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2018-02-07 | 🔗

Did you know that a staggering 96% of businesses will fail over a 10-year period of time? And as for the remaining 4%, it does not necessarily mean they succeed, it means that they’ve survived.

So what does it take - not only to launch a business, but to grow and scale is a successful and sustainable way?

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, we’re taking you to Joe Polish’s Genius Network, where Tony recently sat down to give his best advice for entrepreneurs and to discuss what it takes to really change the game.

It’s not just about having the best product or service. And it’s not just about having the strategy or skills necessary to run a company. Because business, as Tony says, is for gladiators. And you absolutely must understand the psychology necessary to wage the battle that is growing a business if you want to succeed.

So what does it take? What are the moments that will define you as an entrepreneur? And how can you bring more value to the table than anyone else? Listen to this episode now to find out how you can scale a successful business and build a brand that will ultimately change the game.


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Did you know that a staggering ninety six percent of businesses fail over a ten year period of time? As for those remaining four percent, doesn't necessarily mean they succeed, it just means thieves, revised. So what Take no to launch a business but to grow and scale it sucks. Swell and sustainable way in this episode of the junior ovens, podcast we're taking you to Joe Polishes genius network event. Returnees. Down and give his best advice for entrepreneurs and talks about what it really takes to change the game. It's not about having the best product or service, and it's even about having a strategy or the skills to run a company because busy is, as Tony says, is for gladiators anymore.
I understand the psychology you need to wage those battles to grow your business if you wanna succeed. So what is it and what are the moments that will define you as an entrepreneur How can you bring more value than any one else? Let's go! Now to tony rabbits, What to do next? We're going to have a couple of my good friends, people that reach. Many many millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people collectively and the first is my part ingenious acts long time genius our member came to the very first meaning dean Grassy Yossi dangerous. Yes, he is the top a trainer in the world on how to invest in real done over a billion and half dollars on the Dean brand sold. Millions of books super sharp guy. And the artist ease the poster chop for progress. Ingenious our and the second
is now so you may not have heard about this person yes, the top personal development guy in the world- and his name is Tony Robins and saw we're gonna do an interview with both dean and Tony about how to scale your business entrepreneurship and whatever the hell else. I decide to ask them or that we start talking about so give it up for grabs Yossi Antonio, So I tried to get the chance. So I could look at least a little taller than authority, I literally ass if they were born books, army and no aid, so we ve got Bob we got a little mad, they don't! You know little man dies. You know I want to ask you like
you have a lot of incredible advantages and life familiar even now build yourself into this grand into this person. I mean you save people's lives, you d him in here. With destiny. The last one that I gave do I mean you literally process people that want to commit suicide. I mean there's what don't you have an answer for time. Time as time is, the one challenge is always on the hours in the day is using its equal bill gates, get say, manage you and I do so. How did the ever? Do that then, to maximize all things that I want to do? I got thirty three companies now or thirty six billion this year and there are radically different in different industries, and I got my day job we're on stage about every four or five days, someplace in the world
Thirteen fifteen countries EU roughly. So it is time as this is the challenge to maximize if it there's always there's always wore out. So we can talk about this and I actually the way you guys matters. We are in an airport on a private up. We will find a private plain. Only remember whose plain it was just a donor prototype, not echo where we landed in I was gonna, send you gonna just called giants and I'm going to San Diego. You want a ride like I'll just go so we go right. We see you on the cover of a magazine, a videotape. It shoot a message to send it to you. Introduce you that way and then you guys totally hit it off and become like really close runs. Wales, which has now been talked about it recently. Yet with you, the yes, everybody else in the world. You're gonna sit, so so what I wanted to do, though, is is both of you. I think, can really speak to how to build in scale of business. In and I'd like to talk about things that maybe you know you don't eyes, share with honour, Nor is about how to really do it really what it takes and of their saw. I have prepared a list of questions in the first one. Are you doing
when a great day, by the way how many river Ben to want to Tony's. That's agar Seattle and there's a whole other room in here called the genius lounge who have another hundred people, because we saw this room after love. Yeah, we got that so How do you really building girl a brand and really scale covers data, for I think go it starts with finding something there. You are passionate about more than just yourself, you, an entrepreneur or that gets into business just to make money. Rarely does You have something if you want to solve a big problem, if you have something that you just feel so incredibly deeply passion about it'll, keep you up in our twenty hours a day get up early without same level. Passionate really starts with that was without that we're gonna build, not gonna work and then Drug early said. There's only two things that really make a business go. Innovation in marketing and you guys know how marketing as your here, but I would say to you that the innovation is even more important initially because marking
replace added value. If you can find, way to do more for others than any human on earth, or at least a human and your industry. You will build a brand and you will dominate now. It won't happen. Passes. You want to stop people most people over us. I used to overestimate what I've been doing a year, but I completely underestimated what I could do in a decade or at this point for decades and habits going this. My forty appear. So I think it starts with having that mission having that added value, and if you can find we do that it now you can destroy. Businesses have been around for cap a decade decade essential. Even as we well know your drug abuse are different or might whereby in the and watching his project over eight years, mean four six and have seven those years almost they would make enough, but they found to do better and where they today and you look at countenance, but ninety, eight year old company, ever twenty three billion dollar evaluation. You look at European Bee there, eight years and about a year and a half or two years of real profit and that companies worth thirty two billion dollars. Goobers.
Ring up on their branding a little bit and really but based on their culture, a culture still part of your brain, and I hope we all know that the culture as the ultimate element that build your brand, because we you're young and when you're small business you can be the But ultimately organizational be the reflection on you and pretty soon if you're, smart, your build organisations do not depend upon you. I've got you. No other companies that I have you won't even know, I almost those companies are one of the first companies I built Molly Resort in Fiji and firm fifteen years are the number one round. The country were just one: cutting ass, most romantic resort, number one wealth, resort tion resort in that world Muslim. You know what I did my customers that that's my place, but what we do would you so much for the customary do more than they could ever possibly imagine over that also they want a better way. So you look around easy see. Ford in its evaluation. Is forty billion in Europe burn out an order today, but it's been hovering your fifty billion dollars and you don't car, so they found way to do more for others than anybody else, and I think you have to do that consistently.
Time we have to get me looking for the quick fix, the quick kid, because if you do that, works or short period of time and everyone copies you and does what you say, and so you have a lot of young bucks outcome. Come up to me all the time and they ll say things to me- you know. You remember my face: remember my name does not want to be where you are and I was smiling. I bet you will encourage I'll. Do everything I can to help you get there and when you get to where I am you'll, be where I was do you have any. You have any fault that I'm gonna stop growing come on baby and I think competition is the most beautiful thing. This competition, it's true spirit, is not I'm dominating you it's really about. How do we make each other better competition in Latin means to conspire together. So if I want to pay in our game you're playing golf day together, we're both? We bought it with a sixty, seven and sixty eight. I think that on the first all, but we ve you push each other and what you put each other for you're pushing each other so that you both get better right. We conspire to make each other better, so I think,
You know, how do you build a brand? You do more for others enabling us and you dont, do it just by advertising. You'll, never worked it out. You do it by becoming the most respected expert in the area. The way you do, that is your constantly your marketing has to be added value marketing. I call them your value added marketing its. It can't be interrupted. Marketing anymore. Nobody responds how many of you, if you look at it right now take a look and see twenty years ago they did a stallion said how many impressions you need for the average person if they're interested to take some form of buying the aid and the twenty years ago was for today, would you guess it it? I've got sixteen, so Europe marketing today easier harder. You tell me harder. All you said harder, that's interesting. I think it's actually easier to market by hearted of effective market anybody can market where's marketing, it's everywhere. It's on a banana, that's everywhere right, but if you can Do something when you're marketing is not marketing, where you're really adding devalue, even in the marketing year, informing your educating your inspiring you're.
Providing something value up front, then you induce russification. People start to say hey. This is a gift or not to take her. I think everybody in the world Even today, you can build a brand without really being that give I'll give you one quick example: authority of our friend. That's good examples years and years ago, when I was having nineteen years old man a friendly MIKE, like many still in the same people, San Fernando Valley. He sells real estate MIKE when he was seventeen Bob real estate. Anyone to be real turn in California, gotta be eighteen team that so those days, I'm old enough to remember before there was a worldwide web. There was no such thing Yet a go look at real estate by handing out those little pamphlets and things- and you know most realtors do their marketing the same way as every other realtor motorway of humor. Like everybody else, doesn't you do a much better job you'll get an incremental advantage, but if you do something. No one else is doing you gotta geometric advantage, but- What are you? Seventeen he's gotta bikers didn't even a card that time any want to get real estate, so he went to the real thing guys all possible. You will pass these things out. That's kind of guy is so we turned
eighteen, it gets us licence easy. In senior California, what does a relatively upscale community upper middle class and he's a young kid and no one wants to buy from remedies, knocking on doors he's doing everything. Everything else is doing. Better getting zero progress, and so one day you never talk, and I said dude I. What are they depart because I'm a kid they see my face. I said I am do, but I may well get people much older to listen to me the reason is I produced results. I ve done something I didn't market, I didn't say it. I did it with my feet. I did it with impact. I said you're going to find a way to stand out from the crowd and here's a guy has no money right and you're, not a lot of experience. I look for something You can do in community that no one else is doing. The truly is needed here the conversation, I don't know how many months, maybe three months formats later there was a huge trash strike and it last for about six weeks and if you can, and you're not fairly wealthy home and you drive home. You worked ass. Often you come over what happens after three or four weeks of the trash that now there having dogs get into a cats rats
in some parts of the community had never seen rats before and people are angry and test, often everyday. The comment about day, thirty, seven of the trash track- and I came up here. The idea of my ideas as idea and because what you think of this, because what, if I had it Private trash company to come out and take all the trash out of just I farm another area that I serve as it dude you gotta do How much does it cost four thousand nine Under five grand, but for now would be like five million dollars in his mind. At that point, right, I said I to be the greatest you ever made you gotta. Do I want to give you one point: don't tell anybody you did so without my doing it, for I said transmute eventually get out, but dont do it for that ducas right, just don't goes right, people will see that happen, so he did it didn't. Nobody did, you could imagine you drive home and you expect he trash everywhere in the trash is go instead of resolving God, the trash, for example, you sit down jail. You turn on your tedious, like so many people bid and they go day, sixty two the trash strike, if you like who stole my tracks.
And everybody is trying to figure out where their treasures, godlike and so sure should it goes on for about seven ten days Finally, some out, we do not quite sure how I think I do now recalling, seem yet you're my equipment or did you Do this guy did it cost. Is that's unbelievable one? I think that I want to pay my share and I told him, Give anybody don't take anybody's, but these have speeded up. Brazil being together now you're, not so transaction. And so you wouldn't do it. I said what would I do as they say that just on the true Tom you're well to Tom, you didn't give you care about the community you only to pay me back. I care You don't want to sell your home. You know- and we also want to sell or less thereby, please think of it in the next twenty four. Whence he sold. One point: two million dollars and commissions about volume was much higher than that for a twenty year old kid who had no background. Anyone can build it, but the we wait to build a brand- is consistent attitude in today s multiple offices this afternoon about still out there for years, late, wow, that's
good, I'm afraid. There's the add on what Tony was saying. Authenticity plays a huge part, and I think we all evolve to write, and I can remember- and it's funny because you inspired me to go on infomercials twenty years ago, and I know you dont like even here that we are now- we first met you're like a the informer forgotten, like really do really, but I remember run in the information and being on tv and that's all begging, borrowing and raising put my own money together to have this go in and won't happen as soon as I would get hit, show. Someone rip off the show the same model same looked. Some people would even transcribing use like deism as an aid to freak out, My show common on someone else's voice, and this- and here What happened? They would get an immediate hit and run off. You remember this. They would pre empt your show, so they would look wherever I played. If I was on CNBC at five in the morning at seven grand they go and say see envy. See five in the morning, they'll pay, nine and all of us
in all my stuff. We get pre empted I'd be off tv. I, the staff, did in autumn juggling to make this company work and I'd freak out lose my mind back then I stress about let's stay up all night and what I mean I still retire of seventeen eighteen years on tv is, of course you get numb to it. You navigate new territory in and you don't freak out as much bored. I realize is when they would rip off my material, they might seem excited, but the authenticity wasn't there, but to back it and I stopped freaking out I'd, have new new people come into media department, Ben Ali- and you see this show it's yours being we should soon they preempted Sunlike, given for five months, though begot, and will take that space back and will be fine. And it just showed me the more authentic. I got the more my shows played, and then those guys couldn't even pre empt me, because you got that and to back up more on on what and how he said is. When I really took my company and Joey, I was one of the first years. I met you. It's a reason. I gave you twenty five.
Kay the start. The companies are really want to know how to bond and build reciprocity and build a relationship with my clients on a deeper level than I could ever match. I always wondered serve the highest level possible, but I wanted another level I saw Joe and a tiny little market of a carpet clean. In doing millions of dollars and is then it's quite loved them everything he did, and I want to understand that a deeper level and what I spent as much time on post purchase as I did pre purchase my company changing you watch the go from twenty two hundred million over three years. We just on this rocket ship of obsessing so that the second thing is as much as you think, you're doing for posts purchased relationship, bonding love, reciprocity, doublet double it at every company. I will go
two to revive someone asked me to come. Consult for a day. I'm just talking to friends in a mastermind is still not doing enough because we always think we have to go and we do. We want to keep acquiring new clients, but sometimes we get so obsessed on acquisition. We forget our best clients or their saint hey. Can I have work and serbian more, so I would double that and then the third. The third thing I would say Is Tony headed unheard? I've got I'm just gonna piggy back office, but innovation and marketing is everything right and what I see is a lot of times. People get stuck on complete marketing and obsessed on and forgot about forget about the innovation but more than that, more than that, I watch people get innovative like crazy, feel they have what everybody needs and they do and ignore marketing completely into their complete tiller done with the project, if, like the person who spent two years to write a book and then they get done and say or books done now, I just
if we had a seller right. So what I would say- and I think in my head, my I've silly analogies that I think about all the time I draw little pictures. I think, pictures in my brain. It's what I think is picture, you're innovation, vehicle and your marketing vehicles like two cars and just make sure they're alongside each other. As you don't like always look out of your new innovation by Senor being created and how to solve a new problem or car Philip want that people have just make sure you're moving forward. You look over and marketing is a right, alongside of instead enough time jumped back over and have them a line and there's nothing did hits it out of the park and innovation matching with your marketing with authenticity and then after they say. Yes, they realise that you over delivered and I simple as that sounds in everybody here knows it most people miss one of those components. And when their lined up that's when you feel that you know he hit that plateau demonstrate up, I'm just a big bang. Not that innovation lunch you where and they think tat what they think something of a great, sometimes
patient is charging more sounds absurd, because sometimes charging too little and people perceive that it's not worth it. Some kind of you look at it. People's ladys purses, especially in this room and you'll see that there is some rather expensive purses around here, some better five thousand dollars. Ten thousand dollars for somebody comes thirty dollars to make. Most of us would love that margin gives you look at him, getting dollars to but What it really means to innovate is to know more about your client, your customer than they have no about themselves. What are they desire? What are they fear? What are they want and that's innovation, it might be price, it might be convenience that might be playfulness, it might be relationship, innovation isn't real. Hi all the time, we're so oriented towards that oftentimes. It's more height, in some way or its changing? The way, I feel is even proceed. Star. There was no coaching. You now known
we're back that long. Has it been that many years in forty years since I started this but forty years ago there was no coach. Coaching was sport term, but I knew I wasn't it pretty motivator. I hated that term. I still has never been a motive, is, I believe, an energy athlete and passion, but that our strategy is worthless and so on, and if you got what am I I'm, not a guru when I mind so I start think it was an athlete. What I really must coach gets coach is no better than the person you're working when in fact they might be better than you. I was a better athlete, and so my coaches, but they were better at helping make us. I was in the forest near outside of it, so I really You think up innovation in a different way. Think about how to get that innovations. We say, get innovator. How do you do it? You really means get new voices around. You re ass, new questions you can bring some people when we think differently. I, a years ago, the first billionaire ever maps really interesting. I asked him what real, put him on the map because he sold products that were like rules and oils, and things like that needs to Tony. I I thought under service markets and I over deliver for them
Don't sell in New York City and also on Africa, made him a billion it in. I don't if I'm gonna sell in New York City, I got the bowels of the hospital, I don't go to see YO and I work the guy. They are mere. That makes the decisions you know and pushes it up everybody else and I give him a level of service that nobody else. Now. That's innovation, you didn't, let me the product, unity. The way it was the liberty of invariably added value. Sometimes added value is giving someone significance who does not feel them, in a process in really it's so you gotta think about it, We spent a leaden your mind, go there and then marketing again It doesn't matter ass if your first and you add more value and you he bowed and I'll give you keep innovating your marketing no one's ever going. I remember you know very beginning. One is doing those two. I still see today not humorous forty years later about thirty years later by the gentleman in common. Everything. My very first infomercial had planned. Targeting the football player was superstar. Those days interviewed, then I had an astronaut who might change
person literally got another football quarterback and got an astronaut and did all these things are also raised as we like, but the result is a break with this. Guy literally word for word copied everything I did, and I see nothing about this is going to destroy me. I want to say something else and though it is that, now some pardon you just pause for a moment said finally do something better than was we're. Gonna makes better if fell apart and euro six weeks. There was nothing, so you have nothing fear if you keep adding value to the customer and if you keep innovating and also in your marketing side as well. You often say that change happens in its second. Do you mean that literally yes, ever feel like a beat the outcome, it's always finding the moment. We all of us have had what's in our life, where we try to do something we failed and we're just offer ourselves or fell short I've done that so many times. I am sure all of us at some stage but then there is that time when, finally, you hit a threshold, the threshold,
your brain does not another moment other day, not an hour. This is up and down I'm not let this happen again. Who here for apples ever been in a relationship way too, say I lied. You stay when you're so miserable, because some part of your brain kept saying you know it was it was in the past or it will be better in the future. You change time sounds, but if you get to the point where your brain says a path, this painful but presents Paypal but futures, can we Paypal I'm done with this? There is a threat. All in all human beings? You hit that threshold? That's when you it's all change happens in a moment of decision. The moment you say I do or it's over or I quit or let's begin or I love you the moment when somebody wages James, the my entire life is about bringing people to those moments, because decisions are where it's not your conditions. We all know that you're all people have built huge businesses and our continued grow them it's just visions and so that people say what. How do you make better decisions while part of that is inequality,
The quality of your decisions, like you're, good judgment, you're, gonna, succeed, so Ortega, good judgment experience or do you experience often judge with its great, but you learn from about judgment. Robin beat yourself up and you dont subtle, you'll go it's over. You know it's like a soul, simplistic, you or with it, but either so being unbelievably value about a person they just won't stay down. I mean it's. That percentage keeps getting up it's getting out there, always go where the and give their opinion than adding value there just obsessed about themselves and getting up an ego trip you're going down and down down down, it would just get up and get knocked down, but the added value, that's what pushes everybody to the next level, but there's a moment, and you have to find what is leverage if you're if your leader of an organization You really want to know your clients, which are your employees and associates and strategic partners. You want to know more about their needs, their gold, their desires. Then they know too, because they're, your first customers but it can start a business and grow to five or ten million bucks. You can do that on your own back but grow.
A tutor million dollar business. You now have a billion dollar business by billion dollar business, there's no way on earth it. You can do that. You have to build a culture and rebuild a call. Sure you have to be able to serve these customers beside you in front of you, so they can serve your customers, and so it's a gift. It really comes down to what influences people to influence other human being you gotta know what already influence. If you tried, employers, people, the way that works for you, if you got to children. Nobody got more than one problem curious, almost all zidoc, so it has been busy so you're either for kids. It doesn't matter how you raise them. Are they going to be different? Yes or no? You bet they are so they're they're coming differently. So if you try to get your kid to clean the room, the way works for you might work for one you get the one, that's like you and the other ones. Little bastard, you back being in business right all. I can influence these people. These people don't get it now. You don't get it you're, trying to influence the way that works for you, Sir, I would say, the temples are the people have not already impulses and there are two things that influence everyone universally one is this
there it and two emotional state. There is It's when everyone will say no nursing it's when somebody said another entire life will say yes and you're going, to figure out. What is that state? How to get it's not hard to do and the other part that info these people. That was their blueprint and that's what I really studied the blue it is my short term. For what are? They believe? What have they value most? What are they fear most I we say life, isn't they have between what you desire most of what you fear amongst my life, the journey has really helping people, fear less and in desire and enjoy and achieve and experience more. That's really. You can do that for people, you really have quite an opportune. You can do that with any business. But if you know
so beers most widely divergent most Norma word. All my produced little move them forward and football them back got in and talk about culture. Its easy at the word comes to mind from east congruity, you're right. It's that the company owner of the weight loss company, that's overweight and after pitch into his entire team. This is what we have to do in these. In the lives we are changing and when you see can grow and see, and you feel it and that's who you are you have to do everything in your power to push that down to every team in each team is different iron. Several companies too and I have, I have great values in culture but their different, indifferent company, secular and talk about living it. I remember- and some of you know the story, but when we are growing and all of a sudden we're doing eighty live events are weak and there's hundreds of people out on the road selling dean.
The freaks like a freak out, because what I'm doing it I know what I'm doing so. I put all these mechanisms in place to make sure that the clients are treated. The way I wanted to, but still I still was scared, because you know you get. Somebody needs to pay their mortgage that month, they might say some little grass of on stage not used to. So I put all these things in place, but I say that because when I one thing that I would suggest, I started doing a weekly video that everybody, my company there is about six hundred at the time had to wash they all had a log in they fought. We are watching we really work, but somebody was making sure they were, but when I used it, I did it for six years straight and what I did every single week was just lived the culture I wanted the team to be. I wouldn't I'm. I find everybody like a swear job if they called somebody a lead like the sales for we're doing coaching. If somebody hey, I got this lead. I got forty dollars led out. They will find if they call the legs of the human being. Is a person? Is somebody in need, so we changed.
Culture through video, I wouldn't say for Salesmen- did great. I wouldn't say I you're the best in sales. This week I would say: hey Joey change the most lives this week. Here he got people to see a bigger future Dan Sullivan's work, We started this culture and I remember at first I was doing these videos every week and I I bring a testimony alone and just let them share my sail through the whole team, and I remember when I first started people say me I deem this is good, really motivating us because they thought it like a new hook on how I get them, motivated how I'd get him to sell more. But then, after time my congruence see my consent. Consider this issue. We are as a company, we change lies. We get paid well, but we get paid well to change lives effectively, and then I just kept doing things to prove that over and over so one of the things that really changed, my company and, I think
You remember that shared this one in twenty five key groups is when we're doing live events, and we are really going as fast as we possibly could grow. We went from fifty two hundred and fifty million in eighteen months ago. You know how crazy that is when you grow. So what I did was we're doing so me live events I hired to different people separately, one specifically, and I made him a secret shopper and my company and I created a white boy, the size of this and I the low printed every feeling they hurting knew my fulfilment and realistic there's nobody that provides, but would Tony does will be better in the world. The Joe does nobody that in work I loved what I did. I wanted my family and that how I made money already knew. That was good, but wasn't sure how they felt at every level of experience. So I put secret shoppers to go to the event to feel if they were oversold or not so hard enough. What were people talking about when they went to lunch in the other room at the events when they bought? How did they feel after they bought? Did we
oh blood, did we give them reciprocity? Did we over deliver under deliver and we created this feeling chart and we found all spots in the company were I'll. Give you example, and some of you noticed the smaller groups share this before, but we found one area that we would do all our sails on Saturday, the average sail was sixty two hundred dollars, so a lot of people would come alone, so they come about their spouse. The sixty two hundred dollars sail on a Saturday, and then the teams would fly back to the office, on Sunday on Monday to put all the data together they enter into the computer by Tuesday and then no one reached out to these people. This is the one thing we found hundreds of little things, but no one to reach out to these people until Thursday. The following week so they spent six thousand two hundred dollars on a Saturday on real estate. Education at their wife or husband didn't want him to go in the first light off an infomercial dude. You sent them to a hotel,
and all of a sudden, the wife's like it's Wednesday, you got nothing, there's nothing in your hand, but a little certificate. There's no car in the parking lot get your money back and when I felt like, oh, my god, How were making them feel yeah they get the best education starting Thursday, but what about Sunday through Wednesday? and I created a whole team of relationship managers that literally we just took our best customer service, the most friendly customer service, people pull when a customer service made him relationship managers, and I showed my whole company how much we care by creating a whole department that didn't generate any revenue they couldn't sell anything and when they call it we just like hey. We know you got involved. There was probably scary, you probably got to tell your spouse Won't let you know I'm here for you, this is my phone over. This is my cell phone. If you have any questions until the threat the coach reaches out to discuss report, you call us I'm gonna take. Back in when I did that we're over a hundred million on the exact number of references numbers to brag, just going to show you that the scale of what we're up We are about two hundred million.
We lowered from the relationship Management Department, we lowered refunds by fifty seven percent in the first five days and all we did? We didn't change our product. We didn't get bigger. We didn't have our innovation. What Tony said our innovation was understanding, help people felt and we were screwing up, because sometimes we think we know what people need. I know if people want to make money rules that I know what they need. That's, but, but if I don't make him, feel the right way along the journey there never gonna get to what they need. So those type of things as when Tony said innovation. It really hit me. That's all enemies, that's all we. I know someone comes into my real estate world. Now, where my success world now dig treated with love, and I have said on every touch they had to make sure they feel good agreement. Ivanhoe This is not at all ended years. We get to a question I went so far ass. He went through the training, And then he refunded, I said, refund like a really pissed off and I even got the feeling of He called up in one of his money back and told me: go pick up a rope and dean
socks and I just wanted to see how we treated- and I made probably seventy five tiny little changes and my company all based on emotions and feeling the biggest byproduct was being in the room with with more than this people has my staff and we own. I presented this debray. I showed him how I change everything in the whole culture was wholly. We work for a company that really cares were, unlike everybody else. Sales when up as a byproduct customer relationship when up as a byproduct customer experience and results went up because everybody believed, because we started from the top down
I just want to go on and also that in two thousand, eight Romany do not challenge. In times of most people, too, during that time in the education does this, it was interesting time and I never I went to one of the companies where had not been they very often that ground as somebody companies on the road doing things as doing and people were really and fear because we had people at like. Sixty percent of the people are paid for an event didn't show up universe prepaid if you were just frayed, got an airplane talk about toper, two thousand, aided him every last like fortress you know what I was doing. A trillion dollars the markets at that time, and so we set out a team. I said let spend one day and all we're gonna do is not upset about what we're gonna. Do I'm going to tell us about who it is that we serve, and I said I want to know what every one of you is heard. We brought the entire company go to tell me what people say about a programme. Some of this ever robins. Tell me the good. Tell me the night.
That's right all the borders, and then we went more from even emotions. We asked what are the questions that people ask, and then we asked what kind of belief would you have to come to participate, be one of our clients and then evolve to the point of now virtually most of the growth in the company's I've taken four hundred million two billion dollar company says always come down to getting unbelievably obsessive about. Who is right, deal quiet not just going for the clients that you have, whose ideal quiet and then we have to do it because in the education business People know when they go to that all my conscripts clearance of my life in its raving Vance not satisfy customers and many of your customers. You know I'm talking about but I didn't know there till the go there. No one knows you know like a medical sit in a room for four days and nights with some guy standing on the stage for twelve hours a day. I guess it for two hours, but so the challenge years when things got tight, that looks like a giant accessory, not a necessity. You know a divorce is not it's. Not an x so we are faced with. The necessity would not be in that place, your health. Can you change your life? The
we deal with a really real. So what we did was we said who is going to need our products one or product desire products bring everybody else, their products? Who was the do your customer. I want help everybody that's my mindset, but is it now: let's focus on animal became clearly with entrepreneurs. Gus people like you and I bring another two thousand eight. We gotta go our businesses, we can crawl into shelf, we ve got to invest, we ve got to learn, we got to grow, we got to innovate, and so we change based on that right? Your customer wasn't. The next question is this: like teach every business who'd, you I'd your customer in detail again what we fear, they desire. What are the questions? Why? What do they want most? What are the What are the things inside they feel bad about? I want to know everything I can about it, so we can really help them and the next is what is your irresistible offer? There's nothing will change a business faster than being able to those two questions and implement them, but he's got a test and test and test to make that happen. So you know Tony chaise a great example of its apple stories of random number. You told me years ago we first met that when he first came, Zappos starts apples, a couple of guys,
San Francisco alone, you know apartment that they had together and they were going nowhere. Recent decent amount of money, Why would you go back to two thousand and someone said you some women choose to people on the web when we want to We want to invest. We want to do this. What do you say, you're crazy? Why why come on guys? Why without trial on right marijuana. Do this will spend the money, and so Tony's answer is really simple. Is that we need an irresistible, offer here's. What we're gonna do we're gonna pay shipping. By as many issues, they want no limit twenty pairs if they want and then giving away get even making spend any of them are all them back and will pay the shipping back, no urine investor? Would you say to this man. Read between the lines. Right. Are you insane we're gonna go bankrupt, pieces, mechanical bacon up anyway, metal? Try some new right. But he said you don't understand my ideal. As a woman, you do understand. Women have a special relationship with shoes.
For women's shoes, equal happiness, ladys of its true, makes a noise. They hear you you're gonna get a shoe they're gonna, love issues. We got a problem and not going to fit they're gonna go up. I want to lose weight my feet. That's they're going to do. Embryo view that only saw the business, but one two billion they still runs. It is all the Amazon because he wasn't need it, for the money was enough for creating a culture is in it for the impact that driving force makes it happened. But if I can only give you two pieces of advice is good. Is your business is agreed. This room is obviously a successful business, look again at whose ride your customers especially since winters comic, if you can't sense it if you're deluded by what the fat is done for a few years, nothing has changed, genomic in this country or the world. All we ve done is put more ones and zeros. We haven't printed more money. We can afford to do that. The trillions we put into the economy is just ones and zeros and computers it backs and there's appointments I reckon I don't know win. I've interviewed fifty you, the most successful financial geniuses in the war
for five years, many become dear friends, none of them nowhere, but they all know there's a reckoning and here's what great about the reckoning. Most businesses are going to freak out there. Be destroyed because when it happens, you'll get scared to cut back on their marketing to cut back on their added value. To cut back on everything, and that will be your greatest opera unity of your maid for winter I made for winter. I make people ready for winter, because winter is that we will grow geometrically if you look at the fortune, one thousand and that might be a role model for somebody want to build businesses that do make the earth that my group to look at let's look at one with a board. There's four seasons, economic seasons right some of when your time, all housebreaking breaking nothing seems to be working in a field like never will again springtime, which thing God follows winter when everything seems too easily summer. When you work in your ass off, you been plant, may have been growing and doesn't seem giving you any rewards like where's the plant and then follow or autumn when you get to reap at all and if you look at sixty one percent of the
fortune. One thousand today were born in a winter either freshener recession CNN when recession Right Disney depression, I mean I've got the pizza research Fedex recession in the region, If you can do well during the tough times you will dominate, plus we are integral. This economic opportunity of your lifetime, because baby boomers and I'm the last year of them they're getting old and theirs. They get Nor did we ve got the most amount of money in the on the most businesses in the world. In eighty six percent of businesses never go public and never get salt. Only fourteen percent do what they think that their kid is going to read it. I have a dear friend and need a billion dollars sewing underwear. It becomes everyone dances. I could sell the business right now. You know make another two billion dollars somewhere or you know, I could hang on and build it more and so for more maybe later or I guess, leave it for my Sunday cities, five come on. What are you thinking? It's you, and I know
this guy s, you saw the business now, thicker change your life and our but you'll be pissed that you saw that nodded its beak rights, easy to know what to do. But my larger points really simple: you ve got to make sure that you I understand. Why did he is your customer truly wants and needs who's? Your idea customer who you do well for you when the market changes who dealt with you in the economic change your prepared now for that your dwarf and is the other opportunity one's way? stocks- are rising like crazy, we'll stay prices are driving like crazy. What do people want for their home or further company or for their real estate, for what have they won't be actual price lower than, worth or more words, one by one no way all how is breaking lose. Some people think it's the end. How much they want for them real estate, how much we want for their business was they'll. Give it to you, so you get good now and you get good during winter.
You'll be all to pick up all your competitors for next to nothing and I've done that a couple industries. The last time as part of my group geometrically, I made winter. If I could give you one goal be made for winter and the way it Major winter is your own personal winters before the economies there, the you break through those as quickly as possible and there's a whenever. Manoeuvres and you talk about making a better entrepreneur, the better entrepreneurs entrepreneurs that Lubs Winter, the better option nor is the one who looks for challenge because always out of crisis, if you don't give up out of crisis, if you can make it, What I call the threshold of control. You will become the dominant player, that's where all the breakthroughs come at a price two thousand with the greatest thing that happened to my companies ever from undermining all countries- the billion dollar companies over another seven eight years, because at that point we just got tighter, smarter, stronger, more everything became more powerful ambiguous. There's nobody cares. What have you rate? So you never most people they stay or snowboard. You know they learn basic last.
And in their basically rest their life? There are intermediate right, determinately intermediary got and why workers these the blue in the green and ever get to challenge. But if you ever made a mistake and you think you're going down a blue and it's a double black diamond, your brand new with anyone had this experience and you're looking down and you see your death about to happen and you have two choices. Those choices is I'm gonna slam, health on the ground. If I start to go oversight over the mountain kill myself or the other, is there I am Looking at my fear, I'm only looking at what I'm gonna do. I've got to find a way to call and put a person, themselves down, which is ninety nine percent of the people, determinately intermediate they'll, never master sport. The sport, just like you, ll, never met business? But if you are willing to put your ass on the line and you're on that double black and you let go you're afraid it was no guarantee or go to the mountain, but is everything in your guts is focused on what you want instead of what you fear and you how to make that turn and then another and then another, then the double black becomes, your bid.
Never have to worry again and all of a sudden, your skills have been all grow little bit, they grow geometrically and everybody rather low. While how do we do tat? How does she do that here? She did that because they found her. In the middle. There fear you're still scale, We did it anyway. You focused only What you want, there's nobody, no! if you please, don't you want, there's no guarantee. You gonna get it, but it looks so we don't want your pretty much guaranteed Islam into it, and so it's a matter of focus, that's really what it is and I've had those threshold. I never. I started my career I was in Canada and I didn't know anything about business to me. First seminars and big seminar did free guest event and I'd hoped to have like a hundred b Well, there are five hundred people showed up, because I had this interaction on the radio. The psychiatrist, who basically challenge, brings worse patient like turned around the unit. I had a huge lack of my big event, a short sighted and the former. What's up to me, and he says, created that, can I I'm with immigration. Can eighty immigration can I see your work. Permit was a weapon is it. The wrong answer
I will see you tomorrow at five thirty payments at a seminar starting at six. Thirty seven of was yours. They won't take long, so I shop the next day. I got forty five people biggest sunlight ever have this is gonna, be on credible I think I'll handle this thing I'll just get the work. Permit you now, whatever I gotta do I'll do it. So I show up here and sit down and I make these wait, wait even bigger banality, still sweated, just like I was like the times go and I got it You're gonna get your victory. Sip of thirty may bring me in and you don't have a work from and your take canadian jobs. I said how many frickin Canadians do firewall can come up. It goes, Ah, but you teach in European there's no people going to name complaining as the other seminars we're twenty people in Ireland in twenty five rights, like a man value here, taxes he seldom carries at your seminars. It's it's in a half hour,
He said it's over. If you go on, there will handcuff you and will be porch and on every beatin, Canada get. What do you do? Those at the moment the defined it was an entrepreneur you get resourceful. I came out. I was totally I am afraid, he's a refund on a Monday as it can do. I spend all their money to put on the seminar. That's how I put on similar to those that did not make a profit. I wasn't doing for profit and you want to change people's life because when you indeed trouble so I got my three states. Never to volunteers. One was paid so what now I told them they all just what white and its Edward You gonna do I said we're on the semi legal to put you in jail. I said how far the border. Recent. Will you meet with the close a city in America and was something Washington, But they Bellevue watching you some like that someplace eyes out or is it they sit well with traffic, probably two hours I say: go rent me for buses immediately. I will meet the people on further hotel, we're have a mobile seminar.
Call the holiday. I was on holiday and here in Vancouver, if I'm equality, holiday and down south in the same place. I'm up got an exchange where they didn't credit got people the fraught told him that this what's happening? We're gonna be doing this mobile seminar. We're gonna be going to America coming back each night. Back to American back each night I wanted to use violence on the bus. I got an each bus about every thirty minutes I jumped on the next first up again, we that all of you and errors of permits for wearing a Finn wall with solar nor did here may lie down on the floor. Closure. I've, gotta, Hypnotizer, ass, change, your life. I brought about only four where people walked away, then participate for four days back and forth, and when you do that, you build a different sense of certainty, different sense
believe right. A change of the game. Well, we ve got a few minutes. Left couple minutes left everything that you seen all the people you ve coached. I mean you have worked with some of that. There have been many more billionaires, more high level people than anyone in the world to go to the line of build a better entrepreneur. What are just some any re dahlia who is a friend of yours is latest book principles which is fantastic.
You know what are just some fundamentals- that if everyone here in the room focused on a handful like you can only share, you know three to five tools: behaviors areas of focus, even one of you. What would they be? That would be the game changer standard, I think in other summits, authority covered. Some of that we all know is on Japan or as we all do it, but some it some thought processes we have is. I think we always have to redefine what our vision is. What our clarity is, because it's easy she because I'm in twenty five came in St Tv coach for ten years, been with you since day one and now we have hundred Tate and doesn't matter what level european business our thoughts get cloudy and then start telling a story.
And then we end up being in our business, not on our business, and we forget our vision like it. Is it twelve step the USA, your best thing you get out of here right or the same thinking that cause the problems that the same price thinking that will solve the problem- and I know in the last five years, especially with the growth that I've had and the changes I've had. I have done on a very regular basis, get Crystal clear and where it is, I want to go because I'll I'll have vision and all of a sudden, the visual get cloudy and I'll be in working on the business and getting into the routine and one as I do that it's like the ship gets off track and then I thought my head back and really get clear and word is, I won't take the company word. Is I won't take my life what my values, what a lot of times I let the ship in the wrong direction. Just in moments
no as much as you think you know in it and setting goals been around since in the history of the beginning of time. Benjamin Franklin was one of the best setting common and writing down, but I would I wouldn't dig in on a quarterly basis and really say it's a year from now to sustain Sullivan the hour factor question it's the most brilliant thing, though I another quick iciest, our time or not, but I think in today's world we social media. Think that's why deep workers such a book right now from Town Newport is because we're going so shallow and so many different areas that I think it also causes us it's hard to figure out and set goals, because you like the road runner that the the attack- I will never used to spin around here the dust cloud around Us- and I think so many entrepreneurs have that dust cloud around us and we just want to get gay like if I can just get to my pillow tonight, I'll fix it tomorrow. So we have this dust cloud, it's hard to set that visions hard to set that goal. So that's why I like your question Dan, the r factor question is like,
You always have to have that vision. Like Tony said, if you don't- and you know what you don't want, you just continue to run into it, but I like the fact of kind of jumping out of that dust cloud, and I do this at least Corley, probably monthly, and pretend it's a year from now, and I look back and say what would the best year of my life look like in my business in my relationships as a father, as an entrepreneur with my finances, and when I do that it so much easier to be a year wakens, you could see the dust cloud. You could see all this, but yours out of it and all of a sudden I can write down all the things. What the best you're my life would be and is crazy, sounds every quarter. It's dead, an evolving and where entrepreneurs, if we're not climbing, we're sliding right so we're all growing, but at times we have last year's vision. We have last year's goals and we don't realize it put the ship in a different direction. So I think I mean there's a lot of different points, but having crystal clear vision and do whatever it takes to understand that, whether its pushed looking forward to your future
back to pass that hasn't happened yet, but knowing in a moment what it is we want to go just keeps the ship in the right direction and then no one, why the hell you wanted. This is one of the things that changed my life. I know work at lower, timer, always rejected reason, you're doing because when I know I've gone down the wrong road at partnered with the wrong people cause, I thought it was money driven or significant driven, and I want to step back or would I partner with them, and then I got on wind it because I forgot my vision and I thought why the hell I started this in the first place. But when you know where you're going- and you know why you want it, that's it. It's got a huge advantage over everybody else. I agree. A hundred percent, I only got real quick, would be: don't fall in love with your product or service, the biggest mistake, the entrepreneurs make Most entrepreneurs are artists by their nature, meaning they have a skilled lady, they either they can write incredible code or they can design fashion. Or they can sell ice to ask him or they can negotiate. You got some great skill and then you decide
build a business because you work for someone else, perhaps at one time- and you saw I'm DR in this business, my desire- My sales, my whatever driving it, but a business is more complex than that and then what you do? You tend to the old products or services that you love. Could you an artist and the problem with that is The world we live in today, people. Loyal to a product or service and products and services. Very short life cycles. At this point you have Sony Walkman. Somebody are old enough to remember that ancient as I am not being at a twenty five year, competent you'd point five. Let's see if a lifecycle for most products a six months, many them it's three months, and so gonna see if a lifecycle for most products six months, many them it's three months, and so if you fall in love with it your ice. They do. They spend so much money time. Energy, my business on things that I thought would like the customer up and they did, but you know, is it real. We what they value most while they pay, for it is a valuable asset there. So what I did
it was all love with my customers, as I said earlier, to find out what they want. What we need are constantly changing. What is net they need in this moment, even we're doing it, because if you are doing that than your Austrian have raving facts, in search of the customers, go away. Clients are raving Van State and is the most expensive party Any business we all know is going a customer keeping a customer in expanding relationship with customers easy if Europe's S will meet their needs. But if you're obsessed with what we have about the product or service you're, making a giant mistake. I think that's really really begun. I think the other one is simplistic. We all know what that I just got us eggs and we all know. Things intellectually in. If you hear it enough, maybe eventually start to actually do it. It got to draw the line at Santa become an owner Starvin operator. Every business owner, most of them under ten billion dollars, twenty million dollars in thirty million dollars is usually it's really it's an operator. You make
all the decisions, you let you give the people to vote to make decisions, but you override them constantly, and so they never can grow. They can't fail. You failed! You just don't remember it respect its, but you you can't run fail, so they can't oh and all dependent upon you, and so now what you really have is an expensive job. You tell yourself, you have a company but you're, just self employed and you have other people walk away. No real loss. You can't walk away. You walk away, there is huge, was so becoming That's where how do I empower people higher papaya people, but are smarter than myself my biggest mistakes, we're picking the wrong partners. And so I got wiser by those mistakes. I got better and better, and you know today our partners that are and I'm smarter diamond souvenirs Elsinore, my skills are and what their skills, and so I know I'm obsessed with added value. I know I'm obsessed, I can market, I know obsessed with delivering something about, but in the various These that I have. I look for people that are obsessed with making money, because it's not my number one thing: it really has an impact on every one thing:
I love being able to do well financially, but it's not my number, So there are five. What would make me want to make more cited, aiming to feed a billion people in work, but we have three years we ve got three hundred million people, meaning how two million a year so much to do in seven years already giving idea. But I found I've got a dozen projects like that. Make me want to make more, and so I run those businesses more effectively as well, so no form of customer Become me on or not the operator saying up there every moment you can build a business than actually have what most you got a business foremost. You got a business so that you have more freedom, so you could do that your terms, so you know economic freedom, so you don't have to do things that you didn't want to do and yet how that workin for most be right? you want to change that. You have come up what how do we develop those skills? How did we come to school? the owner. How do I really build a business that doesn't require me and it starts with a things we both shared with you here today, and I know just for my own purposes. Prior to you coming on, I did an interview with gab or mate Dexter Debra Mate1
ass, brilliant addiction, minds, and that was good right. There is also an
You know what I want to do. It is to the best of my ability changed the global conversation about how people view attics an addiction with compassion instead a judgment because we are literally criminalizing people, the? U S. Twenty five percent of the world's prisoners were in the: U S, two point: three million people in the: U S: almost one percent of Europe's population is incarcerated in another four million, seven hundred fifty thousand on probation and broad and many of these people, the vast majority of not committed any violent crime there. There. You know you, you and ninety percent of approximately crimes were committed under the influence of drugs. Now call in that doesn't even include behavioral things coming you just reach, so many people and its em it's a monstrous undertaking. In its also an undertaking that is going to put me in open people will attack me. They will criticise me. I'm a drug companies make a lot of money, enslaving people, you know, and so and there's a lot of money
I the prisons, I mean it's, it's a big so up. I want enroll people into that. What advice would you give cause? There's a lot of people in this room that are here because that too and United Couple dozen people that are here and were all on that same mission together any suggestions or vice versa- in and not just for my thing, but there's a lot of people to have their their cause, they're their passion project. I think you, I think you get a message out. You can't just talk about it. You ve gotta, get people experience, we stopped well, I believe, is a poor substitute for an experience. You can tell me you know what China's like waking up in a China. It is never believe about child even about it, and so, when I try to do with people, give them experiences the tree one could I could tell you all day long. If I tell you, you may doubt it, but if you tell me it's trip, so I do is get people have experiences and to get them to tell me things that ship their identity. I mean it.
Ironic, the most important thing and businesses branding another word for that as identity. Your identity is the most powerful thing that you have. An identity is the strongest force and a human being. So you want to create a real, lasting change, their identity shifts on over have I done issue for years ago. Our number blonde came to see me and they told me it is that we have a young man was coming to you in that. What's the name of the port me I was a call make always proverbs. Gonna die It's gonna happen, and I much on- and I the joint you're gonna die or not, but I think you're, some things that you can do for them, in TAT would be that everybody gives you that you're gonna die or that you're a drug attic or whatever they call you the label that we learn to accept with those labels. Stories and with those stories, come limitations and one is that we do the time I introduce and somebody as you know, is that point they told me you can't we want to care across the fire and you can't hold him to take a break his bones. If it costs too much I'll break his ribs, I submitted
have unbelievably acidic body. For that to be true, I can I can save your life, but which is try something else. I think the top stud, I think there's to do this, and so you re trying to cross the fire. They did some pieces of changes body, and that was how many decades ago, twenty years ago, these still here. If I would, I told them that what happened I gave experiences. I think you have to get people experience, gotta, think creatively about what you can do and on your project, our kitchen, I'd like to go and model people that have been totally evicted like yours on stage your life Japan is that we can put it all around the world and people grab and when will it not everybody will do it, but the ones that what do the ones that have enough hunger to change its there by the way? As you know the number one component, one. When will it not everybody will do it, but the ones that what do the ones that have enough hunger to change its they're, not by the way You all know the number one component of the most successful people on earth and any category, including people they got off drugs or any other form of addiction or anyone who succeeded its hunger in time,
budgets. I love wickedly, intelligent people. I got eyes up their unbelievable, intelligent people camp a paper bag. You know somebody like this What really matters is hunger if you look at somebody like you know mutual friend, Richard Branson, are you look at the MARC Benioff where you look at and you know any of the people that are It's my Peter governs the warriors. The dodgers opening up these guys were driven today as they were when they started with sixteen eighteen years old when I say drip Let me they're hungry, to be more to do more, to give more to create more. If you can find hunger and yourself something you're that hungry they bring to this world than all the others. You can push you. The thresholds of control you can find the answer to how to really innovate. You can market your ass off. All those things will come, but only if you have a hungry will put you through all this time and the people that get well are the people that fight. Hunger and some people get that hunger from pain and some people get that hunger from inspiration and some people get the because they care about something more. Than themselves when they see that their hurting it there's always away.
Its amount of finding that leverage. What will unleash real hunger? I don't believe in motivation. A pump up is nice like like a bath, you should take a bath or a shower, but that's not gonna change your life. What's gonna change! Your life is shining. What are you made for that? nothing on earth bullet young, nothing on earth! Stop you until you can deliver that value No, you got in this hard for this area, but the partner helping this year, if you loved they, give it up for dinner. The US internally, rather vague between amendments passed, his directed and and to buy tony robins in New York, is material director, an occasional host, our executive producer, carry some Jimmy, carve a home and Adrian today, our digital editors, special thanks to Rebecca and Diana COD
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