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A Body in Kentucky /// Part 2 /// 157   Part 2 of 2    www.TrueCrimeGarage.com May 17th, 1968- Near Georgetown, Kentucky. Wilbur Riddle arrived for work at a drill site. As he waited for his boss he wandered around collected glass insulators. Wilbur sees...
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follows on social media falls on instagram twitter, facebook untapped all that at through crime. and if you're saving your beer money for yourself and for your own fridge. But you wanna help out the show anyway go to tunes and please leave us a five star review. That's enough of the business gap in everybody gather round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime can saki friday may seventeen nineteen sixty eight wilbur riddle, he's a water well drilled or found the dead body of a young woman while walking around at a job site, just off of interstate twenty five near georgetown kentucky He immediately reported his findings to the local authorities. What they found is startling someone had killed.
young woman and wrapped her in some kind of canvas bag or tarp in tying up the bundle with rope, inside the young woman, was nude cause of death, most likely ex fixation with a murdered victim in a homicide, restoration under way the most troubling part for the investigators they don't. HU, the woman is, they have received many tips and Lee in dozens of missing women reports. Yet the victim remains nameless newspapers dubbed her tent girl because of the material she was wrapped up in several had pointed out that it looked like the type of material one would use for a tent, or about that would carry a tent well wilbur, riddle, retired about twenty years after finding the body and soul. Twenty years later they had not. I
The woman known as ten girl wilbur, like the local sheriff in detectives they had worked so hard on the case, still was not satisfied that she had never been identified. Refusing to let the case go cold in his life, wilbur told his children about him. Finding the girl, showed them the newspaper and magazine articles when they were old enough to hear of such a tale. One day he too his son in law. Todd Matthews Todd was fascinated by the case. Todd started spending much of his time, researching the ten girl case and captain. You know this feeling. You know How how this works it turned into an obsession for him: do you go down a rabbit hole on you can't get out. My friend digging deeper,
deeper- he located and studied the f b I's lab report on the white towel found wrapped up with the body. In the report it stated the detail could have been used as a baby's diaper. This prompted todd to believe that the ten girl was older than the investigators had thought and she could have been a mother. He wrote to the authorities explaining his reasoning about the ten girls age. He also wrote to the county. Coroner seeking to have the ten girls remains, is zoomed so that her pelvic area could be reexamined, to see whether she had been a mother on the tough thing here is he's just an armchair detective yeah, so he's not going to get anywhere. I mean you can make all the requests you want. They don't have to do anything yet.
I mean these things cost money they take up time. This is a very old investigation by this point is at least twenty years old. Eventually he would make Todd. Matthews would make the two hundred mile trip from his home to see the tent girls, grave site at around the same time he visited the undertaker of the cemetery who had handled her. Ariel and the local newspaper as well, where he had learned that there had been no new developments in this case in the entire. You know, twenty years ever since it was cold In the nineties, Todd got little help with his research with the you know. Now what we take for granted the internet- He began searching missing persons, websites for clues to ten girls identity via yeah. I mean there was no schools for computer back then
well can you imagine how much time this would take? Have all these especially back then in there in the nineties, you got all these kind of random, missing persons, websites that are popping up right, and you also have to, in my opinion, Maybe not so much at the time are not so much for todd, but you also have to question some of the things that seeing on these sites question. Well. They were catalogued appropriately with the correct information, as still think you have to do that, and I think Maybe it's a little easier for his situation because he's looking for some, maybe I'm very specific things amongst a crowd of many todd eventually, you know, after searching off these sites. You know he doesn't really get anywhere with this, so he decides that he wanted to create a website devoted to the ten girl where people could learn
now the case or for the many that still wanted to know who she was and- and you know a lot of times, people hear these cases, and- and this is the case even to this this day, lotta people remember case from when they were kid or from an area where they grew up. Maybe they move the way they never know. If the case was ever solved or what took place since the time that they were out living life, and so he thought you know what great place for people to come in and check in on this case to see if it was ever solved or just check in kind of relive. What they already knew also make it stumble upon the case and go wait a second. I know that person or or if any positive movement was made on this now very cold case. While Todd got great, he got really good traffic to the site and he got a lot of emails, but none of these turned out to be the lead that he was looking for them
late one night, this is january of nineteen. Ninety eight todd was scout in the web for clues, like he had done so many nights before on this, night he was on another missing persons website. He had poured over and we're through hundreds of descriptions of missing people that evening, when one caught his attention, and it was simply titled lexington Kentucky nineteen sixty seven missing so not tooth yeah so nineteen. Ninety eight remember the ten girl was found in nineteen sixty eight. So now, third- years later. Captain- and we still don't know who tat girl is but on this website someone named rosemary westbrook had posted details of what they say. The following. My sister Barbara has been met sing from our family since the latter part of nineteen sixty seven, she
brown, hair brown eyes in is around five feet, two inches tall and was last seen in Lexington Kentucky or the lexington Kentucky area. If you have any information, please contact me at the address posted, so this post is for Barbara, an hackmen slash, tailor their dash taylor, I should say she was born december. Nineteen. Forty three last scenes I'm time late. Nineteen sixty seven while Todd Matthews he contact did this rosemary westbrook, who posted the missing persons description, Jane, shampoo picture. I dont think there was a picture on this website, look mean further listers that don't know back in the day to put like a picture on the inter webs
I mean that convert tricky thing. You could crash the whole internet well, and I can only tell you that, because I studied computer array rang for fourteen years, you know he had. The colonel has jokes people dead, jokes. Well, so todd Matthews contacted this rosemary. Westbrook. She told him that the barber, an hackmen taylor was her sister anne. She was about to once she was twenty four years old and the mother of a baby girl when she had vanished in december of nineteen sixty seven one. His hans was that this person was older than you know. The tent girl was older than the police thought she was yeah. I mean this. That's not
going to deter todd matthews where we saw back and sixty eight and sixty nine. The detectives were turning leads away because of obvious factors of weren't. Wasn't the right height? Wasn't the right wait, maybe not the right age! Rain todd doesn't care about. age because, as you pointed out, he believes the victim to have been older than the the police aspects this is a solid lead for todd. But again this. This is a lead that please could I came across. You know in sixty eight or sixty nine, but so todd has this leading is going to hold onto it. We have the sister saying that, and her sister Barbara had been working at some type lexington kentucky restaurant. She was married to a guy named journal. George Earl Taylor. At that time. Now George was a carnival worker, so he's a carney. You know, as mike myers would say: small hands smells like cabbage
But here's the strange thing, and that was the reason of it. What is in your beer? You don't. numbers. Apart from what was that in power, must be because you re did a four point. Five fast empowers he's afraid of carnival of carney. Snug have small hands in the low cabbage. I love carney, so all the current out there. Listening captains on your side, me not a family, but here's this here's the strange thing. So I guess at the time you know backing in sixty seven and sixty eight. Her family knew that that barbara was in kentucky at that time, where she originally from issues from Florida and you say well, how does this happen? Apparently Barbara, who actually went by the nickname Bobby to her family?
She was seen by her family down in florida in december of sixty seven when she visited her family, I'm not exactly sure of who, in her family she visited with an and we'll get to that in a moment according to her little sister rosemary who spoke with taught when she was last seen. It was with George Earl Taylor that her husband and with her eight month old daughter, and of course no one reported her as missing at that time, either at some point and their sister of barbarous, had later reported her missing in the state of florida, because this is where this was. The last state that she was known to have lived in the family was hold that barbara in george, were going to north carolina to live not too far from florida. Re gone there too for a job. I'm assume going there yet too,
a job and to create a whole life there you know live their days. I raise their child there. Neither george nor barbara, ever mentioned anything about kentucky to any of her family members and the reason why I wanted to say we would get into that in a moment. Regarding of, I don't know who she was there to visit. As far as our family goes, she she came from a rather large family family by where's, mom and father had six kids know, I'm sorry they had seven children problem so they had seven children, but but at some point there was a flood and there is a tragic accident or or or no some tragedy that took place because this flood, her husband, barbarous father and barbarous brother, had passed.
Lay in this flood. Well, unfortunately, barbers mom with the remaining six kids. She couldn't afford them. She couldn't she can take care of them after losing her Ben brain, so eventually she had to give up her children. You know the famine I dont know if they were if they were placed separately, but it sounds me like the family did their best to try to stay close. Obviously we can understand the the obvious obstacle that is going on here: so I dont know how close the family remained at the point when she was last seen a nineteen sixty seven, pray honour. I think you wonder why the change of plans, or was the plan to go to north carolina to sir a fright too, in with, because one the only way you're going to be able to communicate, really is a very expensive phone call. An expensive trip to go, see them okay. Well, we're going to just tell the family that we're moving to north carolina, but that doesn't
We have to move their well. The tricky thing, though to is I mean think about georgia's. You know Barbara's husbands job, so You know and admit it's a little unclear if you know we say he worked for carnivals Well, you know usually these things travel around, and so he would be essential you would think travelling around with these with this carnival de worry for now was this You know the only job in his career that he ever had. Probably not. Maybe he was looking to do something where he could just Live in a city and work in that city and not have to travel around me, yeah we'll you don't know the reason for there to be this thought that we, would go to north carolina and then she seems to end up. Barber sister seems to end up with some kind of evidence that at some point she was in kentucky right. We have let's go back the barbarous husband, george
he told barbers family that he didn't know where barbara could be. He simply- I it where's, he told them this from as he in kentucky at this I dont know win. This conversation took place in full disclosure here, all we know is that Barbara says that I'm sorry road, Mary says that she last saw Barbara in december of nineteen sixty seven that that's when her family life all her in the state of lord and Florida, their planning, they tell them they're going to north carolina. Somehow years later. She ends up with information that her sister was in Lexington Kentucky at some point right. So at some point she is becomes arm. Chair, detective she's, looking for her sister, and she gets evidence that a she ended up. We don't know if she and up with her husband in Kentucky but we know that she ended up in kentucky right.
And we have the husband that speaks with barbers family at some point, and we don't know when this conversation took place right, I get them. Russian, though that this conversation took place because of barbarous family that somehow they reached out to this reach out to george so he tells them that he didn't know their barber was in that she had run off with another man. Ok, so now we talk to you sturdy about that strange. You know these strange little stories that you come across when you start looking into these old crimes and these old cases we talked the poem in the yard
your boat in the air book. Yes sets of a bit of a strange short here's one for you for today. Regarding this incident, remember we said the barber sister rosemary had been looking for her. For some time. Might she actually reported Barbara as missing to thee lexington police department? This took place on October thirty. First of nineteen. Ninety five: this is like twenty five, almost thirty years later, she's calling the same pay attention to that date that I gave you too, because the later the lay pete it for us please, it was ox over thirty, first nineteen. Ninety five. africa, the though the lexington police actually have no record of this phone call with rosemary reporting, her sister, missing they have no missing persons report, none that was taken on that day. This she said
She called in none that was ever taken for this barbara hackmen taylor ever okay and how making sense, because win win this person, rosemary westbrook, called in another state all these years later to report, her sister is being missing from twenty twenty. Some two years ago on high a win: the lex in police thought that it was a prank, so they never took the, port when she called in that. I would say that dumb problem. Well, it makes yacht yeah. It makes you angry. You know make makes question them and in wonder why? I'm I'm not trying to have their back here. I'm just wondering how many weird phone calls they, On hollow was sure they get a bunch and I'm sure they're, all hopped up on candy corn, but come on take down the report. I mean it's not like you know they came up and said
we have a missing person from Lexington Kentucky what their name seymour. But I've got you. We're talking about just like a normal, my aim. Well, maybe whoever answered that phone that day in ninety five should be relocated from the police department to work for the carnival step. Ride up is so now rosemary, told todd. Matthews, remember Todd he's the arm. Chair detective, she told tat. She was only ten years old, when her sister Barbara had disappeared and she He agreed with Todd that there were enough similarities between barbarous case in the tent girl case to warrant further investigation. Todd tried to get them or authorities involved, but he, but you know they have other cases. Ok, so let's go back at the? U glazed over someone. So barbara, was missing. Basically sensuous. Ten now
Rosemary is Barbara's little sister, ok. So when rosemary It's ten rosemary was a lot younger. She was fourteen years younger than our barber was twenty four rosemary was only ten. Last time she saw her sister nineteen sixty seven. That makes more sense. Sorry yeah. He he you know he's trying to get the the kentucky authority. Authorities involved in this case of course they have newer cases. They have fresher leads on these new cases. Initially they weren't, going to be jumping through hoops to help out todd, so todd matthews. He did the detective. Some detective work himself as much as he could and after he put together a proper presentation which, after hearing would leave any one with just a you know. One thought it's time to exhume the body of the tent girl and conduct dna test right in the grant test. The dna
of tat girl with barbarous sister, correct it was it took a little over a month, but in march of ninety ninety eight tent girl was exude in her. Remains were sent to a laboratory in Frankfurt Kentucky. The first thing they were able to conclude was the ten girl was between the ages of twenty and thirty years old. So you know keep pointing out new technology and your exactly right. Captain with our text. Allergy now we're saying well week, we had the the age wrong it wasn't. She wasn't. Sixteen nineteen we leave are now to be twenty to thirty years or so than originally thought and good for todd cause. He was right with his what he suspected and still possible that rosemary is right, that this could be her. Twenty four
old sister, after finding that out, it was time to see of rosemary, was related to the tent girl, so they collected dna for comparison. It was in April nineteen. Ninety eight. They got the results back that I just found that rosemary's dna genetically matched, that of the tent girl, who therefore had to be barbara, Ann hackman, taylor, wow, that's awesome, yeah and once again- and it's so crazy to that- the that the guy that found her his son in law goes on to identify her yeah. I don't want to sound too hippy, you know, but it's almost like, maybe her spirit, was there helping guide them along or something well yeah in theirs. It there's a lot of need things here going on, because you have we or who refuse to forget about this case. You know he finds this girl. He retires twenty years later. He refuses to forget about
I found this girl they never they never named her right he'd. Let that bother him. He let it other and for twenty years to the point where, once his kids were old enough, he told them. This is what happened it a big part of my life. This is this is the way I've been walking around with on my shoulders for twenty years: swine, when the kids don't listen, they didn't do anything about our talk into son in law, the person that had to listen. he had with some like, oh yeah, that's my father in law. I to those pretty, remarkable. Now we have a name now we can start searching for motive and suspects. Let's get right back to the case of a body. kentucky after this quick beer break. Let's take us and talk about two of the grossest words in the english language, dog food.
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all right. We're back was: what's that sound, switching from beer to perfunctory clink, it's my new addiction, alright to get a hold of yourself. I just love it. well, ok, so captain we have we have finally, thirty years later and finally, we have the identity of the tent girl. Okay, now the authorities will we cut some tough guy since that need to be answered bombing We really have one led really, yes, because this would be that of her husband. no, maybe hopefully charity. Hopefully they could ask him some questions straight now. This whole matter, if need be, maybe bring him up on some kind of charges, but that would not be possible because George Earl Taylor died of cancer in october of nineteen aid.
seven so he passed away. You know, twelve years before they even figured out who the tent girl was rain, so they can't ask them. Questions saw we can go off of is that he claims that she left him for Man yeah and it seems to be the belief of barbarous family and some of the authorities involved. It barbers husband, George Earl Taylor, was most likely the person who had killed twenty to twenty four year old, Barbara hackmen taylor back and sixty eight If this is true, he then wrapped up her body in one of his canvas, tarps or bags used for carrying his carnival tents from town to town and dumped her in and out of the way spot off of the interstate, hoping that she would decompose as much as possible before anyone found her
I guess he did do a little bit of moving around from time to time. So I think that more difficult yeah, I guess not as if they couldn't. I d heard that this would never catch up with him among them that then her daughter might not even know that her her mother is tat girl, yeah. oh yeah in any other thought too, is like you said. You know he simply tells her family barbers family that she ran off with other guy and he's gotta, leave that they would accept this theory because heck she had run off with him when, claimed to have been going to north carolina right, yeah and a couple of weird things. Here I mean if there was no sexual assault and that's not really really reported that there was. That would make sense. You know her husband, killing her yeah. I mean we here's the thing I think it's safe,
say that someone had killed her, and I start off by saying that, because their work, you know their work, signs to the cause of death. So that makes you wonder immediately, but this according to the autopsy report, no signs of cause of death, but because she was discussed discarded. It's obvious to me that someone killed her and tried to cover this up or could have been an accident in new, certainly could have been an accidental death. whoever killed her didn't mean to that some kind of fight broke out between the two of them. We know that there is that discolouration that was on the skull rate, that is very possible because of the sign of the times and all
whether you know to traveling around and a carnival show, I mean how many drugs are gone through. Those people systems has to be a lot right could be so that there's a good possibility, like I said that maybe there was a o d amin, because we've seen that, like in the vanishing girls, the girls and chill coffee, there was a couple times where bodies were discarded, but it was more like Is that because, because of the science, there was no sign of strangulation or blunt force trauma, or anything like that, so you know the belief is that maybe that there were oh deed and the the a were dumped that could be possible here as well. Well, let's keep in mind two things that we know happened. Alright, when, when it comes to the husband, when it comes, George Earl Taylor. First off, he never reported his wife missing to anyone anywhere at any time that we know of rio. He'd me here,
never called the police and said my wife is missing. Now you it's easy, say. Well, why would he if she did run off with some other man? if I had a girlfriend she ran off with another man. I wouldn't call column, that she's missing as his message well not have message, and if you find her charger with breaking my heart, so anyway, the idea There are, I got you not rewarded missing because she ran off with some other man, but here's the thing at no point over the course of twenty some years before the guy died, He never bothered to tell her family at any time all we did live. Kentucky for a little bit before she ran off with this guy. You know so Deborah hoots right, but at that point, if you just don't care like slaty left me, you know I'm raising our kid by ourselves by my it would be interesting to locate the daughter and to find out what she knew
No, but what I mean, as we know, that a conversation happened between somebody and barbarous family and george Earl taylor, because he tells that family member she ran off with another I know where, in that conversation does he mentioned, is the name of kentucky to anybody I think they enough. I mean what, if the story of them going to north carolina, There was actually true and then what they were doing their armchair detective. They went ok! Well. We know that barbara went to kentucky at some point. Like I said before, we don't know if she went to Kentucky with him or without him right now. I can agree with that, because I don't have one hundred percent proof in front of me that that anyone can prove it the two of them went there together. I believe that there are people that have they have some inkling, that that's what happened.
That there there may be something that ties the two of them still together and being in the state of fucking early in nineteen sixty eight, which that that makes the that makes the The likelihood that somebody else was the killer very small yeah, but the eyewitness- and we can talk about this before, but the thy witness that claims that he saw Barbara with some guy, and he was driving them and they argued and he dropped them off if he correctly identified the person as barbara then who's this other guy, and maybe that you know leads to george's side of the story as well right, and so I mean it basically at this point in the much time you're not gonna getting answers by mean boring, barring some death bed, confession by somebody that that comes forward
you're do you're not going to get a solid answer as to who killed Barbara hackmen taylor. You you just walt my suspicion. As far as those as the motorist and those eye witnesses go my suspicion. Is it day war that they saw somebody that night they? I did that whatever they said happened- absolutely happened. The problem I have with it is at the time they're calling in that tipp they're, going under the impression that the tenth girl is sixteen too nineteen years of age, where we later learned that she's twenty four it just like so many people had called in before these to tipp stirs and said you know what that's my daughter, that's missing! That's my niece! That's my girl friend whomever ever I mean there were dozens and dozens of these people, calling in saying that that's my loved one
none of those turned out to be correct, so my thought is that those two tipster were just wrong, just like all those other people they had called in before, them, and I think that had they known why they're not wrong they're, just wrong on the person. They saw right right you're. Thank you for clearing that up. They're right in what happened happen and what their reporting is true, they ve just misidentified this person as being the tent girl lot more hitchhikers back then, and here's my thing too. I think is that had they known in in nineteen sixty eight that this woman was twenty three or twenty four twenty five. If they had the age more correct on this, then it may have been so it probably
and solved a lot earlier. I mean every record of her that was on paper and on on you know, databases and websites in computers for all these years, who had her listed as sixteen to nineteen, I wonder where the investigation went away and there would have been able to identify that quickly too, because then, like we said, we have a link back to george her. Her husband and that also makes you wonder about some other things too. If they were off on the age which we in this and other cases before you know we talked about this a lot when we were going through the texas killing field. because there were so many good girls and women being found. They had decompose, they had laid there in the field for a while, some that are still unidentified to this day, age can
a very tough thing to determine. However, I think that that also leads you to believe they were. There were probably other misconceptions about what they had found about. The remains that they had found it there's a possible what that the cause of death it they have listed is wrong as well right You know I, and I think I think that pointing that her age is wrong, probably points out that there are few a few other things wrong. With that whole report, I am glad that they were able to than a fire, but this raises more questions. Well, I do want to point out there.
You know, like we said barbarous family and the local authorities went on record publicly stating that they believe her husband to have been the one that killed her and dumped her body. Now that does improve anything, but here's what that leads me to believe. It leads me to believe that some will have how and somewhere you know they didn't just make the identification on ten girl and then go up her husband's dead Well that's it! We can't do anything with this. They would have still spoke to people they would have now they would have looked in said. Does this give us any leads? Is there anybody that we can go out to and talk to now that were armed with this information and so they would have done that and then they may have been able to determine if they could determine that the two of them were both present in the state of kentucky and early nineteen sixty eight, but I think that's where you
go okay and in an in the court of law, could you get a conviction here now, but in the garage it looks like from neck? It looks like a bit if he hands out convictions all the time. It's right, it looks to me like that. The probability of george Earl Taylor, having killed his wife, is so much higher than the the possibility of it being a stranger and don't google him, because when you do, you gonna get a different george Earl taylor and he actually murdered two of his wives. Why think what what you and Finding is just Earl taylor right where I dont think you get a george Earl Taylor, which we were not able to confirm that it's the same powers. It actually is not that it cannot be the same for now. We know that the guy, I think, was sentence and light nineteen but this guy was a wife killer. you don't like two wives are right. When you look it up, you got a war of his horse and was this guy natures
first like that that nobody even know about that near this, not the case what happens with other people in this case, will it's ok? So we have. We have Todd math. use good for him. Cheers to you todd yes years. Yes, because here's the thing after all of tat, at your hard work and determination. He believed To that George Earl Taylor was the killer. He believes that joy, Earl tailors tale that barbara had left him for. the other man was just simply away to cover up into hide his crime. He does state that barbers d could indeed have been an accident in that he, you know the husband dumped the body, but I'll tell you. What can you want to talk about web sleuthing this here Tom matthews is the man. I mean a while: we don't have a conviction. He still solved a thirty year, mystery right, so wilbur sir, law, wilbur riddle, son in law. You know
put a name to the woman that he had found thirty years before now, todd Matthew matthews. He says I can't like this. He says riddles. Riddle had been solved and wilbur riddle paid tribute to his son in law, saying that he todd Matthews has put in more than a thousand hours on this case. There is no one in launching So there is no law enforcement office. The had worked harder on any case than he did on this one. good for him, giving him very high praise the story of the tank girl, inspired the creation of the kentucky state medical examiner's office back in nineteen sixty eight and in more recent years, Todd matthews. He got involved with a profit. Called eden, which I guess it is eighty eight an which stands for everyone deserves a name. Todd has also done quite a bit of work for the dough network, which we have discussed several times,
but for those of you who have not heard of the dough network, it is an international volunteer group attempting to organize many missing persons and identified cold cases, but we still have a few more questions right captain, because what became of this eight month old daughter that was last seen now I couldn't find any news stories. I was looking for new stories that would be like you. No woman woman in this area finally finds out who her mother really was right. Right, couldn't find any news stories like that. If anybody is local to this case and knows of those and wants to send a more way, please do so it true crime garage dot com, but what I did find was I went, and I looked at the current headstone for or the tent girl, which we now know is Barbara hackmen taylor, and on that headstone it says loving, mother grand
brother and sister. So I'm guessing that the the eight year old daughter grew up to A normal life as normal as you can having your mother around, and but went on your right up. Knowing who her mother was Yan went on to have kids of her own. So there's a bit of a silver lining and in happy ending to that. You also the wonder: well, whatever happened with the candace cloth, your case, this was the case that we talked about was a possible connection. That may be. These two murders were linked: the girl from pennsylvania. While if you believe that george Earl Taylor killed his wife, then you got to kind of jumped to the conclusion that they weren't killed by the same person right right, so you have to you're, so now this case to basically took a lotta years to crack. In fact that took forty two years until there was a development in this case so yeah forty two
years later, authorities say that they have cracked and closed the cold case. They say the they say that candice clothing or fell victim to drugged out acquaintances, who forcibly injected her with some sort of control. Substance when the injection killed her the attackers stuff cloth years body into a laundry back tying around her neck and using her yellow turtleneck sweater to cover her head and then they tied her up and put her into what there now calling a laundry bag rather than just a canvas bag. They then left body in a secluded section of the twisted creek, she lay partially submerged undetected for nearly five weeks until fishermen founder this all came about from a tip It was in two thousand and five, a woman called police. She said she believed she had owned the bag. That candice was
and in this was a laundry bag authority said that they will eve. Three men were involved and clothe ears, death and are now all dead themselves, so for this police to the. So because of this, the police refused to identify the men also saying if any of those men had been alive, when police received this information, even if they were clinging to life, support and a nursing home. We would be work to gather evidence with which to achieve a murder conviction and, like I said before, that was my one. My suspicions right when we started investigating the case with tank girl was overdose. Do so till I. I guess the way that this came about, ah to to kind of put an end to the canvas cloth. Your case was that they featured her cold case,
on the NBC ten channel locally and after the news cast a viewer, some a woman, they had seen the broadcast called police and reported this. She believed that the fact that the fishermen found her in was heard laundry bag missing, since she had gave it to her husband shortly after cloth, ear had disappeared, and now this is what they believe happened. They clothes are left her home intending to visit her boyfriend. Instead, uncharacteristically she accepted a ride with some one that she somewhat knew. Who was in a car with at least one other man at the time. Instead of taking her to her boyfriend's, the man took closer to a wooded area off of decanter street in north east village, althea philadelphia, so the man had
story of drug use, and one of them was known to inject drugs, and this is a strange thing. I'd sometimes when they just put a sentence in a store. You wish they would back it up with some kind of story or evidence, because this is a strange sends to one of the man was known to inject drugs into animals and people without their consent, a retired detective set believe, detectives believe the clothes your died after she was in voluntarily injected or given an unknown, controlled substance. The men then called a third man to help them dumped the corpse off of chain bridge, which is on route. thirty two and like we said the authorities would not name the three individuals they believed to have been responsible for canvasses, death and dumping her there. Now they did the same thing. They did further investigation. If there
people that were still around did they could talk to with that new nation dreaded and they had bits and pieces of it enough to believe that dave they ve been able to put together. The three who committed this I'm the interesting thing, though, here captain his while we don't have a convict conviction and they won't name these guys because they died. They did go on to say the trio that they blamed for clothes years: death, They were among those they were interviewed decades ago when the case was still very active. Nets vary in arresting, I'm glad for both of those cases that there is some closure for the family and for the items as well. Well, it's a little bit of a light at the end of the tunnel kind of situation in both those cases right and here's! Here's a little inspiration to this case should be inspiration to anybody. That's out they're! Looking for a lost one, you know we have. We had
have rosemary westbrook, who was able to finally locate her sister, even it being a sad truth, a sad ending, but it's probably what she are somewhat XI of the expected all this time, but she's able to get answers. Thirty years later and then you also have the armchair detective, who gets obsessed completely obsessed with a case and he's one of the lucky ones. That gets some resolve in some answer to his his mystery that he was working on rights for the moral of the story if you're sitting there at work in your diving down, rabbit holes and you think to yourself: maybe I can solve it and then one day you think too, of. Why am I doing this? Keep gone? Maybe you're the one! That's gonna crack a case. It's the old! Don't give up! Don't ever give up pray. Captain or take a lotta naps. Do we have recommended reading for this weakness? We are recommending garden, state gang land, the right of the mob in new jersey by scott d them off
in the united states might be a shadow of its former self by in the new york in new jersey, metro area. There are still these guys and wannabes working scams, extorting businesses running, gambling selling drugs and branching out into white collar crimes, and they are genuine, a tradition that over a hundred years old, some of the most powerful mobsters on the nash? level war from new jersey and they ve spread their tentacles down to florida across the atlantic and out too a foreigner and many of the soil has never been told, are in this book, the garden state gang land, the eyes of the mob in new jersey, and you can find that title with the rest of recommended titles at true crime, garage, gorazde com, click on the recommended yeah we're not doing the amazon banner anymore. They are kicked his out. This smell so just go to amazon on your own time or go wherever you want wherever books are sold
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