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Built to Serve – and Succeed | How Tony Robbins built an empire around serving others

2017-11-07 | 🔗

Have you ever wondered how Tony built a $6 billion business empire? Or how his biggest frustrations, and even failures, fueled his success?

Business Insider's Richard Feloni flew to Tony's Fiji resort Namale for this far-reaching, revealing interview that originally ran on the "Success! How I Did It" podcast. And in this special episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, you will hear Tony explain just how his tumultuous childhood led to his life's calling, and how he developed the notion of a "performance coach." He details what it was like going from a broke teenager to a millionaire with a bestselling book in several short years, and how he dealt with fame and increasing responsibilities. Tony offers insight into his coaching process, and what his daily correspondences with one of his oldest clients, billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, are like. The interview offers insight into how Robbins has quietly built a $6 billion business empire, and why he's constantly pushing himself into new opportunities. Tony also shares with listeners the fundamental advice that he gives every entrepreneur he coaches, on how to recognize and deal with your "threshold of control."

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Richard Feloni is a senior reporter at Business Insider, where he covers management and leadership. He is a frequent collaborator with the video team. Richard joined BI in 2013 and helped launch its Italian website in 2016. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichFeloni.


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Visit, tiny Robin Stockholm? Slash results scheduled! free session today, welcome to the donor Evans Podcast any or get a tutorial director for Robins Research International we're bringing you especial episode from business, insiders podcast success. How I did it a few weeks The rapporteur, rich Bologna, travel to Fiji to talk with Tony by the ocean about his life and career like this show subscribed from her episodes just search for success. How I did it on Apple pie, cast, or your favorite up now Yours tony with rich in results right. I can produce that result and don't pay me if I don't. I hated motivators but a motivator motivations like a warm bath and you should take a bath problem but
more than any strategy and size of strategies, but nobody's that's eyes like ok when I'm a coach guru as an athlete, I great coaches- and I was the better have we been many of them, but they still were better than I was a coach because they could see when I couldn't see, and so I thought that's breakers, I'm a better than anybody, but I do have the skills that I can help people and so that part started to grow and then all at sudden what was about to give it up? I was on Larry King Lot. When I worked you're asking me what work nor the president and he's like Withers coach thing, you're gonna, cogent on coastlines was actually do coach means many of them, but I said no, I'm that's it I'm kind of coach and was about to give it up, and also everyone has a coach therapists. There's columns of coaches business people were, it would became a term of art, yea and today that more when I see myself as an opposite businessman, lots and lots of things, but I really see myself as a business culture, my wife coach, omnipresent it really helps people produce performance.
Somebody. Let you Ben open about over the last thirty plus years is that you're up bringing you had a lot of difficulties. There is rough at seventeen. You ran away from home had to spend time working as a janitor at some point in your late teensy meat be motivational, speaker, Jim Rhone, yes, and then, by the time you in your early twenties you're making. Half a million dollars a year. What kind of happened in between there. What did you learn from Ronan other mentor as a kind of got you on this path? Just to clarify never spoke about this until my mother passed away and I've even talk about it, then, but I was in New York and I was dealing with a group of kids physically abused, and I was trying to show them that they can still make a likely where they wanted. They dare not damaged goods you see in their eyes that here's, this tall white guys singly wealthy and they couldn't relate inside finally, just
download, and I told him that I haven't had beaten in for a while, but I bled my mom pouring liquid soap down my throat grew up because you thought I was lying and I wasn't at so crazy when the person you love most is trying to harm you. She wasn't about human beings, you love me, but the problem of child abuse, drugs and prescription drugs and alcohol. So much that ginger personality, as I had to protect my brother and sister. So I became a practical psychologists just now necessity. I had understood as a kid as little kid like. How do we protect them from getting her? I could take somebody heads, but I had to be able in tissue pay her states or emotional shifter. What's going on in psychology. Member time I was in junior high school. I was obsessed with wanting know the difference in people's lives goes. We grew up in a very tough environment, but I went to I thought was a wealthy schools actually lower middle class, but compared our life. It look that way and we rely on the other side of the tracks and so for me it was like. Why are these people having such a beautiful life and we're not I
where did from fathers and unlike mom, I'm confused in, and so it made me obsess one know the difference in people. Why is the most popular can in school so mean only gettys most popular get so I started reading books outward started before around. I took a speed reading class. They set a goal to read a book a day. I didn't do that, but seven years or more than seven are books in the ear of human development. Psychology, physiology philosophy and I try to apply it, and when I was seventeen I went to the seven I was working as a janitor and then I was in high school and then to help support my bam outside work on the weekend and I move people and there is a friend of our family who had been doing really poorly and now he was turning properties in California, the time and that was going really well. So I'm moving and we get a break, and I said my dad's a use such a loser and how come you're so successful that only a kick it say. That's the guy looks at me, you're sure answered, widen long story, short goes well the seminar this man in general and I so what's a seminar goes one antics ever these learn
twenty thirty years of life in a positive light for hours and you get to save a decade or two, and I said I could go to windows. Could you get me? I said yeah, and then use anymore. I don't know what you need to know that minority goes because you won't value it. I saw how much it costs and he said he was thirty five dollars and I was making forty hours weakens the janitor and I sense a week's pay woven, go waste ten or twenty years doing on your own. I made this big decision spend two weeks paid ago. This event I sat there and I was met, rise and that's what started the game for me and when you are forming your own ideas, kind of your own system. Yes, how long did it take new plan. This element on which I set a goal when I was the sophomore in high school, so I said in my twenties: I want of any individual, but I want to be a help to change anything if they are committed, I'm committed. I want to have the skills to do it in my thirty
I want to be able to do that with small groups of people simultaneously, so I can scale and help more people. I said you know my forty want to do it with large groups and my 50s organizations in my 60s. Maybe I'd work in government become a congressman. A senator may eventually run for the larger office and it was like my whole plan and got ahead of schedule but it pretty much have been the path that I've been autumn is further. Had I dont know what I want to work and government more rather advise, as I work with multiple presidents and the system is not something I'm terribly excited about, but I think that vision is what really started me and then, when I started up and skills ragged wipe out a phobia in an hour and therapists were saying it would take five six seven years, I take their. Seventy quiet turn him around. I use. That is the way to build my brand and in the early years, as you are building this brand. The way that you write about it in here, first books, it almost sounds like you were touring the country and Van like a band would do much was that it was a very, very crazy, like I used to do
for bees weakened seminars a month literally and in between. I would have to fill them. So would go, do media to fill them, and then I do have free guest events. I could show you all that I really was the real thing. It wasn't be ass. I was working as hard as human beings work that Temple hasn't changed. I just have more diversity from work companies and I got the thirty three companies, so my dance card is full for kids and three grandkids, but I love that passionate lifestyle. I love constantly growing. I love seeing and feeling they can have an impact and gradually it went from just coaching to actually running businesses, because I've had experiences that we're life changing and then, after this initial level of success in your only twenty, things started to really accelerate. You have your first book. Unlimited power becomes a best seller, but then the one and ninety one awaken the giant within just cells even more just then in eighty eight, you start doing these infomercials I've become insanely popular. This.
You have said in the past that you were used to schedule? That was relentless, but at this point a kind of became exhausted you deal with a new of all of celebrity in demand because you have the money to start making where the millionaires year than three and enforcing the economics grew, but it wasn't really. What drove me work? Nobody in my life, thank God, but I'm in a place where I probably work is hard hearted today than I ever have, but I do is I want do not cause. I have to buy what does dimension work and play they. I think the differences purpose when you're vocation becomes rebate asian? The old quote? You know that's when you made it so I've always had that. So now, the celebrity, but the man from celebrity or people want something every minute printing certainly increased, but I've never been frustrate or angry via because it's a privilege So how do we deal with it? I train more intensely. I devote more tools to strengthen my body. In my mind, I just and saw, even more so than I could cut through the limitations quicker we're here at the Molly?
was one of the or early investments at one point in your twenties. Did you realize I have of money now that I can actually make investments and then what we're looking for to invest in businesses or start your own? I wasn't focused not investing at that stage, because I was what twenty four I think the first time I came here and twenty nine as one actually bought this place and they didn't buy eggs are one investment. I wasn't that financially oriented or intelligent. Quite frankly, I just found this place the Bee Heaven on earth. I've been too many places in islands. It was really the culture here equivalent to sing and four part harmony when there for five years old, the level of joy, like somebody drops dishes
it's an area. The most people look at me. They just start laughing uncontrollably, do not make a brother personally, just think of the funniest thing in the world. It change me so much first. I just want to have a place here, so I have to come back. Then you get caught up on your normal life and it's been an incredible balance from it, and this is just one of many businesses that you have. I think, a lot of people, even those familiar with your career would be surprised by how many Companies that you either run or are invested in us how many do
I have now and how much wanted to generate thirty three over five billion this year we should have six billion and annual revenues out of it, but the really diverse companies. So I only run twelve with those directly but giving idea, I'm very interested in things that change people's lives. You I'm evolve with Bob Bavarian stem cells in the top guys in the world. The matter I work with our hearts insolence to kind of integrating buying the Panama City Institute. I own partners with Peter Goober and your group and my friends to get an idea and virtual reality we have next. We are. We have exclusive rights for the NBA, which starts at the end of September on Tuesday night in the games, the very beginning that we have, the you see exclusive. We have wide nation for all concerts, so you can experience in another way, I'm when the honors in the Alley F C, the new, the major league soccer franchising being a part of creating that
building that is really far about these sports teenty wicker. Do we just one daughter so when from last waste the first and generate more money and sports team in history on that day? So I love the challenge of being involved. These things and I love being surrounded by people that are geniuses in their own rights, were wickedly some learning from them growing, adding my two cents to it and helping those businesses to grow, and you also have your foundation that IRAN and that seems very connected with your whole coaching safety related even to your own personal life. Is there a common thread between those? What started me on this journey really more than anything else was when I was eleven years old. We have no money, no food. It was Thanksgiving which magnifies a situation massively. I got the twitter sky, Standingbear he's, got two giant bags or groceries at his hands, and he had upon
the ground of big black pot with an unclear turkey in it. My father, I saw no one gives a damn. You now and I developed new belief that data strangers care estranged care about my family. I want to do something so that day, I said some day. I want a feed valleys. Seventeen I've had to families and next year for my balls, double it every year and then about That's what I'm six years ago, when I was writing money master, the game, interviewing fifty billion that it literally the smartest financial people on earth. Warren Buffett car, like on re dahlia, made the best of the best and I'm watching Congress take food. Stamps was now called snap programme. And cut it by almost seven billion dollars, which, if you figure it out, it means every family they get. Support needs to go out without meals. When we got a month while much heavier some, how many people are fat, assed material, that guy get? It was forty two million people over a lifetime. What, if I put fifty million a year- and then I got marks- is that one of the hundred million and then I found feeding America's my partner there than them
deficient group. They are, they really deliver and if not a hundred million people, and then I set a goal to feed a billion people. So, in the last three years we ran a million people and about three to fifty million in total annulment of feed a billion people the next seven years, and that's what my life is about them in its also coaching education, my family and the rest of my life in something through this entire journey, whether its working with your foundation or coaching youve been able to reach so many people because of their tremendous network that you ve built yes and that spans business, Hollywood, professional sports, all kinds of financial world she had the financial world. How did you go about doing that? What was maybe like the domino that chick that off at the beginning and how did that build seem? How do you build relationships with all these people? What really, I guess changing alive happens on a change of business, James, a family and self worth so in the beginning. I think. Because I was willing to only be paid for result. I wasn't a therapist
where no such thing as coaches back then you gotta be a therapist had to be paid for by somebody, and then I saw what therapist didn't. I was honestly destroy by a big advising people unbearably for five years and like this is absurd. So what is your page? How much we? U charging and then the very beginning area, a thousand dollars I think my first sessions were five in a box and I went to thousand then five thousand and then went up, but I get million dollars you to constantly now for a year without the money was about wanting people in there, that you pay me nothing unless I produced the result and I got crazy stuff huge eating problems. Drug addiction depressions, you name it, but I was able results, and then I was able to challenge traditional purpose in the early days. Now I train them. I know these people I'm call me their coach, but portable bullshit, like many authors from his goat ethos, peoples, force, dark on wooden exists about twenty Robinson you're, some through them but it's a bit of an exaggeration marked the whole goddamn thing right, but I helped and I've been on this So I've been coaching them, you go imagined, but I'm learning I mean cod
learned so much if you'd have to be an idiot not to pay attention or so filled with your own ego. Think I'm just gonna teach them that's dumb and one of these long time, clients and friends is the investor Paul Tudor Joan. Yes- and I read somewhere that you have daily correspondence, does that detail Can you give an example, maybe of what that back and forth would look like and then what checking in person would sound like? we're good friends, but I see him four times a year for direct sessions and they usually go for an hour and a half two hours we'll immersion in every time. I see him at the market. Change the world's change am, I is to help make sure he's maximizing is resources, and so look. You know the markets in what you know. Your businesses walls, somebody like Paul Paul for people to know it in writing. Seven still, the largest percentage stock market crash. In a day I mean it that year, nearly twenty percent drop a day and he made fifty percent for clients that time during that year. So it's beyond what people can a man
but then he was monies and my job is figure out what's going on turning round and then daily sends we'll have a check list of what we measure. Everything from a man to his waits. What's happened this body to spoke two. We have ratios of risk reward that we're measuring and then he doesn't narrative forming, and so I see and then I know the pattern of immediate do something right away. I can make a phone call or send an email or fly their person one if necessary. But at this point is an take that much. Is it it's a refined machine with the working other twenty three or four years now to get an idea. So that also help me because here it is made to re, was apparent. My work- I didn't know that, but we raise the and shave investing in the network got bigger, JAG Bogle, all the all the people that you, when you not worried when you really serve people and care about them. You're not gonna. Take your trying to give their use to people taking from them and so when you sincerely giving you developer friendship and that's what I'm more interested in and get some from, but image and learning from them in two thousand
fourteen when money master, the game came out that seem to be the beginning of a new chapter in your career and looking at that. That seem to be around the same time since then You are looking to connect with a younger audiences, while people now in their twenties authorities. When you started this new chow dear of your career, were you planning on trying to? emerge or rekindle something I think that one gorgeous I want people to really work the tools that can change that I taught finance for years and their work with on their twenties, obviously, in all ages I work with, but I wanted to just take me to another level also quite pretty cool. Just angry. I was angry about the level of abuse, I saw two thousand eight that happen to people. I knew what happened. I've made a fortune during that time. There's one thing: spellbound and they're going to again wipe a cyclical, it's one of the greatest it is in your life and so look at that and said. I gotta help people and I haven't,
look in twenty years. I hate writing books. I, like alive, da real. Any always changing and order what's gonna happen and I'd be up. Otherwise, so I didn't like it, but without mad, because access. I said: I'm gonna be these thirty people. I want to bring the answers to people. Unassailable, not my answers. The answers are the best on earth, and so that's what started people seriously holy shit. This guy is a strategy This guy knows how to take the most complex things and really teach them where you could really use them and then also I started to share more of what I was doing it my foundation. I wasn't doing that those doing it for superstars on my part, but I realise that by going about it, I got more help. I got matching funds like people to help out and have doubled. My impacts are doing that. I was conscious of my one increase my impact. And to do that and you people no more, for I really was in a way that I needed to go to a different subject matter. Speaking of comparing past and present,
looking at awaken the giant within from ninety one and Donald Trump is a figure that recurs repeatedly. Actually now at a point where his businesses were failing in it, looked as if might have bottomed out then, of course, in the two thousands he had. This resurgent, and today he's was president of the United States looking at that kind of following his career and analyzing it and comparing that to your work with President Bill Clinton and looking at the other presidents that we ve had. Do you still see him as someone who is driven by the pain of being second press? And if you are able to talk to you on the phone right now, what would you I know the present oh- and I also know Hilary quite well as well for many many decades. We members never
our values he had I, but I I respected visibility, to turn it around a member the banks could afford to have go under any would enable turn around them market turn around. All those things to rouse Iris make somebody can turn things around and be successful. I think the president's communication style is the most difficult thing because he actually does care people and no one knows cares. If you see his kids get than those kids you can see. There is a good man and there, but his style of communication that his combative approach, the Ellen of Vigo that are obviously there and all of us, but seem to be more ease. The syrian president, sometimes than other people get in the way of his capacity to lead, and fortunately I gave this first big speech those days. You do like a couple of people and it came. We had ten thousand people he was Florida was scared and was overwhelming. This is in the nineties mid nineties. I think it would be, and then he got addicted. But you know his talk was get a prima up, because there is life
because of the tv show. How do you know you had such a following? A people and people want to hear what you say and I'm in America and so I want whoever's president when I worked on both sides, we are always and if he asked me to help, you went on present Mama just reached out for some of the project's he's working on, and so I work with a variety of present, two years on both sides of the ILO and congressmen and senators, so I'm not to try to demonize anybody. What I think is our problem is demonization used to be that people would fight like hell on the floor of the house and they have a beer together. Now it's your radioactive. If you talk to the other side, which keeps us unavailing dance, I don't feel the narrative. I see the presence weaknesses in Austria like old everybody can, but not everybody does, and I'm here help whoever either side of the all, with someone's a good we're being once Albert, album on not politically driven unerring an independent personally and I over who, I believe, will make the biggest difference we're here at Molly,
for the shop? If I build yes, a bigger business, competition you'll be spending a lot of time, mentoring up incoming entrepreneurs if you could- is still one fundamental lesson from all of these talks at you're going to be having that you would give to an entrepreneur, who wants to build an empire around their passion, the way that you have? What would you tell them? What do you think that common ground is always told people wife of the dance between what you desire most and what you fear most gotta would deal with the threshold of control What I mean by that is due skiers numbered escaped, so Most people are intermediate their whole life. What happens is they go. They learn a little bit
one day they think there on a blue and the double black diamond infinitely golly shit, I'm gonna die that looks like you're going to copy of the cliff in those moments are threshold to control moments of what I mean by that is that you're, going like out of control, No, you will can die you over the edge, and so you have two choices: focused crazy on what you want and carve find them the carve or focus What you're afraid of him? If you do that, were slain results on the ground to try to hang on for dear life, Wilma people do the latter. So their terms, the intermediate they never become a bastard anything. The people a masters, are the ones that the fear is there and its uncontrollable fear. Courage, isn't that you're, not afraid you're scared shitless, but You decide that you're gonna focused on what you're here to do verses. Let your fear- and you put yourself in one, we're gonna do that first, carbon than another, another that all that in the bag diamond is your bitch, you're, no longer afraid about, and, and you become a masterful skiers snowboarder whenever it is and when you learn how to overcome those instead of collapsing. I think
that is the single most important things like Joe. We're from urban, be he was telling me it was getting coach by why company or the guy was sanctum. Here's the key to success. Don't I just don't die, that's my way of saying that's what the threshold control is, if you can keep pushing through those Brussels. Then all of a sudden, the muscle in you grows in what used to be hard to do was easy. If you don't deal about threshold controllers, thought about the fact for businesses in IRAN in the year. Eighty percent are going to five years that the ten year Martin ninety six percent fail four percent succeed, but that doesn't mean they make any money they can be not profitable in just still standing business requires in but we have a level of resilience inside you, and I tell everybody the chokehold on the growth of your business is always the leader. It's always psychology in your skills, eighty percent psychology, twenty percent skills- if you know the markings heels of you, now, the financial intelligence skills- and you don't have the recruiting skills. The tree is really hard veto. Somebody else, if you don't have fundamentally those skills, and so my wife is about teaching those skills and helping people change the psychology
They live out of what's possible instead about their fear and they produce the kind of certainty inside themselves, so they really execute. Although is great, thank you so much I ruined by the time. Come all the way to the bank the turning Ravens podcast is directed and hosted by twenty Robins and Mary Bucket any is our editorial director, an occasional host the protesters produced by carry song and other Culbertson Jimmy Curve an angel dilatory, are additional editors, special thing today, and I call for a creator review copyright, Robins Research international.
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