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Mike Tyson’s road to a second chance | The polarizing highs and lows of one of the most thrilling, controversial and celebrated boxers of all time

2019-07-26 | 🔗

Mike Tyson is a household name – you might know him as the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in the world, or maybe by his cameo in the movie The Hangover. One thing persists above these anecdotes, though: Mike Tyson is a fighter in life – and he’s a fighter for love. 

Having experienced extreme highs and lows over the course of a long and storied career, Mike has learned to take responsibility for his lows, and use them to learn, grow, and pivot to something new. His attitude toward growth and his deeply felt gratitude for all the gifts of his life have led him to THRIVE in the face of unthinkable adversity (and, at times, in the aftermath of his own disastrous decision-making). 

But how? How does the once self-proclaimed “baddest man on the planet” transform into the Mike Tyson of today – someone focused on creating balance, mindfulness and a strong spirit? How does “Iron Mike Tyson” become the man who sees every adversity as a beautiful gift? Get to know the real Mike Tyson on this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast.

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A lot of famous people are known by just one thing: a winning shot and championship game saying the wrong word or phrases. Public speech or even a camera I would merely Europe her tony interview, someone who has had multiple defining moments that people remember him by. You might know him as the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in the world or maybe his cameo in the movie, the hangover Or you might know him as the boxer who bit of Andrew wholly felt ear off, but he's far more complex than any of these things alone. Tony, has known MIKE Tyson for a long time. In fact, Tony first interviewed him over twenty years ago. They had a pie four conversation shortly after makes highly publicized incident with the vendor hayfield during a dark I'm in his life you're here reference this conversation several times throughout the interview you also
MIKE open up about his childhood, which was marked with violence from the start. Grubbin sounds veil, a crime infested neighborhood in Brooklyn, where bone crushing street fights made self defence a necessary evil. After being done heard by boxer Bobby Stuart and training. With a legendary custom, Otto MIKE quickly emerged as In MIKE Tyson, the self proclaimed Batter man on the planet and the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. People think that when you succeed, the world is your oyster, but from people. That is not the case, including MIKE Tyson his rage and madness in the ring that won him. So many mashes, eventually caught up with him outside. In the real world there were severe consequences. He was convict, if a felony went to prison lost his three hundred million dollar fortune and spent years battling addiction to alcohol and drugs, but and you're about to hear in this episode is completely different than the one he used to be. He said remorseful of his past and grateful for where he is today is vulnerable. In fact,
he'll, even hear him get emotional ass. He talks about his relationship with custom motto, a man who not only caused him to greatness, but also served as a father figure to him. Today makes life has a new meaning its the fuel by love? Not hate is in force. Of wellness for both mind and body and is focused on eating balance, mindfulness and a strong spirit a true example of perseverance. Despite all that stands to dissuade and dissolve it. A special note for audience. This episode contains language and subject matter that may not be appropriate for some listeners. The level of this room might be good to have you brought it? listen like we were talking, downstairs beforehand, kind of catching up after twenty one years, and now, as I tell the group here, so they know what we talked about- that
forty one years ago I got the phone call after a tough time in your life, you been used by so many people and get frustrated and had the Holly incident and find yourself in a place where, You know they were fight night, so is that you gotta help him cuz by the neck idea. You're a damn thing. I came to come see you around the granary zone at the time yet alive and came in and I said I don't wanna come unless you really wants my Obama pushing shit on somebody right. I gotta. Do you like de. What are you doing here? We abandoned this conversation that for twenty one years when people ask me an media, look you been with every major president event with mother Teresa Nelson Mandela. Who impress you the most humbly where the most and they are always more by answer costs for twenty one years. I told us MIKE Tyson, and I told them because you are quoting Need J and Gilbert
in the caribbean- and I like, I couldn't believe how well read you, I couldn't believe will love. You were, and I also couldn't believe amount of pain, and I felt in your brother because of all the people that you use your people, think when you succeed in space, Your generous as you are that the world's your oyster it is in its not so I asked you to come because so many people in this room succeeded not on huge we have some people that are on their way to that and I'm fucking know what it really means to not be fulfilled I would say success without a is the ultimate failure. So I'd like to go back of it's ok, go for a little bit of history. First, we share with people what you came from and most people know some of the history. But, like I know you, I'm at sixteen. I know troubled law young age. Take us how
what life was like in the what happened when Custom automated your life from what I can remember from the day I was born was always hard time: welfare, not much food, no money, crime, infested, neighborhood, murders, pimps, prostitutes, some drugs, and it was a survival of the fittest, and I had an older brother with five years older than me. So he didn't spend much time around. The house he's in the frog program because he's very smart and intelligent special kids on the block. That's always in school and me and my sister got caught up in the street life, so I was bullied a lot as a kid.
A pigeon in one particular time from Bali Grab. My pigeons and ripped his head off now the first time ever gone to fight- and I am I kind of like when I was young like mine, but I kind of like one an arm like frightened ever since, because it gave me attention people tell you that I will take care of you that guy and I will not go by new from that in an infinite, and so after that, all the kids bring are the kids from different neighborhoods around my neighborhood and they will pay us to fight each other. That's how I started fighting our you're probably had wow in my life and probably afford to fight four hundred wow. In your professional career, you Ellen on fifty fifty or sixty street flood. While any trouble the law no earlier date right and what you get interested drugs. I didn't know you, though, why we're coming
cocaine marijuana alcohol liquor, because when I was younger, you know my mother, who wasn't educated on drugs and alcohol at seven. Let you been in college in order. That's perhaps give me to go to sleep I'll, make a lot of noise. You give me alcohol thinking that we'll go to sleep. You know, at a time, and so I thought, I'd get into a lot of trouble by the time was twelve of the rest. In probably forty x, everybody in the juvenile and the police, the knew. My name, maybe I would know the regular and insolvency I'd they sent me away, and I was in its place the familiar for
Years, insomnia eventualities ship to wait. Another will form a Tory Upstate New York, and I make this german embodies to whose a form of professional file another big, comfortably a form of ethnic violence. Fourteen round fight, never big time and the every weekend he started he would box with the cave in them one one particular day he bought me any beat the shit out of me back to be these Emily stumbled have fallen. I got back, but he kept pillars. Should I me, but I took a lethal, our them a badge curried, and so it is not about me thirteen we had a bar and then I'm eventuality. I was worth thirteen there. I became too good, for he has had to take the wealth, for someone could take you to the next level, and so I wanna make us the motto and being them
Who was not? Well. You know I really like prior notice and no idea about balances. While I was just doing stuff and our box Bobby, and by really had even for you, you, they lend money leaping up very bad. Their particular tat I was really put in our turn- impress cause because that is the net champion, provided that in lieu venture so as to how they were studied. Thirteen across the line he doesn't want to go to prison with a groan, Adele soliciting T so bad. I think I says the Bible, so he said tell me the truth at all you that in two years would have determined to choose. How old are you? I found tat game and thirteen is terminated by some thirteen, so we got a birthday we found out thirteen and then cousin those guys for the magna. Anyone agree to this. It is what you gonna. Do we have a chance you when the leopard you'll want to go
I know you do that you will become every chance. We will be there and I don't want him to think. I was afraid and one day I had a command of faith and I'm fine, I'm fifteen. Now I have a couple of championship and we want it to use me better how to write I work goes around areas way for what you want: an early fight levy on any wasn't one homes victim here away. Overly back me about that man, the silk of man. He blew undo this bank, a pressure from focused.
Are you ready to face and then the this man at the beat that this goal we become a great care, You gonna take you on a girl that I have gone away came from, but I hardly did oh man, he may be decided. He major endless, still stand at source where they come from with his wife would like, but he loved you yeah one point even adopted in the above. Sixty one on mother died. My mother, that cancer, its we adopted you and he was your mother, your father you're. My mistake, Hydras Year Matter, piercings everything here, as he taught you. I like nobody else, but you live with
I really do hypnotized the Times talk about boats and other than what was yet, but I want you to do you. They hypnotists is well and he believed in em. They reached the subconscious bony special people going to happen to the camp. But you have to believe in it because it's something a very complex to believe it. The police and tell me something this is gonna appear. So, as half of you believe, when really believe this can exist, but I believe everything has told me. They told me I believe it has been. So that's what it was. I read many I'm gonna jump from gotta come back to this type of ok goes. You mentioned something give you a breather here that I think you're gonna have to start to say. Thank you for your vulnerability. It's real spoken real! That's where we're looking for real. We live in a world where things bullshit varies, put the polish on it and make it their instagram. Look at his real shit. So you watch Ali, where the greatest men in history right before you yeah and he gets his as beat
not nice about nodded. He was use ego man. He was in his face, and I know However, when you had the fight with your fight, Larry HOMES and momentarily did introduction. What did he tell you? They get me, what have I got really awesome solely by the council. Ease, training you use pigeon is at what point did you start to believe that What point is definitely forty three started. We could do a year and then you started winning and then he dies. It's almost like a rocky story. Man like you guys when you're old, what a nineteen year and then you become the youngest table. Champion the world a year later. Yet I did what was your mission when you want like when you die. What what are you doing and how do you use it? man in all due respect? This is your thumb at my misuses. Destroy everyone, yes, but you did it because you love
and you want to make an browed. Am I right or wrong, but that was somebody. How much you want that's too, really and as I get old in life, I am really I had to do with demons with that? That was the kind of person that really my object, as we just heard people as much as possible here you imagine, people really hurt them. Never forgive me, and now it's my goal is what I learned from That's all I knew you needed. Him was timely, taking very died. You're. The only seventy secured the being in a mean to teach me anything so, but he had taken with fighting. He turned you haven't you remember. We met twenty one years ago. You said he turning, the lights on and lights off, but not really out of turn off that emotion. How to do in the ring not like when somebody's hurt. You
to feel it not to sense and not to get scared. You told me after out, will you told me that the reason I lost that fight is because I got past use that I never get pissed in the ring. Exactly don't tell me about that. I love discipline, nonmember discipline fighter and normally be diva dealer and oppressing the fanatic lives and digest lost it. That day in but I would first wait. I thought I them being listened to her and I felt nominally- and I use worth my temper amazing cannon had better. Do you fellows unfair and they didn't do anything about it right, yeah you lost. It may be that efforts we You said something on ever forget here. You quoted all the stuff in your tone, bout, your prison time and your stand to me. Man don't place people equals in prison and remember I talked about the warden talked about it afterwards and said that when you came there like others, because the rights of the blacks makes all these divisions base, on race. You came in and said man where we do in fighting each other. Man, like you, said we're all. Nobody
shit about us? We only want to hear about it. When are you gonna win out any fight. Tell him about that. You allowed there! Never Norway, where no fights, how dreadful off you convince them. What hey listen winter weather we are brothers we had together, we doing this time. No one kid dine in it. No care with thine the lead committee to give you a women, their fight for your laws here, but this this love, that was anyone spider. You were trained to become a train you to be a beast, but they couldn't take away your heart I couldn't they know you love. That was just time. It was just time for me to heal yeah. You know I was bitter and I took it out on other people to get on myself and I didn't know how to deal with any adversity at that that that the grid their particular time life. Will you told me, I me, you told me you describe mother, it's time you saw what is on the way to me with Sally Jesse Ralphie. Also, I remember Vous Lady described in this area and brother big mother fucker. You said
had kill. You don't ends on the front of the inward right and you, Let me sum sullen cycle, even though you are so much pain. I never forgot it. You said you know attorney. He said those guys want. Power because they don't have love? How did you We cannot sit up when I I am one of those guys, never experience that my love with hurting people, the more people more love. I receive an arm. I just wanna come my life. I grew up and I went and lit a legendary feebler lesser will have done well, once I became involved in my wife and we felt every kid in even larger than before, I never been in a relationship when I was totally dedicated to this that wasn't find to be the best fight. I come when the b, the best farther than the better than I could become dedicated that today
yeah, that's my life lately now my kids and my wife and my organization in my partner's right there he put lice in people's life and make give people hope Cinema. That's what people need people need to believe. That's a hope for a better life. Another stage during maternity leave is reviewed and the guy was possible member I'm sit with you and you talk about love and everything else, and you talk about this process and a one point, your quote in all this stuff and grant the Bible and like the smell of animals. Well, read: human beings have ever met and then u turn and said sometimes Tony though work on mad there's per year for kill every mother. You talked about there's a lot of people that there's a lot of people that are good, but then I got inside and you're telling me about to baulk at that time. That Tupac doesn't behaviour that he's fucking good and I do think, what's a dim some people difference about what you notice about that. Contradictions in human beings and well informed about myself web Spielberg, like only speaker myself. My whole life live above my ego.
It's out with about, have met with a mega maniac, will allow self esteem. You know if you of this, Then he set about with him. No y know about you, but then I wonder, combat I'm the greatest armored car at that accomplished, but at five a prospective myself, I'm shit look a delay. How come from, even though I'm making all the money in the world, but look at me, my mother, my father. This text, the fact that my room, I am a piece of shit they left in the world and the bad men took on the planet, but that's the loss of the steamer, my guess that receive so. I That would cause work to my ego. My goes out of this world. You some other people with it after BBC carry measure walk out this, but that's what I had to succeed, either their backing, you just made, like thirty million bucks in that fight yeah, and yet I saw how miserable you were because there wasn't well there you had a little family round. Train industriously really cared about you, but you
do so many people take advantage. How'd you get through that man. The through being able trust me because you weren't able trust they both for good reason to introduce myself had to be able to turn myself Neither do I myself. I do all those years. I know you're still without that deal with the pain it took. You know it's late was the lady Clinton. He said it took a village. No one person to do rather help from people were no longer here. Anymore. Enables a science project, trust me sites for its autumn, so you become the youngest gravely Jimmy history of the world is twenty years old and all of a sudden you animal feed Miss athlete on earth me what european memory you bear it will yet insane tell me about. Like deal with that when no one's prepared, no one understands what theme does. Does somebody what Think famous it's beautiful thing and it is. But then it comes with a price tells about the price which expired. What was a joy, but was the price of it.
In my own true perspective on Once then, one stays out with a guy, they didn't know what to do. I was on the clock you know what to do. I was there and I had some. I got a talking to my vices women. Drink impiety spending on is it took a told me that the whole myself is needed to get all my. My whole a barometer. So speak, you are you made a half a billion dollars, plaid two and fifty eight fights you one. Fifty other forty four by knock out. There's nobody sees that more people wants to seek. It must be of a border box and gives him a great boxers circuit argued has got what at it. What is it we do at the end of that? What do you do to be able to find a new meaning for your life when you ve been trained to be this way? We can or a pistol. You could you act like a beast, will be trained to be a beast, my. How did you make the transition man I'm trying to make them Instead of on my relationships within
visual than on a Wednesday level. My my wife lever understand this is gonna, be hell. You know me She it appeared that she gonna stand. When I'm told me she probably experience some tough k through the relationship but wishes without this is really hell. No, I mean really now I can't One of them is William Gratitude. The worm little familiar grateful that she stuck in with me, and we have to realise that we didn't want to help to receive it I missed you ever, did she stuck with me? Nobody will never stuck with me. Listen I'm going to your quickly when they are. To my probation off to do my drug tat way. No, she had got go a probation of take a drug test. I I'm doing cocaine, I kiss my wife. The cocaine goes into a system. She goes to a doctor, takes a test in the cocaine stay in the system, as you call them that you mother, thought gonna kill you that I take my kid awaited the again, I'm so scared I get out. I have to leave
me too. I'm walking ten miles get out. Only for my my tighten. What are you don't work? Please give me a ride, a guy in a coordinated way to go, but I was afraid I don't know anyone deal that pursuing when I left the house My mom was she's gonna give up its everyday good. Well, it can be better wait here about the cooking for re still have I kiss it gives them a system and when she told me that after all right dad I ran up, I don't want to do it. The bomb there's some famous moments for units have become somewhat infamous. Tell us about how. Well you end up with what tigers pigeons Spock pigeons does about titles. Hell you're out of your underwear. All the tiger by I've always had been more or less than ninety, though that is what we do in Brooklyn. We fly pigeon down the. Why? But this is what we do. And regions means you at that stage. Our now that now
I was hoping you had the best pigeons in the neighborhood people come from other neighbors say who flies up. Then I mean to do birds up there flying up there, and you were telling me you can see it right away, we enable your that's the guy to flow. We now with popular mandate without having great birth gave you respect, now look. I want have respect. The big guy tends to burn, Really you had to be big, leave the respect and one about TIGERS, highly upwards hackers and this is really very firm in prevent I'm told them to my car dealers and my card let's talk about some friend my debit card from him, but never paid nor the money. So we can make though pay me on my money for the card, I'm going to trade that car and get some animals like horses and stuff. I said what- by horses, a yellow goddess of Worth Tiger, who pay with our current animal right. Really. What is it wouldn't be cool, my if you of roughly a tidy, and that will be very cool. I accept
there were. Why did you tell the deal than me a couple of cops and so I met my house in Ohio and my wife at the time is nineteen. When she came to visit me, wait and see the vast majority of envy the Cubs came at the poem and use them we are playing with the curved rhythm event. Act of intact had no experience cuz I didn't know that capable of killing you and for him to take your time in their life, and I worked, I was lucky from my cats. I haven't one thousand four hundred and fifteen year, never killed me a good sign their muscles the love of your brother, I had to get those love and if so, you can take a while animals in your love made them love you yesterday they bid or the people over there. So tell me some: why do cost mother was pulling your life and this guy was allegedly worked the greatest of all time. You look back on it now. Look at your life because you wanted.
It's beautiful by its neighbour other, as you have a different level of self awareness. Most people are like still walked into don't either locked in her own mind, rocked in their own ego, you and your people come up. What did your so you doing things in Europe vital merely to paste. Yet so what what We think it was in your life and tell me a little bit about what life is like now. Listen, my wife This is very difficult to say, because this guy them alive any word guys you, the isolated from neither in exile, the lawful mom money you staying with his Justin Lloyd, couldn't marry you one day marry, but you can marry for the tax problem that you have to take on the tax problem, so you can never marry him to chat about the he's really miserable guy that sings with me a pic There was some dreams dream to wonderful day. What we're gonna accomplice. Be now we're gonna help people other than into the great fire God created
He said he said you kept him alive was I wish, for. You came here to talk about your presence kept of life. That is a meaning in my life. Would like my own? Nobody just it up here the fire me now hit as tight as you top an old me in his a good idea. Can you learn how to use like you walk in the room and the guys you were when we look my temperature, so square powerful guy. If you Six forward, like your head, was like here and you're gonna scare, the issue of how to do that, and I mean the shit out of the hostages and around now, because that would be stripped of their souls what he saw a man of normal philosopher. This is what I heard from him. He told me this is what you do to the big strong men and then it was view. It was like that's my job right here, a paper.
You, you told me that gonna learn how to turn around but never turned to nine raw data without one the fighting on the end so quickly. I still want to fight asked if I can only fight that fighting over my boma pointy Ghana club, I get so much grumbled about what I know its people see. Did that wasn't it wasn't what your soul was about apart You know most the time I used. I didn't have no perspective of myself. I just looked at my idol, Jack Dempsey. All these guys get chocolate and I watch what they did. I watch it. They said. Sometimes I said things that really crude, and I mean that's ironic, sometimes by say, because my hero said they hidden them making auto, partly with a view not in my time, but I'm the guy to oppress in America. They had a hundred five since then, but right now Dave with the world.
You say the Maghreb around the world. I would tell people that these gathered, kill them and model. They can never be me. I didn't jump and I will say only dreadful data- be glad loss of his day how those top down whenever you like that, It was just all because I was afraid of losing. You said when you were interviewed back then your twenties. If people ask you what your edge was- and I remember I would touch because I live by the same philosophy. Is it my edge is my where's. The sacrifice tell us about that. Absolutely and one from the miles perspective. Look at myself. It's not an enemy pale and I'm willing to do anything to myself, then prove to be the best, I'm? U.
In the second item about him. You will in sacrifice my like a logical health. These be the best in the world and therefore really sacrifices. You have this advice, your life. You got married some time, yet the sacrifice your life for mad, a sacrifice, your life for, go you wanna, complex in that the goal. That is the rule that I've always taken these sacrificing the objective used to say about the part about sacrifices. You get up at four a m to write snow and you told me back. There is like tone. I do this because I know my opponent won't: does law has about faculty daddy what he'd not willing to do it? I mean if you fight We only running at two in the morning and snow and the trust me negative ones. Don't get any treadmill here. You know and you just to say that we have those conversations and every Saturday Tony fighting Zizi like I prepare I trained so hard. That fight feels, like you know, it's
it was a true exactly as you ain't sodium hard exactly with death. Why out of one or easy one round. Knockout Pat Riley was Lakers and give her my nouns peace, the heat, and he told me when he was a kid that one is dad had a new role in biomedical them, but also coach in a coach one time is screwed often he said you look in my eyes, but he said your opponent there's somebody out there practicing, while you're relaxing one day, you'll medium evil end you they gave him this drive. Drive down the urged that come before us, the motto or that caused the motto? Nowhere, because the tell me did you tell me, everybody goes in dreams and that their mothers shake our logo the when it will be a lie with God tell me when really crazy things about me, but there we are,
I believe it was crazy, but I believe that when did you start like regression got to this different stage? Wife come our presence of authority, spirits, things that nature. When you start to realize you weren't the God. Hey, I was infinity. Guy gets thrown away, thought he was me I gotta. Since I'm really determined to be champion again because Imma show everybody, this wasn't a fluke I'm going to champ again, they think this is over. I'm not could ever come back out again and they're laughing at me and making fun of me. Come out and no one title gain them have more mundane everybody in that's what happened, but after accomplish dare go over. There was none Does they went down hill areas? Member out we'll work together. You worked with that that Paul Ike, for Democrats tabled a name. Why Buffalo, about the events we were preparing for yeah yeah. Why do I think I can the fifth round? Yes, but after that it started to just drop shortly play you thought some guys. A word is good yeah and then did. What are you doing here?
psychology, when you didn't have any more like now. This have been your whole identity. You're, not the God. How did you feel that Yahoo that guy had to die? I got to have no longer exist in my life in order for me to survive in the new world, guy, you were yeah nothin. On the guy from the path and no longer project anything. Kindly to my future. He had to die and I had to be a different person at what stage you start to feel you the person. You really are in your soul in your heart manual today winded. When did you start to really feel that transition after that guy was the moment when you felt like I really do need to have a four year old daughter that passed away and that's pretty much of the change in my life and stuff. I didn't Are you still want to go out in the morning Wednesday to undo what I was doing and that particular time, but I still can't make the transition I couldn't make the transition and that's why things are getting over him. That's when I met Rob make me introduce you to disarm this management quota told
the scientific name out of the name- and I live here- yeah I've done bribery. Real results when I was a powerful is not really interesting, loves in your room, I believe with downstairs. I saw a pin land pitcher one out did the toll allowed under the constant told? This is what I saw well, that's why it's there yeah really rather rob. This is why I thought I had such a whole people do anything. I cannot explain back of seeing as it is worthwhile to live there, Experience of I work with millions of people can up on any subject, but when it came to death, I just felt. Helpless and I've never felt help us now people before and I realize, because I didn't have my own resolution about death. How do you resolve that their experience and I think a lot of my DR came from one make every at last. We knows when you're gonna go. I was like my entire driving force and then another Antonia bosses, some of the planet's madam, is of New York University and they use deal,
with people that are cancer patients who work or terminal and Tony goes, you know druggist some you take over and over again make yourself feel assert wake us this knowledge. He says this is an experience, because we do this double bind study. We take people determine cancer patients and we but please evil, one diamond- we don't, I was double bind whenever they given and we get a real experience, because There'S- nobody goes there's a woman here. Is that Tony and shall be video this woman, because this woman, he said she's not just of aid she's like like California, atheists, like maybe there's some god, this guy she's a New York atheist. There has now got a kind of intensity, echoes watch. This video shows this woman after it comes out this experience and she was forever changes that experience God directly. I know, there's gotta have no more fear, and so they don't all these studies is no battle. It brought me into this. Like I said I want to Brazil, I want to have an experience where I dont have a fear of death and if one experience could do that, so you at this one expert,
What did you do? What did you feel widget spirit which, furthermore, I died? I die directing bag- and I was not aware tat- I got a wife and kid I'm one of that. We have a thing come on than the sound of first order happening on women to download airs. I'd like to stop this thing. I couldn't stop. Nurture the same. It's perfect whether one didn't know I went to stem the Gaza. Star and the scariest pocket and we get it the die and I started- I still maybe so there's gotta know asked item everything I did everything I saw. My data are used. Game My kid only Gill gets came out, so maybe the real bad stuff everything I did, and this is why I asked his way and stuff and I'm I was under way so that the penal grab, the forthcoming heavy, blew my feet. I thought that I'm dying, I thought the wide application that did it is what is whether we could have done with dead Adobe's over the whole? Why did I
and I was like now now I went out of abandoning at any rate I woke up and is it with. Only with fifteen minutes away three hours I've never felt better. In my life I look at people. I will talk to people differences. My experience with that an arm the only thing I thought of when I came up only theme first, where they came out with love? what you ve been dope, remain without it came a fair love. You too, the guy, really that's beautiful. What is it? What is it? What's a done for you since then like how? What what are you experience? different about life. Hey them I used to. I don't want to do what I did before yeah. You know me. I want to strive in your living, a happy stress, free life. I got into my Cbd and my cannabis corporation decisions. Managers has been the best thing that ever happened to me in twenty five thirty years.
Like many people got to reconnect with you when they saw the hang over rats how bad come about. I heard you became friends and some of them. This does not affect your life. Listen, I know we're in a movie. I met the guys in the club here in a vip faction and that's it where normally certain, though by no means our one and am checking these guys awaited measure it back in. That's the guy, an arm of any say, hey would have been a movie with you have the year when is it tomorrow and I didn't know, grout drinking smoking back then doing drugs. I didn't know I was involved with the movie the eventually I have to go, get the movie in the success. One day I was in a restaurant in the here. The movie went out with the kids must have seen a preview of the meat punch in that, and so one of those I buses run by and all the kids came out abundant gravimetric. The can. That I think we got in here my ass a year me too, and it has been different- has been changed ever since the reason why, when I, when I go out- and I meet younger kids who are twenty or fifteen because it watch the hangover,
the show that Europe has no eight, nor did I used to be a boxer anytime. I broadly company became friends, your belt the good guy he's a really good guys, he often guy well to have Cottager Broadway shall come about, and some people I know about it was on one around. The world tells us mountain and it started out to be serious and then your willingness to be humble and take the mixing of Spain. Kid about yourselves. I tell us about that me, my wife, Why do you know who we're gonna be chaired commentary, the bronze till the movie, bade the wounded and stay, and what we're doing a movie, I'm doing the data play and NOS nine hundred people arena in every thing. It's quite you be here: rat peace, unkindness, it's quiet, is quite some people crime, but it's quiet here, the tumor I've baby. I think It is our only people filled with this guy made me feel and non If today, we normally lemming Europe, people are more state if you actually costing them. Do you, and I and
You don't do that. You may I do like the ethical point of view that MR cometary did and so the first time we started, we did a six week. We did it the first thing we did it. We had all our friends join, you know of a friend the lawyer they didn't. We know so vague, a thousand people that we know of friends of peoples. Became re. Whenever you jerk, you see me audience the media were going. I start my show face but I didn't know my father enable start laughing. Where can I will make the bay why they laugh and what's going on that occasion, the baby, the Latins? Ok, if people on earth and I went out there and it was meant to be like oh great in New York, tough guy, that made to all its hard adversity, but it came out to be. I'm a good bye laboratory with funny until a momentum fears about that. They have a father. My father enable started laughing and ease of certainly laugh it my woe and it's not worth it.
I want to be the current tab and then turn out that way we made it into a comedy by with a dinner, but you got so much more alarmed by the understandably a MAC. Sire knows that, and by doing you went all over. The country then went all over the world did it. We did in fact, people in other English, yet the subtitle subtitles in it I'm excited what song is this again. Probably six months ago I started training now and so in three months. After finish, training with us start rehearsing to get off, also, generally you're gonna be an actor. No, no! No! That's pretty! Well! Now you got your your documentary out, that's out on Netflix and so forth, and he had come about and how that done, without doing great will go employed. Women do part to annex they're my wife Jijiu out the story What about my life? Explain my wife and she wrote everything and how
candy way and it turned out to be a hit. You told me back twenty one years ago: storm yours, I'm still alive, as does my kids, you have five gets nothing about that figure. Now, six now yeah and most live when a graduate in. Why you she's gonna, be a director of wonder thumb, graduated farm on joy, Tat you grant graduating was done, was the one I'm sure we'd, like seven crowd, you very few vega, professional stew Firstly, the Arizona, Nancy's professions: do I wonder if an American American University in DC have a sixteen year old. School in every ten year old and ever a uniform school and tell us what a day for my type
those about your cannabis business and what means dear and about the way she built doesn't open about that like what's next, for you well, listen at this point we embarked on this really amazing stated are first of its kind cannabis we do want it in the palm spring. Had desert area and is come is pretty much after ten and we have we boy, overweight, Flanders, twenty acres in one it will be for families have on best bet on the top. Often all that stuff fun for run for fun. The side. We're going, have a stadium, as we have five. We have concerts that there, their whatever university university, will be able to educate people accountable extraction.
Of the candidates from plaster the seeds and they would have a lake. There will be like a long running late there. It's gonna, be Baker budget grabbing. For me, with the glad we're glad cap a graphic everybody like little on having major shuttles while shuttles there are subject does it dear doctors undergoes a good friend of mine from CNN yet, and that used to be so against cannabis, and now you know he's done all they specials on it to show how it can save lives. And LIVE was more than they do everything you be the cap monotonous. If you have enough from up medical perspective than them the well known to health and the centre in know leaps and bounds. Five M, the medical professions concerned is mainly ass. It does it got your brain seizures and things like that demands a godsend for the people there nature. What's that
life MIKE Tyson. Look like today. How does a compared to the MIKE Tyson men today my patient skies dilemmas, nomads no no limit what I'm people do me. My family has found they give imagine owing to tough times in adversity. If I were you, gave up edition ridiculous of got involved, fights with cops like I used to do and got shot to kill to something other than never realize this beautiful life that I was on that passed and I surrendered and gave up the God take. It will never found my wife and we ve been friend fervor even want to marry with we're friends and powerful together beautiful you know I understand me: I'm a muddle, including I pray, Pfeffer Muslim, about pray. Tell me too
data. What is a typical they look like in your life to a very different than before we live in is a fairly thing. The very positive perspective. I accept my friends. I love accepted my friend in the half, reject the big differing yourself. I allowed myself to be a friend, my friend in those situated to change my wife, my children, all make me you bond where we love each other way with an idea for a thin. I can be doing any better by died right. I did. They have the right to check that was overpaid and it's really good stuff is at one time at my flaws may be successful and that my flaws in the past. I, like you, said something icon paraphrasing have made me so grape of my life today. What were the flaws and on what's been healed? Well, you know, I have to pass less compassion for my fellow mankind, more capacity with a mental look at the way. I look at em now, look em if competition of thinking
indeed I heard something about love. I love my thing: we're home earthenware, help in making life better, given a better point of view of life. Have you better hope for life? If you, you know, you ve been through some potatoes times that it could be the highest eyes from the lower slopes, what would you say to somebody's going through the dark night of the soul and they don't know if they're going to make it where we going to be revised to them. Cuz you your guns I have is that we have been established stronger than you anticipate that we are with a lot sooner than we believe we are, and by believing in yourself. You know me, you can overcome the most office. Moment is all about the belief you having yourself not if I was people believe in you by what you believe in yourself, has no afforded to how much you can really take. You know I used to read about negated, think the old man with a bad mother fucker, but no way with their mother Fucker buddy everybody's pain. They then fight back down. Of a memorandum and undermine the thick everybody shit and never fight back and have understood that you know me do,
you know I mean I do have done, demanded an old man with powerful. Both could take all this shit. Did you get to dwell in that fight back and you have the power now? You live in that love your brother. I can't take it for sharing your wisdom with us. What you just heard is Tony interviewing MIKE at a private event held in Tony's Hum Tony reason: had a chance to visit my studio. I Thyssen Ranch where the tables were turned I was able to ask Tony a few questions to. You Their conversation had on over two makes podcast pod boxing with MIKE Tyson, The tiny lemons podcast is a collection of interviews and stories and is produced by the tony Robins team. Copies weapons research international
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