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Live better, longer | Dr. Dean Ornish and Tony’s personal trainer, Billy Beck, with strategies for a healthier life

2020-01-28 | 🔗

Did you know that more than half of new year’s resolutions in the United States are health related, like exercising more, or eating healthier?

Whatever health looks like to you, one thing is for sure: Without it, you can’t make progress in other areas of your life. When your health suffers, so does everything else – your relationships, your career, finances, your loved ones and family.

Living in a state of peak health has served as the foundation for Tony’s success throughout his entire life – because without your health, you can’t perform at your full capacity. Tony is not a health expert himself, but he brings in experts to speak at his events, like world-renowned doctors and researchers, to give his audience multiple perspectives on health so they can make informed decisions about their lifestyle. 

In this episode, you’ll hear from two of those people: Dr. Dean Ornish, a well-known physician and researcher, and Tony’s personal trainer Billy Beck, who works with him every day as he travels the world, helping him maintain the energy he needs to serve his audience at the highest level possible.

You’ll also hear from Tony, on the mindset you need to embrace in order to do something that so many people struggle to do: lose weight, and keep it off for good.

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Change. Question change like when it comes to. Planning, your wife I want Yet you learned ask three questions now: in the first pillar, what am I gonna do question ask yourself is when we want. What's my out what's my result. First, one is to get you just on the target. The target is not the activity. The activity can change its. What's the result, I'm after you know Sadly, what it is. You really want what you desire, what you really after very power
Will you aren't specifically what you want the faster the brink and get you there? This episode has brought you by european the rapid planning method. The system that Tony has used to not just achieve Massa result in his life and create his six billion dollar business empire, but a life driven by purpose by his. Why to find out more about our pm and how you can achieve more with less time register for the european women are a W w, w dot, honey, robins, dot com, Slash r, p M dash webinar, that's W w w DOT, tony robins dot com, slash r p M dash webinar. What does it take successfully? Create lasting change realise this you gotta have a vision for what it is. You really truly want something. The power you push record willpower and willpower, never, alas, what will last is having something so exciting so attractive, somebody desire so much and you have
I'm, going to sleep at night. You get up early in the morning no rocket and take it to the next level. Welcome to the tenure happens. Pie cast your listening to an episode, that's part of especial season where we explore the five areas of life that many people focus on improving at the start of a new year like their health, productivity, personal finance, their relationships, and, of course, career in this episode were taking a look at health, no matter who you are your age background, it's likely that you thought about improving our health this time of year. In fact, more than half fifty five percent of numerous resolutions in the? U S are health related. Like exercising more or eating healthier, but what health means to you is highly personal, probably different from how your closest friends or your family members think about it. Maybe we're trying to lose weight or exercise more. You can find your clothes better or have more energy to keep up with your kids. Are your grandkids? Maybe your what
The millions of Americans that are pre diabetic and need to make major changes in your diet or maybe you're feeling higher levels of stress anxiety and you want to have a healthier mindset to feel more free from worry on a daily basis. Whatever health looks like to you, one thing is for sure with You cannot make progress in any other area of your life when your health suffers. So does everything else, your relationships, your career, the finances, your loved ones and her family, but with the hundreds of diets, work, shouts and supplements, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start living in a state of peak health has served as the foundation for tony success throughout his entire life, because he knows all too well that without your health, you can't performance or full capacity Tony's, not a health expert himself, but he brings in experts to speak in his events like world renowned doctors and researchers to give his audience multiple perspectives.
Health, so they can make informed decisions about their lifestyle. Today, you're going to her from two of those people, Doktor dean, ornament, a well known, physician and researcher and Tony's personal trainer, Billy back who works with him every day. As he travels the world, helping him maintain energy, he needs to serve his audience at the highest level possible, but before we hear from Doktor Cornish and Billy back here is more from Tony on the mindset you need to embrace in order to do something that so many people struggle to do lose weight and keep it off for good. While listen, to this, keep in mind that this approach can apply to any goal that you set for yourself. I have you up here's defined what I think are the six fundamental steps that every person goes through when they successfully create lasting change, and I call them the sick that's a something called Neuro Associated Conditioning, big words. Does it mean we'll just realized
But what drives our behaviors human beings is what we associate two things in our got nervous system, where the matter as we all try to avoid paying in life and whenever we link paint do we do not avoid being a part of we try to avoid doing, conversely, We all want to do something. It's pleasurable. We think something's gonna, give us greater pleasure. That's why people smoke that's what people over aid of my people That's what you do a lot of things that they know, intellectually, are not really all that great do them does makes us feel good This way, we know how to feel good. So all of it, in our nervous system throughout our lifetimes have developed strategies on how to get the pain and given the pleasure, not one of those Ways in the past has been through. The use of food has been a great way to get out of pain and in a pleasure you giving us that reward at times when you want to change your state, something about Putting food in your stomach alone. Changes the blood flowed change. The way you breathe instantly changes your physiology, sensations. You begin experience in your life. Going to succeed just by
I'd say, ok, we're just gonna start using willpower, we're gonna, put you on X Y, see diet and everything is going to turn around. To be much more than we can realise that you ve, created a neurological set of connections in your body, meaning your brain of loan to link this pattern? This habit with a way of meeting, some of the most important insatiable you could possibly experience in your life. Why does anyone to pay? So if we're gonna created it's gonna, last we ve gotta. Take you through a system is gonna help you to interrupt that patent. That is free Your self, in that connection is literally happening in your brain is real. It is physical than it leaves this thing called over eating or again eating food that don't support you step number. Is decide. What do you really want and what forbidding mapping it. The symbols, the sounds most people when you ask them. What do you want? Your life? They tell you what they don't want. Tell you whatever you focus on you move towards it,
cancelling focusing on what you don't want, you can sleep think about what you don't want. You get more of it, you don't think of become color, blue dont. Think gotta gullible, maybe you do don't gotta gullible, nobody's gonna blow. What happens? Geller Blue. Think about it. If you have emotions about blow, you feel it whatever you talk about whatever. Think about what have you focus on you're gonna move towards I won't tell you something: I'm a strong believer repetition is the mother of skill metabolism! lots of people know what to do what they want. Would they know that here something enough times? Have you seen enough times more clearly remember, maybe use it. That's a critical distinction, nothing this problem. But if you do a consistently you'll get results, if, like the law, sewing reaping, if you so you re, except when Winter come so intensely do soon that traditional got here, I am, I plan to Why do we have to do it? I sold Marian rape or you know If a long term plan from from heights so consistently your red consistently they'll be a few minor exceptions. Boil a matter as this
If you say well one time I focused on all the good, but it still turned up bad. Use that as an excuse not to focus on the good. Now you're gonna consistently focus on a good, and if you focus on what want you're gonna to because all of your resources, all its incited, you can help you achieve. It only shows up when you focus upon it, so western is what do you really want What you really want is to be able enjoy yourself right now, what's preventing them from happening. When you look in the mirror. You know like what you see or you know what you feel you gonna decide that what you want is not just to lose weight again. Nobody wants to lose anything. What do you want? you wanna, be vital. You wanna be free, you want to be strong, you all near, and you want to smile broadly you and have cried when you with your spouse or boyfriend girlfriend you want to feel like, while I'm proud of William physically, just as I am spiritually and emotionally in every other area, my life, but you must, therefore,
your target areas, and it's gotta be something that's compelling to you. It's gotta go beyond the mere idea where I'm gonna lose ten pounds. That's lagoons anybody? You must create a compelling few. You must create a clear focus as to what you do want what you don't want them from preventing from happening, obviously, what's preventing it has in the past year strategy for trying to make this change has choir due to pay. Star of how to give certain things up. You didn't have a new choice today. My email, your mind begin to start thinking about what do you really want? Don't just. I won't lose ten pounds in a positive frame of reference. What do you want? What do you want specifically? What do you want to come? it's? What you want to achieve? What we want to create in your life that inspire you step to it. You ve got to get leverage on yourself, lotta people I have decided that they want to make a change within a false rule, or there follows real ass a day or a week. I know about you, but I used to have these deals right, say: ok, I'm going to go faster,
next ten days and how nothing but water? How many why that's what I'm gonna do If I lose all those wait, I'll get it done once and for all taken draw my life and I am every bit of intention. I was very clear my goal, but you know What about noon and the first day I started myself, justice, so bad. I mean just pretty good for you about one I'm goin fruits really good fortune in about two o clock. I'm thinking to myself a salad now sound as vegetables, that animals are really good and about four God. I began a burger rise ain't, so bad bottom line issues. We need to be able to stick to something ones we decide on and that's the powers that number do we ve gotta get Virgil ourselves. Why brain says to violate the standard we set for ourselves, the violator plan D too much pain way we're pain and what we might be experiencing temporarily, because we're focusing on food that we think we might want to have. We also have the link that man climate change eagles hands pleasure government? What
vitality and energy passion feels like when you just heard is an excerpt from body. You deserve a tender, we lost programme that has nothing to do with it ex calorie counting or exercise programmes. It's a program that teaches you how to take control of your own psychology. You can stop unhealthy habits where they start your mind to learn more download the Tonia of its breakthrough on the app store or Google play where you can find body. You deserve
and other tunisians products that will help you achieve lasting change in your life up. Next we have doktor dean, Orange renowned, doctor and researcher who founded the preventative Medicine Research Institute and he's also clinical, professor of medicine at the University of California. In San Francisco, you may have seen doktor ornate on tv as a guest on oh Brower, Ellen as he shares everyday diet and lifestyle changes to be healthier and to treat and prevent disease is also the medical editor of the having to post and irregular contributors. News we agreed restage asked among others, doctor or nurse was also a consultant to former President Bill Clinton and was appointed by President Obama to be on the White House Advisory Group for health. Here he is with some of his ideas on how you can improve your diet and make drastic change in both your body and your mind by making simple changes that anyone can do beneficial is incredibly powerful hurrying on the Jews and protect you turning off the Jews harmful
education is this. The practice of focusing you're mine into one area can be a sound. A phrase It can be secular, could be religious, doesn't really matter, but when you can, focus for energy. You gain more power. You know the fine glass can focus the sun's rays and could burn through a piece of paper and a laser issues here. Why light all the way forms her urging and staff- and you can burn through steel bouncing off the moon is light. But your mind is just a form of energy is well and your mind, extra body, and when you can focus your mind, it has a more powerful fact on your body for better or for worse Unfortunately, most of the time, people have the greatest focus when their angrier afraid and so they're they're mine is focus, but it has a negative effect on their body. Their blood pressure goes up their arteries concerning their blood clots faster than most. Stands up and so on, but in addition, attaining on something that is much more neutral or peaceful. The sounds of meditation all tend to sound, like the words
peace in so many cultures sounds very much the same, whether its shallow more owe more solid, more I mean or a man or even the word one. These words and with an hour an hour. They end with an amber and in May because your mind in a very peaceful way. You know parents, when you come to your kids same kind of intuitive understanding and so you can meditate, even for a few minutes a day, be quiet it's down your mind and body. It focuses your awareness and so you can perform. Whether it in school, whether it's in the boardroom, whether its and sports arena, when you can focus better you performed better in meditation, help focus, better, an elite, oh class level in has to the number of world class athletes. The differences in physical abilities are fairly trivial. It's really a mental game at that level and that's why A world class athletes are using meditation and imagery because it can, actually give them a competitive advantage. We then look
type, two diabetes. It turns out that more than half of Americans are gonna, be diabetic or pre diabetic in the neck, six or seven years, at a cost of what United. Here estimated to be over three trillion dollars? I mean it's crazy. Now it turns out there why such changes are actually better than drugs and preventing type two diabetes. There was a the chimerical the navigator study and they looked at what happens if you lower Would diabetes blood sugar for using different drugs and they got them sugar down with the drugs thinking that would prevent the complications, but it didn't it actually increase them. And so the editorial that accompany the papers have. Maybe we should focus on lifestyle changes, because that really prevents it now had the of type, two diabetes. We are truly awful anyone which would be truly awful, but an aggregate are really awful heart. Disease blindness, amputations, Kenny Damage, liver failure, impotence really awful saw, but it turns Now that if you can get someone's blood sugar down through diet and lifestyle alone, you can bring
and every one of these complications. Mugabe. One c is Thirdly, a blood test. The measures, your average blood sugar over the last two or three months in it, that down below seven, you can prevent all of these complications, if what we learned is that there is no. Point and giving up something that you enjoy. Unless you get something back, that's better and that's it We find as well that people say. Oh when I do this, I feel good. But to do that, I don't feel so good, so maybe other more this unless and that they can lily next, the dancer to what they do and how they feel, and so then it refrains the reason for changing from fear of dying, which is not sustainable, the joy of living, which is, as these underline biological mechanisms, are so dynamic. Mostly we feel so much better so quickly? It makes it sustainable, not to live longer, although you probably will but to feel when you eat healthier when you manage ass, when you exercise when you love me,
your brain is one blind more oxygen. You think more clearly have where energy needlessly. What's really cool is that there is an emerging field, ensigns call Nero plasticity or narrow genesis. And what it means is that your brain can grow. So many new brain neurons when you begin to live, and he more helpfully it's a break. Actually get measurably bigger in just a few more and then amazing, ended she gets bigger in the areas that you wanted to get bigger in your hip, a camp the party or brain the controls memory for example, just walking for a half hour a day or three hours a week costs so many new brain cells to grow the people's brains got bigger. You know this is published until the leading most prestigious neuroscience colonels and is population ages, more and more people are getting concerned about how healthy their brains are. You know people start to forget like where did I leave my keys and what was that his name, you know well, it turns out there that can be preventable and maybe even reversible. Just eating a lot of vegetables
can reduce the likelihood of cognitive declined by thirty eight percent. Imagine if we could take a pill there. Keep your brain sharp. In this way everybody be taking a bit again associating vegetables taking terms Coaches and indian spies can reduce them information that can help prevent. Timers as well some of my favorite. This can actually increase nor a genesis tee and chocolate blueberries. Your brain grow more brain neurons in our. So it's not just what you from you die, but also what you include the makes a beneficial, whereas what Spain for your heart, is bad for your brain, saturated fats in sugar and nicotine d Greece, Neuro Genesis believe in it. I cannot found a marijuana Chris Genesis does the messenger her sets out increases, narrow genesis and just a matter of weeks again the prime determined improvement, wasn't how old people were or how sick they were. It was simply a
function of how much they change alive. So the more they change, the more they improves, which is again a very powerful message to give people at any age, and so came up with this idea. Call the spectrum- and this fact It is based on this. Finding the more you change, the better you get and the more you change the better you feel and the better you feel the more likely Arta want to keep doing it if you go on a diet chances. Are you go off a diet. Diets are all about what you can't have in which you must do it. No one here author die people have those toxic emotions, shame and guilt in anger and humiliation, which really are bad for you, and once you call foods good or bad, it's a very small septa, saying I'm a bad person cuz I ate bad food and you know might as well just finished the burger at that point gets This whole shame and guilt and moralists itself, and so I shall not what matters most is your overall way of eating a movie instead of saying I'm on a diet which means you're getting off today and have others toxic feelings to say, look I'm gonna move in a healthy direction, what matters most is my overall way of eating living
A few indulge yourself. One day doesn't mean you got off the diet. Are you failed or you cheated, or your badges he'd healthier than s found exercise. One day in a little more than x, you get the idea, and so it's compassionate approach, because you can't fail, there's no died to get on, there's no died to get off, and so categorize foods from the most helpful, when I called group want to release helpful grid five and one of the most advanced maize foods revive them. No suspects red meat and fried foods and lots of sugar and things like that and groups to before the middle. So I say to them: ok, Where are you on the food spectrum must start with that, well, they might say I'm eating mostly healthy group, foreign five foot, so instead of us telling them what they should be doing you. The pearls and tell me how much you want to change and how quickly and how many things you're willing to change will support that of chains and then, if that's enough greater Now you can do more. So let's say you wanted to get your cholesterol down,
two points are needed: most sacred foreign, five at several. How much are you willing to change? Well, I'm not ready to go all the way to be a legal or plant based. I, but all you less four and five and more the healthier groups, one through three great, exercise you doing now much? How much are you willing to do well I'll, walk, twenty or thirty minutes ago gray? How much yogi meditation doing? Well, I'm not how much you ought to do. Well, I don't know meditate ten minutes a day and also More time with my friends, family love. That's a great! So we'll Tracker Edison S! let's say a month, they wanted to get their cluster around fifty points it. It came down. Thirty say: look you're moving, I direction now discover but father you'll get the rest of the way the same It's true, so it's a very compassion and very effective way of changing lifestyle because he can't fail. I thought it. You were talking about what I think is an optimal way of Eden. Anna goes something like this there really, the convergence of what most thoughtful people think as a healthy way to eat? Twenty, mostly plants
fruits, vegetables, whole grain legumes in their natural unrefined forms. Are they help, This weighty low in the disease causing substances and they have literally hundreds of thousands of protected substances, followed chemicals flavour, Lloyd's, Crock Lloyd's rat knows I survive on Genesee like it being on and on it had a cancer and heart disease and any age and properties that comes from a plan, Michael Pablo likes to say even if it's made an implant avoided. Let me try to use it as flavouring, rather than as a centre of the play kind of thing you want to try. It also reduce the intake of sugar and there's been a lot of talk lately about how toxic sugar can be in its true sugar and refined carbs, but it's all talk about it, Not the whole story is just part of the story, but it's an important part of the story and also you want to try to consume foregrounds a day of fish or flaccid oil. My mentor when I was at Harvard was a man named Alexander Leaf and he was the chair of medicine became the first share preventive medicine. This was his pioneering work.
In particular. If you have a little kid by giving M fish. Oil would taken official yourself when you're are growing the baby or putting in your formula if you're not breastfeeding what she should or just making yourself you'll end up in your breast milk, you can raise your babies iq from seven to ten point, since from that alone, it's amazing you can reduce the incidence of sudden cardiac death by up to eighty percent. You can read, the incidence of prostate in breast cancer, it so that's it. Porn thing to do, and if you they have organic. Organic is better, it doesn't have. The insecticides which were learning now are often the disruptors they can really wreak havoc with your hormones. I'd love to be able to tell you the butter and said can meet and war crimes and bacon and sausage or health foods, but they're not doesn't mean you should never either images. Don't kid yourself! Now the missions in our Americans of untold e, less fat fatter than ever so that's not a problem you know, it's all shudder. Well, it turns out, I was able to dig out from the U S apart of agriculture database,
is that a really a true statement? It turns out it's not bad and fat. Americans are not eating less faster eating more fat than ever from nineteen. Fifty on every decade, there's been a steady increase in the number of nominal amount of fat calories amount of sugar and the amount of meat and read me so is Surprisingly, Americans are fatter than ever. Ask us calories. If he were found a few more sugar anymore me, you're, gonna gain weight is as simple as that, and we know that over the last fifty years. Seers Americans are exercising a lot less as well the relevant. It is unjust. Disease or diabetes, is loneliness and depression in isolation, and the unmet need in our culture is the need for connection community, it can have learned to lie. Just keep ourselves protected. Keeping that wall on most of the time but if you trust somebody, you can really open up, you can if you sell vulnerable you can do that you can really be have a deep connection with them until the degree you can do that its powerfully healing then also
exit sustainable when you have those kinds of connection, if it feels good at sustainable, if it's funny, you feel free at sustainable. If it's me, before it sustainable and if you feel a sense of love and support that makes it sustainable it's not just how long we live it's! How well we were that's. What makes these things worth doing, as I mentioned before, the quality of our lives goes up so much If anything brings us together, even though healing his countrymen route to make hall and yoga to yoke to unite together. These are very old ideas. I'll just hardly call this the perennial philosophy that you find in all the spiritual traditions and religions. Once you get past the rituals that people, I'd, kill each other over altruism, forgive compassion and love, why are they so prominent all these different religions and the answer is because that's what heels that sense of separation suffering can be a powerful doorway and catalyst for transformation for transforming our lives, because just hard, but it
hurting enough in someone can be gets you without moment and say you know, you don't have to heard so much and here's what you can do. I've heard people say to me things like on many occasions. You know, having a heart attack was the best thing that ever happened to me or being diagnosed with cancer was abbess endeavour. How do you know what are you nuts and say no, That's what I got my attention to begin making these changes in my lifestyle that have transformed into such a degree in so many wonderful ways that out How do we never would have experienced by had gone said now, of course, better to not have to wait to your second, you dont have to changes much and then you know we're coming at this from different perspectives, but with this this from different perspectives, but with the same idea we can use the experience of suffering as a doorway for transforming realised with about tackling Cornish is a regular speaker
Tony robins life and wealth mastery programme set in an all inspiring tropical paradise. This event is designed to help you improve health and vitality, reestablish your inner balance and master finances to to learn more visit, W W W Dot, tourney robins dot com, slash events. Have you ever wondered? How does Tony do it here? plain every three days, travelling to events around the world and he's on stage four. Eight, an even more hours at a time if you ve ever been to one of his events. You know
the sheer amount of energy that he brings to the audience is unparalleled in fact, Tony burns. Nine thousand five hundred calories a day which is the same as to marathons, and he jumps over a thousand times on stage the equivalent of two and be a games. So how is it that honey is able to achieve Pieper Foremans, even as he's getting to the life stage that most people start to slow down and still have the energy to run a dozen companies be present with his loved ones and contribute substantial time and energy to the causes? He cares most about you're about to hear from Tony's personal trainer Billy back who travels the world with him. Billy is one of the world's most elite trainers and has even been elected to the fitness hall
same bilious, interviewed by Mary Bucket Tony's right arm and creative partner billion very be have accompany Etonian sage Robins on the road around the world, seven years supporting them as they travel to events sharing strategies for lasting change with hundreds of thousands of people in over a dozen countries each year, here's Marian Billy. You are, of course don't use personal trainer, so you keep the big guy healthy and in top shape, and I wish I could help people understand what you really do, because tiny robins personal trainer is impressive, but it still does even really do it. Justice everything that he does with his big body pretty much goes through Billy back first, so we are also very grateful to Billy and twenty would be first person to tell you guys this funny really couldn't do. He does without Billy's help here also say just trainer and your mind too, and I tell our listeners that up front, because I just want to
you the sense that while Billy is well known for training, hooking special and like the rock and Vladimir Click and Mister America. The Antonio Robins he's not just about big beef bill. You are also incredibly skilled and you're able to train with precision all kinds of body types, all kinds of humans across the board, and if you have been to an event, you know it's not unusual for turning to be on state for like twelve hours at a time, because Billy it takes care of Tony before during and after the event? No one knows the ins and outs of Tony and how he does it. Like Billy does one topic this guy? These days is the morning routine, oh yeah, that's everything! Everything priming him to get his body God, because as much as he's like super, women, and his mindset is always on point. Any always has his purpose Stick to his soul. Tell us a little bit about what you do a tiny for his morning,
team and you yourself do some people get a sense of not just like the tony Robins model. Not be for everyone by even you Billy back. What do you do? What keeps you and keep performance? So when I wake up, I was wake up in a prey were specific way. I do it I do some breath work to get my work ass, star lesson intention when I worked out and when mention is it, like. I wanna, be wrapped in six pack and stuff like that. It's always the side of things. It is your main purpose for training, eventually you'll stop doing, they won't have meaning to at some point. Sometimes people get married and if you're trying to attract a mate And then you get married, you like me to do it so much heed our guy S. People drop off. They gain some weight and staff has. That is in a brutal purpose. You have a really big purpose for doing things and my purposes Tappan myself, so I can be my best for my family, my friends fur tone for you first age and for all the people,
then no one I bumped into their day, because if I'm off no one tree, someone poorly and that's the reason like we say to live in a beautiful state, but that thing you have to train must be exercised I have to exercise and the difference psychologically between a child and a dog is your language and went away. So a Charles. If I have to do this, I lucky was top up, with exercise. Is you have to do this and if I don't you're fat or if I dont know what don't you what I want to eat? Europe set himself up for failure there, but when you hey. I choose to do this because I wanted because this is who I am- and I looked at nothing less than my best and are moving the life of regret. My look back in this day and when look back and we like everything I got, that's really what I think successes and then with tone everything structures, pick up the big guy right away. I have is nutrients, so we use lad, testing and muscle testing as a double check
What goes into his morning, drink ethical and real support. Mitochondrial support cocktail, you call it in that varies. What's in it, in we would use appear met machine. And a laser machine near infra red light laser. That's like phase one and then I'm working on his body on balancing his muscles. At the same time we made using applied, can see our genes that you got that for simple, unlike pushing on him so to see their walkin in or not do not lacking in I'll. Do something mentally to give him the lock in all change the tension in the muscle or the joint. Compressed will decompress the joy zeal very these things were doing in there will do a doctor tenets device. He has his device with a wand on it that reset the body. So we that and then will continue. Do other body were to make sure all the muscles are fired. Then wool, each food, so everything restructuring what we Davidson event will probably have
with blue berries in it. In some my walnuts, what will do after that is what you. Some aghast you stuff to further on the body and gets make going we made. Also the Ribeiro limit and then we'll do prior and then he said Our comes out. Rhapsode will give some nutria cocktail before he goes on stage at the curtain through the car. But I love that everybody who is listening, even if you don't have a Billy back at home, Poland on your limbs and balance in your body. If wake up, he can do you're aghast you exercise Send you remind me, no one blueberries of support. I dont want to oversimplify simplified either time does use a lot of cutting edge realities things that you hope athletes top people have access to tony researchers. It puts you on an EU research. You guys get access and find inroads into like the best of the best. In every and in training and all written
and the spinal it the enemy to has been hot. This year Hey that's come into my awareness, I'm sure you ve known about a forever. Is this idea voltage? Oh yeah doktor, Jerry Tenant s days, brilliant is the best doctor. I've ever met no met over a thousand doctors. You I always thought this. Maybe in eighth grade learning about the human body and say it like a case there's electrical impulse, this Jerry and brain goes down. The spinal cord goes out every nerve, it, the inner reads, every sound your body, a sound like that electrical impulses, important and no one ever talks about it. And then, It was like two thousand doesn't one. I saw an article from Doktor Jerry Tenant, unlike one it makes a lot of said, he developed the system, we use allied there's foods. Early high voltage foods, and if you were to really make a really simple principle that works is foods close. To natural source would have more voltage in them then foods that are not so foods that are process like
our big cheetahs exactly why not the pic on she does their delicious delay. But if you, what energy, and she does is not going to help you, but you have a apple. That's gonna He could she inadequate people a pick on like animal proteins right now. You don't want proteins from a sick animal, As you know, many plants better sit plants like pass everybody chemical. On a bright rates. Are you wanna always choose organic foods, not because they are more news, because I don't have more new dreams, if you look at the studies, a carrot, that's conventionally raised with pesticide does not have less vitamin a in it then, and organic care they're the same the differences there's, not a stress of removing the pesticides, your body that stress or to your body you gonna blow, There's one high voltage adult drain, your by dont cream energy, wig trained hundreds of athletes and their whole life? Is that MRS Tony's, all like everything specific for that. But if you
all these bio hacking devices that come out the red light there be friends That is an expensive machine. If you would simplify what does a lot of research on absolute effective, but it does to things it still. What's the matter conjuror to make more ATP at an ATP ideas try philosophy is energy, that salvage yeah voltage exactly. That's what you want, and so it does that right there it does. Is it low level might Strasser in there is called whore. Missus, Greenow yeah badge dressing, stress right, he's got you stress yet and basically don't do anything you waste away, you don't use it, you lose it so that red light or action we stressed the body a little bit stressed. The cells will be to make them stronger, which is good, we can apparent going you're. No people need to get this red loathing in what else does that, but even better access
Let him exercise back. The thing is: if you exercise for the purpose of, I need to lose weight there, I'll, be happy or then, where the beginning or then I'll go. The porn take my shirt off the whole thing is you will not can you train that way? You have to have a greater purpose and their purposes cap and do your eyes up living a beautiful state. An use exercise and then you need a long term vision because they create lasting change. Long term vision is, I was blessed eggs. I got lucky. I was twelve years old and ours giant evil grocery store if you're in Pittsburgh, you know what that is. I open up the back a muscle, fitness there's gunning, Sean Raina caressed, the remembered mad elbow back, nay, said: Babo Montague, seven years. This all dude. Seventy eight tat right, You know that was a thing like that can happen in there
that's my think. So I had a compelling jagged or what it was like it wasn't about like an you get shape for the summer I needed to shape. My way is like a this is, who are gonna become now I'm gonna do cause. I want to feel good that there will be my best today. I want to be served Now I'm gonna do cause. I want if you'll get it, I will do my best to day I wanna be serve at the highest level. That would have a life of no regret, and then that starts to add up one day at a time, one day, a time time and then your eighty nine hundred you're still acting kicking, Loving life you're not in pain all the time, and so that's really important. I love you talked about that. Also because think about personal trainers and the traditional culture of fitness everybody's promising that these nets, Ten pounds are gonna, make the difference in your whole life or their working out the fit in Paris. Any genes or whatever it may be, an like what I work, with Billy. He all save me before every work out for my favorite thing
Never learn from you! Belly is you're like ok, like what's your intention for this work out and you make it really clear that its or this purpose other than just looking good looking fresh it goes beyond then, I'm so glad you talked about that too, because people look at Tony anything. But he has such incredibly high standards any does he has impossibly high standards, but we don't leave by this perfectionism. You can't do that. Can you tell us that working on paleo, it's true Mary, because a nice at each that out upon the ass about everything to be perfect, resides where I re and then what happens if the people their teaching this they have beliefs, If I don't have a six back or vital didn't beginning, There are not enough, and this is what tone teaches them. P w right the two years, every human, as is that not enough, never mind if I won't be love and then dna we were designed to live in a tribe were designed to blow to connect with people, and if we don't Philip, were worthy that trigger something in his treasures,
fear, but the way most people exercises like hey, I need to lose my stomach. Then be enough, and then I can be loved. So traditional way of fitness and exercise its in greening a deeper patter, deeper rooted, limiting believe that you're not enough to achieve it. Then you gotta first believe that is possible and you gotta be able to feel what it's like two already be there and you have to know it's possible to his. I could tell you every human we'll make up these stories. Like it's my genetics, it's mine fire. Would it's my age frayed blaming something outside? I can find a person as all those challenges that have overcome. I can tell you and there's always a waiver committed, but I never meant when the can't lose their inner. Many when it came to a muscle in their studies, people in the seventies and eighties gaining if in Moscow at the same rate as people there to unease is not one study, does multiple studies and so It's always these stores we tell ourselves, but the news,
on the new way to think it's gotta be like hey, I'm here serve. I'm already enough, I was put here, were all put here, viable heartbeat. I am worthy and I'm here to reinforce that remind myself every day, because society and tell us, in the media in marketers, are we try and you are not enough and that you gotta have this thing if you want to be happy, it's always is, if anything. Well, that's true That's how you suffer in that's gonna, be the focus of training the side effect as you get. You get all those things, but you don't have to be perfect. I thought your. Why right exactly can't be your, why I love it. Thank you for breaking that down. In addition to limiting, believes in blaming things outside themselves and point into their genetic. Sir, come up with a myriad of excuses, even US achievers, if you listening in achiever, so why do we all have perfect health and lives of energy? What's missing? What's the universally holding people back at that time a year, let's go
are you guys? I observed for so many years by people get motivated, that's great going. You tube. Listen to some Tony you like you're, no easy, some information he's gonna Grammy's the really for people like I'm gonna tell my year as it, and then they go from the couch not doing anything to like pours thou work out, and there is a principle: it's called GPS, gradual, progressive overload and people dont know. Where to start its not inspiring where you start, you start where you're at the inadequate, but more so are you. Gonna do to get results is limit more than your custom to and he goes in that direction. So there's a story of Milo of Crete on and Milo is a greek story. A greek lead in my own he was a boy was given a baby boy in every day. Walk out. His Logan tickets, bull, hugging, pick it up and then ass. He grew up in a bull girls
a bigger and bigger. By time he was indulge in the ball was fully grown. He was able to pick up a bull, but no one came out than ever picked up a bull and picked up a full grown boys. He ground. Increased. So that's the story of my loan. If you always remember that, that's where the body needs to start, so if you're not doing anything, you got to do something very simple: besides. There is cardiovascular condition in that's challenging your heart and lungs. There is resistance or strength training which is challenging. Their condition in that's challenging your heart and lungs. There's resist then Sir strength training, which is challenging your muscles, mainly in yours a and then there's mobility and structural balance? And that's important do so? You would prevent injuries. You don't wanna get to stiffer anything from that, but the balance of this three, if any three those are missing, your results are gonna limited a best every three years, I ll give an example. I see like your goal. Is energy people talk about this return till you take some pill like take this because you can sell it.
Allow those things are a lot of money but knows telling you as this is really simple. This is just physiology. One or one muscle is, physical location in the body were fat is burnt in The muzzle of the actual furnace, that is a major conjuror is where you produce. Atp aid p, is energy is willing to try, and so the more So you have the more boy. Did you have in your body higher. They boarded the stronger. You're a function now, your goal of your body is was one thing it survival. It doesn't care what you look like self. A protein heavens expects not a priority. The body it's like. Oh, you mean systems, though all right, you could get sick. We need to work on that, It's never lets work on your biceps, your immune system. Your voltage has to be high and when its high, then you can add muscle. Then you can burn fat, but what's happening with love. People is there,
doing resistance trace. If you don't do resisted training, you're gonna lose muscle at some point, be just die in the challenger muscles. You lose muscle. So you now you have less about it. Your less mitochondria, when you afraid you build muscle when you do cardio vast, dishing. This challenging you build more mitochondria within that muscle, more factories just about that, but to produce eighty p and there is no appeal. There's no supplement that does that, like that, someone took steroids your bill muscle without training like people always achieved retook steroids and, unlike I, you should watch on the train and eat they bar committed there. What were great, but that's really importance of people come out. Do too much younger than wait. A simple programme could be, I create some company They challenge we confer people to their payment. I think it's great place to start an appetite for everyone and you gotta start somewhere Ray. I used to think that
had to say in the dream for hours, and now we train it's like twenty minutes, here's the thing! So you know when you train professor. It's that becomes the model is everyone was a train professional athletes. Now people are not professional athletes. Profoundly train hang out it massages later now, if you're in achiever, you are using your brain alot, that's it! there's a mental stress level, and so what you want to do. If you train for an hour, at the end of that work out intensely for an hour, you're testosterone, it. Your quarters levels will be high and some things are going to foot for that, but what's important like, why would you take that point you're only as good as what your body can recover from so at twenty minutes worth MS and work out the window of intense training? stock levels are high court, is a levels or low. That's the best ratio from that, when you're done, you feel really good you're in a peak state crushed the rest the day? Now, if you go to the point where I take a pressure when they don't feel great the resident
the questions raised by the whole point of trains to improve every other area or light. So why would you go to the police, will you know grouchy or your hungrier, your sword you don't feel good and then your treating your spouse poorly treat your kids boy, junior coworkers boy, you're alive. Led your organization or whatever you do so training of not athlete is different in training, a professional it's why? Maybe you train Tony a little differently than you train sage, and I forgot robins just walk in the room. I everyone. First of all, I just want to start by saying these are two of my dearest, most beloved friends on the planet, Billy back and Mary B. I thought I'd just jump in and share my own experience. Over the last year, I had some health challenges and I had to take a look at myself into an Indian. Of what I wasn't doing,
had premeditation down. Pat, I really didn't have an exercise structure by my. Done things spontaneously at times, but I had no consistency and Billy, broad training to life for me and you made it and you know I life- is really big in it having a many different time zones and so forth, and my story at that time was: I couldn't fit a consistent work schedule in and Billy came up with this system called micro records. With so amazing and to working out like you know, I felt I didn't have time. My commitment was Billy every cent, you want to work at all. I say yes, and so after this past year of saying yes he's completely, revolutionized my body and I can't believe the strength that I'm gaining my baby muscles are not quite there yet, but would so beautiful is just to his insight and brilliance and his while just having a structure that I was able to adapt and fit into my world. I've had consistency in with it system scene. I used to cover the Jim and, to my mind, everything
I have to go work out now. I look forward to a cause. It's about my own! Well, being it's about revitalizing, my house, I mean The younger women and I used always want to exercise and I'd, be trying to lose five or ten pounds, but it was an outside game at that time and at this stage it there's no relevance to that. It's all just about you know me being the best self that I can be and Billy back? Thank you I would never be. I am today without him and anyways. I just wanna, do pop in and say hello and share my quick testimony because it so dear to me- and besides I have the privilege to travel the world with these two. And there I chosen family in my most beloved friend some anyway thank you and I hope you guys you join us and God bless Seed Robin ladies and gentlemen, maybe baby biceps, though, is like a black sea synergy. Ok, Billy, there's a lot of misperceptions and things that people are still believe in that site that's not really true anymore. What other
when you say like myths that people are still living by and you like the past for us today. The Gaza told me here. I think it would be really important talk about no pain, no gain. Most people watch rocky for uneasy switched on running up the mountain and the snow with a log on his back and your leg. The train in its way too much from so the goal is to challenge the body. That for you, don't challenges, it won't change, but you want stimulated gnawed inoculated, so you gotta knowing tat. So if you I'm They you just got do a little bit and gradual progress from that in Work has to be challenging. There's a Ackerman. I thought you this the boss principle, I like how do you know if you work out working so Bosley Beale as as the first thing is the bay? These things are happening, that that means buys being challenged to point so be stands for so, if you are building up that burden sensation, something good tapping producing more nitric oxide, sudden
Bartley? Will change in good things, Walker, can a mixture healthier to and then the o is out of breath for out of breath. You're challenging your luck. It's a good thing. If you're a little winded exactly you should be. You should be a point. We will evolve anything when half of what they were power too, breathing and then ass would be the sweat serve you're sweating. That means challenger by point, reflects enough muscles that muscles are contracting by product. Is here and there the court by don't you start to sweat and then the less struggle. He got a struggle little bit. If you d, like nine ten minutes, it was easy. Breezy help nothing's happening what else? How about a few simple taps that people can implement right now, when I worked with play like I, duly lapped has everything you know what I'm trying to rule out his trial and error in some time ago. Various this because they see results as quickly as possible and to give them certainly right but say didn't have any of that stuff and ceiling, all that stuff there's something
you just know work. So there is a core principles that work for every human being here in the species of harpy. This works. The first thing is a drink of water and you drink and things with calories. Animal protein, Jake's pry, not a good choice. You drink after body weight and ounces of water per day, so to our pamper, we drink a hundred out of the wire today which for international people, it's about three leaders and outward the goal, and ideally just like our with water. Again, then everybody could do that everyone over complicates the so right. You want clean water. You don't you like this. Crazy, hawaiian system. Like that's. Why? If you want it, I know what is but the same like just keep it really simple drink, whether what about it- We want to bring about real, get clean water, water, their drinking water. Next step is super simple people who, like the perfect, I eat food
Access to the natural source to eat whole foods avoid processed foods, got it it's very simple and I'll get example that grapes- and you ask this question- is your task? You don't you like a list of food just like other food up like you have grapes is as where does it come from an invitation, with five seconds the figure it out where, if you read the label, it's not a good choice and then from that you want to create a routine in the routine like. How can you automated, if you look at the research on willpower, self control and decision making from We bow moister forty State University and what he said was, if you looked at high performers, low performers. What was the difference? Blood sugar, was actually blood sugar regulation and the amount decisions you make. So if your buddy Let us drop! You have you make terrible decision. I don't need forty years of research to know that I think we ve all been there. A little hungry carry his eyes coming out now a big thing! Nothing they found was you only have so many decisions. You can make a day before self control.
They found, was you only have so many decision, You can make a day before self Control goes down at a football coach says nothing good, happens after eleven p M, and so we had a curfew. It is true I think about all the regrets people have in their life, so what I usually do as I have ok we're gonna eat within a twelve hour period. Someone, a few or body and a twelve hour appear we're going too fast for a twelve hour appear, so our digestion can occur and so our body can repaired rebuilt during the twelve hour period of viewing you're gonna have this luncheon dinner in one snack? the way I do is I train the morning. I have my protein shake and then I put blueberries in broccoli sprouts in it brought. These browser, like a super super, feel better about issues credible at the way she does your presentations on brought sprouts browsers, for I saw her presentation and it was not funded I got headache two weeks, then she summarize it like a forty. Five million was knocked out a box of. If you know any Brok sprouts watch a video and then you'll want to like
my airs, thank you owners, but forget the registered a good deal of you're gonna have to answer a good chance of it. This is your view. A bonus points, so you're gonna be a better place Did my shake firstly in more unjust because everyone knew Hence in it I want to make sure I get those things and then about three hours later I have on my breakfast, which would be real food and then a free for our later. I have my next meal that requires Manette Milburn I've done eating I may have Sheikh at nine- a m, I'm done even by nine p m. And some of our twelve, and what that does does galloping inner minute fast. If you like, the research with weight loss, interment faster There was a really interesting day. One year study done, it was published in June. Of international society, sports nutrition They found was they had. I guess I'll give you a hypothetical numbers, but they had the same amount. Food say to them, and calories at any time today or within an eight hour window. I believe it was and
It is for a year and that in the year and seeing results so much more important than the old no amount of food to or what time a day we right now that's a trend, and I think there's a behavioral aspect to it. I think there's value and having some rules and automated and start the twelve hours and then seeing how that goes to say this is when I what happened? Is people eat reactive? you on gradually but most a time when we eat where, Actually physically Hungary were Surely hungry, and so we want to produce little dopamine or something like that, and so we challenge them over the train to eat some. Modules are moving watch television, it's over establishing these decisions? make a like. This is what I this is how I- and this is what I and then just
they can buy that when it does, it carries overt things. When you make decision, you make a promise to yourself and you keep it. You start to expand your beliefs about the type of person you are, but when you make a promised yourself any don't keep it your subconscious mines first to think. Well of you and really a little piece of you dies every time, you say hand gonna, do it, you don't do it. That's a serious thing, yourself, not seriously any promise comes from your word. You speak! That's what integrity is in. By maintaining yourself, not with other people. Cares by the people were really mean way, but like your promising yourself, this thing, but I do it that keep your guy. Just don't just talk to me. People just say things, but they don't mean it. You gotta keep up. I'm sorry to herself what about Billy, if someone's like ready to commit their like. Ok, I've made this vision. I'm ready to commit to this. Give our listeners here a challenge, something they can be the best version themselves there ready to do at their committed. What are they doing? You got
I love it. I created loathing called a seven day challenge for people to start is just the poor habits of developing the rituals These are things you need to do. Every human needs a do if they want to have a lot of energy by tally. They wanna be lean and feel good, and this work for everyone, and then I create another program. I train the rock for a long time and it was ass before his programme and I'll make you will die if you do his programme even with aim. So I made a programme for beginners. That will take you to beginner to intermediary may be an advanced if you push yourself, but its progressive overload ratio starving. The simple and gradually increase year, boy, human workload of repeated twelve weeks, and it's free perfect. Thank you. I love that. So do a seven day. Challenge from Billy will put it up on our website. Anybody can do it and I thank you for joining us.
Under an agreement that was Billy back a merry buckeye talking about how Tony Robin stays in peak physical health to take a closer look at some of the resources they refer to during this interview go to W W W Doc, Tony robins dot com, Slash Billy back the tenor of this package is directive the robins and produced by the twenty Robins editorial team, with audio editing and sound designed by Germans, copyright, Robins research, International
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