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The insatiable fight inside UFC’s Dana White | How one man’s passion and vision led the UFC to the ultimate comeback

2019-03-06 | 🔗

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, we are bringing you to Business Mastery – where Tony interviews the business leaders behind some of today’s fastest growing companies. You’re going to have a front-row seat as Tony sits down with Dana White – the current president of The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, and the man that took the once-fledgling organization from near bankruptcy to a globally popular multi-BILLION dollar enterprise.

Outspoken, charismatic and unabashedly unapologetic, it’s fair to say that there are not many leaders of major sporting organizations quite like Dana White. Coming from humble beginnings in the Northeast, his fight to the top was an unlikely one – and nothing short of a roller coaster ride.

Dana talks to Tony about the serendipitous mix of events that catapulted him from the bottom, all the way to the top of the UFC – and the risky decisions he made along the way that led the UFC to its ultimate comeback. Like the decision to embrace regulation instead of run from it, to move away from Pay-Per-View and broadcast fights on free TV, and perhaps the biggest decision of all, the one that changed the face of the sport – to allow female fighters into the organization.

Dana has achieved success on a massive scale – he sold UFC for a whopping $4 billion back in 2017. But his fight isn’t over – and as he tells Tony in this special interview, he feels he hasn’t even scratched the surface of his total impact.

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Tony Robins not come forward, Slash P, o w e r. U P and enter promo code, you see nineteen to twenty percent discount on the product that will help you achieve real results. This offer exe years may thirty, two thousand nineteen in this episode of the tony weapons, podcast we're bringing you to business mastery, we're tony unity. The business leaders behind some of today's fastest growing companies. You're going to the front row seat as Tony sets down with Dana White. The current president of the ultimate fighting championship. Or you have see the man who took the ones fledgling organization from mere bankruptcy to a globally popular multi billion dollar enterprise. He's outspoken, he's charismatic he's unabashedly unapologetic fair to say there are not many leaders of major sporting organizations. Quite like data white. He comes from
Bill beginnings in the northeast and his fight to the top was an unlikely one. In short of a roller coaster ride the talks to Tony about the serendipitous mix of events that catapulted him from the bottom, all the way to the top of the. U S c and the risky decisions he made along the way the lead you have see to its ultimate come back like the decision to embrace regulation instead of run from it. Move away from paper view and broadcast fights on free tv and perhaps biggest decision of all the one that changed the face of the sport, too thou female fighters into the organization. It has achieved success on a massive scale. He sold. You have seen A whopping four billion dollars back in two thousand and seventeen his fight, is not over and ass. He tells Tony an especial interview. He feels he hasn't even scratch the surface of his total impact.
Let's get down to business you take on business that is, in tatters, near bankruptcy in fifteen years build it and solid for four billion. You still run it it's the most amazing story but, unlike the stated earlier, I like to know about deal right as a I like to know when you're down and Southie you told me the day no trying to figure out what to do, and I know at that time that's, not what about your child, but tell us a little bit about what formed you'd. I I believed that decisions are what shape our destiny more than the environment conditions, one thing decisions are everything you made a decision at nineteen years old working at a hotel, the change you life as well, so tousled www background to tell us about that decision. If you would now know you you're you're dead right, I uniting grow up with money, but we we weren't rich by any means. But I knew I wasn't going to college. I knew that wasn't reality. I didn't really want to go to college. One of the things that I was very lucky in my life with, as I knew exactly what I wanted to
From the time I was a young age, I knew I wanted to be in the fight business and people thought I was crazy because when you look at different at the time when I grew up- I'll. Just turned forty nine years old, when I was growing up yeah Don King barbarism. These guys were the with a big promoters in the fight game You know everybody was set and their ways they that they didn't think that you know the fight business could change and I believe that could I had a lot a ideas- and I believe that I can change the business- and I was- I worked in Boston at a place called the Boston Harbour Hotel, Boston. You know the boss now roads, I was and nineteen years old and made good money. You know that some guys they get those jobs and those of the type of jobs they did the out their life. Rather, they want those jobs for average a good job. It's not a bad job, wasn't for me, and I was literally lobby one, the lobby one day the hell am I
am I doing here. What am I do? This, isn't me this isn't what I want and I walked out the front door, and one of my good friends is still one of my good friends today. Who was the doorman says? What are you doing? I said I'm quitting and he's like What what are you gonna do us and I want to be in the fight business so that the dumbest thing I've ever my life and he's glad I didn't take its advice, but I always knew what I wanted to do. In every day. When I woke up, I would work towards that goal altogether story. This is completely to set up at all. I swear to God, and this is the first time on time. In him about this, but I didn't, even a car? I had a mountain bike that I do no wrong everywhere down with, and I had a walkman for those kids, you dont order Walkman IDA Walkman and I used to listen. To awaken the giant within and I swear to God, I swear to God purse.
The bower I lose. The guy was actually used to buy them for people. Forgive Are you give em away, as gives the people and everything there was then there is absolutely true, makes sense and applies to everybody's life. It really does. This is not What are the God is the truth, and he- and I have never talked about this- was yes, judge role here there was there. That's ivory. Tell me when you you practice part of what I sheets. There. Also, because when you left you would found somebody was the best in the business at that time. The findings are one of them in Boston I don't understand you model them, but you won't. Do anything. Carry spit. Do tell me a little bit about how you form journey No understanding than fight does so you had. So there was a kid in Boston. They was Peter Welsh and is actually like a street fighting boxing legend in town, Nobody unheard of em and literally sought this guy out. I went to him and I said
I our I know this is crazy. You don't know me, but I want to work with you. You don't have to pay me. I want to learn everything that that that you can teach about the fighting, and I worked under this guy for like three years and I did everything from enough. Boxing to corner work. I was a referee and fights. I manage guys everything you could possibly do in the vipers, as I did have done everything except score of fine. By the judge, But what we do things you learned from them that were formerly fear that really shaped you another everything I everything alarm from that guy. Can I consider you know how in martial arts, you have a sensei. This guy was my sensei in the fight game, yeah and and it you know we took. Under wing and not nothing bad without the guy that works for you, that you don't have to pay that that I thought so. You know I worked hard for this guy learned everything and, and then you know, eventually moved out to Vegas I will stop there. I heard a story, don't it's true that
guys from from the mob came to try ass racks and money from your hats, why you left and is it true and then the adjective legacy, so all the Boston guys will remember Whitey Baldur other people to courts, so why Baldur had a guy worked under him and then seven weeks and I was actually teaching a box in class at the other, at the club in town and these guys walk right. Little my class and the like, We need to talk to you and I serve teaching to class here and there like when it adopts the outside. His eyes are always love or something I don't know he was we walk outside and he's like you and me money. I don't even know you. How do I owe you money goes? You don't know me and once you start talking like those like this, this is not good. So yeah they wanted twenty five hundred dollars. For me, when I was doing business and in town, and I didn't have it. I told them. I don't have the money, you goes well, you better come up with it. I win
so. Did he give you a few days now? I never I didn't months, one by one month's went by and one day I got a call at my apartment and it was somebody on the phone said. You lost that money and you owe it to us tomorrow and it was a Saturday in the saying I owed it to him on Sunday. I said I don't have it, so we'd better, come up with it and I said, are what are you gonna find out? I literally hung up the phone picked, a backup, and called delta and got a one way ticket the vague those a big there was a big decision. Obviously you had some urgency. My couch mice there, my tv other everything I thoroughly and why Vegas at that time, I have grown up here, I'd blown up in your hankering after I was in Boston for almost ten years back there. When I was seventeen Uganda, the I'd I've, I've everything I flew out here and like a couple months later, is when all that stuff, how they started digging up the bodies at the beach Heath
when the whole thing humble and down like months later, you know in your home and you watch like good, fellows and mafia movies stuff, it's fun stop pain when it's really happening. If that's the way you want it all or you come to Vegas and then there's the other crazy part of the story, you win screw the reds, your art or now, and guess you reconnected at a wedding is tell us a little bit about help and because it so interesting, are these little steps along the way or come together to make something possible yeah. So a body mine, the runs over Tita, we went to school together and when I came back to Vegas on mutual friend had a wedding and we both went to the wedding we bumped into each other and he had just got on the Nevada State, Athletic Commission and he heard TAT. I was doing boxing out here and, and I guess I want to look up and start training, so we got together on that Monday.
Which was in nineteen. Ninety five and we ve been together ever since I throw your friends and ice calls were what's your friends go, go yet well. We know each other It's not like. We were got it, we're best friends and hung on plus. You know how that works in life you graduate from my school. Everybody goes and does their thing and the people that you want to reconnect with the end up reconnecting with later on in life, that's what happened ass, so you see comes about you and create the you have seen our existed and it was in trouble. What I understand you ve atoms in trouble, because you are managing some fighters and you I'm like a lawsuit or something, and it also open about that. So there was the owner of the USA at the time, I'm with a guy named Bob Meyerowitz out of New York, and I managed Chocolate
Alan Tito we're gonna check here, and we got into a huge battle over Tito Ortiz this contract and through that one day on the phone, it just all erupted, and he said you know what there is no more money. It's all over this does this things in trouble. I don't even know if I have enough money to put on one more show. Why said interesting? Ok, so we hung up, I called Frank Lorenzo they were and who had become my partners and their parents Lord, at the time they own station casinos here in LAS Vegas, local casino- and I said the: U S he's in trouble- and I think we should buy it. I think we could buy this thing. We started making some calls. A month later we bought the. You have see for two million dollars, two million dollars, and so The four four point, eight to five billion,
Ladies and gentlemen, so fifteen years later you sell before Billy there's been a people here that they got what a lucky settlement. Did you know that, while you you're my he's a grace in there, but it wasn't just lucky bus addressed in three years. Enjoy it was a two thousand was a three for you, guys were you'd burn through thirty million dollars. Remember correctly rouses those close to forty million forty. And what was going on for two million here, four billion. That sounds great, but the bird of almost forty million was not. Fauna was painful and it's you know,
What are the region, for example, that way when I read a break area, the rental call me one one day and said I I can't keep doing this man. I can't keep burning all this cash and I need you to get out there and find out where you could sell this thing for so that they are made a bunch calls that neither call him when he's on his way home- and I said you know what maybe six seven million bucks wherein almost forty, I think I'd get six or seven million, and he said: ok I'll call you tomorrow. He call me the next day regiment night ass. I did so at first. The first thing, you think, is and I just blew forty million dollars and my friends money. Right, that's not fine then
I welcome the fact that you put all this time and energy into it and and ended, and it just doesn't work it. It didn't work the way that you thought it would. Then he called me back the next day instead get let's keep going. While I still gal part about decisions of that decision was different. You forgot how life would be so different. The little you're holding him. That's what he said to me. He said what get? Let's keep going. That's a quote on the other What about that date? Where, on it's one of the things when you have a business? First of all, we when you have a business idea, there's always gonna be detractors and people that thank you now. It won't work
He's gonna. Have those people around you and in your life, even when you're successful, believe it gets worse when you're successful, then you know you have to get to a point. We? U dont, doubt yourself, you you so into this thing, and you know that it's gonna work. Timing is everything in life. Timing is everything and we got into this business. Axing was starting to decline and an end to the all out of the big championships in the guys who held titles were in Europe, the United States anymore. You in a boxing had gotten so greedy over, for the last thirty years that the business actually started to shrink and the younger generation
because this thing was only on paper view. The younger generation didn't become fans of boxing, so we took the exact opposite approach. We want that. We wanted to get this thing on free television, put great fights on free tv again, let the younger people become fans of of these fighters and their personalities and have a limited number of fights on paper view, so that that was our strategy. We believed that was a good strategy. We also believe my philosophy was always this now now, if you look at the NFL the biggest thing and in the United States, its huge right, everybody watches the Superbowl and there's a a sports that we all grew up with right in other parts of the world. It's the same, but in other parts of the world the NFL isn't big like it is here. Can anybody in this room right now tell me who the greatest cricket player to ever live is?
you got a lotta video. How many people are here how many people two hundred years, twenty two hundred for people, know the answers. You know why cause other than these, for people you know give. Why you don't know stand the rules and those for guys probably feel the same way about the Anna fell by fighting fighting fighting happens everywhere, fighting works everywhere. I don't care what color you are. What country you come from a what language you speak fighting is in our dna. We get it. We like it. We're here, when beings it just works, and I was very passionate about that and I was really early true if you think about the most famous athletes to ever walked the face of this earth Ali Ali. Does anybody in this room know MIKE Tyson who, in this room no Bruce Lee brutally. Died, will always be some people still now we is kids. They'll know brutally is because
We are fascinated by who the toughest guy in the world is, if a guy walks in your from any part of the world right, you're, looking to go all that's the guy? That guy is the greatest guy United States who throw a ball through a circle that guy there is the greatest guy to hit a ball with a stick right. That guy over. There is the heavy weight champion of the world, and he kicked everybody's ass in this room we go, holies or are you just do something about it in the way that were made up his big? We attracted that since the beginning of time- and it will be like that- the under time, and that is What I believe where does that is, and that was our philosophy and building of business pretty Go ahead,
browsers just described today rather than an outward, tell me how was to maybe from a marketing perspective and to get people involved too Some of these superstars Chuck was a friend might as well. I got a chance in after you ask us to fight before two thousand seven. I worked with them in December there when it silver. So I got to know why this is the level will guide people love and how important that tell me How did you helped build those personalities? Was it the reality, show that did it, what really made the difference and they tell us but bring and women to it, because a lot of people my God, women, my God, are you crazy? You you, the Ladys, obviously agree yeah, so obviously it won't. When I was looking at this thing, I've been boxing for a long time and the guys in boxing all had the same story you know, wasn't for boxing I'd be dead or in jail in Vienna limbs all sort of that seem to type of snow.
Relying coming out when I started to meet the guys from the. U S see, you know the most of these guys gradually college and their families, and their really could, because I think we have this or that the time had this idea of what an ultimate fighter was it guys fight in cages. They must be crazy animals and there was the complete opposite. They were absolute Marshall artist who had been training their whole lives become the best at what they did and hot someday hoped to be a world champion in, and they had great, stories. For those of you that remember mad, he was, he was the farm boy from the MID West and we walked out to a country. Boy can survive when's. The last time you saw box or walk out to a country boycott
survive in, and you know they reach a completely different group of people. Then you had chuckle Adele, you had Tita were tease yet radical tour. He had all these guys, and that was different. It is different and fund in the style of fighting was exciting and we saw that in the old, the old owner ran from regulation. So if somebody tried to regulated the sport, he'd moved the fight down to Alabama where there was no regulation or over this place. For that place we did. The exam opposite, we ran toward regulation. This many people want to see a freak show. This many people want to see a real sporting about we're title for a moment. For those didn't see they. Originally, you have see where it was. A image really was a blood battle. There were no rules, really you can. I am in a growing need them and rise. Tell it. How did you would So what was going on? How did you decide to shift it and what, with some of the most important shift you made that made it?
Somebody like he has the earlier. The Disney channel owns them, they wouldn't publishing. Your marry. My right did was the first articles on you. That's the whole nine yards managers and she was told me it was like people like this- is insane put this on the year. Tell us You changed that image and what were some of the structural changes that you made it some of those ones you justice having absolutely we ran toward regulation. You know when you you're, never gonna. U never gonna beat the government. Ok dilemma data when you, when you get involved in your business and your business starts to grow and everything else and the things that come out you, the government came after us and call the a monopoly we built. We took this business,
from zero to where it was. We create zillions of dollars and taxes all these different. Don't you know all these people that all the people that we employ all over the world that when we go into the economic impact we have on cities when we go into their cities, all this stuff were monopoly. Now we're being looked at as monopolies, so we're spending were spent in seventy million dollars a year, trying to defend ourselves from the government as monopoly that that these type of things happening in and I could go on forever. You just go in you, do the right thing and you just pay your money and you just take your lumps when you wanna business, you don't try to fight these guys. You just you just role with the punches in doing is both do so. We went in and we met with California Nevada New York,
from New Jersey and the list goes on and on everywhere that had a real strong. You know regulation regulation to everybody that strong regulation. We went in and met with very educated them on sport and we started to open up in an end getting this regulated and all the different cities. And then we started to go to other parts of the world and get it regulated and the list goes on and on then I had to fly from state. State and meet with all the reporters. You start meeting with the you know from the New York Times to the this, that local sports reporters who cover sports every night and your hometown. I literally flew around the whole country doing this for years and nothing happens overnight.
It's it's all its population of over you, don't I just you just have to keep grinding every day every day you get up in its enough for us to try to make this happen. What do you see? It was really all about education, and I always knew too things if I brought these athletes you, madam you, would realise the type of people that they are not what you expect them to be, and if I ever got you do alive event. Nobody walks out of Alive Van Gogh's yeah. Don't ever want to see one of these guys. As our energies. I believe I knew I knew if I could get you at least to get whether you were a sponsor a tv network executive or whatever was. If I can get you to the live event. I gotcha what we're some of the rules Does you made, though, that it so wasn't blood sport anymore and tell me about bringing women to it when you first
about what was reaction was. Why did you decide to do it with some of the rule changes we first of all that we together the easy once you know that the low hanging fruit, no head body, striking that the groin No, I gouging know all this. Fundamental. If you book at the sport right in the sport, you can punch right. Boxing is an olympic sport. You can kick kickboxing, you know it is an olympic sports. You can pick people up and slam them wrestling is. It is an olympic sport. You could throw guys or do submissions judo is an olympic sport to all these different things were already things that we did and they were already in Olympics. And approve, so we try to stay within those boundaries, but about women. What about women, bringing them in a sort of people respond when he first came up with the idea? Why did you decide what was the drive for you to this round arousing raw?
aroused so there was there is. There is a very famous quote from me that DMZ God they said when are women going to fight the USA and I said never and that they play that thing every thirty seconds now rub it in my face, but I'll tell you this bout. Seventeen years ago I went to this small show up in northern California, and these two women were fighting. One woman was incredibly talented. The other woman looked like she took six times
both classes, the guy and it was very lopsided. Let me put it that way and I would like first of all at that point in my career, I was trying to get people to accept the men in our people that the men were no people at a problem of the men fighting like earth. Why else like there's no way I can put women in there, but the one thing that I never saw coming around think anybody. Then I mean, obviously it's a completely different world. Now women are much different place than when we were growing up. You know we're in a place now we're not place now in a voice blades boards women played with dolls and played house and all the men at the whirlwind right now there, where women are at a place now women can do anything. Women can be anything, do anything polluting. Why
might very well, so I met Ronda Rousey. She came up to me and said: can I talk to you at one of the events? We went back to my room, we started talking and I don't know twenty minutes into the conversation I said to myself and I'm actually considering this right now and forty five minutes after I walked out of that meeting and called my part of the rent. When I said- and I can't believe this, but I'm going to do this- I'm going to do it. I think this is the woman to do with it did to do it with and and and I'm going to give it a shot and wow are so technical and so good that you know the women's fight right now outright laments the Monroe. It's all I care if I put on a card, There are women on it. People like how do you not have a woman's right on this card like we have three divisions for women right now. I can't put women on every single card the way
but yeah, it's gettin there. That's incredible allowing out her, we ve all seen her down. No, but what is it with? You felt when you know that brief meaning those first twenty minutes. Would she say what you demonstrate that shifted use Well, you know when you think about we talk about men fasting. Your own death asking about you now is Rhonda rousing that is calmer. Gregor is any of these successful people that you mean that who they are and that's exactly what they do. It's a fact that shoot she's. That therein laid out and told me exactly how her career was. Gonna go com. Gregor lay down, told me exactly how his career was gonna go these type of people, it's it's, it's it's real! It's absolutely real and and I've seen it many many times. To talk about. You know we talk about drug reset, all business really, as is innovation and marketing, that employs everything else. Innovation find a better way your customers needs marking to give but he business with you when you're marketing, a fight, your genius at it,
tell me when she went to have five years ago I think was courtiers. Somebody else and the guy was really huge and he was older, and yet you there's this this quest, the people's mine, it possible tussling about how you think about sports marketing or our fight marketing percent yeah. Is about thirty Macgregor here, but if you, what what well What are their quarters afterwards sought? So we went when a fight is happening. The other thing that makes fighting so big that everybody's an expert everybody's? They export off. Why did we all three kids fight in the playground and does that everybody has an opinion if yet again go back the cricket, unfortunately, for the five people here No about rig it, it's the best thing. I could talk about the United States. If I asked you guys to break down the cricket match this weekend. I die have no idea I'll pick the guys in the red but if I said hey, who rebooted things when this fight everybody
room what habitats are? You could answer that question because for some reason, everybody's, a fight expert, you know. So what, when we put together fights MA, a job because everybody's going to have an opinion right away right, everybody's than avid opinion, this guy's gonna win. My job is to get you to question who is take is gonna, in this fight, so I need to gather all the information that I can get on both guys and then I need to sell you on why this fight isn't gonna, go the way. You think five, because it gives us an example of how you ve done that with a fight with a boy particular ticket that stands out for you, that maybe people didn't think we're gonna go, but you made it up. I would say best one was Holly Home round arouses yeah. I did a really good job at the heart of that right that Rhonda everybody. When that fight came out, the odds were incredibly huge. That Rhonda was gonna, win that fight nobody gave Holly a chance, and
that right is never find anybody like this. You know Holly Holly, striking her head kicks in this or that in an even even Joe Rogan came out and said: there's no way, Holly homelands this fight. When not only do we sell the fight, but Polly Home did when the fire- and it is true you now you can go into a fight, especially in mixed martial arts thinking. You know who's gonna win and not always the case. What would you say you have a mindset I registered some like there are. No problems can be solved
everything can be changed or not to be a billion are paraphrasing ought to be a millionaire to make that happen. You got this mindset of like somebody says it can't be done. I relate completely than you wanted to rip it open and you do. Where does that come from you? I don't know, but those are my favorites. I love on people doubt ass. I love on people that I know you know. Even even we just sold the company, we saw the company. It's been two years now right. We saw the company and then everybody all it's always surrounded by anything. You do positive in your life and anything that huge. It will immediately be surrounded by naked heavily right immediately get ready for because, no matter how successful you become one thing never goes away: negativity haters, we're! you want to call as always there and you have to read it every day. How do you keep them,
I stood up Ray. I separate myself from it back in the old they only we may get it and we started. I used to read it to the point where I was just nauseous you now. I do not read any that stuff, because one of the things that I have learned over over many years of doing this thereupon, Doesn't matter aeroplane, it means nothing be given up it is literally in opinion its negative, both in it means, nothing to you. It doesn't mean anything it doesn't effect unless you're the type sick twisted type a person like me, though
the letter veal. Yet you glad it's like you, you know it's like you're, fuel and and and other than that, it's useless. It means nothing everything that the reporters right, everything that these people say just don't do you think, stay on your core stay focused and and keep your eyes on the prize and and and everything comes together, but we're not, but I love that's die so now I just tune it out. I do my thing when we first by the company women already bought the company and- and he overpaid, Fort overpaid for it. These guys were big trouble. Now, not now they have so much debt hanging over their head that this or that their tv deal is up with Fox. You know all this stuff go back worth so and and and a lot of these things are true or tv dealers up with Fox. We do have a lot of debt, but these are all things we knew going into it. You know, and everybody keeps asking me: why did you stay? You know when you make that kind of money you know, there's always this thing about it. Oh you, money
everybody knows that term. All man, I'm not tell the boss, the kiss. My survivor, at that lottery I hit this are hit. That problem is you're the boss you're wrong job. If you're looking for you money you're in the wrong place already, you already know you're not in the right place, because there's no such thing, I just more money than I ever dreamed. I would make. I don't want to leave. What am I going to do? What am I going to go? Cuz I've been on trips and stuff. I can't stand three day weekends. I hate three day weekend. Like I want Monday to come again. That's how much I love what I do right. So that should be? If that's not your mentality. Every weekend, when you're at home, like you're dreading Monday, man, stop stop and get another job, cuz you're in the wrong place that that that's not healthy for you. So I can
we are not here and go all the way to pervert. That's very real! I made all this money, but Arias gave me my ownership this day, so I stayed and now the cut we we just did a deal with the SBA and for one point five billion dollars years five five years now the companies where seven billion dollars I have a that guy, that's incredible! eyes were we talked about here? Are the darkened the good saying you know when I was growing up people's mentality was, you know, make a fortune and retire and everybody I know the Warren Buffett eighty seven years, all that just like you and me it's like. Will you do you get financially free and then you do what you of all the time harder and more because it makes you feel alive right. It's not about the economic, but tell me something. I heard from southern provider areas well in several people that you too,
really want them to sell Renzo, to sell the company at that time right and then, but then you changed your tune. What what why didn't want to sell em? I think I know why. I guess why, but why? Why and what changes tune so that you are supportive of it I did want to sell so, first of all, when you're in that position, we don't need any money and in everybody's telling Oh my god, you made you know three hundred sixty million you made this may that already had money, I had money. I had bought a lot of stuff that at all what you know how many people grow broke guy. We when you grow up broken you make
money you by the dumbest at every one, divided generated just get or you get bored with. I I know it when you hear somebody's data, you like I will get bored, you'll get bored, you'll get bored buying stuff and you already have everything and at the end of the day, it's really about that. You love what you're doing, and it's about the journey. The people you're doing with that you're having fun you're gettin up every day and you are all working towards the same goal. Whatever might be it's a very fulfilling feeling, it really is a very fulfilling feelings because I've been were most people of Ben I've been, in the end, a shitty job that you're just trying to pay your bills and you're trying to make ends meet and your miserable you doing it, because you have to do it because you have to pay their bills because you need money
once you break out of that, you find what it is. You truly loved the do. It's really not work, it's actually fun and you enjoy every day of your life and that no death. I went through this thing. I was right. I really bad insomnia for a long time and a new alot of people that would freak out go crazy. I loved it. I loved cabinet lonelier. My wife was so good, sleep are worthy rather sleep and thoughts. I wonder if they do what I do but and I raised and saw me- I love it. I loved and saw me. I slept for two three hours a night, not a blast about when you get to that point in your life. There were no way I want to stay up I read somewhere your alive- if your course strategy and business is to be a fighter, what does that mean yeah? Because I think that you know I talk about
Does this human beings our made up and we love fighting, but every one of us is a fighter every day you get out of bed when you get out of bed every morning right you get about a better life. Is standing right there to kick you in the face, ready leg, cocked ready to go to kick in the face of every day when you get up bad, it's come in Asia, write forget about work, your personal life, everything car, don't start the list of that life is ready to get you. You know, and you got to get up and you got to fight through that book every day you have to you know if you don't, you can't you can't roll over can't roll over menu juice. You got to fight through all that life throws at you. Then you get to a point where life start a bunch of it at your now works going to. But you know you do your business that you have to fight for every day and you have to get up and you have to have that to get up and fight everyday man and once you get into it and start
start fighting. It becomes addictive ye actually like it. I'm I'm so second twisted that, if my there's, no, also, my wife, I create it's. It's very, very scared. As part of their lives without fighting tooth when you're in a fight. There are things we can predict and then there's that moment, when you see the opening and you take it, is that all are you looking to business begins yourself in the game and then the moment chosen you're ready. For that moment, absolutely yeah. I love and I love. I love competition. I love love things that I love adversity. I love when adversity comes out. As I love solving problems, I let you know personal and professional life. I really do like it two of the biggest problems you face with the UFC that you're able to conquer and what were two of your best victories that stand out for you on this path. So far, I know it's not end. It's got to do. The victory is go on for days
I mean I could sit there and talk about victories for days. You know four first getting sanctioned in Nevada. First, getting back on paper view our first Big Fox deal yeah. So many. So many wins, and so many great moments and things like those moments were look like you might not make it and but you somehow it was a crossroads and you made it through a given one or two of those that will think about. This will not move when we bought this company. Espn would not cover us would not cover us. Wouldn't talk to us when meet with us.
January. First, we're on a piano one of the biggest deals that export history itself. I mean: how did you convert their culture to your culture? It took eighteen years once something becomes so successful. They kept and I just can't deny anywhere it just gets to appoint. And if you look at you know that the thing that we played when you guys we're coming now we got the millennials. You know we got. This thing is global networks everywhere it she's got to the point where you, begin and end would starts to happen to when you have when we first started this thing. You know you're talking in two thousand one right and you have all these older guys that are in these powerful positions. Ok, all these older guys we're in these and their set in their ways than they have been awaiting. Knew, though not looking around
the boat that I'm not mess with this stuff. This I don't get it I'm like it, I'm never going to like it now. You can figure out how to grind to keep Rowan and everything else. We finally got on tv on a small little network called spike. That did you know that I just started at the time and what happens is younger people start to see it right and then I started to take over then exactly starts to build, and then those younger people that grew up watching that are now in these powerful positions, whether it's in the media, whether its in you know television, networks, sponsorship or whatever else might be it's so you see, I grew up like that. You know that it's scary, as it was to the our generation that was on the way our we started. How do you define Europe's culture today? How do I define you have seen called say? What is it today? What was it out? Is it? Well, when I when a room with twenty two hundred zero people like this, and unlike do you know that you use the garden. I would speak at these things. People have you speak, that's who you know that
you see is it was like the cricket like six people, like a ready, I know my way, dude here, but now to come into a room like this and women and men of all ages and no no. What do you see is in and understand it, and you know it it's it's pretty satisfying its awesome cells to be where we are today in and when you think about it, we haven't even scratch the surface of how big this thing can be. We're still go on in the country we are certain that endeavour. We ve only got it out. Are you haven't seventy five countries right our yeah yeah? That's it we're going to Moscow in Russia for the first time wins out of timber, so they offered ever witnessed there are two prefers. I ask for a fifth of this kind yeah
Warren Russia we're going Korea's, build this huge arena going into career. I have a guy right now from China who is really good and looks like this guy could be a world champion. If that happens, who tell us about cotton Macgregor and tell us how you men, what what your impression was? Initially, what you see at him and how you manage things like New York without for their where's that do for you so Conover Gregor I go over to Ireland and you know I like to go and all the pubs and all that stuff and we had a pretty good fan base their at that time, and people kept talking. Mueller convert Gregor Karma, Gregor again sign com, a greater. So I come back in a talk to my matchmaker, some like who the hell is this car Macgregor kid? Now? The guy's, a kitty fights over there in a local, show
Whatever I bring about the LAS Vegas, I go to dinner with em right and I haven't seen him fight nothin. I just wanted to meet him, so we go to dinner and I leave this dinner. I call my partner Lorenzo. I said whole leave now I know this kid can fight. You can even throw upon she's gonna, be the biggest story, but I can tell you that I now notion of Ali. I knew the night and I met that kid and he ended up being wasn't what was called the design. It meant that we all see Egypt has this unbelievable personality has laugh, is sense of humour his everything aegis. Certainly he has that it factor that thing. You can't teach anybody here just had he had it and truckloads. How do you manage because he's now so beggarly situation happen? A new article
but the situation they are known. Deals that like not now you got your new fights that up so yeah. These things happen. You know what we want. We talk. Whether the little early, but when you become super famous overnight and you acquire millions and millions of dollars, you get a little crazy. You know what happens to people go a little crazy here and there really is a hard parts and you see all the time you know try to keep the wheels coming off the bus when, when with everything's going so good ego ego gets involved. You get to the point we like so much money now and in an end some guys make the big mistake and think that day
have more money than they really do right. I mean how many people in this room of ever thought, if I had a million dollars by rising half a billion dollars in London, is career, Rebecca half a billion. Yes exactly, but people in people's minds. They think that a million dollars is a lot of money right. If I had a million bucks, I be set, you wouldn't the government's going to take a big chunk of that right. Then your brother pay off your house. Families gonna hit you up for money immediately after you return handed out that the government and family, I got a million dollars worth of. What's that thought it was people make that mistake that they think they're set when the really not you have two. You have to have some money for a while before you calm down sort of sort of figure things out, and you know, I always have to deal with personalities, things out there, but yours we could deal with. Word first met earlier, so I have five hundred and fifty five
they're, not yours. We could deal with wired first met earlier, so I have five hundred and fifty fighters under contract law, men and women guy. I have three hundred employees, men and women that I have to deal with every day. You know, and you have to manage expectations. You have to deal with different types of personalities, not just the famous and rich ones, but in other ones that work you know it's it's, it's a bare, become a practical psychologists, ETA fighter and really what it would it what it really takes. Is you have to be a leader and you have to be a leader and you have to get people to believe as you believe, and to want the dream as bad as you want the dream you haven't. You know it's great to have a bunch of people in your place, work and what you want. You want enthusiastic people, passionate love, what they're doing much. As you know, those are the type of people you want. That's that's that's the type of shop we run since the day.
We open. What makes somebody a great leader tell me what are the qualities of a great leader near experience Yang those qualities in, but you also have to get to yourself. You have a group of leaders. You have to run an organization. What makes somebody a great leader like they, I think part of it is setting by example. I think that they have to see that you're out their willing. You know, don't just come up here and tell us a bunch of both. They have to believe that you truly believe in that's true. You're you're as in love and his passionate about what you talk, whatever Tex exactly and you go out and in and if you hire right, you're hiring the same type of people. Is you and in the world doesn't listen. I can't have a group that, like a whole, three hundred people working for me, Set all wanna be me, then you can't have a whole group of people working for you that want to be managers. You got to have people that listen to you got to have the people that I want. Ninety five right, I'm not staying a five hundred and two I want nine
and I want my by weekends off, oh aunt, all my holidays. You need those people, then you need the people that are that that want to be managers and manage a department. Do things like that, and then you have to have people that one on the part of the executive team. It takes all types to run a business, especially business as big as this. In addition to that passionate going first, when other qualities need to be effective. As a leader in your mind, Is it so hard for me to answer that question? I dont know exactly what I have to sit here in parliament, the boy, but the talk about myself as a leader. I dont know what terrible somebody else's lined with respect Please do you see when you see, somebody I mean I would have to look at people that are close to me. The forty two brothers rate leaders, great leaders, these guys run multiple different businesses. You know and an end. You have to deal with all kinds of different
a key personalities, I'm a wacky personality that at one point or types you know it's it's you have to be able to talk to people. You have to be able to motivate people. You have to be able to get people to believe as you believe in what they're doing to love it as much as you do. You know, and in my experience that that's that's what it takes its work for me. Returning weapons podcast is directed and hosted by twenty robins anymore. Is our editorial director, an occasional host our executive produced is Hollis tumor Jimmy carve a home and Adrian Dilatory. Our digital editors. Copyright Robins research, international.
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