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The Ultimate Success Formula | Joseph McClendon III’s 4 steps to getting what you want

2020-04-03 | 🔗

People who succeed in any situation have a pattern of what they do to succeed. It doesn’t matter if that success is in business or in a relationship — it doesn’t matter what the context or environment is. The fundamental lessons or laws of succeeding are very basic, and we call it the Ultimate Success Formula and it is just one of the many fascinating strategies taught at Tony’s mega-popular seminar, Unleash the Power Within.

In this episode, you will hear renowned author, presenter and ultimate performance specialist Joseph McClendon III delve into the Ultimate Success Formula — the four step process that helps you take massive action to get what you really want. It could be dramatic change in your own business,  a much-needed step you need to take in your relationship. Or maybe you’re finally committing to shedding those extra pounds and maintaining a consistent level of strength and vitality. Chances are, you know what it is – that one thing that you know you just need to do, or do better than you are today. And this is the system to use to achieve that goal you have in your mind.


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Welcome to the tunny Robins podcast today were kicking off a series of episodes that are all about breaking through limitations. And unleashing the power you have within yourself to create real, lasting change in your life. If that language sounds familiar to, you is probably because you ve attended unleash the power within you. Pay w is three and a half day event with Tony Robins. That's offered multiple times we're both in the U S and abroad. It's not like school. Our business conference, it's certainly not like, are typical personal growth seminar. It's a full blown experience that some have likened to a rock concert or an intense therapy. Session whatever it is. You want to call it it's epoch and for millions of people it has been literally life. Changing Did you know, for instance, that some of your deeply held beliefs actually limiting you holding you back not pushing forward.
Or that you cannot just control your emotions. You can harness their power and take massive action. These are just some of the things that you learn it. You p w some of the topics that tony doves into we'll be exploring a lot of them in this podcast, today on a show were excited to have the renowned author, presenter and ultimate performance specialist, Joseph, including the third, to talk about one was fascinating strategies. You learnt you p w. It's called the ultimate success formula. The ultimate success formula is a first step process that helps you take massive action to get. What you really want could be a dramatic change in her own business. Kick starting a new career are much more stop you need to take in your relationship. Maybe your final committing to shedding extra pounce. Maintaining a consistent level of strengthened vitality chances are. You know what it is. It's that one thing You know you just need to do, or at least do better than Europe in its day.
And this is the system you can use to achieve that goal that you have what's really about it is that you don't have to wait, and really start using it right now. At the exact moment,. Also, since the next Eu P W offered in the U S is right around the corner, we're going to be enough- special offer for you to attend to the San Jose event, this year is November ten through the thirteenth. So listen carefully for that, and now here's Joseph with his ultimate success formula, This is any org and I am here at you. Pete W unleash the power within in Dallas with Joseph Mc London. The third Joseph is by profession, a psychologist by trade, he's an ultimate performance specialist, and here he's the senior had trainer who works with tone onstage facilitating large events just like this one Joseph It just came off stage where a day to welcome Josephine I can't even get excited to be here, so I left us.
Maybe we're just an idea of how you first started becoming involved with Tony will become involved with him in getting much like other people who as well, where most people do. I went to a seminar, but this was back in the olden days back in nineteen. Eighty five million give that yeah. I was eight. I was and how it happened into that. It was a very, very low point. In my life, was doing well financially. I met a lot of things going on in my life, but I had a passion that I want to do. I want to be a musician and want to be recording and I knew I was good enough to do it, but I was afraid to quit my job and I had programming from from childhood that you had to keep a job and had to stand, and even though I had already graduated from college and I'd already had a degree and all those things, I was still working my job I play. Bans to support my music having relationship when my girlfriend- and I also purchased thirteen,
he had purchased in a year and a half times twenty six houses, because I had thirteen of laughter because I I took it which are similar and learn by houses for money down, with the express reason that if I had these houses, then I could get results. Will you come over those like it quit my job, I presume on use, but when I How will this answer the income coming in from the my attitude? Was? Thirteen hours is there, but more than one hundred thousand dollars each. My attitude was I'm a hung on one point, three million dollars in debt, I hate my life, I'm not doing my passion, and I freaked out. I was getting the money and I still couldn't quit my job, and I didn't know why and done so Just by luck. A friend of mine said well, I've heard about this guy that can maybe help me with this stuff, and he told me his name, but I didn't period into a new site. You should go to the seminar to go out and went to one seminar. Look what happened to me. I literally that was only summit are gone too and so
I went to LOS Angeles, went to in those days this soup Toby was called the mind revolution. Tony was maybe twenty eight twenty nine years old. I love and I went there, and I was in the back of the room was depressed and I was just out of it and nobody else around with jump around having a good time in parting, and it was only maybe five hundred people that many and I- and I just wasn't into it- and I thought you know I'm out of here- I'm going to leave because I'm just not into it and one that is one of the young. Staff. If you ok up big, I started talking to me and he says: listen, you know how you do it. You look like you're troubled and I said well. Quite honestly, this this is me started regurgitating, my story to him? We was real, Kind of news views is helpful. Its thinking to myself what this tony guy really trains is start well, there's this guy Please give me some suggestions. Newtonian, we hang around because you know
Tonio really help your stuff in Tony's or animazing, amazing guy and then hope he was stopped and so help me and can convince me to stay, and I did and then are at one point he goes and and one. The greatest things is: when you do the firewall gonna go the what I don't know anything about, it goes out. When you do the firewall gonna go when you mean, if I walking was in his eyes, get really big and egos We're gonna lay out fifteen feet of hot coals, we're gonna walk on them. Now, in church and and I automatically got well see- he's gotta be under somewhere, I'm not doing it and in it flipped again in this, like I'm out of here since this guy's gonna model here- and he saw the enemy goes, don't worry about it has nothing to do with religion is looking into it. That is just love on end and you don't have to do it. Yeah you just observed, but you're getting much value out of it. I thought him too. Then I decide to say again then he says I gotta go get some work to do. Need turns around a walk.
We then stops about five feet away Johnny goes. You see me The really nice guy can, I have your phone number and at the time no, this is nineteen. Eighty five, I thought to myself. Now what I actually thought this was somebody hitting on even less. I thought you know, and I thought. Any kind of saw that I wasn't really comparable. That negotiating we'll talk later need any leaves is a gross away and then the seminar starts in all the dancing, an oath of going on and sent students or have one he put in one put out and tell me why on this agent. She she talks about how She was sitting where we were at the time, and you know frustrated stop and in turn came out and then she walked on the fire aren't you change your life so much that she married the guy. Ladies and gentlemen, here's my guy is my husband, Tony Robins and Tony came out, and it was the guy that was talk. To me. It was an accident Tony in
Then he had me that any horse our I learned and sorted out yes for EU member states. Turning to print. It was me african outright and so I I stayed in the rest, his history, it literally that when I only did the one day by the way, I didn't do this Next, you be doubled for several months, but just from one, from one day changed my life. I went back and literally within a couple weeks, I quit my job. I just don't want to two changes. My boy did windup selling ninety percent of all those homes, and new to us and, as I did get a recording deal with CBS records couple years later and grew from there and then yes, it was a ninety cd. The company those with so disowning- and I got a locked in in a position that I want to, and my mom became varies very he's. Gonna take her her as well
it was at that stage that I made the decision to switch careers and I had in between that time turning. I were friends and I would go to that which the workshops- and he asked me to to us because my background in psychology and and and with some of the trainers and over so I became law. They had trainer training, the trainers and working with the trainers and then he and I wrote her first book together. I became a bestseller enough. Eighty, nine sorry, eighty six sort. Ninety six, forgive me only six end and since in grew and grew, and I became the senior had trainer. Now I have the unbelievable honour, the privilege of working with Tony onstage and showing his message in helping people change lies came so I want to talk a little bit about what you said that today take out the ultimate success formula can use What about an issue that is working from you that was doing number one we extended into today
number one was I'm sorry that was data were to twenty does Dana, but one and data that is really what shifted my life? I when I told you back. There was learning this morning and the ultimate such formula as we joke, only say, but it's the truth, it's how to get whatever you want in line and it is a strategy to organize your it's a process, of organizing all the steps at you you can should would take to get what you want and, ironically there the things we do. We ve always done but we do them unconsciously, They were there in a second, but do honour alone anything that we ve ever desired. We wanted that. We finally got. If you look back all these steps were in place in some way in which with regard to an emotion in regard to the actions that we took and the steps you're really quite simple necessarily easily easy, but there there definitely sent
Step number one is always to know your outcome, meaning no. You want envious, have as much detail about that thing is possible from a simple, but it's well no it's it's. Simple, not necessarily easy, because it requires you to dig deep inside your cell It requires you to do some research. It requires you to look at the thing that you want in sometimes things come up that you don't want sometimes things come up that make you uncomfortable, but the US army see through the process. You have to learn how to deal with those things. The only I always said you know. I grew up in a town in place for Lancaster, California, and there it's dead. Its flags where they used to land the space shuttle. You never, therefore, space and its flat in you DR four miles and miles, but you got a town with no stop signs and two or three four five times a year. People
lose control of their car and run into telephone calls, and it would floor me a girl, a tyrant who was only this wide and their twenty yards and between each other. Why do people hit the Poles if they live there. We said the same thing I didn't hit. The pole, lasting, I remember was the pole, and so it's because of what they're looking our bodies respond to whatever there looking at they drive into the pool, even though they don't wanna, do it, what their focused on that becomes or outcome in their body drive into so. I use it as an example is a metaphor if you will do the same for the thing that you want. If you get clear on your I'll come? What is it? You want a new focus on that and we have processes that you learn at the UK. Our view of how to refocus yourself Nothing can get clear on exactly what it is it in your body
much like driving into the poem will do whatever it takes to make that happen, and then it becomes automatic with you and at once and it happens, then you don't have to be no force yourself to do it. That is when it becomes easier and other people to think it intellectual process, but you know our focus goes energy flows, it's really a full body experience. Absolutely. It really has been this. It's such a great point because people say mind body and spirit. It is everything connected, it's all too, so is the mind, thinks and thought process is just whatever we imagine and whatever we say, that's the entire process not to over simplified. So if you're looking at some and saying these words than end that repetition, with the energy that goes into that becomes a reality? and you go after you know you, don't you don't have to think about how you drive a car when you get in the car, but you did when you first learned
to focus on some things, new did it enough time to pretty soon the king became natural habitats and that's painful process himself is getting out of autopilot. Let us have it all day, we're so used to drinking so easily that getting your comfort zone. To that extent, you is very Erin. Comfortable very, were put in that's one of the great things at Tony teaches that he's such a master at it, is how to get out of their comfort zone, how to break the pattern and not just intellectually, but do it in a way that becomes my call it your default he's just a mastery of teaching people to do that as well. So any enough, let us accept, I'm sure. That's never too sure is is to know your reasons why? Why human beings do amazing things when they have a strong enough reason. Why John Rowan used to say the house come second wise, come first, people do things that are on resource. Smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol into danger, but
the reason why in their, why is so strong in sign of them? So what we all people do at the? U p w as well to get in touch with the reason why people what I want to make more money, but they don't want just make more money the reason that they want make more money so that they can have a better life, with regard more freedom and build us financial war on their family. You know, send your kids to special school whatever, but those are the things that once they realise that doubts, whether what you're talking about before The emotion comes out and the emotion comes out in its attached to that thing that you want just like. I'm gonna keep going back to driving into the pole emotion is emotion, good or bad, and will you it the motion to the thing that you're looking at you get locked into it there scared when they look at the pole, but that's emotion and locks, and in Seville, If you get somebody to say here's what you, what I want
and focused on that in a new, causing them to pull up the emotion of why they want their children or security or whatever it is then locks and in his well. It step number two in all this stuff is not just conversation. We have with people we pride ourselves on, going to show you something where you tell you something, and then you we're going to do it. So to get a result at the workshop in and give you the tools that you can have it outside of here in the course of the third step the one that seems obvious, but it's not the thing that people is it ten to know right away, and that is something called massive actor. You gotta take not a little bit of action, but you gotta take massive massive action and that means don't just go to the gym for a week. Work out? Mildly? You gonna, go and work out like crazy, while you're doing these things. But what happens is is those things are difficult and very beginning very, very quickly become natural and you crave it so that massive action starts to become the thing that you crave doing and that's those three
his attached together all the things that make you get up very stay up. Late, do the hard stuff and pre wanting to do those things once those in place and you're doing it in your own up. Those roads step number for is to notice what you're getting is too is too the sea. Am I getting closer to my goal or further way because oftentimes just because you're taking action, things can destroy. You're, not you, of course, and make you This something else for maybe not avert not as much time as you need to focus on here or more time on there, and so happens. Is we get off course worse and we don't realize it and if you get off course, just one degree in the very beginning, then you'll be way. Of course, by the time you get to you think you're gonna be she's, got a notice which were getting and then we have you noticed which are I think I would say this to people if you notice what you're getting and you're on course and you're doing great celebrate fell, during a recent phrase. Your show yourself give yourself a personal high, five, whatever we can rock whatever.
Takes Missus Ray important, oh dont, get me started. Legislative has a lot of people who are here for this event and who are listening today I mean they consider themselves as they should as achievers yard and one thing that achievers a lot of them have in common. Is there really hearted themselves rights? Are they don't take the time to step back and acknowledge where they came from and where there are today, even if it's not quite at their goal and then to celebrate by beat him up really bad on that. When I going accuse them of, don't worry, I help them is well I'm I accuse them of being what I call members of the Self Beaters club and end the reason I do that, and I say I beat him up about and I want him to get how damaging that is to them. And then I give him the solution on that and we play around a law in people get that wait. A minute I have to do this something that is part of my regime, and I would praise my child, even though they didn't get it right, so I need to do that to myself and then we turn it into a ritual if you will that they get used to,
they get you even in there and in the come outside of that, there is well appreciating themselves being their fan, because that, in any with a nervous system, even plants. If you praise them, they grow it's a when somebody does something, even if they fail to go well. At least you did something it's a great job, in their nervous system, learns or wait. I'm can do more and more of it, so they grow from their. So if they notice that they are not going well, we're not in the direction they want to their off course. Obviously, pressures having caught yourself, but then step number five is to change our approach, but just yourself to get yourself back again, because sometimes the thing that you're doing may get some results for awhile within that started, taper off in some people they had a plateau in then they go all this isn't and they stop or those with achievers they they work and an effort even more and more, they get more more frustrated, more more overwhelmed and then they stop and they get distracted. It is nothing else. Instead, catch herself
we always say, get a coach, get a mentor, some something that's gonna, go ok, take a deep breath step back from it. Let's take a look: it's assess what you, what you ve done and let's change our approach and move in that direction, and that's it that's the formula and when you do that for me like for me when I got that it's like having it's like having the puzzle pieces to this magnificent puzzle and you're able to just go. Ok, whatever you want in your life and that's what they leave, the? U p w with only one of many many things, but is it how this system, the Spanish, so what everything one in their lives whenever they go after anything, there lies a just: go it wouldn't. Let me just go and go ok, let me fine Maria outcome. What exactly what I want and then let me defined Exactly. Why I'm doing this? Let me get an emotional about this and then here's action and I'm going to. We set a schedule for doing that and in his eye Here's my schedule for checking in and seeing how much done doing nears, I'm gonna just you do that likes good.
Joseph and other things that I've noticed here, I e w is that there seem to be people from all walks of life extremely diverse there's, something about energy in the room to that's unbelievable. It's like nothing. I've ever seen. Everybody is here to support each other by you be w is a very individual journey and what I was of wondering was what types of people do you think our prime for this kind of his request to graduate right there all walks of life, people all religions, all races, all ages, mynors, kids, there there's children there and there are also new eighty nine year old here as well, and everything in between and the easy answer, as is its for everybody, because its personal development and in every body we share the same type, a nervous system, but I would say that it's time for these types of people number one achievers and people that they know that you know
the day. They have already achieved a lot in one achieved, more and or people that want to, not at that level yet, but they want to and they have The desire already to go for more, obviously for every body, but those types of people tend to be the ones that on that- and I want to say, benefit the most, but those are the ones. The tin to eye to this being the biggest shift in their life at that career now wouldn't say I wouldn't restricted to only those people. I would say anybody. If you have a desire to make something happened in your life, then this is this is something that we could a community of people naturally, important is as well, because we're not an island, in any everything that we do is going to involve other people. So we learn how to interact with other people and so on and so forth. But I would say I don't sir, that use the word achievers. The people that we are going,
forward, and you know that you want to make a better version of yourself. This is the place to do it, so we haven't you Peter you coming up since then I heard there's a special offer, absolutely right now. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest offers. If you will a coming up the wheel You'll be doubly coming up in San Jose varies early and California in which greater he has, even though this is an individual journey, meaning your ear there to grow yourself. It's always the. I always best to do it with a friend give. This is as a gift your friend to somebody, that's around you, that's the can. Port you in this and you can support them as well? So I so in this particular event. If you take up to yourself. You also get an extra ticket for free to bring somebody along with you and I highly Courage is because that way you go back to your life. After this with somebody else. It had this experience with you as well. You can support them in it as well, so that last
until I believe August. The eighth the author does so now is the time do. I say, but the stakes in the ground is gonna be an unbelievable. I live in California. California, kid, and we always have the most one they're just thank you so much for a time span. Absolutely wonderful and everybody who goes to all future you ve WS, will get to see you so any any final words were audience before we would prefer. We reverse or thank you, and I love this- obviously not represented I've been working. But this is what I do its bit my passion, and by the way you want it, I believe that what people come away from, this and other events is, is they have to share it? They want to end even if they're, not speaker or their out sharing it like that who they become and who you become, is an example for for everybody else, and my closing statement will. Is that those of us who dared to dream while the rest, the world is having a nightmare and a lot of people are not only going to get the things that we want.
But we are also going to be the leaders for other people as well and the examples for other people as well. Now we say, people than you know like this exactly what you dare to make it and fortune favours the bold so boldly step up and dare to make your life magnificent
are you ready to create real, lasting change in your life? What are you looking to make a massive breakthrough in your business? Your relationship, your career, your health or your personal life unleash the power within can help. You take the steps you need to create the quality of life you desire and deserve, learn more about you p w by visiting W W w dot tony robins dot com flash unleashed, where you can take advantage of our best offer of the year by one ticket to you P, W San Jose and bring a friend family member. Anyone you care about with you for free. This offer is good until August Eighth, two dozen sixteen between Robins Podcast, is directed by Tony Robins and hosted by any your carry song is our executive producer. Teller Culbertson is our associate producer, Jimmy carve a hall and Adrian Dilatory, our digital editors, special thanks to Diana Cock and Mary bucket for their creative review. Copyright, Robins research, international.
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