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Netflix’s I Am Not Your Guru five years later, with Filmmaker Joe Berlinger and Tony & Sage Robbins

2021-11-16 | 🔗

5 years ago, Tony Robbins gave behind the scenes access of his annual life changing event, Date With Destiny to Netflix and filmmaker Joe Berlinger, and the movie I Am Not Your Guru was born. Today, Tony and his wife Sage sit down with Joe and discuss how the film came to be, as well as check in with some of the people highlighted in the documentary and what their life looks like today, years after this transformative event. If interested in attending yourself, visit DWDVirtual.com

Filmmaker Joe Berlinger is known for making mostly dark documentaries about rock singers & serial killers. However, when Joe attended Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny event and moved from the dark to the light in his own life, he knew he had to make a movie about this transformative event. After months and months of convincing Tony and Sage to say yes, he agreed to their terms of not letting his crew get in the way of the event or experience of the people in the room in any way, and  I Am Not Your Guru was born. 

As we celebrate the 5th anniversary of this ground-breaking film, Joe sits down with Tony and Sage to share moving stories, behind the scenes anecdotes and life updates from several people followed in the documentary. This is a candid conversation you don’t want to miss.

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SHOW NOTES (video and audio)

[1:58] Intro Joe Berlinger

[3:50] Joe’s experience at Date With Destiny

[8:00] Joe wanted to make a movie about Date With Destiny

[9:01] 2 stumbling blocks

[9:58] A deal is made

[10:51] Sage hesitant to make a movie

[12:02] Joe’s favorite moment in the film

[13:13] Tony’s reflections on Joe’s favorite moment

[14:29] Joe is the king of Netflix

[15:42] Skeptical Filming Crew

[16:47] Where are they now? Dawn

[23:22] Dawn’s path post Date With Destiny

[24:12] Dawn’s “uncle” Joaquin joins the conversation

[27:27] Dawn’s relationship with men

[29:11] Joe’s most impactful experience

[29:28] The greatest gift of Date With Destiny

[31:43] Does this last?

[32:00] The unique community of friends

[32:45] Where are they now? Tammy and Lance

[37:04] Lance’s cracks his shell

[37:37] Tammy can do anything with Lance

[39:02] A reflection of the human experience

[39:49] Lance and Tammy’s advice on an extraordinary life

[41:55] Creating a compelling life

[43:28] Date With Destiny: Mastering what’s inside

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Thank you for inviting us into your home. This is really wonderful to be with all of this beautiful celebration he's been five years. So we have the privilege of having people look inside date with s name was incredible experience, and so we decided to be beautiful, the kind of giving an update and giving exposure and just going to celebrate the date half a decade later. The event was actually December. Twenty fourteen, but you know, takes a year to put things together and then has to be so to a studio netflix by once a nice words just really a beautiful period, but without would be nice to have you meet them. Created at a recent behind the scenes and they may be given up even some of these people. Five years after the film, but seven years later I must get started. I'd like to first start before nice talking, I'm used to do all that myself, my beautiful bride by saying
happens. Everybody, ladies and gentlemen, every thing here why things to you- and he says we ve, never gonna format like this in its history, their event in and actual when we filmed, I'm not. Your grew wishes so here to us and we have the privilege to partner which Oberlin Churchill we're looking for Yoda looking for. Do you join us today and just a real tree. This is like a fireside chats. We ve never had this setting and thank you for joining us. Thank you for your willingness. Thank you for your heart and love. I can remember how many countries a hundred and fifty and two hundred fifty eight we're, really deeply touched so thing here. We look forward to just serving you really more worried about this document before introduces gentleman to extraordinary over there and my wife rather better than such a private environment. You don't have a destiny. We were used to doing the stadiums and people, and then you have a date with S. They we keep to just five thousand people, two minutes at some big deal, but compared to fifteen thousand quite intimate
the idea that we're gonna bring cameras, and there was like- I don't know about this and say it was go for it. I remember this man, Joe Borg and you're, about to me. You know I invite him to come to a seminar. Originally, I met him. I just thought struck by wouldn't incredibly him being, as I had seen, one of his documentaries, which was the one on Metallica unbeliever. Not it gave you insight was like a psychological film and it was all just real in real time. You just gorgeous it was wrought, was real. You got two cities manage human beings, gets either upsides downsides and I was just touch. Botswana met him in person I mean this is the guy that has made films that save people's lives. He made a series of films, documentaries about people that we're locked up
g of murder and they were innocent and he actually, after more than a decade, got them out, and I thought a man of this calibre and momentum we remind us, I didn't feel like he was happy. Is I want to pay for his life cause he's such a good soul. So we made this connection and I invite him to date with destiny as my guest, and now he has. It will be up, and let me tell you the story, but I'm grateful for because, if it wasn't my wife never would agree to our eyes. Took two years in shaping us afterwards violating share with you, the man about to share with you. He has the producer. This film is director writer he's an award winning filmmaker, he has got him toward nominally is three time. Emily wineries that eight nominations he's got a peep winner, he's got three critics choice. Award winning times has got three times director of guilt, word: winners he's eat films that Premier Sundance and, as I said, he's you save lives, is a beautiful. So please welcome Joe
ruined your great great to see you guys. I wish we were in person together to put it clearly setting out our boy. I wish all my films that this kind of residence in and celebration in love from its subjects. Five years later, we both certainly heard some great things over the years from people that it wants. The film tell us tat storage, everybody, but how this came about because most Brian Crowley hindering idea. We met socially, and I thank you I ask you, The kind of saw something you know that I wasn't happy. You were hinting at it and then. You invited me to come. I didn't even know you didn't. Even these are So you invited me to invite me to come to us to this event, which are, The time was in palm springs, California and ammo worker hauling. I never take a vacation, as you know, a bit of a workaholic us you, I I don't take mutations, Time I consider myself this taught me your sceptic.
A journalist I still am The idea of self help, which is at the time when I thought I know you, don't like that that word when at the time to me, I just wanted into self help and you know seminar and I'm I'm a very personal price the persons shape the whole idea of sharing my feelings with other people, Meals like why you know. I don't know why. I'm something this invitation, but you were so kind offer to me that I just went and well I'm getting on the airplane, o J F K, applying to allay and running my car and driving into the desert, something in Muslim? Why am I going to this thing? and then I get their grand on given the vip treatment which I wasn't expecting, so sacrifice. Manner. With her clipboard sat me in a very front row seats and
I'm very visible unthinking. Oh, I guess I really have to do this and when the first two hours now been honestly. I was like this is not for me the dancing the sharing of feeling like oh my god. What have I got myself into and you have to leave it hit the stage and at the first reading, I'm really exists all. My wife was by the way in the audience and sends her love law most to see you here you and so I called my wife, and I said, oh my god, I don't know. If I can, I can spend another twenty minutes during this, let alone six days. What do I do when my wife said give you know you took the time out, give it a chance and then
quickly, I all of a sudden I realize, because we we went through that one exercise, you do what you see in the film where you take your back. Take you back to your earliest childhood memory and and I want to explain the holding by basically, you know by remembrance something that's been repressed about that memory. It isn t the healing, in front of twenty five hundred people. I closed my eyes and I decided to participate. And when I open my eyes, I was. Flooded in Turin and I'm a guy who hasn't cried at that point in a really long time, and it just I just felt later in the moment, and I thought, oh, my god, if this could make me feel this way even for a minute, I should give it Do I realise at that moment that was being because of my insecurity at the time. I was being very judgmental about the the event and putting up a wall. And at that moment I said you know what I'm gonna play fall out of a term. I learned that I am a bit
I ended up having the most incredible life transformational experienced and I was there to sell you a film you work. We met socially you're, were kind enough to invite me and by the end of it I was so blown away and had such a transformational experience, because I was not the more people to death, but I was going through difficult time at that moment. I knew you key then, on that and make and gave me this invitation. And that's. Why that's? What pulled me too? Now you know I I I I did It's not something I would normally do, but it literally an answer that I did because it literally transformed my life as a human being and then watching the events I just felt it was highly cinematic and because had such a deep impact on me when I was planning on you know,
entering this kind of thing and because it was so cinematic, I asked ass. He answered. I chased exciting for two years because I just wanna be an amazing film and I decided, and when I picked you was the approach of you know not you know not really dissecting is just dropping you into the events and treating it like a rock and roll film in the sense of just giving you an experience. I called it a concert of human emotion and and so I changed you for two years, because I won't. I really felt that the events Yeah sure film would help other people, and I I also thought that the and the interventions that you do were so not only incredibly impact fall, but just very cinematic. So I believed him. I saw them. I have to make a film about this. You know some people may think, like you hired me to make a forward this. A completely independent found than I
chase you until you would say yes and luckily you did out of your member there. There were two stumbling blocks for you. What the reason you kept saying now is that you didn't want the cameras to interfere with the experience will be or anymore you are also very concerned that you know how do you take a seventy to our country? rich events. Boil down to two hours. Without trivializing it So I value. For two years I sent you my other sounds- and I said, Love Exhausted before making the take any No paradise lost a film about those innocent guys. Another murder trials were six weeks long, but you're only thing about an hour of the murder trial in the film. Like anything, your trusting a filmmaker to condense time, but give you the emotional truth of the situation, so you got over their home, but you were still concerned about. You know the cameras in the period so
I made a deal with you. I said: look the moment, you think the cameras are in the way just throw me out and we're done and as you know, will use it you're willing to take that risk. Yes, some little time with my crew, cover it and the minute. You think this is a problem. You can shut the production down and get rid of me So I was under the pressure we are shooting about whether that have all been met. Her that's her this happen inside somehow use new. Eventually trusted me, but initially out of your inverted protective of a family and ass, I was about to move. I have to thank you so much for so many lives and touch because of your courage and commitment and drive and persistence of I want to show you. Because a member when I was talking to finding when you said that is like. Ok, it's not if I know for sure that people in a seminar not gonna, be disrupt because they come first and you're gonna take back at risk. I want to do it but say,
there wasn't ready, for, I think, quite ready for a film crew in our home cause our life. It's really fall and predate my destiny. My mommy and daddy known they come down, and so I think, show you said that there would be to film crew at our house Sunday, one and that morning there is like maybe ten or eleven people vote I didn't expect was that we had our Father love Joe and you as such. A beautiful heartneth, brilliant mind, and it was such a privilege. Can state with destiny is just such a impact phone transformative programme and to have. I believe it's what this man was born on this earth to do and to have a good and- and I love what you said to capture the truth of the experience you know the emotional town and the transformation of these people, you you portrayed such a beautiful narrative of these individuals lives and their transformation,
and we became such dear friends. So I'm so grateful. Thank you. I'm sorry for my stubbornness are my fear me and my team would be created this because you would I have to do. I have the person I have to get access and I have to capture stop. On the other hand, I promise not to interfere with the event, but you guys were great and everyone just did with me. I, like what am I one of my favorite moments in the film for example, is after guns, transformation. I wanted to get To see you turn because you were that you tears, and you know your security people in Europe, your team were protecting you and didn't want me to go back into the room, and I just look I gotta do this was the one point we're gonna get? Maybe I'm gonna get thrown out now, but you know, I just have two I had to get you that interviews with raw and real and really my favorite moment in the film,
that innocent anyway son out our ground beautifully and become dear friends and, and and I love you- I hear all legal here all the time I was going through cancer or watching that film help me I was going through. Worse. I watch that's your home and help me. I mean us, I mean just now I mean it's your works at the you know, but has to have a little participation in the mission that you have an and what is done People has just been really such a special gift in my life it really has been. I did tears remembering that moment right now. My special moments in that particular event in and Joe
to give you an idea. Joe, like you don't want people see me on stage. I can't I've show my emotion, but when people are hurting, I feel it that I can't let myself feel it completely cousin. I couldn't help you then I'll, be with you right I'll, be so with you as a person, and so you know it's always happens to me. After what he's breakthroughs you not. I might just emotion that I go back stage in its overwhelming emotion, tears. It feels like grace came through. It happens all the time. It happens. Every time and I dont the gum, exaggerating that out, I've been doing it for thirty three years, eighty five date with destinies. Now that she will be eighty six thirty. Fourth, here doing amazing, and now you know the unit God is use. As I see it comes through you when you're really trying to serve- and it's not about you, but I think a lot of people didn't see, don't see that side of the injustice of ITALY said don't arabas others of my film and I get that
the way I want to do and I get full access. That's our deal right. He burst through the doors and he's the only once in their crying, but it was really beautiful, because so many people in touch me that Cyprus shake your courage and commit, and your persistence and before you really helpless touch people and a hundred ninety seven countries around the world thinks the Netflix I want to thank Netflix. Andy I was now like the king of Netflix. He doesn't talk about so humble, but he's got all these shows that are just become, and what will your last show the one you didn't Bundy, how many there there are serious there. All serial killer shows people really know my reason they are usually dealers, dark subject matter. Wrongful connection polluting corporations. I mean that this film has been the other business. Those missiles special is like I'm always so. Mired in the dark. It's so beautiful made a film the shine, a light on something so positive, an end transformational,
yeah I've been doing in out your crime is very popular. These days, I've been doing a lot of programmes on which I'm proud of, say. Netflix is an incredible its transform the documentary business because it's made it. Bull and they treat documentaries as you know it but the same respect, descriptive content. I also discovered a movie about TED Bundy for Netflix on called extremely wicked, with running. Most of my resonate people, may only that the donor Robin something that's your tea. What's your team was very sceptical. We started like your camera crew. It was really and having to watch for me, what did you see over the couple of days? The first few days they were very sceptical. And then you are to feel the chef. What did you see? You know like my long time, cameramen, vibrates man. If I considered myself a scatter, a scam, Secondly, worker barbarousment is like you know, makes me look like MR positivity baby. I mean
we're like now that you're gonna Joe you sure about this- you know Joe and by the end of it they were, I mean actually There are some values in our funded. Where you see the camera drew, thing down, because our can't we had. We were also in France that they're my meaning into lots. What you're doing during an intervention in those they haven't quickly long treating the ended lead. Everyone within an eye glasses. One every about there's, two three experiences that stand out for me: they're all beautiful, but that are so memorable and those you haven't. You watched I'm, not your I'm just curious how it took time watch it for you got your wonderful appreciate this update. So there is, young woman. There, Joe remembers vividly is seen as an ideal, nameless dawn, and she had been tied up in this group that really abuse children with the religious group, and it was
and she stood up, and you know we have a night a date with destiny. There's an evening part, I call suicide night which helps bizarre and we do a big cell. Because in any room of five thousand people are even this. That economic reasoning was about twenty two hundred twenty five hundred. There is at least a dozen people, suicidal sometimes two dozen, and so I repeat, reforms before we come to date with destiny. We have, you feel, a forms different anything else. I read them all. It takes literally weeks to get through it all and for some people turned in the night before some up all night intends to, and it's about ten pages of questions like some people like if I knew the answer, these questions that we need. I would ask you to help, but I read them but a deep understand. I want member everybody's name, I remember there but the patterns or in me so will stand up. I know many people not, and I try to use every intervention to heat is many people's possible. This, when I was not prepared for, and that was this woman dawn and Tom argued update on thought.
My name is John Watson. I attended date would destiny in two thousand and fourteen might only from the documents from not your guru, one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. This is you know everything that happened at it with destiny and coming back home and really working during the internal work? That's needed. I created my method based on everything that I lived. Everything that I went through and everything that also learned with Tony and planning goes to any way of helping people understand that the only way to go through pain is to navigate through just go right through it face it head on and really permit came to show you teach you to transform, got my life changed so much in so many ways, and I'm so proud of myself, because it is a light, was so much work and it is so much work, but today I see life with completely different eyes. I love I have an incredible pursue my life, our I get to share a beautiful relationship and just being in that form of honest and beautiful place, with someone so amazing being able to do the work they do. I wake up every morning, so happy to go and do my events and go into life. Retrieves were where I helped people and also in a lecture to pipe cashier with the world. My voice, like that really there is nothing that makes me happier to live a life, were finally feel that I can be me, but I am not hiding that I'm not trying to cover up something because someone is gonna find out, or I don't feel like I'm living life, trying to hide or for good, think visually like just make it just raw just radiologist open, and there is a better way to live life benches in IRAN open way. So everything becomes just a beautiful experience. There are days, it's not easy. There, I'm always work. I have to navigate through some very difficult frustrations and pain, but be no pain is not something that is not in my life anymore, but today I learned how to navigate through the thing I learned how to learn from that pain and it really comes from a place of while this is MIKE approve. This is a moment of transformation, so let me just be okay. We embrace, if need be here, because I know it's gonna passed and I wanna be better after its pivotal, provides strong support from Brazil to talk about those people over there. Wasn't I walk through the eyes look up, and I see this place
even recognize. Your first look transform your tell us listen. It's been seven years, almost this December, so five years for the girl, but seven years since that date tells me about your life. Give us of uptake. Ah my guys, Johnny just Washington being here at this moment, and I feel like since that day, when I remember that moment- and I remember the moment when I got back home- and I had to really understand that work- internal work was gonna- have to happen in my life. For me, a truly do what what what I wanted to do, which was to help other people and use that came to help other people, and I feel like from since that day, nearly crying, because it truly is so powerful,
not when you navigator your pain when you permit pain, to truly transform your, how you can never people how you're able to feel people how people from all over the world have connected me with their stories and there I in a through my own story, through my own journey, being able to support them and help them and I'll. Never forget the data is dying. You're, not gonna, be another me. You gave me you and that's more powerful, because you use your story, use your power, don't be a copy, any be you and being able to come back to me in use my power and Andrew my story. It would help other people. It's just an incredible. I really want to honour you because I offered you that day to learn from Robins Madonna's to go through the programme. We do for therapist. Of all the skills I have, and you did it, you can You know you're doing some larger, but a book right
yes, my journey back home, doing online retreat and creating a safe environment for people to truly come and work through their pain and work with their abuse in childhood, because there's so much pain, my childhood, and if we don't learn to use their pain to empower was if it's gonna destroy us, and so it has just been incredible to be able to be doing what you did today and be able to know that that is what hearing is healing is going to you're process and then healing is passing forward. That is part of the project of feeling. You know for me helping people, pardon my healing process, and I now for you too, that is giving you receive. Back ceiling, usually also does so grateful you look, we are now seven years ago, But you could just feel the radiance coming through you Jody, The question of God does not a curiosity. I we have. We haven't toxins, the movie
and I see how great you're doing like what did you have ups and downs, or was it like a straight line or how to get to this place? You know yes, we know where there is definitely ups and downs. I went through a really. I must your process coming back from your destiny. I think something that really interesting is sometimes we leave at twenty Robin to that were, like I told you, wanna come in this way, a horse and just savers and Johnny. That's not joining the EU, no purpose, and so you know he creates a safe environment with the work. The healing you gonna do in your data. And so when I finally understood that I understood that healing is up and down it is going the address parts of you so you can find out the prettiest beautiful parts of Europe, and so I feel like that process. Until today it is it's been so incredible and then be able to deal with so many different people. Never David does even my uncle he's here. S
Oh, you feel. Oh You didn't see the felt ass. You have contacts there's a moment where you know really gone. Couldn't even imagine anybody loving our trusting a man of any sort, look around this room and this beautiful people, men and women, just sending love in terms gorgeous, and I said I want you to pick you up. Three men who could be your great uncles. There could be a source of support and I interviewed all three of them. They all got chosen for different reasons by her can you stood out and said? Are you willing to commit to the next being there? over the next five January day will be there seven years later here you are thus giving every working for that commitment alone. That's pretty awesome they didn't know each other never even met these stepped up working. What it. What have you seen in her over the last seven years? Working you share
she had her ups and downs. You can get a call three o clock in the morning, then this is sort of going through one thing or the other and then I see her, so she had such friends such power we kept talking to each other? We kept in touch on Sunday, she home cooking and when the seminary in Brazil, you know I have this friend. I need to huge people, see you do in such a terrific. I mean you make people welcome. Broken glasses and you make them break there'll. Be there with her throat. Real people. Do this in your home. He thought to this I flew over to reveal an sheep. Did the heat and power and I need a high impact park, love way to make people release their feelings and their emotions, because these difficult so for me, we're going to have to deal with all you know. She's.
Weak minded. She bore with thinking things on there we were, and it was so right now, I'm from Ecuador, I'm in Spain and finish in writing a book, and I promised on when I go back to what do I want to try again to Brazil because not only to see you back to see how you deal with people who are going through a difficult time, I had my share that I'm thinking You told me a sage. I've managed to overcome a lot of fear and then difficult moments, and she happens to me. Beautiful to see you and part of the family she where'd, you ok, thank you. I love you remember life, isn't how you paint you it's the you colouring
he's done a terrific painting and not thank you. So my car, I told you- I want to figure you're a stranger to earn for seven years. You ve been a resource for the two says so much about you, but I'm also just so grateful you didn't change your own life as well, give up your big, Thank you working, one last person you're, not the time you can imagine They may also trust me may all. I said why one but should it into relationship. But I've heard that you ve taken up party alive to a new level to tell us what you really what's that he has any is so beautiful because I truly I see that every time there, you are. The courage enough to navigate through some difficult.
Pain. Special in your sexual is, especially women have gone through abuse, be able to open themselves up to men again in an open them up to them, so that they can feel love and experience. Love in my life has been so incredible after I decided that an open up and yes, it's gonna, be scary, and he s heart and counter life things that are going to either scare me. You want me, I'm gonna, wanna close up again but
the moment I said yes, I mean I want to legislate in joyous and just trust. Life has just been so beautiful and be able to share my life with someone else and be able to be open to love and beer would completely he'll that area of my life and now be would help other woman she'll their sexuality, heal the pain and really transform it into something so beautiful and free. I consider myself today completely free in every area of my life. I completely feel that I am able to share that now, so it really comes from having the courage to just say: I'm going to open up and it's not gonna be easy and it's not be magic because healing isn't magic but its natural to our sole. Our sole once did you say you ve just open to it. It will happen everybody loves you thought of beautiful, beautiful job, our job about what is meant to say. One thing you know at this point in my life I may probably eighteen feature films about matters.
Look up all Simon wrongful conviction. Whatever hundreds of hours of television truly. The most impact will experience have ever had was making. I am not your group, because it texted touched me personally and really really where my life's I thank you, ve not opportunity and the chance to in my own small way, help amplify the incredible work that you and sage do, as you know, has truly been the honor of my life. So let's do a sea wall a cat. I love your job, Thank you so much. We love you so much given up with and you're the one of our way the great experiences that comes out of date with destiny and about my hope, become way! We'd love to have you be there? It's one thing to watch for two hours and helping to experience for days and nights and there's nothing like it really do once a year and the beautiful Bart now's Yoni enough to come in person and believe it or not, Some people say that really work we did at last year. It was incredible
but then I thought it could. Work is also some people more comfortable in their home and that surrounded by everybody. We feel a little bit more relaxed and so forth, but the greatest gift. For me is not just saying people change it seen people go home and keep out change and make that change benefit their family and friends and their businesses and their clients. Customers, and so we, my whole thing is in each one. Teach one I'm here to help everyone like Try to take forty four, years of my life experience. That's all I've been doing this. I started when I was three of course and compressed that into a few days like oppressed decades in the days and save you as much pain as possible help you achieve more, but also to be more fulfilled, because people think that Everything goes a certain way, some day, someone something how accomplished something and then I'll be happy and its bs. It doesn't work that way. Unless you can find joy and whenever moment you're dealing with including your challenging times, you knock and ever sustainable. Quality of life, certainly not
Britain are called life, it'll, be a life, but it won't be the one that you desire and deserve, and so that's what our focus is here. See Don t. You did the film group in this cult of children of God, and they ever taught that children are supposed to have sex with the adults and, if you can imagine being put through that kind of experiences, none of her family members left this planet We as a result of trinity. What that pain, to give you an idea and a seer today saw the film And you see or now, seven years later, that's one thing: people go. What is this really last? The answer is you better Doesn't recent lasses because you're making a change inside it? you you're shifting your perceptual tools, your beliefs, your values in your rules that changes everything quite beautiful and I think what else is so bitter,
for what keen and on our reflection of the community. In the friendship I mean, besides your own inner transformation interests, finding like minded individuals, the love that dawn and that were keen share in her other, like that team, there's just a collaboration in a rallying hood and and and a rallying like true brotherhood and sisterhood. It is such a unique collective consciousness and family that's birth through this process is really beautiful. Don congratulations, walking! That's wonderful to see you! God bless! You guys sense give it up firm again one more time, please that unity of friends from all over the earth is another thing that no one expects that comes comes out of being here in this environment. Together, as we go through these kinds of intense experiences, it's like a bonds wherever well. Have you asked the film released recently hopefully wants it again, got to reconnect to it another great moment and that film we're Tammy and Lance, and they were this couple where she got up. She,
gave her beautiful vision for the relationship, which was quite poetic and very diverse. And very long. Anaemic Turn to Lance is like You do the headlights like how do I thought that glance? I'm with you brother, I don't know how you could adopted. I think we have a quick little video to summarize you guys and will bring it back on
I was stopped for know what she had written Khazar mine was there and I put my notebook down and I was trying to find her delight, embraced her and then those like it all happened. It was everything it was just the power of the whole experience, because you got all these people around I'm giving called on my share. Parliament know: what's going on, you know at the moment, decide where women using your pc and so is the fool. Experience was like off the Richter scale and definitely after the night like connected on a different level, have been ever since I don't appear a member from the document it within every at the twenty Robin demand that I went back, I'm ready and like a bit like I'm, not ready and not ready, I'm not ready, and then it would be. A man like I have always been worried about bringing children into our relationship after last night feel pretty dancer ready for that also means, and then we will have a five year old fashioned mean seen in he's the one I cleaned out any aid, but I want you to command, and maybe three year old daughter named that's a constant battle to keep an eye on that line and passion than with the kids in everything else. In building the house, women working on forever. It's just there's so much happening. Chaos is everywhere in the train. Keep our connection together has taken mass of work, no matter how crazy light has no matter where it was going on lake heaping our connection, so we recently to human can move into a new relic of the island that we live on an instant magical, beautiful, really feeling that vision. Well, what I feel like really came to me and take the destiny, and now one thing at manifested in their length and in our work environment and just how were creating airline and finally be given
reliance and dynamic jointly as lively given up guys. I love seeing you got two children. I mean that was one of the things we are struggling with at the time. Just a relationship or whether you already where you gonna go for it can come first Balkan. Regulation. What's it like being pellets it's amazing Watson go to sleep every night and I'm just like I wouldn't traders for anything in the world happen, unless you done the work, you guys did on your relationship, and you know that the difference that created within yourself lands in that moment, when you roared those seen the film and us I was telling them out of work. Using some basic fundamental hypnotic patterns goes knock powder news is you're no longer out there you're inside yourself, and so you can rewire things and Warm Thomas, There's this moment, when member who we was abdomen story? What was that
were you internally? What with one at that moment mean do what you feel. It was a huge release. Adjust I can explain it. I think. There's just so much pact inside and just fell like my, I crack my shell exploded in and ever since and use them. Working more and myself, you know every. Every moment says what certainly gave what went up. Do you in that moment with your man when it came back over and you could feel that presents.
I mean that funny about that. I want tat children with a man. I just feel him and I knew that, no matter what came out ass, they would be ok and that he was there like. I could. I just feel he was there. You know and we have always been drew near to category five hurricanes. We ve been displaced. You offer real living, we had a baby in the middle of that we lost shut down our practice because we could keep punching and we ve been through a lot in no, and I think that that moment, that happened and the recipe of an event like I can do whatever with a man, and we have done been through a lot since then, and I fell through it and just two whole teens and impulsive. That's all you couldn't do children would use I think we have a better understanding of our future work, a great chaos, but all that, but isn't that the best testimony to both of your grove that
How is broken loose and you come close closer and the things you worried about being able to manage with kids that small compared to the external world. Could you change, read through worms, I really are give a without right away just start with here. Just amazing seeing the emotion and Bob you especially Lancelot motion. This man is gorgeous in its seven years since that five years since the film, but seven years since that time this December, so just governments yeah, beautiful as well. You know you guys are such a reflection of the human experience and just hearing all the painful in your life all the times of chaos, all the shifts of your practice and everything, and just seeing you guys, lived this seeing you put these truths to work sing you using tools. You guys look younger, you look more beautiful at european or so gorgeous. I mean it's so it's so working gorgeous through you are new azure. You can feel your business together, really hats off too If you guys, are gorgeous it's really. It's a privilege. Thank you for joining us today and it
It's me Therefore, this see that you guys took that weak at the moment that intervention and living that reality for your lives in it. Just it's. It's really going just a witness what it would you give those listening, those sing around the world people here from out of fifty eight countries right now or two hundred thousand plus people that might be struggling with issues with covered their practice. Things down or a hurricane or children a mean. Tell us tell us from your own words what what would be your best advice for them. Really ensure that, no matter what happens in the outside world, they can really continue to grow deeper together, We live in a different pattern as well. Look at that issue because there was a direct pattern: shoes, random everything, ok I'll start like that working hard to keep the love alive and the spark and just
trusting trusting the process and trusting your partner, especially the middle, tough times right? What do you think them? Bobby be revised. In such a believer in what you hear you say all the time just heard you say again, which is by happens for you not to you and everything that I feel is come our way. Our aid like I was late like we listen you no more like what is that as like? Okay, we can, you know we're being displaced, removing we're having a child in the middle of it by proposing are practising Ashley reopened, and it's like more that I've ever wanted in practice of how we ve been forced to recreate. In its like everything that has happened for ass, you now hands
just like a thing and energetic staying in the knowing mass divinity and are being lad, entrusting and allowing lifetime fall than not spending. Time saying, why is this happening or could be different but too silly honouring whatever it? Is it's coming our way interesting? That is for us. Since people begin Love you guys! Congratulations on your children! Congratulations on your love! Love to you, while less. I really just want to thank you for spend more time with us hope it watching this film and hope hope that spend a little time together. Today I remind you that we can all create a compelling future all the time you know, what do you think would be the best thing that ever happened to you? and the number one answer you around the world have been studies that do this is well. It's Y got it from its people. When the lottery and then I say what the worst thing that ever happened to you and you can all kinds of,
but the number one answer has become a Paraplegia pencil. There ve been studies on this Studies, the sea three years after the event of either winning a lottery or being an opposite. Where you lost the use of your limbs. Who do you think is happier three years later if drugs are not involve, the drugs are involved, it's off, but if the person doesn't do drugs, who did things happier at the end of three year, someone who became a lottery winner coming hundreds of millions of dollars or the person who is now quadriplegic, Paraplegia. If you wrote down the person when the latter you're wrong, you know why, because after rears that he showed their both just as happy as they were before. If you're unhappy there still unhappy happy they're happy the purse, one, the lottery gets upset because everybody wants something from them and is no longer about their relationships the studies showing that the persons Paraplegia get, they can move a finger officer. There's this incredible appreciation for the
Little is things in life, so thinking that when the world, no longer covered or when things go back. Everything be be: that's bs, if you, if you really want things to be great, you what's happening inside that's what this event called date would does things about about six days. It's once a year it coming. December and we'd love to serve you if it makes sense, but if not, I hope today's inspired. You just wanted to thank you for your willingness, interesting gorgeous spirit, zero are all so lovely and for the generosity of the people who share today our prayers that you were reminded in that you recalled, and that, through their sharing and through this entire afternoon, that you ve touched upon something more deeply inside yourselves are remembered a truth inside yourself that you feel more freedom, more openness and that your soul. Obviously college you here, I judge Yes, it's just that hunger is what guides us, and it's all led us to this moment and we pray to see you and eat with destiny. Does it serve you. I know that our password cross in and thank you for your greatest hearts. We love you, God bless
see you in December, love you all thanks for turning into this episode of the tiny rapids podcast the you just heard all about date with destiny is held just once a year in December and does sell out. If you're interested in having some of the same breakthroughs as the people you just heard from or are you just want to learn more after hearing Tony and sage talk about it, go to D, w de virtual dot com that D, w de virtual dotcom, we hope to see you there the charter of his pipe cast his directed by Tony Robins and produced by the chinese summons team. Cop, eight robins, research, international.
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