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In this episode, we’re delving into the next level recovery techniques that have rapidly been gaining popularity across the country: whole body cryotherapy, photobiomodulation, and dynamic sequential compression. These treatments aren’t just reserved for world-class athletes or celebrities anymore -- they’ve become a key component of many individuals’ everyday health and wellness routines. And it’s plain to see why:

Cryotherapy has been linked to increased blood circulation, an enhanced immune system, decreased fatigue, accelerated injury recovery, improved sleep patterns and even an elevated sense of cognitive abilities.Photomodulation has proved incredibly effective at relieving inflammation and chronic pain. And Dynamic Sequential Compression is known to relieve muscle aches, boost circulation, prevent future injuries and reduce recovery time -- benefits that could propel anyone to the next level, which is why Tony Robbins himself has become such a raving fan.

You will hear from Tony, who recently sat down with Mark Murdock, Managing Partner of CryoUSA, to discuss just why cryotherapy has become such an integral strategy for recovery, and what other cutting-edge technology is helping him stay in peak condition. Then we segue into an in depth interview between our host, Ana Yoerg, and Mark Murdock, where you will learn more about the treatments themselves and how you can start incorporating them into your life. Because it’s not just about pain management, it’s about health and wellness and taking your physicality to it’s optimal state.


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after ten days, you'll begin to see and feel a remarkable difference in your physical and mental wellbeing body sheds offers unwanted pounds achieved here, in results. You ve always wanted with this risk. Free opportunity go to Tony in Stockholm, slash body and enter promo code podcast to get twenty percent off this product check out for good until September thirtieth. Two thousand. Seventeen welcome to the tunnel Robins podcast in this episode, exploring the next level on recovery techniques, but have rapidly beginning popularity across the country things Whole body crowd therapy photo bio, modulation and dynamic sequential compression now. You might think these treatments are reserved for professional athletes are celebrities. After all, they have access to the latest in greatest when it comes to performance. Conditioning but more more people are starting to make these treatments part of their routines
plain to see why Craig therapy has been linked to increase blood circulation and enhanced immune system decrease. Fatigue, accelerated injury, recovery, improved sleep patterns and even an elevated sense of cognitive abilities and soda modulation has proved incredibly effective. Relieving information and chronic pain. Dennis Sequential compression is known to relieve muscle aches, boost circulation, proof, future injuries and reduce recovery time. All These benefits can propel anyone to the next level, which is why Tony Robins has become such a raving. Fan of them Tony recently sat down with Mark Murdoch managing partner of cruel USA. To discuss just why crale therapy has become such an integral strategy for his own recovery and what are cutting edge. Technology is helping hand, stand in condition. Take a lesson.
So totally thanks for taking the time to talk to us today prohibited, and yet you too, as well we're we're here and obviously really relax nice beautiful, setting its probably good break for you very hard for me. I needed it. I dont think most people, have any idea any concept of how much We spend on the road and in travelling in doing your events. What is it like for a normal year? For you at three and sixty five days? How much time we spend on the road I gotta thirteen countries to fifteen countries every year I see about two hundred and fifty thousand people a year. About every three to four days, I'm on a train of plant, a helicopter onstage somewhere in the world, but I love I got to do it with the demands are extremely high, to say at least so I have to take care of my body because you know most people won't sit for a three hour movie that somebody spent three dollars million to make.
Facts and self worth it. Just me you can leave at any moment. You won't get a refund, nobody dies. We have ten thousand people at a time that we hold for fifty hours so to do that as an enormous energy about just stand there speaking everybody in over the burnt out and they're not just sitting, there were its movement first, they alone of the unleash star within the first weekend that are usually differ. People I wear fit that, and I do so. Seventeen nineteen miles just running, jumping coming back, you don't take it stadium at once. Right now, I'm just now on the stage and talk I kind of ultra Marathon, each one of those weekends, and so I've gotta be able to now be prepared for that when I come here to be in shape and I've also gotta be able to recover workers
two or three days later up and I gotta go back on a plane and flies them around me read a rock n roll again, but just the kind of wear and tear on your body. What is that look like for you when you come down from an event and in what is? What does that look like as far as what it does to physically mentally spiritually? All those things you can imagine the amount of lack the gas it builds up in your body and just the pure wear and tear the clapping, their jumping. The Europeans sensitive that I do so. There is an important element of lack the gas it's gotta get up my body. There is enormous amount of information, that's gotta get out of my body, so you know, and as an football you, I saw your self that's what you do for years. Is so brutal twenty minutes on twenty minutes off, you know you get your body law, up on you and so for them, and so when I credibility, change the game completely because too oh in three minutes, and literally We are completely rejuvenated and feel like ninety per I don't have all, but at least eighty ninety percent of them
Inflammation is out of my body and I can go from literally at the end where things are walking up and support to just back to being like a kid again, it's unbelievable. So I have them at all my homes and that on the road I arrange to have one that we take a portable unit. That's there and I think, to be one of the most valuable tools and home. The athletes that I quote most living today have already heard about are using their teams are the ones that aren't I turn of onto a cause. It completely it rejuvenate. You level I gave imagine, and it also in also. Feels good, physically and psychologically as well. It shifts your brain shifts your body all at one time. I can't say enough about it where else you need to have three minutes, can you see that big an impact? You know what I've learned is? Is you're kind of on the cutting edge of so many things, but one thing sure on the cutting edge of it? If we talk here and talk, you know, another conversations is just, recovery in general and kind of already, where most people are now just waking up to hearing about these things and are going that direction, but you ve been there for a long time. So we talk about grass
therapy and then one of the other things that we can act on his normative compression therapy. How to use these are not just use one device. I use a series of things to maximize the performance of my body but also, like you said, most importantly, also recovery, Lena Recovery and I can perform in the future where the damn so the norm attack. I like to do just because it looks we're your arms you're out like this. You ll, like space ban, but really we all know the limp system. Z list system doesn't have a pump but we all know movement is the biggest palpable I'm system to be able to see a system ethically move that limp in your system, which is the sewage system with a body to get out the ways to get up electric acid and support its wonderful to put new things in, but you know poison ivy like taking a gas tank, and you know you throw money that they were going to throw the best deal on top of that. If you don't get the mud out of to get the dirt out your nose we're gonna work properly. So I'm really big on making sure that the body gets cleansed and detox and strengthened got a cleansing detox first. I find that to be really simple, easy way to do it, and you know what my
Why teasing me mercilessly cause? I looked like this crazy man, what I'm doing it, but I love no just flip on the news that slip on something of the background or some audio, whatever unjust space out that short time, but you feel a gigantic difference. Anyone is an athlete. The combination of doing that and then the cradle therapy to me, or vice versa, cement. The reverse order is really really viable, so let's we talk a little about light. That's gonna, the newest thing. We started working together on ass. You ve got the noblest or full body light bed in in some of your homes, and then you ve got to to which you travel with what you have more of a portable handheld system, talk a little bit about what you seen with red and infrared light kind of how that's added here, recovery regiment, what you seem of that war, I believe, in trying everything and using your body is a tool that no one really real, but I also love seeing something that is scientifically proven that has one thirty five hundred studies on the line and the laser and what the impact of that can be. So I found you know the better and tat neck and ensures that I've got a couple of my arms. I take the portable. Because on travelling so much and Ivan
to be a valuable because you know I'm jumping leaping or someone comes up dumps on the age by accident and tries to hug me your grandmother, the craziest stuff. It can happen, and very easily get injured or get talked and my by working guys they come and use that laser and when nothing else, work stepping on open up, and it's so simple happens so quickly. The first time you guys came to the house, I was really in pay. My shoulder net, we're all bound up in my one of my packs was grab the ended and the bottom line. Is that open it all up in about ten minutes? So that's, why said? Listen if it proves that result back quickly, I didn't see anything else. Do that that laser lights truly extraordinary. So I find three of these in a working together, the cry of the Europeans take out. You know the waste products and to really bring the inflammation down. The ways are specifically response to open it up into heal the body of the ongoing basis. The real symbols like Duenna lying down in a week. Son better as a tangible, really
people. Ten minutes. You know you don't even think about. The whole body gets taken care about valuable when I'm home moving the width of the com. Each of those three are bound to be invigorating strengthening it allows me to recover so much faster and it allows me than for the higher level is nobody's we're gonna, functional efficiency. There is, I will travel like Tony and I'm not proactively, but what's so cool and in our passion, is taking, things that were once only bill really professional athletes and making them available everyday people who have everyday lives just every kids they gotta manage everyday jobs where they sit at a desk and for ten hours their desk, Jackie and real pain and real things. They have to recover from just life in general. What What are those things? Look like for the common person? What do you think the impact on just everyday poor people live as I see it, all the time is worthy rings on such a proponent, mob, cradle therapies, the easiest get people the Duke S, units three minutes, but when someone I'm paying. The ways is one of the easiest things up and get them to do. But boy
but then give such an immediate change that I would say to anybody out there. If you're in paying you wanna get Apamia deal the source and the source is usually inflammation, resources, gotta be shifted and These tools are cutting edge, being able ship out, and you don't have to wonderful, go science or just come sperience directly and we experience directly you'll never go back. I mean the growth in cruel therapy has been geometric around the world, as I travel around the world and every people come up. Just thank you so much upon GOSH, you mentioned it and we did it at its changed my life, it's that vote. For any, but you are not to be an I'm extreme, but if your person is experiencing pain or if your person that really just wants to maximize your energy, these are tools, We just got a trifle yourself, so what's next time and, as you know, you're not new technologies coming out of a type of these three are really simple: there really fast and a really effective. So why not talk about fears of thanking time again thanks for the time, thanks for in your home and good luck you, travel and impact on people about. Thank you pressure so
what do you think, as you can, see. It's not just about managing pain. It's about cheating wellness? But what are they intricacies of these next level recovery techniques. What's the science behind these treatments, how did change the physiology of your body. To find out more about them. I sat down with Mark Murdoch the person you just heard in rearing Tony list as we hear exactly how these work and why in all benefit for making them part of our everyday lives, so mark welcome to the terminal. Casting shrewish for joining us. Thank you for having me so one of the questions that we wanted to ask, were you know what are these three categories of clients. I takes of clients and the types of recovery that people are looking for, sure what what we seen in about seven years, in what we call the recovery space any nodded states is clients will work
in the door and they'll automatically put himself in one of three categories there, either coming in four painter info nation recovery, they're coming in for athletic sports performance recovery can be from a weakened warrior to a professional athletes or they're. Coming in for general health unwillingness recovery. Maybe they're not dont, have a great deal of a painter. Formation or injury or not really interested in performing well and golfer running or but they just sit. It for hours a day or heard kids around and get tired broken down sore and just need a general health and well so we kind of watch over the last seven years and people have self then, if I'd almost always in one of those three categories, and usually there some cross over between a couple of categories, sure that makes complete sense so I mean which, which Category Estonia and, by the way,
we may be a little bit of everything he is an outline for sure I would. I would call tony an athlete because of the way he works out. The way his trainers work him out. His travel is like nothing ever seen before in and then you know, pain inflammation, just from the amount of work out the travel the time on stage, especially I've been to do business mastery hence in and others and just to watch him go for three or four hours are a three or four days in a row: nine ten eleven hours a day. That's all! That's a lot of pain or information. You build up there So I put him in all three really here unless this is it's really interesting, because this whole category of of wellness and maintaining held him vitality and it's something that people are really starting to take ownership over by its because the relatively new idea of taking risks the ability for your own recovery
How do people find you, because I know you know here and the attorney Robins office? We have somebody actually that we can return to. Like you know. You just got genetic testing. What's that about or you're seeing and eat your look with? What's the deal with that you know what about acupuncture. So it's very word of mouth, but do you and that's how clients find you or are there other ways that people are educating themselves about it in kind of opening up this dear of different methods of recovery Jove, both thrill, and it's it's been interesting to watch the kind, the evolution of this over the last seven years, when we first guy to this? The word recovery seven years ago really was a bad word. It was you I went to work. Every? If you were an adjective some on some sort, we didn't think of recovery as General Health and wellness or even proactive, So, while in the early days we had, you know, hang a shingle and word of mouth and you know as many things as we could draw people, and now it seems that people are looking for recovery. Looking for us and looking for other key
but he's that do these techniques and do these devices that our natural and non invasive, pharmaceutical options for people to maintain health and wellness and they are coming to look for us both on retail side and our retail business, where we offer the services to the public, and on this EL side, because people say well. I want these for my own home or I want these for my own business, because I want to use them, and I want to let other people use them as well yet so is how it started. Were you kind of you? customers. You just identify the need in the marketplace for, for this kind of business yeah a little of both my business. Partner and best friend, air grocer is is the boss. He is are managing director on the managing partners. We have a partnership, and about eight years ago he had been income. We grew up together, but he'd been income real estate for about twenty years, I've been a college basketball coach during that time same time span, and he was
getting out of commercial real estate. At the same time, I was getting off coaching and he literally at the time there was one machine in the United States, a crowd therapy device. He kind of stumbled into it and it helped him with a twisted, talked back. He had Yankees back out and had some pain and did a session got me me relief and then thought in a first thing was man. I gotta tell people about this. The thing is awesome and the second step was after people started doing it in agreeing that was awesome and we were seeing these people's yet really amazing results from all different kinds of things, but Shelly pain, inflammation. We thought menaces out. This is a business model and it was a little different in that that business did not exist. The growth or be business did not exist. Eight years ago in the United States there was no such thing. It was ice packs. So we we have,
two week. We got excited about the passion for helping people and watching our friends and in word of mouth clients, get relief immediately from whatever they were suffering from, and then we said men not only is- is as exciting as a business opportunity here. So instead of building a business, we had a bill in industry and build a business at the same time which was challenging, but but good tour. I mean it it's running because like you, said it's completely new and had probably something that people didn't know that much about I mean I know the first and her. I heard the word growth areas like oh Walt, Disney, her hates. I got an idea that I dont need it: I'm not dead right, Sophie Zactly right. So how do you overcome that obstacle? Yeah? How do you gotta teach people that this is a legitimate education, education, education and when we got we first started? We said you know we got the same comments. The Walt Disney in the TED Williams. Were the two most prevalent comments. You know we're like now
We only freeze living people, don't ever give it back to back. It's just been a really long, slow grind of education and that's really what we're centre on. I was a college bath, while coach, which means I was an educator, you know I don't. I think coaches are teachers and are classroom. Is the basketball floor or the football the soccer field, a wearable were teaching. You know who I was here, John John Wooden yeah. He had all the way here, absolutely with firm. It's. You know that what we ve all followed down from the father of Modern coaching Basque, above it, moulding Young there's so much more focused on teaching in educating and the results believe it or not, really it mattered, John, wouldn't he you focus on the process in a results took their themselves. He wasn't a end. Driven guy was a processor and guy and that's it. We ve tried to do. Grath Araby is kind of follow that models which just educate people. We don't have to push them into getting in it. We don't have to,
sell it. We don't have the oversell the device for a business when I have to oversell the therapy for somebody this got arthritis, we just educate them. Let them discover the beauty of it on their own and that'll, make decision for them whether or not it's going to be part of their life or not. That's going to help me try to approach it. So it's been just a constant education. What were you- and I are actually doing right now- is we're just educating. People and what it does and what it is so another can you kind of thing you know what would your prime review what are some introductory? We know what is meant, like your education for people who don't know a lot about it- and you know his tone
It goes into it'll there by the very touches lightly upon it inside love, Tyler from you, you know a little bit more about about the different types of recovery. Yes, so the three things we focus on, we got several, but the three that we focus on that Tony is involved in our first compression therapy with norm attack, then cry of therapy which we ve talked extensively about and then light therapy with the car, the noble thrower whole body bed is really the first kind of device of its kind. Those are the three areas that that people seem to be gravitating towards the fastest that are the most immediate impact and also the long term impact for health and wellness they're, all a little bit unique. They all kind of accomplish recovery goals, but in different ways, and some are up a little
deeper level than others and some are a little more systemic than others, but all three tend to be a full body. Systemic approach, rather than just a little spot here, a spot. There are bandaid for pain. Yet we want to help people with pain, but when I dig into that. Overall cause. That's inflammation, usually- and that's really, you know if you look at the top ten, killer diseases of man, right now, it's all of them have their root of as inflammation and inflammation, as is the deadly enemy that we ve really gotta get rid of do all three of these treat inflammation in their various in their various ways, sure. So. First, let's talk about compression therapy with norm attack you ve got sequential pulsing leg.
Boots at wear, arm sleeves or even a low back kind of hip attachment that you can do basically sequential compression takes the lymphatic system and activates. It is Tony's phone is saying you know. For years they told us the lymphatic system didn't have a pump. Well, the pump is movement. If you can move the tissue move, the lymphatic system, we flush out the garbage, that's in the body that the lymphatic systems, jobs to flush garbage and that way, when we put good good things in good blood flow and canned good fuel for lack of a better word end of the body. It can do its job because the garbage is flushed out. So we know what it was: Normatec and sequential compression, there's nothing better than moving that lymph tissue been getting that garbage flushed out and that's exactly what it does kind of one of the cool byproducts is: if you sit in a set of normatec for thirty minutes or an hour or longer, cuz, I falling asleep in it before echo. Absolutely they are that it feels that good when you put
It is very Roxanne you, I guess the equivalent would be if you could imagine for licence massage therapist sitting beside you, two on each side and starting at your toes so for pairs of hands on your left, foot or pairs of hands on your right foot into start with just squeeze is in need all the way up your leg and then start over at the toes and keep doing that over and over and over again, it's kind of like a tube toothpaste. Worse using all of the crowd out of the tissue blushing. All the way through the lymphatic system and it's starting over and continually doing that over and over again so other than the great byproduct of it flushing the garbage out of lymph system or out of the tissue. It feels really really good and most people fall asleep, and it's very waxing it's hard to start working and put a laptop on your lap in normal tech, because I actually get about
and its end and I'm fallen asleep its own. Some people like to do work, but it's pretty to fear. So what does this afternoon? You know when you get a massage that feeling afterwards, he felt half beat up half relax timing, but you just feel it's like a natural high. So what it? What it had a sensation and how does it last four yet not beat up at all deep tissue work? You know, then you're gonna go off the table with a great benefit, but you feel a little bit beat up. This are very gentle, their seven different levels of compression, so you can do it as intense as you want. I liked the top. Level I, like, I like the intense stuff, but even at thirty minutes or an hour after seven setting of seven you're going to get on that and there's not going to be any of beat up feeling you're going to feel really relieved really good, really energized and
relaxed the what our sun people that you guys work with, that our audience would recognise who'd, who do this regularly? Well, the most high profile for four norm attack is fresh, laughed lights, obviously, norm attack is in every and I fell, training room, every NBA, dining room, every age, l, training, room and all but two major League baseball training rooms and then about seventy percent of the eighty three sixty two division, one universities out there and then they are a major sponsor of dry athletes. Marathons most of these athletes, Nunneley use them in their training rooms, but have personal just like Tony does that thing rabble with and they can use on the plane. They can use them in the hotel. They can use them anywhere they can. Sit down or lay down on the on the floor. They can lay down in and put him on, so you ve got. You know celebrities use em, there's been a great picture about seven or eight months ago, Zack Efron, leaning,
pair of normative boots and Gunnar relaxing, listen, listen to his head, looking very conjure, very Jessie Lot of pictures in the next couple weeks of Lebron James in some of the professional athletes sitting in their hotel room or on the train, table pre or post game with their headphones on sitting in a paranormal. Take boots so very widely used, and now people are buying them from you. So I can know what set of boots with the compressor about one thousand seven hundred dollars or one thousand five hundred dollars, depending on Can I get. People buy those for their own homes, people that just sit at a desk for eight hours a day and say you know, I need to move this blood in this limp. I need to use this garbage to my lip system, but I really don't want to go out and walk forty five minutes after work, everyday I just go home I'll either sit in a pair or go by. You know a retail center that offers this service like we do and just sit in and watch tv with thirty minutes and let the the compression move that stuff through my system on its own without me, having to go exercise
ouch we'd still prefer exercise. But then, if you can, if you can't it's a great alternative, yeah, Now, that's that's over this, a very reasonable price point of them actually thinking. You know there are a lot of workplaces. Now that are trying to counteract the effects of sitting all dykes. That's was suddenly when employees are doing as others Gaston. You know here at our office we ve got rebound errors, and so you can go live for guys on. The remainder But this is interesting as a lot of companies. I think you are looking for. I donno additional perks. That is something that they offer in the office, and I've seen a lot of like massage chairs and and thinks you of that nature. So this would be an interesting thing for us business owner to purchase and have a little area where people can go, use the compression boots and they haven't for the arms as well t right. Yes, yeah, the boots, the hips and the arm yeah, that's incredible people who are tightening all day right, absolute
and we see we see a large number of people come in at five o clock in our our retail chain is called Phoenix Region Center. We offer all these services to the public and norm attack. We got six normative chairs that people can come in and you have people come right, starting up clock straight from work. There still dressed in work, attire and they'll simply do that before they go home for dinner and sit in normative. Do crowd didn't do Nova Thor do they're kind of recovery routine, but yeah, it's it's. It's included in a membership and our place, so people will have to pay to do the normative it's already in their membership for the month, so they just get it and use it. Every other day and their good to go. See mission that all people use them on the gas Yossi athletes Siena having him in their hotel rooms. Is that the same for the lasers there in? I hang Tony to the picture himself on a plane, on twitter, with run some kind of strange goggle thing on others. Faith was that the laser treatment Tony's got to
things first he's got the Nova Thor, which is the full bad. That's Nellie YE, not laser, so Ellie delight red and infrared light full body bed for systemic effect. In about twelve minutes. Really neat device louder than Tony's also got a handheld call the Alex two, which has also been made by the war, and that is It has an everyday component to it, but it also has a laser and the laser nobody uses and and people use for immediate pain relief and meet the trigger point, release immediate areas of tension or or soreness and tony from the very first time we used on him had an ME yet dramatic reaction on his shoulder and pack and neck that had he been trying to get loosened up ahead at therapy and our thanks and and men, it made it.
So when he's at home, he can get in the full body. Bed when he's on the road travelling doesn't have access to the bed. He's got that handheld device is there a bus can use on him, but yes, people again can travel with that. It's a class three be so you don't need a medical certificate. Two to up to run that device at. So what is the science behind, but the laser end, the LAPD light is fascinating and how people We referred Eric and I can a cry of guys, but we are becoming Emmy. We look
at recovery in general, but we are fast becoming bigger and bigger fans of light and in really excited about it because of the deep implications. Five hundred double blonde randomize studies, thirty five hundred clinical trials of what people can do with red and infrared light. So the theory behind it is if we can get the right wavelength, the right dosage and the right power density, and we can take that Red infrared light and shine it into the body we can actually penetrate into the mighty. Contrary of every cell in the human body, what happens when you shine light at the right wavelength, the right dosage and the right powered density into the mighty? Contrary it is. We diminish, Occident of stress and free radicals, which I'm sure, people that are interested in their health know that term free radicals as bad bad work, and we in something called ATP, which is a Denison, try, phosphate and ATP, is what every cell in the human body uses for energy. So we, if we look at it as a seesaw scale, when accelerative stress,
radicals are high and ATP as low. You have a sick cell. So you, if you have six cells, sick person, when you reduce occident of stress and free radicals and increase ATP, you create a healthy yourself and you created Healthier person so we're starting at the cellular level and that's what so intriguing about red and infrared light is what we are actually changing. Things at the cell euro level to create a healthy, yourselves, greedy, healthier person and is completely non invasive, lay in a bed for twelve minutes a day or every other David The lessons incredible so speaking, a full body of whole body, immersion, the above suckled above Okra therapy chambers, and I think that some Two, that's interesting as nation wide that's become more accessible and as people as you know, is he noted her magic.
And more on. It, though, go and be interested in doing an interest session. So love to hear more about. You know how that works, and then also I'm. You know what you recommend for a first time, user sure sure growth there be is, is bent on the market in this country for again, seven eight years we and we started with the one device that air it got in eight years ago, another's over seven hundred of these in businesses around the country, so still growing growing areas. I think they're mentioned its doubled in growth in America for Forestry, your ears insane yeah really really really has its. It's been a quite remarkable, and you know the people like TAT. We talk about using it or a big part of that. You know, he's got a great influence over people and does a great deal of of good for people that say well, man, I've never heard about this before, but I heard Tony show and start using its radically changed my life and their story after story. We hear of people that got into
these two things by listening Tonia. By going to vat and hearing about her by seeing a or here in a podcast era in interview he did so crowded therapy is, three minutes. That's one of the reasons it so valuable. What's the most valuable thing we have as human beings our time Urso. So if I, if I had time, I would get a massage every day, I would I would do I love it, but I don't have an hour my day nobody's. I don't have an hour, an idea heavily don't every day. If, if I had twenty minutes, I'd get a car bracket adjustment almost every day, but I don't even have twenty minutes, but I've got three minutes and that's what's been so fast in the growth about growth areas. In three minutes I can get the same benefits to reduce inflammation of my boss.
I'll taking an hour even twenty minutes of my time I get in invigorating experience because it is invigorating at negative to earn sixty two negative three hundred degrees below zero, but compare that you are an ice staff hot. How does yet it's really A conversation on on do we think icing is actually beneficial sing and traditional icing crucial cry of therapy. What we used to call it an whole body growth if we are really to different animals, were not talking about a same physiological responses. Body with icing. Again we are a topical reaction. So if I put an ice back on my injured elbow, I'm trying to reduce inflammation and my joint, but what's my body gonna, do about he's gonna since the cold on the skin and send blood flow to keep me from getting frostbite, so my body, ascending, bladder and timid, warm blood to an area that I'm trying to cool down, so it is counter intuitive and what were actually starting do with icing rapturous, turning to freeze tissue and that's damaging to the to the tissue
and there's a lot of debate even in the professional in college ranks. Right now of whether icing is is even an official at all and whether it actually slows killing and recovery and those that are on the lymphatic pumps. I will tell you, I sing
slows down tissue healing. Well, pumping the tissue increases, the the cried out and increases the healing will what we see withdraw therapy is we see very quick cooling of the body? It can cause severe varies constriction, which is what we're, after that's the same thing that that Norm attack does when we construct the tissue we flush the junk out and then, when the client gets out in the cold sensors relieved there's a rush of blood back to the peripheral tissues. Now that the the perceived threat of cold is gone and were room temperature air and that blood flushes back to the tissue, then we get the return of the endorphin rush and the fire nutrients and minerals therein the bloodstream. After a goes through the cardiovascular system, the bodies normal process is taken back to the tissue, so we actually have an opposite reaction of icing. We're not just numbing pain sensors, which is what I think is beneficial for him. If you don't feel pain, put some I stand and you'll probably
those pants answers for twenty or thirty minutes, but other than that, are we really doing anything long term, not really because we're not really ever getting that severe visa constriction that we're after that's the difference in crowds Araby and traditional icing cannot yet, I think, you're saying anything. Not a lot of people here have knowledge of most people just think. Oh wow, I can I I need for twenty minutes or I can get a cry therapy for three of safe seventeen mats. Well, that is true. You have saved seventeen minutes, but you ve actually gotten a different physiological reaction with the body, because the body reacts to minor, cold and extreme gold very differently, extreme cold, there's a perceived threat and the body physiologically what we know from ninth grade biology, I respect, reacts to extreme cold, very differently reacts to some some topical called got it. So what about on on your own? Who know what clients you have that are that are using crash therapy regularly air Nunez names of people recognise sure. Will we
We are partners with the organ project at Nike, so that is America's top middle to upper distance runners. They use both cry therapy. Novo, Thor Norm, attack all of those things and that's led by Albert Salazar, whose action on our advisory board they ve been using those four four criteria for about five years and over the were they start using before the last the limits and normative used even before we got connected with them, and then the night, some of the Nike sprinters, that trained down in Florida also use Grath Araby another Thorun Norm attack. We have installed about twelve NBA teams, NFL teams. We just installed growth, thereby units in the star at risk, which is the new Dallas Cowboys facility practice facility, which is kind of the latest greatest
no state of the art athletic facility in the world economic yeah. They ve got four of our craft, thereby units and there's about the players can use those and the people that are members of the star. Walk out there ya get in everyday and use Groweth Araby. So that's gonna, a neat open to the public and national team kind of melted into one Jerry, Joneses Amazing thought process to think how coolly merger professional like facility with a restaurants yeah I'm facility and all these things for the general public can combine the two and that's what they did so that that was a good we we are fitted the new you have see. Recovery centre in LAS Vegas just opened with both growth, Araby Nova, Thor Norm, attack all those things as well. So obviously, the upper end of professional athletes is big, but we ve sold for almost four hundred of these devices to.
Everyday folks who either want them for personal use or more often, but do let's or they say. Well, I'm going to use this personally, but I'm going to start a business out of this. I'm going to start my own recovery center in, while you know you guys, name region centre, gonna call hours, you know whatever, whatever name we come up with,
a cry or name or a recovery name and we're gonna start offering that to the public as a really beautiful blonde, because what what we see as people that have of a really immediate experience like eric- and I did the first time we tried growth there- be they get a benefit of it and the first passion is. I gotta tell my friends, family neighbours, everyone. I know how great this thing is, and then they start to get caught with vision of you know would be a great career choice for me to say: I'm gonna help people with this technology and I'm gonna get benefit of it. They're gonna have benefited, and I can make a living out of this and actually build mound recovery centre. A crowd therapy centre would have light centre. Whatever they want to do is just been fond of work with these three and a bit different or business people and see them put their own unique spent on it, see them bring their passion when you get in people meeting at the level of their passion. Really amazing things happen, and I thought
that's what we're seeing in this recovery industry that is growing, Yad States, it's really grass roots. It's not an organised contrived effort by a bunch of people at the top. It's just everyday people catching the vision and saying I'm getting relief. My family's getting relief. My love ones are getting relief. My neighbour down the street, why not make disobey well to everybody in my area and run a business out of it and keep that same passion of reaching out changing people's lives, which is really exciting. And I like the fact that you say you know you can start an entirely new business or if you're already in the medical or wellness space, you can add, it has an additional service. I think that's really fascinating for audience to, because we have so many people in their turn, robins were, who are medical practitioners? You know we ve chiropractors, dentist it is really runs the Havana in so doing something this is a way to kind of open up a new revenue stream. Essentially right,
absolutely- and you just mentioned a big one- a revenue stream in. If you look at a doctors and chiropractors in t When they're using their own hands there providing income there providing revenue when they go on Education is the old joke. Why don't chiropractors convocation because they can afford, did not make money for how completely when they leave yet when they leave the office? There's no income. So these practitioners peaty clinics, even Jim owners, but chiropractors doctors are starting to look as Hell care changes and we get further away from insurance and more to cash, pay their starting to look at other revenue, streams in their own office that doesn't take their own hands to produce revenue and if you- and they ve done the math on this very quickly, if you put it a noble or bed or a cry of therapy in it or a couple sets a norm. Attack ye bacon actual usually make more money per minute with those devices than they can with their own hands without them having to pay them
it was to run that device. Their staff can run it. Their assistance can run it and it can be in another in producing as much or more income than their producing with their own hands and when they take a week or two weeks or less, crazy and go on a three week. Vacation right, the office is still producing revenue in producing income for them and still meeting people's needs, and that's, I think one of the easiest thanks is for people who already have business in space too easily at therapy device or and overthrow device or even low level. Couple sets a norm attacks just for a quiet comfort, but also for outcomes disease. That's the amazing things these devices won't be put in these offices and won't continue to grow. If you don't get outcomes comes the amazing thing. Is they get great outcomes? So that's why it's growing so fast. People get the results thereafter and looking at the full picture, I say: you're not just meeting our clients expectations they come in. They know that they're going to justice, but then having these additional resources.
For then really I mean I think, for a lot of people. They would be surprised and they would be delighted and see lots where you're sort of standing above also your competition is cause your exceeding expectations for sure I just had a guy. I met at an conference about two months, to excuse me- and he an attorney and about fifteen years ago I ruptured disco, my back and he just ruptured a disk in his back and I've met. I know how he felt I see it in his face. I could see and how he was walking in standing The pain- and I told him, Tell me where you live and he told lived in Atlanta got out a friend there. The square therapy shop and I sent him to her and her sent me the most rewarding email. He said I just did Grath therapy. I just did at one time three minutes. I was really dreading with my wife, taking my kids amusement park tonight cause I'm in a lot of pain. He was this was the best day I could have had a long time. I was able to go right rise in thy kids
six hours not have any pain to walk around the park. He goes one session. This is life. Changing thing so much it was it was, it was awesome. I mean those are that the case and testimonials that something is going to market it itself, but if you are a business owner and you want to add Estralla start from scratch and as at an earlier education as problems. People come come in with you, no ideas in their head of what it is. Or what it is it so you guys, offer some level of support in terms of helping people who are new to the space. Understand technology themselves, help them educator club. Ends and help them get your clients. We do. We do it a couple of stages! The first thing we want, somebody do if their thinking of doing this is business, is not just a simple ordering a machine and setting up shop. There's some a learning curve, Those with its own, we would like to do is have people come into force our office and meet with us? We do with one on one seminar in its about forty five hours of this is what the businesses about this is
the landscape. Looks like this is what you need it to count: the cost not just financially but emotionally mentally physically. What gonna take to start a business or add one to your centre in it. We guide them through there. Process on the agenda that next month we have launching people have started around and gone? Will you guessing the marking down. You guys seen that this great client flow you're, adding new devices, and I come to your shop and it's there's almost a line there for all your devices. That's awesome in your growing. How do you do that? Well, as we've grown, we we've been able to get them and less time to their clients, because we have for our clients like we? Can we can't be a surreal source to help them all. We would love to how help them grow their businesses, so we ve done, is create a system that a launch next month. It's go crazy. They team stands for training, education and management. It's an online system and we ve taken all the marketing all the business growth a lot of stuff from people that He knows like J, Abraham and people are that there are great business development and in business owner
and managers and take and put it in the system in it teaches people how to run their own recovery centre or their own cry therapy business, but yet allows them. The freedom to with their own style. On it. We ve taken care of marketing questions in a lot of the marketing assets and all the training and all that's in the system. So, as we ve grown, we ve just said: look we we'd love to do this with each and every client, and it is to be a consultant for them, but there is not enough time in the day and we want to do it. So this is the best way for we didn't, need a franchise it and take part of people's revenue. There's no need for That's what with the system they payment if ye, if the system's producing for them in their getting the marketing they need he'll keep doing it if it doesn't the deed. Pressure comes on us to make sure that system so good that they keep using it. So it's kind of the best of both worlds. They get all the behind the curtain, secrets and tips and tricks on how to market well your business without having to pay us peace, their revenue every month for the rest of their lives, which, as you know, what kind of why didn't go down a franchise road. Are it will mark
thanks. So much for joining us today was really informative and I think something that everybody wanted to know more about. So thank you. So much for your time will thank you for having were excited and excited to see you how Tony's impacting people around the world and in its one for us to build up a place. Rollin, that pretty cool her Well, here's something interesting for you as you are listening, you were thinking I kind of what one of these systems, while you're in luck, mark has a special offer for all listeners of the Turner ovens. Podcast. If you go Creole, USA, dot com. Slash Tony that's see are why? Oh, you ass a dot com, slash Tony you'll, see here giving away free norm attack. That's the second she'll compression system that he just described as feeling like the best massage of your life and
If you call in order that or any other system, Crier USA will donate a portion of those proceeds defeating America to support he's one hundred million, more meals challenge so. Visit the site today and take advantage of this great offer the turning weapons. Podcast is directed and hosted by Tony Robins unmarried bucket, any and territorial director and occasional host the podcast, his pipe, by carry song and other Culbertson Jimmy Curve. Aha an angel dilatory, are additional editors, special thanks to die, and I call for a creative review. Copyright Robin Research.
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