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Sneak Peak: Q & A w/ Tony Robbins During Last Year’s Free Breakthrough Challenge

2022-01-21 | 🔗
This year, Tony is doing his third and final free challenge online: The Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge. These challenges, created in 2020 when millions around the world were stuck at home, have made Tony’s work accessible to more than 1 million people, changing lives around the world.

By spending just a few hours a day for a week with Tony, we have seen people shed weight, create passionate relationships and take their businesses to the next level. 

In this episode, we share some of the most impactful audience questions and Tony’s answers from last year’s challenge that shifted the way our participants’ viewed the world and their lives, creating breakthroughs immediately for both them and the entire audience.

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[0:11] The Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge

[1:40] How do I let go of the things that I cannot control and react with a positive mindset?

[2:02] The Idea of control is an illusion. What is real is influence.

[3:04] Expectations lead to suffering

[3:35] Focus, physiology and language

[4:50] Focus on what you can control

[7:28] How do I find a purpose that will pay me?

[9:35] The difference between soul and economics.

[13:03] Work hard, keep improving yourself and your gifts will make room for you.

[15:50] How long does the celebration of reaching a goal last for you?

[16:45] Goal is not to achieve your goal, the goal is for you to grow.

[16:57] Progress=happiness

[17:41] The biggest mistake in people’s businesses.

[18:40] How do you stop self-sabotage

[20:44] Masculine and feminine energy

[21:44] Mature v. immature

[23:08] How to change your conditioning

[25:11] Cold plunge example

[27:15] The Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge


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You're about a year and exclusive sneak peak into tony Robins is break your challenge offered completely for free this fine day, transformational band starts Tuesday and generate what effect. This will be Tony's, third and final time offering its free event when we first it in twenty twenty over three hundred thousand people attended. It was a shock, but the world had shifted overnight and people do this more than ever last year. We could not do it again, because the world hadn't opens back up and it was still needed. We had over eight hundred thousand people attend from all over the world per week, street a transformation was unbelievable, this year Tony, is committed to over delivering on this event for the third and final time as he believes, this is truly the greatest time. And opportunity to prosper tried by Joan, have the right tools. It's also a time in which you can be left behind. Watch her, listen now as turn
answers three pedestrians questions during last year's three brachyura vat on. How do I go things? You cannot control how to start some sabotaging and how to find you best at any time. Lawyer listening, you think hey, this in my life, just go to break through twenty twenty two dot com. It's not you re to register. Well, you Brad, I'm Sancho is just ladies and gentlemen, you don't dream come true. Almost thank you for all your passion, enthusiasm. Let's. Question I want like see if, yes. So my question is: how do I persevere of letting go of the things I cannot control?
and react positive mindset. That's a great question. My answer is: first, ball realise the the here's, here's the truth, not not in control you're, not god right, you can influence the external world, but you don't control. You can't even get all your kids. Let's be honest, so this idea of control is an illusion. What's real is inputs and info? Which requires skill in the first girl. You got to learn as beautiful as yourself, so to be able to change how I think- or I feel in the moment when I don't feel so good- is the most important and of all that's. Why do this stuff in immersion? Because I can explain it to you in a few minutes right, like all that makes sense, I need a change, which is the only change my focus change, my language
What you really need to do is experience doing that day in and day out until all of a sudden it'll. Just if I gave you the Elsie, vaster it'll just happened and that's when your life changes, so whether you do it by spend more time with me or not, you can still do within yourself, but you gotta start where, like he was many times Paying we're prostration or overwhelm or slackness are stress because of our expectations, because, if you wanna be upset, have lots of expectations of other people of yourself of wife, so I'm not say don't expect anything. We can't do that as humans, but you gotta like to notice that
speculations led to suffering will you need instead is to focus on appreciating what you have in figure out how to expand it right, and so there are things that you do control you can control what you focus on. You can control the way you move your body therefore can control. Are you feel you control your language? So today you can control coming up with a compelling future or starting identify parts of yourself that Unita acknowledge more and strengthen morn use more Europe.
Role of all those things. So it's really your patterns of focus, your patterns of physiology and your patterns of language that are making you feel this feeling of. I can't control stuff at its the illusion that there is control so think in terms of influence influence. How can I in Florence is better but start with you and if you start with learning input your body and your focus and your language, you will take control of your mind, your mind won't run you you'll, run your mind. Some are going to do it now, because, honestly, I want to do it for the whole group. You know all summer vows. I guess it's. Almost eighty thousand people joined us now. I want to do with every moment when the last aiming to show you they're all do together when it take twenty minutes into it so yeah. I know you all experienced it and it's a way to get out of your head into your heart and get answers like that. Cuz, when you're in your head, you go in circles or what, if this happened,
I do that, but what about happens? It becomes a vicious circle, but when you learn out a process to you, because I heard has an intelligence. Your heart released
hormones that affect the way your brain feels. So when we make these, we switch the order from heart, two hands that have had to heart and know that sounds weird it'll completely change what you feel so two things focus on what you can control and do it. Second, the things you can't control. That's where honestly, I believe in prayer, I believe in doing by part times a thousand, but I also believe, like you don't like some things are meant to happen. Not what I do is my choice, but certain situations are meant app and I'm not God, and when it happened, it's my job to find and empowering meaning from it, even if its painful and find a way to use it for some good- and I know I can find a way because I can influence but watch start influencing yourself more you'll, find it easier to influence outside of you, because you ve already done it like it's hard to move people if you're not moved it's hard to inspire summit, if you're, not its
it's hard to get. People feel certain if you're feeling uncertain right so step would give up give up the delusion of control hate. I can't control my bladder completely if there's too much in their right to decide on an influence I wanna be a leader. A person of influence is a leader. What is a good leader do have one primary scale through a great leader. They influence the thoughts, the feelings and the actions of another human being and their great leader the impulse, thoughts, feelings and actions for higher good, not just one and I can feel your beautiful soul, you're you're like you got that like how would you feel our energy every this light? Energy is beautiful energy, new right, so You too a little hard on yourself and we all want to be in control, because control makes us feel comfortable. The more listen to me, the more you feel
all of us listening the more you feel you control events, persons, event controls you, the more self esteem you have, but the delusion is I control at all, so a big part of succeeding in life. My opinion is learning to let go and I never believed that before I went you twenty years, when I try to control everything was stressed out. Half the time now, I'm a force of influence, and I learned to appreciate what life is giving me and then, if I dont like all of it, I work on shifting the part. but I can control is that at all helpful, extremely helpful. Super. Ok, yes to yourself like what more Weber those in each other than price, because your story last night this morning, where do you live. I am in no way be see great. Tell us what you question:
I know that I was born with. Amazing Knesset I love Justin. Follow allow magic in abundance in Greece and I loved her smiling you going to list them all, my whole just around giving love don't get compensated financially for that, so. Struggling with how to find my purpose. That will that will pay me? Well, that's that's in question. Let me let me offer you a different way of looking at it. Ok, your love is your gift to the world. You know I look at. I look at my labor. Is an expression of my love? That's why I'm here I don't have to work another day in my life. Important up. I figured that peace out, but you know I'm also sixty and I had to figure it out. I sure didn't figure it out when I was twenty and started figured out what
already, but I was forty or doing really well meant. I created more companies guided more stress than it has a life as a journey, but when I say to you, as I hear people time nursed, I gotta find my purpose. I gotta find my purpose and I say to people who says you have one purpose and who says that your purpose always pay you. That's not true. There are some things that are intangible bitter priceless and your love in your eye. You know you could say: well, boy, you're, really humbled what you'd scratch hisself, but I actually see this beautiful because I see the authenticity and you I know you really care you really love. You can feel it. I felt that when I was reading your piece and watching Nero or this morning, so he stood outside any picking. You just showed up here. It's like amazing, so I look at that. Mega. Ok thing about this when I repeat this for the main group and a couple of days, this is such an important distinction argument. Example. My father's forefathers We never had food, we were so broke, they'd make money, they lose their jobs or they make money, but they spent more than they.
It was a pretty stressful wife and I remember what I want to general. My teacher does like forefathers, the good men. How come you don't money for food? How come like were struggling over time off for them. That's like my mom's, always yellow now, tomorrow, you'll see dumps one. We go to actually go to the same thing again any kind of laughed a little bit me sit tell egos. You need a lesson in understanding the difference between soul and economics that me he said Tony we're all equal as souls on the planet and our sole, where the same but we're not equal in the marketplace, and he said your fathers are good man you're not wrong about them in good men, he said, but they did not learn how to become more valuable in the marketplace and that's why all of you suffered their different skills. If you can find a way to bring what you think think you're proposition to something brings economics wonderful, but you gotta handle the economics as loans that here's how you do any such thing about this when he said. If somebody
set Mcdonald's, you know they. I brought this up. I said you know. People who got also make this in a school teacher only makes that man there's this hedge fund guy. That makes a billion dollars a year and you sit Tonia no on the surface. That sounds really unfair, but let's unpacked that a moment if in life and in business in economics, are tied to you doing more for others than anybody else in the marketplace. If you add more value to other people, you will be prosperous, but asked me the value they. What not devalue want to give these? This argument example, you brought up Mcdonald's, he said, and I will never was in those days, but it was minimum wage just like it is now so data person, maybe ten thousand dollars a year. He just only there's a reason. It's not me, Life is unfair. It's because the level of added value working and the girls is very minor cause. You can teach anybody do that job literally in a matter of minutes, certainly by ours. Today they have pictures, you mean up bill, read the language, that's how Mcdonald's is duplicated.
Is it so? It doesn't take a lot of skills. You don't get paid well, but if you do not more skill, he said you know you look at the school teacher. She's got more skills, you earn more than Mcdonald's still that as much as that's one guy, because she's teaching thirty students, but that's one guy. You gave the example of Africa which, when it was his years ago, but because he made a billion dollars last year, but what value. He took the money people had because of his skill in this development over the years he's out again return of almost thirty eight percent, almost forty percent. That means every two and a half years. double do money of all they better earned the about that he's supporting non profit, see supporting fairly supporting businesses. He made People a hundred billion dollars and made almost a billion of it- that's a fair deal, so your job is to figure out
work harder on yourself than anything else and figure out what skills are needed in this world, so the most important things you're being this I agree with your love, your joy. You can bring it, but you gotta find a vehicle that is appreciated today. So, if I go to college today and I spent three hundred thousand dollars to go to Harvard but I'm not a study. You know English lit I'm? Never going to see that money back one of all those states that are out there with one trillion dollars with a debt because they thought there passion was enough. It's not you have to say what is needed in the marketplace that I want to learn to give better than anybody else, and if I figure way to keep on improving, keep developing more skill, my guess or make room for me. That's a general said to me by the wayside. Tony.
not working so hard at work around the clock. I'm broke and I understand it I'm working twenty hour days. I really am because Tony it takes time, you're building a new momentum and you're not there. Yet if you give up because you're frustrated you'll never get there, you should listen to me. Work hard, keep improving yourself and your gifts will make room for you, I'm here to tell you he was absolutely right and you're good, so make room for you have a gift. I would call it a gift of beautiful state, you're, loving person, your niblets Person, your empathetic person, you want to give the people you don't need to stop any that you're just going to say. I need to go experiment and find a vehicle where I can do that and also be paid and be paid handsomely so that I can produce economic freedom. On top of the joy that I get to experience in life, and so you need to go test them things out like people. Often those people pick a job like to become a lawyer and then their miserable, because they never really expect
we're being a lawyer. Was it was the image in their mind or what they thought that would mean or the respect or something. So what do you do currently and what would you like to do. I am a holistic, question is, and I would love to coach I've actually applied for your next coaching programme in February, believe believe begins. But so, if you will total, would you want to earn? What do you need? An ode for your life to be about to balanced- and you be happy for me to me- imbalance and happy a hundred thousand dollars a year for me to be able, contribute at the level that I want to contribute, I would need to turn where's the marine areas here. Ok, so I want you to know that where we are assuming in a first of all, I am not getting any. You said I want you to get whatever you want, but no one on the last person, they would say rob down, but I want to give you up choice of perspective.
beings all the worse creatures on the planet, for knowing what's really gonna, make them happy. They think I'm going to make a hundred thousand. I'll make a million make them happy who always had a number in your head and you got that number and install wasn't enough regimes, as you can see, and you can see, makes some noise at the number always goes out say I you're gonna get. There will be enough still because something else is driving you. It isn't just economics like your warning, that a certain level of significance there's nothing wrong with that. That's a human need, but right now you think that will give you the significance that I'm here to tell you it will for a short time. what you think like now, but gold or dream you once and all of you think of a gold or dream that you thought about cited about post yourself about how many with. Now go, that's a good one! Now question, though, if we achieve the goal, how feels so I see how you feel right now, but
The question: how long will this feeling last. How long this feeling of achieving this goal ask whether this call or whether it was making a meal help me you're a million a year. Was thing right now. I want you to really think Linda call. You achieve supper. To achieve energy when your brain cells and that's all there is that's even worse than gazelle. You succeed you unhappy, but think of what were you really were happy. Did you stay happy for a year. Six months regime they too happy for a year without being happening. Your life, your teeth to people, three four these data up for six months, because that achievement two or three? How many state happy for three months a month a week, a couple of working days, most raise your hand if you stayed happy at most
for most of you for a few days to a few weeks before I wore off when you achieve something. That's true say I I saw I want you to see. That goal is not to achieve your call. The goal is for you to grow, because what makes us feel a people ass. Well ass, I was, I take to be happy and I am sure it is the main group as we ve got to. Let them know what you know: progress equals happiness if you're, overweight and you're still not there, but you're making progress. You're gonna be happy if you're really
should not greatly you're doing some improvement. You're gonna feel happy progress when you achieve the goal, your happiness there's not last, because we're not made to sit around and be happy were made to grow because we grow. We have something to give, so I don't think there's any groundwater goals and, for example, we have tons of coaches that make hundred thousand or more some are made as much as two fifty. So there is definitely a you're entering a profession, we're that's doable for sure. I took two million dollars, the goat one person, and I start coach and seven people have time, and I only do three year and I got a six year waiting lists a lot more. so there's no limit to what you could do if you can add enough value, but you gotta make sure you can add value what they need, not what you want to give up the biggest mistake in people's businesses. People say
Oh you know, I love my product or service and screw that form up with your quiets broke all over your product or service. Crucial progress service was going to change right so for you coach, you could take you there, nothing wrong with your goals, but here's what I also set if some day you're going to feel great when you achieve these goals then why wait? Because all gonna happens, you gonna get that number and then you get its use up. Ok, it's starting to feel good and celebrate you'll! Do it! Why not celebrate now, because I'll give you the energy, get their quicker people who everyone? Thank you very much give up again What do you know same ass deserted? Mostly will you in the world's? Isn't it from Mexico Method Land or what to do that for Mexico. Ladies and gentlemen, what your questions I always sound, would teach myself so
want to stop self salutation. I don't know how to do. What do I need to do in order to cut it supposed to be one of the things that we do with our minds? Is the human mind tend to do three things? If you want to talk about, we generalise we distort and we delete things. The reason we generalised distort delete. Things is cause. The human brain has incredible capacity, but your brain can only focus on so many things consciously at once. right now, there's all kinds of things going on that your brain is doing. Without your awareness, it's making art be two hundred thousand times a day. It's pushing her blood through a hundred thousand miles of blood vessels. That's what's inside you if you put him in the end. So most of what goes on is unconscious, but your conscious mind. Can only handle so many things. So in order to make things simpler, we generalise we distort things we can bigger smaller or we delete so, for example,.
For you to say I sabotaged all the time is probably not true, that's probably being overly wise or distorted, and when you make a statement like that over and over again, you start to believe it, I got it they deserve the soldiers are the salt is in its right for you right. So do you? Do you sabotage all the time or will you to discover yeah, that's specifically in my body weight, for example, when I my goal, then I started to eating again simple: lasted or in relationships? Even I already know what kind of man is not good for me. I go there and I think that was so what you really tell them, What you call sabotage is I go for pleasure, overtime and so, for example, the type of man you like.
Tell me: is it a bad boy who is? It gave a great yet course and the recent bad boy you respond to is you're. U everyone has both masculine and feminine energy right. You have them both. I have them both men and women as a manner but you're born with one. That's dominant, not talk about sexuality, I'm talking about energy and what makes us feel live is opposite energies. So if you this earth innocent, north and South Pole, the opposite energies, that's how life exists on earth. If you put a plug in the wall, you got most parts of the world you have to plugs and that alternate energy is what creates the electricity right so for you you're, feminine woman, At the same time, it appears you run your life. Are you the kind of person it is in charge of life? Would you describe yourself that what yes there so you use your masculine alot, which is great? We all should be able to use everything. I use my feminine lot as well as my mask. In other words, I can work with everybody, but
Your call me in a relationship is to allow your feminine to be all that go and not have to be mask and every moment so you're looking for a masculine man, but the problem is you're getting you haven't made the distinction between true masculinity, mature masculine, a lot of women do this. They get a safe man, they get a man is really safe and secure. They ve been hurt by men before, like Mehmet, where they fought were masking they're, just immature mask immature masking wants when it wants, but why there's immature feminine that wants what she wants no matter what men will use power, influence or economics women. More often you sexuality or influence, or economic somebody's different, though that persons in it for themselves, that's an immature mask and immature feminine, but you're wanting the energy of a man who owns himself and who knows, where he's going a man who's not gonna, be shaken. If you get a man that you can manipulate, if you get a man that you can control women like him in the beginning, and then they get pissed off at I'm, because they don't trust them, because if I come in
doing so. Can another woman so you're watching a man. You can't manipulated man with strength, but the distinction is a bad boy appears to have that strength. But then you gonna relationship and using give a damn about you need a mature masculine, innovative owns himself and his in trying to do it by taking from you a man who will push through for you, a man who will not just be a pleaser, that's makes women clays. So it's not that you're sabotaging yourself! It's that you're conditioned to respond to that energy. We do it alone, your body, it's the same thing you wanting pleasure. So if you want to change this, you have to change your conditioning. So, for example, is there a form of food or a dessert or form of our? All that you use the love. I mean that dessert that I'll call that full use love.
One day you out and experience years ago, that was really painful or you drink that alkaloid that food and it came out multiple locations of your body and a very painful way, and as a result, you can't even stomach that's that form of alcohol. That does, or do everything in your life, where you use the love it, and then you had a bad experience and now takes no willpower. You don't worry about. It does not go in there. You have an area like that, no gas, what does that was worth? What do we do when we got fruit? Ok, what was it. I don't know how to saving lives, but ok, no prob. So this use the law than about experience and now, if you think of the fruit, does it take willpower, do not use it or you have no desire not desire and here's why, in a moment your conditioning was changed. What
that is the pain about experience, got you are paying to what you use the link pleasure to you follow me, and so what you like of paying you avoid. It didn't happen literally at night you can consciously do that by looking at the men you ve been through going no right away that I do want that energy, but I don't want that. Then the same thing when you bought you can take the things you are addicted to the are not good for you and just using willpower will never last because when you get stress When you feel lonely when you're feeling overwhelm when you're feeling stress, you don't want to feel good, and you know it works for the moment, and so your brain is not sabotaging. So much is just going for pleasure and you have to change what Ewing playing and pleasure so I didn't earlier on. I was always overweight. I don't like to work out, but then I got myself. I see nobody will that every day for a minimum of nine months and then about what to work out again I'll, say: screwed I'll do whatever you want, but we have some for nine months. It gets into nervous system and you feel good after you like, like I.
All my life? I love my answer. I have a cold punch, fifty six degrees whenever I also value the river which the winter I walk through the snow, and I go first the water into water, usually about forty to forty three degrees. I've never look forward to doing this and I do it every day. Why cause I've tray my brain not to negotiate with myself I've tray my brain first, what I'm doing this because it's my whole by your every cell in your body comes alive when you hit that temperature change in your body feels terrible at first, when you get out of here, like a million bucks, but to get over that. So what I did, I just train myself see or hear people time say wall, I don't feel like doing this. I gotta do you know about really ready at night. If I It's so good to do things are. Rather I've played myself to do it when you do it enough times. I guess I don't know Oh, it's cold or I'll. Do it in a moment I've tray myself when I say Are we go and I've condition myself just like that condition?
Then the fight for you, you avoided. You can also condition to do something. So all you need to learn, is to condition yourself to link pay. the sober, those foods into those men and pleasure to something new and then you'll have new habits. All you gotta? Do you need some your habits and on the men, make the distinction between immature masculine guy just watch what he wants and a guy? That knows how to take you, but at the same time as love it on you, it is not doing it just like when you were. Let somebody you want a light them up and you want to do things for them to them with them. They make them feel incredible. That's what you need for what what's happening you in a loop. I want the pleasure of relationship at all than its painful and with them below average for food because I want some pleasure, but its painful. All you have to do is develop a pattern of conditioning figure out what you want a wink
to buy those men and go in your body, see it feels you feel Ankara Lincoln link it. What I want instead do that for seven days and you'll feel different about these men. You can do the exact same thing with the foods as well change. What Ewing painted pleasure to set up Yes, I am a suitable. Thank you for coming into this hypothetical terrier. They hope to give you an idea of what are tending to break a challenging. Do for you, because this
your year to have your own breakers, your career, your income, your health and your relationships to join us starting January. Twenty two make twenty twenty two you your first year yet to sign up for this life, changing free transformative about put a breakthrough. Twenty, my two Sakharov. We have to see their the tenor of his past, his erected by turning robins and produced by turning lemons team, copyright, Robins research, international.
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