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The Legendary John Wooden (an interview with Tony Robbins) | What it means to build character, be a true leader and win the game of life

2016-10-13 | 🔗

In this two-part episode, you will hear a very special conversation between Tony and the late John Wooden. Though this interview happened nearly 20 years ago, it still resonates today. From their insights on consistency, and integrity, sincerity and class, Tony and John reveal philosophies, beliefs, strategies and tools that will help you maximize success and happiness every single day.

One of the most successful basketball coaches in sports history, John Wooden led his teams to ten national championships in twelve years. But it was so much more than his win-loss record that set him apart. It was the way he lived his life. Widely acknowledged as one of the most important and thought-inspiring scholars of life, John Wooden’s teachings, words, and vast wisdom continue to influence and inspire not only athletes, but  people from all walks of life and from all over the world.


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with one of his top coaches. It's a two hundred dollar value and you're, getting it for free visit tunnel Robin Stockholm slash results, schedule that free sessions Everyone welcomes the Tawny Robins pod cast. This is tony Robins. I'm here with my car host Mary be very back. I e we got tone of excited for this one. I am too, I think you're going the as well. This is a very special podcast I make abortion on this peace, because this man was a true mentor? me into so many men that I respect and love you everyone's looking for the competitive edge in life. I had a we compete. How do we in a world that so competitive? How do we win out a we be the best way we can possibly be far cells for businesses were alive. Families are proud of the greatest coach. Certainly one of the greatest coaches alive at every level should say, and the greatest coach in the history of college basketball hands down is coach. John, would
a man who, in a twenty nine year, career check this out one six hundred and sixty four games and lost only one hundred and sixty two I'll do the math for you. That means he wanted. Eighty point, four percent of the time over three decades and a sport where Imagine you have new set of players every year. It's not like your part of say, the old Chicago Bulls and you ve got Michael Jordan. Every year that same team, you lose those best players every three four years so but the most powerful thing is in his last twelve years of coaching anyone ten ends. Lay national championships- something no one is done in history and most but we never happen again in history, but amazing thing about the shame of being as he didn't just build. A basketball dynasty was a motor of character, a bolder emotion, older men. Some great men came out of that. You see I programme Karim, Abdul Jabbar, one three titles with coach wooden Reggie Miller, Bill, Walton, Kevin Love, Steve Alford, all played Underwood and cream
is a friend of mine. He actually writing a book on his life, so you should watch for when it comes out. He always talked about how coach is it coach, always thought of self discipline, but the most powerful part of him as he was always is best example, and I think you want to know what made coach wouldn't go. Is this man lived everything you teach he walked is talk and that's. Where is able influence these young men, who are pretty spirit in those days shrank back in my gaze ESPN before I found you turn, I still loves my favorite stories to rebates and the other calmness and writers were always about John, would, in the other, great heavy stories of just like what a character it was on the golf course and in practice, Irina, how tall guys had a tighter shoelaces every single detail, just such a beautiful man so beloved where people go
make like what would be considered a three point shot today in those days, he'd say, show me a hundred of these free browser. It's a show me a hundred lay ups and around his entire thing was. It was all about execution even care acute. It was our greatest shot from a distance. He wanted to make sure that you never missed the details and part of that came from his upbringing he taught common sense, which of course, is not to carbon anymore. Unfortunately, as we all blow it off, but where you live Is he shared, but his father gave a seven point: creed right before you. What he's graduating from grammar school is this? If you do these seven things, your life will be extraordinarily fulfilling alive and success monies at first. You have to be true to yourself. Second, make each day, your masterpiece third hope others forthwith deeply from good books, especially the Bible. Five make friendship, a fine art six building
shelter against a rainy day and seven pray for guidance and give thanks for blessings every day, and that seems so simple, but this man in the nineteen thirties was practising this discipline and guided every decision in his life. He kept them on a card that data, given him literally from grammar school and guided his whole life. I get a rude and pull it out of his wallet and showed it to me that, along with the courses pair bit of success, which is extraordinary, but one of the things that I love most about, who is this man was not just quotes everything he completely lived sheriff you of your favorite. I love it. I just recently first lacking us into this power to check it out. Out his TED talk to anybody. We move is cute, as you would imagine, uses chew, as he could possibly be. My feet are coat. I left Irvine big tone of this, of course, is kind, wouldn't said, be quick, but don't hurry.
Later just remind tony rotten meat. Yours when I am very proud that we have a different type of what has happened there stood up your man just away his focus and character. And of course, I'm such a romantic love affair, which is dear no home. I go ass. Some of the crime is one he every month from the time she passed any live. Twenty five years passed her lifespan, he wrote her a love letter and when I was at his home, he took me out and showed me that he never sleeps on her side of the bed and their tied with his beautiful ribbon around. It was a stock of all these.
These were letters he wrote her eat each month, adjust it was his couldn't have a dry. I regard your honor softy anyway, but such a beautiful man, but also just as you said he spoke, as was to be his court, was always knew more concerned with your character than your reputation because he has hoping was gonna. Forget some things you can control, you can control people. Think of you. We control who you are, and it was more important for him how he, how these men turned out as human beings than it ever was even just how they formed, and you know how people other asked me about coaching, and he had a great quality said. A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment. Whenever I see somebody apparent or business, coach or ceo, and there are not effective it's because the state in which they coach people makes people feel judged, and I've also to people. You can influence someone if your judging them, but if you really care it's really hard to have not been able to reach somebody,
consistently care, and not your carrying today come in you. I think the only thing I mention is that, because I want to get you right into the Pike S, pretty quick here is His whole mindset with TAT was God given so be humble. That theme is man given see better, be grateful because it can be taken away so good and can see the self given. So you better be careful. I think his definition of success was the thing that impact me most. I've shared it with some. You people, I've coach billionaires as the Toffania. Traders in the world over the years whenever they gonna tell space, I was reminded them you're, not defined by your moment by moment. It's what you are consistently light and cut. When I remember when I was talking to Madonna, which interview was number was early on, maybe even in the very first interview I haven't made it in, but I asked them what would his vehicle latest most more successful team, the team was most proud of, and I assumed it would be like cream steam, ragged three championships and and
Furthermore, the grace they want to eat it gains in a row. How do you do that right on multiple years and he didn't big Betty? He Are you here and I think it's unpack as to Europe on the end of a girl. Here he names a team I never heard of, and I said why would you pick them? They did before my eyes, lovely said, because they live a team that maximize their potential more than any other. They did the mostly humanly could with who they in its definition was really simply always told people, I've useless and my own life, and I hope, you'll use it. Yours and you'll hear it echoed from amend the podcast, but with this idea that you can't control with you're gonna win or lose and there's only one way. You know what you want to lose and that is by measuring yourself. Did you give every ounce herself every moment you're on that court and said that you can do. Instead of every moment on that court? You gave every ounce of your soul and I am most leading about because it spent my life motto. Then.
You always know that you won, because you gave everything, because what we give us what we keep or we fail to give us the only thing that we lose in this life and his mindset was, you know if you give everything every moment and accordingly, I'll do that together then most and you're gonna wait. You're gonna have a higher score, but if you dont there are times when someone will get what Europe about call it whatever it is, you can lose the game, but you ve not lost the game of life because that's all that's all it's about some this man hidden thirty years later, I hope you'll be a study. I know you well as well and if you want to know how the edge in life is apparent as a friend of a person as an athlete you're about to learn from the past coach that ever lived, my dear friend from the front of so many, the one that lead and mentored. So many great controversy way coached Arnwood. Let's join him now and now
I will go back to twenty nine year old, Tony Robbins, to hear his power talk with the man of Principle, the great coach, John Wooden, who would be one hundred and six on October 14th, two in sixteen high. This is tony Robins. Welcome to the interview portion of power talk, and I'm a spell. Excited and privileged today to be able to sit across the room from a legend. A man who has continually touch people's minds and hearts and made sports history, and that is not on than coach. John wooden culture really wanted thank you for letting me come here to your home- to visit with you. Thank it Tony. I considered a privilege there. They are the chat with you for a while. I thank you. Sir coach wooden was a man who and is twenty seven years as a coach, you see allay produced a level of Basque. Quality and quality people. I think, as a teacher, that's really what he pursued that has been unmatched in his last twelve years with you see, allay he one. Ten national currency doubly championships, unheard of quote
from a gentleman name, Jim Murray use the La Times famous sportswriter said that what new Rockne was to football and was the baseball Wilburn Orville right, we're flying John wooden. Was the basketball separated it comes make about legend like yourself, and I know don't see yourself that wages you're so humble and- and you come from a different place, but maybe you can. Tell us. Where did this all the start? I think it's I did in my early days when I was gazed on farm in southern Indiana cells, Romania, and I should say- and I primarily from my father and mother, and perhaps a grade school principle. I went to small three room grade school, but the principal had remarked willow, I can tell me what you don't realize, the time but later on and my father to who I
I was only a high school education, I think he's probably as wise men as I've ever come across tremendous common sense and one of the things tat he tried to get across to me in my three brothers, which I didn't preceded probably at the time, was that you should never tried to be better than some one else and If you stop there, it would leave you, I think wondering, but he didn't stop there. He said, but you should never ceased to try to be the very best that you could be and when you think about that and later on, it came back to me and had a lot to do with my own definition of success, which I coined in nineteen hundred and thirty. Four that's when you get involved too much in the things over which you have no control it. It's obviously going to adversely affect the things over which you have control and I can
guy that came back to me later and the things tat. We on the farm reading at night and I think, probably see my enjoyment for poetry. There wasn't tell. There, no radio or things in a dad would read to US night, and I think it sir, perhaps one they didn't, have the financial means to help any of us go to college. I think problem is the primary reason the time my three brothers are graduation college on became teachers. I know it gave you a creed to live by at some point memory a share of it that I as a true also that you still carry it with you. Yes, I do I tony when I graduated from this great school, they sort of may the thing out of graduation grades. Girl I'd say that we put on best overalls and all three of you, and he gave me this creed and today
bill and older to dollar bill very large at that particular time, and I would like to say I still haven't, but I didn't give it to my son, so he would have it. But he gave me that two dollar bill said as long as you keep this sir you'll never be broke and then he gave me a seven point, creed and that he just simply said that some try to live up to this and the points for something like this be true to yourself and help others and make each day your masterpiece and drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible, and build a shelter against a rainy day and make friendship, a fine art- and I give thanks to your blessings and in the end, pray for guidance. Every day sounds like you've. Really, that's been a major focus, your whole life I wouldn't try to save lived up to turn me. I've tried you pretty darn good job from every person. I've talked to
who's ever worked or played for you Are they say you really live by that? Creating that you really Walker talk out. I know you have some experiences early on. It shapes some of your values. I remember reading, I think in your book or you shared at one point I guess what are your brother's through manure on you and you had a unique reaction to that, and so did your father. I guess it shapes some. Your future values would you share that went well? for cleaning up adjoining stars in the barn and my brother through a spark of manure over, men tell me- and I was very, very mad, of course- and I went after him not with the pitchfork, but He was three years older than I couldn't do much good against time, but I didn't, I didn't think about that at the time when I went after him, but in doing so I called him a name I am ashamed about, but I did. Father overheard and he gave me a Qaeda, not the only real spanking of that type. I think that the ever did
but I knew how to coming in you don't when you know you deserve something, even if the bad, you can accept it much better than those things that you feel you don't deserve as, but I must say that he also gave my older brother, probably one. Justice harder harder. And what did you learn from experience well showed your temper for one as far as using profanity. I don't believe since that time no player, no friend, no official, as ever heard me use profoundly ass, probably had something doing. I understand you. Also one of the major philosophies and life is that Europe even allowing people to go through emotional peaks, at least on the basketball court to match you wanted people to be prepared and be able to enjoy,
successes and a unique and balanced way. Maybe you could talk Lobal about that. My players would probably, tell you that they never heard me mention winning. I dont think scores indicated you one or lost I no excessive jubilation, because you are a money in a game or excessive dejection. If you were out scored, I at a meeting every day to just do the best they could to improve themselves and not let a day go by doing that, because that's a day lost that you can never recover and em I never wanted and tried to get these ideas across New can just tell him once and think they have it the last of it Lots of learning is repetition and I would repeat him, but maybe not in this exact words mean getting the idea across day after day, for example, I would say that, after again,
game if you are met someone that didn't know the outcome of the game. I hope They wouldn't be able to tell by your actions I nice. I say I want no excessive jubilation are excessive, dejection feel good New prepared yourself and and you're the only one. That really knows you can't fool a coach and you can fool everybody, but yourself. I know that you have prepared yourself too, farm near your own particular level of competency? It may be, but the other fellows level, there's just better than yours and there's nothing to be ashamed about in that. But there is something to be ashamed when you know that you didn't prepare yourself properly when you had the opportunity so that my idea, and I felt that that would have greater effect the outcome of games. Then, if I was stressing some other way trying to outscore opponents. The whole philosophy of really improving yourself versus comparing yours,
after the other guy affected your scouting as well. I guess you really didn't. Out teams to find out how they played you wanted to develop a plan, against anyone. That was my philosophy it said that I never scouting, Poland, that isn't true tony, but I probably scouted less then any other coach certainly fall less than anyone that I've ever known. Yes, I wanted to concentrate on what we could do and try to prepare yourself now. I need to know something about the opponent, but I would I can read. And I can hear about the others in and I would know the coach and I would know the coach for whom he probably laid nigh would know their general style and I'd know whether they used a zone defence and what type of zone I'd know whether they pressed. I know who were there better score
Those were- and I know from the type of office the use how that comes about along with a look of course their own individual building. So I didn't want talk but those things too much, I'm just trying to prepare my team in our practices against any eventuality. Preparation was the foundation of everything you taught. How did you really prepare your teams for games by trying to get them to execute near their own ability level taking each game? It's an old trite statement that you play him one game at a time, but it is equally true in if you start looking ahead, then you will not perform as a Europe capable of performing arts, fear dwell in the past because you did real well in the past. That's gonna have not gone heavy to do with how you're gonna perform the next time. So you ve got to prepare individually for
each and every one and not let the they watch happened before, what's likely to happen in the future. Fact you, knowing that the only real way did you can affect the future, is about what you do at the present. An end, then, what's happened in the past, cannot Now I want them to have respect for every time we played, regardless of how they had done prior to that, don't fear em an and don't give them a no respect. You must respect everyone and just make. Efforts to execute near your own ability level. I know that repetition the major part of what how you train people. As you said, it's one, the laws of learning. I think a lot of people life avoid repetition. They think it's boring. What what does your reaction?
The people will think repetition and doing can hearing the same things over and over again as boring. Yes, I think it's been said that the consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative, but I feel that that's the way habits are formed through consistent repetition and now I must change my drills. A little bit still teaching the same thing and I might as time goes by change them of time that I allow for drills. Some groups will pick up a little quicker than others have to constantly the analyzing, those under here supervision, if you're not an and don't make it fun, The wanton recently on the view said wanting about torture, inhumane practices fun even though we did the same things in many cases every day there would be a little changes and he made them fun,
I never want to feel it was a chore, but I did want them to feel during that hour and a half to two hours, we're gonna, spend on the basketball floor. That's right their minds. A hundred percent. I dont want think about other things and if their people up understands watching them what you performed for them: you're, just working to improve yourself now, but still practises over here, you're, not basque, mostly not mere student. You see I lay, and that must be your main consideration cassettes why you're here, another dialogue of these values were installed knew by some of your coaches. At one time you are offered the obtained a go play for these Celtics NGO barnstorming across Amerika for awhile. At around five thousand dollars in those days when eight hundred dollars a year was a huge sum of money. Tell you about the old pro league broke up the earth, graduated, and they were forming idea. Barnstorming group consists in love
the old New York shouting at that time men, their Cleveland Rosen themselves as the name that they went under under the new women. They did for me, five thousand dollars swell. I took a job at fifteen hundred dollars in where I am at five English passes a day as athletic director and coach for bombast, my baseball on track, and I turned to stone but I went to my college coach, a man of extremely high principles of very high personal man, and I told him about this in I said: that's a lot of money for Europe as it is said. That is how much you can produce far I said. But what do you mean? Mr Antony said due to go into professionally athletics of that sort fashion as well. As you know, I I I didn't. I came to get an education said you get one, I think so, and he said
while the girl take advantage of it, but that's a decision that you have to make you have to decide for yourself, but he was very wise and things like that or other things along the lines that he did, that them probably subconsciously had an effect on me. Tommy about two coach wooden ballplayer. I know you want the only person has ever been elected into the college Hall of Fame as both a player and a coach. What you like as a player where I can only tell you what other people have said. I am proud of the fact that I was then selected the old times. School basketball, team in Indiana and as a matter of fact, I ask Robertson high were selected as this starting guards came in on the all time college team from Indiana
and I'm proud of that, but the game is changed. So much when I read in here things that last may say where the other Oscar Robber Cinema, those kind chuckled because I know doesn't true and em, but I am happy that I consider to be one of the better ones of my particular arab nine joint playing. I was considered one of the better deviancy players and am, I am very proud of the fact that it went. My senior graduation at my coach had said that the spite of the fact that I just broke big ten scoring record that that never entered my mind, and I was one of the most unselfish players, overhead and and the best deviancy player that ever had much more. Nine. He said what made that I believe he's the best conditioned athlete for playing a sort that I've ever seen. Well not condition I worked on,
new that something over which I had control. I didn't have control over my heighten the Lord Ghek Mc Quickness and speed, and I can by proper execution and keeping balance and balance is more than just physical bound, so many people think of it. In those terms, but you can't have physical balance unless you're mentally and emotionally balance. That has must precede like attaining condition. You cannot in the best condition and measure the mental condition and moral conditioning proceed, but I know that now that today's players, in the things no, I dont, compare with those two but I enjoyed playing and rejoin being considered one of the better ones. My time, you mentally prepare your games and how did you physically prepare them? I know: remember you saying several times that your teams might meet teams that work more skill, but they never meet teams that were better conditions and it seems like you,
is the same strategy that used in your own life with your teams. But how did you prepare the mentally or physically, but I will tell them that we must be in the best possible physical condition. We may not be able to be better than others, because maybe the I was trying to do the same thing. But we do have control of our own conditioning. We must make the effort and it's a combined effort. I have a responsibility to devise drills and, I'm a study and analyze each one of Obiang have drills individual in their Adele's. Some girls would be good for all. Some details will be good just for certain individuals. I must know how do apply these rules in practice must not continue to long. I must know as the season progress is how they're gonna change, and I know how I must devise new ones to prevent. Monotony and all of those things that I must do, that young man, you have a responsibility to your responsibility, begins every day when practice ends until
return, because you can tear down more between practices, they we can possibly build up doing practices, and I know that many of you probably thinking, I'm speaking of immoral conduct and certainly that isn't conducive to the best physical condition, but must just pack this moderation in all things, and if your practice moderation in your eating and rest habits and other things, then, with my living up to my responsibilities. We'll come close to realising the physical condition net where Cape Mullah. We can't do it too perfectly, because no one can be having. But let's work towards that end and I tried to get them to accept that and say now. If this is going to pay dividends for us, we must put pressure on our opponent from the very beginning and not just on defence, but on office. We must keep pressure. We must try to fast
Rick every time. We must end with a bad job, but we must make them move to get back and make them aware of that and if we are in better condition before the A half it'll begun to pay dividends and before the game is over, whom pay dividends? Now my problem is to sell to the play. Exhausted. I tried to do it, but I didn't condition by running laps or running up and down stairs or- push capture, running penny cup Games and things and outside. I did it through the individual phenomena oh drills, shooting rail for us was a conditioning rail. The way I ran it, there was no resting in between always working move move move was the think, the most famous phrase that most dear player say that you used over and over again and they said that your practices understand. You had spent an hour designing a ninety minute practice that was literally to that level of precision. Did you do that regularly?
consistently and why I think I learned that from high school and possibly from my eye teaching English stresses that I had to have a I had to have a plan. The lesson plan for every day and when I start first our teaching. I understood that in too in english glasses, I didn't understand it way. I shudder and teaching under very sports, and I thought, but I learned that you must we must be prepared, otherwise we're gonna waste an enormous amount of time. As a matter of fact, Tony I'd say my ears, you see, I probably spent two hours every morning with assistance. When I had assistance, and always have my last few years. I did planning the practice session for that afternoon, which it'll never last over two hours and and probably the season and beyond an hour and a half, but in practice the full time it isn't. The talking I did very
I'm talking about drills going on time to individuals, I did more individual coaching in in that sense, now I have. I dont have a dynamic, I have been given a lot of my friends in the voting profession I could have given you every minute of every day of practice. I ever had you see, Elaine. I kept it in a loose leaf notebook button when we planned it. I wonder, haven't by the minute, and then I put that on a summer play call me the through the five men, because I had our practices through five kind I want to watch carefully my managers had it, so they know that at this time they better have two balls at this Basque into balls. There and players would move quickly. From one to another and when I play and a day's practice. I looked back to see how we on the corresponding day last year and the year before. Now that took care of every practice that they play I had in which he had participated, because suppression
we're knowledgeable. Otherwise, I d gone back two years and after the day a practice is over. I set down in the dressing room and wrote down some notes on the back. This super five card about to practice, and in the next day, when imports the practice neck. May I made the little notations along the way in answer long. This theme paper about certain things that may be this was said two minutes to longer two more minutes are things that outside and reviewing back and taking them rising all that and in thinking in terms of what's coming up this weekend. If we got in the season, when we're playing games and who were playing for replaying and so on and analyzing, taking all these things and consideration, but I enjoy doing that and I enjoyed teaching an end, you may have heard me say heard of me being quoted as saying that term servant. He said
the road is better than the air. Yes and I sort of short over a quaint dead with practicing and the games and- and I think was Robert lose citizens said it's better to travel, hopefully, then, to arrive, that's about the same thing and them I really enjoyed it and now, since my retirement I've been ass so many times do I miss it. I missed the practices in working, the players in the planning of the practices and I dont missed, games of the tournaments thoroughly other other her off of precision that you ve had in your instructions, I understand you kept statistics on the players even during practice, not just in games, etc. Yes, idea there many things died in keep, but as many statistics with there certain things that I want to know. I want to see how the trends were. I No, not depending completely my memory. Yes, if you start nipping completely on your memory
well, I don't have that kind of memory. You got eighty years to remember. I did that in certain things are not. I want to see if maybe we were going to much to one side of the floor and then we went to the other. What do see if we were getting an equal number of approximately one number shots when we got into our five on five work for each position on the floor and some players will get more just because their more gift and can do more individually, but I wanted the vast majority of our shots, for example on offense to come from within the framework of our team, not an individual, I'm just like the one on one basketball and wanted to come out of the team. But there are times when you do have the one on one. So I wanted to primarily a check twins. That's why I kept
statistics? I know I'm kind of research about in the japanese style of management and in our one of the philosophy that actually those most of japanese business is built on, came from a dandy, Edward Democrats who we talked about earlier and his whole philosophy. Based upon the idea of never ending improvement, that every day you must improve something and they have to measure it so that you know that. That's really true. How do your philosophy he's dovetail with their meetings or vice versa. Measures within hours well, certainly a that's my belief to NASA. You know standstill, you're either a moving upward a little bit, are you go the other way a little bit. We can expect to go up to quickly, but we can share, go down quickly slide. I am and be in a hurry. Progress come some steady. If you are preparing yourself for that year,
Let the consideration of all aspects that you should. Then you must not let adversity Have you seem to be held up by the because good things in this ideas that I tried to get across all good things come to adverse and yet most people try to avoid adversity. Yes s and, as someone said when I look back, it seems to me all agreed that had to be left me when the pain was or stronger than it was four and I believe that you get stronger physically the weights diversity you get stronger mentally through increasingly difficult subjects in school. You don't start out with calculus, just under one roof ethic, and I think we get stronger moral and spiritually through through adversity to some extent. So, and yet we do fear, we don't want adversity. And yet, if that's, what makes us better, we should learn from it and
and we certainly should not fear you can't get stronger, say in an athletic point of view. If you constantly are playing inferior opponents- you, you may start playing to their level. You ve got to be challenged to improve part of my job. I felt, as a teacher was dead, challenge the students under my shoe provision and there's so many things that must be taken into consideration. For that you, you may be a problem probably sure you are familiar with some of the things that will for New Petersen has written, and I I picked up many years ago, one on the art of living, and he has others, and I just recently received another informing and M under a leadership. He points out some things which I thought were true but maybe didn't concentrate on, does not, for example, them one that struck home. Very much is that the leader
always be concerned in finding the best way, not in having his own way and another one was that the leader must make sure that all all those under his supervision know that their working with the leader, not for the leader and I think you have to do that and I'm in my basketball team that usually there not playing for me, I didn't want I feel that, but we're all working together for a common cause and it's up to the reader to get that across in and not get lost in his importance than the becomes a dictator a type and that didn't work out too well it seems to me that, in reading some of the documents and talking to some of the people that you ve coach, that you really coached with tremendous strength, you expected a tremendous amount for your players, but they all perceive that you cared very deeply for them. That you are a coach of love. Well,
The coach, whose philosophy I admire and was AMOS Alonzo Stag, and he months made the statement he never had player. He didn't love but he loved them just the same. Well, I my early years teaching my earlier years teaching, I would tell my prayers. I like you all the same and I'm going to reach all the same. I never did. I was thing king than I was when I wasn't. I didn't like him all the same. Didn't like me all the same. They didn't like each other all the same, and yet I was saying that I never treated him all the same. I didn't wanna show favouritism, but I think the surest to show partiality and favouritism is to treat their body like, and I think that's the surest way. I'm going to try to give you the treatment you earned and deserve an end. I have to make the judgment
and I know that I'm imperfect and I can be wrong, but I am, I'm one's gonna get caught up for it, because this is my vocation and end. If I don't do things properly, we found out and then I'll be somewhere else. So in many ways is little things like that that help you do? Well, in the end more? then that the techniques of the game ass. What do you think you contributed most he's players again, I know your humble approaches. You don't take credit for things, but what what did you really contribute to these players beyond the basketball field, a basketball floor. Rather, I would say that I am most proud of the fact that practically all my players got two degrees and most alone have done well in wonder professions they have chosen. I'm ask so much harder
you, proud of all your players that played professional basketball. I said yes, I am very proud M as well as I am over the twenty, some that are attorneys and the foreign ministers and Dennis and a number of doctors and the teachers and most of them most of them. However, in business because most of my place, usually majored in some sort of business and while my two years Indiana State practically all my players, him became its and coaches are not too many of you, you see a labour not nearly as many show very out of them and I'm more proud of that Then I say championships in it. If you would like a little later I like to play something for you, then that means more to me than any championship your I will end with. I already had what what is it
the beliefs and values that you consciously really wanted to install on these players. You thought would make a different mowing: the basketball floor, but again in their life, where I tried to get across my definition of success, to which I think is far more than just play. Basketball and my mind, avenues says which I co signed in nineteen thirty, for his peace of mind, which can be attained only through self satisfaction in knowing that you made the effort to become the best. That's your capable of becoming now without peace of mind. I don't think anyone has very much there always looking for something else and they don't see, well. The other side of the street always looks better and then they are so different that my favorite can Abraham Lincoln and he had that wonderful ability to say so much injustice few words, I think is immortal gettysburg address of some two hundred sixty words
really says more than many volumes, but he said it's better to trust and be disappointed once in a while, the distressed and be miserable all the time. There's so much to that and little statements like the worst thing you can do. For those you love the things they could and should do for themselves and I could go on and on with many many statements suggest simple statements which have so much so much a depth to them, but I hoped that as far as my players in they were now think of me afterwards, not so much as their best markets, but this is more or less friend the tea. One was really concerned about them as individuals more than just as basketball players. Not, then I wasn't, of course, there there in all probability because of their basketball ability, but once there I want to know the name for more concern
them as individuals, and I am just bascombe up there. That's cleared this day and hearing some of the interviews with these people Tommy, but when you first came to you see, lay back was nineteen forty eight wasn't. It is correct. If I recall correctly you who had two choices, use delay and I think Minnesota ask her a new chosen Minnesota, but an interesting experience of fate cause you come you see. A lot of you can share that. Well with this knows that As a matter of fact there at that, in their time, produce is trying to get me to come back there very much, but they wanted me to stay at Indiana State for another year and then they were going to let the coach go, and I didn't feel that was the right way to treat people and I just decided I wouldn't be interested in produce, and Minnesota was also wanting an unusual aim and they had both offered me the positions, but there was a little
in Minnesota in as much as they wanted me to keep as the assistant, the coach that I was I was replacing now they were not firing, him he wanted to be a wonder entire retire, but he still wants to keep sort of a hand in it and he was a fine, and I liked and enjoyed, but I just didn't feel that it would be best New our philosophy of the game is different and, didn't think would be best and they and have it in their budget. For me to bring an assistant with me, so you see allay had when a job and they wanted to meet- and let them know by, I think of a seven o clock one evening in April and Minnesota they were to. Let me call at six o clock in to let me know whether or not that they had worked the budget. There is a border regents meeting, however, director athletics was gonna, be there with him and
He didn't call me at six and you see how they called it. Seven and I accept it and about eight I get the Kaufmann associate everything's. All fine- and I said well- I'm sorry- have committed myself when I get back out on and am reason they didn't get the phone. There was a what they called an unseasonable late snowstorm, I'm not sure that a snow storm in April in Minnesota, seasonable in Ireland anyway. That was the reason that he took couldn't get them. The lines were down, and that said, I would have gone to Minnesota. Had they called at six o clock. That is true. Be curious about some. Your beliefs about destiny, because other than many experiences in your life, like that, I know you were stationed or sketch rather to go off to war in the South Pacific and you gotta. And scientists and as a result, you didn't go and demanded, took her place was killed by a kamikaze pilot. May have been a series of experiences like I remember reading about one of your associates who later became an associate Eddie Power who,
I came to you. Maybe you can share that experience, but I think there's no two things, maybe Here are the story of any power what happened and but secondly, I'd like to know what are some your beliefs about destiny? Do you think, there's a certain members is predestined for you, as a matter of choices, at a combination of the two. What are you beliefs and well? I'm not dead, particularly a fatalist yesterday than about either. I do believe that that there are things that under had explained it. It's been said. You know that damn we may not know where our paths may lead. No they're being directed in some way I believe that- and things have happened, has been unusual, not a power, I had it in his life as the english students in high school and then them every played for member Basque. My baseball is, he was a terrible basketball player. It seemed to me
practice isn't everything. On the other hand, I stop where you need to find baseball player in his second base. When you made the double play while and then he was a good hitter in and was just a fine clutch player, he's on the basketball team, but in and get to play. I maybe I kept him on the squad subconsciously because of the fact that I needed him in this. On the basque baseball about we had one time when he was in his junior year and it was early in the season, but we were raided, know there were three teams: they run ratings for the AP and UPI in Indiana, with high school teams. Just like they do on the colleges and their three teams are the top three and I wear ourselves and Fort waned, central and a team from Gary fable Gary and is thereby
work schedule somehow they weren't and our conference. In issues of forward opener conference, we played among consecutive nights. We played favor Gary Aghast therefore remains central. We paid him in south men and we had a tremendous game with travel of Gary I think we ended up by winning at forty seven to forty five and eighty of course didn't get. Game. He was on the dance and then getting the game because he was a tough game. I'm like a buddy, I'm going to get my tattoo. We went to a restaurant to have something to eat before driving back to South Mendon. How do you set over by himself and I went to work as demanded in a manner he said I might as well do basketball about doing it. I got never ever get to play and I said all that he must never give up. You never can tell what can happen. India- if you're not enjoying it. That's one thing, but there. If you feel just because of a lack of That would be wrong when he said coach.
He said I know if you'd, let me play with Eddie and Jimmy Bobby and I know that a ragged play with them. I could play where I never get to play with them, and I know I could I said daddy, have you ever shown him and practices are games that you should be in there? No, but I know I could play if you put me in there well, I said: ok, Eddie Player tomorrow night against her for it central and boy he lit up like this and then on the drive back. I said to my wife, who always onto a man honey, I'm bipolar met my pulled another one. Another mistake mistaken Caesar what you do, the that I fear that I told Eddie not starting tomorrow night, said: that's not right. He said I e hasn't earned, he hasn't deserved it and I made a mistake and I must go through with it.
I gave my word and I must live up to. I said I didn't tell him how long it play both but Could you put it under a short time, so I thought TAT the two convincing central had. I play online Mccammon, all American Blair at Indiana University and at that time was considered. Perhaps the take your player in Indiana under the name of Armstrong. So I thought here convince areas and I put Eddie defending him. I use the man to man, defense courses, helping always helping on the weak side. My man to man, defense is practically zone weak side. It's just man to man on stronger side, Jordan. It up. He held Armstrong to the lowest, never finds he'd ever scored. He's got more points for us than then he'd ever scored denote. The games had been put to me. Either we ve got a number rebounds and just played a tremendous basketball game and was elected selectness, our most valuable play at the end of the season.
These new on third every game from that time. On recital odd that some of the reporters said after the four main game coach, you really was, saving him for this game. Where they resist a far say in a way that that happened to come about new makes, you wonder how me how many other young people have you missed has even something like that not happening, and I shall say I made a mistake by telling them do that, but I did telling and even a good mistake. It turned out I found a competitor and then played an extremely well never practiced well after that either, but is paid while he got up for the games later became an assistant country. Yes, he did came out here with me after he was in the marine corps for five years, nicknamed Indiana State hoping to play, but he has developed very close veins and he just couldn't play a music. I use them as a student assisted. I had no assistant and I used my students
president tells it and then, when I came to you see, I lay still hadn't graduated and he came out here with men. I used him ass. A student assistant hearing at its degree of New Zealand and is here now be attending their wedding anniversary of a couple of weeks and ask in Henrietta that were there are certain like Nellie and I, who went with anyone but knowing you know roulette with anyone with Henrietta there very dear to us. That's me you offered and the challenges that that's what makes people you certainly gave it to him and he has met the math challenge when you first came out to you see allay another whistle She promises made you one of us the place to play. I guess you didn't get for almost sixteen years and but you also came out to a team that I think you were at if I remember correctly, a little bit disappointed with the base of tail. If you had to start what they were. I think UCLA back in nineteen. Forty eight was selected to or predicted a place last
the league, what happened at first year? What Tony at correcting one thing that has probably been misrepresented? I know I've never said it, but they didn't miss me a place to play my eyes. Are they lead me to believe that my contractors up that they were working on an there'd, be a place to play by the time I finished? My contract with them, so they didn't, may make a promise. I saw, though for I've, been there too long that it wasn't going to happen. Question happen to what my 17th year. I guess it was that damn and seeing the talent When I had my eye my the team that I left it Indiana state my team there. My first year I had eleven freshmen one sophomore freshmen. Wales will then because they're just that war just being over.
And so I am all back the next year and I've known him for two more years, and then they were good to get better all the time, and I thought they D taken this. You see a lay down trumps them right, but you see how they had had some good players the year before Ministerial hadn't done well and have asked them. Player, but never done barks down all American Olympic Plan, they had the damage minor, who played in Indiana High School, beat us out of a important high school They went irony, I remembered him very well and then they hadn't Georgian John Stani, Sir John Spanish and graduated and by George, was still- and I had him, but the talent just didn't. Compare actually- and I thought my it's gonna be rough, but we had the best year that usually never hen when the conference and that one of the years as it gives me the greatest personal section I: how did you do that? How did you take this raw talent that didn't seem to be there and turn into a championship team? in one year I started a difference,
down a ball. I wasn't played too much on the coast and ninety get caught a lot of others by surprise a little better. They had used the fast break and been more or less ball. Control in these players were condition to playing a more control basketball and it seemed to me that day adapted very well to different style and that probably help too them tremendously and maybe other schools or down a little bit on that. I don't know I haven't seen him before, but I I'm very proud of that particular group prouder, proud of any than one in essence, having Another? You said many times that term the most basketball game, these are settled. My final five minutes and that time those five minutes that you think you can win the games because the other guys are burnt out cause you you ve press them, all game long and you ve, run him all day long, and was that part of this?
I agree with your first all. Absolutely. I took that I think, probably from going way back to my college, goats, and I felt that if, if you are in better condition, the only way to make it pay dividends is to keep pressure on constantly both often soon indifference and we. So we tried to do that and not too many we're doing that on the coast at that particular time not did they weren't well coached. It was just a different style and I think, That really is true, and I think that was true at the end of my coaching journey, speaking of the teams are compared with evenly match. The better condition team will probably prevail only though Vienna medicine emotional state to be old, execute. Basically, I thought that's interesting. What would some
the key ingredients. You were looking for new players, more wars on the things that you will expected from our demanded from them in terms of qualities. I be curious, I think, from physical point of view. The most important attribute any black and have in any sport is quickness, but that quickness must be underlined. If it isn't under control, you have a lot of activity, but you have a little achievement and I dont want activity without achievement. Raises another statement, and I often use now to have your quickness under control? You have to be balanced emotionally balanced and mentally balanced, and so that's what you're working for to have the physical balance. You have to be mentally balance. You know where your features b, where your head should be, where your hand should be how the joint should be relaxed and all those
things. That is something that I tried to concentrate on as much as possible. I think in life. There's two words are important, love imbalance. Maybe maybe we just need the one tony from every love, take care of everything and I think it would Truelove would but Jack. Balance imbalances, keeping things in perspective, not letting yourself get too high, not letting yourself get too low and and keeping all areas of your life. You know
eating must be balanced. Rests must be valued. Everything must be imbalance and that's what I'm trying to get across. So I'm looking for quickness and in hoping that I can help keep an imbalance now. The next thing I'm looking for is teamwork ass. They must be concerned about the team, more so than individual accomplishments. I'd try to point out that the If the team does well, there's gonna be created for all. If the team doesn't do well, there's not going to be all that much credit and you're all a part of the team, and I m sure I'm trying to get that idea. Nine. You try to point that out in different ways like describing a measure as a machine and automobile powerful automobile. Now this player, maybe the the engine- yes, but how good is
an engine. If we was missing it, ain't gonna take anywhere, and you may be just a wheel on this team, but you're no good. If we You have not told him that we allow any, maybe just a nut there is a role for you and it's very important and some are gonna, be more publicize among the public. I bet you're all important, very important, Neurology do. You have is very important and in what are you buyers believe it or not? You need somebody in his car driving it. Because if you don't tell me you're running circles, a shirt, So you know that just one way that I was right to point out, the attaining I used to use plays have a leading character for you don't have a good supporting casting their play, won't get many on course.
He met. We won't do well on the road you ve got to have the supporting cash or every everyone is important. So that's what I want. I want players, whether what we call it and selfish attitude that our concern for the group as well for now. I didn't start out that way. Some of them, though, did they mean you're new situation, We have a lot of players who had a fairly strong ego coming into your programme. How did you deal with that? A coach has where's ally in the world. Tony the bench that is, a pain is you're out. If you are not afraid to use it. Aerial put him on a bench. They'll come around. I found out. Very true were one of the finest forward I ever had its first year. He sat on the bench most a time when he's easily the best foreign any.
Say you know I'm better than those as yes, I am too badger. Let them be chap and until you think more in terms of the team, I get your play. Anyone selfish individual you, justice away. He had always played and been brought up that is hard to break, but when he broke it tonight, two years I thought he was the best forward in the country, but that one year he sat on the bench and watched others most of the time the twenty weapons podcast is directed and hosted by Tony Robins and Mary Bucket carry song. Is our executive producer strategy and distribution by any Org and Tyler Culbertson Jimmy Curve? A hollow and Adrian dilatory are additional editors, copyright, Robins research, International,
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