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Start small, think big, scale quickly | SPANX founder Sara Blakely on how to bootstrap a billion dollar business

2020-03-09 | 🔗

Sara Blakely founded SPANX with just $5,000 of personal savings and has grown it to a company that revolutionized an industry. She was selected as one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the world, and at age 41, was the youngest woman to join FORBES' World's Billionaires list.

In this exclusive interview from #BusinessMastery, Sara shares with Tony the strategies she implemented that helped her bootstrap her billion-dollar business.

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This episode has brought here by european the rapid planning the system that Tony personally developed make a plan for his life and create his six billion dollar business empire. Bright, best selling books travel the world for his and still have the time and energy to spend quality time with people he loves. Must we have a special offer for podcast listeners. Yoshi Tony Robin Stockholm, Slash r p M can use the promo Code Party twenty to receive twenty dollars off the rapid planning method. That's tony Robins dotcom, Slash r, p M the discount code, Yo D to zero. Women's history month is the time where we celebrate the tremendous contributions that women all over the world have made and its episode we're bringing you an interview with one woman who has changed history. Her name is terribly and Tony had the pleasure of speaking with her at his recent business mastery event in Palm Beach, she's, the founder of shape or companies banks and in two thousand twelve
just forty one years old. She bit the first female in the world to become a billion her on her own without the help of an inheritance or a spouse. You probably heard a lot about Sarah story, because it's an incredible story: she went from failing the LSAT to being a greeter at Disney World to selling fax machines door to door to turn in five thousand dollars of her own savings into a billion dollar empire. But what you may not have heard before is everything in between the exact steps she took to get her business off the ground. How she's overcome negative self talk and limiting beliefs are doing the deed Notional work that many people, unfortunately neglect and how honouring her feminine and masculine energies and finding the balance between them has been a key to her success, and beyond her extraordinary accomplishments. Sarah is an extraordinary person. She's authentic she isn't afraid to face how to embarrass herself or to be vulnerable she's the
we want to admit that she had no idea what she was doing when she started banks, but instead she had an insatiable determination to improve the way that women feel in their clothes and most fortunately she's grateful. She hasn't lost sight that she was born in the right country at the right time and the fact that there are millions of women around the world who are not tell the same deck of cards upon their birth and because of that she invest heavily in women through her foundation and through the giving pledge commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving Sarah says this in her pledge I pledge to invested women because I believe it offers one of the greatest returns on investment. While many of the world's natural resources are being depleted, one is way to be unleashed women, here's, Tony and Sarah
you are a legend you're one of the most beautiful, humble human beings. You have such a beautiful heart. We got two tickets to meet your husband. We understand your both forces of nature mother for but list. Back with their journeys. Nobody knows how this all came about, and I know that nobody knows you start with five thousand dollars Disney greater use, something fax machines. They understand as well yeah I haven't, given that its build spikes, tells the story also, if you would, I heard you said that we have started when you're sixteen I'm curious about the year. I well, but you call me legit, I gotta say: I've been listening to Tony Robbins Free, like TAT gay, like so many things to be sitting here. You been in my car refer for when it was constructive, cassette tapes to I went to dvd and I've been through the whole journey with United stream. You tat we
At the first time, Warren Buffett is one of your biggest finance. We will. We run the donation, and I shall briefly and more above it was we're talkin backstage, because this is why America's great in Syria, as an example, the greatness of America's, then we can start from anything and build something chain. So tell us a little bit of how this came about. If you were ok so well, yeah, I you know my journey to becoming an entrepreneur or a lot of people. Talk about the sound bite in the media for twenty years has been. Sarah cut the shit out of her pantyhose and then spanks is here, but it always starts wave for that momentous and a little bit of my background is. I grew up wanting to be a lawyer pay. My father was a true I'll attorney, and I used to beg them to get out of school to watch his closing arguments when I was growing up and I'm a real bad tests take her and I basically bombed the Alsace. Not once but twice, and so I thought
whole life. You know debated in high school. I debated in college. My major was legal communications and then I literally on the outside and at that point in time I was devastated and then I did the next logical thing realize I was gonna, be able to go to law school. I drove to Disney World and tried out to be goofy. Logically right and by you, have to be five eight and ordered goofy and I'm only five sex. So I am the perfect tide of chipmunk I became. I worked, it is you for three months, and that was it didn't feel like my life, calling so I then the way, and then I got a job selling, fax machines door to door, and I did that for southern
Years, it was the only job, basically other than to say that I really ever had and tell I started spanks and I I you know cold calling is tough. Did it for seven years, a hundred percent cold, calling leads for zip codes and Clearwater Florida selling, fax machines and one particular day YAP fraud cold collars. I bow to you. I mean it. That is really really like really good life training in particular day I just was so upset. I pulled off the side of the road. And I literally said in the wrong movie like call the director, call the writer cut. This is not my life and I went that night to my apartment, and I wrote down in my journal: what are you gonna? Sarah? What are you gotta? I made a weaknesses strength, column and in the other strength, am I wrote sales like. I know I'm good at sales. Why am I
sales, ok, I'm good at sales, because I really like offerings thing, there's someone that they need, or that might help them or might improve their life, and so in that when I wrote down to my journal, I'm going to invent something that I can sell to millions of people that will make and feel ass, beautiful guy the decision, I made the decision and I wrote it turns out. I know it was you know idea you just decided what you when we talk about this. We guys slightly. How come you don't know why you don't owe their I'll write the tyranny of out exactly what you did exactly? I knew nothing except for was good it sales and I didn't want to sell someone else's product. I thought that would be the ultimate if I could just come up with my own product and sell when that be amazing, and if it could help people or make them feel good. That would be the better so I wrote that it my journal and then I had no idea what it was going to be tony, but I looked up and I said out loud universe. Please give me the idea,
I was very specific. I asked for it and I said: if you give me the idea, I will not squander it, and two years later I was still selling fax machines. I cut the feed of control top pantyhose one night to wear under my white pants to go to a part in Atlanta, where I was living at the time and I came that night? I was like this might be my idea like it. It helped it smooth things out. It was a better undergarments than when I could find and because had set that intention two years prior. I think that is the main reason why I'm sitting on this couch and not the other millions of women who had been cutting the feed, their pantyhose to solve undergarments issue because women cocktail I'm in their like, I thought that I do that at home too, to solve that problem. But why didn't I creates thanks and usually of the times tell them that I've been working on manifesting and visualization and setting intentions so long as that
anyway. So that's kind of what brought me to that moment, but I was really searching and wanting not. I wanted a different life for myself, so beautiful so many people, have ideas and ideas are diamond. Doesn't, as you said, it's just talk to people. Not even the knowledge knowledge is power, its execution, the trumps knowledgeably days. You got yourself the do that. What for small had it? and when you were sixteen hundred that relate to my mazato now said, that's that's good. So I like to say that thanks we started when I was sixteen years old, because too things happen that were really sort of very difficult for me, one as I was writing bikes with one of my really close friends and she was run over and killed by a car in front of me and then very shortly after that my parents separated and my dad left home and when my dad left home, he walked into my bedroom and he said sweetie I wish I was your age when I discovered this instead of the age of forty anyhow,
did me wing diary cassette tape series how to be a no limit person how to be a no limit per cent olympic person. One and you know I think, with every Judy or every difficult obstacle? There's always a hidden blessing they're just always is, and for me I was sixteen. I think most sixteen year olds, what it shuts down in the bottom of my closet and then like, but because I was hurting so badly. I was open and I was ready and I was needing something so I put The cassette tape said, and I started listening to them so much that I memorized all twelve tapes front back and I started crying in my bedroom and I thought I have just spent sixteen years in school being taught what to think, but nobody has ever taught me how to think- and I had this epiphany of wait. I can control
way that I think I might be able to work on my mind, set in a way that when something happens to me, I can think of how'd it in a way that either going to propel me forward or hold me back, that's my choice. So then I became a lot flung student of it because it wasn't taught in school and that's what led me to you and Ryan, Tracy and Ziegler, I mean anybody. I could get my hands on and I was selling facts. So I was in my car for seven years basically- and I literally took like all your course like you know, so that was really help flows, funny I in high school. No one ever wanted to be stuck in my car expect our party is there like throwing them can make you listen to that stuff, totally like southward. Fifteen. Twenty years ago on the cover of Forbes and all the people from my home text to me and they were like. Damn should listen to that. I got some
inflation is about at once, but once they get, I wanna hear. I know your father from what I've read and gambling from time. We talk the very first time what things that came up. I forgot. The question asked you about. You mentioned that your father train to deal with failure to go out and try to fail rewarded for you. I think of you, said at the dinner table. If I remember rightly said that he would ask you what you feel that I wonder about that, but some important you're doing that. You know. I was also driven similar to you in different ways, listening and so forth, but I notice that for your husband, death is a coach I got back there's a timeline here. I just heard death being instrument. For you know a death of your friend but also kind of the death of a certain life away who had life is not living force. I know it has been for me unconsciously to squeeze every moment I dislike. Was you never know when you're gonna go away you neither Senator Jesse talk about how much we're all with you, I'm just curious or did it multinational you. I think you place a relief role in my life. I liked to brace man mortality, I like to think about it. It doesn't it doesn't really.
Scare me. It's just something that I think about often What was it fuels me like that. This is temporary that have one shot at life that this is not a dress rehearsal, and so it also puts things in perspective. You know get really scared, unlike I'm gonna, be dead one day like no one's religion. Really even Ike I'll, just it just humanizes and makes things feel not as significant. That's for me in what some people people behind the bright, but you ve used it for urgency. I did, and I mean I think at sixteen a lot of us go through this natural kind of. Hopefully facing our own mortality. If you go through the natural progression, maybe in your fifties, sixties, you might lose apparent, or maybe you ve lost a grandparent before that. That feels a little more like on plan when you're sixteen years old and you're talking your friend about highschool stuff and then the next minute she's
over by a car, that's thought was intense and it really put a mere up of like whoa wait this is really now and that's all you have this moment on Sunday urgency our sense of hunger that doesn't go away as something I found is the most common denominator, the most accessible I've ever known it in time wages. I love will get the intelligent people, you're, obviously wickedly, smart and so as your husband but I've been working smart that never maximize, because they don't have that sense of urgency or sense of purpose remaining larger than themselves. Tommy will back us. I also worked ordered or samples. What you tell me you got out of doors reveals that became helped you to succeed in business if something like what somebody distinctions or experiences that have to make use of as long as businessperson, then so much been well well. First, ball super humbling, really intense, like I said I did it for seven years and in a company I was in an office equipment company where most people knew no kind of
we'll. Take it out every forty six months, and I think that things that it taught me it taught me importance of differentiating myself. It taught me about what's in it, for me, talk about it W. I s m that when you get it it was someone they're looking for the what's in it for them, and I learned need to deliver that in my message very quickly or I lose them. You know so like hey, I'm selling a fax machine it was like hey. I really believe I can improve your life and improve the quality of what you're doing, because a business just like yours, you I made it about them, it's as soon as you can give them the benefit. Do it I used. Humor and the importance of humor. You could do that as part of the market is not taken, inviting delve too seriously and and being vulnerable. I think when you're vulnerable, often time,
life will surprise. You and people will be much kinder to you and much more willing to give you a few moments. But a lot of people think of vulnerability is weakness in I don't I think it's a big strike, so some Hence I would walk in a door and be like a whole. Ok, just messed up? Can I can I redo that you're gonna walk out and come back and leave you like? What's going on with this girl? You, though, that I was always kind of calling out my own, like I'm, really nerve right now are you know authentic? This is my fifteenth call and it's really hot outside and you know, do you mind if I get a sip of water and things like that? That would help open the door so and then, when you're doing this, really intense, selling all everyday cold, you learn that there's about four different personality types: it you're selling to one another and why is always gonna click with you, because it's your personality type, but if you want to improve your clothes,
ratio. You got a kind of figure out the other three types and they're called lots of different, things when I was in sales and really training it. Also. We call him social eyes, relator directors and thinkers and like for example, I more socialize or director and selling to a thinker was my heart assail, because thinkers went every piece of data and in nation, whether they're going to use it or not, and I'm like this is wasted time in Hell kept losing sales to thinkers and then finally lives like I gotta. I've got to talk to them the way they want to be talked too. So here's every detail- and here it is- and you know instead of projecting mice style- that I liked on many due note- this model used this model of the Essen. The sea would be more to think you're right. The director would be the end. The I would be that social person, so you can translate. Many based on something already understand, but the inability to adapt makes people
They also learned you kept adapting seven years of it taught me about. Rule. Your father's plainly, I viewed focused on the most important ones. How they got you to realize you can control indirect your own thinking. Let's talk about that Your thing you share the view is that access. My memory I about is accurate. My dad growing. But actually encouraged me to fail. So I would come home from cool and he would say to my brother and me so what you guys fell it this week and if I didn't have something he would actually be disappointed. So a flip the whole model on its head and I would come home from school I can remember a bit like dad dad I tried out for this and I was horrible and if you like way to go, but I find me- and I don't really- at the time, but he was just changing. My definition of failure by definition of failure became not about the outcome, but about not trying, and so for me
going through life. My only failures or when I didn't try it because I was scared and my dad even took a step further. He would ask us what we got with the benefit: or what positive have been run. All that's. So we can get the dinner table and I like it. I failed at that tried out for cheerleading and I was horrible or I'm. I had tried for Corazza couldn't thing at all: but then it always go. Will what what positive came from and trained our brains also to find that and then it became like. Of course, I want to try these things because right you're not so focused on the other. I met my best friend and cheerleading trials. Had I not done that, so you see these moments of that. What you get out to that was really call credible for all of us is apparent to be will deliver. Then I shared with some of you, the greatest the best or coach of all time from use your age on wooden. When I We view them and asked him. What was that team, but usually one ten or twelve national championships in there all new players and if you know, basketball, history,
We know the best team, it Abdul Jabbar Group of people and even name that team. Enabled him I never heard of a massive. Why would they the best he said because they maximize their potential? These are the only ones had more talent and also to his players is that I don't want you to play the game. I won the plate, human beings. So has gone. Was he said you never know the score. You never know what you want to last by the score sometimes you'll get lucky some. I'm so called the bowl drop for you or you'll get a good call go your way of Irish scorbutic really win, and sometimes somebody else's. I ask where they got lucky or they got bad, calling and you these are the only we know you one. Is you left everything on that floor? Every moment you were there. You gave your all he's a thin, you know what do you want to lose? Control of that and Europe their taught you to come up with meanings and such a beautiful way, where do amazing reason alive? Oh my gosh, it must be so proud of you. That's really call very proud of me. Also, we honor you bad and my mom, my mama's amazing you more my mom
an artist she's was a stay at home. Mother she's, very shy, she's very just very creative and it was in it. Wisting balance that all of them had who have like a trial attorney. That was a litigator that I basic, It was on the witness stand since birth. Now I had to learn to be quick on life, be helpful and I did and then my mom was just this most unbelievable nurture like just you know she was the like warm I think it through the whole thing like who I could lean on at any moment was there, but you know I want to talk briefly about. You're a little bit more costly talk about it so much and in all the years that I've been listening to you too. But what I like to think about, as you mentioned this, that is the number one fear is fear of failure, and like to take things a step further. I'm always like why? Why? Why? Why why to take it to the very last, why I can get that's really where the truth always, and so why,
Is ours, human beings, the biggest fear, failure? Well, because we don't wanna, be embarrassed right, so it's really ultimately fear of embarrassment, which then led me to fear of what other people think of me is the real of the issue, so that is where I spent a lot of time. Working myself to I've been a student of that for four. Since I'm sixteen I've been working on, not caring. What other people think about me and it took me a minute, but I I realized that not caring what other people think about me doesn't have to mean. I dont care about them is a big important thing to recognise, but you know so I will practice embarrassed myself, Tony I intentionally and thereby seller I mean all randomly. Start singing in an elevator were added super embarrassing, and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy here. You know I just if I know
I will feel if it's been too long since I've been really mortally embarrassed and then I will do it because, if you're seeking it this is its power over you. You know that all of a sudden, it's like we're being embarrassed, is the goal I also realise, by being embarrassed over and over again in makes agree story. I mean a lot of people get embarrassing than the word thing to do is be like. I hope no one saw that I hope we'll talk about it again or whatever. I'm like, hey guys, you knock audibly would happen to me and I realize it's one of the best ways to connect with others, such a gift. What like every time, I'm embarrassed how such a gift? What can I do with that important. Would you say psychology has been in this woman's path, strong psychology minds. I mean it's kind of everything, Tony because I have never taken a business class in my life I had no contacts in the industry and I took a billion dollar companies with five thousand dollars so
Let's say mindsets pretty much when I'm really touched by your words will not stop growing right in your company us not going over twenty years. You can t grow. You keep you keep growing and she keeps no. She keeps conditioning and training training never stops and our mindset she could easily say what I've done these pieces. I know what to do, but you can tell what the beautiful thing is. It breaks thou barriers because most people would be intimidate they think you're some way and when you can just be natural and opening you shares your truly embarrassed by certainly opens the door to Scotland. A really embarrassing moment in my business journey. Can I share it. Plead the when I was first starting spanks, I had you know: cold call, all the department stores and that on some media here and I decided to go over to the UK and try to launch spanks there, and I got this month. Where I got a chance to be on the BBC and it's obviously kind
Europe, CNN and the guy interview me was like Sisera tell us what spanks can do women in the UK, and I was like well it's all about the fanny. Its news, your fanny lives, sheer fanny, ok, I have no idea but apparently Fanny means that China in England, I will do so, MR of ferns, and whether it really oh, my god, I don't even ever use the word for any, but I thought it funny. Very british fani looked smooth and the guy like like lost all the color, and it's like the call back
my team of two in thy apartment that land and I was like our international expansion- is off to guard. I just told all being minimised. Smoother vaginas, given nine million, have not done so funny. Things really do need an eminent representatives, arab and Muslim. Finally, somebody whispered familiar with amounts that its layer upon her vagina success. Basically what you declared I've never met anyone else that made that so tell me tell us all about power from the time you come up with the idea. Tat filled the blanks words of eurobonds. You go again so many people, the great idea. I understand why, because you declared your clear, the sense of urgency, all those things but tell us whether mechanics you came up. The idea. Did you know but you may industry, did you start to go trotters? Do a prototype insults go over them again highlight fell,
had no idea what to do. Next, I went on the internet. I started looking up manufacturers that made Hungary type garments and found them in North Carolina. Primarily I started calling them on the phone. And simultaneously, I went to Hancock Fabrics and Michael's drug stores that was trying to hand make my own version of the prototype with like paper clips. It was really rough At the same time, I was trying to patent and write my own patten and get that died and so is kind of doing all those- and I was still work during the day? So I am. I worked on spanks at night and on the weekends for two years before quitting my job and yeah. So I mean every step of the way I'm in the manufacturers all hung up on me. I did I'm taking a week off of work and having their and going in person cause. I had learned from cold calling that in
It is a better shot. They still all turned me away, but a gentleman and Charlotte North Carolina called me two weeks later and he said well, sir, I have decided to help make your crazy idea well that what was like for you. That moment I mean I I couldn't breathe. I was just so scientists all I've been hearing was no no! No, and what how long have you got the nose? Oh, I do not for a year you're a little over a year, and so when I said to him what why the change of heart, he simply said, I have three daughters and I went okay and he goes and you're in Susie I am in your confidence in this idea that I don't still not really understand. I ran past my daughters, dinner and they said dab. That's actually not about idea. We have the same issue. You might want to help this girl and so I did that and then I went to patent lawyers and they all quota me between five and ten grand to write
Patten I'd five grand and set aside in my savings from selling fax machines, so I ended up writing. I went to Barnes a noble and bought a book called patents and trademarks and wrote on animals here? That's incredible source! Thank you, but I gotta go. I'm not a lawyer cuz. Remember I bomb the LSAT, so I had no idea how to write the legal part of it. I did the background the abstract, my mom's, an artist. She drew a picture of me standing in the living room and just Spanx, which is actually the image on the patent in the patent office, and so I did all of that went back to the lawyers and I said to one of the lawyers. I said I've done all the leg work. We you just write the claims for a discount and price and he agreed to do at first Fifty dollars? I need later admitted to me because Sarah, I thought when you first came to me, that your idea was so bad that I thought I was being pranked by my friends, because I value bestowed by candid care abroad, which makes
extends because, as I was pitching known, I was going to change the world with my fullest pantyhose, unlike pull them out of my red dot back, he was looking around the room cameras? In part? I thought his friends were punkin, but you know he helped me and then you know I made the packaging on my friends friends, computer everyday work. She had just graduated from art school and I had a pretty clear vision of how I wanted my package to look really different, because if you get a chance, to be on the shelf and you have no money to advertise. Your package needs to do the selling, and so I knew that as one of my package to feel like a gift, the woman was buying herself, for so long. Hungary had been like a commodity we hated buying. Always like Beige gray and white and the same half naked woman on every package, and I was I got I made my red, I put cartoon women on their eventual mail. I'm gonNa Mabel sell one pair with cartoon women, as you can see the product, but I wanted diversity. They did three very different. Looking cartoon women on the Monday, my package and you have no idea.
Make a package, so right before I was finished with making it to go to market has like will need to be something on here. For legal reasons, I don't know so. I went to the store into Bloomingdale's and I bought ten different brands. And I laid them all over the floor of my apartment and if the same thing was done. All tat I was like must be legal I had the good. I added care instructions in euros, thanks, but I didn't I didn't know how it was to be done, which is a big gift tones How did you know I just going to say we when you don't know how it's supposed to be done tat means you're going to do it differently. My husband mention that, but I really do believe that, but this is why most people don't do it without the expertise, the self doubt the talk track. How did you do that?
you I've been work. I'm serious. I've been working on my negative self talk in my talk tracked by listening to these. These. You know this positive messaging and being a student of this that it really. It really helped me because why would I I mean? I mean it on someone. I have no idea. How is any of this was supposed to be done. I still don't, but I feel like I eat. I wish more people out there that don't know how it's supposed to be done with trust that and do that, because that's where, like the real That's what moves life in society forward? That's where change happens, because if you do it like everybody else, it's not change, not innovation,
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I know it's some point- got to Neiman, Marcus and Oprah. But what's going to the sequence, where did you have your first break through after actually getting something to believe in it and get the legal done? Did you go out and call on when Stores Madrid, I called on demons the first? Was you were so? What about this to not knowing how it's supposed to be done and how it can work in your favour, but I called Niemann Marcus. I looked him up in the air pages, and I called the one in Atlanta where I lived, and I said hi. This is there in Ivan that doesn't ring in the Ladys are laughing at me because we have a buying office and its in Dallas. So you should call and I said, ok and I learned from my cold calling days not to leave a message, so I called for, I think it was three to five days before the Hungary buyer ever picked up. I never left a message. I just kept hanging up and all day. Odd times. I'd Trier. Finally- answered- and I just said This is their obliquely and I've invented something that's going to change the way your customers wear clothes and help all yourselves. People sell more
free benefits. Lawyer training, to get your message out of how she was like okay, mail it to me- and I was like- I can't mail it to you. You know I have to come in person and we have back and forth on that. I said: look you got nothing to lose. You can kick me out after ten minutes. Just let me fly there and she said if you're willing to fly here I'll, give you ten min and I got on a plane, and I had my lucky red dog pact from college, which literally it is lucky and my and begged me not take it totally. They were like Sarah now, no retorted we're going to the name, and mortgage headquarters do not bring that old, dirty red backpack and they were like buy a product by return, if the next day, like whatever you need to do- and I like no- I gotta bring it. It's good luck. So I flew there I'm sitting
this lady. That is perfect. I mean her like dress, snatched, her pen and national. Perhaps at I'm thing they're alive with my red backpack from college in EAST Pack, and I had my prototyping zip log back from my kitchen and I had a color copy of the packaging and five minutes into my pig I was losing her. I mean I think nonverbal are more important than verbal and I learned that in sales pay attention to the Nonverbal, so you know how many times- and I feel like, oh god and someone would go. I love it. It's great. Why you shaking her? moreover, be like oh god, and I even say to them. You know why you shaking your had no but you're telling me. Yes, that's more! Concerning like. Can you really be honest with me, what's the big issue and that they be like LA and then I get one last chance to be so anyway. Her nonverbal were like clearer stabs, like all got, so I just randomly, I said Diane, will you come to the bathroom with me.
Son of a burger like excuse me. I said I know it's all we are, but when you come to the bathroom image oh you, my product on in on and I went in stall and I showed her under white pants without spanks and then put them on and I came out and I shudder with spanks and she immediately when I get it. It's brilliant and I'm gonna try and seven store So when I put him into the milk is to be taken up right away, or do you have to do some of the former marketing of a dead, but I had a little suddenly without than you did yeah. So she said I'm in a child, having stores, which was amazing, and I immediately called very well. I knew in those seven cities and I paid them to buy spanks
you Jesse are twin. I did see the average user rights early paid peopled by specks, those like high, etc. We sat next to each other fourth grade. I know I know I would talk to sense, but created this protocol stags I'll, make you a check, go and tell the sales perceive and looking for it for your whole life, and literally bought up a lot of my product, and you know the name. Inspire call been she's like we are so link out, I was like, I can't believe it and then just as I was running out, a muddy Oprah called, and that was like. I got a chance to be one of Opel's favorite things which will mark amazing yet was a me thing and but the new ones not yeah for short and so, but I wanted to say something also about that, not knowing how it's supposed to be done so ass sure I got into means all of these people
in industry, came up to me and there like how in the world did you landmines and I would look at em when I go. I called them. I'm not even kidding on. We would just stare at each other. They like. What do you mean you called them. I called, and why? What do you do for like I go to trade shows and I've been setting up a for less like six years, and everyone says it around. Your six or seven demons comes to your booth and I was like, I don't even know their teachers, so so much so that that one example, I think, is so telling about trusting, not knowing how it posts to be died, so you an opera critical time. We get a sense of what happened there, but you also you decided earlier. I remember reading correctly that you weren't, Nutritional advertising, maybe partially cause of economics, but that you'd the word of mouth, but also you really one of the early people using influencers out everybody does that now they think of Instagram and social media bit inhabit those days. Why
make a choice and how did you make that choice? What did you decided to run working? What was your philosophy around marking in those early days and hours that affect you still tonight so you're right that I made the choice for budget initially and then, when I saw how effective it was and how authentic it felt. Yes, then I didn't change it, even when I had the budget to do it. So spanks became household name in a global brand. Without ever advertising for the first sixteen years of business says about that's incredible: that's incredible. Thank you so first sixteen years, we didn't do any formal advertising and I basically sat at my Herman and said what is the most effective way for me to get awareness brand awareness for no money. Then I just broke when I wrote all of the ideas down I was like send product to people like Oprah com every radio station in America call
all the editors that every fashion magazine I went to you know the store and I bought every fashion magazine and circled names in the front, and I just did it like that and then after you know, maybe four to six months. I ended up hiring someone to do that that had no experience in it either yeah. You know all my reversed employees had no experience and what they were cartridge. You put your first employed. What was required to well, I like to say, as soon as you can afford, to hire your weaknesses, and I knew when you're an entrepreneur unit which weaknesses are usually what you don't enjoy too so pain, pretty clear, me that I wasn't good it operations and I wasn't good the accounting in the inventory side of the business, and so as my first employ was an operator, and he was my boyfriend at the time and he was a healthcare consultants. So naturally I was like come help me makes perfect, says and, and then my second employee,
was someone who did pr and she the neighbor who had given a free sample too, and we walked to get a bagel to gather and she told me the whole walk there and then walked back, why she loved it and at the end of it I was will you be my head of pr like? Will you take this list of all these people in the room you d, Jason, everyone, I'm trying again. She said absolutely and then my thoughts higher was an assistant to help me trot like book all my travel and hotel and stuff, and after about two and a half three weeks became, I had a product, because her turn to relatives like do you want to be my. Had a product she's like I don't know anything about shape or closure and, like I, don't either perfect she came and she's still to this day. Twenty years later, were twenty years old this year, spanked started in two thousand, so she's had
but she had no idea. She was just unbelievable guest, and so she she figured it out. She kind of became an extension of being products. I would dream up ideas and then she's really good at solving the problems and figuring them out, because Spanx holds many many patents and a lot of what we've done is never been done before, which is my favorite place to play as dumb scuse me said: yeah she's still at the company, those from my first three hires, because in the be getting scan, tell you what was going through my mind over and over again make it sell it build awareness and to think of anything else there wasn't really. Another thought that came into my mind was like make itself build awareness, make it sell Delaware Dollar and I only ever bought or spent what I have orders for already or what I knew I could sell and so the sales funded it I just that's just the way I chose to do it. I never really
I never really changed up that model so make its build awareness really. So I think a lot of times you get you get it's very easy to get distracted on things that aren't really gonna give you that route, non industrial gives a simple complexity is the enemy of execution. When you cut it simple, everybody could be focused. I've heard you say, you know, starts with severe vice up and start small. Think big scale quickly tells what that means to you. I mean it really means now that I've been doing this twenty years. I kind of realize that a lot of people want to start big and I was totally cool with not starting big house like I'ma start small, and then I'm going to learn to listen to the customer. What does she like or not like about the product before I get irate the next
and but you know, I also was scaling fast in building awareness, because I wanted people to know. I was the first to market. I knew competition was gonna, come in its always coming in I mean it's literally like walking through a field or something you know, people were knocking me off directly in every which way and so, but I believe in starting small and being okay with sad I've seen a lot of people that are raising four forty million dollars in a hundred million dollars for marketing budgets and big, add campaigns and things right out of the gate, and getting never makes up for a product that doesn't,
doesn't make up for reading the coins and notes. Would always fraud issue to the product? Is king product is king? I care so much about product, unlike you can have the best marketing in the world. People will buy your product once if it's not great, and you should always be asking yourself. Why am I different? Why am I different wise, my product, different wise, my product? Better? If you can answer your customers not can be able to answer it, and if you can't answer, spend more time and not bucket of your business like how can I make it there what can I do and then the same with you personally? Why am I better? Why am I better than you know? What is it what's my unique thing that I offer the world For twenty years I mean the explosive growth is still only entire company grant no outside capital, no outside investors, but that, ladies and gentlemen, just extraordinary better, faster tell me, you started you, I'm a man said I fully understand product line, but I do understand that you continue to expand the product. Why haven't
the wind to expand. Somebody reports that too, to quickly which are did you decide and what your advice, the people when they are adding to their private Why should they? How do they know they should or should not? That's it. It's a great question. So, for a long time, spanks only focused on shape where an there's positive said negatives too, that I think you have to really kind of go off instinct in your own businesses, but I like to be known for something and be the best at something before I start really
expanding my line, and then, whenever I expand into a new category of product, I want a hero. I need a hero that I usually launch with and depending on the hero. I might want it to be the only product that enters that category for a year, maybe less, maybe more and anchor in that and then add on to it, and the hero is usually something that gives an example of one of the first new broach created. Yes well like wreak like recently. We we went into apparel, and I wanted to create the perfect black pant like the perfect black pay. It so easy to like wash a ball dress up, dress down makes you look amazing,
and so we did just one black ping at and that gave you know our customers a chance to really anchor in, like. Whilst things is making this now and then we added other silhouettes stow instead of just you know doing it all at once, and you know another product that we just created is something called arm tights and its Hungary for your arms and so I like to just look at things. I own, a bunch of sleeveless thing. Sleeveless dresses sleeveless tops that I want to a year round, but I can't you know because of the weather, so I thought, will we we we're, to Hungary and tight on our legs in the fall in the winter. Why not on our arms? So I created this crop taught me on a hose Sri machine, the arms- you know you put it on it- comes to right here below your Braun arms come to here and they come in. All
in colors and patterns and prince, and they completely extend your wardrobe and now you know four thirty dollars. This item allows women are really play. You know, sir, a list in her own wardrobe and change up outfits natives looked the same for a long time, but that's the way my brain works like I'll, just be looking at tights one day on the legs and be like. Why aren't there dates for the arms buyers? we take for the legs? I've got a whole upper body. I've got. You know the same way that you know in the winter, in the fall for a lot of women. You wanna where dresses, but you dont want bare legs. I thought the same thing about my speed list stresses in tops, The blue ocean tragic, create new categories that gives you a geometric advantage if you can pull it off what you ve done successfully, and you also have so much trust how we build so much trust with your clients. I always tell people don't fall of their product fall in love with you. Quiet skins, products and services need to change, but if you ve gone over them, we could serve them have you build such trust? Have you built such a brand over the years? What do you think it is that you deliver and cuts philosophy
marketing, as there is a great deal of humor and procedures. To city and warm knows how do you trust, sleep out when a company becomes as big as you are. I think you know I've. Always spin, really honest with her and I've always been really direct, and I talked to her the way that I would talk to her if I ran into her instead of like through a marketing spin sitting in a conference room. So I feel like that. I've also then very vulnerable. As the founder and the owner, I mean from the very beginning, Tony I was standing in demons like once I landed the demons order. A lot of entrepreneurs might think I've ride, I landed demons. I was like this is my chance and I will not not have this work, so I two years and stood in every means in the country and then all the other Nord stream socks and sold the product for them with their customers, love personal relationship with yeah, but I mean I just looked at the landscape. I was like ok,
going to put me in the sleepy a corner of the store where nobody goes and a sales says it is making ten or twelve dollars an hour is in charge of my fate of like I don't think so. I do I think so. So I literally I'm in distorted, asked me to I did, but what are called spanks days and I stood there all day I would go at eight thirty in the morning. I would do a morning rally for all of the sales associates before the store opened, and I to really hustle, because the rule was you really only do it the department that you're selling it, but I knew like those three hundred sales wraps, wasn't really gonna make the biggest impact for me being there. So I would run around and beg the women that sold couture and the women that sold make up and the women and men in shoes. I gave free press the way I was like I'm going to give free products away. I was like there's a contest. I mean I just whatever I could do to get them to attend my morning meeting, and I did this and then I stood for you know seven,
eight hours a day and sold spanks out of the hotel department in the entrance of spanks. I mean of needs without permission, which is a big and I went to target when I did this at the time, and I bought those those things that go on your desk that hold on the looks like an envelope holder, and I put them at every on your desk that hold envelopes, loaves economic loopholes, holder and I put them at every single right, MR in needs and through three pair of spanks or for parents thinks that it would just walk away at like You know I remember somebody asked me: is this gif approval for this? I was like absolutely, but then what happened was what happened with everybody thought somebody else had approved it. They didn't realize no one had approved it, so I was trying to get spanked out of the corner of the store that I knew was going to sell. It was like this is. My biggest challenge will had. I not gone place that it was being sold. I probably wouldn't have recognised that's really. My biggest objection is that
women that are wearing great tresses and pet slacks and aren't going even to the your department. I don't know this: is there so I to break a lot of rules to get it done? then, by the time that they realize no one had approved it. The ceo at the time, Bert TAN Ski said, you know they saw what sales were doing on this twenty dollar item and he said whatever this girl's doing letter keep doing. I want to use, you do that for the two were too here, I have about incredible absolute happy. I love is we live in a world where people read about somebody in the Tec? Does this or something you hearing home, run in two years, you're like a billion dollars and deludes people ninety five percent of businesses in the world on the only five there are even to a million dollars growth and so people be themselves up
They think somebody got lucky. I think a lot of people think you got an open, and that was the game, so you sharing doesn't mean you think of the details. You thought through to give people Sperience not just tell them about it. You know I'm doing whenever it to come in and I mean raising I literally dead. Whatever it took to succeed, I I, when I try I mean I I got a lot of Jackson standing there I mean you know not. Everybody was always happy for me to be like hey check this out, but I took a picture of my like own. By I lay emanated it in foreign after and I stood there in showed people like this, my by it would like a panty line and cellulite honour, underweight pants and I'd like this. Is me look this is before this after and behaviour, but I also think that now vulnerability, I mean so many people said to me, like you, don't know that you should be the before and after but models the founder,
for I part I mean this product, like the whole, why it is so. I just was connecting with people that way, but you know what else happened. Is I built a sales force that wasn't my payroll, because every store that I hit became an answer, for me and my brand. They were rooting for me and I spent the whole day. They're getting too them and selling them on why this was such a great product, but I wouldn't leave a store without talking to every employee, including the Ladys that did gift rap. Run back to give troubled me like? I am Sarah's, here's, my pension look, I know you're to love it you know of is like I don't want to leave one stone unturned, especially if I had taken the time to fly their and go there, because it was expensive, and I told my team back home one time, Tonia like I'm going to California and because the flights over the expense, I land in San Diego and twenty one days later, I leave out of San Francisco and I'm heading every store between San, Diego and San Francisco.
I had Mapquest at the time and I was like freaking out of nowhere. I was half the time and I did every single day, including Sundays, for twenty. One days at my feet were like blisters everywhere cause I mean at demons. I couldn't where I had to look the parts I was in like really high heels and trying to be in a cute outfit for those ladys, and I got on the plane after twenty one days in San Francisco. When I sat on the plate in the guy. Next is like hey. How are you and I'm like all the ball, but all fly back? He was like her. You camel formed so tired so anyway, but that's that. I mean the Oprah was amazing, but I mean I had to sell it myself to you too. Talked about tell you know people that their business. Don't usually maximize it they get excited initially and then it doesn't work up over. They want and there's gotta officially values. We share with the group here who went forth sixteen years, looking for a gold treasure
Dorothy found it. You may remember about it, but he went fifteen years, would not a single gold you. Ask members of his team who died on trips and need to be able to keep going in doing that. So you, the kind of the three believe, Sir Aspect of I gotta believe the treasures out there. If you don't certain dangerous out there, you're not gonna, find it an eye. I'm going, find it and I got know it's worth it which comes back to work. Worldwide and so You drive that hard pretty strong while What's your? Why, and I think you know what I've heard you talking with people, I know you bring that up. It is for me to whose, like people don't happen over how they got a strong enough what thereafter and why? What was the wife you what's the way today, so My, why is all about the opportunity of being a woman born in the right country at the right time, which I had nothing to do with? That's just pure grace luck and I
tat, my more than my grandmother's and I saw their limited choices and they inspired me. There are limited choices. Inspired me I mean my mom is twenty two years older than me. That's really is the smallest amount of time when you about the scheme of how long human beings have been on this planet by twenty two years, I made it that I my options were you know I could fulfil my own dreams and potentials My. Why was very much I feel like. I was doing this for a not to squander the opportunity that was given to me. It's just something I felt since I was a little girl.
Sure I brought it into this lifetime or where it came from cause. It just has always been there and then I just was you know for all the women that still don't have this opportunity. So a lot of people ask me also how you handle self doubt self doubt is constantly positive messaging from people like Tony, and we know Wayne weaned in these amazing souls that had been out there giving us these positive messages. But it's also when you can do something the bigger than yourself. The self doubt becomes a lot smaller. It's not about you anymore right. So what it's all about you? It's only about you! It's a lot easier to be like. I do want to make that call today, whatever you now, I'm too scared to go through the door it needs, but when I'm going through the we weren't name and on behalf of all the women that came before me that didn't have this chance and all the women on the planet is still down. I could be crying in the car and shaking I'm going through the door, and so I ask
so tat you men, Sir, you are raising, saw the most amazing thing. Is you show the people that anyone can tap who they are? And it's like you under this week? Is you ve I've been trying to teach everybody you're. Bringing them up, which is the most important thing, is to find something you care about more than yourself, that's businesses. Miracle game? It's all about how Moreover, this nobody else, which only do so much yourself, so you found man, it's beautiful it lasted over twenty years. That's what's really special and ass. You know somebody asked me like how do you find something that you're that passionate about it one of the things that I like to just tell people just a simple little litmus test of. It is like what makes you cry whatever makes you cry, what makes you feel really sad, that's it held there. It is
there's always a way, no matter what your business is, if its financial- if it's this, if it's that there's always a way to tie it into something that means more to you than than the business. Of course the customer means everything to you. You ask me why I'm still doing this. Twenty years later, I care so much about the woman. And I also not only when I was trying to solve and undergarments issue for myself. I stood on the floors of these manufacturing plants in North Carolina and I realize their worded women in the room and us like wow, you know, and it didn't really seem like they were carrying the industry was carrying about how we felt and so I stood on the floor that day- and I remember saying to myself like I'll- be that person I'll be the girl that cares about how the women feel and things, and so you know, that's filled been the For me at spank said there are still so much left to make that I can make better for her yeah tuna
myself goes mind. My seeing people breakthroughs in people claim their truth and serves them be larger than herself and you're such a beautiful model that Come here too, because women do everything today, I'm let you know if we had a conversation earlier this week about, if you don't admire and respect the feminine, including women, sometimes we don't cuz, they think masks. More powerful. They forget that no one on this earth made it without they through a woman who had the courage to bring a wife through them much less. I see so many more work all day long and their business and come home and raise their kids and take care of husbands and wives or lever there than women. Extraordinary? And yet I see so many women that think power is in masculine and we all have it I have them in a man's. It turn up with you, my mask going to maybe I'll have it, but sometimes We try to be something we're different members, the culture reinforce it and you are the most successful. Arguably me, in the world, but certainly in our country, female entrepreneurs in terms of results, short period of time impact and yet feminist, so alive. Your vulnerability is working,
to the women's room. We think they have to become masculine to achieve things as opposed to using all of themselves masculine feminine. But what your philosophy? And what do you want? Other female manoeuvres to know about this that they don't have to give up who they are now is actually a really conscious decision I made earlier on, and you know, business has been a very masculine construct. Okay, and I too, I'm so happy to hear you talk about the energy, because I talk about have a foundation, and I talk about my greater mission is to elevate the feminine on the planet, but I believe that its the masculine feminine energy on the planet. That needs to be in balance that the feminine husband squashed for, like three thousand here for a while, and we all masculine and feminine in us. I mean, I know, see Yos. That are that that our very balanced and
feminine, like com d from Giovanni, comes to mind. He's got that rigid railed since God that you know I mean so at an than women. We have masculine feminine, so I really am in search of the balanced, but when I first started spanks I was maybe a month into it and I've been written up in the low, paper in Atlanta, and I was at a cocktail party and three men came up to me and they go. Sir, are you know we read about you? You invented something, that's great, my city. I did I'm so excited and one guy path, on the shoulder- and he goes you know, Sarah businesses, war and the other guys kind of laughter, tat each other and they go YAP businesses, war and then walked away and I went home into my apartment and I sat on the floor. My apartment actually started to cry, and I remember saying to myself: why does it have to be war? I don't want it to be war. That's not my script and I'm gonna go about this in a very different way and just see what
since I offered the feminine food a whole journey. I know you do as the number one reason I want you to be here on a sleek really has, because I see so many women also. I think there has been a justices, immature I'm gonna squashed feminine one is tragic. Control, mature, masking? What's the love and serve and so I think so some women try to become what they think is masculine a model, the very thing that they dislike, and you have not done that. You know what is your metaphor for this and I think it was a spiritual game. How do you add more by what is your metaphor for business, wow. I have never thought about a metaphor for it, but I mean it's this just beautiful unfolding journey journalists, beautiful sister, beautiful journey- and you know I will say Tony about the lot of the women you know I'd. I recognise that a lot of the women that came before-
me to act like men, yes and had to try to look like men to even get the chance to have their foot in the door, and- and so you know, I'm thrilled- that I made a place and time where the men and women are honouring and respecting the feminine. I do believe the feminine is very powerful and to your point, I'm very grateful for the masculine. In me, last linen me has made a huge difference in my life, but I didn't want to downplay the feminine in rooms full of people that had kind of lost their way of the family because- and I am happy that now in business- I think a lot of men and women are really embracing the feminine. I mean it's, the balance. You know I led my business with vulnerability. Empathy into wish enemy. I've been a bit Sk Group with I joined. Why you when I first started spanks, because one thing that happens when we're entrepreneurs is one day we become a boss. I was selling fax machines complaining the boss. I had all this EU bitching about the boss.
And then one day I was like, oh my god, I'm the boss, and I had no pierce and no want to talk to, and I these people sitting in my apartment going. You know like you're the boss, what we're gonna do and dumb ever even had a manager really that I had learned from when I was in this role of on per newer and now boss- and so I joined this- which I recommend, if you, if you have any anyway, to fine people that are like you in going through what you're going through, which is wonderful, why you're? At the seminar, GSM, sure, you're all making great friends- and these are all like minded people- I joined a group called why you, young entrepreneur, organizations and national organisation. They put you in a forum Is it a forum with ten guys? I'm the only girl I've met with these ten guys every month for eighteen years and now they're, like my,
others, I mean I say I feel like I'm Jane Goodall, but you know it's a debt of observing the guerrillas in the wild. I get to observe men in their natural habitat because they feel that they are always like, while this so interesting. I go on vacation with them. See here these guys anyway for the first for years, you know they all were placing that's how long I was gonna last in business. I didn't know that they ve now admitted that to me, but you can imagine I go in there like. What's your business planning like, I don't have one I like well, what are you going to do? I'm like I'm going to talk to the universe about I mean literally, I would say these things and then they be like with high going to make that happen in, like I'm going to manifest it to me, manifested. I mean these guys we're like route that's holding like four years into it. You know they start seeing like there's no stubbornly go away, and this kind of doing great so what's going on here and one by one, they don't
this, but one by one each one of them had pulled me aside and each of them have said to me so Sarah. How do you talk to the universe? Are they honouring the mail? A the on all of us is the real secret as an integrated ring, an integrated the fighting with leads us demands, but ordering both parts in honouring in other people's well understood we're audience locate UK without a feudal turned she wanted to have the answer. If I call your name, you can stand but we're gonna for time. Sick, read your question so Amanda Marie Ass. What would you do? Frankly, if you could jump into a time machine and do it all again, Amanda Maria, but stand up if you around there somewhere a man, ok, Amanda, it's a great question I like we're I'm sitting, so I wouldn't do a whole lot different, but I would say but I, it say that the what if I could do it over again, There were periods of time, its banks where I stopped play,
in my lane and I'm a product person, I'm an inventor, I like the sales, the marketing and the product side of it and apply It is time what I think happens to a lot of business owners is, as the business start grew I got removed away from that. I didn't even really realised what was happening, and then I spent all day every day, just dealing with business problems like there was this organization around me and when things were bad enough, they bubbled up to me and so all day every day I was dealing with. Like really, you know, crisis stuff which happens daily in business, and I became really on happy and I dont know why, and I was feeling super burned out, and I really wait. I am really far removed from the thing that guy the most excited and jazzed about doing this so about. I want the ceo of spanks for a period of time and about four years ago I stepped back in?
as the ceo and when I stepped back into the sea YO more data day, said I am. I am basically going to be very close to product and I meet with product every week, I'm in the fit room I try every product on, I couldn't be happier in. Oh, I see deal with the problems, but not the only thing I do anymore. You know I get to stay close to stay close to your love. A bit around. That's us imperfect, can reveal and Ravello says how do you grow company, the sizes banks with no outside capital or external investment? You kind of answer that little bit, but maybe, if anything else you'd add to them in committee, I was going over to private companies mentioned what's the size of the company today or the number of products or people some people's sense. Well, rubbing, beginning your private. I mean we have like over two hundred. We have probably between two hundred and four hundred products
where all over the world- and you know it's just and really an awesome authority. So but Henry I think I saw you over Here- yeah hey Henry How how the questions? How did I do this with just five grand Noah capital or any external investment by anyone else. That kind of talk a little bit about it, but I was willing to start small and I only ever invested in the sales that we're coming in. That was just what was comfortable for me and never really had a strong need to go to outside funding. So that's that's really how that happened, and I worked really really really hard, really hard No, I mean I'm its people years into and someone will you did
and I still I mean it's twenty years into this, and someone will bring me something and I'll be like. Can we do this ourselves like what cuz what I have found most the time? It's very seductive, to start to say we can afford the experts. You know you start to bring in the experts like the marketing experts com and then these people com- and you know I I have found that often times even when you have the money to afford. All of that, you get the best results when you kind of bootstrap it and time always looking for that authentic thread to, I think, if things are too perfect into polish, sometimes you can feel little disconnected from consumers and each other. So I've never been that worried about fumbling my way through it and being able to laugh about it. So I think that's that but I am very grateful that I own my company. I laid those choices. The world's beautiful Momo could be my local beer browsing.
Female two female. Can you tell about your daily habits, particularly how'd. You manage to keep your health and beauty routines up all running a billion dollar empire. What philosophy concerning scheduling. Meantime Annie Levice for female ceos in a tough time, keeping up where at tat time. Keeping up. I like this one because she was asked to ask one question nos how you like your opportunity girlfriend I love. Let me try to answer all of them, but I would say you know I haven't always done it right and I haven't always put myself first and there are times in the business Reich and put myself more first in time, but I do take a back seat in the beginning. I really took a back seat, I mean I, I work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for probably about for years, and my headquarters was my apartment for the first two years was really
two separate myself from that, but this past year in nineteen, but we ve heard I went to my tea and I said to them every year ice I'm gonna work out in every year. I Samuel to make time for it, and I haven't done it in years and years ever so this sure I'm gonna say: I'm gonna make time to work, and here the hour that I'm gonna work out every single day and everything else has to fall around it and just me declaring not. It's happened so for all of nineteen was the first here in my whole Spinks Journey that I worked out every day without us? So I was very, proud of that. One thing I did that really helped me was a bucket of my days so realized for really. I cannot believe how long this took me to figure out, but it was an entrepreneur or wherever we're everywhere, wearying every hat, we're almost every department. So one day I'm like sitting
meeting and they're asking me out a book about a bra and I'm like wearing the bra and giving feedback and then five minutes later I have a legal issue and I'm sitting with my lawyers in there talking to me about something and then you know an hour later I mean an employee situation and he trying to help solve an employee crisis, and then you know twenty minutes later. My kids school calls and I would come home every day and be exhausted and feel like. I got nothing done and a bunch of arrows were being shot at me and that's all I thought I was just come home then like and I had like monkey brains. So what happened I wasn't allowing myself have con enough time for context, so I felt like I was making dad decisions. I was frustrated a lot of the time and example would be. My team would come in and go Sarah. Do you like the blue package of the red package or the green package in the purple package of like purple you know it launches and it launches next to a competitor, that's purple, unlike what like I never would have picked purple.
I'm seeing that worse in a scene. You know in their like wool and I was before, Where did they didn't tell me that they be frustrated? I didn't ask the question so now. What I do is, I have themed days Scots, not always chocolate, opium yeah, it's not always perfect, but my days I work from home tuesdays. I know that I marketing brand and all things too, dealing with the brand Wednesday I meet with all my leaders and I do visioning for the company Thursday is my product day. I only work on product Friday's a swing day for me too. Now I'm a work at home. I may come into the office, but Friday and Monday is when I try to allocate time for myself to think thinking is super critical and spending that time doing that. So that made a huge difference, because now the whole company nose like they can plan, and we like Tuesdays when stairs thinking about this than I meet with the right people.
And allowed as a concentration of power and one categories living scattered rights, its huge right process of our p M, which is kind of your life that wins, scored, scheduling of it. That way, so that's incredibly powerful. So all of those helped me a lot, and you know I I recognize my best time to think is in the car Every single person here in the room has their best place her time to think, and I'm not talking about when you go through your check. Stuff like I got a you know too that in that now where does your mind wander? Where does your mind wander and how much time do you need to allocate alone, before your mind, wonders because, when you're mine wanders is where all the magic is and so for buying and it was when it was shaving in our he get all his best ideas. For me, it's in the car so I live about five minutes from spanks, but I have created what my friends call my fake commute.
And I get in the car, and I drive an hour before spanks I'll drive, aimlessly around town thinking and I shall show at the office, and unlike thank God, you know, I got that time, but I actually have schedule, because I live so close to the the author so yeah Louis upon pouncing your name, properly arrogant, she said, was the spurious challenge. You haven't your business and how handle it and keep going. What you tell yourself. The first morning you woke up its banks was officially a business was as part of my business It is time and how do I get through areas time how'd you get through it. I think the scariest I've had so many scary times my business.
But I think the scariest tied in my business is when I stopped honouring mine lane in the business and I had the wrong leader in the business and I lost my way a little bit during that time. As a woman, I was also trying to grow my family's quite a lot of other things happening in my personal life that was gone. In complicated, but I would say that was my heart is time and how I fixed it was. I got up the courage she just reclaim it and go back in, and I was terrified, but stepped back in his seat year, which I hadn't been in a long time, and I was willing to set the rules. The way that I felt was gonna be best for me and the business and wasn't as worried about hurting feelings, or who might be upset about it and let the chips fall where they and it all has been a beautiful thing for the company and for me, so I would say that was Polly scary time and then what was the other questions?
It was what did you tell yourself? The first, I'm warning you woke up. Its banks is officially a business like and fell waking up like this I say. I was just like that. The more that I actually felt like I was a business was when I had first launched the Less pantyhose and I've been opened Everything and I've been selling that one product for a year and a half, and I invented my second product, which was the first, a shaper short that had no leg banned on it, but it stay down there power panties and they stay down on the leg but didn't leave that visible liner bulge through our clothes that all the other shapers in the world had that kept it down, and I got a chance to be on pvc and I came off of an eight minutes segment and had sold something like twenty thousand pair and you know, standing in the department stores are really good day would be selling like fifty had good get to the hotel
maybe like I sold fifty today, so I went into the green room and I have this very visual moment of like collapsing on the couch there and thinking. I'm not a one hit wonder I'm a company, that's my cell. Product and they like. Thank you the twenty Robins podcast is a collection of interviews and stories and is produced by the Tony Robins team, copyright, Robins research, international.
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