that you know if you look at every act, crisis over time. There is a massive rebound I and will see a lot of the cup these are just hanging on, employing people just barely but not thriving. There are going you as we see in every Darwin. Lucian dying away, but I couldn't two thousand eight we saw what's up then o and goober in air We can be in the invention of massive amount, so if you're out
and you're in this global quiet period, besides spending time Meditating eating write us leaping well exercising, which are things that you can do for immune system. I now got a mention knows this is it. Be inventive, to be inventive about. You know if you're, not shipowner headway, create digital businesses. How do I find problems out there, because this last three months is to accelerate the future. What we ve been doing here, digitally is gonna, bring us faster and faster interests in this decade ahead. So there are reasons for hope. There are reasons for optimism, and I see I see those all the time. So I want to share that turn you thereunder today with you Bob. I love you brother Brian beg. You bought this we're going to a bit of a winter but winter smaller by spring, and you can feel the beginnings of spring started a crack start to see the members
come down little a spear and people, people re evaluating, seem real numbers. All these mass drive of solutions that are moving us forward. So, let's bring we're together the opportunities Our great may never be any human history, we keep our intelligence, we are resilience, species raw little floating through the air or something somebody sneakers authors and million years. It's not gonna happen now so, but the fear aside, some solutions. Thank you, barber for bringing board some of the most important solutions that is covered, Gee. That's me as a human race, moving forward and healthier stronger and more items. Women's wise words. We can really enjoy in such a way of life. The folly of life itself. There are becoming the big difference for Peter. Thank you, my dear friend partner, God bless you all day. I will see you soon were strongly with passion and others. They care buddy season the tenor of its past
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