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In pursuit of your why | Tony and James Altucher on the importance of purpose and the tyranny of "how”

2017-12-21 | 🔗

What is an extraordinary quality of life?

The answer to that question is going to be different for every single person - because we all have different perspectives and different values. But regardless of what your answer is - if you want to create that magnificent life, then you must master two skills: the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.

In this special episode, we’re bringing you to the James Altucher Show. James is an entrepreneur, investor and author of 11 books including the WSJ best-seller “Choose Yourself!”. He has started and sold several companies for eight figure exits, and has also run venture capital funds, hedge funds, and angel funds.

Tony stopped by The James Altucher show to talk about what it really means to take what you envision and make it real. They discuss the science of building wealth and the tactical investment strategies you can implement to create financial abundance. They uncover the most efficient ways to achieve professional success. And they discuss why it’s so critical to “find your why” when you make any decision in life – especially when it comes to how you’re going to live. Because there’s no worse fate than to achieve everything but not be happy.

So what does fulfillment look like to you? How can you start living life on your terms? That’s exactly what this episode will get you focused on.

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the strategy session with one of his top coaches, it in two hundred dollar value and you're, getting it for free, visitor, IRAN. Stockholm slash results schedule that free session today, hey guys, welcome to the Tony Robins podcast, its ETA editorial director for Robins Research International. What if I asked you how you define an extraordinary life? The answer to that question is going to be different for every single one of you, because we all value different things. We all have a different perspective on what is most meaningful to us. But regardless of what your answer might be, if you want to create that magnificent life, then you must master to skills the signs of achievement and the art of fulfilment In the special episode we're bringing you to the James I'll teach her James is entrepreneur, investor and author. He started
operated more than twenty companies and he's also run venture capital funds, hedge funds and angels once and he currently sits on the boards of a number of companies. His pod cast, the James I'll teach. Your show is consistently ranked one of the top business plan. Ass. An ice is Tony recently stopped by to talk about what it really means to take, what you and vision and make it real. They discuss the science of wealth building and practical investment strategies, you could implement to create financial abundance. They also however, the most efficient ways to achieve professional success. And they talk about white, so critical to find your. Why, when you make any, decision in life, especially it comes to how you're going to live, because there's no worse fate than to achieve everything you ve ever wanted, but not be happy. So what does fulfilment? Look like How can you start living life on your terms? That's exactly what this episode will get. You focused on, we hope
join this special episode with James and Tony Blair's off, allow tony robbers and happy birthday why you join us on your birthday? The book came out of my birthday. It wasn't the boy, but it did so. Feed. Another hundred million people is your. I've had tourmaline people last two years and I'm donating arab some value this book, all the royalties to this book to feed people against such May we saw the million copies in her back the last times. I think we'll sell million would be fifty million meals and then I'm adding another. Fifty million of my additional money to feed behind a million people were in a few billion people over the next. Seven years. So by the way I want to talk about that and I admire that allowed any proceeds. I get on ads from this particular park. As are all going to your feed its allies match you, whatever you do all match our. I gave a sell out my producers, I've filming.
Saying that so I can't lie worries so Tony. I just a couple questions. I know you're birthdays days, bayberry, twenty eight more event. When we're videotaping this February, twenty nine your actual birthday, I ve, never met a leap, your guy, before your actually like what sixteen your loyalty aim for junior doctors when I'm eighty four Obi twenty one, it's a good deal o. So why are you wasn't like we What are you doing you're a kid on February? Twenty eight, like did, you, feel bad, like other kids running or I'd ever complained about it. As liberals, we just made to feel more special when you actually had a birthday but are useless. Right on the twenty eighth stays in February. It's no big deal. I am glad that you are taken some time out and you busy day to come here. You're new book unshakeable, which is follow up to your best. I'm book money, an unshakeable I feel I feel it. With money. It was almost like this behemoth talk to all these billionaires and why during the financial crisis, how can we avoided- and it was a great great book-
we spoke then- and it was a great book, but it was a lot of people to read seven: you're paid a very happy, I feel, like you, gotta meet a billion pages to understand everything that went on. But here you gotta tell the very specific facts that you need to know and I ve been in the financial business as a hedge fund manager, a journalist, everything and I even more maybe I could say one of the bag of yours so on but you you're right this closer to the beginning. I think in chapter two, the bug you right, on average, the market laws, ten percent every at least one point during the year demographers, ten percent, which, when it does everybody's panic But if you just sound areas, it says as every year we would stop panicking guide and its Do not surprise winter comes. What would you be surprised? Financial intercom every single year since nineteen hundred two hundred and sixteen years, we ve average one and it's a minimum of ten percent the averages actually fourteen percent, which gets people's attention more
Ten days? Right and let me, as you do, do you think and from your contacts a do people panic every year, all you Could you you know better than I do? Even I adjoining area has multiple bannock every year and when I want to do this whole region, I wrote this book. Is I read weren't they, The herbal market, as you know now, right- and this is the second largest bull market in history and Everybody'S- got this. Oh, my god, we knew highs. Oh my God is going off to crash is going to come down and the right, it's gonna correct! It's gonna! It's completely! Gonna have a bear at some point, but I wonder to write a book that would be sure you're even for hours. You could put right for the position ever a playbook for your financial freedom and you'll be completely get rid of all the fear, the keys people from investing. So, look at this one statistic its forty percent, fifty six days on average. So, two months, it's like a season of like a winter. But you don't lose money, the market has never taken a timeframe of your lose money. If you sell because eighty percent of those corrections don't be,
The bed where I oughta highs this moment at last January last January, right worst, opening of the stock market in history for January loss. What two point three trillion. Unlike nine days, Where are we now usually rigid broke workers every minute, freaking out they went to re dahlia, they were used in Davos and when the market drop nine hundred points, remember I wasn't. Imagine beginning of February. People are really in a panic and MRS the big bear. It means it. It's cool measles, and what do they do, pictorial Alban's bookies, and I told him a strategy that I've never told anybody via made money. Eighty five percent of the time in cages remarkable book there, but when I want people who know is given every year and the corrections become, bears eighty percent of the time you lose money when you sell five about the bare for a second best every five years we got eight without once so once come. I don't know when no one really knows when, but you want to be prepared, so you can normally protect yourself but take advantage, because I dont think most millennials realise that when all that bet they're carrying they ve got enough
I am that the greatest time in their life will be the next crash, if prepared forty, four, not fearful or a baby boomers, who started to wait when things go on. It's really weird. The stock market is the only place on earth when things go on sale, people free got up. If your favorite I was a ferrari and I said you get over it. The percent off you be Joost. But when you said. The market drafted two percent people freak out, but that is the opportunity slip me ass. You about that specifically, because you talk ally in the book and and by people should never read the book. Like you say it's, it's a quick, read it as very important facts, you you, I liked the things that are the most important, but you talk a lot about index being an and kind of doing things and the lowest cost most tax efficient way. But let me ask you about us: energy based on what you just said. What have I just simply wait for every time the markets down fourteen percent- and then I put I I hold up. I I store my cannot download. I brave wants the dear. So let me tell you this personal were above Adobe, you said Tonia, Minister, you thus he said all market forecasters that are out there and see in these hearing also goes there only purposes
fortune tellers, look good nobody can predict the market in any area. The tries loses solemn, explain why I want to do that because I would have thought the same thing right. Ok, save Your cash there's gotta be a big drop all there people in saving up their cash for the market of the last eight years, nearly Miss Turner, fifty percent or their people. Now the last three months have been like the market, so at the edge of my God, it's crazy out there and we ve seen what fourteen percent since trumped took office in November three months right as well, you're busy waiting, here's what you need to know. I just The J P Morgan Alternative investments conference. You gotta, have a billion dollar network. The go reactors, foreigner people's pre, while group J B Morgan device that over twenty years Schwab didn't it in a study as well for twenty years? Incidentally, they both found something interesting. We The Us Mp, over twenty years, has given an eight point. Two percent compound of return, you're, making money w money over nine years. But we must now as if you were out of the market, could you try to time it for you?
Ten days defend us braiding test bed. Excuse me ten, as trading days during those twenty years, then infinity, point two: you get four and a half percent, almost half as much. If you miss the top twenty days. Could you you can turn the market you saving up for when the big fall happens, you end up with two percent. If you miss the top thirty days in twenty years, one and a half days a year. If you just this, that you lose and the same exact marketplace and they made it. Study, saying or whatever you go in the market you do it on the best day like you want to do, I want to go in there, I'm waiting in the market as its worst drop of the year I buy, then. So that's that's what guys do It is not smart lucky with vigour, other person and let's make em unlucky, may manage to go in at the peak of the market and crashes the next day, but think of third person. Dollar cost averaging. You know that is their buying the same out every every month, right and then with the fourth person in cash and let's see how they all do over a twenty year period. Well, who did the worst
that guy cash, the guy always waiting who thinks I'm gonna get him later on? But when the market gloves thirty percent use anymore gotta, do it then, when he thought it was high before they don't jump in a guy like you, but they won't, but usually to know the guy. That was perfect. Timing, luck and the guy was the worst timing. We had a twenty years, there's fourteen thousand difference and what they cumuli. While I think, because, as it there's a couple other points, one is that most of the marker returns are from dividends, so whether Margo up or down ass you're gonna get. Maybe eighty percent returns from dividends overall. The other thing is that the top twenty days usually come after the bottom twenty days day and towards out six. The ten best training days, the last twenty years, where within two weeks, the worst rating days. So Europe units being observed when everyone surprised by Trump one we're all surprise the market, perhaps niner boys. I call my brokered loaded up for them.
Why you know what's gonna happen right and everybody throws the pendulum in that abounds out after a worse trading day, get better trading its weight, those you got, the average person and even a brilliant person is, ever gonna time, the bark and while you're busy trying to time it all you gotta do is just ten days in your screwed in twenty years or twenty or thirty can afford to do that? you need to diversify model. You money goes on the market, obviously, but you do need to put yourself in the position we stay there to a jug boggled teaches jack. This whole thing is: don't do anything just stand. There sounds stupid, but the market think about it within nation, with productivity with a growing population. All these elements for two centuries has pushed America forward. We're going to continue to move forward where we're gonna get you move forward. I always tell people as regardless of power, things like everyone right now is divided and have been meantime were building like robots terrifying around delivering, hammering on package at great length in the world's an amazing place. That wit, that's what you really invests in. You don't invest in the present. You invest in like this amazing, a generation of technology. The just keep happy
that makes us more more productive makes US leaders in the world. I just love weaken was. I will present Clinton who have known for about thirty years and about two months ago, with George W Bush and again I ask them both obviously about the of the current situation and George enable the do me mentioning answers, but George W Bush Gimme brilliantly answer here: mobile attacked Obama, prison Obama. He said, look, I'm no one, the problem is that he's our present. My president, too, we need to support and I've always respected and that by privately tell me what you big, and these will obviously I wanted my brother when he goes and he didn't he goes, but this stuff in the world, it's over said. Let me tell you what my view, as he said. I remember when Nixon was impeach and I thought this man destroyed. The american democracy distort the presidency destroyed a reputation is that I was wrong he's here discovered. By being president, the office is far bigger than the occupant. Doesn't matter? What would you have three branches of government and with this
It is not perfect, but it's the best thing out there whoever's there could screw up. They can do good things that can do bad things, but overall we're gonna, keep move. Four because its bigger than the individual- and I think, people gotta wake up and grubbed because otherwise we are wasting our time in conflict. I know people all in Kashgar. They hate Trump thinking that turning trouble you're earlier in you, you're learning Nobody is so true because, let's take the eighteen hundred as an example in entire century, you think what finds that will maybe the industrial revolution. You don't think James Garfield, Org or you know, Chester Alan Arthur these guys have disappeared. History with industry revolutions forever. What's fuelled where America, today, no one person. So so let me ask you this. I mean part part of What's so great about your blog. Is that information real helps, reduce fear and I feel what you're about in general is haven't you. Reduce fear, not so they could become financially wealthy, but so that they can kind of set the stage for happiness,
and I like to be financially secure, stable, free, whatever they want, but ultimately on, A is were fear, no law. We're controls you, obviously what would it feel like four listeners? It think it. We truly no bullshit. No exaggeration, no hyperbole live in a world where it doesn't matter where the economy does matter. Where the real estate market a stock market goes, they know their unshakeable, they know, I'm gonna. Do fine. I'm gonna take advantage of the opportunities with the challenge when it goes up I'll. Think of David to that too, it's a different world for peoples wanna given that psychologically cause. That's real wealth. Cannot you but no billionaires their stress all the time. Let Levis I've a story solely on. I was that kind of a breakfast club and over over hearing one billion air talking to a hundred million air, and billion who is about fifty sixty years, these had hundreds, a thousand ploys swarthy, two or three billion? He said I can leave this goddamn guy Larry Pages worth eighteen billion and I'm only worth two billion that he was angry entire breakfast about Larry.
Saving where an eighteen billion, when he was only worth two billion? Will you not so interesting money is all money? Is, is really it's like it's it's a shape. After whenever you put on his when it becomes right, it's that's what it is, and so I am bound I'll. Send Adolf Merkel. Is with the richest man in Germany, he inherited a lot of money, but then he grew the business like tenfold of orders. Parents did in industrial business, they had they a drug They are manufacturing them all kinds of things and put a bet against votes wagon, any heed, shorted them, and then they did well and if you remember two thousand and eight, there was no money right, there's, no liquidity, and so all the sudden you have the liquid for put it in yeah. I remember that, and so it looked like he was going to lose anything until he went to go borrow money from the bank. So thanks for loaning so what did he do? He was worth. I think it was thirteen billion any drop to nine. He lost four billion dollars. Now is the third riches.
Many german eighties drop till I got an over fifty or sixty up in Vienna in the world you need it. Try to kill himself, though didn't try running out. He walked in forever train killed himself by his hours, is making a job or use dead serious, and you know what alone came through three days. Oh my god that now, why did he die? Wasn't money, psychology, its emotion, his idea? He was tired of being number one, not being number one didn't want to live, that's how bad it was for him, and then you see like. I think I like trucks, any who no his name. He be maybe billion dollars if you ve ever gone through their travel to the airport and you ve done that duty. Free you, the guy greater Jaffrey, eight billion dollars he, gave it all away. He just two months, Oh give away the last bit of money. His goal was to die, broke his goals. You're about to lash check and he's done any did it up until probably ten years ago we did at all without telling but he's doing all anonymously right now, just two guys
one killed himself because he was four billion still has nine repaid, the other guy's been vile. I've given away always buy me these. How we use can be well annual. That's again, I feel that they consist of The aim of all your work in the past thirty years- and I even oh thanks you for my seventeen years ago- I read awaken. Giant with their new I'll be out in a very hard period in my life, and you ve done that for many people, so soap and your does this not only highlighting chapter together. All these amazing facts, the value of all this great stuff about tax, a fish out, invest you know tax efficiently. You also get really into all the scams of Austria S and we don't have to go or that about people should read the book and see every possible scam. I think you it may be one fifty of the scandal ones that the consumers, the motel out, he was agreed area and then the final chapter is beautiful cause. That's when you start to talk more about the psychology, but what I want to start you the beginning here. Psychology like you, come in here a
one of my less no, I interrupt all the time, you're impossible, the internet. Where do you get the energy where what happens like haughty and then and then I watch you know, I'm not your girl, the Netflix Diversionary at once. You watch that produce by my good friends, Brian Compliment and an David Levine how to on this podcast, where where'd you get that she dared jump up and down for like three days Is it not an inspired fifteen thousand people? Well, Parliament, as you is, who you come to play erratic on emissions is like you come to play here. I come to play deployment. I prepare and I come to play meaning. I know what I'm made for, and this is gonna may be made to help people create breakthroughs. Financial emotional business of these are the things they relationship breakthroughs, Patina, LISA last year to wake up and say I gotta go out. I James Outfitters PA who was pack ass, my own, I gotta go there. Now. I don't do that. Irish I've enjoyed my time with his eyes of accords with sincerely, but there are times when lasted for sure what city my humble home, I do it, but when I-
to deliver, I gotta delivers. You know like fifty our delivery in four days of pseudo ten twelve fourteen hours a day, and I have to own bat we have sent me. I gotta get the guy of fifteen thousand person up at the top of the stadium and hold him for four days were most go people once it for three hour movie someone's been three hundred million dollars to make right. You have a hold him like you have to care for all of those people, everything one of them and it seems to me watching a documentary you got into you know. What's often causes data flow like you how, the girl who was in the cold and you go back stage You ask? How long was what was, segment or how long was I helping us and they said to have ours? You had no Ralloo, you lost sense of time. So again what what? What? How? How can illicit like No one's gonna be Tony Robins overnight, but how can I sooner can I was sitting there, give Igor drive into work to say. Ok, I'm gonna, listen to this and I have read a book about finances, but I want to
over that energy right now. I want to go into work and be a little more apposite, have a little more energy and make changes in my life got to find something that you value more than yourself. You have to fuck motive. Does matter! Motive brings energy now, listen to me. I support all of lights up. Your motive is only to take care of yourself quote selfish, there's nothing wrong with that. You're part of life life will give you an sites, but if your motive is to support your family, can all of a sudden? I never went all the sudden. I had four kids instantly. I was twenty four and I married woman, thirteen years, my senior, so I had an eleven year old, a five year old, nineteen year old boy was twenty four and then a child on the way I got to finance it's because wife supports what supports more live now, sporting more. When I want to support the community different If you really want to support humanity, is bullshit, isn't position, you know it's true in your heart. You get in. It's. No one else gets so the energy comes because there is an impact. I really believe all of us, you know, there's always with pleasure. You can get from making money
doing business making love as great as that is dancing drugs, alcohol, whatever it is, it floats your boots really, some you can feel than yourself. That's why, since something beautiful happens in your life, when you have a great experience, the first most wanted. You sure somebody we love. Why you sure it grows solemnly little much. You can have simultaneously hearing all the dock and what I do right now I'm listening to this. What should I do to to to share with you need a value added value and what I would say if you haven't found your passion, you you get around words better? You should make your entire mission every day. How do we get around people than a more passion people? A half a million people are excited other, my unless something hit you because different for every person but you gotta get in the environment. If you surround yourself of people but go to the cubicle, They put their head down work and they sit there on Facebook and they do their work, and I go back and forth than they do social media. We
become. What we spend time with we become like ok, he's been bypassed by devils, Avonlea Gulf, I'm driving to work on an accountant, Procter and gambling. At all events, the bridegroom Gamma Ray Company, but often The council notes that there are very good people This is all easy Bertone Robin to say, but I will not go into my work. How am I gonna do? Who is tony robbers use my wretch? Who am I I'm a kid from a Zeus, California, who had nobody in our family that was successful and business had no idea how to go about it. But what I did have is one thing I was hungry because I had suffered some but I wanted and suffering for others it still. What drives me I hate is. Why won't you scared? Why would you say there's a hungry when and why were you will win win? You didn't read when you have those four kids at the age of twenty four, why did you say hey! This is motivation. Why didn't you say? Oh my gosh, glass? In my life I suffered so much at a mother that, unfortunately, with great human being but was addicted to drugs and hour
and when she was on those which was daily. She was Functional, so it made me very effective. I cooked clean, went to the grocery store. My bicycle, I mean I became an independent persons akin to take care of her, but also she was physically abusive, she smash my arrogance, Walter. I blood, poor soap, liquid soap to disrupt my throat. You thought I was wind. I threw up and I wasn't lying and it was it was so suffering because it was coming on the person I loved so well, lay after that, an incident of and that good I've I've I've read that before we were after instead. I when she's point so down. If so, what did you do like they're after she was dying? I so angry, but I loved her. So is this your kind? Why did you thy mother? but not everybody loves her mother. I love my mother because out there I don't. I don't love, but she did that, but I will go Today I look at what happened and I think if she was the mother that I had wanted, I wouldn't
the man that I'm proud to be because because of that suffering because that paint I can't stand to see anybody else. Do you want more energy comes from. I lived like people out there the pop up I mean that break through. I mean that moment when people gulch- I can do this. I understand this or this did you do it? I'm gonna turn my business real. That a likeness is what I live to see and it gives me but in the beginning I was scared. Shitless getting. I had all those views in our view. The knows how I did it was, I said my mind if you feed your mind of all you do is play games on social media is a beautiful thing, it's a useful thing, but you every single day feed your mind and you got to strengthen your body boost to cannot be separated, so I would get up. My mom chased me out with a knife. I knew she was going to kill me but I also knew I was going back a madhouse right cycle sleep on a hill, it rains. So then I got women's somebody's. You know laundry room and the first
so depressed as I went to bookstore and I bought a box to feed my mind's eye was depressed and the book was the magical believing by Claude in bristol- and I read this book in it talked about you put your messages. You want Brain programme and on the mirrors, you look at a right it, and so I had all these phrases like only losers depressing that was so depressed allows no loser no through, but I fear my mind. I went to seminars Are you using that time? No extra time, those days it was cassette tape. I never put myself in a position where I try to make my dear. Something I was feeling my might have, reading biographies immune going. My wife is bad, as I think it is it's a cake walked on some of the greatest human beings that have ever lived, I've got inspired, not by hoping in Duration showed up, I got strata she's, not by hoping great idea. Don't interrupt? You gotta pursue them by my purse. Them because I was hungry and why I am who Anthony too is I'm still hungry, never lost it. If you want to know The one common denominator, I've seen her of your great intelligence.
Wicked levels of intelligence, I love and human beings summit that smart, but there are people that Smart can fight the way the paper bag. What matters is hunger, never ending the hunger to be more to give more to do more, to share more to experience more people like you, I've energetically, millionaires minimum come dear friends of mine, but Richard Branson is by far the happiest one that group. He really lives life fully. He experiences at all he's never lost that hunger. His entire life made too I gotta be more Gilmour, although homes that hunger will make you seek answers like the people would come to me. The only thing have in common? Is we ve done so many demographic cycle gotta get out all those pieces, the only thing to have in common. Is you see the number of people who work with the most successful meltdown hunger when people aren't somebody, Ground, because the best in the world that are always under their eyes looking for that actually know little edge can change everything. Somebody run because a birthday with his IRAN or they want a bunch of money. Are they gonna divorce, kids, scream and Adam people? Some people do it because their problem,
there's somebody reactive, but the look or middle people that are not happy with? It are not really unhappy enough doing about it. I'm never going to see them. So angry people, it's it's it's it's basically that don't. You can have all the ideas in the world. You can be creative, but it's you have to do everything you have to do something you gotta go so what're water again the average so now I was precisely the above average person. Listening to this, there is neither in in the gym or on their commute. What can they do to start? Not just ink mentally, improving but like ten ex improving their world depends, annex a what area their life specifically lets. You know, don't oak everybody's different right, so some people want to do career. Some people want to be more creative, something want a fine, what your passion and be around a better group of people watching what action should they take? Modeling is what what's made my wife workmen?
knowing as the idea that success leaves close, that Angola great honour runway. So thank you so much that gonna buy with no success leads clues, meaning my original teacher general taught me that it's a tony look. If someone is really successful, something if they ve lost twenty five pound thirty pounds and they stayed. Fifa ten or twenty years are not lucky. If you see a couple been together and they're, not the out their passion for each other? Twenty thirty years later they are doing so different than other people too. Not just lay everyone see their lucky. There's something differ, so we treat me to look for what those differences are the difference that makes the difference in results. So it makes a difference. A so. What you want to do is find a role model, whatever you The change problems where you want to get the perfect woman, your life, you wanna, make a diner money since they reside this book when they do. I would to fifty of the smart human beings on the base, the earth financially Doug into their psyche, for we're five hours. Some of them do friendships where I've talked to him for years now, and I've been able to take that say instead of me learning by trial and error. Let me go to the
best on earth and find out what took them twenty years, the learnin compressed decades in two days, that is the number one so once you know the model lids about me of action in its about constantly changing your approach, because you take me the bachelor doesn't work. So what do you do? You try smells the work. You iterate to figure out what works wonders. What does massive action? Meaner, massive, you mean you don't wait until you have all the answers you take accident. You got a concept, idea, I've taught all my kids I said was that I know you guys think I'm right really smart recognised under the most brilliant that I'm mark human being, but the smartest part for me I want to transfer to the smartest part, is whenever I come up with a decision or go whenever I make a decision that matters I need Lee take some kind of action that commits me The person right makes an example. You know I was just recently I was considering buying accompany bunch of us were discussing it, and I said you know what this company. I think it's really good target, but only prepare it without a couple.
This company. I think it's really good target, but only if we pair without accompany me it this hour caution, and then I was being erupt in one go into the meeting. I said before. We wonder meeting right now get the broke at the sky and the phone. Let's have it for ten minutes right now, I'm a schedule demeaning go. Do I didn't leave the meeting with that as an action plan for the future, because what happens is when you get in eight, when you're excitable some, you made a decision, you're ready to do it you're inspired or you got the plan and then you will do something about moment, The loser momentum end up. Play sell something distractions, social media attacks, the and you lose the momentum and now it's hard to get back. But if you do a wildly reinstate and you commit of all through, that's how you build momentum, ABBA keep moving and once great as that more important than being correct? That's right! change your approach but doing wrong, but If you do nothing when you keep waiting, you learn nothing like. If you look over time was doing so brilliantly. You know all the self driving cars stuff he's got the great advantage. Not because was techniques
gee, but because he has so many cars on the road right. Now, it's getting all the big data from that. So every time somebody drives its reach, the entire system also learned what to do so? You can do a better job. Anybody else out there. You really just need a put yourself in the position so that you ve got enough exposure to things that excite you that you and your triggers figure out. You're all model. Take massive action, come up with a plan of, doesn't work, change it and then he got it just make sure that all behind it all there's an emotional purpose, then keep you going and keep you hungry something more more than yourself, because you and I, as human beings will lead to such Marcel. It's not that hard to get yourself to feel comfortable I mentioned. Is people than I come to by mentioning people that want to create I'm didn't creators disruptors, people that that won't sell for less than they could do. Be your share great. Do you ever feel that you're not being as creative as you could be, because you ve created a business model. Now that has worked for you for decades
and you built it ivy, built of a huge business. How do you ignite cream if it in your own life right now, how do you do something different causes caught every time? Something stands up, there's something different, some always challenge. You never know what some of us ever suicidal. They made five here Billy their board. You argued the craziest Donald open southern life is over people. People can do the most amazing things with their minds, but for me, part of it has been You have thirty one companies now seventy beneficiaries. I got everything from next. The are willing to have an excuse. Virtual reality for the NBA and for live nation to stem cell business, to resort to Fiji to educational businesses. So I got twelve employees on four continents: in seven radically different industries? five billion and sales, what are image chances of me being board psychotic do is
New my phone in someone's gonna, be triggered me an art, the end to some extent. That's the essence of diversification, to relaunch, diversify and invest in like five different stocks and then go to my job in the queue the girl. You have to die by your life in their ways. And again, you view spent decades doing it, some people know how to do it. What else people say why and how much you and I get rid of this whole having just for a second ok, No, no! Not just! Let me just try this with you how not as important as why or what right you know. The way you create. If you have to ask yourself, how am I going to do it most people do it for the very regions. I don't know how to do any other shit. What I did as I decided, what that's, what a leader does? What am I going to do, what the results are going to produce and, more importantly, why cuz, we come first and answers come second. If you get a big enough, why you can figure out how to do anything? The problem, Your view is a. How is it keep focusing on how you can figure out there have you got a strong enough? What why? What and why
I'm leashes the psyche, but I brings in the mind and then the mind brings in fear, and you gotta remember that brain tumor in Euro brain is always looking to protect you from being hurt, is trying to make sure you don't fail. It's it's survival. Where that, when we'll get you in your head, given your head, you doubtless I'm a strategy. I love the how but the house must come after the wedding wire, so powerful that how there's a million ways how to do something in what one ways you learn in the past won't work today anyway, what we want beyond our doubts were like you said, though, of the brain. Set up not only for survival. That's our main function doesn't care about our happiness. It doesn't care not only our jobs makers, though about the brain. Virgo do so so so, after, like ten, twenty Eddie forty years. Why knowing. Why becomes a habit because
So how do you suddenly jailed the habit of why most people don't know why most people don't know how to think about? Why? I actually you know in order to build on these companies and do what I definitely days when, as like twenty two, I was over well bright. I'd like to companies and is like trying to do the seminar how many of you all the stuff, so I took a time ass records should all the priorities of the US in it, is very clear that that lasted about a week, because there is always more to do them near than I could possibly do in a day, and I change my philosophy and I teach all my companies and all my executives to do what I call our pm. Our pms three questions to ask is a physical system to it, but it's the thinking more important and the questions are. I give it using sample present. Couldn't com he's fine example. If it is ok, why does present, including call you just like the hang out or on this particular time was years ago? I was thirty one, thirty, two years old, fifty six thou. So it's very twenty twenty five years, but he called me up and said they're going to teach me in the morning. What should I do like
We need a slide. Could you called me sooner because tomorrow morning right so I've had to figure out how to deliver like putting myself on the spot like that with the president AIDS or Serena Williams is melting down on national television, and I got a step deliver right now. You know what I caught his deep practice, putting yourself and deep, is where you're going beyond the edge of your capability on a regular basis is how you grow to such an extent then all this and all those little shit, you're worried about past that doesn't work, but our pm. Let me explain he says to me: what should I do my Where's him back to him. Is that the wrong question: what to do The question everybody asking and with a long to do less what matters more is. What do you want? Will you one of the situation? What the outcome do you want to? stay in office because you want to stay in office. The sin it's not gonna put you out. Easy for me to say I'm not on trial. But they're, not you know. They're, not you didn't have the votes, so you do nothing. You'll stay. It is I'll come to be respected by choice,
and by mothers by fathers about you're, a lawyer, and you know it do not put yourself in jail, but still be honest and that's what I would suggest, because what your outcome is. We're gonna turn your action items. I went through this in depth in the end he said ten or so right, you're. So right is I gotta see this is not. What did I do think is one I want. Why do I want? It is the second the hours? What's the result, will you after the outcome? The p is what your purpose. Why and then you have the end, which is the map, the massive action plan, and I have people a list of everything they could do, and then you highlight the twenty percent that produces eighty percent of the results, so he wants. It wants a difference. Examining result in purpose, I wonder you guys want. What do you want? What's a specific target? Clarity is power, the purpose as why do you want it? What's the juice- and you don't have your mother yourself, if you like to transform your body goodness, because it gives you just to connect to God. What is it,
It's gonna move you like a member as a kid like twenty to twenty four years old, I moved in the castle. I thought the greatest life and then I started getting so overwhelm in those days. There is no internet, that's all I am, but I get these. This was the calls it I'd like a hundred and twenty five calls could have been gone for the weak hunt. What if I've phone calls? Are you kidding me? I just bert myself out of an unstable fifty hours we so stress may look down and over one day- and I said it's a different question- not why we have to do all this What do I want with each of these people, and why do I want and they want the list? on the list? I am couple billion people bit be five years before, I would die to get one phone call from a non bitching about right. So I learn a tree myself to chunk thinks it's. This thing is a hundred and twenty five calls and when all these relate to this target this business, all these, and so I take a hundred twenty five and it becomes for chunks and your brain chunks thing so much easier when you group them, then, when you make em one little thing at a time
so, when I knew what I wanted and why I wanted it now aspire to make these phone call haven't, make the call. Are you kidding me what to say how to do it? You know everybody knows how to do that. You think about two seconds. I was missing the weapon, the. Why didn't you train yourself? What why one point and then what is the best way to get there and that every possible you're not gonna, do I'm all and in which those matters which are likely to get you there. It allows you to shrink the world towards more focused on the outcome. Since pitiful, on the activity. Most people mistake movement for achievement, man, and so they are busy all the time when I really want is for for people and to be fulfilled. You gonna conscious, decide what you want. Why one also so for you. When you add this is so so easy to take the why or to take bad situations in life and say: well, I guess and for me- or I guess, I'm a good enough or I guess, My mother was not good enough. I'm not like coming from some rich family this. This
That is a negative way to relieve stress and you kind of made it a habit to take out the two to go, a positive way of relieving stress the reason cuz. I have a mission beyond myself if it's just to take care of me So what's it wasn't example like today or yesterday or the day before, my will. You have you, like switch your brain, to remind yourself of that mission. Adult not at this stage is like an athlete right, I'm not my muscles so strongly. I work out every day so now, when I need them, they access beer. I dont negotiate with. My mind- and I think you know I wake up every morning. The first thing I do is Mahoning Valley Eye Jump in the freezing river. By my one of my dog's eye jump, I have a cold punch, fifty six. Why do we do that great for your health? limp phenomenal way, but I really do have one of the recent trade train, my brain when I say we're doing something, there's no negotiation with myself, Why do we do it? It's a habit, Donna for so many years. I don't feel like that for go water and everything else, but I always am glad that I didn't afterwards side
it's so often that I'm wired, just like it be in the book. As explained people that money won't. Do it you gotta, take control of your mind cause most. What were the only creatures again in the planet, they can make ourselves depressed or angry or excited, or feeling, loving or adventures by the thought we think and change of thought and change our biochemistry or we can Our biochemistry creator faults and it s just like you said to it. Isn't it like the same two people cut, one could have more money by but commit suicide. The other could still be worth. Two billion be angry And yet Richard grants in its Polly this guy around one of the happiest guys because he is committed to not suffering he's committed, having a good time every day, which is the number one mission of this book me at first is make sure that people are for she sat set em up for freedom, but second, don't wait for that freedom learn how to live. Go. What is making you so stressed cause how many people you and I know what
number one thing here from jeers Strasser: no time it's like a habit right, like a bad. His have it at the badge of credit, and excuse is excuse, but it's also so that you'll know that I'm successful screw you. That of successful being stressed that all the time who was the suffer, you know you want to suffer to prove that you worked hard. I tell people like us two short the supper, and you know I would never consider suffering what we do. Two years ago I was a friend of mine in England in India, and is it till you? Are you talk about the secret to life as a peaks they peaks they you're mine operates at a different level. In a peak stake, you interact with people in addition
why I also caught higher energy rich versus energy, poor, those the two extremes, because both called those energy, rich states, high energy states, peaks states, like beautiful states, said ok, and he said what, if you take the painful states, the low energy states, the problem states and called him suffering, as I also has. I know you don't, but let's talk about so we talk about of Laos. Ok, beautiful states would not just be happy that it would be playful, be fine and be creative, be driven to be hungry a b, so many different emotions at that high energy like that and when you're those states you do the right thing. What are suffering states then a star think of it differently. I not suffer, but I do stressed, I don't suffer, but I do get pissed off. I would suffer gonna get frustrated. In fact, I realized how cheap my happiness was because I have to do is have my phone near by and I was unhappy because what twelve hundred employees he's. What are the chances? Somebody's effing up right now, something having up meaning doing something different than I think they should and allowed to do as we can.
To do this and I lose my happiness harpy. So what I learned the funding, I think an unhappiness machine while ignoring avenues, machine tools- you all know, but but with that many employees that may moving parts, it's only a matter of time before somebody's gonna do something different than expects. I tell people if your happiness requires other people to behave the way you want them to behave, what chances that Europe has to be happy in your life. You do have to limit yourself to a small number of humans who you can control, which does not love, or you can always be stressed that five you're gonna be a happy by you doing the right thing every moment. None of us even individually, does the right thing every moment. So what I ve learned to do is say the most important decision in life. I believe today is to decide to live in a beautiful state everyday, no matter what, because in a beautiful state, you will connect with people in a completely different place in a beautiful stay your spouse fulfilled
a beautiful stay, you're gonna. Have your immune system functions DE, provides a beautiful stay. You you'll solve problems, much quicker. So again, I think that I have any doubt it is an absolute. I think like when you notice avenue suffering stay. You have to consciously decide what I tell you. I have a nice that rural areas that it should have been a four day rule in the beginning for our role, because I get hooked right, my brain we can hijack and I'd be pissed offer frustrated, but diversely gotta ninety seconds and when you do it enough times it's like a muscle. I opened the happiest the last two years, not because my wife has been better of this. Last year I had mercury poisoning at an extreme,
got a certified scale, one twenty three! Well, we need much say he fish exactly right. Now there was tuna and it was swordfish their seventy five, your fish, and they have a thousand times more mercury in them, and no one else you that so is really dangerous. I torment to enter costs this snowboarding, I got spinal says they. Don't male, never be the same kind, the best you're, my life, how I'd think I'd cause? I promised I I made promised myself, no one else, but one that matters myself, I'm not gonna supper. I start to supper, which you will be mine, will go there on notice. It and I'll see everyone, ok, stressful focus first, or what do I appreciate what who enjoy? What do? I love because appreciation, joint love story suffering. That's so when you got that diagnosis, I can't even say the word and there in your told you a narrow doses, if and what are they gonna guys estimated very resistant? He first says to me: turn around she's my life I made a million dollars they, what you're businessman revive? He goes on over my relationship when it was ok, you doctor
you're, like music, was that it goes. Let me show you despite he said: why are you in your quadriplegic life? As you know, it's you're, not jumping up and down a more unified squad, you're, not snowboarding about do you not german or on a stage, and I was just the idea I did suffer out because I wasn't prepares like somebody punching. They got when you're we're ready for the guy. I was coming in to get some p r p for my shoulder. He tell you, I'm not gonna function ever get, but with great is start a suffer
caught it. I got out as they want to do passes like they all say, there's no solution. I call for the people, no solution. I kept searching, and I found a man in Melbourne. Australia who sent me MRI to show me hundred hours of hyperbolic oxygen at a certain death release, is eight hundred percent more stem cells than your body would never ever get from any drug or any other approach and the stem cells go any illness and size like wow. So then he said before you come since you're gonna be ok here, picturesquely weak, the iter blood that do what first see their side of kinds inflammation whatever, and when I was there, a man says to me what to do a mental illness. I see me like mercury. Is it s not an eye tat, my Malcolm's out twenty five years ago, because what we do aluminum all do it? Don't? Let's just lined up calls me over the phone. It says the doktor
looked at how long have you been in the hospital? I just got off stage for fifty hours right. I was losing my memory because it mimics the experience of people getting that Parkinson's, but I would not like Lima, though new dimension, losing your man at fifty six years old. I I you fifty hours at a time, never drop a fought and also an unfair. I think what am I doing here so scared me saw my dear. I had a dig in detox, the body, and on a european scale about nine at one twenty. So all those illnesses or disease is gone. Paragon starts from Charles Limits, mine let's aid, ok so so solemn challenges so sometimes I come up a little bit of worry or suffering, and then what are you? What happens in your brain is going to give you some ninety seconds. I just I feel attention. So what I do is I got brains to hijack the mind, though my not my mind, some important distinction. If I asked you whether to most stressful thoughts than up exact once, but we all have stressful thoughts. What are to the most recurrent stress,
Thoughts in your life undergo burg. Emma governs energy Rummy. Ok, now those listening. If we asked all you listen, how many of you have arrived, the fear you're not gonna, make the money you're gonna go broke. What percentage do you think of how that fear that four hundred percent? What do you think percent? Stop the boyfriend other girlfriend might lead them or die? or cheat on them. Ninety nine point nine percent set. So those are your thoughts, those thoughts about around forever. You call em your thoughts it as long as you make him your thoughts. It will be extremely hard for you to separate from them. Pretty identified with them, I look at and got the truth, those thoughts about around forever. Those are the mind if I told you a hundred years ago, the moon back. He called me a lunatic. An idiot for the term comes from I told you a hundred years ago, there's going to be a box, you have in your pocket and there's going to be invisible waves, traveling around the earth and those invisible boys will come into the box and you can push a button and see and talk to someone on the other side of the earth. You go you're crazy. The invisible ways of thought been around for thousands of years,
If you use your body one way, if, like a tv set, you turn the channel and you're in a common turn. Otherwise it's a horror but another place its history. So you detached yourself from these thoughts. That's right! I see them. I actually watch imbibing get your team item because I dont believe that I still here may still. Goin still brings them, but it'll believe that's kind of like everybody's. Probably at one point that I want to kill that son of a bitch, but you didn't believe, that's it. You didn't come in. You just had the thought about went by then I switched to what can I appreciate this moment? What can I love? Who can I love? What can I give cause the minute you shift into that changes? I was top people trade, your expectations for appreciation and in tat moment your whole life of change. If you continue, I give exaggeration of my own life of high exaggerated problems, my life, so I am privileged to have a global
stress, hormone, private, Munich, planing fly streets, China without a break of beautiful. It's amazing traveller I'd, be I've got in there, but I've most. My life I chartered domestically, but over sees was too expensive. Regular spent forty thousand dollars to pilot the to Australia in those days. So what I did was I'd like commercially and I was getting burn out because I was travelling in these crazy ways and so finally, one of the things that happen as I get on the plane to God, Austria three times a year- and I was used now he's coming thing- those days I'd like fifteen companies. Like I'm, gonna be cut off or fourteen hours on the West Coast or teen hours. All this in all this slack. All these texts are gonna, build a bit amenable to start all over again spent my old. Have you so stressed when I said myself what stressful about sitting or adverse grass leaping for gods, eggs, and so I began to realize what I was doing so then I get on the plane little ass times, I was on a commercial flight.
As I run, they announced on the plane, we have international internet and it was like God entered the building. People were cheering stood up and clap? I felt like stop incoming laughing. Did I control myself, but what happened Nine minutes later nine minutes about fourteen hour flight goes down and never came up again. What we're people's reactions. This is bullshit. I shouldn t fly with this. Coming doubles thing of people go complaining ninety minutes earlier? It was a miracle. You even know it exists. Now is a miracle that happen name. Later. It's an expectation. That's what's happened to us in our world today. So if you let go the expectations and focus on appreciate, I tell people, billionaires years are a diamond, doesn't there's a new billionaire and United States every six days, theirs billion urge China every five days. You know it's more unique than a billionaire. A person lives in a beautiful state every single day, even when it rains on their parade, even when they don't get what they want, even when in jail
comes that individual has a different like that individuals rich. I asked Sir John Templeton. What's the key, the wealth he smiled Estonia, preference for years out of it in two thousand for a pass night interviewed in many times for that Estonia I'll, tell you what it as he said it's, but you teach as why teach a lot of things which thing and gave exits gratitude, because if you have a billion dollars and you're not for Europe. Motions are pissed off and frustrated that your life, if you have no money, but your truly grateful you richest can be, and I just think that's the missing ingredients most people so this, but I feel like people do. I feel, like people know that the summit in intellectual yeah intellectually have a habit of it. They don't the habit and ever beheld decision. That says no more so like that you want to be island, you burn the boats, but decision comes from incision in language. To cut off from most people said you have decision is stating what like to have happened. If it doesnt work up, merely give up. Around
What decision is like this is happening? There is no other choice. I burnt my boats. I am taking this island, that's the kind of thing you have to do with suffer otherwise. It'll keep coming up because it's the name two the mind you don't kill it wanted small. I was so people killed, kill the monster while its little don't we don't got taking your life intercity. I think also related to the. Why, like? Why become outcome? but the why to have gratitude so, like all, have children so as important for me to be in a beautiful stayed for for their sake or a wife or yourself right now, and it's like once you do it for a period of time is like I'm trying to describe the people what a rose now like not smell the rajah, you think ass once you experience it, it's dictum because there's so much freedom in what it most people want from money freedom they want to have certainty. They want stability. They want to be all do what they want the way they want it. Most people have lots money. Don't I level, freedom, rapid, financially, but it's like a wide range of people. Think people think you can have freedom without money, and that
common misconception. I hear that everybody you need my. If you aren't freedom, you need money for us, which is completely laws, has nothing to do with all studies and positive psychology show has nothing to do with anything. But what for you as freedom- and I get a great to being in a beautiful stand and where is meaning to me if the ability to live life on my terms, to do things that I think are really useful beyond myself to be of a look out and say if I died today, could I be happy about this day in this life? And I can honestly say: yes, I'm not gonna probing guides damnably believe bill, but it's an amazing. Feeling to live that way, but you can't live that way appear in your head. Oh he will you know I like to do that exercise of if I die today, I legitimate. I wait. Hoping I'm gonna die today because aims. Because then I do think that
everything's gonna is not the cliche live life, as everyone detained in IRAN goes on parties like you really noticed everything around you angry everyone, whether vat refunds or easy respect so like why? If you die today, what do appreciate in your life right now. Oh my god, my wife was then have one thing in my life, my children, the fact that I have had the privilege to live in a time in history where I was able to travel to a hundred countries and begin solve with you know, sixty seventy million people over forty years and I played a role in enhancing their life, and I know that knock. I think I am because I'm stop every day of my life by a dozen or do does people tell me the most amazing story off somebody. Have I got my get off go game? I bought the two million dollar company, I mean it's, it is other than my wife and children is the most incredible thing in my life. So when I get my energy every single day, I'm being reinforced for the work that I've done for
forty years and you let it reinforce you you'd. I say that you, don't you don't, let's see all these emails pile up with. Thank you say I gotta respond. All of you. Let it give you power and energy is Weber, today. There is more message: Lenny can respond to, but I'll still respond. All these messages. The next couple of days, but I'll read em. All I dont go on shit wilds, my birth is one. I somebody wrote me I cherish and take them and I think about each person I think about what they ve done, because if you don't take the time to feel that sense of film it, then all you do is more more achieving and how many friends do you have? I have their ultimate. It fevers and their divorced their fat. You know they got plenty of money. They got great businesses, their pissed off of a little things really I want a whip and then we will see them go. I don't want to be that it had nothing to do with the money. Money again makes you more of who you are your mean more be mean with if you're giving you're more to give what it doesn't change, people it magnifies people's true nature, and I
that the modeling that you talk about is a real good way to bridge between where you are in our you, wanna be ugly and where someone else's, who you admire, made little some aspects of Richard branches of aspects of view, some aspects of whoever ass, your subjects, So so maybe maybe not have many people to do that, but do you wanna again tell people unshakeable the newest, but by tony Robins this I think, there's really dives down not only into what's happening financially in your life, but a really for me reduced by fear and I know the financial world inside and out and ruin it. So it's it's is a fascinating book, particularly also not only the financial stuff. At the final chapter, when you, where you talk about the beautiful versus the suffering, that's the first time. I've heard you talk about that in in writing. So it was. I was great I really appreciate you spending at the time when your birthday by still want to know, and I, as this the latter, of your and my last his assets do two years ago, when you're my pockets, why did Bill Clinton
although thirty one you're all talk tony Robins, because it first called me at Christmas right after was re elected member, he was elected almost on the land. The average and then all of a sudden, if your member that emit people right Babby only remember the Republicans took over like they are now there and both houses the average time, and he considered a week. President could accomplish anything, and I was that I was Christmas at Peter Goobers House, a different, a minor ones, background? You saw me then he was ass. Only that faces the president's online like why. So I pick up the phone present. Let me says Tony's that I've heard from ten people now that I want to solve and I'm dealing with you're the guy to go to, and I so I'm really complemented- and I said, but I want you to know that, would you come to Camp David and coach me tonight? It was Chris. There was the night after Christmas Right, Jaffa Christmas and I submit president it be privileged to serve you I said, but I have to tell you in advance, on a very honest man.
That, if you're looking for somebody, I'm not a fan, if you looking for somebody tell you what you want to hear, I'm the wrong guy and I'm not disrespectful in any way, I'm honored for the request and call it would love to serve you, but I'm a straight shooter. What I want so we built is mine, and then I went to be with him and then Several other people do you mind, become apparent at the end of the night. You want me to stay, and I promised my family I would come back was deaf Christmas, as, Mr President, is the privilege to be with you, but I set my family comes first and I took off that built the bog couldn't really every state. I left. And so we built that so we ve got a relationship for some period of time before the impeachment situation. So he called me that if I was a trusted advisor for him, but the other many trusted bites and I was the only person who called I'm sure, but it was amazing they get that call from limiting and so Nice- and I was just within this last week- energy so Nice- to see him today. I know he's been to a rough time is frustrated. Obviously with a political process.
We wanted his wife to win, but the work these onto his foundation remember coming down the hill. I was an aspirin with him because an fundraising called me up asked me if I come medium, and so I got Car, it was a surreal moments as winter time we're going down red mountain. If you know, is very severe and it's all the president's motorcade, I'm in the back of a limousine with Yemen,. There was right when they ve, I would he caught. The dress had come out right and he said, he's talking to media is tony us and if I could run again, I would like- and I said to my teasingly cinnabar- you get out, get out a dodge got decent here's. What the hell am. I do my life, I'm fifty one years older. Whatever was at the time and Marilla conversation. I reminded him of this weekend of it. I said at all this week and, as the president said,
what you dunwoodie life after the presidency is distorting, I think, he's had more impact outside the office almost as much as he did inside the office and its beautiful to see how people can create a compelling future, how they can look at life and create such value has been really fun to be one of the people that help to help him on the way to come up with some of those visions eat. It himself play. Nero barracks is incredibly fulfilling. Well, that's exciting! You should write a biography. That's your next book, I'm telling you I I want to buy that thing. So much Tony Robbins thinks it's great to be with. You the Tony Robbins podcast is directed and hosted by twenty robins unmarried bucket any org is our editorial director, an occasional host. The pot is produced by carry song and teller Culbertson Jimmy curve. Hop an angel dilatory are additional editors specialty
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