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Shaun White’s Ultimate Redemption | Tony finds out how this Olympian and X-Games champion made a single decision that led him to greatness

2019-01-10 | 🔗

Success leaves clues. If someone has done very well financially decade over decade, they’re not lucky - they’re doing something different. If someone is fit and healthy for 20 years, they’re not lucky - they understand what it takes. They have a strategy that works, and if you follow that path and sow the same seeds, you’ll not only save yourself decades of trial and error, you’ll be that much closer to operating on the level that you want to be.

Perhaps your goal is to become so mentally fit that absolutely nothing will stand in your way. Maybe you’re ready to take your physiology to the next level and be in a peak state of fitness. Or maybe you’ve drawn that line in the sand, refusing to live a single day longer in suffering, and are ready to start living a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment.

Whatever it is, we can all learn from others who have been there and already overcome the challenges that we are facing. If you want lasting results, you must keep growing. What can you learn by studying others’ paths to success?

In this first episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast Peak Performers season, you’ll have a front-row seat as Tony sits down with three-time Olympic gold-medalist Shaun White - who holds the record for most X-Games gold medals and most Olympic gold medals by a snowboarder.

Shaun was an unlikely athlete. Born with an actual hole in his heart, he went through several operations when he was just a child. But that hardly slowed him down. He was skateboarding by 5 years old and snowboarding soon after. By 13 he went pro, and began competing in everything from halfpipe to slopestyle, making a name for himself in the X-Games. Along the way, every failure or missed opportunity only fueled his competitive drive, and soon propelled him into the Olympics - where the highs and lows not only took a toll, but ultimately helped Shaun become the athlete, and the man he was truly meant to be.

Shaun talks to Tony about his lifelong journey to becoming one of the most successful snowboarders in history, the uphill battle back from devastating injury and a massive loss at Sochi, and the ultimate redemption at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. They delve into what it means to embrace risk, to absolute importance of mental and physical fitness, and why a single decision can lead you down the path to greatness.


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visit Tony Robin Stockholm, Slash results scheduled free session. Today. Welcome back to the tenure ovens. Podcast were kicking off this new year with an exciting season of peace. Performers Tony Mary and I are sitting down with some of the greatest athletes, thought, leaders and literal gain changes in the entire world and digging into the strategy's tools and processes that helped them to achieve absolute mastery in their sport domain. Industry, these are the top of the tree Why are we doing this because success leaves clues if some has done very well financially decade. Over a decade there not lucky they're, doing something different If someone is fit and healthy for twenty years there not lucky either they understand what it takes. They have a strategy that works and if you follow that path, and so the same seeds you'll not only save yourself. In years of
an error. He'll be back much closer to operating on the level that you want to be. Perhaps your goals to become so mentally said that absolutely nothing was done in your way. Maybe you're right tinker, physiology to the next level and being stated fitness, or maybe you ve, drawn that line in the sand and refuse to live a single day longer and suffering, and we are ready to start living a life of happiness, joy and fulfilment whatever it is. We can all learn from others who have been there and already overcome challenges that we're facing. If you won't lasting results, you must keep growing. What can you learn by studying others to success in this first episode of our peak performers season. You'll have a front receive as Tony sits down with three time Olympic Gold Medalist Sean White, who holds the record for the most ex games. Gold medals and most olympic gold medals by a snowboarder shown was an unlikely athlete. He was born with an action
hole in his heart and he went through several operations when he was just a kid, but that hardly slowed him down. He was skateboarding by five snowboarding soon, after and by thirteen. He went pro and began competing in everything from half pipe to slip style. Making a name for himself and Ex games along the way. Every failure or missed opportunity only fuelled his competitive drive and soon propelled him into the Olympics, where the highs and lows not only took at all but ultimately help Sean become the athlete and the man he was true He meant to be shown talks to Tony about his life, long journey to becoming one of the most successful snow borders in history, the uphill battle back from devastating injury and a massive loss at Sochi and the ultimate redemption at the two thousand eight teen paean king optics. They go into what it means to embrace risk: absolute import,
of mental and physical fitness and why a single decision can lead you down the path to greenness. Also arise. Welcome all the worse, a privileged to everybody. We thank you. Thank you. We brought you cause this session is gonna, be out of the come back and we only want to work with the greatest of all time aid for exports, but we also specifically for you. I told you personally the way You ve got with challenge or tragedy, lots of people come great. Can you take those heads and come back there? a rare commodity, even more rare than the rest. The goats and Maya Gonna think he saw we're just proposed, have united, they start to somebody. Realize you're a pro with seven years old is correct or twas a twelve hour scene
sponsored it saddens me crazy. I mean I started nobody, the local resort, my mom and everybody around the Moussa he's pretty good. Let's put em on a contest, and I want I was really fast and that just kind of like kick started this whole thing and then they didn't make boards my size at that point, because I was so small, so my mom called the local use, no recovery, she knew and they put us in touch with birds. No words, and I was sponsored a seven. So that's what it started by pro out there. I always say I have about ass. I gave you also in view of the most winds of anybody in this x gains history, because you have both Europe and escape order, and what did you turn brother, thirteen or fourteen or download a little later is actually around sixteen sixty odd, but I always stated just as hard justice passionately during the summer I off season. I really feel like that was the thing that kept me interested in snow it's because I would take time away go skate. My whole world was involved in this. It was in the sunshine and what not I kind of missed the mountain. He also
at sixteen. I decided to start professionally skateboard him, and then that was it was also milk, as I started at the was at the top of it game and snowboarding. I had to start all the way at the bottom again and skating, but it was like this fun sort of, like you know like watching the first spider man yeah. I guess I learn in his power to get here on time in my way out- and I just did it over here so finally out matching winning summer and withdrawal of metals- rather eastward enjoy one more than the other. You know, It was always the one that I wasn't doing at the two things are probably surfing the most. I love surfing I would like never get to do it. I'm actually Sean after shown, Thomson Professional, south african surfer dad love surfing while which was a trip today, because I'm walking the beach and this little kid runs up to me and he's like. Are you John? Why again. He said, I'm I'm named after you.
I think, there's on the beach, I told you I'm, I know that's so you tell us ecology of a seven year old or a teenager. You know who's now. You know. Who's now starts to compete What was your minds that? Did you? Did you decide? I want to be the greatest of all time and what I'm doing and what was your minds I think from the get go. I believed I could do it. You know, seem so real to me had already gotten sponsors. I was already winning competitions and I saw the pros you don't make a great living out what they are doing and I just figured like God. If I could just get to that point. You know I think I could make it up a living out of this and then Things really like I don't know it's all these weird circumstances. It came into play you now being from southern California. You wouldn't think go pro snowboarder. Everybody thinks I've
growing up in Vermont or Colorado center like that, but no, I actually like I hated the cold. I had asthma as a kid I was born with a heart defect is called tetralogy of fellow, so I had to have multiple surgeries to at times was called a blue baby you're not getting up oxygen in your bloodstream itself from the get go. I was supposed to be very inactive sluggish child, and you know my parents were never set those boundaries on me. So, of course, I like I want to do that and along the way what who's been most influential on your career and why? Probably my brother, my others rather yeah yeah Jesse, seven years older, actually, half brother, my mom had him in Hawaii and then moved back to the mainland and met my father had my sister and myself, but he was just a guy that was always doing the new trick or wherein the new cool clothing and we're such age gap that, like I, just wanted him to lie.
Me so badly and he wanted nothing to do with me. I was that alcohol like red, headed, so did you get your brother, did a great deal to the of why I could never beat him anything ping pong monopoly, not nothing. He and then finally, like I'd chipped away, item and and finally became better, but I think that's a lot of my competitiveness came from that road does. And then both the first thing. You beat him out that you had before, we hope that they might finally beat him in ping pong. It was glorious. Although I just kind of but I didn't, I didn't celebrate it just it This internal matters like that with smart, Cathy, can only stood older brother sire. I gave of that, but it was added and then I started you know women this network access and that it really can be realized tat. I was on a different path in him:
and is he's doling out at you see proud of you. You connect internet yeah you know. What's amazing, we worked together for years. He was always is very creative guy, and so he was always doing. You know illustrations in would set. Schools are things like that and dumb. He would do all the graphics for my snowboard for my skateboards. He would help me design signature products for the sponsors I wrote for we had is really great thing going for a long time and then I think it was just before so cheap, probably the Olympics in Sochi that we, we kind of parted ways working together, but then we wake reconnected. Actually, after so cheap and reliable, wandered away, ass, beautiful
How? What did he say to you after because out of them on the top of times in your career, recommend subjects as yet? Energy is where the first time we talk about Europe and the third one yeah all these big expectations, which had an enormous pressure on the area and then he walked away with noble everyone. You, when the gold yeah tell us what that was like an indigenous appears. While your brother responded very worthy of sport, you know it's touches. At that moment that we weren't, really. You know he was off doing his life and I'm doing my life and then this kind of crazy thing happened like I had never been to the Olympics and lost before it, so wow hey! This is what that's like ed and you think, like all you just get past it in you, don't you know honestly, still asked me about their rights and where did you get over like no, I never got a thing. I think the scar you have fallen off your bike as a kid like yours, it's just a part of you now and you will know.
Do that again. You know what our things by river him come up to me and he was just yeah. I just felt for me it s really there to be my brother, you not to be a business partner, not to be anything but just like my brother, which was really great european, are actually a lot of soul. Searching happened after that Olympics. For me, you know at the top of the half pipe. It wasn't that I wasn't physically strong enough to win and I just wasn't there mentally yeah, which is I wish it was physical way easier to go to a budget sit up like all right. You know their hit. The elliptical, like your head right as way harder I wanted to help us out tell us what would your head like going into it because it was off going into a little better as a lot of time in looking back in hindsight, there's a lot of things that were off, but when you're, so in it it's hard to see at that time and that's, it was amazing afterward I got to sit there go
man. If I did it again, I would do this differently that differently, but at the time going for so I just remember. I had won the first Olympics and I thought that the who's gonna change life in a did in many ways, but in other ways it wasn't exactly what I had picture. Where did you figure with you just solve every problem? I ever had like others I was. I was that up and come in snow. And I finally, like I did it. I won the gold medal gun I mean jumping around, but at that Olympics I was nineteen. You know what I always wanted: a certain amount of credibility and respect assisting sport like snow, worrying that was still new down? You know who actually I'm not borne smug away, but you know you gave credible its mouth I think the first icon about sport yeah they are still the bitterest will. I mean it was tough at the time because when I started
nobody. There was no Olympic Ex Games just started and it was like a very odd sort of spore itself, even the school I attended. They said they wouldn't help me with extra. Yeah no schooling or anything because it it find my sport legitimate wilder like it you're, not a horseback riding tennis, you don't wanna have a category. Four years ago I added up going to this outrage programme for like pregnant teens, kids. They couldn't function in normal school settings, these things that I could get my schooling done has read reports about our full yeah yeah, and I just remember being with the snowboarder that got his g. Then he regretted it I remember hearing that and being like I'm not going to do what he did, I'm going to finish school and I'm going to you know I don't know. I was always kind of feel like after Tony HAWK was my friend I mean I was just telling like a sponge to the people that were around me I remember hearing that from a fellow writer and it's like okay, I'm not going to do what he did. I'm going to finish school want to do this and that, but it was always a challenge to come to that point, and I could be sitting next to anybody on the plane in first class,
so whatever envy liking, I won the Ex caves twenty times that's cool, it's drapery! Would you like a liquid gold medal there, like all of you, I understand- and I feel maybe you didn't mean as much to meet her when the gold medal, but it men to the world, and I noted that sort of kind of you- no feedback needed that sort of redemption from what was going on at the time, because it was a struggle, the whole way and then said. The second limping was just the cement it s like that, wasn't a fluke that I won the first time, I'm gonna be the basking out on the first one creative going towards the difference going into that first, one versus second versus third, oh god. First, what was just like tat to be like I made it. You know why
the family. You feel certain that you'd, when the girl did you how about in four internally within your before our positive, I was like critic Gung HO, but they have five qualifying events that led up to it and measure the whole thing. I want all five events. I actually one every single competition. I entered that year, not only half pipe slope style rail to delete these rail feature competitions, but it's a great story because the year before, I got completely destroyed. All you really beat me to I'd even make podium annex games yeah, so this wild scenario, where I was trying to win- and I had this break out year when I was fifteen, I finally like one competition or two- and I got two silver Metals- are Ex games, and I was like right here right now right when they put the silver met. Allow me I'm like I'm coming back next year and I'm gonna win the double gold Austin. I finally came back. I want to gold medals
dreams come true. I finally like I'm getting these deals. Are these things are happening next year? I'm on my way, I just one, the sloped all competition, I'm heading to my second double goal, just one qualifying and then my negroes out in qualified I'd never been injured. Before I was yeah, I was seventeen yeah, sorry, fifteen. Sixteen one, the double hulled seventeen, the negroes out in I'd, never been injured. You know, they're, like you need to get church. No you don't need to get surgery. I never been to Jim in my life was so. Unlike what do I do? And I you know I got through that and so a teen I show back up and my coming to reclaim. My throne did just walk right into an end. This border change, the guy's left me behind and- and I got fourth place, I'm so happy that happened because it gave me that to them. Like now I tasted the I tasted man and the glory in the whole deal like it's. It's too soon suggests fade away.
Like undefeated season. And what did you in your head decide how you gonna beat these guys and what did you in your head decide how you gonna beat these guys who had? How did the sport changes that the sport change and you're gonna back and do it yeah what did shifted in you do to shift yourself to make economic and I'm only aware of the big come back, but this is just as bigger come back in the age of your life wool. Because of the injury, it taught me how to take care of myself, because I was just like our cool z, pizza Taking the cheer lived, foregoing down. Hill is not, as you know, athletic, but I started hit the gym every single day in two rehab. You know, like you come out of surgery. I had no idea. My leg had like disappeared long enough from the atrophy of of surgery. All these things, and so I had to like build my shrank back up. All those things amounted to me coming to win eventually, so those are, the lot of things are came into play to get me there. You would have done otherwise nerves. Never, never!
their lives always happening for us not to us is our job to figure out where that better There's a lot of amazing ups and downs. That kind of put me in these types of situations- and I think I can safely say that through my career, every great moment of mine has been followed by like one of the worst You know just before it had had a really really terrible upset in my life, regions. Only that pattern before Sochi, or did you become aware of it after Sochi, I think I became aware after said she had a man. Because I had like sit with myself and kind of figure at all. Oh wow. What's the deal and gas and I'd been so gung ho this whole time like I just gonna win another Olympics. I just gotta one another time, and I don't know I remember just sitting there and I'm like I'm, not gonna win. This is awful like I was a truck trapped in my own head, watching a movie of myself losing and I couldn't do anything about it. It's a afterwards and my boy. I guess you got what
You know a lot about Europe's last summer, like I'm, gonna, win an easy discipline I haven't got it like. We were there when the same, and this time it was like. I can. If you go later, it's called the colts is the ban and it's called always forever. It's the slowest sad as such, listen, you do it every day for the person was paradise, city guns and roses second was, I think, back and black, a cd sea and then and then the slow said, saw Missus funny, because at the time- and I didn't think about it- you know like ours is where I met in a lot of crazy things had happened at that point, so the wind to just kind of make it then the second wind was to solidify who I am and and and then it was like, do it again here, but I didn't that life Susan needed. So what you you'd frighted yourself on this incredible drive that you know
Your brother is a part of that right. What do you think the drive came from and what do you think go away in that time period, you know. Just I think life just gave me other interests. You know I've been doing for so many years, yet tough, you now I started looking at it and I remember watching certain athletes, I'd heard of and in watching their their competitions and things, and you can just tell when someone's got the fire in the dung and it so hard to make yourself wanted to do that. You can't just like wake up and like psychomotor loved this person snow, you gotta feel it inside, and so I remember going through the motions- and I'm just thinking like I'm really good at this or if I just go down myself into the ground like a just like coasts through and wind. Like you know what I got the tricks, I could just do it now at a time where I bit off even more than I could I can chew at that point attitude
when I also living interactions outside of the sport lol of it it within this war to the deliberate now took on half hype, an slope Zile says I commoner with both of these, and I was like try. I always dreamt of like plain guitar band, I was like I'm not gonna give that dream up, just because no wording, and so my interests were kind of like foreign All- was trembling spanish. At the top of a very goal. Oriented sat all these random goals and dumb, then it just kind of finally was weighing on me and then social media happened. If you like the difference between hearing about a party you missed and then just having like this feed revolving feed
this shows what your friends are doing. Your arms dealers and the kid you on the street is this tall now and I got to see life passing UNESCO and the trading road yeah yeah, it's like the interstellar moment when he sees the whole life flashed before his eyes. I gotta those things and I'm up in the mountains and in think about it's called from the beach I'm already and motivated slightly and now ask me to do something: that's like very dangerous gets out of my comfort level through the window of opportunity to actually accomplish such was like very, very small. How did your turn my back around because As you know, we always talk about due to visas, part about the accident for a moment of Britain, and anyone know they learn new. I unbelievable accident think wasn't bridge of it tell us that it was the worst maxim of your career. Yeah you're couldn't reckoning as yourself. I guess it affected your eyesight and some worth what the how when you meet
amount about situation. You can't even recognize herself, goes to you. How could this happen? What forty five months before Sochi there? Yet it was just before. I only laugh because I just join, beats headphones and they are like. We need opposed to everybody's posting. Today we got serenely, brought all these people and, like all right, you want to purchase Moreover, you know, but it was heavy, it's one of things where I was. I took you to pull back slightly I'd like found that new love for this board. I, like built a new team, round later. How did you do that? Those that all I mean I I literally like, went through every single piece of my life. It kind of picked it apart, says, echoes social media is both in the air. I wanna go, do this and have a better life for trail of my life and what it's all about cars at the time like us having all these weird sponsor posts, India, my fans were in the car
I am not very happy about it and yet you know all the way to like I'd, never really dedicated myself to this war in a way like you know why work out, if you can win that working outside nowhere, I should be kind of myself. If it's this easy for me now, I should like really give it my also I got a trainer, I gotta physical therapists. I changed my business manager. I changed my agency. I worked with I reconnecting with my family in a big way like my brother had talked about with such a huge part of my life than all of a sudden. There wasn't, and so I reconnected with him. Sister and I made it fun to be on the mountain. Normally I would go up there and I'm out I had this bad rep with all the other snowboarder cause. I would do my thing and I would leave immediately because its it during a bubble of amount.
Town I can't go out, need it's not known as a low price it or did you know I saw in my life's back home, and so you know I made it fun to be on the mountain again. I'm I found that excitement and I had a younger rider with me. Yes, so everything is new. Ireland, Japan Authority, but my hey check this out. You know like the vending machines, like heat, your copy, like you know, we're not afforded we'll have as little beginning. We like he's late is incredible. You know, and you are kind of like reliving- it threw him and then another store. I could tell you about which is really great, but the coach that actually brought along the road with me. He beat me when I was fifteen by three tenths of a point.
Going to the two thousand to Olympics, really last guy to drop in I'm in first place. He comes down and beat me by the returned. The boy wall so thankful that and he catapulted me all the way to that point when I was sixteen to win before the knee injury got me to the olympic Winds and then Sochi eventually got me personally so when the accident happened, then you were good you're too great mindset and was just have a Miss Johnson. What happened and how did you know that was the top part I just like found the new love. You want me to do this and then, like I'm having the best ever their play and like all this classic rocket, pipe, which is a rarity they loved his pump in this crazy techno stuff and sell my the Classic Rock day Adam? I'm writing things are going to make in the other competitors there and I'm just like landing. My heart is true,
in their face and feel in it not about time, acting very nonchalant about it hours and then I'm thinkin, ok, you know what I'm finally able to do. This combination that I want to do and I got to the top of the pipe and I and I went forward on this one wall that was just ass. She had no business doing it, they're just wanted it so badly, and I thought, if I just gave it enough, it would work in ages. Didn't I hit, top of the wall, which is the war itself. Has twenty two feet all so I was out a good twentysomething see. I click the top of the day need. How far you above the wall above the law. Good, like twenty twenty three feet out: forty four forty five yeah.
So we were going and its downhill full on you, no kind of icy icy Wall Cosette. What does it get the sun at times a day, so I click the top of the deck of the half pipe and what happened is, as you know, my back just gets bent over the coping of the of the railing there, and then I fly to the bottom and catch. My toes and I hit my face, and then you know about my eyes- are full of snow, the wet blood everywhere and under thinking like, oh, my god, what happened so quick and that was the the hardest has now I'm at the hospital. You know next thing you know I'm having the best data like I'm in the hospital and my have faces like hang in apart there, like you know what we're gonna get you into surgery any minute. So just like we want did you up now. You did normally, though, just kind of patch. You a little for the big surgery decked out, pushed and pushed in first, so like eleven at night, like we're gonna, do it
Some sit there. It like wet cloth in my face thinking what happened like? Is this really worth it? I really want this. That was the big challenge. There is like him. I really a bit tell him myself I'm into this, but do I really want to get back up because getting back out on the snow doesn't necessarily mean this is gonna happen again, but I'm taking a chance and I'm prepared to let this
happened to myself again. You know you ve really got mindset was I have to be willing to notice could happen again. Example eyes. I can get my all exactly. Are you sure this women's? We talk about talk people about you're, gonna, write out everything you wouldn't want to have happened to achieve what you wanted. You won't get over those woman to do that. You don't usually have to clear, but then there is no hold back in your exactly like this is here's what we're dealing with? Unlike answer- and I I you know, I made the very simple but valuable lesson of like what not to do my I'm, not gonna ever. Do that again, I'm gonna wait till the pipes gray, I'm gonna wait till it happens, and so I waited and waited and waited all the way to the limpets. I didn't even do that, run it at that I did at the Olympics. Until I got there are used, it wasn't Ryan. I wasn't gonna, listen so so that move that you made him up to the final third run. When you made the third run yeah, it was a second here was the trick, and I was the one you got injured on previous years
I had I had done. I had done like to to get over the scare of it in cholera and then I got to the big idea: what to do the combination of the fourteen into the four other fourteen, and that was the one that put me in the hospital, and I was terrified to do it on its own, let alone doing a giant trick into it, because it's all connected, and so I just knew that if you got me to the Olympics and I'm
standing there at the top of going to do it, I'm gonna, do it like you can not do it, so I will sit now like my coaches dislike here. Ok, like we can way, you know I'm in it's like this bad dream. I hadn't like runnin around trying to find good conditions to do the trick. I you know this half pipe. Did it get enough snows that wasn't? It was kind of like one key conditions and then this one, the storm came and I'm just freaking out like window my going to do this trick, but in my heart I knew if I got there and had the pressure is gonna. Do it so the first time I ever tried, the combination was in the second run, and so by the third run on like ok. I'm will make this because I got that first chance referendum go well, you didn't go your land partially, because I deep down think I didn't you know I didn't I want to do it really badly. It wasn't have. I didn't have to do it? Yes, so that third run came through and it was. It was a mast and sell it
and I told you before we go the third one go back one of talks about a hundred scoring, I'm dreaming, I mean that's it we know what that means. You and Tibet come about yeah that possible. You know it it was a similar scenario which is while you know I show to the half pipe, and I mention the younger rider re guys names. Toby, he's really excited to ride every morning, so he's like practice starts at this time. I don't do that. I show up maybe a couple minutes. Twenty minutes before I need, like who runs and I'm ready to go because tell me over trade will learn later on their you show up and do the run perfect. Ten times your odds of doing it perfectly contests go down, but I'm like ok I'll, go with you classic over practised. You know I'm tired at this point. In the first run I saw everybody fall and I get really excited
they haven't, saw like amateur barium finnish, like they're down sir, to give you the real and God for your brother, the heirs of so you know. Over apt, and I go away too big and my legs retired, I couldn't hold onto the Jeez the force of the have by and so that in a go. Well, second run was beautiful, it's just I got to the bottom and I pulled off the wall too far and that the light throughout the day you know the sun's travelling over. By the time I got my run. It had moved this walls in the shade. Now I could see the lander super frustrated now sitting there going ok. This is this is the second to last a lit the qualifying event like I need to podium on this one. I need to make the team there's commercials running of me being the Olympic like hopeful, and I haven't made the team, yet
Some freaking out on the chair live thinking, God. How am I gonna do this and I just can't event in the stuff to my coach J J. At this point I gotta know man like em over. Let's just go to whatever and knowing that he's gonna give me back there, You know I go you're off it's cool waiting for, though I feel you're out. Could I just waiting for be handed back to me, you know, and so he gets me excited again. I get to the top of the pipe he's like just play it safe man. We just need to get the podium will get on the team. Will finish. Korea got to the top of the pipe everybody's. Putting these amazing runs down out of nowhere they're all crushing it and they look at me in there like, or would you want to do and I'm standing at the top Why? What do you mean? I thought we're gonna play it safe, the Reich Wall, you I need to win. This disagrees down and oh my god, like they're, like you know, do do the hard run did. Why are we holding back right now
I've been I've been so good, a shrine, these hard tricks all day in the goal which was to just play it safe and make the team and then right when they're like just when the thing. Yes, I do a lot more we're like. Why are we? Where are we trying to settle like? Why? Don't we just do what we came you to do, and so I can- EL. I gave him the work and I dropped in a crush this run, and not only did I, I win the event that then I locked up my spot on the tender for the. U S and I got a perfect hundred score, which was so that was like the real come back story from the injury you have just come back and to win that thing in it and people are talking about at the last round. I had to do it. I did it in and for me at that moment, that was like that gratified sort of moment. Why realise the rest is just kind of bonus at that. For my internal so because you right before come back about fish, so it sounds like you're them,
the most guy like one of the most? That's when you delivery. I guess that's not nobody's lot? We thought we were during your hard work. What do? I think that I wrote down of yours. Twenty three million people yet tuned in Dubai, while the most in history for that support for you, but people we are used to the japanese man who took the lead right yeah. Just in the context of that everybody thought. If you were yes, stand and there I put in this amazing first run and I'm thinking like I'm went so big on the first ten. It's all about the amplitude. How high out you? the judges, love it and I went bigger than I think I've ever gone before and I get to the bottom, and I like through my heart I dislike, wanted to get the stuff off face. You know I threw my home it and as I want sailor. Like that's my only home, it why I like? I would carried over. I need that bad. You know so excited, because I think I just one honestly every single time I bid to the Olympics I've one with the first run and then I got was called the victory lap. Everybody goes,
stand at the top and no one b to score so everybody. You doing all right runs and I'm thinking this might just be enough. Cuz, that's the one that got me a hundred you're at the last competition. So I think I might have just one. This thing celebrate to send you never know, and so I get my home it back actually borrowed per goggles for some one in the my with snow, he said give a sounding the off in practice the aerodynamic goggled persons gonna grey areas like me. Yes, for America here take yeah I get to the top and the second runs going through and I use the Japanese never put down this amazing incredible run bumps my score by like a pointer to, and I'm thinking got a care. I really would have loved to have coasted in with my metal.
And in restoring no, no, I don't I totally. I was like on the fence of what run to do some standing there and I'm thinking like all right. Well, it's very clear what I have to do and I'd never done that, combination before some a little timid inside and I'm just thinking, ok, cool, I don't u realising. This is probably the last one of you can hear me. We ve got your minds that those there's gonna be a last limping or this isn't. I hope I don't think I mean the kind kind of kind have an hour afterward? I was like feeling I get to that, but, like you know, really just found that that loving they reminded you were thinking? This is necessarily, alas, run per se, but they that's aren't they framed and until we can share of Jane Eyre this is there anything. The guy who's been everywhere number two yeah. So I don't remember. The second run, obviously just didn't go to plan ahead the nerves and, in that third random, like okay,
only have like a system of dropping in, like I wait for the for the third guy in front of me to God in the second and then it's my turn, and I made a statement in qualified on a visa qualifying was like a full battle just to win that spot, because if you win qualifying, you gets a drop in last you get the last say, and I won't. I dreamt every night of being in this position. Every single moment, I'm like I just gotta, get there are gonna win. The qualifying in you, gonna, put me in the start. Gate in this is what's gonna happen and saw how to make that and I like, come to reality and some standing there and think you like this is my moment and everybody was kind of asking me they like. I saw your eyes you, your goggles, in what was happening, and I swear it was like I don't have you seen. I describe things in movies because I just love movies but seem bagger Vance.
Perfect. Shaw. I've just sit there. I could see it. I could see the whole run. I looked at the flag at the side of the pipe it marks if its windy or not the things not moving at all, I'm like there's no wind. This no stop, maybe a little sunshine. I recognise the song that was plain and our like. It was like this hip hop Sosa. These names posts Maloney like this. This, I think, is always rockstar but J J, those guys had been put it in the car alive. I note the sound and as I am going to win this thing this is this is my moment I should take like kind of like this screen grab my that tony heart take a moment to like Sabre it and dumb, and you did- and I did it honestly at that point kind of went on autopilot like I just draw again
and I gave it that in the beginning and end Jj and them know me- they just gave me like a simple everyday high five. You know what to do at that point: you're your own worst enemy. If you let the nerves get to you, you all those things I might get the same. Two walls same thing, I've been doing since I was a kid and that's how you got to approach it. It's sort of this like complete, focus with a slight bit of not caring and I dropped in, and I remember that the first hit really like I said it's connected. The first hit set the tone the whole run, so I just started with this huge hare went big and I knew if I landed that solid. That was the best chance. I was gonna have of completing the combination fourteen to fourteen and then once the second fourteen hit. Ok, now you get that, second wind of light. Does the fires building? Am I okay? I just got to finish it inside get through the five hundred and forty, the double Mctwist one thousand two hundred and sixty, which is like a big big deal at the
who really like I created this would, of course, one of your exact the air and saw like this is my trick. When a land. This one of course, and it was at last it the last. It is the last hit the workers you know cause You can t by thinking one wall ahead, but at the last had lasted so I go up and I'm just like please, he had heard I and I remember, making a mental map of the run before where I had come up, and you see these blue lines on the half pipe and remember the blue line, be like really in my face. I gave it a little extra on this run and I was expecting to see that little blue line and I was a good like five six feet above its eye like casually landed as like. That was just such a great way to start at with this huge hammer and finish perfect,
I was just grave. You I've never see I've watched you for years and then with them. I've never seen you cry before all the. What did it means you gotta just met the world to me honestly, like the moment since Sochi happen I'll just like why why couldn't you have just like that deep and then, like sailed into the sunset they re like his is the thing on your record: that's gonna, be a boys been to the Olympics. Four times is one twice a year now and I knew I could win us all these things going on the injury me, my mom and call me she's like you're done. Please stop over. You know like you, you, you ve, made a great living off. This bore you ve got gold medals people, you know, respect and love you. You know. What's the deal I'm like I I just know I can do it. I know I can do it. I know what I want and how to get it and dumb so right when they hit me with the score and I'd want to just like
at last it you know and the whole families there. I think it's it's it's so heavy when the family there, because they know how much they know the inner workings of Illinois. Everything over the phone, you had a whole tat like the first day, one after associate the couch dislike misery boy you like those elements, and I like the ups and downs in like missing their birthdays and things to go to the jam or to be here like every single thing, like what you d, how you sleep? Well everything feeds into this moment, which is crazy. This one moment in time like a couple hours, but you executed yeah you're, a psycho I saw just broke down because it meant the world to me in the come back from that. It just meant that I took the right steps and I gave it the right amount of time and I do not. I always think it's like the little things that can push it over the edge so, like I watched my competitors like don't get second replace and like go party and celebrate, and I'm like I'm gonna hit the chip good for you. What if it's like that little extra thing, I did
couple more sit up more, and that was the extra talk that got me into the flag on an ivory different from export of houses. Like any little thing, I can do to like separate myself from them and like look like I want, and I'm hit the job they got second and their lot got any made us all these things. How I always try to like think of ways to really kind of go the extra mile. What do you think makes a champion? And if you had a coach someone who's going to a rough time, it's been Europe incredibly successful, and then they took the crash, because most people do. Ray. I must cover from the crash of coregos needed physical crash last potential of business or emotional relationship close. What do you think makes somebody a champion would sought to make you a jihad and then what does it take to come back after that? You coach somebody ought, if you were coaching somebody yeah them through a tough time. You know I mean only through my own experiences is that, like Sochi, obviously was one of the biggest subsets in my career, my life and I'm sitting there like once the tears and everything a dried up
like I'm gonna turn this into the greatest thing that ever happened to me. He made for this in our lifetime and I'm on it. I'm gonna! Let this moment define you know like these other times in my life so rip through my past some like when I didn't actually win that it till I get ass before and you know after the United States, not her condition in you know. Now, I'm a bit of sports stars, revealing all these things in my life and like this is going to make this. The greatest thing has happened,
I really got right with myself, which I didn't you know we were you, you lift waits to build muscles. You do that. You eat this food to feel this way, but till I get your mind right was something I never really approach. I had a bunch of different books. I was reading things and does it really really helped get me on the right path, but I made that that decision you know- and I think that's for people to realise and understands- is solid to you so sitting when I go to a competition and I and I lose out, I'm like great. You know I'm if I show up and when I'm like a cam exactly
I need to be a right all right on the track them, the outgoing. If I lose it got this perfect crystal picture of where I need to be while you're at it mean it. You got project that way. You can ever really lose it. Others, no mistakes! Unless you, if you learn from them, is I kind of like go through it, and so that's. Why all that kind of, like soul, searching and stuff happened after Sochi, bring me back, but you gotta really clearly define what you want men, the things that kind of like brought you to this path. To like, like I mention the you know this cut on my face, you know I'm never going to do that again and I waited till the prestige time to do it in so it's like actually learning from those mistakes, not just kind of like Sandia learn. I will do that again, but we really learning from that mistake from Saint going forward cause it's a part of you now, but that. That's kind of like is making it is making a choice as a solely. We talk this week about what people want to make a change. The most important thing is to make that decision reasonable compensation, because research and what is good,
mean to you not letting the world to find what it means. You're right, what's coming, youth has great, but then a second step process conditioning ourselves so that we advocate a third is putting a system in place so that you can do what you did, which is let go about your unconscious. Take over rarely happen once you're there totally that's. Why so? You know you mentioned the next Olympics and things like that, I'm I gotta go. I don't even listen to the stuff on the on the television, because so what I feel is I like you. I feel I got it in me. Then I got it in me. It's kind of like I know the feeling of Sochi trying to like kicked the dead horse and get myself to this point just didn't work, but if I feel it inside now, I can go. Do it so literally I'm driving to get my metal- and I texted this this incredible. Molly who works for me, and I said hey when is the qualifying for the Skateboarding Olympics, however, bringing escape worryingly skateboarding twenty twenty in Japan every call on its like
The motivation would be there because of totally different weather. All this, you know it's just a different set up. I think of you put me back out in the snow again right now and maybe go for the next Olympics. It be a really tough sort of journey to get there, but I'm excited in the fact I mentioned the second Snowboarding Olympics because are the next in twenty twenty two in China, because after I'm done skating, I'm gonna hate skating, almost go, I'm gonna wanna go snowboard life standing right here. Right now, you couldn't get dragged me to the mountain. Yes, but after two whole years escape ordered, like I'm gonna, be ready to go back, and I would have this fire that those other competitors won't do act as a bit in the same thing, everyday trying to find that passion to give them going, and it's tough for all people. You know it's all. It's all. Do you know if you eat in the same shiro every day is sick of it? Instead, I think that might be the nice council
that in my life that would actually bring me back to the next winter Olympics. So thats excise on yesterday's so keep an eye out. We're gonna, be there with you open podcast, is directed by twenty robins and hosted by twenty Robinson, Mary Buckheit and New York. Is the executive producer and steps in as occasional host digital sitting by Junior carve a hall and Adrian Dilatory. Copyright robins reach, international.
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