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Ahmaud Arbery /// Part 1 /// 400

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Ahmaud Arbery /// Part 1 /// 400

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This week we go beyond the headlines and offer up some of our opinions on a case out of South Georgia, the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. Beer of the Week - Ghost Blimp by Tactical Brewing Company Garage Grade - 5 out of 5 Bottle CapsThe full archive of True Crime Garage is available on the Stitcher listening app - for FREE. Our show “Off the Record” is only on Stitcher Premium. For a FREE month of listening go to http://stitcherpremium.com/truecrimegarage and use promo code GARAGE

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that's enough business The run run, run I'm sorry, friends out here: here's a guy in a house collateral, a house under construction, the median or address or the other, and that I would address
nineteen or two hundred and twenty. When the money right now known. hope in a circle and his brother. I heard you right now What is he doing That's fine I'll, get them out eric I know why you do what he does on the burma and he's been caught on camera bunch of fortnite, hey, how's your medical bills. In the house, Okay, that's fine, and you said it was a male in a black t, shirt or white, or black or burgundy room I'm one one was address your emergency- I'm not here to tell what your worth as a black male
Wasn't that a hotel where, where where at said, tell us shores, I dunno what to call it a try, sir hello, sir the survey that hello, Hello run February 23rd two thousand and twenty should have been just another day. This was rough. out two weeks or so before everything started shutting down the cove it nineteen virus brought the united states and so many other countries to a dead stop. Our story takes place in the south eastern portion of georgia. This part of the country stays warmer than others.
So on a sunday with some sunshine and temperatures around the mid sixties. This would be a great day for a nice relaxing jog. Ahmed arbitrary was a passionate young man. he loved many things and he enjoyed running and being outdoors on his. off, which was a sunday. It was typical for a man to work six days a week, So a lot of the time Sunday was his only day off and when it came his day off. He took every advantage to enjoy the day to the fullest. Often he would get up early, so he would have the full day to clear his mind before returning to work on Monday. Folks, his age will sleep in later on the weekends, but not a maud. Ahmad was twenty five. Is old and living with his mother outside of the small city of brunswick, georgia, Ahmad play sports in high school and he was dedicated to staying in good shape.
he could be seen jogging around his neighborhood regularly. I want to quickly point out that this is February twenty third of twenty twenty, so some of you may be quite familiar with this case, as the last few weeks This has been in the headlines, but some of you may be unaware of this case and really a new standpoint. This case was buried you like sitting there dormant until richard fawcett, got a hold of the story, a false it works for the times and is, in my humble opinion, humble garage opinion. That is a very good writer, an incredibly fair and that's really what is needed for this stuff somebody that is incredibly fair. This story really broke and changed dramatically because of him boss. It covers this south for the times, and this makes sense as he is in a lantern
I think it was early may that this case, the the new story and other portions that we will get into we're just like everything else in our world. They were affected by the covid nineteen virus so You know news was affected as well and It really needed the news to get a hold of this story to change what was going on inside of this case now, fawcett drove down to brunswick to interview some truly canvassing, the neighborhood. You know asking people what they saw or what they may have heard, what they think they know about. What went down? brunswick is about four and a half hour drive from a land now because of richard phosphate in the new york times, because they did such a great job. On this case and because I'm a long time subscriber to the paper, I have quick
ready access to this material, so I relied heavily almost exclusively at times on the new york times. Coverage of amounts case. I think everyone will agree this, that this has some parts that are quite complicated and others that are really just so simple that it will outrage you, okay, so, let's get into it. Captain again we're talking about february twenty third, it should have just been. other ordinary day, but it wasn't and here's why a maud was going jogging that day, let's discuss where he was jogging. This was the settler shores subdivision and coastal georgia. According to richard phosphate and rick, rogers may eighteen times, art They described the subdivision as such. Several of the homes are low, slung ranches of twentieth century vintage, more cozy than fancy
and shaded by dramatic moss, draped oaks. Some backyards are bored by the little said river, which is like a lady on ramp to a stunning jigsaw, puzzle of waterways and wetlands stretching out to the atlantic ocean. Personally, this era of our great country. I find to be so incredibly beautiful. Now the times goes on to say that by mid phoebe, wearing. So this is right around the same time as our story kicks off concerns in this neighborhood they were. Really ramping up, because there had been property crimes that were mounting at this time. Cars had been broken in two guns had been stolen. One house it was under construction on setting a drive, which is the neighborhoods like main street, had been the subject of a least three emergency calls about potential trespass.
sing on February twenty. Third, there would be two more trespassing calls at the partially bill house. The final call began with the sound of screams and shot gun blast some time before one p m Ahmad went out for a job He was jogging in the scintilla shores subdivision a man standing in his front calls nine one one. He says it. There is someone one trust. asking in the partially built home man. He says that he sees looked like a man that was suspected in several break ins in the area. I want to kind of go into something here, a bit captain before we move on, because I've seen I've, read and heard different narratives, as we all have in this case, and it's troubling because
you don't know which way to go. You don't know which to believe, If so, you have to look at all three own lands and your own little detective work at home and try to figure out what truly happened here. But one thing I want to clear up is: there are several articles and several people that have had the mob is the same man that was in trespassing in this home before to be clear, and perfectly fair we don't know that with one hundred percent certainty by their looks similar yeah, there's, there's video of this Again, we we have nobody in his family stating first one hundred percent certainty, that it is him they're going to stay. It's him one hundred percent and other videos, but some of the
videos that I believe most of the ones that I've seen were at night. The family has not confirmed that. They believe that is him right so I want to be clear that here garage no one is saying that a maud was the man who was committing these break ins and regardless of what is set on the nine. When one call nobody knows for certain that a mud is that same person. That was before right- and I haven't seen videos of quote, unquote: break ins, the video that's been going around lately is of the house in question. Just earlier in the year, and unfortunately, what happened here and it happens, a lot a mod is a young black, male and likely or of his skin is the thing that these while calling in denying when one are citing as him being the same guy matching the description of
So now we have to talk about a couple of other people, because this is where it gets, complicated very quickly. We have gregory mic. Michael and Gregory is a former Glenn county police officer and a former investigator with the local. District attorney's office, he retired in may of two thousand and nineteen is one of the people that sees a mod running gregory decides with no knowledge or insight into this whole mess at all. In my opinion, that Ahmad is a suspect, and Gregory is going to pursue this young man, so he and his son. This is Travis Mcmichael Michael grabbed, a three fifty seven m handgun for anyone that does not. So. This is a rather large handguns, often refer to like at like a hand, cannon and they grab a shotgun and they jump in the pickup truck and
lego go chasing after young ahmad. There was a third man in another vehicle involved in this as well, and we will get into him in a bit, but the two mc Michael's fully loaded and in their pick up, try unsuccessfully to cut a mud off as he is jogging down. ST eventually Gregory MC michaels yells at mod. Stop stop. We want to talk to you. The two then pull up next to Ahmad and the younger mic, Michael Travis, he's outside of the vehicle he's in very close by seventy two a mob some people, that a modest charging at him. It does appear that he's definitely moving toward him. I think to call it charging is painting a picture. That is a very again. It's not clear exactly what anyone's intent was during this whole mess.
seems like there was two times that they caught up with a mob the first time it seems he's still running away the second time it seems like he has a path that maybe he could become free, but he decides and turns into a confrontation yeah at some point. We have a mod who, who knows, I mean again intent what people thinking what's going through their minds at this time. We don't know, we can't say that, but you have to wonder: is he frightened for his life at this time? He attempts to grab the shotgun from Travis, or we could kind of assume We have two individuals both have guns, we don't know if mod
that they have guns, but I guarantee he can see the shotgun ah and- and these two individuals are chasing after you, that'd be some scary stuff and according to the reports- and this is according to Gregory mc michaels- he says the two are fighting over the shotgun winter. Fires a shot in the very quickly. There is a second shot heard on the nine when one call and very very sadly, a maud is killed. He was killed right there on the scene. I've seen it reported multiple ways and that there was to shots three shots possibly do you have like confirmation, yeah we can get into the quick of the autopsy. If, if you want says what I heard was two shots to the chest, one shot that grazed his right, wrist yeah so like any,
but like a lot of cases that we cover you have, the public is not privy to every bit of info. asian, that law enforcement will have on this situation. and then the news, as said being out a lot of this, is because of covert nineteen and here here so he's going to go just another person blaming everything on nineteen, but no really what I think happened here captain is a is a sad situation where this This shooting needed to be looked at by different agency by different people and it needed to be investigated and it didn't really happen that way until the public outcry came to say, hey. We think something else may have happened here and really, It took the news to be telling this story to get people to speak up and
At this thing, moving in it may be a better direction, and so because of a covert nineteen that it was slow to get to the news. The times cover until you know a month, or so after the shut down and like every other we ve seen when no news is coming out or its coming out in dribs and drabs there, the public kind of makes up what they think is going on. They fill in the blanks countries in lockdown, it's hard to get together and protest right, and so what have here is the the quick of the autopsy report, which was released by gb. I, georgia, bureau of investigation rolled a modern death, a homicide. And that it was caused by three gunshot wounds. He sustained during a struggle for the shotgun that fired those so three gunshot wounds all came from the shotgun one gun
wound was in the upper left chest one in the lower middle chest and one gunshot caused a deep gaping graze wound to the right wrist there were no signs of alcohol or drugs in a modern system. Rain suggests just to be clear, Phoebe. I is stating that this is a homicide correct. So we have a man who was killed and then we have the mic. Michael's say that they were attempting to make a citizen's arrest of mud who they believe to be a burglary suspect when Ahmad fought them. Attempting to gain control of the shot gun. Travis Mc Michael had to use deadly force to protect himself. What happens next is this case is sent to district attorney. George E barnhill he's the d, in way cross georgia barnhill, writes a letter to the Glen county police department and said
or barnhill argues that there is insufficient probable cause to arrest either Travis make Michael or gregory make Michael says that make Michael's where legally carrying firearms, so georgia An open carry state and People would be surprised to find out that There are a lot of states that are open, carry ohio being one of them, and these new laws, these are laws that date, back from way way back when I didn't think there would be new laws. They set this like the wild wild west. There you go. And he goes on to say, barnhill goes on to say that they were pursuing what he says. What barnhill says is a burglary suspect and if a mod arbor he attacked Travis, then Travis is allowed to use deadly force to protect him
under georgia law. So if everyone is right well, then this should be the end of the story, a tragic end, but the end it not as it appears because, there's a possible that we are dealing with a situation where everything is not right. Where be. Some people did some very wrong things is this another tragic and disgusting example of racial profiling, where the make michael's actually we're the bad guys, and then we have to ask ourselves, though, to what was a minor bury doing that day was he out for sunday ugh or was he looking to burglarize a home in that neighbourhood? Did district attorney george barnhill actually take a good, thorough and, most importantly, fair, look at what actually happened on setting a drive that sunday afternoon, in february, or did barnhill
turn a blind eye to a couple of white guys shooting a black man under the guise of protecting themselves in their name, so again we have to take a look at it for ourselves right, captain and we'll dive deeper run after this quick pyramid. the alright tally. Ho me mates is- Tallyho I do. Does anybody know what that Nobody knows anything of what I'm saying on
I don't even know what I'm saying you're like one of those. the string, it is pull the strings in and it is sought. It says that comes out are well, let's get serious here captain because we have been serious. We have a very difficult case to discuss this week. There was public release of the Glenn county police department's incident report. For what the report says, the nature of the incident is a homicide at Two hundred and nineteen satilla drive in satilla shores, brunswick georgia, glynn county pd, sent thirteen officers and thirteen police vehicles to the scene. The incident occurred around one hundred and eight p dot m. It was reported at that same time, and police were very quickly at the scene, on location and at the scene until just after one thousand one hundred and fifteen p dot m, so they were there for
quite some time. Over ten hours, page two sites, trespassing and labels, a as the victim of homicide, Travis Mick, Michael, is listed as a suspect, Gregory. Mc Michael, is listed as a witness and we have five other witnesses cited in their names are given, but I don't feel the need to name, all of them here right unless we get into the story later and find it to be necessary will name them as as we see fit. There is another individual named enlisted as a victim as well, so this person would be the owner of the property debts in question when we, when we say that a mud was trespassing where it and again, I don't know that we To give his name as well, I will say to the garage army out there: you can find these names if you so desire. This is all public information
we will be reporting today and tomorrow, but in the opinion. This is a very sensitive hot button situation, so we want to try to play fair and not people that might come under fire by way of social media truly believe. This is a very unfair situation. I want to make sure that the garage can be part of a solution and not part of the problem. I'm just going to read pages three and four from the police incident report sunday February 23rd, two thousand and twenty. I responded to the intersection of satilla drive and holmes drive in reference to shots fired in rout. I was advised that there were shots, fired and a male on the ground bleeding out time later, I was advised the nail on the ground was deceased.
Upon my arrival, I observed officer min shoe setting up a perimeter. I began speaking with Gregory mc Michael who was a witness to the incident. Make Michael stated: there have been several break ins in the neighborhood and further the suspect was caught on surveillance, video, like Michael stated, he was in his front yard and saw the suspect from the break ins, hauling that's his words down to tell a drive towards buford. Dr Michael stated. He then ran inside his house and called to Travis, make Michael and said: Travis I am running down the street. Let's go make Michael stated. He went to his bedroom and grabbed his three. Fifty seven magnum and Travis grabbed his shot gun because they didn't know if the mail was armed or not mic Michael stated the other night, they saw the same mail and he stuck his hand down his pants, which led them to believe the mail was armed,
michael stated. He and Travis got in the truck and drove down to tell a drive towards buford, Dr Michael stay when they arrived at the intersection of setting a drive and homes drive, they saw the unidentified male running down buford, Dr Michael then stated Travis drive down buford and attempted to cut off the male mc Michael did the unidentified male turned around and began running back in the direction from which he came, an rowdy? Who is the the third man and we'll get to him in a bit attempted to block him, which was unsuccessful? Make Michael stated he then jumped into the bed of the truck and he and Travis continued to homes. The road and attempt to intercept the unidentified male make Michael stated that they saw this man
and shouted stop stop. We want to talk to you like Michael stated. They pulled up aside the mail and shouted stop again at which time Travis exited the truck with the shotgun mic, Michael state The unidentified male began to violently attack Travis, and the two men then started fighting over the shotgun at which point Travis fired shot and then a second later there was a second shot. Make Michael stated them oh fell, face down on the pavement with his hand under his body, like Michael stated, rolled the man over to see if the male had a weapon goes on to say I observe blood on make Michael's hands from rolling the unidentified male over photographs were taken of Mc Michael's hands and were uploaded to spill men under property number. Twenty, I don't need to give them that number there and it goes on to say my exxon body care
was on. While I was on scene and the video has been uploaded to spill men under proper the number and it's the same number Glen county corner was notified and coroner christie, rosa awry, I'm on scene corner rosa, pronounced time of death to be one. Forty six glenn county see I d. called to the scene and upon their arrival the scene was turned over to them. So pretty clear what was going on there, but we have a situation where, obviously we need further investigation. We need other eyes to take a look at this to determine if, in fact, it was a lawful shooting that took place at I know in the talk to eye witnesses that day and you would think we have a witness that was trail.
in them in a vehicle that has video evidence. You think the police officers would be able to look at that video evidence right away. Yes, so this is, I believe, I said rowdy, but it should be roddy, I kind of he's, not the piper. You know from wrestler rowdy rowdy. This is his real name is William Brian, so He and william are the same person just to be clear when we're going through this, so we So have that letter we have a letter from the district attorney, george barnhill and I'll read a portion of that. But you had point: now something during our beer break. It is interesting when you dive into this, because there have been several district attorneys involved in the case,
In some manner or form, even if it's just refusing themselves in taking themselves out of the case- and you would mention it was supposed to go to somebody else, but there is a conflict of interest there, and so it fell to george barnhill rather quickly and here's what his letter states- and this is what we reference earlier. Where we're talking about. He saying insufficient evidence to arrest either travis Mc Michael or gregory mic, Michael and I'll cut to skip around through this. I have to read the entire thing, but he says my office received the armory autopsy report yesterday and have reviewed it. We were waiting on this important evidentiary article before finalizing our opinions. However, since we
were initially requested to handle the case the victim's mother has clearly expressed she wants myself and my office off the case. She sees a conflict in that my son works in the brunswick district attorney's office, where Greg mick, Michael retired some time ago. She believes that there are kin between the parties. He says there are not and has made. Other unfounded allegations of bias. As such, I It is better for my office to step out and am going to recuse myself and the assistance working for me from handling the case. I am contacting the Gee attorney general office, in seeking their assistance in finding another district attorney in the state to handle the. further evaluation for prosecution. In this case, that is to determine whether there is sufficient evidence on which to make a
grand jury, presentation or not. This is back to the covid nineteen stuff, given the governor's current shelter in place order, I cannot venture a guess as to when they will move on this request. He goes on to say that he hopes that this is that it moves along as quickly as possible, and then I don't know if this is required in these types of of letters. I've seen several times before. So maybe it is in certain states, but he's going onto to list his experience as being a district. Ernie and how many homicide cases he's worked. Murder cases he worked on over the years now. What pertains to this case he says,
It is my professional belief. The autopsy confirms what we already viewed as shown in the video tape with the photographs and from the witness statements taken immediately at the scene. The autopsy supports the initial opinion we gave to you on February twenty. Fourth, this is when they said there was not sufficient evidence to arrest the two mc michaels. We do not see grounds for any arrest at this time, either of of all three of the parties goes on to say that it appears Travis, mick, Michael gregg make michael and william Bryan were following in hot pursuit. A burglary suspect with solid first hand, probable cause in their neighborhood and asking
flash telling him to stop it appears there intent was to stop and hold this criminal suspect until law enforcement arrived under georgia law. This is perfectly legal. Next, he says it clearly appears. Travis MC, Michael and gregg mc Michael, had fire arms being carried in an open, fashion the investigation shows neither of them to be convicted felons or under felony supervision they were in a motor vehicle owned by Travis Mc Michael under georgia law. This is legal, open, carry and fifth, notes the video made by william bryan clearly shows the shooting, in real time from said, video here's a maud was running along the right side of the mic, michael truck and then abruptly
turns ninety degrees to the left and attacks travis Mc Michael who was standing at the front, left corner of the truck a brief skirmish ensues and which it appear that a maud strikes me Michael and appears to grab the shotgun and pull it from Travis make Michael. The first shot is through a modern right hand palm which is consistent with him grabbing and pulling the shot gun at the barrel. Tipp. The second and third wounds are consistent with the struggle for the shock on as depicted in the video. The angle of the second shot, with the rear of the but stock being pushed away and down from the fight are also system with the upward angle of blood plume shown in the video and that make Michael was attempting to push the gun away from a maude.
while a mod was pulling it toward himself. The third shot to appears to be in a struggle over the gun, the angle of the shots and the video show this from the beginning, or almost immediately became a fight over the shotgun, given the fact that a Ahmad initiated the fight at the point that maude grabbed the shot gun under georgia law. Big Michael, was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself, just as portly. While we know Mc Michael had his finger on the trigger, we do not know who caused the firings. Ahmad would only had to pull the shotgun gun, approximately a sixteenth to an eighth of one inch to fire the weapon himself and, in the height
the altercation. This is entirely possible among those aiming committed suicide. He shot the shotgun himself. He ate what what he saying then I don't know why we listen to what this guy has to say, anyways. He decided not to take on the case, and I think he wrote this letter as a as a rebuttal to the fact that ahmauds mother said hey he's connected to this individual that we're trying to charge, and we just don't want him on the yes, and so, instead, just goin away quietly he's a ball. Let me give you my opinions and I think that's because he's tried is that there is a will. There is no conflict of interest in and I'm per on this lady doesn't know me, so I think make him this statement and with in having this statement be released to the public is just a stab at her to get back at her for her comments, I find it to be something completely different. He's he's been
ass to give an opinion he he was. He was the argo ask him. While he was charged with me in a decision his office to make a decision on this very case he's giving what his opinions are based off of the evidence as he sees it. I want to be very clear there as he sees it his office caesar it's their opinion, but you step in from the case. But no, but what he's saying captain is that he has been asked to step away from the case by the victim's mother and he's in the process of making that happen. But because he's been required to give his, chris opinion he's giving it, but he's giving a by the way I'm asked to be removed from this case- and I don't think my office should be involved in this case right and that's why again, don't need to hear your opinion. Yes, we were asked to give your opinion your ass. involved or yours
sign to be involved, your ass to step away basically from the victims, mother, again just step away and don't say anything or take on the case, right, but I'm just I'm just pointing out that I don't think he would have been doing his job in the moment to not offer let bill all the first one that stepped away. She didn't offer her opinion. Shan't write a letter right, but there was a clear that there was a clear reason to recuse oneself from that and that's when his office was charged with looking at the eva, in coming up. You don't think, there's a clear indication of a conflict of interest in this I'm not. I don't want to judge whether there is or not what is obvious to me is it wasn't clear to him in his office that there was he had to be pointed out by the victim's mother. So that's where this stuff falls into again, where
kind of sits in waivers while we are figuring out. Who is the who should be looking into case in making a rolling draw and just a side, note there's a lot of angels go man, there should have been arrest. There should have been this done and end the these weren't done and that's an that's, because this boy was black and clearly the the first prosecutors non take it on. Could we have clear indication of conflict of interest? I think there is a clear indication of conflict of it
on the second prosecutor as well, but either over the victim's mother asked him to step down. So those are the reasons there were delays. I mean on top of that the covered virus. So I don't think it was like this nefarious thing that the hands of justice weren't moving fast enough, because people were trying to prevent them from moving forward correct and I That's the biggest misconception here in this case, where I think there's a lot of people out there that don't know much about the facts of the case and they are under the assumption that somebody was trying to cover something up right. What what I would suggest here is what we pointed out at the top of the show this needs to be looked at through our own lens through our eyes and make a determination because here's the problem,
and somebody has to investigate this case- and at this point in our timeline, we ve people that have been asked to do it charged with doing it and then they have to refuse themselves. So I just finish up his letter. Real quick here he's goes on to say that a modest mental health records and prior conviction help explain his apparent aggressive nature and his possible thought pattern to attack an armed man. He ends by saying It is our conclusion. There is insufficient probable cause to issue arrest warrants at this time as to any further issues on whether to present this to a Glenn county grand jury that will have to wait for the next district attorney's review. Please consider this an open file until that decision is made and restrict the release of.
information under georgia? Open records act request, so that's where it stood until Oh really in my opinion here, captain until the video came out. Yet again is this because I mean the court systems a standstill anyways because of the covid. So is it because of that or Was it taken a long time and we we have? individual that you're going to try to charges. If you're going to bring charges against them, what are they? Murder murder. In the second degree, manslaughter this guy was a retired police officer and somebody that worked. I did investigative work for prosecutors. So how many individuals does he know in the system and
How long is that going to take you to find somebody? That's qualified to even be able to investigate this without any come. It's of yeah and therein lies the problem any, as you said, he's connected so many people that that's where I think it's not clear or wouldn't be immediately clear to some of these offices to remove themselves immediately from the case. What I feared was going to happen here is that we would get to a point where who's going to take it on somebody has to buy and if everybody keeps were mute removing themselves than where does it go? Thankfully, Gb Georgia. Bureau of investigation will take over the investigation itself, which is which is great because that's a good upstanding organization.
Because this is why I think really help to generate things in a completely different direction. A video of the shooting was uploaded on may fifth, on a website for a local radio station. This is w g. I g, which was seized they received it from Gregory mc Michael from one of the people and I should, but it was removed within two hours for being too graphic in anybody seen the video will agree with that statement. The video was then uploaded to youtube that same day, a modest families attorney posted a twenty eight second segment. On the video on twitter, I did not is that the video of the shooting went viral Glenn county police requested
georgia bureau of investigation to look into how the video was publicized, the guardian published an edited version of the video on may six, so it it's out there and very quickly What we see here captain is georgia. Bureau of investigation found probable cause to charge, I agree an Travis make Michael within thirty six hours of taking the case on so on. May seventh, they arrested the pair on charges felony, murder and aggravated assault. The michaels were booked into Glenn county jail and we did have their appearance before the magistrate the following day. This. will eventually lead to a third arrest where we william Bryan. who filmed the said. Video who was eventually charged. This was on may twenty. First, they charged
with felony murder and attempted to commit false imprisonment. This accord into the arrest warm one, as the video went viral, you had people like lebron, James and and other celebrities, re tweeting that out as well yeah and that helped to get it in front of the public. Who then calls into question really what the hell's going on here and is it necessary to make an actual arrest in which we see gb? I makes that happen very quickly afterwards. I did want to point out to here captain that we did have a mods. Twenty sixth birthday would have been, may eighth so just a couple weeks ago, and on this day thousands of supporters gathered and they did a. I run with a mod run. It was a two point,
twenty three mile run and that the two point, twenty three is to remind us all that he was shot and killed on February twenty. Third, I think some people did the two point. Twenty six, because he is, should have been turning twenty six. I know Oprah did a two point: twenty six and now that's where the case sits here. Captain we have three people charged with felony murder. We have hu we ve lost and we're we're sitting here, waiting to figure out what is going to happen? How are they gonna hash? This thing out at trial, the vat self plus the videos led to a lot of speculation. Alot of a pin and I think, and instead of diving into that right now, we wanted to save that, for a separate episode so
wanted to give you kind of a breakdown of. If you heard about this case, but didn't know much about, This is kind of what's going on and now we're going to wait for the next steps. We have some very strong thoughts and opinions on this situation and we're going to get into those. Mara, while in the problem that we have here, captain- and there were always going to be faced with- is the fact that the mic Michael's were not a rested until was seventy some days after this event, after the death of a mud and that sparked the debate of racial profiling in america and it really called into question the efforts of the Glenn county police department and the we district attorney's office. They been nationally criticized for their handling of the case.
and more importantly, the delayed arrest right, but you can't get it. You can't get our rest right unless you have a prosecutor on the case, who says it hey. There is evidence to arrest the sky. Where are these guys? There is reason charge them with this and this and we didn't have that. had immediately was the brunswick district attorney's office, saying we can't take this case, and then we have barnhill who says, look everything that happened. It went down like this and it was then the law of georgia law there was nothing illegal. What make Michael's. Did they were allowed to open carry? They were allowed to defend themselves. The problem is with those words in those decisions in those opinions, what have here, is the labeling of a maud as a burglar that he was there to burglarize this
property now we know that he trespassed, but we can't say for certain he was there to burglarize this property and that's where this house the thing gets really messy and I wanted to make sure we wanted to make sure that we spent this first episode. going beyond the headlines, because the headlines are stunning, but the headlines are also there just shock really bad because, depending which ones you read. It sounds like. Oh, my god, some racist white dudes did some horrible thing and then other other lines red completely different, the amount was a terrible guy, and so we wanted to spend this so to dive into what exactly is going on and give you the facts of the case that are behind the headlines
all right? We want to know what you think go over to true chrome, garage dot com and leave us a comment on the blog but be respectful, because if you, if you put garbage, would delete the garbage We don't need that knock it off and if you want more garage check out all of our old episodes, are available on the stitched up and if you go and get stitches premium. You can hear our other show off the record. The captain and I recorded a fantastic off the record. Yesterday, lots of talk and lots of chatter lots of good, true crime, talk and discuss the case missing girl case in ohio, mass and bell recently found say until tomorrow.
be good, be kind and don't let the.
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