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A Body In Kentucky /// Part 1 /// 156

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A Body in Kentucky /// Part 1 /// 156

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May seventeen nineteen sixty eight near georgetown kentucky? Wilbur riddle arrived for work and a drill site. as he waited for his boss. He wandered around wilbur
is what he describes as a bundle. It was something wrapped up in a canvas tarp like material and secured with rope. Wilbur decided he would open it and see what was inside the he gets the rope off and then he starts to pull open the tarp. The bundle begins to take shape. And it's starting to look like a human body, human Bob Wilber deciding. He wants nothing more to do with what he has found. He jumps in his truck and he leaves he drives to the nearest telephone and notifies the sheriff.
When the sheriff met wilbur at the scene, he quickly confirmed wilbur had in fact found the dead body of a young woman. Who was this one? How did she die? Where is she from who killed her and who put her. Here. Our story starts on a friday captain. This is, may seventeen nineteen sixty eight. We have will We're riddle, he's a water, well drilled or try to say that three times fast, He arrived for work at a drill site. This is near georgetown Kentucky just off of interstate twenty five
So when wilbur arrives for work, he finds a note from his boss asking him to wait until the boss returns before he starts drilling for the day, so Wilbur riddle he's there and now he's got nothing to do but wait, and I love this now I loved the name, wilbur riddle. It sounds like like a name out of some kind of children's novel or something wilbur see some telephone workers. They are replacing the old style. Glass. Insulators on the telephone. Poles Wilbur, know someone that collects and sells these class insulators these these things. These are all things what all of us have seen at some point? You know some people have turned these things into decorative fixtures in their homes, bars and restaurants. They're shaped like like little bells like a little glass bell and some are decorative. Some are clear summer color,
glass most of the time people have turned these into like vases or lighting fixtures or other like knickknack. He type things. So he goes off for where the telephone workers have been discarding these any starts to gather them up now. This is a dirt road off of the inner state. There is a creek alonso gonna, think of her country, signed on this there's a creek and there's an embankment there as well wilbur see something and he's got to go over and investigate. He sees a bundle. What it's rolled up, it's like an old green tarp or an old, ah green canvas type material which is, wrapped up in it secured with a rope, and he says it. It appears to be about five feet: long, okay! Now, let's put yourself in his shoes. Okay, were you thinking right now? When you see this bundle
Well, here's my thought. You know he seems to be out there collecting these glass insel matters anyway, you know there are some people that are pretty crafty and they you know when he showed up at all these job sites. You know he problem, drives around and works at these different drill sites and probably often comes across all discarded material which he may trade to people, but he may use for to you know, to build his own things, so he's not he has gone into it thinking. What is this? yeah and maybe I could sell their. I picture wilbur showing up in a and a pickup truck and if he finds anything or if there is any material left over from the work, they are doing that he desires take a home with him. So if wilbur, and if on that, dude in I'm, I'm that day and age do in that kind of I'm going after this bundle. I'm gonna open up and see what what is inside the thing
Deter me a little bit is the lengthy you know he says it's about five feet long. He said It took a little doing, but he gets he starts pulling at the top and he once he gets this thing open, he said he pulls it just slightly open and it's like someone smacking him in the face he he jerks back, there's a terrible odor that hits him now. The tarp is: if not completely unravelled. At this point, but because he is unravelled. A couple of its layers, whatever's and start inside is starting to take shape, and he says it looks to wilbur like there is. There might be, person in their someone had rolled up like maybe someone rolled up a lifeless body in this tarp and then dumped it off of this dirt road. now wilbur is obviously quite taken aback
he's not so eager to unroll this bundle now, so he kind of pushes on it with his foot. While this cause the bundle to roll down the embankment down that like site here there as it did it unravelled a bit more and judging by the shape. He was now convinced that it was in fact a dead body. The look on rolling down the hill, okay, that I mean I don't mean to be insensitive but say that'd, be my luck like Oh no. What what have I found? I think it might be a person and then all son, they're gone rolling down the hill. This pick this to me is like a really bad episode of american pickers yeah. You know like no, that their being invited into barns and out and fields and things, but keep wondering what, They going to find something like this all wrapped up every hour. Maybe they have well, they just couldn't resell it right. So
were made the show that never made an offer on well this this freaks wilbur out, rightfully so, and he runs to his true, and he drives to the nearest gas station where he places a call to the county sheriff will impart party. You would think that maybe I disrupted the scene a little bit, you know cause he accidentally hit. The body with his foot and it went Ronda. Well, the sheriff and his men respond to the call they arrive at the location given to them by wilbur riddle as they approach wilbur flags them. down in leads them to his discovery. The coroner is called in the men then cut the rope, securing the bundle and open up the tarp. Now I keep saying tarp because at the time this is what most newspapers refer to this item as that that this body was wrapped up in some type of tarp. It's also been listed in more recent reports that this was a can.
slight material or possibly a canvas bag. But I'm going to go with what the original newspaper said in so you'll hear me say the word tarp over and over again, but inside they find, the they find a new body is a badly decomposed body of a young woman. Her right hand was clenched as if she tried to call her way out of being wrapped up in This thing her eyes had rotted away and her flesh was badly deteriorated. You gotta give people warnings that a drink of my beer and you just jump right into the ambulance, would would take the corpse to saint josephs hospital lexington Kentucky, where the coroner began, the autopsy process. What do we know from the scene from the scene? This is a bit of a remote area. Let's say like we It's a dirt area, there's a creek near by it seems
strange that maybe somebody could have had the ability to dump her in the creek if they had wished. But it sounds to me. My first impression captain is that this is a spot where, whoever placed this body there was expecting it to not be found for a good deal of time. Okay, it may have to be somebody that knew the area, but I guess because the interstates right by maybe not necessarily could got lucky. You could have ventured off in it and eventually found the spot right, but the the victim. What do we know about them? well, let's go let's get into get into the autopsy cassettes. What's gonna tell us what what we will end up knowing about this victim uncle, So here's what we learn from the autopsy the victim a white female. The and are believed her to be about sixteen to night.
In years of age. She stood five feet, one inches tall and she was about one hundred and ten pounds again so pray petite submitted easily care that body by themselves. She had once described a short reddish brown hair, but no identifying marks or scars on her body. There was a slight discolouration of her skull, but the autopsy showed no definite cause of death and there was no trace of poison or toxic material in the girls body. They could also estimate that approximately when she had died, they believed that she had in dead for at least two weeks and may be as many as four or five weeks. What's the deal with the discoloration of the skull I dont know, then I think, assuming that maybe she was hit us ultimately struck on the scorn,
whether it be a discoloration well in that in your right, because that's eventually what authorities would tell newspaper reporter saying that they thought that the girl was knocked unconscious by a blow to the head and then tied up in this tarp, in which she would have died, a slow death by way of asphyxiation. now, with her being dead, with the estimate of her being dead for two weeks to maybe as many as four or five weeks, this would put her down between the middle of April and up until the first few days of may, She had been dead for four or five weeks. Whoever plaister there, like you said, could have gotten lucky if, if in fact they hoping that she would be found for a good deal of time? If they didn't know the area yeah they got lucky because they found the spot. That was so remote that it wasn't found for weeks. While an obvious thing here, is they don't know who this girl is? You know there's
there's, no there's nothing on her body to identify her she's nude there's. Basically, they find nothing inside the top with her, except for what is described as a white piece of towel. a small piece of Tao. So no no identification and there's no townie girl miss no purse yeah and they don't have any local girl, that's missing! That fits this dips description. Now, He said the body was was badly decomposed by this point, I too badly decomposed to pull prince from the fingertips but now this is kind of a genius idea. I've I've actually not heard of this, but but having read through this case, I'm wondering if this was something that might be a little com in that we're. Just not aware of the genius idea here is they removed one of the girls fingers. and they soaked it in some kind of chemical for about a week or so, and
idea here is that once it wants, it becomes saturated that they would be able to pull a print from the finger which they end up do but they have nothing on file to connect. Us were right right so meanwhile, while this finger is soaking in this chemical for a week or so, the they're gonna focus on that, green tarp and the rope that was used to tie it up and that small piece of a white tao that was found inside the top off if these items were examined and sent off to the f b, I lab for further examination one at sixty eight right, so we don't have a lot of communication between different law enforcement. It's really hard for them to put out. You know one email and get a bunch of missing girl.
pictures back. Yes, yes in, that's why some of these old cases are so fascinating because we get to see the real, tough detective work at hand and how things can go I can go right when people really try to women really try to get together and work on something. Now that the Kentucky post in time star this is a newspaper because the the body of the girl was unclaimed and unidentified they nicknamed her the tent girl because of the tarp. Yes, it was like a like material, and I think that something called by the newspapers there. I Don'T- I don't love the name but the, Thing here is the thought is that whatever material was that she was wrapped up in might be your biggest led right at this point as to finding out who
she was born, you wonder if there's any prints on that yeah, because this would be a material that you would assume would handle prince. Well, yes, oh the investor obviously dealing with all of the obvious questions. Who is she why they've kind of come up with how she died? They seems to be a plausible. explanation and so again that is that she was hit in the head. She was knocked unconscious, then they wrapped her in the tarp alive. I said day, but you know whoever was wrapped her in the tarp alive and then she died from a fixation in the tar, which meanwhile horrible way to go, which is either planned, or maybe the person didn't know that she hadn't died at that point yeah. Maybe they just assumed So, like I said it looks like out of all those questions. They have only really answered one. We have a decent idea of how He died, so this is
homicide investigation because of they believe her to have been killed, but, but mainly because of the way that she's found. You know when you, I'm somebody wrapped up in a tarp like that and dumped often my area, it's pretty obvious that somebody led to this girl's demise and this is a homicide investigation. So we need the first step, the first puzzle, to solve is obviously, who is she without this information. We will likely never know who killed her and placed her body there, where mister riddle had found it so introducing harold muscle he's a forty year old policeman, who is also a talented artists, often called upon to
age, unidentified murder, victims and suspects as well. These the sheriff's office ask herald to get involved and he did he spent several days. Viewing photos of the ten girls remains, and then he produced a sea. Of her to be used in hopes of learning her identity. The sketch is of an attractive short haired girl, with an obvious flaw between two of her upper front teeth, the sketch appeared in the region's newspapers and people? for responding to the sketch within a day or two detectives were swamped by enquiries from people throughout the mid west in the south who thought they knew the tent girl. So this drawn is gonna tablets. Some leads right and but that the curious thing here is it's it's interesting that we have this Harold muster. Who has to spend several days viewing photos of the girls remains to come up
the sketch. That's, is something that you know where I know that he's a season police officer so he's probably seen his share of action and things that he problem, didn't wanna see, but to spend a few days. Looking at the remains to come up with a sketch is something I am glad that I will never be asked to do now. Things people they their habit in them or they don't you I mean, there's photographer friends of mine that I know that have got into wanting to take crime scene photos. Ok, and I can do the right I mean, have you have a fighter flight mentality so like, when I watch a gory movie like I love texas, chainsaw mask here the first one, but I think that's more psychological and then, when they start remaking texts, a chainsaw massacre, the it become such a gory film that I have a hard time watching it, because
my body naturally does turns away. My head naturally turns away. I only want to see it well, here's the other strange thing to you know within a day or two of the sketch coming out and hitting the newspapers detectives are swamped by people coming forward, saying that they think that they know girl. So this sketch seem to resemble everyone's missing daughter knee sir someone that they knew now obvious discrepancies like height, wait agent, Dental structure would immediately rule out many of the leads that were coming in and was short hair that popular and sixty eight. I would guess that it would be, and maybe, amongst that group that age group, sixteen nineteen so one by one, they are eliminating the possibilities era eliminating promising. You know the possible These of these leads do too like I said hi way or age discrepancy,
a promising led surfaced on june seventh in nineteen sixty nine- a lieutenant received, a phone call from a detective in maryland, the detective told the lieutenant. I think I've got the name of your tent girl. I've been searching for a missing fifteen year old girl. and there is a strong, very strong resemblance between her and the sketch, he said that the ten girls name is dead. cream and her mother nearly fainted when she saw the sketch of the tent girl Debbie crane is a fifteen year old girl. She is from pasadena Marilyn she's. Fine, foot tall last seen wearing a brown skirt and a gold colored blouse and a light blue coat. Where did still missing from She went missing near her home. She has brown hair, so we were seeing summed it we're seeing some similarities here. Right now,
the high is correct. The hair is is a very close with a high this close within an inch. So the detective is pointing out all of the details and like we said they more or less matched now every Debbie crane was last seen on march. Third of nineteen. Sixty eight she was getting into a blue shiver. Lay core vair with a twenty two were rare core various lessons. brother of the corvette. I dont know that the core vair was around for for a long time. I don't know where falls into the up to the mix there. Maybe it's more like a monte, carlo kind of matters that arrange there's a car guy right now to scream and uranium You guys are in a garage, you don't know anything about coil and claimed in a garage, and we also claim to be idiots ok, so she's last seen march third
getting into a blue shovel chevalier core rare with a twenty one year old boy? This is floyd coolby and seventeen year old, coral coolby their brothers. both were regarded, as quote unquote: undesirables, Susan Debbie's, business, Debbie's mother, stating that the two boys were undesirables adding that she believed tat. Her daughter, as the two boys were using some type of narcotics and karl the seventeen year old, was Debbie's boyfriend. Its believed by the families, by both the cold, the family and the crane family, that the two brothers Floyd Carl and little Debbie were going to kentucky. In fact, an area was just about an hour away from where the ten girls body was found, or this is all lining. yes, it is, and we will get right back to this after this quick beer break
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by this point. In our story, it's been a little over a few weeks and there still trying to figure out who she is, but we have a solid lead. We gotta go. lead coming from a detective in maryland, who says: I've been looking for a fifteen year old girl debbie crane since march third of this year, so if, in fact it's the same person well, then that would put now he's been looking for this girl for three months by night right, so here's what they decide to do. The detectives, the local detectives investigating the tent girl case. They requested Debbie means dental records. Now these records were obtained and they were sent to them and they prove to be similar to that of the tent girls, teeth and arrest that so the details in this case they match, but then again they don't match entirely.
So what is our next step? Well, we need they need to get the the parents, Debbie cranes parents, to venture to kentucky to try to make a proper identification of this body to see if, in fact, it is Debbie crane was very badly composed. Yes, it's gonna, be difficult. Area of land will definitely for sure why on june thirteenth velma, crane and Debbie's aunt. They arrived in Georgetown Kentucky. They ben about two hours. Examining photos of the koran quote tent girl, but they were unable to make a positive identification. As you said, this was going to be difficult. They stated that the body is badly decomposed for mrs crane to be sure that it is her daughter. I wonder what her gut feeling was. well and sounds to me like she was leaning on the side of it was her daughter. Really
and here's the thing you gotta put yourself in her shoes. It's been it's been three months now, you know it's. Actually it's been over three months and you have not heard from your daughter, and this girl looks like heard the date that until records are very similar. Ice got car with two gentlemen, that we're heading of calm gentleman. Well, One was thought to be her boyfriend and her boyfriend's older brother, but they, but they were under that desirable, sly right, but they suspected them goin to Kentucky got you say it's a girl missing from maryland. I go while chances are. This is not her, but the fact that the suspects were possibly gone to kentucky. Then I go okay. Well now that, starting to make more sense, I feel for the parents that had to look at you know at tank girl and and not be able to identify,
there are not. It was their tram. Oh yeah. This whole trip out there. This whole long drive out there you're thinking. Well, I don't want it to be her, but at least will have some answers. Yeah. You know at least will know how to proceed hopefully we can go there and check it off our list that it is not her one thing I am a missing person cases that we ve covered, I'm involved which meant that were looking for brain schaefer. For example. Still forum when they're on vacation yeah. Ah, so imagine what goes through the parent's mind of a missing child that has never found out how much torture that would be. So again, it's like one of those things where you hope it's not them cause. You want to keep hope alive that they are alive.
But at the same time, then, at least, if they have passed on you know it, and then you can let go of that try to move on in a positive direction in your life. The kentucky detectives now armed with this information about the whole story about the coal brothers and this deb debauch crane right since they are not able to get the positive identification that they wanted. They decide that they're gone and now a national alert. an ash. Roller was issued for the Coolby brothers, eventually, a truck driver reported the two weeks before the ten girls body was found was discovered that he had seen to hitchhikers me where she was found. Really then there's another tipp. The head came in This is from a motorists who had told the sheriff that he picked up to hitchhikers in that same vicinity. One was a girl wearing a short dress and a grey sweater, and the motorists said that
was sure that she was the tent girl. He told the sheriff she and the guy with her they kept arguing as we drove south. I got tired of listening to it, so I said, and I made them get out yeah. Well, I mean it. Rock yeah. If you're gonna get to hit a ride but be polite, yes, stop arguing type down, but you know that something that maybe you know it late teenage couple you sixteen seventeen eighteen that wouldn't be able to control themselves from arguing, Milk is everything at that point in your life. Is such a big deal? Well, he tells us if that, when he last saw the two that they had crossed the interstate high, and they were trying to hitch a ride back. North to the Georgetown kentucky area
he said that the boy had long hippy, style, hair and the girl appeared to be frightened. Then another tipp came in this time. It is a collar that I would like to remain anonymous whereby harmless go with this frightening thing. For a second, it's pretty unlikely that somebody would capture somebody kidnapped somebody then hitchhike with them. So maybe she will. She obviously knew this individual ran and choose may be frightened because maybe he was violent towards her when other people when round yet, maybe she was only frightened because they were arguing the way he makes it sound. Is she seemed frightened as if they choose kidnapped or somethin yeah? I I think that it's, the short we're getting Short version of the story- we're not getting the full details that did they took place between this key all are between the motorist in the sheriffs department and is probably more detailed to the
where they're saying you know, did yeah they worked together. You know this this young boy in while this young man in this young woman were together. Obviously they were arguing about something probably relationship type stuff ring, and maybe she was like, I said, only frightened because they were arguing because they were not getting along Nabu intent. Girl, wasn't sexually assaulted, right not that they could tell right. Sir. I mean that that becomes a mystery to me, because you got a trick, try to figure out what the motive is an and wants to take out sexual assault or or rape than I mean this narrows the filled down quite a bit. and sometimes sometimes with these cases, when you're going through the autopsy or when you well, I should shouldn't say going through the autopsy, because what we are doing in there case sometimes we had the autopsy other times. We have what has been reported as the findings of the audit.
See that's what we're doing in this case. So when you have There are a lot of times captain you know when, when they don't say they don't outwardly say she was sexually assaulted or she was not sexually assaulted. Then your left two assumptions either one it couldn't be determined because we spoke about the de composition of the body or did it couldn't be, ruled out So you know it might not be it just might not be known because of the state that the body was found, while thou makes things pretty difficult warrants the vessel, and goes so the interesting thing here, though, with these two callers is these: two It's kind of line up, because you in the exact same area, you have one collar saying why Saul to people, a young man in a young woman, they were hitch, again they were looking for a ride in this area.
Then you have another motorist that comes along and says: hey. I picked up two hitchhikers and it was in this area acting with the other caller stating that you know we drove south there, giving the whole time I got sick of hearing it. I asked them to get out of the vehicle and then they cross the street in their tracks. Hitchhike another ride, and he said it looked like this, trying to go back up north to the georgetown area where Body was eventually found. The ten girls body was eventually found strange that they would check south and then immediately try to go back up north, but who knows what they were arguing about? yeah- I mean they could have been arguing about where they're going to go or what they're going to do for whatever reason there's another tipp the comes in and like, said this time. The caller would like to remain anonymous
a male collar vote. I with a rough and low voice. Oh he says: Debbie crane ain't, the tent girl. If you want to find her go to bradford pennsylvania, then the collar hung up the phone go back repeat that for me again: ok, we have an anonymous collar calls on the tipp line. Right now mind you did. This is a call react. Due to the national alert that had been issued for the two cobby brothers right, this collar ebby crane this collar as a rough low voice, very obviously, a male caller who wants to remain anonymous and he says Debbie crane ain't, the tent girl. If you want to find her, go to bradford pennsylvania and then the phone hung up or a bradford, we go there. We go to wherever yeah. Now, let's go it's the middle of june and the detectives went out to pennsylvania, looking for Debbie crane, dead or alive.
Well they end up finding this. This is a very strange captain. They find Debbie crane, ah she dead or alive. She is alive and well living with her boyfriend. This is Carl Colby really who she was last seen with. She tells the detectives it they'd never even went to kentucky that they had been in pence, failure the entire time that they had went there because they knew that they had a place to stay and possibly a place to live right. They were planning to get married. The young, or because they were both still minors. They were forced to go back to maryland. So news for the crane family in every one that was looking and worried about fifteen year old, Debbie crane. But now the police from multiple jurisdictions across multiple states have spent a lot of time. Effort and experts
it's and still we have not identified the young woman's by that was found over a month ago, and I keep bringing up. This is nineteen sixty eight? So I think, that's important, because when we hear about a girl and her boyfriend running off to possibly go get married when we think of that in today's terms would go wow these. These kids must been crazy, but it wasn't that uncommon, amene and sixty eight one. She graduated high school here either going to college where you're gettin you're going into a career and probably a big percentage. Seventy eighty percent of kids were becoming career man and starting a family by the age of nineteen, twenty yeah you're at your exact, the right, because you we have young women getting pregnant around this.
you know around that time in their life after high school and its also sixty eight. You have that the bit of that hippy movement is starting to take place where people some people are flocking out to kill for now, and I think you know not just breathe free love. Man far love man far out. Moreover, we talked about that the that seen from a movie when we pictured these pit, the girls hitchhiking, whereas at the car pulls up, and so where you gone san francisco, far out man and they just they just get into some car wreck, willy nilly and then they're, never seen again the hour. It's like a bunch of people and they have little guitars and they're like we're going to San Francisco. To you know like those. The thing well in in Just me backing you up, but the story itself. The evidence in the story itself by up. Everything that we are saying here, because within days of putting this girl sketch and then
paper they're, getting swamped with calls that they have to immediately say to the to the collar what she's, five or six, what It's not our girl right anyway. How are we going to identify this victim? How are we going to identify this girl that they ve dubbed the the tent girl so around the same time that they found Debbie crane alive. The lab test results the fbi, came back all three of the items that were sent the tarp the rope and the tao. Well, they were all You are to be all of a common make. so massively produced undistributed, making it nearly em possible. Well, let s say impossible for the sources to be located where these items had come from rome, so we're running out of leads here captain by now the detectives and the sheriff's office, they got the they gotta, be starting to feel pretty crappy
there were their running into dead ends in this case is starting to look like it may turn coal then a new lead comes in this time. Is this time it is from a police chief in pennsylvania, we got pennsylvania here in the story, but this is a very different kind of lead. Nothing like this in this investigation had been seen before the police chief was not looking to locate a missing teenage girl, mackay No, he had a dead body a he had a homicide case that they were working on. The issue is this: the girl found dead in pennsylvania. The circumstances were strikingly similar to that of the tent girl. The victims name is canvas clothe, you're, a sick. Senora girl from Philadelphia pennsylvania. She disappeared from our home around eight thirty p. On saturday march, ninth nineteen sixty eight. Now she went
by the nickname of candy. She was known to be a quiet, attractive and respectable girl. According to the local detectives, now, candy was supposed to be walking from her home down to a stop to get on to one of those trolleys, she was going to take the trolley to her boyfriend's house, but she never arrived that night. She was never seen at some point. She is reported missing, thou night twenty months, ethan yeah yeah. So somehow a conversation happens between her parents and her boyfriend and they decide to report are missing. Her father was a well respected firemen. I think he might have been a little higher up the ranks and when I just described him as but attaining yeah, he I mean he wasn t work for the fire department, and so we have a situation where we have many. Firemen and policemen were combing. The we owe that night
following morning near her home, looking for the missing girl, Fortunately, she wasn't found until the early morning, hours of April, thirteenth, nineteen sixty eight. So over a month later now, three fishermen discovered her body in a creek in bucks. County pennsylvania was difficult here is that if she got on the trolley than the possibilities for suspects are almost endless, yellow, and the the body was tied up in a black canvas bag. They had washed up on to a small island body itself. It was nude, except for a pair of panties. She had been dead for about six weeks, but was quickly identify with their sexual assault. That I don't know the thing here is captain she was quickly identified because of one thing we were lacking from the ten girl case. There was sing report rain. She had been report
missing in the area they were actively looking for candice well by late june, the philadelphia detectives had interviewed more than one thousand one thousand persons and administered more than eighty polygraph test, but they were unable to make a right asked in a strange thing that they came up with during this investigation. Captain it's so little chilling here, candice had written a home for the the upcoming yearbook that coming out at her high school, she went to Abraham lincoln high school with her. She was scheduled to graduate the following year: nineteen sixty nine, but she wrote a poem in it and it goes like this if life were merely passing by, I hold my breath and give a sigh, but that's not the true story. I fear
this life of mine goes on for years, I'm tired of eating drinking and sex. I just can't wait for the world. That's next! If you're wondering where this next world is it's the place where our god lives so strange, but yeah? Isn't that kind of make it kind of makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up because of all? Are they going to publish this it strange that she has the word sex in there and she's under age, and it that's not strange. But what strange said that publish it. It was in the yearbook, was what he had by ok. So that's now, because it is so long ago was it actually published in the year book or did she write it in somebody's yearbook could be out
I see what you're saying as if she just wrote it in some asia. Bogus now I see used the word sack. I see what you're saying that the news article that I read gave me the impression that it was something that was submitted in printed in all of the books, not something that she wrote, but you could be this could be something that she actually just wrote and somebody's yearbook regard. So it sounds almost like a good bye now, yes, yes, it does but yeah, just one of those weird things that you come up with when you know in these different cases. What and the other thing too is, since we don't have the information of her autopsy, it's like other than her being wrapped in this act, almost like a tarp like material the same as tank girl. That's like pretty much. The only similarities, similar size of person and that's about it? Well, let's get into that because the detectives they they started, comparing the two cases and they noted the following
The autopsy findings were the same. In both cases. Like you said, there was no identify there. No identifiable cause of death in either case both body showed a slight discoloration of the skin, covering the skull and about the same spot. This is, on the right hand, side of the skull. Both corpses were ramp and a canvas type bag or torp and then tied with rope from top to bottom. Both he's had also been dumped off of main roads near creeks, though one body actually in water, they had Munich washed up onto this little island, and both had remained undiscovered for several weeks the thing to is the both of the girls legs and both situations. The legs were bent at the knee and kind of tucked up underneath of them. If that makes
so you have two girls that are basically found with no obvious cause of death, no cause of death. It could be found by the coroner they both appear to have been hit on the head pot. They are possibly in ten girl, looks like that she was possibly alive. Still was there any evidence, and in this case, but she was still alive when they wrapped her in the park. They never said that they didn't say that they believed her to have been left a law while she might have had more bruising on her skull than ten girl and the problem that there are going to have with canvasses case. You know, I think she was found. It took longer to find her ok. So then, with the tax kaji reports there well, Then there was an issue with the canvas case. I think that she was beyond that. They were able to recover anything as far as toxicology
went. Why? This also argue that there is a new drugs come now and an eye to argue that the testing back then wasn't as good as it is now, so who What was an either one of their systems will, of course, there thought is going to be if the cases were in fact connected, then this, Attitude is that, since we know that candice cloth here is from Pennsylvania, well then, maybe are unidentified victim is from pennsylvania, is well read, so the kentucky detectives they sent copies of the sketch To the boys investigating the clothing or homicide in pennsylvania there they compare.
to all of their outstanding missing girls and young women cases they found no match there was there was nobody that resembled the tent girl that they had listed as missing in the pennsylvania area. These two cases were both still being investigated to great length, both as connected cases and as individual case. While the sixties was such a crazy time. I mean, if somebody said to me, I could go visit a time period for a week. I think the sixties would be a lot of fun a crazy time with you know, Jeff k being assassinated. You have martin luther king's assassination. You have Robert Kennedy's assassination. You have a lot of political talk going on. You have a lot of people experimenting with different ways of living
We talked about the free love movement and a lot of people just just packing up and moving somewhere else, trying something different. I mean like kid rock I'm packing up my things and I'm having to head out west right. Ah sorry for that, I apologize how many people actually does packed their stuff up and left their families in autumn, were I'm heading out or didn't tell them their head out and how many Both were not reported missing right. You're you well you're asking how rare that is. If it would be a rare thing, I don't think it was that rare, with you. I don't think it was that rare either. I think that when you have a situation where people are choosing to move and choosing to up and leave at that age, right, there's probably at least in the young persons mind. There is good reason to do so too. point where they may not feel like they should reach out the mom and dad and say hey
went away. Arming planning on living here for ever yeah I'm going to san francisco cause. I won't try some drugs, some free love. Well, the detectives are gonna. Try some other avenues here. You're not going to give up on identifying their victim whether or not she is connected to the pennsylvania girl. So there's this old magazine it swelled old magazine now back then it was current, but it was called master detective, so the detectives they decided to talk to this magazine and see if they would cover the story. Master detective was very interesting. Covering the story. They wanted the story of this seemingly impossible to identify young female murder victim in their pages. So this is a great chance for the investigation, because this could lie. to a break in the case, and maybe they could identify the girl so sheriff vance. He was in charge at the time he gave an
our view to the magazine and said if we could all We identify the tent girl, I'm sure we would find whoever caused her death. Any reader in any state it has some idea of who she is. Please contact us right away. It is quite possible that she was killed somewhere else and then brought here. We also have a lieutenant roberts who was working the case as well. He also added that he had hoped a master detective read would come forward to solve the mystery saying, although we are handicapped by the lack of good physical description of this girl, We have one obvious feature that someone may recall: that's the decay between the girls to upper front teeth. It would have been apparent as a dark spot whenever she
wild. Any one who knew her might recall this. He added that the print obtained from one of ten girls fingers has routinely been compared with the prince of other missing girls, so stating that if we do come up the possible identification dedication, they would likely be able to get the finger prints from the missing girls effects, personal effects. So they can compare the prince. They just needed names of missing girls matching this description, so they could look into these fingerprints lawyer. They could sir eliminating them one by one eventually the unidentified murder victim that we now know as tent girl. Well, was eventually buried in a county own section of the georgetown cemetery. In kentucky a bunch of the local people got to
There they collected money to purchase and place a tombstone at her grave as nice of yes, the the stone was complete with the sketch that was made of her preserving what she probably looked like an followed by these words, tent girl found of may seventeenth. Nineteen sixty eight on. U s highway. Twenty five died about April. Twenty sixth, two may third, nineteen sixty eight age about sixty, in two nineteen years, height five feet. One inch wait, one hundred and ten to one hundred and fifteen pounds. Reddish brown, hair unidentified so is almost like a missing person report.
Right on that line on that headstone yep, so right in the difficult thing here is like us have before us, with the lack of evidence because of the composition of the body. What is the motive here? You don't know where she came from. We don't know what the motive is. There are so many great questions or grey area. Yes, yes, there there's, where once we look like we receiving were receiving lots of good leads. Those leads also to have dried up that, with the exception of there might be a possible connection between her and the victim from Pennsylvania yeah by again, with both of those cases there so much lack of evidence. It's that you don't even was the motive was the motive in that case right. You know without there being like, I said, and I hate to keep bringing it up, but without their solid evidence that there were both sexually assaulted where's. The motive here well in
the case of the ten girl. But I mean when you can't even identify her there's no way you can come up with a motive, because, You don't know if it was somebody that knew her. it was all right. But if it was a stranger on stranger attack and you're in your right with with the lack of evidence that's found on the body and at the crime scenes its. really pointing you in any direction either born maybe not in you know, nineteen sixty eight, but as we're getting more advanced with our technology, but also more advance with the way we process these stains and the psychology of fighting crime. If, if, if tank girl was stabbed multiple times, then that might lead to the motive of you know, at least it would be a passionate rate and healing, and what does that mean, and does that mean that it was probably somebody closer to her was normally in these cases, especially when it's young females as the boyfriend or the husband right?
right, that's the first people that we look at by well. Here's the thing: little! Ok, let's, let's investigate it like this, we have one thing that we can go off of as far as both victims having been found, that of candy in pennsylvania and the tent girl in kentucky, and this is kind of some loose science. Let's say this but a lot of investigators would agree with this statement, as well as a lotta killers would agree with this statement a lot of times its believed that the harder it is to find a body the more likely that the person was close to the victim, the new the victim, and we can say that the case all of the time. It certainly is not the case all of the time. But the thought is this that you know
a lot of stranger on stranger attacks, where a serial killer may just pick somebody up or abduct somebody a lot of times, they'll just dump the body when they're done with it at the on the side of some road, this this body, the tent girl, as well as candy's body in pennsylvania. Somebody took the time You wrap up the remains and drive them to remote locations and dumped them in a place where they probably hope that they would not. I found, or at least not be found for a good deal of job, but they're both locations were right off the highway. You know what I mean, so it's like they're remote locations, but pretty did he get too? So it is that this happened stance. That may be the case with ten girl, but it would be less the case with candy in pennsylvania, and, as far as you know, here's the thing though, but then we run into this obstacle to just because it took a good deal of time to
buying them doesn't necessarily mean that they were there the entire time right. I guess I'm just under the assumption that they were that, whoever placed these girls in these locations woolly hoped that they would never be found or wouldn't be found for a good deal of time and they got their wish on stomach to some extent, because if they were placed there shortly after they were killed, then it was weeks before these bodies were located right or, like you said. On the other hand, I mean they could have had and they could have kept their victim somewhere then there was the final resting spot where they were only therefore, maybe just a little bit so and that's all two with the reporting, because it seems like waft. These victims were sitting in a place for weeks and weeks and weeks than that's is totally they were mo. But if, if their found with a couple days of of them being dropped. Then how do we know how remote this is
we got a lot more to get too in this. Obviously captain we gotta figure out one who was the body that was found. Kentucky on that day and sixty eight and two is there a connection to the other victim to Kansas in pennsylvania and we'll get to those onto my or shall I thank you- everybody, everybody have a great night, we'll see you back here tomorrow. and until then be good, be kind and don't let her drink your bourbon, this spring transform your outdoor space
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