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How to Trade Expectations for Appreciation | A Fireside Chat with Tony and Sage Robbins (Part 2)

2020-11-26 | 🔗

Tony and Sage sit down for an intimate fireside chat to unpack the stress many of us feel around the holidays. We all have rules and beliefs about how things are supposed to be or how people are supposed to be. And when they do not meet our expectations, we suffer. The holidays can hold a magnifying glass over these expectations, whether that be family dynamics, budgets, or how well the turkey turned out.  

Listen as Tony and Sage suggest a new approach: To replace expectation with appreciation, to lead with gratitude and thanksgiving instead of worry, fear or anger. Sage eloquently calls us to take pause on the list-making and to-do’s associated with getting ready for the holidays. And Tony provides us with an invaluable tool for how to get more joy out of each individual moment and experience. It’s time to make a decision about what kind of holiday you want to have, to bring a new level of enjoyment for yourself and to be a blessing to those you love most. 

“What’s wrong is always available, so is what’s right.” - Tony Robbins 

About The Fireside Chat Series: In the 1930s and 40s, a time when the country was struggling even more than it is today, we had an amazing leader named FDR. He began doing evening radio programs called “fireside chats,” designed to communicate directly with the American people. 

At that time, 90% of people in the U.S at that time had a radio. Today, 96% of people have a cell phone and nearly all have internet access. Instead of being unified and watching all the same things, and having a collective experience, now we're all kind of separated. And we can see division in our culture. We desperately need a form of unity, a form of connection, more humanity and more kindness in the world.

Tony and Sage thought to bring back this time-honored tradition of a fireside chat as a means of unity and compassion. We’re entering the winter season, drawing inward into our homes and into ourselves, reflecting on the hardships and blessings alike this unique year has brought. In this three-part series, you will hear them dispel their hopes and dreams for you this holiday season, as well as share some of Tony’s powerful tools and strategies to not only survive the coming months, but to step up and thrive

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Welcome back to the Turner ovens past. We want to think for tuning into listen to these fireside chats from Tony and his wife sage, as they share their own stories about this year. That has brought so many challenges for everyone. We hope you them to be helpful. If you listen, the first episode, you heard how they encouraged us to find the blessing to see the beauty and each moment and to be the creator of your own emotional experiences. What about two here now is the second part of this report series where they explain the next step, how to be a blessing. You'll learn how to make one small simple shift in how you approached the holidays that will allow you to enjoy yourself so much more and also open your heart and anchor your state of being in love and kindness. So you can be a blessing to those you have most. to watch. The video version of this episode go to tire in Stockholm, Slash holiday hope. You, tuna and in a few weeks for the next fireside shot from Tony S age,
although everyone, it sage, Robins Backfire, fireside chats number two. We tearing friendly. You think here for just your outpouring of love than it was just beautiful to hear from you its tony here and I'm wondering if you did your homework, we haven't seen the first one. I hope you do not want homework. the fine, the blessing of the middle of covert, not to just positive thinking, but because you deserve to feel that no matter what happens in life, there is some positive meaning. If we look for it was time with Emily. Maybe it was your own growth neighbours, finding a new way to do business. I don't know what it is, but there's ping bear maybe was time You take care of your own health, but if you do the steps. The first step was finally blessing. The second step would be a blessing find a way to give to others, because that's what the Spirit, the seasons about everybody, think brothers will be blessed, but today
without your shorter fireside jack, that's good I need us to be ten minutes by the way is taken with, but tend to do, a thing to be using the holidays are literally round the corner. We was one see what would happen if this was the greatest holiday of your life in spite of covert in spite of politics, in spite of you know, maybe the limitations and all the questions that you normally deal with holidays, like gifts and getting baron who's gonna Is that all those things, but now we gotta go? Who can come here now? Can we outside inside to use the bathroom all these rules that are being added out there, but what in spite of all that, you could make this, the greatest holiday of your life. We believe We can. We know you can
do that you're gonna come back to what the purpose of all of you now to people think about nowadays. Normally I know in the past and at times we have stressed in return he enjoyed. It was a different, I don't remember. Maybe this is about four or five years ago and I was gearing up and if it's right around this time in getting ready for christmas- and I was just so focused on the logistics of it- it was felt so focused on the list and trust me can still happen, but it took I not it. I took the joy the process of a really giving in the spirit of it of, and I don't mean just giving guess, just being connected to the time to be together and to celebrate together could to connect, and I came to town- and I was a country I should like I just a cot, myself, casino it so easy to get down that rapid, wholesome times and just the experiences so much kinder and more beautiful than that when we come back home in sight of our selves, connect to the deeper meaning, and so some people when they think about the holidays, their first experience of stress- and that was before of it- covert, add politics out all those things, and when
happens. Is people are a kind of expecting it to be stressful course, whenever focus on we're. Focused goes energy flows right, and so, whenever we expect, we tend to find it justice fulfilling prophecy itself made time to make a decision about the kind of holiday you want to have time, you went out with your family up front. Instead of waiting to see out involves or worse and spending. All the challenges is gonna, be there and get me wrong and others logistics and things that deal with, but we can have those experiences and when you are looking forward to something dosage, six are part of an excitement and anticipation I mean what are the holidays about to me, there are really about wrapping up a year and breaking a pattern of day to day work. Really we acting to what were grateful for a meal Thanksgiving as an expert were supposed to be about giving thanks, but some of us it's about having an impossible, Turkey or regular turkey or managing so any detail. So if you want to have that, you're gonna ask yourself what gets in the way,
right now on our society. There are two emotions at a pretty dominant fear and anger there. Our people that are really fearful and there are people are angry- that their fearful goes. There feel like they understand. What's really going on, and people that or fear of angry people living there. Angry about is like and what making all this happened is a set of rules and I don't mean rules of hot topic right now because we all have rules, but now some rules are being imposed upon you. How many people can come to your dinner if you're in California, you gonna be with you show me two hours and I have some friends in New York to call man's like what is this everything it's science, but I can't go to my favorite restaurant after ten p dot m was carpeted. Seven. Eight nine p m I was just suddenly shows up it, isn't so what are you like the rules or not There are rules out there and we have to figure out how to deal with those rules, but the ones that bother us more than the ones even trying to be imposed upon us and some number public, extremely useful. In some areas
The real ones are the ones we have inside of ourselves that we don't even realise our controlling us from the time you're born to about seven years old and embryos. Different estimates, your bay sickly, your unconscious is recording things you're, taking in and recording things, and they still affect you decades later, when you're, twenty thirty forty fifty six years, older, more and so rules are just these unquestioned beliefs about how things are supposed to be or how people are supposed to be. Much of our stress comes because we think our mother shouldn't be worried. Talking to my dearest friends recently, and she just tell me how word she was their mothers gonna, be worried during the holidays. Eighties, and I said, do you hear what you say in your words can be worth here's what strew she's gonna be worried. It's her way of expressing love Dont want to be the way she's gonna be running ask yourself and stress to her stressed Ahern longer connected
in Europe? There is only one of the types of things that shop holidays: that people like don't look forward to get together with family. I think just ignorance. We talked about logistics. Dynamics of human beings. Remember the first time it when he came home my family and my family, we're, not italian, but we are kind of like a big italian family, were loud and clear everybody's talking, I gotta talk to somebody in my family. You listen! Writing you give attention is, moreover, you spoke glimpse about so somebody's I kinda to others, and also one of those checks out, starts talking across the table to somebody. Often that I'll, get even try to drag. My telling everybody happy here is where we are and I had to change. My rules to chaos is joy at some level, or this is how they do it's only talking to somebody amended, suddenly talk someone else and leave the conversation in the middle, so we're stresses how we ve been raised or how we ve been programme here too, exactly what you just did right now. I love it so much because we talk over each other all the time, the leader, but what was so beautiful,
it was like a meeting of worlds. You now and in part of those words, were different police systems and rules and was so beautiful about my family. Is you know, there's laughter, it sounds like we're yeah everybody is talking all over each other, but there's just there's a playfulness. You know there's a playfulness and its it all it's in a minute of your mom, I'm almost makes the entire atmosphere there's just no right or wrong way to be, and I dont know whether begun whom this year for Christmas, you know due to just with crossing the border in Canada and so forth, but you know I can still in this moment close my eyes and harmonious laughter, and you know the rule to choose to you know, bring your heart and to bring your state of being in your love. It changes completely. Everything has then it's just like that's your guiding for such a guiding light and it's a game changer. It's a game junior interwove zombie. We literally get to be a blessing to those that we love most beyond the boy. I watched the CNN programme one time, Ozma
piece of CNN. That was done on this double meant. Commercial double met, chewing gum and they usually twins that they do and they did this commercial and I was for families with Quinn tablets had five children at once, and you saw these parents. They were scarce trust about trying to keep all five kids doing something for the commercial and there's just one Mammy. I knew we couldn't be, has already worked right here, because he looked completely worn down balding and stressed out. And then over them interviewing, you may ask me said when a jelly advice, what did you learn having five children simultaneously and he looked at the pyramids of don't have too many rules, because with this many kids somebody's always break in one of the most stressed out. I think- it's true here because You know we have these expectations and people nor can meet your expectations. If you expect your mom not to ask you your weight. Is it up or down, or your relationship or or someone else. You know this person drinking too much. You know all the dramas, the people, because we expect people have different than they are
stead of it's like you, gotta ask yourself: do you wanna be right or you want to be in love we want to be right and even of a beautiful holiday and love care well, who accepts people as they are as a revolving rolled, evolving and changing, and if we can, got some about that. Let go, creates an opening for people to connect and have the joy that they really deserve to have, but you have to cultivate gratitude because think of it fear and anger, the dominant forces and our culture right now. Obviously, kit fearful ungrateful simultaneously, that's a power, of gratitude. If you can really can at all the people in your face, and what you're grateful about the model? You judgments put your grateful or the fact It can be together at all or by zoom or by whatever gratitude destroys fear. And it destroys the other messes up our life, which is anger and don't give me one. We all get angry always get fearful. Bus do but when you go into gratitude, you know you're not gonna, be angry, can't be angry and grateful. They don't go together, so
finding the things are grateful for again, finding the blessing tat same theme and then becoming the blessing to the people around you by having fewer rules and having a commitment greater joy is really what we're encouraging to consider. You know I mention my family, my mom and dad always had you know just every therein there in, and so anybody that didn't have a home to go to you know. My mom was always come on over to our house and what was so beautiful. Their richest diversity and diversity, with our family and in a strangers terms that we never met before, but you know we welcome the menace family and it was such a beautiful. I didn't realize, is a younger woman when a blessing that was of inclusiveness and understand, and compassion and willingness to invite these people in. But it's to show he's so massively those principles early on in my life, my parents as well. You know we foster children, and so I was just raised with different. You know: cultures and different races and different. You know just experiences of life and different
regions, and all these individuals came into our life and it ended up being a pressing you know, there's so much externally in the wood right now of divisiveness, sir. You know people fighting for what I believe, and politics whatever it may be. Employed under them all he s, a very dear friend of mine, she, Sir she's eighty four, and I call therein tat. She was whispering and eye color month and, as I said bumpy I said well, you whispering. She sank, I'm watching the news and I don't want to tell anybody. what news channel I'm watching and is much as it was delightful touch, my heart and I thought it was precious. It's so struck me we as human beings, even amongst her own families, would feel that gosh. You know we can share our own inner world is what our experience is, what our beliefs are, what we feel pull too. I think that's. What makes us beautiful ass human beings is our differences. You know we all get to bring different things to the table and when we do that, we see parts
are celebrating could become more whole because of the other you know not every not one person. I dont have all the answers. That's for sure, and you know this man loving my family, it's like it opens mind, you know we all behind They relate to light differently, relate to life differently, but I think that's the beautiful thing of the human experiences it isn't that we are all the same. It is actually our differences that's really focusing on what we have in common is that avoids different. You know it's hard. These dates from have a discussion about something political. religious or any of that nature. People get so frustrated, and so maybe That's two steered towards what you do of and leave the external world away, so you can really how bout beautiful holiday. Let me help you. real, quick, a little too that I created for myself years ago in a pub something people. What I call it's kind of funny name. It's called a quality quantify and years of its baseline Was people never decide in advance? What kind of it parents are gonna have before they engage in something.
We're going to go for a run if you're going to go visit with your family. If you're going to go to a business meeting, if you're going to visit with your brother, your sister, whatever the case may be, early on that, instead of just letting life, show up like this To show up. It would have been nice to decide how you wanted to be, instead of just how doing things work out and so one day startled me with running costs. All the time- and I was I was actually Flyin Hawaii and I to get myself from a time zones. I've gotta go on IRAN And- and I Didn'T- like running all stressed out, so I stopped for second. You know I've run in so hard for so long How could enjoy this run like really enjoy like be euphoric in this round? My first when I think about the run war, when they put it, that was my first step zero to ten, I feel like it was a minus ten plus they feel like I'm minus one right now to go on a random exhausted. I'm beat, but I know I gotta do it. having to do it
I decided the experience is going to happen in the anthem and made it happen, and I want a great expense. I want a beautiful judgments, own enjoyable experience. I wanna euphoric experience, and so I said Most people don't decided that the quality experience they're gonna have, and they don't quantify. That's why I've got aquatic quality quantify. and I said ok I want to have- I want Experience of running at least nine on resorted to maybe attend, and I it was. You know, maybe to minus two I'm not sure what you really was at the time and size Ok right now, I think about it too. I wanted to be a nine. What quality, is what I need experienced myself to make that a night, and I thought well, but if I, What have I brought some music? Instead, it has gotten it out exactly what music library low and I really enjoy What's my room with a little on the ocean, even if a little bit more difficult run our joy at Morton and then I was like
take a friend with me. I got excited about what if we re- and I told him, I said what would make it a really cool run for you. It goes well some of you and I wrote what he does you go. Blasting add I get really intense and just go and because I want to stay in a normal temp, I said well what if we win the same tempo for the first, thirty. Five minutes, and at last they too many three minutes. We want as hard as we can work competitiveness. How and why we feel nobody's fully. Why because turn the music up during that time, men, and so we put this list together. I did for myself for him like what would make us at the end of it. I did everything I planned out. I also decide to change my belief that this isn't just about. I have to do it. I get to do it now we have to have. Do we tell ourselves that may become stressful like now I get the coroner run. I get to go, we ve got to run along the ocean. I get to put on my favorite music I get to get run in unison, about really cool and then we're gonna sprinting compete at the end and in the end it was like. I asked myself honestly, it was more than I was nine point five so well and make it a ten next time
made some more adjustments. met with all kinds of things. I was a little boy that I was working with and he was- of reading over time and came in, and I use that with food and also its way of changing your desire for something you can increase or decrease said to myself. I said that muffin it. How much do you want zero to ten minutes thing: unwanted or trust anyone. It totally goes like about four The wise it before it goes well because its it has been sitting there. While and I said: ok, let's make you wanted less won't make you wanted less the changing, what you focus on or notice, are appreciated or an environment. It goes well. I noticed really dry, when is it now They took another, however than otherwise. Let's say it was a forwarding he brought it down to us like I have two or one as it won't make it a minus two. Does it mean the Greece on the side, oh yeah. I can see that when Greece, on the side right,
what we get a minus five good, I'm gonna make it of minus five as well when it goes well, There was some unison harden butter beside it or something, and I took him all we through, as anything else increase your desire like what one or two, because I wanted to be a nine. I wanted to be a ten so look, I wonder what you gotta doom as well and make it a plus six. And it goes well if I hated it up the past seven I got one articles with melted butter plus eight when because if I had like that, so pop over there with it in a plus nine Okay, what if that thing is stay on and we played Lily, see how we could change his emotions by changing the conditions in himself. His expectations are beliefs and the conditions on the environment is also funny about food. Or about running saying with the family- so? My question would be what are you, what your current thought we think about your holiday coming up.
stresses the frustration, wearisome inequalities. Where would you say you are minus ten plus ten monseigneur plus five or six, maybe in the past seven. What would it take to make it a plus? or nine or ten what he wanted to be so I'm not gonna settle for less than a nine great well, what would make it and I'm well, maybe one flying there. I didn't think about some of the stories right down some things. I want to share some of the questions I want to know from my sister or what a compliment sincerely my mom about- and you start making this parliament to put some special music on you can literally quite the boy and qualify. What will make this holy amazing both what you do shift in my own mind, like unlock the react anybody's over drinking or somebody asked my questions are gonna. Do that be worried, but I'm looking at to love you decide what you want and then you decide the plan and what's going to changing you or the environment, this incredible saw here woman My lady, my wife, is unbelievable in creating that way.
Try. I called scoring can I can watch a film without the music not seeing film gonna score it. So we go airlines which was years and what you do here like not just on holiday to well. I think it's beautiful in our homes that you know to make it our thanks. And you know Pandora such a gift or whatever Spotify whatever it might be, but you know we have to give to have this beautiful muse of this intuitively? You know you get to. You know, have user preferences and so forth, and we literally, have music comes in and by an aerial, beats and so forth at critical here and send you walk into line. to our home. A lot of people would like what is that music? It's not music that it's just it's this container that fills the home. What this beautiful harmony You know I I love to like candles or incense and adjust the in tension. I think you know what's so unique, the holidays, with their religious personally or not or your speech, sure you're, not the stillness, sacredness, and you know it too,
whether it be the holidays or just every day. The awareness that this life is a miracle. You know, I think part of some of the external world events is calling us to wake up and calling us to wake up to the preciousness of this life. We're alive, that's a miracle in itself and for us in our home. Besides all the things that we you with music and mean our are candles had only one article. One is not smell. What does that sound and we just do the holidays? I say we majority, but here is that we could. Ambience, okay, now human cells and atmosphere makes you in a sense of or appreciation or gratitude or love, or just to take a break when you come- and we certainly want to do that for your holidays. But maybe you want to do it all the time. Maybe you want to score your life more and scoring just requires awakening from your data. They stress in saying how do I wanted to be not? Why is the way I wanted to be. But to be, and what are you gonna change in me.
instead of my judgment of these things, what do I need to appreciate more? What do I need a notice and my family or my friends or whenever? What am I going to decide to do? If you don't aside, the world will just taking stress, will just take because we all have A world where we ve been pretty much wired where we have pilot to stress and a dirt road to happiness, and maybe there is a chance for you to be wide yourself, because the more you put yourself in these beautiful states of mine and emotional gratitude on appreciation and love them it becomes addictive appositely. Then you got a highway to joy, highway to love and the best way to do it is worth hard by heavy, build muscle. You don't really must by with a lightweight if it's challenging this holiday season. Take away the challenge and finally, give What we mean by find the blessing, neither blessing. Is because I'm sharpen advances like I'm gonna love, my mom was used worried completely. I'm a girl, I'm going to have any reacts. I'm on my sister asked me about my boyfriend, governor married or matter one giving up. I don't get what about it. I'm just gonna, see like everybody,
just curious. I'm gonna be there when what presence during the economic, physical presence? What's your presence gonna? Be your presence? Listen, carrying loving. These are gifts that our priceless and they do nothing and if you be a blessing of you find that wasn't be the blessing This parliament was life. He is in a simple practising fino speaking of gratitude. You know if you're prayerful, it's beautiful, I think the simplest perished is to say thank you a lot of tens for Thanksgiving as a family will go around and it's just what does share what was literally of sing during the year. What we're thankful for it can be a simple. Is our health or you know just a moment or whatever looks like you know it, but it's it's really beautiful cause it. It's like the I'm just focusing on that, and you know somebody also share their self share something else and adjust its expanding, its heart expanding and it's a beautiful practice and, by the way,
do that every day of our lives, you know we're sitting down and we're coming together as a family. For breakfast we just hold hands, so we just illiteracy. Thank you. Thank you. For this day, thank Heavens family. Thank you for this life, but it sets the tone. You know it's one thing to say: oh I'm grateful you know, I give you something, and you say thankful to say thank you, but to actually you know to actually invoke that to actually too to put your attention that and to share that and the sharing that when in family such a cool thing, I always look forward to the Thanksgiving dinner as we all do. Go round and justice really intimate beautiful. Like love letter of life that just everybody actually takes a time to say I got another one. I remember this line, and just everywhere increasing oil of itself to many dies, but it's it's beautiful, it's beautiful, and so whether together whether you're on zoo
whether you alone, you know what it whether you're on your own, you can still pull out a piece of paper and just journal what's been blessed in your life, you know what you're grateful for it's just you know this ferries the fact that they know were here and you're watching this we're alive. Life is a miracle. Ambitious, no matter what's happening in the external circumstances, uses truly so much to be grateful for, and we are grateful that you joined us once again. Really we and we love the sharing, that's been fun as is well so hairs, are an invitation, don't for a mediocre, stressful, frustrating thanksgiving or Christmas or Kwanzaa for whatever you're celebrating at hearing this holiday season, whatever your faith may be or whenever you just personal rituals, maybe want to make No one ever wanted decide to make a best.
and then it'll be interrupted. Of course, cuz. We all have, in a ten year old, ten million year old brains that are, you know, design, to look for what's wrong and then react to it, but that's air conditioning Then there is the higher awaken part of you can show up and just bring woven, appreciation and gratitude to everybody and white. Don't. We all need that right now and then a relationship, the quality of life, quality relationships in a relationship. It's not a place to go, get that's the mistake. Most of the snake, it's a place to go because when you give love, when you give appreciation and gratitude youth filled up cause, you're, feeling you're, giving someone and then you'll have to proceed anything in return. You aren't exe giving yourself, but it also tends to primary environment for something beautiful. So where we say you know, we all have expectations, but that's the mind. The heart know something so trade your expectations for just appreciation for what? you have even less than you thought or what
preservation, makes suffering disappear. Appreciation is the guide to Thanksgiving, to joy, to love and to the quality of life that you deserve, and I know you desire and by chance. If you do get fucked anywhere stressed our share something I do you know if I'm feeling tension or that resistance inside myself I'll just bring my aware? to this moment our litter. hi? I do that. I'm just noticed my breath I'll just kept catch. A few press- and I noticed breath in and out and then I, notice? What I wasn't the moment before I just open my eyes in my ears. I just what is the senses, and no matter what is happening? Certainly, no matter what's happening on the news? Nobody, let's helping out there just where, you are you not might be as simple as something is like the sunbeams coming in or just laughter the didn't here and that moment or you know, what whatever is in front of you just simply notice, and
start with your breath first and then just open your senses and come back to the moment. Cuz! That's where all the beauty is. That's where that's where all the richness is- and you know it really is a useful this for me. So thank you once again, God bless you all, and I thank you for joining us in happy Holidays just remember what's wrong with the voice of available, but so is what's right, we get look for so if your unfamiliar, whether you might want to check out our priming video, there's no charge for that and Tony Robins Dotcom Ford's last timing and it and terminate process you can do to get all the stress and fill up like most of us over reactors. We stack over negatives happen again, but it is All the positives, this life is such a gift, no matter how much challenge we are facing world facing challenges is not about denying that its creating a place that you can have? Are you gonna, ravaging enjoyment of love the chance for you to take these holidays and fell back up
if you like it and after the holidays, perhaps she'll make it your new year's resolution that you actually keep do it more and more? serve joining us along as we will hopefully was brief in that area back home in pleasant to you. I'll. Take care our tiny rabbits family. We are so excited that you were able to join us for fireside chats number. Two, tony and sage rabbits did you enjoy that do not go anywhere for the next few minutes. Organist spend some time going over how you can apply what you just learned. What Tony and sage in your life, so the major alas said that we got today is that we can actually become the architect of our holiday experience and create the experience that we,
sire by using a tool just as simple as the quality quantified and totally just shared that that with you a moment ago and when you do that, you're designing what do I want this holiday season to be like, and we hope you recognise that you can think you're way in two inexperience. That's going to be a blessing for you and that's the overall theme of our holiday campaign, its signs, the blessings, be a blessing and experienced the blessings in your life. So really quick. If you're taking notes or if you're not go hadn't just write down the words it takes practice to find the blessing to experience, blessings too to live out the blessings we have to practise doing that so few questions that Tony wants us to ask you right now for you in your own life, to apply these lessons to your life. Is this? Do you think, is possible, in any way that you could step outside
your own stress this holiday season, despite all the craziness going on, is a possible, and the next question is what would make this holiday season more enjoyable, free, you and even sage shared with us earlier? Sometimes she catches herself in her head in and when she does that she just takes a step back and focuses on getting present finding her breath tapping into the senses that she hasn't. She says: that's when you really experienced the beauty and the richness of life and when you're in that space of presence and gratitude he talk, but that in the video, that's when you find those blessings. Sorry you up for finding some blessings. This holiday season, as Tony would say, say: yes: how are we going to do that? We want to practise consistently so practices. The theme here today practice is something that you do on.
going over and over Tony always says? If you want to direct your life, you must take control of the consistent actions that you put him play every single day and when you do that, you're building the muscle of being more present or a signing those blessings or whatever it is that you desire, but if you're going to do this and you're really committed to doing this thing, there's one thing that you must have one thing: do you want to know what the one thing is? It is a map or a massive action plan. How are you going to get from where you are to where you want to go now? There's one key element: you can create this massive action plan which we hope you do that today and go share that with us. Sir tag Tony, and so we can look at it, but you have a massive action plan. But how are you actually going to get yourself where you want to go? You want to be strategic about it and the great way to be strategic about
to get yourself a town ability toward your consistent actions. Is there someone in your life right now that you can think of and say yes that that somebody is something that can be an accountability partner to me, it's also gotta be someone that can guide you through your massive action plan. So take a moment right now and think. Do I have some one in my life tat I know, will push me will hold me accountable, but can also act as a guide to take their hand out and carry me in the direction that I know I desire to go, and this is what we call in our world. A coach Tony invented the coaching industry and everybody s, coaches. You think you're olympic athletes, high powered ceos, an entrepreneur, is even Tony Evans has many coaches and you can get a coach for pretty much any area of your lights. So if you're right now watching this in your business owner, yes, you can get a coach for that. What about relationships? Could you get a coach for that? What about your physical body? You know what about your spirituality? Could you get a coach for
these areas of your life. The answer is yes, but you don't want to get just any coach. You want someone that can support you and can push you not someone that just going to be your friend, but somebody that can see potential inside of you, so this holiday season get yourself a coach find your massive action plan commit to yourself too.
being the blessing the greatest coaches in the world, but I know a maybe I'm bias, but they are coaches at the twenty Robins company and if you haven't taking a look at our bundles for the holiday and all of the great bonuses that are included, go check that out, because our coaches go through extensive training and ninety day Training Academy that teaches them the proprietary tools that Tony's been using for the last forty three years, his top coaches hand selected, and these coaches are going to help you get from where you are too, where you want to go, and so I hope you get yourself matched with one of our coaches to your specific needs and you can go to Tony. Aren't that call for its last coaching to learn more about coaching, how it will support you to have a powerful and of your twenty twenty and a really powerful start too
twenty twenty one. My favorite part about this is that during the holidays he said you can actually get a few sessions to give way to friends and family in your life, and that is the gift that keeps on giving so are so happy. You could join us at fireside, chats number two. We love you and we can't wait to see you at the next one. The guy. the tenor of this package is directed by Tony Robins and produced by the chinese summons team couple eight robins research, international.
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